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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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long mission on mars surface simulations. the missions will include four crewmembers living inside of a 1700 square foot, 3d printed module from johnson space center. the plan is to simulate challenges astronauts could face on missions to mars including equipment failure and communication delays. elizabeth: okay, tonight what comes next after new york democrat governor andrew cuomo resigns today? his scandals are growing a stunning and dramatic downfall. it pulled down others around cuomo. he was once a rising star. cuomo ruthlessly bullied his opponents. this is a story about the abuse of power and the ugly sign of politics. today cuomo went down insisting he did nothing wrong. the his lawyers continued to attack the new york state
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attorney general and his accusers. cuomo faces criminal probes. this story is not over. joining us independent counsel sol wisenberg, jared gandolfo, new york state democrat senator todd kaminsky, former treasury official monica crowley and ford o'connell is with us. former police officer and prosecutor phillip holloway. we have texas department of officer, he is lieutenant christopher oliveras. two women stepped forward to accuse cuomo of sexual harassment. the total is now 14. the infrastructure bill face as rocky path in the house. speaker nancy pelosi is yielding to progress progressives tonight. is it unconstitutional for one party to raise taxes without republican votes in this new spending blowout? that is what is happening. democrats giving the irs way more power to bring in cash to pay for all of that spending.
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we'll take you to the white house. it is growing frustrated with poor covid data. the cdc has been called out by florida for erroneously inflating florida covid cases. the nih director admits they don't have rigorous data covid variants. we'll take you to chicago. this is america's worst city for shootings. there is backlash against state attorney kim fox. she reportedly dropped a number of felony cases, homicides, sex assaults and drug offenses. you will be stunned at number. texas border mayors calling for the biden administration to help out against rising border crime. the doj warned mexico and china are operating money laundering and drug trafficking networks at the border. thanks for joining us. "the evening edit" joins us right now.
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♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. new york governor andrew cuomo says he will leave office in two weeks time amid multiple growing probes. this story is far from over. fox news's laura engle has more. laura. reporter: hi, elizabeth. new york governor andrew cuomo's televised resignation came minutes after his defense attorney was holding her own news conference to denounce the sexual harassment allegations against him. although he denied ever touching anyone inappropriately he did apologize for offending women. they were he said this. >> i love new york. and i love you and everything i have ever done has been motivated by that love. and i would never want to be unhelpful in any way. and i think that given the
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circumstances the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. reporter: it was one week ago today that new york attorney general letitia james announced the results of an independent investigation which found governor cuomo essentially harassed 11 woman including a current and former aide and a state trooper. pressure has been working for the governor to step aside as momentum was building in the legislature to remove him by impeachment. now the democratic state assembly will have to decide if the impeachment moves forward. elizabeth? elizabeth: laura engle, thanks for joining us. good to see you. let's bring in, joining us is former independent counsel sol wisenberg and new york state assemblyman jared began golf foe. what does he face next and faces
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half a dozen d.a. probes and other probes out there as well. what comes next. >> i'm not an expert on new york state law but i would say that the, given the portions of the report that i have read any criminal liability he has at the state level looks like it would be fairly small potatoes. i don't mean in any way to downgrade what he did but compared to some of the other sexual harassment and assault allegations we've seen against politicians in the last five or 10 years it is mild by comparison. if you want something to compare it to in a way think about what caused al franken to resign but this is like al franken for two straight terms and it is happening day in, day out in the governor's office. so that is the best analogy i can think of. it's a corrupt system there. we talked about before, the good ol' boy atmosphere in the
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executive chambers there. elizabeth: yeah. but the women there, you know, assemblyman, they felt really seriously harassed. cuomo apologized. he said i never crossed the line with anyone. he said my sense of humor can be insensitive. he said he did not mean to globe anybody. how can you say that when he allegedly reached up one accuser's shirt and groped her? we're talking about 179 witnesses, 74,000 pages of documents. these were serious charges. the average age of these women were 22 years old. they are younger than his own daughters. >> you know i think he is totally full of it. his statement today and preceding him his attorney's press conference they continue continued to attack the attorney general and blame the victims. apparently everyone else has a problem and not governor cuomo's conduct. they keep insinuating these women took things the wrong way.
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maybe that is why he did prey on 22-year-old and younger women. because maybe he felt they were too timid to speak up to say something. until that dam broke, more and more women came out. it came down on top of him. i don't think he has any friends left. i was happy to see his resignation today in true cuomo fashion where tried to make him the hero of the story but. elizabeth: nine of the 11 aaccuseers were state workers. you talked about that too, the big problem was retaliation. his attorneys still attacked the investigators today. still attacking the accusers. his team was accused of retaliating against the accusers. that is against the law. what do you say to that? >> that is usually where you get caught. it is easier to prove a harrassment allegation than the underlying, sorry retaliation
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than the underlying sexual harassment. at least with one of the victims they feel they have got a pretty strong case. that is where he is going to have, certainly where he has potential civil liability but it looks, it is just endemic there. what the, what is so damaging it is person of a person of a person. this is 11 people. it is a pattern that everybody knew about and really the other shocking thing about it was how it was enabled. you can't do something like this unless you're enabled by the people who are around you. so certainly a culture of fear and retaliation and enablement. elizabeth: reports are coming in, assemblyman, two more women have approached the state attorney general accusing cuomo of sexual harassment. that was forwarded to law enforcement. you know the the one accuser,
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karen hinton reportedly he wouldn't hire a woman was not quote president enough and apparently cuomo thought it was a joke and laughed about the monica lewinsky bill clinton scandal. it should be pointed out monica lewinsky was about the same age as chelsea clinton. talk to us about the climate sol just pointed out. climate fear, toxic bullying around andrew cuomo. >> just to sol's point that was outlined in the attorney general's report, that this culture of fear on the second floor of the capitol is what kind of kept this under wraps. people were scared to speak out. if they did speak out i'm sure they would have gotten destroyed publicly. we know lindsey boylan's personnel file was shopped around to media outlets to smear her as soon as she came out. it is horrible to see. you have his spokespeople who viciously attack everyone who goes against the governor and famously one of his staffers even said the governor has two
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modes, get along and kill. i think that is what we've seen boil over now. a lot of this vitriol that has been bubbling under the surface has been brought to light. elizabeth: even today cuomo's attorneys went after accusers lindsey boylan and another, you know, commisso as well. sol, cuomo's accusers including lindsey boylan was asking the governor's to stop his behavior and he wouldn't do it. he downplayed what is going on. she said it's a tragedy so many stood by to watch these abuses happen. new york republicans like elise steph nan nick and claudia tenney, steve scalise is saying open the doors, open the windows, open the books on the chapter of coverup of nursing home deaths tied to cuomo's executive or putting patients
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back into nursing homes. that still has legs. what do you say? >> boy, i think that is a really interesting point this is being covered by the mainstream liberal media but you see virtually nothing about the nursing home deaths and his role in that. and so, they're more than happy to divert their listeners, make them into somebody who can be a attacked for that. as opposed to the, both stories should be covered, the nursing home too. the another thing strikes me liz, the stuff we're talking about that he did, both the conduct he engaged in and the attack on the people who come forward, it is like 20 years out of date. it is something you would have expected in the clinton scandal. elizabeth: right. >> where all kinds of things he did even though they were bad they were much more accepted back then t was much more accepted that he could go, he and james carville could go and attack paula jones and stuff
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like that. everybody has recognized for the at least the last 10 or 15 years that wasn't right and you shouldn't do that and yet nobody in albany in the governor's office seemed to have gotten the message. elizabeth: we hear you. feels like the bob packwood scandal. a little bit of touches as well. jared gandolfo thank you very much. sol you stick around. jared gandolfo thanks for being here, we appreciate it. he resigned today but it is not over and over for those around him. new york state democrat todd kaminsky will join the conversation. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> just strikes me on some levels how wrong cuomo has been from the start when he said this is politically motivated. ♪. t you can close with more certainty.
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the team of tomorrow. ♪. >> i am a fighter and my instinct is to fight through this controversy because i truly believe it is politically motivated. the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. elizabeth: okay. that was new york governor
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andrew cuomo announcing his resignation today. it had been more than 13 allegations of sexual harassment. back with us now former deputy independent counsel sol wisenberg. joining us new york democrat state senator. he is a former federal prosecutor, he is todd kaminsky. todd, great to have you back on. your reaction to today's events? sol and i were just talking about this the governor said he did not mean to grope women. i don't know how you don't mean to grope people when you reach up under a blouse to grope them. you know what i mean? that is what the state ag said. >> clearly voters agreed with you. the governor knew voters agreed with him. he knew specifically he had no way out. you can tell the governor sought to fight this but saw no way past forward. today was him getting a shot but the public was not buying it. there was nauseating behavior. there was no getting back that
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and the governor knew that. i think today was about the 14 days he bought himself n new york impeachment triggers immediate removal unlike washington. what that does that mean, literally going out the backdoor of the governor's mansion. coffee is hot on your desk when you leave the executive building. he wants 14 days to plan the next phase in ceremony just way as possible. he got himself those 14 days today. but i don't think anyone is buying his narrative how things went down. elizabeth: that is an interesting point, sol. you wonder what his next chapter will be to take two weeks to rehabilitate. sol, you and i talked about this, this is a story how one person in power can drag down others around him. your take on chris cuomo. "washington post" going at him here. media center said chris cuomo acted more like a democrat strategist than an anchor. the attorney general said chris cuomo helped andrew cuomo retaliate and smear his accusers
6:19 pm
that chris cuomo contributed to an environment where the governor's essentially harassing conduct wag allowed to persist and flourish. what do you say to that? >> it sounds like he helped a little too much. he got a little too close to the situation, and i doubt seriously he will be able to survive it but who knows. he has a highly rated show. but as we all know some of this happens in politics when you have, in politics and journalism you have a revolving door. i haven't seen anything quite so blatant as. this you were talking about going back to what you were saying originally the 14 days he has got. i'm sure there is absolutely no truth to the rumor he is looking for countries that don't have extradition treaty with the united states. elizabeth: that's funny. todd, let's get back to what chris cuomo was doing. the "washington post" and the media reporting that cuomo is still advising his brother.
6:20 pm
others say, chris cuomo is his brother. chris cuomo said back in may he would quit doing that he told everybody he would stop doing that. let's listen to questions chris cuomo in june last year. watch this. >> obviously i love you as a brother. obviously i will never be objective. obviously i feel you're the best politician in the country. i hope you feel good about your people because i know they appreciate it. elizabeth: hollywood gives andrew cuomo an emmy. hollywood championed andrew cuomo. democrats champion andrew cuomo as a counter point to trump. it became too political. from where you sat, when you saw all of this going on, what was your reaction? >> well you know i had calls for the governor to step aside back in march because it was clear these were serious allegations, that they painted extremely disturbing conduct and they kept coming and they kept coming. we want someone who will lead the state forward, who will be
6:21 pm
able to govern effective to go not deal with all of this. to step back from all of this for a second, the things your grandparents teach you in fifth grade are still lessons in life i find that matter f you're just kind, decent, honest with people, you will do much better in life. the same people you see on the way up are the ones you see on the way down. i absolutely believe you can be an effective, strong elected official and strong leader without having to crush people, demean them or disrespect them or lie to them. i think new york is expecting that you shouldn't have to choose between one or the other. the governor put that choice too many times to us and went way too far in terms of treating people like garbage and the state -- elizabeth: yeah. new york is dying, needs good leaders. sol, the three last governors like, left office in disgrace. you have cnn going after a high schoolkid with a red hat for a week straight. when it comes to an attorney general says is a serial predator in the governor's
6:22 pm
office who goes after women younger than his daughters, who covered up nursing home deaths tied to his executive order putting patients back in, he gets a pass with his brother chris cuomo his brother at cnn he has lib tall ties to a network? this is today's mainstream media? >> this was even going on, what you're talking about was going on, everybody saw the famous show that he was on and he had the big swab, the giant swab. he was making fun of his brother's nose. it has been going on for a long time but i think what todd said is extremely well-put. a lot of this goes back to decency and manners and one of the things that i find upsetting in both parties this happens, there are a number of politicians now and it seems to have gotten worse. both sides in the last few years when they get accused of something they double down big time. i mean you have a lieutenant
6:23 pm
governor of virginia who is running for governor, who was talking about credibly accused, he was credibly accused of serious sexual assault compared himself to emmitt till. i'm not picking on one party. we know it happens to both parties. it seems interesting to me that there is, they take a very aggressive tact. i don't know how to explain it. elizabeth: talking about doubling down, final word, go ahead, todd, quickly. >> there is structural problem in new york without having checks on the governor. the fact that the attorney general had to ask the governor a referral to investigate the governor is crazy of the we need to empower people to check power -- elizabeth: good point. great point new york state senator todd kaminsky, the always terrific sol wisenberg. great to see you both. up next monica crowley joins us as the senate rammed through the costly infrastructure bill.
6:24 pm
house speaker pelosi progressives say may get a hard time in the house. they may want to join with the 3 1/2 trillion dollar spending bill. it is loaded with a lot of stuff you want to hear about. this debate is it unconstitutional for one party, in this case the democrats to raise without republicans voting on that? the story next. >> this is a gateway drug to socialism as well as a taxing and spending free. i think it will be five trillion dollars when it is all said and done. ♪. yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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♪. elizabeth: okay, to your money. the dow and s&p hitting record highs today in trading. the senate passed the infrastructure bill. it is now being hailed as d.c. can get some bipartisan swap things done but there are lots of devils in the details, a lot of stuff people want to know about. look who is here, former treasury department assistant secretary for public affairs monica crowley. great to have you on. take this on, how is it constitutional that one party, democrats can raise taxes without our consent? they're icing out half the country. they're icing out the republicans. they want to do 3 1/2 trillion dollar reconciliation bill, has lots of taxes with democrat only votes. this sounds unconstitutional, what do you say? >> i wish it were, liz but unfortunately it is not. if the democrats want to go down
6:29 pm
the path of amounting down this 3.5 or 4 trillion-dollar next spending bill chock-full of multitrillion dollar tax hikes and liberal wish-list they have been waiting for since bernie sanders's budget, they can do it through reconciliation. they will need all 50 democratic senators plus kamala harris the vice president to break a tie, assuming there is a tie. then it could encounter real difficulty in the house. republicans are in power, liz, they always want to work across the aisle and try to strike bipartisan deals. when democrats are in power they exercise raw power. this is a real lesson for republicans next time, assuming there is a next time they control congress. elizabeth: yeah. this just feels like taxation without representation. republicans represent half the country. the democrats don't have a mandate. this is a slim three to four net vote majority in the house. the lowest since world war i.
6:30 pm
dems see internal polling they may lose the congress next year. the progressives are ramming stuff through. they got what, net one million, two million votes total? why do they get to push all of this on people, you know what i mean? feels like taxation without representation. let's show the taxes they're talking about in this upcoming 3 1/2 trillion bill. watch. go ahead, monica? >> well i was just going to say, liz, that legislatively and in terms of the process they can do it assuming that they have their votes. it does feel wrong and there will certainly be economic consequences to this kind of spending and it is going to result in higher taxes, higher inflation, a huge debt bomb, less freedom for every american. that is what we're going to face if they get this through but remember that the democrats are all about what president obama once called the fundamental transformation of the nation. so they can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs.
6:31 pm
if that means losing some races next year, that even means losing the congress, it is worth it to them. of course they would rather be in power but it is worth it to them to lose that control in order to move the open the window ever more to the left. that is what their grand project to the -- elizabeth: hang on. we're running out of time. i'm so sorry. they're talking about $80 billion to hire 87,000 more irs auditors in order to bring in $787 billion to pay for the spending that feels like an illegal quota system you know what i mean, to do that, you are going to hire more people to bring in money to pay for your government blowout. they're talking again about a new irs reporting regime, monica, where the irs will get everybody's bank account information, their investment account information. loan account information. paypal, venmo information,
6:32 pm
right? go ahead. >> i was going to say remember the last time we saw expansion of the irs and president obama and vice president biden. we saw the rabid politicization of the irs where they were targeting conservatives, faith based groups, tea party groups. the theory if you empower the irs even more even under the guise of seeking out every last tax dollar, you're empowering them. the danger it will become ever more political, even more so than it already is. there are huge dangers here. we've already experienced incredible inflation. this is going to be child's play compared to what is going on, what is coming down the pike if they get the additional five to six trillion dollars in spending. elizabeth: we hear you. also talking about a national mileage tax. we didn't get into that with you, monica crowley. thanks for joining us. come back again soon. you are watching the fox
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business network. we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. up next ford o'connell. we have this new report. the white house is really growing frustrated with the poor covid data behind all the restrictions and lockdowns, the cdc look at this, called out by florida for erroneously inflating florida's covid cases sunday. they have already stripped governors of their emergency pandemic powers. this story next on "the evening edit". i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ elizabeth: okay, lawmakers in 46 states have moved to either strip or limit their governors pandemic powers arguing that they have overextended their authority. "usa today" reports six governors were stripped of their powers. talking kentucky, new york, michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, idaho. new jersey's democrat above losing his power as well. let's bring in gop strategist
6:38 pm
ford o'connell. ford, there is that story and also this. take this on. the white house is increasingly frustrated. the cdc has poor data on the pandemic. they're frustrated with that. watch this, the nih director, ford, admits quote, we do not have rigorous data to show that the delta variant is more dangerous for kids. the media is scaring schools to be shut down again with anecdotal stories. what do you say? >> we are 16 to 17 months into covid and with different variants hoisted upon america there is real concern in legislatures in this country about unchecked, out of control power. further as you noted to many decisions we've made over the last 16, 17 months in various states around the country is not based on scientists and hard data, because the cdc has not gathered accurate, hard data, based on paranoia, political
6:39 pm
concerns what is best for the people, what is going on at that moment. elizabeth: you're 99.99% protected from hospitalization or death if you're vaccinated. listen the variants are scary. the u.s. ranks 32nd in the world behind latvia, lithuania testing covid samples. they have only tested 1.34%. we have that, the state of florida health department. they had to correct the cdc. the cdc showed the wrong number for covid cases in florida on sunday. the cdc lumped multiple days into one. what do you say to that? >> i find it odd the cdc keeps making mistakes about my home state of florida. i think that is slightly political because of our governor ron desantis says vaccinations are the way to go. we'll not go back to anymore restrictions. but do that point, the cdc, the way it collects data it does not
6:40 pm
do it in a timely manner. it waits until it is published. with the trillions of dollars the u.s. spent on covid. it is amazing we're not doing more to test for the delta variant. elizabeth: we hear you, there is a 70% uptick in cases since last month. masks will not end the pandemic. only herd immunity will. a virus doesn't mutate unless you let it spread. that is why we're seeing a lot of about mandates. people are asking about the science behind the camera. anthony fauci talks about the science and endorses vaccinations mandates for teachers. he is basically going on tv saying follow the science. what are your science? what are the actual data points? what you're seeing, right? >> seems to me the science fauci is following is political sciences not actual data science. he is not being forthright with the american public. to your point, emac, the only
6:41 pm
way we will beat this through herd immunity and vaccination. we have to find a way to continue to live our life. we can't keep having mask mandates in schools because of developmental problems associated with it. we have to find a way to move forward in our country and get beyond partisan politics. elizabeth: we need a hurricane map of the variants in the country. they can go on tv as much as they want. how be spending more time on tracking variants to get more genetic sampling done. only 1.34% is tested. 32nd in the world. we're spending a lot of money. for the o'connell i talked a lot. we're out of time. i left you with your jaw open. bring the thought back on camera thank you. look at this chicago it is america's worse city for shootings. we have a backlash against state attorney kim fox. she reportedly dropped and her office dropped a shocking number of felony cases. we're talking homicides, sexual
6:42 pm
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but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it. yum! ♪. elizabeth: joining us now, former prosecutor and georgia police officer, he is phillip holloway. phil, great to have you back on. this is a major economic impact story. it is defunding the police. now this. "the chicago tribune" is reporting you want to know what is behind chicago, murder cities, rising crime? top chicago prosecutor kim fox, her office has dismissed more than 25,000 felony cases. we're talking murders, homicides, shootings, sexual assaults serious drug offenses. this is 35% higher than her predecessor. this is about a third of felony cases dismissed, 30%, what do you say? >> liz, can we really honestly still call her a prosecutor?
6:47 pm
that kind of dismissal is just insanity. i just a few minutes ago this is a complete failure of leadership that we're seeing in places, particularly like chicago. kim fox what she is doing is a disgrace. the entirety of chicago government seems like it's a disgrace. we're witnessing before our very eyes, liz, the actual disintegration of civilized society if we don't turn this thing around. the inmates truly run asylum. i'm all for dismissing criminal cases if there is good reason, i don't know, lack of evidence, somebody is innocent, maybe they complete ad pretrial diversion program or arms length transaction, plea negotiation but this type of dismissal rate requires some type of oversight. i don't know where it will come from. this is a disgrace and she has let down her oath of office. elizabeth: kim fox gained
6:48 pm
notoriety for dismissing the charges against jussie smollett the actor who faked his own hate crime against himself. the grand jury reinstated those allegations. democrat representative cori bush and other "squad" members continue to push defunding the police. the biden white house is distancing itself from defund the police. what do you say to this story? >> well, look, we've talked about this a number of times. we could do an entire show, two or three on defund the police. you cannot just demoralize and demean and entire profession the way the defund the police movement attempts to do with law enforcement and expect crime to go down. in fact quite the opposite what we see. we see crime actually go up, liz. police activity may actually decrease so arrests may go down but it is just not true to say crime is down when crime is actually through the roof. if police are demoralized, they don't have the incentive to do
6:49 pm
the extra work, make the extra traffic stops, go the extra mile to do more than they absolutely have to do. you just can't demoral i'd and demean police and expect to get a handle on your crime problem in the united states. elizabeth: how are you going to have a weak border when you have drug gangs pouring into two dozen cities. your take on two dozen police officers turning their back on lori lightfoot. they she was visiting a cop shot. police officer was killed, ella french. cops in chicago, the police union in chicago, saying the mayor vilified the cops there. the day after the cops fatally shot, she said a statement that cops in chicago are flawed. try walk in the shoes of a cop in chicago. go ahead.
6:50 pm
>> she wants it both ways, her political need and demonize them throw police thrown under the bus. she get as photo-op, she is someone injured by the policies she fosters enabling this culture of violence against police she wants to have it both ways. quite frankly the police union should be upset. officers should be turning their back. they should be shunning mayor lightfoot because it really is shameless. it is another instance of elected leadership failing their constituents, violation of her oath of office as well. elizabeth: phillip holloway, thanks for joining us. come back soon. >> you bet. thanks for having me. elizabeth: up next, top texas safety official, lieutenant chris oliveras. he joins us on this story. texas border mayors are joining growing call for the biden administration to fight rising crime. the doj warn that mexico and
6:51 pm
china are operating money laundering and drug trafficking networks at the border. stay with us. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> it is quite amazing. you have a federal government who should be working with the state of texas, the state of air southern and others trying to protect that border around trying to protect american citizens living in those states. instead you have the biden administration going to court to try to stop actions the state of texas is taking. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln.
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6:55 pm
elizabeth: fox news reporter jonathan hunt and fox news cameras, exclusive footage of hundreds of migrants again streaming across the board into texas, one of the largest single groups of migrants we've seen in the past month, joining me christopher olivarez of the texas department of safety, it's great to have you back on, thank you for your service to our country. the mayor of laredo texas and other border mayors are saying president biden send us help, he saying they're ignoring their phone calls their saner rise of criminal activity in their neighborhoods because of the drug cartels and gangs, what do you say about this. >> thank you for having me on,
6:56 pm
of course this is a perfect example how out of control this crisis is it's affecting everyone local communities and local officials, mayors and other cities because the federal government is not answering the call and that's why texas is leading the charge and stepping forward and solutions to combat this crisis right now, it just goes to show is a failure of leadership on the federal government and that's why we see the issues along the southern border. elizabeth: were a humanitarian open arms country, this is not an attack against legal immigration, is not an anti-immigrant issue, it's about migrants coming here safely and it's about them getting insulted by drug and human traffickers, thousands of them were killed along the way, what is administration's actual plan to stop the destruction of border communities to stop lethal drug cartels and human trafficking the justice department says
6:57 pm
there is a transnational chinese and mexican drug cartel network operating at the border among other criminal cartels, what do you say that. >> up until this point there hasn't been any solutions from the federal government, that's why governor abbott launched operation lone star and the department of public safety troopers at the southern border because of the crisis because nothing was being done by the federal government. we no right now, if migrants want to come across we want them to come across safely but they're coming into contact with vicious cartel members on the mexican side who have control and profiting off of them and not only that but you have the human smugglers that are smuggling the migrants further inland and just in the past week within six days our troopers have investigated three fatality crashes because of the human smugglers who have no regard for the safety of the migrants of
6:58 pm
the transported, it's all in network, it's a network for them at a profit for them in the continue profiting off a certain crisis right now just as long as there's no policies in place to prevent this from happening. elizabeth: it's a multibillion-dollar industry is a fortune 500 company, here's a question for dr. fauci, the nih, what other countries are importing covid and spreading it throughout the borders, the answer is none of them, why is it the cdc showing any interest in testing for variance crossing the border, this is not anti-immigrant it's about protecting the migrants from getting covid, how many covid samples as dr. fauci, nih, cdc, how many have they look tougher testing, shouldn't people have the hair on fire interest for this information, we have late-night talkshow host and cnn anchor saying this is that hitting other states, yet is do the legwork and talk to border patrol in the governors of people like you it's hitting
6:59 pm
every state, what do you say. >> it is i'm here right now i'm in mission texas where the city has put up a temporary tent structure for the migrants that are positive or covid in what's happening these migrants are going to be shipped out further inland by bus or by plane it's affecting everyone in the country is a very serious problem a national security problem especially a threat to human health when you have individuals that are positive for covid and their being transported further in and into the country. elizabeth: lieutenant you're doing great service to our country, what would be your message to those out there who say that the border is a challenge and is under control. >> it's always been a challenge and worked on the border i'm a city police officer and i missed a police officer and we boys had issues on the border whether be legal immigration, narcotics, weapons, currency, cartel members but we haven't seen it,
7:00 pm
by far it is historic, there is a serious crisis of the border and cartels are operating on the u.s. side it's a national security threat to our country. elizabeth: thank you for your service, come back soon. i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" that doesn't for us, thank you for watching we hope you have a good evening enjoy this again tomorrow night. larry: hello, welcome back to "kudlow" i am larry kudlow. lots of big news today, governor andrew cuomo resigns, the senate has chosen to spend like crazy people to give us a congressional low down, let's go right to hillary vaughn. >> good evening, the bipartisan infrastructure bill failed through the senate when 19 republican voting for it but is installed in the house until the senate can pass the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package that helps


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