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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 26, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. larry: off keeping these left-wing books out of kids hands is terrific but i cannot wait for the island of free ice cream, that is next up. ♪ ♪. kennedy: thanks for having me, great to be back. scroll back to the top, here we go again the mask mandates are starting to creep in. parents are finding fighting back according to some experts masks or need to come at the rise of cases of adults at variance which we are told is more can tage is there on the
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horizon course doctor fauci supports it, watch. >> do you think masks should be brought back for vaccinated americans? >> this is under active consideration. were having a lot of dynamics of infection. even if you are vaccinated pic, you should wear a mask. >> you should wear a mask. kennedy: i am wearing one. lords of fauci critics say sought about science but about control pretty special it comes to vaccinated people. twenty points no longer have to mask up? mask mandates hurt the drive to vaccinate. nothing is more confusing than the patch work of mask rules for the upcoming school year. some district acquiring a masks, others are not. nevermind kids are largely safe from agenda california are suing governor gavin newsom arguing the tasks are
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worse than the mental health of children the viruses but are we on the cusp of mask nation 2.0, what common sense went out this time customer let's get into with knights man panel, we have house of kfi los angeles, the gary and shannon show it is gary hoffmann. to ask two ends. all delicious. cohost of the sitcom podcast the legendary kmele foster. look at that smile for the host of the richard fellow show radio host, fox news contributor it is richard fowler, welcome gentlemen let's get right into this. so, gary i was excited. i would give some sense of the freedom back which has been taken away by local state and federal government. so foul choosing people our backs and have to wear masks them a big problem with faxing
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skepticism. while people not have the jab get it at all now? >> what i want to ask anyone to ask anthony fauci is why? why do i have to wear a face pantheon facts i have been vaccinated? i had made one shot with johnson & johnson april 1, # whatever they say these days for the reason i did it was because i wanted to get back to one sense of normalcy to think that would ever happen. but ask anthony fauci why, if the vaccine works why don't have to worry mask? is it to make other people feel better? which not be making pulse and feelings. do you think i can get the virus are once i have a covid booger in my nose is somehow going to transmit to someone else even though i'm asymptomatic. you are not following the science that's been out there
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for a year end a half now. >> it's interesting, you are in california as well. you know the second day let go of a little bit of that control they get very uncomfortable feeling for its only a matter of time before they really back and buried what is the feeling there northern california? >> both at the state and national level there's over concern and particularly a hysteria around the delta variance. you are starting to see more and more people were masks inside, outside of the very circumstances where they were not before. quite frankly i think this hysteria and certainly the official hysteria surrounding the risks this is something this disconcerting. it is certainly at odds with the push to try to get people vaccinated. we need to be honest the other
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children have died as a result of contracting covid and fighting and affections. that's out of 600,000 americans who have died. that number is also tragic. but we are talking about less than a 1%. we know children are not nearly as vulnerable to covid. even without them being vaccinated say under the age of 12 because of the restrictions in place, kids are relatively safe. as more people get vaccinated we know we can look out for the actual symptoms of infection to try to keep kids even safer in the classrooms. there may be actual consequences to forcing three -year-olds and four -year-olds to wear these masks indefinitely. that is something we have to contend with. >> that's a great point. i know your daughter is a preschool in that age. reading people's faces is a critical component of language development that is how we as
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human beings make the world fit together. it's really critical. but also what is critical is the mental health of kids in this country. we lost far more kids to suicide you don't hear leaders and teachers unions talking about that. i honestly, i don't think they care about their mental health at all and shame on them forever for that. >> there's a couple of things per think that have a balanced approach on how we do this by number one putting in place a new mask commanded after folks have said in the cdc guidance that you don't have to work if you currently vaccinated. this is going to be hard to push for the federal government to make. that being said places we have low vaccination rate in high infection rate mostly if you are unvaccinated you don't take the vaccine it's probably proven for your own help to wear a mask to save yourself in the delta variant.
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you also see teachers doing and a lot of places you share fighting for mental health counselors and social workers in school so we can deal the social and emotional needs of students. with that that be in chicago, los angeles, new york. kennedy: there not going to get social workers up there not in school. we have teachers in new york city signing petitions said they do not want to go back and teach until it is safe. that is utter nonsense but i will not stand by as the parent of kids in public schools here in new york city and let them sit out another year. >> that's a valid point ethically backed if i do school starting in august a couple weeks now. kennedy: i will make you a bet the blush is going to cave to the teachers unions. they are not going to have a five day a week school. i am talk but local teachers in new york. they are the one signing this petition to try to sit it out
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eat glass. meanwhile put doctor fauci face criminal charges question what senator rand paul pushing for criminal referral to the d.o.j. lying to congress for funding gain of function research. it came after this heated exchange. >> a doctor factory knowing it is a crime to lie to congress you wish to retract your statement of may 11 where you claim the nih never funded gain of function research in wuhan? >> i've never lied before the congress. i've never had that statement. >> you shaken animal virus in you increase to humans you say that's not gain of function? lex that is correct. senator paul you do not know what you're talking about. >> they took animal viruses that only current animals and they increase their transmissibility to humans. how you can say that is not gain of function. >> it is not. before arik dr. fauci seem to contradict himself again.
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claiming it's a moral imperative. >> the research was done it was very regulated it was reviewed, it was given progress reports. it was published in the open literature. if you look at the back rationale, why that was started it was almost as if you did not pursue that research you would be negligent. kennedy: yes, transparency in china. that happened or didn't customer everything's been destroyed. will doctor evil feel the heat of a criminal probe? can the d.o.j. be trusted to get to the bottom of all this? >> no. absently not. merrick garland is never going to allow anthony for fauci to even feel the heat like you said of a criminal probe. i think it's frustrating about the situation is anthony believes senator rand paul is accusing him of developing sars kobe too. he is not.
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what's also frustrating is rand paul cannot get anthony for fauci to answer a very simple question about where the money came from when he was head of the national institutes of health. and what that many went for in terms of the actual research that was being done and that wuhan biology lab. all they would have to do is agree on one point and then we can move forward in this. i think this fight that goes on between rand paul and anthony fauci is a really big distraction. we have bigger things to worry about. we have more messaging we need to make clear with the american people about the importance and the safety and the benefit of getting a vaccine in your arm. kennedy: disagree with you a little bit. i think the task about mask and re- masking is the distraction for the dr. fauci's really uncomfortable because rand paul is getting to a part of a truth that doctor fauci he relents and admits, yes we knew they were doing this we gave a bunch of money to do it, we just assume
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they're following the international protocols that we have all agreed to. but it is china. it is a totalitarian state. they put doctors in prison who fall a foul of the commonest line. he's trying to get what happened what might have gone wrong in the institute of virology. kmele your thoughts. >> i think there is an opportunity to focus on the main thing. quite frankly i want to be able to give rand paul a high-five on this but i just can't. i think this filing of chargers is pure theater. i do think both men's are covering themselves in shame. we want elected leaders and public officials to come together and work on one thing and one thing only. not placing blame. not pointing your finger to single people out but figure out the pandemic. we could be having that
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conversation. i think it is a bad when doctor fauci is playing fast and loose with the facts here. it's also quite silly for rand paul to keep harping on this one thing. we know it was a $600,000 grant to spread out over six years. there is no universe in which that money is likely responsible for whether or not the pandemic happened. there are a lot of great questions to ask about the wuhan laboratory and a lot of questions quite frankly door not be able to get to because of doctor fauci. >> to make sure it never happens again. on some level doctor fauci was running cover for the chinese government. the chinese government said they will not allow the world health organization to come in and do another investigation. even though the critical thing as kmele points out is to make sure this does not happen again. the only way you do this as you go into china, look at the records, you look at the autopsies you look at the timing and how this all happen. china is not allowing that. so when we get from here,
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richard? >> number one think this is complete and total theater by rand paul who was dragged by anthony fauci in that exchanger saw there. he's doing this to make up some steam here. but what we really should be dying and trent doing is the united states they should figure out how to make investments to ensure there's not another pandemic. if there is another pandemic the united states is prepared. we saw over the past year was the united states was not prepared to deal the global pandemic of this proportion. we do not have the hospital beds to do 1% of our population being sick. that is deplorable andenough vet goes on and on and on. >> 's to make sure doesn't happens we don't need any of that stuff. >> it does not mean we should not be prepared.
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there could be a situation he could be a biological weapons attack we would not be prepared. >> big. kennedy: the government's too big and cumbersome? >> is not to get it right there getting it wrong by going after this wild goose chase. kennedy: the getting it wrong on every level. alright man panel we are going to see very soon. coming up twitter in amazon showing interest in crypto currency like bitcoin. i will break it down for you next. it means experience. i mean, put it this way. if i told you i'd been jarring raspberry preserves for 85 years, what would you think? (humming) well, at first you'd be like, "that has gotta be some scrumptious jam!" (humming) and then you'd think, "he looks fantastic! i must know his skin care routine."
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part of his business in the future as well. so amazon and twitter jump in does that mean crypto's back in action party people customer can hope so. joining me venture capitalist bitcoin chairman brock pierce. brock unit this game better than anybody but look at your hat for god sake it is fantastic. so tell me, what does amazon's exploration of bitcoin and other crypto currency do to our world? how does it benefit me? >> is a signal that we have seen many times for this is not new. we first academic's interest, capitals interest and acceptance we saw in the big tech and amazon being one of those in the banking sector announced governments yet again this is another step forward crypto currency is interesting application and payments. el salvador's rolling it out
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over the new law that takes effect september 7 every merchant and el salvador has to accepted bitcoin for all goods and services with some exceptions but generally that is the case. it's unclear whether amazon will actually implement this. but glad to see them continuing to focus on innovation and how we can improve the experiences for customers. >> jack dorsey with interests in bitcoin for some time. his side company square utilizes a bitcoin. if you have got twitter and amazon of both here does that somehow stabilize the grows thet i'm not sure it stabilizes it. jack dorsey has done a lot for bitcoin, square has done a lot for bitcoin.
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i'm glad to see him continuing to be a pioneer helping to propel and push society forward. to create a more equitable world. there's a foreign have billion people on the planet that are under bank to predate lack financial services. includes financial and cures inclusion for everyone. it's for everyone to pursue that happiness. that is the american dream. >> hopefully it is something that will take el salvador out of the economic gutter that its neighbors have been embroiled in so long because of the drug war. most people, a vast majority use cash. they do not have bank accounts. how do they switch from that to bitcoin? and raise their mobility in life as well?
8:22 pm
>> 70% of the population if you order an uber that comes with el salvador you get to your destination you pay with cash. is achish -based economy. achish -based economy is lacking credit facilities at a lot of the things that have enabled us as americans have such wonderful lives. i lifted first formal delegation to el salvador since covid to meet the various ministers right i commend to everything that government is doing a think it is greats. they are truly attempting to serve the people in a very entrepreneurial fashion. kennedy: think it is a fantastic but hope they clean everything up there so el salvador becomes a real destination and it is all possibly because of crypto. brock thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for have me again. kennedy: had always -- coming
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>> abc poll shows a confluence of horrors has turned our great nation into an army of the debbie downer's part optimism in america's future is taken a 20-point nosedive. and make 36% of respondents had negative. now 55% say our future is as bright as a bird crab sandwich. independence of the optimism took a 26% hit. what is driving this negativity? people were and got the virus invariance leading to new lactose, crime is up and only getting worse in cities of all sizes. and prices are too high point let's start with what's droppings mean the present bidens numbers on crime, guns,
8:28 pm
and the board approved the disapproval rating are 39% of crimes at 37% as plants or curbing gun violence and fixing the border and immigration crisis also at 37. these problems are going to solve themselves and be, are not going away before the midterm. although opportunistic republicans try to make hate from all of this, voters are like a hey my life is starting to suck. and should not be left to suffer for political gain by either party. small businesses are shrinking. although there still healthy consumer confidence spending will dovetail with pessimism that spells real long-term deep yogurt buried there are 39% fewer small businesses in california alone. according to harvard economic tracker that's close to the national average. thirty-seven-point mom and shop's of close for good since the pandemic. what is going up? prices on things you like like
8:29 pm
used cars, then spiked by 29% sprite rental cars will cause you 62% lower. washer and dryers are up a dirty 26%. lockdown might be a welcome respite from getting gouged to travel. and murders as you know were also up 25%, shootings in new york city up 73% year-over-year. homicides have quintupled. through all this present bidens lacks any practical or coherent plan of the take out for ice cream it's double mint chocolate chip. multitrillion spending packages are the norm which is blowing up the deficits. the point were in 2049 manhattan institute calculates interest payments on the national debt would be the federal government's largest annual expenditure consuming 42% of all projected tax revenue. all that is fine, how to separate denver unique?
8:30 pm
economists shows that kind of debt not only slows growth that shrinks wages, because as high unemployment kneecaps innovation of a lead to a debt crisis. bottom-line, the busybodies in washington are too busy taking your money and locking it down to care about your safety or prospects. so the pessimism is warranted and will continue until voters make some drastic changes. and that is the memo, girl. so who is to blame house minority leader kevin mccarthy's pointing fingers at the dems, watch. >> have a 20% drop in that latest polling about the future of america. it comes from inflation, crimes, the variant coming back there working for him. there is a majority that contributes to the legislation. and bringing the drugs back,
8:31 pm
look at what they're doing with appropriations and protection. >> how do we get back to the american dream customer demand panels back, gary hoffmann, kmele foster and richard fowler. it is interesting because consumer spending does not always follow a consumer confidence optimism here, gary. but pessimism long-term is a very dangerous thing. people are pessimistic and they are skeptical of the government for their going to start recording things like investments. >> i know this is anecdotal but i know i've heard from friends in different parts of california they are starting to see some of the hoarding again with the toilet papers out, the cleaning supplies, and still not sure why those on the top of the list for people. [laughter] it is weird to me it's so quick for people to go from optimism say joe biden's 100th day in office when things were measured last time to
8:32 pm
drop in optimism. it's concerning to meet we as an american people have become so schizophrenic all it takes a couple months for us to drop precipitously like that. listen, the economy, the bones of this economy have been strong for long time. i note covid came along for it i know it kneecaps a lot of businesses, a lot of businesses, a lot of people, a lot of investment. we are still very, very capable of coming out of this on the positive side. i will say one thing to biting dese repeatedly, i'm not sure he realizes he says it repeatedly but what he says repeatedly as there is no problem. there is no question that the american people cannot solve or answer if we all work together. we can just work together. go spend money on that mint chocolate chip ice cream for yes the rental car might cost you six enerplex a day. but take that to town. [laughter] kennedy: do know what cost kmele foster a lot of, he
8:33 pm
never flies coach. ask a man. kennedy: how are you dealing with this kmele? >> we have to acknowledge a couple things here. one there is a gallup poll about a month ago that looked at americans optimism in general. about their own lives and how they're feeling post pandemic. those polling numbers were at all times high. americans are optimistic, they believe in themselves. they are excited about life, they are combating depression and are in a good place. but they failed to have optimism about is the prospects of this country. they do not have any confidence in her leadership or the approval rating there given to joe biden at the moment democrats are not giving him high marks for the specific issues that you just mentioned. i think that's going to be a real problem coming down the pike for democrats when it comes time to face reelection for it we are talking midterms are not necessarily a bidens reelection we do not even know that he will run again. it's a real problem for its
8:34 pm
material concern people see the increasing price levels for they also see the spending that's coming out of washington d.c. money does not grow on trees. they can print it, they can press two digit dated. the value of every single dollars coming from somewhere. it's coming out of our savings account. it is degrading the value of our paychecks. it is eight material probably biden administration that democrats who are in leadership they control the government now. they are dictating the spending. they have to take responsibility for. >> that may be the biggest issue. an economics is always the very top of the list. if people cannot buy basic things that started to hurt them that's on the start to make different choices but it's interesting though the things laid out in the memo, richard, that is were joe biden is getting hits. yes he is doing very wellin terms of pulling on his coronavirus response. but in terms of crime, inflation and everything else,
8:35 pm
how do you turn that boat around? >> i think the white house is going to have to delay their focus on how to decrease the crime happening all across the country. part of this are going to have to work with mayors to implement the strategy the white house wrote a couple weeks ago. how do we get violent people off of our streets? how do we open up the courts opposed covid and get rid of backlog in the courts. but also how to be eliminate illegal guns. how to get legal "guns out" hands of evil people without >> it indiscriminate shoot people in the middle of the day even though cops were just right there sitting in their cars. we have really got to have a conversation about that. part of that requires the white house work with mayors to increase, to come up with the strategy to deal with that. beyond that point the fact it's about themselves. you see more and more americans hate to start new jobs and careers. [inaudible]
8:36 pm
i think there's more of a push with the job i've had is not terrible enough and get to go new job. kennedy: it's tiger king again it's great. their people trying to start new businesses as many businesses have closed. i agree with kmele and that people believe in themselves. people now know they have to be self-reliant. they have confidence in surviving the pandemic. they do not have confidence in the government are rightly so. even the vice president has room to be pessimistic. the real clear politics average so kamala harris popularity sinking 46% on favorability. 42% favorable. reports of infighting and healthy dysfunction in her office that is not helping president joe who can barely speak english as he is gumming ice cream enjoys higher approval numbers in some polls but what is, doing wrong, gary? >> what is she doing wrong?
8:37 pm
she accepted the job as vice president that was wrong. this is the weirdest time that we have seen in vice presidential history. no one pay this much attention to joe biden when he was vice president. of george h.w. bush when these guys were vice president. we did not care for the vice president was. it is because there are questions about the leadership of joe biden. take whatever opinion of it there are questions out there. people are wondering they only serve to one point to kmele point will he run again? i don't think he will put he'll be in his early 80s at that point. those guys are getting in their 80s elizabeth warner be deep into her 70s at that point. i don't think i'll harris is that person pushes a huge laundry list of to do things she needs to check off.
8:38 pm
it seems like she has not had any victories early on. kennedy: so why did he pick her, kmele? she is no quail the third period. [laughter] >> this is a trick question we know the principle she had when she was selected for vice president are that she has a pulse and that her genitalia is a shape and in a particular way and has a particular hue. joe biden said i am going to select a woman of color as my vice president. that is a principal qualification. she was not selected by voters, democratic primary voters making it bypassed her when they could've selected her at the top of the ticket. quite frankly there is almost no one who is excited about the possibility of officer harris becoming the vice president of the united states. quite frankly again democrats have serious problems on their hand for they are not doing a great job of governing and very well could be the case
8:39 pm
they have deeply unpopular vice presidential candidate as their front runner for president of the united states in a couple of years. i don't think that's a great look for them. they're saving grace however and it's not to change topics is republicans are not glory at the moment either. kennedy: the two-party system is stale. kmele foster has a chance rotted 2020 and he let that go by. we'll see what happens in 2024. [laughter] richard, take us home yes, sir. >> sure. one, think kamala harris is more than qualified. statewide contender in the largest state in the united states a couple of times she was also the attorney general, she was the state prosecutor, she was a lawyer. her resume is beyond qualified. the early panelists point out there paying so much attention to kamala harris maybe it's the first and she's being held
8:40 pm
to higher standard. nobody is paying attention to dan quayle. kennedy: people are so mean to dan quayle. he was the only one writing to dan quayle. >> maybe because she's a woman people are paying more attention. beyond that she is more than qualified. i think the reason. [inaudible] kennedy: she has not done a good job as attorney general, she has been wrong on every issue. >> come on that's so unfair. kennedy: am i being unfair? >> she would not take the vaccine do you remember? i remember. [inaudible] kennedy: that is a big issue. hey richard that's her defining issue. >> you pick one issue? kennedy: all you talk about we need more vaccine in peoples arms. kennedy: atlas and i'm not saying that was not a misstep by the vice president. but to sit here and say she was wrong on every issue.
8:41 pm
kennedy: the manna panel thank you also much but it's always a delight. gary, camille and ricardo, thank you. coming up one senate committee once to include women in the military draft. i don't think so. will our daughters be lacing up their boots for the next forever war? the one and only ilya shapiro joins me too discuss, next. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of,
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kennedy: good news ladies, women can do anything man can do but they can do better ♪ ♪ including the fighting in wars against her will pay the senate armed services committee approved an amendment to require women aged 18 -- 25 to sign up for this selected service, that
8:46 pm
means the drafter of republicans like arkansas tom cotton went to oppose the amendment saying america's daughter should not be drafted against their will. will that is a nice statement senator, but why stop at daughters? why not sons? here to discuss cato institute of studies, ilya shapiro is back. i guess the rationale is, if men can do it women can do it to said let's throw women into the war against their will. >> look, this is not about giving opportunities to women who want to serve. that is beside the point. this is forcing them to do so. we are in olympic season now. it seems like this was spotted by the east german service committee. everyone has to be equally annoyed for forcing me too sign up for this thing in registering and fight eventually and die. when i was that age, i do not read any of my buddies saying this is so unfair, the girls
8:47 pm
don't have to sign up for this and i do. it was like why do we have to do this? if you would to equalize things that that's where this is coming from is a place of equality get rid of selective service altogether. do not expanded to cover women. kennedy: how do you get rid of it because you are absolute right. >> you pass a law the same way they are trying to do this to add women they can simply say we are not going to have the selective service. it does not stop congress from some future were saying we need a draft which is a terrible idea anyway. they could just pass a law. this is not some weird constitutional thing. it's a normal loft. the same way they're trying to rope in the female draft for the national defense authorization act. they could suspend selective service. kennedy: i wish they would. part of me thanks they just floated this amendment so we can have a conversation about the draft.
8:48 pm
we are at a very different time now that we were at the vietnam conflict. we all know what happened there. if you came from a privilege of family are knew the right doctor you could get out of the draft. if you were young, black, poor you were sent off to die. so maybe the whole thing needs to be changed. >> that's absolutely the way it worked. definitely a problem. if they want to start a conversation but we are conversing about it but it's really cynical. there are lawsuits going on as well trying to get women involved. this is not a ruth bader ginsburg style women's equality by showing amendment big disadvantage by some arcane law. this is we are going to drag everyone down to the lowest level to force this thing nobody really likes. it is very cynical. tom cotton, i would love for
8:49 pm
him to end the draft. i see the illogic of the sludges and the draft. if there's some future war need the draft will restart about for right now absolute democrats are proving your point about how silly this is, we are just going to get rid of it at all. kennedy: i don't know that that's of the trying to do think you're giving them too much credit paid when the cotton balls you cannot pick too much tom cotton until the salt goes. thank you so much. >> very good kennedy now we know i have your own show. kennedy: tropical storm is next. i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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kennedy: on this dated 1775 the second continental congress established the u.s. postal system. and just like everything the chauvinistic pigs started totally mail dominated. that is american history and this is a topical storm. topic number one. a photo of an embarrassed raccoon has gone viral effort snuck into a georgia home looking for food. it had to be removed by the fire department. my dream come true. here he is, the embarrassed raccoon covering his face. he is so ashamed of what he has done. they explained quite by the
8:54 pm
folk others are still into wearing masks. he probably does not want people to know he needs out of the garbage. also he's got way too much eyeshadow to be photographed right now. seriously, get the thing out of my face. his instinct is to cover his face with the camberwell squirrels usually only hide their nets. [laughter] at least this creature knows when to be ashamed. some of these weasels cannot get enough of their face on camera. it's anthony faucher, i'm wearing a mask. topic never treads mud shock monday. a florida woman being busted for being cheeky after she snuck into a strangers a backyard with skinny dipping in the pool per unit how women are, sometimes we can't find anything to wear part 42-year-old heather kennedy, yes we are related, was arrested for trespassing and showing off her body of water after she was in the pool and
8:55 pm
realize those were not buoys. to be fair she was wearing more than female limits are expected to purge was booked on several misdemeanors. i'm basing which is much less ashamed than this little guy. actually the real victims of these crime the bare naked ladies saw this headline inverts ten seconds dreamed they might once again become newsworthy. topic number four, tonight we have learned animals and floridians will get into anything you leave open including your mouth. check out this crazy video of a carnival sling shot ride gone wrong. two teenage friends about the shoot through the sky in a thin metal frame it. at least now they will be able to ready to fly spirit airlines. after takeoff it goes wrong. slams effaced at first into a siegel bird this was
8:56 pm
embarrassing. in fact she literally had egg on her face. even worse she couldn't scream and had to eat crow all day. this is really cool it's the bird hero the slingshot. talk about flying in the face -- mark hey that is how bobbio died and that is too soon. we will be back with a mouth trumpet monday. monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪all by yourself.♪ you look a little lost. i can't find my hotel.
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♪ ♪ before it is a mouth trumpet monday for use the # mouth trumpet monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you for watch the best hour of your day back in action tomorrow night. goodbye. kennedy: >> covid cases on the rise more cities reinstating masked mandates for this will doctor fauci said changes could be coming up the federal level, more on that and just moments. plus texas democrats refusing to work with republicans on voting reform. but, they will gladly accept care packages in d.c. the olympics opening ceremonies not walking withld the gold when it comes to


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