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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 21, 2021 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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larry: every new day is a blessing. good, sober stuff. i thank everybody. i thank my producers and the staff. look at that birthday cake. terrific stu to to do. that does it for us on "fox business tonight" -- elizabeth: new reports now coming in, house lawmakers indicating the defense secretary metcalf lawmakers say that yes the taliban is beating americans trying to get to kabul airport, contradicting president biden at a press conference that was meant to stick unto him fix his international debacle in afghanistan. where he and his team straight up 1500000 americans and terror groups, foreign policy expert
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warned the president making it worse by doubling down. appearing out of touch that this is worse than saigon joining me tonight navy veteran congressman mike garcia former cia station chief dan hoffman, woman hmarionette tiller meeks, krisn tate, former top i.c.e. official tom homan, the president said no to special evacuation missionsua from france and the uk are doing not claiming he has not seen intelligence and americans cannot get to the kabul airport and report to beatings come in and of americans and the taliban gotau lit delaying evacuees up o 48 hours the president saying he will not expand the perimeter around kabul airport to get americans out he also denies any international criticism, this two days after the british parliament condemned his actions, allies saying he harmed nato biden blaming trump for afghanistan, security experts say that is who is falling apart
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speaker pelosiel criticized for her stuff happens comments about brilliance of new orleans of military equipment now abandoned to terrorist reuters is reporting thene administration s considering new airstrikesen against the equipment in d.c. watchers say watch this it could go into reverse for the entire biden the democrat agenda look at the trend nancy pelosi, chuck schumer could fail on massive spending packages next week the battle over vaccine passports could end up in the supreme court that is unconstitutional, the gop warning the democrats do not unplug funding for special counsel john durham's probe into the trump russia investigation and biden's losses piling up judges are saying no you cannot cancel transporter policies, breaking news coming in the biden team is going to take that fight to the supreme court i am elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit" starts right now.
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♪ >> welcome to the show you're watching this fox business network we begin with the situation on the ground andta afghanistan jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. >> good evening following the 6 - 7 hour pause the u.s. evacuation flights weren't transport planes have now resumed, but not where they had been going instead they are flying to ramp stein airbase. >> they were at capacity and there was no room to put additional people. >> air force evacuation flights continue to ramp up nearly 6000 people were evacuated in the past what he for hours with over 300 people per flight much higher capacity than two days ago, earlier today we learned
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rn a marine from the 24th expeditionary unit off the u.s. sc rescued this afghan baby after the family pleaded for the marine to pick him we have learned the baby has beens reunited with his father after receiving medical care earlier today president biden said one of the reasons he was leaving afghanistan is because al-qaeda no longer has a presence in the country. >> let's put this thing in perspective what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point with al-qaeda and beyond. >> you have military intelligence estimates of how many al-qaeda remain. >> we knowho k al-qaeda is a presence as well as isis and afghanistan and we talked about that for quite some time. >> more than 6000 u.s. troops at the ground at the kabul airport there under strict orders not to leave the airport officials say they don't want to repeat a black hawk down.
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>> thank you jennifer griffin it's good to see you were staying on the subject ready we now former afghan interpreter, california congressman and navy veteran. thank you both for joining us your reaction to the president a lot of rhetoric does not match the action on the ground, what do youou think. >> we are having trouble with your sound were gonna come back as soon as we fix a technical difficulty we have abandoned americans and allies to terrorist, this is worse than saigon and does not make sense to take out military personnel when you need the military personnel to get them out now putting military personnel back in but the president said we
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will not do special force evacuation by france and the uk, what do you say that. >> is amazing you must have an amazing intelligence to come to those conclusions this is something that the average american can see coming for months in our commander-in-chief could not i don't know why this is predictable and preventable and these are not just contradictions and this is not just rhetoric that we hear of the commander-in-chief, at this point these are flat out lies he is not honoring the commitments to our allies and none of this was preordained for failure and this wasn't something unavoidable from may 1, he mentioned today he's had calls with her allies around the globe and they're not questioning her credibility, that is absolutely false, today on the call secretary blinken said this complexion channel is going so well and it's simply not true, it is a lie and as we heard the commander-in-chief, president biden said americans were not being beaten and not being harmed as secretary defense austin called out that like
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today on the call as well. this is been botched from day one and continues to get worse unfortunately and were putting our troops and americans in a more risky position than they were a week ago at this point. elizabeth: the president tried to blame former president trump today but in july he said i making this decision with clear eyes to withdraw, if americans are getting beaten doesn't that violate the trump feel that biden has abandoned. >> those conditions are violated the trump condition and it's beyond that, it's not just a certainty it's conditional you need to look at what's happening on the ground and look at the risk factor they were assuming and i can guarantee you the trouble administration withdrawal plan did e not until holy military personnel out first before the civilians and it does until leaving her allies and surrendering bagram air base at two in the morning when our troops were still in harm's way
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and are afghan l.a. troops were in harm's way as well that is a challenge that we have right now in this president is not executing the plan that president trump was setting out to. >> we have technical to devote into difficulties that have been resolved it's good to have you back on. the white house after two dozen state department diplomat in kabul last month warned that the administration and afghanistan would rapidly collapse after the u.s. was through but they chose not tost act despite the memo president biden has said this a will not be another repeat of saigon in the foreign policy say this is worse than saigon, what do you say. >> truly for the past 20 years we know american forces were fighting against them.
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and afghan people that they were abandoned and they basically have to fight for themselves and they were fighting for a common cause in american enemy the worst enemy in the world and civil liberties and these are common causes the afghan has imprisoned biden decided in the group and basically the terrorist group in the world and americans need to get behind and walk away and the forces could not fight because they were left alone when biden's administration decides to leave in the middle of the night without talking with them.
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elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. how does the administration deal with the fact that the pentagon reportedly is admitting that american congressman garcia americans are getting beat by the taliban, this is outrageous why did they leave it up to the taliban who decides who gets out, why is the taliban getting to decide that the white house is choosing not to act as lindsey graham says yes he should be impeached if video american afghan ally is harmed or stranded this is 1981 do we see a hostage situation again i'm going to close it out with house speaker nancy pelosi was saying let's take that onn firs, what do you say. >> this is a massive hostage crisis in the president is directly responsible whether he likes it or not it's a hot war and whether he realizes or not it's a hot war we need to start behavingth that way the fact tht
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this operation is being led by the state department rather than the dod is a clear indicator and whether he's clear right or not that he's doing incorrectly and were losing this fight this week we need to change your posture and become offensive and aggressive and not only troops on the ground the assets in the air and not to the very high speeds making it loud and clear message to the taliban folks that are on the ground that were there to stay until all americans are out not just as many as we can get out. >> by the way the uk is really upset the press is outraged that the president snubbed the uk and boris johnson leader of the uk for 36 hours and the president is claiming he had no intelligence that they were upset, i want to talk to about this, nancy pelosi called out for her stuff happens, abandoning to the taliban c and
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terrorist, u.s. military hardware planes, guns, thousands of armored vehicles including humvees, blackhawk helicopters, military drones, reuters reported the biden administration is considering as i ione option airstrike against very same equipment the taliban is already holding military eparades with it, they are using the biometric tracking devices to go door to door to root out nato allies and more, what is happening with u.s. military equipment right now in the hands of terrorist. >> truly they are going to use it against afghan forces and their good use that against her allies in the west and that is obvious. in prior to that everything that american forces, now they are controlling it the biden administration left some forces there as a deterrent they have
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been dark about this the al-qaeda and isis the swamp of the united states, the taliban that message came from taliban and said american we are coming after you, what do you think about that. elizabeth: congressman mike garcia thank you for joining us we appreciated. up next were bringing on cia station chief, this was biden's work we cover even democrats, were going to talk about whether or not his botched handling of afghanistan since the united states back on the world stage and undercuts u.s. power, we look at the shadow it's passing over the president's entire agenda, you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪
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general austin was briefing lawmakers and says the u.s. citizens were being harassed and being by the taliban they should not be a surprise at the bottleneck on the way to the kabul airport and the taliban knows that americans and african allies are trying to get there and they are easily able to protect and intercept our people. and that is a reflection of the chaotic and horrific poor planning that went into this withdrawal. elizabeth: the poor planning is growing concern theer president biden and mark miller chief of staff inflated the size of the afghan army strength to double to what it really was to d suppt their case withdrawal that the afghan army could fight and defeat the taliban, there is that and there is also, is this a concern this will set the u.s. back from a world stage and of forces. >> it does but here's how it
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happens, we need to withdraw our intelligence, our military and diplomatic capability from afghanistan just when the taliban is going to turn afghanistan into terrorist sponsored state we know in spite of what the president said al-qaeda is still on television territory the leader of al-qaeda is still there and isis is still there, we might think the war is over but it is not, the taliban and al-qaeda and isis have us enter crossers in our nato partners when they launched attacks against us, they will enjoy in afghanistan, that's is going to drive a wedgeee between the united states and allies and create opportunities which i'm quite sure that iran in russia and china among others will seek to exploit. elizabeth: senator lindsey graham insane the president should be impeached over this this is worse than saigon democrats turning on the president's approval rating is underwater this is likely the worst week of the president's entire political career, let's
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listen to how it went so terribly wrong. watch this. >> they warned against the timeline and they wanted you to keep 2500 troops. >> no they did it was split. >> that was not true. >> nobody is being killed right now. >> forgive me if i'm wrong but nobody's been killedo right now. >> the state department would be a better place to go from many americans afghanistan in andni around kabul that is not a figure that the united states military would know. i can tell you they received as of a couple a hours ago a small hand of reports from american citizens who were not able to reach the airport for whatever reason we see the reports of congestion in my understanding that things are moving quite efficiently at this hour. >> were african-american citizens you know how many americans have contacted you and asked you to get out why can't you a tell.
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>> critics are saying they have been gaslight either misleading and downplaying and they have been deflecting and doing blame claims the president is basically saying nobody has gotten killed reports are common and not americans what's going on yet but people have been getting killed in afghanistan by the taliban, trying to say is just congestion at the airport just small groups trying to get out, your reaction to this very bad week. >> were operating in the fog of war that we created and we did not have to have it this way we had bagram air base in 3000 u.s. military and 6000 nato forces in 18000 contractors to keep afghan air capability, it did not have to be this way we don't even know how many al-qaeda in
1:22 am
afghanistan, admiral admitted that during the press briefing and said we lack the intelligence capability to determine how many there are imagine these americans getting to the airport and al-qaeda taken an opportunity to targetop them as well, this is not the way it should be we should not put our people at grave risk and if we do get them out and we don't lose anyone it won't be because anything that this administration did it'll be because of her good fortune right now were asking the taliban, al-qaeda, isis the petri dish to hold off on targeting our people and our afghan allies i don't see that happening but i pray that it does. >> the other thing where is president biden, here's an democrats in the squad when the campaign is a campaign for women's rights there's that story that we will cover next week, it's good to see you thank you so much for joining us we appreciate your insight, come back soon. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and looks like they could be on the massive infrastructure in the big spending package next
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week, up next marionette millerm makes on the hurdles facing the democrats, they want to increase your taxes in a big way, keep it right here on "the evening edit". ♪ just lucky i guess. (sfx: airplane flying overhead) we're a little closer to the airport than we thought... (sfx: airplane grounded outside the house) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. saving us so much money. -hi. -how was your flight? -good. -good. morning, ted. for bundling made easy, go to growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go.
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i've had someone tell me that they were concerned about getting the covid vaccine because of the syphilis study. they didn't even know my grandfather was a part of the study.
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♪get along, on down the road♪ ♪we've got a long long way to go♪ ♪scared to live, scared to die♪ ♪we ain't perfect but we try♪ ♪get along while we can♪ ♪always give love the upper hand♪ ♪paint a wall, learn to dance♪ ♪call your mom, buy a boat♪ ♪sing a song, make a friend♪ ♪can't we all get along?♪ ♪ elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show iowa congresswoman doctor marionette miller makes nancy pelosi and chuck schumer wiki. from roll call in the magazine
1:27 am
and congressional insiders they can feel next week, pelosi could not lose more than three house democrat votes but nine moderate house democrats are saying no they want infrastructure spending first they're not going to move on the progressive three and half trillion spending this is a big slap in the face of need to pelosi, what do you say. >> i think if you look at what's happened over the past month and what happened before we went into theha august recess that is in jeopardy remembering that wat a moderate democrats with the progressives from being able to have an extension of the eviction moratorium and maxine waters and other progressive democrats were really pushing for the issue but asss we know it's an issue that hurts mom-and-pop in our local community banks in their tax base and the person who is a land owner and property owner in the simple property can payax their property taxes because
1:28 am
they got no income, i think you producing there is a fracturing among the democrat party between the moderate senate progressives and this is another one of o the things when you look at what's happened in afghanistan which to me as a military veteran is an unmitigated disaster tremendous incompetent and they now have that issue to deal build and that the same kind of inflation that continues to increase a border crisis on the southern border and then they're trying to pass the trillion dollar budget at the same time they don't have covid under control. elizabeth: you mentioned the eviction moratorium it's unconstitutional raising taxes, one party the democrat party raising taxes without republican say-so that is unconstitutional taxation without representation we have a big supreme court fight coming over the vaccine
1:29 am
passports new york restaurants led by staten island soon then your mayor saying this violates our constitutional rights and unfairly targets them but not other entities like schools and offices and other medicalkn facilities and also it doesn't take into account with pre-existing conditions it can't take the vaccine, it's unconstitutional that's what they are saying, why should we be listening to democrat leaders who botched the shutdowns and ryan's looting to get out of control who turned their city streets into skid rows and didn't help the homeless people for the shelter that they need, why should we listen to them on thingsm like that. >> i don't think we should listen to them and i'm glad the restaurant ownerssu are suing ad pre-pandemic and much more willing to try to help because it was so unknown, covid two yet essential businesses, what made one business and another ?business not essential why was it okay to go into a big box retailer but not aig mom-and-pop
1:30 am
store in your same neighborhood why was it not okay to go into a restaurant but it was okay to go into a grocery store, this is the same issue and it doesn't address those people who have immunity because they have a disease, there does appear -- i'm not a lawyer but that this would be the basis of unconstitutionality in one of the things that they should do is do in a body testing if you have antibody testing, it shows a have immunity and at low risk for contracting covid-19 and of transmitting it because you don't get ill from the virus. elizabeth: they don't make things like this in your or the uk and france has been doing free antibody testing for a year why don't we do that here instead of pushing booster shot some people who we don't know about the heart inflammation from the moderna shot for you
1:31 am
young people, that is an issue people have serious concerns and people are sick and tired you not listening to regular americans and the folks out there have tired of putting up with this google has centered republican congressman nicole malliotakis talking about the lawsuit that restaurants are bringing against vaccine passports, that is outrageous. >> that's her people's frustration lies and ius think you'd hit the nail on the head we have a constitution and a right to free speech and a right to associate with otherte individuals and right now they don't feel like their concerns are being ascended to and they're looking for data and information and its deep platforms and canceled uncensored and to be able as doctors to have a discussion on social media platforms we seem to physicians and as we talked about before it's an exchange of
1:32 am
a debate in an exchange of information it's a give-and-take and without that and you can have this debate and doctor mccurry brought this up before in children and vaccines and what is the death rate of children who contract covid-19, certainly this is a serious virus were all concerned and we want to see it go away but we need appropriate information and messaging and we need to allow people to make decisions based on the appropriateheat informatn we can protect one another but also have the freedom to make decisions on the basis of information that we have rather than the guidance from cdc and fda which is been variablerm information and i think you're right people are concerned because of the risk with the vaccine, yes there is a risk from covid-19 but also a risk from the vaccine and we need better information from thehe c. >> mariannette miller-meeks, it's m good to see you were committed to the bottom of the hour you're watching the fox
1:33 am
business network, lee zeldin on house foreign affairs, security expert saying the president trying to blameen president trup for what were seen in afghanistan, that blame game is falling apart were gonna break it down next on "the evening edit". stay with e us. >> joe biden is a politician and nliticians love to play the blame game but america needs a leader when his firm and strong ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans.
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[mom] no other family should go through this. it's just horrific. [narrator] go to safe dot pharmacy. learn about fake medicine on social media and if an online pharmacy is safe. ♪ elizabeth: back with us now republican congresswoman of new york lee zeldin, we have breaking news from the pentagon three u.s. armies helicopters did pick up 169 americans outside of kabul airport, the president saying he was not going to expand the perimeter, what is going on here.
1:38 am
>> i would love to get someit answers myself i just had a call recently a couple hours ago with secretary austen general milley and secretary blinken i had the opportunity to ask questions of all of them on that call on a number of different topics but that is one particular issue because in being on a secure line it's not going to be until we get back to d.c. on tuesday ssthat will have a classified briefing with them, these questions, your questions for me was a question that all of us had for them and unfortunately there's too much uncertainty as to what is going on because there is certainly a need to go get americans who can't safely get to the airport in kabul, we want to know what the plan is and apparently there's some updates that they don't want to tell us on an unsecured line. >> congressman when in the world to become to this point that we will trust the taliban, there is
1:39 am
that in this blaming term for afghanistan today biden chose the escape clause to withdraw nor to use u.s. military power in a big way to get americans out that's with the trump deals stipulated, former pentagon chief of staff is saying it's really simple biden did not condition the withdrawal he put an arbitraryn withdrawal by september 11th for media optics, that's what he says in his own conditional pullout based on symbolism is not what were dealing with here? >> exactly that since september 118 significance, to your first point we should not be trusting the taliban to your first question it's important for the president and his administration to be honest, candid and consistent with the american public where president biden gave a press conference and is talking about how people can safely get to the airport and being contradicted on a call
1:40 am
with the house republicans into hear something different from secretary austen saying is highly unlikely in july that there's going to be a taliban takeover and ends up happening instantly, quickly and total, we see a number of other examples like this, to your question i'm glad he speaking up in a great member who i had a chance to know and fortunately he did a great job with the trumpdi administration it was a conditional withdrawal and if anybody goes back and read the transcripts, president biden's interview with george stephanopoulos, president biden said he was going to do this anyway, all the stuff about blaming president trump if you're going to give that candid answer in your interview with george stephanopoulos saying all of this is going to happen regardless of whether or not there was a deal between the trump administration and the taliban then everything else is that much less credible but they
1:41 am
were important and they should be well noted for's anybody whos interested. elizabeth: now we have the taliban reports coming in that they're beating americans at kabul airport, your reaction. >> it's important that this reporting the pictures and videos that they do get out there publicly because information only getting off the chain of command internally and the president giving a press conference where he said that the stuff is happening at all and ends up misleading the american public, roads, trust and credibility with this administration with w. the government and president biden also stated that our allies are criticizing this, people are reading the statements and see the videos this is happening with our allies, we need to be a lot more candid and the fact that it's happening outside of the defense and what's going on, thee reality you can expect all these americans to safely get
1:42 am
their way to kabul and what the president said during his press conference today all americans will come home if you want to come home you be able to come home what actually meant if you're able to find a a way for yourselves to get to kabul airport by august 31 then you'll be able to get home, there is no way that we will be able to get all affirm americans home by august 31 and to do so were not operating outside of the fence. elizabeth: critics and peopleor are stunned over what's going on congressman lee zeldin thank you for joining us it's good to see, the hills kristin tate she's fired up about the story this is a botched trump russian investigation, their warning done democrats for special counsel and demanding more from the report is made public were talking potential criminal charges, you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> the abuses and activity of
1:43 am
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to get free action-items customized just for you. get your retirement back on track at elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show e hill" columnist, kristin tate. your reaction -- it's great to see you again -- more than 40 elizabeth: more than 40 gop senators say democrats do not unplug the funding for special counsel jerome's probe into the botched russian investigation this is been going on for two years but fears the democrats will do that to the end of the fiscal year in september 30 he could be about to bring criminal charges involving government officials, he may need thehe funding to do that, what is your take on this. >> this investigation and the report needs to the american be made public i mean, on obama s watch our national security apparatus was weaponized to take down an incoming president,
1:48 am
donald trump. and the american people deserve to know not only how that happened, but how and why these phony allegations of russian collusion with trump were, you know, probed in this way. and, you know, this investigation by john durham has been going on for two years now, liz, and we still don't have those critical answers. i mean, think about it, government agents being paid for with our hard-earned tax dollars, they subverted the law to conduct inappropriate surveillance for political reasons. this should be the biggest political scandal of the decade, but the media barely wants to talk about it. but people need to be held -- elizabeth: you know -- >> all lawbreakers at any level, and government agents need to know that this cannot happen, and they can never get away with it, can never happen again. elizabeth: it's about potential, you know, what's been stated and indicated. we talked to fbi sources, the fear is they will get -- officials at the fbi would get really hammered for abusing the secret court that's meant to
1:49 am
catch terrorists. it's called the fisa court, you and i have talked about it, that the fbi -- they were warned by the doj not to do this, but they went ahead and used democrats' paid-for opposition research on donald trump to get fisa wiretaps on citizens on the trump campaign when that was opposition research coming out of the steele dossier that the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign paid for and the doj watchdog, the i.g., said a lot of this stuff was prone to embellishment, it was made up. there were 17 major errors and significant omissions in what they were doing. even the fisa court judge ises had a problem with what the fbi was doing here, trying to use powerful wiretaps that can go after many, multiple devices including people you're talking to who don't even know they're being wiretapped. that's what's at stake. >> exactly. and at this point we know a former lawyer for the fbi has pled guilty to altering an e-mail that was used to apply for a fisa warrant to spy on
1:50 am
carter page who's working for the trump administration or the trump campaign, rather, at the time. the media wants to just move on. there's nothing to see here. they want us all to forget about this, but this is important. we cannot forget that left-wingers whipped up this whole country into hysteria over misinformation about donald trump colluding with russia, and special counsel robert mueller spent two years investigating this and wasn't able to find any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the kremlin leading up to 2016. so this report needs to be made public, with we need to know all the facts, and we can't let the democrats just make this go away. because this -- it doesn't matter what party, you know, is being targeted, this can't happen in the u.s. government. it can never happen again. everyone who broke the law must be held accountable. no one's above the law. elizabeth: kristin tate, good to see you. thanks for joining us. up next, tom homan on the biden administration's court louses that keep piling up -- losses.
1:51 am
numerous judges stopping biden from reversing trump's border policies, but now, breaking news, the biden administration, the doj, is going to take one particular case to the supreme court. the story next. ♪ ♪ that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $500 purchase allowance on most 2021 buick suv models. growing up in a little red house, buick owners get $500 on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work.
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elizabeth: back with us now former eyes erector elizabeth: fox news contributor tom homan we predicted this and said it would be committed to happening the biden administration they are getting a lot of losses of the federal court with their border policy to trying to walk out trumps border policies but the biden administration and d.o.j. is going to take the fight to the supreme court over the remainder mexico policy. what do you say to that. >> i say bring you i'mof involvd in the lawsuits i've written an affidavit with the ag in arizona and tom homan three, joe biden 0. row. they're just not ignoring ing thr violating the law and the judges and courts are seeing that. it is clear the statute says what they must do and they're
1:56 am
not doing it. unless they change the law there in clear violation, what redoing is restrained integrity in saving lives and if they want to sue us over that, then it shows what kind of administration you have. elizabeth: a federal judge shotgun abiding a administration attempt to limit which illegal immigrant eyes can arrest and deport for violating criminal laws and other laws and if federal judge in texas shot down the biden teams attempt to revoke trump's remain a mexico border policy that's what they're gonna take to the supreme court in a third federal judge rejected obama's daca program which biden team has supported and the judge says that's illegal and unconstitutional. the losses in the courts are piling up for the biden team. when we talk about remain in mexico which basically says if you come to the border illegally and you want to try to cross,
1:57 am
you have to stay in mexico until your path court proceeding moves. would you testify at the supreme court level about that? >> absolutely i've worked for six presidents starting with ronald reagan i respected all of them i never thought i would be in a position that i would retire as a 34 law enforcement officer into the president of the united states for not securing the country, think about this for a moment the president of the united states in this administration are suing us because we won't secure the border, there's no downtime in securing the border, let ice arrest criminals and remove them from the country, the public safety issue and they're actually going to take us to court to stop us from doing what they should be doing, it is ridiculous what the so administration stance on open borders and not immigration enforcement. i told you once before on the show never in my career did i think illegal alien cannot be arrested by a nice agent today, it's no longer illegal to be
1:58 am
illegal in the country, you have to convict a serious offense for eyes to even pay attention to your previous ridiculous and were taking them to court and were going to keep winning we have more lawsuits and they will keep piling up through the administration. elizabeth: senator chuck grassley uphold the court for their ruling to basically abolishing the biden team push to restrict ice and arresting criminal illegals that are confined to certain categories and that the dividing team is about. he said it's a victory for congress because they write a law that border patrol is supposed to follow and border officials are supposed to follow, that is what he saying. >> this is all up to congress, congress could fix this if they would change the law if they would address three loopholes that brings all these families and children across the border we would not have this issue today all the other stories i was up on the hill trying to commit to congress to pass the
1:59 am
laws so there's no loopholes and asylum claims so we can remove children if they found out to be a victim of trafficking, remove them quickly in the families, if they change those three rules we would not have the issues that we have today and a president can issue executive order, congress has failed the american people and i testified many times, you have failed the american people the last three decades. elizabeth: the border communities and neighborhoods are really getting hit with problems, yet in nature car crash with human smugglers, around laredo texas the driver lost control half a dozen illegal aliens came out of the car it was a fire rollover crash, no one was hurt but talk to us quickly you have about 20 seconds of what's happening at the border and border communities. >> the open border policies are open to the cartels, 50 - 60% is no longer on the line doing
2:00 am
their duties so the processing families and children. they know they can pass drugs and huge groups through with a chance of getting caught is very low. elizabeth: thank you for joining us, thank you so much for watching i am elizabeth macdonald and you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that doesn't for us we hope you have a good weaken and join us again monday night. [ country-rock music plays ] >> deep in the swamps of central florida... [ alligator growls ] >> we have a couple thousand alligators... [ alligator growls, hisses ] ...a couple hundred crocodiles. >> ...lurks one strange inheritance. >> my idea all along was that i could build something that i could pass down to my family. >> that was always in the back of your mind? >> always in the back of my mind. >> can we name this one jamie? >> absolutely. >> but passing down an enterprise like this can be treacherous. >> upon my father's passing, we might have to hit the road. >> it might be sold out from underneath us. >> it's risky business... in more ways than one.


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