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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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tell earnings walmart, home depot reporting results tomorrow morning, make sure that you watch for those, that does it for us on "fox business tonight", "the evening edit" starts rightes e now. ♪. elizabeth: we begin with president biden making a brief emergency return to d.c. he doubled down on his decision to withdraw from afghanistan and a mountingg criticism the presidet caused its collapse this the presidents warning for the taliban as security experts for the sizing the empty threats and empty rhetoric this is being called biden saigon leaders from around the world expressing shock and dismay they fear that chaos and the economic impact of the taliban takeover joining us
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today former army surgeon in iraq and afghanistan and retired army lieutenant colonel james carafano and congressman michael wall, also border patrol union chief he is brandon judd and congressman byron donnell and jim trusty and missouri attorney general eric smith also this national security experts warn about the rise of terrorism, the taliban freeing al-qaeda inactive prisoners the uk defense warns afghanistan it is spiraling into a failed state potential civil war and moments ago opec breaking news opec in russia delivered another embarrassment for the biden of administration saying they will not drill more oil last week the white house asked them to do that could lower rise in gas prices we also have the former border chief he told the border agents in a video that there are
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more tereus then realize crossing the border we have that story in another development border agents from california and texas getting shots fired at them from mexico from across the border plusro a big defeat for e biden of administration we will explain it and we have the updates on multiple states across the countryes seeing vots doing a big push back against covid mandates hundred in los angeles took to the streets over the weekend and reports of special counsel john durham is taking to a grand jury and potential criminal charges against fbi agents and others outside of government for knowingly using false information from antitrust opposition research that was paid for by democrats to orchestrate invasive wiretaps on civilians on the trump campaign during the 2016 election thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald in "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪ welcome to the show you're
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watching the fox business network let's get right to d.c. president biden hours ago admitted the collapse and afghanistan came more quickly than expected and he stands by his decision to withdraw, the taliban is going house to house door-to-door seizingse people mk meredith has the latest from the white house. >> president biden said the afghan military simply gave up and they did not have the will to fight the taliban and he believes keeping u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan would not of changed outcome for the country the president insist the u.s. is going to provide humanitarian aid as we see these terrible pictures coming out of afghanistan including the one your screen the president says too many american lives would've been put at risk had troops stayed any longer but during his speech the president insisted the u.s. can combat terrorism not only in afghanistan but in the region even without the
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traditional base that has been established since the u.s. invaded back in 2001. >> i am president of the united states of america and the buck stops with me. i am deeply saddened by the facts we now face but i do not regret my decision to end america's war fighting in afghanistan and maintain a laser focus on our counterterrorism mission there and other parts of the world. >> we heard from democrats criticizing the president but summer coming to his defense including durbin the republicans on the hill are outrage calling the last 72 hours a major failure for washington as well as the folks that are on the ground in afghanistan we heard from chuck grassley of iowa, president biden would've listened to until the military leaders he would've acted sooner to get americans to help their military out of afghanistan and it wouldn't of been the debacle
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that is turned into we heard from republicans that are demanding more from more accountability of this white house that they would like to see congress exercise the authority to understand what is going on in the last several weeks not just the last 72 hours here's a bit concerned about what this could mean for the u.s. global war on terror whether or not we will see a reemergence of the terror groups like al-qaeda after the u.s. pulls out of afghanistan or already doing so right now. as for president biden theseid make it his way back toac camp david and expected to continue his vacation e this week. elizabeth: mark meredith thank you so much, retired u.s. army lieutenant colonel james carafano and doctor mark green on house foreign affairs and armed services. the doctor was appointed iraq and afghanistan. first you your reaction to that president? >> thank you for havingct me oni was blown away by the dishonesty of his comments he made it sound like the afghans aren't fighting they have been the ground force in this war for several years,
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thousands of them have died, it is dishonest to say that they do not want to fight we abandoned them, that is the sense that they have in the middle of the night we left bagram air base without a be notifying our allies, the afghan military that we were leaving they discovered an empty airfield and empty military they felt abandoned and they lost the will to fight. it is not their fault this is joe biden that knows this. elizabeth: d.c. insiders report shocked that the administration was surprised that the taliban captured the country this quickly in the white house had no plans for that even though biden announced to withdraw for month ago the washington post of political reporting biden ignored the advice of his generals. we have u.s. soldiers and the families upset they lost their lives and limbs in afghanistan, what do you say. >> the headline here biden has a political problem as well as a
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strategic problem with a failure in afghanistan that we have to deal with that beau biden went on national television and said none of this is my fault and set a bunch of things which are not true all of which can be shown false when people talk to the military and the intelligence community and look at the document there's going to be a lot of time because biden made all about his decision he said i made the right decision we will debate that in what they're going to find out he lied to the american people so it's a political disaster and a strategic disaster. elizabeth: the president was vice president for eight years, he was also in the senate, this is the 20 year war the president criticized for being out of washington at camp david and the white house press secretary on vacation in the uk prime minister colbeck parliament from summer recess. let's listen to what biden said last month and what mitch mcconnell had to say and president biden said this would not be a secondou saigon 1975 bt it did happen and is happening
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in kabul. >> do you see any parallel between this withdrawal and what happened in vietnam. >> none whatsoever, 0. >> is the taliban takeover of afghanistan and evitable? >> it is not inevitable. >> i think there's a high likelihood that the taliban will be back in control of the country maybe as early as the end of the year and i worry about the future of afghan women and girls and we will end up ink a situation much like we found ourselves in before not just me saying that you may have read it hillaryy clinton and rise to former secretaries of state have expressing concern. elizabeth: will use a congressman? >> same leadership is in 2011, same failure as 2011 joe biden was a vice president they ripped
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out of iraq what happened was the emergence of isis they were knocking people's heads off, now they just ripped us out of afghanistan and were going to get the same thing terrorists are in control they have a safe haven now, a country of their own in the open southern border it is coming again this is a failed presidency is what it is. our president commander-in-chief. elizabeth: the former defense secretary is leon pannetta he compares the fall of t afghanisn any strongly recommend the president take responsible to, amid the mistakes and it seems the president did not do that in obama's former ambassador is saying it is insane and eating janik to think that the taliban is listening to threats from the president or nancy pelosi about
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don't do bad things are will come after you, the taliban is doing what it wants right now, what do you say. >> keeping this a crisis was an intelligence failure 9/11 is an intelligencelu of failure, thiss the president debate about decision and this gets to the red flag this is not the jimmy carter presidency or rookie mistakes in your first year. all of biden's team are veterans of eight years of obama, these are well seizing guys who have been to benghazi, iraq, libya, the redline, they pride crisis after crisis, they failed on all of them in their back and they failed again, should scare people. elizabeth: we hear you, nancy pelosi is talking about the wisdom of what the president decided to do, we have the taliban leader claiming he spent eight years in guantánamo. the taliban is releasing prisoners from al-qaeda and
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reportedly isis. what is the wisdom inn that? >> there is no wisdomha in this, nancy pelosi is trying to cover for the president who happens to be in her party this is abysmal failure and it's going to put riamericans at risk, no one is debating this. elizabeth: we have leaders from the uk, canada, australia, dozens of countries around the world expressing disappointment and shock we have more breaking news opec in russia told the biden administration they will not pump more oil after the administration asked them to do that facing rising gas prices and also this homeland security in the joint chief of staff, they are both warning about rise and terror threats here in the u.s. and were about to approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, what do you say to that. >> let's focus on terrorism to near-term transnational problems
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where we can see a resurgence of terrorism, one is afghanistan is to want to become a sanctuary for transnational terrorist activity, that is a problem but also the narrative problem the taliban owning more territory than they did on 9/11 this is a great victory for them this is a rallying cry to the islamist terrorist worldwide to rise up and strike again so you have global motivation to do attacks and potentially a new base. these are issues that put the failures in the bickering aside biden needs to jump on fighting the two issues and as far as i can tell, they have no real counterterrorism plan except ordered the department of building security terrorist trump supporters because they might support trump. elizabeth: what do you say would james carafano just said people are saying joe biden is calculated in which case he's incompetent or this would be the
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result and he did not care he tossed away two decades of work, we have four administrations trying to deal with empires and without talking to democrat administrations to republican administrations what are your thoughts about what james carafano just said. >> i think this issue would terrorism israel but it's even worseha now with what's happened in afghanistan coupled with her southern border, this is the administration when they first got back in power wants to renegotiate a failed deal with the iranian regime they seem to want to be friends with people who are in amy's, the taliban is or in any and biden is basically fine with letting them take over our country, i bet the next thing is it good to be what james is talking about they are not going tohe confront that thy will try to renegotiate the deal with iran because that brings's america's safety it is a strong
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resolution. elizabeth: we hear you, sorry i did not mean to talk over you we also have muslim leaders that we should point out that are expressing severe concern and shock over the brutalization by the taliban of women and children in the complete depravity of how they'd behave. mark green and lieutenant until lieutenant thank you so much for your service to our country, come back soon it's good to see both. elizabeth: up next michael walt will join us next we have national security experts and we will stay on the story the warning about the rise in terrorism here in the u.s. the taliban with isis prisoners and kenaston uk defense minister save this country is spiraling into a failed state potential civil war you are watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> these images are heartbreaking and for anyone who served in afghanistan like myself, thousands of others and anyone who invested in anything at all andat her efforts this
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house minority leader kevin mccarthy saying thank you for joining us, house minority leader kevin mccarthy saying we have to look to our own border as the taliban releases from prison al-qaeda and isis militant reports coming into the studio, what do you say about that. >> tens of thousands in the most recent was 5000 that are been released from various prisons 5000 other main airbase outside of kabul that the biden administration gave up and gave away and there were al-qaeda, isis, taliban operatives and leaders that we have no idea where they are now couple that with the southern border that is wide open and as we all know a pathway to smuggling route that will move drugs and migrants
10:20 pm
will do weapons of mass destruction, tears, weapons the cartels in mexico could care less as long as they get paid. elizabeth: this is scary stuff the news is coming and we're breaking news the outgoing order patrolled chief rodney scott told his 19000 agents in a farewell video message on augusr unprecedented numbers of known or suspected terrorist that across the border in recentn months already we already know terroristcaught for on the fbi no fly list and watch list two from yemen into from serbia your thoughts with rodney scott and that warning nobody knew about that what do you say about that. >> we are seeing folks that have been captured from anywhere from 70 - 80 countries around the world and these are the people that were detained, who knows who are not detained hundreds of thousand month in the cartel are
10:21 pm
using those migrants as a smokescreen one for our poor border resources into to make millions and millions of dollars per week so this is an unmitigated disaster international security disaster and those people are being shift off wholesale all over the united states is not just a border problem and on top of that we have the tons of thought no, drugs and again, anything else that the cartels are paid to move across the border, now we have al-qaeda 3.0 that is gonna come room back and i have to tell youou terrorism in afghanistan does not stay in afghanistan and spread like a cancer in worldwide open on airplanes. elizabeth: congressional republicans and democrats are demanding more from to know why the president left d.c. and why the press secretary left washington white house speaker nancy pelosi is not bringing back people from recess
10:22 pm
congressmen and women from recess the uk is doing just that they're bringing parliament back is not even classified briefings going on right now, let's listen to secretary of state and city blinking what he had to say this is week positioning and weak messaging. watch this. >> the future afghan government that upholds the basic rights of its people and it doesn't harbor terrorist is a government we can work with and recognize conversely, the government that does not do that that does not uphold the rights including women and girls that harbors terrorist groups that have designs on the united states with her eyes and partners certainly that is not going to happen. mbelizabeth: former ambassador ryan crocker he was obama's ambassador. he said it's idiotic and insane to think that the taliban listens to rhetoric like this, what do you say.
10:23 pm
>> it is asinine and i tell you dealt with the taliban on the ground they could care less whether t they're invited into tony begins european cocktail club there about power and leverage and they respond to bonds on orders. and until that we have a position of strength the taliban is going to continue to useot negotiations as a smokescreen to get what they want they smell weakness and we see the results of it and by the way blinking, austin and the whole crew were in charge when we yanked ourselves out of obama out of iraq too soon in the rise of isis and the size of indiana and attacks around the world were about to see the horror movie play itself out once again at this time it's going to be far worse because we have no basis and no local ally in the arm to the teeth with warehouses full
10:24 pm
of armor, artillery and heavy weapons that we left behind. this is o a disaster. elizabeth: congressman michael walt, thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our country it's good to have you want, national portable chill counsel he is president of the council, brandon judd he's going to join us organist and the warningsm. of terrorism and another development border patrol agents in california and texas got gunshots fired at them from mexico across the border were coming into the bottom of the hour keeper here on "the evening edit" you're watching the fox business network. >> american see this for what it is and although secretary mayorkas continues to describe their policies as humane and orderly, american see their anything but.
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♪ elizabeth: national u portable truck he's brandon judd back with us, good to see you what's with the story the border agents from californiaer and texas that got gun shots fired fromm mexico across the border, what's going on. >> you have documented very well over the pastwe few months the unprecedented level of violence occurring in the united states and the violence includes a border right now what were seen criminals are emboldened by this
10:29 pm
administration because this administration failed to take the actions that are necessary to protect the citizens of the united states, when that happens, the cartels operating in mexico feel like they can do anything that they want and they will continue with the violence as long as the administration continues with the policies what is very interesting under the trump administration we had a great working relationship with the mexican government now that relationship is gone and we don't get the support that is necessary from the mexican government and the mixve of mexican military or police so were seen this level of violence escalating and the numbers continue to escalate and the edrugs continue to escalate everything on the border continues to escalate because this administration is doing nothing to secure work in public. elizabeth: critics are saying all joe biden had to do was keep the status quo both at the border in both in afghanistan he
10:30 pm
didn't have to change anything because the policies are working you and i have been talking about the border for five years three days before the shooting of border patrol officials in san diego county it happened at the border in texas and surveillance camera operators in that sector confirmed the president's of two subjects armed with high caliber rifles, this sounds like snipers, am iran. >> no, you're absolutely correct it is amazing when we can say in a administration needs to keep things status quo and things will be perfectly fine, normally administration seem to come in and make changes, this administration did not they were given everything oneth a platter and all they had to do was keep the policies programs and operations in place they changed everything to pander to their base to try to energize their base to get them out to approve
10:31 pm
of what they're doing and what that has done is caused complete and total chaos on her borders. elizabeth: border patrol in texas have been taunted by cartels across the river waving guns at them, we have a legal border crossing hitting the highest in 21 years were seen a record number of stash houses in texas and all the border states it's not just houses the departments and tractor-trailers in more human smugglers stash houses are on the rise and border states, can you link this story with what's happening with gunshots fired a border patrol officials from mexico. >> again i'm in a go back a couple months ago when we took 19 different senators on the border and they were able to go to the river and they themselves were taunted by the criminal cartel, that is how little esteem that they have for even our elected officials in the
10:32 pm
united states when we see the numbers continue to go up we will see more stash houses as the number goes up i expect will find more tunnels as the numbers go up i expect will have more of her children died because of drug overdoses in the united states everything that happens on the borderl will affect u.s. citizens throughoutt this county whether it's in florida, chicago, maine throughout the entire united states what happens here in the in the mainstream here in the united states and her tests. elizabeth: brandon judd thank you so much for joining us we really appreciate it and thank you for your service too our country, it's good to see you congressman byron donalds joins us fights breaking out across the country over covid rules in los angeles hundreds took to the streets to protest covid mandates. keeper here on "the evening edit". >> the enormous damage that was done to students in terms of
10:33 pm
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♪. elizabet . elizabeth: a protest was several hundred demonstrators against vaccine and mask mandates that broke out outside of city hall in los angeles and turned violent on saturday one person was dead let's talk about it with byron donalds from the small business committee, it's great to have you, what is your reaction to multiple states across the country seen pushback from voters against covid mandates, what do you say to that? >> demonstrates that the american people have mostly had enough with the top down heavy-handed approaches from governors, mayors, city council and the president of the united states were at a point withos covid-19 where were in the post
10:38 pm
vaccine world yes delta variant cases are on the rise because of highly contagious but if you've been vaccinated you're basically protected unilaterally from the worst effects of covid-19 so people are sick of it and over people just want the information in the making decision with their lives but what's happening inin california is the pressure for people to get vaccinated in the weird mandates that are coming out and it's also the oppressively gavin newsom has destroyed the state of california so the people of california you have an opportunity to recall your governor because he's been an object disaster for your state. elizabeth: the astrazeneca scientist professor andrew is saying in the uk that we will have to live with the virus and dealt. with it that we should sp talking about cases and focus on
10:39 pm
hospitalizations and people getting really sick because the data is showing 44% of those who are vaccinated are immuno compromised could get sick again from covid that's what he's saying focus on the hospitalization, what do you say to that. >> that is the correct way to go if you're running around chasing cases you will never stop there will always be ath next wave of cases around the corner that is not the real concern, the real concern is the percentage of the population of the house committee hospitalized in the percentage that would have to pass away from covid-19 that's what we need to be concerned with. right now you have to monitor that and you cannot just track absolute numbers of hospitalizations and absolute numbers of deaths because that does not paint the whole picture we should be looking at this in terms of hospitalizations per 10000 or 100,000 people deaths per 10000 people or 100,000 people because that gives you the statistical information that you need to judge how deeply
10:40 pm
covid-19 of the worst effects of covid-19 have penetrated your community or your state whatever the case might be. elizabeth: you're making excellent points we got the biden administration and education secretary getting in a fight with governor desantis saying the white house will pay the salary and school officials of no mask mandates that using a federal tax dollars to pay teachers to enforce masks there is fights going on in desantis is thought to be a 2024 contender but then you have really serious economic data coming in a collapse ingr consur sentiment at the university of michigan index and also the empire manufacturing index the activity hitting his store close while the petty sidebar fights are going on, what do you say to that.
10:41 pm
>> i wish joe biden paid as much attention to afghanistan as he pays to run desantis maybe he would had a better outcome. the fact of the matter is this joe biden in hishi education secretary don't care about her constitution because the federal government has no authority to pay people in the state of florida if the governor decides he's going to pull paychecks that is not their job and not their authority the federal government needs to mind his own business and do its job and that the governors were duly elected like america's governor ron desantis dos.obat their job it't simple and speaking of manufacturing the reason why the output is so low is because of joe biden's handling of our economy and also covid-19 when you paid people to stay at home what do you think is going to happen people are going to stay at home they're not going to go to work that the fault of the biden administration not the fault of governors training manager stay in the appropriate way by allowing their industries to thrive in floors will having
10:42 pm
to manage the pandemic at the same time. elizabeth: congressman byron donalds, good to see you come back soon. up next former federal prosecutor jim trusty we have reports coming in special counsel john durham is taken to a grand jury potential criminal charges against fbi agents and others outside of the government for knowingly using false information to orchestrate and attack on the trump campaign and citizens on that campaign this is thehe use of anti-trump opposition research paid for by hillary clinton in the dnc that they knew was false. keeper here on "the evening t edit". kills plaque bacteria at the gum line to help keep the gum seal tight. new parodontax active gum repair toothpaste. experience our advance standards safety technology
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10:47 pm
jury potential criminal charges against if bi agents outside the pgovernment for knowingly using false information paid for by democrats just as the anti-trump opposition research paid for by hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc in order to orchestrate fisa wiretaps on civilians on the trump campaign, is ais surrl thing what do you think. >> it is in the husband from the beginning and durham is a professional prosecutor not a politician and not somebody using the office for political gain they lost nine or ten month a grand jury to covid and with his team and this information was really interesting and the story it's not coming from durham these guys have been disciplined about not leaking and not be politicized and think back to the mueller probe if they execute a warrant the media was there before the fbi was they were very symbiotic with
10:48 pm
the media that was a combing legacy of fbi conduct in your not seen any of that, they have gotten criticism from the left ande right because they're not telling everybody what they're doing and that's what prosecutors are supposed to do. elizabeth: that's an interesting point the d.o.j. inspector general he concluded that the dnc in hillaryai clinton's campaign paid for opposition research from a former british spy christopher steel andsh that information plays a central and essential role in the fbi's push to get wiretaps against the trump team, the d.o.j. watchdog criticized the fbi for 17 significant errors in it was a debunked claim the d.o.j. inspector general the false claim that the organization computers were secretly communicating with awful bank computers and russia connected to putin. steel push that claimant testified in a british court
10:49 pm
that a democrat lawyer gave him the information in hillary clinton turns around and says there is secret communication and the unlocking of the mysteries of the trump pressure connection and the seeker hotline msnbc ran with this alphabet story, it's still out t there what do you say. >> there's a routehe there, the starting point of all of this was hillary rodham clinton to distract from her own scandal in john brennan for all of his flaws warned the fbi three days in advance there's going to be a big distraction story about trump in russia and sure enough there was, the first part of this is not opposition research, it is complete peddling of manufacturer information and that's its own category of sleaziness i think what john durham is looking at is a law enforcement and intelligence communities use of the sonatas using false information but
10:50 pm
knowingly using false information that's when you start to get into this world of criminality on a servicing fraud or wire fraud or inspection of justice we have a period of time where the d.o.j. or the fbi general counter manufacturer change the meaning of an e-mail to help the fbi spy on the trump camp the airhead liners. elizabeth: that the fisa wiretaps this is a secret map for terrorists that was politicized and possible perjury charges that were misled the fisa court was misled by the fbi, fbi officials, we should talk about the john brennan meeting with president obama warning obama that the hrc was distracting in the fbi trump ruh probe.
10:51 pm
>> probably to indictment don't expect to report it only comes if there is an indictment i think we'll see something this year with criminal charges. elizabeth: jim trusty your terrific, come back soon another big defeat for the president of the border missouri attorney general makes it down. stay right there. ra man: yeah, 1 out of 3 people get shingles in their lifetime. well that leaves 2 out of 3 people who don't. i don't know anybody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash? and donna next door had it for weeks. yeah, but there's nothing you can do about it. camera man: actually, shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaat? camera man: prevented. you can get vaccinated. baby, call the doctor. camera man: hey! you can also get it from your pharmacist! 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles now. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, 50 years or older? or fun.
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elizabeth: joining is now missouri attorney general eric schmitt it's great to have you back on, can we talk about afghanistan your stay is near the border and the president comes backrd into d.c. gives descriptive response about the collapse ine afghanistan and since a buck stops with me and his hands were tied by trump and that he blamed the afghan military, you are down there with texas andnd the rest of the border states, the dhs and the joint chief of staff is warning about terrorism crossing the border as well, what do you say. >> i think what this shows in the last week or so is a complete failure by the biden administration in joe biden a lack of leadership and what happened is a tragedy using the images and this is all on joe
10:56 pm
biden in the ag's across the country as part of our job is to push back what is happening with the biden administration and one of the ways is o on immigration and we scored a big victory for border security and the rule of law on day one joe biden reverse president trump's remaining mexico policy, the migrant protection protocols which basically said that why you're seeking asylum to come into the united states mexico will be the waiting room in joe biden reverse on day one we've seen over a million people cross the border illegally that we know with their over 200,000 in july alone that across the border illegally and we know nine out of ten asylum-seekers are bogus claims and there's a profit motive for really bad people take advantage of this humanitarian crisis by human trafficking and drug trafficking to get people cross the border and under joe biden's policy
10:57 pm
after he changed president trump say, to the united states and seek asylum and released into the interior of the united states to never be seen again this a w be scored on friday nit and get us back to president trump's policy which will need more secure border and integrity in our migration process and it's a big win for the rule of law there's no question about that.te >> is a major victory for your stay in texas and j other border states the federal judge in northern texas found that the white house had literally texas and missouri after increases in human trafficking and other crimes of the border, that is what he was talkingas about as well, injury to the state. >> principally missouri we were speaking on behalf of all of the states that are directly on the southern border but we made a big emphasis in her office of taking on human trafficking, missouri has a number w of stats we have rail and river and interstates in missouri so as we
10:58 pm
continue to fightht that battle having a porous and completely open border on the southern border and exacerbates human trafficking and by the way there is value associated with women and children these are bad people take advantage of the situation bringing them into the united states, claim asylum and get a court date on theua honor system it is supposed to show up and they don't show upck this is victory on friday and get s us back to president trump successful policies say mexico. elizabeth: there's a nationwide injunction from the federal judge. go ahead. >> is a nationwide injunction. this is a big deal and this is a defeat for the biden administration has no regard for the rule of law and on day one they canceled the keystone xl pipeline and they created something pushing back on the and also information policy.
10:59 pm
>> the judge found the administration broke a law was t us into dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas on audio talking about what is happening on the border, it's pretty bad stuff, listen to this. >> let's make sure it never happens again this is unsustainable in these numbers cannot continue and we cannot get to the point where couple weeks ago we have to make sure that doesn't happen. elizabeth: that was homeland security secretary he was secretly recordedd in audio and he saying it's unsustainable the systems that are breaking point, your final word. >> it's unsustainable which is why it's up to the state to bring insanity in my missouri and texas filed a lawsuit against the bidenitad administrn and we wanted to bring border security and the rule of lawaw back and play so you have the
11:00 pm
folks seeking asylum and they can have their day in court and remaining mexico because of relation to the interior of the united states. elizabeth: it's good to see you, comic-con. i'm elizabeth macdonald and you been watching "the evening edit" and fox business, that does it for us we hope you for watching advocating him and join us again tomorrow night. . larry: hello everybody what and welcome to come though i am david asman and for larry kudlow we are waiting for president biden to address the fall of afghanistan to the taliban he is expected to speak in two minutes but let's bring in former secretary of state ci director under president trump mike pompeo, great to see you, we are getting some talking points and i hope you can stay until after the president finishes. but the talking points come from pelosi's office and says that administration new there was a distinct possibility that kabul would fall to the taliban it was


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