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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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brian: mcdonald's dealing with a bag shortage but doesn't expect consumers to be impacted. thank goodness it is not the big mack. that does it for us. ♪. elizabeth: new york state democrat legislators today saying they could possibly decide within weeks to impeach new york governor andrew cuomo. reports that governor cuomo is trying to cut a deal. we have got details on that. and on the cuomo accuser who filed the first criminal complaint saying he is lying. what he did was a crime. this is about the new york economy. the u.s. economy. who was to lead one of the most powerful states in the nation? joining us new york
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congresswoman nicole malliotakis. new york state assemblyman, angelo santa barbara. roger marshall. douglas holtz-eakin, dr. nicole saphier, former acting dhs secretary chad wolf and congressman tomcat coand andy harris. the senate is set to vote on the 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that cbo says is not paid for. lindsey graham says they want to pass the next bill with democrat votes. senator graham says there is nothing to top stop democrats from raising your taxes. another cop shot dead in chicago, another fighting for his life. we have new polls showing voter concern over violent crime at the highest in four years new reports that the white house is
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frustrated over poor data on covid-19. this as you may be shocked at the dramatically low percentage of covid-19 samples are genetically tested for variants and how low the u.s. ranks around the world. think low, then think lower. is the u.s. making flawed restriction policies when they don't even know what is going on? plus "the new york times" and the democrat governor of new jersey now facing backlash for downplaying the virus spread at the border. this as nbc reports about one out of five migrant families detained have the virus. and democrat congressman from texas also, doctors and judges warn about all of that. now the biden administration is remaining silent on how all of this is hitting texas and florida. this is all happening a as "the washington post" says this is politically toxic and could cost the democrats control of congress. i am elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right
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now. ♪. elizabeth: okay. thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business met work. we begin with embattled new york governor andrew cuomo. the impeachment investigation into the attorney general's findings that he sexually harassed 11 women and retaliated against an accuser, this is moving pretty quickly now in new york. laura earning gel is here with more. good to see you, laura. reporter: good to see you. as the new york state assembly goes through these next steps in what could determine the future for governor andrew cuomo one of his accusers is speaking out for the first time. >> what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law. reporter: that is britney comiss sew known as executive assistant number one. she described how governor andrew cuomo allegedly groped
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her twice and kissed her without her consent. she filed a criminal complaint with albany sheriff's department investigating misdemeanor charges. the governor denies all the allegations. this as top aide, long time confidante melissa derosa resigned last night. in addition the state assembly judiciary committee said the five-month impeachment investigation is nearing completion. >> for the first time in more than 100 years the assembly is undertaking an impeachment investigation of a sitting governor. >> after the committee has completed its review of the evidence it will make a recommendation to the full assembly on whether to proceed with etch poo peach against governor cuomo. we anticipate this process will be concluded very soon. when i say very soon, we mean several weeks. reporter: whether or not he is
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going to step down. many advisors close to governor cuomo say he still has no plans to resign as of tonight. back to you. elizabeth: that is good to see you, laura. thanks for your great reporting we have new york state congresswoman nicole malliotakis and new york state representative angelo santa barbara. this could happen in weeks, congresswoman. the attorney general says this is about the truth and the law and about integrity. cuomo targeted women with average age 22 years old, right out of college. they are younger than list daughters. >> completely inappropriate and seems very illegal and what the house committee did today was they took a look at all, they're looking at all aspects of this investigation, right? they're not just looking at sexual harassment but they're also looking at documents pertaining to the nursing home scandal, the 15,000 deaths that
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occurred due to the decisions made by the governor. they're also looking at the book deal that the governor did it seems on state time using state employees. so that, they're looking at everything, not just the attorney general's report and they're also having davis polk, an independent firm looking at everything. so they're reviewing many, many, many more documents than just what the attorney general was furnishing. so i think this is going to be a pretty in depth and very, very thorough investigation into the governor. seems to me is headed for impeachment. as i understand it they have the votes in the assembly to impeach the governor. they only need 76 votes to go forward. as you know well over 82 of just democrats alone called for his resignation. elizabeth: yeah. you know also the use of state health workers like doctors and nurses who work for the state to do vip testing of his family and
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friends, that is up there too. that is a great point that the congresswoman just made, assemblyman santa barbara. reports are coming in that governor cuomo is trying to cut a deal with top state officials. i don't know if you heard about this but the reports are he is promising not to seek a fourth term. he won't seek to be reelected if impeachment talks are scheduled, if you stop impeachment. have you heard about that? >> that is a report i heard just hours ago, that come in, almost unbelievable that he would now try to make some kind of a deal. impeachment is moving forward. he is it not getting out of it. he is just trying to buy more time. he has been trying to do that all along. he has been trying to stay in office as long as he can. at same time he is using government resources that he asked for that ag investigation, he asked for that report.
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now he is using a taxpayer-funded website to smear his accusers. they didn't contest anything in the report. they just talked about the process. but at the end of the day we'll draw our own conclusions not based on anything he says or does. at this point let me say i called for his resignation last year but we are way beyond resignation. we need to move forward to impeachment to make sure he can never run for office again. his crimes are too egregious, too disgusting, he has done things way beyond what we're talking about here. elizabeth: you know scores of democrats, congresswoman, including the president, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, the entire new york delegation say he should leave. you know to assemblyman santa barbara's point, new york's legal team had lots to say to attack accusers around new york state attorney general investigators. watch this, when the lawyer was confronted alleged targeting after state trooper in her
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20s, he targeted her allegedly the lawyers didn't have an answer. watch this. >> a woman identified as trooper number one alleges that the governor ran his finger down her spine and said hey, you, and in another instance he touched her stomach from her belly button over to the portion of her hip where she carries her gun. do any of you have any response to those allegations? i haven't seen any in any of your written materials or statements thus far? >> i want to mention two things about that. the first is that the governor will address that allegation himself. elizabeth: all right. we haven't heard him address it. so they really -- to the assemblyman's point, congresswoman when they are put on the carpet say respond to that what is the answer? typically bullying or dodging or blaming somebody else, what do you say? >> absolutely. the governor is trying to
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discredit everyone here and it is unbelievable that after an attorney general was able to corroborate the stories of 11 accusers, the governor still continues to diminish, diminish them, try to discredit them publicly. it is truly a disgrace. the governor is the one who, by the way, toughened new york sexual harassment laws. he is the one that actually required sexual harassment training for all members and state election officials. apparently he never completed his own. he had a staff member do it. so the positive is the governor is the one who needs to answer the investigations the story with the state trooper is one of the most egregious ones. this is someone protecting him. he took advantage of that. elizabeth: let's watch the albany sheriff on the cuomo team trying to intimidate people. he is saying that will not happen to me. he can't intimidate me or coerce me. watch this.
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>> to assume you are protected as far as retaliation from the administration or do you think there is a chance that the administration being the cuomo administration would retaliate against you as they're have been ongoing rumors of that kind of behavior? >> i'm the county sheriff. i will not be intimidated. i will not be coerced. that would not play out well for anybody. elizabeth: seems like a big speech? he will not be coerced. what do you say to that? you can't intimidate me what do you say? >> is that for me, liz? elizabeth: yeah, that is for you assemblyman. sorry about that. >> that is okay, he clearly thinks, clearly thinks he above the law. as the congresswoman said the fact that he grope ad state trooper. the fact he is trying to intimidate people and use government resources to do that shows he thinks he is above the law. he championed a lot of these laws. now he thinks they don't apply to him. how long do you think it would take for a member of legislature
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to be throne out of office if he did any of the things, he or she did any of the things the governor is being accused of here? not for long. people are removed from office for any of the things he being accused of and it is an embarassment he is still in office at this point. elizabeth: this is also about giving voice to the voiceless, congresswoman. about women that fear being retaliated. we have a story, roberta kaplan, cofounder of times' up, legal defense fund. sexually resigned from that organization. she was mentioned in the state ag report assigning off on and approving a letter and op-ed written by andrew cuomo and his team to discredit cuomo accuser lindsey boylan. when you see that happening what does this tell you about the state of the "me too" movement? >> you know, obviously there is some hypocrisy and double standards. the reality the governor was very quick to call for others to resign including three assembly members of his own party accused
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of sexual harassment before any investigation was taking place as well as you remember the attorney general schneiderman who was accused by an ex-girlfriend of assault. so the governor has to resign at this point. if he doesn't resign he have will be impeachmented. i think that is the bottom line. i said all along would be by criminal conviction, prosecution by, by resignation or at the ballot box. it seems more and more likely it will be impeachment because the governor just seems to think he is above the law and that these standards don't apply to him but you're right about him bullying. that has always been a tactic that governor cuomo has been known for, bullying, coercion, trying to threaten other members. we saw assemblyman ron kim stand up against him. he was even threatened when he spoke out against his uncle dying in a nursing home. most of the people in albany have had enough. they're done with andrew cuomo and it is time to move on. we have a very pressing matters in this state right now.
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we need a new governor who can lead. elizabeth: thank you, congresswoman nicole malliotakis. come back soon. as assemblyman angelo assistant at that barbara. good to see you both. up next, senator roger marshall and douglas holtz-eakin joins us. the senate is expected to vote early tomorrow morning on the $1.02 infrastructure bill. look at this lindsey graham out with a warning that this is gateway to bigger 3 trillion-dollar reconciliation bill with democrat votes. the senator says there is nothing to stop them from raising your taxes by 3 1/2 trillion dollars. that story is next. >> we're talking about potentially trillions of dollars of debt. we have $1.2 trillion they're proposing most of which is not paid for. ♪ (energetic music) ♪
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also douglas holtz-eakin, american action forum and former congressional budget director. senator marshall, start with you. lindsey graham is out with a warning. senator graham is warning there is nothing to stop them from raising taxes by whatever amount they want. he says 3 1/2 trillion. that is a lot. what do you say? >> you're absolutely right, lindsey is right. this is gateway drug to socialism as well as taxing and spending spree. i think it will be five trillion dollars when all said and done. i think this will mortgage our children's future. don't forget, this will take away money from our seniors. they're taking away medicare dollars to pay for this. one other issue, this gives trans genders a special situation for them to have to be a protect class as well. elizabeth: that was an interesting footnote. >> yeah. elizabeth: douglas holtz-eakin
6:20 pm
what do you say to the fiscal gimmicks, the gymnastics how they're making like this won't hit everybody's wall lawsuit but it sure is. what do you say? >> i think there are two different things going on here. one is the use of reconciliation, american rescue plan two trillion in march and next bill they promised. american rescue plan was a mistake. it overestimate lated economy. it was over designed. and led to lot inflation. this is recipe for much larger taxes, increase in scope an size of government and a lot of transfer programs that will again heat up inflation. what they're talking about in the infrastructure bill is very different animal. cbo said if you do this, pay for fully, by cutting non-investment spending you can increase the size of the economy that would be a great thing. obviously they didn't fully pay for it that is the reality we face. senator marshall has a vote
6:21 pm
between this bill and that but we have none. people of good conscience will land all over the place on this. elizabeth: senator, douglas holtz-eakin made a good point. can you respond to what he just said? senator mitch mcconnell says the 3 1/2 trillion dollar package makes the infrastructure bill look like a rounding error. do you feel like you had your say in all of this? >> look, the good news we're about to jam nancy pelosi. i don't think she will know what to do. she stopped this on multiple occasions. i think this will jam her. i wish we could have had amendment votes. what there is no doubt about they want to raise your taxes. they want to raise your property taxes. get after your 10:30 one exchanges, get rid of the stepped up basis. so they're coming after your wallets. elizabeth: what do you mean by jamming nancy pelosi if what do you mean by that? >> i think she doesn't know what to do now. she did everything she could to blow this bill up. she never thought it would get to her. now she has her people on the far left and moderates warring
6:22 pm
with each other right now. so she doesn't know what to do. when they throw out $7 trillion on the floor over there in the house and they're all scrambling for it she is going to be jammed. elizabeth: all right. well you know, goldman sachs, douglas holtz-eakin is saying that the u.s. gdp forecast has been downgraded at that firm to 1 1/2% from 2% growth. we're loading on a lot of debt, taxes, regulation of things like beth liesers in cars, a national -- breatholyzers in cars around mileage tax. the more you drive, the more you are taxed. infrastructure is just desserts senator mike lee says it is inflation bomb on the economy. larry summers, robert rubin, warren buffett, what are you saying. >> more spending in the american rescue plan and more in the rec
6:23 pm
silllation bill. this promises highest elf are of government spending over 10-year period in the economy including world war ii. this is enormous in the scale and scope of federal government it comes with a lot of taxes. this is recipe for inflation and. done right it takes inflation out, done right it increases size of the economy. this isn't done exactly right. we have to acknowledge that. it may be better than nothing. it may be not. that is the call you have to make. elizabeth: that is a great point. national bureau of economic research said it will not -- we've been here before. we'll be back here again with both of you. you will come back on, senator roger marshall and douglas holtz-eakin thanks for joining us. it is good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: sure up next dr. nicole saphier. we have got new reports that the white us is really frustrated over the poor data on covid-19 that is behind a lot of restriction policies and things
6:24 pm
like mask mandates. you may be shocked at the dramatically low percentage of covid-19 samples that have been genetically tested for variants in the u.s. you're going to be surprised how low the u.s. ranks around the world in this list. is the u.s. making flawed restriction policies when they don't really know what is going on with variants? keep it here on "the evening edit." >> so many times people like tony fauci have been moving the goalposts. they have been misleading the american people because they think they know better. medical bureaucrats in washington, d.c. have no clear what american people are ready to hear. they should tell the people the facts. let people make up their own mind. i have a lot of faith in the american people but bureaucrats like tony fauci don't [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else
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♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. doctor, it is always great to have you on. you may have seen dr. anthony fauci going after south dakota's upcoming sturgis motorcycle rally saying it could turn into a superspreader event. he was talking about it with chuck todd. south dakota governor is saying doctor, 10,000 people in the hospital. she is saying the noted dells are flawed. what do you say. models. >> last year there was a wave of infections that were related to
6:29 pm
that motorcycle event. it just is what it is. we're in a very different place than we were a year ago. we have a large amount of natural immunity. we have a large amount of the population vaccinated. our hospitals are in a much better place than a majority of the country this time last year. we have to be smart what we're saying. we don't want people to think they can't be going out to do normal activities especially those mostly outdoors. so again you have to speak to people, hey, listen, we all know, if you are in a place with low community transmission, vie vaccination rate you can do a lot more. if community transmission is higher, you want to hold an event, stay outside as best you can. try not to congregate indoors and if you do, consider wearing masks. elizabeth: the rush to politicize the pandemic, scientists and health experts keep saying don't do that. it overlooks the complexities we need to understand, to many come out on the other side of this
6:30 pm
thing. we're shutting down businesses, schools, people don't go out in public without a mask. the government is talking about forcing vaccine mandates next month. but you know, critics including the white house, the white house is saying they're really frustrated about the bad data. there is also this, there is flawed modeling. a lot of sweeping absolutist generalizations. dr. fauci and experts should point out the u.s. ranks only 32nd, 32nd in the world for genetically testing and sequencing for variants. we have only tests 1 1/2% of the samples for variants. the u.s. ranks behind australia, slovenia, lithuania, democratic republic of congo. latvia what do you say to this? >> i don't compare us to smaller countries as a percent of their population, fewer samples you have, the fewer population easier it is to do. you compare the united states to the uk which again is not as big
6:31 pm
but the uk is still doing over 6% of genomic sequencing on their virus. as you pointed out the united states we're less than 2%. that is a big problem. the goal, you should be sequencing about 5% of the samples coming in. that is how you stay on top of emerging variants. that is how you make sure your models are more accurate and you can give accurate and precise information to your people but unfortunately everyone continues to speak in hyperbole because we don't have the data collection capabilities as you continue to see but this is not new for the cdc the cdc always had problem with siloed data. people are not communicating with with private hospitals public health labs, the cdc they are not communicating. they don't want to share their data to the detriment of united states. elizabeth: we have not genetically sequenced 99% of the sampling, right. scientists say you need to test,
6:32 pm
genetically sequence 5% of samples going on. we need hurricane map of variants where they're sweeping through the country. we're not at that level. we can't say this is all delta driven. we don't know what the variants are majority of the time. final word. >> just based on what we saw in the uk and other areas, the delta variant seems to be the dominant variant at least being sequenced, makes sense that it is more transmissible. we need to come together, centralize our data collection so we have a better handle what is going on and what is to come. elizabeth: there are infectious variants. people say get vaccinated. be safe. dr. saphier, good to see you. up next, former dhs secretary chad wolf. "new york times" and governor of new jersey are facing backlash about the virus spread at border as nbc reports one in five of
6:33 pm
people detained have the virus. this is humanitarian problem. you need to protect migrants too. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> governor of texas, governor abbott is merely trying to protect the citizens of the state of texas from what president biden is allowing which is a lot of crime, and the spread of covid. i'm not always on my game. but lately, my uncle is, especially with his type 2 diabetes. with once-weekly trulicity most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus it could help you lose up to ten pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2.
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♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪. elizabeth: joining us now, former acting dhs secretary chad wolf. it is great to have you on, chad. okay we've got "the new york times" and the governor of new jersey, they're getting criticized for downplaying the pandemic at the border. they're saying making it is not an issue but nbc is reporting one out of five migrant families detained have the virus and democrat congressman from henry cuellar and doctors and judges are warn about this. this is humanitarian issue, right? people are not saying use this as an anti-immigration position.
6:38 pm
it is more about people are getting sick, right? so what do you say? >> well, it is absolutely an issue along the border. covid specifically, we have numbers not only from congressman cuellar but actually from the border patrol down there in the rio grande valley where they talked about a 900% increase in covid-related cases along the border in that sector alone. it absolutely is an issue on the border. the governor of new jersey and others need to wake up to that. communities along the bored remember experiencing first-hand where you have mass releases of migrants in their communities at bus stations, train stations, at airports. many of these individuals and migrants are testing positive at the end of the day for covid. it is absolutely a real issue. it shouldn't be downplayed. we have a humanitarian crisis a security crisis, now a covid crisis along that border. elizabeth: yeah. you know "the washington post" editorial board is now saying the border chaos is politically
6:39 pm
toxic issue for the biden administration and the democrats. they're trying, the biden administration is trying to be humane at the same time the pandemic is exploding at the border. so you know, there is that issue and brandon judd, former top border official says 40% of migrants coming in are not tested for covid. is that true, 40%. >> yeah. brandon would have a good sense of it, he is the head of the border patrol union so his numbers are pretty accurate. i have to say i read "the washington post" editorial, when you "the washington post" is criticizing the administration you know something going wrong. they talk about the biden administration having a humane policy. that is not correct. there is nothing encouraging for illegal migrants take a dangerous journey to the border and majority of them will not qualify for asylum and eventually have to leave the
6:40 pm
country. at the same time you have people of congress talking about amnesty. it is wrong to talk about amnesty for upwards of 20 million people here in the country illegally. it is the wrong approach. you will see a surge on that border like you have never seen before if they end up passing any type of amnesty provisions. elizabeth: here is the issue. thousands of people die, get killed on the way trying to do it illegally. that is dangerous. watch this texas border town doctor pleading with the president, get on the stick what is happening with covid on the border. watch this. >> as we all well know those numbers have increased significantly and uncontrollably and as a result of the surge, regardless what people outside of here think it is very closely related to the number of migrants that have come across, that are either testing positive and being released early or not being tested at all and continuing to spread the virus as they travel up further up north into the country.
6:41 pm
remember that as those migrants are release and travel north they continue to be infectious because the cdc guidelines for quarantine and isolation are not being followed and that is a huge problem. elizabeth: he is saying cases are up tenfold. so instead of democrats and the biden administration and the media politically attacking texas and florida why don't they travel to the border around see what is really going on? what do you say? >> well it is quite amazing that you have a federal government who should be working with the state of texas, the state of arizona and others in trying to protect that border and trying to protect american citizens living in those states. instead you have the biden administration going to court to try to stop actions that the state of texas is taking. they're only taking this because at the end of the day the federal government is not upholding the rule of law. it is not implementing and enforcing laws on the books today and moving covid-related cases all over the country. it is just the wrong approach
6:42 pm
and these governors have a different view and they need to protect their citizens. elizabeth: got it. chad wolf, great to see you. thank you so much. okay, this story coming up, another deadly weekend across the united states in chicago. a police officer shot dead and another fighting for his life. we have got new polls showing voter concern over violent crime now at the highest in four years. congressman john katko next with us. he was a prosecutor for 25 years. he is tough on crime. again i want to hear what he has to say. stay with us. >> they come to work willing to run toward danger, toward gunfire. and they're willing to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of perfect strangers.
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♪. elizabeth: this is a story that people sat up and took notice of. a police officer shot dead in chicago. another fighting for his life in critical condition. they were shot in the line of duty during a saturday evening traffic stop. at least 86 people shot in chicago, 13 fatally over the weekend. back with us now house homeland security ranking member. he is senator, he is john katko. great to have you on. so you spent 25 years as a federal organized crime prosecutor. talk to us about what your feeling is about this shooting of the police officer? >> just a horrific example how out of control this defund the police and vilifying police movement has taken such a toll in our country it is terrible. this is just a terrible example. my heart goes out to the families. she leaves behind a two-month-old child and her partner is fighting for his life in the hospital right now. it doesn't have to be like that. officers across this great
6:48 pm
country are under siege because of the last passed and handcuff their ability to do their job and because of defunding going on making it much more dangerous because there is not enough police out on the streets. so it is the worst i've seen, the worst i've seen. elizabeth: this is a story affecting every american and all american families. she was one of 38, ella french, police officers shot or shot at so far this year in chicago. we see police officers quitting, retiring, resigning. we have double the amount of cops resigning, even before they get their pensions in chicago, they have just about had it. you know we, talk to us about the frustration that the cops have with the defund the police movement and being generalized and sweeping stereotypes of others bad actions hitting them, what do you say to that? >> i can tell you what is happening in chicago with the police leaving and retiring up
6:49 pm
early, giving up pensions is something going on across the country. i'm head of the american security task force and we've traveled to new york city. we've traveled to austin, texas. we've traveled to portland, oregon, every single place the refrain is what you articulated. officers are demoralized. they are afraid to do their job. funding has cut them to the bone. they don't want to deal with it anymore. they are leaving in droves. portland has lost 12 1/2% of their police force in the first half of this year alone. that is on top of the massive cut to the police force last year because of the defund the police movement in portland. 533% increase of murder in the first five months of this year. it is insane what is going on. chicago is the latest example n chicago they had 600 vacancies they ended up getting rid of the positions, so 600 less cops. that takes an awful long time to recover from cuts like that
6:50 pm
anywhere. this is real long nationwide. it will have a long term impact on this country. vast majority of the do a good job every day. the bad cops you have to prosecute. but you got to understand -- [inaudible] elizabeth: cops have had, they have had, cops have had fireworks thrown at them, rocks, cans of food, lasers that blinded them, metal ball bearings, slingshots, they are hit in the head with hammers. where is their congressional medal of honor? where do you stand on the defund the police movement right now? you have got 10 second. >> the defund the police movement is causing an epidemic in crime, very people they are trying to fix and help, the very people they're helping in minority communities, this affected by incredible violence. it has got to stop. elizabeth: congressman john katko, thanks for joining us. come back soon. up next house gop dr.s caucus co-chair andy harris back with
6:51 pm
us as the biden administration staying silent how migrants with covid are hitting florida. people want to hem migrants but this is hitting, texas and florida. "washington post" says you will lose control of congress next year if you don't get a handle on this. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> 40% of the people we take into custody we're releasing without testing. we don't know what is being spread into the united states. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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elizabeth: joining is no congressman and doctor andy harris from house appropriation, it's great to see you. we have 99% of the cases out there have not been genetically tested or genetically analyzed for variance florida and test unto texas getting slammed by democrats when needed federal help i need help with the variant how is it the biden administration, the democrats and the media are attacking states like texas when they need help, what do you say. >> are playing politics with this and we should never do that with a health issue but that's
6:56 pm
what they're doing, they're not stopping people at the border and not testing people at the border and allowing hundreds of thousands illegal aliens in after 20% whom are covid positive and pretend that they're serious about this pandemic. elizabeth: the states don't need the scorn of an administration that is complaining that they are frustrated and they don't have the data either, would they don't need the media singling out the states without knowing how many covid positive illegal immigrants have been sent into the states because the administration's policies. any reasonable rational person would say you in the media you're continuing to attack texas and florida we get it about florida's cases, we get it about florida's mask mandates and the governor say leave it up to the parents but how about the full round of story with the context of what is going on inside the state with what they're dealing with instead of
6:57 pm
attacking them. >> that's absolutely right if you want to enter the united states you need to show your covid negative test within 72 hours but not if you cross the border illegally into mexico what to do they put you on airplane without a covid tester without quarantine and isolation and send you to various dates in texas and florida some of the largest destinations of the illegal aliens especially texas. larry: where are the demands for the numbers from dr. fauci and the cdc, the hhs and nih, does the administration have a number of what's going on inside each of the states florida and texas that any border state with covid cases we have the white house secretary asked but could not name any additional relief that the federal government is giving cities like mcallen texas. instead political attacks, president biden on the campaign trail would answer trump over rising covid cases, now he's going after florida governor ron
6:58 pm
desantis, they're not attacking the democrat governor of louisiana where cases are on the rise, you've gotta stop politicizing a pandemic when lives are at stake, what do you say. >> absolutely contrasts with the cup under trump administration is dark when new york had a problem president trump set hospital ships, ventilators, he sent everything that needed to be done in new york he did not talk about politics he just solved the problem but this is not what this is about this pandemic is political it's about the red states versus the blue states, it's not about us versus the delta variant and it shows in the policies especially our policies of the border. larry: here's the thing ron desantis is under the gun, he's being questioned on his policy, migrants crossing continue to break records, crime is surging in the covid vaccination has stalled but the white house spent the past week picking fights of the 40 governor
6:59 pm
claiming desantis was not proactive in promoting vaccination, that is wrong he was all over the state promoting to get the vaccine and remember the fight over public vaccinations remember that of 60 minutes. >> most importantly ron desantis decided that the priority was to actually vaccinate the people at highest risk, this is what we should do around the country, the fact of the matter is that's happened in florida there are representatives of senior centers into citizens, ron desantis did exactly what he needed to protect the citizens. larry: the fight is over mask mandates, where you come down about that, the 40 governor say leave it up to the parents about masking children and he saying the people of florida can figure this out, the media and others are attacking on this debate. >> this is studying to become of the fact of the matter is well-known that masks in children are not the vulnerable people for covid and it's
7:00 pm
well-known that masks do harm children psychologically, physically, the bottom line if we want to protect her children we should not have a mask mandates. elizabeth: congressman andy harris thank you for joining us, thank you for watching i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit". join us again tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪. larry: hello everyone and welcome to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow, two white hot topics tonight, the ongoing infrastructure saga, also known as the electric vehicle welfare state and senator bernie sanders chair of the budget committee releases long-awaited budget resolution agreement framework which alternately involve into a 51 vote reconciliation of instructions. first let's go to chad pergram fox news congressional correspondent in was


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