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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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capability on the ground. what comes next? president was very light on details. we'll watch in the hours, days ahead how he addresses that. we have a press briefing ahead as well. we'll get to that soon. meantime that does it for us on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts now. ♪. elizabeth: we're staying on breaking news. the president just spoke moments ago. we will take you live to a white house press secretary briefing with the update on the isis suicide bomb attacks in kabul. more than five dozen killed, a dozen u.s. troops killed. children killed. 150 injured. 15 soldiers wounded as well. reports of a third blast in kabul tonight. the pentagon warning about the threat quote, high right now of even more suicide bombers including car bombings that the pattern is for multiple attacks.
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bring in california congressman mike garcia ski yaw, retired lieutenant arm colonel james carafano. to you, colonel. reaction pouring in to the president's remarks. critics saying he is totally out of touch. the president said moments ago, avoided accountability and blamed trump for the evacuation and evacuation crisis in afghanistan when he not handcuffed to trump's deal. uk and nato are saying that. he is is saying not a mistake to have the taliban to have control of the airport. he saying americans may be left behind. he used a scripted, teleprompter statement and list of reporters he had to call on. touted evacuation success in the crisis that europe, nato and uk. democrats say, republicans say he created. your take on this press conference? >> i'm absolutely infuriated and beside myself. he also said bagram airfield
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added little value to the situation early on. he spent an entire 10 seconds, only 10 seconds to talk about the fallen marines and our soldiers who literally lost their lives because of his mistakes. i'm pissed off, i want my president, our president to be pissed off as all of us are. he is living in his own world and not looking at the facts and data on the ground. he needs to shift to mind-set of commander-in-chief rather than chief diplomat. elizabeth: he seemed detached, out of touch and not emotional here, colonel. it is sickening attack. americans are outrageed. fight be men and women mourning today. you didn't feel that emotion from him. the operational plans he is talking about to strike isis, do you believe him? >> no. i mean i think there are a couple of problems. you know from, look, from emotional perspective i had 25 years in the military.
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soldiers and marines are just part of me and this breaks me like nothing i can imagine but from a detached military standpoint problem number one he says we think it is isis. they couldn't figure out whether covid came out after china lab but they know this is isis, right? problem number one how we'll get them. he keeps saying we'll go over the horizon. part of the president's plan was to abandon the entire military footprint in afghanistan. we have no footprint in south asia to do counterterrorism and intelligence afghanistan. we're not coming from the horizon. we're basically coming from the other side of the moon. the other thing is look, what is the worst scenario? taliban controlling all the terrorists, or the taliban not controlling all the terrorists? either way you have taken a relatively stable theater, turned into a terrorist disneyland. you offered zero thinking how
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you will deal with that. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear. the president also just moments ago quoted george w. bush in saying we will hunt you down at a time of our choosing. congressman, let's talk about the fatal mistake to give up and abandon bagram air force base. the president had considered today's terror attacks as even a remote possibility. isn't is, a plausible scenario, then why give up bagram airbase? >> there is no rationale that makes sense to give up bagram airfield. look, the bottom line he adopted a mind-set that the state department would run this negotiation from day one. they made diplomatic choices. within those trades apparently there was a decision to let them have bagram airfield and all the equipment residing there. turn over effectively all the as sets to abandon our afghan partners in the middle of the
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night. effectively to allow taliban to runrampant throughout the nation and painting us in a corner in the city of kabul and airfield of kabul. this is absolutely the riskiest option they could have considered. the bureaucrats in the state department were making decisions strategies and tactics. a lot of these were the same ones that botched benghazi in 2012. we're seeing a lot of lessons learned here. need to pivot this as commander-in-chief and turn it into military option. the mission can't get all americans out 8-31. the mission is getting all americans done and cost with that and then leave afghanistan to figure out the next steps. elizabeth: the u.s. soldiers pay highest price to abandon back ram air force base where that could have been a secure base. how do we rescue 1000 americans. secretary of state admitted that is rolling number a calculation
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they are refining based on estimates. they still don't know how many americans are there. we have people racing to the borders of pakistan and iran. your thoughts on that? >> right. so you know when you plan a military operation so you plan it as you go along you open yourself up to more opportunities and you limited enemies. we'll he have done exactly the opposite because we are being run by the diplomats. as the operation progressed we narrowed the options we have. i think we'll be out of kabul airport in new york minute. they will bug out. i know at this point they don't have any options. it is completely indefensible. they will set up rat lines. they have assets they piece together. a lot of these are not coming from the u.s. government. coming from folks putting this together. they will do rat lines to get people to uzbekistan, tajikistan, maybe pakistan. i tell you, europeans are really worried very likely what will
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happen there will be a mass exodus. that will probably go through iran and could well dump into western europe. they could face a syria-like mass exodus. they're angry what the president has done to them. elizabeth: people are extremely concerned about the americans now stranded. the president and white house press secretary already admitted americans may be left behind. we've never been here before in u.s. history in this footing. let's talk about that. the pentagon today says the u.s. military has apache helicopter gun ships and drones at kabul airport to strike back. war veterans like michael waltz says the white house is damaging the rescue effort that the military is on footing of averse. thethe biden team is pushing day taunt for the taliban letting them call the airport. vice president bide was criticized saying for vice president barack obama, go
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slow. do not go after osama bin laden. listen to the white house press secretary. listen to this. >> all military vessels of the district of columbia and throughout the united states and territories and until sunset august 3030th, 2021 in honor of victims of senseless act of violence in afghanistan. with that. >> few minutes ago one of my colleagues asked a question what the president would say -- afghans fear they won't get to leave. president getting every single person out guaranteed at this time? was lowering expectations for smaller but population trying to get out still there? >> that wasn't his intention. what he is conveying at a time where the taliban is taking over the country certainly not our preference as you all know well. it is not going to be possible
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for every single afghan, millions potentially who want to leave afghanistan to be evacuated. at the same time i think you also heard the president made clear that there is not a, there is not an end to our commitment to getting american citizens out who don't want to or not ready to leave. and to getting partners out, those who served alongside the united states over the last 20 years. >> real quick, on the taliban, they are in charge of the perimeter. for suicide bomber to get in they presumely would have to get beyond the taliban. why isn't the taliban in part responsible for what happened today? >> i think general mckenzie addressed this early this afternoon. i understand your question is different that than, i think it is important to repeat we don't have any information at this point in time. that has not changed in the last couple hours to suggest taliban
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had knowledge of was engaged or involved in this attack. obviously what happened today and the loss of lives of u.s. servicemembers, of afghans is a tragedy, it is horrific. one of the worst things if not the worst thing we've experienced during president biden's time in office but again we don't have any additional assessment at this point in time. go ahead. reporter: just awe few things, jen, to clarify thank you. he talked about the ongoing mission to get people out after the 31st. to be clear as of tonight is it still the plan to get all u.s. forces out by august 31st? >> nothing has changed on that timeline. reporter: did the president, based on public comments over the last few days did the president see this coming? >> i think what you have seen the president say, many members of our military and our national security team say is that we have been closely watching and assessing the threat of isis-k and that we have had increasing concern about that threat growing over the last couple of
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days. so this has been a concern that we have been watching and we saw of course the tragic events happen today. reporter: and wasn't today's attack say about the u.s.'s ability to keep the terrorist threat in check once the u.s. pulls all military forces out of afghanistan? this is something he talked about in early july when he reiterated what the plan was. >> you're right. i appreciate that question. i think it is important for people to know and understand the threat that is posed by having thousands of u.s. military on the ground still currently on the ground implementing a mission, committed to a mission as you heard general mcken sy and the president also say, that is a threat. they are a target. people gathering around the airport that is a threat. that is a target but isis's ability to target individuals on the ground in afghanistan is very different from isis' ability to attack the united states and attack the homeland. we will maintain and continue over the horizon capacity with a
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presence and partnership with countries in the region to insure that they don't develop that ability. reporter: do you know yet if he would go to dover to greet the caskets of those killed? >> i'm certain the president will do everything he can to honor the sacrifice and service of the lives who were lost today. i will note you didn't ask this question, some others asked it, he didn't have the opportunity to ask it or answer it to provide you an update, some asked whether he has called the family members. for those of you who covered this you know the process but for those of you who have not or people watching at home, the process would first go through the pentagon. there is a next of kin notification process. general mckenzie spoke to this earlier today. that is the process underway at this point in time. until the process is concluded the president would not make a call. that is the first step in the process. in terms of additional steps in terms of dover he would consider, want to be part of any
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means of honoring lives lost today. go ahead. reporter: general mckenzie described one of the explosions at abbey gate happening at a point after someone had been searched by the taliban. how is the united states still going to work with the taliban the way the president is describing just said in his remarks to get american citizens and afghans allies out if that is what we're working with? >> i'm not trying to sugarcoat what we think of the taliban. the taliban is not, they're not a group we trust. they are not our friends. we have never said that it is also the reality that the taliban controls large swaths of afghanistan. to date because of coordination with the taliban we've been able to evacuate more than 104,000 people, save 104,000 lives. that coordination is necessary in order to continue our evacuation measures. now i understand your question, peter, and the questions of others what they knew or what
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their role was. there is no assessment we have at this point in time of their involvement in this. obviously that is at this time. if that changes we will let you all know. reporter: does the president think they will really be reliable partners if we're already getting reports that they're not letting afghans to the airport around u.s. still at the airport? >> well i think you mean after the 31st or moving next couple days? reporter: we heard it is already happening. does he think that will -- >> i note also as the president just said more than 7,000 people have been evacuated over the last of the 12 hours. that is while there was an active attacks that were happening. those are individuals who were let through gates, let on to planes and got us well over 100,000 people who have been evacuated. again this is not about trust this is not about relying on the taliban as in equal partner. no one is suggesting that. but because they control large swaths of the country including a lot of security perimeters around the airport we have to coordinate with them in order to get people out.
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we'll continue to do that. go ahead. one more thing i would say is that we have enourmous amount of leverage we view over time. that includes economic leverage. that includes leverage that we will make clear to the taliban as it relates coordination to continue to get our american citizens and partners out. go ahead. reporter: there is reports of explosions happening throughout the afternoon in kabul or evening now obviously. some reports indicate there is beginning of the process of u.s. military destroying equipment on the ground. can you confirm that is what is taking place? >> i would refer to the u.s. military on the specific steps of retrograde process which takes place in advance of a departure. reporter: in terms of the pentagon the president articulated the confidence they have enough troops on the ground at this point to facilitate the mission how could that be the case we saw today, tragic loss of life? doesn't that call for additional troop levels needed, reinforcements on the ground? additionally what is the concern for the ongoing threat that
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isis-k continues to pose? >> there is an ongoing threat. every day our troops are on the ground they are at risk. that is reality. as you saw the pentagon brief out earlier today, this was, these were attacks that we had obviously had intelligence in terms over the last several days of our rising concerns but i will tell you that as it relates to your first question, mike, i've been sitting in these meetings as well. every single meeting the president asks the pentagon, nearly every meeting before they conclude is there anything else you need to conclude your mission? do you need equipment? do you need troops? do you need resources? he asked them that again today as it relates to completing their mission over the next coming days and going after the individuals, terrorists who killed servicemembers today as well. go ahead. reporter: thank you, jen. you noted you were in some of these meetings today. was there ever a point the president was reconsidering this deadline of having all u.s. forces out by august 31st? >> no and here's why.
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the president relies on the advice of his military commanders and they continue to believe that it is essential to get out by the 31st. that is their advice. an there are several reasons for that. one is the ongoing threats. and the second is that we need to be, we want to be able to have the ability to get individuals out who have been partners of ours after the 31st. they believe the best way to do that is stay on the timeline at this point in time. reporter: does the white house anticipate of those flights of mass evacuations will end before the actual 31st. i won't get into operational timeline when the last flight out will be and i am sure the department of defense won't either. we will let you know when we have updated numbers. reporter: is there alternative plans seeking to leave to the airport since it is perilous to go through the gates to get in? >> there are a range of
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operational approaches our commanders and military on the ground have been utilizing over the course of several days and more. i will not outline those here. that is why they're in touch with american citizens and in touch with our partners to get them safely evacuated to the airport at the appropriate time. go ahead. reporter: is it your opinion that the president has the authority he needs from congress or wherever else to continue operations beyond august 31st? he kind of talked about pursuing isis-k wherever, whenever he needs to. is there any expectation that he will need any decision authority to do so? >> i don't believe there is expectation of additional authority needed. reporter: what about for military commanders on the ground will we need to come back to conduct counterterrorism operations do anything of the sort? >> as the president just said in his remarks a little while ago he asked them to draw up plans. the president was, i don't think he could have been more clear
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about the fact he believes we will not forgive, we will not forget and we will hunt down the terrorists wherever they are. he asked them to draw up plans. whatever they need for the plans he is committed to delivering on. but i don't have anything to outline today. reporter: is it possible to do that with no military troops or military bases in the surrounding country in afghanistan? >> trevor, we have range of plans. we have countries around the world where we don't have military bases. i will not outline the approach from the military. i will let them take and out line their outline go ahead? reporter: [inaudible]. operations are added risk to our troops. today we saw deadly consequences of that. if the risk grows tomorrow and keeps growing next day, beyond that, how should americans feel about this operation continuing right now for the coming days? >> well i would say first, you
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heard general mckenzie convey clearly we had every intention, they had every intention of continuing this evacuation mission over the coming days and that they planned for incidents of these kind, i mean to the degree that at the can. they have every intention to continue. the president has a regular consultations. every day, multiple times a day on days like this how they see the circumstance on the ground. but that is our expectation at this point in time it will absolutely continue over the coming days. reporter: give us details how the president spent his day? scheduled to get brief the a 9:00 hour by national security team. that is when reports came through about this. tell us what you did in the coming hours for color today? >> for people watching color with additional details he was up to. i will say, karen, the initial reports of the attacks came in as members of his national security team were gathering in
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the situation room for a regular meeting with the president. so they were just gathering and sitting down. so those, gathering in the room. those initial reports came in at that time. as the president arrived in the situation room one of the first updates he received of course was about the attacks on the ground in kabul. there were, this was a developing situation as it has been through the course of the day and through the course of his briefing with his national security team this morning his commanders on the ground also and in the region gave regular updates as they learned more information. once he left the situation room those updates proceeded through the course of the day. he has been in constant contact with his national security advisor, secretary of state, secretary of defense and military commanders both here and in the region, throughout the course of the day, receiving updates what is happening on the ground. reporter: was there ever a second meeting of the entire
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national security team? >> no. this was regular on going contact with members of his national security team through the course of the day. reporter: clarify since you were with him, how was he, how was his mood, how in dealing with all these, incoming information, how was he asking the questions of military commanders? >> i would say anyone who has watched the president you close which is most of you knows that the putting lives of servicemen and women at risk and those decisions you have to make as commander-in-chief weigh heavily on him. as i noted a few minutes ago any day you lose servicemembers is maybe the worst day of your presidency. hopefully there is not more but we're certainly early in the presidency at this point in time. so i would say he was somber and as he said today outraged at these terrorist taking the lives of servicemembers and he wanted to make clear to the public, he wanted to have all the information that he could before
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he spoke to the american people so he could convey exactly what we knew at the point in time where he addressed the public and he has wanted very detailed updates of exactly what we know about what is happening on the ground. that is why he has been in constant contact with members of the national security team. >> reporter: quickly can you confirm reports that 13 u.s. servicemembers who died? >> leave it to the department of defense any additional casualties. go ahead. >> reporter: you talked about the ongoing threats earlier, we heard general mckenzie active threats but how would you sum up level of confidence the administration has there won't be another attack like this before the completion of the evacuation? >> i can't give you that assessment as i think our national security team has said, members of our national security team these are ongoing threats. we're watching them closely but i can't give you that assessment from here. go ahead. reporter: speak a little bit
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what the impact on flights has been. touting u.s. and coalition flights. this attack has slowed some of those flights from coalition partners. other countries are now out. does this restrict bandwidth you thought you would have for the next five days to get people out, fewer americans and afghan allies et cetera can get out because of this attack? >> it's a good question, josh and one of the reasons we put out numbers twice a day because we want you all have an understanding how many people are able to get out. more than 7,000 people are evacuated over the last 12 hours. those include members from coalition partners and we're working now, this is one of the pieces the president has been focused on, getting as many people out and on to these planes as possible even as we're working to address the security threats on the ground but i don't want to give you a prediction because you're u.s. military is incredible and they're working even while facing these security threats to continue the evacuation mission. reporter: what do you believe to be the case with the airport now, at this hour --
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[inaudible]. can americans go, should americans go, can afghan sivs getting through taliban checkpoints to the airport? you are still discouraging them from doing that? what is the situation on the ground? >> josh, i would say we're giving very specific direction to individuals, american citizens and others when they should come to the airport, where they should meet, how they should come to the airport. we'll not outline those from here or any public manner but that is the direction giving to people, pay attention to the security alerts and pay attention to notifications or contacts they are receiving from us or coalition partners. reporter: just to clarify, there were warnings led up to this attack, other than administration warnings this is dangerous situation et cetera. can you speak to whether there was specific indications of this being planned, if so do you have specific indication other ones are being planned right now? >> i'm not going to get into specific intelligence but i will tell you, reconfirm for you that the threat is ongoing and we're
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continuing to watch and assess the threat. go ahead. reporter: thanks, jen. president biden spoke a lot about the need to end forever wars. how do you, but how do you end forever wars in afghanistan if you are still, or if the united states is still continuing to attack isis-k? >> well first i would say this is a specific case today where 12 individuals servicemembers and 15 who were wounded today, certainly i would expect any president of the united states would be clear that he will avenge those deaths and the acts of terrorists. i don't think that came as a surprise to anyone but the president stands by as he outlined to all of you just in the last hour his commitment to bringing them to an end to this war, as he has implemented over the course of the last month. what we're talking about here, avenging these deaths from terrorists. we're not talking about sending tens of thousands of troops back for an endless war we've been fighting for 20 years.
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reporter: if i may ask a bit after related question to josh, when the obama administration was bringing in syrian refugees there was a lot of pushback from various states and locales about refugees coming into their communities. >> yeah. reporter: how do you see that situation this time around? is this going to be different or anticipate those pushback and hard feelings? >> we will see. but i will tell you that what we've been working to do is to work closely with governors, with localities, with local leaders to give them detailed briefings on what our vetting process looks like what the background check process looks like before any individual comes into the united states and that is a background check process that is thorough before they are allowed to come in and step on u.s. soil. we also know that there are some people in this country, even some in congress who may not want to have people from another country come as refugees to the united states.
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that's a reality. we can't stop or prevent that on our own but we're going to continue to communicate our intensive vetting process. we've been working hard to do that behind the scents. we'll continue to convey clearly this is part of who we are, part of the fabric of the united states and not back away from that. go ahead. reporter: there is an american detained by the taliban since last year named mark -- i wonder if the administration has any negotiations to release him as part of the prior negotiations with the taliban? >> we certainly raised his case in every opportunity. it has been raised but i don't have any update on the case. reporter: there is tragedies -- [inaudible]. troops in kabul. are there any precautions being taken to protect the troops? you will not send in additional troops but are there any precautions? >> i don't think i will get into operational details what is happening on the ground. certainly steps are taken to
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protect our troops on the ground by the commanders who are leading the efforts on the ground. go ahead. reporter: thank thank you, gene. just last week said the following made it clear to taliban any attack on our forces or operations at airport will be met with a swift and forceful response. will this attack forces targeted at airport or operations disrupted and if indeed it was would this qualify as swift and forceful response. >> i think the president addressed exactly that, we will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down. reporter: people who will live to kill themselves? >> referring to attack of terrorists from isis-k who launched the attack and killed u.s. servicemembers. reporter: regardless whether they attacked -- >> i don't think he could have been more clear. reporter: jen, 6house democrat the signed on to a letter asking the president to raise the
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refugee gap for the fiscal year 2022 to at least 200,000. i think you're looking 125,000 right now. is that something that the white house is willing to accept? >> i have not talked to the president about this specific question what i will tell you that we are trying to do is get our muscles working again, both in our systems and incredible refugee groups that are working on welcoming refugees from around the country. working on getting our vetting processes and systems around the world that need to be in good shape in order to welcome refugees to get as many as we can but i have not had a conversation with him about raising the cap beyond the 125. i'm happy to do that. god ahead, eli. reporter: given kabul is the main, only departure point in the country i wonder if administration knows how many american citizens, green cardholders, sivs in the country still are outside of kabul? if there have been or may be in
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the future efforts to go out an rescue people in the far-flung places. >> yes on your latter question, i will not get into details. on the former question the vast majority are within the kabul vicinity. the state department provided an update earlier today. i know there has been a lot happening today. let me reiterate a couple of numbers. of the 1500 that they briefed on yesterday, roughly 500 have been evacuated. so we're talking about roughly an additional 1000 that we are, we believe remain in afghanistan. the vast majority, over 2/3 informed us they were taking steps to leave. we are in touch with. that is what we're working through, what we're focused on every single day. reporter: just to be clear, you're saying those missions even if you have to be vague about it they have taken place? >> i'm not confirming if they have or haven't. i will convey i will leave that to the department of defense.
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what i will tell you we are committed to getting american citizens home and out of afghanistan should they want to leave. and that includes people around the country. go ahead. reporter: thanks, jen. earlier today general mckenzie said they're focused on other afghan threats to u.s. servicemembers there on the ground. are all the threats the u.s. currently facing from isis-k? are there other groups that may be bad actors? >> i will not detail additional information about on going live threats. reporter: do we know if the president still feels as though the chaos and violence we've seen there on the ground in kabul was all unavoidable at this point? >> from about 11 days ago? reporter: yes. >> i would say, i have spoken to this a few times, if we go back to 11 days ago if that is your specific question we certainly didn't anticipate that the
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leadership, afghan government would leave, to pell in the manner or timeline they did or afghan national security forces would cease to protect the airport and parts of kabul. that is not what we anticipated in that timeline. that is true. what i will say, reiterate again within 24 to 48 hours we secured the airport. since then we have evacuated more than 104,000 people. go ahead. reporter: how would you describe your relationship right now with the taliban in light of the attack and are they still helping out with security, what is their relationship right now? >> again this is not a friendship or a relationship where there is trust. it is based on trust but we are continuing to coordinate to move american citizens, to move afghan partners and our allies out. the fact we evacuated 7,000 people in the last 12 or 13 hours now is evidence of that. goat ahead. reporter: thanks, jen. two republican senator so far called on president to resign
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over the attacks. what is the white house response to that? >> first this is a day where u.s. servicemembers, 12 of them lost their lives at the hands of terrorists. not a day for politics. we would expect that any american whether they're elected or not would stand with us in our commitment to going after and fighting and killing those terrorists wherever they live and to honoring the memory of servicemembers. that is what this day is for? go ahead. reporter: thank you. yesterday when i was leaving the white house i spoke to a group of men at the white house gate who said that they were servicemembers here in america and in our armed forces, various branches. photos on posters. they're seeking help for their families. we prioritize which groups we're helping, namely those who helped us in the mission but they are not, currently in this military but they are not people who fit
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the description for the criteria for getting assistance. however in our interview they told me that they are getting assistance. can you speak to this prioritization and who really is eligible to get assistance going forward considering what happened today? i know you have already spoken to it but can you drill down a little bit to make sure people know who we are allowing into the country at this point? >> i'm not sure that i totally understand your question but let me do my best. american citizens which i assume these u.s. servicemembers are. reporter: served in our country. they're from afghanistan. they have family members there. so they said they went to the state department and the state department was helping them get their family members and they wanted to get attention so that other people in their situation could get their family members in. they didn't seem to fit the criteria. so i'm asking you to clarify. >> are you concerned we're
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letting, helping family members of people fought by our side for 20 years helping them come to country been through a thorough vetting process? what is the root of your question? >> the root of my question is consistent information for people needing help. i've been doing reporting to get correct information about the process. i want to say in my reporting if you meet these qualifications you are the folks that can come into the country. i think a lot of people want to know that information -- >> i think we've been very clear, mona, u.s. citizens, their family members, some are dual nationals. many who are left are dual nationals. some may have lived their whole lives in afghanistan. immediate family members, that means spouses and children. also means siv applicants and others who might be eligible for the range of programs we have and vulnerable populations. that does have a broad range of meaning because there are a lot of people who are vulnerable in afghanistan. we'll work to get as many of those people out as fast as we can.
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there are range of programs. if individuals have questions information is available on the state department website and department of defense website. go ahead. reporter: over 65 democrats in congress are calling biden to raise the refugee cap to 200,000. >> i think i answered that question. reporter: sorry. the president -- elizabeth: we will continue, we will continue to monitor this white house press briefing with white house press secretary jen psaki. colonel james carafano. congressman garcia is back with us. colonel, this is his toringic day, worst at take on our u.s. troops in decade. the president's polls numbers are plummeting. george will says never seen a rapidly fall in a president's approval rating since herbert hoover. europe is saying biden made strategic disaster, catastrophic decision to pull out like he did. he is sledding hopes of
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evacuation of our citizens and u.s. citizens -- it is always chaos when you stick to a symbolic deadline. colonel, your reaction shun to that? >> i think that criticism is probably fair but it is probably going to get worse. this is setting us up for a whole set casone kaeding things. if you're for example, isis-k, anybody else, scouring the country looking for americans to take hostage. because that will get you more publicity, more attention. guy and girl in blindfold in some room, that will hammer biden to death. right now it's a race between those people trying to get out of the country and somebody trying to find them because are the new coin of the realm. that is a problem that will keep the biden team up sleepless at night.
6:39 pm
elizabeth: yeah. to the colonel's point, congressman, the administration did it backwards. they didn't count heads of americans first. they did not keep the military in there to get americans out. they didn't secure the abandoned bagram air force base could have been a focal point of evacuations. they didn't do any of that, froze asset at federal reserve, blocking dollars from the imf. to the colonel's point what abouts who tank taking? hostage taking? >> the colonel is spot on. this will get far uglier and worse than we've seen. what you cited the forensics of this are specific. they unfortunately continue to treat it the same way. jen psaki said we have enormous amount of leverage. that is delusional.
6:40 pm
we're watching the threats. you don't watch threats. you go after threats. when you have dozens of americans killed by savages you don't watch them. you go after them. if you have leverage, use it. redeploy, operational control over to the military instead of bureaucrats at state department, rather than being a spectator hoping for the best. hope is not a strategy. it already failed us. this is the core of the problem colonel is saying now. the problem will get worse before it gets better. elizabeth: the situation, jen psaki said we don't trust the taliban but they trust the taliban to take control of the evacuation point, colonel. americans have to get taliban permission to leave. this group gave gave safe harbor to 9/11 terrorists. your final word before the break. >> this is another problem creates a enormous political crisis because they keep saying they're doing everything right. they set themselves up for this.
6:41 pm
we're doing amazing airlift. working with the taliban. that is not a problem. like waving a flag in front of a red bull. isis-k disrupt the whole thing make us look like i had i don't think so. doing the line we're doing most plausible things, the every hammer blow makes them look less credible. elizabeth: thank you for joining us. we'll have you again soon. we'll stay on the white house press briefing which critics say was catastrophically bad. what isis bombing in kabul what does it mean for americans over the world. we have next former navy seal derek van orden, who did two tours in afghanistan. stay with us. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
6:42 pm
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6:46 pm
star wife general any taylor. general any house brent taylor killed in afghanistan in 2014 on his fourth tour of duty -- jenne taylor. we have also a congressional candidate in wisconsin. jenny can you explain what military families are sufficienting through right now? >> i don't have words for it. [inaudible]. the news that the -- elizabeth: jenny, jenny, we'll fix your sound in just a second. we're so sorry there are technical difficulties. we'll come back to you immediately. derek, what are your thoughts about the killing of 13 soldiers by isis bombings? >> let me say to mrs. taylor
6:47 pm
first, but for the grace of god my wife would be a gold star widow also, we owe her a debt that can never be repaid. we can make installments on it. we pray for gold star widows and gold star mothers. unfortunately there are 10 more gold star mothers today. we don't know how many gold star wives today, because of the sheer incompetence of the biden administration. this did not need to happen the way it happened. i was corpsman before i was navy seal. my heros was sergeant robert mulligan who is 93 years old. i hold them near and dear to my friend. one of the men killed was a navy corpsman. god bless their families. this did not need to have this way. the entire national security council is culpable to this. the biden administration is a disgrace to the united states of
6:48 pm
america. elizabeth: we have jenny back on. jenny, finish your thought. we're so sorry there were technical difficulties. >> i was saying i don't have -- [inaudible]. knock on the door -- [inaudible] they, one individual felt like the world stopped. [inaudible]. now there are 13 gold star -- [inaudible] elizabeth: jenny, you're breaking up again. generaley, we'll have you back on in a second. let's get back to you, derrick. we'll try to fix the problem with jenny. it is terrible what is going on with your sound. senators tom cotton and marco rubio have been criticizing the secretary of state, also other biden officials saying americans who ended up stranded in afghanistan didn't want to leave. they chose to stay there. it includes ross wilson, the acting u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. your reaction to that? there is 1000, maybe even more,
6:49 pm
we don't know americans now stranded. there could be a hostage crisis. your reaction to the thought they chose to stay there? >> i don't want anyone to think i'm mincing my words. they all need to be fired immediately. they're trying to cop out, make excuses for americans being left behind in afghanistan, specifically against exactly what the president of the united states said would not happen. here is the problem. i am 100% with certainty understand there are people that can replace the secretary of state, secretary of defense, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and national security advisor. i know that we have depth on that bench. the problem is we do not have that when it comes to president biden. so i'm calling for just about everybody underneath him to step aside and we need to see what happens with president biden in the near future if he continues to fail at an epic scale. elizabeth: growing criticism from democrats too. democrat lawmakers. republicans also saying he needs to step down. you look at the president's
6:50 pm
comments in the past. he said in march we'll leave in a safe and orderly way. he is saying taliban victory highly unlikely. there won't be chaos. he said to abc, god forgive me if i'm wrong, no one has been killed. then he went to camp david. takes no questions from reporters last week. now he is. your reaction. final word? >> president biden's security strategy was predicated on knocking on wood and hoping that nothing would happen to our brave men and women and our afghan allies that are currently in kabul. that is not how you run a government. that is not how you run foreign policy. he has proven to be completely incompetent. elizabeth: okay. jenny taylor, we're so sorry. the sound didn't work. we'll have you back on. we'll try to get you back on tomorrow if you can. we're so sorry for your loss. derek van orden, you were terrific. joe concha next. congressman rick crawford with us.
6:51 pm
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♪ elizabeth: joining us now, house intelligence ranking member, he is congressman rick crawford and fox news contributor. and joe concha. first, your reaction to the president's presser. 13 soldiers dead, the president
6:55 pm
called out of touch, unemotional, a catastrophic presser. your reaction? >> it's stunning to see him conduct himself the way he does, what's more stunning is they continue to send him out there to be the face of our nation. i could call for his resignation, and i think it would be meaningless. democrats need to call for his resignation because he is clearly not up to the job. he lacks the mental acuity. i don't think he really fully understands the gravity of this situation. elizabeth: what do you say, joe? >> i say i watched this press conference, and i understand the congressman's frustration here. the president starts off this way, quote, they gave me a list here. the first person i was instructed to call on is -- who's they? why are you even sharing you're being instructed by your handlers? and biden again said he takes responsibility and then again blames his predecessor in donald trump. and, again, joe biden wasn't beholden to this deal because he's in charge now.
6:56 pm
think of keystone pipeline, think of remain in mexico point he isn't beholden to what donald trump did, he could have done whatever he wanted to here. the two big keys that i wish reporters would press him on more why did you ultimately close the air a base, and why didn't you get americans out sooner, and why didn't you do this in the winter when taliban retreats to spaces in pakistan? so, look, we have a very difficult situation here, difficult is understatement of the year, i should say, and it's only going to get worse before it gets better, if it gets better, elizabeth, because you have the taliban, isis and americans still behind enemy lines with no real plan to get everybody out like the president is promising. elizabeth: we're seeing an historic plunge in the president's approval ratings. congressman, george will is saying he's never seen a fast contraction like this since herbert hoover. insiders say also that pelosi is out of touch too for talking about vote reform and equity today in a day when, an historic
6:57 pm
day when 13 of our soldiers are now dead, their families are in mourning, the worst loss of life for our troops in about a decade. your reaction? >> i think we should return to d.c. immediately and start to do whatever we can to support americans that are trapped in afghanistan and whatever legislative action is -- elizabeth elizabeth but she's not calling them back. but the speaker's not calling you bark, -- you back, right? >> i know. and if she refuses to do that, she needs to step aside and let somebody else yield because it's essential that we be projecting strength in the world, and we're not getting that from the president or the speaker of the house, and so i would ask that she resign and let someone lead that wants to. elizabeth: joe, your point about bagram air force base is well taken because england is asking about that, the u.k., nato members are saying why did you unilaterally decide not to use
6:58 pm
that you are -- when you are shredding evacuation hopes for our citizens? you put them in harm's way. you've stuck to this artificial deadline when you didn't have to, and when you do things like that, that creates chaos. your reaction, joe. >> well, that's precisely white, and then you see the white house press secretary claiming we've, quote, an enormous amount of leverage over the taliban economically, that is our view. do you really think that the taliban that has access to billions in military equipment, they have access to the former government's accounts, you think they really care about sanctions from the biden administration when they're basically living in the 7th century already? overall, for this administration, that precipitous drop that george will talked about, it's not just afghanistan. remember, we still have inflation fears, we still have a border that is anything but secure. we still have skyrocketing crime in our cities, we still have an education system going sideways with critical race theory. you add up all these things,
6:59 pm
we're now a more especially pensive country to live in, a less safe country to live in terms of crime here at home and potentially terrorism from abroad. nothing is going right for this administration, it's hard to believe we're only seven months in, elizabeth. elizabeth: you know, congressman, the fact that nancy pelosi has not call you back into session means you're not getting briefings. it's like you guys are kept in the dark too the, right? >> well, that's exactly right, and i think that's why she doesn't call us in. she doesn't want us to have that information. it doesn't do her any good for us to be doing interviews with news outlets and communicating on a larger scale in an amplify pd way. so i think she's doing this deliberately, but again, it's a reflection of her poor leadership, and what does that say to the rest of the world that's hooking on as we see american citizens stranded in afghanistan and we're not lifting a finger to help? elizabeth: congressman rick crawford, joe concha, we'll have you back on again soon. on this historic day, the worst i attacks on u.s. troops in
7:00 pm
about a decade. 13 of our u.s. soldiers dead and many more injured. i'm elizabeth macdonald. you've been watching "the evening edit" on fox business. that does it for us. thank you so much for watching. we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ ♪ david: hello, everybody, and welcome to "kudlow." i'm david as aman in for larry kudlow. a very tough day, ladies and gentlemen. terror in afghanistan claiming american lives after 18 months without a single u.s. combat death in afghanistan. ec motions at the chaotic -- explosions at the chaotic center of the withdrawal at kabul airport resulting in the death of at least 11 u.s. marines and a navy corpsman. those numbers have been rising all day, by


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