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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 24, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ larry: my last words are very simple, we protect americans, not the taliban. stand up to the taliban. defend america's honor. kennedy: called a comedy after the bite administrations peddling withdrawal from afghanistan paid by the president and vice president think this is also funny? for a full week now the world has watched in horror as afghanistan falls to the taliban fear and panic has swept the globe are thousands of americans are trapped there. al qaeda and isis are starting to move in. our allies are furious and yet when a reporter confronted the president about this in his plummeting poll numbers, this is how he responded. >> the new poll out today
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tells americans wanted to withdraw from afghanistan. but they disapprove of the way you have handled it. the poll also found based in part what is transpired in the last week the majority of americans, forgive me i'm just the messenger, no longer consider you to be competent, focused or effective in the job. >> i've not seen that poll. >> it is out there from cbs this morning. [laughter] >> what the hell is wrong with you grandpa? it's hilarious owen is a will be questioned in a hand buzzer but he is not a lumber kamala harris gets a real kick out of the travesty in afghanistan. [inaudible] >> hold up hold up everybody. [laughter] i want to talk about two things. first afghanistan. we cannot have a higher priority right now.
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our priority is making sure we safely evacuate american citizens, afghans who work for them, afghans including women and children. kennedy: [laughter] i think she is high. add this crisis to the list of things he vice president has laughed off. most notably the humanitarian disaster on our southern border. given the gravity of the situation in afghanistan is as true the administration is wholly unserious about fixing things. let's meet tonight's party panel discuss the man panel media podcast host spectator usa contributor stephen l. miller. yes we have fox and friends enterprise reporter and fox nation host lawrence jones, fantastic. democrat strategist and author of the end of democracy, doug is shown as welcome everyone. hi. this debacle in afghanistan is only getting worse and worse, stephen l. miller.
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the president tried to find some levity in a very serious question. does he not grasp how his presidency is unraveling? >> no i'm not sure he's grasping a much right now. one of the other polls aside a 74% of the country pulled by nbc news disapprove of the way this has gone down. he is also facing eight-point drop in the politics average and a month. you have a very scripted presidency that suddenly the world is not going along with the script. i guess if he thanks the script is economy more power to them but this is how presidents are ended. kennedy: it is a one thing to be human and show people you have got a lighter side. but when you're being asked a life or death question, or a question about how people view your competency, which is a very important thing to measure when you are the president of the united states.
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why do key in the vice president both dissolve into giggles? >> they are nervous, they are under pressure, they are buckling. look, this was joe all along. i think the difference you are seeing is you have a press that is now curious about the issue. they are asking legitimate questions. the time to do that was before -- during the campaign trail. i know like the other coaches charlie find you still have a job to do. this story would not be a story if the press was not covering the story. and now you have people who have been on the ground that are part of the press that have seen how devastating this is. nice he ended administration they are also failing on immigration and crime as well.
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the only issue where we see the press question. as you see they want to laugh it off. the polling is starting to show a lot and they are tanking. the one thing biden had going for them before they thought he was relatable. they thought he was uncle joe and he was compassionate. it is not compassion telling american the distance to find your way to the airbase. even though there are literally checkpoints all across the country where people cannot get through. meanwhile the brits and the french are going to go get those people. our presidents going to leave our people behind. >> fox news went and rescued 24 people this weekend. i was saying today they should put fox news in charge of getting people out of afghanistan because we seem to be the only ones who see how dire the situation is. and yes, people are stranded
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there. dougie said this is a political disaster he did not have to be this bad. there wasn't consensus, republicans, democrats, everyone wanted out of afghanistan for the last four presidents have wanted out of afghanistan. there was a way of getting out but could have been much, much better than this because this is awful. >> it is awful, it is an american tragedy. it is not to be laughed at. it is to be literally mourned because our strength, our purpose, or goals as a democracy are really up for grabs, in question. and the democratic party, it is no laughing matter for the democratic party. we are looking at a republican takeover of the house and potentially the senate as wellin an election like 1944 in 2010 which were disastrous for my party pre- >> people remember that. they were never the contract
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with america and to lawrence's points, you see inflation, you cannot buy a used car right now. the price of beef and gas are skyrocketing. those of the things that hit people close to home. >> of the southern border a million among 17, 20% covid positive that is the kind of issue that could take the democrats to the south, southwest and westbury. >> that's what happens when you elect president no courage of all of these people progressive they want to write on the note card when the president does not have a grasp on the issues facing the country. this was a very selfish of the democratic party. they could've had someone inspiring, someone who knew the issues. this could be the new future of the democratic party instead they put the old guy up there and decided to write on the cart think it's shameful honestly. >> in a way it's elder abuse. i do not want to be inspired.
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i do not want to look up to someone. i want you to do your job, shut up and make things better. they're making everything worse into doug's point i think their fixes for the southern border per they're not going to be able to fix afghanistan. they have completely screwed this we should be calling the humane society. the man panel sticking around much more with them away come back. breaking tonight reports of infighting in the white house over extending the august 31 deadline to completely leave afghanistan paris told the president will make a decision within the next 24 hours. that's 13 hours and biden ears by the president's committed to pulling out completely by the end of this month but that could leave thousands of americans trapped behind enemy lines sheet. today taliban spokesperson warned the president against going back on his word pre- >> if it's extended there is no need for that.
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it will create mistrust between us. it will provoke reaction for. >> now hear the president advisors are saying the same thing. so who is calling the shots in afghanistan and shouldn't we be making our decisions based on telephone threats. arkansas over public congressmen retired u.s. army sgt rick crawford is back, welcome back. >> hey, you have the crazy thing is the taliban has a press secretary, that is mind blowing. kennedy: it when you e-mail that press secretary i'm guessing you do not get an automated out of office reply. sing about his job as a present using words like stranded, irresponsible there stranded outside a kabul around the country the white house are not doing a good job of addressing who is going to
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rescue them. >> they were not stranded they were deserted i asked these questions have yet to receive these answers but first of all who was the genius is that we should give up the airbase. number two how many americans are still in afghanistan? no answer to that question producing the rate of evacuations are to art 20000 afghans and 2000 americans? it is ten to one, that is ridiculous. i stopped to say we should not honor our commitment to the afghans who serve there, we certainly should we ought to honor those commitments. however we have a responsibility to american citizens first and foremost. >> we have little over a week until that august 31 deadline. this could get a lot worse before it gets better.
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my brother who is a cop for a long time before that he was a domestic violence probation officer said this is very similar to an abuser when the cops are in the house for the cops are still there is going to bend his best behavior. but when they leave his wife is going to get the worst beating of her life. that is what's going to happen when all of the u.s. troops are out of afghanistan. unbelievably we should not have been there in the first place but hope this is a template for never getting into one of these ridiculous ongoing wars ever again. but it could get a lot worse, could not? >> it absolutely could. it's not that we've had 20 years to learn any kind of lessons about the afghans and the travel dynamics. think back to the soviet with afghanistan and our involvement there. with that years to better understanding tribal dynamics of afghanistan but if they could understand any sense we practice we don't want too.
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don't turn countries like afghanistan into western democracy mccarley don't want too. give it back to american taxpayers we are following into a progressive chasm that we are not going to be able to get out of. we are spending so much money, god forbid this of the global crisis. the united states is not going to be able to respond to it. our foreign policy is going to be as nimble as president biden when he gets up in the middle the night to go tinkle, it's not going to look good. rough dollars rough figures for example securing our southern border but right now having to fight about what the southern border looks like we
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have exacerbated this problem by basically freeing prisoners in afghanistan that are now back on the battlefield that will now be in a position to help potentially plan of further attacks against the u.s. and further exploit our southern border. this is not just about afghanistan. kennedy: do republicans really haven't answered what to do moving forward? >> i think we can put together a plan, but it should look like going forward. we need to stop and not learning from our past mistakes number one. number two, when the national security folks come in and they can't or won't answer the pointed questions that we need answers to, that is a problem. either they're giving bad advice in the presidents taking it or they are giving good advice and the president is ignoring it. either case is wrong. and i just want some answers. kennedy: i don't think is mutually exclusive. you could have a president who is incompetent and getting bad intel and he's still ignoring that bad intel. r8 make sure your friends in
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congress are doing their job, thank you congressman. >> you bet. see for coming up vice president harry's back on the campaign trail. this time for embattled california governor gavin newsom. why would he want her help. [laughter] my goodness. first of the pfizer mixing its full fda approval. what does this mean for skeptics? doctor spiegel joined just to doctor spiegel joined just to break it down, next [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. growing up in a little red house, you're in good hands with allstate. on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged:
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♪ ♪. kennedy: marc siegel. if you want to be experimental you're going to have to go back to fetish nightclubs and interpretive dancing. it's no longer an experimental shot. ended the emergency youth authorization gave full approval but darted johnson & johnson shot still going under the fda process. if it's good enough for the fda is a good note for you? the professor of medicine dr. marc siegel welcome back dr. siegel.
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>> i notice you not the one singing today i'm missing that. kennedy: it is a mall for trumpet men have got a special treat for patriots, dr. siegel, i know you are among us. does this mean more people get vaccinated because they no longer have to be skeptical now it does. or does it mean we are going to have more mandates? >> both, you've got it both right. first is going to be a group that says i was on the fence and i said to them weight, 200 million doses of the pfizer vaccine have been given out. we have been monitoring, setting it that is not enough. it's an experimental vaccine that is fair now it's not. those are hesitant for that reason are more likely to come forward now. i think that is a significant group. the more significant group as a second you hinted at it's going to be mandate time. now, and awake to make an
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argument a business has a right to decide what they are comfortable with. because if anything happened and they had to close down they don't want to blame the idea that an unvaccinated person came in. here's the problem with it. what if your vaccine is wearing off? we are taught about boosters. you've got the excelsior pass but it's should be time it looks bright. what about the people had covid and antibiotics? shouldn't that gain admission? there is no flexibility or new wants to this. is going to lead to mandates and that bandits are going to be problematic. especially in places we can do a lot of testing instead of mandating vaccines. that's another thing you can do if you want to come into this restaurant get tested for the movie theater or on this airplane. i do not like the one size fits all aspect but you are going to see a lot of mandates for sure. kennedy: i went to ask you i know all you do is study as you pour through the numbers in the data all day long.
12:21 am
you have done an incredible job assimilating all of that stuff to make sense of it. was it sweden, india, japan, the united states with different rates and hospitalizations. which countries do the best job? >> it is not us i will tell you that. the state of vermont is doing really wellin the united states. i would had told juden resilient and austria were doing well. now they are panicking over single cases you see helicopters flying around looking for viral fugitives. though they aren't on the beach. kennedy: we cannot live like that. we cannot turn into that. >> that is partly because the tools that we used to fight the pandemic, some of them work and some don't. lockdowns work for all straight windows locked often
12:22 am
travel with band coming in. once it's in the country lockdowns don't work. closing schools don't work for the damage of closing schools are locking down the society are enormous. i don't have a problem with masking but i know how well masking works against the delta variant, but wearing a piece of cloth, compared to being locked down or your school shut or your business shot, an enormous difference. and public health is not making enough of a distinction between these things but. >> they're also not make a big enough distinction about a mask. at that we should be required to her and 95 bass because not everyone has access to that not everyone knows how to get them or what they are. it makes me sad. there are children who consult propaganda and by this and traumatize, i was in indiana over the weekend and no one was wearing masks. everyone was just fine. i'm sure if you are of you
12:23 am
don't compromise go out then were mass. we no longer trust people to make decisions, last word. >> last word as of the bicycle recently and people wearing a mask but they forgot to wear their how much. that is what i was worried about. this mask pseudo- religion is really a problem. kennedy: it is the weirdest thing. stop shaming me for using a straw. because it masks are doing more damage to the ocean and to wildlife than straws ever will. so knock it off you morose, not you doctor spiegel you come back anytime. >> i love using straws and i went there and waiting here at the end of the show when you do the staking bird that's why look forward to the most break. >> all right will be special just for you thanks again. coming up new york governor andrew, finally getting the hell out after multiple sexual
12:24 am
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kennedy: disgrace blowhard soon-to-be former new york state governor andrew cuomo is finally vacating the governor's mansion and about three hours. his necessary departure cannot come soon enough. new york's ag had a thorough and damning report that corroborated 11 women stories as they were groped, harassed by a narcissistic jackass. despite investigation that usually met the threshold for due process, governor or nipple cramps found reasons to piss in moans in today's exit speech, watch. >> went government politicize us allegations and the headlines condemn without facts, you undermine the justice system. and that does not serve women and it does not serve men or
12:29 am
society. of course everyone has a right to come forward. and we applaud their bravery, and courage in doing so. but, allegations must still be scrutinized and verified. whether it made by a woman or a man, that is our basic justice system. facts still matter. kennedy: the fact is, these women did not matter to the governor. we applaud the fact he was forced to resign in shame. don't what the door hit you where the lord split you. what a big whiny baby. all the assembly members in albany your work is not done. hold this nut bar accountable for killing family members are no longer here to rejoice in the first trickle of justice. she was legion of victims of the nursing home casualties to the sufferings of groping comic go after his ill-gotten pandemic book royalties that lined his pockets on the back of government workers whose misuse is spinning this fiction for the only people who should see a dime from
12:30 am
that paper toward are the disposable new yorkers who died alone and voiceless. shame on that sack of trash or blaming hit that italian heritage for sexual deviancy. i know a lot of italians they do not go around abusively grabbing a butts and boobies because of their ethnicity. double shame on the monster for abandoning his dog captain is too lazy and self-absorbed to properly train and love him. we know you stranded that animal because he no longer served a political purpose. and neither do you, cuomo, sukkot toilet and helpless security and shove it to rest where the sun don't shine. in your immoral and powerless hiding whole and that is the memo. tonight at midnight the new york state gets a new government when the clock stripes 12 kathie will take the oath of office. and kicked cuomo out of albany protocol that stuff is the hot mess probes and scandals
12:31 am
meanwhile his promise and new york's legacy's leesburg. hold cuomo's feet to the fire training to discuss new york congressman republican gubernatorial candidate lee zelda welcome to the shepherd. >> he is gone, hate socks he still needs to be held accountable for a lot. you are running for his job. it does not seemed like a very attractive position at this point a lot of problems you're new york. >> absolutely you nailed it on so many different levels during that model on just now. he should have resigned if nothing else the deadly nursing home order and cover up her courage, the $5.1 million self-congratulatory book deal. the tone, the message of his resignation he is not resigning in order to be part of a process to hold himself accountable. he was doing it to his skirt accountability and responsibility. happy the governor is going to
12:32 am
be leaving in a few hours. they do not have closure. they have some progress but they want answers, transparency and true accountability. that includes investigation by different levels of government for what has amounted to criminal activity and different respects. i think while it's great he is leaving, there's a lot more to do. your model could not of been more spot on. >> you should use it in your campaign ad. that is not an endorsement that's out of saying i'm a libertarian. if there is a libertarian i might vote for a libertarian. if someone told you you had a political consultant a few rail against cuomo the entire time he will absently be elected. it's really going after this guy and not talk about your own accomplishments and ideas. would you do that? would you go dirty and fight against cuomo the way biden continues to fight against former president trump? >> the real issue here is the new yorker breaking point.
12:33 am
it is the breaking point for millions of new yorkers from all corners of the state, all walks of life. you are hearing from people fun but rising crime in their neighborhood that includes democrats who doubt to support law enforcement more not less. maybe a year ago they're going along with the narrative of the movement. they're saying we should be repealing cashless built. and for education, there's a lot of parents who believe their son and daughters should be sent to school for a quality education not an indoctrination or brainwashing. we should not of critical race theory in any school in this state. tax credits for school choice. you go down the list of all sorts of issues related to individuals breaking point. that tuesday morning when governor cuomo announces resignation that life did not get any better the next day as far as what's forcing them into the decision of whether or not to stay here or flee. but ultimately should what these campaigns are decided
12:34 am
on. >> if new york is when the states losing citizens to places like florida and other states work governors there have decided to sign legislation that allows a parent to take their tax money and have tax money followed the students would you be in favor of something like that? >> absolutely. and also there's a new appreciation on top of that individual liberty and personal responsibility. a people thought we are about guns the entire time and now after watching the lockdowns and the mandates i am expecting her to come down with a mandates pretty quickly that will enact those individual liberty. there's a lot of issues to talk about. i greets her point on.
12:35 am
also keeping advanced academics. there is a push if your son or daughters reading at a higher reading level we should get rid of those gifted and talented type courses. because it is not fair for the person is not reading or doing math at that same level. there is a lot on the education front, public safety, economic print let's not discount this push towards freedom and liberty. >> absolutely, give people their tax money back but if you are elected to help you work at the assembly to lower taxes in your state. the taxes are too damn high. good luck to you and thank you so much. >> thank you canada. >> meanwhile california the other damage a book and of the country it's almost like the governors trying to lose. embattled democrat is joint on the trail recollection recent polls show the governor dangerously close to losing his job it is getting worse every day.
12:36 am
it is unlikely, was going to help much considering the multitude of crises swamping the biden administration plus the cackling. so will the bp give gavin a much-needed boost or will she act as an anvil? the man pales book stephen l. miller, lawrence jones and doug schoen. you have lived in california you followed politics. it's often times become a national politics. as it is a good idea for the vice president in which one is hurting the other more? >> it seems like democrats are sending harris were hordes of people are trying to get out. she is going to end up breaking out that wonderful cackle which led to her dropping out of iowa before a single presidential vote was casted. i don't know if elder is going to pull this out pretty certainly make it close enough for them to make him nervous
12:37 am
or if they're bringing in harris and pelosi's coming in fresh offer auction scene and get out in napa, they are bringing in harris or pelosi he is certainly making them nervous enough to make this close. they could be looking at another schwarzenegger situation or. he was a horrible governor. i wish tom mcclintock had one the pouring star is exciting caitlyn jenner is running. anything can happen in california. i actually do not believe the polls say it's as close as it is. i think a lot of the democrat pollsters or make it look like it is better for the governor but i think he's going to lose. >> you note kennedy, i do not know where it is going to go for it i've done a lot of reporting in california, the people are sick and tired. they don't like kamala harris either. they are tired of people being
12:38 am
able to go into stores, rob and take whatever they want as long as is under $1000 they can get away with it. they are tired of the lockdowns and restrictions. the rules for the but not for me. i don't think kamala harris support is going to help them in this race. has he seen her approval rating right now? she is not doing so well herself. i guess that is the bestie has right now. >> he's going to need a job when he gets kicked out of office, maybe with her great connections she can help them out. >> u.s. ambassador to kabul. >> we need it right now they desperately need it. then it was tell me on the five today there is no embassy just a couple of guys in a table at the kabul airport spray there really hoping for the best. doug, california democrats are really the worst politicians in the country. >> they have only two assets
12:39 am
here. one is larry elder who has had some pretty serious allegations leveled against him in the last week or so. pulling a loaded gun on a fiancé is a pretty serious allegation to deal with. [inaudible] you can call it raise, i love larry elder has always had a good rapport to address it. he is not debating that is another challenge. he shook up his campaign. his best asset may well be larry elder as we sit here now. >> what about kevin? he has been on the show i like him a lot. >> i understand why think the republicans don't have their front bench and this race. whether you like it or not he was the front bench when gray
12:40 am
davis with weaker approval rating than gavin newsom was called. >> maybe if they had run it will be a little bit different. larry elder loves his statement he knows the issues. he is connected with californians for a long, long time. still again anything could happen. it is a tight race because gavin newsom is complete screwed up. man pedal thank you so much for making my week, great job steven, lawrence, thank you. the situation and after can understand how the evacuation is going? fox news correspondent local hero trey yingst's going to hero trey yingst's going to give us the latest, next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. kennedy: fear and violence in gulf afghanistan as evacuation efforts continue.
12:45 am
11000 people were vacuuming from afghanistan and the last 24 hours with over 30,000 evacuated since august 14. but, how many americans remain in country? the white house and pentagon have not been clear about that at all. so is the evacuation pace enough to get every american and u.s. ally out before the taliban gets trigger-happy? trey yingst has the very latest on the emergency. >> kennedy, tonight evacuation from afghanistan continue braid this weekend we got a first-hand look is more than 100 afghans fled the country. c-17 fires and flares as it departs on the airport in kabul. the purpose to counter any possible antiaircraft missile targeting the plane. with just eight days until american troops are scheduled to withdraw from afghanistan evacuation of vulnerable people are ranking up as our security threats against the u.s. and its allies. outside the walls of the airport a shootout erupted
12:46 am
early this morning. american, nato afghan troops all firing back at a gunman who killed one afghan soldier. officials for the violence could ramp up as the taliban said today they will not agree to it notification extension beyond august 31, something president biden recently mentioned could happen. >> we are clear about the difficulties. that is how we watch the last week unfold put all along the president has been clear that the united states was not going to enter a third decade of american military deployment in the middle of another country civil war. >> this weekend, 16000 people were evacuated from afghanistan amid the chaos. lines of civilians waited on the tarmac for hours to flee the taliban. >> there are thousands of afghans and americans trying to get to safety. many of them having immense difficulty. you see the faces of these women and children, feeling of relief for many. how do you feel making your
12:47 am
way out of afghanistan now? >> i feel so good. i am so happy now. >> are many afghans eject them days to flee the country. roadblocks and chaos outside the airport gates and made the journey nearly impossible. it is a special immigrant visa holder heading to the united states. he arrived at the airport with his family days ago but could not make it inside. >> it was very hard to come over here. [inaudible] the first eligible people to comfort. >> that are reports key nato allies are concerned with the united states and president biden over this push to withdraw u.s. troops by august 31, concerns a quick evacuation could be a dangerous one. kennedy. >> thank you very much, trey state safe my friend will check in with you later in the week. tropical storm is next
12:48 am
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we meet a chocolate covered nut case. a florida man is under arrest for allegedly stealing a snickers bar at knife point. you do not even know what he would do for a klondike bar. 49-year-old erica mento, oh eric, was allegedly asked for free food at a convenience store near his apartment. when eric was denied he allegedly pulled out a knife and said don't let me do something >> for snickers bar. eric's defense we all know you are not you when you are hungry. the clerk can of the snickers, eric fled. it is not threatening the his knife he was offering to trade the knife for the candy bar. to which the officers pulled out a kit kat and said give me a break. eric was charged with arm robbery and booked into jail. he is lucky he is not grand theft because under joe biden, a snickers bar now cost a thousand dollars.
12:53 am
holy inflation. topic number two, disney is developing hyper realistic robots that will roam around the theme park and interact with guests but of course only disney would think of using technology to make it parks even more crowded braid the robots to be made to look like disease beloved characters makes cameras and sensors to make snap decisions about what to do next. where's most humans cannot decide what to do next at disney without a 20 minute family fights. the company reported its already developed a 3-foot tall robot in the form of a route the tree from guardian of the galaxies of course. the group robot will walk around the park just like the on-screen character but just like the character it will only say three words to park desk, spend more money. all that's left is to work out the kinks like how to get everyone's a therapy dog to stop peeing on him. that is sweet. topic number three, a group of japanese scientist say that
12:54 am
kenn-a-day source racks may have been a picky eater. in fact they heard they pretty much only eight paleo. the new study found t rex and giles were full of nerve endings to help the differentiation part of its food break that would allow to eat only the most nutritious part of its prey. while leaving the lower quality parts behind for bottom feeders to make meals of. also known as the arby's business model. the nerve endings give clue to how the t rex may have parented with the sensitive mouth will pick them carrying their young without crushing them to death. that is what separates the dinosaurs and the teachers unions. the scientists submits mostly speculation we would've compared to the mouths of other flash leaders. it examined army hammer. army hammer has so many girlfriends they love cannibals.
12:55 am
and now to a land as a neutral as an iv leaguers gender. switzerland is just ended. but is it? let us are not exciting at all is the international championship wind surfing for the only sport i sit are blowing to wind surfing but whatever floats your boat. that has got to hertz. this part of the world that is known as a swiss ms.. [laughter] 's like they always say it wind surfing, no guts no glory played the french team dominated the competition with the men's and women's championships. no surprise there. world war ii is france will go wherever the wind blows. wind surfing is set to be an olympic sport in 2024 at which point it will be immediately canceled due to the omega
12:56 am
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