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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 27, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. brian: at least 12 u.s. afghanistan after 18 months of no combat d the president will be speaking to those issues today and just a couple of minutes, stay with us. kennedy: more breaking news tonight it has been a horrific day, 12 u.s. marines one navy met or killed today in a dual suicide bomb attack. isis a cake claiming responsibility. what does this mean for the deadline to evacuate americans in afghanistan? we are told that help at the main gate to the airport one suicide bomber detonating explosives in a crowd of people trying to get through a checkpoint. another blew himself up at a nearby hotel where americans have reported being in gatherings. scores of afghan said to be dead or wounded.
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earlier tonight president biden addressed the nation, finally, had strong words or whoever planned the attack, watch for. >> those who carried out that attack, as well as anyone who wishes america harm, no this. we will not forgive. we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay. >> the president said the evacuation operations will continue. >> i've been in constant contact with their senior military leaders that i mean constant, around-the-clock. and our commanders on the ground throughout today. they made it clear we can and we must complete this mission and we will. that is what i have ordered them to do. we will not be deterred by terrorists. we will not them stop our mission. kennedy: his threat from far
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from over. reports of other explosions and corporate general kenneth mckenzie said the military is on high alert. >> so, very, very real threat but we would call tactical that means imminent comic could occur at any moment. we also know they aim to get a suicide of a vehicle borne suicide attack and if they can from a small vehicle to a large vehicle there using all those options. a walk-in, best wearing suicide attacker. >> it is still unclear how the bomber got so close to our marines. one major problem the taliban is running security outside the airport. they purportedly from the workout to an al qaeda affiliate to a group. the airport now said to be locked down, how on earth are we going to back with the thousands of americans and our allies who still need to get out of afghanistan?
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we have every angle of the story covered for you throughout the hour but first up it's top with michigan republican congressman and army veteran who traveled to afghanistan. he went to kabul, to that airport earlier this week. welcome back congressman peter meijer. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: what did you say when you're there, you went with -- you both emerging there is no way we are going to evacuate all the people who need to get out by august 31. what did you see and how bad did you know it was? >> we saw incredible work of heroism and selfless service on behalf of the soldiers, the marines, the diplomatic personnel who were there, the air force pilots that what is an incredibly complex mission. at the airport they're trying to manage chaos. there's vulnerabilities all around and none are really vulnerabilities that can be protected. the marines on that gate or nearby had to make that
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determination between shutting down a gate and potentially consigning africans who had helped our country out, american citizens, permanent residents keeping them out in danger, or opening it up exposing themselves to risk, horrific risk as a result today. but saving countless lives for this is an impossible task they have been given and they are all doing their best. and sadly today we saw the toll, the sacrifice that is involved in this impossible mission. kennedy: you saw the bottleneck at the airport. you saw how all of the people terror groups wanted to kill were collected in one place with no escape. did you get a sense of impending doom when you were there? >> let's be very clear. this was a threat that had been known a threat our forces were trying to their very best to mitigate, too disruptive. but also one that in some ways
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it was impossible to prevent. the hordes of people that were there, before today and the attack we saw there are instances where individuals were stampeded, or crushed to death. others there had been gunfights breaking out. these marines and they are incredible, incredible individuals. they have been asked to do the impossible. kennedy: their absolute targets there they know that. they know the afghan allies they are trying to escort out of the country, they are the prime targets as well. which makes their bravery that much more poignant. >> it does. this truly defines selfless service. some of the marines i had a chance to talk to us not only bringing in people who needed to be saved but the heartbreaking determination that just because somebody did not fit paperwork criteria they had to turn them back
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after these individuals have waited in line for hours sometimes days. the toll this took again, not today in the violence result in the sacrifice made for the horrific attack really shows the consequences. i don't think any marine, soldier or uniformed personnel is ever been put in a position this perilous emotionally, physically, again this is an impossible mission they are trying absolute best to achieve. spin it that is what trey yingst has been talking about when he has interviewed some of these people. everyone on the ground, when they described the work they're are doing, they do it to the point of tears. you come back on the speaker of the house, your boss admonishes you and congressman moulton for going over there. you did not announce your trip , he did not take seats away from people flying back in the country but to people who have
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worn the uniform and have grave concerns about the fumbling of the withdrawal there. you have any regrets about going? >> no. frankly if somebody is angry because they believe the biden administration is telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what's going on in afghanistan, there is not a lot i can say. we have clearly seen deception on behalf of president biden on anything for the number of americans who are left to whether or not they are stranded, to the residual presence of al qaeda in the country. it is just lies coming out. as a member of congress, my responsibility to my constituents and overseer of the federal government is to get to that ground troop. in all honesty, when we went there i was trying to make the case we should push back the august 31 deadline after seeing and talking to commanders on the ground. after understand not just how vulnerable the group that attacked us today in tension
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with the taliban and the ways we have been forced into working alongside them as security partners is bizarre and baffling. the reality on the ground, we are not a place to put options. i am angry we are in this place. we, as congress, need to take about or powers in oversight. right now we cannot turn back the clock. this is also why we need to get there and see for ourselves and report that to the american people. this is not how wars should end. i support the decision to withdraw. but this withdrawal has been botched horrendously. the consequences. kennedy: you can see a deadly mismanagement can be for that is a really good point. also congress has a take back its power so we learn these lessons and don't repeat them unfortunately it seems we are doomed to. the people and power constantly lied to us but thank you for speaking the
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truth congressman meijer pray. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: dozens of afghans were also killed. today a reporter asked the president about the taliban and our security. >> there has been some criticism even from people in your party about the dependence on the taliban to secure the perimeter of the airport. do you feel there was a mistake made in that regard? >> no i don't. i think general mckenzie handled this question very well. the fact is we are in a situation, we inherited a situation as we all know that the afghan military collapsed in 11 days. it is in the interest as mckenzie said, the interests
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of the taliban that in fact isis kate does not metastasize beyond what it is. kennedy: of course today's bombings make an already difficult situation exponentially more complicated. but how did the u.s. get caught offguard here? let's make tonight's family of los angeles coast of the gary and shannon show they were only gary hoffmann. we have just guitar off 2020 presidential candidates by : welcome what it all. gary i will start with you. looks like it was a horrible idea to put them in security. especially when they admitted lists were given to them of americans and afghan allies who were making their way to the streets trying to get to the airport. >> if you believe that kill list as i've seen it referred to is not going to make it into the wrong people's hands, i don't know what you are
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thinking. i watch the president's speech today. i understand his empathy. in fact they feel his empathy coming through. but today it was a day we did not need the empathetic president eight hours after an attack on american forces. we did a force full president, a president who was there swearing to defend the lives of the literally thousands of other men and women who are still at the international airport. and have never once stopped the evacuation of the people coming to them. even as their comrades lay dying next to them they continue the operations but this is something the president never said, he wanted to sound like he was so heartbroken about everything, which he was. that's not what we need right now. we need somebody with a powerful hand that will lay it on the line and say to the taliban blood is on your hands too, you also allow this to happen. kennedy: we need somebody who
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knows what the hell they are doing but i do not get that sense from this administration, jessica. >> a lot of people are feeling that way if you look at the most recent polling, majority of democrats of the withdrawal there grout the fact they elected joe biden. they are saying everybody wants to get out that his bipartisan approval we do not want to be in afghanistan anymore. but the way we did this is not working out we did about the taliban that they had been working to foil a number of other plots that isis k we all know in certain parts of the world you have to work with people you don't like. one of those actors when you look at the other at this point. as you were discussing with congressman meyer. i personally thought biden did a little bit better than he had been. think the empathize or in chief is something we needed to see there is a little bit of righteous anger.
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>> it's a little gross because we need a fax. we need facts, rationality, and a plan. this administration has been lacking a plan. he go to oncologist you don't them to hug you they want you want them to give you a protocol that's going to extend your life. we have 12 marines at a navy medic not to mention the dozens of afghans who are dead because of a lack of a plan and lack of foresight. spike i don't trust anyone here pretty don't trust any administration. i think they've all blown it on there's plenty of blame to go around too both major parties and for presidential administrations. >> absolutely. this is not just a joe biden problem it was joe biden's fault he did not keep with the original timeline and begin the process of evacuating american civilians, american contractors at afghan allies
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back in january and february of this year which would have given more than enough time to get them out of here and not have to resort to depending on taliban and al qaeda to protect the airport we are trying to get people out. it would never have resulted in giving a list of the names of americans and afghan allies to the taliban so that they can protect them. that is a situation joe biden's put us in. the reality is, this is what our defense have brought over the past several decades. they know full well the taliban, al qaeda and isis are capable of it. they help fund them. i would love to think this is just an aptitude. there's a part of me that thanks this is a continuation of what the defense and intelligence agencies in the terror groups want which is a continuation of u.s. presence there. they couldn't rich that make up the military industrial complex and the terror groups they will continue to have. the recruitment that comes with the recruitment use that
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comes with the u.s. presence there. so for can't have that without occupiers. to date to watch the bodies pulled from the airport and taken to the hospital and wheelbarrows, where the hell do that too trillion dollars go? when rebuilding this country over the past two decades? that is the closest hospital they have? where did that money go? obviously they did not properly train the afghan security forces. that is on the united states government. stop blaming them for your failure. write the panels were to stick around coming up the president today promising to hunt on the terrace responsible for today's deadly attacks. but what wilt retaliation look like question mckay will ask someone he knows all too well about that the guy who killed osama bin laden, former navy osama bin laden, former navy seal bob o'neill ♪ ♪ welcome to allstate. where everything just seems to go your way. ♪ ♪
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against isis in afghanistan for it working very hard right now to determine attribution, determine who was associate with this cowardly attack but we are prepared to take action against them. 24/7 we are looking for them. >> the president later told reporters he will send additional forces of the military asks. so, the hit squad relinquishment here with me too discuss his former u.s. navy seal bob o'neill. you sent osama bin laden to hell how angry are you today? >> it is a mixture of emotions kennedy. it's good to be with you which was under different circumstances. it started last week of the mishandled everything. they did at the wrong way which is the way this administration does foreign policy. first it was anger and then shot, obviously sadness today and disbelief are what we are doing. we heard general mckenzie say we've been clear of the whole. i was playing poker with someone and they said let me be clear or we have been clear i am all and they are lying, they are bluffing.
12:21 am
i live and think they know they say it for this should not have happened in the first place. i've been saying for a while it doesn't matter how we got here but we are here. we need to do something. we certainly never shaken the taliban the chance to be 10 feet from our marines where they are securing our perimeter. and we are considering them allies almost. it's disgusting. we have the people, send in more make a large footprint at the airfield till everyone outside the wire we have a gun were going to kill you. we have the power, i hope we are still a superpower but we're going to do it right now. jackie: what did you fill in the president said he was justified in closing and there was no way to reopen it before the deadline? >> that should've been the last thing we close and should be open right now. it could be a we have a self
12:22 am
defense was simple we had a, everything we needed. the isis and everything we thought knew we could hit them anywhere. it's basically in the middle east from right there. if i was a general that was advising the president and i said we should close bog room now that general should be fired if i told me shouldn't close it and he closes it anyway i would resign. if we were on the ground every time we screwed up remotely this close we were fired and we died it's that simple. these people been lied to for so long they do not know up from down for. >> 's before i didn't believe the president what he said that he concentrate all military intelligent minds in one place and they also do close. because every single person every interview i have seen, they have said what you are saying. first of all, how would you clean this up if you were in charge? and number two, will we internalize any of these
12:23 am
lessons? >> first of all i'm glad i'm not in charge this is a debacle that was created. what we do right now is to meet force with force at the point of origin. in the 82nd airborne in the get more marines in there and start crushing them. we need to go out there. the rules are put on our soldiers they were the ones that engage watching taliban. kennedy: i want you brought that out, what are the rules of engagement for marines who were stationed outside of the airport? >> right now, i do not even know what they are parts got to be very difficult there so many innocent people there. completely chaotic. i saw like a lion at reg and tsa. people literally running through outdoor sewage break kids are being trapped in the
12:24 am
chaos. the marines is like they've like to shoot as many people they see they don't want you don't have the enemy is part right now the enemies wearing american uniforms are ditched by her twenty-year allies the the african special forces and that army. normally you need to feel what we call troops in contact which is the imminent threat of attack. you do not know when a suicide bomber is going to attack what i have seen them have been lucky to survive. it's very fast, permanent, scary. there's nothing left. the first part of troops in contact is when the chalmers at checkpoint 15 feet away view that is your enemy kill them. >> alright, i have to go are so many questions for you. where does the taliban and in isis and kate begin? what's their one and the same. there are warlords in that contact with thousands of years and we are even a country. all is is this guy's in charge
12:25 am
of this group i'm going to turn to isis from going to wave a different flag with the stilted kill each other. only when the russians were defeated in the early 90s. how many were rushing to kabul to take it over? isis is the flavor of the day. we consummate since tougher than taliban's all the same. kennedy: what it would leave all their weapons are the afghan security forces? >> 's got a lot of different reasons for it. this is a case of subordinates lying to their bosses because they don't to lose their job and they been telling them we have a 20 or trained army we fully equipped and they're going to defend us. there still people saying they fought hard. if you've been trained for 20 years to fight in your army is twice the size and you are losing in ten days, guess what somebody does not know how to fight, someone read a waiver that's all that happened here. people on the ground, sought having tried to advise other people. sometimes the truth hurts but this is where lies get you.
12:26 am
kennedy: that encapsulates this entire situation. there is good intelligence that was completely ignored and here we are, the deadliest day for american forces since 2011. rob o'neill thank you so much. kennedy: think you can do great to be with you. kennedy: coming up the situation in advance and about as dire as it get paid could sadly still get worse. as the administration up to the challenge? does the president bear responsibility? responsibility? stay right here for yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance.
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(music) kennedy: back on more on deadly terrorist attack in afghanistan. it president bonded phone took questions from reporters from a preapproved list before scurrying back into hiding better very own peter doocy finally had a tough one for them, there you go. >> mr. president, there has not been a u.s. service number killed in combat in
12:31 am
afghanistan since february 2020. you set a deadline, he pulled troops out, you sent troops back and now 12 marines are dead. you said the buck stops with you, do you bear any responsibility for the way things have unfolded in the last two weeks? >> i bear responsibility for fundamentally all that has happened of late. but here is the deal, you know , i wish you when they say these things, you know as well as i did the former president made a deal with the taliban. kennedy: it is trump's faults. that is a good one. the buck really stops with you buddy the party panel is back, gary hoffmann, jessica tarlov, and spike cohen. that was the strangest exchange, gary. >> yes, good for peter for asking that question. i was surprised the president didn't appear to know his name
12:32 am
for he knew everybody else's name but that prewritten list of who he was going to call on. he was told to release admitted he is instructed on who to call and in what order. to me that is as strange as the answer was to peter's question. kennedy: yes because that is eight pre-constructed lists. jen sockets contacted all of the reporters what are you going to ask? if it's a good question to put you on the list right cannot believe they called on peter. i don't think you really answered the question. because if you are taking responsibility, jessica the first thing to do is not blame the other guy. because believe it or not the bush and obama administration bear is much of the burden as president biden. >> arguably more since it was under those administrations we got deeper into this versus pulling out. the first thing biden did say is fundamentally bears responsibility for everything that is happened as of late
12:33 am
spring is actually surprise he went that far. in the previous administration credit, jen psaki in peter doocy have a frenemy's thing going on they are writing articles about their little press corps meets in the daily briefing preaching calls on him every day. the present has a similar relationship from the campaign trail prato and peter tracked him down when he was out for a bike right in the president talked with him. i don't know, i was not that shocked by it. i was not shocked by the response there. i have been extremely critical of the administration. kennedy: 's back and forth and he's raise their hands? come on, man,. [inaudible] >> again i've been critical of the administration on this. i've a peace coming out tomorrow that's critical of the administration. but talking to two libertarians on the panel here
12:34 am
, is a problem that's gone on for 20 years if he did not finish the deal that mike pompeo and donald trump put together is an important piece of this puzzle. is that the exact moment to do but maybe not. what he could have done what she did with the iran nuclear deer in the paris claimant accordance he could either have gotten back in or change the terms, spike. this is not a congressional treaty. >> he did it change the but in the worst possible way he extended the deadline did nothing to plan for getting americans and afghan allies out of their there's a weird thing or people keep saying is joe biden consulted with the experts the defense and intelligent experts? i hope he isn't because they are the ones who created this
12:35 am
mess. at this point at our multi- decade seeing a foreign policy under the direction of defense and intelligence eight he says look alike, trusting them to get into god's guidance on what we have been doing here is to trust fauci they have demonstrated they are at best and at best bad actors. let's be clear in the u.s. intelligence and defense community has demonstrated a willingness and eagerness to arm its own enemies started in the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s and 20 tens at the crackpot conspiracy theory to think it might still be happening now. it seemed very interesting that at a time the u.s. is pulling out that suddenly isis appears and starts killing dozens of people. kennedy: what would you dig the president if you are the president who killed those marines and navy medic customer. >> number one the first thing i would do is the continued
12:36 am
occupation overseas. that's what creates the blowback for that's what creates the catalyst to people who are willing to do suicide bombings in the first place. number two we would find out who did it would work to bring them to justice. the continued treating of symptoms that are being created by this foreign policy, all were going to be doing is treating symptoms. we're going to end up having future 9/11 were to find a future world trade center attacks. going to future uss : things like that. kennedy: i talked with an army leader earlier this week. he said the same thing about blowback. you have created generation of new terrorists. he put it squarely on the drone attacks in afghanistan. >> the cia coined the term blowback. that is their term those the ones who said this is going to happen. kennedy: and now they are selling is very excited with the afghanistan debacle is not just president trump's
12:37 am
faults. according to the bided demonstrations the fault of the american people. here's secretary of state anthony blink and blaming american stuck behind enemy lines their own predicament, watch requests give the security situation and afghanistan, for many years we've urged americans to not travel there. since march of this year we have sent 19 separate messages to americans enrolled at the embassy in kabul encouraging and then urging them to leave the country. we made it clear we would help pay for the repatriation for the could be other americans in afghanistan who never enrolled at the embassy who annoyed public evacuation notices it had not yet identified themselves to us. kennedy: to make the white house and the state department spend more time make excuses for their mistakes and actually fixing them. if you were an american in afghanistan, would you tell anthony blink and to eat glass? gary? [applause] kennedy: sure if i felt like is going get the message. i feel that he is tone deaf to the people who are in
12:38 am
afghanistan. and unfortunately he be in the face of foreign policy of the united states is going to be the guy who gets to walk around and congratulate those people who have been repatriated. it's going to around the country and potentially the world and glad hand and welcome the people are able to get out. ignoring the fact when tuesday comes, when the deadline comes it is an inevitable there will be americans and africans who deserve to, want to and applied to get out of the country that are still going to be there in harm's way. it's not going to be because they did not heed the warnings or tweet from u.s. embassy kabul. it's because it is a dangerous place to live over going to let them down for its report it's like someone takes a tinkle on you after they set you on fire. and then they expect you to thank you for drinking a gallon of ice tea, jessica. >> it is exactly like that, kennedy. you took the words right out of my mouth. [laughter] it is so complicated.
12:39 am
i know that sounds so basic i do not want to be that girl is oh my god this is so hard. but this is so hard. i think that what is going on now, especially dealing enter hyper- partisan times if i don't as is the group the decision that congressman meyer and moulton made as they went in a bipartisan way. i know that you did. i got a little policy and me as you note. give it to people in power who screwed everything up. don't ask for permission and screw those people, screwed nancy pelosi, screw joe biden, screw lloyd who are the hell he is there all a bunch of crooks, liars and phonies. if there are people brave enough to go over there, really if that is what's going on until people straightforwardly, thank god. >> you have ten seconds at a got to go to spike. go ahead but.
12:40 am
>> just i was in favor especially because they serve you to think listening to veterans is the most important thing we can do right now, i will leave it at that. kennedy: i was going pay the price for this? politically? >> the same people who always paid the price, veterans, active-duty troops and civilians. lincoln is accent there there on vacation. they were embassy workers there there during the hard work knowing things are wrapping up and doing the to the best of their ability. i now only saying you should have left early but this is absolute nonsense. i am glad representative meyer and his democratic colleague would over there and take heed of what he said. weeds and the use thing to be put back in the hands of congress willing to completely re- look at how were doing foreign policy for decades ever not just post 911 but post operation ajax in the 1950s we need to end the military industrial complex we need to bring the troops homes only to stop this expeditionary foreign policy
12:41 am
that's ended and ruin so many lives. kennedy: if not now when? gary, jessica, spike, good job tonight. >> thank you, by kennedy. kennedy: coming up a milestone for evacuations in afghanistan amid today's horrific terror attack. trey yingst has the latest on trey yingst has the latest on the bombings, next trey yingst has the latest on the bombings, next trey yingst has the latest on the bombings, next ♪ ♪ ♪ trey yingst has the latest on the bombings, next ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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(upbeat music) jeep grand cherokee l how you doing? hey mason! hi mason! thank you.
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kennedy: more than 1000 people fell been evacuated from afghanistan since august 14. thanks for drinking that gallon of ice tea according to the white house during today's news conference president biden that we continue the evacuation the deadly terror attacks have risen concerned she will be able to get to the airport before the deadline. trey yingst is here with the latest. >> kennedy good evening for two blast rocked the afghan capitol to make killing more
12:46 am
than 60 people including 13 u.s. service members. the explosions happened on the south side of the international airport. one taking place at the gate is people fled another device detonated at the nearby at barren hotel. in between the blast, gunfire was reported. first confirmation of the incident came in around 9:44 a.m. eastern time and pentagon press secretary john kirby tweeted but did not provide specific details. the state department issued an alert telling u.s. citizens to leave the area immediately. you can through the concern and confusion in the voices of people who witnessed the blast. when men talk to fox news after the experience saying this. >> i am an afghan with the united states marine corps. i was told to get to the airport, get on the plane and get out for there is an explosion that happened a lot of people got hurt. i have the baby girls she's five years old and died right in my hand. i do not know exactly but.
12:47 am
>> in the aftermath some of the wounded were taken into the airport for treatment as others were driven to local hospitals for the taliban quickly distanced itself from the explosions with the group spokesman saying on twitter the taliban condemns what happened and the americans were responsible for the area where this took place. in the hours since small explosions were across kabul but the taliban said they gave her american forces destroying their equipment. united states have relied on the taliban over the past week to maintain a security perimeter around the airport but following these explosions it is unclear how the evacuations will continue, kennedy. kennedy: thank you so much trey yingst please stay safe out there thanks your great reporting. we'll hear more from you in the coming days by the situation getting deadlier by the minute. it is at the end of america's conflict in afghanistan or just the beginning of something far more ominous? bryan suits had predictions on
12:48 am
tuesday but unfortunately they have come troopers going to have come troopers going to join me and predict more, next ♪ cool ♪ ♪ breeze from the air ♪ ♪ wind ♪ ♪ blows through my hair ♪ ♪ don't care ♪ ♪ if people see my dancing in my car ♪ ♪ and if it shines or rains oh ♪ ♪ i can't complain ♪ ♪ it's still a beautiful day ♪ ♪ because i ♪ ♪ got love got love ♪ ♪ got love got love ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew.
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kennedy: we are back with more on today's catastrophe in kabul. this was the deadliest day for
12:52 am
u.s. military in afghanistan since 2011. think about that, in ten years we have not seen this much carnage. it is the worst still to come? fox news senior strategic strategist, retired general our troubles are just beginning but. >> we have not ended the forever war so to speak. i think it is amiss and named rather dramatically. we have expanded this war. because a radical islam is on the rise again as a result of this recruiting, financing and that taliban are the premier now radical islamic force in the world. as isis was at one time. people will come there as a result of that. the terrorist threat indisputably will grow. >> 's before it did we replace forever war with forever terrorism? iraq combat veteran and author of the dark secret,
12:53 am
go there now and investigate anything about bryan suits. brian, before we start i want to take a trip back to yesteryear. this was your prediction on tuesday, watch. >> it is an impending disaster, ask if it's going to get worse? yes is going to get worse it's about too. kennedy: brian, a lot worse today what did you see? >> this is what is sad is this was a calming because there was a norma's self-selected group of people who were entrapped and one entry point to all hate the taliban and want to leave afghanistan. who could not have seen this coming? this is insane. what is going to make it insane as it will be replicated in a few hours. it is 5:13 a.m. and kabul right now but today the truck
12:54 am
bombs are coming. this fiction the white house perpetrated today or propagated this was isis k, this only happened because the taliban allowed it to happen. it is entirely in their interest a suicide bomber terrified all these doctors and engineers who are trying to leave afghanistan from leaving. they've been asking for a couple of days, don't let the afghans out because how the dams going to work? who is going to deliver the babies? today they allow the isis to make their argument. and then they were validated, validated by the president of the united states to continue the fiction. this was not the taliban paid the taliban are in charge. if you put terrorist in charge of your counterterrorism and then terrorism happens who do you blame? of course they know a suicide when he is coming.
12:55 am
more of this, worst case scenario today the truck bombs. the serious styled truck bombs are on the way. i know this like i'm reading in the history book, and the next few hours. what they want to see is burning c-17's on the tarmac there at the international airport. it is so sad those of us have been through suicide bombings date leave part of their brain inside of us. kennedy: we were also talking about who they wanted to kill where they would be without escape saying at the barron hotel. we were telling everyone we have got teleprompters picking up americans on the roof of the barron hotel and take that into the kabul airport for that is where the second bomb went off. we'll have about 20 seconds left. what can be done?
12:56 am
>> either call it off, call it a less get out right now redo the germans did this morning and under a 400 fly back or retake bog room and do it like a rational world power would do right now. kennedy: right will see what happens hope that prediction does not come true. you have been on so far. experience our advance standards safety technology on a full line of vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2021 rx 350. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. (can crack) ♪ nothing on this planet compares to it ♪ ♪ don't you agree? ♪ (dog barking) ♪ don't you agree? ♪ ♪ lights out, follow the noise ♪ ♪ baby, keep on dancing like you ain't got a choice ♪ ♪ so come on, come on, come on ♪
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