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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 23, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the analyst flagging regulation as one of citigroup taken another side of vibrating $63 price target, unlikely to be material, for other firms are also given the stock a buy, thank you so much jonathan and nancy, so tricky to spend the morning with you both. "varney & company" starts right now, stewart taken away. stuart: if you insist, good morning and good morning, everyone afghanistan, under the difficult press conference from the president, a monday morning rally for stocks and bitcoin and the weather the northeast the loosed, it still hasn't stopped raining here but i'm going to start with afghanistan the german military reports of gunfire at the kabul airport, unknown attackers killed one afghan officer. with eight days to withdrawal deadline, the president says it may be extended but according to
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fox sources the taliban are having none of it they want everyone out, august 31, at his news conference, the president fumbled his long teleprompter script and forgot the name of the senior official. then came a question about his cognitive ability, watch this. >> the majority of americans, forgive me i'm just the messenger no longer consider you to be confident, focused or effective in the job. >> where did you see that. >> is out there from cbs this morning. stuart: he laughed it off but when cbs questions the president's ability to do the job you know it's become an issue, let's get to the market afghanistan is not at this point in issue there we have a rally this morning the dow industrial would be up 150, 160 points, a solid gain for the s&p and the nasdaq, plenty of green this first thing monday morning bitcoin is back, $50000, either moving up as well, i did not see
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any celebrity tweets to account for this but susan will explain the rise of the crypto's, bitcoin in particular drop across the board, i did see go to quite at 32 cents this morning. i got that, the yield on the ten year treasury last time i checked was one point to 7% now it's one point to 6% not much movement, i wish some of the rain that fell on the northeast over the weekend could've fallen on drought stricken western states, 7 inches in 24 hours in new york city, a delusion all across the region, several states declaring an emergency and the ring continues today, increase 1 million vaccinations in each of the last three days, the unvaccinated population is trinket, all chevy both recall, big setback for general motors electric vehicle program we will cover it all, monday august the 23rd, 2021 "varney & company" is about to begin ♪
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♪. stuart: let's get to afghanistan right from the top, good morning to you susan, do you have an update on the number of people evacuated. susan: 37000 have been evacuated since august 14 and 8000 in a 20 for our. just this weekend, august 31 withdrawal deadline could be extended as you heard from president biden however, as you said it looks like taliban afghanistan said they will stick to the end of this month, we have news of the deadly firefights at kabul airport which involved an afghan he security forces and unknown attackers german and american forces involved as well one
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afghan security personnel killed and three others wounded and we seen a desperate scene at the kabul airport thousands flooding into get out of the country, yet seven afghan civilians dying in the stampede on sunday according to the british defense ministry and the pentagon ordering u.s. airlines to get involved 18 total aircraft but the airlines american, delta and the like are not going to go into kabul to fly people out, they're gonna fly people who has already flown from qatar. stuart: thank you former secretary of state mike pompeo said their adversaries are watching america destroy its alliances. rotate. >> we are a few months into this a administration and american leadership has 30 walked off the stage, president biden talks about that america is back, it looks like were back barack obama, america apologizing, american weakness in our adversaries not appearing in our friends not trusting us. stuart: rob o'neill is a navy seal who killed osama bin laden, he joins me now. is afghanistan what i would call
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terrorist central? >> there is no doubt in my mind that it's terrorist central that's where the foreign fighters are going everyone who wants to fight and get trained on jihad in the world will take over afghanistan, were really not there anymore were willing to negotiate with terrorists for the taliban, we don't have any intelligence on the ground, we don't have anything that's going on and what's happening were relying on our good friends at twitter to keep the taliban and tweets alive so we can hear what propaganda they like to spew that is anti-western, it's been a horrible week for every combat that that i know myself included where were watching this happen and were watching them say we need a plan to get them out, them not the americans but the westerns who are trapped inside of kabul, it's not that difficult, i've been saying for a week give me some guys will do
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it myself i've seen guys online, we can get them all we have to do is fight a war like a war is supposed to be fought, going there, kill people in a really bad way to get the good guys out. stuart: america is considering the biden administration is considering the back underpass august 31 deadline, let me show you, the taliban's response, rotate please. >> if they extended that means there extending there is no need for that and it will create mistrust between us, it will revoke action. stuart: is president biden prepared to fight? >> i don't know if he's prepared to fight but he is a politician and probably realizes he doesn't look at the polls he's losing horribly he better be prepared to fight, this is why you don't
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give a date to be out, we'll get our guys will begin her guys and will do it the way we wanted it, i can even believe the taliban is telling us if you don't negotiate with us, blah, blah, i don't negotiate with taliban, kill them, it's not that hard when you step up and plant your feet and then you move forward, you fight the enemy and you get the people who need to be rescued, were seen videos of marines giving water tickets, the taliban would never do that, they would stomp the kids to death which is what the doing right now. even our coalition of forces have the backbone if you will and the french are going to get their people, were so weak as far as leaders because they're making us look bad, were making ourselves look bad it's pathetic
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i'm ashamed i feel like i lost a big chunk of my life. stuart: i'm going to jump in, the sound is not great, but thank you for being with us in delivering a sharp edge message, we will take it. let's look at the market and bring in jason capps. this is a pretty good start to the week, were up 160 on the dow premarket and up about 40 on the nasdaq. it does not look like the federal reserve is going to be a problem. what do you think? >> certainly delta and afghan are giving them pause, for the better part of the year i've been saying that i'm very constructive on the market, that does not make me a bull i've been on 30 years on wall street and i know markets are one direction, for crying out loud we have had a 5% decline in over ten month and we've had a lot of news break negative whether the consumer numbers, the retail numbers, afghan, delta, peak growth concerns, et cetera but getting back to the fed money is just too cheap it's not just here in the united states
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central bank around the world are going to continue to be accommodated. so where else is money going to go. stuart: i see the point at the wall of money coming out wall street another economist and it will keep stock prices from going into a very severe bear market. where are we going with the dow industrials this year, 36000, maybe i'm asking? >> perhaps i think the s&p by the end of 2022 can get to 5000 which is around 12% and you come back to the wall of liquidity we've had $680 billion of buyback announcements by corporate america, there is still nearly four and half trillion dollars of liquidity and money markets. there is no shortage of issues that can help us wring our hands and give us pause and maybe we do get our first correction but i think you need to keep your result, keep your cool, buy on
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dips but not indiscriminately, be judicious about what you're buying and when you're buying but still remain constructive on this market. stuart: jason capps keeping anxiety at bay, good stuff, thank you. we appreciate it. susan: i think the 5000 is more bullish than goldman sachs and calls 48 or 49 so he was very bullish. stuart: you have to tell me about bitcoin, $50000 a coin as we speak. susan: you heard jason talking about the money has to go somewhere. i think that is part of it you have buying as well, wells fargo for instance be the latest to offer a bitcoin access to the big institutional wealthy individuals that they cater to and technical at play, we broke above the 200 a moving average about 50000 so you can imagine that kicks off an algorithm saying this is a buy signal is pretty bullish crypto markets have doubled in the past month europe a trillion dollars in 30
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days. stuart: doubled almost. susan: back at 2 trillion they did slide often come off at 65000-dollar record price for bitcoin and today we have paypal. stuart: that is the one, what are they doing. susan: offering crypto in the uk for international market and we know that they offered this in the u.s. in october of last year. stuart: it just gets more diverse. susan: adoption more people using it, amazon is hiring apple's hiring, crypto specialist along with walmart. susan: it's mainstream and it's here to stay. stuart: check features we have a monday morning rally were pleased to see that, the dow will be up 150 and the nasdaq up 40 we gotta take a look at this, chuck schumer is dancing with stephen colbert at a concert in new york city this weekend, meanwhile chaos in afghanistan and new york under a state of
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emergency. the media questioning the presidency of his competency and focus. we have the sound in the president's response. it looks like the vaccine mandate, the surgeon general calling vaccine requirements and reasonable will ask doctor siegel what he think about that. "varney & company" monday morning just getting started. ♪ what do you know ♪ ♪ flashing lights ♪ ♪ what do you know ♪ ♪ coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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stuart: joining us on a monday morning you will like to see this green for the stock market going up at the opening bell. the ten year treasury yield one point to 6% that's where we are,
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the price of gold i haven't checked it yet 1806, it's gone back above 1800 bucks an ounce bitcoin the start of the morning, $50000 per coin, oil at $63 a barrel, joining on a monday at $64 per barrel, now this full approval for pfizer's vaccine should come as early as today, i gonna believe that adds confidence to the vaccine. susan: legitimacy more people might get their jobs but it also means a local and federal government can also start mandating vaccines we know schools and hospitals say that they will make the vaccine once it's fully approved we know pfizer can start advertising the vaccine finally as well which gives it often creates more awareness and more americans will get the job. stuart: 1 million people in the last two days have gotten the
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vaccine so the pace of vaccination has picked up again. susan: as it should. stuart: what do we got we have the surgeon general says vaccine requirements, colleges and businesses requirements for vaccination are very reasonable. >> businesses and universities that have been thinking about putting vaccine requirements in place in order to create safer places to learn this is a move from the fda that will help them but we know that there are many businesses and universities that have moved toward vaccine requirement and it's a very reasonable thing to do. >> these measures and requirements were seen are absolutely reasonable i think they will help. stuart: keep using the word reasonable, doctor marc siegel joins us now. it is reasonable to mandate vaccines, colleges and businesses. >> we may have an audio problem i'm not sure the good doctors,
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he's frozen we have the video frozen right there. we are going to ask him about is it reasonable for a vaccine mandate, that the political question in many ways, is he back, not yet. one more item on a similar note the university of virginia has indeed mandated the job for students, however, some of them did not comply what happened to those students before they got kicked out, on enrolled at the university of virginia 238 students have been kicked out 49 enrolled in the fall classes if you do the math that's the majority of the nonvaccinated students were not planning on coming back anyway, now the ones that have been kicked out cannot make the full curriculum you can re-enroll for the spring semester if you get vaccinated and you can apply and follow for an exemption by wednesday of this week. stuart: the courts have said that is okay. susan: for now. stuart: it's okay to insist that you get vaccinated and it's not
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okay to what i'm trying to say. susan: to choose. stuart: it's okay for the college to say you cannot come your disenrolled that's what the court says that's okay. susan: from what i see and i should note my moderna is still in the phase a try to get full approval we know they submitted their data and it will be a few more weeks till fda for approval. stuart: the market see that coming in my moderna $400 a share and i noticed that pfizer will likely get full authority for its vaccine today, they've gone back to $50. susan: pfizer there's a deal to enter quarter pillion under billion-dollar buying therapeutics for, it is up 190% this morning on the back of that deal but i'll get you more later on when we have the market opening. stuart: the market at this moment shows a nice gain 180 points for the dow when it opens up that is features, 180 points
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up, 44 up for the nasdaq, monday morning nice showing of green will be back with opening bell after this. ♪
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stuart: i want to get back to this the surgeon general says vaccine requirements of colleges and businesses are very reasonable, roll the tape again. >> businesses and universities that have been thinking about putting vaccine requirements in place to create safer spaces for people to work, i think this move from the fda when it comes will help them. we know there are many businesses and universities that have moved toward vaccine requirement and i think it's a reasonable thing to do. i think these measures and requirements are absolutely reasonable i think they will help. stuart: doctor siegel is back we have a connection fixed, is it reasonable to demand vaccines for colleges and businesses? >> i think the word reasonable is problematic, first of all i
9:26 am
don't want the government doing this but in terms of businesses they have to do what they need to do to stay open, keep in mind with the delta variant the vaccine is not as effective as we were seen before especially if you took a long time ago, even having a vaccine does not show for sure you're not spreading this i'm more interested in testing, i wonder if you had covid already and have antibodies, should you be prejudiced against because you can't get the vaccine yet, i think is problematic but again businesses and schools do have a right to do it to stay open and if the government is threatening to close them i would rather see some kind of requirement then they get closed but i don't want them to exclude the idea that people have gotten over covid and what about people who haven't had boosters, we haven't had boosters you're still going to be able to spread this. stuart: the vaccine mandates are spreading quite rapidly, thank you for getting here, eventually. problematic, got it. stuart: let's go to the federal reserve a big meeting they
9:27 am
canceled her in person jackson hole retreat because of covid re-serves they will do it by remote can you explain what we might get from the fed i thickets pouring. susan: a lot of people would agree but your check about $120 billion of monthly bond purchases that's a lot of money people will anticipate when the punch bowl will be taken away or reduced tapering as we call it, most of wall street expected to bring and a reduction of bond purchases to start at least by the end of this year, maybe november or december and likely in the next year and a 50/50 chance of a rate hike in november of next year it's still up for debate which is why the markets are up you heard the dow president rob claflin with maria saying he may rethink his tapering recommendation of the delta variant continues to weigh on the u.s. economy. stuart: we love his clarity.
9:28 am
always have to do that, let's bring in keith fitz before we go to the opening i want to talk to about china you have connections in asia, it seems to me like china is really slowing down, what is the real story out of china. >> all tell you what that's an interesting comment i don't think it's slowing down at all i think the official statistics are slowing down to create the illusion that there softer than people think which will give them more political capital and more room to make the move for taiwan or intellectual property from the west, nothing is seems. stuart: is any impact on the united states in our markets. >> not straightaway but our politicians are playing a very dangerous game that i submit, they don't understand china thanks by strategic deception we think in terms of results and the two systems are not compatible especially lately. >> what is the strategic
9:29 am
deception. >> when all the chaos broke, the first thing they did was issued a statement targeting taiwan it's one of those things that we play chess in the west where we want to eliminate the opponent and they play go where you maneuver until they're out of options, a very different calculus. stuart: i'm sure you've seen bitcoin above $50000 per coin you are laughing but what is with bitcoin at 50 grand again. >> i'm laughing because i'm finally breaking even, this is great, the move to digital currency is very real and regardless of why it's happening i get a good chuckle out of this we've been talking for a long time about the importance of digital money and you have to play the odds i'm happy to see it coming back it's still a long way from 64000 and change but this is a good development. stuart: you said your breaking evening, did you buy it at 50. >> i did i'm going to be the last guy this is when you know
9:30 am
how to sell all be the last guy in the party and turn the lights out i bought at 50 or 53 so i'm little underwater but this is not about the value this is about the proposition of digital currency. stuart: are you staying in. >> yes, absolutely not only that but companies like j.p. morgan and other digital payment providers. stuart: thank you for being with us will see you again real soon turn your attention to the fox market opening on monday morning they are opening higher, the dow industrials right from the get-go almost all of the dow 30 they are almost all green and the dow was up 186-point, 35300, the s&p that is also opening higher again of .43% solid and the nasdaq composite, same story .45% solid indeed we have green across the board, can we big tech, all of them on the upside except microsoft which had a
9:31 am
wonderful day friday but you're retreating the tune of 93 cents, a look at that level $303 per share, amazon 3200, alphabet as in google 2758, show the vaccine makers the fda should give visors vaccine full approval as soon as today, can you give me any details on that. susan: thereby and trillion therapeutics to trillion dollar deal and pfizer is paying a large premium of 200%. stuart: they really want them. susan: look at the stock it's almost up 190% it shows you this could go through. the cancer drug, blood cancer in particular. stuart: you're looking at the earnings that we got before the bell this morning you have susan: they did well, look at the stock that's because they added a record number of users of 32 million, they also did better when it comes to revenue,
9:32 am
sales and profit. stuart: the added 32 million. susan: it's a country of 1.3 billion valley bobble competitor they already have hundreds of millions of customers anyway. stuart: laughing at these huge numbers, madison square garden entertainment did well. susan: this is a reopening with more games being offered in concerts and people are allowed to buy tickets and go back and once again. stuart: here's a couple kid's story uber and lyft a california judge said you made a ruling the effect of which you as an individual in california you cannot just go out and organize your own hours and your own benefits, you can't be an independent contractor with uber and lyft, joy have it right. susan: spot on in its unconstitutional unenforceable according to the california judgment when it comes to prop 22 the prohibition on legislation authorizing collective bargaining by at bay
9:33 am
strivers and does not promote the right to work as an independent contractor and it does not protect work flexibility i'm not sure that is true there are uber and lyft drivers and doordash that only want to work 3 - 4 hours after they work their prime job their base job, why can't you go do part-time work afterwards. stuart: what a mess in california of all places which is innovative in their stamping down on the innovation of two other companies. stuart: in a spike they're making more money per hour anyway. stuart: that is california, there you go the dow was up 180, coinbase up 2.5% that has got to be because the bitcoin rebound. susan: 50000 over the weekend are you tempted to buy into bitcoin at some point or does it have to come down a lot more before stuart varney. >> you look at the micro
9:34 am
strategy which owns $50 billion in bitcoin holdings in the block chain riots and marathon, those minors all up today and as i said they added a trillion dollars in the crypto market over the past month very volatile, goes up and comes down very quickly but it does bounce up as well. stuart: let's go to old tech, super old tech general motors, way down this morning the chevy bolt all of them recalled. susan: that is right 73000 more in the u.s. and canada from the models of 2019, 2022 will be added to the recall that's on top of the 70000 globally, i don't know if you own one but the recall expansion is going to hurt gm's bottom line is another billion dollars in cost that the total cost to replace to the ineffective faulty vehicles of
9:35 am
$8 billion. stuart: i would've thought that might've helped elon musk and tesla. susan: i think it's a bitcoin play one and half billion dollars we have dow up 200 points. susan: tesla is up 1%. the dow winners include chevron, boeing, goldman, caterpillar all of them winners the s&p 500 a big winner there is maximum group in the nasdaq do we have a big tech in the list of nasdaq winners, we haven't for a long time, it's unfrozen, look at that. i'm looking for big tech and video. susan: look at analog devices, all the chipmakers day after day lam research that is another chip services provider. stuart: the semi conductor think of the theme in chip and the
9:36 am
fact that we have a global chip shortage those are the winners that we've seen. stuart: take a look at the other movers boeing is up 2%, any reason? susan: there investing into orbit $3.7 billion evaluation there, the fact that they're tying up with somebody who's been very successful in the new era of aviation i think is positive for the stock when we cover bitcoin a $50000 per coin we should do the other crypto's which are moving higher, the crypto plays let's put it like that they're all up, these are just companies associated with crypto's. susan: the crypto minors in bitcoin minors are in the coinbase which is a large exchange and i want to show you robinhood since 50% of their revenue in the springtime came from crypto training, here is what the analyst call it an initiation some of the wall street banks have said here's
9:37 am
what it's worth in their view, j.p. morgan and those bearish, $35 according to them let's sum the ipo offer price, i solve robinhood was up today your goldman sachs remaining neutral and citigroup at $63. stuart: let's go back to pfizer, the washington post has reported they have been given full approval from the fda and pfizer still shy of $50 a share. now this a reporter question the president on his focus, rotate. >> a majority of americans, forgive me i'm just the messenger, no longer consider you to be confident, focused or effective in the job. >> i haven't seen that pole. >> it is out there from cbs this morning. stuart: the president brushed it off, i believe his performance race questions his ability to do the job into talk about all do
9:38 am
it in my take top hour at the 11:00 o'clock hour did you see this thousands of us trillions protesting strict covid lockdowns, that is major-league pushback now under we will cover it for you after this.
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♪ ♪. stuart: robert cool at the moment, 40 degrees, 74 later, check those markets, this is a rally this is what you want to see on a monday morning nasdaq over a hundred in the dow up 236 i wanted tell you again it's
9:43 am
official pfizer has become the first company to win full fda approval for its vaccine pfizer is up a dollar in biontech of $25 take a look at best buy that's one of the more important companies that will report their earnings later on this week what can we expect. susan: best buy nordstrom big retailers reporting tomorrow and recovering sales since it will be easy compared to last year decimated by covid, also stock buybacks macy's and kohl's last week. stuart: what about nordstrom they're coming up later. susan: they're coming up tomorrow but also on deck wednesday will be the cloud how well our salesforce a cloud warehouse or, how well are they doing in this environment as were in a hybrid remote type of environment and thursday in a be interesting to look at the consumer appellate on an gap reported on thursday and dell and hp, dell and hp a be bigger companies and i'm interested on how pelaton does in the bike
9:44 am
still stuck at the board and how much are people buying these bikes when the dems are reopening. stuart: that's a fair question a fascinating thing to see, how many bikes are now being sold as gyms are reopening. susan: and gap jeans. stuart: a new survey shows eight out of ten economist who were survey, eight out of ten think companies should mandate vaccines for employees, stephen moore is with us, he's an economist do you agree with that as an economist is there an advantage to a company imposing a vaccine mandate? >> a question first of all i do think every private company, private employer has the right to require their employees to be vaccinated, i don't have any problem, the big problem if the government mandates you to get a vaccination because it's my body
9:45 am
my choice, people have the right to choose whether they want to get the vaccine or not, i think the evidence is crystal clear that your chances of getting sick from covid 100 times greater than getting sick from the vaccine. especially if you're over the age of 30 you should be vaccinated. so this is going to be an interesting development in the workforce whether what happens to those employees who say they don't want to get vaccinated, are they not going to be able to rejoin the workforce because there are at least ten or 15, 20% of americans who do not trust the vaccine. stuart: what about the vaccine mandate for restaurants and bars in gyms in new york city. you are excluding 25% of the population if you say you cannot get in without the vaccine and the vaccine specifically. his divisive and discriminatory.
9:46 am
>> apple just announced this weekend that they are delaying the opening of having their workers go back into the office until january, this may not be an issue for a lot of big employers for the next four or five or six months as they continue to deal with the delta variant, i do believe that the way that we were, where we work, how we work has been permanently changed by this episode of covid and the whole office structure is going to be different, there at fox news i haven't seen you in a year end a half in person, that is an example of the way that we work in the extent to which that will be permanent as huge implications for commercial real estate, especially in major cities like chicago and san francisco and new york, a lot of
9:47 am
permanent implications for the economy from covid that are still emerging to this day. stuart: thank you for joining us i wish you could sit right next to me and we can see each other in person, no doubt you will. >> i miss you stuart. stephen we will see you again soon, that is a fact. let's have susan to report to us on fast-food operations, where we understand wages are climbing rapidly. susan: not enough to make them feel richer compared to the inflation pressures that they're facing, it looks like 10% open wages for restaurant workers at least in the springtime that is the increase in years and the wage pressures are accelerating in the first three months of this year the wage increases only 4%, now up to 10% in the springtime and the reason is restaurants feel that they need to pay people more in order to get them back into the
9:48 am
workforce, people don't want to work right now, according to the turnover rate it is pretty high that they can find jobs elsewhere they will pay just as much with very generous unappointed benefits for the turnover rate has more than doubled in the springtime. stuart: everywhere i go hiring. susan: 10 million jobs are open right now, that is a million more jobs available looking for work and they can't fill those positions. stuart: the me tell you what we've got coming up on the show as civil war inside the democrat party they're saving the party, the left think socialism will save the party, it is a big fight and it's a big fight this week and will deal with that at the 10:00 o'clock hour. did you see this, kamala harris nervously laughing when questioned on afghanistan, roll tape. >> what is your response to the reports of americans --
9:49 am
>> hold on, slow down everybody. [laughter] i want to talk about two things, first afghanistan. stuart: that's not a great love, will cover it for you twitter facing backlash for allowing the taliban to remain on the platform despite keeping former president trump began, that's another good story but where are they. ♪ they know, they know, they known ♪ ♪ they know, they know, they know ♪ ♪ yeah, they know ♪ ♪
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stuart: twitter is facing backlash for allowing the taliban to stay on the platform while former president trump is still banned hillary vaughn on capitol hill, what is congress going to do about this if anything. >> we will see but republican lawmakers on capitol hill are using the issue to renew calls to reform section 230 that essentially shield social media companies from liability from what occurs on their platform or blowback from the content moderation decision as of this morning spokespeople with the taliban have hundreds of thousands of followers, twitter allowing them to engage on a platform that some conservatives including americans are currently banned jim jordan said
9:54 am
is time for congress to take up section 230 tweeting that the taliban can tweak the president can't section 230 could help fix that and democrats in congress won't bring it up for about congressman claudia tenney says she is partially centered on twitter tweeting my account is search beyond and i'm congressional colleagues who are regularly suspended from the service, something is very wrong twitter says there rules are applied equally across users and they will take action against any content that glorifies violence but their enforcement could evolve saying the situation in afghanistan is evolving and enforcement approaches agile and we will remain transparent about our work as it continues to evolve and address these increasingly complex issues, facebook and tiktok have taken a different approach, the taliban is considered a terrorist organization and banned from operating and using those services and facebook also owns
9:55 am
whatsapp and if they become aware that the taliban is using whatsapp as a means to communicate and coordinate then they will shut down those users access to whatsapp as well. stuart: the taliban is still on twitter let's not forget that, they are still on and the president is still off, thank you very much indeed, let's check the market again 24 minutes we have a 200-point gain for the dow and 130 for the nasdaq, that is a rally, big show still ahead will cain will join us, steve forbes, sandra smith, mark mcguire but we will play you some everly brothers in honor of don everly who died at the age of 84, more burning asked. ♪ (judith) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on
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and offers high-quality municipal bonds from across the country. they provide the potential for regular income...are federally tax-free... and have historically low risk. call today to request your free bond guide. 1-800-763-2763. that's 1-800-763-2763 ♪. stuart: thought we might play a little more he have verley -- everly brothers but we have credence clear water revival. this will cheer you up i hope. the dow up 220. the nasdaq up 130. the 10-year treasury yield starting out this week at 1.26,
10:00 am
1.27%. still a depressed level historically. bitcoin topped 50,000 bucks a coin. that is a three month time. one more time, it is official, pfizer has become the first company to win full fda approval for its vaccine. i have to wait about 10 seconds because at precisely 10 eastern we get the latest read on committing home sales. this is very important number for realtors. this is a good indicator of the housing market. lauren is sitting next to me. she is glued to her computer. lauren: i'm waiting for it. 5.99 million units sold. that is the annualized rate seasonally adjusted, stronger than expected, stronger than the month of june. stuart: yeah. lauren: it's a december number. we have seen a moderate pullback in sales of preowned homes, existing homes, especially after prices hit a record back in june
10:01 am
but the market seems to beholding up. there is big demand out there. we need supply to match it. stuart: so almost six million homes per year at the current pace. that is strong. lauren: correct n october the number was almost seven million. that was the highest since 2006. that is the benchmark everyone looks at. that is when the market was completely on fire. stuart: october of last year nearly 7 million. july of this year, almost six million. lauren: correct, fascinating. it has gone back up. oh, the median price? lauren: $359,900. stuart: love to know what it was in october of last year. i bet it is less. lauren: i'll pull it up. come back to me in a minute. stuart: 395 is the median. half more expensive, last expensive. lauren: that first first-time home buyer that is a lot of
10:02 am
money that is the buyer that is getting priced out f you're making so much money on a home you sell, put it into another home or you're a cash buyer, that is great. people starting families, younger people are getting crushed right now. stuart: they're in a difficult spot. that is the truth. thanks very much, lauren. now this. inside of the democrat party it's a civil war and it is going to burst into the open today. here is how it shapes up. the far left, the progressives, they want that 3 1/2 trillion dollar grab bag of social spending, it is their dream, their passion, it is transformation of society. they just got to have it. on the other side of the so-called moderate democrats. they want smaller one trillion dollar infrastructure deal and they want that now. that is the clash between the two sides. don't be confused by the parliamentary maneuvering. that is just noise. as the fight emerges the afghan
10:03 am
debacle drains the presidency. he knead as policy win. afghanistan gives the moderates an opening. get the trillion dollar infrastructure deal in the bag and the president and the party can say they have accomplished something, they have done something. failed on the border, failed on crime, but a success with bridges and roads would look, really, really good. the left does not see it that way at all. a mere trillion for them does not transform society. oh, no, it has got to be the green new deal, free college, free people. h pre-k, immigrant amnesty, equity, all of it. there will be hello to pay if they don't get it. moderates are trying to save the party. leftists think socialism will save the party. it is big fight week. the outcome will define the democrats for 2022 and 2024. big week. the second hour of "varney & company" just getting
10:04 am
started. ♪. charles hurt is with me now. welcome back, charles. who is going to win, moderate democrats or the socialists, how do you see it playing out? >> well if you would have asked me this a couple weeks ago i would have said i'm afraid the left is going to win but i have to say with the catastrophe that we've seen over the last couple of weeks the thing about a mess like what we're watching in afghanistan incompetent, that level of incompetence doesn't end at our borders t doesn't give faith to anyone this administration, democrats in congress could do any better managing trillions of dollars in new spending than they can in afghanistan of the as you point out, and this is so important, even more than the catastrophe we're watching in afghanistan is the catastrophe at our southwest border. the fact that they cannot keep control of something as simple as our border means that that they can't keep track of
10:05 am
anything else. shouldn't be allowed to keep track of anything else. because they can't do that. stuart: a new poll shows president biden's approval rating below 50%. is it the president's performance that is the problem here in his press conferences or is it the multiple crises that are just piling up? >> well i think it's a combination of things but think about this joe biden ran a campaign last year in as much as he ran a campaign at all, his campaign was about how covid was entirely trump's fault and that he was going to be a great steward on the global stage and he was going to bring calm to america. on all three of those things we have seen over the past seven months now, to be all of those things to be demonnably false. the border is such an important situation because we don't even have to worry about a place like
10:06 am
afghanistan except we're worried about people coming into our country and committing another 9/11. and if you seal the border, you don't have to worry about that so much. but, i think all of those things combined proving that the entire campaign run by joe biden last year was at best a, you know, you know, not true. at worst a flat-out lie. stuart: spell it out, charles, why don't you. before we leave you i want to take a look at this video, chuck schumer dancing backstage with stephen colbert. this was at the we love new york concert this weekend. the optics here, charles, they're not good, afghanistan is in chaos, the border is in chaos, that doesn't look good when you see that. >> no, it really doesn't but when you look at things like afghanistan, you look at the border, you see policyies that
10:07 am
are bred from absolute contempt for american citizens. that is what is so appalling about all of this. the idea we give them more trillions more dollars to spend on whatever crazy schemes they have got, it doesn't give a whole lot of faith. a second point about that though, honestly, stuart, i think if you and i decided to go and dance backstage somewhere, we would probably dance better than that that is the most appalling of that video. i have never seen you dance but i bet you're no better dancer than i am. stuart: you will never ever see me dance, sir, that is a fact. i haven't been on a dance floor since i was 18. that was a long time ago. i think i speak for the american people when i say thank you for that. stuart: that was good. you know who is a great dancer who is on this show, ashley webster. >> not me. stuart: ashley webster. >> that does not surprise me. that does not surprise me.
10:08 am
stuart: amazing. we can change the mood just like that. that was pretty good, charles, pretty good. we'll see you soon. thank you very much. markets, why don't we get to the markets, why not? the dow is up 200. the nasdaq is up 20 i will call that a rally. let's bring in dennis gartman. dennis, everybody knows it, i read your stuff, an you're saying the labor market, labor remains amazingly tight and there is no work ethic. you sound like a old curmudgeon here, dennis. what else do you have to say? >> i will not dance around that question. i will answer it straightforward. i couldn't miss the segue. remarkable how tight the labor market is. we had dinner at our club. the manager said 40% agreed to show up for the interview the day before, didn't show up for an interview. shows you how tight labor is. how unregulated things have
10:09 am
become, how we lost the work ethic across the board. it is dismaying. yes, i'm a old curmudgeon when it comes to this. something i've not seen in my lifetime. i hope it is short term in duration. i hope it stops in september but i have my doubt the. stuart: they're are talk of more payments beyond the september cut i don't have. i they just want to give them money. i don't know what the long term implications are, but short term it is not doing our economy any good. everywhere i go just like you, shortages of stuff on the shelves. we're hiring signs everywhere. they can't get people to work. short term there is a problem. >> it is incredible. with see signs at short-term restaurant, mcdonald's, the you know the drive-in restaurants paying bonuses for people to show up just to be
10:10 am
interviewed. it is extraordinary. we have not seen anything like this. we're moving towards annual income. we're moving quickly towards socialism. it is very dismaying. you and i are old curmudgeons in this regard. we don't like what we're seeing in the short-term phenomenon, the short term implications are deleterious to the economy. the long-term implications are more deleterious. hopefully the pendulum is will move in the other direction. hopefully it is short term but i have my doubt the. maybe i'm an old curmudgeon, i'm 71 years old. maybe better times are around the corner but it is hope. stuart: 71? that is nothing. a mere child. all good. dennis i'm pleased to say the market is continuing to rally despite our commentary of old curmudgeons. >> keeps moving from the lower left to the upper right. stuart: you're right. lauren, come in a second.
10:11 am
i want to see the movers. uber not moving that much. lauren: down much more sharply in the premarket. a california judge ruled prop 22 was unconstitutional. that means gig drivers have to be treated as employees, not contractual workers. mizuho says uber has a strong case after successful appeal. investors seem to be ignoring this california's judge's ruling. stuart: i can't believe california stamps on innovation. lauren: all the time. they create it and stamp on it. stuart: occidental. oxy-pete it is called. lauren: a lot of oil companies are doing well. oil is up for the first time in eight days. we'll take gains for the energy sector, robinhood? lauren: several investment firms are initiating their coverage. robinhood went public in july. first earnings report last week. jpmorgan starting their coverage
10:12 am
at underweight. they say the success is already priced in. citigroup says the regulatory headwinds are unlikely to be material and they started at a buy. stuart: looks like investors are going with citi. lauren: a buy. stuart: buying up nearly 3%. bitcoin now above $50,000 that is a three-month high. lauren: up five weeks in a row as well. that took the price from 30,000 to 50,000 in over a month. longest winning streak since november. going from 30 to 50 in five weeks. volatility defines the trade. institutions continue to move in. a lot who missed the run from 30 to 50, might say oh, no, we get in now. september you restart things. some people are saying you see the price go up a little bit more as you get closer to the new month. stuart: paypal i think is rallying today because of the rally in bitcoin. lauren: yeah. stuart: what is the connection there? lauren: there's a connection paypal is starting the first
10:13 am
time a cryptocurrency service overseas. the british can buy and hold four different cryptos on paypal. crypto, litecoin ether, bitcoin cash. when paypal first introduced this to u.s. customers in october that helped ignite the bull market. they don't have a withdrawal mechanism yet. apparently they're working on one. that would let users take their holdings off the platform that would be a positive for the crypto market. bitcoin at 50. stuart: $50,218 to be precise. lauren, thanks very much. coming up a crisis of competence, the media asking questions on many of our mind is this president fit to lead? roll tape. >> the majority of americans, forgive me i'm just the messenger, no longer considered you to be competent, focus effective on the job. >> i haven't seen the poll. >> it is out there from cbs this
10:14 am
morning. stuart: our own will cain will take it on later in the show. more covid lockdowns in as you veil yaw. they're really fed up with this. taking to the streets by the thousands to protest. i talk to australian nick adams bit. i thought australia loved its personal freedom. they keep doing lockdowns. i can't explain it. from taliban to isis the terror threat is growing in afghanistan. how bad is it? which have a live report from the pentagon on that right after this. ♪.
10:15 am
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stuart: for the benefit of our radio listeners i will read this out because you will like it, the dow is up 250 points at 35,300. the s&p is up 35 at 4400 and the nasdaq, kind of the star of the morning, up 161 points. believe me, technology is doing well today. now show me exxonmobil. they have resumed talks with papua, new guinea, over a massive multibillion-dollar natural gas project there. exxon is up 3.4%. doesn't hurt oil snapping a seven-day losing streak moving up 5% to $65 per barrel. then there is this, i guess to some degree i'm starting out with my opinion, china is slowing down, their vaccines don't work, they have closed a big port, they have shut down some cities, i think they're in trouble. i think they're slowing down. gordon chang is with me. he is our china expert of the morning. have i got it right, have i got it right they are indeed slowing down and not telling us the
10:20 am
truth about their economy? >> stu, you're absolutely right about. this they are reporting that they have no delta variant cases. this can't be believed. they say that the first delta case came in july 20. we know it spread around the country including big cities like beijing. closed down one of the terminals at the port that you referred to. 1200 sections officially. this china is acting in china in a way it is not acting anywhere else in the world. so either the chinese have developed something nobody else has or they're lying through their teeth. you know how i feel about that one. stuart: bottom line is, you think that covid is still very, very much a presence in china? lockdowns are common, restrictions are common. we're just not hearing about it, but it does have a material effect on china's economy? that is what you're saying, that is it? >> that is what i'm saying. we're starting to see this because the consumption numbers
10:21 am
and the anecdotes really show the chinese consumer is very, very hesitant right now. you know china can do well if it export as lot, invest as lot in roads that nobody wants but that does create gross domestic product but the chinese consumer is still on the sidelines and the economy is not robust because of that. stuart: okay. you got an op-ed in fox news,, you say we need to hold beijing accountable for their ties to the taliban. what ties and how do we make them accountable? >> china has had the robust ties before and after 9/11. china was directly supplying small arms, anti-aircraft guns to the taliban when it was fighting nato and americans which means we had series of american presidents who ignored china killing americans. this was a strategic failure on our part t was also a moral failure. this has got to end, stew.
10:22 am
we need to hold china accountable and impose costs. we can do this through trade, we can do this through investment restrictions, all sorts of ways but we cannot allow the chinese to kill americans with impunity. stuart: what do you think of some accountability imposed by president biden? >> probably zero. biden does not want to hold the chinese accountable for anything. we see this for instance in covid. he spent two hours on the phone with chinese leader xi xinping in february. didn't raise the questions of the origins of the disease once. he wants china's cooperation on climate change. he wants china's cooperation on a iran deal. he is not really moving against china the way we need to. he continued some trump policies to his credit and not enough of them. clearly the chinese are laughing at us right now. stuart: what happened to the report we were supposed to be getting i guess in the early fall about the wuhan lab and whether they covered it up?
10:23 am
weren't we supposed to get a report own that? >> yes. tomorrow. august 24th, that is 90 days after may 26th when president biden ordered the intelligence community to look at the origins. we know that biden didn't want to do that. the only reason he did it because it was reported that the state department actually killed a trump investigation into the origins of covid 19. there was outrage across the american policy community and among ordinary americans. in a few hours biden had to relent and order that review. stuart: i want to see that report. gordon, thank you for being here. we appreciate it always. see later. >> thank you, stu. stuart: now this, due to a new threat from isis, americans are urged not to go to kabul's airport. griff: is with us. -- jennifer griffin is with us. is the pentagon warning more terrorist threats? reporter: yes, stuart, a sniper
10:24 am
fired on afghan forces at airport there are 600 afghan forces guarding the airport. that led to a firefight at the airport today. isis, al qaeda, the taliban, even disgruntled afghan forces angry the u.s. abandoning them to certain death could begin firing on the airport. >> threat is real, it is acute, it is persistent and it is something we're focused on with every tool in our arsenal. our commanders on the ground have a wide variety of capabilities they are using to defend the airfield against a potential terrorist attack. we're working hard with the intelligence community to try to isolate and determine where an attack might come from. reporter: fox news has learned of an internal intelligence document that warns that isis and al qaeda plan to begin pressuring u.s. forces to leave before the president's announced august 31st deadline by launching attacks on the airport. the u.s. military asked the taliban to push back the airport perimeter by 500 yards to make
10:25 am
it more difficult for attackers to get in. despite the president saying that al qaeda no longer has a significant presence in afghanistan the president's national security team on sunday admitted it does. >> are there al qaeda members and remnants in afghanistan? yes, but what the president was referring to was its capacity to do what it did on 9/11 that capacity has been very successfully diminished. reporter: a u.n. report this summer said al qaeda had a presence in 15 out of 34 provinces. the estimate has always been there about 1000 al qaeda in afghanistan. don't forget when the u.s. pulled out of bagram airbase, they left a prison of hardened terrorists. 4800 taliban, 500 isis k, and 500 al qaeda according to a former u.s. intelligence officer who worked at the base. those terrorists were released when the government fell and they're already seeking revenge. i received a video of a one
10:26 am
execution sent to an afghan intelligence officer showing the taliban killing the officer from the dead man's cell phone. it is too brutal to show. stuart: have american troops in kabul fired in anger at any afghan force of any kind? reporter: my understanding that german and u.s. forces returned fire during the firefight this morning. stuart: got it. jennifer, thanks for joining us. we'll be back real soon. thanks for joining us on the show. coming up general motors recalling every chevy bolt they ever made and we'll tell you why and what you need to know if you're a bolt owner. >> >> time to buy amazon? my next guest says despite a dismal year for the stock amazon is about to surge. jeff sica is here to make his case. ♪.
10:27 am
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stuart: the markets are in rally mode. you will be pleased to hear this monday morning. lack at nasdaq, it is up over
10:31 am
163 points higher. amazon, $3200 a share as we speak. let's bring in jeff sica. all right, jeff, amazon was $3700 just, what, six weeks ago. now it is at $3200 and you think it is going to be a surge, surging higher, the stock price. make your case. >> well, stuart, it has been a cruel summer for amazon. it is down 15% from that july 5th high but what i see with amazon, we saw that two billion dollars or so decline in revenue in the quarterly earnings the stock tanked as people go back to shopping. what i see here you have amazon where five quarters in a row they had 35% increase in revenue. yet the market happen has stayed relatively flat, so they have not participated in the rally
10:32 am
that the stock market has seen and now in so many retailers really hate amazon for a reason, brick-and-mortar retailers because they put so many of them out of business like sears, lord & taylor. now amazon announces last week that they're going to go into brick-and-mortar. they will start building 30,000 square foot, smaller brick-and-mortar department stores, mostly to sell clothing and some of their private lines. this is a stock that really can't be stopped and the fact that they haven't participated and have had this flat market cap makes it very attractive to me. look for this stock to surge in the next coming couple months. stuart: okay, well in the next couple months will amazon get back and go above its old high of 3700 bucks a share? >> i believe in the next few months we will break the old high, stuart. i think, i think we could
10:33 am
approach that 4,000 mark by the end of the year. that is a real possibility. and i'm interested to see exactly how they roll out this brick-and-mortar, whether or not they're going to build their own stores or acquire another brick-and-mortar retailer to ramp up the pace of doing this. think about this, they put these companies out of business, these brick and mortars out of business. now they're filling the vacuum and opening up retail stores. it is, it is a diabolical plan but it is working for the stock. it is going to work for the stock. stuart: diabolical plan but it will work for the stock. that is an interesting statement right there. jeff, i'm out of time i'm sorry to say but we'll see you real soon. thank you very much. the news this morning is this, pfizer has become the first company to win fill fda approval for its vaccine. lauren, i'm include to ask, now
10:34 am
what? lauren: more schools and companies will require vaccine they feel they are on more and legal ground. some say people who haven't gotten vaccinated will be willing to roll up their sleeves, i agree with that. if you made the decision you will not be vaccinated, you will not be vaccinated until your company tells you have to, et cetera. the third point here pfizer will ask the fda to approve the booster shot, the third shot. what we've seen is the carat and stock approach. here is 100 bucks, get vaccinated. now that pfizer has the first full approval which lasts indefinitely, you will see the stick approach. you have to do this. stuart: i can see how it gives leeway to companies and colleges you have to be vaccinated. it is official. it has been approved. lauren: outreach to me. stuart: the surgeon general is going after social media. is this about vaccinations or information? lauren: it is about misinformation on social media. dr. mercy, he criticized social media giants for being super
10:35 am
spreaders of misinformation. here he is. >> the speed, scale and sophistication with which it is spreading and impacting our health is really unprecedented and largely in part aided around abetted by social media platforms. lauren: so owe is renewing the biden administration attack on social media although i think his language was much softer than what biden initially used, facebook is killing people. stuart: a little softer. lauren: nonetheless but made the point. stuart: there is tropical depression henri. drenching new egg land. it is still raining by the way. thousands are without power up here. we have a report from rhode island coming your way shortly. you may not be flying in new england but airlines announced new routes from places like connecticut to florida of course. everybody is going to florida. we have the ceo of that airline on the show to explain himself. we'll be back.
10:36 am
10:37 am
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stuart: coming to us now. we'll break it down for you, new york city will mandate vaccines for all public school teachers, staff, and principals. that is 148,000 school employees who will have to get at least one dose by september the 207th. this just breaking. i might add pfizer just got official recognition, official usage of its vaccine. that has helped places like new york impose these mandates. tropical storm henri left thousands without power in rhode island, flash floods in the area. bryan llenas is there. what is the seen, bryan? spell it out for us. reporter: good morning stuart.
10:41 am
tropical storm henri made its way to western rhode island and flooding and downed oak trees. bringing down power lines with it. the ground was saturated before henri hit. combined wet soil with 60 mile-an-hour winds makes for a messy combo. they're working to turn the lights on. more than 100,000 customers lost power in this storm. 41,000 in rhode island are still without power. henri was a hurricane on sunday morning, it weakened just before landfall and shifted to the west. >> real happy right now to be on the other side of this one. >> the relief i feel is high because we don't have to deal with the damage of, like such hurricanes, superstorm sandy that came a few years ago which caused catastrophic damage to this area here. reporter: still the storm brought heavy rain and flash flooding, particularly to western and central connecticut. this video shows flooding in
10:42 am
manchester outside of the capital hartford. henri brought torrential rain and flooding. this could have been the westest ever hour in central park. two inches of rain fell between 10 and 11:00 p.m. saturday night. some spots in new jersey were inundated with nine inches of rain. stuart there is some relief. look it has been 30 years since new england was hit directly by a hurricane. that streak continues. stuart: got it, bryan, thank you very much indeed. i will repeat news that broke out at 10:00 this morning. when you look at the stock market consider the real estate market. 10:00 eastern we found out home sales, existing home sales are going at very rapidpace. almost 6 million existing homes, that is the annual pace of selling in the real estate market right now. by the way, the median price of a home in july has gone up to
10:43 am
359,000 in the first few months this year, 359,000, compared with 313,000 last year. that is a huge gain in he will reese state and home prices. back to the stock market, the rally continues very, very strong, up 240 for the dow. 170 for the nasdaq. and we're looking at moving elements here including bitcoin. give me the story. lauren: look screen left. the miners and exchanges are rallying along with the price of bitcoin. blockchain, coinbase, the exchange, miners like marathon, investors like microstrategy all up pretty nicely today. stuart: how about boeing? lauren: they're own space business is struggling while they see their competitors go ahead but they plan to invest in a spac deal for richard branson's virgin orbit and virgin galactic that stock up
10:44 am
1.6%. stuart: have you ever heard of a company called. didi? lauren: the ride-hailing company in china. china continues to intensify the crack down on this industry. if you invest the ipo recently, you got killed and have beijing to blame. didi has lot of information on users but roads in china, for instance. it is national security. there is an idea that is being reported that beijing wants to hand that information over to a state-backed third party if such companies want to list on foreign exchanges including the u.s. it is not a formal plan. one is expected soon but this is another leg that these companies have to jump through. stuart: it is, i really wonder about buying any china stock at this point? any of them. lauren: a lot of people are talking about this. regulators will say stay away, a lot of people say that is when you make your money. get in now when they're low.
10:45 am
stuart: we'll see. i like to get back to avello airlines, a low-cost carrier. announced four east coast routes from connecticut to of course florida. the ceo is andrew levy, he has been on the show many times before but he joins us now. i want to use us as a demographic reporter, because we've been big on this whole idea of people going down to florida. i think you're part of that trend. you have four routes just out of connecticut to florida? >> yeah. thanks for having me, stuart. we announced service, we announced service out of new haven several months ago but this past thursday we announced actual routes we're starting, four routes to florida, particularly at that time, a good time to fly to florida. for that part of the country always a great time to fly toe florida from what i hear so many people live up in the area it is
10:46 am
also become a commuter market. we started selling on thursday. sales have been very, very strong. we're extremely pleased with the first several days and flights start on november 3rd with our first flight we'll be down to orlando and we have service going to fort lauderdale and fort myers. stuart: before i get to a break every to ask you, new maven to orlando, round-trip, how much? >> well, look, the intro fares started at $59. so 59 -- stuart: if i book today, what is it today? >> depends on when you want to travel, stuart, i would say in general the average fare we're getting in total, seat assignments, bags a little over $100 each way. call it $200 round-trip. stuart: i glad i got you on the show, $200 round-trip ain't bad in my book. >> that works right? that works. stuart: that works for me. andrew, i'm terribly sorry i'm out of time. come back to see us soon.
10:47 am
>> thank you, stuart very much. stuart: a 223-year-old became a tiktok star after tattooing his covid vaccine barcode on himself. we'll try to explain that to you. australia taking to the street with protest after the latest lockdown. the aussies have had enough. nick adams, he has a great australian accent and he join us after this. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot.
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10:51 am
♪. stuart: mime quaid schools are holding the -- miami-dade schools are holding first day of school. students must wear masks defying governor desantis' order whether parents choose whether the kids wear the masks. phil keating is in miami. could those schools lose funding, phil? reporter: that is certainly a likelihood but for the fourth biggest school district in the nation, miami-dade county schools summer is officially
10:52 am
over. the kids return to school. the kids mask, versus mo mask debate is far from subsiding. boys and girls arriving to school, masks are mandatory, no parental opt out option, only exemptions with a doctor's note for medical reasons. the state's largest school district, broward schools did the same with gainesville's alachua county. the 48 hour deadline expires demanded by the state board of education to allow parental mask choice or suffer the consequences which could include lost salaries. this weekend miami-dade superintendent says he is content with whatever happens. >> i don't want to be the person who has to call a relative of some of the individuals who reached out to me that i've spoken with, nor do i want to make another phone call to someone to say how sorry we that their loved one is no longer here. reporter: the state's largest
10:53 am
school district defying republican governor ron desantis' executive order the parent must have the right to exempt their child. they include miami-dade, broward, palm beach, hillsborough, tampa, a latch awwa, leon which is tallahassee, likely tomorrow orange county around orlando. sarasota is the only majority republican county to defy the governor who is not budging from the pushback. >> i think it is something that the parents should be deciding. i don't think it is something that the government should be deciding. reporter: also happening up in tallahassee today, the first lawsuit filed by parents against the governor's executive order. a group of parents says that order impairs the safety of children as thousands upon thousands of kids at home, not in school, in quarantine due to exposure or contact with one of the skyrocketing number of kids who have now come down with covid-19 since school began. stuart? stuart: phil keating right
10:54 am
there, thank you very much. phil. look at this thousands protested lockdowns in australia over the weekend. nick adams joins me now. good to see you again. you're from australia, what surprised me about this whole thing. i thought australians were like americans. they were always very conscious of their personal individual liberty, yesterday australia embarked on a series of draconian lockdowns that know no end. surprised ace trailians buckled under like this. tell me more. >> stuart, not so much of a surprise to me having been born around raised there. obviously the international perception of australia is markedly different to the domestic reality and i think the whole world is seeing that right now. australia doesn't have a first amendment and certainly doesn't have a second amendment. this is what it looks like when you have these never-ending shutdowns put in place.
10:55 am
over 200 days now. australians have been locked up, told to go nowhere. the military in some parts have been called in to enforce these orders. there is a fatigue, stuart, associated with this compliance. australians are remarkably compliant people, always have been. that same should be slowly running out. stuart: is the government policy in australia still zero covid, and that anytime a single case breaks out lockdowns immediately? i put it to you -- >> that's right. stuart: you can't have that. you will never get to a situation ever zero covid, you can't do that. >> i agree completely. it is very foolish but australia pursued this zero covid target, stuart and they're just going to be in pert perpetual lock down based on that policy not basissing it on hospitalizations. they have really buggered it up to use a term, stuart, you would
10:56 am
be very familiar with. last year when the whole world had covid australia didn't. the government thought it is not all that important for to us have this urgent vaccine rollout. we're going to be okay. then of course this delta variant came and less than 2% of australia was vaccinated. that is what is kind of behind all of this, so they really screwed it up quite royally. dealing with the consequences now. stuart: i got to go, nick. but you need political change. that is what you need. >> absolutely. stuart: nick, sorry i'm out of time. i have to run because of this. the pentagon is holding a briefing on afghanistan. we have some of the highlights. 16,000 people evacuated in the last 24 hours. in the past 23 hours five flights landed at dulles, presumably coming in, escapees from afghanistan. the administration is in communication with the taliban. more "varney" after this.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> that's where all the fighters and everyone that wants to fight we don't have any intelligence on the ground we do not know anything that's going on what's happening were relying on our good friends at twitter to keep the taliban tweets alive. >> when you look at things like afghanistan and the border you see policies from contempt it doesn't give a whole lot of faith. >> i believe the way that we
11:01 am
were, where we work and how we work has been permanently changed by this episode of covid. i haven't seen you in a year end a half in person. >> were moving quickly toward socialism hopefully the pendulum will move the other direction and hopefully this is short-term but i have my doubts. >> i think the s&p by the end of 2022 can get to 5000 which is around 12%. ♪. stuart: it's 11:00 o'clock eastern time, it is monday august the 23rd, straight to the markets this is a rally i'm looking at the dow up 250 and i'm looking at a new intraday high and all-time intraday high for the nasdaq 149. bitcoin on the upside as well it actually moved above $50000
11:02 am
according now would slip back to 496, pfizer that stock is up with other vaccine makers pfizer retrieved full fda approval for the covid vaccine, and now this. if president biden up to the job this is a very difficult subject. questioning the cognitive ability of a president is very different from questioning his policies but for the last seven months the president's performance has given cause for concern during sunday's press conference he was asked about it directly, roll tape. >> the majority of americans, forgive me i'm just the messenger can no longer consider you to be competent, focused are effective in the job. >> i haven't seen that pool. stuart: after that he shook his head yesterday he stumbled with the teleprompter and forgot the
11:03 am
name of a senior official, seemed unfocused as he plowed through a long script he gets things wrong he seems tired and out of touch. joe biden was elected on competence and stability he's not coming through that either biden seemed unaware of the coble crisis and his handlers protected them from the media but that made him look weak he does it call world leaders until brett baier prompted him he was wrong on several issues including the criticism of her allies, he acted as though it was old news, this is the time for strong and credible leadership we are not seeing it attired president stumbles, forgives and loses focused, the vice president laughs too frequently and seems out of her depth, it is difficult to talk about the cognitive ability of a sitting president in the middle of several crises but it has to be done questions must be asked we have another three and half years of this. the third hour of "varney & company" continues.
11:04 am
♪. stuart: will cain joins me too talk with the difficult subject, what do you think, is president biden up for the job? >> definitely not he's definitely not up for the job and that has been revealed over the past 6 - 7 months and i've talked about this this is a price that we pay we pay the price of an american public and i'm not talking necessarily everyone watching your program but at large the american public voting not for someone but against someone, the entire election of 2020 was about president donald trump you are loved him and voted for him or he hated and voted against no one went out of the way to vote for joe biden i don't remember people seeing joe biden had toward zoom call rallies that were flowing over with attendance.
11:05 am
as a byproduct nobody vetted joe biden, they truly did not put his cognitive ability which you are talking about bravely but appropriately, they never put it to the test, it was invented properly because it was all about donald trump i understand what you're saying and it's important and i address this last week it sounds mean a personal but were talking about the leader of the free world that makes life-and-death decisions in this case 10 - 15000 americans behind enemy lines in afghanistan wondering probably about the ability of the present united states is not just appropriate it is necessary. stuart: i'm going to change a subject completely i want to talk about the new poll that shows parents split over whether school should require vaccines for eligible children 48% in favor, you have to have the vaccine, 52% against it, you are a parent, what you make of the split. >> first of all i think the
11:06 am
split reflects mass hysteria driven by the media i don't believe it reflects a cold and rational look at the studies and science behind covid, is covid real, is a threat to children, statistically data-driven, science suggest it's less risk to your child in the common flu, that does not mean it's not a threat, i suggest you should make your own personal risk analysis on the will cain podcast died in our long conversation with someone i think is very respectable doctor marty makary of john hopkins university and i put it to them i said i have a 13-year-old do you think you should get the vaccine and he said to me perhaps one dose, not shot on khairullah khairkhwa shots but maybe one would help potential long-term effects if he should get long-haul covid balanced against the potential unknown of threats of the vaccine there is statistical heart issues that have accompanied teenage boys i
11:07 am
will say this this is the conversation every parent should be having i talked to doctor harvey of el, an epidemiologist, always remember there is therapeutics if early in the intervention is brought in your reduce hospitalization by 80%, the point i'm getting at that is for me, my child, my doctor not a mandate from a school or a government official i think that is appropriate and i would encourage you or anyone else to watch what is happening in australia because this can spiral mandate policing insanity, this can spiral in a heartbeat, it is down under. stuart: that is good stuff and we appreciate you being here, thank you very much, see you soon. more companies pushing back their return to office date we have a new report that says remote work could be here to stay, that's probably accurate steve forbes is with us on this is remote work on a large scale okay by you?
11:08 am
>> it depends on the company obviously for the manufacturing scientific research, some companies may want you there because they think it's important for interaction in the culture of a company i know to companies that will mandate the return of all their people others are going to be flexible i think it's going to work out, what the covid crisis did was haitian the trend that was evident before covid and that is a gig economy were tens of millions of people work part-time in various jobs and work out of their home and work at an office for a particular job and go on to another won this accelerated so you will see companies doing what they think is best but don't be surprised right now employees and executives have the upper hand in the sense that there's a labor shortage but that will not last forever i think you see a hybrid some companies will have hybrid arrangements and others will say show up or unit will
11:09 am
not be working with us because it's essential to our well-being and culture. stuart: remote work does not necessarily slow the economy, doesn't necessarily make us less efficient, it gives more personal freedom more personal choice, in that sense it is positive would you say wrapping it all together this is a positive trend? >> the key thing is how you would develop your talents a best way and people like the idea of rigidity at the office if they can get the work done specific task done that involves teamwork and working out of the home and having the flexibility that's why you saw the rise of the gig economy people wanted the flexibility and willing to take the uncertainty of working for several different employers or taking contracts and the like, this is a trend people want the freedom and they take the risk with it and bless them a key thing getting the most out of you and developing your talents which also means all of us benefit when were doing well.
11:10 am
stuart: i do believe it's here to stay, i don't believe were all going to go back to the office work in the factory, i don't think that's going to happen, it is here to stay, thank you for being with us, always appreciated. now we have various stocks that lauren is following, she starts with chevron is this because oil is up and chevron is doing well. lauren: oil is up for the first time in three days and with that young chevron the second-biggest oil comedy moving higher but their mandate that thousands of their employees get vaccinated those that travel abroad and work on ships and some workers that are in the gulf of mexico because are seeing a rise in cases in the unvaccinated staff especially some in the oilfield. stuart: and oil company coming in with a mandate that is interesting that that developed i notice we have the stock of moderna their way up 5% higher, what is the story. >> this is going to supply south korea with several million doses of the vaccine and the next two
11:11 am
weeks, the high for the stock was 406 but it took pfizer four months between applying for full approval from the fda to getting it while moderna applied about two or three weeks after pfizer so you should expect moderna also get the full approval in the next couple of weeks. stuart: $400, you have to tell me about general motors. lauren: the chevy bull batteries could catch fire, they announced the third recall for the car and also halting sales indefinitely this will cost them a billion dollars on top of $800 million for the other recalls, use all the warnings if you're charging your car in the garage, park it outside don't parking overnight in the garage the batteries are made by lg, ten reports of fire. stuart: that is not good news for the electric vehicle movement and the whole program look at the stock down to 47, did you see this, kamala harris
11:12 am
nervously laughing one question on afghanistan, rowlett eight. >> what your response to reports of americans. >> slowdown everybody i want to talk about two things, first afghanistan. stuart: i don't think that was a good look, sandra smith will take on that story, time running out to get americans and allies out of afghanistan the taliban says they will refuse any extension of the august 31 deadline, the chair of the national guard association takes that on next. ♪ at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73.
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11:17 am
stuart: is a taliban takes a afghanistan new questions raised about the billions of dollars of aid american game to pakistan edward lawrence at the white house, take us through this what is a problem with pakistan. >> is very interesting pakistan but also afghanistan there's a request to aid to afghanistan and the question if the administration was going to allow the door to be open for this, beyond search why would that happen the fiscal year 2022 budget president biden has asked for $3.6 billion to go to afghanistan the acting head of the central bank after taking the capital city they're asking for $89 million for neighboring pakistan over the 20 year conflict the u.s. have given pakistan about $60 billion the former afghanistan government and funding the taliban are putting them in a position where
11:18 am
they could do exactly what they're doing, the vice president in singapore very early this morning was asked about all of this about the fumbling with the evacuation in the finances, here's a response. >> there is no question there will be a rollout active what is happened. but right now there is no question that our focus has to be on evacuating american citizens afghans who work with us. >> she wants every review after the fact, the entire focus is getting people out of afghanistan they have moved 37000 people since august 14 about 10400 of those people in the past 24 hours, i rarely use pentagon the pentagon is required six u.s. air carriers to provide 18 planes to help with his evacuation process,
11:19 am
those planes are not going into afghanistan they're going into neighboring cities and they will continue that from point into the united states, the pentagon just said that a thousand of those refugees so to speak in american citizens have landed at dallas airport this morning, that is the first of those to get out of afghanistan to be evacuated. thank you very much. congressman michael mccaul is a top ranking republican on the house foreign affairs committee he says the u.s. no longer has intel from outside the kabul airport, it's gone, roll tape. >> the taliban and airstrikes of gotten bigger we have no intelligence on the ground were completely dark and afghanistan with the exception that the airport right now will be dark so will have a long-term ramification for our standing in the world. stuart: were joined by general michael mcguire, is afghanistan now tereus central?
11:20 am
>> it is, good morning there were strategic operational tactical decision in the history of this country by commander-in-chief who is derelict in his duty and secretary offensive general milley need to step aside they have put americans at risk outside of the kabul airport by giving up bagram air base before we were able to get everybody out of their. stuart: the taliban say we america cannot extend our evacuation effort beyond august 31, it seems like, therefore run out of town by the taliban. >> that's exactly right they are mocking us and they tell people all the time former commanding general you can delegate all of your authority but none of your responsibility this is on president biden and this is an absolute debacle and i'm afraid for the 10000 plus americans there that we need to get out and having a deadline imposed by a terrorist organization is not
11:21 am
something americans are used to or used to leading and were definitely not leading with biden in charge. stuart: a lot of military people on this network and on fox news have been calling for proactive effort by american troops to break out around the airport and establish corridor, safe corridors so the afghans and americans who want out can go to the corridor and live by the airport, that requires a much more robust military action on our part, should we do that? do you think president biden will do that? >> in terms of should we do it, we have the ability to do that type of thing, will we do it, it seems president biden is quite happy with having cut the locks on the present of bagram air base and let the tears down keeps open border going, i am in
11:22 am
the senate race in arizona because we need leaders that understand security is something that affects every american and were not having it with biden there. stuart: you're running for the senate in arizona. >> i'm running against kelli and i need the entire country to think about assisting, this will be the 51st republican vote in 2022, make mcguire for senate. stuart: we understand that and we thank you very much for being with us today. >> thank you very much, have a great day. stuart: we should tell you fox news has successfully rescued 24 people from afghanistan this effort was launched to retrieve three of our associates and a colleague along with their families. fox did it. southwest airlines, ashley webster come on in what is southwest doing to help the afghan refugee crisis. >> there beginning today, good
11:23 am
morning southwest is going to charter four flights per day for the department of defense the airline says anticipates the same number of flights for the next few days, the carrier did not indicate where these flights will originate in their precise destinations but they are doing it, the department of defense preparing to house thousands of afghan refugees on american military installations for bliss in texas could very well be one of those, by the way former president george w. bush says the united states has the responsibility and resources to secure a safe passage without bureaucratic delay and amen to that. stuart: yes indeed, you are right back to the markets a solid solid gain all across-the-board, the dow is up 270 points, look at the nasdaq go one point to 6% higher that's
11:24 am
185 points and president biden approval rating plunging, the president is laughing it off, watch this. >> the majority of americans, forgive me i'm just the messenger no longer consider you to be confident, focused or effective in the job. >> i haven't seen that pole. >> is president biden up for the job, sandra smith will take that on next. ♪ (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. (other money manager) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to always put clients first.
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11:28 am
an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. stuart: the pentagon holding a briefing on afghanistan here's more of the highlights from the presentation number one still trying to complete of evacuation by august 31 secondly more importantly no plans at this time for more u.s. troops. breaking now the acting commissioner at the fda says the agency is not recommended children below 12 get the vaccine the pfizer covid vaccine at this time just to reiterate kids under 12 not getting the
11:29 am
vaccine at this time. sandra smith is with us do you want to approach his whole idea of vaccines for kids, you have children, where you stand. >> the big question will fda approval come from those over 16, the full approval and hopefully that gives more people vaccinated that was a talking point for many who denied wanting the vaccine, i hope that happens but as far as kids i want to hear the science behind whether or not they needed and have the fda finally approved for those children but i want to hear the science behind whether or not they need the vaccine, i will tell you politically to huge distraction for this administration we just got word that joe biden will be speaking on a formal press conference on afghanistan but the fda approval i went to your bpm eastern time that falls in our busy going to take questions? is he going to speak to afghanistan how can he stand up and adjust the american people the approval is a big deal, got it, great, good news but
11:30 am
afghanistan is in trouble and there's americans on the ground that are stranded there are two -year-olds getting stampeded, there is a stampede that killed a 2-year-old at a kabul airport, where is the president. stuart: he has got to address it, you cannot adjust the fda approval of the vaccine and then walk away as he did last friday. stuart: don't do that again mr. president. vice president harris laughed off questions about afghanistan, laughed it off, watch this again. >> what are your thoughts on americans -- >> hold on, so that everybody. [laughter] i want to talk about two things first afghanistan. stuart: this seems to be an unfortunate habit of laughing, inappropriate moments. >> there is nothing to laugh at right now i'm into the 2-year-old girl her mom story was featured in the cover of the new york post her 2-year-old girl was trampled in the kabul
11:31 am
airport in the midst of this chaos when kamala harris, our vice president of the united states of america, she laughed in the face of that mother she laughing in the face of those americans were stranded on the ground i find this incredibly difficult, this is an emotional week, i believe all of us as journalists and americans. stuart: and recovering as it was happening. >> absolutely what it comes to kamala harris in terms of the border and also somebody who spoke out of the natural review points out this morning in 2019 i will protect the women of afghanistan and keep terrorists out, young joe biden on friday, kevin mccarthy tweet on point americans can easily get to the airport in kabul quoting the president, they cannot al-qaeda is no longer in afghanistan they are, the border is secure, it is not, what is happening with the blatant mistruths if you will let best. stuart: join the debate i started at the top of our is president biden up to the job? stuart: napoleon says the
11:32 am
american people feel he is not as well as kamala harris, if he gets pushed out of the way. stuart: this is a difficult thing to talk about the cognitive ability of the city president of the united states when you have a series of crises. >> put that aside and talk about the strategic ability of the president look at how the withdrawal happened, but did the acknowledgment of any military errors in this withdrawal, any strategic errors in this withdrawal there has not been a single shakeup of military that's an acknowledgment that he did nothing wrong with what is happening right now there are americans indirectly in harm's way and were throwing more troops in harm's way, this is amazing we talked about the polling and it showing up what is better than it was seven months ago. stuart: under 50% approval. >> at 50%. stuart: falling fast. stuart: they don't approval was happening yet covid resurgence happening fda approval came, that's good news you have some
11:33 am
progress on the ground in afghanistan but it is chaos and it's a mess and yet the search happening at the southern border. where is the vp in a press conference by the way to this day, since she invited have been in office she has not held a formal press conference and she laughed in the face of questions from reporters. stuart: it's really troubling when i see her leadership in this kind of state is troubling. >> it's difficult for everybody right now. stuart: 130 this afternoon you'll be on the air and will have to cover the press conference if that's what it is. >> ready to get the president's press conference and address to the nation, we don't know for take questions, 1:30 p.m. eastern time that will be live and we will have that then jen psaki who dodged holding daily briefings twice last week monday and thursday will hold a press briefing at the white house today, that's expected around 2:00 o'clock, we'll see how it goes, where she been. stuart: if the president stands
11:34 am
up and talks about covid and vaccines and walks away and has jen psaki take questions, that the disaster, cannot do that and should not do that we will be watching. thank you so much if you want to grab an uber or a lift in california beat the pad to pay a little more, come on in and tell me why the price hikes. ashley: it is because the california judge that struck down proposition 22 the voter approved ballot that allowed companies like new britain lift to classify drivers as independent contractors, the judge ruled prop 22 limits the legislators ability to allow workers to bargain and gig work and therefore violates the state constitution, a coalition of good companies say they will immediately appeal the decision but the legal battle could take a year or more and eventually end up in california supreme court, in the meantime if the
11:35 am
judge ruling is upheld companies could see their cost jumping 10 - 20% or more which of course will be passed on to consumers, fairs have already been climbing as a shortage of coincided with more demand, for instance charges for uber have jumped 53% more in june than they were back in january, that is the story. stuart: had a wreck and innovating industry california doesn't yet again. thank you ashley. now this you what to be successful like tom brady he's given out free advice, we will tell you what he saying a new blood test can determine what you need for a covid booster shot, medical expense how it works next. ♪
11:36 am
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♪ ♪. stuart: you're looking at providence rhode island which is still feeling the effects of the tropical depression, then there is this a 22-year-old italian student got a unique tattoo, ashley, is this the guy who had the coated statistic barcode is that the content to. ashley: it is his name is andrzej and he's leaving his mark on social media literally the italian students become a tiktok sensation after tattooing the barcode of his covid certificate on his arm the underside of his left arm as a matrix of black squares from the qr code official italian covid test, he takes a picture and that can be scanned, he's using
11:41 am
it to enter mcdonald's by the way it is proof that your vaccinated and you recovered from the virus or tested negative in the last 48 hours, it has been required since august 6 to get into cinemas, museums and indoor sports venues or to eat indoors at restaurants, rather than putting it somewhere else he decided to put it permanently on his arm i'm not so sure about the thinking behind that and apparently it works. stuart: as long as the barcode is accurate in the tattoo otherwise you have a lifelong problem. ashley: and they don't change the barcode. stuart: all right, then this a medical diagnostics company that has only blood test that can show if a person has covid antibodies and how much that person has of these and embodies, the ceo joins me now,
11:42 am
does your test tell me whether or not i need the vaccine and or a booster. >> that is exactly what the test is designed to do, right now the way it works, there is currently no official quantity of antibodies that you needed your blood to outcompete the virus to tell whether or not your protected because we don't really have the full understanding of that of being able to measure that and get to those levels of protection is where rat, our blood test is only blood test that the fda has authorized to make some of those determinations and get that data for people so they can make better decisions. stuart: if i get your test and it shows that i have these antibodies can i use your test as an excuse not to take the vaccine or a booster. >> we cannot tell you from a policy perspective the
11:43 am
policymakers want you to do that but from a biology perspective we can tell you whether or not you have high concentrations of antibody levels and then concentrations go down over time, what we've heard from israel studies in other studies that i think making these decisions based on six months you start to see antibody levels go down, the administration right now is saying eight months and that's when you will get boosters, the obvious question what happens between month six and month eight should i move faster so were based upon the recommendation and this blood test would empower you with the information. stuart: is a blood test so you need a pinprick of blood from me? >> to quantify you need a vial blood you go to your doctor and get a blood draw and then you can assess, have a good amount of antibodies, i feel safe, once my antibodies are lower maybe i should consider the booster sooner than later.
11:44 am
stuart: how much does it cost, cms reimbursement is $79 to 104 and were gonna charge somewhere around cms we want to make sure this gets out to the masses. stuart: is available right now. >> yes it's available now and you can go to probate stud and sign up to get more information and check with your healthcare professionals on how you can take the test. stuart: joe thank you so much for joining us we appreciate always. let's get back to the market we don't want to be away too long at the nice-looking valley on the left-hand side of the screen you can see all 30 of the dow stocks, the mass majority are in the green there up in the dow is up about three quarters of 1%, 35387, it is a rally, president biden will not take the blame for chaos in afghanistan, watch this. >> there is no way to evacuate this many people without pain
11:45 am
and loss and heartbreaking images that you see on television. stuart: my nest guest is nancy mace she says it's time to stop pointing fingers and start learning lessons from afghanistan, she is next ♪ ♪ that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible
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>> i don't negotiate i kill them, i feel like i lost a big chunk of my life. stuart: that was veteran rob o'neill the man who killed osama bin laden and he's serious about americans and allies left behind in afghanistan let's bring in congresswoman nancy mace republican of south carolina, congresswoman you want people to stop playing the blame game, okay but you have to tell us who do you think is to blame, who is responsible for this mess. >> it is obvious the exit strategy today has gone from chaos to catastrophe at this moment but our focus right now should be getting u.s. citizens out of afghanistan and looking at the feedback from the taliban
11:50 am
the white house's appraiser terrorists are acting like terrorists but our number one priority is that we don't evacuate and leave afghanistan until every single american has been evacuated and that's where our focus should be now there is plenty of time to point fingers and look at the last 20 years of the administration into democrats. >> we gotta get everybody out but if we make good on that pledge were gonna be firing guns and anger because we will have to break through that taliban around the airport and go get our people, are you prepared for that? >> absolutely is sounds like we need more troops on the ground than we have today we learned over the weekend there was a second perimeter put in by the taliban, the way that i believe i believe america agrees we should be out of afghanistan but the first step is to get our citizens out and allies that are on the ground next should be to demolish or remove our equipment
11:51 am
and our munitions, third then our military evacuate we did in reverse order and we missed the second step, there is no doubt that this is been botched but i want to make sure that we get our people out before we do anything also the structure and trying to listen to the taliban on august 31 deadline we should not be doing that we don't leave until every single american is out of their. stuart: on this program we've been taking a closer look at the presidents performance, that is when he is reading from the teleprompter and holding a news conference and whether he's focused or not a forgetful or not and we raise the question is the president up to the job, would you answer that question. >> i do believe his competency should be brought into question at this juncture we saw the teleprompter, he refuses to take questions both from the press when he has the press conferences or even members of congress for that matter, but we've got time to deal with that once we get through this crisis right now there is nothing that we can do about it right now
11:52 am
other than put our focus on american citizens and getting them the heck out of afghanistan. stuart: 130 easter the president is going to hold a press conference or not buddies making an announcement supposedly about covid-19, he must take questions about afghanistan he cannot walk away from the podium like he did last friday. stuart: he has a habit of walking away from the podium and i've been surprised but also glad to see that members of the mainstream media are taking him and his administration to task over the way were exiting afghanistan and they did this in the height of fighting season end of august early september why not in the dead of winter when the taliban are not doing as much fighting in the region and i'm glad to see that i hope we can get all of the reporters to ask questions of the coming days and weeks and months there will be time for hearings and there will be congressional
11:53 am
hearings on this months from now is or should be, this should be fully investigated. stuart: i think if it was president trump making a mess of things in kabul like this one, another story entirely, nancy mace thank you very much for being with us will see you again real soon. back to the markets to stories, afghanistan and the covid vaccine getting authorization and the markets, up to 50 from the dow industrial and the nasdaq up 212 points, almost 1.5%, a rally and a half bitcoin moments ago it dropped below $50000 per coin, 496 as we speak and then there is this tom brady is giving advice on how to be successful. ashley, what is he saying? ashley: if anyone is being successful he says stop blaming everyone else and a good worth
11:54 am
ethic, those are the two key things something that we know brady is not lacking in the seven-time super bowl winning quarterback takes issue with people who throw up their hands and blame everyone and everything when things do not go their way, he says life is about always changing and adapting to different things, today the world wants to blame and shame and guilt and fear everything all the time, we would never teach our kids that, it is not how to live a joyful life. tom brady says football is the ultimate blame game where it's easy to blame someone else. but he says if you have a team that has the same philosophy it is the ultimate team sport, no one works harder than tom brady and let's not forget amazingly he just turned 44 this month and hoping to win back-to-back super bowls with the tampa bay buccaneers, the last team to do the double was the patriots led
11:55 am
by tom brady, he is a remarkable act iii, 44 years old, he can be playing close to 50 the way he gets. stuart: american football, only a quarterback of course, thank you. we have this too, multiple chick-fil-a locations forced to close their dining rooms, two in alabama say they don't have enough workers to serve people inside they claim fewer people applying to jobs and those who do apply often don't show up for their interviews, stay to play in the labor market as we speak, 1155 eastern, you know what that means monday trivia question, how tall was the tallest person ever, don't look it up that is too easy. ♪ [band plays] ♪
11:56 am
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but i think to be part of aag, i trust 'em, i think you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now so you can... retire better stuart: i think this was a good question our producers came up with, how tall is the tallest person ever? i got the answer for you. 8 feet 11-inches. that is one tall dude. that is how tall robert wadlow stood. he was born, very small city near saint louis. he was born in 1918. i like to tell you by the age of five he was 5 feet, 4 inches tall. he lived to be just 22 years of
12:00 pm
age. 6-foot, 11-inches tall. there you have it. very nice rally still in progress. the breaking news of the morning, the fda approved pfizer's covid vaccine. prior to that new york city is mandating vaccine shots for all public school teachers and all school staff. that is new york city. the time is up for me. neil, it is yours. neil: thank you, stuart, very much for that. that by the way many of the factors living the corner of wall and broad. particularly helping cruise line stocks, leisure stocks, airline stocks, drug stocks, you name it. nasdaq, s&p at record territory. not all that far away. we'll keep an eye on that, that despite maybe because of what is going on in afghanistan because things appear to be stablizing, at least in the market's eyes, not getting any worse. that is really in the eye of the
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