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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 17, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ david: what a wild hour. thanks for watching >> what a wild hour thank you for watching "kudlow". be sure to drive in while tune in tomorrow, is going to be a >> good morning. i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, august the 17th. president biden playing the blame game as the taliban takes over afghanistan. >> when i came in office, i inherited a deal that president trump negotiated with the taliban. i stand behind my decision. after 20 years, i have learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw u.s. forces.
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cheryl: the president back at camp david and press secretary jan zaki cutting her vacation short. she will give a press briefing today and we will bring in the latest all morning long as news develops. turning to markets, we have a lot of pressure on the markets. the dow jones is pointing lower by 179, s&p down by 20 and three quarters and nasdaq down by 61 and a half. this could change at 8:30 a.m. eastern as we are waiting on retail earnings. again, as you see home depot is a double beat on earnings for sharing revenue. right now home depot is down by 4.5%. those earnings across the table and we will get walmart in about an hour with that stock way down the next news yesterday on wall street, dow and s&p 500
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both in record territory for the fifth day in a row and as you see the dow jones getting more than a quarter represent in europe this morning, as the world the situation unfolds and reacts to afghanistan, the ftse is higher with the dacs lower and in asia we see right across the board in those markets particularly pressure on the hang seng down more than one and half percent. "mornings with maria" is live right now. some top stories we are watching, new overnight, the senior taliban leader is said to be in the capital negotiating with afghanistan leadership and former president. it's aimed at bringing other non- taliban leaders into the government said there will be quote an inclusive afghan government and according to the associated press the government will be
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announced after negotiations, this is a kabul airport reopens today a following that we witnessed on the program yesterday as i thousands tried to flee the country. harrowing images showing people climbing on top of each other desperate to get out of afghanistan. at least seven people died in the taliban is going door to door searching for afghan officials and allies in the united states. we will follow this all morning long feared the biden administration is expected to recommend vaccine boosters for all americans. the third shot would be administered eight months after receiving the second dose. pfizer have been seeking authorization of a booster dose and said the third dose shows higher levels of antibodies appeared stomach to the situation in haiti, rescue crews bracing for a tropical storm as they continue the search for survivors following saturday's earthquake with the death toll rising to more than 1400.
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more than 6000 people are overwhelming hospitals in the u.s. coast guard bringing in medical supplies and personnel stomach tropical storm grace drenching those that were left homeless. home depot reporting second-quarter results with earnings and revenue above expectations and we are looking for fourth-quarter earnings that came at 453. revenue expectations 40.79 billion came in at 41 billion. comparable sales for the second-quarter increasing foreign & -- 4.5% in the company did top same-store sales. again, u.s. sales of 3.4%. same-store sales overall including slight moves in the international market up to 4.5% with a
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double beat on home depot and we will be getting walmart, aa myth of the morning and we look for about 147 billion and change in walmart coming up here also later this week we have retail numbers we will closely watch the middle of the inflation warnings we have in the market with target, macy's and calls among several other companies coming out. we will be watching all those numbers and again retail sales number that comes at at 830 a.m. eastern time will be crucial for the markets as that could be a game changer with the dow down-- dow jones down 216. i went to bring in mark avalon and also joining the conversation steve forbes and calmness for the hill in a fox news contributor joe concha is with me with that a star panel. good morning. mark, reaction to the home depot numbers amid
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worries about consumer price inflation. >> good morning and it's no surprise that home depot rocked it in the second quarter. you have to remember people who were selling their homes are dressing them up and fixing them and people who buy them want to get rid of the ugly stuff in a room they didn't like and then there's new construction for people leaving the city, so there's this huge burst whether it's the do-it-yourself marketer the commercial market and that dovetails nicely for home depot-- detail. i have not had time to digest the report but something in the guidance took the stock down a little because it's about how they will navigate from here going forward because prior to the day it's been pretty much a goldilocks scenario for big home-improvement people like home depot. cheryl: i was looking at some of the numbers and customer
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transaction 5.8%-- fell by 5.8% pure i'm wondering if it's because we saw a big shift consumer spending from home improvement and home office in the peloton bikes more into services, vacation and airline tickets and hotels. may be all that pent up demand as folks just wanted to get out of their home is actually hurting home depot right now. >> and we will see more consumer data later today as we roll out more retail earnings that will give us a good sense of the strength of the consumer targets-- target has become a huge bellwether for that as their excellent omni- channel execution allowed their stock to dominate its competitors like walmart and target releases later with their finger on the pulse of the consumer, the return back to school, we expect that to soar. remember, these kids-- the last time they were in school has been over a year ago.
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their clothes don't fit or they aren't going to wear-- high schoolers will want what is new and fresh and we expect apparel and back-to-school to help the surge in consumer retail purchases going into the fall. cheryl: i hope you are right as we see worries about the global supply chain and the fact a lot of the back-to-school items are on backorder for a lot of these retailers and i think that will be interesting. what are they talking about when it comes to supplies with back-to-school such a crucial time for a lot of these big names, but i want to stay with inflation because there's a report in the journal this morning that fed officials are licking a plan to start tapering in a few months and after the top yesterday summer fishing for asset purchases to end by the middle of next year, mark. boston fed president wants to see tapering again by the fed in october november of this year. he may be the biggest we know as as far as the fed aboard, but that seems to me too be kind
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of makes sense as far as what we are saying with overall inflation story that's happening across the country. >> i think at this point tapering starts to make sense, what the purpose of the fed to keep full employment and keep inflation modest albeit with their temporary target of wanting a boost of inflation and they achieve these goals. we have inflation and we have very low reasonably low, how historical average unemployment. their mandate to help the economy in this situation has been reached. at the fed started mandated, not paul stark market value maintaining all-time highs and i think that we become-- the fed raised such a spoiled teenager here, for 13 years whether it was-- for 13 years whatever the stock market has wanted the fed has basically given him and now 13 years later, investors are worried they will act
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like spoiled kids who no longer get a cook after every meal. we can hold it back gradually. it's been signaled. the bond market is aware the purchases by the fed could be reduced. i don't think investors need to panic if it's measured and a printed systemic well communicated well policy. i think that's what we will see out of jackson. cheryl: they have been very clear in their thinking as they give investors plenty of time to ingest if they need to and we just showed the 10 year end they say there's a move in the bond prices as they anticipate that. maybe it's not a bad thing for those trying to save. mark avalon, thank you. >> good to be here. cheryl: we are just getting started to appear coming, we have the crisis in afghanistan this morning. retired four-star general jack keane will be here to weigh in on president biden's speech
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yesterday. a lot a reaction to that speech. also, what's next as americans and afghanis look to flee the region. we will give you updates throughout the morning on the situation there and then we have the federalist senior editor trista for bedford who will talk to the reaction to the president's speech and now when cia analyst is slamming msnbc over their coverage and then there's john castaneda's to talk inflation why that could trigger a job boom. don't miss a moment of it. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness singing, or. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or
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cheryl: the taliban takeover, the taliban getting control of kabul.
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after the u.s. completed troop withdrawal from end-- afghanistan, president biden playing the blame game pointing the finger at the afghan military and its leaders for the rapid takeover with the present making the short speech yesterday, refusing to answer questions before returning to his camp david vacation. listen. >> afghanistan political leaders give up and fled the country. the afghan military collapsed sometime without trying to fight. when i came into office, i inherited a deal that president trump negotiated with the taliban. at the choice i had to make as your president was either to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting the taliban in the middle of the spring fighting season. it would have been no cease-fire. cheryl: i went to bring in steve forbes and joe concha to get
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reaction. purse, steve, your reaction to the president. he was defiant, shifting the blame to other places talk about the fact that he wanted to be the last president to have to manage a ticket -- two decade war in afghanistan, but many military families-- gold star families in particular were just crushed yesterday because of the loss of american lives in afghanistan and the fact that president biden just came to say well, that's it, we are out no matter what. your reaction? >> what happened over the weekend is unmitigated disaster for afghanistan, the u.s. and the free world and i think the speech will go down as one of the most disgraceful foreign policy speeches in american history. he put out false information that he was urged it to put in thousands of more troops, not true. he overturned every trump previous decision he could have made it changes on that one. it's not just the
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decision to withdraw, it's the way he did it appear callous and utterly incompetent. there are 86,000 afghans and now on a death list for the taliban and other terrorists and you know most of those people will not get out because there is no plan. why did job biden give up that airport space? perfect place to do evacuations. there was no planning, it was from the hip and now, we see events unfolding in the real thing to worry about is how will russia, turin and at the chinese react taiwan must be worried, ukraine must be worried, the baltic states must be worried and in the middle east ran will be bold-- embolden, they want a huge victory so president biden can do all the talking he wants, but this is a disaster. cheryl: i think in a bipartisan way that's the reaction of the president's speech yesterday. i want to bring in retired four-star general and fox news
6:18 am
senior analyst jack keane. over the last 24 hours, first your initial reaction to what the president had to say and i want you to pick up on what steve mentioned and that's iran, there seems to be a lot more is within intelligence and military communities that iran will start to take a lead role in that region. your reaction to that? >> first of all, like anyone else, i mean, very disappointed in that speech. it was totally defensive and really somewhat defiant and not accepting net any responsibility that the united states with a drawl turned into for to the taliban and now how unfortunate that is for the afghans, for the region is self and also for american security because we all know full well that the elcon it is present somewhere-- the un reported between 10 and 15 provident since a number two in the taliban is an al qaeda leader and they
6:19 am
are their brothers. at the other thing that will happen is, the currency that the taliban has gained worldwide is obvious and they will be the preeminent jihadist organization. it's very likely that many jihadist fighters while falling on taliban because of this preeminence and their desire to be that close to the leaders in the movement that defeated the united states and as the propaganda that certainly is going to be out there. the president misrepresented the facts and i find that deeply disturbing. when he said the choice he was facing was to put tens of thousands of u.s. soldiers back into the fight versus withdrawing, that was never the choice on the table. the choice on the tables were modest 2500 forces to provide principal air support and intelligence capability to help the afghan ground forces
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fight effectively which we have been doing for a number of in the military would have got down to the smallest minimum force that they could possibly do and still accomplish that mission. that was 2500. the other thing in the speech that got to me is that the justification he made for the united states involvement in iraq, syria, yemen and east africa was that those radical islamist organizations have aspirations to attack america. well, that's the justification our military and foreign policy experts are making to stay in afghanistan because of al qaeda still has aspirations to attack america. and i thought that was profound and him not being able to connect those dots. listen, china and russia in the region to be sure. we gave up seven military bases and we made reference to the bagram air base in the region.
6:21 am
they are all thrilled that we are out of there they have concerns about the taliban certainly, their concerns are there radical islam can swig-- fall over into the uighur region. afghanistan-- the concern about islamic-- radical islam. they are thrilled we are out of the region that the united states gave up influence in south asia and there will be profound consequences. cheryl: the worry going forward -- forward, how safe is american now that we have seen the country destabilized. general jack keane, thank you. we appreciate it. we have a lot more coming out. the media is a mixed reaction to president biden's speech. who was quick to criticize this my surprise you.
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cheryl: president biden addressing the nation yesterday defending his decision to pull out troops from afghanistan. in his speech he placed the blame on the afghan military for the fall of the government and the return of the power to taliban. during the address the normally-- the normally provided speech slamming the speech. >> the speech was full of finger-pointing and blame especially for the afghans. >> he did not in any way accept responsibility for the catastrophe unfolding. >> i think it will be horrendous for him public relation -wise, a propaganda tool on the anniversary of 9/11. cheryl: joe concha, your reaction to all this? >> interesting. you played chuck talk at the end and it chuck had
6:26 am
also said if this pullout had happened under trump would have been worse as he always has to work in the negative trump angle but overall this is what's called a 99% issue in media and it would be impossible not to criticize the president on his remarks yesterday it would be like looking out the window during a blizzard and are trying to deny that it's snowing so in this case i'm not terribly surprised given the president's remarks yesterday. i remember a cnn town hall from last month when the president said i made a commitment that when i tell you i made mistakes and when i think i got it right i will say it, but i will take responsibility for what i do and what i say and what is he due yesterday, he blames trump, he blames afghan forces, he blames afghans and after he does this speech that was widely panned, he gets or at least he does not answer any questions from the press. you have the worst moment of his presidency of almost any presidency any runs from the press and at this moment right now the president of the
6:27 am
united states, the vice president who you could not find on the back of a milk carton right now, where she during this because apparently she had a key role in the decision and the press secretary jen psaki has answered zero questions from the press despite this whole thing breaking down a week ago. at the spokesman for the taliban has done more interviews and answered more questions than our leaders right now and that's very telling. cheryl: you mention the vice president, because you know the media's love affair with her as seem to have waned after that horrible interview with lester holt. >> have you seen her do any interviews a sense that interview? cheryl: no, i haven't. >> in the months and she's basically kept out of public view. this was billed as a hostile work figure and a possible 2024 democratic nominee if joe biden doesn't seek a second term and now her handling of the administration is hiding her from the public to go back and read a political story from a when she takes credit and says i was the last person in the room
6:28 am
before the president decided to pull everyone out of afghanistan and i played a key role. you might want to answer a couple questions around your thinking and there was a pull out yesterday that shows the president is pulling in the low 20s in his handling of afghanistan and that's on top of low 30s on immigration, the border, 30s on violent crime and he's about to go underwater on covid as things are going south for this president in a hurry and we are only eight months in. cheryl: steve, your reaction? >> so far, not so good. most of what is amazing is he's created most of these crisis. he created the border crisis starting with the campaign signaling all that safe stops trump had put into make sure the immigrants don't get into the country were removed, so he created the border crisis. he created the afghan crisis which is one of the worst disaster since world war ii and the repercussions from that we will field for months and months ahead in asia
6:29 am
and europe, ukraine and taiwan and elsewhere and on the economy, he's the one who wants these spending binges and the one setting of the federal reserve for more inflation next year, so everything he touches is going south. cheryl: we have a lot more coming up with both of you. we are going to have a little bit more about how all the presidents are reacting because george w. bush giving his take on the crisis in afghanistan 20 years after presiding over the initial deployment. plus, the cost of terminal craziness. spirit airlines on the hook for operational meltdown. what you need to know is coming up next. ♪♪
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cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, august 2 tenet. looking at markets, we are looking at some pressure on your markets this morning and as you
6:33 am
see the dow jones is down a little more than 200 points. s&p and nest egg down. markets extending after dow jones component home depot reporting second-quarter results with stocks sliding after sales missed expectations. it missed analyst expectations. we are waiting on july retail sales. that will be a major market mover or could be two hours from now. mixed action on wall street yesterday with the dow jones and s&p 500 finishing in record territories for the for the day in a row and also a mixed story in europe this morning with european markets, the ftse was the only index a few moments ago higher at all and then the germany dacs or lower. there's the european markets right now. same story. to asia, red across the board. the biggest loser overseas in the story is
6:34 am
the hang seng down more than 1.5%. other headlines we are watching this morning, president biden declaring a state of emergency in florida as tropical storm. slams the panhandle. some areas saw wind as high as 65 miles an hour turning the swimming pool into a wave pool as you see kick the storm has weakened slightly as it makes its way inland with the national hurricane center saint alabama and georgia should be on alert for possible flooding later today. and tropical storm grace slamming haiti overnight with parts of texas possibly getting hit with it the same tropical storm later on in the week to those images out of haiti following the earthquake is devastating to wash. let's head west, california wildfires have burned a record 1 million acres this year alone. that's the most landscape burned in the state at this point in in the year. crews are battling 10 blazes including the
6:35 am
massive dixie fire. it's been called california's second largest wildfire and psych-- so far it's only 31% contained. spirit airlines is feeling the sting from flight cancellations with millions in lost revenue. as a result spirit is making quote tactical schedule reduction for the rest of the third quarter to ease financial strain. spirit is down a little more than two and half percent right now. more than 2800 flights were canceled over 11 days due to weather and staffing shortages. walmart is looking to hire a crypto currency expert to potentially expand its virtual payment. the position is based out of arkansas to help develop walmart's digital currency strategy as well as defined crypto related investment and partnerships, this one day after its competitor
6:36 am
amazon announced its own search for a crypto person. we will get walmart numbers in the next 30 minutes or so. the war in afghanistan began under former president george w. bush nearly 20 years ago and yesterday she responded to the current crisis taking place there saying quote laura and i have been watching the tragic events of unfolding in afghanistan with the sadness. our hearts are heavy for the afghan people and the americans and nato allies. he also sent a heartless thought message to u.s. troops and veterans that i want to bring in federalist senior editor christopher bedford. chris, your thoughts on the former president statement, again a lot of the statement was geared toward sorrow, but i think a lot of the veterans and their families, those that were lost in 20 years of war in afghanistan, just the hurt they were going through yesterday. >> yeah, i thought that was a classy aspect of the letter from the former president and
6:37 am
it's something he's focused on in his post- presidency. whether it's through bicycle races with veterans and wounded veterans that he has made that a large part of his post- presidency. this is a war that was generally lost under his watch, absolutely lost under here-- his watch. it became unwinnable because of the massive missing-- mission creep we basically immediately began after osama bin laden escaped to pakistan. at the end of the speech it touches on some of that and some of its tragic. what will happen to the women in the country, what's going to happen to the people that fought for us and those of been going to school, they are in trouble, but therein lies some of the mission creep which is why we have been there for 20 years trying to secure a central government, trying to secure a central army and what is one 100% a tribal nation that has never experienced this before and i think it's a large part that's led
6:38 am
to the next couple presidency dealing with this and now the horrible images and this terrible withdraw that we see. cheryl: and obviously the comparisons to what we sell at the folly in saigon in the 70s. i went to move on to what we saw on msnbc yesterday when one of their gas, sc ia analyst snapped back at brian williams yesterday for praising biden's speech and-- on afghanistan. watch this. >> i'm curious to hear your reaction of this consequential speech by the american president, didn't run from it, he owned it, he owned his decision, owned the fact that as he put it the buck stops with him. >> i hope he gets to own their deaths to. i feel like i watched a different speech than the rest of you guys. i was appalled. cheryl: appalled. >> he's been doing a lot about incredible work with no one left behind people we have worked with to try to get
6:39 am
translators and get people out of iraq and afghanistan, get those people left at the mercy of isis or al qaeda or in this case the taliban after american withdraw and will be treated very terribly along with their families, the administration has largely been ignoring us for the past two or three administrations as we lose ground, gained ground, losing ground in the worst result by a large will always be held by those translators and people who helped us, our friends in the world and their families and send the parable message. this war was going to end it be chaotic and be sad. it's been handled so poorly, however, as abraham lincoln said it's better to be quiet then to be thought a fool than to speak out loud and remove all doubt and that's the situation we see now. cheryl: i want to bring and go. we talked about this in the last segment and i thought it was interesting that even i was surprised yesterday at how the mainstream media, which has been some in love with the biden administration
6:40 am
really turned on them yesterday and it was really across the board. >> pretty much with the exception of nicole wallace who said that she is a host on msnbc, former communications director for george w. bush is at 95% of americans will agree with the biden speech, which is no, it's more like 9% may be, not 95%, but also brian williams saying the president owned it, no, he didn't. he blamed everyone else but him. he blamed trump. he blamed the afghan army in the military, and afghans themselves. a quick question for chris, are you as amazed and i shouldn't say amazed, but the president of the united states, vice president and even press secretary she'll be speaking later today has taken zero questions in a week on this while the taliban the spokesperson is doing interviews, i mean, that's kind of bad luck; no? >> kind of wondering
6:41 am
what jen psaki put into her contract with the administration puts in mask mandates she always seems to be out of town and gives the job to someone else and she supposed to be the professional picture should be dealing with this. the amount of hide and seek we have been playing with this administration is absolutely wild and i will give some credit to joe biden because the last two administrations whether it was barack obama who said he wanted to withdraw or donald trump who said he wanted to withdraw from afghanistan, generals have always had a reason why we can't do this now he eventually said no, we are doing it now, but i guess we are seeing some of the disaster unfold. i just don't understand why we couldn't have put down more fire around to defend our friends and get our equipment out in a secure way. cheryl: i think a lot of that would like to get into mark millie's head right now, i mean, those images of his face trying to deal with this crisis over the last week. it would be interesting to see what he has to say down the line. christopher, thank you.
6:42 am
good to see you. >> thank you. cheryl: let's stay with the media because guess what, chris cuomo came back to work. >> i'm not an advisor. i'm a brother. i tried to do the right thing. i just want you all to know that. cheryl: is there a violin playing in your head right now? we will look at how he addressed the handling of his governor brother at the height of the pandemic. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness. ♪♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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cheryl: chris cuomo pack following the resignation of his brother, governor andrew. cuomo addressed the scandal and the part he played in the decision at the end of the show last night. watch. >> i was there to listen and offer "my take" and my advice to my brother was a simple and consistent, owned what you did, tell people what you'd do to do better, be contrite and finally, except that it doesn't matter what you intended. what matters is how your actions and words were perceived. it was a unique situation being a brother to a politician in a scandal and being part of the media. i tried to do the right
6:47 am
thing and i want you all to know that. cheryl: steve, do you buy it? >> well, as you said if i could play a mile and i would be playing it now and the fact that the matter is when things are going well, he and cnn played off of it having brother shows every now and then trying to be humorous, milking it probably it's worth. his brother put him at the head of the line for testing. chris cuomo broke quarantine as he was not supposed to leave the basement in his house and he was seen out and about so when things were going well they melted and in in terms of advising, of course he was going to be advising his brother and so yeah, he was part of it ended the idea he should get a pass on it after the going to the head of the line on testing and everything else, not going to wash but he will still have his job. cheryl: i went to bring joe concha into this because of course he was going to add brought-- advises brother. now, he didn't have to advise his brother, he
6:48 am
could've taken the high road and as a journalist and responsibility to his viewers to sam going to separate myself from the situation, i mean, at any time it was crossing the line for someone that says they are a induced anger, this was it. >> cheryl, it's what he has advised his brother on as well that is black-and-white not attorney general's report and that is how do you beat sexual harassment allegations. one of the accusers, former cuomo staffer actually talked about how chris cuomo actively tried to discredit her, so that's not a very good luck. what we saw last night was chris cuomo making claims that were utterly ridiculous saying his brother's appearances on his show were short-lived. how is 11 times appearing on one persons shall in the spring of 2020 short-lived? they were also twice as long as your average interview and never broke the nursing home scandal yet chris cuomo
6:49 am
set on the air last night that we had conversations before any scandals were breaking when there were plenty of reports talking about the eventual emergence of a cover up around the nursing home data and the 15,000 that were dead, so he made these claims last night and it's easy to fact check and as steve mentioned when you are the guy that breaks his own quarantine and a police report is filed against you, you know it's not the most credible person and it certainly won't be. you have to wonder for cnn if it's really worth it when that women and cnn watch the nac jeffrey tubing get a free pass and now they seek chris cuomo, no suspension without pay, no reprimand and they are back on the air. it's a boys club at cnn and clearly it's another example of that. cheryl: steve, final thoughts on this whole thing? >> i think joe put his finger on it that the real scandal is the 15,000 people that died unnecessarily in nursing homes with that horrible order putting with people with covid in the
6:50 am
nursing homes and that was never examined and that's what i hope there is a true investigation on because we know the justice department and hopefully we get the truth on that and we can know who was responsible cheryl: at least the state legislature will finish the impeachment inquiry, i mean, that was in saint. well, he quit, so nevermind, moving on. now, we are not moving on i mean the nursing home scandal that she was finally outed on sexual harassment but the nursing home scandal shy don't know i think it's criminal, but just my take. we are going to take a quick break. we will switch gears and talk about this, what are the sunday scariest? have you ever heard about this? could they affect your work we? we will tell you all about it coming up in the morning because-- morning buzz.
6:51 am
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when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at cheryl: it's time for the morning buzz, first up apple inspected two announces the newest iphone next month and it's likely to include modest upgrades following the big transition to 5 g and experts anticipate camera improvements with another iphone many option, but you may be waiting until christmas due to the ongoing ship shortage. also interesting, analysts are not sure if anna-- if they will skip a lucky number 13, steve believe it or not this
6:55 am
is a big question for apple. >> well, sure it is. i have a young grandkid years ago that didn't know the number 13 existed because the elevators in new york were 12 and 14, so what apple should do is take a page from henry ford, in the 1920s when ord replaced the model t he called the next one model eight even though when the original it came out in the early 1900s, that he resurrected it so why doesn't apple go back to number one and call it super one and start all over again. cheryl: i found 40, i mean, how far can they go? >> they will have to use roman numerals. cheryl: gray, like the super bowl. do you feel anxious or stressed on sunday nights before you have to go to work on monday, if so you are not alone with a new survey that says a 66% of working out professionals are
6:56 am
impacted by the sunday scariest. millennial's and change -- jen the have the most. the pandemic to record this for them. what you think of that, joe? >> when you think about it you have saturday and then on sunday it's the horizon and monday is staring at you so i have the solution and many people agree. harris poll last year, many other polls as well, eight in 10 americans are in favor of a four-day workweek. you get your standard 48 -- 40 hours and then you just take off monday. that extra day allows for less scary some more time to relax and recharge and make monday that transition day and go back and be productive for four days for 10 hour days. cheryl: that's never going to happen, but looking at this and i was laughing because i'm thinking to myself my sunday
6:57 am
night's carries are actually the sunday morning scary because i'm thinking about monday morning where the markets will go. name may have any record retail on tap, preview of the fed with sales numbers today and top investors watching your monday. word on wall street is coming up next. all in the next hour live with "mornings with maria" on foxbusiness. ♪♪ lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway,
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cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday august 17th, your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. president biden arriving back in washington yesterday to address the nation on the taliban takeover of afghanistan. defended decision to pull american troops out of the region but took no responsibility for recent chaos for rushed withdrawal.
7:01 am
>> i will not repeat the mistakes in the past. the conflict is not in the national interest of the united states. cheryl: the president resuming his time at camp david. the mainstream media, meanwhile giving mixed reactions to the speech and some praising it but some finding it difficult to defend. we will bring you the latest all morning long. take a look at markets right now. check the dow, 196, we have treasure coming at 6:00 a.m. hour with home depot hours. wal-mart is crossing the tape now but so far reaction on wal-mart numbers, it is double beat on wal-mart. they came in at a buck 78 which is better than estimate at 157. we are looking at wal-mart and home depot. it's a dow component. stock down half a percent. we will get in the numbers in a couple of moments on the word of
7:02 am
wall street. i will show you what happened yesterday, little bit of good news, dow and s&p with record highs again. fifth day in a row. 110 and also look at europe because it's been mixed so far. we are watching our overseas markets in light of what's happening in afghanistan. as you can see the ftse 100 slightly higher but crack and dax in germany lower. over in asia red across the board there. shanghai is the worst performer down 2%. mornings with maria is live right now. ♪ ♪ cheryl: top stories we are watching for you this morning. happening overnight. the senior taliban leader to be in the capital negotiating with afghanistan leadership and former president and talks reportedly bringing other non-taliban leaders into the government. taliban indicated they'll be a, quote, inclusive afghan government. we shall see.
7:03 am
following chaos of witness on the program. yesterday we showed you pictures to you. thousands trying to flee and thousands trying to flee today. the pictures are 24 hours behind us. take a look at this, crammed u.s. cargo jet with 640 afghan refugees heading into qatar. the personnel closed the ramps but they let them on the plane. it's supposed to hold 150 soldiers. taliban reportedly is going door to door searching for afghan officials and allies of the united states. we will keep you posted on this developing story. well, the biden administration expected to recommend covid vaccine boosters for all americans. the third shot will be administered 8 months after the second dose.
7:04 am
pfizer has already submitted initial data seeking authorization for that booster dose. it says the third dose shows higher levels of antibodies. that's the protection that we need. rescue crews in haiti working through a tropical storm as they continue search for survivors following saturday earthquake, death toll to 1400. more than 6,000 people are hurt, overwhelming hospitals there. u.s. coast guard will be brings in more medical supplies and personnel throughout the day today. plus you have overnight tropical storm grace drenching a camp that both were left homeless by the earthquake. again, worries about weather conditions and humanitarian conditions. the chinese communist party is already looking into cash in as the taliban is taking power tweeted by the ccp administrator of foreign affairs, holding in part, quote, talks and forming an open inclusive islamic, the
7:05 am
chinese tweeted this. the ccp media embraced the taliban. well, time for the word on wall street. top investors watching your money. joining me now the chairman of the university of investment down denise is here, portfolio manager dr. duran and investment chairman's and chief investment christopher. gate to have all of you. i want to go through the markets and, of course, with world affairs. denise, i do want to start with you, we are just getting wal-mart crossing the tape, better than expected, second-quarter results, they did raise full-year guidance. they are talking about currencies. they are talking about comp sales up 5 to 6% for fiscal '22. that's good guidance. the stock is only down .9%. i say that because home depot really got hit this morning, dow component, home depot had a
7:06 am
double beat but the same-store sales numbers came in low and you also have got retail sales. 3 large things that you go ahead. run. [laughter] >> we have retail sales as a friend of mine back in the day in late 70's and 80's used to call resale tails. we will see what resale tales have to say. we are looking at july numbers. july should be down 2 tenths of 1%. that's the consensus. i bet it's worse than that. i bet it's down 4 tents of 1%. depending on automobile sales. it's been erratic. my concern is what will happen to covid and we are seeing destruction of retail sales that's just been delayed or is this going to be coming. we will see. i'm dismayed that the same-store sales for wal-mart were worse than expected. we will see what home depot has
7:07 am
to say. i think we've seen the peak in retail sales. i think we've seen top for several months, maybe a year or more. we have to be careful but it's been a huge bull market in retail sales for a while. i bet it's topping out and i bet it's weaker. july will be down, august will probably be down. we will see. when i walk in southern virginia, restaurants were less populated than a month ago. retail operations were less populated than a month ago and automobiles, fewer number than a month ago. pay attention. cheryl: that's my question. i'm looking at the numbers, part of the bruise is back to school. they did raise forecast but i'm wondering if the forecast they give us just now 7 minutes ago is going to be put to a hard test of time because of what you're talking about that we are seeing a labor shortage, you
7:08 am
have school bus -- school districts can't hire bus drivers, believe it or not. global supply issue, you can't get school supplies into the country. i don't know. i'm not trying to be a downer on wal-mart. this week is different than a month ago. >> there's no question, supply problems are incumbent not just here in the united states, not just in southern virginia, not just in chicago or new york, in the uk, japan. we are seeing slowdowns of the ability to get goods and services shipped across the world. truck drivers, there's a real shortage of truck drivers, there's a shortage of ships, there's tightness of supply and demand. we have a problem that i don't think is going to go away any time soon. be careful, this has been a wonderful bull market for nerve the stock market but i've noticed for the first time in 15 months the use of margin has declined and that usually is leading indicator of weakness in stock price, 4 to 5 number's
7:09 am
lead time but the numbers in july, in the middle of august, if we start to see margin usage in stock prices continue to decline, you have to be very careful. i try from my own account and i reduced the size of my position and calls against it. be careful. cheryl: i agree with you. joanne, we did have the s&p 500, doubled from pandemic low back in march of 2020. fastest bull market since world war ii. can we keep going? >> good morning, cheryl. you know, obviously a lot of concerns with what your previous guest just said but we have to recognize and i can say that this as an economist that we are still in the middle of a recovery and all the shortages that are just referenced are starting to ease. semiconductors will take a little bit longer, lumber has recovered to some degree. we are still at a period of expansion, yes, the year over
7:10 am
year growth numbers will come down from here obviously, we do expect earnings pretty robust in absolute terms over the next year as this recovery continues. and after labor day, we do expect more folks to come back to the workforce because kids will be back in school for the most part and because of extra unemployment benefits come off. we can expect further recovery which will power earnings over the next, you know, 12 to 24 months. well, yeah, the market fully doubled and that's scaring some folks. if you look deeper and instead of headlines, you'll find there's a lot of opportunities. the reopening trade is tailed off to mid-march and that creates entry points for markets. we think it's a wise time to really get out of concentrated positions after the recent run but we also think there's good-value opportunities out there. cheryl: that's good. i like the positive spin from
7:11 am
you. chris, by the way, the wall street journal is reporting that fed officials are starting to look at tapering in a few months, do you they that will affect the recovery that joanne is talking about? >> what we have heard in the last two discussions are what people are struggling with. great points on both sides where valuations are very expensive, most expensive we have seen but yet at the same time we continue to see growth and what the fed is dealing with right now. are we going to see the inflationary pressure be transitory or be sustainable. nobody knows, but what we can say is that this war of valuations is going to be resolved here in the next six months. the unfortunate reality is difficult for valuations to maintain levels unless the expected growth is very, very robust.
7:12 am
so the fed is likely to ha have to taper in order to -- to take on the inflationary pressures probably in the september to march time frame, can't say which one, but when that happens, people are going to have to look at valuations and see if they can stomach the expense of valuations for fairly modest growth as we get into later into the cycle. so we think the fed's action is going to be a wake up call for investors. cheryl: hopefully they are giving us enough time to adjust. seems like they are. guys, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: we have a lot more coming up this morning. president biden playing the blame game, what does that mean for the united states? united refining company chairman and ceo breaking down the rising cost at the pump and the grocery store. plus lawmakers continuing the
7:13 am
investigation into new york governor andrew cuomo even after resignation. new york state assembly minority leader will weigh in. also joining the conversation all morning long steve forbes and joe concha. you are watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ these days you have to keep everything moving and reinvent the wheel. with a hybrid, you can do both. that's why manufacturers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud factories can use ai to automate the little things so they can focus on the next big thing. businesses that want to innovate at scale are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm.
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7:16 am
cheryl: president biden playing the blame game, the crisis unfolding in the afghanistan as taliban takes control and afghans desperately scramble to leave. biden suggesting the chaos over the withdrawal is due to deal he inherited from president trump. listen to this. >> when i came to office i inherited a deal that president trump negotiated with the taliban. under his agreement, u.s. forces
7:17 am
will be out of afghanistan by may 1, 2021. just a little over 3 months after i took office. u.s. forces had already drawn down during the trump administration from roughly 15,500 american forces to 2,500 troops in the country and the taliban was at its strongest militarily since 2001. cheryl: joining me former ambassador at large and coordinator for counterterrorism nathan and atlanta counsel senior fellow. nathan, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: let me get your reaction to how president biden characterized the withdrawal from afghanistan? >> well, i thought it was embarrassing and frankly dishonest. we used to have presidents that said the buck stops here and yesterday we saw a president pointing the finger at everybody
7:18 am
else. you know, there's one person who is responsible for the catastrophe unfolding in front of our very own eyes in afghanistan, it's not donald trump, it's not the afghan army, it's joe biden. cheryl: yeah, i agree. a lot of critics are saying that what happened to the president that was supposed to come in and unite the nation and have that steady hands and he talked about on the campaign trail, i remember, nathan, had he had strong relationships overseas and he was going to bring back, you know, the status of america on the world stage and donald trump had diminished our world status on the world stage. is he showing that he's doing that now? >> it looks like things are turning out according to plan, you know, the idea that president biden had his hands tied by the trump administration just rings false. this is an administration that has spent the last 8 months undoing a lot of the good work
7:19 am
that president trump and his administration did. we've seen the administration now cancel pipelines in the united states while greenlighting north stream too in europe. we have seen this administration desperate for new deal with iran and we are supposed to believe that in afghanistan that's the one place where the administration's hands are tied, it just doesn't make any sense. one other thing i'd say that's very important. there's an important difference between the way the trump administration approached amendment and the way the biden administration is approaching it. under the trump administration we had a condition's base approach. what that means is we promised that we would leave afghanistan, if and only if taliban kept their own programses including breaking without al-qaeda. they've never done that and including negotiating in good faith with the afghan government. they also have never done that. the united states is no longer bound to keep our end of the deal that the taliban has been
7:20 am
flagrantly violating. president biden had all the space he needed to reconsider his impulses to head for the exits and keep a small counterterrorism force in the country that could keep pressure in al-qaeda which is going to celebrate the defeat of the afghan forces and try to reestablish themselves in afghanistan now. cheryl: i want to ask you about the bigger picture here as we move forward and what the middle east is going to look like. it's not just the oil story that i'm questioning here but also the aggression we are now seeing from iran. iran is now really trying to take center stage. we've had military issues and combat basically -- like combat with iranians in the last few months and you also have pakistan. i'm sorry, i just don't buy, nathan, that the taliban completely demoralized and not -- didn't have any strength for the last 20 years and now all of a sudden they pop back up. i think they've been in pakistan, am i wrong here? >> you're not wrong.
7:21 am
pakistan finally got what they wanted. they have been the biggest open secret in washington that pakistan has been supporting the taliban for years, for decades. well, pakistan, you finally got what you wanted. you got the taliban back in power. and now there's going to be an enormous problem on your borders. the taliban is going to hand its territory over to al-qaeda and give them safe haven and when al-qaeda has safe al-qaeda terrorist attacks against neighbors and against the united states. for pakistan to wash its hand of its responsibility for the crisis, the catastrophe that we are seeing right now, it doesn't pass the smell test. cheryl: it can't because -- i know that we have to run.
7:22 am
pakistan, osama bin laden. this was supposed to be an al eye -- ally. nathan sales, appreciate it. >> thank you so much. cheryl: new york's mandate taking effect. we will talk about how businesses are supposed to work especially for restaurants. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪
7:23 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc. before we talk about tax-smart investing, what's new? -audrey's expecting... -twins! ♪♪ we'd be closer to the twins. change in plans. at fidelity, a change in plans is always part of the plan.
7:24 am
new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
7:25 am
cheryl: new york city the first in the nation to require proof of vaccination for indoor activities. starting today under the new measure access to restaurants, catering halls, bars and nightclubs will only be allowed for those who received their covid shots. theaters, concert venues, museum, aquariums, professional sports arena also fall under the mandate. indoor gym, pool, studio, you must also have had your shots. the key to pass mandate will
7:26 am
start today and will not be enforced until september 13th. is it fair to make business owners the vaccine police? steve forbes? >> yeah, it's absolutely outrageous. you don't have vaccine proof to get on a subway or to go in a bus and it's a form of -- de blasio is against voter id. this is a form of id and so i think it's going to hurt the restaurant business and i think that -- i hope the restaurant will overturn because they are just beginning to recover from what happened before. it's so inconsistent. subways okay, restaurants no, i don't get it. cheryl: yeah. a lot of mixed messages but, again, joe, new york city the first city in the nation to do this. we haven't quite seen other cities follow suit but i'm wondering if they will. >> yeah, more than 1,000
7:27 am
restaurants closed during the pandemic, so these folks are hurting enough as it is and when you alienate a certain amount of your clientele -- remember, even before the pandemic, right, steve is a business guy, he knows this, you have such a small margin if you run a restaurant business that many of them fail, those are normal times. you'll alienate 20 to 30%, maybe i have natural immunity and i don't want to get the vaccine yet. people don't consider that part, i think that this will be a death nail for many more restaurants in the city and to steve's point you have to be consistent with it. subways are major carriers for covid. i don't know how you'd enforce it. if you're not doing nit subways and how can you do it on restaurants, it doesn't make any sense. cheryl: office buildings. you have the mayor of new york trying to get everybody to come back to work in midtown and clean up the encampments and get crime down, we think, but you
7:28 am
still get the covid, it's a mess, guys, thank you very much. well, coming up the rising cost of inflation. the united refining chairman and ceo john castimatidis breaking down the impact on your wallet. plus madonna's new music deal, top female artist of all time turning heads. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. cheryl: welcome back, i'm cheryl casone, i'm in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday august 17th, a look at market this is half hour. we are under pressure this morning and we are seeing little bit of escalation in selling on heels of earnings coming out from wal-mart and home depot. particularly the home depot numbers shaving 70 points plus at the dow right now. as you can see down 235. again, those numbers even though there was beat, the guidance and
7:32 am
same-store sales were the problem. the dow closed in record territory last night. fifth day in a row. gained 110 there. take a look at europe. mixed bag all morning there as we are kind of watching this situation unfold in afghanistan in particular the ftse 100 slightly higher but the cac and dax are lower. over in asia, you have red across the board. shanghai the worst performer down 2%. other headlines we are watching for you this morning, t-mobile confirming that it was hit with a data breach that reportedly affected 100 million of its wireless customers. the company saying that it might take, quote, some time to determine whether customer data was accessed. this comes days after hackers tried to sell customer information on an underground forum that they claim was taken from servers at t-mobile. t-mobile down more than a quarter percent this morning. major recall of frozen shrimp
7:33 am
has been expanded following salmonela, sold at several stores including whole foods, meyer and food lions, cut and peeled, devained shrimp. grocery shaken aldi announcing plans to hire more than 2500 workers in the u.s. as they get ready for busy holiday season. expecting new hires will earn $15 an hour and 19 bucks an hour if you're working the warehouse, company plans host event next week -- excuse me next month to fill positions. a whole week to try to hire for all of the positions. madonna announcing a new partnership with warner music group that would have entire catalog reissued over the next few years. it will start next year on the 40th anniversary of her 1980 debut, gosh, i remember that,
7:34 am
sadly, it covers 17 studio albums, plus singles, sound tracks, recordings, albums, she's also going to create a few deluxe editions of her albums and introduce a new release for special events. she's rocking it. anyway, opec plus denying the united states request to boost oil output after opec and allays already agreed to increase output by 400,000 barrels per day a month starting this month. i want to bring in united refining company chairman and ceo and douglas food president chairman and ceo and red apple group chairman and ceo john casimatidis. john, good to see you. good morning. >> thank you for having me. situations going on in our
7:35 am
country right now. it's a matter of national security. we transferred a lot of wealth, we are transferring a lot of wealth because of inflation and transferring a lot of wealth because of situation that's going on in the country, closing down the pipeline from the united states and opening up the pipeline in russia. that's a transfer of wealth. instead of the united states selling oil, production to the world, it's going to be russia, opec selling oil production to the world. and even though the prices are down to 65, $67 a barrel right now, it's heading north. opec does not want to raise the amount of production because they rather sell another 10 million or another amount of oil and higher price and they are going to be getting $75 a barrel and then maybe headed to
7:36 am
$80 a barrel. so it's a transfer of wealth from the united states to opec countries, to russia and on the other side, the world, we are pushing batteries for electric cars, transfer of wealth. who makes the batteries? china. transfer of wealth from the united states to china and china needs lithium for batteries. guess what, we just gave them afghanistan. it's inflation and costing the middle class. it's not the rich that are getting hurt. it's the poor and the middle class in america that will be hurt because of inflation. when oil goes up, transportation costs go up and what happens?
7:37 am
food is going to go up. in super market chains we have had price increases coming for september and october. cheryl: inflation, i want to point out something too when talking about opec plus, you know who has profited investors, if you look at year to year, commodity, etf, everything that you can invest in, right, the biggest percent gain gasoline, crude oil 38%, so investors are making money off of this but to your point and this is kind of the troubling issue for the economy is that the consumer is getting hurt. you know, you at least got -- some senior staffers at the u.s. central bank talking about inflation. they are saying that we are going to need inflation if you're going to get a job's boom and i do want to point also because this just came up last hour that, you know, the
7:38 am
unemployment -- extended unemployment benefit will end in september, we think, unless the biden administration does something. i don't know. >> washington is lying to the consumer. they are saying that we are going to increase taxes on corporations. we are going to increase taxes on the rich, but when you increase taxes on the corporations, guess what the corporations do, they increase their prices and reflect it to the consumer. they reflect it to the people that least can afford to pay. the rich people, they'll pay. the poor people, the middle-class people pay more for their food, more for gasoline, more for their heating oil, this is a tax on the middle class. this is a tax on the poor and this is what american people have to realize. there's an attack on america. there's a transfer of wealth, they are going to take all of the money america has and the americans made the last 4 years,
7:39 am
transfer it to china, transfer it to opec, transfer it to russia. i have tears in my eyes because what's happening in america right now is very serious and the american people have to wake up. you know what i say, open up the window and yell out, we are mad as hell and we will in the take it anymore because that's what's happening. cheryl: despite like i said what the markets have been doing, i think you're right, the consumer is reacting. i want to bring steve forbes into this. steve, go ahead. >> steve: john, in terms of oil, is any hope of the governor in new york of removing fracking ban of upstate new york and let upstate new york enjoy some prosperity in the future, any chance of that? >> i would hope so -- >> steve: if not, are you going to run against her? >> right now i'm having breakfast with her on saturday morning, steve. you're welcome to welcome if
7:40 am
you're out in the hamptons. and i think she's a common-sense person and i'm hoping that she comes up with more common-sense solutions for our state. cheryl: are you going to run or no? sorry, go ahead. >> well, fracking -- look, the people on the pennsylvania side of the border are driving mercedes benz. the people on the new york state side of the border are driving 30-year-old chevies, so what do you think? cheryl: well, i don't know. i mean, i'm curious to see what happens with the governor's race next year, john, so -- >> well, it's going to be interesting but she's going to have a head start of 16 months or 15 months and she -- i think she's going to have common sense -- cheryl: let us know.
7:41 am
mornings with maria would love to have you back to make any announcements that you would like to make. we are here for you, john. >> thank you very much. america has to make a comeback and right now we are behind the curve. cheryl: john, great to talk to you, you wear many hats. >> thank you. cheryl: back to school shoppers spending more than ever. hot-ticket items as students return in person. plus call me baby, trend on smartphone users is making a buzz this morning. mornings with maria live on foxa business. ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:44 am
7:45 am
cheryl: school year is closer for our kids and parents are beginning back to school shopping. david, you're here on a day where we will be getting retail sales in 45 minutes now talking about are we seeing spending out there but specific with back to school, we just heard from wal-mart this morning and wal-mart based a big piece of their forecast or positive forecast on back to school demands. backward looking where we were a month ago and where we are now seems a little different, what's your take? >> totally agree. if you look inside the numbers, it's not incredible news.
7:46 am
you know, we are projecting a 3% increase this year over year but last year with 6% increase, you know, quite frankly 3% for back to school on year over year basis when nobody has gone to school for 2 years might not be as high as i expected it to be. now, that could be concentrated at wal-mart although what we are seeing is 47% of people are going to shop solely online. you know, the pandemic has really changed behavior and we are seeing that ripple through and 21% of people expect to shop online and pick up in store. that would infer a good opportunity for wal-mart, target and other retailers that have sort of blended the two. but with 47% going online, i think we know where the vast majority of that is going to go. cheryl: it's funny that you mention that because i was looking at this, and i don't think i mentioned this on air
7:47 am
yet but i was looking at e-commerce numbers for wal-mart and they rose in the last quarter but estimate for 16 and a quarter percent. that's a 10% miss for e-commerce. remember the blow outnumbers a year ago that we were getting when the pandemic began and, i mean, 70, 80% jump on online sales. i'm wonder if the consumer, maybe they just want to get out of the house, i have to go to the store, i need to see people and see something physically before i buy it, i'm just throwing that out there. >> yeah, it could be, but at the same time we are still seeing 68% of consumers saying they will start shopping online with the vast majority of them having stuff delivered and third of it saying they're going to go into a store. what i think is happening is first and foremost, you have the small numbers last year, the big numbers this year, so if you
7:48 am
look at the big retailers, they didn't have a massive e-commerce business going into the pandemic and there were shortages of everything and they had massive inventory. they were really one of the only places that you could get stuff and then they had the massive stocks up and their numbers are -- 200 years ago. that's just my opinion. cheryl: no, no. i think we are on the same page. i want to bring in joe concha who has a lot of kids going back to deal. >> my wife currently at work and they are right near the current studio right now so hopefully this thing doesn't get crashed. i found it amazing that 26.7
7:49 am
will be spent by college shoppers, 1500 for students. are they wearing armani. i wore a t-shirt and baseball cap backwards. go ahead. >> when we finish the interview, i'm literally packing up the car and taking my middle daughter to college for the first time. my oldest is at college. ly tell you she spent -- thank you. she has spent more money on back to school in one year than i spent in the 4 years i went to college combined. so i just -- [laughter] >> a lot of -- >> joe: it's like you have an opportunity to buy new clothes and take great pictures. it almost feels like a celebration. >> 100%. listen, you want to talk about both sides of the trade, joe.
7:50 am
my oldest 20, 17 and 4, i'm all in this at every level. cheryl: i have to jump in here. i know that you have daughters here, right, come on, i mean, going back to college or even -- especially going back to first day of high school and junior high, for girls, it is all about the outfits so, yes, we are going to spend more. i did not go to my first semester of college in my pj's, i just want to throw that out there, guys, i can see where there's serious spending going on. >> and i didn't understand it. like most dads, i really love my daughter so my son is like, we had to force him to buy new t-shirts. my daughters are like, shopping at the same place my wife does now. i'm like, how does this happen? cheryl: yeah, yeah, for all the moms out there, way to go. david, thank you. good luck taking your daughter to college, by the way. >> thanks, it's going to be -- it's going to be a bit back
7:51 am
breaking because she's on the second floor and i we will get through it. she's excited. thank you very much. cheryl: i have to apologize to my parents right now. mom, happy birthday and i'm sorry about college and all the money i spent. david, thank you very much. coming up fighting the text message takeover and what younger generations are doing with their phones that they are calling petro, that's the buzz. ♪ ♪ ♪ every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist including automatic emergency braking.
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7:53 am
7:54 am
♪ ♪ ♪ cheryl: time for the morning buzz. first up, remember when people made phone calls? well, apparently the younger generation says they decide today ditch text messages and calling friends instead because it's retro, however, many say they will text friends to see if they are free instead of
7:55 am
cold-calling them. steve, calling someone on the phone is considered retro. steve see i'm glad that it's going to be considered modern again. this is really retro and, yeah, something like this, you know, remember these things? i think people -- skype and things like that do so well. people want human communication, they want to hear a real voice. if you're on a real conversation, there's no substitute for voice even if you have a modern device. cheryl: my friend sent me a voice text because she learned it can get misconstrued. this is good, mothers with children under 5 reportedly increased their drinking 325%, starting the pandemic and end of
7:56 am
last year mostly due to stress amid lockdown, joe. wow. joe: yeah, the whole texting, calling thing, there needs to be a rule that if you're one of my friends you can't text before 6:00 a.m. like one has been doing over nothing by the way, just want to point that out. you know who you are. to a more serious topic, that's the least surprising you'll hear as far as drinking going up during pandemic among young adults, teenagers, it's the isolation, the boredom, the need to escape and there's nowhere to go. it's the hotel california effect, you can check out any time but you can never leave. cheryl: joe, it's moms, it's moms. i just -- the number astonished me. i know that people have been drinking a lot more because they are stressed out. we have seen the numbers come through. alcohol sales through the roof. but, i mean, why moms?
7:57 am
325%, joe. joe: it's the same type of situation where unfortunately you're with your kids all day and it may drive you a little bit insane and you need some sort of escapism, it's the wrong way to do, maybe read a book, but, again, in terms of mental health and all the other concerns from the pandemic, something that we will talk for a long time. cheryl: we will be right back, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ we do everything but control it. and when it's running out. we relentlessly try to protect it. because "all the time in the world" it's just a saying. today, for women living with hr+,
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cheryl: good morning, everyone i am cheryl casone for maria bartiromo tuesday, august 17. top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. >> president biden playing blame game as taliban swift takeover of afghanistan. >> the truth is this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. there is no chance, not one year one more year five more
8:01 am
years for 20 more years u.s. military boots on the ground would have made any difference. >> president is back at camp david jen psaki cutting her vacation short going to give a briefing later today, we are going to bring very latest all morning long. taking a look at markets we have had a downtick in futures after we got key earnings from home depot, dow down 199 both names dow components, s&p down 193/4 nasdaq down 57 now coming ip to july retail sales getting those 29 minutes from now, we are looking for a loss of .3% month-over-month we shall see what numbers bring us, this follows mixed moves on wall street yesterday dow s&p 500 both finishing in record territory that was fifth day in a row dow 110 see how dow shakes out today looking at european markets kind of a mixed reaction over there we are watching man,
8:02 am
closely fo reaction to what is happening in the me mother and afghanistan, ftse will partly higher paris germany markets lower asia red across the board hang seng down one and a half percent "mornings with maria" live right now. >> some top stories we are watching for i this morning, happening overnight taliban leader said in the capital negotiateding with afghanistan leadership and former president hamid karzai talks aimed at bringing nontaliban leaders into the government, the taliban indicated there will be a quote inclusive afghan government we shall see according to ap the government announced after negotiations are completed -- coming as kabul airport reopens following the yesterday's as you can see on screen thousands trying to flee country the airport was the scene. take a look at this picture a
8:03 am
crammed u.s. cargo jet from 640 afghan refugees heading to qatar reportedly ran on to aircraft before military could close the research our personnel let them on plane, supposed to hold 150 soldiers, going door to door 23 kabul, searching for afghan officials and allies of the united states, and there is some reports they are looking for girls and women as well we will keep you posted, the biden administration is expected to recommend covid vaccine boosters for all americans third shot administered 8 months after receiving the second dose, pfizer submitted initial data seeking authorization of a booster dose said third does shows higher levels antibody, the protection you need crews in haiti working through a tropical storm continuing search for survivors following
8:04 am
saturday's earthquake the death toll rising to more than 1400. more than 6,000 people are hurt overwhelming hospitals there, u.s. coastguard bringing in medical supplies and personnel tropical storm grace hitting a island drenching a camp for those left homeless, walmart and home depot reporting better-than-expected second-quarter results this morning both under pressure, as you can see, home depot down more than 3 1/4% walmart down almost 1% there was a miss on the sales same-store sales comparable for home depot walmart gave guidance for -- still pressure on walmart looking now for that retail sales data coming out 26 minutes from now bring in knights of columbus vice president cio tony good morning so we've had kind of a busy morning with regards to retail we care about numbers this is two-thirds of u.s.
8:05 am
economy is consumer spending walmart, home depot beat expectations but there was some worries, same-store sales then also you've got retail sales at 8:30, then more real sales coming out rest of the week target macies kohl's tjmaxx what do you think is going to happen with these guys? >> well, you know, i think, we are looking at what is happening now with covid, is covid going to be impacting retail sales consumer expectations going afford know how walmart performed pat beat eps raised forecast free-cash flow washering i think servers looking at that home depot i think the big miswas same-store sales, up 4 1/2% market was looking for 5.6 that was a big miss. we are going to have to see and i think, i really in camp we've been until camp delta would be more transient looking at uflt k data it spiked up quite a while ago kind of peaked around july 4
8:06 am
rolled over but, now, you are hearing traffic is up in cities restaurants slowing down a little bit is this a bump in the road or the beginning of the new trend cheryl: you know, as delta variant surges the question mark obviously, is covid economy what does this economy look like again, we are a lot of companies delaying return to office delay for schools to reopen part labor shortage having supply issues can't get delay erasers at some skalz you have got new mask mandates going into effect, new york you have to have vaccineing to. >> i had booster news kind of making a soup we're not sure what it it is going to taste like. >> the kinks in supply chain not any better we recognized first part of covid it hasn't gotten any better there is no apparent plan, to get anything better so then you have, all
8:07 am
the changes that we have right now, new york now asking we're going to have to put a card out i was going to visit old boss used to live in new york my wife and i decided to postpone i am not sure if completely vaccinated had health issues things starting to play into it trying to figure out, what is going to be -- now it is you mentioned before i came on, the fact that now a third shot may be needed so, i think it is causing people to take a pause. wanted mask mandates coming back we don't see lockdowns like before i just don't know if country is going to you the up with it frankly, but it appears for sure, that we're going to be slow rolling at least a little bit through summer when i think everyone go time we were back to economy open, oasis now i think reasons for a pause. cheryl: there is also you know a lot of corporations out
8:08 am
there banking cash interesting report this morning, that as far as stock market goes at least not economy but stock market, you are going to see more share buybacks going to see more reinvestment in r and d new facilities because companies for the last 16 months of this pandemic have been hoarding cash they didn't know what the future was going to look like. could that be one upside? at least maybe for the markets maybe for these companies? i don't know. >> share buybacks a big tailwind for the stock market for sometime frankly just supply and demand, you know that whole concept right there is no the alternative, with bond rates where they were we are back 122 we were 13610-year last week credit spreads as narrow as literally forever maybe the stock market
8:09 am
is expensive maybe there is upside the news on r and d spending is positive at least companies looking to expand their base of business not just simply buy back shares for the sake of pumping up earnings per share, but going to be interesting how this plays out you are correct a mammoth amount of cash sitting on corporate balance sheets trying to find what to do also why there could be another round of manda activity just because what are options you have to, you know, build larger cash worth return to shareholders or do shg with it so, returning it to shareholders via share buybacks or maybe m&a could be two things could propel market further, somewhat wonky levels. cheryl: they have to pay more the hunt for talent is on at least nine million jobs unfilled companies are trying to fill a lot of jobs tony thank you very much lots to get through with you this morning, appreciate it. >> thank you have a good day.
8:10 am
>> we've got a lot more coming up this morning, president biden defending his decision to exit afghanistan as country descends into chaos. >> u.s. lawmakers reversing course going to continue the investigation into governor cuomo new york state assembly minority leader will barkley will weigh in joining the conversation all morning long steve forbes and joe concha. . your strategic advantage. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:14 am
trump negotiated with the taliban, under his agreement, u.s. forces of out of afghanistan by may 1, 2021 just a little over three months after i took office. u.s. forces had already drawn down during trump information from roughly 15500 american forces to 2500 troops in country. in taliban was at strongest milt since 001. cheryl: joining me now author of the book smarter not harder, dave, i'm sorry -- i first want to ask you questions, what kind of things going through your mind, when you heard president biden speak yesterday? and also, how badly do you think he underestimated the
8:15 am
taliban? >> it is unbelievable, i i mean the actual -- he is supposed to be ladder of the free world of the united states of america. and the accountability how he pushed off that accountability is horrible example of leadership that i can thing of a lot of blame to go around you are absolutely disgusted by it you can see it coming i urge everyone look up to inspector general for afghanistan report this was foreseen a long time ago how bad this was corruption, 300 million dollars a year goes to salaries for nonexistent afghanistan security personnel, how did this happen? you can read report we've known about it for years, corruption on both sides afghanistan, united states has been rampant. >> you know military analysts i kept saying general milley
8:16 am
yesterday wondering what was a going through his mind images as this has been in folds he is somebody in this fight for the last two decades, then you have president george w. bush, who came out with i thought beautiful heartbreaking statement about the current crises i want to read what he said, i have been watching tragedy events unfolding in afghanistan with deep sadness hearts heavy for afghan people and for americans and allies, really talking a heartfelt way about the truth, he thanked you, he said you took out a brutal enemy denied al-qaida a safe haven building schools sending supplies providing medical care. your reaction to that. >> cheryl you talk be talked about -- troops, absolutely -- everyone who was over there, and fought on the ground did not do anything in vain they served their country with honor. they were asked to serve they
8:17 am
stepped up to serve, they volunteered and what they did on that level it is tragic, but they can all walkway with honor doesn't matter what war you were in how you skwhaefshd training you served your country, what was tragic is how much leadership failed is in execution and strategy of this war i think that is -- so your heart does bleed for afghan people all these things we need to take a strong look at what our leadership is doing that means congress military leadership that means, general milley, it means all guys involved in this need to be held accountable for these 20 years of failure that led to this. cheryl: i'm curious we continue to go back what can has happened has happened unfortunately, the last 48 hours do you think we are less safe as we approach the 20 year anniversary of 9/11. >> i think that we are a little bit.
8:18 am
you know. it is so hard to predict future when you go back you look you can always see things in hindsight kind of armchair quarterback those but foresight we've got a lot of institutions, mchlz mechanisms in place to help keep us safe, the open southern border is unbelievable is unbelievable problem for security, that is absolutely amazing. so i am not so worried about the afghanistan yes, that could -- we have mechanisms to counter that but able to do to get into country undefected unknown is really a problem. cheryl: my worry is pakistan my worry the vacuum created by events quick i want my colleague joe concha into this conversation has a question for you. joe: hey def you said something at top i think we have to shine light on it as far as president biden saying he was beholden to the deal
8:19 am
that he inherited from predecessor if the case how did joe biden kill keystone pipeline five minutes after taking office trump deal he decided to kill or remain in mentioned policy he said buck stopped here blamed everybody else mentioned border before mr. biden proclaims president trump for current could pasttry at border he has to own it not like he said he would. >> joe i think that is a -- a pretty consistent methodology for a politicians, i think all politicians are wearing thin with general public is that they say one thing very long on words, very short on substance, and you know without taking partisan sides because there is blameing to
8:20 am
around own all sides but do you just give in this case current existent one his example his words are long, and his substance is short all hat no cattle as they say. >> you dave i have to thank you so much for service i have been involved with navy sale foundation you are the best amazing americans thank you to you you all colleagues for everything yuf done thank you. >> thanks happy birthday to your mom. >> she will love that dave, thank you, all right coming up we've got more to talk about thousands of afghans run toward kabul's airport in hopes of escaping extremists the taliban are reportedly surrounding that area we get you up to date go to white house where president biden is still taking aim at former president trump. . well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice.
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8:23 am
today day two taliban
8:24 am
rule in afghanistan mission to get people out more complicated peter doocy covering this story from the beginning good morning. >> good morning president biden monitoring the latest from camp david we are told latest is that taliban has surrounded hamid karzai international airport former senior defense official on the ground told our colleague this is going to make it hard for anybody not already at airport to evacuate. but. president biden says events are not his futile. >> i he inherited deal that president trump negotiated with taliban. >> on that agreement or be prepared to go back fighting with afghan military collapse mr. ghani insisted afghan forces would fight obviously, he was wrong. >> have mr. ghani referring to former president was president
8:25 am
biden's guest at the white house a few weeks ago fled us afghanistan to "parts unknown" many afghans to do the same 640 people piled intoi c-17 transport plane this photo reportedly as many people on plane like that as ever the president said he would do it again. >> this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated the buck stops with me. i am deeply saddeneded by facts we now face, but do i not regret my decision. >> center of u.s. foreign policy -- this is what human rights center of u.s. foreign policy looks like in this administration. cheryl: before you go you mentioned ashraf ghani we are seeing reports going to be involved in the new formation of new government with taliban, how possible that is
8:26 am
when he fled afghanistan? >> sorry look likes loss had the poort doocy steve forbes i can probably answer same question i am not sure how ghani president ghani is supposed to be involved in new government when he is out. steve: planeloads of cash that is not going to happen this whole thing of a taliban saying oh, we're going to bring in others rooildz after world war ii you russians allowed you so-called could listing governments eastern european countries really just communist countries i wouldn't put too much on this things oh, we're going to bring in women things like that being no on door you are hearing kabul and elsewhere shows you what taliban is going to do as appointing out earlier that is wonderful cia former official said 86,000 people afghans who work with us are we getting them out i think we know the answer that is because of the
8:27 am
failure of this administration. to do a proper job. >> interpreters that helped us you thousands interpreters that worked with us all those years i'm sorry we lost the shot thank you, retail on the other side of the braeng home depot warnings walmart orientation going to get big number coming up in 3 minutes from now stay with us. .
8:28 am
8:29 am
that building you're trying to sell, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you can close with more certainty.
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and twice as fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like a coffee run... or fedora shopping. talk to your broker. ten-x does the same thing, - but with buildings. - so no more waiting. sfx: ding! see how easy...? don't just sell it. ten-x it. >> welcome back i am cheryl casone m for maria bartiromo looking at market that has been under pressure over the last few moments, because of the numbers that we've been getting from walmart and from home depot both dow components as you can see dow down 207 july retail sales crossing the tape down 1.1%, that is a month-over-month down 1.1% that is much worse than expected for retail sales. will down 4/10 spheres if you
8:31 am
strip out auto component down 4/10 of a percent it is headline number not what street was looking for unfortunately, that is a lot of pressure and you have to won in the last month real i got to say here what we've been looking at as far as u.s. consumer you've got threat of blockdowns delta variant mask wearing even though should be another month of boom, for retail salesure kind of getting that impressionistics from walmart, home depot other retailers are coming out later not big market reaction luckily we are under pressure thanks to numbers we got from home depot top of the show, and then with walmart so again watching numbers looks like i do want to give you the year-over-year i don't have it yet retail sales i don't the year over year will bring that as soon as i get those we will move on to other headlines we are watching this morning we are following reports of what
8:32 am
is happening with afghanistan, and there withdrawal there the abrupt withdrawal president biden addressing nation suspended decision to pull out troops from afghanistan in, his speech president pointing fingers looking at several targets for the battle region pointing fingers other ways despite focus promise that he wouldn't blame others listen to the president yesterday. >> when i came into office, i inherited a deal president trump negotiated with taliban political leaders in afghanistan. unable to come together for the good of their people, unable to negotiate for the future of their country, afghan military collapsed. sometime about trying to fight, president of the united states of america and the buck stops with me. cheryl: joining me washington
8:33 am
examiner chief political correspondent byron york your reaction to what you heard from very defiant president biden he took resistibles for how quickly taliban moved but that seemed about it. >> that was about it you have to start with incompetence bad judgment handling withdrawal of a month ago giving entirely different picture of capabilities of the afghan security forces so start with that incompetence bad judgment, then go to what you just showed with with which was his attempt to dodge blame to say it was really donald trump's fault we all know, that joe biden when he became president took you know took a hammer to trump policies left and right. he got rid of trump policies on day one, he felt no
8:34 am
responsibility to maintain any policy that was started by donald trump, whether it be the -- pipeline, or whether it be remain in mexico policy, at the border so there is there is biden's attempt to dodge blame. at the bottom of that underneath he said a lot of things that a lot of republicans have been saying. he said we went in you afghanistan 20 years ago only two missions one to get wheefsh had anything to do with 9/11 the other was to make sure they couldn't do it again we thought distracted diverted into nation building and even today, our only national interest in afghanistan is to prevent an attack on the united states, so i think a lot of people would agree with that, and even as they are pulled a at the way he happily this. cheryl: my question earlier was we're coming up 20-year anniversary of 9/11 remember
8:35 am
we went to war in afghanistan shortly after september 11th attacks on this country, and there are some in the cia in intelligence community particular that have been so i happeneding alarms vocal about it, former agents i should say worried about safety of this country reports tsa has become a lot more -- there is more in tsa airports than should be we didn't learn from 9/11 our are airports and other stays to des stabilize us us. >> the question whether that threat is from afghanistan the president said united states conducts counterterrorism operations in which it does not have a formal military presence u.s. can do same thing, with afghanistan, so
8:36 am
the question is: does -- does manage this maintaining troop fluorescence afghanistan make united states safer or would maintaining a counterterrorism presence the way in a number of other countries be the way to go. >> one thing we saw in stock market yesterday byron, a rise in defense stocks question mark being what happens to the region what happens to -- what is relationship with pakistan we've got a report from axios about a group of democrats looking to allocate 3.5 trillion-dollar budget plan working on here, towards resettleling refugees that are fleeing afghanistan. so maybe taking some of that covid reef money whatever you want to call it huge spending bill helping out you know the people that we've been work being with the last 20 years what is your reaction to that? >> well, on dchs stocks, i think,
8:37 am
you know, traditional american way of dealing with some of these problems is to throw billions and billions of dollars at it. so i would not be surprised, to see some increase in spending there. so, i would look to that. as far as refugees are concerned, the question here to look at is how many people does united states have a responsibility to get out of afghanistan. and does united states have a responsibility to bring them all to the united states? or simply to safety. there are a lot of countries in the world where they could be relocated safely. we don't even know where some are going now i don't believe ever been announced where that c-17 that now legendary video from yesterday was actually going. so, the question where is will afghan refugees go? do they all come to the united
8:38 am
states or do they go to other safe countries around the world. cheryl: that is a good point i want to ask you about jen psaki coming back from vacation showing a picture this is a military aircraft we did get a picture inside of this, this is 640 i believe, being refugees, this is incredible, this is to hold ---ing this aircraft accused to military personnel on that plane made a split second decision to let refugees on the plane you staved a lot of lives, especially, see women and girls in this picture i want to ask about jen psaki, she is coming back, got a lot of criticism, about taking time off, for her -- out of office on email attempted to contact her getting automatic reply out of the was. >> this seems part of the biden administration policy to make this look as bad as
8:39 am
possible, i mean everything they did in terms of substance and, actually, dealing with the crisis, and in terms of optics to make it looked like they were competently dealing they did it all wrong that picture ofp biden in the situation room camp david one guy looking at screen looking not terribly powerful, the fact that jen psaki spokeswoman was gone, and basically like hey it is august i am on vacation! so, the things happened in august. it has in the past it will in the future. the white house clearly should have been on its game here it wasn't. >> some members of the pro biden media are getting this morning for opposite reaction listen to this. >> 95% american people will free with everything he just said and for an american president to finally be completely aligned with such
8:40 am
overwhelming majority of what american people think about afghanistan, is probably a tremendous relief to the american people. of. cheryl: what do you make of that byron. >> well -- it is -- i think a fact, that a lot of americans probably majority americans will agree with this they don't want an endless presence in afghanistan. but i think republicans would say correctly that you know you can take have right idea and implement something you disastrously that is what the president did, again, as we started this conversation, with his blame did heflection to dodge blame putting all this on other people sheer incompetence dealing with that those are issues even if you agree with him as many republicans do, that united states military should be out of afghanistan. cheryl: joe concha you want to bring you into this you
8:41 am
mentioned comments nicole wall east coast from yesterday i know it bothered you that way she ebb reacted to that you are not only person criticizing here to be clear this morning. joe: i read polls, mr. biden is given 23% approval on handling of afghanistan, 95% aren't nell agreeing because there is a difference, by the way, in terms of does american public want us out of afghanistan yes, they do again, the execution on how you do it, by the way, i wonder if we still should have called it the war, because this is not really mentioned too much i heard a couple times on 24 network almost nowhere else has not been casualty of any member of uyous military since february of 2020 talking 18 months ago so feels more like germany or korea south korea in terms of protecting people within you afghanistan or preventing another attack by having presence there than engaging in offense capabilities but i
8:42 am
want to the ask byron. as far as the the president he orderly flu from camp david to washington yesterday just to read a speech and then right after he quickly gets off stage without answering any questions a theme going back to the campaign everybody a kind of applauded wow playing it safe i have to think byron running thin at this point that running from mostly friendly press not allowing himself to face any scrutiny whatever after a while looks cowardly the only worded comes to mind. >> i think short answerps when he answers question he messes things up, joe biden was famous all through his prime for being a gaffe machine they called him a gaffe machine now slowed down he is no better at it clearly something is is so important so serious, yesterday, the idea was to -- get the president out, have him read a prepared statement
8:43 am
and then get off. i mean that was that was it. but the president handlers idea to make sure that he did not have any spontaneous interactions with press jen psaki coming up today a briefing that is going to be interesting this is first time at least direct questioning to the administration, at least from jen psaki's turn at podium going to be interesting, byron thank you very much good to see you by byron york. >> new york lawmakers reversing course and going to continue now the investigation into governor andrew cuomo new york state assembly leader coming in next. . we want both - we want a hybrid. so do banks. that's why they're going hybrid with ibm. a hybrid cloud approach helps them personalize experiences with watson ai while helping keep data secure. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. cheryl: new york lawmakers will issue a report on the investigation into governor and drew kooim sexual harassment allegations after announcing plans to drop impeachment proceedings, following the governor's resignation i bring in minority leader will barkley good tough here i have to say pardon me but i guess the pressure was on for them because the outcry continue the investigation but with a would outcome be now that it is going to go to completion sings he resigned what can we expect out of the assembly he
8:48 am
hasn't resigned strange basement resignation only in new york could something like this happen we spend millions of dollars five months investigation did lead to governor saying going to resign but said in two weeks then four days later assembly democrats say they are not going to continue on with impeachment not doing a report then two days later they do a 180 recess course saying not going to impeach but doing a report to this day still don't the governor's impeachment letter i mean hasn't signed it saying or excuse me resignation letter so it is very confusing what is going on i am glad that we are going to do a report i think ultimately we have to have accountability, he these are serious issues against governor families out there lost loved ones in nursing homes want answer sexual harassment claims victimize want ansdz incumbent on us in assembly very good doing a report i am confused -- hm
8:49 am
humorous if weren't so serious what governor is doing why back-and-forth with assembly. >> what areing the repercussions for governor cuomo at the end of investigation when he announced resigning, it you know,-- the first take was well, that is that. he is out going to be dropped but when you talk about nursing home deaths 15,000 people that died, at hands of his administration reminds order to put covid-positive patients back in a nursing home a year ago is there a criminal side to this what is the possibled. >> for us our jurisdictions doesn't go into criminal we hope to -- anything we found in our investigation will be turned over hopefully to the prosecutors they can determine whether they want the prosecute him or not, as you know, u.s. attorney southern district for new york is investigative as five district attorney district attorney
8:50 am
investigating him, we need to hold accountable to make sure this terrible tough discount happen again that is our roll very legitimate role ought to procure to best of our abilities we can possibly do. >> that information going to be turned over for possible criminal investigation i want to bring in colleague steve forbes into this. steve: assemblyman what do you hear in terms of investigations in corruption, one hears stories about some of the colleagues on the other side. where does is that stand is that swept under the rug as so many others have been done in the past? the other thing with governor going out any hope for fracking in new york state, in. >> it is insane we haven't done in it new york cities don't necessarily have a good grasp how electricity is
8:51 am
produced they pushed it i home lieutenant governor hochul when she comes in has understanding of new york would be willing to add fracking may be? >> assemblyman will barkley great to have you here. >> thanks for having me on. >> a lot more coming up hefty price gag, that is our buzz we will be right back. . sp [engine revving] [car horn and collisions] [tires squealing] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist including automatic emergency braking.
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cheryl: time for morning buzz 1995 mclaren f1 the record for most specific 1990s cars sold 20 million dollars, car was world's fastest model 12 years
8:55 am
three owners less than 300 miles on it joe concha definitely retro. joe: a little bit i can't believe 1959 was 26 years ago captain get my head around that for this to go for 20 million supposeding to 15, five million above a 2022 importantsch you could get 100 grand you can get 20 important ches in 2022 for cost of one car i hope it comes with a jacuzzior something that is a little much don't you think. >> i am not a car person steve forbes to you, i captain think car is good investment i know people apply art jewelry but cars? zbloon. steve: beauty in rely of beholder somebody willing to pay for it things like that, then go ahead form la 1, fu. 1 mclaren doing okay in formula 1 good drivers not near thop that ancient car doing better
8:56 am
than cars now in formula 1 racing, so, maybe harking back to the past when mechanic laren was on top of its game more than today. cheryl: the col convertible mustang can i say "old" like 80s convert i believe going more retro. >> my sister had 65 mustang first car last carry purchased 87 grande dame in 2000500 dollars from housewife barely drove it around town think of 500 now to 20 million a bit of a jump. cheryl: wow, car shopping. >> collectibles cars do require a lot of maintenance, unlike a painting i hang it on the wall cars are very expensive to keep up. >>. cheryl: good point. >> old ones too especially. cheryl: thank you we are going to be right back quick commercial break "mornings with maria" live on fox business we will see you right
8:57 am
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>> final thoughts. steve forbes. >> afghanistan will affect our security and the world economy. this is a big disaster. >> the the afghan story have legs with the mainstream media beyond this week or do we say nothing to see here? cheryl: "varney and company" up now. stuart: we deal with latebreaking news from afghanistan, it is not good, the taliban and receiving kabul airport and they are not letting anyone in. thousands of afghans are locked out of their only means of escape. american troops on the ground, getting people out. that is a tense standoff.


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