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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 23, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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brian: new york governor andrew cuomo going out swinging, blasting the attorney general's >> near governor cuomo going out swinging but the attorney general of investigation harassed multiple women as a political firecracker and he will step down at 1159 tonight and now the lieutenant governor will become the first female governor. and foxbusiness night evening of it and and it starts right now predict. >> we begin tonight with the biden administration reports coming in and they will report special forces and helicoptersay to rescue americans in afghanistan. and this is days after britain and france already a did that te administration again warns americans avoid couple airport and drew reports of solid and isis attacks are in daily firefight earlier today the white house today said it still does not know exactly how many americans are trapped know exactly how many have been rescued in this the taliban said
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no, delivering its own deadline to president of biden saying that you will not be allowed to delay evacuation left august 31st that is the deadline date the u.s. withdrawal this is a defining moment for president of biden, he again is getting hammered around the world for his botched withdrawals from afghanistan and joining us tonight senator jonis ernst former station chief and former afghan interpreter janice marbury and congressman jason smith on doctor martin we carried former utah congressman and former director ron and we have this fight, moderate house democrats as a major resistance for policy in the far left massive spending and extravaganza gift, hangs in the balance or another you have the votes in theon white house is nw making frantic private phone call to these moderate democrats and president fighting cannot afford to lose in this given his botched withdrawal afghanistan and is all numbers are dropping
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hundred and the story, mark vaccine candidates coming for americans, now that the fda has given full approval for vaccines and is the government specifically have thehe mandate for government workers and the vaccinated when you don't work we debate out plus we got more rules and it will be in every speaker policy again, cameron this time at a lavish fundraiser. and no mask, no social distancing, plus major change from top democrat player in a russian investigation defining who it is where he is going and we have this printed conservative demanded dhs the bordero secure among the thousands of terrorists release in afghanistan know about historic weakness at the border and should we shut the border now new york times reporting accurate the more than 150 countries have already crossed. thank you for joining us.
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it elizabeth macdonald and trend one is starting right now. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ welcome to the show, you're watching the foxbusiness network, let's get to the latest onon afghanistan rated at the white house with more. reporter: they lays, he was u.s. military spread across theil entire country while the afghanistan the networking only within the defense limits of the airport in kabul of the administration of the white house saying thatrs there in conversation at the taliban to guarantee access to u.s. citizens and allies of the u.s. and able to get through the checkpoint to the airport. listen rated. >> there and talk to the taliban on a daily basis through the political and security channels we do not going to get into the details of those discussions there to protect those discussions. >> is nursing the documents and password to get out of the country have been wrecked up in some cages of o the checkpoints
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but alsoir the summer of the airport leaving more afghanistan soldier dead and still a mystery and republicans are blaming it all this unprecedented biden. >> is unfathomable to me, thehe lack of leadership in terms of and by the way, general austin and they should and must they understand, to say this is going really well h which is hard fore imagine that they do, they should resign of this and we have we have a failure of this magnitude and probably 50 years predict. david: we will be watching in the august 31st deadline and the telephone saying that there will be consequences of the u.s. is not totally out by then and so far 37000 people have been evacuated in about 18000 in the past 24 hours and for only the third time in history, the pentagon is issued an order for u.s. air carriers, to operate our give 18 aircraft in order to help with the evacuation process. z?liz. liz: thank you edward lawrence
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and of those who have been evacuated, the white house is saying that the 2500 - 3700 or so are americans who have been .evacuated. this was t due a brother who sisters not trapped in afghanistan and she's the mother of two children. >> the president should know that the american citizens are c hiding. and nobody, and same as my sister and these american citizens, american allies, they are soon going to be by the taliban regime or because there beyond. [inaudible]. will be dying out of hunger and thirst because they cannot get out of the house to get food and there are thousands ofds them. liz: joining us now, iowa senator joni ernst, your reaction to that soundbite rated. >> yes and thank you liz, and that is heartbreaking.
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as someone is served overseas during the global war on terror, we know how important it is to get these americans home and safe because these terrorists will stop at nothing rated with this transit american so again, it is heart breaking to hear these stories and have been, the white house secretary argued that americans are not stranded, we know that to be false. liz: here with center the armed services the present on finances the data market passholders are not having any trouble getting best the checkpoints at or beyond this disassembling and the false talking points right and what's going on the ground. it and sullivan announced that the threat of isis targeting americans in the park poses really cute and persistent. british troops and the scene at the kabul airport is the worst they have ever seen, should we go rethink this airport to basically do more evacuations.
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>> i think that is absolutely something that we need to be discussing right now with our allies. it is very important that we have multiple avenues that we get them out of afghanistan so make sure that we can remove as many markets as possible. the fact that this administration it still wants to negotiate and bow down to the taliban and, we cannot leave an american behind her he did the august 31st deadline it is looming and i don't know how we are going to get americans out of the country if we don't start making some radical changes prettyte weather that is expandg the parameter are sending our specialo operators and others ot to get americans, to bring them to the airport of whether it is securing fairfield again and all of these things to be considered in order to get americans home safely read. liz: now we've got a report is a 20 checkpoints set up as many as
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20 and possibly more in the checkpoints into the airport said by a the delavan and isis e forthcoming in that so kind as well and there is a power vacuum there, after the unplugged the biden administration got rid of the conditioning, they had conditions, that trump had conditions within we have a growingg number of polls that te president's approval rating is dropping "fox news" is showing that an nbc poll, cbs, the poll shows majority of the americans say the biden botched it. so senator less it right there, i know you're was senate armed services new of served our country, want to listen to obama's top official of, the afghanistan ambassador and joint chief of staff share in the media blessing the president for extraordinary weakness and other incompetence in public lies miss directions and more. watch this. >> what he meant by that major is the way not only how his decision was made to withdraw,
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within its execution. which has been so far catastrophic it really execution in particular does not. liz: competency printed. >> nobody was inside on image and obviously we ended up with another saigon image that will last permanentlyil quite frankly whether we like it or not pretty. >> tony blair call it withdraw, can't remember anything like that in speech by conservative member that is going around and once you listen to the veteran afghan war, he speaks but united states with a bitterness and let alone a contempt that i can imagine i've been hurt in the british parliament for decades if not centuries. liz: tony blair said that it is in for silicate party to your action pretty. >> well as i would say that tony blair is spot on. we as members of congress and led the efforts on the senate and we have been pushing this administration it says early this spring to start moving
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americans and afghan partners have afghanistan of the present has known for months that it was going to poll our troops out and the makes no sense the way took our troops out and left americans in the country. we have seen the rapid rise of the taliban them another extremist organization as you stated, isis, al qaeda, other extremist organizations predict reconstitute. liz:ho shall pelosi's stuff happens moments when she spoke to a local tv station interdistrict out there in california and we have new data showing with the delavan itself, skating in terms ofon military hardware. you're going to see tens of thousands of four vehicles, 600,000 weapons and more. new york times abc and cbsn washington post, there calling at the present for inaccurate comments about al qaeda and now threat read and then senator
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biden in 2004, said yakima terrace will be a threat if there is power vacuum read so thank you so, the white house got rid of trump's deal which basically said, will release 5000 taliban prisoners of t peoe criticizing the motives in exchange 1000 afghan soldiers is in exchange for conditions that if you touch a hair on the neck and said, we will retaliate, your reaction to the power vacuum and p the president cread even knowing for years this will blbe a problem. >> this is an incredibly weak administration. we saw this in iraq and omar years ago during the obama administration where the troops were pulled out eating a vacuum or ices to gain strength and we see this right now only the fact of the matter is that country of afghanistan fell to the delavan in a matter of a week and a half.el we absolutely need to pull
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together with our allies in the brits and the french and you name it, we need to come together we need to work together we need to stabilize this country so that we can get our citizens out. imperative that we do th that, we should leave no one behind. the president is comes across as uncaring and compassionate with those americans and other loved ones still in afghanistan. liz: while americans are outraged about this. this is an extraordinary weakness in the media in the name of us are saying that this is a horse derek back with disregard with what's going on. good to see you thank you for coming on thank you to your service printed up next, former cia keith and afghan interpreter janice and this is a defining moment for president of biden and he is in his team again getting hammered around h the world first botched withdrawal
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behind, janice also former cia chief in fox news contributor, back with us is dan hoffman first you janice, your reaction to the condemnation around the world. tony blair included an biden his withdrawal in for silicate what say to that. >> i would say like what is happening right now. guest: is a disaster it identity expect this thing would happen within a week, even though we train the afghan army for 20 years but we did not expect everything to last within a week. it is a disaster i would say yeah read. liz: area and the presence going to meet with the chief and our allies are really upset that he is basically saying in the not upset aboutth what happened from
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there safely are, watch former president trump year. >> biden it has botched the exit in afghanistan is the most astonishing display of gross incompetence by a nation's leader and perhaps an any time in anybody's ever seen. name any other situation like this great event and almost like a massive strategy compared to joe biden catastrophe release will go down as one of the great military defeats of all time and it did not haven't happened this way. this is not a withdrawal, this is a total surrender. surrender for no reason. liz: let's show the un security council and they know signing off on the o conditional deal sy 5000 taliban prisoners will be released is now being i called into question 1000 afghan soldiers were also released and trump had conditions of the deal no power vacuum and we will
10:19 pm
start back if you touch it here and americans headed what you say to this. guest:wo will ever two parts to that deal the negotiating in february 2020, first was that the taliban seven ties with al qaeda which he never did. and that the taliban would begin intranet afghan dialogue in earnest because the ideas we would have some kind of reconciliation. neither one of those things happened. so it certainly can ask a lot of hypothetical questions about president trump had the opportunity, we work the deal or decide that he wasn't going to withdrawal trip because celebrants did not adhere to the key points in the key provisions of the deal. they did not and president biden scrapped a few of the deals that president trump negotiated, he proceeded different policies on the paris climate accord and he could have makes this deal and pursued a better one for us. liz: we hear, so janice, so
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could president biden offeren downplaying the presence of al qaeda inin afghanistan by down payment in the un security council last year said, this is an issue, do not do this chaotic withdrawal in illegal or al qaeda was stepping in china warned about this new reaction of theha president biden was downplaying that with abc news present of al qaeda and what he stated that predict. guest: i would say in an interview that the american withdrawal for the troops from afghanistan, the taliban will come back and take the power in afghanistan and that will be the threat and it happened. another taliban out of control and control the whole afghanistan and this was not the right time to leave afghanistan
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because the al qaeda and the taliban were more powerful than they were before rated now they have access to everything of the air force, to the advanced weaps coming of honorth and weapons that is a bigger threat to the world especially to the americans. and yeah, that is not good. liz: janice and his nonprofit have been rescuing people out of afghanistan including and kenny interpreters. human aerobic or partied and use of a janice is doing to use in in the bided team with his disability and trent to simile, the flip flopping, there lying in real time as critics say what they save the world when you see this behavior in the administration read. guest: i think the facts will speak louder than the words and have an immediate crisis where we have our own citizens behind
10:22 pm
enemy lines as well as afghans with empty honor of serving information safe and also in harm's w way. horn not getting them out fast enough and that is a crisis we also have long-term pricesot whh is that the taliban controls afghanistan, is onene of the terrorist sponsored state rated a three-pronged threat from their al qaeda, isis and intel event itself and they'll have us in the crosshairs and the biden administration might want to think they called her ended and endless work and i don't agree. the no is still going to go on and when the crosshairs of our enemies and they're going to look for uss and were not going to have an opportunity like we would if we had an intelligence printed military capabilities to detect those threats way out left and my concern is that's going to be the legacy of the biden administration. we have left afghanistan and the irony of ironies in the eve of the 20th anniversary of 911 that is more clear and present danger to our nation than it's ever been before.
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liz: let's watch the biden team in real time and contradict each other including the president. >> he continues to be the case in many afghan and many market citizens and permanent residents as well have not been able to get through. are you denying that the president and earlier that is the case. >> i don't think anyone is denying the reports that are out there. it's just americans they talked about. they have interest in some cases and we don't believe that it is a very large numbers of my large, most americans are having no problems that we are aware of where it is difficult for us to speak to reports that are anecdotal than a beyond social media. liz: so downplaying, that's overhearing on the white house, is this true was going on at the
10:24 pm
cavalier park on their 20 checkpoints run by terrorists and what you say read. guest: yeah, to be honest with you, getting a lot of calls from afghanistan turn to rangers live in trying to get to the airport but it is very hard. checkpoints the taliban and and hundreds of thousands of peopleh that the americans are taking to united states and everybody rushed to the air force. them makingey it harder to all f the eligible people to come for example the passports and the visa holders, make it harder for them to make it to the gates. liz: we hear you and thank you for your hard work and dan thank you to your service orchestrates great to have you both on the come back soon as can see both.
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next house budget ranking member jason smith, talking about moderate democrats major resistance to policy and far left, massive extravaganza. it hangs in the balance of course the white house officials are now making frantic private proposals of difference in president can afford toth lose this they tell them. and a botched withdrawal of afghanistan predict keep it here on the evening edit. "the e ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l
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♪. elizab liz: joining us now housese budt ranking member, jason smith. okay congressman the white house now hitting the panic button, the penny a team on the phone calls with nine moderate house democrats financing major resistance p to policies massive spending extravaganza saying that we cannot afford to lose this basically the president has having trouble in afghanistan if we lose this is over for us. guest: you know, it's going to be with you, what i would say right now, it's like it to have a popcorn because it's getting interesting. it just down the hall of the house democrats called an emergency conference meeting at they been in it for roughly an hour right now and they are making every kind of threaten the bulk of party there threatening their members that if you have developed for the
10:30 pm
budget tonight and if you don't, your voting against women and against women of color and they're doing everything it because they'll simply have the votes and the reason why they don't have the votes right now is because these moderate members have been back home in their congressional district and they are hearing it from the people they represent. people are upset with all of these crisis that are going on whether it be the inflation crisis, the biden border crisis or the biden energy crisis. or whether it is the fight in afghanistan prices and guess what, this budget resolution they have right now, only makes all of this crisis even worse. $68 trillion worth of spending it and it is you talk about putting gas on the inflation fire, that's what this bill will do it will cost every american to pay more for gas in the car through the table close the backs. that's why they're having problems getting the boats buried. liz: the deliverables incident.
10:31 pm
they're saying a way to the three have trillion dollar bill and joe manchin is talking about than the political capitol has evaporated for them predict the truth of items rating is underwater. politics average, 538 and the thing is these democrats the moderates can say, we will vote and that is it printed moderates out there, the middle americans, they do not want our country renamed into this leftist vision of free everything, 61 percent of u.s. households don't pay federal income tax and they know what is going on pretty when you say to that. guest: is one of the worst pieces of legislation that i have ever seen the american people are starting to read between the lines and see what the democrats of trying to do. $85 trillion for the spending is what that house democrats have done it from 2019 of when they
10:32 pm
took control house of representatives to what they have proposed in bernie's budget right now you and $85 trillion with of spending us, that is more than all of the income taxes w paid since our country s founded read this bill alone create $17 trillion to that debt and that is more than the gdp in our country in the world. americans are fed up they don't want another crisis. liz: moderates are saying, millon infrastructure and even with republicansro controlling t both chambers of commerce they did not get infrastructure. thursday they could lose everything in the biden agenda hit the wall. how does it build back better to raise our taxes higher than what we seen in new york targeted because of the democrats want to do what is that build back better when one race taxes on 401k and retirement savings accounts, how is that putting america back better. guest: it is not, this proposal
10:33 pm
creates most been in the history of the united states and create the largest tax morning in the united states and all people will have taxes increased when they make below 400,000 or more, is disastrous to our economy and it does not build our country back better and that his wife moderate democrats are pushing back pleasers too much debt and spinning it too many taxes and it is disastrous bill. liz: they don't have the votes in that house, they don't have them in the senate, it's going to be a heckuva fight and we will stay on it, congressman jason spent thank you for joining us for coming out of the bottom of the hour. if you are in the story more vaccine mandates coming in at the fda has given full provoke, to the pfizer's covid-19 vaccine and isha a government have a mandate sentiment the government workers be vaccinated for thedo don't work for you and also be of more rules, speaker pelosi
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liz: let's talk about the show "fox news" medical contributor good to see a doctor. were going to have more vaccine mandates now that the fda's given full approval to pfizer covid-19 vaccine, the government doesn't have theav true vaccine mandate for government workers, basically says that if you're unvaccinated could still coming to work you just have to worry mass and get regularly testing. were going to see more top-down mandates for everybody. guest: probably a lot of companies are talking about and local governments are talking about it in branches the u.s. government are already calling up plans. the problem with mandates are that you are ignoring natural but the vast majority of these companies take a very hard-line approach with low risk individuals like teenagers who
10:39 pm
may benefit from windows not to read it there not flexible with the intervals the winning months and maybe a deal an appeal for that second dose many of these mandates, you can get them both done by a certain time that is not ideal. liz: france and europe are doing monoclonal free antibiotics for people. , clearwater not pushing on that. and doctor we just at the nose just moments ago that pelosi and schumer and progressive left a really bullying the moderate saying you have got to do are you going to be paid this race is that i women so this bowling the doctor we have more rules for the not for me. they're going to give people fines for not wearing a mask and it's this funded and fun raising event without a mask and dozens of people not wearing a mask and no social distancing coinage they ordered everybody yesterday than the bully everybody else but look at that, what you say
10:40 pm
doctor. guest: i'm glad they're enjoying themselves fully vaccinated without a mask, that'sut what everybody should to be doing to itsome exception. and indoor gatherings with people who are d vulnerable and nonvaccinated but the idea that we have to be so strict and harsh with requiring every other person besides ourselves to her mask, is about the arguments our country should be having right now. our problem is not a cough mask on a three -year-old up or a group of fully vaccinated people enjoying themselves without a mask. our problem is that ten - 15 percent of nonunion adults should have not been vaccinated we should encourage everybody to get vaccines are putting our efforts there. liz: let's watch former president donald trump and to listen to how he handles this for me to watch him at his rally on saturday innd alabama. trump: and i believe fully in your freedom, you have to do what you have to do but, i do
10:41 pm
recommend to take the vaccines pretty i recommend take the vaccine but it's okay. it's all right buried. liz: he kind of got booted but people cheered him and there's that and so what was your reaction to the former president when he just said. guest: while opening there's a lot of distrust of the united states government right now we have an fda that is been dragging their feet and the botched the j&j rollout and then waited until 364 million doses were givent, out before the ansr to a full approval and people have a lot of mistrust a look at one of the communities in america with very low vaccination rates as the african-american community, long history of distress the medical establishment so we rebuild that trust. liz: r thank you is going to see you come back soon and thank you for joining us. i've next former congressman jason fox news contributor, major change. our top democrat player big
10:42 pm
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a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort. liz: let's talk about in the show former congressman and fox news contributor jason, despite having back on. okay, percolate, top layer the botched trump russian proven he is a guy who arranged the funding for the intake trump, the opposition research that went after trump with botched information and he is left law firm to make his own independent firm and jonathan said this is telling his legal legal kenny said this is the head of the current report party to t this s leaving. when you say about it.
10:47 pm
guest: will market wise, sticking on a lot of different roles, he has tens of millions of dollars in billings or did represented the democratic party represented hillary clinton and is really the fixer the democratic side of the aisle rated in the way that you get around a lot of the disclosure laws is to pay a law firm in law from the nose and a some of the dirty work. so the question here is was not money, the ten plus million dollars and went to perkins, that mark was directing and then that to go to front of the document and then created the evidence of the fbi to do and indicative to go after donald trump partied and it seems like it was a set up and that is a big question. so now thate you have mark leaving perkins on their something or speculating the reason that he is, leaving is a no some bad things happening and that he is taken think something like 17 attorneys to form his
10:48 pm
own legal firm and that may be a foreshadow of this report is right on our doorstep. liz: yes the reports coming in the gendarme is maybe taking criminal charges to grand jury in the botched trump probe and reports coming in the markedly it was the middle man, the guy who arranged the democrat funding that went through his law firm in the gps to the anti- trump opposition research, the doj watchdogs and was totally flawed and an election filled with speculations. you are saying this fact, in the middle man was headed, not revealed and federal pension filings, is that a problem. guest: one thing that it was actually fairly public out there but the way that you can run a lot of these individual expenditures is you have to itemize heavy spinning money on a political campaign but if you for as they did in the hillary ilclinton campaign, ten plus
10:49 pm
million dollars into a law firm, and the law firm goes out and does all of this stuff, then there is no disclosure. saying that people both sides of the aisle do that buried it is the way that they get around it. but the that i think for federal law enforcement is did they use this money to plant a stories and therefore can be turned around and be the impetus for a probe into donald trump reading is a fiction that they made it up, if they provided the fbi bogus information as they knew that was a law that they entered like that they fabricated and paid for to do such and you're breaking some federal laws and that is the big question. liz: 's knowingly committed perjury using false information, planted inside of the justice department and the fbi to give powerful wiretaps and for terrorists to after citizens on the trump campaign rated can be about potential perjury right before the pfizer court.
10:50 pm
>> exactly a whole bunchun of things you would think that the court would stand up for itself and thus far they have not and you also have director coming and others this on these pfizer more in attendance at the very top of it is john a former director of national intelligence of somebody that it was on the intel committee has said, the very top of this application, it has been verified within you have people like james comey another say that actually didn't verify a new would think that there would be some legal consequences to that at least losing your ball license or something along the way. if not prosecution but the spark of the department of justice is fairly impotent in prosecuting one of their own from the just ♪ ♪ there. liz: and misleading congress, it's a good to see you in effect former top official run and we have this dorian how conservatives demand the secretary to secure the border and saying that thousands of terrorists have been released in
10:51 pm
afghanistan and were not tracking the borders is morning, that the terrorists know about historic weakness at the border in the debate, should we shut the border down in the story is next. >> the statute says but they must do and they're not doing it so unless they change the law, there and violation. monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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liz: joining us now former acting ice director, should we shut the border now, that is the debated how conservatives demand homeland security secretary secure the border morning the thousands of terrorists released in afghanistan ron, know about his weakness of the order should we shut it down in one side sent is an overreaction in the other sense sent now. what you say. guest: while we should certainly do better than were doing as a relates to the policies and encouraging people to bring their children or their families to the border so until we know the cartels in a organization and terrorists are going to be spike the weaknesses in all of our defenses whether that is national defense as a relates for military power or homeland defense rated so we could with the policies back in place in congress could write laws and legislate them and protections program or we can do
10:56 pm
something to stop this crushing demand they were saying on television each and everyry dayt the border well over a billion apprehensions that we passed in june and no end in sight, more people coming from more places all over the globe and on top of the pandemic on top of the disaster is ongoing in afghanistan. liz: a security official say that l yes, shut it down now, ts feels like 1998 again when the clinton administration was applied to the fact that al qaeda was going to move against us and they were morning that there was the earlier of the first world trade center attack the 911 new york times is already reporting that migrants more than 150 countries have already crossed. do you think we should shut it down now, yes or no. guest: y yes, we should secure e border in every way possible while you're saying onre the southwest corner well and is
10:57 pm
being exploited by criminal cartel and their is a reason to think that others will do the same thing hundred. liz: how is your reaction when you are the supreme court put a temporary hold on that lower court decision that ordered the biden administration to reinstate trump to remain in mexico policy looks like the supreme court will take this on, what is your reaction to the story read. guest:he will meet her for themo take it on and i'm glad the states like texas are fighting on all of our behalf to reinstate policies that were preventing their search on this crushing demand that we are sing in the border every day now in the micro protection particles were instituted with mexico in january of 2019 and took several months and it had threat of terrorists for them to implement this but when they did fully implemented, we went into the spring that year, the spring of 20 was on unprecedented levels and crossings in activity because of that program predict
10:58 pm
and say reinstating it, and the supreme court would be a way for us to get out of this disaster were in our southwest border no. liz: the americans feel for the refugees, their open'r arms country and they want to take in people, the problem is i that wn people do it illegally, it killed along the way they get .assaulted along the way thousands of people. so the other thing to hisis ronp until about seven or eight years ago, there was only migrants from mexico illegally crossing it then became central america. they became south america now it is more than 150 countries including the middle east asia and eastern europe. that is the trend rated what you say to that. guest: in this problem is very different than it was a couple of decades ago and most of the traffic was people from mexico. and now the northern triangle, it's heavily predominating the numbers than hundred and 15
10:59 pm
other countries as well that just proves what we know about these policies. for people to come to the border because were supposed to be more fair, is not fair to people of waited in line and software to the o people get traffic on the way in a software to the border communities are inundated with this traffic and people coming across the border than an adequate facilities and inadequate medical care printed in the software to them and so getting a handle on that border sooner than later is in all of r interest. liz: are you a worried about thm coming in from panama and coming in via you know, terrorist could pay a human smuggler to say give me in. are you worried about that. guest: that is a challenge, this is overseeing now that he may get in, you're quite likely to make l it across the us-mexico border predict and 70 had the chaos that is ongoing right now, and you have the distracted with
11:00 pm
all of this traffic, that is a possibility that exists. liz: thank you for the morning there in your information and it's good to see you and thank you for joining us. i am tran10 you been watching evening edit on foxbusiness and that does it for us pretty have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. night. ♪♪ larry: hello, everyone. welcome back to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. so day nine of the afghanistan catastrophe is here. and and i want to lead with a quote from my favorite ambassador, that is ryan crocker, who we had on the show friday evening who knows more about afghanistan and that entire region than anybody alive or dead. now, in an interview on fox news just about an hour ago, ambassador crocker simply said right now there are no good options. now, o


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