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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 12, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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"the evening edit" starts right now. liz: we begin with the white house getting criticized by canada for hypocrisy after the administration calls on opec and russia to stop gas prices rising by increasing drilling over there where the white house has been stopping drilling here and the oil and gas industry hitting back at the administration. white house is urging the ftc to look into quote the blame for rising gas prices. people are asking where's the proof of that? joining us tennessee's mark
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green oil analyst phil quinn iowa's marionette miller makes "washington examiner" amcorrespondent byron york jason chaffetz and d.a. official. house speaker nancy pelosi now doing maximum damage alienating moderate democrats in her party. she's vowing they will not get their infrastructure vote this month unless the senate verse passes the huge $3.5 trillion spending package or this is a collision course produces what's driving it. polls in history show the party in charge is going to lose control over congress next year plus this bombshell admission away and 80 atop w.h.o. official he now warns an expected wuhan lab worker is a quote probable scenario for the pandemics origin in china and also this
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there's not one but two wuhan labs that should be investigated. ve says china pressured him intopi stopping in china producs school year begins with a fight between parents and school boards breaking out over curriculum and covid mandates. we have the details and also gop lawmakers just introduced a new bill saying if the state or city is in the vaccine passport they must require voter i.d. plus more in that bombshell report that says hunter biden believed that russian drug dealers stole third laptop from him. this is fueling new questions that this is the work of foreign intelligence and to the borders apprehensions of illegal migrants now top 212,000 in july. ththis was the biggest in 20 years. border patrol chieff says this crisis is the most complicated
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he has ever seen the thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald and "the evening edit" starts now. welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. the down the s&p ended in record territory for a third day in a row. we have wholesale inflation that. >> a price index higher than expected in july. also jobless came -- claims falling as a labor market recovers. let's bring in tennessee congressman lauren green and country ritter bill fritz. congressman what was your first reaction when you heard canada is criticizing the white house for hypocrisy after calls on opec and russia to increase oil drilling while stopping drilling here? >> they are think it's pretty ridiculous. thanks for havingou me on the show. the biden administration was a showdown uso production and the american oil production and go to opec and asked those guys to
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increase the supply. it's absolutely absurd. this is the most anti-american administration we have seen after. basically the southern border that is completely porous and pouring money into her own economy and crushing her energy industry. let's send their money to opec. this government junk. liz:ce the white house knows tht rising gas prices are politically dangerous for any white house and pitting the presidents approval ratings. you and i covered this during the 2008 recession. >> that thing the biden administration knows they are in trouble and that's the reason for this disjointed policy. this is the clearest time that the biden energy policy is failing. it's's failing because they were short-sighted. they were to pollyanna on how
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quickly we could get out out the fuels and they have taken investment from traditional fossil fuels. they put it into alternative fuels that have a lowerr return rate but we need the energy now come energy that our producers could have bought on line bright now and brought prices down but the biden administration is still telling them to stand down. not only did they ask opec for more production they came out and said no we have not asked u.s. energy producers to more nor did they ask their friends in canada which is a big slap in the face to one of her closest allies.. liz: this is a national security issue. the u.s. for the first time in the last several years became a net exporter of fuel products. let's listen to the president on what's going on. watch this. >> we are taking action to address gas prices as well. today gas prices are lower than they were earlier in this decade
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but they are still high enough to create a pinch on working families. liz: he's asking the ftc to look into a legal manipulation of the oils, and gas market congressman but there's no proof of that. what do say to that? >> it's absolutely ridiculous. when he won the election crude oil was about $35 a barrel roughly in the mid-30s. it's no end i just checked before it came on your show 71 bucks a barrel and he wants to blame the manipulation of the companies in thean united state. we should expect it i guess. this is the administration that refuses not to look into the origins of the covid virus. they don't want to look at china and wuhan lab. they want to eat up american companies first telling the vaccine and having a spill and if vaccine manufacturing site. they beat up american companies
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and they beat up americans so they can have nothing to say about the people outside of the country. it's ridiculous. liz: you know the issue is fill now that opec will dig paid oil and gas prices the presidents approval rating is nearing the frontline. what's the tipping point for price increases? it's not only 3% overall it's more like six to 8% of the 90s that was a worry and i'm mindful also we saw back in the early 80s remembers farmers drove their tractor-trailers across the country to protest. we aren't there yet. what's the central point? >> i think we are getting there already. we will have to bring back the missouri index because there a lot of people that are going to feel the head from the biden failed energy policies when it comes to rising gas prices.
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make no mistake about it the only reason we are investigating theg oil crisis is because constituents are mad and they are calling their congressman in saying you'd know all these policies we are hearing about biden and build back better is costing me more money. they are seeing it at the gas pump. they have a disjointed energy policy are they canceled pipelines and destroy u.s. productions per day tell people don't invest in energy here and invest in wind farm somewhere else and that lack of investment is already showing up. it's only going to get worse liz. the u.s. energy producers means higher prices. liz: congressman phil makes an important point and you two as well. six months ago the president the first thing you did was kill the keystone xl pipeline.
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they are hundreds of pipeline in the country and that was grandstanding there that had little impact when he killed thousands of jobs. we have a fragile economic recovery and we have the delta variant and inflation rising. inflation is becoming stickier so we have the western energy alliance is saying 200 oil and gas companies out west are saying with the president is doing is going to kill jobs in the o oil and gas sector by 202. what do say to that? >> everything they are doing and they think it's the congressional budget office that basically says it could be as many as 30 to 40,000 jobs lost in the very near future. just with the cancellation of the pipeline. remember all of the people who those areasl in have to get the oil out of there so those companies are downsizing with no way to get the oil transported. the investment in drilling and things like that you're so we
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have to happen now. why would you do thatt if theres no way to export your oil out? they are killing jobs and this inflation 5.4% this month. it wasn't supposed to happen. powell said oh no this is just transient. i had him in front of me and the community and i was asking about inflation. no, no of the money supply spending 3.5 trillion they are talking about now. it's only going to get sick giving away worse under this president. liz: what do your guys from reuse it, you were close to the oil and gas industry and you have a lot of sources they are. what are they saying about about the white houses move? >> they are throwing their hands up in the air. they don't understand it and a lot of the energy producers in the united states took pride. the goal of this country for 50 years was to get off of opec oil
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and don't let our economy be held hostage. guess what? under the biden administration we are giving them control and we admitted that by having them raise oil production. this is bad economic policy and it's geopolitically a nightmare and we are going to pay for this, every americanay is goingo pay for this and if you want to know how much head up your gas bill tonight and you'll find out. liz: phil flynn and congressman green is both to see both. thanks for coming in. up next liz peek on house speaker nancy pelosi alienating the democratic moderate. she is saying they will not not get there at the structure vote this month unless the senate passes the huge $3.5 trillion spending package. this is a collision course. this is what's driving it. pulls in history show the party in charge is losing control over
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liz: joining us now a "fox news" alert cheerleader liz peek. this feels like a dangerous gamble. the progressives are getting house speaker nancy pelosi to doubled down outraging moderate democrats. nancy pelosi now says the house will not vote for the senate infrastructure bill until the senate passes the democrats $3.5 trillion package. what was youras reaction when yu heard that? >> shee has continued to link these two bills liz even though moderate democrats have lit written a letter saying please don't do this. give us a chance to vote on a stand-alone bill the 1 trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill. do not tied to the giant $3.5 trillion bill he could stay no in their districts moderates are in trouble and voters are between thehe dots outrageous level of spending we have already seen that the democrats want to doubled down on. what hurts working people more than the rising cost of living
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everyday necessity prices going up everywhere. they aren't stupid. they get that this is a big problem in these democrats it's like a suicide pact. i don't know why of nancy pelosi is taking this tack. it's literally deadly. liz: moderate democrats say they will not go for the big spending package. if she loses three or four votes what's going to happen? big deals may be off and the more americans see and fear rising inflation the more they feel it the words delayed in by the way they don't have a mandate. what's going on here? >> that's the curious thing. we were going to nominate bernie sanders because democrat officials and the progressive ring of a party was much too radical for the american voter. joe biden has adopted and congress is going along with the most radical progressive program
10:18 pm
ever so i actually don't understand it. seems to me totally at odds with what they had promised voterss which was a moderate position on the president to have an issue point out there is no mandate. they have rarely a majority in the house and no majority at all in the senate so where's the call to veer left in the way that this bill would do and increase their entitlement programs unfathomably and increase our debt, and drive down prices. all of this will come asunder because i don't think it's going to happen for the stock market is telling us it's not going to happen. stock prices are plunging. liz: that's interesting that you say that. also why do they thinko they can do both of these bills because infrastructure did not pass even under trump when republicans controlled the congress. we have eight democratic either
10:19 pm
quitting or running for a different office next year but the controlling party loses 204028 votes and they' democrats are alarmed at the polling behind the scenes that they are going to lose control of congress next year. they are saying the working class needs this money to fight climate change. what do you say? >> at in kits baloney. the worst thing you can do for working-class americans is raise the cost of everydayse necessits and also what we are seeing inflation is running at five to six maybe 7% now. wages are rising 4%. the other terrible thing you can do to working-class americans is raise the cost of energy. gasoline home heating oil and all of those things. look at california where the has ledrenewable fuels to electricity costs to be 50% higher than anyplace in the rest of the country. gasoline prices are more than
10:20 pm
50% higher in california. that's what the entire entire country we'll head to that they adopt this new program. i think it's a bad idea and again i don't think the country wants it. the polling shows it's extremely unpopular. liz: the progressive one of seats with a net 1.542 million votes out of 150 million people voting. why don't they just test drive these green new deal boondoggles to see if they work in cities or states and not massively nationwide. there's that and the other thing and i want your opinion on this liz. the democrats are moving with only democrat votes in the senate. that feels like taxation without representation. what do you say to that?
10:21 pm
>> by the way we have not talked nearly enough we the media about the taxes and other ways that the democrats intend to pay for this big bill, right? they are talking about raising taxes on wealthy americans. when you start talking about raising taxes on corporations liz workers know that filters down into less generous wage increases over period of time. that's not good for american workers. tax hikes extend to everybody andli polling shows people get that. they are not in favor of it. liz: liz peek it's always great having you on and we love your insights and perspectives. come back soon and good to see you again. next up this bombshell admission. w.h.o. official who led the p probe in china into the pandemic he warns that in texas wuhan lab worker is a quote probable
10:22 pm
scenario for the pandemic origins in china. w.h.o. officials also warned that not one but two wuhan flaps should be investigated. congressman marionette miller meek has been digging into the origins of the virus and she joins us next on "the evening edit." stay right there. >> we believe it did leak out to the lab and the world is never been the same. we finally found the perfect house. yeah, we couldn't believe the deal we got. just lucky i guess. (sfx: airplane flying overhead) we're a little closer to the airport than we thought... (sfx: airplane grounded outside the house) at least geico makes bundling
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or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. liz: let's welcome back to the shell iowa congresswoman dr. mariannette miller-meeks. it's great to have you on. there's this bombshell admission from the top w.h.o. official. he led the probe into the pandemic in china. dr. peter barrack says covid patients zero it's probably and infected wuhan lab worker. what do you say to that? he says china is also pressuring him to stop digging. what do you say dogi that? >> it's not surprised. we know that china has t not ben forthcoming about what happened. they've been very versa for us in denying that there was any
10:27 pm
laboratory weeks and they have been covering up since this time. we know in congress that for this to be end of natural origin had low likelihood and the director of the w.h.o. said its elite from the laboratory was on the table and i think as more evidence comes out we will find that's the most probable scenario so weather was an affected worker who got infected or directly from a bat or the research they were doing it the laboratory. we know at least from a laboratory and what's even more stunning is that we are getting near the end of the 90 days that president biden had the fbi began l to the theory and they will come up and say they don't have enough evidence and it's because we are doingng the right research and not doing the right investigation. liz: dr. fauci and others
10:28 pm
dismiss this. dr. fauci said he was downplaying. dr. and barrack and w.h.o. officials warn about a second chinese lab and wuhan run by china's version of thatat cdc. he said when he was in wuhan china he asked about that second lap. he said when did it start? thed chinese said we started it in december of 2019 and that r means they were moving between these two laboratories viruses. 2019 is when the official outbreak started and that's what china says. what do you say to that? >> the official outbreak started in december that we have information that is started earlier than that. we there were three laboratory workers whodd became ill and wee hospitalized in november and there were things h that happenn october and they were athletes from around the world. they sit wuhan was in a locked
10:29 pm
down and they didn't have media and they didn't have fans in it was like a ghost town in wuhan and several of the athletes became ill and had covid like symptoms as we call them now. we know that it looked like the virus started earlier than that and we found that evidence although it's circumstantial but it leads us to believe that the virus started earlier than the official proclamation was in china has continued to downplay any possibility that it leaked from a lab. last year i discussed with physicians there were two laboratories in wuhan although the one closest to the wet market where they say it originated was the wuhan institute of virology. there are two laboratories andnd they have breaches and safety protocol as well. list it's dangerous stuff and scientistt and dr. peter embarek
10:30 pm
said there were 13 variants circulating in wuhan china and the other interesting thing is house republicans from house foreign affairs say it's revealing that china invested way more money and put more into shutting down and locking down what happened in wuhan than investing in the pandemic at all. they have invested zero into scenario. that's pretty revealing. what do you say to that, final word? >> precisely. they cover this up from the beginning and it's important that we know and important for the international community and that's why the w.h.o. is coming out c with this. international community needs to make edition on data function research and they need to have transparency when there's disclosure if there is a leak or a virus and lab safety
10:31 pm
protocols. these are important thingsgs tht the international community has to make a decision and move on. list congresswoman dr. mariannette miller-meeks thanks for joining us. come back soon. we are coming out at about it there of the arnie are watching the fox business network. "washington examiner" correspondent ira new york joins us as the school year beginss fr students. fights are breaking out between parents and the school board over the curriculum covid mandates and more. a lot of parents feeling this is all politicized. the president weighing in today. keep it here. >> i have seen him pushing the racial theoryra of flight privilege and i have watched that trickle down into her student body.
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"washington examiner" columnist byron york. parents are really afraid that the teachers unions and the school boards are going to ruin another school year. major fights breaking out around the country and it's off to a rocky start. what do you say? >> they should we afraid about it does clearly we have seen an increase in the number of cases of the delta variant and we have seen predictions that could increase and questions about the efficacy of vaccines not only about people who are vaccinated being infected with the virus but perhaps more of them getting sick in the future that are happening now. we don't know where this is going and clearly the teachers unions in thee last year have nt wanted teachers to be in school. if t there's any reason i can ce to keep that up they will do it.
10:37 pm
list the president today criticized the parents who went after health workers recommending mask mandates in franklin tennessee. we just show the video. parents are caught on tape saying we know who you are and another saying we will find you. fights breaking out in virginia and also in fairfax over the curriculum about teaching their children to c base one another based on their skin color in the state of oregon getting rid of proficiency requirements for math science and reading. what do you say to that? >> i think in the past year and several months the level of craziness that we have seen in the country from some of the demonstrations after the george floyd death and some of those riots in some of the elections those have all happened against the backdrop of this pandemic. this is spread enormous anxiety among people and even among those people who -- and there's
10:38 pm
this high level of anxiety and you are seeing now this continues and that's a real issue. the idea of getting rid of standards for reading and math is just. these are real issues and there's more dissent given they are happening and what the pandemic and the concerns are still there. list let's listen to this virginia teacheria in virginia. she resigned in real-time at a school board meeting saying the school board is pushing a highlb politicized agenda on young children. watch this. >> since my contract outlines the power that you have over my employment i found it necessary to resign in front of you. i quit your policies. i quit your training and i quit
10:39 pm
reading a cog in a machine that gives highly of the sized agendas on their children but i will find employment elsewhere paying all parents and staff to flood the private schools. >> you could hear her heartbreaking in the motion what she was saying. she said school boards are ignoring parents and why are you ignoring teachers when you need good teachers like laura morris? what are you'd doing to teachers and parents and children out there? they restricted the meeting and shut the doors and didn't allow parents who wanted to come in to voice their concerns. who do they work for? do they work for the taxpayer or do they work for themselves by rent? >> i think we have seen the progressive wing of the democratic party become more and more assertive in the past year or so pushing these policies on
10:40 pm
officials. we have canceled culture and we have seen the example of social media simply trying to disappear ideas that they disagree with or that they call misinformation. we have a number of really bad trends going on here. i think what you saw is this teacher had an anguished cry against what's going on in schools even though it's going on throughout society as well. list the bullying tolerance of the far left. filing a federal complaint saying you are violating the civil rights act at elementary schools segregating classrooms between black students and white students. this is insanity and again the school board showing kyla posey on the screen. they teachers association says vaccinated in the afc says make it part of the bargaining.
10:41 pm
we have seen major fights breaking out between the governoran of texas and dallas houston, austin and san antonio school district about mask mandates. people know the doctor says getting the virus is a thousand times worse than taking the vaccine and the side effects you see pretty quickly with the vaccine. people understand, take the vaccineat but the gop governor n texas is saying it's up to parents and individuals to decide, not the government. what do you say? >> i'm not sure that we about the legal situation in texas specificallyly. can the president ordered the school board -- excuse me can the governor ordered the school board to do something but as far as mask mandates in schools are concerned remember in my view they are secondary to the idea
10:42 pm
of the schools being open and children being in the school and the enormous damage that was done to students in terms of isolation and lack of social development over the past year was incredible and cannot he repeated. the idea of having them in classroom seems to be much less the problemm than having them take assignments we zoom which was devastating. liz: byron great to see you. come back soon. >> thank you liz. liz: jason chaffetz is fired up about the report hunter biden on videotape reportedly believing russian drug dealers stole a laptop from, three laptops now missing. is this blackmail? we will break it down with jason chaffetz, next.
10:43 pm
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liz: journey is now "fox news" contributor jason chaffetz. great to have you on. i wanted to listen to the soundbite from the daily mail a recording that has videos and audio hunter biden timing russian drug dealers stole another one of his laptops for blackmail. take a listen to this. [inaudible] he is a human being and he is a problem but experts warn this is a national security issue. >> it's a net -- massive national security issue thatat i don't know if fox's confirmed the authenticity of the tape but this is not the first incident with hunter biden. he after member taking money from the former mayor of moscow
10:48 pm
$3.5 million. we know he's had problems with russia in the past but if you are the son of the vice president the nights dates in the sun but now the president of the united states this could be the third laptop has gone missing. he had almost daily contact with his father. this is a massive national security problem. this is a person of joe biden calls the smartest person on the planet but he put this country at great risk. liz: we want to warn viewers that video is out there and the videos out there viewer discretion here but they involve prostitutes filming tapes but there's also now three laptops are gone? three hunter biden laptops are now missing?wh what do you say to that? >> this is just the thing and intelligence agency would want to s get. they have come an occasion contact e-mail information
10:49 pm
texting information telephone information and perhaps infected computers that allow them to listen at will and this is not a person who is bashful. he's a person with a serious drug problem and a call is some problem in prostitute problem problems with russia and doing deals in china doing deals in ukraine and probably perhaps one of the worst e-mails i saw was one of these quid pro quo discussions with a mexican national party said look i've let you into the white house and let intoce the residence. i've given you everything i have and i need to see a deal. i need to see the money so if there is any question in people's minds about who is a threat in who should be thoroughly investigatedul by federal authorities it is hunter and joe biden. they are the ones creating the problems. liz: by the way they are hiring
10:50 pm
forensic experts and they say they have authenticated this but no one is pushing this as hunter biden being a vulnerable conduit to president biden. no one is pushing for that in congress. >> that's because the democrats control the house and the senate. donald trump jr. took a meeting with someone you've never met before and that person left and "time" magazine put them on the cover of their magazine saying caught red-handed. a 35 million-dollar investigation found there was no connection with russia and it was an absolute total complete hoax. here you have admission india videotape and the flow of dollars in every bit of evidence that a prosecutor would need but they are going to go after joe biden picks. the attorney general of united states right now does not have the political guts to go in and investigate this and do it needs to beon done. according to hunter biden
10:51 pm
there's a financial inquiry but we'll see how that goes. liz: jason chaffetz good to see you good to see you. come back soon. y up next we will take you to the border. new numbers at pretensions of illegal immigrants at the border top 212,000 in july. this is the easiest in 20 years. incoming border patrol chief warns that this is the most complicated situation he has ever experienced. former top dhs official laura ries is with us next on the evening added. on "the evening edit." how do we slow the flow and save lives? seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste.
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♪ elizabeth: joining us now f liz: joining us now now from heritage foundation former acting dhs deputy chief of staff laura ries. it's great to have you back on. apprehensions at the border fell at the more than 20re your highn july more than five times the number was last year. what do you say? >> the numbers were historic under this administration now it continues to rise. it was at 13% increase since last month so now it's time to
10:56 pm
hit the panic button. liz: u.s. border patrol chief earl ortiz is aboard his quote the most complicated he has ever experienced. we have the outgoing border patrol chief who says yes this is a national security crisis. let's watch this. >> i see other people talk about our mission, your mission in the context of the king immigration. the current crisis today is an immigration crisis and i challenge you and i from any leave it to national security crisis. immigration is a subcomponent of it. right now it's a cover for massive amounts of smuggling across the border. liz: is talking about crime. what do you say? >> is right it is a national crisis and it's a shame that he is leaving. americans see this for what it is and although secretary mayorkas the homeland security continues to describe their
10:57 pm
policies as humane and orderly and americans see that they are anything but read what is also shocking is congress right now is pushing for an amnesty package to legalize millions of aliens who came here unlawfully particularly those who came here as children. right now we have experienced 19,000 unaccompanied children across that order last month. it's important that americans up and tell their members of congress to reject amnesty and not build immigration system on the backs of children. liz: you know nonpartisan experts whose daddy's borders around the world have said they do not see him order like in the u.s.. the u.s. is not anti-immigration. people are frustrated don't take it out on immigrants take it out on people making the policies. we have democrats saying there
10:58 pm
is covid but the cdc is not tracking it. legal migrants have tested positive for the coronavirus. what do you say? >> and for some in addition to theht national security crisis right now we have a public health crisis. americans are facing mask mandates and vaccine mandates all over again and americans are fed up with after the last and have been covid in all the restrictions yet so many illegal aliens can cross the border regardless of their health conditions. americans are fed up and they need to speak out about it and even mayors and security along the southern border with waiving the white flag saying please get control of this while covid cases are writing -- rising yet again. liz: how can anyone democrat or republican media pundit
10:59 pm
definitively say the border is not an issue for covid when the cdc and the government is coming. shouldn't this be a hair on fire moment for the government and for dr. fauci and for the cdc to get down there. "the new york times" is reporting migrants are crossing 100 countries. what do you say? >> that's right in as we seek covid cases rise once again and we know migrants are testing positive for this they should be asked where they coming from and those positive cases should be tracked. it's only fair to t americans wo have lived under such difficult situations in the last year and a half and this administration keeps putting americans last and illegal immigrants first. liz: lora ries it's good to see you thanks for joining us. i am liz macdonald then you've
11:00 pm
been watchingg "the evening edi" on "fox business." thanks for watching and you have a good evening. ♪ ♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. so as we've said time and again, does anybody in their right mind believe that with an economic boom, a jobs boom, a consumer boom, an inflation boom, a stock market boom that the right fiscal policy is to spend another $6 trillion? does anybody really believe that? and does anybody in their right mind actually believe that with a $3 trillion t


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