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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 7, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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from evil and saved the free world. and we remember all those men and their sacrifice and their heroism every year. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. ♪. elizabeth: tonight a stark reality check for vice president kamala harris, arriving in guatamala today, telling people don't cross illegally but the president of guatamala today blamed the biden administration for creating the border crisis to begin with. this as president biden plans to give billions of tax dollars to central america. it is a policy that has not worked since the kennedy administration. critics warn not enough to do the border here.
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more trouble for dr. anthony fauci. that non-profit that dr. fauci worked with at the center of the wuhan lab leak controversy, echo alliance, got way more money than realized under the obama administration. congress man jason smith, former i.c.e. acting director ron vitiello, former czar, bret giroir, marti makary, joe concha and deneen borelli. scientists say that the virus was created in wuhan lab and does not exist in nature. the news of three wuhan lab workers were hospitalized with covid-like symptoms in november 2019. lawmakers now interested in a classified, top secret report in may 2020 by researchers at the government-backed lawrence liver more fashion laboratory. it agrees that covid-19 did leak
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from the wuhan lab. this debate, why did dr. fauci downplay all of this last year, when the former head of the fda says behind the scenes dr. fauci was warning world health leaders in the spring of 2020 about a potential lab leak? we have this story. the biden agenda hitting a democrat ball in the senate and the justice department, this stunner, it seized $2.3 million in cryptocurrency out of the 4.4 million-dollar ransom that the colonial pipeline paid to hackers who shut down that gas pipeline. also tonight, america reopening. covid cases, covid deaths dropping. so are democrat governors approval ratings over their botched covid-19 shutdown policies. their state residents literally fleeing. after a year of riots, look at this story, amazon is selling antipolice defund police merchandise, pro-antifa merchandise, aren't at this israel merchandise, violating its own policies on selling
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offensive goods on the amazon website. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. the dow, s&p 500 finishing down. the nasdaq finishing up. it was a mixed day on wall street after it closed out last week with the second straight weekly gain for the s&p 500. let's get right at it with republican representative jason smith. okay, congressman, let's talk about the border. the vice president going to central america. you say the president's 6 trillion-dollar budget offers 0% increase in funding for homeland security to deal with the growing border crisis but talking about giving billions of dollars to central america. what do you say? >> you know, elizabeth, it is great to be with you. our border is breaking down under the stress of record high crossings. in fact more people crossed the southern border than the entire
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population of kansas city, missouri. instead of addressing this crisis head on, joe biden's strategy to bribe foreign countries with american tax dollars while keeping in place the very policies that are driving them to immigrate from some of the most dangerous corrupt countries in the western hemisphere. joe biden carved out increases in the budget for almost every washington program in existence, including 80 billion dollars to permanently expand the irs democracy to target more americans but can't find one extra dollar for border security during a border crisis? his priorities are broken and they're putting americans in danger. elizabeth: okay. so we have, you point out the population that is expected to cross this year in illegal crossings. we saw its with the size of nebraska. we're seeing border towns swamped with violence. vice president harris has this
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warning for guatemalans today. watch this. >> those in the region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the united states-mexico border, do not come. do not come. we, as one of our priorities will discourage illegal migration. and i believe if you come to our border you will be turned back. elizabeth: okay. the question is are words enough? because guatamala president is blaming the biden administration, blamed it today for the border crisis saying you're enabling criminal human smugglers, letting coyotes run rampant. we asked you for a clear message. you didn't deliver it. that is the president of guatamala. what do you say? >> this isn't a problem you solve by just throwing money at it. you solve it by enforcing laws in the books. cutting incentives for people
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coming to the country illegally. you send a message to the world, when you come here, you come here legally. donald trump understood it and executed our nation's laws when it came to immigration but joe biden has completely reversed all of that. he abandoned the law. he restarted catch-and-release. and ended the remain in mexico policy. he has gone out of his way to cater to the progressive base, regardless of what rights or what works. elizabeth: the other thing too is, we keep hearing border patrol warning that this, the reason this is humanitarian crisis is because the illegal immigrants who come here borrow a lot of money from drug cartels or human smugglers. when they can't pay up, they get assaulted and attacked. that is what many people are wore i had about. they want people to come here safely or they will get attacked or potentially killed. your final word on that? >> i was at the southern border a couple weeks ago and what i
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was told about it border patrol the southern border is controlled but it is controlled by the criminal cartels. they do not allow anyone to cross the southern border without going through them. they have to pay them 10 to $15,000. if not, they face the consequences of the criminal cartels that is the humanitarian crisis that is being faced at the southern border. elizabeth: all right. corning man jason smith, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your insights. let's bring in former i.c.e. acting director ron have it toll low. good to see you. -- thank thank you for your sero our country. we have why the to see the vice president engage in el salvador and honduras. there is known corruption in those governments. they are kleptocracies. michael walsh, the plan for sending money to central america it, never worked. are you hearing that the cartels, criminal gangs pocket 20, 30% of the aid sent down
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there from the u.s. s that right. >> there is a lot of corruption in the region of those three countries, which accountses for the majority of the flow at the u.s. border. i agree with the congressman, that we will get to the root of the money sending boatload of money down there. vice president bide did during the obama administration t doesn't work then. there is very little investment that those investments gave anybody in guatamala a better life, new farm equipment, any of the kind of things necessary for civil society to succeed. corruption is endemic. they have terrible governance. there is nothing on the economy to keep people in the region. elizabeth: yeah. we have presidents as far back as john f. kennedy trying this policy. vice president bide when he was vice president under president obama oversaw this plan to send money to central america. it didn't work. we sent 24 billion bunches to
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central america to stop the migrant flow but it hasn't stopped it. what do you do to stop isn't. >> the people of guatamala have to stop it. they have to have the will to change their governments. rid corruption out of the government, to take on these cartels that is a very difficult thing to do. going down there with a suit kays full of money, vice president, president used to say, didn't work before and it will not stop what is happening immediately at the border right now. we sent out a signal across the globe, if you send your child to the united states, we will bring them in here around stay in there. in 2014 when this crisis was part of obama's administration reaction they wanted something done. in 2014 those kids came, unprecedented numbers. now we have five times more coming today than that time. those kids are all still here. 94% are still here in the united states. that signal is out. it started in late january. cpb was overwhelmed in february, march a good bit of april.
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here we are. it is the same problem. go ahead. elizabeth: the supreme court deciding today that if you came here as an illegal immigrant for humanitarian reasons you can't stay as a legal immigrant. top house republicans on house oversight and budget, this is fatally naive for the administration to try to buy its way out of the border crisis they're saying the administration created. look what happened sir under the obama administration. government accountability office said 60% failure rate for this exact same policy that joe biden oversaw. so why are we doing it again? >> this is the same playbook that didn't work before. and i appreciate the congress weighing in on this. they can fix this. under the trump administration we had the migrant protection protocols which abated a lot of surge that ended in 2019. that was an important tool given to dhs to help secure the border. congress can legislate that and mandate them to use it because
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this administration has shown they will not reverse the policy they took off the table. they will not go back to the way it was. therefore you send a signal out. beyond that you have all this rhetoric that says everybody that is here now will get a pathway to citizenship. the dreamers will get a pathway to citizenship. upwards of 11 million people here illegally will get a pathway to citizenship. that factors into people's calculus. that is incentive to come to the united states now because of the way the policy has been enacted. they think will get to stay here. many of them will. many of these children will. elizabeth: so bottom line, what, how will central america view the vice president's trip? >> well i think the sound bite you had about guatemalan president said hey, this was working until you got here. there has to be skepticism at highest levels of those governments. they are happy to take resources they don't have to raise on their own. they will tax us to give them $4 billion.
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they will not tax the guatemalan citizens. they're happy to have additional resources. that is the nature of bureaucracies in governments. elizabeth: so it seems that the messaging again is wrong. canada enforces its border. countries in africa enforce their border. china enforces their border. so does russia so does countries in europe. how come the u.s. is not allowed to enforce the border? >> makes them feel better because they don't have the same rhetoric than the previous ad american station. securingadministration. it improves homeland security in our attorneys and cities in the u.s. it also helps those countries because they're losing all of theiring in. place like guatemala, all the youth with any initiative at all are leaving that is not good for them either. elizabeth: all right. ron vitiello, good to see you. come back soon. still ahead, dr. bret giroir will weigh in. we have more reports of growing trouble for dr. anthony fauci. the nonprofit that dr. fauci worked with at the center of the wuhan lab leak controversy,
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called echo health alliance, got a lot more money than realized under the obama administration. you are going to want to hear this. stay right here. don't go away. >> we were terrified of this virus. this wasn't a bad flu year. this is something that could kill hundreds of millions of people worldwide if the chinese didn't contain it. 3 or 4% fatality rate, not 0.2%, 3 or 4%, that could mean 10 million americans dead, hundreds of millions of americans dead. fauci knew this as well as anybody. he is getting information before other people. he knows that even if he didn't actually fund any of this research, just the fact that he supported gain of function research and just the fact that he has this connection with this lab through peter daszak looks terrible for him. he is doing everything he can to make the lab leak theory look like a loony conspiracy theory instead of what it was
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now dr. bret giroir. good to see you, doctor. reports coming in from "the daily mail," "daily mail" claiming that from 2013 to 2020, dr. peter daszak, echo health alliance, that non-profit
6:18 pm
performed gain of function research. that got 123 million from the obama administration. majority from the pentagon. does this sound right to you? sounds like a huge amount of money. from 2013 to 2020, is that true? >> i don't know if that is true. i don't have those statistics but this is a very large amount of money. looking at this alliance we need to look very carefully, at least from the public website and information there are many positive programs like understanding how to better raise animals so we don't get pandemic influenza, et cetera. so there is a lot of sort of the good stuff the government wants to support but as you pointed out, the gain of function research, funding laboratories like the wuhan lab that are under chinese communist control associated with the military, that is a whole different kettle of fish and we need to absolutely investigate every single dime and make sure that doesn't happen again. elizabeth: yeah. it is understood there is a humanitarian reason, right?
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you want to get vaccines because viruses are out there like sars and merz. this covid-19 virus does not have the same genetic combination that sars and merz does. lawmakers are interested in a classified top secret report published by researchers backed by the government lawrence livermore laboratories support as theory that the covid-19 leaked from the wuhan lab. whether it is natural or frankenstein virus, livermore thinks it leaked too. why is the media, why is dr. fauci downplaying it? why? >> i have no idea why people downplayed this as a theory. the only thing we knew a year ago there were no obvious fingerprints of huma nip place on the the on manipulation on the virus. a lab leak is highly likely. we know from even the w.h.o., the w.h.o. did 80,000 samples from animals. there is nothing even closely
6:20 pm
related to this virus. in fact the nearest relative is decades of evolution away. how do you evolve something very quickly? you do it in a laboratory. that is exactly what i think happened. the most likely scenario this was a leak from the wuhan lab. i don't think it is intentional. you can't rule that out but when you have a bs l-4 laboratory a few kilometers away from the epicenter, we know they were doing bat work, bat coronavirus work, work on the ace receptor which the coronavirus covid-19 interacts with. it does all add up. elizabeth: so even more scientists stepping forward saying covid-19 has yet to be found in nature. we were showing excerpts from the "wall street journal" article by scientists at the university of california, berkeley. they're saying that the science is quote, damning here. the science shows it was deliberately made in a chinese lab before leaked to the world. that is what these scientists say. again no naturally occurring coronavirus such as sars or merz
6:21 pm
had the same genetic combination as covid-19. they still can't find the intermediate species that infected humans or bat or where it came from. if you say it came naturally, explain why it happens to have the exact same genetic combination that the lab's gain of function researchers were working on? >> there are some levels here as you know. no matter where the virus came from the chinese communist party covered it up. they did not allow u.s. scientists, w.h.o. scientists to come in in november and decent when potentially could have had a major intervention that could have saved literal hundreds of thousands of people. likelihood it did come from the wuhan lab. there is no natural source, nothing even close it, no intermediate species. the wuhan lab was working on this type of technology. but again, it could be made as you pointed out, there are significant arguments that the
6:22 pm
genetic code of that virus has subtle signatures, subtle fingerprints of being human-made and not naturally occurring or evolved. so you have this montage but this montage is adding up to one thing and pointing in the same direction. this was likely a lab leak. we will never have the smoking gun because the chinese communist party have suppressed the evidence, destroyed the evidence, probably intimidated every one who is working there. so we need to keep pushing. we need to keep looking. we need to have plans for the future so that when u.s. dollars go abroad, it is done for the right reasons and not to support dangerous research. elizabeth: yeah. it is not done recklessly, dr. bret giroir. great to have you on. thank you for your service to our country. ahead former arkansas governor mike huckabee breaking down how time is running out for president biden and his agenda. we'll explain why. it is hitting a democrat wall in the senate. we'll break it down when the earning edit continues next.
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i didn't realize how special it would be for me to discover all of these things that i found through ancestry. i discovered my great aunt ruth signed up as a nursing cadet for world war ii. you see this scanned-in, handwritten document. the most striking detail is her age. she was only 17. knowing that she saw this thing happening and was brave enough to get involved and do something— that was eye opening. bring your family history to life like never before. get started for free at ♪. elizabeth: we've got some breaking news coming in. the senate reportedly poised to pass a china industrial policy bill. could be a quarter trillion
6:27 pm
dollars to counterchina in manufacturing and technology. that is what could be coming in the senate. that may be one and done because biden's agenda, looks like it is hitting a wall in the senate as congress returns from recess. democrat senator joe manchin will not eliminate the democrat filibuster. democrats will need 60 votes to pass president biden's agenda. that means even small number of senate republicans cantor pea dough. what do you think of that rhetoric? >> i think he is not a traitor. he is statesman. this is how it is supposed to work. if joe biden has great ideas it is his responsibility to sell it to the republicans and if the republicans don't accept really good ideas, they will pay the price for it with the american people. that's why joe biden has spent
6:28 pm
the past several months ignoring republicans. he says he wants to work with them. he says he wants to bring everybody together but if there ever was something that would work it would be the infrastructure and here's why. republicans love to build things. democrats love to spend money. a true infrastructure bill gives everybody what they want. republicans get to build stuff. democrats get to spend money. people get to go to work. it is helpful to the economy. for every mile that is built on a road, 10 jobs get created. you want to create a million jobs? here is what you do. create 100,000 miles of road across america. that is how you do it. and it is an incredibly valuable return on investment. joe biden ought to be selling that but he's not. he is out trying to get everything he wants. he is throwing stuff into the definition of infrastructure that has nothing to do with infrastructure. like early child care, wonderful thing but it ain't
6:29 pm
infrastructure. next i expect him to say a second helping of ice cream since he loves it so much, that too is infrastructure. it just isn't. elizabeth: well in my world it is too but, you know, governor, you make an interesting point. you wonder if they blew it by doing such a huge blowout in spending? that turned off people, moderates in the senate and in congress. the other thing too is, time is running out. democrat senator chuck schumer he is no arm-twisting lbj. we have the august recess about to start. the september budget fights to avoid a government shut down about to start. the start of campaigning for next year's midterms, democrats could possibly lose. this feels like president biden's last chance is the next few months to make his mark as a president. biden is heading to europe next week. >> joe biden needs to listen to some of the greatest political science of all time, the rolling stones. i say that because their son
6:30 pm
was, you can't always get what you want. politics is compromise, but in order to get it you have to give it. the question what is joe biden willing to give in order to get? if he is unwilling to give anything, says it is my way or the highway, if he wants spending that the republicans never will accept we go back to maxim of politics, liz. when you have this attitude, all or nothing, now or never, you get nothing and you get it forever. that is where joe biden is headed if he doesn't change. elizabeth: here is my way or the highway thinking that could happen, governor because now we have the energy secretary, jennifer granholm indicating that they may try to ram it through with just 50 all democrat votes, no republican votes, what is known as budget reconciliation. let's listen to the energy secretary dodge questions about that watch this. >> you didn't answer my question because the question is, would manchin vote for a bill if it is just democrats? and you said he would vote for it if it is bipartisan.
6:31 pm
i don't know of any republicans willing to vote for this -- >> that is his preference. >> that might be his preference or his line, right? >> that is his line. you have to ask him where his ultimate bottom line is? elizabeth: doesn't sound like they're wheeling and dealing here, you know. it just doesn't sound that. what do you think? >> they're not. and in politics exactly wheeling and dealing. it is about sitting down and saying what do you guys have to have? here is what we got to have. you start where you agree. not where you disagree. i've never seen such incompetent political activity in my life is what i'm saying. i have a legislature that was 90% democrats when i first weren't into office. 90%. it wasn't trying to get you know, 10 democrats, i had to get 50 democrats or i was sunk but you make it work. but you don't do it by stiff-arming everybody on the other side. you sit down, you listen, you give up some stuff. then you get some stuff. you get things done.
6:32 pm
that is what the american people are looking for and if joe biden rams this threw without any republican votes he might want to go back remember what happened to the obama administration back in 2010. the american people had obamacare rammed down their throats and up their noses and they gave it right back to him and gave the congress to the republicans. elizabeth: sounds like as governor you gave out a lot of ice cream too. i'm just kidding. governor huckabee, good to see you. you knew how to get it done. governor huckabee, come back soon. good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. next up dr. marty makary, we'll talk to him about this, where is the hair on fire everybody, hair on fire moment, hair on fire moment everyone is waiting for from dr. anthony fauci? where is the outrage out of a potential leak out of china? why is dr. fauci instead downplaying the lab leak theory? he started doing that last year. the former head of the fda says
6:33 pm
behind the scenes dr. fauci was even warning world leaders about a potential lab leak in the spring of 2020. where is hair on fire moment? waiting for it. the story next. >> we expect politicians to lie to us but we don't expect scientists to but that is exactly what happened. anthony fauci hasn't been telling the truth and he has been caught. the fauci era is officially over. the coverup is crashing down. for the democrats, he is too big to fail and media is doing everything it can to preserve the fauci legacy but there is no turning back now. ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ (build me up) ♪ ♪ buttercup, baby ♪ ♪ just to let me down ♪
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome fox news contributor dr. marty makary to the show. great to have you on, sir. dr. scott gottlieb, former head of the fda said dr. fauci warned world health leaders in the spring of 2020 that covid-19 may
6:38 pm
have leaked from that lab in wuhan, china, saying it quote, looked unusual, but then that same year, last year he is slamming that theory to the "national geographic" saying, quote, i don't get what they're talking about. can you square this? what is going on here? >> dr. gottlieb is a straight arrow, i'm sure that is correct. dr. fauci was smart to know lab leak hypothesis. i mentioned last year in april, finally dr. fauci knew. dr. fauci is doing is what any rational person might do, if you funded the lab that leaked this virus to the world you might not want to talk about it that much and i think that is the era it would be good for him to show some humility. elizabeth: we don't know how much the funding was. we see 600,000, more than 800,000, now we're seeing 123 million went out under the obama administration but here's what the issue, what people are
6:39 pm
saying is, that there is a feeling of scientific recklessness. you know, that we shouldn't have been working with the wuhan lab at all given china's history of unsafe practices and lab leaks. dr. fauci say the attacks on him are very much an attack on science. that the attacks on him are quote fabricated. the issue is he is been taking the wrong footing all along. he never had a hair on fire moment, a little outrage instead of downplaying. what do you say? >> what i told dr. fauci personally i do respect his past service with hiv and other infections in this particular pandemic i disagreed with him persistently on every single area. warning the pandemic. telling us what to do. the tardiness on masks. even funding the lab, why would we fund a lab? i don't understand the idea of funding characterization of coronaviruses with or without gain of function? why would we just trying to gain knowledge about viruses for knowledge sake without a purpose or a goal ignorant to the risks?
6:40 pm
that is where i look at an old guard medical establishment after few people who make all the decisions and i may, i don't know whether or not to blame dr. fauci and his associates or the media that puts him on incessantly every single show doing podcasts that i have turned down because nobody watches them. i look, there is dr. fauci on the podcast. elizabeth: you know, the question too is, how come cnn and msnbc are not pressing back on dr. fauci what he himself said in the past? 2011 "washington post" op-ed he coauthored he said yes we should create dangerous lab created viruses in or to get vaccines. 2012 article he says benefit outweighs the risk of getting a vaccine. what are the risks is he talking about? 600,000 americans are dead, millions are infected and risks of working with an unsafe wuhan lab, that the risk we're talking about? >> yeah, look, it is very, very frustrating and you look at dr. fauci, the only time he really gets hard questions when
6:41 pm
he goes in front of a senate committee. that is the only time. otherwise he is dancing thousands of interviews with no real hard question. what prevalence would he place on natural immunity? he never talks about it. why was he so passive about schools? doesn't he know outdoor masks in kids make no sense? yet he has been very quiet on so many key issues where we needed him. he has had these lectures at universities where he is discusses the value of gain of function. somehow this was only uncovered right now. i think he should just recognize that was a terrible mistake. elizabeth: yeah, nicholas wey, the science writer why didn't dr. fauci immediately ask for a probe not staffed by vier roll exists, not dominated by vier roll exists to look into the possibility this looked out of a lab? the question why no hair on fire moment from dr. fauci in the very beginning it feels like that, right? feels like down playing he is telling america one thing on
6:42 pm
camera but behind the scenes saying something entirely different. your final word? >> to say so much about the pandemic over the last 18 months and not talk about this at all, i think people have a right to be angry right now. this is the biggest liability case in the history of the world. people have a right to be frustrated. elizabeth: all right. dr. marty makary, thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks so much. elizabeth: good to see you. come back soon, coming up, america, reopening, covid cases, covid deaths dropping. so are democrat governor approval ratings due to the botched covid-19 shutdown policies. we've been talking about this over a year with this one of our favorite experts joe concha. he will join us next how many state residents are fleeing to republican-led states. the story next. >> gavin newsom on this issue has been absolutely horrible, okay? he used it as political tool in this state to shut it down, to
6:43 pm
control people and that should not happen. he has destroyed businesses. thousands of businesses were destroyed, restaurants, destroyed. not being able to open up. he should have done a better job. ♪. ucks] pilot over radio: here we go, let's do this. ♪♪ pilot over radio: right there, right there. [sfx: revving trucks] pilot over radio: g complete. how do you introduce the larger-than-life gmc yukon? with the world's biggest tweet. the next generation gmc yukon. premium that's made to be used. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. the next generation gmc yukon. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week,
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♪. elizabeth: okay, did you have the same feeling we had, that the memorial holiday weekend was the unofficial start of the summer, also kicked off a return to normalcy from coast to coast after a year of things like schools closed, kids at home, nursing homes going unprotected small businesses crushed? here to take it up with the guy who was with us through it all for the last year, he is fox news contributor, "the hill" media columnist joe concha. joe, you and i started talking about this over a year ago, merc we're at what do you think? >> i look at the numbers,
6:48 pm
elizabeth and you're right, things were different in memorial day. i could go into stores without a mask. on may 6th, one month ago there were 47,000 new cases of covid in this country. yesterday, june 6th, 6,000 cases. we're talking about a significant drop. in florida alone, elizabeth, there were zero covid deaths in that state. when you look at these comparisons in terms of did the lockdowns work or was opening states for business, did that approach work? and with governor ron desantis, republican, florida, he basically had his state open since may of 2020. you compare that to new york, basically has been closed down only until recently, florida, a state with older population, a larger population, had 16,000 less deaths than new york which stayed closed and hurt their businesses a lot more. so when you're looking at the comparison, look at one state versus another in terms of very different approaches, florida was the right way to go.
6:49 pm
elizabeth: you know, we lived through history. pandemics make history. now we've got basketball, nba arenas getting filled to near capacity. baseball parks plan to lift capacity restrictions the day after 4th of july half of americans got at least one vaccine dose, this trend, you spotted this, half a dozen republican leaders from arizona, florida, iowa, new hampshire, south dakota, tennessee, they say democrat lockdowns have triggered a my migration into their republican-led states. people had it with the way they're being led. that's the story. >> certainly. look at new york again, governor cuomo writes a book at the height of the pandemic in october when this thing wasn't even over, not even close, got a 5 million-dollar advance of that. governor newsom breaking his own rules. governor whitmer of michigan flying to florida, telling residents of her state don't fly
6:50 pm
to florida any way, shape or form. a lot of people were exposed during the pandemic, in terms of not following their own examples. seems when you look at michigan, california, new york, the state has shut down, they're doing significantly worse in terms of employment numbers than in floridas, south dakotas, iowas of the world, liz. elizabeth: scientists say there was never any scientific consensus for an entire shutdown of an economy. in other words instead of understanding the pandemic, we were afraid, we were encouraged by leaders to fear the pandemic instead of life and lockdowns and death we delayed cancer diagnosis. you know the story. worst heart related out comes. working class slammed the hardest. the biggest public health fiasco in history. that is what we lived through. joe. >> my father-in-law had to get treated for a heart condition, last year.
6:51 pm
in april, he had to wait a month or two months to go back civil safely to a doctor for a diagnosis. all the people missed their cancer diagnosis, would have spread because they weren't being treated. we'll hear about these stories. we were led by fear. the media helped push that fear instead of educating us on the pandemic, liz. elizabeth: joe, people should have started listening to this last year. you were way out in front ahead of this. joe concha. >> thank you. elizabeth: come back soon. after a year of riots you won't believe what is going on with amazon. fox business breaking the news, amazon accused of selling controversial items including pro-antifa merchandise, anti-police merchandise. anti-israel goods. all of this violates amazon's own policies prohibiting the sale of offensive goods on its website. deneen borelli will try to make sense of all of this next on "the evening edit"
6:52 pm
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♪ elizabeth: okay, now this, okay, after a year of riots, up to $2 billion in destruction of minority-owned businesses, small businesses, folks' businesses destroyed, 30 people killed estimated in riots, amazon -- fox business breaking this news -- selling controversial items including pro-antifa,
6:56 pm
anti-police, even anti-israel merchandise on its web site even though it violates amazon's own policies that ban the sale of, quote, offensive and controversial materials. let's welcome back to the show one of our favorites, fox news contributor deneen borelli. are we normalizing violence and riots? what's going on here? >> hey, liz. well, what amazon is doing is just wildly, wildly inconsistent political bias. they are clearly breaking their own policy. they claim they don't promote violence, they don't incite or -- incite violence as well. meanwhile, look at the merchandise that they are selling on their web site, pro-antifa merchandise, pro-black lives matter merchandise. they can sell whatever they want, liz, but they need to recognize that they stand the risk of alienating consumers. and thank you for breaking the story, because i did not see
6:57 pm
this anywhere else, so i do appreciate you reporting on this. elizabeth: oh, thank you. well, you know, fox business, our web site got it. you know, deneen, you make an important point. customers can buy the antifa handbook, they can buy merchandise that says antifa is heroes, antifa are real american heroes, and the one that people are finding really troubling is t-shirts, clothing, masks 'em blazesonned with the slogan blue lives murder if, meaning cops murder. that's what is found on amazon's web site. so they have a policy, you can't promote if, incite or glorify violence, but people making money on amazon's site. again, we have to question, are we really at the point where we're normalizing this stuff? >> well, that's what it looks like, liz, absolutely. i mean, look, you talked about all of the violence and crime that took place for over a year,
6:58 pm
the past year, and not only the censorship, there's also the censorship that amazon is doing as well which is unbelievable because they're selling "mein kampf," they sell the quotes of chairman mao, meanwhile they are censoring a documentary is featuring supreme court justice clarence thomas, a man who was born in poverty and is now on the supreme court. he is a story of our country's america exceptionalism, but the snoots at amazon don't see it that way. elizabeth: that's really interesting stuff, the censorship going on here. we didn't hear about that news, thank you for that. they also have items accusing israel of being occupiers. you know, amazon pulled the confederate flag in 2015. the company also even removed the dukes of hazard from its e streaming service due to confederate flag imagery and stopped the sale of even
6:59 pm
leggings, you know, with hindu gods after complaints. so they do that, but then this is allowed. you know, the thing is -- let's talk about this because dan abrams has been saying that the media is reluctant to cover stories like this, and he's saying the media's also reluctant to cover the crime wave in america. watch this. >> i don't know if the media's culpable, but i agree with you that it's underreported. i agree that the media ought to be covering more crime waves in certain cities. now, some people say, oh, there's no crime wave, it's actually -- look at the numbers this way or that way. you know, the bottom line is that there is a serious crime problem in big cities around america. and i do think that the media is reluctant to cover that kind of story. elizabeth: so you're not getting this on cnn, msnbc, other networks. final word, deneen. >> that's all you need to know,
7:00 pm
liz. really the media, the mainstream the media is part of the problem. elizabeth: all right. deneen borelli, great to see you. come back soon. and thank you for watching, i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "can evening edit," that -- the evening edit. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. several weeks ago i read a wonderful column by my old pal gerry baker, himself a "wall street journal" editor at large, and this was in the "wall street journal" as i recall. the thing was titled did biden peak on inauguration day. and then it went on, covid confusion, mideast chaos expect threat of inflation, he doesn't have many victories to point to. well, we're going toet


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