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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  June 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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sanity to the end of your day. that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts now. ♪. elizabeth: we've got breaking news. the vote is now underway but the democrats vote reform bill is expected to fail in the senate tonight. now this, the rest of the biden agenda in jeopardy. far left democrats today say they will try to block all business in the house if infrastructure spending is not big enough. plus they are now attacking democrats with tv ad campaigns who get in their way over more government spending and power. joining us tonight, senator bill hagerty of tennessee,
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kt mcfarland, law enforcement expert, phillip holloway. texas congressman michael burgess, ford o'connell, american energy worker advocate, daniel turner, former homeland security officials ken cuccinelli. also tonight the democrat push to try to use the irs potentially to go after conservative political opponents and non-profits? that may be failing too. we'll explain. also a dramatic rise in violent crime nationwide. it is disrupting the white house agenda. the president will address it in a speech tomorrow that will reportedly blame gun violence but minority and immigrant communities say it is also because of the push to defund police. plus, a new bombshell report from the hhs inspector general. finding medicare, nursing home deaths skyrocketed nearly 1/3 during the pandemic. that again puts in focus democrat aboves botched nursing home policies like putting covid patients back into nursing homes
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thus infecting and critics say killing other residents. dr. fauci's ally, peter daszak, he fought to censor the wuhan lab leak possibility, he was removed from a united nations investigation of the origins of the pandemic due to conflicts of interest. daszak reportedly did not disclose his non-profit funding and connections to the wuhan lab. also tonight, why did the nih continue to give millions of dollars to daszak's non-profit after former president trump at that time said no, can sell the money. no more funding. plus native-american business leaders now defending an oil and gas pipeline that the far left wants to defeat. we'll explain that one. and the major outbreak of drug cartel violence and crime just across the border from u.s. cities. seven mexican border towns now rank among the world's most violent. that is according to a watchdog group that tracks whom sigh
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rates worldwide. border authorities are warning that the cartels control things at the border. thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: let's get right out of the senate right now voting on that controversial voting rights bill. this as the democrats signature priority. the democrats trying to do a show of force. all 50 agreeing to vote along party line. kamala harris the vice president weighing in too. joe manchin striking a deal with chuck schumer to vote yes on the motion to proceed. it is not enough. the procedural vote is expected to fall short. they can't get 10 republicans to join them in a 60 vote defeat to stop potential expected filibuster. joining us now tennessee senator bill hag interpretty. this really does underscore the limits of the democrat party's
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power. they will not get the 60 votes. what do you say? >> i say it is exactly right. we're in a 50-50 senate, liz. this is the most thinly divided, narrowly divided senate we've seen. they have the slightest margin. they behave as they have some mandate. i fought against this in the rules committee and fought get ends hard and fought against it with cloture and vote after this hit tonight with you. i will be proud to vote against it. it is most brazen attempt at a power grab we've seen and the biggest legislative issue for the democrats. elizabeth: house democrats are not happy that they didn't use the president's bully pulpit. they want the 6 trillion-dollar bill. tv campaign ads going after her. they want more government spending and more power.
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what do you say? >> the socialist agenda pushing far left against the democrat party. they're pushing it so hard it is repugnant to the average american. this is not what america needs and what americans want and republicans are standings against it. elizabeth: senator lisa murkowski was on the fence, joining republicans no, i don't want this bill. can you explain what is going on, republican senator john kennedy it will make it much easier to cheat. can you explain that. >> look at the content of this bill. what they do is essentially legislate some of the most vulnerable components of voter fraud. you think about the commission that was put together by former president jimmy carter, former secretary of state james baker. they identified mail-in voting and ballot harvesting two of the most, two of greatest vulnerabilities to voter fraud in america. that is exactly what the democrats are trying to legislate. they want to do away with voter i.d. americans are for voter identification. they want to know the system has
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integrity. this bill does everything to go against it t weaponizes the federal election commission. you turn the judge into the prosecutor according to democrats. this is not what america wants. elizabeth: senator kennedy said it is we would never have another election day. we would have election month. you know the state elections are governed by the people through their state legislatures. >> yes. elizabeth: senator kennedy said the federal bureaucracy can't even stop scam calls or spam calls. we've got that, to your point about the new monmouth poll shows eight out of 10 americans say yeah, we're for voter i.d. 62% of democrats say we are for voter i.d. nine out of 10 independents say yes to that. what do you say? >> i think the democrats here in washington are tone term america doesn't want. this the components of this legislation, liz, have been lying around washington in back rooms for years. they tried to pass something like this right after president trump won back in 2017. they tried again a couple years ago. again they put it through in
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2020, using the guise of pandemic, at that time that was crisis of the moment. they're picking on a few state election laws. that is the crisis of the moment. what they're trying to do forever shift the advantage to their court. americans are not going to stand for it. elizabeth: stacey abrams tried to claim no one has ever objected to voter i.d. but just two months ago she said voter i.d. laws were racist jim crow laws. we have barack obama, senator chuck schumer slamming what the republican opposition to the vote bill. let's listen to senator mitch mcconnell here. watch this? >> georgia passed targeted updates to its election laws based on lessons learned during the pandemic era elections. democrats trashed the bill quote, a redux of jim crow. left-leaning fact checks repeatedly debunked these claims. elizabeth: can you talk more about what the, can you talk more about what the state legislators are doing in
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majority of the states here? >> i think what we saw happen, liz, was something during the pandemic where a lot of accomodations were made to try to help people get out to vote. in fact in 2020 more people voted we set records in terms of voter turn out. this is not a problem of voter turn out. this is states looking at processes procedures. in number of cases the constitution was violated to make this happen. i put legislation forward i should say that will actually deal with this. it will call for an audit of the 2020 election. for those states that violated constitution, they will receive no more federal funding for federal elections until that is fixed. we see state by state, states are saying what happened in 2020? what do we need to do to insure election integrity. making sure they take those steps. in many cases there is more voter access today than in 2018. elizabeth: senator bill hagerty. thanks for coming on. >> good to be back with you. elizabeth: good to be back with you. with us now former national
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security advisor kt mcfarland. the author of the book, revolution, trump and washington. for the second time in about a month, u.s. f-22 stealth fighters scrambled, placed on standby a russian fleet carrying out the largest war games during the gulf war. they practiced sinking an aircraft carrier. this happened 35 miles off of hawaii. what do you say? >> look, it is extraordinary that we just have the biden-putin summit. going into the summit biden gave up all of his leverage, he gave up the pipeline, he gave up russians on the ukrainian border. he gave up, he gave up the whole ransomware hacking thing. he gave up everything. then when he went into that meeting, liz, when this exercise started. where the russians this is now the largest exercise in the post-cold war period and the russians, it is such a
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provocative exercise and yet, what did president biden do, he sat down at the meeting. my advice to him or donald trump or anybody, you do that to the united states, you have an exercise like that right at our territorial waters, you get up and leave because the russians, that was a deliberate slap in the face and russians to be now doing the next step, which is to sink, mock sinking an aircraft carrier, that is sort of thank you very much for our summit meeting. we just loved it. and president putin got a national, international audience and got the stage all by himself. this is what he is doing. elizabeth: yeah, we hear you. you're saying appeasement of putin doesn't work, right? >> never works. you know the cold war, liz, we always had a joke that the defense policy of some countries in europe was, they would get tennis shoes, they would get sneakers. why? because they figured if the russian bear came they would run faster than anybody else and
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never get caught. it is the same kind of attitude now. appeasement never works. it certainly never works with putin. i studied this guy for decades. i even gone back to look at husband dissertations. he is a bully. he will push, push until he gets resistance. he met no resistance in geneva. he got an american president that looks old, tired, kind of confused. what is putin doing? pretending to sink an aircraft carrier. elizabeth: kt, let as move on to this, that is happening off of hawaii. back to the action in d.c. another democrat push failed. democrats were trying to force non-profits to reveal to the irs and to the government the names of donors and their donors home addresses. democrats are saying they needed to stop anonymous dark money flooding into d.c. and influencing laws. republicans, said, no, this is new way to weaponize the irs to attack conservative political opponents. we've seen that under the obama
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administration too. what do you make of this failing. >> the irs was weaponized during the obama administration. there was a national grassroots movement, tea party movement. this is not nationally organized. it was happening all across the country. groups asked, applied to the irs for tax-exempt status. absolutely their right. what did the obama administration irs do? it crushed it. it slow-walked it. none of those groups got non-for profit tax-exempt status. as a result, the democrats thought oh great we crushed this tea party movement. guess what? it came back. it came back as a populist movement, anti-government, anti-big spending, populist movement and elected donald trump. these things have cycles. if the democrats think ah-ha we'll get the conservatives now, we're going to be big government, get more information on evil conservatives it will come back and bite them because in 2022 republicans take the house and senate.
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2024 they will take the white house. man, where are the democrats? it could be turned on them yet again. i think the whole thing is a mess but it's a very foolish strategy on the part of the democrats. elizabeth: final question, you know, we've got top democrat leaders trying to paint all republicans all conservatives as supporting the capital hill riots. there is division in the gop party about that though. not everybody supported the capital capitol hill riots. democrats are using that as a broad paint brush using irs to go after conservatives. is that what you're hearing? that is what we're hearing happening out of d.c.? final word, kt. >> majority of republicans don't like the january 6 event anymore than anybody else does. this is the democrats using this an excuse therefore justify targeting of those con conservas and those republicans. it is all made up.
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elizabeth: kt mcfarland. good to see you. thank you for joining us. coming up former police officer phillip holloway on the dramatic rise in crime in american cities. it is obstructing the white house again today. the president will address this in a speech tomorrow. he will blame gun violence there is this too, minority and immigrant communities say it is also the push to defund the police that is behind the rise in violence. you are watching "the evening edit." stay with us. >> you know what is going to happen? the pendulum will swing so far to the other side because people have had enough. if you make the argument months ago, if it is just cities don't worry about it, i'm sorry it is coming to the suburbs too. it is everywhere. it is everywhere. >> yeah. ♪. to pay it all off. it was an easy decision to apply with sofi loans, just based on the interest rate and how much i would be saving. there was only one that stood out
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you'd leave him tomorrow. not very flexible. not great at saving. you deserve better... xfinity mobile. now they have unlimited for just $30 a month... $30. and they're number one in customer satisfaction. his number... delete it. i'm deleting it. so, break free from the big three. xfinity internet customers, switch to xfinity mobile and get unlimited with 5g included for $30 on the nations fastest, most reliable network. ♪. elizabeth: the nationwide spike in crime taking a dramatic to on small businesses. many already slammed by covid-19 lockdowns. grady trimble is live in chicago with more. grady? reporter: liz, here in chicago shootings are up 15% so far this year compared to 2020. the same goes for new york, los angeles, and other major cities across the country. we're in the downtown part of chicago which is historically one of the safer areas.
6:19 pm
but business owners tell us they're having to close early because it is too dangerous to stay open late. >> it is getting a little more treacherous late at night. a lot of carjackings, looting, robbing, not a good situation down here. people in power need to do what they're supposed to do and get these people off the streets. reporter: the numbers back up what danny was describing there. criminal complaints in this neighborhood where we are in the last 28 days compared to the same period a year ago are up across the board, whether it is robberies, shooting incidents, vehicle theft up 60%. sexual assaults up 467%. and liz, as you mentioned, this is just another challenge for businesses as they're trying to reopen and tourism is starting to come back to the city of chicago and other cities. now they're dealing with this spike in crime. liz? elizabeth: grady, that is a really stunning report.
6:20 pm
thanks for your journalism there. good to see you, my friend. come back soon. let's bring in former georgia police officer phillip holloway. sir, you just heard that report. what -- this is happening in cities across the country. small businesses actually having to move and shut down. what do you say? >> 467% rise in sexual assaults what are we doing here, liz? look, this all flows in my view, from unprosecuted looting, extreme violence over the last 15 or so months, prosecutors, d.a.s, all looked the other way. look, the first amendment says we as citizens ever the united states, we have a right to peaceably assemble and petition government for address of grievances. that is the first amendment. it says peaceably. say this loud and clear for people in the back. the first amendment does not protect rioting. it doesn't protect looting. it does not protect those who do
6:21 pm
that from prosecution. we must get back to prosecuting violent crime. we must get back to enforcing the laws and not pretending that rioting and looting are simply protesting, liz. elizabeth: it is also, it is also, just out and out violence. the violence is disrupting the biden agenda. the president is going to address a spike higher in violent crime in a speech tomorrow. he will talk about gun ownership, gun violence. minority and immigrant communities say it is because of the push to defund the police. it sounds like we're headed for a long hot summer. by the way, president biden privately addressed concerns yeah, the defund the police movement is hurting the democrat party. what do you say to all of that? >> well if you want to blame anything or anyone other than actual perpetrators of the crime let's start with prosecutors who turn the other way and look the other way, let as look at mayors
6:22 pm
who don't let police officers do their job. americans, liz, are finally waking up to the notion that each person individually is responsible for their own individual safety. they are arming themselves because they know they can't trust the government or the police even to do it for them. so they're arming themselves. they're looking for other reasonable ways to take care of their own personal safety. business owners are doing the same thing. we can't have business owners who cannot do business because people are walking off with their merchandise unobstructed. we can't have merchants who fear that their businesses are going to be burned to the ground like we saw in atlanta with no meaningful prosecution because cities will not be viable, states will not be viable. that is the end of organized society. quite frankly it is anarchy. we've got to get back to the idea of holding people accountable. elizabeth: msnbc contributor, former obama administration appointee, brittany cunningham
6:23 pm
tried to blame police for rising crime rates in new york city. watch this. >> i think there are a lot of police unions and gop operatives that would like for us to believe that this recent crime wave has everything to do with this idea of defunding the police. guess what, stephanie? the police have not been defunded. this rising crime is not the fault of the movement. it is actually the fault of the police. elizabeth: okay. forgive me with respect that is really incompetent journalism to not push back on that. because we see this all the time on msnbc and cnn. fact-checkers say she is wrong. minority and immigrant community groups say it is because of defund the police, overrunning their communities. they can't get police officers to protect them because they're gone. by the way, nearly a quarter of a billion dollars was cut from the new york city police budgets to defund the police t was repurposed to go to other things. you know, other activities. so what do you say to this? >> you know, actually, came
6:24 pm
across that segment in preparing for my segment here with you and it is just, it blows my mind how you can say something like that, like that police on msnbc. you don't have to watch the news or anything really longer than about five seconds to find somebody wanting to blame this on covid-19 or to blame it on something else. but really it goes back to the fishes who are supposed to be enforcing the laws. they are letting violent criminals get away with doing anything that they want, literally. i've seen, since my last appearance on this show about a week or so ago, i have seen video from l.a., i've seen video from chicago, just absolute lawlessness and anarchy in the streets and honestly it is frightening and i think americans finally, liz, are waking up to this. they're not going to stand for it anymore. elizabeth: got it. we got breaking news. thank you, phillip holloway. >> thank you. elizabeth: the democrats vote reform billfishly fade in the senate. we'll stay on that story.
6:25 pm
up next from the gop doctors caucus, congressman michael burgess will weigh in on the new bombshell report from the inspector general for hhs. finding that medicare nursing home deaths skyrocketed nearly a third last year during the pandemic. again puts in focus the democrat governors botched nursing home policies like putting covid patients back into nursing homes. that is next on "the evening edit". >> i don't know how many reports or investigations people are going to need to prove that this governor had a death warrant for some of these seniors, harris. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that putting infected patients in a nursing homes for 46 days is going to cause death. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show from the gop doctors caucus. he is congressman michael burgess. congressman, so good to have you back on again. there is a shocking new report for the inspector general for hhs. deaths among medicare patients in nursing homes rocketed higher by nearly a third last year, up 32%? this is really disturbing stuff. what do you say. >> everyone knew this was going to be bad. i don't think anyone knew it was going to be this bad just from their numbers and we've only recently had of the report but
6:30 pm
1000 beneficiaries a day died more, died in april of 2020 than had died in april of 2019 of medicare nursing home residents. that is a stunning figure. and, realistically, it is, we all talked about it last march where if you have a congregate living facility, if you have an older aged patient population, this is a high-risk situation. i guess what is just completely unbelievable about all of this is that more was not done to mitigate that. the fact that we were closing in and locking down and keeping people from, from being upside, clearly those were efforts were not in the best interests and then the, horrific thing is aggregating people, you have a
6:31 pm
congregate living facility, you don't place infected individuals in the middle of that, because you know the next thing that will happen will be horrific. elizabeth: you make a good point. why do the deaths keep happening after we knew covid was tearing through nursing homes? four in 10 medicare recipients in nursing homes got covid-19, four in 10. nearly six out of 10 low income and medicare, medicaid nursing home patients got sick with covid-19. more than a quarter, 26% died. harvard health experts said we knew it would be bad but not this bad. when you break it down by states, half the deaths were in illinois, new jersey. they botched covid-19 nursing home policies, putting patients back in? >> some things come to mind and was there attention paid to nutritional status? was there appropriate vitamin-d
6:32 pm
given or supplementation? was that available? was there appropriate outdoor activities, sunlight can affect vitamin-d levels? so many questions are raised by this report. i will tell you for me the one bright spot is they recommended guiding deep into cms data. this has been a concern of mine for some time. cms has a tremendous amount, center for medicare, medicaid services part of the department of health and human services, has a tremendous amount of data. they seem to be reluctant to allow other people to look at that data. it is time. it is time we're able to fashion and construct clinical decisions based on what has been learned from what happened in our past. not everything has to be a prospective randomized study. elizabeth: you know, congressman, we hear you. it is about protect the vulnerable. it is about protecting our senior citizens. it is about protecting the poor. it is about protecting
6:33 pm
minorities. it is about protecting those who don't get representation or enough protection. congressman michael burgess, thanks for joining us, good to see you. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. we're watching the fox business network. the breaking news, the vote to get the democrat vote reform bill through, the democrat vote reform bill has failed in the senate. we've got more on that. coming up, gop strategist ford o'connell will weigh in on dr. fauci's ally peter daszak. he is the guy who fought to sensor the wuhan lab leak possibility. he has been removed from the united nations investigation into the origins of the pandemic due to conflicts of interest. also this, why did nih continue to give millions of dollars to daszak's non-profit after president trump said stop it, don't do it. he canceled the funding? the story next. >> we know what happened in wuhan. a virus originated in a city larger than new york right down the street from the lab where
6:34 pm
they research coronavirus under the watchful eye of a woman nicknamed the bat lady. most americans can use common sense and say china should be held to account. at minimum china made the pandemic much worse, by lying about its origins and concealing what was happening and not letting the rest of the world get ahead of curve. there are many things we can pay chain for its actioning like pandemic, brutal crack down in hong kong but joe biden doesn't have the stomach to do so. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine.
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, gop strategist ford o'connell. ford, lookings like a big set back for dr. fauci and gain of function, supervirus research. dr. fauci's ally, peter daszak, he is the guy who fought to censor the possibility of a wuhan lab leak. he just got removed from a united nations investigation into the origins of the pandemic because he didn't disclose conflicts of interest
6:39 pm
reportedly. what do you say? >> well look, peter daszak has a lot of explaining to do. he was taking u.s. taxpayer money and fronting for the chinese communist party as their favorite pundit and spokesman. i say this the more we dig into the origins of the covid virus the worst it looks for dr. fauci just in terms of misleading the country what he knew about the origins and what he knows about gain of function research. elizabeth: you know daszak reportedly did not disclose his nonprofits connections to the wuhan lab. he reportedly sent nearly a million bucks of taxpayer money to it over the last year or so. he was exposed for organizing letter signed by 27 scientists from the journal "the lancet" announcing the wuhan lab leak possibility plus he has professional relationship with the scientists in the lab. why didn't he just disclose it? >> i think he wanted to quash the lab theory and wanted to make the case for the ccp that
6:40 pm
this was actually out of nature because remember if we step back to look from a legal liability standpoint, this has the potential to be the biggest liability case in the history of the world but i think what is worse here, emac, white house medical advisor dr. fauci working behind the scenes with daszak to actual quash the lab theory. i think that is a big, big problem. elizabeth: so, "vanity fair" magazine reported about a big gain of function bureaucracy that is stonewalling a lot of things and shutting down dissent. so, this happened last year, just months after president trump said no, we're not going to send anymore u.s. taxpayer money to the wuhan lab in china after the outbreak. the nih months later by the summer reinstate ad multimillion-dollar grant to ecohealth alliance run by peter daszak. there was a lot of complaints what trump did. then the money got reinstated
6:41 pm
against what the administration said to do. how could that happen? >> well, this is what happens in the swamp. i mean look, dr. fauci has been in that position for several decades. the trump administration tried to shut down the wuhan funding in early 2020. the fact that it was reinstated in august of 2020, at the height of the pandemic in the united states seems a little suspicious. i promise you, the folks in the trump administration didn't do that, because they wanted to, you know, point the finger at china, rightfully so, essentially seems to me the medical community didn't care about the benefits of america. they were more interested in what they thought of playing god with the science. elizabeth: here is the questions for dr. fauci. why aren't you more outraged this may have leaked right, simple? we're not saying it is an engineered virus. why are you not outraged it may have been leaked? china has history of running unsafe labs, it has a history of
6:42 pm
lab leaks. who signed off on sharing this gain of function technology with china? we understand it is humanitarian. ramp up virus research to get vaccines and therapeutics, little to know thought, china has history of viruses leaking from the labs. the u.s. was not ready, our defenses were not ready for a pandemic? >> i said dr. fauci has not been straight from the outside on covid. had he actually told the trump administration everything he knew, dating back to the winter of 2019, you probably would have saved a lot more lives. i think the reason why dr. fauci isn't outraged because dr. fauci is worried that the investigation will turn on him, to show that he is has not, done such a poor job with covid. not straight with the american people but also congress and the president? elizabeth: we hear you. he spent is had his life trying
6:43 pm
to help the american people, right, with their health. he has been doing that. at this point in time there are a lot of questions people are asking. ford o'connell, appreciate it. next up director of power of the future, he is daniel turner. he is joining us next. look at this story, far left climate change activists. they have a new target after stopping the keystone xl pipeline. they want to stop the enbridge pipeline. look at this, native-american business leaders in a stunning rebuke, they're fighting to rescue this pipeline. we'll have more after the break. >> states affected by this, governors, senators, attorney generals, time to get off the bench and get in the game because we got real american families that are suffering because of this. this is, you know, the men and women of this country, we feel like pawns in a game of chess that is being played up in washington, d.c. this ain't a game. this is real americans, real
6:44 pm
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elizabeth: we are pleased and happy, excited welcome to the show, american energy worker advocate. he is daniel turner. great to have you on. climate change activists stopped the keystone xl pipeline. now they're targeting the enbridge pipeline that brings the oil from canada. now look at this we have american native-american leaders saying uh-uh, we don't want it shut down. hundred of american native workers working on pipeline. what do you say? into this is the environmental movement, use native-american communities and use the communities poser children for their cause. they take away the jobs and opportunities and leave and abandon them. energy jobs are predominantly found in rural communities. that is rural america but also
6:49 pm
native communities, but the native communities on the north slope of of alaska is. coal communities that have really built the entire southwest from las vegas, to flagstaff. these are native-american communities that have tremendous resources and with those resources come jobs and opportunities. they're being used by the environmental left for purely political purposes and then they will be abandoned by these same environmental left once their objectives are achieved. they have been doing this for decades. it is an absolute tragedy. elizabeth: we're showing images of apparently garbage left behind by climate change act at activists protesting. this is pipeline cares oil from canned do to the us near the mississippi river and minnesota. native americans and small businesses want the pipeline. they say those to oppose it, climate change activists, they
6:50 pm
are not minorities. that they're white. not they're saying it's a racist issue, a racial issue, they're pointing that out. this is helping minorities. >> activism i've seen as i've been doing this job for a while, the climate change movement tends to attract rich, liberal whites a, a general rule, right? it is kind of a luxury of a community that doesn't have to worry about their coal mine closing, their fracking job, their pipe line job disappearing. you often get these groups bussed in from state colleges because they're given a stipend. i'm not surprised that the native groups would say, wait a second, you're not one of us. you're speaking on our behalf. like i said, when these jobs disappear from america, no one comes to give them opportunities. they're left alone. where in fact do you see the greatest level of suicide, depression, opioid use it is exactly in these communities. elizabeth: we hear what you're
6:51 pm
saying. it feels like grandstanding. there is more than 2.2 million miles, 2.2 million miles of pipeline in the u.s. they're just talking about the enbridge and keystone xl. you know what i mean? you need oil and gas to tower our factories. renewables are not there yet with backup storage power. by the way nat-gas emits lower gses than other types of fuel. your final word. >> all these infrastructure projects lower the cost of energy. lower energy means cheaper goods. that predominantly helps middle and lower class americans. we should want more of infrastructure projects, not fewer. elizabeth: daniel turner, thank you so much. ken cuccinelli back with us after the break on major outbreak of cartel crime just across the border from u.s. cities. stay right there. eal estate exc. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything.
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♪ elizabeth: let's bring back in former dhs acting deputy secretary ken cucinelli. your reaction to the democrats' vote reform bill failing in the senate. it was a 50-50 vote. what do you say? the. >> they couldn't advance the bill, i think it was expected. it was disappointing to see manchin join the other democrats after he's been so strong for so
6:56 pm
long, but this is just round one. they're going to come back with another bill in the fall, and we're going to see a lot of the same efforts to federalize elections and stop states from cleaning up elections, and we're going to fight it at the election transparency institute. good news today but there's more to come. elizabeth: we hear you. let's move on to the border. reports of major violence at the border. >> yep. elizabeth: the mexican border city used as a key trafficking hub, it's right across the border from mcallen, texas. at least 14 people shot dead in cartel warfare. taxi drivers, workers, thursdaying students and four suspects -- nursing students and four suspects now dead. we have seven cities ranked the worst in homicides the entire world. you've talked about this, per capita violence in mexico is worse than the middle east. your reaction to this. >> it is, it's off the charts.
6:57 pm
and literally, americans can't even imagine the level of violence in some of these locales just on the other side of the american border. and it's just like you said, the drug cartels control these parts of mexico. again, hard for americans to comprehend. the government of mexico does not control about 15 or 20 of its own country including -- 15 or 20 the percent % of its own country. and the cartels do steer the human smuggling chains to where they want to send them to not just facilitate crossing illegally, but also so they can due up the border patrol and get their drugs across into the united states as with well. elizabeth: we've got a texas family reportedly kidnapped by a criminal cartel while traveling through mexico. perez sanchez, forgive me, she's 39 years old. she and her two children ages 9
6:58 pm
and 16 have been missing, they can't find them, since june 13th. just putting the word out there. former top i.c.e. official tom homan says mexican cartels control the border. much of mexico just south of the border is a no-go zone. i want to talk to you about what you pointed out about human smuggling, because the question is, are human smugglers bringing in illegal aliens not just from central america and mexico, but from pakistan, the middle east, asia? >> oh, absolutely. beth elizabeth let's watch the mayor here. >> i can name some from yemen, iraq, they've been from iran, they've been from china, they've been from russia, they've been from the congo. right now it's a big surge of venezuelans, in from cuba, honduras, el salvador. i don't even have a complete list of all the 73 countries, but it just, it keeps growing and growing and growing. here lately they've been getting out, bailing out by our local
6:59 pm
element arely schools. so we've had to put the local elementary schools on lockdown, and we had to bring more law enforcement in to search for these individuals. you know, 90% of these cars that we're catching now, we're finding loaded firearms in the them. elizabeth: i think you're just fired up, ready to go. so you're saying, yes, human smugerers are cringe -- smugglers are bringing in the illegal aliens from overseas? your reaction. >> he named 73 countries in that part of the border, but across the border in a given year it's 160. frankly, there aren't that many countries where we don't catch people coming across the border all legally on the southern border with mexico, and it's because they know it's as open as it is. and at least under the trump administration we were looking to send those people home and to close down the border. we now have a biden administration that has kicked the door open, and you just heard his description near their own schools. they're being overrun and with
7:00 pm
tons of guns. usually the democrats don't like guns unless you're an illegal alien, apparently. elizabeth: yeah, got it. ken cucinelli, it's good to have you back on. >> good to be with you. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth macdonald. that does it for us, you've been watching "the evening edit." we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. so sheer, raw brutal political power is our topic this evening as the senate debates a motion to proceed on s. 2, that's their -- s. 1, republican leader mcconnell, this is a partisan power grab but the left to rug the rules of american elections permanently in their favor.


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