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tv   Barrons Roundtable  FOX Business  June 27, 2021 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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much visit there next week. then progressive democrats seem intent on rewriting american history. at least they could put that off until they've learned something about the nation's geography. i'll be back next week with more in-depth interviews walk right here on the wall street journal0 and have a great weekend. >> what, to the round table what we can behind the headlines to prepare you for the week ahead. coming up, the very first u.s. cruise to the pandemic any high seas this weekend i'm asking richards made about new safety measures and what nonvaccinated passengers willing to do before setting sail and later, looking at the top ceos in america, who made the biggest impacts of the
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last year what you should know about them. we begin is always what we take on the three most important things the investors are they thinking about right now. the freak out has been short-lived at least for now is the s&p 500 nasdaq sword to new highs. this week's market rally continues. catching in a big banks investors could soon see a sharp increase in share buyback dividends next week and just how much of a jump are we looking at and driving out of bankruptcy next week, when means for the future of car-rental chains and shareholders. my colleagues, so we thought we had it infrastructure delton bidens complicated things but market just kept on rolling right through it all. >> yes it ended in the meeting last week, and never have been adulterated in the nasdaq went up to new highs just a little bit off this week on the s&p and the dow after getting hammered a week earlier. the market looked at the economic database on not nothing
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too hot or could to goldplated inflation is transitory night hikes are still a long way off the markets going up. jack: so the fed chairman gives annually, could that rattle things. it is there thinking the feds might do to put it into this. yes because coming out all of this past week in two different things, you have to mentally investors that is coming soon, probably happening in september, just after that meeting. which also have powell saying that there is no need to do anything right now. both groups might be right but i think that's what the market is expecting something will happen come september. sue and one other interesting thing, energy has been rallying, somewhat just one more sign that everybody thinks the economy is on a roll. >> i think it helps with that. i think it is more just a supply
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and demand issue. there's a lot more demanding now than there was there's not a ton of supply just because oil was negative just over a year ago. and so now we have oil and opec has lifted its restraints yet so i think for now, it is just a supply demand issue that just keeps like pretty get hired will be interesting to watch because opec is many next week in the could decide they will draw more. >> interesting and meanwhile, the big news there really was not ms. at all of the banks pass a stress test given the trust and a stress test that they passed last march, i think the work expecting that they would go easily for unit. >> after relies as you pointed out, the banks and went to restaurants, and to scheduled ones and then the midcycle one as well. but this means that they can resume buybacks.
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it is expected that in total the larger banks overturned about 200 billion to shareholders and about twice the level that they did last year. put another way, manufacturing dividends and buybacks, 20 about 2 percent according to. jack: i'm guessing the market is pricing all that and is there any particular standouts next week. >> when the fed had results minutes later all banks for say okay it will be this. they asked the banks to into monday because the banks are at operating under a new framework so they want the banks to figure out what is most appropriate. it would be capitol one in financial in both of them are going to be operating and also wells fargo which had a really tough time last year but it's
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proven to be the comeback play. jack: a look back at the pandemic any said regulations work not something that you usually hear from eight ceos. does asked intimate reflect pretty much the industries view our differences there. >> 's are some but we did not have a big failure we didn't even really worry about a bank failure but if you'd talked about a tenth of these executives off the cuff, he had wealth on thanks and would've to maintain the payouts no restrictions and responsible businesses run and so that when you think about that shareholders and the health of the customers and the health of them system, maybe we can say they work. jack: thank you so much for that pretty did jack, tell me about hers, does this mean the means stop they were right all along pretty. jack: is like a year ago we were shaking our heads and saying
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don't understand how bankruptcy works. they went from 50 cents to $500 back then prayed around a $7 now and andrew said it could be worth closer to $9. the company was bought in a bidding contest in the bankruptcy court by a group of private equity investors absolutely everything about that had changed. we stop traveling never vaccinated in traveling to get a nobody can get it, there's a shortage pretty can't make cars and it makes the fleece more valuable as allowing them to charge anything they want. so making great money. mason conditions could remain at favorable like that until late next year. so it is a bit complicated how the deals work. it's going to come out of bankruptcy maybe at the end of june at and investors to guide the shares now are going to get
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a little bit of cash in stock and a lot of in the mountains choice and comes out with approximate dollars and 70 cents about two much more the stocks are trading at recently. we saw $33 more in this folks are so crazy from by a year ago. >> made the stock will keep going up. coming up, one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic, chris is making a comeback pretty royal caribbean the first to set sail from the the first to set sail from the u.s. they said it couldn't be done but you managed to pack a record 1.1 trillion transistors into this chip whoo! yeah! oh, hi i invested in invesco qqq
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cruising for come back shares of 90 percent in in hardest hit
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industries increases pretty after successful test run, now saying sale this weekend a predetermined and ceo richard joins me now predict it is busy weekend for you. thank you so much for coming on the show richard i appreciated predict. >> thank you for having me busy been happy. >> indeed so the reason why were saying this is because this weekend marks the very first time a ship has been a barking from u.s. support since the start of the pandemic. how you sing and demand, i assume a lot are chomping at the bit to get on the water pretty. >> really is amazing. i think were sing society but really sing this in our cruise ships, there's a lot of pent-up demand and people of been waiting 15 months to get back to going and we are back and is going beautifully. sue and if so of course is been a lot of discussion about the protocols. your company and required proof of vaccinations for passengers but now that has changed and you strongly recommend vaccinations but you only require it when their embarking from imports -
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my understanding is that your requiring testing of protocols. would you rather just have all of the passengers back. >> will i think we have to comply with the laws wherever we are. and in florida not allowed to require vaccinations but we do recommend it and as you say, there are other implications and the result is that most of our guests wanted to be vaccinated. we have done surveys and we have seen that most of our guests are eager there either already vaccinated wanted to be soon. so for example the one i'm on today, sorry, who will be on until saturday, he will go up 9d will be vaccinated even though we have accepted if you want to come you can do so and vaccinated right as you meet the protocol requirements.
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>> forgive me, do you agree or disagree with florida governor want ronnie said is the band somebody's from requiring vaccinations. it would increase and most people want to be vaccinated anyway would be better just required that everybody is vaccinated predict. >> we work with the government whichever the government is involved. state governments, federal governments and governments overseas. and if we work with them to make sure that we can offer something that is safe and we will sail if it is not safe even if the law allows it. i'm not going to some flyby agree or disagree we will comply with laws wherever they are pretty. jack: i want question for you, up to with covid-19 in the celebrity millennium i guess as a test run jp morgan analyst said that the protocols were executed flawlessly, there's no interruption in service but you got high marks for that pretty
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also another test chris, eight crewmembers tested positive, is our threshold beyond which suddenly have to change things such as a lockdown on or agent. >> yes but anything could happen but i think actually but these particles do they work. our objective is not to prevent anybody from ever getting sick, you can have that anywhere in society. we want to do with escapement so a couple of people get sick, but not everybody will every that he on the business. so, people get sick, there isolated in their close contacts are isolated and everybody else moves on pretty that is actually better and you have on chart targeted so our objective from the beginning was they are safer on board his crew ship and you are main street usa. the examples that you gave, show it works pretty soon when have a better view as well. looking beyond the covid-19 of
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the one of the challenges and opportunities for the royal caribbean to rebound. as you said people are coming in the bit to travel. >> you've actually put your finger on it, global economic activity is doing well. well i don't like higher fuel prices, truly the economy that drives us in the pent-up demand. he really sing it, people want to get found 41 of the beauties of cruising as actually you are freer today in the chris and you are many hometowns. so that works very well for us tonight they it is well for future as well. sue and thank you i understand you're going on this initial process so have a great trip printed. >> you better believe i'm on the first one. i'll be waving goodbye to those who are not fortunate enough to be a ship.
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measure your waist. females measuring more than 35 inches and males measuring more than 40 inches may have insulin resistance. to learn how to reverse insulin resistance and lose weight effectively, go online to once again, that's sue and for many ceos imagining company dispatcher dealing with economic whiplash as the economy shut down and came surging back. this way, publishing annual list of top ceos in the u.s. rated a cover story right jack obviously they're coming such a zoom and netflix in the right place at the right time when the pandemic struck why did lowe's make a list, you boys been kind of a home depot guy. >> the best made great money of investor. everyone has decided to buy or
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build or remodel or at least a tinker. the chief executive there mark nelson is a big reason he started three years ago to really invest in technology pretty coming up when he got there, that technology look pretty historic and we have a clip where he discusses that. >> human investment, removing the e-commerce platform to the cloud and building market-based, supply chain model in your putting over 100,000 mobile devices in our stores and remodeling our stores from your kitchen departments to the point departments. new printed systems etc. and project management software so all of those things enable us to meet the demand that occurred during covid-19. >> i made my first trip to lowe's, but a chainsaw so everybody knows how much oreo.
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i found the one that i wanted on the website and you might happened if he had not invested. >> you don't need chainsaw to be macho jack. but they have kitchen appliances and all that but one thing they did not want was airplane engines. ge has a huge aviation business and that was the wrong place wrong time they said they managed through very well. >> this incredible story. summa is been met waiting decades for turnaround at ge. the strong aviation was hit hard with a recent business which is power which is at a turnaround, they've gotten rid of support that weren't working and turn it from bernie to generating cash so we can wait for that cash flow to rise and aviation coming back. i'll just say, just run briefly,
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chipotle for the burritos, that is another business where they built a difficult hand-operated they had gotten the customers back in the restaurants than they were september the pandemic. many made the right investments and he was able to switch around the delivery centered drive-through windows sprayed great time for shareholders pretty. jack: going to let the translations by the moscow. >> i'm just a little curious about how the financials are because we want to talk about getting it that handout buried even the exchanges were people expected that all activity was coming to a halt. >> we have a bunch of financial the meaningless. friedman all right nasdaq this is a company that was able to handle this managed trading over the past year and also a data business going over there and
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look at progressive returns. another that everybody thinks that flow is in charge of that but it's actually semi- made christian she has invested in high-tech underwriting. gainsharing is geico you mentioned earlier that it's a lack of banking crisis pretty think about that, noah has a lot to do with that only also have jp morgan and banks offfmeri ana l o n our lis l l tket.hi elonkus and and augh on has a a ality too eaok j jut j cutryptopt encuesenheenenrisoi gng az wihekn t tnghihi that weat aatutbo him oukekeforaarar busine e biggeig change s the mode l tbly t le. sorom gm autonouss
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cles.ay and a a has makgakakgrti t elon, changing the car business and begin biggest thing to happen more than a half a century pretty. >> i wish we had more time and we can argue about whether zuckerberg facebook should really be on that list. weed also thank you jack. up next, roundtable members get up next, roundtable members get their we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: we're made for. try hypnosis... or...
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>> subject of miasma seven -year-old to choose between her ipad in her daddy, i think we should come to shop i would win that but i would not want to go mono on mono with a sharpie pen. i think that gives her a hug her
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very favorite thing in technology that you are writing about. >> sounds like it does not all have to be about robo crypto cannabis rockets. let's talk about this. this is a sharpie, his peach color because of borrowed this one for my daughter. sharpie is moving out there called the f jonah don't have one here with me, i'm not that cool. but it is taking market share in pen. sharpie first of all us unbecoming called mule brands believe it or not it is its biggest profit center is the writing pens in the company is under new management and it's a turnaround story, a lot of good things going on that event masked by the pandemic. here to tell you jack that emerges back. pens are back. i think that is going to show through the result. >> let's move on to other slightly higher tech actions. carl really like your soy will start with you pretty.
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>> going with the maker of standby generators, also made our ceo list so you have this huge debt to government and about 80 percent of the market and only about 5 percent of the houses have a generator pretty when you look at storm season, the ice monster, certainly several houses would want to owa generator and you also get the biden administration pledging it more for disaster relief which could be good for shares as well and has considerably over the last year. >> is money that homeowners don't want to spend but when you need it, you needed. and you're glad you spent that money and been out to you. >> yes, i am looking at a parent company of the olive garden. i looked at this over a year ago done quite well since and freighted to glow break earnings as we can were very good. passed on higher cost to consumers and it looks like it's getting ready to make another run here.
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>> is certainly restaurants are filling up so that's not a bad business to be in right now be fine waiters to go to the table. >> those are all great ideas and thank you very much grade check out this week's edition to see that full list of ceo endo to forget to follow us a barron's online that is all press. see you next week o dr. michael youssef: it is our perspective on what god has, is doing, and will do, that will carry us through tough times in life. male announcer: coming up next on "leading the way." dr. youssef: you may have lost your joy. he can restore to you greater joy. you may be going through difficult times right now. i want you to remember your book of life has not been finished yet. announcer: coming up next. female announcer: visit today


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