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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 20, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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larry: every new day is a blessing even birthdays or blessings. good sober stuff, i think everybody on the fox story i think my producers in the staff, look at the birthday cake, america is the greatest, i'm "kudlow". ♪ [background sounds] [inaudible conversations] jackie: terror on the streets of afghanistan. men and women running for their lives amid accounts of the taliban going door to door hunting down anyone who helped the united states and its allies. at the white house today, the president defending his exit strategy following a stunning new report that reveals that the biden administration was warned last month about the impend disaster if u.s. forces withdrew from afghanistan.
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i'm jackie deangelis, and this is "fox business tonight." ♪ ♪ jackie: good evening and welcome, everybody. our top story, president biden on the defensive, addressing the crisis in afghanistan as desperation builds at kabul airport with thousands of americans and allies still stranded in a country now controlled by the taliban. we've got fox team coverage on this. connell mcshane from the white house and lucas tomlinson at the pentagon. connell, first to you. >> reporter: president biden walked into the east room with the vice president and secretary of state by his side, said he didn't know what the final outcome would be in afghanistan and said american forces were carrying out what he identified as one of the most difficult airlifts in history. >> there'll be plenty of time the criticize and second guess when this operation is over. but now, now i'm focused on getting this job done. >> reporter: to that end, the president says the pace has picked up at the airport in
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kabul with about 13,000 people evacuated since saturday, but that evacuation has been chaotic and dangerous for many trying to get to the airport, something president biden maintains he did not see coming, at least not this fast. >> although we were in contact with the taliban and doha for this whole period of time, at some point wasn't expected to be the total demise of the afghan national force. >> reporter: as for what comes next, the president says every resource will be made available to the 6,000 troops on the ground while hinting at more pressure in the future. since 2002 the united states has provided afghanistan with nearly $88 billion in security assistance, $36 billion spent on civilian assistance of. the president hinted today that future aid might be conditions-based. >> they're going to have to figure out how they're a going to maintain that country and there's going to be harsh conditions, so this is just beginning. >> reporter: congress has already appropriated more than
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$3 billion for afghanistan this year, the president's budget requested another $3 billion plus for next year, remains to be seen if those allocations might be changed before the next fiscal year begins october 1 1st. the president said today any american who wants to get out of afghanistan is going to get out, and when he was pressed by reporters in the room, he said he will make that same commitment to afghans who have helped the united states so much in 20 years there. at this point certainly a lot of work to be done on that front. jackie? jackie: connell shane, thank you so much. now to lucas tomlin. son at the pentagon. >> reporter: evacuation flights are have resumed if kabul, but they're not flying to qatar, instead, ram stein air force base in germany. >> is that what the holdup was in. >> that was not what the holdup was. qatar was just at capacity, there was just no room to put in additional people. >> reporter: this as
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evacuation flights continue to ramp up. nearly 6,000 people were evacuated in the past 24 hours, over 300 per flight, much higher capacity than a awe day ago. earlier today we learned that a marine from the 24th expeditionary unit rescued this afghan baby after the family pleaded for him to take them. earlier today president biden said one of the reasons he was leaving afghanistan is because al-qaeda no longer presents a threat in that country. our own jennifer griffin pressed the issue later right here at the pentagon. >> look, let's put this thing in perspective here. what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al-qaeda gone? >> reporter: military intelligence estimates about how many al-qaeda remain in afghanistan. >> we know that al-qaeda is a presence as well as isis in afghanistan, and we've talked about that for quite some time.
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>> reporter: there are now 6,000 u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan. president biden also said there's no intelligence that suggests that americans are having trouble getting to the gate, but we've heard from reports on the ground that americans are having trouble, some not getting in and some left still stranded. one of the reasons the u.s. military is not leaving the base is they're under strict orders, those 6,000ing troops, not to leave the base because the officials fear another mogadishu. jackie. jackie: so much to break down here. here now, republican congressman scott perry from pennsylvania, member of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, good to see you. i want to talk about the president's comments today was we know the -- because we know the situation is chaos. he was flanked today by vp kamala harris, secretary of state antony blinken, he came out 49 minutes late suggesting maybe there was some concern about what the messaging was going to be or some disagreement. he also said things that were just factually inaccurate.
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let's start with those prepared remarks. he said that we have eradicated al-qaeda from afghanistan. intelligence suggests otherwise. your thoughts. >> well, look, the one thing we can count on in joe biden, president or not, is he has never failed to fail x. since he's failed to listen, he has failed to learn, and now he is failing to lead. the intelligence community told him, at least some in the intelligence community, that this was going to happen. and to suggest that al-qaeda's not present, i'll remind everybody in america that they were or present in the prisons in bagram that were emptied out by the taliban. al-qaeda is present in afghanistan. and when he says we have no interest in afghanistan, we didn't have any interest 20 years ago when they were 7th century goat herders. you know what's happened in 20 years now in we just handed those people the modern day weapons, and those terrorists are running around that country, and now they're going to be running around the world, and they're probably going to be coming to the southern border where we've already caught
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people on the terror watch list coming across the border. isn't that great news, mr. president? while he's factually inaccurate, americans are concerned for their safety. rightly so. whether you're working in afghanistan or not, you should be concerned for your safety because, apparently, the president of the united states doesn't have any regard for it. jackie: yeah, it was interesting, because at the pentagon when jennifer griffin asked the spokesman about that, he contradicted the president and said al-qaeda is present in afghanistan. although he suggested it was matter of degree. but any degree is dangerous when it comes to terrorism in the region. i want to talk about what he said about access to the airport. he said that the administration was communicating with the taliban, and they had a clear directive to let people get to the airport. well, that runs contrary to the images that you're seeing, to all the reporting that we're getting on the ground there. and, you know, he's essentially saying that he's not going to pull the trigger to let our forces out to get people to the airport because there's no problem. but there is a problem. and so, to me, it reeks of
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denial. >> well, look, i've got a news flash for president biden. most americans from a child to elderly americans know this. the taliban are terrorists. this is a terrorist operation. terrorist is lie. they'll be happy to tell you one thing and do another. if he's going to take the taliban's word for it just like this whole exit strategy -- and, by the way, there's apparently no strategy, you know? we shouldn't be taking the taliban's word for it. this is just part parcel to president biden's failed leadership and lack of reasonable, just reasonable judgment in this horrific circumstance. jackie: you know, biden also suggested that there are still many people wanting to leave, that's what's causing the chaos. we've got american citizens that you have to get out, the afghans who helped us, and there are other afghans on the ground using the crisis to say we want to get out of here too. certainly, you can understand why. but he said you have to identify who has priority status to get
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them out of the country. interesting to me because you juxtapose what's happening in afghanistan to what's happening at the border. there's no criterion there. there's no priority status or differentiation. anybody's allowed to come. >> right. i'll make it easy for the president. i hope he's watching. this is easy, mr. president. prioritize all americans. there's your priority. and with a all due respect for the afghans that didn't work with americans that maybe want to get out of country, we understand. probably many are great people. we are elected to protect american citizens, and we can't have any more unvetted individuals from any country coming to america that are potential terrorists. and i would just point to a guy that's running for senate, the united states senate in pennsylvania, sean parnell, who worked for over a year with an interpreter who worked in their unit for a year who turned on them and placed an ied. is that who you want coming to
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america, mr. president? unacceptable. jackie: he also stood his ground and essentially said no matter who would have conducted this mission, no matter when we would have done it as a country, it would have continued to be chaotic. he said if he would have said he wanted to leave troops there after the may 1st date, that he would have had to have sent troops in larger numbers. well, here we are, and you're sending troops in larger numbers. >> yeah. he just continued to contradict himself saying the buck stops here, but then taking no responsibility. let's face it, ladies and gentlemen, this is a catastrophe of epic opinion proportion, and it all falls at the feet of the commander in chief who is inept, incompetent and refuses to take responsibility. it just is what it is now. please, mr. president, quit making it worse. jackie: congressman perry, thank you so much for that. i thought it was really interesting we thought he had plans to go to his beach house in delaware, but he did decide to stay at the white house as this unfolds over the weekend.
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thank you so much. >> commanders are present when their folks are in the fight. that's the minimum standard. jackie: absolutely. well, a classified state department memo warning officials last month that afghanistan was in danger of collapsing. why, why were we caught off guard? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. [engine revving] [car horn and collisions]
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plus, 0% interest for 24 months & free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. ♪ ♪ jackie: take a listen to some chilling words from one female journalist in afghanistan terrified that 20 years of progress will be erased as the taliban tightens its grip on the country. >> i have no hope for afghanistan, being in afghanistan. but now i am just trying to find the way. [gunfire] i want to go out of afghanistan, and my mom told me to please leave afghanistan. i'm sure that a taliban kill you because you're a journalist, you're a woman and you're
8:16 pm
working on national tv. jackie: how about this? sounding the alarm weeks ago, top state department officials including secretary of state antony blinken warned by kabul embassy staff in july about the likely and impending collapse of the city soon after the planned august 31st deadline for withdrawing troops. president biden earlier today defending his decision i saying that he received a range of advice. listen to this. >> i got all kinds of cables, all kinds of advice. as you notice, it ranged from
8:17 pm
this group saying that -- they didn't say it would fall when it did fall, but saying that it would fall the others saying it it wouldn't happen for a long time and they'd be able to sustain themself through the end of the year. i made the decision. the buck stops with me. i took the consensus opinion. the consensus opinion was that, in fact, it would not to occur if it to occurred until later in the year. >> reporter: joining me now is john hannah if, former vice president cheney's national security adviser and a jewish institute for national security of america senior fellow. good to see you tonight, sir. you know, i thought the imagery there was really key. this time the president is still saying the buck stops with him, but he had kamala harris and anthony blinken there as well. there's a sound bite from john mccain sounding the alarm on blinken and some of the judgment calls. listen to this, and we'll talk after. >> mr. tony blinken, who is not
8:18 pm
only unqualified, but, in fact, in my view, one of the worst selections that, of a very bad lot that this president has chosen. this individual has actually been dangerous to america and to the young men and women who are fighting and serving him ott only is there -- not only is mr. blinken not qualified, but he is, i believe, a net to the traditional interests and values -- a threat, to the values that embody the united states of america. jackie: today he stood silent. it's in the like we didn't have warning about a lot of things. your reaction. john, can you hear me? [no audio] okay, looks like we're having technical difficulty with john's audio. hopefully, we'll get back to him. meantime, a propaganda boost for beijing has china expanding
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♪♪ jackie: welcome back, everybody. well, while the world watches the horrors unfold in afghanistan, china a may be making its move. beijing stepping up its flights on war planes near the southeastern tip of taiwan. here now, steve forbes, "forbes" media chairman. steve, always great to see you. ships, troops, china's assembling this fleet and looking at taiwan. and it's interesting, because it's all happening as everyone's distracted by what's happening in afghanistan. but as on the world stage, the united states looks weak, and china obviously, if it were to take over taiwan and go after it in an aggressive way, is thinking to itself, the u.s. has
8:24 pm
said it'll do something, but we don't really think it will. your thoughts. >> well, the key thing is not to use just words, but actions as well. we have a $ing 2 billion arms deal that's completing with taiwan. that should be stepped up, and those systems, tanks, missiles, antitank missiles and the like should be sent immediately, not stretched out over a couple of years. another thing taiwan should do is take a page from the israelis; that is, develop as the israelis are doing suicide drones, you might say, well-armed, automated is vessels that don't depend on manpower, but can boll-- mess up a chinese assault. taiwan clearly has the technological capability to do that. we also should be talking more to japan about what can be done to help taiwan. people to think taiwan would be a pushover. that's not necessarily the case. by using advanced technology,
8:25 pm
taiwan can prevent a formidable defense shield so china would think twice about i trying to do a military assault. in the meantime, they're going to try to put political pressure and say make a deal with us because you can't count on the united states. taiwan is counting on itself, and we should help them do that with these new weapons systems. jackie: wow. i wish you were advising the president, because that's a clear plan there. i'm not sure there's anybody competent enough to reiterate that in his ear, steve. part of it is about business too and the importance of taiwan as you talk about the technology and business that comes out of there. this is part of key china's master plan, and that's why i think this story is so important, and it's sort of being underreported right now. if it were to go after taiwan, it helps in that plan, in the master plan of basically global domination. >> well, it does. and taiwan, with its technological capabilities is absolutely crucial in the chips which we know the importance of
8:26 pm
now in the automobile industry and everywhere else. they're very advanced in that on manufacturing, and so we have a real interest in defending taiwan. you see their most formidable companies are putting in a building in arizona. again or, it's not words, jackie. we have to show by deeds that taiwan is defensible. jackie: okay. that's really interesting because, you know, somebody that we both know who did show by action was president trump. i'm looking at everything unfolding in the middle and asia, and i'm thinking to myself the taliban, china, iran, russia, these countries would not be acting out in this way, and the taliban's not a country but, you know, this group wouldn't be acting out in this way if president trump were still in office. they see an administration that, to them, is essentially a door mat. >> well, that's right. and the fact that we did not
8:27 pm
consult with nato, our allies who were participating in afghanistan from the very beginning using article v or a portion of the nato treaty that allowed them to take a action outside of the european theater because of what happened on 9/11/2001 is a real shocker to the europeans. and i was delighted to hear the president say he's going to have a meeting of the g7 because he's going to get an earful about what needs to be done to restore nato. nato's been a critical linchpin of our security since world war ii, and if we don't make sure we get it back on track again where they can begin to trust us again, that's good news for russia but bad for chaos in the world. that's going the hurt us in terms of security and in terms of future economic prosperity. so both in asia and in europe we have to take real deeds. we've got a lot of rebuilding to do, but real deeds start to speak, and we've got the resources to apply those deeds, and we should do it whether it's in taiwan, nato, how about stationing forces in the baltic
8:28 pm
states? how about building a military base in poland on the front line in a major way, or far more than we've done so far? show by action. we may have blundered in afghanistan. that's why we've got to really put more troops in there to make sure we get everyone act to say, all right, we corrected it, and then take actions to show in other parts of the world we mean business. jackie: you know, that would take some sort of acknowledgment of what's happened here, and the president refuses to do that, steve. he was asked about how we're being criticized by other global entities, and he essentially said that we're not. he said i'm talking to everybody, they're not criticizing me. well, you know, come on. [laughter] >> he's in a state of denial. that's why i think it's good that he go have a meeting of the seven, group of seven and get an earful in person if he has not already are. the fact that he made boris johnson wait 36 hours before returning his phone call is very, very telling. so he's got a lot of learning to do, and if it's clear he's not
8:29 pm
learning, that's going to be another crisis. hopefully he can do it. of john kennedy, as you know, back in 1961 made a huge blunder with the bay of bigs in cuba, but he learned. -- bay of pigs. he learned. this man, unfortunately, made an even bigger mistake but shows no signs yet of learning the implications not only for afghanistan, but for our global security. jackie: steve forbes, great to see you tonight. have a great weekend. >> thank you. you too. jackie: well, a door to doorman hillary clinton by the taliban. we're going -- manhunt by the taliban. we're going to talk to two former army rangers about that coming up. coming up. ♪
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8:34 pm
nations. here now, former army ranger dan blakely, author of" the 20-year war." co-author, i should say. let's start with the president's comments today because they stand in stark contrast to the reporting that we've seen from the ground, that people are getting to the airport safely and that it's been easier than what we've heard. if you've actually ever had to go through a checkpoint, you know how scary, how terrifying it can be, especially when they're used to force you from proceeding. oh, it actually absolutely is. i don't know what reality or delusion president is living in, but it is currently not the actual real world that the rest of us are living in, and it's appalling, and it's horrible. to give you a perspective on how wrong he is, when i get off this interview, jackie, i'm going to
8:35 pm
pick my phone back up, and i'm going to continue to try and help coordinate between a relief agency in the united kingdom that a friend of mine is a part of and people that are currently trying to help get people out of kabul, afghanistan, for a pair of twins that are currently in hiding from the taliban, and the family's worried that it might already be too late. jackie: yeah, go ahead. >> -- claims, but whatever he says, i can a assure you because i've been dealing it with for the past couple of hours, it is not what's actually happening in that city. jackie: right. and that's a really important distinction to make, right in we are here. we can see these images. they are terrifying, gut-wren with. ing, but until you're on the ground experiencing it yourself, it is a completely different story. i want to bring in your co-author, dan, because he is also with us. glad to have you both. we've seen that image of the baby being handed over the barbed wire for safety, for medical treatment. you know, the difficulty that people are experiencing on the
8:36 pm
ground, and yet you've got an administration essentially saying this chaos would have happened no matter what ands this is sort of baked into the cake somehow rather than looking at a humanitarian crisis that that we have on our hands. >> yeah. i think, i think the biggest thing, it's horrifying images to see, but we need to have action. we have to come up a with a plan and edges cute quickly. -- execute quickly. the past is the past, it's unfortunate, and it's something that we're going to continue to reflect on, but right now we need to make sure that we have the steps in place that people can get their visas processed, that they can get on these aircraft and get out of the country as quickly as possible. and the people we're leaving out in the other cities that the u.s. isn't even leaving the airport -- kabul -- to go try and rescue a few more american citizens is just terrifying to me. i mean, they've got to be terrified, hunkered down in their little towns and houses and things trying to get -- i
8:37 pm
can only imagine, you know, just thinking about the trek that they'd have to take across the country to try to get to kabul. jackie: and, tom, the president was saying and the state department has said is, the pentagon has also said to process those forms that dan mentioned, it's all on the web site. you can download everything on the web site. sometimes you in a difficult situation and you don't necessarily have the ability or the technology to download forms from web sites. there's got to be another way to secure and make hire that our people can get sure that our people can get home, especially when we don't even know how many are there. >> first, we don't know how many are there, and the second thing is we have no ability to reach them other than -- they're entirely, their safety's dependent on getting to one specific fixed point which is a colossal failure of plan ifing and a colossal failure of leadership. and that was bad enough, but then he doubled down in saying we will not leave you, we will not abandon you in his comments told, but i can't promise that
8:38 pm
something bad won't happen. jackie: yeah. >> look, i mean, marcus luttrell, when he was talking to sean hannity last night i thought had the greatest thing, and i'm not just saying this, this has now come to the point where sometimes you've just got to bring in the people that know how to do something in the worst case scenario, designed to jump in, hold it until such a thing that times clear and leave. it's time to start if not bringing in some of those troops, then at the very least letting the ones that are currently there get off the -- it is a order, what i have been told by most people, that americans can't read karzai international. jackie: you read my mind, because the president said he's not pushing the button author authorizing the troops to get people where they need to go, and i have to imagine the troops are chomping at the bit to do that. that's their job. >> yes. the number one job of government is to protect and defend its
8:39 pm
citizens. what we are doing to the people who have supported us in afghanistan, even though there are millions of dollars in international aid money and all the aircraft you can imagine if you get the paperwork processed and done for them to be free, it's all there. and that's abhorrent. but even to the next level of awful is the fact that we are not even empowering our military to go get our citizens. that's not the case with most of our allies. the brits and the french have their special operations guys running the city going as a taxi service i saying, you know, we're going to get our people, leave us alone and we'll leave. please don't tell me, president biden, that we can't do this. we are, we have -- no, you, sir, you, sir, have an obligation to the american people that are trapped there to get them home safely. you also have an obligation to our allies that have fought beside with us the past 20 years to cut some red tape and let them fill out a form actually at
8:40 pm
the airport when you print it off rather than trying to get them to do, just simply get somewhere without dying and then they have to have a piece of paper? jackie: tom, you know, you are making really, really very important point here. i mean, when it comes to the other people going to save their people, it's making us look bad. t sad, it's making us look weak. and then the president today says, no, the rest of the world, they still hold us in very high regard. i'm not so sure about that. >> yeah. let's, let's be honest, i mean, i know that he said he's been sitting down and being on the phoning with all his allies. of course, they're not going to tell him that, hey, everybodytalking bad about you behind closed doors. if other countries are supporting and trying to get their citizens out, you better believe that they are laughing at us. and tom and i both talked to people last week, and they were
8:41 pm
even appalled what we weren't doing last week. so the fact that we're still not getting our citizens, of course they think we're a laughingstock right now, and it's just frustrating to see. jackie: tom, dan, thank you so much for joining me. really appreciate your point of view and insight because you know what it's like to be on the front lines. thank you so much. >> of course. >> thank you. jackie: well, we reestablished our connection with john hannah, and i want to pick up where i left off. i had just played that sound bite of john mccain talking about antony blinken, and i want to talk about his accountability in this piece, right? he stood there very silent today, but he has a part to play in this, and are we going to hold him accountable? >> well, i mean, it remains to be seen whether or not heads are going to roll here, but there's so much blame to go around, jackie. i know blinken, i like blinken. i disagreed with his policy judgments violently over the years whether it was getting out
8:42 pm
of iraq in 2011, agreeing to the iran nuclear deal in 2015 or now this complete and utter fiasco in afghanistan. i think both in terms of diplomacy, in terms of advice that they were giving the president, in terms of what our military planning was for this evacuation and for salvaging the afghan government against collapse, it's all been just one debacle after another. but at the end of the day, i really have to say this is all 100% joe biden. he's been chomping at the bit to be president after obama and trump both wanted to get out of afghanistan and didn't make the decision because they knew and were told by their advisers it would lead to precisely this kind of disaster. but joe biden said, no, i'm going to be the great president
8:43 pm
who -- jackie: the hero. >> -- who made this decision the come hell or high water, and hell has now come. jackie: let me ask you this, because he said that the mission was completed, and i think there are many who would disagree with him. he said all you had to do was get osama bin laden and get al-qaeda out of afghanistan. we did get bin laden, but al-qaeda is not out of afghanistan. and he said the country will not be a foothold for terrorism, and there are so many intelligence officials who are say that is unequivocally false. >> yeah, it is really quite extraordinary, jackie, to have the commander in chief of the most powerful nation in the world so completely and utterly wrong about the facts on the ground that everyone knows, even the united nations has been putting out repeated reports about the deep, continuing connections between al-qaeda fighters and the taliban. that alliance remains as strong as ever. the haqqani network in pakistan
8:44 pm
is thick as thieves with al-qaeda, and haqqani himself was marching through the streets of kabul today to great applause and cheers. he is al-qaeda. and for the president of the united states to simply say that that's not true, it's a travesty. it's really almost unbelievable that he's operating in that level of denial about what the facts are on the ground. jackie: it is scary, sir. john hannah, i'm so glad we got you back and had a chance to talk to you, thank you so much. >> thank you. jackie: parts of the united states are preparing for the first direct hurricane hit in 30 years. when landfall is expected, we'll tell you next. ♪ ♪
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8:49 pm
commissioned corps. great to see you, doctor. let's start talking about where we are in the fight against covid at the moment. you've got more companies, including apple, delaying return to office plans, you've got the white house pushing booster shots. most americans are just fatigued by this, and i am one of them. i'm asking myself, is this essentially going to be, you know, a two-year sort of war against covid? are we going to go through the winter and people will be working at home until next summer? >> well, thank you for having me on. we're in a very dangerous place right now with the levels of infections well over 125-150,000 reported. we are in a serious situation. however, we're many a much better situation. vaccination rates are going up. we know that if you have been infected, you do have a lot of protection. so although we are in a dangerous position right now, i do believe with the vaccine effectiveness particularly
8:50 pm
against delta and the trends that we're going to have this reversed within the next couple of weeks and, hopefully, get control of this for the final time. jackie: okay, that is good news. people have definitely been saying that, but there's so much we don't know about this virus, it makes it tough to be able to forecast. as the white house is making its case for booster shots, it's also acknowledging we need more general vaccinations. there are reports over the moderna if vaccine, that it could be linked to an increased heart inflammation. part of the population is saying i'm scared to get the vaccine, and that's where we are right now. >> so the vaccines are very effective. we may need a booster, and i do believe that because over time the effectiveness does wane. but it is true, there's no such thing as a perfect vaccine without side effects, and the heart inflammation is something that is infrequent. but in the 18 to 35-year-old
8:51 pm
male group, particularly with the second shot, it's somewhere between 1-70,000 and 1-100,000, so it does need to be looked at. if moderna does have a higher rate of inflammation in the heart, we don't know that, then it would make sense for younger men to look at that and maybe take the pfizer vaccine. pfizer and moderna are the same technology, but they're different vaccines. moderna has about three times the amount of antigen in it, so is about three times the amount of vaccine material, it's also given at a different interval. don't know that yet. jackie: when the fda does give final approval for the pfizer vaccine, maybe that will put some confidence in people. last night i went out to dinner in new york city, and i was vaccine carded for the first time. they wanted to check it against my driver's license, and i appreciated that. it was an interesting experience, first one for me, but it didn't make me feel safer
8:52 pm
because i have a dear friend who is a breakthrough case of covid. and, you know, she said when she first got the virus, she just thought that she had allergies or a cold, so she could have been out and about in a restaurant like that. i'm wondering if we're sort of putting all these precautions and boundaries in place to protect ourselves, does it help? >> well, i think it helps, but you're pointing out something very important. number one, there still is no -- there still are no data that vaccination's better than a natural immunity. if you have had covid, that should be as accessible to the restaurants in -- acceptable to the restaurants in new york as your advantage is i city nation card. but secondly, you're pointing out the reason for the proposed booster shot, the third dose, is we do know good data here, great data in israel that over a period of time, six is, seven, eight, nine, months, your vaccine immunity wanes. and also your vaccine immunity is not as good against delta to
8:53 pm
start with, and that's why the third dose is very important months away. remember, when children get vaccines or adults get vaccines, you don't get two right away. you get one, then you wait months and months after that because your immune system kind of evolves and optimizes, and that's when you really want that shot. and that's why i'm speculating in so many -- and so many other experts that when we've delayed six, seven, eight or nine months, or this third booster will actually give you very long-lasting immunity, years, maybe decades of immunity, which is why i think we can put this genie back in the bottle. jackie: that is very optimistic and useful information of. i haven't heard that, so it's welcome. doctor, great to see you. >> thank you. jackie: new england is facing its direct hurricane landfall in 30 years. rick reichmuth is previewing the storm. rick, what do you have?
8:54 pm
rick: not that often that we get tropical systems impacting new england. this is certainly a bit rare for us. tell you, the storm way down here off the coast of kind of georgia and the carolinas. rip currents are going to be a big issue all up and down the eastern seaboard for the next number of days, so if you're still out on one of the beaches on the eastern seaboard, be very careful. a 70 mile-an-hour storm is beginning to make this right-hand turn headed off towards the north. all of the model guidance that we look at getting in better agreement yesterday. there was one batch pulling it either off the coast, one batch pulling it toward the coast, now most of them are giving us better info this we're going to have some sort of landfall, that red line there that you see, that's center of the line from the national hurricane center. this is the cone, however. you also want to watch time as we move out in time the disparity can be a little bit larger, so the cone becomes a little bit larger along with
8:55 pm
that. could be looking at landfall maybe up around rhode island. we're going to have big impacts, a lot of water likely pushed into the long island sound, we're going to definitely see some flooding with this in addition to those winds. and then one thing that happens here, normally once we get these storms this far north in latitude the, they're moving really quickly. not the case with this one. it's not going to move very far for about an entire day, that's sunday into monday, we're going to be watching impacts for a while. wanted to show you one last thing. generally, once you get up towards areas towards the northeast, water temperature gets a lot cooler e. you see the gulf stream there, now we see them dipping into the upper 70s, that said, those waters for this time of year way above average. many areas 5-8 degrees above average, so what you would normally see of a storm that would likely weaken, we're going to have warmer water, so that means likely bigger impacts. jackie: rick, thank you so much.
8:56 pm
good to see you. rick: you bet. jackie: the dow snapping a three-day losing streak closing up more than 200 points today. the s&p 500, the nasdaq up for the second day. the nasdaq up more than 1%, but it's a different story for the week. all the major averages were down. it's the worst week that we've seen on wall street for the dow since june 18th. the worst week in the s&p for a month. making physical work a choice? if elon musk's newest pitch, next. ♪ ♪ usaa is made for the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. get a quote and start saving. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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jackie: can robots are replace humans? elon musk is hoping so, unveiling an a.i.-driven humanoid robot. the so-called tesla bot will be designed to pick up the quote, boring, repetitious and dangerous work that humans don't want >> from the fox studios in new york city this is "maria bartiromo wall street". maria: happy weekend everyone welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was in position to for the week ahead, i am maria bartiromo. the jackson hole conference has arrived beginning next thursday and friday where we are expecting more details of the federal reserve removing stimulus from the economy, after a taper tantrum on wall street this week as potential moves from the feder r


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