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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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"fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: begin with the white house getting criticized by canada for quote, hypocrisy after the administration calls on opec and russia to stop gas prices rising by increasing drilling over there when the white house has been stopping drilling here and the oil and gas industry now hitting back at the administration. white house is now urging the ftc to look into quote, illegal activity as to blame for rising gas prices. people are asking though where is the proof of that? joining us tonight tennessee's mark green oil analyst
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phil flynn, liz peek, iowa's mariannette miller-meeks, "washington examiner" correspondent byron york, jason chaffetz, former dhs top official laura reis. this story, house speaker nancy pelosi now doing maximum damage, alienating moderate democrats in her party. she is basically vowing they will not get their infrastructure vote this month unless the senate first passes the huge 3 1/2 trillion dollar spending package. this is a collision course. this is what is driving it. polls and history shows the party in charge is poised to lose control over congress next year. plus this bombshell admission, a 180. a top official led the probe into the pandemic in china. he warn as infected wuhan lab worker is quote, a probable scenario for the pandemic origin in china. also this there is not one but
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two wuhan labs that should be investigated. he also says china pressured him stopping digging in china. as the school year begins we have got the fight between parents and school boards now breaking out coast to coast over curriculums and covid mandates. we have got the details. also gop lawmakers just introduced a new bill saying if a state or city enacts vaccine passports, they must also require voter i.d. more on the bombshell report that says hunter biden believed that russian drug dealers stole a third laptop from him for blackmail. he has lost three laptops now. this is fueling new questions, if this is the work of foreign intelligence and to the border, apprehensions of illegal migrants now topped 212,000 in july. this is the biggest, more in 20 years. incoming border patrol chief says this crisis is the most complicated he has ever seen. thanks for joining us.
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i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. the dow, the s&p, ended in record territory for a third day in a row. we have wholesale inflation, producer price index coming in much hotter than expected in july. we also have jobless claims falling as the labor market recovers. let's bring in tennessee congressman mark green, fox news contributor phil flynn. great to have you both on. first to you, congressman. what was your first reaction when you heard canada is criticizing the white house for hypocrisy calling for russia and saudi arabia to increase oil drilling but not here. what do you say to that. >> that is pretty ridiculous. the biden administration wants to shut down u.s. oil production, north american production, go to opec to ask
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those guys to increase the supply so the price falls. it is absolutely absurd. this is the most anti-american administration we've seen ever. basically we have a southern border completely porous. we're pouring money into our own economy. we're crushing our energy industry. oh, let's send our money to opec. it is just, it is dumber than dumb. elizabeth: phil what do you think about it? the white house knows that rising gas prices are the most politically dangerous for any white house. it is hitting the president's approval ratings right now. you know, you and i covered this rising gas prices and oil prices helped spur on the 2008 recession. it hurt nixon and carter in the past. what do you think about it? >> i think the biden administration knows they're in trouble, that is the reason for this disjointed policy. this is a clear sign, liz, that the biden energy policy is failing. it is failing because they were short-sighted. they were too pollyanna how
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quickly we could get off of fossil fuels. they have taken investment from traditional fossil fuels. they put it into alternative fuels that have lower return rate but we need the energy now. energy that our producers could have brought online by now and brought prices down but the biden administration is still telling them to stand down. not only did they ask opec for more production they came out and said you know, no, we have not asked u.s. energy producers to produce more, nor did they ask our friends in canada which is a big slap in the face of one of our closest allies. elizabeth: you know this is a national security issue. the u.s. for the first time in the last several years became a net exporter of fuel products. let's listen to the president what is going on. watch this. >> we're taking direction against gas prices as well. today gas prices are lower than they were early in this decade but they're still high enough to
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create a pinch on working families. elizabeth: he is also asking the ftc to look into illegal manipulation of the oil and gas markets, congressman but there is no proof of that. what do you say to that? >> it is absolutely ridiculous. when he took, when he won the election crude oil was about 30, $35 a barrel, roughly in the mid to 30s. just checked before i came on your show, 71 bucks a barrel, he wants to blame the manipulation of companies in the united states? we should have expected i guess. this is the administration refuses not to look into the origins of the covid virus. they don't want to look at china and the wuhan lab. they want to beat up american companies for spilling some vaccine, having a spill of a vaccine manufacturing site. they beat up america. they beat up american companies. they beat up american producers
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of, but they have nothing to say about the people outside of the country that are causing the problem. it is ridiculous. elizabeth: you know, the issue is, phil, there is worry that now that opec is going to dictate oil and gas prices, the president's average approval rating is nearing the flat line. phil, what is the tipping point for price increases? you know, not really 3% price increases overall for inflation. more like 6 to 8% in the '90s. that is the worry. mindful we saw back in the early '80s, remember farmers drove tractor-trailers across the country to protest the federal reserve in d.c. phil what is the tipping point? >> i think we're getting there already. we'll have to bring back the misery index because still a lot of people are unemployed and still a lot of people that are going to feel the hit from the biden failed energy policies when it comes to rising gas prices.
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make no mistake about it. the only reason they're investigating the oil prices is because their constituents are mad as can be. they're calling their congressman saying you know, all these policies we're hearing about biden, about build back better is only costing me more money. they're seeing it at the gas pump. they have a disjointed energy policy. they cancel pipelines. they discourage u.s. production. they tell people, don't invest in energy here, invest in wind farms somewhere else. that lack of investment is already showing up and it is only going to get worse, liz. u.s. energy producers are hamstrung by this administration. that means higher prices. elizabeth: okay. congressman, phil is making an important point here and you too as well you're making important points. it was just six months ago the president, the first thing he did day one was kill the keystone xl pipeline. we know there are hundreds of
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miles of other pipeline in the country. that is grandstanding. had little impact but killed thousands of jobs. we have a fragile economic recovery. delta variant. inflation is rising. inflation is becoming stickier. we have the western energy alliance, 200 oil and gas companies out west, they're saying what the president is doing is going to kill like 59,000 jobs in the oil and gas sector by 2024. what do you say to that? >> absolutely. everything that they're doing. i think it was the, you know the congressional budget office that basically said it could be as many as 30 to 40,000 jobs lost in the very near future just with the cancellation of the pipeline. but remember, all of the people who drilled for oil in those areas, they have to get the oil out of there. so those companies aredown-sizing with no way to get the oil transported. the investments in drilling, things like that years away from now have to happen now.
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why would you do that if there is no way to export or get your oil out? they are killing jobs. and this inflation, 5.4% this month. it wasn't supposed to happen. fed chair powell said, oh, no, this is transient. i had him in front of me in a committee and i was asking him about inflation. no, no. the money supply, and spending, 3.5 trillion they're talking about now. it is only going to get significantly worse under this president. elizabeth: got it. the money supply is up by a third since february of last year. final word, flynn. you are close to the oil and gas industry. you have a lot of sources there. what are they saying about the white house moves there? >> they're throwing their hands up in the air. they don't understand it. a lot of these energy producers in the united states took pride. the goal of this country for 50 years was to get off of opec oil and don't get our economy be
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held hostage. guess what? under the biden administration we're giving them control and we ad admitted that as much by begging them to increase oil production. this is economic policy, geopolitically a nightmare. every american will pay for this, if you want to know how much, just fill up your because pump tonight and you will find out. >> phil flynn, congressman, green, great to see you both. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having us, liz. elizabeth: up next liz peek on house speaker nancy pelosi doing maximum damage to her own party alienating democrat moderates. she is saying they will not get their infrastructure vote this month unless the senate passes the huge 3 1/2 trillion dollar spending package. this is the collision course. this is what is driving it. polls and history shows that the party in charge is poised to lose control over congress next
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now fox news contributor liz peek. liz, this feels like a dangerous gamble. the progressives are getting house speaker nancy pelosi to double down, outraging moderate democrats. nancy pelosi says now the house will not vote for the senate's infrastructure bill until the senate passes the democrats $3.5 trillion package. what was your reaction when you heard that? >> she has continued to link these two bills, liz, even though moderate democrats in the house have written her a letter, please don't do this, give us a chance to vote on the stand-alone bill. $1.5 trillion partisan infrastructure bill. don't tie it to the 3 1/2 trillion dollar bill because they know in their swing districts moderates are in trouble. voters connect the dots between outrageous spending the democrats want to double down on and inflation. what hurts working people more, than rising cost of living.
6:17 pm
everyday necessity of prices going up everywhere. they're not stupid. they get this is a big problem, these democrats it is like a suicide pact. i don't know why nancy pelosi is taking this path. it is not risky. it is literally deadly. elizabeth: 10 democrat moderates say they will not go for the bigger spending package. if she loses net three to four votes what is going to happen? if 10 say no, the deals may be off. more delayed, americans fear and see rising inflation. the more they fear it, more delayed. by the way they don't have a mandate what is it going on here? >> that is the curious thing remember we weren't going to nominate bernie sanders that democrat officials felt the progressive wing of the party was much too radical for the american voter. where is that thinking now? joe biden adopted, congress is going along with the most radical progressive program
6:18 pm
ever. so i actually don't understand it. it seems to me totally at odds what they promised voters which is a moderate position on the president's behalf. as you point out, there is no mandate. they have barely a majority in the house. and no majority at all in the senate. where is the call to veer left in the way that this bill would do, increase our entitlements programs unfathomably, increase our debt, drive up prices? all of this is going to come asunder because i don't think it will happen. listen the stock market is telling us it will not happen. or you would see stock prices plunging. elizabeth: that is interesting you say that. also why do they think that they can do both of these bills? because infrastructure did not pass even under trump when republicans controlled the congress. now we've got eight democrats poised to either quit or run for other offices next year. on average the controlling
6:19 pm
party, one in charge loses like 24 to 28 votes. democrats see, they're alarmed at internal polling behind the scenes that they're going to lose control of congress next year. so they're trying to ram through spending. they're saying working class needs this money and it is to fight climate change. what do you say? >> i think it is baloney. the worst thing you can do for working class american, raise the cost of everyday necessities. also what we're seeing, as you know inflation is running at about five to six, maybe 7% now. wages are only rising about 4%. the other terrible thing you could do to working class americans is raise the cost of energy. gasoline, home heating oil, all of those things. look at california, where a push to renewable fuels has led electricity costs to be 50% higher than any place in the rest of the country. gasoline prices are more than 50% higher in california.
6:20 pm
that is what the entire country is heading to if they adopt this green new deal program. i think it is really, i think it is really a bad idea. again, i don't think the country wants it. all the polling shows a lot of the stuff is extremely unpopular. elizabeth: yeah. you know the progressives "squad," they won their seat with maybe a net 1.5 million, two million votes out of 150 million people voting. why don't they test drive these green new deal boondoggles to see if they work in cities or states singularly, not massively nationwide? there is that. the other thing that is disturbing, liz, i want your opinion on this, the democrats were moving to raise taxes on their own with only democrat votes in the senate. that feels like taxation without representation icing out half the country. what do you say to that? >> well by the way, we have not
6:21 pm
talked nearly enough, we the media, about the taxes and other ways that the democrats intend to pay for this big bill, right? they're talking about raising taxes on wealthy americans. okay, everyone is in favor of that. but when you start talking about raising taxes on corporations, liz, workers know that that filters down into less generous wage increases over a period of time. that is not also good for american workers. tax hikes extend to everybody and polling shows that people get that they're not in favor of it. elizabeth: liz peek, always great having you on. we love your insights and perspectives. come back soon. good to see you again. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: okay, next up, this bombshell admission. a top w.h.o. official who led the probe in china into the pandemic, he now warns that an infected wuhan lab worker is a quote, probable scenario for the pandemic's origins in china.
6:22 pm
w.h.o. officials also now warn that not one but two wuhan labs should be investigated. congresswoman mariannette miller-meeks, she has been digging into the origins of the virus. she joins us next on "the evening edit." stay right there. >> we believe it did leak out of the lab and, you know, the world has never been the same. before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -audrey's expecting... -twins! ♪♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan. up here, success depends on the choices you make.
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neither are resilient people. there's strength in every family story. learn more about yours. at ancestry. ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show iowa congresswoman dr. mariannette miller-meeks. doctor, great to have you on. okay, there is this bombshell admission from this top w.h.o. official. he led the probe into the pandemic in china. dr. peter barak, covid patient zero is probably an infected wuhan lab worker, what do you say to that? he says china is also pressuring him to stop digging. what do you say to this. >> this is not a surprise. we know china has not been transparent or forthcoming what is happening. they have been vociferious
6:27 pm
denying there was any laboratory leak. we know from this time during the hearing we had in congress for this to be of natural origin, zoonotic origin and dr. tadros said a leak from laboratory was on the table. as we find out that will be the most plausible scenario, whether he lab worker got infected directly from a bat or gain of function research they were doing at the laboratory we know it leaked at a laboratory. what is more stunning, we're getting to the end of the 90 days that president biden had the fbi look into the lab leak theory. they will probably come up and say they don't have enough evidence. it is because we're not doing the right research and we're not doing the right investigation. elizabeth: yeah. this is going to undercut dr. fauci and others who dismissed this early on and also
6:28 pm
those in the media. dr. fauci is saying yes, investigate it. early down was downplaying. dr. embraer rec, and w.h.o. officials warn about a second chinese lab in wuhan run by china's version of its cdc. listen to this, the doctor said when he was in whew hahn china he asked about the second lab. he asked, what did it start? the chinese said we started it in december 2019. doctor, that means they were moving between these two laboratories viruses. it is december 2019 is the when the official outbreak started. that is when china says it started. what do you say to this? >> well the official outbreak they said started started in der but we already have additional information that it started earlier than that we know three lab workers became hospitalized. that was in november. mr. were military sports games in october. there were athletes from around
6:29 pm
the world. wuhan was in a lockdown. they didn't have media, fans, it was like a ghost town in wuhan and several of the athletes became ill and had covid-like symptoms we would call them now. so we know it looks like the virus started much earlier than that we have that evidence, although it is circumstantial certainly leads us to believe that the virus started much earlier than what the official proclamation is. as we said china has continued to downplay any possibility that this leaked from a lab. last year i discussed with the physicians that there were two laboratories in wuhan although the one that is closest to the wet market where they said this originate is the wuhan institute of virology. there are actually two laboratories. we know they had breaches in safety protocol as well. elizabeth: that's right. it is really disruptive to be moving virus samples from lab to lab. that's dangerous stuff. and scientists w.h.o. official, dr. peter embarek, they
6:30 pm
discovered there are at least 13 variants already circulating in wuhan, china by december. the other interesting thing too is house republicans on the house foreign affairs say it is really telling and revealing that china invested way more money and you know, put more into shutting down the, locking down what happened in wuhan than investing in what started the pandemic at all. they invested zero into that scenario, what started it. that is pretty revealing, what do you say to that, final word? >> precisely, they covered this up from the beginning. it is important we know and important for the international community. i think that is why the w.h.o. is coming out with this. the international community needs to make a decision on gang of function research and prohibit it. they also need to have directives for transparency for disclosure if there is a leak or virus that could become a
6:31 pm
pandemic and lab safety protocals. these are important things the international community has to make a decision on and move on. elizabeth: okay, congresswoman dr. mariannette miller-meeks. thanks so much for joining us. come back soon. okay, we're coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. up next "washington examiner" correspondent byron york. he joins us as the school year begins for students and fights are breaking out between parents and school boards from coast to coast over the curriculum, covid mandates and more. a lot of parents feeling this is all politicized. the president weighing in today. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> i have seen men pushing the racial stereotype of white privilege. i have heartbreakingly watch that trickle down into our student body.
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elizabeth: joining us now "washington examiner" columnist, he is a great writer, he is byron york. byron, parents are really afraid that the teachers unions and the school boards are going to ruin another school year. we've got major fights breaking out again around the country. it is off to a rocky start. what do you say? >> well they should be afraid about it because clearly we have seen an increase in the number of cases with the delta variant. we've seen predictions that could increase. we've seen questions about the efficacy of vaccines, not only about people who were vaccinated being infected with the virus but perhaps more of them getting sick in the future than are happening now. so these, we don't know where this is going. clearly the teachers unions in the last year have not wanted teachers to be in school. if there is any reason they can cite to keep that up they will do it.
6:37 pm
elizabeth: president today criticized the parents who went after health workers recommending mask mandates at a school board meeting in franklin, tennessee. we showed the video. parents were caught on tape, we know who you are. others said we will find you. fights breaking out in virginia, loudon county, also in fairfax over the curriculum about teaching their children to judge one another on the basis of their skin color. the state of oregon getting rid of proficiency requirements for math, science, reading. what do you say to that? >> you know, i think in the past year and several months the level of craziness that we've seen in the country from some of the demonstrations after the george floyd death to some of the riots, to some of the election things, those have all happened against the backdrop of this pandemic that spread enormous anxiety among people, even among those people who did not get sick, or have a loved
6:38 pm
one who died but there was a high level of anxiety. you're seeing now i think that this continues, and these fights over curriculum. that is a real issue. the whole critical race theory is a real issue. the idea of getting rid of standards for reading and math is just nuts. these are real issues, they're more intense given happening with the pandemic and the concerns about it still there. elizabeth: let's listen to this virginia teacher, a teacher in virginia, loudoun county, laura morris, she resigned in real time at a school board meeting saying the school board is pushing a highly politicized agenda on young children. watch this. >> since my contract outlines the power that you have over my employment in loudoun county public schools i find it necessary to resign in front of you. school board, i quit. i quit your policies. i quit your training. and i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push
6:39 pm
highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents, the children. i will find employment elsewhere. i encourage all parents and staff in this county to flood the private schools. elizabeth: flood the private schools. you could hear her heartbreaking. the emotion in what she was saying. she is saying school boards are ignoring parents, they're ignoring, you know, why are you ignoring teachers, when you need good teachers like laura morris? what are you doing to teachers and parents and children out there? loudon county restricted this meeting. they shut the doors and they didn't allow parents who wanted to come in to come in to voice their concerns. who do they work for? do they work for the taxpayer or work for themselves, byron? >> well, i think we've seen the progressive wing of the democratic party become more and more assertive in the past year or so, pushing these policies on
6:40 pm
officials. we have seen cancel culture. we've certain the example of social media simply trying to disappear ideas that they disagree with or that they, they called misinformation. we have a number of really bad trends going on here. i think what you saw with this teacher was kind of an anguished cry against what is going on, that portion of it, that is going on in schools, even though it is going on throughout the society as well. elizabeth: the bullying tolerance of the far left. okay, we have atlanta teacher, kyla posey, filing a federal complaint you're violating a civil rights act, elementary school segregating classrooms between black students and white students. this is insanity in real, again in full bore, we're showing kyla posey on the green. get back to the mask mandates. nea, teachers association says vacs mandates.
6:41 pm
other union says make it part of garr gaining. fights breaking out in dallas, houston, austin, san antonio school districts about mask mandates. people know, the admiral dr. brett giroir, listen, getting the virus is 1000 times worse than taking the vaccine and the side-effects you see pretty quickly with the vaccine. so you know, people understand, take the vaccine. what the gop texas governor and florida governor are saying, this isn't about mask mandates. it is up to the parents and individuals to decide, not top-down government. >> well i'm not sure exactly about the legal situation in specifically, can the president order this school board to do, excuse me, can the governor order this school board to do something, but as far as mask mandates in schools are concerned, remember in my view, they're secondary to the idea of the schools being open and
6:42 pm
children being in the schools, enormous damage that was done to students in terms of isolation, lack of social development over the past year was incredible and cannot be repeated. so the idea of having them in classrooms but making them wear masks seems to me seems to be much less of a problem than having them take classes by zoom which was devastating. elizabeth: byron york, great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you, liz. elizabeth: up next, jason chaffetz. he is fired up about this bombshell report. hunter biden on videotape reportedly believing russian drug dealers stole a laptop from him, three laptops now missing. hunter on tape saying this is about blackmail? we'll break it down with jason chaffetz next. ♪. e buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice.
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now fox news contributor jason chaffetz. it is great to have you own, jason. i want you to first listen to the sound bite from "the daily mail." it is reporting it has videos and audio of hunter biden claiming that russian drug dealers stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was drugged out in a las vegas hotel room in 2019. take a listen to this. >> [inaudible] elizabeth: okay, he is a human being. he has addiction problems but experts warn this is a national security issue. what do you say? >> it's a massive national security issue. i don't know that fox has confirmed the authenticity of the tape but let's assume for a second it is, this is not the first incident with hunter biden. remember taking money from a, the former mayor of moscow's wife, some $3.5 million.
6:48 pm
we know that he has had problem with russian prostitutes in the past. if you're the son of the vice president of the united states, you're the son of now the president of the united states this could be the third laptop that he's, that has gone missing. he had almost daily contact with his father. this is a massive national security problem. this is the person that joe biden called the smartest person on the planet but he put this country at great risk. elizabeth: okay. so we want to warn viewers, the video that is out there, videos are out there are graphic. viewer discretion here. they involve naked prostitutes filming sex tapes but, there is also now three laptops are gone? three hunter biden laptops are now missing? what do you say to that? >> well, this is just the kind of thing that an intelligence agency would want to get because being able to see communication, contact, email information,
6:49 pm
telephone information, texting information. perhaps infected computers that allow them to listen at will. and this is not a person who is bashful. this is a person who has a serious drug problem, an alcoholism problem, a prostitute problem. a problem with russians. problems doing deals in china. doing deals in ukraine and probably perhaps one of the worst emails i saw was one of these quid pro quo discussions with a mexican national where he said, look, i have let you into the white house, i let you into the residence there at the vice president's office, i have given you everything i have, i need to see a deal. that means i need to see the money. if there is any question in people as minds who is a threat, who should be investigated thoroughly by federal authorities, it is hunter around joe biden. they are the ones who are creating this problem. elizabeth: but there is no push to do that, are they?
6:50 pm
"daily mail" is hiring experts to authenticate this. they say they have authenticated it. no one is pushing hunter biden to be a viable conduit to joe biden. >> that is because the democrats run the country. donald trump had a innocuous 20 minute meeting and nothing happened. a 35 trillion investigation found there was no investigation in russia. it was complete hoax. you have admission, videotapes, flow of dollars, every bit of evidence a prosecutor would need. they will not go after joe biden. we know there is a dual system of justice, that the attorney general of the united states right now does not have the political guts to actually go in, investigate this and do what needs to be done. supposedly according to hunter biden, there is financial inquiry but we'll see how that
6:51 pm
goes. elizabeth: all right. jason chaffetz, good to see you. come back soon. >> thank you. elizabeth: up next we'll take you to the border. new numbers today, apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the border topped 212,000 in july. biggest in 20 years. incoming border patrol chief warns this is the most complicated situation he has ever experienced. former top dhs official laura ries is with us next on "the evening edit." >> it is amazing in the middle of a crisis like that they're not talking about how do we secure the border, how do we slow the flow, how do we save lives, how do we stop women from being sexually assaulted by the cartels? ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ elizabeth: joining us now from the heritage foundation, forge former acting dhs deputy chief of staff, laura ries. what's your action to the news that ap apprehensions at the border are at more than a 20-year high, they topped 200,000 in july, more than five times what the number was last year. what do you say? >> well, the numbers were already historic, and now unfortunately, they continue to rise. it was a 13% increase just since last month, so now it's really
6:56 pm
time to hit the panic button. elizabeth: all right. u.s. border patrol chief raul ortiz, he says the border is, quote, the most complicated he's ever experienced. we've got the outgoing border patrol chief, rodneyth scott, yes, this is a crisis. watch. >> i see other people talk about our mission, your mission in the context of immigration or the current crisis today being an immigration crisis. and i challenge you that i firmly believe it is a national security crisis. immigration's just a subcomponent of it x right now it's just cover for massive amounts of smuggling going across the southwest border. elizabeth: he's talking about crime. what do you say? >> he's right. it is a national crisis, and it's a shame that he's leaving. americans see this for what it is. and although secretary mayorkas, the homeland security, continues to describe their policies as safe, humane if orderly,
6:57 pm
americans see that they are anything but. and what is also shocking is congress can right now is pushing for an amnesty package to legalize millions of aliens who came here unlawfully, particularly those who came here as children. and right now we've just experienced 19,000 unaccompanied children cross that border last month. and so it's important that americans speak up and tell their members of congress to reject amnesty and to not build our immigration system on the backs of children. elizabeth: you know, nonpartisan experts who study borders around the world have said they do not see borders abused around the world like they are the u.s. now, the u.s. is not anti-immigration. people are frustrated, don't take it out on immigrants. take it out on people making the policies. we've got also democrats saying the border is not spreading
6:58 pm
covid. we've got media pundits saying that, but the cdc is not tracking it. a fifth of the illegal families have tested positive, nbc reporting that. what do you say in. >> yes, unfortunately, in addition to a national security crisis right now, we have a public health crazies. americans are -- crisis. americans are facing mask mandates and vaccine mandates, and americans are fed up over the last year and a half of living with covid and all these restrictions, yet so many illegal aliens can cross the border regardless of their health condition. and americans are fed up. they need to speak out about it. and even members, mayors and catholic charities along the southern border are waving the white flag saying please get control of this while covid cases are rising yet again. elizabeth: so how can anyone, democrat, republican, media pundit, how can anyone say
6:59 pm
definitively that the border is not an issue for covid when the cdc and the government is not tracking it? shouldn't this be a hair on fire moment for the government and for dr. fauci and for the cdc, the nih to get down there? "the new york times" is already reporting that migrants are crossing from more than 100 countries. what do you say? >> that's right. and as we see covid cases rise yet again and we know that high percentages of migrants are testing positive for this, they should be asked where are they coming from, and those positive cases should be tracked. it's only fair to americans who have lived under such difficult situations for the last year and a half. and unfortunately, this administration keeps putting americans last and illegal immigrants first. elizabeth: lora, it's good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. elizabeth: i'm elizabeth donald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
7:00 pm
that does it for us. thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a good evening. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. so as we've said time and again, does anybody in their right mind believe that with an economic boom, a jobs boom, a consumer boom, an inflation boom, a stock market boom that the right fiscal policy is to spend another $6 trillion? does anybody really believe that? and does anybody in their right mind actually believe that with a $3 trillion tax


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