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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  July 2, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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fox business start smart every weekday from six to 9:00 a.m. eastern on fox business, start your day every weekday with us. have a wonderful rest of your independence day weekend, thank you's much for joining me. thank you for being here and i'll see you again next time. ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: hello and welcome to the wall street journal large july 4 was a moment in the national calendar when all americans to come together to celebrate the meaning of what it meant to be an american. for most of the country's history it's been the sacred day that commemorates the founding of the nation when a group of different backgrounds character and politics came together in unpromising circumstances to
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forge a nation dedicated to the pursuit of universal human ideals. it reminded us that however, challenging the circumstances, whatever the disagreement set of divided americans this is the one country in the world was created with the express objective of the liberty and equality of its people. this year it is hard to know what to make of july 4, led by people in government and universities and schools in the media and entertainment and the corporation they keep telling us that america is an evil country a nation founded in peru under pursuit of racism and white privilege and throughout its history and even today continues to be an oppressor, children are being reeducated in the new ideology, for the real inspiration for america was not life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but the defense of privilege. schools across the nation are teaching the that the real founding of america was not 1776 but 1619. the year the first slave ships a arrived on the shores.
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in workplaces even in the military americans are told that they need to acknowledge their collective guilt for the discrimination and prejudice. >> were not going to make america great again, it was never that great. >> there are things that are savagely wrong in this country. >> when did you think america was great, it certainly wasn't when people were enslaved and certainly wasn't when they didn't have the right to vote and it wasn't when lgbtq community denied the rights which was entitled. gerry: this july 4, here's a question i have for progressives. what do they really want this country to be, what country out there the rest of the world would be better than this. last week and gwen berry an african-american athlete qualified to represent the united states at the olympics this month. when the national anthem was played she turned away and covered her head with a t-shirt. the white house refused to say that this protest was inappropriate.
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>> i know she's incredibly proud to be an american and has great respect for the anthem in all respects especially for men and women serving in uniform all around the world, he would also say of course part of the intercountry means recognizing there are moments where we haven't lived up to her highest ideal new means respecting the right of people in the constitution to peacefully protest. gerry: try to remember if a chinese athlete did something like that. i assure you it be the last metal ceremony they would ever take part in unless they have a hammer throwing competition in concentration camps. in america you can disrespect the constitution and will and you get lionized by the media you can take anyone the national anthem is being played and applause by authorities to run sports. you can do nouns with the country stands for and you get elected to congress. by the way that is fine actually, it's part of the freedom that you do enjoy from living in a free society. but can we at least acknowledge what an extraordinary privilege
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and what a remarkable and unique country it is that let you do all that. does it ever occur to these progressives the reason the united states has an immigration crisis that people actually want to live here, if the world had no borders what a progressive thinks most people would choose to live, i tell them pulling has consistently shown they would choose to live in the united states. blacks from africa, latinos from central america, asians from across asia yearning to live in a country that were told is defined by white privilege savage than a phobia and ruthless oppression of minorities. think about that. what kind of enduring appeal must the country have that it can so easily supersede the efforts of its own people to defame it. we will spend the whole show taking a deeper look at the dystopia the progressive america seems to be becoming with one of the countries leading historians, joining a hoover institution senior fellow victor david hanson has a new book
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called the dying citizen how progressive elites tribalism and globalization are destroying the idea of america. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. gerry: your team student of the rise and fall of civilization ancient, can you tell us in the space of that generation in america has gone from being a country that most of its own people in the world regarded of the most successful but the closest that we have come that humanity has come to an ideal country, how have we gone a generation to that to the situation today where most elites seem to hate the country and seem to think it's absolutely redeemable. >> i think a lot of these societal collapse occur when you do get very clear close to utopia you materially affluent leader society and we have the greatest concentration of wealth
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in a country of civilization and the most freedom, the most just and previously marks what they used marginalized groups of more freedom and opportunity than ever. as in the case when you get closer to your ideal, you get angrier that you are not there utopia and you redefined everything in terms if you're not perfect, you are not good and then you try to control the path so you can govern the future by erasing names, renaming the dates of the calendar and the reign of terror, that's where we are now, this is a top-down revolution it is not a grassroots revolution these are elites, many of them enjoining the fruits of capitalism and republican government, i think they either feel guilty about their privilege so they will authenticity that there still normal people, these are abstract ideas, i don't mean that cynically, when you look at the life that they live mark
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zuckerberg's 57000-foot new home in hawaii and the fences around the pelosi mansion and the architect one of the code marxist architects the blm with four homes each worth over a million, the rhetoric is not supported by the lives that they live in that suggests to me it is performance art and virtue signaling and as deep psychological applications there's a lot of careers that come out of the woodwork in times of crises we saw that in the mccarthy. and we saw that in the salem witch trial when they want to piggyback on their own personal rivalries and career aspiration on global cosmic cause. gerry: you compare a little bit to the revolutionary france renaming calendar and is it anything like this. what is so striking is what you
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just said, these people already more or less run everything, they're in control of the universe and the culture in the media and control of corporations in right now since the election the controller government, it's a strange resolution, isn't it when these people are actually already in charge of the institution that they think you want to change. >> i think that's a very good point the people who is a lawyer in the duke of orleans was involved, they were elites they felt that they did not control the apparatus government and they didn't even control all of the media initially and this is what strange about this the every aspect of american power, the military, the corporate boardroom, wall street, professional sports, entertainment, the campus, academia, social media, it's all in control of the left and i think they're frustrated because with such power they've not been
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able to convince 51% of the people to be woke, every one of their issues which open border or could a race theory or defunding the police, the polls show they don't enjoy 51% majority support. and yet they can't figure out why that is it's almost as if the deplorable, the drags, chumps, irredeemable, kramers, we've done everything and control everything and here they are and now they're going after them as white supremacy and xenophobes and all of that stuff. gerry: it is a quote they really think that it is time to change the people, don't they. we have to take a short break but when we come back, we will talk more about what's going on in america today and will look at the way america confronts challenges around the world. stay with us. ♪
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gerry: i'm back with hoover institute senior fellow victor davis hanson we talked about the revolution the woke revolution where were required to acknowledge our own sinfulness and acknowledge our own guilt, it does represent a form of religion because of the traditional religion going blind and it's an emphasis on arson and responsibility, it does have an oddly religious feel to it, do you think there's something to that? >> there is in some cases in american history the great awakening or the abolitionist movement, there were advantages to the self-righteousness but in a postmodern world becomes too
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radical. you're absolutely right, data does not matter, if you say that the number of police who shoot unarmed african-american males just opposed to the african-american males who have come in contact every year with the police does not support the idea of a pandemic of police accreditation on african-americans, it does not matter, really doesn't matter and if you try to argue about the 1619 punitive data, the founding of america and none of the contemporary evidence suggests that racial prejudice or slavery was a primary motivation, it doesn't matter because these are faith-based and you can really see that with mr. kennedy and others when asked to explain what is racism and critical race theory, they cannot they violate the cardinal
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philological rule that you never define a word by using that again and again, in the definition and that's what they do because they they can't articulate it because there is no data and no evidence requires a leap of faith and that's why they're so zealous they want to hunt people out that are disbelievers they cancel them out and find them and destroy their careers and search back the records to see if they've ever said one word in the manner that the spanish inquisitors did in the 1950s. gerry: where does this go from here, you've seen the movements are history, as you say one of the interesting things these people control the institutions but they don't control the people and there seems to be a rising popular backlash, is that how this ends, tell us how you think this unfold. >> all of these movements i don't popular support as if they
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do have popular support, and they give you the impression that you're on the sidelines with your finger in the air you better join or were going to get you and you'll miss out on the rewards but you won't miss out on the punishment they did not have popular support but at the critical moment the counterforce is, they seize control and they stop them and they found out they were a hollow shell and nobody that wants to come to the defensive and you had a reaction, in case of the bolsheviks, they thought that they were a crazy bunch of people and then a few oddball marxist and disenchanted groups of czarist restaurant craft but they didn't have the people so to speak they were more institution and a gradual train, yet they took over because they were violent and they use terror and they frighten people, rather
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point where one of two things are going to happen either these people are going to continue and accelerate their efforts to cancel people, to infiltrate the military, ideologically infiltrated and the gonna search out people on accusation of white supremacy throughout her institution and people are going to be scared and make the necessary adjustments or we see the local board meetings people will rise up and it was a christian anderson org fairytale about the emperor with no close once are called upon it and say you're indoctrinating our children and explain why, they can't and everybody says the emperor is naked, that can happen and i hope the latter happens. gerry: we gotta take another short break, coming up the global challenges and how the u.s. current states faces the great threat from china in particular. stay with us. ♪
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gerry: and with the hoover institution victor davis hanson how the country so divided and the leaders seem to be so full of self loathing for the country that they lead how does it phase great strategic challenges like the one that we clearly now face from a rising china. >> it's going to be very difficult, when the chinese look at this they react with glee, the thinking my gosh this virus escaped from a lab in there tearing each other apart over a fact of life that we had a mistake or an accident and they cannot accept that whom we can except when no problem but the people who suffer can't or they think wow were very afraid of
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the u.s. military has a record of lithology but is purging its ranks as if a people liberation army, thinker enemies are quite delighted that what were doing and the question is in times of national peril of 9/11 are we going to come together as a nation in the past whether the gunter great depression are people on the street and after pearl harbor there was no more isolationist movement and acrimony after the mccarthy. the cold war shaved everybody up, shook everybody up with a bipartisan consensus to contain the soviet union. but sometimes it doesn't work that way, sometimes you know better than i but there is no unity but maybe there should've been, maybe there should've been answer to that but some of the crisis unifies and sometimes they make very weak and they expose us to the end. gerry: looking at joe biden or as the world looks a joe biden and vladimir putin and xi
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jinping looks at joe biden do you think he projects an order of american strength? >> i thinker enemies see a window of opportunity and he's got cognitive problems or is ideology that is adopted and embraced that they can exploit it in our enemies are saying my god, our alleys are saved by god without the united states, there is no nato, everybody is confused because they can't believe what is happening in their even more terrified of the possibility that our allies are, not our enemies but the prospect of, here's maybe intervened at some point. >> that would send chiggers down the spying of any ally of the weekend of july 4. thank you so much indeed for joining me and i highly recommend picking up a copy enter copy of the dying citizen, victor davis hansen, thank you.
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gerry: over the last week we were watching grief, hope and increasing sadness as emergency workers are trying to rescue victims from the collapse in
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miami, tragedies like these bring out the best in people, first responders and toiling almost impossible conditions in the hope of saving just one life, people from all over the nation sending help and all acts of kindness, local business and sports team providing financial support and yes government officials from miami to tallahassee to washington, d.c. coming together to do what they can to provide aid and comfort. but sadly these days were also reminded that there are some people that will always do their best to exploit a tragedy to political ends and how shaming is it that is so often journalist who on the base of no evidence are reporting would use human suffering to promote their causes. there is an example this week when one washington post reporter tweeted that fema federal emergency management agency might've been able to save more lives if it had been deployed earlier, but she said
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ron desantis the republican governor of florida delayed asking fema for four days. this turned out to be completely false. officials, democratic and republican rushed to explain the resources been used were already on the ground in miami-dade, those are nothing more than could've or should've been done. but of course it was too juicy of an opportunity for the media to take a shot at one of the favorite targets of republican in one particular who is the subject of endless attacks over the last year end who continued to earn high praise from floridians for the job he's been doing. i have to say this is a terrible moment in development american media, on both sides it's true but vertically on the left, as i see everything in the political terms the twist into destroyed the truth in line with their own partisan interest. it's an incredibly destructive force that helps corrode trust in the very idea of objective
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reporting facts and truth. the rest of this can offer our thanks to those who worked so tirelessly in miami ambon. and above all we offer our prayers and deepest king condolence to those family who were tragically briefed in this tragic incident. i'll see you next week on the wall street journal large, thank you for joining us and have a wonderful fourth of july weekend. >> "barron's roundtable" sponsored by invesco qqq. ♪. jack: welcome to "barron's roundtable" where we get behind the headlines and prepare you for the week ahead. i am jack otter, coming up catherine keating will deal into the rise of mean stocks in crypto, later the risks of having too much invested a big tech and how to make money even if the stocks take a hit, we begin with what we think the three most important things investors on a think about right


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