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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  August 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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forgotten piece to this scenario is natural gas. it's easier to get, there's more of it, so ung tracks the futures price of natural gas. it's trailed coal, it's trailed this whole move. it's the hated kind of partner, the hated kind of alternative, and that's one i'd look at as maybe playing catch-up here. charles: scott, you gave us a lot to chew on, pun intended. liz claman, over to you. liz: okay. so, charles, it's friday the 13th, right? we have no fright fest at the moment on this friday the 13th, but the markets are basically starting to slip a bit lower as we tick off the final hour of trade. any gain, we reminded you, for both the s&p and the dow will be new records. the dow just turned negative a few minutes ago, but we are continuing to watch all of that and more. there is a fin-tech though that is tearing the pants off some of the big bankers in america. i'm talking about the legacy
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banks, right? well, sofi, yes, it did just miss, but it posted a massive revenue number and massive growth. so the ceo of sof if i is going to join us here live and why he says his one-stop shop of digital banking is really on track to disrupt the banking world and wall street's biggest fish in that sea, certainly. uber of private jets just are released its first quarterly report since going public via spac. wheel's up, the ceo and founder is here. this guy's a real visionary. you want to hear what he has to say because he says he has found a way to fly the friendly skies via private jet luxury. plus, disney is trying to drive the dow higher with a magical earnings report or. parks are definitely booming post-covid, right in they have finally turned profitable. subscribers for disney +are also
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inflating, but there is a little bit of trickery that may be at work at the magic kingdom, right? investors should be looking at this, but in case they haven't, "the claman countdown"s has done a little math on the mouse house, and we will certainly show you what we have discovered. but first, we do need to get you this fox business alert. at the moment we are looking at, let me see here, a little -- it's hard to pronounce, right? fear of friday the 13th creeping into the markets as we kick off this final hour of trade. okay, this piece of data may have some investors running for the hills. it's the university of michigan's consumer sentiment number. coming up with a preliminary number for august,,ically what we saw is the report plummeted to its lowest level in a decade. here's what it came in at, 70.2, that is a big miss from the 81.2 that had been expected here. and, look, it appears to be the
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fearful numbers and headlines, right? but precisely is that the time to invest? if you rewind the clock, right, one of the most frightening market moments in the past year and a half has definitely been march 23rd of 2020 when the markets hit their lows. and it appears though to have been the very best time, interestingly enough, to have jumped into the markets and and seize investment opportunities. since the financial crisis back in 2008. right now the s&p is up nearly 100% from that march 23rd low from a year ago. in fact, the last couple of times the calendar brought with us friday the 13th we saw gains, right? is markets finished higher. so while black cats and cracked mirrors can indicate bad luck, do they sometimes mean good luck for investors at least in the long term? let's get right to the floor show. we have joined by jason katz of
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ubs and, of course, kenny polcari, our trader of the day. jason, make your case, you know, i'm going to steal kenny's line, though, can i do that? he says the markets right now are a one-way street, and that is straight up. sorry, kenny. [laughter] no matter what the move, we continue to see either decent days, flat days or higher days versus massive selloffs. so, jason, make the case for what bad news that really would be bad news and not an investment moment. >> first of all, liz, shout-out to kenny. he doesn't remember this, but 1992, my first day in the business, he gave me the tour on the new york stock exchange floor. [laughter] liz: aww, what were you, 4? [laughter] >> exactly. look, i'm not a superstitious guy, so this is not my base case, but you can have inflation proving to be more than transitory. we had a cpi number that was relatively benign and a ppi
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number that ran hot. so the jury's till out there, although we're in the camp that iting -- on this one. secondly, it could be a policy mistake. everyone thinks the policy mistake is tapering too soon. frankly, it could be tapering too late. and then lastly, if delta proves to be more than a speed bump, if, in fact, we go backwards in terms of shutdowns, that too could really throw a monkey wrench in things. again, not our base case. liz: okay. what is your case for investing, and what are you seeing on the landscape, kenny? because, you know, you pointed out -- i love kenny's note, everybody. [laughter] but you pointed out manager this morning, i was like, mmm, that's interesting, it's a major inflow into one particular etf. >> it's short, right? it's not leverage so you can use it as the retail investor could use it verses us some of those two or three times limitedded, it's much more dangerous, right? but this one allows you, it's not a long-term investment.
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it is if you feel in the short term that you're going to get a blip in the market. but, look, my letters this morning when i said stocks can only go up, i was being a little bit sarcastic because i, too, amp on is same side that it feels a little bit stretched and at any moment it could fail on us. which is why i say if you like the market, you want to stay your position, then hedge yourself. and an easy way to hedge yourself, if you don't want to use options and and all that because it's too complicated, you can buy this etf. you buy it for a short duration and you wait for the market to crack. in my case, i think the market's probably going to crack 7-10%. i actually hope it cracks 7-10% because i'd love to put a little money to work. so if it does, that etf is going to help protect my downside. my stocks will lose value, but that etf will go up in value. liz: well, yeah. you've got to be careful, everybody. trees do not grow to the sky. >> right. liz: jason, i need you to drill
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down on where you make your case for the best areas of investment right now. >> well, let me start with what could be the nightmare on wall street before i get to the best case. we've had nothing but a ferocious bull market, but we don't even talk about the bull market in bonds. we've had nothing but a bull market in bonds since i met kenny in 1992. [laughter] so anything long duration i'd avoid like the plague whether it's utilities or long duration bonds. where i would deploy money, however, is in pro-cyclical, areas of the market that are still reasonably valued. i think this growth scare trade is way overdone, and money should continue to rotate into financials, energy, industrials. liz: okay. all right. why not? >> [inaudible] [laughter] liz: everybody's, everybody's plagiarizing from your notes. i gave you credit, okay? [laughter] kenny, jason, great to have you both on this triskaidekaphobia, whatever it is.
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okay. i am totally not superstitious in any way, shape or form. i will walk under ladders. right, is that a good reference? thanks, guys, good to see you. all right, let us get specifically to the dow component disney at this very moment. we do have disney, of course, known friday the 13th people, for its haunted house. however, with its major gain yesterday after the bell, kind of starting to see that go away at the moment. we do have disney up just about 1% at the moment in this final hour. disney shares adding 14 points to the dow after the mouse house reported its theme park shuttered during last year's lockdown turned profitable even with limited capacity. but as you see the stock coming off its highs because if you looked at this intraday chart, the high of the session was around $186 and change. questions are swirling about disney plus' streaming revenue. yes, subscribers did double year
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to over year to about 116 million, that did beat estimates, but a large number of them came through india from disney's joint relationship, its joint partnership with star, right? it's called hot star. those subs out of india paid way less. "the claman countdown" picked up the phone, and we called our friends in india, because we have friends all over the world, yes, and we asked them, what do you pay for disney plus on hot star, and there were a couple of tears, but this is what they told us. at the lowest tier, 266 rupees or just $1.66 per month, but in the u.s. subscribers pay $8 a month. so if you bring in a bunch of hot star customers, that revenue quality is not nearly as good. all right, streamers netflix and peacock parent comcast, i believe, are seeing a slight gain here. the rest of the names either flat to slightly lower. here's something, when beyond meat if catches a cold, tattooed
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chef actually gets the flu. okay, we do have beyond meat moving lower by about 2% at the moment on concerns that the delta variant will crimp the food service sector. but its rival tattooed chef is getting hit hard, down pretty significantly at the moment. and we do have a little bit more clarity on why. we've got tattooed chef getting torched, the vegan food company gave weaker guidance than investors wanted the hear. here's one, honestly, honest's stock is getting absolutely creamed right now. it is down 27% in this final hour. look, the session cannot end soon enough for anybody who invested in honest shares. this is the company founded by actress jessica alba. they are losing a pretty significant amount of percentage after the consumer products company widenedded its loss from a penny a year ago to 17 cents
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lost this time around. revenue also missed, gotta be a big disappointment especially for luke capital which upgraded the stock which went public at $15 a share. they upgraded it to a buy, today it's more like $4 and change a share. not good. all right, a valve problem in a car, not the biggest problem in the world, right? well, a space capsule made for humans, that's a bigger problem. starlineer could be delayed for several months, a valve issue may require a complete redesign. the launch was supposed to be boeing's last major test before crewed missions could begin. and, again, people forget friday the 13th fears. big bank ceos have fears of fin-tech. the online financial platform sector's increasing popularity creating nightmares for old school bank ceos from jpmorgan
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chase's jamie dimon to morgan stanley's james forman and the rest even as sofi stock falls. wait until you see the ceo's quarterly growth. he joins us next. with the closing bell ringing in 59 minutes, we are coming back in just a moment. don't go away. ♪ ♪ so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ (vo) the rule in business used to be, "location, location, location." now it's, "network, network, network." so you need a network that's built right. verizon business unlimited starts with america's most reliable network. then we add the speed of verizon 5g.
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♪♪ liz: red hot fin-tech is sofy taking a turn downward, down about 14.33 president at the -- % at the moment due to an accounting snafu with its recent purchase of galileo. investors are also fretting about sofi's outlook, but it just reported it more than doubled the number of client accounts and doubled the revenue. companies making money, folks. this is the first earnings report for the company since going public via spac backed by a famed venture capitalist.
3:17 pm
let's bring in ceo anthony noto. anthony, investors are selling first and asking questions later, so let us do the asking. it's not just gal a lay owe which provides services for banking services through apps, it was also your outlook. can you clarify these issues for investors? >> sure. our strategy and execution are driving record results in the quarter. we've exceeded expectations in revenue, so we had about $237 million of revenue, up 74% year-over-year and $31 -- 11 million both were above expectations and above what the street expected. we're seeing our eighth quarter of accelerating year-over-year growth in our member base, up 113% faster, can and as you mentioned on galileo, great growth, 79 million client accounts, up 119% year other year. -- year-over-year.
3:18 pm
and the growth is pretty broad-based. really strong tailwinds in the personal loan business. the one head is that our student loan business has been running at about 50% of what it normally generates because of the cares act, the moratorium on paying federal student loans. but we overcame that, but with it will be a headwind the back half of the year, so we didn't raise full-year guidance because of that $40 million we would have normally generated without the expansion of the cares act. we've outperformed the first half of the year, but we're keeping the full year intact primarily for moving out the moratorium on federal student loans. liz: listen i don't like giving anybody an easy ride, but to me, you guys look like a classic growth story where, yeah, i mean, you just went public. but to see that you are in your fourth consecutive quarter year-over-year +100% growth
3:19 pm
indicates to me that this is a traject arely it is a that is pretty impressive. so that said, i want to let our viewers know exactly what you do that is so attractive to so many of these people who keep coming in to be members. i look at investors like snowflake. no two are alike, right? so how when you are mostly an online opportunity here and much ofs this is digital, how do customize for each member that signs up for sofi? >> yeah, we're trying to build a lifetime relationship through personal financial services so we give you the ability to borrow from us, to invest with us, to open a sofi money account which is a checking or savings account or a credit card or insurance. we also give you a free financial planner once you become a member, most of our products do not charge fees. we do it all on a digital platform. we're the only place you can go to have a one-stop shop for all your financial needs as a consumer, and we're building
3:20 pm
trust which reliability and then helping that person with the next major decision in their financial life or the day-to-day decisions that they make. is so at sofi invest if, you can buy single stocks, robo-account accounts, crypto currency. our credit card, we double the reward points for you if you redeem with a credit card into sofi invest or sofi cryptocurrency or sofi money or to make a student loan payment or a personal payment with us. so it's a one-top shop, no one else is offering that a breadth of products in a personal way, and we have the day. when you do your direct deposit with us, we give you your paycheck two days earlier. if you're paying a credit card that's higher than we can offer, we make you a credit card offer. if you have a student loan and need a better rate, we'll do that as well. liz: there is a point though and, anthony, you know this as well as anybody, that there are a lot of companies trying to cross-sell, trying to be all things to all people whether it
3:21 pm
is robinhood or lending item tree or upstart, we could throe up a bunch of these competitors on the screen, they're breathing down at least trying to get closer to you on the track when it comes to rivalry. but i do want to be just ask about what is expected to be enhanced benefits of unemployment that the federal government has been giving out will come to an end september 6th. and then you mentioned the cares act and how that money is drying up. how do you fit that into your future picture? because people have had money that they can spend and they can bring their finances up to speed and join sofi. are you worried you'll take a ding on that? >> no, we have products that are needed for everyday needs. so paying your bills, paying at retail, buying something, you have to pay. we enable you to do that with your phone, to do that with a debit card. if you need to borrow money, we provide that for you as well if you need to invest. we have businesses that are
3:22 pm
pretty diversified some of which will benefit when interest rates are going down. so home loan refinancing, student loan refinancing, as does investing because with people can't get yield other places. whereas rates rise, we see people refinancing out of credit card debt into fixed-rate debt like our unsecured personal loans. they also are buying more homes in that environment and maybe remodeling homes, and we have a loan for that as well in addition to sofi money which would have a higher yielding account and a higher interest rate environment. so we have products that are needed for every day and then all those big decisions in between when it's going off to college or cost of your college debt or whether it's, you know, paying the bills or paying your friends. so we kind of exist throughout the economic cycle. the ending of student loan reform or, sorry, student loan are moratorium on payments will actually give us a tailwind because people want to refinance existing debt now that they have to pay it. liz: i don't like the whole
3:23 pm
student loan debt. it's just -- we've got indentured students paying for years to years, so anything you guys can do to bring that down is certainly valuable. anthony, good to see you. please come back. >> thank you very much. liz: anthony noto of sofi. here's an interesting question that's kind of disturbing, is rising inflation creating more shoplifters? home depot going high-tech to fight theft at its stores across the country. we're headed to a new jersey outlet to see the unique way that it's protecting its power tools from pilferers. closing bell ringing in 37 minutes. "the claman countdown" is coming right back. ♪♪ (vo) while you may not be a pediatric surgeon volunteering your topiary talents at a children's hospital — your life is just as unique.
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♪ liz: major league baseball and fox sports circling the bases after a home run of a game last night. 8,000 fans paid top dollar to
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witness the field of dreams game between the first place chicago white sox and the new york yankees in that iowa cornfield turned baseball diamond made famous in the 1989 movie "field of dreams "starring ken costner who, 30 years after the hit film was released, emerged from the corn to wild cheers. watch how it all went down, absolutely epic. ♪ ♪ >> probably just one question to answer. is this heaven? [cheers and applause] i don't think i heard or you, is this heaven in. >> no! it's iowa! >> yes, it is. liz: i mean, i watched that, and i had chills. it was so well done, right? props, right? as to the outcome, the white sox won 9-8 on a dramatic walkoff
3:29 pm
two-run home run. but perhaps the real winner, parent of fox business. ratings, the game averaged a 5.07 million viewers beating viewership for all regular season mlb games over more than the past decade. not bad. how solid was kevin costner? i'd be so nervous. and by the way, that corn, knee high by the fourth of july, it is so much higher than that. think that corn was real? all right. shoplifting, that's an interesting segway. shoplifting -- [laughter] has made a dramatic comeback since the pandemic kicked off, and the retail industry is paying a he hefty price. nearly $45 million is disappearing every day due to shoplifting and lately it is getting worse. major retailers like home depot are introducing new technology to track products that are specifically targeted by
3:30 pm
thieves. lydia hu is live at a home depot in clifton, new jersey, where a new anti-theft strategy is being implemented and rolled out for specifically, ya, power tools. -- lydia, power tools. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, liz, power tools because home depot says they're often the target for shoplifters. they're valuable, they're portable, they're easy to resell online. so home depot is developing bluetooth technology they say operates a lot like a gift card that you could get at the grocery store where you scan it, check out to activate it, and they shared video to show what it looks like when the bluetooth chips are paired with packages. you can see the chip embedded on the side. when it's taken to the checkout, it's scanned and activated. if it's not -- which would happen if it's shoplifted -- then the tool doesn't work, it's not activated, you won't be able to use it. home depot is piloting this technology now and has plans to expand it across the country and
3:31 pm
to other products. now, this comes as we've seen brazen acts of shoplifting sweeping the country. the experts say this is not petty shoplifting. they call it organized retail crime where criminals steal high-value items in coordinated rings and make plans to resell the products online. some estimates put the annual cost of the crime near $50 billion. now, home depot says they want the would-be criminals to know about this bluetooth technology and and hope that it deters the activity. their simple message here from this retailer is don't steal our stuff. liz, back to you. liz: lydia, thank you very much. gotta figure that problem out, always something. vacation travel appears to be peaking as tsa reports passenger screenings fell nearly 1% week over week. that's got airline stocks slipping again at this hour and second day in a row. but as legacy carriers fall, is
3:32 pm
the path opening through the clouds for a company that calls itself the uber of private jets? wheel's up ceo is here on the booming business of personalized flying. the closing bell ringing in 28 minutes. we've got the dow jones industrials down 9 points. listen, it's jumped up and down over the flatline in this past let's call it 31 minutes, but we're hoping at least if you are a bull to see an s&p record. any gain will do it, we're up 2 points. ♪ ♪ like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity.
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♪♪ liz: the uber of private jets hitting a little turbulence at this hour after wheels up reported a wider net loss in the second quarter compared to a year earlier, but it was far from all bad news. revenue jumped 113% with a 47% increase in active members. so this is a private jet by membership company's first
3:37 pm
report since its public debut just a month ago, and as commercial airline travelers struggle the find clearer skies, how is wheels up finding a parting in the clouds? we bring in wheels up ceo and founder kenny dichter who is joining us right now on "the the claman countdown." how are you doing that? you know, to see an increase in membership at a time with where people are still worried about this delta variant and the money that's coming into their bank accounts every month, how are you pulling off these numbers, kenny in. >> well, i think, look, we're really proud, it was our first earnings report, we felt great about it, up 113% to $285 million in the quarter, 47% active member growth and 146% on live flight legs versus last year. again, of course, we're coming out of covid strong, and things are up. as far as just taking care of members, you know, things are a
3:38 pm
little bit more expensive these days. we're in a little bit of an inflationary environment. we went out and kind of reset the way that we're looking at the business a little bit. we hired brett greeley who worked right on jeff bezos' hip, created amazon prime, 18 years over there. he's our chairman of our market a place, digital marketplace. and our digital quarterback. when we looked at all of the demand that's coming our way, we said it was time to invest more in that member experience, invest more in technology. so we reset a little bit and let everybody know we're going to take a bit of a longer view on the business and, you know, when you have this kind of demand coming at you, i think the long-term value of our members and how they feel about their experiences, we're ripping a play out of amazon's book and running it right here. we really feel great about how the quarter came out, and i think it sets us up for a great back half of 2021.
3:39 pm
liz: well, i first was watching yesterday your stock, and it was before the earnings report. regardless, all the legacy carriers were moving lower. >> yep. liz: you were the only airline company of any kind that was moving higher, and that includes your competitor, blade, although it's not exactly an a apples to apples comparison. but, you know, you look at these companies that fly private, you're able to do it at a different price point. and you want to be the uber which means quick turn-around. how quickly kenny, if i suddenly wake up and find i need to get to l.a. at short notice can you find me a plane at a fair price? >> >> i would say, look, it depends on the day and the time of year as far as what the response is going to be. but being that that you're in new york and going to l.a., you're in two markets that airplanes exist. our model is surely uber-ized in the sense that we want to find the right plane at the right place at the right time at, of course, the right price for our
3:40 pm
members and our customers. so ultimately, you may be looking at a few hours. that might be more expensive than if you had some more flexibility. to coast could be in the 30-35 range as sort of an opening price point to get to l.a. quickly. but the democratization comes in, you know, really with the ability to share a flight. if somebody else had that same itinerary that we were talking about, we want to geolocate the plane, put the two together and do it for 15, 16, 17,000 each. so i think that's the future. we're only 3% of a $30 billion market that exists today. when i think about the future, we think about the tech unlock, that market's going to be $80, 90 billion, and i'm talking about five, six years out. and, you know, being that we're the first company to go public on the new york stock exchange in the private aviation space, you know, that first advantage with, of course, our lifestyle, our iconic brand that we built here, you know, we see up and we
3:41 pm
see at 'em. [laughter] liz: you see success because maybe our viewers don't know, but you founded marquee jet which years ago you sold to net jets, right? which is owned by warren buffett's berkshire hathaway. >> yep. liz: you have quite a start-up mentality at the moment. is the atmosphere with this economy right now and the overhang of the concerns about how the economy will deal with this delta variant still the place to start up companies? >> yeah, i would say, first off, look, i've been 20-plus years in the space. i've never been more excited or more bullish about the opportunity for our industry. our industry can get much, much bigger. when talanick and camp came through with uber, it's hundreds of billions today.
3:42 pm
private aviation around the world can be unto locked by technology. apply being uber, airbnb, amazon-time principles to. this pace is going to change utility and efficiency dynamics. i would say that in this environment, in crisis there's always opportunity. so for all the entrepreneurs out there looking to start a business, it's an unbelievable time to hit the accelerator and go. liz: kenny, great to have you. you know, i have a tiktok channel @redfoxliz, and i talked about you guys this morning, and people just want to go to paris. i don't blame them -- >> yeah, and listen, i know that you're up on tiktok. my kids are signed on, and they're checking you out. keep doing what you're going there. liz: oh, good. >> you're helping my three girls out. liz: aww. listen, it's a morning market minute. we want to help people with their finances, with the stock market, and that is what appears to be happening. so, great. i was wearing my around yen teen that jacket too. -- argentina.
3:43 pm
>> in my house it's liztok. liz: ark ww -- aww, i'll take it. >> we look forward to coming back on and keeping all of the viewers excited, you know, up-to-date on everything that we're doing here. liz: i hear you with. okay. then do so. we want to see those numbers improving as the time goes by. i just started to say robinhood's stock, it has just spiked like in the last couple of minutes as charlie gasparino tweeted breaking news on the company's revenue source, payment for order flow. what happened? why is this stock jumping? if well, wait until you hear what charlie's about to break next. and, oh, my gosh, my favorite movie. rued -- one of them -- rudy, one of them at least. the hollywood mogul who actually produced that movie was the executive producer, he is our
3:44 pm
this week's everyone talks to liz podcast guest that dropped. he shares the successes and failures in tip selltown and and how it -- tinseltown and how it led to the c suite of a completely different sector, health and wellness. and he is now the ceo of a company that he is growing e exponentially. it's available on spotify, google, apple, wherever you get your podcast. and he also produced so i married an axe murderer. he's done everything. he's found success everywhere. you've got to to hear his story. closing bell is about to ring in about 15 minutes. the dow jones industrials trying to cling to gains here, up just 1 point. trying to close at another record. let's see if we can do it. ♪ ♪ ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪
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♪♪ liz: okay, i want you the look at this intraday picture of robinhood's stock. at the very moment that charlie put out this tweet, it was around 3:09 p.m. eastern time, he tweeted, quote, in a huge win for robinhood and a with big setback for gary gensler, sec commissioner, financial services committee dems quietly shelfed plans to ban payment for order flow. charlie's tweet moving the stock higher, standing at -- somebody tell me, please? >> 20. liz: $51. up 6.25%. cocharlie gasparino, i'm sorry, charlie, you say this is bad news for the amc apes in some of them like robinhood now -- >> most of them don't. and it's not just robinhood, there's a whole conspiracy theory among the amc apes that payment for order flow is a way
3:50 pm
that brokers like citadel rip off people and ripping off them and helps them. they go so far as to say -- it's a little qanon-ish, but they boast that citadel and kenny griffin -- they call him kenny g, by the way. [laughter] it's a fact, i'm sorry. they call him kenny g and, you know, he's manipulating markets -- liz: i get it. >> payment for order flow. in any vent, so the financial services committee was looking at it. they were looking at banning it. the ranking member, brad sherman, democrat, obviously, maxine waters, a democrat, runs it. talking about banning it and then quietly, in the last week, from what we understand -- not what we understand, we've confirmed -- they decided to, essentially, punt on this. they've said that they're going to direct, they put out legislation.
3:51 pm
let's see if it even gets to the floor. it's unclear if maxine waters -- excuse me, if nancy pelosi, the house speaker, is going to introduce it to the floor, and the senate has to vote on it to become law. the legislation that came out was that they want the sec to study it and possibly study a banning of it. so it's a complete punt. it's a huge victory for robinhood. why is this -- that's why robinned hood's stock is going up because they make a lot of money on payment for order flow. let's just define what it is. you get to trade at no cost at robinhood, low cost, to cost than other discount brokers depending on which one you use because they essentially take your buy and sell orders and sell it to another broker. that broker matches the buyers and sellers, makes money off the bid e and ask spread. it's completely normal stuff. it sounds nefarious, but it's not. and they pay you from that money. if it's gown to be banned as some people were talking about,
3:52 pm
well, that would hurt robinhood particular lay -- particularly as it just became public. at least in the short term. a bill like this being handled the way it is means it's going to to take a hong time for it to be banned. at least the legislation won't happen. gary gensler could come out and try to pass a rule on banning it, but it sounds like that's kind of an uphill battle as well. how did it go from let's ban it to let's study it? the reason why is because robinhood spoke, and probably citadel. this part i'm just conjecturing on, but they said, listen, you want to democratize the markets? no matter what you say about what we're doing, we have made sure more people could trade cheaply and more easily than at any time. the trading, democratization means more minorities are now trading stocks because it's easier and cheaper. the one way you do that is through payment of order flow because nothing comes totally for free. and, by the way, it's not a scam. you know, you say ken griffin is
3:53 pm
scamming people? they're giving you the best execution. that's where we are, liz, that's why the stock is up. back to you. liz: well, yeah. i mean -- >> by the way, you wouldn't believe how many people have told me i was on the right side of that mcdonald's argument. that i was right -- liz: you're wrong. >> -- you were wrong, the suits need to get their asses in the office -- liz: oh, that is not the issue -- >> it is, that is -- [inaudible conversations] >> no, i was saying that the suits got, were able to work from home. you were saying that the people flipping burgers had to come in. ♪ liz: i did not. dummy. [laughter] charlie gasparino. we are coming right back. dow is not at a record right now, down9 points -- down 9 points. maybe it's going to turn around. ♪ love you, sweetheart
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liz: closing bell three and a half minutes away going into this hour the dow and s&p did look like it was going to hit the fourth straight record close. it appears just the s&p is a right now because the dow is down 14 and as a ps3. if we do the s&p with clock 48 record close of the year, 33 record close with last year, that's pretty significant. i want to put a big word and for oil it's come down once again, crew down once .68% is down to $67.74 a barrel. gold moving higher by $28. suddenly gold woke up and started to shine. it's up 1.6% to $1780 per trillion ounce. let's talk about something that has started to become a thing, bigger than ever, tomatoes grown
3:58 pm
and massive greenhouses, aquaculture in today's countdown closer says investing in sustainable farming could be the seed money for major growth in your portfolio christian is liberties straight advisor chief investment officer, he's joining me now. make your case you love the ad tech sector which is gotten bigger and bigger, tell us why and where you see it going. >> thank you for having us back on we think there is lots of interesting pockets of intimation across agricultural technology is one of them, when we look at sustainability issues, regenerative agriculture, soil, water conservation trying to improve seed and crop yields there's alternatives that are required to meet the requirements of our current ecosystem so we think the hydroponic is another area to be invested into. liz: i remember when appharvest went public and it was a very hot property at the moment they
3:59 pm
are in the early stages but that's not a stock that is managed to make a moonshot, how difficult is that for an investor to hold onto during rough travel. >> our focus is trying to invest into late stage venture backed companies, one we have a longer-term horizon into when you look at the overall prices of markets that have been performing there is that significant growth happening before the companies entering into the public markets quite frankly we see the amount of capital going into private markets across all industries look at the first half of this year alone we got more than 100 billion just invested into late stage venture backed companies themselves which essentially is all of last year end similarly we had close to 370 billion of distribution of
4:00 pm
exit value. investors looking to get access to the high-growth innovation weathers agriculture, cybersecurity, aerospace, there's a lot happening. liz: you've got to be early sometimes but sometimes early is just as tough as being late. that will do it for us thank you for joining "the claman countdown". "kudlow" is next. larry: hello everyone and welcome to "kudlow" i am sean duffy and for larry kudlow. president biden is on a presidential retreat as multiple crises pileup at home and overseas the taliban and is on the move in afghanistan and the country may be on the brink of collapse as 3000 u.s. soldiers landed in couple will talk about the withdrawal with marine technician joey jones. meanwhil


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