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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  August 24, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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got no plans to change the august 31st deadline for withdrawal. they believe they can get all americans who want to leave out by that date and that is the date which the taliban has laid down, or the mr. biden laid it down and taliban picked it up. they want out by august 31st. will we go with the taliban? neil, it's yours. neil: that's a week, a week from today, right? seems like a pretty generous timeline. we'll see what happens, my friend, stuart. the devil in the details sticking with the august 31st deadline. the administration seems to make it clear that it is contingent on the taliban not doing anything for people blocking those who want to leave the country, a taliban spokesman said, americans can leave, afghan nationals can't t gets
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murky. edward lawrence from the white house. what we can expect to hear from the president later on. reporter: the president is talking to g7 countries. he had a virtual meeting meetinh those members countries and explaining about that august 31st deadline. he also heard a lot of arguments from the world leaders why the u.s. should extend that deadline publicly. united kingdom and france says that deadline needs to be extended. on the call was the leaders from germany, italy, canada and more. leaders from both of those country as well as the head of germany, italy and more. on the other side the taliban is saying the august 31st is a red line. that is the deadline they said f the occupation as the taliban says continues after that then there will be some consequences. they will provoke a reaction according to that spokes person. fox news confirmed that the deadline to be out by august 31st, the military will have to start moving some of their equipment by this friday in order to get everybody
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out. republicans briefed on afghanistan, well they're irate. listen. >> he took an oath to uphold and protect and defend the people of the united states including those that he left behind enemy lines, not based on some arbitrary timeline that he set before he realized the calamity he created. we need to have the top priority to tell the taliban that we're going to get all of our people out regardless of what timeline was initially set. reporter: the pentagon being very vague. they will only say several thousand americans have been evacuated but have not said how many are left in country. so far 37,000 people have been evacuated. the issue getting americans through the taliban check points. the u.s. does not want to be seen as leaving people behind especially those who helped with interpretation or information during the past 20 years. >> there has been no change to the timeline of the mission which is to have this completed by the end of the month.
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we continue to make progress every day in getting americans as well as siv applicants and vulnerable afghans out. reporter: the pentagon saying there will be zero american troops starting september first in afghanistan as it stands right now. also right now they're only operating within the fence at the airport. as you know over the past 20 years the u.s. has been spread out across the country. now we're just inside of that zone. back to you. neil: so see if i can understand this, edward. we're saying that the deadline to get all of our people out, i know it is semantics here but are we saying people exclusively, american citizens exclusively, if push comes to shove we won't push for those who we were trying to, afghan nationals friendly to us, that might go by the wayside? reporter: that is the concern here. from the white house the press secretary said over the past
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several days that not only will the americans be evacuated but also those who hold the siv, special visas. those are the people that helped the u.s. troops that all of those people will also be evacuated. but as you said at the top of this, the taliban pushing back saying that the afghan elite must stay in afghanistan. so there is going to be issues getting people through the checkpoints. as it stands right now the u.s. is focused not only getting american citizens out but those who helped the u.s. the image around the globe if they don't get those people out the u.s. will leave you behind. when the next conflict comes up who will help us? neil: edward, thank you very much for that. the reason i'm belaboring this issue here that the taliban made spokesman who is saying we are not in favor of allowing afghans to leave. americans have the opportunity and all the resources to take all the people that belong to them but we are not going to
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allow afghans to leave and we will not extend the deadline. so obviously that is a clear message that the taliban had things its way, their way, they're not going to allow any afghan nationals to leave right now or even attempt to get to the airport. jennifer griffin with the latest repercussions and the meaning of all of this at the pentagon. jennifer. reporter: neil we have breaking news. we can confirm from a u.s. official that president biden has taken a decision and he will not extend the august 31st deadline. the u.s. military will comply. they will take all of the u.s. troops out of afghanistan by august 31st. that means that the pressure is now on for the u.s. military to wrap up these evacuations operations. they have had a record number of people, record number of flights leave the airport in the last 24
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hours but the time, the clock is ticking and we can tell from what the taliban said publicly in the last few hours that meeting between cia director william burns and mullah baradar, head of the taliban, appears what the taliban is saying publicly as well as privately that the u.s. must stick to the august thirty first deadline. we can confirm that president biden has taken a decision, that the u.s. military is operates on that assumption. let me give you some numbers from the last 24 hours. 37 u.s. military planes took off in the past 24 hours. 32 c-17s, 5c 130s. 21,600 people evacuated. among them 5000 people on civilian aircraft. reality of the massive airlift with the military airplanes landing every 45 minutes to the commander in charge bumping up to the reality that the u.s.
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will have to stick to the august 31st deadline and the taliban says must be adhered to. here is john kirby. >> when does the u.s. military have to begin making those preps, when does the decision have to be made? >> roughly speaking you need at least several days to get the amount of forces and equipment that we have at the airport to get that safely and effectively retro frayeded. we're absolutely still aiming towards the end of the month. reporter: press secretary john kirby was asking about u.s. troops guarding the embassy. those troops we learned already left, that according to the state department. >> so just to be clear when we're talking about pulling u.s. troops out we're talking about pulling all the troops so you go to zero at the, at the embassy, is that correct? >> that's correct. no, i followed the question. that's correct. reporter: so in fact right now what we've learned is that the
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u.s. marines are no longer guarding the u.s. embassy in kabul. i it will be a open question what security arrangements are made at the embassy. whether the u.s. decides to keep a presence there or return to have a presence at the massive u.s. embassy compound. those are going to depend on security arrangements with the taliban, they are now in charge but the taliban and the u.s. military alike are very concerned still about threats from isis-k, al qaeda. they're are still those out there who would like to fire on u.s. troops, fire on the refugees who are fleeing so that the u.s. has to engage them on the way out. those images would be a propaganda victory for those terrorist groups. the taliban, which now has to form a government doesn't want those images we're told. we learned there was another firefight outside the kabul airport but in that case we also
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learned that the taliban themselves were making arrests of what they said were afghans presumably members of isis-k who were videotaping the airport and those, those arrests were made but it is not clear who did the firing and what led to that firefight. neil? neil: jennifer griffin, thank you very much. to ambassador john negroponte, former director of national intelligence, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and our ambassador to mexico. thank you for taking the time. what do you make of this deadline that looks increasingly like it is the deadline that the u.s. will stick to even with the taliban threat right now to the u.s.? you really shouldn't be working with afghan nationals to get them to the airport because we will not comply, we will not allow that? >> well that sounds to me like we're going to get out most if
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not all of the americans who want to get out but that we're going to come up short as far as taking with us those afghans who we believe deserve to, refugee status and deserve to come to the united states. so, in my view what is going to happen if he does in fact, if the president does in fact stick to the deadline which it appears he intends to do, those people who are left behind will have to find other ways to get out of the country. i mean this happened in vietnam. i happened to have served in vietnam for four years and watched some of the similar type situations unfold. there was a whole wave of vietnamese who got out initially as we left. in fact quite, many thousands who eventually made it to the united states. and then you may recall four or
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five years later there were the boat people who came from vietnam and made it to the shores of southeast asia, they were processed and brought to the united states. it is not the end of the refugee exodus if you will just because we're leaving on the 31st of august. neil: is it your understanding, ambassador, that exit, will apply to everybody, to british, german and french forces that are in the area trying to round up their citizens or friends to their government? that it all ends on the 31st? >> you know, i don't, i don't know for sure. i mean, like everybody else, i'm just depending on these partial reports that are filtering out. neil: yeah. >> but so i don't know the answer to that question. it's a good question. neil: so let me ask as well then, the one carrot held out, i don't know if it was just a reminder to the taliban this august 31st thing is
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contingent on the taliban not doing anything to disrupt this process but disruption is in the eye of the beholder, right? if they are not allowing, that is the taliban for those holed up in their homes to get to the airport with the perimeter the taliban surrounded at airport that is as good as them not leaving, they can never leave and we can force the issue, go to their homes, we're not inclined to do anyway so they're trapped? >> i mean you talking about afghans now or americans? neil: afghans. >> as i said, i think they are trapped for the moment if they can't make it by the august 31st deadline. i mean that is the way i see it unfolding. but, just remember back even in earlier years in the afghan civil war and so forth a lot of afghans, people from afghanistan made it out of the country. they made it, there were huge refugee populations in iran, in
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india and pakistan and so forth and i would imagine that that kind of situation may well develop again unless the taliban devote a lot of effort to preventing people from leaving the country for them to do. neil: all right. ambassador, do you think, and i know it is about logistics but you're pretty good at logistics, that it's a week now to say that we want our people out. we think we get our soldiers out, all of that in the next seven days. is that doable to you? >> well the question to ask, i don't know for sure but i think the question to ask is, what will shape to the rate and pace which we can withdraw people between now and the next seven days? because i would suspect as we get closer and closer to the final day, the 31st of august, our own people are going to be more and more preoccupied with making the necessary
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arrangements of getting their own equipment, logistics people out of the country. so will that reduce the rate which we can take people out? i don't know. i think that is a very important question. neil: got it. ambassador thank you for taking the time. i do appreciate it, sir. i want to go to robert charles, former bush 41 and bush 43 secretary of state. mr. secretary, timeline we're looking at the taliban more or less saying get your people out but making it clear it better be your people, because afghan nationals are staying here. it was fairly unequivocal. what did you make of that? >> you know, neil, i i worked for colin powell, he used to say you need to be looking around corners and anticipating. this is debacle just continuing
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to unfold. if the latest report something true that he will not allow u.s. military to stay in the country after the 31st because the taliban has told him so the question is what do you do if you have americans and siv applicants left in the country? we know from official documents inside of the embassy 15 to 40,000 americans were in the country. i heard in the last 40 hours there are still americans remaining trying to get to the airport from 22 of the 34 provinces. so that doesn't suggest that we're well on our way to being done as the ambassador noted. i would also say that you know, we probably behind the scenes, what we ought to be thinking about is the last few days before the 31st and what we're going to say because the real question is what do you do if americans are left in that country and if afghans who help ed us for two years to get that visa. there were 20,000 applications. we know twice that number helped
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us. state department put four people against those 20,000 applications. that is pretty pathetic. but the at end of the day we are where we are and the real question what do we do that date comes and we still have americans behind the lines and afghans that trusted us, believed in us behind the lines? i have to tell you you have to send a very firm, very clear, frankly we're in charge message back to the taliban at that point. you need to have strike packages ready. you need to be aware you have got a force protection disaster with 6,000 american troops, marines inside of a location which, which could be mortared. you need to be thinking ahead and around corners. i'm not sure we're doing that. everything i hear and see indicates we're sort of allowing ourselves to be ordered about and that is not what americans do. neil: i wonder, secretary, we're even inclined to want to do that? >> well, yeah, so you're putting your finger on something implicitly that is on everyone's
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mind. that is what is the split called will of the united states? the germans want to know. the british want to know. the french want to know. the pakistanis want to know. the taliban would really like to know. frankly most americans deserve to know. are we prepared to do what we've already done in the history of this country, not leave an american behind? are we prepared to live up to our moral promising and legal promises we told these people, the afghans that helped us, we will not let you, not let you be punished. i hear ambassador negroponte's statement that people can find other ways out. i tell you right now the taliban was not in charge when people were finding their way out. there are strong reports they are preventing people from getting to the airport or getting out of the country through any available borders. i would put a full-scale diplomatic mission over to pakistan. i would make the united nations speak clearly, working with the allies and working aggressively with the taliban if you think
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we're not working on contingency strike packages if you think this will go your way because you want it to, think again. that is not how we operate. we'll not leave americans there, or leave our friends there. if we have to stage very specific strikes we'll do it. neil: what if the real truth, secretary, the president wants us out of there by the 31st? wants it even more than the taliban does? >> you know i think that this is one of those moments when, i think it is happening when democrats and republicans of good heart and of historical students of history and students of moral fiber, people, average american frankly moral fiber should be speaking up to the president saying, sir, with all due deference you've got all the powers constitutionally that you've got but you got to listen to the american people and the american people do not want you leaving any americans or any of our allies who have given their lives, sworn their lives to us on the ground there. you need to be stronger. you need to send a clear message
12:19 pm
to the taliban that the united states is in charge here. you're not in charge. frankly it is in your best interests to let us get those people out so you don't have an extended period of time where you're in very complicated with us that could get very messy very fast. i will just say, neil, my hope and prayer everybody gets out but it seems like a pretty steep, a pretty steep climb to get everybody out in one week. i argue we need to make clear we'll get our people out. we ask you to work with us, pakistan asks you to work with us, nato allies, china, russia, that everybody could speak with one voice about human life being valuable and make the taliban listen because if they don't we need to make consequences of our own. we don't bow and curtsy to everybody. neil: this is tragic story unfolding. you hope something constructive is coming of this.
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mr. secretary, thank you very much. doing my math in my head, folks whether we get people out of there, minimum 10,000 a day, some think it could be up to 20,000 a day, if you buy up to 200,000 american and american sympathizers among those who have to be taken out there, you can't do that in a week, you can't could that in two weeks, the best you can hope for is three weeks. that apparently is not an option, not now. we'll have more after this. that building you're trying to buy, you should ten-x it. ten-x is the world's largest online
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oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ ♪. neil: all right, so moderate democrats in the house are holding nancy pelosi's feet to the fire on this vote first for the infrastructure only plan and then, and only then consider action on the bigger, far bigger 3 1/2 trillion dollar human infrastructure plan. hard to make out what is really going on but hillary vaughn would know if anyone knows. she is following the story closely than anybody. hillary, a lot of give-and-take i understand. where does it stand now? reporter: right now looks there may be close to a deal. looks like this ongoing standoff between speaker pelosi and this mod squad, the group of 10 moderate democrats could be coming to an end because speaker
12:25 pm
pelosi essentially put a deal on the table, offering to guarranty a vote on the infrastructure bill by september 27th. up until this point "the mod squad" successfully stalled the house from moving forward on the $3.5 trillion social spending package that delay has even been on going into today but if this agreement to nail down a vote on the infrastructure package by september 27th goes through in return moderates will need to help pelosi fulfill progressive demands voting for the budget framework for the massive 3.5 trillion spending social package. >> a commitment to have the president's bipartisan infrastructure bill considered in the house no later than september 27th. >> is it binding? >> nothing in life is a total guarranty but this is a close -- reporter: moderates said there is no deal without guarranty
12:26 pm
there is shuffling in and out of pelosi's office. moderate democrats to get a binding commitment to vote on infrastructure by september 27th. looks like the rules committee is gaveling back in, that may be something they're getting. even with that september september 27th date kneel. there is not a lot of time to get through the things they need to hand dell. they're only in business for six days between now and september 27th. they have to get the reconciliation bill written and passed. though want the bipartisan infrastructure passed and voting rights legislation passed as well. neil? neil: hillary, sounds problematic that is one way to describe it. thank you very much, one of those 10 moderate democratic congressman joining me, kurt schrader, democrat from other gone, part of the problem-solvers caucus. thank you very much for taking the time. let me ask you point-blank, this notion that your support here to
12:27 pm
get this infrastructure vote done, the bipartisan infrastructure vote, that you would support the 3 1/2 trillion dollar vote, the package afterwards, is that the case? >> no, not really. what we are in favor of of course is the bipartisan infrastructure package. my problem solvers group put so much and effort into, the senate picked up, the president signed or agreed to, passed the senate with a lot of progressive support. both sides, bipartisan support. we're just trying to get that to the floor of the house right now, not linked to anything. make sure we get a straight up vote on the infrastructure package. then you deal with all the reconciliation, budget resolution stuff, actual budget stuff later on. neil: so your progressive colleagues hear what you're saying might just say all right, that is not going to fly with us. what do you tell them?
12:28 pm
>> well, i think this is a good deal. i think we have to do, make sure that do two million new jobs out there we support, largest investment in public transit ever. the biggest, largest investment in water, sewer infrastructure ever. biggest investment in bridges since the eisenhower administration. biggest investment in broadband ever to get every household hopefully in america, improve our energy resiliency to deal with all the climate change stuff occurring across the country. i would be hard-pressed to vote against that if i was any member of united states congress. neil: sounds like more than a few of your colleagues might be if they're not linked more. you obviously want to do one at a time. i get that. a lot of people are pragmatic bit. that and what the whole problem-solvers caucus is out, the victory you have in hand, battle out the one you want down the road but could you see both
12:29 pm
imploding here? >> well, that's possible. i mean if the infrastructure pack does not succeed, there is absolutely no chance for budget reconciliation to succeed. we would all vote against that. i, you have mutually assured destruction or you can come together and figure out that you got to compromise. that is what legislating is all about. i think we get quite a bit of what we want. hopefully they get some of what they want, live to fight another day. this is the essence of what congress is all about. i'm very pleased we have gotten thus far and we don't have a deal yet as hillary reported, we'll look at language. looks like we get a stand-up alone vote on infrastructure package that is a big deal. america needs a win right now as you indicated in the previous segments. there is a lot of turmoil around the world. covid is resurging time to get a win for america. americans really deeply need to
12:30 pm
she congress coming together to work for what they want. this infrastructure package should be an easy win for everybody. neil: the calendar is not your friend right now. i'm just wondering, sir, is it your impression, even if you get the vote on the infrastructure only package, that the bigger one gets pushed off in the next year? some interpret, good news for them because the tax hikes are pushed off until next year what does your gut say? >> well i think it will be a little while longer before the full reconciliation package comes over from the senate. we've also stipulated that we want to make sure we're not on the hook for anything that can't pass the senate, that they work at a more determinative pace than perhaps the house of representatives does. it may take a little bit more time. it doesn't mean it will never come to the floor. i think it will come to the floor later this year. that just, the nature of legislating. it will take a while for the different committees to do their
12:31 pm
work, get it all signed off. i think move through the appropriate processes. so let's get a big win here right now. america needs it desperately. the end of a tough, tough year. tough summer. then move on to having our own partisan differences and intra-party differences perhaps at another day. neil: got it. congressman, thank you for taking the time. kurt schrader, democrat, beautiful state of oregon. part of the problem-solvers caucus trying very hard to get something done. time is awasting. the dow is up. nasdaq peeking in and out of 15,000 all-time high. lots more coming up. ♪. r tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now?
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♪. neil: boy that fda approval of pfizer vaccine sort of like the gift that keeps giving. any group that would be sensitive to the pandemic coming out of it benefiting mightily, airlines, cruise line operators, hotels, hospitality, they're all
12:36 pm
benefiting on the notion that this is going to lead to mandates which will kind of force the issue, get more people vaccinated and insure that recovery in the post-pandemic funk we've been in with spike in cases will soon ease. we're back to the races. that is the hope at least. does danielle dimartino booth agree, quill group chief strategist, former fed advisor. what do you think, danielle, is the market getting he had ahead of its proverbial skis or not? >> we're looking goldilocks cubed, neil. there are major props for the market. pfizer you've been talking about millions of parents been in holding pattern, 18, 19 months now. we saw it yesterday with new york, saying teachers time to get vaccinated. let's fill the classrooms back up, do it safely with the right protocols. let's do it. the at the same time the delta variant is enough of an issue to
12:37 pm
hold off, make the federal reserve, make jay powell on friday in jackson hole say you know what? we're in a little bit of a wait and see. we'll wait to see what happens with how this delta variant ends. we'll hold off tightening in any way reducing these purchases. that is the goldilocks times two. if you look at "usa today" chart which i follow every day, this time last week all 51 states increasing case counts. today, we have nine with decreasing case counts. and the map keeps looking better every single day. so we know that the delta of the delta, the change in the delta is coming down and coming down quickly. so that is the real fundamental driver. in addition to the pfizer vaccine and the fact that there is enough of the fed to stay on hold come friday. neil: you're talking about things in puerto rico stablizing as well. let me ask you this as well. i think this gives enormous relief and wiggle room to jerome
12:38 pm
powell, federal reserve chairman. i know they're having a virtual jackson hole conference and all. this gives him a little bit of time. he would probably prefer that to improve his odds of getting reappointed. what do you think of the role he plays in all of this? >> well, i think the role that he plays is a critical one. and from the market's perspective since janet yellen formally came out to vouch for him a few days ago we've seen the betting pits in vegas his odds of being reappointed have gone through the roof. that is welcome to markets. markets want continuity. they don't want any sort of uncertainty and jay powell represents a known known but again with the delta variant, with hospitalizations still increasing, with risks still out there, so many americans still unvaccinated it also gives jay powell cover to say you know what? we're going to hold off for a few more months. that is exactly right, neil. he wants to buy time and right now he has got an excuse to buy
12:39 pm
a little bit more time to say you know what, the fed doesn't meet until the end of september. we'll get back to you. neil: do you think he will be reappointed? >> i think he is reappointed 100% at this point. the odds of him being replaced. janet yellen vouched for him. she told the white house he was her man. i don't see any impeding pathway for him to be re appointed. the white house says they will let us know by labor day which is right around the corner. neil: i wonder if the market is giving him a pass? i don't mean to besmirch the guy, you know him better than i do, his history, inflation is a lot more stubborn and gaining a lot more traction than any of the fed's goals. i understand the predictment he is in. it is too soon to move, too soon to pounce. be more flexible on rates and you know, this tapering stuff, i get it and all. but they have been very lenient toward him, giving him a pass on
12:40 pm
stuff normally they would not. how long do you think that lasts? >> well, neil, i think it lasts about as long as it takes typically, i will get a little wonky here. we typically have a five quarter lag before we see runaway housing prices manifest in the consumer price index data we follow month in, month out. there is a long lag time. inflation the stickiest form of it, that can be most problematic. jay powell knows it it is out there. apt rental companies new leases are up over 20% over the time somebody last signed one. he knows there is trouble brewing in the inflation timeline. u.s. households no even better, they are ones paying up for housing. that is coming towards jay like a freight trin. you're right he will have to be very careful because he can wake up in a few months find himself well behind the curve and running to play catchup. catch up is the last thing markets want to see because that would be an abrupt shock of
12:41 pm
sort. that is the last thing investors want. but we see it in the everyday data from people on the ground signing new apartment leases there is no 2.4% increase in the cpi as consumer price index as of the last print. closer to double digits and higher than that. neil: yeah, but like you say his horizon might be short term. let me get reappointed. we'll deal it with when the time comes. >> sounds like a politician. neil: right. very astute one at that. danielle dimartino booth, uncanny read of federal reserve and motivations here. we have a lot more coming up including all of the agencies companies, counties, cities, states, really cracking down on this whole mandating to get your vaccine issue. even those who really technically can't do that, they are. after this.
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♪. neil: all right. a week from today we've got to be out of there. that is the administration's goal. at least we're hearing it through the pentagon. they say there are a couple of contingencies if the taliban does nothing to disrupt. this ominous warning that those in afghanistan shouldn't be going to the kabul airport for evacuation. in other words, if you're not an american citizen don't even attempt that. it could get rocky. greg palkot following it very closely from london. greg, where does it stand now? reporter: disturbing stuff, yeah, neil. there are new tales of hope and horror coming from afghanistan right now. the pace of evacuation is picking up but there are many thousands who remain in kabul now run by the taliban including many who have helped u.s. military over the years. they could be affected by this
12:47 pm
including translator faradu. we've been tracking his progress, lack of it past couple weeks. he has been turned away from the airport. he is in hiding. taliban raidedded his home. gotten threats for his life and his wife and four children. watch the video message he talks about the ghost city kabul has become under the taliban, take a listen. >> the feeling this ghost city and also the city of the walking dead. you cannot imagine what is going to happen next and you cannot predict their situation. reporter: city of the walking dead, that is how he described it. also definitely in the line of fire as you've been explaining i'm sure, neil, women. we've seen images of taliban beat women as they try to evacuate, they try to leave. when we were in kabul last month, we profiled brave female activist. listen to the audio message we
12:48 pm
got from her. listen. >> when you see the crowd around the airport, more and more, seems purposely the taliban wants delay for the people. because they want to take their revenge. reporter: they want to take their revenge, neil. after her family got abused by the taliban, she luckily finally got out, as again others have. including people that work with fax news. this network like other media organizations helped organize a flight for them over the weekend. neil, in the words of our great afghan producer who helped make stories like the ones you saw a month ago happened on the air, when he arrived in qatar out of the grips of the taliban, he texted me, it's a great feeling. unfortunately many more just have that feeling as well. it is not clear how they will get it. back to you. neil: yeah, certainly as the taliban sticks to that, you know, order, don't even think about it, just so tragic if it
12:49 pm
comes down that way. greg, thank you great reporting. greg palkot on that. reporter: thank you. neil: we have a lot more coming up. the fda has gone ahead to approve pfizer's vaccine, immediately orders from companies, school systems and the like, well, to get your shot and the sooner the better. they're not making this a debate or a request. it is an order. ♪.
12:50 pm
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♪. >> i don't think there is any other medicine in the world that has been studied so intensively not only in controlled clinical trials like the ones we presented to the fda but in the real world performance. we have very good visibility on the safety and efficacy on these vaccines. so i think it is one of the most researched medicines in the world. neil: all right. pfizer ceo very happy that they got fda approval for its vaccine. with us, dr. kevin campbell, physician and cardiologist. good to have you back. this is good news for those wanting to get the seal of approval from the fda and maybe now get vaccinated.
12:54 pm
how many do you suspect will? >> i'm hopeful the folks hesitant to get vaccinated get vaccinated just now. as this gentleman said, one of the most well-studied medicines the fda has approved in decades. i think it is safe and effective. we've been through the process and we need to get americans vaccinated quickly. neil: what if very few take him up on the offer though, right? and they are still resistant to it. i'm only reminded, doctor, this event, rally, donald trump was at the other night, he was booed he talked about people getting vaccinated. that blew me away. so there is a stubborn plurality, i don't want to characterize it that that will not change, fda approval or not. what do you make of that? what do you tell them? >> i think it is quite sad because at first they were using the excuse that it is not fda approved. what they don't realize just to
12:55 pm
get emergency use authorization you have to have two months of very convincing data that shows the benefits outweigh the risks. for fda full approval it require as lot of paperwork, called a biologic licensing application and six months of data in patients that receive that we have more than enough data. we'll hear other excuses why they won't get the shot. ultimately you're going to have to be vaccinated or very, very lucky not to be very, very ill from the covid-19 variant. neil: you know as a cardiologist it must bother you greatly as well, the more people are put off getting vaccinated the more some of these hospital rooms and icus are getting crowded. and there are other people who need those spaces as well who might not be getting them or not getting them as quickly or as easily. so whatever you gain, you know on the vaccination front, which you don't gain much, you lose on those who could be succumbing to
12:56 pm
far more preventable maladies? >> you know, you're exactly right, neil. what we have seen is a lot of hospital systems are having to put off you know, elective cases such as elective heart cath at catherrizations. we see a lot of patients are staying home rather than calling 911 when they have chest pain. so i'm very, very concerned that other diseases such as heart disease which is what i practice are not being treated adequately, a, we don't have the space, and b, patients are scared to come to the hospital and we've got to change that attitude. neil: you're a good man, doctor. trying to get the good word out. if only more people heard you when you did. dr. kevin campbell, we'll have more after this. stocks racing along just fine. all these worries and anxieties notwithstanding.
12:57 pm
. . .
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: the pentagon is right, next week this time it'll be a wrap all u.s. personnel will be on their way out or finishing on their way out of afghanistan after nearly 20 years the rescues will be done. and then it will all be over.
1:01 pm
but it won't go down smoothly there are some contingencies attached to that 31st deadline, but they're a little vague especially when the taliban is saying this is reserved for americans who want to leave afghanistan, afghan nationals are not welcome to do so and shouldn't leave their homes or bother going to the airport to attempt that. trey yingst following all of this from doha qatar. >> afternoon were learning a lot about the communication between the united states and the taliban and fox news has confirmed yesterday cia director william berman met with the leader of the taliban meeting at an undisclosed location, and the american's been very clear about the fact that president bynum will not be extended that deadline, the ptolemy and warning against doing so we know
1:02 pm
will not about him he was arrested 11 years ago any joint cia pakistanis he spent eight years in prison before being released to becoming one of the key negotiators in taliban peace talks the meeting comes a week away from the u.s. imposed deadline to withdraw american troops with afghanistan today u.s. allies say they won't have enough time to evacuate also billions of the united states holds to the 31st deadline over the past 34 hours where the 21000 people were evacuated from kabul as the country continues, half of all about you and from afghanistan since the taliban took over happened in the past two days, it also shows charter flights and one commercial flight leaving the airport, we continue to hear from people online on the phone reaching out saying there's still american citizens, loved ones of these people reaching out stuck in afghanistan and it's unclear what the united states plans to do past the deadline if these individuals are not home safely. neil: thank you for that, trey
1:03 pm
yingst osgood edward lawrence at the white house a number of briefings going on including the president virtual discussion with leaders on this very issue, what is the very latest. >> according to the schedule we're supposed to hear from president joe biden about afghanistan already that's been delayed several times, he had a briefing about afghanistan and the situation on the ground he got an ear full from the g7 leaders earlier today talking about the august 31 deadline the pentagon say they have no plans to move the deadline and fox news confirms they will pull out of the country on friday to make all the equipment and american soldiers out of there by that deadline republicans on capitol hill could not believe the disconnect between what the administration is saying in the scenes on the ground. >> this whole thing has been political i learned yesterday the dod and the intelligence community advise against us rapid withdrawal, joe biden did
1:04 pm
anyway because he had a political promise and were suffering the consequences, and same thing with the deadline. >> the issue is getting everyone to the airport and cobble who needs to leave and get them inside the airport, right now the u.s. military is only operating inside the fence of the kabul airport, there relying on direct communication with the taliban and the checkpoints. >> and other commanders continue to communicate to ensure that the safety of not only around the gates but the other checkpoints so we can continue to process vulnerable afghans, other coalition folks and american citizens. >> at a news conference the taliban spokesperson says they urge the u.s. not to allow educated or afghan elites out of afghanistan, doctors and engineers the afghan needs or the taliban in the news conference also said that they urge all of afghan citizens to
1:05 pm
go back to their homes those that early at the airport are saying they need to leave. back to you. neil: edward lawrence thank you very, very much. you probably wonder how did we ever get into the position were in there must've been paperwork or process and this sort of thing, there is, it's a program that was developed sometime with special immigrant visa program to expedite getting paperwork into the right hands at the right time so people can get out of harm's way and seek asylum elsewhere tom porter with the saint it's obviously not doing what it should be doing in the already might be too late now, he is an american executive vice president for government affairs. very good to have you back into appreciated the process and the system failed clearly and you get the read from the taliban and even ourselves that we are not going to move heaven and earth to turn things upside down
1:06 pm
to speed up. >> thank you for having me again, it's great to be in a show, the first thing that i want to say for all of your viewers, pay very close attention to what your american service members and our allies are doing on the ground right now in afghanistan. there thrown into the sea been impossible situation, chaos and are doing awesome is there doing heroic things, remember that when they come home, please and the special needs that they might be needing. you are right, there was foot dragging in years past on the special immigrant visa program, we're dealing with things right now, for years this program has been on the books from the husband the necessary focus or funding or sense of urgency by this and previous
1:07 pm
administrations, members of congress on both sides and were just now seeing everybody seeing this in the spotlight right now, we can do a lot of finger-pointing, i'm sure that's going to happen very, very soon it's already happened by the way as your seeing and we may be involved in that but there's a time and a place for that really, the committee in congress will be looking into that, right now the most important thing that we can do is to get our people out of their, or afghan allies, refugees, get them out and get them out now. neil: i don't think we will. you're closer than i'll ever be but when i hear the taliban thing no longer allow afghans to go to the kabul airport for evacuation and no paperwork is adequate paperwork, but they seem to be saying we don't care what you processed to think that you can get to the airport and almost planes, it is not
1:08 pm
happening. and i don't see any talk about men and women they do have to follow orders to go back to washington and say you will not penetrate that perimeter around the airport, other countries are from what i understand germany, italy and france but we are not, what you make of that. >> we get a vote of this whole process so your viewers know and were encouraging the u.s. government to do all that they can, i'm not going to get prescriptive on tactics and exact recommendations here but there is a lot of avenues that they can take to make sure that we maximize the recovery of the personnel. neil: did avenues include forcing the issue, in other words if we felt people were friends of the united states old government or vital under the old government and held up in
1:09 pm
their homes and being forcibly kept can we go, can we get them. >> the department of defense and our allies can do a lot of different things but that does not mean that they're going to, were encouraging our government and our white house to do everything that they can to get them out we just sent two letters last night went to the president in 12 congressional leaders on both sides of capitol hill asking them to make it a top priority to evacuate all of our citizens or afghan allies in refugees but in addition to that making it a top priority and a whole government solution, all the government agencies evacuating them and bringing them home, reduction of administrative and bureaucracy and establishment of enough personnel from our government to process all of the applications of background checks, those are fresh in the inboxes of the
1:10 pm
president and congressional leaders and were working with a group of outstanding veteran organizations and we just talked with them last night, to evacuate our allies coalition and doing the lords work they were celebrating getting there afghan allies out, sometimes one into at a time just amazing things, you can see them in the # afghan e vac that's with her using on social media to prioritize now and in the coming days. then we'll have to turn at the country how do we welcome these afghans in and how do we show them hospitality and make sure that they have welcome that. neil: so much for working out in a week to do it, tom porter, thinking for senior again. >> thank you, neil. neil: now seen a deadline that
1:11 pm
we want to adhere to to be out by the 31st of a week from today, is that doable, how can everybody get out will everybody get out, the former johnson advisor, craig very good to have you obviously boris johnson was among the european leaders say you have to extend the deadline we need more time. it doesn't look for the time being and that the pentagon is going to do that, it's contingent on what taliban does and that it doesn't do anything to throughout this rescue effort. what do you think? >> i think the whole thing is been a disaster, let's get it clear that alleys are not upset that americans are leaving the work, everyone agrees that this war has to end and come to an end at some point but it was a way that it was done unless not forget we hear about the thousands of american troops that lost their lives in this war but let's not forget there's widows and children across europe that don't have family
1:12 pm
that is not coming home that lost their lives, their saying what was it all for, this is been a total disaster for the market administration and i think the allies are very upset about this. neil: do you know if there is any communication not only between boris johnson and other european leaders with the president to prepare the administrative departure that getting the paper or the visas and the special forms that you need whether you're an american or british or german or an afghan national aiding any and all of the governments there. to get out and get process, that was most overwhelming and that's the reason why the taliban tell it they don't have any paperwork and without paperwork you're not going to leave. >> the idea that the americans are saying come to the airport, would you want to walk through kabul wearing an american passport around, it is just
1:13 pm
silly, the worst part about it we know things things happen and things get in don't go to plan, but to ignore the call for 36 hours when they're trying to figure out how are we going to fix this that's not the way that nato allies are supposed to work i heard that marco was furious with biden. neil: there is some frustration as well that the british in your own government back home and the germans and the french are outside the green zone in trying to the best intelligence, you probably know a lot more trying to get their people out, we are not doing that we are staying within the airport confines may be as much security for the people waiting outside as it is for our own but it's caused some division among european leaders and the united states.
1:14 pm
>> absolutely a great example yesterday the british special forces had to rescue a washington post journalist who cannot get out of the country. were happy to step up to the plate and come rescue americans, these deals that the cia directors are doing they don't involve passes for the british or the french or the german it's free passage for americans but there are allies all across the city trying to get out it's just what we see biden acting in an american first way which is not what we expected from him at all. neil: that is interesting where you think this'll be a week from today when we are supposedly leaving. >> at tickets going to be a disaster i don't see how you can get all of these people that worked with our forces on time i think the british, the french and the germans will step up and stay and that's probably going to mean that we will rescue some americans produce a difficult position for biden he could not do a u-turn and say we will
1:15 pm
extend past the deadline but when you have the taliban saying were gonna run out by the state no more, it's going to be messy and is awkward to be great. neil: following the taliban guideline orders, no one else is. craig dylan, thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: we are following the push to make sure everyone gets vaccinated, the fda has approved a pfizer vaccine to do just that, there's an interesting study that's come out of the cdc morbidity and mortality weekly report that the unvaccinated our 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with covid when compared to those that are fully vaccinated and furthermore those that are fully vaccinated they are treated in the hospital is very brief and not severe, the results are based on data from
1:16 pm
los angeles county from may 1 and july 25, the data in line with comments from federal and state health officials, if you're on vaccinated you are a target of this virus. once you are dramatically less than. ♪ that building you're trying to buy, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything. like... uh... these salads. or these sandwiches... ten-x does the same thing, but with buildings. sweet. oh no, he wasn't... oh, actually... that looks pretty good. see it. want it. ten-x it.
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neil: the first fda approval and the mandate based on the approval for pfizer's vaccine and a lot of companies and businesses in counties and cities forcing the issue as we speak charlie gasparino looking at all of that, where does all of the stand. >> on wall street they were waiting for a government semi eating i know that with senior executives at the big banks most of the big banks there is one that is not involved and i'll tell you why in a minute. most of the big banks were waiting for the state government local government like new york city and bill de blasio in governor hogle andrew cuomo or the federal government to put out a mandate so they could in turn mandate their own employees to get the vaccine, what is
1:21 pm
important to have the government say something first the way it was described a provides the big banks is a pervert from legal issues they could be sued if they require as a commission of employment in you taking the vaccine you get much more legal protection if the government is mandating it which is what they have now a couple of things very good likelihood you'll see the major banks except for ubs, out there and say to their employees we would like to see you back in the office and we would like you to be vaccine and if you don't get vaccine there could be an issue with your continued employment there is a very good chance of that based on what i spoke to a couple of caveats, number one this is contingent on the fact that a lot of people are getting vaccinated already 90% of wall street is a vaccinated by the numbers in here bouncing around. when she approved pfizer there
1:22 pm
is a good chance that the remaining 10% will fall in line unless you have an underlying condition of prevention from being vaccinated. the delta variant is still spreading and surging to a certain extent some people think is leveling off and that levels offer more people get vaccinated if you look at the new york times like i do in every seo on wall street they have a chart every day and looks like they're starting to plateau right now, again this may be a point about mandating vaccines because the delta variant may be leveling off and people may be getting the vaccine and the remaining wall street people in this may be the last innings of delta we will have to wait and see what happens, again like i said before this came out from biden today basically saying we would like the federal government to mandate vaccination it's what the wall street guys were leading these firms and saying
1:23 pm
they wanted legal cover to mandate they own and if they don't they will do that soon. one other thing except for ubs that the one bank that is out there that says you don't have to be vaccinated or come to the office we don't care it's like a selling point for them it's very interesting. never thought i'd be talking about coated for almost two years but here we are. neil: and on and on it goes. charlie gasparino but it is the virus, that seems to be the thing and even the market move in this country the key advisors group co-owner eddie no sooner did we get news of the fda approval for the pfizer vaccine then we heard more of the mandates and optimism that were clearing some hurdles that have
1:24 pm
led to the post pandemic, what do you think of that, it gets back to those who should get vaccinated and maybe now more will. >> i think the bigger thing is the fact that the delta variant in itself causes more people to go out and get vaccinated. the other thing is that i agree with charlie the same data i was following in many states like florida and california those are starting to roll over and that's why you see the cyclical trade comeback in the last couple of days, you've fda approval but you also have us being in the late innings of this and if you look at the uk and other countries like india after they saw the huge surge there was a steep drop-off and our hope is that the data continues to trend its way, september could be in the scenario where we have the fed passed us and it looks really good from an economic and
1:25 pm
market perspective. we think were in line for us not back trade in the area that was hit really hard. neil: do you think the market more than reflects that when you look at this is an incredible run but every time we get beaten down you can dive in and that is held true if you think about it, even throughout the pandemic do you think that will remain the case will have her hiccups and or spikes that will get us a concern response in the selling and were back to what we were doing. >> i think by the dip continues to work for sure like it has been very concerned about next year i think the biggest short-term risk is a missed step by geopolitical risks that are on the table because everything happening in afghanistan from a market standpoint and they could finish higher than where we are now from the end of the year next year is the year that you
1:26 pm
need to play defense because the comps are not going to be a strong when we look at the prior year, the consumer with inflation and lack of stimulus is not quite have the discretionary income they had this year. next year we will look at deceleration on gdp and the fed is going to be forced to tighten during the time period where growth is not as strong they put themselves in a tough spot in next year will be very challenging in the first half for investors. neil: very good point, great to catch you up with you it's easy now when you make the bully up comparisons versus an economy that is doing anything but. and when we get further along the comparisons are not so generous will have a lot more after this including house members briefed on what's going on in afghanistan and not all happy about what they were briefed about. after this. your life is just as unique. your raymond james financial advisor gets to
1:27 pm
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1:31 pm
there sitting on a trillion dollars of precious minerals and the likes of which gives them a global influence and leverage that we've not seen jackie deangelis following a part of the story and you're probably not hearing. >> good afternoon when you think of afghanistan your first thought may not be lithium but it's a country that's rich and the natural resource as well as others were talking about a trillion dollars here worth of minerals lithium is crucial because its use for semi conductors in clean energy specifically rechargeable batteries which could be fueling the future this is how the wealth mineral ceo describes it. >> people are talking about 40 times and increasing demand on lithium in the next 20, 25 years, 40 times how is this even possible. >> before the pandemic started the world lithium producer was australia 53% of global
1:32 pm
production and then chili with more than 20% in china under 10%, right now even though china doesn't have the most lithium it does mind the most because of rechargeable batteries in the semi conductors, why is this important think about why car prices are rising in the chip shortage china is in control then think about afghanistan and the china connection this proves to be a profitable relationship when it comes to lithium prices of lithium have not skyrocketed because global supply is still greater than demand but if you start ramping up the production of electric cars and other battery-operated gadgets, that will change the mineral ceo mentioned chile would be a good place free of an agenda but the u.s. is learning it does need to diversify away from china. neil: thank you very much for that looks good a chat program monitoring the developments in washington and the afghan deadline and some members
1:33 pm
briefed on where things stand right now and kabul, what can you tell us. >> this was an all house briefing for all lawmakers today and lawmakers from both sides are exasperated with abide in the administration after the briefing secretary of defense lloyd austin and secretary of state were among the reapers the top gop member on the house foreign affairs mike mccall says he left the briefing with more questions and answers. >> on this presidency and the decision made today and what we heard today he will have blood on his hands, people are going to die and they will be left behind. house armed services committee is skeptical of airlifting everyone out of afghanistan by next tuesday. >> august 31 deadline is still the goal and i was very specific we need to have a plan and ensure the safety. >> there appears to be no plan
1:34 pm
to remove equipment from afghanistan lawmakers are tired of rosy scenarios painted by the u.s. by the capabilities of the afghan military. >> back gates accused lloyd austin a falling out. >> how many briefing tenses congress gone about the buildup capability of the afghan government and afghan military and was all a lie that was the big lie. >> dop nebraska senator ben sasse says dm the deadline, american people are not going to surrender our fellow citizens to the taliban. neil: thank you for that damn the deadline or not it's still standing in the eyes of the pentagon will get everybody out by the end of the week from today, let's get the reed on all about u.s. army veteran national security project member, great to have you on, we are out a
1:35 pm
week from now, is that doable? >> i agree with representative i don't think it's logistically possible, i'm with a group of veteran state apartment folks who were in their personal capacities have been helping out on the sideline working with the government and help with the folks get to the gate that's will be seen the last week and a half the coronation is not there and were struggling to get people onto the plains of the u.s. military i just don't see how it's going to happen once they leave. neil: i'm wondering where they're drawing a distinction with our people versus afghan people who are friendly and helpful to our people, for drawing the line adjuster people that is just one thing if her telling of the tens of thousands of afghans who are held up in their homes and not going out to get them from their homes, they are dead people walking, are
1:36 pm
they? >> i don't think you had to have served in afghanistan to feel like a gut punch i want to punch a wall i've been talking to these people personally for over a week thousands of us half an hour at the point that we have no alternative for them and were trying to think how to get these people out and they've served in the middle east and africa and when you work with interpreters and people supporting you you look them in the face and you give them the promise that you will be there for them in situations like this, talking to veterans across the country right now and were encountering not just a humanitarian disaster on the ground in afghanistan but a mental trauma disaster for veterans this is breaking some of the hardest warriors i've ever met in my life because they feel helpless and were abandoning people we gave a solemn oath too, we've a moral and ethical obligation to take care of these people and with us pulling out on the 31st i
1:37 pm
don't see how that's possible. neil: some your colleagues that are trying to get everybody out by any means necessary even find in the technological way to show where the taliban is and when so they can speak to themselves to the airport, the notion it's a lot more than we ever thought forget about ten, 20, 3,040,000, 250,000 individuals, that is almost an unthinkable number to get evacuated in a week, isn't it? >> i think it is even if it was 80000 the best day we had was yesterday and i believe the pentagon put out 10000 or so, that is because you had 10000 on airfield, the journey from a basement hiding all the way to a refugee place an intermediate stage outside of afghanistan the hiccups have been the chokepoints at the gate and on the airfield with planes we
1:38 pm
couldn't meet it for the past week it's a math game we will not get out 80000 and we will definitely knock out 200,000. neil: if the brits and the germans in the french are outside the perimeter otherwise kabul itself trying to attract other people and afghan nationals were friends of their people in nato and what have you, why can't we do that and why aren't we doing them. >> it's really frustrating and they're not going to talk about the tactics and the techniques were using to help the folks are what the u.s. is doing on the ground but we have a lot more capabilities we have about their and it's through no fault of my colleagues at the state department in the department of defense these folks have been fighting and working day and night and trying to work in their personal capacity on the outside it's like they have been held back from doing what were capable of to get out not just our allies but were running to the u.s. citizens and green card
1:39 pm
holders who cannot make it through to the airport when i hear the administration talk about these things it doesn't match the fact what were hearing on the ground. neil: colonel tripp adams thank you for your service were looking at people that you never forgot them, i'm hoping neither do we as a country, thank you, very good to see you. we will have more after this. knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪♪
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neil: all right we now know the president will address the nation at the top of the hour of fairly movable deadline to get all out from a week from now the president has had a lot of intelligence briefings but today also briefing on the origins of covid jacqui heinrich following that from the white house. >> in afternoon we don't know
1:44 pm
how long it's going to take to get the public version of that report, white house press secretary jen psaki said that does sometimes involve getting pieces of it declassified within the next few days were expecting answers back and made intelligence community was split on the question whether the virus had natural origins in terms from animals to humans or if it could've jumped from a lab accident, we don't expect the origins probe is going to dove it all into the question of whether their might have been an intentional leak, it's not clear whether we'll get those answers but here's what jen psaki said about the report coming up. >> they say it typically takes a couple of days if not longer to put together classified version to present publicly and the president would be briefed first on any findings i don't have an exact date but i expect it'll be several days after tomorrow.
1:45 pm
>> china rejected calls from the international community for a full new evidence-based investigation and instead promoted alternative theories nih director francis collins says they expect this report to be classified adding they haven't had a preview but they worked hard to provide information to the intelligence groups that were conducting the renewed probe it's unclear if the find anything beyond what collins has already seen. >> the evidence from other perspectives says this was a naturally occurring virus, not to say it could've been understudied secretly at the wuhan institute overall the gene got out of there, but the virus itself did not have the earmarks of being created intentionally by human work. >> back in may the white house punted over questions on reports coming from the new york times that the intelligence people had uncovered a trove of data that
1:46 pm
have been previously unexamined and reportedly included genetic data, we don't know if the report is going to dive into that or the version will allow us to see it the white house has been tightlipped on the origins of the investigation and were looking forward to that report when it comes out. neil: on a lot of things, thank you very much. in the meantime the corner of your screen stocks are racing along, bitcoin giving back a little bit of big gains and from the lows remember woody got 29000 and change its up 70%, the guy saw that coming and he sees a lot more about coming after this. ♪ worst of all ♪ ♪ you never call ♪ baby daydreaming again? but i love you still
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neil: we've always said bitcoin is not the heart right now the volatility remains although not as volatile as it used to be over 50000 dropping off not that long ago to 29000 and flirting with 65000 plus, although the negatives that you compile on an investment were there and the fcc promising it's going to corral and oversight of that and
1:51 pm
then some confusion over tesla weather was ever going to offer pricing in the technology battling this pushed by china to not only clampdown but blow it up the guy has this entire process is amick group ceo a young guy missing the wisdom of this, a very young age, a week good to have you and thank you for coming back. where are we on bitcoin south of the 48101 it's volatile but it's held up remarkably well, what is driving this? >> i think what you're seeing is transition from regular people on the internet that were essentially ahead of the game and now you're seeing major companies major investors, wall street hedge funds and all these different groups are not only interested in starting to invest
1:52 pm
in 3.5 years ago when were having this conversation on fox news or another network is caught the attention of worldwide investors across the country and across the world what it's doing it's steadily driving prices up and if you see the cycle of fox news and the cycle of everything, it is becoming something that people are getting behind and people are investing in is something that they can hold over the long haul. neil: apparently that is the case of who's buying it 13% of investors find it to be a keen investment but young investors, 25% of millennial investors are dabbling in this, what do you make of that. >> kind of like what we discussed last time you see millennial's in younger generations being glued to their phones and social media through news sources and their ahead of
1:53 pm
the game we are seeing those younger groups having an advantage on this because throughout crypto for the last g major corporations and hedge funds and may be larger investors starting to get into it even though they are a little bit late it's all about knowledge and you're seeing people that has been in this multiple years and because of that there essentially ahead of the game. neil: is that money that they know they can risk losing or when the paypal says in the uk this will be accepted payment and maybe extend that to hear could it be that etf's are popping up or at least applications the sec and that's driving it, what is it. >> if you look at millennial investors i think they see the true potential and growth if you look at bitcoin the reason why
1:54 pm
it's valued so high and people are predicted it to go a heckuva lot higher there's a limited supply of bitcoin and the slow amount being mined over the course of time what happened it will slowly drive the price up very similar to goal when you're looking at a normal investor compared to hedge funds, etf's, wall street, bigger investors there seen as a legitimate currency in legitimate future because syntax companies such as paypal and square and other companies and major corporations that are now enabling people across the globe to trade bitcoin and ethereal and other digital currency that is legitimate calls and that's what's transitioning right now in the period were talking about what you discussed briefly now we are seeing the bigger corporation and the bigger money because there seen the
1:55 pm
legitimacy of it, retail investors in younger generations have been predicted and seen this coming for the last three or four years now or seen it coming to for ration. neil: in other words it's too late to kill the baby in the crib, it's advanced and i passed the baby stage in the toddler stage i'm wondering if people getting nosebleed looking at bitcoin whether you look at a theory of and that some of these others that are a lot cheaper to get your hands on. >> right, it just depends on someone's purchasing power, a theory and is going to do fantastic, dogecoin is a gamble but i think that is meant but keep in mind were still in the infancy stage and $50000 looks like a lot until it's 250,000 and then you are wishing you would've put a couple thousand dollars in. neil: the exponential growth is that what you're looking at the
1:56 pm
paid strategies that could work out? >> absolutely is going to be volatile this will not be the first time bitcoin hit a huge rally and then dumps down a little bit but you have to look in sheer market cap, the triptych currency market cleared to try again dollars and it's got a continue to rise, there is going to be mishaps and different things as far as federal regulation and for things like that but if it even gets close to market cap they will be exponential. ♪. neil: they give very, very much, we will see how it goes what you predicted is still going on, will have more after this. . .
1:57 pm
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neil: all right. a few seconds away from president of the united states. i pass it off to my colleague and good buddy, charles payne. hey, charles. charles: thanks very much, neil. good afternoon, i'm charles payne. this is "making money." president biden getting ready to address the nation on afghanistan at any moment. the pressure continues to mount. we'll take you there as soon as it begins. wall street's favorite, perhaps most frustrating pastime. we're talking about the fed's guessing game. we'll talk about the fed's plan at jackson hole, the zoom version, what it means for your portfolio. speaking of your portfolio have you checked yours lately? this i


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