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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 10, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ larry: >> again i say the reconciliation bill must be spared. we don't need more stimulus. we don't need more taxes we don't need to transport-- transformer americans economic system or way of life. maria: good tuesday morning and thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. and it's tuesday, august 10, your top stories now, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast will. bracing for the spending spree as senate democrats are ready to turn attention to what they call a three and half trillion dollar budget blueprint as the upper chamber readies a vote on the infrastructure bill this morning. we are breaking down the spending and how it will affect the economy and the country as higher taxes are earmarks to help pay for it.
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markets this morning are mixed with features indicating a flat opening to the dow jones and s&p 500 with the nasdaq higher by 21 and the dow industrials lower by 23. stocks finished mixed yesterday with concerns over the delta variant hitting wall street at the end of the day dow jones down 106 and s&p 500 was weaker by four points appear to european markets this morning are mixed as well. for actionable, pretty much across the board. dax index up to 16 right now. we are waiting for some inflation data later this morning with inflation data cpi out all week this week. in asia markets were mostly higher overnight with the best performer in the hang seng index app one and a quarter precent. "mornings with maria" is alive right now.
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♪♪ maria: some of the top stories we are watching. new york state assembly will hold public and private hearings this month as part of its impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo peered this as two new accusers have come forward. the woman reached out to the attorney general last week after she released her report dealing-- detailing, sexually harassing nearly a dozen women. roberta kaplan the chairwoman of the times of advocacy group is resigning from her post after the report found she helped cuomo discredit one of his accusers. and secretary of defense lloyd austin announcing all military members will be required to get covid vaccines by september 15. so far 237,000 new troops have at least one shot. 1 million troops are
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fully vaccinated. austin is is the they could move up sooner if the fda grants full approval by the end of the month. the biden administration says afghanistan security forces are the ones responsible for stopping the taliban offense. >> it's really now they're time to use those advantages. the reason why is because it's their country to defend, their struggle. maria: the militant group meeting little resistance after capturing a six capital city this week and the pentagon going forward with a full withdrawal of u.s. troops by the end of the month. markets are little changed this morning. as the rise in covid cases found that dow jones lower yesterday. dow industrials down at 25 right now after the dow industrials lost 160 yesterday and the nasdaq is up to 25 and s&p 500 right now weaker by about four points with the earnings news
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joining me now capital management founder craig hodges along with the-- joining the conversation foxbusiness in dagan mcdowell and fox news contributor liz peek great to see everyone this morning. thank you for being here. craig, we have the cpi and the p pi reports coming out later this week peered your thoughts on where we are in terms of inflationary pressures we have in the feeling? >> it seems inflation is literally everywhere. it's about every industry, every-- everything a consumer does it seems like there is more and more inflation that's creeping in. food costs, gasoline costs, if you are building a home, it's so much more expensive than it's ever been with lumber prices-- so inflation is everywhere. one of these days the fed will take notice of that, but this is an issue and then you add in the fact that it's really, really difficult to hire people because of the government
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continuing to send a check send money to everyone to stay home and not go to work. these are real issues that companies-- we do 2600 channel checks with about 900 different companies and we are hearing this throughout the economy and it's a real issue. maria: has this changed the way you invest, craig, or allocate capital cracks this morning we are talking about yet another major spending bill with the infrastructure bill obviously on deck, one and a quarter trillion dollars that should be passing the senate today, but then they have discussions for well, a five and actually another package and they are calling at three and half trillion, but it's going to include much higher taxes. does any of this represent headwinds for the markets and the way you might invest? >> you know, there's a lot of headwinds, but the main thing is that
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the infrastructure-- we have been talking about this it seems like for decades and it's something that everyone wants, but for some reason washington can't get their act together, i mean, i do think eventually this is going to happen, not just capital, we are heavily invested in a cement companies, steel companies, companies that will benefit from infrastructure and we think this is an area-- the market continues to kind of move sideways here, but we think the reopening will bring a lot of industries into the forefront that have kind of almost forgot about like infrastructure and we think that's where investors are should be looking to put money here. maria: interesting to see you invest in things like cement companies, i mean, that is right there that will get impacted from all of the suspending. any other changes that
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you have made with the economy trends like a u.s. job openings for example at a record high on the number of openings hitting nearly 10.1 million for the month of june. it's up 6%. and economy doing well. federal reserve probably right about on the doorstep to start getting into that taper conversation with the jackson hole meeting coming up. any issues here in terms of saying as long as bullish as you have been going into the upcoming week that these next couple of weeks with the idea of tax increases being spoken about and perhaps the federal reserve taking the stimulus away soon? >> no, i think the market has done-- it's in a pretty good spot here. we will have probably six, eight months of good news. of the markets factored a lot of that in and there's industries that are struggling like the restaurant industry because of having trouble hiring people will struggle in that scenario we have been selling, but the
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consumer, travel related stocks, companies like callaway golf. golf is booming right now. at there's real opportunities and things like that, so you have to adjust your portfolio to things that will happen and i think that the reopening will bring a lot of money into those consumer type names as well. maria: and what about the earnings season, craig? we have a big move on amc stock up 10% or so, about eight half percent right now. we are talking about quarterly numbers being better-than-expected even though it still lost to. they are reaching a deal with warner bros. a lot going on with amc. where are you on the earnings highlights and how earnings has impacted how you allocate capital clinic earnings have been fantastic. about nine of the companies are coming out beating earnings at least beating earnings if not better. a company like amc, it
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was going to go broke almost before covid. they have obviously been able to raise money here. i'd be wary of a company now that the theater business is on its heels is really in trouble. i don't know there's too much of a future there, but earnings are great and i think they will continue to be great for the foreseeable future, so all of the markets kind of price a lot of that in. there is going to be good news and i think there will be a lot of tail winds up for stocks over the next six, eight months. maria: and i know you have been bullish on small-cap. are you still have ian small-cap, where are you in terms of the most opportunity right now, craig? >> good point. we think small-cap will be better than everything here. versus gdp historically small caps have earned three times what their large-cap counterparts will be able to earn, so the next-- small caps
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have underperformed for seems like about half of a decade, so they are kind of do to outperform and so positioning in small-cap like we do with the hodges small-cap fund we believe is a very good kind of opportunity, going forward. maria: these are the job creators for sure. craig, great to see you. thanks. >> thanks, maria. maria: craig hodges joining us and we are just getting started. coming up cobble in crisis, retired four-star general jack keane is weighing in on the taliban's takeover in afghanistan. in the next hour chairman kevin will weigh in on the democrats plan to push through a massive budget spending plan right alongside the trillions in and the structure and a. we will talk about all this money coming into the economy and then wisconsin senator ronda johnson will join me too discuss this week's vote plus ohio congressman jim jordan will weigh in on the covid rules that democrats keep touting the don't miss a moment of it. you are watching "mornings with maria"
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maria: welcome back. bracing for the spending spree. the senate is said to vote on passage of the one and a quarter infrastructure bill this morning to the democrats will men turn their attention to the five and a half trillion dollar budget blueprint, the framework includes major federal investment of childcare, family leaving climate change. without supportive congressional republicans appear to join me now is washington examiner editor-in-chief hugo vernon. i know the democrats are calling this second
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failed in three and half trillion dollars, but as you know it's said really when you take out the gimmicks exactly valued at more than $5 trillion. what are the odds it gets through? >> the odds it gets through are pretty high and that's partly because of the infrastructure bill coming before it. it's allow the democrats to put all of the kind of wish list agenda for socialist america into the reconciliation bill and the costs are as you say astronomical. the bill itself even suggests it's going to cost an extra 1.7 trillion in borrow. it's full of accounting gimmicks. they just extend the payment out to five years so they can bring the number down to 3.5 billion, supposedly, but it's essentially the six or even $7 trillion bill that is being put together by the
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socialist bernie sanders and it designed to completely change the lives a lot of americans and the way we live. maria: it's unbelievable about all these budget tricks and this misinformation that we can't even get the truth on the value of a bill that's coming that's going to be impacting american families. it's just extraordinary that we can't get any truth out of this congress that you know, it's five and half trillion and it's really hot five and actually but they are calling at three and a half trillion as if the people are stupid. i know the gimmicks because of some certain spending will go away midway and it's not going to go away. >> that's exactly right, maria. the trick is you introduce all sorts of entitlements and benefits ect. and then in five years time they expire, but no congress will vote to let those things expire, they will simply extended, so it's
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just a trick and frankly , the of the structure bill which will be part of this morning you know people are defending and supporting it saying it's fully paid for. that's not true either. it will add between a quarter of a third of a trillion dollars to the debt in the next 10 years, so congress is constantly producing financial and accounting tricks yet more and more spending and have more and more control moving back to the center and taking it away from individuals and families. maria: and even this infrastructure bill includes hitting tax increases. let me bring in liz care >> a good morning. i guess we all hope the parliamentarian in the senate might produce a bit of a speed bump on issues like providing a pathway to citizenship for people in the country illegally. do you see that as a completely idiotic hope or you think there might be pushback against all of this non- budget
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items going through on a budget reconciliation bill? >> you know, i don't think one can give up hope, but frankly i think it's pretty slim hope as you say, i mean, like the 12 million illegal immigrants that will basically be allowed to stay, have a pathway to sedition ship ended that is even coupled with an attempt to improve security at the border. in fact, billions are in this bill to speed up the processing of illegal go-- illegal immigrants into the country. there is even for more immigration even though we will have 2 million illegal people coming in this year, so, i mean, a thing is a disaster and one other point i would make, it's about the childcare provisions. i mentioned that this bill is going to change the way people live. there are tax credits in there, which are less for people that i'm married and single parents and the universal pre-k that's
6:19 am
in there, that tax benefits on that only go to mothers who are in full-time work rather than those who work at home or part-time, so the idea is moving constantly against the family and towards the children being essentially brought up by the state. maria: and the infrastructure bill takes power away from the states. it does federal mandates on water and on broadband. it includes higher taxes and the biden administration refuses to admit there's a crisis at the border, so they are sticking a amnesty in there as well. at the republicans nonetheless 18 are going along with this even though this is going to be much higher toxins coming for the american people down the line. senator warren she wants a profit tax on corporations to be included in the reconciliation bill. that would require companies who are report earnings over $100 million will pay 7%
6:20 am
tax on the earnings they report about 100 million , hugo, so she's trying to get revenue anywhere she can and she's going to squeeze the highest earners and corporations to do so. >> that's exactly right, maria. she ran on this in 2020 when she was running for president cure there's the real irony here that she was beaten by joe biden running as the supposed centric and bernie sanders who wrote the reconciliation bill was beaten as a socialist by biden who said he was running as a separate and all these extreme left wings are being brought in. it's bernie sanders bill with that will be the reconciliation bill. elizabeth warren wants to add this higher tax to big corporations. what we see here is an extreme left-wing government under the guise of a sort of centrist president and it's really quite an appalling bill. maria: i think we all know that joe biden is anything but centrist. i know he tried to say he was centrist during the campaign, but what
6:21 am
did nancy pelosi say, we know who you are. to show me your budget and we will show you and everyone who you are and we got it now, joe. we see your budget. hugo, good to see you and thank you for being here. hugo rohr-- vernon joining us for coming up florida governor ron desantis is now warning schools who forces students to mask up, there will be consequences. then when a smile is no smile, we will take you behind the certain emoji's meaning. the morning buzz is coming up. stay with us. your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need.
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maria: welcome back. florida governor ron desantis taking a hard line with a new thread for public schools, any district level officials who require some asking for students can now have their salaries withheld the governor previously warned of school districts that they could see fines for implementing mask mandates and the rise in
6:25 am
covid case numbers due to the delta variant has some school districts implementing mask requirements for the first two weeks and despite the warnings from the governor. interesting development here in florida when you have got 28,000 new cases. dagan, your thoughts. dagen: i will quote marty mccurley with-- there is no science behind mask mandates for children. last year 42 billion was allocated to the national institutes of health. it less than 2% of the research went to covid clinical research. not a single grant was dedicated to studying masks in children. there's a myriad of problems created by a prolonged mask wearing in children, whether it's struggling with learning, myopia, you have acne, skin breakout, children who breathe through their mouth sit to compensate can have facial deformities.
6:26 am
you have increased potentially carbon dioxide level in the blood and then you also have the psychological problems of children wearing masks for a long period of time. you don't learn basically to react to facial expressions, fear , things like confusion and happiness, nonverbal forms of communication are extremely important for children and you have just-- there's no science to base this prolonged mask wearing and by the way, the guidance from the cdc which i said all that 56 u.s. children and adolescents vaccinated or not should cover their faces regardless of the prevalence of the virus in their community , not based on science and they are essentially telling kids or parents with kids in school that cloth masks in the same affect essentially as the letter and 95 and that's also not true, so this is what part of what the governor is doing.
6:27 am
maria: liz, how do you see it? >> i think the evidence from around the world, i mean, let's look at as dagan says the signs on this matter is mainly coming from overseas where expert after expert has shown through studies and actual-- that kids are not a big problem here they are not very sensitive to this virus and this masking mandate really does more harm than good. i would say though maria, politically i worry about this for governor desantis. i think if it comes down this hard on this issue and politicize us this control of local school boards, doesn't allow them to make their own decisions, all you need is one kid to get very, very sick and desantis will be truly hammered by people who are all for this mandate, so i'm worried this is a vulnerability for him. i get it that a lot of people thought this position and i do, i
6:28 am
think it's horrifying horrifying to see little kids all of the country wearing these masks, but i have to say he would be better off leaving this to the local school board. maria: i think you make a great point particularly as the number of cases arise. we will watch this. it's important. dagen: can i add one quick thing this is in the mcgarry op-ed, cdc reported for the week of july 30, the array of hospitalizations with covid for children five to 17, 0.5 per 1 million that's a 25 patients period. 25 patients and they didn't look at whether the children were hospitalized or covid or with covid, which has been a problem for the cdc and the way they have been collecting data all along, so it's very small. maria: great point. we will take a break and when we come back afghanistan and crisis.
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caliban takes over its six cities in less than a week as the u.s. knew the end of its mission to jacking-- jack keene called it. he will be with us next. stay with us. gold. your strategic advantage. this past year has felt like a long, long norwegian winter. but eventually, with spring comes rebirth. everything begins anew. and many of us realize a fundamental human need to connect with other like-minded people. welcome back to the world. viking. exploring the world in comfort... once again. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. tuesday morning. thank you for joining us at. at i'm maria bartiromo. and it is tuesday, august the 10th. futures are mixed, flat with dow industrial down 45 and s&p 500 down by one, but nasdaq is up 17 right now and similar situation yesterday performance with stocks finishing mixed with concerns or the delta variant. nasdaq was up 24 points higher at the close and s&p 500 down four points, once again growth and tech is in the lead on wall street. european markets are mixed. fractional moves pretty much across the board. dax index up 25.
6:33 am
in asia markets finished mostly higher. best performer overnight in asia was hong kong hang seng index up better than one and a quarter precent with shanghai in china up 1%. crime is surging across the country about portland, oregon reaching a grim milestone. lauren has the details a. lauren: good morning. sadly, 2021 is already the deadliest year on the streets of portland into an act decades as the city reported 56 homicides over the weekend and that surpasses the previous record of 55 set in 1994. homicides in the city are up 327% compared to last year end shootings 116%. meanwhile, britain's prince andrew facing a lawsuit for sexual abuse , jeffrey epstein accuser virginia robert is filing a suit in manhattan federal court yesterday. she accuses the royal of sexually assaulting her multiple times at epstein's home when she was 17. prince andrew and
6:34 am
buckingham palace not commenting, but had previously denied the allegation. looking at oil, it's slowly recovering from a three week low after major setback last week and yesterday prices up $1.3 to 6751 a barrel with optimism global demand will recover despite some concerns about the spread of the delta variant. finally, amc stock surging 8.6% in the premarket to 36.7 to. after it was announced that theater chain would take bitcoin as payment by the end of the year. ceo adam and aaron spoke with shareholders yesterday many of which are new meme stock enthusiasts that have helped boost amc shares he also spoke about his tie up of some sorts, partnership with fellow meme stock gamestop. maria. maria: big move. and they lost money, but not as much as investors
6:35 am
expected. the crisis in afghanistan is deepening and the caliban has captured a six province provincial capital yesterday with the u.s. withdrawing from the country caliban is stepping up its assault. escalating violence has not changed the u.s. military's decision to pull out of the country and the u.s. says it's up to afghans to defend their country appeared pentagon spokesperson said it's their country, their military forces, there are people to defend and it's really going to come down to the leadership they are willing to exude in with me now as fox news senior strategic analyst jack keane. wait to see you. look, you called this. you said if we move out too quickly, that caliban-- caliban will take control. what about the women and children in afghanistan, are they safe right now? >> oh, no, far from it and we know in the districts the taliban had taken over, radio,
6:36 am
television shutdown, music is shut down, women have to be escorted if they leave their homes. they are being taken out of the prominent jobs that many women have in civil society. to this day they are denied those positions and certainly they are going to be completely covered up and there's burqas as time goes on. yes, i mean, women's rights will be denied under the taliban and that is why every single year in survey after survey that's been conducted for 20 years the people of afghanistan have rejected the taliban to a tune of 85%, the most unpopular insurgency in recorded history is what the taliban represents when it comes to the afghan people. maria: i mean, is this a direct result of the u.s. leaving? i mean, winning the caliban really priorities and what they would do. you set it from the day one.
6:37 am
>> . i think what's really happening here is president biden is going to come to regret this decision. remember, he made this decision over the objections of secretary austin and his military field commanders, members of his national security team and much to the surprise of some, but not so to us that is observing this is that the nato countries who are participating in the mission in afghanistan also did not want to leave, so this is a decision that president biden-- president biden very much owns, but i would suggest to him that the conditions upon which he made this decision and assumptions are no longer valid and therefore we need a reassessment. why my talking about? when he made the decision he did not see that the taliban taking over control of the company and having a bloodied collapse in kabul was imminent, but it is in fact imminent. things have moved a much faster than everyone expected, so i think what he has to look at is two things, and these
6:38 am
questions should have been asked before he made the decision. what do we still need to do to sustain the afghan government and number two, what support can we provide to the security forces that we are not providing now to prevent a takeover by the taliban of those forces and i think that would kick out a number of things that we can do. one as an example as we can provide special forces to help with the targeting of airpower. without that airpower would be somewhat negligible. you need someone on the ground to know where the friendly's are and where the enemy is to deliver that fire effectively and also officially. that would assist rather significantly and there are other countries in the region and they are thrilled the united states is leaving colina russia, china, pakistan but also india who doesn't want the united states to leave, but they all have a vested interest here. they do not want the
6:39 am
taliban to take over. let's get them involved in the future stability, i mean, i understand it's going to be hard work because those countries don't want anything to do with the united states continuing to have influence in the region, but certainly that is worth it. mostly it's a military issue right now and what can we do to assist us. maria: we talked about china waiting in the wings i want to get your take on china in a minute and i want your take on my interview with jamie dimon, but let me get quick comments on the military now becoming the latest to get a mandate for the culminating vaccine, general. and the pentagon will require all troops to get vaccinated by september 15. the other day said as soon as we have full approval the mandates are going to start spiking everywhere once we are out of this emergency use authorization, but the mandates have begun. >> i mean, in my own mind united states military is used to
6:40 am
getting shots, i mean, we get vaccine shots and shots continuously at whatever area we deploy to and if you are not going to do that then there is no reason to stay in the military. so, i mean, the military is a group activity and we have to keep the force healthy. the only reason the shots weren't mandated from the outside is because the fda still has it under emergency use authorization and it now secretary austin will have to get a waiver from the president likely that will be challenged in court to soon be sustained. was the fda gets moving and gets rid of the emergency use and is fully authorized then certainly the secretary of defense has the authorization to mandate it and should mandated. maria: so, general, we have spoken a lot about china. the u.s. as its putting pressure on american businesses to stop importing goods from changing because of the slave labor going on there. i don't see any really policy of this administration about that, but they say they are pressuring
6:41 am
businesses the senate is working on a bill that would ban imports from that region unless it can be proven that no forced labor was used and then you have corporate america really working with the chinese ccp has given licenses to a number of financial services company. some people see this as a little bit of a honeypot, you know. let's give licenses to the financial services sector so they can help lobby for china and this interest. we forget, some forget it's being run by the chinese communist party. here's a soundbite from my interview with j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie diamond about doing business in china as jp and was just granted a license to operate and own its business, securities business in china. here's what jamie said. >> national-- natural security issue is a whirl and when i said you are jamie dimon i
6:42 am
metthat shining known you for a long time and you aren't in it just for the money or is it just about the many? >> of course not. i'm a patriot way before i worry about any money. or about j.p. morgan per se, but you should imagine that foreign policy of the united states is set by the government of the united states. if you start telling companies that they should stay in their own foreign policy you are making a huge error for the united states. maria: general, what do you make of what's going on today with corporations working with the ccp? >> i do sympathize somewhat in the sense that the biden administration has to be more clear. there is growing bipartisan support in the united states that china clearly is a strategic adversary, not just strategic competitor that jamie diamond used in his characterization of the country. it's a known fact now
6:43 am
and it's not disputable that china doesn't want coexistence. they went domination. they wanted technological, economic, military and geopolitical domination of the region and also on the united states. they want to change the international rule-based order that jamie diamond another corporations operate freely in an open marketplace out there, so we have to come to grips with that. of the government can help corporations by laying out a little bit more clearly what is our policy with china and how should businesses behave in relationship to those policies that we have and clearly some good work has been done. the prohibition of u.s. companies so supporting chinese companies that are assisting the development of china's military as an example. obviously, decoupling some of their pharmaceutical industry has to take place, but we have to really begin to open our eyes and we can pretend that the china we are dealing
6:44 am
with today is the china and that we were dealing with that 10 years ago took much has changed. maria: that's exactly right. >> most ambitious be-- a leader we have ever had. we have to come with to grips with the government, but business knows what's going on here any everyone understands genocide is being committed against the uighurs and business has to act responsibly in accordance with the human rights violations. maria: all really get points. in general, great to see you. thanks very much. general jack keane adjoining us. we will be right back.
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savor your summer with lincoln. maria: and another six months before they have to pay it off. we'll be back in two minutes time.
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maria: welcome back. president biden is extending the student loan repayment pots with his education secretary. warning that this extension will be the last one, credible economic analyst dan caudle is with us now. day anna, great to see you. the stimulus continues with now this extension. what is the impact from your standpoint? >> good morning. this will be the last one. we have heard that before, i think, maria. it's kind of interesting, this sort of underreported stimulus impact of what we are doing here so when you think about it,
6:49 am
we imported billions of -- trillions of dollars now into the economy and this is a way of stimulus sort of a self stimulus by letting 43 million borrowers the further payments, no politics for a second, you are essentially adding more stimulus to the economy so you're basically putting lighter fluid on a flame right now. maria: i mean, this whole idea of you know by now pay later you know borrow now pay later, what are your thoughts on this by now pay later installment plan they are on the rise. how it will it affect credit card debt, your credit score. he was down last year during the pandemic. >> interesting question and also to tie that to the student loan forbearance, this whole thing we get something now and pay for it later which by the way isn't necessarily bad, but that by now pay later, when you and i were kids we had layaway. we still do but it was really popular when we
6:50 am
were younger but the difference was you paid in installments and then you got your item. now you get your item upfront and you pay for it in installments and as you know that's giving-- getting some consumers in trouble and by the way these things are wildly popular these programs as we saw with the transaction last week with one of the providers firm going for $29 billion so these things are big, important especially to younger consumers who may not have access to credit, but again you have to be careful as there's a backdoor here if they use too much of these and get themselves jammed up. guess what, they then go to their credit, credit card loans to get these things paid off so we have to be a bit careful. good for the consumer, but at the same time they could be weapons of mass destruction if used at the wrong way. maria: you make a great point appeared to dan, by the way anyone who pays for themselves through college and work in terms of making sure not to take on the debt, they don't get any
6:51 am
of this. [laughter] i don't know, what about them, dan? >> that would be you and i. i have four kids as you know and so far we have managed to do it pretty much without that and the debt they have they paid off for the most part so there's a lot of families looking at this saying maybe we should take up more laserlike approach and really the folks who needed as opposed to sort of this blanket amnesty for a while but we will see how the sky was a. maria: that's absolutely right. dan, great to see you. dan roccato joining us. quick break and then we are going behind the grin and why the emoji you take may be perceived differently depending on who you send it to. it's all making a buzz this morning. back a moment. g seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot.
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maria: welcome back. morning buzz, fresh up mixing up emoji's as emoji's proved different meanings for different age groups for example the skull and cross bones represents a death or hazard to many adults while younger people see this as i'm laughing so hard i'm dying or the cowboy emoji implies to jen z smiling on the outside while dying on the inside. can you figure these out >> i see this as another evidence of the fact that jen z is a seriously confused. i don't know why they are mixing up these emoji's, but again this is a situation where apparently jen is he and i guess some gen x are being sent emoji's that appall them and make them upset, i mean, this is a generation that gets upset if the wind blows a different direction.
6:56 am
it's unbelievable, i mean, now emoji's can trigger reactions like i'm offended because you sent me a smiley emoji, which is what the story sort of suggests. i think it's pathetic. i worry. i worry about this younger generation. maria: well, i mean, what did you mean by this smiley emoji you sent me? >> get over it. dagen: i don't think anyone really knows what half the emoji's mean. they really don't know. it's like the only one-- the ones that have kind of universal understanding i can't even share on this television. [laughter] be careful. be careful how you use the fruit and vegetable emoji's. i will leave it at that. maria: okay. precious metal, why it is hard to be bullish on
6:57 am
gold this morning as top investors break it down with the word on wall street after a selloff in gold yesterday. it all starts next hour right here appear "mornings with maria" is live on foxbusiness. ♪♪ . . . for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs. being first on the scene, when every second counts. or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all.
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. is tuesday, all 10. your top stories right now, 7:0. startling new numbers on how many migrants are testing positive for covid as the pressure mounts on the biden administration to take action. markets this morning are flat, we are looking at a mixed story this morning, similar to yesterday's performance. dow industrials down 26, nasdaq higher by 15 and-a-half. the dow and s&p 500 ended lower
7:01 am
yesterday as well. there was concern over the delta variant hitting wall street. the nasdaq was strong once again, growth in tech in the leadership move. nasdaq was up 25 points yesterday while the dow was down 106. check european markets this morning, travel and leisure stocks are higher, boosting investor sentiment. the ft 100 is down 7, cac is up you 7, dax indexer higher by 27. asia overnight, markets finished mostly higher. best performers were hong kong and shanghai, up better than 1%. "mornings with maria" is live right now. now some of the top stories take we are following this morning. the senate is expected to pass the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill later this morning. but before the ink is dry on that bill, democrats are preparing another massive $3.5 trillion spending bill which they plan to pass using reconciliation with no republican support. it will offer free pre-k can and
7:02 am
two years of community college, but will also have $107 billion for immigration initiatives, helping the migrants. democrats plan to pay for the massive bill by raising taxes on corporations and individuals. the new york state assembly will hold public and private hearings this month as part of its impeachment investigation into governor andrew cuomo. this as two new accusers have come forward against the governor. the women reached out to attorney general latisha james last week after she released her report detailing cuomo sexually harassing nearly a dozen women. roberta kaplan, the chairwoman of the time's up advocacy group resigned. secretary of defense lloyd austin announcing all military members will be required to get covid vaccines by september 15th. so far, 237,000 troops have received at least one shot. 1 million troops are fully
7:03 am
vaccinated. austin said the date could move up sooner if the fda grants full approval for covid vaccines by the end of the month which is what we're expecting. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me now is katie stockton, payne capital management president, ryan payne and chairman of the university of akron's investment fund, dennis gartman. thanks for being here many ryan, kicking is off with you. markets are little changed this morning on stocks as we await inflation data later this week but take a look at amc stock, it's the standout of the morning, soaring on a better than expected quarter last night. it still lost money but it was smaller loss than expected. it said it will also start accepting bitcoin, amc shares up about 8%. what do you think? >> i think it's a wonderful marketing ploy because the meme stock traders are probably trading bitcoin as well so it fits into the same narrative.
7:04 am
let's be real here. i didn't think i was going to the movie theater before the pandemic and the stock was in trouble before the pandemic so really it's up 1500% this year which is astronomical. i have to think at this point it's probably not a game changer for the company. to buy a ticket, you have to do it online, you can't buy a bitcoin ticket when you you go to the theater, you have to do it online, they can exchange it to u.s. dollars very quickly. i put a poll on my instagram story this morning, are you going to go to the movie theater once the pandemic is over or are you ever going to the movies. i suspect most of us are over going to the movies but i digress on that point. so i think the bottom line -- maria: i think you're right. >> good marketing. yeah. when was the last time you went to the movies, maria? maria: it's been a while. it's definitely a long time ago, way before the pandemic, you're right. dennis, what about you? we're looking at commodities this morning. did you see jack dorsey's tweet from twitter, he says bitcoin
7:05 am
will unite a deeply divided country and eventually the world. that was his tweet. you got oil rebounding today from yesterday's big loss. so is gold. we had a little bit of a flash crash yesterday in gold. how do you see the moves that we're seeing this morning? gold now back up a third of a percent, crude oil is up 1 and two-thirds percent at 67 and change. >> well, let's first talk about the gold market. it is august and everybody's on vacation or at least out of the office and you tend to get flash crashes in commodities, especially in the gold market in the summertime when there's a lack of liquidity. $75 decline in gold is inexplicable other than the fact that the liquidity problems were ex tantt. it seems to me it will take a couple days, a week, maybe a month for gold to find a base. yesterday looked like liquidation, like capitulation.
7:06 am
i'm concerned about the fact that crude seems to be taking a top. as we went to new highs, the term structure, the front months were losing relative to the back months. that's something you shouldn't see in a bull market. the term structure has narrowed dramatically overnight even as we rallied overnight in wti and brent. so i think you have broken an upward trend. i think crude oil prices can get back to 65, 62, $60 a barrel over the course of the next several months. watch the term structure, tells you more about what's going on than anything else. maria: wow, that's a great point. i'm going to be watching to see if crude does get back to 65. katie, weigh in here. it wasn't just gold. we saw a flash crash and dennis is right, there was not a lot of liquidity. maybe that's one of the issues for gold. you also had iron ore futures
7:07 am
decline significantly as well. your thoughts on what took place yesterday with gold, iron ore moving lower, oil price as well. >> well, most commodities have been in correction mode. that's no different as of yesterday, of course. the decline in gold was not unlike the decline that we saw in june so this is actually somewhat unusual from the big scheme of things but really more recently we have seen a down trend in gold prices and the most recent pullback that we saw over the last three or four days did leave another lower high on that chart and it also left resistance in a down trending 200 day moving average. i think we need to respect that down trend that has been established by gold prices and also respect the fact that these other commodities are in correction mode, that includes crude oil and it includes iron ore prices. crude oil in particular has seen a very significant loss of momentum but it's something that occurred in a very long-term
7:08 am
resistance level, it was sort of a natural place for that to happen after the very, very strong uptrend that has characterized it for almost a year now. it's a normal correction, something that ultimately will resolve to the upside. again, i agree with dennis that we're not quite there yet, that it's not as universal as we usually tend to see at intermediate term loads for either commodity. maria: i guess what i'm trying to understand better, is this any indication of economic growth? i mean, iron ore is one indicator for global demand, to see iron ore drop the way that we saw it drop yesterday, does that indicate that the economy is slowing down across the globe? and in terms of gold, anything to do with the upcoming jackson hole meeting by the federal reserve as we know that this will likely be the trigger to -- for that conversation about tapering where the federal reserve eventually will stop buying all those bonds.
7:09 am
>> hopefully. >> i would say -- >> the federal reserve will -- go ahead, katie. >> i was going to say it's all about sentiment. i don't know that it's just over the past few days a reflection of contraction in the global economy but certainly a reflection of sentiment surrounding it. maria: yeah. dennis? >> i don't think there's any question the fed is going to stop buying $120 billion worth of treasuries and agencies at some point in the future. hopefully they will make an announcement at the jackson hole meeting in two weeks. i hope they do that. it's going to be a while before we see the overnight fed funds rate move higher but at least we're going to see stopping, some slowing, a meal i don't ine $120 billion, it's overtly inflationary and in the long run it's not good for the country. maria: all right. we'll leave it there. katie, ryan, dennis, always great to see you. thank you so much, everybody. have a great tuesday. we'll see you soon. much more ahead this morning.
7:10 am
coming up, the economic fallout over massive government spending, what is the impact. for her council of economic advisor chairman kevin hassett is here and jeff van drew weighing in as the senate gears up for an infrastructure vote this morning and opening the door to a flood gate of higher spending. ron johnson in on the fight to get dr. fauci's unredacted e-mails public, that regards school reopenings. plus ohio congressman jim jordan weighs in on the covid-19 double standard with health officials slamming republicans, while giving democrats a pass. joining the conversation all morning long this morning, dagen mcdowell and liz peek. we'll get back to this fantastic panel when we come right back. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. stay with us. ♪
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maria: welcome back. the $1 trillion infrastructure package expected to pass the senate today, then move on to the house later this morning. democratic leaders in the senate are now shifting their focus to a partisan budget resolution. this being called 5 and-a-half trillion dollars price tag, even though the democrats say it's 3 and-a-half trillion. the package includes a pathway to citizenship for immigrants, higher taxes on top earners and corporations, major healthcare expansion, universal pre-k, free community college, and funding for climate initiatives. it will be the beginning of the major green new deal we've been talking about for so long. joining me now is the former council of economic advisors chairman and distinguished
7:15 am
visiting fellow at the lindsey group, kevin hassett. great to see you this morning. thank you for being here. your thoughts on all of this spending. it's amazing to me that joe biden is able to push through 6, maybe $7 trillion in spending in his first six months, exactly what we talked about on the campaign trail. >> right. well, to put it in perspective, spending relative to gdp is about the level that it was in 1943, really as we were gearing up for world war ii's peak and it's scheduled to drop by about 10% of gdp between this year and next year and if that happens, then it's the biggest negative fiscal impulse that we've ever seen since world war ii and at the same time the fed is looking at 11% inflation. so we're in a pretty tricky spot and to he throw all that $5 trillion of spending on top of that, while supply is limited by global supply chains and so on, is a recipe for inflation that's unlike anything we've ever seen.
7:16 am
a lot of people have said maybe we're going to go back to inflation rates of the '70s. our policies in the '70s were not this crazy. there's no reason the inflation rate has to stop at 7, 8 or 9%. maria: so did the republicans just betray the base? i mean, look, we know that nancy pelosi has been saying for several weeks and months now that she's not taking the infrastructure bill anywhere until she knows she has the opportunity to jam through this larger 3 and-a-half crifl trillr 5 and-a-half trillion dollar package. that tells you it's a shakedown. i know infrastructure is popular on both side of the aisle, should the republicans, 18 of them, have voted yes for this, knowing what it's leading to? >> the political dynamics, that's really a question for maybe ron johnson, when he comes in the next hour. as an economist, what i can say is if you look at the
7:17 am
infrastructure bill it's not to get really excited about. when we were in the trump administration, president trump proposed a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill, at the cea we estimated it would increase gdp growth by a tenth or two over the next decade so it was a mild positive. so this is a third the size if you really count things up and it's mostly roads and highways and bridges and stuff. there is too much money for amtrak. but if you look at it, the infrastructure bill in isolation isn't going to ignite inflation very much at the margin. it's going to take forever to do that spending and it will be a mild positive for growth. in a vacuum, i height -- might look at this bill and say okay the costs are lower than the benefits, let's do it. i think we're not in a vacuum. we're in a weird game where they have this profoundly irresponsible thing coming in the fall and i would be worried about the interaction between the two. maria: well, we'll talk to him about that. the committee for a responsible budget says that the
7:18 am
infrastructure plan will add $400 billion to the deficit. the cbo found that anyway. and that the package, the spending package is more like 5 and-a-half trillion versus the advertised 3 and-a-half trillion. your thoughts on both of those issues? >> yeah, that's right. you know, the cbo has rules that aren't necessarily the kind of accounting that you hold ceos to the standard of when they're on your show and i think those numbers are reasonable guesstimates. again, on the infrastructure, going back to our cea report on this for president trump, when we put it out i don't think there were a lot of republicans that are saying, gosh, kevin hassett, they've lost their mind. there really are infrastructure problems. it takes twice as long for a tanker to take a trip in the u.s. as it did 20 years ago. passenger miles driven has about doubled the last 30 years, the amount of road has not changed
7:19 am
at all. you drive to work. you see congestion. there they are things that could be fixed. looking at infrastructure alone, i think that it's probably the case that the benefits are going to be higher than the cost but the true costs are perhaps as much as $400 billion. maria: right. no, this is a good point. i guess the bigger worry is not the infrastructure package, but the other package coming down the road and we will know what specific tax increases are in there come september and we will know whether or not there are gimmicks that actually make this a lot higher cost than they're selling us. but what do you think the impact on the economy will be from this larger package that we will hear more about in september, that 5 trillion-dollar package, kevin? >> right, that package is profoundly irresponsible and again, the way to think about it is that the reason why prices in the last cpi report were going up at an annual rate of about 11%, it skyrocketed from 3% to
7:20 am
11%, we're throwing all this cash at the economy. there's all this demand but supply is constrained. then you give me a bill which is what their bill is that is economically illiterate that skyrockets demand by throwing cash and everybody again but wax supply by increasing taxes on corporations, you're looking for a recipe for argentina style inflation. i guess it's really important backdrop for the infrastructure discussion. to the extent the infrastructure bill make this terrible, i irresponsible bill happen, you should vote against it. maria: there's also the eviction moratorium extended, also another amount of free money coming at this economy in another way. your thoughts about rule of law here. you don't even have people in apartments now paying rent.
7:21 am
>> right. well, the supreme court said that the cdc's ban on evictions was not consistent with the constitution and despite that, president biden extended it because he said he wants to buy time. now there's a judge looking at that and deciding whether they're going to let him buy time or not and i hope that they don't let them game the system but these people really are throwing everything they can at the economy, hoping to juice up demand so much that the economy will be growing a lot and they don't get crushed in the midterms it seems to me but the fact is you can't do that while you wax supply and not see run-away inflation and so everything that we have said at the beginning of the year will happen, has happened. there's slower growth than people thought, higher inflation than people thought because the biden administration is looking at the demand side and threatening the supply side. this is what economics said would happen. if the bill passes, you really are looking at an unprecedented negative shot to the economy and it's going to destroy the
7:22 am
democrats in the midterms. the one thing people hate -- when i was growing up -- you're younger than me. when i was growing up, we talked about inflation every day because people hate inflation because their wages don't keep up with higher prices and inflation right now is starting to be the number one issue on americans' minds and the bill they're proposing in the fall will make inflation probably double. maria: real quick, do you think we'll see that in the numbers coming out this week? we've got the cpi and ppi coming out later in the week. >> yeah, we'll see continued high levels of price increases. i don't know if it will continue to accelerate. we're thinking it would be -- lindsey group, would be about 7% by tend of the year and we're kind of -- by the end of the year and we're kind of already there. i think it might be higher than that this year. the point is, going back to world war ii, except for one year, there's not been a 3% first half which is what we had where you had a slower than that second half. that's just not happened. and so these ideas that this is a temporary shock, it's just
7:23 am
not. maria: all right. kevin, we will be watching. >> thanks, maria. maria: thanks very much. kevin hassett now at the lindsey group. comeing up, america's crime epidemic, portland hitting a grim new milestone after yet another deadly weekend. we'll also check in on chicago. plus this, honoring or heroes, barbie commemorates those who stepped up during the covid-19 pandemic, it's making a buzz this morning. the chosen women coming up. emen keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. [engine revving] [car horn and collisions] [tires squealing] just think, he'll be driving for real soon.
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7:26 am
or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. maria: welcome back. a deadly year for portland as the city marks its 56th homicide, the most since 1994. homicides are up 327% so far this year, compared to the same period a year ago. look at these numbers. shootings are up 116%. this comes as more than two dozen chicago police turn their backs on mayor lori lightfoot, following the killing of a police officer and another officer in critical condition. chicago reporting a rise in
7:27 am
violent crime, shootings there up 12% this year compared to the same time last year. murders up 2%, but the real story in chicago was this weekend. dagen, at least 72 people were shot in chicago over the weekend. 72. 11 of those people fatally. during the weekend in mayor lori lightfoot's chicago, of course we are all talking about officer ella french, who lost her life, 29-year-old chicago police officer shot over the weekend at a traffic stop, dagen. dagen: the police in chicago turning their backs on mayor lori lightfoot and that is exactly what the liberal leaders in major cities and states have done to police officers in the last year and-a-half and to the very citizens who don't have the ability or the money to protect themselves, whether it's in a portland or a seattle or a
7:28 am
chicago or a st. louis, a new york, a washington, a baltimore, a los angeles. these are liberal leaders, particularly mayors and district attorneys and also the city councils. in portland, for example, as the wall street journal reported, it's trying to resurrect its own gun violence reduction team and it couldn't find enough officers to fill out that team, only four people stepped up to fill 14 spaces. and the police union president then in portland said they're demonizing and villifying you and they want to put you in in a you unit where you're under a bigger microscope. i said this repeatedly the demonization and demoralization of police officers across the country has led to the same effects as defunding the these police departments. we're also in a recruitment crisis in major cities across the country, including in, say, san francisco and even new york
7:29 am
city. until these liberal leaders stand up for the citizens who are the victims of these violent crimes and just the victims of theft and you assault, until they step up for police and citizens, this will only get worse. maria: yeah. and you know, what gets me, liz, there's no acknowledgement that this is all because of policy. last week you had congresswoman cori bush say suck it up, defund the police, just suck it up. liz: yeah, it's not just defunding the police, though, maria. it's also no bail reform and other measures that basically have done away with accountability. our liberal leaders in these cities are placing much too much emphasis on protecting criminals and not their own consistent at won sit wents-- constituents. the saddest thing to me are the neighborhoods most hurt by the crime waves are the minority
7:30 am
neighborhoods that these people pretend to care about. it's an offense and outrage to everybody. it's got to stop. the numbers in chicago just get worse and worse many i cannot imagine why this is going on and no one's stepping up. maria: i know. it's unbelievable. you're right, it's all policy and the end of cash bail is one of the key reasons they're closing down the prisons across the country, like new york also part of it. coming up -- ant ' and don't forget wide open borders. we'll take a look at washington's spending spree. the house will get the infrastructure bill after it passed in the senate. we'll find out how jeff van drew will vote. stay with us. been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73.
7:31 am
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7:33 am
maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, august 10. take a look at markets, futures are mixed. we have fractional move with the
7:34 am
dow industrials down 14, the s&p 500 just right around where it closed yesterday and the nasdaq right now up 15. similar story yesterday, the dow and s&p 500 were lower at the close, concerns over the delta variant hitting wall street but the nasdaq was up, it was up 24 points at the close while the dow lost 106. european markets fractionally moving, travel and leisure stocks doing well, ft 100 down 5 and a quarter, the cac is down 10. markets finished mostly higher in asia overnight, best performer was hong kong, hang seng index up 1 and a quarter percent. back in the u.s., american airlines taking a different approach on vaccine requirements than competitors. lauren simonetti with details. >> american is not requiring that employees be vaccinated right now but it is offering them perks for those who decide to get vaccinated. that includes an extra day off in 2020 and 50 bucks given through its employee recognition
7:35 am
platform. i'm not sure that's enough to sway people but we'll see. in the meantime, united airlines is requiring that all its employees be fully vaccinated by late october. let's take a look at the railroads, canadian pacific raising its takeover bid for kansas city southern, kansas city southern shares up almost 7%. they're offering $300 a share in cash and stock, valuing canadian pacific at roughly $27 billion. this will likely reignite the bidding war with canadian national railway. hertz posted higher revenue thanks to a travel rebound has more people feel comfortable traveling in their own cars when they're on the roads. april through june, sales came in at $1.87 billion, a 62% jump from last year and as a result hertz says it plans to reallies on a major stock -- relist on a major stock exchange by the end of the year. wall street bankers can expect double digit increases to their bonuses this year, consulting
7:36 am
firm johnson associates said bonuses will be hire by as much as 35% in some cases, thanks to a surge in multibillion dollar deal making as banks compete to the retain talent. listen to what jp morgan jamie dimon told you in an exclusive interview last week. maria: you said you're going to compete for talent. have you raised salaries? >> a little bit. i think that that's inevitable. and jp morgan is not going to lose talent because of salaries and that pushes our cost structure up, so be it. maria: goldman raised for junior bankers, jeffries -- are you going to raise salaries for the junior bankers. >> we already did. >> jp morgan and goldman sachs reporting record earnings last quarter, maria. maria: yeah, record earnings and costs are going up, probably because of that. lauren, thanks very much. meanwhile, the senate is looking to vote on a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal
7:37 am
as early as this morning. democrats will then turn their attention to the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint including major federal investments in child care, family leave, climate change provisions without the support of congressional republicans. they want to get that through reconciliation. joining me right now is new jersey congressman, homeland security committee member and transportation and infrastructure committee member jeff van drew. congressman, it's great to see you this morning, thanks so much for being here. so the infrastructure bill expected to pass the senate and then head over to the house. how will you vote once it reaches your chamber? >> well, first of all, let me say that i think it certainly is an improvement over the bill that was originally did in the house that i'm sure you remember, 19 straight hours of working on that bill and we absolutely knew it was going nowhere which was a real treat. pleasant to spend 19 straight hours when you know it's nonsense. but this bill is better. it's got a lot of real infrastructure in it, hard
7:38 am
infrastructure, roads, streets, dams, bridges, you know, the things that we know are so important protecting not only our infrastructure and building our infrastructure, but it's also strong in other areas as well, when we talk about making sure that we have the broad bill that we really need, such as areas like broadband and buy america first and so forth. now, that's all good. and i at this time believe i may he vote for the bill. i'm not trying to dance around this. but what's bad -- it's sort of the story, the good, the bad and the ugly here. what's bad is the fact and ugly, actually is she is linking -- when i say she, speaker pelosi, this bill to the fact that she said she won't post it at this point in time until she gets the huge social infrastructure bill which is going to be as you know
7:39 am
about $3.5 trillion, it's going to have every wish list of every progressive that they ever want in there from universal healthcare to literally universal college to just, you know, the green new deal and all these areas that nobody bargained for, it's going to cost a fortune. our debt is really high as it is and it's socially going to change the country more than it has been changed in at least half a century. so this is serious stuff. if the two are linked it makes it more difficult to vote for anything. maria: well, that's the thing. and i just feel like once again the republicans are being played. i understand the need for infrastructure and i understand that we all want more updated roads, bridges, ports, et cetera and we need it in this country. but once again the democrats are playing games with the republicans and tying it together without any
7:40 am
acknowledgement of the real issues out there. i mean, you're going to be okaying or giving your vote to all of this spending and all of this stuff, meanwhile the administration refuses to acknowledge the border crisis. that's why i think you guys are getting played because documents this morning show 18% of migrant families, 20% of unaccompanied minors crossing the u.s. borderrest thed positive for covid-19 upon leaving border patrol custody over the last two or of three weeks. vice president kamala harris told the mexican president that the united states will send additional covid-19 vaccines to mexico on top of the 4 million already delivered, congressman, and yet we still don't know if migrants are being tested. i had a source at the border tell me the other day that they apprehended a group of people from guatemala and the people from guatemala told the border agents that they had direction from the guatemalan government in their phones, had they had maps, they had all sorts of
7:41 am
information that the got ma a lain government had -- guatemalan government had given them to get around title 42, to get around the border patrol agents on the ground if texas. i mean, i thought kamala harris met with the guatemalan government. apparently, this group's phones had been taken and downloaded by the intelligence committee. now, again, we're still waiting on answers on all of this. but here you have a massive crisis underway and your colleagues on the left will not acknowledge it, will not put any money toward homeland security and yet you're going to vote for all this other spending. >> well, don't assume that i am. and that's what i'm trying to say here as concisely as possible. i haven't made that decision at all. not because the substance of the more bipartisan bill that was done in the senate is all bad. it isn't. but the problem is the linkage and then the problem is the huge spending. i am absolutely and totally
7:42 am
opposed to the other bill and in the end may not vote for either one because of that specific reason. you're right, i mean, it is so bizarre, i don't know what other word to use but bizarre what's going on at the border. i've never seen anything like it. this will really -- i don't know if you saw it but on my committee, homeland security, i questioned mayorkas. i said how do you think the border's going and a he literally said to me i think it's going well and a i just -- i said well you think the drug cartels being involved is going well? you think kids being used as drug mules are going well? you think that all the disease that's being brought in the country and what's particularly disturbing -- you know, here we are 2-year-old kids have to wear a mask but we're allowing people just to pour in from all over the world that are sick. and are going to make our people sick. it's a real hot spot. i just don't understand. it is almost as if you purposely wanted to harm the united states
7:43 am
of america. it's almost as if you personally wanted to bring us down and destroy the strength of this nation. it is bizarre. and i told him it was bizarre. of course, you know, wasn't a happy man. i don't know how he could think otherwise. maria: no, we'll see i mean, look, nancy pelosi says she's confident that the democrats are going to keep the house in 2022. i don't see houthis policies -- how these policies are winning for the american people. final word. >> i'm not always completely -- i don't want to be partisan but you can't help but be partisan right now. you can't help but say that for the future of the country you need to vote republican. we can't keep doing this. maria, we're on the praecipes. i will tell you that if we don't change our ways in this great nation, we're going to lose the america we know and love. this is no joke. and i'll leave you with this. people look at me and ask me questions a lot of times, they
7:44 am
look in in the eye and they say tell me i don't have to worry. i seal somebody in a restaurant and they'll say tell me you don't have to worry. i can't tell you that. this is real. we have to be strong and get back to what we love. maria: we'll keep putting a spotlight on it. thank you, sir. coming up, mounting pressure on governor cuomo, we'll get a legal perspective from one lawyer who is hoping to be new york's next attorney general. that's next. if you wake up thinking about the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech. for insights on when to buy and sell. and proactive alerts on market events. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. [relaxed summer themed music playing]
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maria: welcome back. two more women have come forward with allegations against new york governor andrew cuomo. the new york state assembly is holding public and private hearings this month as part of an impeachment investigation. joining me now is michael henry, a republican for new york attorney general candidate. michael, it's great to have you. thanks very much for being here. first, give us your take on what's going on around governor cuomo. your thoughts. do you want him to step down? >> i do want him to step down, not only based on this report but also based on the fact that he's being investigated for the utilization of public resources for his book deal and his disastrous response to the covid crisis and coverup that took place afterwards. two more women came forward and the ag's office basically told them the case was closed. this attorney general in this report and her presentation
7:49 am
failed the people of the state of new york because she only got the job half done. i think we're going to be seeing more of this because she outlined very specific criminal behavior which included groping, unwanted touching, kissing, including against a state trooper that was assigned to protect the governor and basically said case closed and failed to issue criminal referrals. now you'll see local district attorneys scrambling to gather the materials her team had including something that the albany county sheriff recently stated is he's actually playing catchup in getting the materials from her team. just a few weeks back we've seen her basically deputize members of her team to go after the trump organization. i don't understand why she doesn't have the same proactive approach when it comes to the women she described as brave victims. maria: yeah, i mean, i think you make a good point. you know, i mean, she's gone so far and then stopped on the cuomo case. why is that?
7:50 am
i mean, it's speculated she wants to run for governor. did she want to make a name for herself but not take him down completely? what's the story there? >> i think she's a very political attorney general. i mean, she campaigned for office saying she was going to find crimes to indict political opponents own when she was in office, she believes being the chief law enforcement officer of the state is to sue law enforcement, rather than work with them. even during the covid crisis she had the authorization to start a investigation and she failed to. my hunch is she basically made the report to humiliate the governor into resigning to allow them to push forward with an impeachment so she could pursue her gubernatorial aspirations. maria: real quick, we have a couple seconds here. you're running for ag of new york. what will be your most important priority in that role? >> i've been frustrated by the
7:51 am
one party rule of the state. it's the government's disastrous response to the covid crisis, as i travel the state i meet family after family and i know i'm not going to be able to bring loved ones back but if i could get them the questions that they want, i'm hoping i can get the families the closure they're seeking so they can move on with their lives and get answers they deserve. if you want to go find more about the campaign, go to, you will get updates on what we're doing. maria: well, we need an update on crime, that's for sure, because we're talking about more bloody weekends across the country and new york as well. michael, it's good to see you. we'll be watching. thanks very much. michael henry joining us. stay with us. we'll be right back with the buzz. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: time for the morning buzz. i like this one this morning. barbie releasing a line of barbie dolls modeled after inspirational women. the so-called sh e-ros collection includes front line workers, olympians and women who made historical contributions like rosa parks and katherine johnson also controversial picks like singer cher or how about this one fashion model heidi klum and actresses emmy rossum. dagen, which is your favorite? i've got to be honest, i grew up loving cher. i always wanted to be chr.
7:56 am
i walked around the housing doing what she did. i like the cher one. the outfit for girls, i don't know if they should put this outfit on her. it's certainly cher. dagen: cher could be an inspiration for everybody. i always felt like the figure itself just created this unattainable standard of kind of physicality, not necessarily beauty. but i played with barbies but i painted them and put them in gi joe's clothes, so i'm more of the sally ride camp i think. [laughter] maria: come on. dagen: or amelia earhart. maria: how about you, liz? liz: i think it's great to celebrate women of importance and who really achieved incredible things like the woman who developed the astrazeneca vaccine. i think that's really cool. by the way, it reminds me of american girl dolls line which
7:57 am
used to celebrate kind of historical figures. anything that teaches kids about important things that have happened in our country, in our world, how bad can that be? i think it's great. maria: snap out of it. that is great. [laughter] maria: exactly. snap -- i lost my girl. all right. still ahead, digging for the truth, wisconsin senator ron johnson is here on the battle for dr. anthony fauci's unredacted e-mails. it all starts next hour. what movie were dagen and i just quoting? do you know. a record 1.1 trillion transistors into this chip whoo! yeah! oh, hi i invested in invesco qqq a fund that invests in the innovators of the nasdaq 100 like you you don't have to be circuit design engineer to help push progress forward can i hold the chip? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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using the technology and expertise of ibm. nice bumping into you.
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>> good tuesday morning. thanks so much for joining us welcome back i am maria bartiromo tuesday, august 10 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button overnight east coast, this democratic spending spree is coming, democrats pushing a 3 1/2 trillion-dollar budget reconciliation plan as senate
8:01 am
prepares to vote on the one and one-quarter trillion-dollar infrastructure package, today. markets this morning are searching for direction take a look where we stand about an hour and a half before opening bell dow industrials down 18 s&p 500 unchanged exactly where it closed yesterday, was negative, and nasdaq up 17 3/4, stocks pulled back yesterday, rising covid cases concerns over recovery, put some pressure on, dow industrials down 106 s&p lower by 4 points but nasdaq was higher, and continues higher this morning, was up 25 yesterday. european markets this morning are mixed take a look at eurozone ft 100 is negative but others are higher, ft 100 down 3 cac quarante up 5, dax index higher by 31 in asia overnight markets finished mostly green hong kong, china best performers up better than 1%, "mornings with maria" is live right now. . now some top stories that we are watching this morning, the new york state assembly will
8:02 am
hold public/private hearings this month as part of the impeachment, investigation, into governor andrew cuomo, this as two new accusers have come forward against the governor, the women reached out to attorney general leticia james last week after she released her report, detailed cuomo's subtractsly harassing nearly a dozen woman cuomo denies charges. >> roberta kaplan chairman of the advocate group resigned after report found she helped cuomo discredit an accuser. >> biden administration says you afghanistan shutter forces are responsible for stopping the taliban offensive. >> it's really now their time to use those advantages the reason why not because it is their country to defend now this is their instrumental. >> taliban group leaving little resistance couple
8:03 am
offing 6th capital city in a week tall ban on the move in tossings pentagon going forward with full withdrawal of u.s. troops by the end of the month moderna coronavirus vaccine may be superior to pfizer new data by clinic finding people got second pfizer shot five or more months ago more likely to test positive for covid-19 than those who are fully vaccinated less than five months ago, it also found the moderna inventory led to 50% reduction in rate having hospitalization this research has not been peer-reviewed but seems to be o moving moderna shares today up 2%, 200-billion-dollar market cap at 494 dollars and change on moderna. >> crude oil falling to lowest level in two 1/2 months yesterday amichigan concerns of covid-19 restrictions futures waiver oil rebounding,
8:04 am
oil, as well as gold rebounding slightly as senate plans to vote on infrastructure later today, and investors wait on inflation data later this week joining me right now ceo, jason trennet with us also joining conversation dagen mcdowell liz peek jason great to see you. thanks very much for joining if conversation this morning, i want to get your take, first on all of this spending jason. you've got not just infrastructure bill, likely going to pass senate today, but this 3 1/2 trillion-dollar package, that maya macguineas says is 5 1/2 trillion-dollar package that spending coming to the economy all others areas what impact do you expect this on the economy and markets? . >> well, maria, thanks for having me on i would say longer term it is hard to see this as being a particularly great development either for free markets, or for inflation.
8:05 am
and so i'm you know i'm somewhat skeptical, frankly, that we need all this, i am also very skeptical that this will be used, in a productive way. while free markets aren't perfect generally speaking tend to lead to cal than relatively small groups of people. and that have their own agenda so i am not particularly big fan i think if this is clearly tunism on part of the democrats particularly as relates to american families act the big infrastructure human infrastructure program and going to be very we call you this hotel california policy mix check out any time you want but you can never leave, once these programs are in place, they are very, very difficult to stop. and no question there is some need for infrastructure productive things going to be
8:06 am
part of these bills but size is so enormous that it -- it i have to say it makes me worry, from a longer term perspective. maria: and that is precisely why maya macguineas says this is 5 trillion dollar bill not # 1/2 trillion because gimmicks say we are going to take this way, in the middle of it when we all know that once you give it you don't take it away i want your take on amendment, because there were some changes on the federal regulation of cryptocurrency, they were blocked by senate infrastructure vote yesterday jason you were the first one to bring up the regulatory environment getting tighter on cryptocurrency you did so a long timing ago on this program. your thoughts on amendment around crypto, what kind of regulatory framework might we see reason i think more regulation on crypto because people in power don't like to give up power so if you are a
8:07 am
central banker or secretary of the treasury, you don't want to first of all you don't want to have a situation where you don't know where the money is being spent you don't want a situation where you can't tax it. and there are -- clearly it does tend to weaken the efforts of he monetary policy, and so, you know, i don't i don't quite know where it's going but i do i do know that people who were washington generally speaking are there because they want power and i think that larry summers described bitcoin as libertarian fantasy, that you know that you could being have unregulated parallel currency kinds of where i think it is going to wind up going it is still going to exist it is just that the anonymity of this anonymity not going to be what it was. >> that is why chinese communist party doesn't want all this anonymity either,
8:08 am
macro story we showed price of oil gold earlier, jason we had a flash crash, in gold yesterday iron, ore down big do these tell you anything where we are in the macro story i know gold is not really a commodity as much as a hedge your thoughts in terms of gold iron ore even crude oil now both up this morning. >> yeah. i think my best guess, maria, it has a lot to do with with a what is happening in china crackdown in china, because of that i know that china needs to keep some sort of social stability and i am not so sure crackdowns last all that long. my own feeling, is that three, four months from now global economy is going to be humming. once we get past hopefully the delta variant, and in my opinion that is going to put
8:09 am
upward pressure on commodity prices we are overweight energy i have also an interest in gold personally just especially given all the spending, that we just talked about, earlier today, i am looking for hedges versus fiat currencies. >> he chose have to do with fact the federal reserve is going to some point stop the 120-billion-dollar bond-buying program every month that it has wear waiting on this jason -- this jackson hole speech from powell in two weeks' time, will that be the beginning of the conversation to pull it back from the fed? >> oh, yeah, i think -- listen, i think especially given last week's payroll number there is going to be pressure on the fed to -- to start tapering, but that is a long wei-wei from tightening, i mean this is just your -- you are just starting to scale back how much you are easing, so you are probably not going to have a meaningful tight
8:10 am
forgottening fed probably until late 2022 or 2023. in my opinion puts you know given all the things i just said i have a feeling you are still going to have upward pressure on commodity prices the idea fed going to get tight i still think is a long way away from that, the main focus of the fed, seem to me is mandate is, price statement is collateral not i think on the board right now. anything that is going to come out clearly is going to be transitory, whether is or not, but the goalposts on transitory to move, supposed to be a couple months now looking at a year plus that suggests to me nation is going to be higher longer than people think. maria: something you are bullish want to buy stocks at these levels. >> maria, it is very hard to
8:11 am
-- to stocks when long term treasury yields at 1.30 even if they go to 2, they are attractive i think you want to be in more cyclical sectors as opposed to to high-flying growth sector i have more of a admirer towards verses growth we will check out value as well good to see you jason trennert. and good to see you. thanks very much, much more ahaes coming cup senate gears up for vote on infrastructure, this morning, wisconsin senator ron johnson is here will take us behind headlines as democrats look to spend more on the next round then did democratic double standard over covid-19 regulation ohio congressman jim jordan shares his take don't miss a moment of it you are watching "mornings with maria" live on
8:12 am
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whether for yourself or someone you love. call the number on the screen now. call now. >> welcome back. senate will vote on would be 1/4 trillion-dollar infrastructure bill this morning vote costing after democrats unveiled massive 3 1/2 trillion-dollar budget resolution bill will include fundinging for amnesty higher taxes on top owner nerz corporations health care expansion universal pre-k, and free community college and climate initiative funding joining me right now senator ron johnson member budget homeland security foreign -- relations committee thanks very much for being here always a pleasure to see you. did you vote no on the infrastructure? >> good morning, everyone. maria i have and i will. there was a way to do infrastructure with all further -- the future would have been to take more than 700 billion dollars, of the
8:16 am
1.9 trulied partisan covid relief package that isn't even spent until 2022 through 2028 repurpose for infrastructure that should have been the republican position we should be signing shouldn't -- he sign to green new deal part one breathalyzers, to drive up cost of cars a disastrous bill we need more than on infrastructure i have no idea why republicans want to have fingerprints on this bill plus facilitates bernie's budget probably 5, 5 1/2 there would real score as you pointed out from maya macguineas group, this is a blowout budget package. >> i spoke with one of your colleagues on sunday was going to vote for bill kevin cramer from north dakota, i said to him, why are you voting for something without an acknowledgement that there is a crisis at the border why no
8:17 am
money for infrastructure at the border to have the rule of law in place he said well, look if we don't agree and do something on infrastructure, they will go back and say can't work with republicans and jam through a bigger bill anyway, that was the answer, your thoughts on you know, what the impact would be if actually you had colleagues who would stand firm on these issues like you just laid out? >> i think my position would have been a winning position from the standpoint of public -- we are told this is going to be completely paid for, now finding out no cbo says going to cost 256 billion dollars additional deficit spending, again i can't explain what my colleagues are why this on this thing i wish they weren't i wish we were sanding pat the amount of money pulled out of this, for real infrastructure, and there is some real infrastructure spending going on in this bill but that money
8:18 am
is pulled out of bernie's budget leaving a hole for them to fill with new entitlement spending again that is what is going to happen in 3.5 trillion-dollar budget passage, is going to be new entitlements -- for example, a half trillion dollars on energy, that is more -- new greene deal education social services income security, not social security not medicare, new entitlements as ronald reagan says closest thing to eternal life on they earth is government program dishonesty how to score this put in place a couple years get two or three year score we know it will never end earn maya macguineasfying, this is going to completely change the level of the welfare state make more
8:19 am
americans dependent on federal government plus, plus you are going of they are going to try to jam through amnesty provision in this provides permanent you status for a qualified individuals they will figure out what qualified is bernie sanders said they are going to provide pathway to o citizenship in past we pretended going to secure border my amendment to build the wall bought and paid for defeated on party-line vote except for joe manchin joined with us they are not interested in security that is disastrous on the border right now the administration in complete state of denial. >> it is incredible we've got story every day from border, 6,000 people, coming to texas every day. 6,000 people being apprehended every day i want to get to dr. anthony fauci in redacted emails before i get there quick what are tax increases
8:20 am
we are going to see which are inevitable once this 3 1/2 or 5 heavy trillion-dollar bill through who gets taxes raised by how much. >> i can't speak exactly what it is going to be but talking about significant increase in corporate tax driving more corporations probably overseas won't work the more you tax success less you get of it in tend it is middle class going to pay for this through inflation, so, all their wage increases wiped out by inflation might feel good to get a raise not when you pay for mirror housing gas everything else the american public is going to pay or kids grandkids in terms of reduced future lower opportunities less prosperity in the future that is sad what is happening. maria: quick, real quick, on the biden administration releasing dr. anthony fauci's unredacted emails between cdc
8:21 am
and teachers union. why is this important? do you want to see what they were talking about in terms of guidelines for reopening schools what is your i don't with hunch why do you want emails between cdc and teachers union? >> a because american people have a right to know what is happening inside the administration, what is happening inside their government. and administrations republicans and democrats just blow off congressional oversight, ignore it because we really don't have many enforcement mechanisms over dedicated congress insight the capabilities incredibly weekend the emphasized we know about through foia request using courts all we asked for send exact same documents we're not subject to foia retookss we got the same easily, there was one paragraph unredacted revealings redacted because he closely related to ongoing law enforcement investigation, but to read what it has has nothing to do with law
8:22 am
enforcement investigation it is embarrassing fauci administration has to come clean congress has to reclaim oversight ability on behalf of the american public, they have they deserve the right to see this information. >> yep, we will leave it there. senator we will keep talking with you along the way thanks very much senator ron johnson this morning in washington, thank you, sir. coming up cuomo in crisis more women accusing the new york governor of sexual harassment we get into it when we come back. . hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking.
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8:25 am
excelsior maria: two more women coming forward with he allegations against new york governor andrew coumo new york state assembly will hold public and private hearings as part of impeachment investigation, this as cnn anchor chris cuomo, after banned from talk scandal on
8:26 am
air, chris cuomo and andrew cuomo are talking they are brothers, but he actually took a vacation, to take himself out of this in middle of it all. your thoughts. dagen: -- there are no standards at cnn, brian's explanation about all this garbage at his network was laughable, as much of what he discusses on air and even off air. speaking of governor cuomo, it is -- the new york legislature the state assembly says it is going to try to get to passing articles of impeachment. by the end of august. what? get on it. what is dictating so long they have rejected thankfully the offer from andy cuomo's team that if you don't impeach me i will drop my plans to seek a fourth term next year. again, also laughable. it is not just why does this governor need to go?
8:27 am
it is not just because of leticia james attorney general report on 11 and counting incidents of sexual harassment but also tish james report january about cover-up of covid related nursing home deaths, a one-two punch the state senate, by the way, is only now in talks to hire lawyers to deal with impeachment astonishing how horrible all liberals are at jobs inability to stand up for women, and our dead elderly in new york state. >> cuomo's legal team came out swinged over the weekend liz they came up with lots of technical reasons, why they need more time. the governor wants time. >> [laughter], this is over -- he will boe lucky if he
8:28 am
doesn't get time maria, or serve time. this has gone on too long dagen is right, by the way, no one talks about this but the government of new york state is at a standstill nothing is getting done. the office of the governor is in total chaos, by the way, has been the case for months and months no appointments being made, no issues, being resolved, et cetera, people deserve better the idea would not run again a trade is completely idiotic who is going to vote for governor cuomo he lost all credibility, and i think when you when you govern as a tyrant as a bully you have no friends, and i think that is really what is at the end of the day will do him in, now that he is no longer feared i imagine that legislators in new york as hapless as they are many finally dump this guy in high time too.
8:29 am
-- is a bad man. maria: we will see, look we talked a lot about the policy that led to all this crime dagen one of the key policies as you and i have said over and over again was the -- elimination of cash bail, and that was that was governor cuomo. dagen: yep, and to the couple of journalists who kept coming after me, asking why am i this is a decision the nursing home i don't do are you attacking governor cuomo trying to get me to stop this was last year. this was -- last spring. so, here we are. i had people come up to me, in my neighborhood saying you were right about him all along. but, again, nursing home order i knew that he had sent thousands of elderly people to their deaths. because of the nursing home
8:30 am
order ordering covid-positive patient back into care facilities we knew about that, from -- right after the "the wall street journal" reported on it in late march of last year so i digress. maria: janice dean told us all about it after she lost in-laws democrat double standard over covid-19 regulations getting into it with congressman jim jordan here live don't miss it how airlines are feeling the effects of the delta variant next. . announcer: this week on "mornings with maria," tomorrow he calls infrastructure package reckless in face of rising inflation congressman steve scalise is here thursday governor andrew cuomo refusing to resign congressman lee zeldin why he should be next leader of new york. and friday, china asserting power over hong kong kt mcfarland how united states should respond all right here on "mornings with maria."
8:31 am
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. . lauren: lauren: louis, top stories, two and a half decades city reporting 56th homicide over the weekend that is surpasses record of 55, back in 1994 homicides in city are up 327% compared to last year shootings up 116%. air travel is slowing down credit card debt jpmorgan showing spending on air travel dropped 20% last month said from rising covid cases do manifestically, ire travel turning since march with restrictions beginning to ease, the leading contender to be new host of jpmorgan speaking about roll in lawsuits filed against cbs's the price is right when he was
8:35 am
executive producer there saying lawsuits filed against the show they don't quote reflect the reality of who i am. also concerning he is a front-runner to replace alec trebek as host jeopardy many call conflict of interest -- is also executive producer of jeopardy. maria: thank you so much covid hypocrisy dr. anthony fauci blasted saying he was concerned about the spread of covid, at the sturnlis motorcycle rally in sd but mentioned nothing about president obama's 60th birthday bash video shows former president dancing up a form maskless at martha's vineyard home with hundreds of people in attendance, looks like quite a bash joining me who he congressman house judiciary committee ranking
8:36 am
member jim jordan always a pleasure to see you, incredible not a peep from media about big birthday bash where everyone is dancing up a storm close to each other the motorcycle rally, is questioned. >> yeah i mean this is this is the way it has been for over a year with folks always a double standard you get covid if you go to church go to work go to school to trump rally in this case the motorcycle rally you can't get it at president obama's birthday bash at nancy pelosi san francisco hair salon can't get it at peaceful protesters americans are sick of double standards frankly i think sick of the lies, i am convinced that doctor fauci knew a year 1/2 ago we talked about this that this virus came from a lab when he got that the email january 31, 2020 from christian anderson said virus looks engineered not conflict of interest with ever illusionary theories he was on notice cooler back then they hid that information from
8:37 am
the american people, so american people are tired of double standards certainly tired of misinformation. . >> well, i mean the broad other issue here is the threat of china, and the threat of -- the democrats turning a blind eye here. i mean, look. we all know the threat of communist party in china and, yet, we keep hearing sanctions and upset by the president of everywhere else everything but china. what even after the covid spread shouldn't we be hearing some commentary about holding china accountable at a minimum for covering it up? and cornering the market for people? and we still have drugs being made in china. >> of course, we should but you are not going to hear from this administration, you saw president trump stand up to china, this administration done the opposite never for bet what happened several ago in alaska tony secretary of
8:38 am
state sits aacross from chinese counterpart the treatment our secretary of state received he from chinese counterpart you are the would never happen with mike pompeo in trump administration we all know that it is just not going to happen from this in fact they went the other way as soon as in power dr. fauci says rejoin world health organization the very organization that lied to us i got a colleague says best we don't have to pay organizations to lie to you the they will probably do it for free this is how ridiculous it is with this administration i don't think they are going to change, we are just going to have to keep pointing out hope they get somewhat better. >> but not just administration it is also colleague in congress say russia, russia, russia no acknowledgements whatever that the ccp wants the over take america as number one superpower are they making money on china are there conflicts of interest american people need to better understand why are we continuing to roll over for the ccp?
8:39 am
>> well, there certainly is a conflict of interest appears to me with the administration. i -- i mean, and we saw this play out last fall during the campaign, i mean, joe biden didn't want to talk about it mainstream press didn't want to talk about it social media platforms kept americans from hearing about the hunter biden story even though we had eyewitness on the at anyy bobulinski emails every won knew true the fbi investigating hunter biden kept that from us certainly seems a conflict of interest there as far as my colleagues i don't know but i know this republicans understand, republicans understand the threat from communist china we are with pushing back why i think in a little over a year, we are going to take back the house of representatives, and be back in charge of the house. maria: well, let's see, because so far the republicans have not done much to stop or are unable to top this massive spending spree, let's talk about what the on your desk once passed in the senate
8:40 am
coming to you in house senate democrats shifting focus now you so you partisan budgets resolution after infrastructure bill passes today price tag is daetable calling it 3 1/2 trillion true cost as much as 5 trillion according to committee for responsible budget, this is a look at some of the key parts of the bill, it includes a pathway to citizenship for immigrants, does not address the debt liment house speaker nancy pelosi trying to spend this spending bill tie to infrastructure package says she will not introduce it on the floor until larger deal passes the senate congressman walk us through what is happening here, and why won't your colleagues just say no, until you the administration, acknowledge the crisis at the border we are not agreeing to one cent more in terms of spending? >> you are exactly right that is position we should take you unfortunately some republican senators chose to go along with so-called infrastructure
8:41 am
bill, maria when have you seen an infrastructure bill had the word equity in it over 60 times, tells you this is not really infrastructure we have 3.5 chaefr that is going to be coming after this is part of the democrats ridiculous economic plan here is their economic plan lock down your economy spend like crazy pay people not to work, by the way, for all americans working hard we are going to raise your taxes four stupidest ideas in essence economic man what it does is drive up prices do you all spending drives up price for every good and service american families have to buy for that tax in and of itself the crazy economic plan the idea you have republican senators go along with some of this makes no sense to me because what we should be focusing on is exactly what you said. this crisis, maria think about this on the border march highest month on record for illegal crossings until april april highest until may, may highest until june i bet july higher in an june a crisis
8:42 am
that is what you call a bad trend that is where we should be focusing efforts, versus spending 1.2 trillion dollar spending bill supposedly infrastructure talks about equity over 60 times. maria: we got unofficial numbers for july it is 210 praerns do the mathed 6,000 a day in texas apprehended then legal for a time until they go in front of a judge maybe never. congressman, are we going to be what are the odds we are going to be in lockdown, and living in fear, summer 2022, august, september, october going into a very important month of november for your and your colleagues. for midterm elections do you think this is all plan make sure everybody is walking around in fear going into the midterms so we ensure mail-in ballots are coming your way
8:43 am
for the congressional races? >> who knows i certainly hope not seems to be the democrats want to talk about this, and create this fare out there kooifd is serious we understand that need to treat it seriously but they are focused on creating fear the i think across the country, and to the border situation, i think i think we now have to say clearly this is intentional, there is no other way to interpret this the biden administration is intentionally allowing people to cross our border in essence open border and intentional we need to make that point clear to the american people, they are intentionally lowell people all custodians all over the world to come into our nation without proper protocols without detaining people o supposed to contain not returning people to native kinds they are not following the law. it is intentional. maria: very concerning especially when you see covid numbers, massive increases over overier migrants with
8:44 am
covid congressman we are going to watch it certainly continue to spaut spotlight on it so appreciate you thank you so congressman jim so aredan thank you, sir. tom brady in on the craze a new deal for company autograph we will tell you about it stay with us. . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. the nft boom continues digital assets giving artists alth
8:48 am
elitist the opportunity to sell authentic memorabilia directly to fans one backed by cofounder tom brady features a roster of super stars now to go live on draftkings marketplace joining me ceo funde of autograph dillon, thanks very much for being here, assess the situation for us, first off, what is are the popularity between mfts how will autographs benefit? >> a yes, mfts are popular brings people one step closer to the things they love i think perfect medium for digital collecting, autographs' position to be official mft partner of the world's biggest talent content provider brands givers us opportunity to create really, really compelling content, partner with platforms like draft king make it easy to purchase mft dive in see everything that goes along with digital collecting.
8:49 am
>> it is really incredible how the memorabilia industry hasten to off, and the pricing, has gone along with it, tell us what the draftking partnership does for you. >> the draftking partnership really likewise to us sell our mfts at accessible price line amazing audience that we know our collectors interested in sports gives us the ability to price things as low as 15 to 20 dollars high end ones as we'll want to start at real accessible price line so people get feet wet enjoying autographed collectibles. >> so tell us what to expect. what kind of products. >> yeah, excited about this tomorrow, on wednesday should you expect the autograph preseason collection, and tom brady the cofounder agreed to drop his preseason passes tomorrow at 3 pm eastern on draftkings marketplace you will be able to buy the tom
8:50 am
brady lat num, ruby passes, five tiers of passes prf rential passes we hope you apply through draftkings use that to enter the community as a first step into all offerings. >> i lot of it what kind of products do you want people to understand at your company? >> i want people to look at preseason passes as first step into what a larger product is going to be centered american digit cleshls official lines mfts through draftkings next step entertainment with partner yet to be announced musicians going to shear incidentally creators expanding into different verticals creating pretty unique incidentally collections that follow trends
8:51 am
in the market today and have a little bit of autographs on the line mixed in. >> i love it incidentally asset boom who would have thought great to have you we will watch tomorrow and wednesday for sure the rest of the week dillon from autograph fashion with a political spin why vogue facing criticism for coverage of white house press secretary jen psaki making a buzz this morning, stay with us.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
alligators in the pressroom how being called "nice" is sexist many calling magazine out saying filed to recognize female wheats workers including sarah sanders kayleigh mcenany, of course, first lady melania trump. dagen: badge of honor not to be featured in this rag this magazine has done more to perpetuate uncontainable standard of beauty for women over decades. to perpetuate this false need to spend all money that you earn, on hideous clothing, quite frankly. it is a joke. so all these women aren't featured in it, bless you. maria: liz i mean just such a double standard i mean melania trump was a modeled at one
8:56 am
point, first lady and really got snubbed by vogue and all these fashion magazines, now going all-in first, you know right after president biden was inaugurated first cover story was first lady jilled by the rudeness showing melania trump stunningly beautiful woman be ahead of with such dignity under constant attack four years is stunning, what can you say? they have to write wonderful things about jen psaki the face of the biden administration you have a president who cannot speak on his own who is not allowed by the press people surrounding him to talk unguardianedly to reporters general sack youi probably most important person in white house to some degree the president incapable of sends his message to america they have to build this woman
8:57 am
up i think they is competent i don't think they is great she lies to the press all the time just the way all press secretaries have to do to cover-up failings of the administration i am not at all surprised they are giving her this treatment they absolutely have to do that. maria: well one person who will not allow her to lie is peter doocy doing an incredible job may be she is talking about him. . just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist including automatic emergency braking.
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maria: have a great day. "varney & co." begins right now. a take it away, stu. stuart: good morning. two hours from now, the vote begins on the trillion dollar infrastructure package, yes, it's likely to pass. however, the bill does not include the section on crypto regulation or taxation. some republican senators are not happy about that. they say this omission displays a fundamental misunderstanding of the crypto industry. that's for bitcoin and


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