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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 26, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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at's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $500 purchase allowance on most 2021 buick suv models. change of the great day. seeds are. "varney and company" begins. stuart: there's nothing good about what is going on in afghanistan was a terror threat in kabul airport, truck bombing considered likely within hours. americans are told don't go there and the thousands gathered at the airport i told to get out of the way but they are still there. inside the airport horrific conditions. army ranger went back to check
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the scene for himself and calls a death metal concert with only one accident it is on fire. it is developing hostage crisis and getting worse. the new york times says there are 250,000 afghans who worked with the us and haven't been evacuated. there is no everyone who wants out can get out by next tuesday so what then? the president was asked this question. >> what will you do if americans are still there after the deadline? >> president biden: you will be the first person i call. stuart: the white house cut the president's mike so he could not answer any more questions. afghanistan is an ongoing disaster. we are on it throughout the show. afghanistan at this point has had no impact on the markets. the dow up 40 points at "the opening bell". here comes another new high. the s&p hit its 50 first record wednesday, down a fraction this
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morning and the nasdaq down 30 points at "the opening bell". interest rates rising, yield on the 10 year treasury up 130, we are at 136 as of now and that's not helping big tech. as for bitcoin, a price quote of 47,$000. next case. the federal reserve start their big meeting today. they are leading towards raining there money printing but are not going to say it outright. i promise we are not going to spend much time reading the fed's tea leaves. there is more important stuff. vaccine and mask mandate spreading for businesses and schools. moderna reports contamination of its vaccine in japan, 1.6 million doses destroyed. i've got to show you this. a plane nearly empty leaving couple. wife and impact? because americans and afghan friends can't get through the taliban cordon around the
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airport. thursday august 20 sixth 2021. "varney and company" is about to begin. the chaos is growing in afghanistan. we have new video showing the taliban using teargas outside kabul airport. clear the crowds, get them out of the way. it is 5 days away from the withdrawal deadline. susan is with me. tell me more about this imminent terror threat. >> think of an isis attack, fox has confirmed is an ongoing threat from isis or part of their affiliates, possible car bomb or suicide attack at kabul airport and the threat is being characterized as more likely than unlikely for the past 24 hours. of the governments including the uk, belgium and others
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warned of a possible explosive, the us embassy morning us citizens gave leave immediately because of these threats. the taliban said the threat are not correct. if you look at the evacuation of us, the white house is the latest, 13,400 have been rushed out over the past 24 hours, 5100 flying on us military flights. as you mentioned looking at this empty plane on social media, a charter flight, people can't get through the taliban checkpoint tenuous was her gate to get on these planes and you had reports of the taliban in firing at an italian military plane, these are scary pictures at kabul airport. stuart: it is chaos. we understand vice president harris took six questions from the press a few hours ago in vietnam.
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am i right insanely two were about afghanistan. >> she said the mission is to get americans out. >> our highest priority is vaccinating american citizens am evacuating afghans who worked with us and afghans who are at risk with the priority on women and children. it is a dangerous and difficult mission but it must be seen through and we will see it through. >> anthony blinken estimated 1500 americans left in afghanistan. 500 have been instructed on how to leverage of thousands, the state department trying to get through to them. you heard reports of americans with passports can't be allowed or not being allowed to reach the airport by the taliban and and even if it extends past august 30 first they are not going to stop their efforts to get americans out according to him.
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>> jen psaki was asked by peter doocy why the president made a joke when asked about afghanistan. >> president biden: you will be the first person i call. >> he made a joke. the other peter did. he made a joke. what is so funny? >> the question he was asked if i remember correctly was about when he will provide information about a decision on august 30 first. of course it is an important question. stuart: jason chaffetz joins me this morning. seems like jen psaki has become the voice of the presidency in the absence from president biden she's the voice of the presidency. >> it is truly stunning that the president of the united states given the crisis that is going on, thousands of people that are involved, will not
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answer basic questions, pertinent questions. almost as if he is incapable of answering those questions. to have the white house microphone cut off. oftentimes the press will yell questions at the end of the press conference or at the end of statements and try to elicit some response, you have seen cackling from kamala harris along the way, president biden who is unwilling to do this. it doesn't add to the confidence level the we have a plan in place and are severe questions that need to be asked. congress is not setting up the proper hearings to ask tough questions of this administration. stuart: the administration needs a win of some sort. they are losing badly on afghanistan, on crime, on the border and inflation. they want a win and i put in you they will go with bernie
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sanders and socialism and social spending. >> the agenda in place. and and foreign service officers. and those friendly afghans, and how does that decision, >> it is scary when the president of the united states is losing his grip on his administration and current affairs. always appreciate it.
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not much price movement today, up for the dow, down for the nasdaq. dr barton on the bottom right-hand corner. do you think this market goes higher from here despite afghanistan? >> i do. we have talked about this before. money flowing in, and and not enough stocks participating and friday, monday, tuesday, an incredible volume push, 75% of the volume in the markets were going to upside stocks. when you get that kind of pushback it has been very positive over the next year, risk adjusted returns. and buying it.
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and another positive here. and slowing down. investors looking at the other side of the delta surge. that to me is positive. >> absolutely. that is a big key. i will hear from the fed, something during jackson hole, something market is watching but this delta variance issue is really big. i got to travel to chicago. mask mandate setback for inside activities. we start putting things up like that and the dip we've seen in retail will pick right back up. stuart: thanks for joining us. see you again soon. now this was the administration
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has updated timeline for the vaccine booster. >> 6 months instead of eight month according to reports based on data from pfizer, moderna, j and j, enough supply for these boosters they plan to distribute september 20th. stuart: here comes the booster. moderna getting close to fda approval. >> they supported their full data for final fda approval, we know pfizer got their official approval this week. moderna could get approval next month so you have two fda approved vaccines on the market. stuart: one more vaccines story. over 1 million, 1.6 million, the moderna vaccine spoiled in japan. >> they found foreign substances, 39 vaccine files
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that eight vaccination sites, one.6 moderna dose or dose batch if you want to call it that but it is scary when you are about floating substances in the unopened files. stuart: doesn't ensure confidence. we have this one for you as well. mask and vaccine stuff. the governor of illinois will announce a statewide indoor mask mandate as well as vaccine mandates for school employees, the state of illinois. chicago the latest city to mandate jab for city workers. lori lightfoot said city workers will need to summit proof of vaccination by october 15th. we have a lot on vaccine and mask mandates because they are spreading. futures one more time, 18 minutes from the market, mixed picture up for the dow and down for the nasdaq. for an evocative back jay cutler says uberes dropped him from the ad campaign because he
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spoke up against mask mandate. jay cutler is here. michael walsh has been vocal in his criticism of the handling of afghanistan. is warning of what could happen soon. role it. >> we are on the cusp of the biggest mass hostage situation in american history. it will make 1979 and tehran look like a sleepover. stuart: he is a combat decorated green beret who spend a lot of time in afghanistan. it is personal to him and he joined me right after this. [engine revving] [car horn and collisions] [tires squealing] just think, he'll be driving for real soon.
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stuart: futures a mixed market when we open in 12 minutes. this is happening now. president biden meeting with the national security team as us officials urge americans to leave the kabul airport gates immediately. how are they supposed to get out if they can't get through the gates? congressman, looks to me we are heading towards a major hostage crisis. >> absolutely right. i was up all night trying to help american citizens with us passports get through the gates and they didn't get through. we are on the verge of having thousands of americans left behind enemy lines. it is un-american to leave our fellow citizens behind and americans is what terrorists dictate terms of whether we get them and how we get them but in a briefing yesterday biden
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administration officials said their plan is to stay buddy buddy with the taliban and so after we leave the taliban and promises they will that americans leave. the taliban are holding an american hostage right now they've been holding for the last two years. they are on the cusp of getting a mountain of leverage biden is going to give them. they want access to billions in international reserves, international recognition for their islamic emirate, economic assistance and anytime they say no they will take another american hostage. this administration couldn't understand strength or leverage if it hit them upside the head. stuart: this is spiraling out of control, that's the way i look at it from my position right here. i don't see what the administration is going to do
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about it. i don't think they have the willingness to go back in and rescue our people and i don't know what is going to happen there. >> the sad irony is we have special operations forces in kabul ready to go. ready to go get americans in kabul, and in the hinterlands they can't get authorization from the white house because it upset the taliban and. i kid you not. this is what we are dealing with and in a broader peace, al qaeda and the taliban are married at the hip, al qaeda will come roaring back. biden's intelligence community use briefing us to that and now do we wait until we have another san bernardino for pulse nightclub or 9/11 before we deal with this?
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stuart: anyway you can get a bipartisan team together in congress, democrats and republicans who say we can't have this, can you get together that kind of coalition which will have some impact? >> we do, we have two democrat colleagues at this briefing speak to biden last night and he is ignoring everyone. he's not listening to the generals who told him not to do it this way, al qaeda coming back is not coming back if but when and not listen to the democrats on the hill. we've been asking together to start this evacuation months ago so we wouldn't be in this crisis and now they are asking him to extend the deadline to not leave americans behind and he's not listening. i don't know if he's clueless or heartless or both. stuart: it is an ongoing story. i'm sure you will be back to comment on it later. dozens of students and parents
9:22 am
from california are stranded in afghanistan. how did that happen? >> why did they come back earlier. children and adult relatives, all afghan refugees resettling california. they were stranded because they went on to revisit or visit their relatives, six families consisting of 16 adults, 24 students stuck their. you heard anthony blinken talking about 15 americans they are trying to get out of the country. the school district, one family didn't make their way back in 95,000 americans have been evacuated is why did they go back or get out earlier knowing the situation? stuart: we don't know when they went in the first place. >> they had the august 30 first deadline.
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>> 3 minutes to go before "the opening bell," graceless joins, and vaccine mandates for businesses. and you approve of this, the unvaccinated coming, many private sector companies turn up the heat on workers, the government has been in effect of. this is what we need to hit the tipping point. many employers like goldman sachs, united requiring mandatory vaccines for boys to return to work. people will become social pariahs if they don't get the vaccine, hard to go to work or dine in and go to certain
9:28 am
social events. if someone puts coworkers in harm's way by engaging in risky behavior they should be subject to the -- look at delta charging employees more for healthcare premiums. that is what we need. stuart: you are okay with excluding people, they won't get the vaccine. the long-term effects of which we don't know and you are okay. you can't come in. might be 20% of your workforce. there is no shortage of workers. >> there have been compromises and reasons for not getting the vaccine but in earnest most people should get the vaccine. of polio was around today and we invented the polio vaccine we would never eradicate that is a disease. this is the right action to take. employers should be punitive and require their employees to get vaccinated.
9:29 am
stuart: do you think this requirement of vaccination by corporations and businesses will help us get to the other side of delta? that is a positive for the market. >> everyone is calling for the death of new york city, new york is coming back, you can see on the streets in realist right -- going through the roof again. it is working, problems in the south, vaccination rates are lower but get vaccinated and we get back to work. stuart: is a slippery slope? your employer says you got to get vaccinated. what happens next, check your heartbeat, your cholesterol level, and a slippery slope.
9:30 am
>> if you engage in risky behavior, which i'm very against. and in harm's way there should be punitive actions. restricting ability to work, on that risky behavior. taking a tough stand and more on it later. thanks for being here. it is mine:30 eastern, that market has opened, inconclusive half-and-half down. the s&p 500 is down 0.08%, that is on the downside on one one%. >> the specific,.111%. stuart: you said put it in perspective.
9:31 am
amazon struggle back to $3,300 a share. google, and microsoft, mixed picture here, pfizer at $47 a share. biotech on the downside to the tune of $4 and some earnings reports. cody, that is a beauty company up 6.6%. >> huge return to sales growth, sales came in better and that's a good thing, a good sign there's recovery in the business. stuart: the pandemic -- >> from a man who was hasn't worn makeup in a year let's work on that. stuart: dealing with two companies, dollar general. >> discount retailing did well but it is hard to compared to
9:32 am
last year. same-store sales foot traffic dropping 4%. forecasting lower earnings. and slightly make more money. the covid discount -- stuart: what about jm or however you pronounce it. >> they are warning of inflation to couple your forecasts because of higher input costs, more they are paying for strawberries or glass. stuart: it is obvious in the grocery store and it is obviously, and go through the roof. >> 1100% increase in complaining for labor and input. stuart: williams-sonoma a high end retailer, pottery barn,
9:33 am
18%. >> they raise their dividends 20%. one and a quarter billion dollars of stock they are buying, very positive. is that what they call it? >> they are charging $40 for spatula. make a joke about williams-sonoma. they are a makeup and beauty retailer, benefiting from getting back to work. >> second quarter sales, and the beauty industry.
9:34 am
the magic word, they are a cloud company, down after they reported yesterday up 7%. what is the story? >> they are calling it $330 stock. and they double from last year the warehouse infrastructure, and it is much better than sales growth. >> it is so excited, and -- >> 23% from a year ago raise for your guidance, that at 70 points to the dow, the dow stock straight up.
9:35 am
i used to think salesforce was a boring company. let me have a list of dow winners. morgan, ibm, goldman, the s&p 500 winners list headed by -- show me the nasdaq winners, big tech company to appear on the winner's list and it is not there. >> activision blizzard, the pandemic booming gaming continues. stuart: they plan to spend billions more on cyber security. and this follows a meeting with the president yesterday. what came out of the meeting other than they are going to spend a ton of money. >> that is important. some of these numbers are staggering.
9:36 am
they spend $10 billion, over the next five years, and 50,000 jobs with cybersecurity, and it is positive. >> i will see what the administration will do to the hackers messing around with us but we didn't hear about that. 69 or 70 points up 0.2%. the tenure treasury yield, going back up again, one.36%. >> 1786. and oil, we have that at $67, average price for gas holding at $3.14 was the situation in
9:37 am
afghanistan more dangerous by the hour. at home the president won't take questions. he's cracking jokes. watch this. >> what will you do if americans are there after the deadline? >> president biden: you will be the first person i will call. stuart: i don't think it is a laughing matter. kabul airport is under an imminent terror threat. a report on this after this. ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild
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stuart: 11 minutes into the trading session, no transfer prices up 60 points. troops have left afghanistan, that means 5200 troops remain at the airport in kabul. right now there are reports of
9:42 am
an imminent terror bomb threat within hours at the airport. tell me more about this threat. >> an official confirmed those reports to me on condition of anonymity saying this threat of a vehicle bomb or suicide bomb by isis k another affiliate has been measured more likely than unlikely over the course of the last 24 hours. us embassy warned americans not to come to the airport or avoid the gates, they tweeted due to threats outside the kabul airport, they avoid traveling to the airport, those at eastgate or northgate now should leave immediately.
9:43 am
they rescue 500 to 1500 americans estimated to be in the country right now, the last evacuation flights according to reports, 13,400 evacuated the last 24 hours, the vice president spoke overnight in vietnam on this. the president is speaking to the august 30 first withdrawal deadline asking for contingency plans to the mission not be complete by then and the president will meet with the israeli prime minister. there is continued friction between the leaders punishes like the plan to revive the iran nuclear deal, to expand west bank settlements the
9:44 am
president exposes and this agreement over president biden's ambitions to open a consulate in jerusalem but regional to billy concerns are in full view with the fall of the afghan government, they are speaking optimistically about the meeting, bennett planning to offer a new vision on iran by strengthening ties with arab countries. stuart: got it all. tomorrow reportedly the last day for european airlift out of afghanistan. greg has the latest in london. >> reporter: this is more fallout to get out of afghanistan by august 30 first. along with the us, our allies like the uk, france and germany evacuating thousands of citizens and afghans but they are ending their airlift. some today, some tomorrow leaving what they fear are many
9:45 am
stranded in the country and that's because of people trying to get into kabul airport and the oncoming terror threat these countries want to get their troops out before the us goes out of caution and concern. americans are set to be gone by next tuesday. many are upset with the white house. one german commentator spoke today. >> should not have been a schedule of this precise nature. i heard biden responsible, and artificial deadline. >> with the talent and threat, earlier this week, boris johnson reportedly tried to convince biden to change his mind, he might reconsider it but europeans and others can't count on it especially, next tuesday.
9:46 am
evacuating people from kabul airport, taking off today, shocked in the vicinity, no damage or injuries are reported. there's a lot of damage to alliances or danger to the locals still at risk on the ground. stuart: there are huge stories, afghanistan and your money, the markets. susan is looking at companies that will report after the bell, the gap report after the bill and the dow 5%. >> we anticipate $4 billion in sales. the back-to-school season, how strong is it, how much does the delta variant play into store closures and construction and consumer trend. stuart: and shortages of some items. telethon. >> that will be interesting because we are looking for losses in the quarter for
9:47 am
powellaton, they recall their tread after a child's death so they will restart selling lower-cost treadmills next week or so. we are looking for losses but guidance will be key. stuart: a couple of -- that was the dell and hp. >> pcs have been booming during the covid lockdown because people are working from home, schooling from home, the chip shortage plays into the guidance forward. stuart: wait for this afternoon. former nfl quarterback jay cutler looking at a new job prospect, getting on a school board at his children's school. what inspired that? here is why. he spoke out against masks and got a lot of backlash. jacob there is here to talk about that. america has set aside billions of dollars for aid to afghanistan. are we going to give it to them?
9:48 am
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9:52 am
important, us officials confirming to fox news that there was an explosion outside kabul airport. injuries and fatalities not clear at this point. last night there were 5000 afghans or maybe americans outside the airport. we confirmed there has been an explosion. more coming up. the us and other countries trying to cut off financial support to afghanistan as the taliban takes over. hillary vaughan is with us. what happens to the billions the us has set aside for afghanistan. are we going to give them the money? >> reporter: we aren't but there's another big business opportunity for iran which has been cashing in on the talent and takeover of afghanistan as iran is resuming fuel exports after the talent and -- the price of gas in afghanistan
9:53 am
reached $900 a ton so to counter the price spike the taliban are importing more fuel from iran, the taliban take over opening up an economic boom for the country, iran is the world's fourth largest oil reserves because there are not many countries it can sell it to now that the taliban has taken over, a spokesman for iran's oil export union saying the taliban and sent messages to iran saying you can continue to export petroleum products, the new iranian government is a chemically expand cooperation with the taliban government. iran could easily double its trade with afghanistan doubling trade with the country would be a billion-dollar business for iran between march last year and this year. iran accounts for $367 million in imports to afghanistan. most of it is steel. 400,000 tons of uranium fuel were sent during the same timeframe and the new economic partnership between iran and the taliban is concerning to israel who is increasingly
9:54 am
alarmed about the instability, the president will meet with israeli prime minister naftali benett in the oval office and jen psaki said that iran is going to be discussed. stuart: thank you very much. i'm looking at the markets right now. not much change in the last few minutes despite the report which has been accepted as a valid report. there's been an explosion outside the abbey gate at kabul airport. this was reported a few minutes ago. the market knows about this but has taken no action. the dow up 50, and this report. zoom, up 5%. >> morgan stanley, worth $400 in their view and quickly, this is one of the hindenburg hit
9:55 am
electric truckmakers. we have a change of leadership. stuart: they were shorted big time. >> and berg said they oversold their technology. stuart: i saw that $5 a share. a new guy coming in. miranda divine, former nfl quarterback jay cutler spoke against masks in schools, got canceled. florida congressman and iraq war combat veteran greg steube will be with us and pete hegseth, looking at the second hour of "varney and company" which is about to begin. ♪♪
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♪. stuart: 10:00 here in new york city, we have this. breaking news. u.s. officials confirming to fox there was an explosion outside the abby gate at kabul airport. injuries, fatalities not clear at this point. we do know last night there were 5000 afghans, possibly some americans outside of that gate at the airport. we don't know whether they were still there when this explosion occurred. okay. a white house official, the
10:00 am
president, white house official says the president has been briefed on this but clearly we're spiraling down at the airport in kabul. the markets not reacting to this. the news has been out on this explosion for some time. no reaction to the market. dow up 30 points. nasdaq down about 6. treasury yield on the upside, 1.36%. the federal reserve begins the annual jackson hole summit. it will be virtual. it starts today. interest rates rising. bitcoin, $47,180 per coin as of right now. 10:00, the latest mortgage rates. lauren. lauren: 2.897% for the 30-year fixed-rate. a fraction higher than last week. the chief economist at freddie mac basically summed up the predictment jay powell and federal reserve are facing,
10:01 am
tug-of-war between the economic recovery, you don't want to kill it but you have rising covid cases, so what do you do. housing and mortgage rates, nothing. move sideways basically. stuart: the dow still up 35, 37 points. now this. elections have consequences and we are now living with the consequences of putting job jobe in the white house. for seven months he paid no price for the crises he helped create, the border, crime, policing, inflation. he just ignored it, put out soothing words that he really was on top of it all. now there is the appalling fiasco in afghanistan. he can't get out of this one. he can turn his back and answer no questions but the kabul chaos is on him. the president made a series of mistakes. he failed to get to grips with the kabul collapse. he surrendered to the taliban. he closed the bagram airbase three days before the evacuations began. he is failing to get everyone
10:02 am
out. we learned of a explosion outside of the kabul airport. utter chaos. how do you get people out in a situation like that? look at this plane yesterday on the tarmac at the airport in kabul. it left almost empty because the taliban are not letting people through their airport cordon. nbc asked the president this question. >> sir what will you do if the americans are still there after the deadline? no? >> you will be the first person i call the. stuart: the white house cut off mic after that. mr. president, you cannot laugh that out. thousands, tens of thousands will be left behind. heavens nodes what happens to them. the story runs way past. the deadline. it will be ugly. it will be humiliating. the terrorists are back. there already has been an explosion as we reported outside of the airport. candidate biden promised
10:03 am
competent, transparent government. he and america are about to discover the consequences of his failures. the second hour of "varney" is just getting started. stuart: miranda devine joins me now. great to have you on the program at a very important moment. i get the feeling, when i see reports of explosions right outside the gate there at the airport i think things are spiraling out of control. we've lost control. what say you? >> well looks like and you know we've been behind the eight ball from the very beginning because of the disaster that joe biden set in train by as you said evacuating, abandoning bagram airbase before even started to evacuate the thousands of americans and our allies who were there. so you know, there has been a masterful job done by the
10:04 am
military at that airport so far but they have really put in a very difficult position. and you know, your editorial is so spot on. the problem with this president is that he's, his incompetence knows no bounds. we have been warned of that people close to him like barack obama in his 50 year career. there is nothing he can't mess up. you cannot underestimate how much he can mess up. his short time in office all sorts of problems happening. we can't even anticipate what else might come up in disasters he has put in train. just two issues, the border and inflation. there is an attitude from this administration, mean-spiritedness at the heart of it and just an attitude we don't have to answer questions,
10:05 am
no explanations, no humility, no contrition, no acknowledgement like any normal person would that what you're doing just lacks common sense and is a disaster waiting to happen. we've seen afghanistan. the consequences of that are enormous. already america's standing in the world has taken a beating. stuart: miranda, i will ask you the same question i've been asking many of our guests for the past 10 days, i have looked at the president's performance and i've asked the question, is he up to the job of commander-in-chief of the united states? i will ask you that question. is he up to the job? >> no, he's not. that was evident during the campaign when he couldn't even come out of his basement to campaign, to be subjected to the normal, you know, transparency and accountability that we get from our candidates. i mean certainly donald trump was getting that. he was getting scrutiny like you
10:06 am
wouldn't believe but joe biden got a free pass. i have to say the media is just as complicit in foisting on the american people this man who is incapable i think both from long term character position and also from just he's obvious cognitive decline. stuart: cognitive decline, that's the expression. tough one to use. miranda, thanks for being with us. difficult day, but we appreciate it. >> thanks so much. stuart: i will get back to the market to link in these new developments in afghanistan. bob doll is with us. bob, we had a report of the explosion right outside of the airport in kabul. we got the report, 20, 30 minutes ago, when the market was open. no impact on the market. can you explain that? >> well i think, stuart, the market is saying we knew that was going going to be messy. the markets are saying we don't have any details are there
10:07 am
casualties. afghanistan economy as you know is so small it really doesn't matter. so the market is taking a pass in the short term. needless to say as you've been covering it razes questions about our position around the world both with our friends and our enemies. they all get worse. that is never good for markets. in the short term the markets are yawning and trying to focus on other things. stuart: a lot of our analysts, the people who appear on the program talking about the market, talking about inflation. inflation is absolutely clear. it is there, we all feel it, we all see it. i'm looking at a bank rate survey, it was a survey from bank rate. 90% of the people they polled, yeah, we've experienced inflation and we don't like it. do you think this will result consumers pulling back on their spending because they don't want to pay these higher prices? >> consumers have a lot of cash
10:08 am
so they will legitimately complain and observe about higher prices but i think they will continue to spend money, stuart, because they have the money. in some fence if they expect prices to go higher may buy sooner before the price is higher for that particular item. stuart: in inflation environment. you buy now because the price is going up next week, or next month. what is it what you do. you still think the overall direction of the market is gradually inching higher into the summer and into the fall, right? >> exactly. the tina, there is no alternative argument, the amount of cash on the sidelines, the effect economy and earnings while slow something still a very strong rate. these are the positives, stuart, that keep the fuel under the fire for the market to go higher. easy money this year i would go on to say out of the other side of my mouth has been made, it will be bumpier, it will be choppier, we'll have setbacks. stuart: thinking about getting
10:09 am
out, taking my profit, sleeping easy at night but i won't do it yet. hey, bob doll, you're all right. see you sir. thank you, sir. >> you got it, i want to move now to the mask and vaccine mandate story. look at this, the governor of illinois, jamie pritzker he is set to issue a statewide indoor mask mandate. what else is he doing? >> vaccine mandate for teachers in kindergarten all the way up or they have to submit to weekly testing. for children 2 and older if they're in preschool or some sort of gymnastics class they have to wear masks as well. try getting a 2-year-old wearing masks. stuart: preschooler wearing masks? lauren: yes. he is warning of harsher measures to come if they can't get the hospitalization rate down in the state of illinois. we saw this in chicago, i will but all illinois. he is set to the make the announcement.
10:10 am
mask up, get vaccinated. that is the warnings, that we're getting. stuart: sales force, up now 5%. it is leading the dow actually. what just, nasdaq hit a record high. nasdaq all-time high. sales force is up 5%. dow stock going up. what is the story? lauren: adding 70 points to the dow. strong earnings, strong guidance. revenue increased 23% on annual basis. they closed their acquisition of slack. we use slack here at work. people like it. makes work from home, coordinating among departments easier. stuart: we use it at fox. lauren: we don't use it but everybody else does. stuart: snowflake, the magic word with snowflake it's a cloud company. they're up 7%. do you have the story? lauren: they benefit from remote work. sales more than doubled, they announced not only new rip relationships with clients but added one million dollar plus customer. they're bringing bigger clients spending more money.
10:11 am
stuart: williams-sonoma. look at the stock, look at it go. up 10%. that is a nice gain. lauren: weddings are happening again. no one got married last year. you couldn't have a party if you got married. you couldn't because of covid. the registries are back. that business almost doubled. they own pottery barn and up 50% at west helm. stuart: my daughter is a magistrate and performs civil ceremonies. her business is booming. one member of the mainstream media scoffing at parents who oppose masking their kids in class. watch this. >> why so angry? it's a mask. just because you can't have kids does not mean you should. yeah, i said it. lauren: what? stuart: what? well, we have to roll that one again i honestly didn't understand mr. lemon. former nfl quarterback jay
10:12 am
cutler, he was dropped from an uber eats campaign from opposing mask mandates in schools. he will be here live shortly. first how is president biden's afghan surrender affect morale in the military? i will ask former army infantry captain, sawn parnell. yes, late news. there is a explosion at a gate outside of kabul airport. live coming up for you. experience our advance standards safety technology on a full line of vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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10:17 am
bombing outside the abby gate at kabul's airport. come on in trey yingst, in qatar with the late-breaking details on this, trey. reporter: stuart, good morning. this breaking just now, three u.s. servicemembers have been wounded in this explosions according to officials speaking with fox's lucas tomlinson. earlier this hour there was an explosion at the airport in kabul a number of people wounded according to eyewitnesses. this is the exact situation that british and american officials warned about over the past 48 hours. we saw intelligence reports indicating that there could be an attack by a group called isis-k. the k stands for corazon province in eastern afghanistan. this is a very small terrorist organization in afghanistan, an offshoot of the islamic state that started back around 2014. they were responsible for a number of attacks against afghan and pakistani civilians over the past several years but this was
10:18 am
the group that american officials were worried about. they were worried they would specifically targeted the airport as thousands of evacuees fled the country. the images from the past 24 hours on the ground in kabul, the area they were targeting for the suicide attack would be heavily populated. we were on the ground in kabul on sunday. we saw how orderly it was inside of the airport gates. american troops, other foreign troops were able to evacuate people that could make it into the compound and on to c-17 military planes. just over the walls of the airport though, complete chaos as american forces tried to draw a line between their soldiers and the taliban to allow as many civilians with the correct paperwork to make their way through on to evacuation planes. very concerning reports out of the ground in afghanistan. but again the latest information we have, according to eyewitnesses several people injured what appears to be a suicide bombing outside of the
10:19 am
apart in kabul afghanistan. stuart: trey yingst, thanks so much. i want to bring in pennsylvania senate candidate, retired army infantry captain, sean parnell. sean reaction please to the suicide bombing that injured three american troops. it seems like it changes the equation at the airport. who can get -- bombing of the gate? >> it is unbelievable. anybody could have seen this coming. in fact my contacts on the ground, i have people on the ground right now in afghanistan helping to evacuate people, they knew something like this was coming, stu, and ultimately joe biden owns this. it was hispaniced retreat that led to the static defensive position that we have at the airport there in kabul and look, this sort of encompasses why it is so dangerous to negotiate with the taliban. you cannot trust them. they talk out of both sides of their mouth. you see joe biden go to the
10:20 am
podium, and secretary of state blinken say, taliban will help evacuate our people. that is absolutely not true. and they talk as if the taliban is some sort of monolithic force. isis-k is over there. hekmati is over there, haqqani is over there. they have so many checkpoints in and around the airport, stu, our people, american citizens allies can't even get there. it is an absolute disaster. stuart: sean, we're being run out of town. we're supposed to get everybody out by next tuesday. we're being run out of town before then. do the troops that you know, military people that you know, do they have confidence in joe biden as their commander in chief? do they have confidence in the defense secretary austin? >> no of course not. part of confidence building is watching how your commander conducts themselves. joe biden goes to the podium. he sort of gives this presentation that everything is going swimmingly, taliban will help us, our troops are seeing something very different on the
10:21 am
ground. they're seeing absolute chaos. thousands of people outside of abby gate can't get access to the airport for evacuation in the first place. tragically all this ends with the suicide bombings at abby gate where there are casualties american citizens among them. this is an absolute disaster. the very fact that we have to ask this question of secretary of defense austin, and joe biden, maybe we should not have been focused on diversity, inclusion, critical race theory for the last six months, maybe more focused on a pragmatic, strategic withdrawal from afghanistan. stuart: hold on for a second. tough break in. fox's jennifer griffin is reporting this, an explosion reported near the baron hotel, i believe that is in kabul where americans in the past have gathered for rescue, an explosion at ha hotel. sean, we're being run out of town.
10:22 am
whatever deal we have with the taliban and terrorists we can go freely, that has been broken. you can't negotiate terrorists because they have bean whatever word they had. last word to you. >> the mission dictates the timeline. we still have american citizens on the ground. we don't leave our people behind. we should not be leaving that country until all of our citizens are safe from the terrorist threat there and safely evacuated, period, end of story. there can be no negotiation with these terrorists, our commander-in-chief, secretary of defense, general milley, they should know better. stuart: sean parnell, very good stuff at an appropriate moment. we appreciate that, sean. i want to tell everyone a pentagon briefing will be at 10:30. it was postponed. just canceled just like that. they're trying to deal with the explosion at the gate to the airport and our reporting of an explosion at the baron hotel in kabul. my opinion we're being run out
10:23 am
of town and the taliban are running us out of town that is a disgrace. there is a sidebar story here. some california students and parents are stranded in afghanistan. they took a summer trip over there. now they can't get back. how people are we talking about? lauren: 24 students, children, six teen parents. six different families. they live in southern california. visiting relatives in the summer in afghanistan. they couldn't get to the airport. they notified the school, hey, our kids can't make it. please hold their spot. their school got ahold of this. congressman darrell issa got ahold of this. working in touch with the white house with six families. jen psaki was asked about the families yesterday. she said she had no idea what the reporter was talking about when she was asked that. we don't seem to have the information, how many people are there. you say contact you to help. well, congressman isis office did multiple times. stuart: extraordinary. the news is just coming false
10:24 am
and furious, that is the only way to explain it, we're following all the breaking details and there are lots of them this. is a fast breaking and tragic story. stay right there. more "varney" after this. ♪. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. one, two! one, two, three! only pay for what you need! with customized car insurance from liberty mutual!
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stuart: dreadful developments in kabul, afghanistan. fox news's jennifer griffin report as second explosion near the abby gate which is right at the airport. one explosion reported from the baron hotel, or at least near the baron hotel. that is a hotel where 169 americans were rescued late last week by three army helicopters. it is 200 yards from the kabul airport. now in the original suicide bombing at the gate the abby gate, as it is called, three u.s. troops have been wounded. from the suicide bombing at that airport gate. fox was told it was someone with a suicide vest followed by a gunfight. all airport gates are closed. this was described as a complex attack. the white house will only say that the president has been briefed. he promised to pass on anymore information as possible, but inclear if the president is still in the situation room with his national security team. all this is happening thick and fast over there and it is not
10:29 am
good news. let's change the subject just a little. arizona's attorney general mark brnovich is barning of a potential terrorist threat at the southern border because of terrorists being released by taliban. tom homan joins me now. tom can you update us on this possible terrorist threat on the southern border? >> varney, i've been out network almost three years. i've been saying this. when you have a vulnerable southwest border it is ripe for people who want to come do us harm, terrorists. why do i say that? after 9/11 we have a lot of databases now, background checks, a lot of vetting. you can't get a plane ticket in the united states if there is a lot of derogatory information on you including dod. the program with cpb it is almost impossible for the people to get visas to come into the united states the way they did in 9/11 f you're a terrorist,
10:30 am
want to get to the united states, can't get a plane ticket or visa how will you come? come through the southwest border. the border patrol is on record, 40 to 50% of their people are not on the line. taking care of family units during this humanitarian crisis. they have reported 300,000 got aways already. 300,000 people got away weren't arrested. this is camera traffic, drone traffic, the border patrol says this is real number. 300 people thousand never arrested how many were gang members, how many had fentanyl, how many were suspectedded terrorists? we don't know. we arrested 15 suspected terrorists coming across the boredder from al-shabaab, hezbollah, taliban. we know they traded to enter the country, already this year border patrol arrested five on the terrorist watch list. it's a real vulnerability right now. many people put the afghan mess
10:31 am
on president biden. do you put the border mess firmly on president biden? >> absolutely. absolutely. he knew exactly what he was doing when he made the promises during the campaign. remain in mexico giving amnesty, giving free health care, shutting down i.c.e. he said everything he had to say to open that border because he totaled to the progressive left. he sold himself out to get progressive left votes out to become president. he followed through with this. this is open border agenda, you can't name one thing, i dare anybody, name one thing they have done to slow the flow? only thing they have done releasing people quicker. we have sued them. i've been involved with the texas ag. i sued them three times. we're 3-0. we won the remain in mexico program which drives numbers down. what did the government do? they appealed it the supreme court. they want to continue to do what they do. they want to continue not to secure the border.
10:32 am
this is the first president in my lifetime who has appealed a decision to secure the border. stuart: look, the border has been overshadowed what is going on in afghanistan. just give me 30 seconds on whether or not migrants are still pouring by the thousands a day across that border. is it still happening? >> yes it is still happening. the border patrol, the border patrol agents morale is nonexistent. they're overworked. they're coming across the border. it is humanitarian issue, stuart. it is a public health issue. covid is coming across the border. record amounts of fentanyl coming across the border. 90,000 overdose death this is year. it is a national security crisis. vulnerable to terrorists coming across. stuart: appalling. tom homan, thanks very much for being here. always appreciate it sir. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: we're following the situation in kabul airport very carefully. two explosions reported an confirmed. the pentagon has postponed their
10:33 am
10:30 briefing. pete hegseth is here at top of the hour. we'll get his reaction what is going on over there. from the football field to the school board, jay cutler fired up about mask mandates for kids. he wants to run for his local school board. i will ask him about that right after this. ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers. ♪ ♪
10:34 am
as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage.
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10:37 am
>> it's a mask. just because you can have kids does not mean you should. yeah, i said it. and it would be funny if it weren't for the fact that peoples lives were at stake. the misinformation, the lies, they're killing us. stuart: good lord. that was cnn's don lemon reacting to parents who are against mask mandates in schools. that was his response. good god. let me bring in former nfl quarterback jay cutler. jay, why are you against mask mandates in schools? >> thanks for having me on,
10:38 am
stuart. i mean for numerous reasons. i think whenever we look at the statistics the kids, my age, elementary that i have in elementary school they're at the very bottom of the spectrum of kids, of people getting sick, getting hospitalized and if you think about it, these kids are in a school for eight hours. they're taking masks on and off. that air is getting circulated. it just is. it is just a matter of time. you can't put 12 eight-year-olds in a room expect them to put masks on to be able to have those on for eight hours a day. it is just not possible. i think we're really, we're not giving the kids a chance to learn and do what they need to do best in the school setting right now. stuart: so now you're running for the school board in the school district where your youngsters are going to school. i take it you're doing that because you don't want any mask mandate in your school district, right? >> yeah.
10:39 am
i don't want a mask mandate. i will be clear, if you want to wear a mask, if you want to get the vaccine, that's fine. that's your choice. i just don't want for someone else to say that i have to do something whenever i feel that you know it is not needed or not something, that i believe in. but you know i've got a kindergartener, second-grader, third grader. i want the best for them going forward for the rest of their lives. i think the county where i live, there a lot of parents, a lot of families weren't hurt by this school board. that is a shame. the decision was made before the meeting started. it is important to me for the kids to get the best interests and for all of the families and the parents to be heard. stuart: good. you were dropped though by an uber eats ad campaign because of your stance on masks. may i ask if you lost any other
10:40 am
sponsorships? >> you know i haven't lost anything else. everyone else has been -- i think whenever you start thinking about, i think a lot of people are unheard and they're kind of in the middle of this, they don't want to say anything but they also do believe that you know you should have a choice on the masks. you should have a choice on the vaccine. there is a massive amount of people out there secretly rooting for people that you know, that do speak out but everyone else that i'm associated with has been supportive which has been good. stuart: i hope that you let it all out on your new podcast. i believe it is called uncut with jay cutler. you have a reputation for being outspoken shall we say. i take it you will be outspoken on your podcast about this issue. are you? >> yeah, i am. i think with this setting, something that i can control. i can control the guests. i can control the narrative. so which is hard to do in today's world i think. so i'm going to have some guests on. i will have both sides of the
10:41 am
party on this thing. i want to be open-minded. i want to hear what everyone is saying. obviously i will have my opinion as well too. stuart: good. >> so uncut with jay cutler. on podcast one. i'm excited about it. stuart: we need some serious commentary on this issue. i think you're going to give it to us. jay cutler, an honor to have you on the show. great to see you, sir. >> thanks for having me. stuart: sure. i got to keep on with the breaking news out of afghanistan. that is a live shot of the airport in kabul. the news now is three servicemembers, sorry, the pentagon's john kirby, he has confirmed that the explosion occurred near the abby gate at the kabul airport. he has confirmed a unknown number of casualties and the three servicemembers hurt in the explosion in afghanistan they are marines. we know three servicemen were injured. it was a suicide attack. we know that they were marines. we know that there is another bombing or an explosion i should
10:42 am
say near the airport. we know that there was another explosion at the baron hotel 200 yards from the airport. that is a staging ground for americans trying to get out. that is what is happening over there. it is spiraling down. let's get to the markets. i don't at this point, i don't think we can say they're reacting to what is going on in kabul although they have turned south across the board. lauren: there is a change in tone. there is change in tone all week t shifted really fast. seems like there was hated and unloved bull rally. full-on bull, all the meme stocks were up 28 days in a row. number of covid infections rising. now you have geopolitical uncertainty. those last two make investors not know what to do at a time where the market before this downturn hit all-time high for the s&p 500 and nasdaq. stuart: it's a crisis for the administration. it's a crisis for the presidency.
10:43 am
around the market, i think the market is beginning to react. you havedown 70 for the dow. down 60 on the nasdaq. down 18 for the s&p. moving south as we speak. lauren: it derails the biden domestic agenda, whether you like it or not, can he still push through the by partisan infrastructure which would be great for their revenue. does he get the $3.5 trillions spending free-for-all? his again is in question right now. stuart: he will push strongly 3 1/2 trillion, 4 trillion-dollar deal for social spending. he needs a win. he lost on the border. he lost in afghanistan dramatically. he lost on inflation. lauren: if you're not popular i don't know if you can get that win. stuart: you're absolutely right. thanks, lauren. here is what is coming up. look at this headline replace joe biden's foreign policy now. dan heninger wrote that in "the wall street journal."
10:44 am
what would he replace it with? good question, he is on the show though. my next guest congressman greg stuebe served in the middle east. i will get his reaction to the explosions in kabul. not good. (judith) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. these days, we want sophisticated but simple. cutting edge made user friendly. in other words, we want a hybrid.
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10:48 am
stuart: it is developing thick and fast over there. at least three u.s. marines wounded in the cab kabul airport suicide bombing. market is getting reaction. dow down 50. nasdaq also on the downside, probably in the reaction to spiraling down we're seeing in afghanistan. do we have hillary vaughn with us? okay, we're waiting to get a live report from the white house with all of the latest developments. let me spell out what i know at this point and what has been confirmed. a suicide bombing at the the at abbey gate at the airport in kabul. where three marines we know have been wounded. there was another explosion very close to the airport. we don't have the exact location. but there was another explosion.
10:49 am
that was explosion number two. there was an explosion at the baron hotel which had been a staging ground to get americans out. hillary vaughn at the white house. what do you have for us, hill? reporter: stuart, we're waiting to hear from the president. we know he has been briefed on this matter. we're hearing from our own chad pergram that sources on capitol hill are also getting ongoing information about this. we are hearing that the gates are completely closed. the abbey gate and other gates at could be buell hotel are completely closed. the baron hotel was used as a location as jennifer griffin reports to evacuate 150 a afghanis and americans with three operations with three helicopters to get them lifted and out of afghanistan. that was a gathering point for people seeking evacuation and refuge and americans and we also, this something that at least intelligence sources who have told fox news were
10:50 am
expecting as possible or imminent. we did get the confirmation earlier this morning to fox there was serious security incident that was imminent around the airport. that is why the state department decided to tell these americans and other afghanis who were seeking refuge and evacuation, leave the airport, leave the abbey gate because it was not safe. the state department issued a bulletin moments ago not to come to the airport because it is not safe. this is a big problem for the white house and also the biden administration because they have assured people that if they got to the airport that they would be able to be processed at some point and they would be able to get out not only at this point in time but also after the august 31st deadline when they were expected to withdraw. so it is very clear now that before this deadline of august 31st that people, for the moment are not able to get
10:51 am
to the airport, nor is it safe to be at at the airport. that is the point of the evacuation. we're waiting to hear from reaction from the white house. we do know the president is meeting with the national security team in the situation room. we'll see and come back to you as we get reaction. stuart: you got it, hillary. moving situation. thanks for being with us. i want to bring in greg stuebe, republican congressman from florida. congressman, this is obviously spiraling out of control. seems like we're being run out of town by terrorists and it is happening real fast. your take on this please? >> well joe biden's letting this happen. you know first it was hey, shelter in place. then it was, get to the airport as soon as you can but we're not going to come and get you. then it was, call us or email us, we'll talk you into the airport. that is the only place we control anything right now. why is the biden administration not sending in troops to go get our people? now they're telling them to shelter in place and now you
10:52 am
have these suicide bombers which we haven't been given details of. the details are kind of murky, but now americans are getting wounded. our guys at the airport. why are we not sending our military servicemembers out to get our americans and fight back? just blows my mind. it is frustrating as a veteran who served in iraq and operation iraqi freedom we're seeing this right now. stuart: congressman, hang on a moment. i want to go to lucas tomlinson. he is on the phone from the pentagon. what is the latest that you can tell us, lucas? reporter: stuart here is the latest at least three u.s. marines are wounded. not clear how the serious the wounds are when a suicide bomber approached the abbey gate near the baron hotel. it is where the cia and ground branch personnel and special operations forces launched that daring rescue mission to pull 169 americans outside the gate at the hotel at the baron hotel
10:53 am
back into the airport. it was just 200 yards from the main gate, just shows you how volatile it is last night. stuart, in fact just last night my former interpreter wrote me that over 5,000 afghans had gathered at the gate. that happened when the state department issued that dire warning that any americans outside of any gate surrounding the airport need to leave the area immediately citing increased terrorist threat from the isis branch in afghanistan, stuart. stuart: got it. lucas tomlinson right there, got you. i want to get back to congressman greg stuebe. does the president need to come out and address this now? >> absolutely he does. he needed to address it months ago. all this would have never happened if we would have just stayed with the trump administration's negotiated withdrawal from afghanistan but they had to change it because you know we can't do what trump did. now you see the repercussions of that. we have to push back. we have now been attacked.
10:54 am
why are we not sending our troops back, pushing the perimeter out? why are we not fighting against the taliban, pushing them out? we have the military capability to do this. we're sitting back like sitting ducks, targets at the airport. stuart: we've allowed what looks like a mass hostage situation to develop. >> absolutely. stuart: tens of thousands of afghans want to get out. approximately 1500 americans, maybe more want to get out and they can't. the airport is closed. i'm not sure how many flights are taking off if any but the airport is closed. those people who are left behind are now hostages. it is shades of tehran 1979, isn't it? >> absolutely and we've got americans now caught behind enemy lines. the numbers have changed from 10 to 15,000. now they're admitting there is at least 1500. i don't care how many there are, we have americans behind enemy lines. we need to bring our servicemembers in to go in and get them. i would three there tomorrow if
10:55 am
they let me leave the airport to help these guys. we have service members would love nothing more to commit their oath to our copstution to go get our citizens and bring them home. the biden administration is refusing to do that. the biden administration is refusing to send our servicemembers to get them and there will be blood on their hands. stuart: do you think the military has confidence in secretary of defense general austin? >> absolutely. congress doesn't have any confidence in him. even the british said we're not following the biden administration at all. what time in human history we see the brits going in getting their people, the french going in getting their people and americans are sitting at airport like sitting ducks, shelter in place. we can't get you out. go back, they don't even know what to do. we need to fly in there. we need to get our people back. stuart: congressman greg stuebe, thanks very much for being with us on a very important day. appreciate it, sir. many thanks. we'll continue to cover this breaking news in the next hour. tennessee congressman and arm
10:56 am
veteran mark green and pete hegseth will be joining me. that's next. ♪. t. just lucky i guess. (sfx: airplane flying overhead) we're a little closer to the airport than we thought... (sfx: airplane grounded outside the house) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. saving us so much money. -hi. -how was your flight? -good. -good. morning, ted. for bundling made easy, go to ..
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11:00 am
fellow citizens behind and un-american to let terrorists dictate the terms of whether we go get them and how we get them. >> cackling from kamala harris along the way, president biden unwilling to do this, doesn't add to the confidence level we have a plan in place. >> from the very beginning of the disaster president biden -- bagram airbase before it started. thousands of americans and our allies who are there. stuart: 11:00 on the east coast, thursday august 26th, looking at the airport and kabul, afghanistan. there was an explosion at a hotel used as a staging area for americans, three us marines are wounded. there are reports of gunfire at
11:01 am
the airport, 10:30 eastern time postponed. markets beginning to react to that. then came news of the explosions across the board. 116 on the dow down 79, 80 points on the nasdaq. during the hostage crisis with iran in 1979 every night the news broadcast spelled out how many days 52 americans were held hostage. soon we may be doing the same with the thousands of americans and our afghans friends trapped in afghanistan. five days to be a taliban says no extensions, terrorists threatening the airport. they are bombing us at the airport and americans are being told don't go there. the taliban are stopping afghans getting there, stranded, thousands of people trapped. the military has mounted a herculean effort to get people
11:02 am
out but it's ends soon. the ministry will lose the last 2 days of the operation sunday and monday to get the soldiers and aircraft out. there's only 3 evacuation days at best for americans and our afghan friends. we are facing a new hostage crisis. i think we are in it already. the taliban call the shots. they are becoming the hostage takers. they can spin this thing out. the terror on crisis with 52 hostages dragged on for 444 days. tens of thousands are trapped in afghanistan. why should the taliban let them go quickly. no doubt tried to buy them off but not interested in money. we could threaten them with massive military force with president biden's are not in it. our president is not equipped to deal with what is a developing crisis. third hour of "varney and company" starts right now.
11:03 am
i am just getting this from the pentagon press secretary john kirby who tweeted this. we can confirm that the explosion was the result of a complex attack that resulted in a number of us and civilian casualties. we can confirm at least one other explosion at or near the baron hotel a short distance away. pete hegseth, we have been run out of town by a bunch of terrorists and i don't think this president is equipped to deal with it. >> if you felt you had a commander-in-chief prepared to use asset that is disposal, to be proactive and aggressive at this moment you might step back and say what is our next move? the next move is they will continue what they are doing because they don't have another option. we have been at the whim of the taliban and now since kabul fell. we are hostages of them now. reports are there are three marines.
11:04 am
i've been in touch with marines who have been putting their lines on the line to go outside the gate, to grab afghans and americans and translators in a process that is completely at heart. it is veterans, people on the ground and others reaching out to figure out how to pull them into these gates mostly closed because of the incompetence of the biden administration, state department, and and anything that happens near those gates, we handed it to them. this is spiraling out of control. the idea there's further evacuation that will be meaningful is fullest, thousands of hostages, at this moment in afghanistan with no
11:05 am
way out and all the attempt of this administrative to sell a kinder gentler taliban that wants to be recognized by the international community, all garbage, their spokesman said today that they don't believe usama bin laden was involved in 9/11. if they lie about that they will my about anything, the minute our last plane takes off let the blood letting begin because that will happen. stuart: what are the options? buy them off, 10, $20 billion will get them to lay off and let americans out. the other option is send in massive military force to do something about the situation the best way possible with the military. i don't think president biden has the will to do it. >> i don't think the answer is to stay longer for the sake of staying but we should make it hurt as much as possible on the way out and i believe that from
11:06 am
the beginning that you say publicly in 60 minutes americans are coming out of that, anyone who resists us will be shot and killed immediately. in 24 hours every american and afghan translator we want to negate better be inside the gate. if not the bombing begins. what the taliban are in phase 3 of an insurgency, they are out in the open. we know where they are, where their leadership are. bomb them to kingdom come with all the assets available to us because only because they've not allowed americans to get into that airport you don't need to escalate with more boots on the ground all over afghanistan. bomb them back to the century they came from. stuart: we are not going to do that. >> the plan his tail between your legs, limp on the plane, fly away and look like fools. stuart: they've got tens of
11:07 am
thousands of hostages. they've got those hostages. are not going to give them up quickly. they would like this forever. this is becoming a jimmy carter situation. when his presidency was bled dry by the students who took hostages into ron, the same thing could happen here. bleed the biden presidency dry because you've got 10,000, 20, 50,000 hostages sitting there. this has no bounds. >> think how jarred we were by the imagery that came out of isis when they were executing people there years ago. that will look like kids play compared to what the taliban and others will put on our television screens of translators who worked with us, americans the couldn't get through and we will have nothing to do about it and it will be our fault. as a basketball fan if you watch 7 games of the nba finals you look back 2 or 3 years later and all you might remember is the last shot in game 7. that if i you remember and that is what the world will remember, this botched
11:08 am
evacuation which looks like cowardice. stuart: stay with me a few minutes because we are going to get news on your reaction to it. check the markets, we are down across the board. it's not a huge selloff. nasdaq down 19 and down 100 points. michael lee is with us, the market watcher of the moment. i suspect this downside move on the market is a direct result of what is happening in afghanistan. as soon as i heard of these are close and the market turned to the downside. you with me on this? >> we entered another level of uncertainty to the market. one thing markets don't like his uncertainty. gold rally, 30 year bond rally, all the flights to safety while equities and missed assets and
11:09 am
so forth. what i would say going forward, if the situation continues to deteriorate which looks like the direction it is going what economic impact is that going to have on the united states. it is a little trite -- stuart: i don't think there's any direct financial impact on the united states, no direct impact on america's economy, it's a crisis of confidence in this administration. when you have a crisis of confidence in the administration the market does react to that. this uncertainty, you don't know what is coming next, you don't know how bad it is going to be. this will be with us for a long time. this could be a turning point for the market or am i going too far? >> to the degree there is a crisis of confidence in this administration that is somewhat bullish because their economic agenda is as big a disaster as afghanistan plan so anything
11:10 am
that stops in its tracks is net positive but you have created instability in the world and until the market can cut a price on that, you have an overhang on equities and risk assets into we can figure out what is next. stuart: i think the president will use the $3 trillion spending plan and bernie sanders's socialism as a way to create a win. he will see that as a win. if i don't spend $3 trillion i win. lost on afghanistan, lost on crime, loss on the border, lost on policing but i won a win. the afghanistan situation has impetus to the passage of the $3 trillion deal. you disagree with that? >> i hope you are wrong, i hope this 3 trillion dies because it
11:11 am
is an unprecedented expansion of government overreach that will further hamper the united states for generations to come with little or no upside if any at all. stuart: mike lee, thanks for being with us. we always call you super bowl. i should call you mister right because you have been right the past couple years about the direction of the market. let's see where we go from here. pete hegseth with us, pentagon official just said it is too early to say the evacuations are over. >> they talk about contingency plans, adding a few days on the end of the existing plan. the ad hoc nature of the entire thing. two weeks ago, $80 million embassy is gone. we abandoned it, consolidating at the airport. a decision of that level made so quickly is a reflection of
11:12 am
the incompetence of the biden administration and add that together i don't see in austin milieu blinken the type of bold thinking that would be required in this moment to make a recommendation to president biden who decided we are leaving no matter what. unfortunately would take a lot more than this but this is the worst-case scenario for the white house and all americans, 3 marines fighting for their lives right now who were part of haphazard mission in afghanistan, commingled with taliban while trying to pull people into, i don't believe that was the worst-case scenario, americans killed or injured, don't think this will be enough to change the terrible terrible plan. stuart: we do have hillary vaughan at the white house with more news. >> reporter: capitol hill sources on the ground outside the gate and kabul airport told me earlier today us forces
11:13 am
going around and welding shut around the kabul airport and that is significant because this capitol hill sources trying to get a family with two young children access and evacuated immediately, told them to go to the black gate, not the abby gate. when they got there that gate was welded shut and they were told the gate is closed permanently. the problem with that is a lot of these people are being funneled and have been funneled for the past few hours to the abby gate and obviously that is where this devastating deadly explosion occurred earlier this morning. we are working on getting some photos from 6 hours ago outside the abby airport. you can see floods if not hundreds of thousands of people outside the abby gate demonstrating the kind of bottleneck people are experiencing but also how
11:14 am
crowded and busy it could have been in the hours leading up to this explosion. stuart: it was a target. don't see how you get evacuations out and keep going when they are sealing the gates to the airport shut. let me recap the breaking news out of afghanistan. the pentagon confirming multiple casualties including americans after an explosion outside the abby gate at the airport. pete exit stick around and on the other side of this commercial break, congressman andy biggs, the situation under control, will back after this. [tires squealing] just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard with chevy safety assist including automatic emergency braking.
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11:19 am
the press secretary, the pentagon, the suicide bombings have resulted in a number of us casualties. the latest on this story. >> i'm told the president has been briefed as confirmed by the pentagon. the second exposure reported at the hotel which was confirmed by the pentagon. marine standing guard in there. from president biden and the new israeli prime minister, the delegation traveling with israeli prime minister arrived here. and in couple, the evacuation ever wrap-ups them. and flights takeoff out of kabul.
11:20 am
this is the favorite threat officials of the morning about. overnight last night, us official confirmed their was an imminent threat ongoing the last 24 hours a possible attack by isis or another affiliate, vehicle bomb or suicide bomber on condition of anonymity that that was measured for a 24 hour period, americans not to come to the airport, especially in large crowds. they put out another warning, there's been a large explosion at the airport, reports of gunfire on top of traveling to the airport and avoid airport gates at this time. us citizens at the abby gate or northgate now should leave immediately. warnings come as the us is
11:21 am
conducting limited covert missions to extract some remaining 1500 americans left in the country and may need evacuations. several others are wrapping up their evacuation flights. to finish that today. vice president harris spoke on this tenuous situation. the highest priorities evacuating americans and afghans, working with the us, the priority of women and children who are still awaiting updates on how this evacuation effort will continue. 13,400 people were evacuated, steps are taken next to get the remaining americans out and any afghans who can make it. stuart: that is a tough job. let's bring in congressman andy biggs from arizona. this seems to be spiraling down out of control.
11:22 am
looks like we are walking into a mass hostage situation. >> you are right in the time to plan was already past but if you allow the taliban to impose a deadline we have to reimpose our deadline and our will and our authority. this administration is not capable of doing that i don't believe. the briefing i had two days ago, us troops were there, they drew down us troops. i am really concerned about the mixed messages they gave congress and the united states but more particularly the mixed message of weakness we are giving our enemies in afghanistan. stuart: member of congress are surely aware of this, democrats and republicans must be or of the dangers of the situation.
11:23 am
are they coming together to say come on, mister president, do something. aren't they coming together with a statement about what we ought to be doing? >> a to say it but i think some across the aisle from me are more interested in protecting the democrat image and president biden's image, nancy pelosi talking about what tough decisions he's made and how proud she is of him. that the kind of thing that prevents us from getting to actual meaningful congressional action, things like do we need to revisit authorization to use military force in a limited capacity to restrict american citizens out of there. there is not discussion about these things because they are more interested in the political outcome instead of the personal outcome of these people we made promises to, american citizens in harm's way in afghanistan and in the middle of an afghan civil war.
11:24 am
stuart: appreciate you being with us today. pete hegseth in studio in new york. getting this from chad program and his sources. this could be a coordinated attack and maybe an ongoing event with more to come. that is ominous. >> every one of those means you are beholden to a terrorist organization that has a surrounded and facilitating people to come through which we know is not true and marines and soldiers in precarious situation. these briefings mean a lot today. what's the reaction going to be and talk about how important the incident is but the taliban
11:25 am
could be doing all these things, sticking to our timeline, leaving between our tail between their legs. and and they will find a way to justify it. you are following this. international community. what are foreigners saying about this. ashley: the bbc, back to the first explosion. the bbc reporting was aimed at a huge crowd of afghans in that area where they were trying together visa documents that it. it was an area where there were a lot of people and that's where the first bomb was targeted followed by small
11:26 am
gunfire did explosion near the northgate of the baron hotel. ambulances we are told to multiple sources can't get through. too many people, that's why we are seeing photographs of the injured being carried away wheelbarrows. the french ambassador in kabul pleading for afghans to get away from the airport, there is a real concern this is the beginning of a coordinated attack. of the three marines injured one of them is seriously injured. french president macron said the situation is deteriorating and if we can't get something done soon we are in danger of losing control. somewhat argue that has already begun. the uk is holding a crisis meeting on this issue. stuart: we will have pete
11:27 am
hegseth stick around for some time to come during this hour and show you the white house where president of -- president biden is holding a meeting with the prime minister of israel. will he address the bombing in kabul at any point today? we will be back in a moment. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance,
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11:31 am
stuart: that is the white house where president biden is about to hold a bilateral meeting with naftali benett, prime distributor. he's unclear if our president will address these lotions in afghanistan. a quick check of the market, stocks have come back in the news of the explosions broke the market headed south. we are still on the south side so to speak, still losses across the board but very modest. jackie heinrich is with us. sources tell her hundreds of isis k, but that is the new name for isis people, in the vicinity, attacks likely to continue. pete hegseth still with us and kennedy joins us now. you have been seeing this thing unfold.
11:32 am
my interpretation is we are in the middle of a mass hostage crisis and this presidency is almost collapsing in and of itself. am i going too far? >> i don't think so. it is a collapse of the presidency, the country and a situation in afghanistan. we are watching an explosion in motion and all of this has been predicted by people who served there were people whose job it is to analyze what is happening in afghanistan and pakistan. these were all the known variables we had come all going in one direction and it is a bad direction. obviously as a libertarian and non-interventionist i will argue we don't get into these long-standing incursions was one reason is getting out can be much deadlier than what could have happened in the first place and this has been so mismanaged, last night before my show which is 8:00 pm eastern on the foxbusiness network it is a great show to
11:33 am
watch, we have breaking news that americans were told to stay away from the airport in kabul because there was an impending suicide attack that manifested, our time. all these things are known. it's only going to get first and i don't know how this president survives. stuart: i'm saying this presidency is collapsing. is that too strong? >> i don't think it is. stuart: lost his credibility. >> i don't know that he had credibility before but propped up by a news media that wants to see him to some extent, collapse, slow-motion collapse facilitated and accelerated by what we are seeing, the delta variant, the crazy reaction to that but this is two house of cards falling at the same time. one was the idea of the afghan government and security force which collapsed before our
11:34 am
eyes. what this is is collapse of the house of cards, partnering or working with the taliban is your exit strategy was ever going to be something that didn't lead to anything other than disaster and the casualties of us marines up the and even more. stuart: as a libertarian and noninterventionist what should we do now with a mask hostage situation on our hands. >> listen to the intelligence and people who know what they are talking about because it seems the president completely ignored that and saving american lives has to be the primary goal and the administration in their messaging, anyone who wants to get out and get out and they are blaming people who are there who are maybe in locations where they are irretrievable. stuart: what a libertarian be okay with a president who says we are opening cordless to get into that airport and if you
11:35 am
come we will shoot you and go after you where you live, what a libertarian sanction that kind of thing? >> i would love to see a libertarian president. stuart: would you say that is okay, go out and bomb this guy, not him out. >> if there were no civilian casualties. i've always been a fan of sending a message to all the terrorists in the world, giving them super bowl tickets, inviting them to the middle of the desert and dropping a nuclear device on them. that would be justified. what you have right now you have to use more drastic measures to get americans out and stop criticizing people who say you have $6,500 i will get you out of the country. if one of my family numbers were stuck there i would be pulling out grandma's gold piece and melt it to get them out safely because the government has failed utterly. >> they can't get out safely. i spent the last weekend a half
11:36 am
working with people doing more than me trying, dropping pins on the map coordinating times for marines and others to reach out the gate and pull people in. the whole thing is fake as if it could have been facilitated by the taliban and any reaction we take in this moment is going to be messy. the one reaction we can't take is sitting back and saying we're just going to take it as we run away from this country. doesn't mean you go back in. >> stop patting yourself on the back for the airlift because that was the effect of the horrible cause and that was the botched withdrawal. please stop gas lighting the world telling them what a success this is because you flown so many missions in and out of their to get mostly afghans out. molly hemingway supporting 5% of americans have been extracted in the airlift and there are many more still there. i don't think they have the accurate numbers. stuart: i drift by the end of
11:37 am
this day we will know a presidential plan, i suspect we will not but i would love to see it. we are out of time. thank you, we appreciate you being here. here's the promo. kennedy is the name of it at 8:00 pm on foxbusiness, you lucky lady, thanks, congressman mark green is demanding and indefinite extension of the august 30 first withdrawal. good luck with that but he's on the show next. over the years, mercedes-benz has patented thousands of safety innovations. crash-tested so many cars we've stopped counting. and built our most punishing test facility yet,
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a >> news from afghanistan is not good. >> we are learning at the white house the bilateral meeting with israeli prime minister
11:42 am
naftali benett and president biden has been delayed. was supposed to happen 11:30 that has not happened. it has been delayed as we are getting a lot of new information on the ground from sources telling fox news there are hundreds of isis k affiliated people around kabul and they are concerned, a developing situation, and to stop sending their constituents and people they are in touch with, and and messaging on the ground must be due to the experienced situation happening right now. that is significant because capitol hill sources telling us
11:43 am
until this moment, they have afghan he people with special immigrant visas seeking shelter right now after these explosions. they tried to access the airport at multiple entry points but were unable to. they coordinate getting vaccinated in securing travel out of afghanistan and the state department told people today to go to be a but without the evolving security situation but we had jennifer griffin from the pentagon reporting sources telling her this is a coordinated attack. gunfire the two subluxation signal this is a coincidence, this is a coordinated attack and certainly clear the threat is still there and still ongoing. stuart: thank you very much. let's bring in congressman mark green, republican from tennessee, combat veteran. we just heard thousands of isis
11:44 am
k, i will call them terrorists, in the area around the kabul airport coordinating attacks. looks like we are in for a mask hostage situation. what is your analysis? >> i'm talking to people at the gate this morning, my own contacts that are there. this is what we expected to happen. they concentrated the entire force into one location as opposed to multiple states. the only gets to concentrate itself meaning all the terrorists, the multinational terrorist organizations are incredibly well-organized despite the fact that trump destroyed isis in syria and iraq there well-organized. they are all merging into afghanistan around the kabul airport. stuart: when you were in iraq you helped in the mission to capture saddam hussein and interrogated him for a couple
11:45 am
of hours. how does it feel now being run out of town by the terrorists that you beat, how do you feel about it? >> pretty disgusting honestly and heartbreaking, anger and depression at the same time. i was in afghanistan when pat tillman was killed. i lost friends in afghanistan and iraq. this, if you were planning on how to screw it up this is how you would plan to do it. this administration has done it. i put the blame on president biden, he is sitting the troop caps that led to the general saying there is no way we can man bagram with 600 degrees so we have to collapse into the airfield in kabul. stuart: in 1979 in the to ron
11:46 am
hostage crisis, 52 americans held hostage for 444 days. setting up a similar situation with thousands of hostages going on for a long time. that is an extreme thing for me to suggest but it looks like it. >> there will be americans left if they stick to this august 31st deadline. if there are americans left, many will be captured, some may be killed immediately for the political effect or propaganda effect on the taliban and isis k and other organizations but many will be held hostage, they will be held for ransom, held for political statements. that is why i am insisting what happened today was a failure of the taliban and to keep their promise.
11:47 am
they promised to secure safe passage for americans and our allies. that gives us a test to say okay. if you can't do that we will expand and get every american out before we leave. this is an opportunity because we have people killed in this explosion but now gives him in his negotiation which should never have happened in the first place but, let's use this to get every american, should of been in the first place. stuart: do you think he will? >> i don't think so. the information is either lies are he's totally out of touch with what is going on because his own secretaries continue to basically disagree with his statements. within minutes of him saying it. he is either lying or has no clue what is going on.
11:48 am
stuart: a terrible thing to say about the president of the united states and the commander-in-chief. thanks for joining us, appreciate it very much. we are going to bring you the latest headlines as we get them. more varney after this. ♪ cool ♪ ♪ breeze from the air ♪ ♪ wind ♪ ♪ blows through my hair ♪ ♪ don't care ♪ ♪ if people see my dancing in my car ♪ ♪ and if it shines or rains oh ♪ ♪ i can't complain ♪
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stuart: in afghanistan two explosions, one of the kabul airport, when the hotel used as a staging area for americans to get out, three us marines are wounded. one reportedly seriously. fox is told there are, quote, hundreds of isis k terrorists in the vicinity and attacks are likely to continue. dan heninger joins me now. your column today is replace president biden's foreign-policy now. it is too late. the damage has been done. >> it has been done. this is the consequences of a failed foreign policy. another biden failure. let me sketch out where i think this is going, not so much what we should be doing because president biden won't do that but what is likely to happen now. the wall street journal reported today that most of our
11:53 am
european allies have stopped making evacuations, the brits, the french, the italians, the danes are no longer taking people out meaning their citizens are left behind. president biden will do the same thing meaning us citizens will still be there in effect hostages. what is going on now i think is being driven by isis islamic state, not necessarily by the taliban who are sworn amenities of islamic state but they have a situation of complete untenable chaos in kabul. what the taliban are telling the united states is once you leave we will pacify kabul in our way, we will get the city under control including islamic state at which point commercial flights will return and us and
11:54 am
european citizens will be allowed to leave and in return for that the taliban are going to request, demand legitimacy from the west and the united states and more importantly money which they so desperately need to run that economy and i think the biden administration will go along with conveying funds by the international monetary fund to the taliban government after this is over. that's the unfortunate scenario. stuart: buy them off with billions of dollars and also gave them diplomatic legitimacy, recognize them, a bunch of terrorists as legitimate government of afghanistan, that's the way you see it playing out. >> that is biden's exit strategy. stuart: there will probably be more casualties among the hostages already taken. how will the president, how will america react and recognize them diplomatically
11:55 am
if they are taking out our people? >> the president and his appearances on television has acknowledged what he calls the images, they are unfortunate. i think they will continue to talk, it will be more difficult now that american citizens been killed. biden and his stubbornness and bloody-minded this will stick to this policy, pull out and let the taliban take control of kabul and the expectation is in the future over the next month or so, 6 or 8 weeks, once american citizens are flown out on commercial flights the white house's expectation is this will all die down. stuart: we shall see. dan heninger, a timely appearance, thanks for being here. there will be more varney after this.
11:56 am
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stuart: recap all we've seen coming out of afghanistan last couple hours. two explosions. one at kabul airport. one at a hotel nearby which has been used in the past as a staging area for americans to get out of kabul. three u.s. marines wounded, record hedly one of them seriously wounded. this is interesting here. fox is told they're are hundreds of isis-k in the vicinity. that is terrorist splinter group but terrorists nonetheless. fox is told attacks are likely
12:00 pm
to continue though delayed the meeting between president biden and naftali benefit the prime minister of israel. that has been delayed but it will take place. later this afternoon with we'll wait to see if we hear from the president who will be appearing with naftali bennett. will the press be allowed in the room? will he answer any questions? we don't know. neil, my time's up but it's yours. neil: thank you very, very much, stuart, we're following up on same issues you just did. we're trying to get an indication out of the airport everyone is able to fly out. we're told the last two hours no one has. 13,400 had been evacuated last night going into this morning right before the so-called coordinated attacks. there were two. one at the kabul airport and still another at a hotel, the baron hotel frequented by a lot of westerners including americans in a separate


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