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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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swoosh! nothing but net! i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. [ whistle blows ] now. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: breaking news, the white house warns another terror attack is likely. the next two days will be the most dangerous to date. our troops, americans, allies still in danger. this after yesterday's two suicide terror bombings now killed over 170 including 13 u.s. troops. now, the pentagon today warning it cannot rule out taliban involvement in the attacks. the state department spokesman, ned price, is saying the evacuation is a, quote, highly effective operation. let's get right to hillary
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vaughn at the white house with more. hillary. >> reporter: hi, liz. ned price also said that while that august 31st deadline is not budging, the president is standing by that, that is a deadline to get u.s. troops out, but it is not an expiration date on the u.s. military's commitment to get americans out. safety of americans and afghan allies though still stuck in afghanistan is still in danger. as the white house says today, the threat in afghanistan is not over, and another terror attack is likely. >> when the president says we are hunt you down and make you pay, what does that look like? is he going to order a mission to kill the people responsible, or would he be satisfied if they are captured and brought to trial in. >> i think he made clear yesterday that he does not want them to live on the earth anymore. >> reporter: the u.s. military is engaging right now in maximum force or protection at the kabul airport. the biden administration, from the pent9 gone to the white house, has denied that the taliban had anything to do with
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the suicide bomber that the taliban let through their checkpoint at the airport. white house press secretary jen psaki was asked if working with the taliban was the u.s. military's best option or their only option, and she replied, maybe both. >> clearly, something went wrong here in the process that we a saw the isis-k attack occur yesterday. we don't have additional information to suggest that it was, you know, intentional or anything along those lines which was a question that was asked yesterday. but, clearly, there was a break in the security process here, there's no question about that. >> reporter: and, liz, there has been some talk about whether or not the u.s. military has been handing over the names and personal information to the taliban, giving them a heads up on who to get through. and ned price said today that the idea that they're handing over this sensitive personal information and putting americans or sivs at risk is simply false, but he didn't deny there is some information
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sharing happening between the u.s. military and the taliban to coordinate on who can get through in order to expedite evacuations. liz. elizabeth: hillary vaughn, thank you so much for your reporting. it's good to see you. we're going to have you on again. terrific journalism there. okay, white house officials, here's the debate, they had received detailed intelligence reports ahead of time warning that terror attacks were likely. the question is, how come our troops and allies were not protected? we've got active threats, ongoing threats, attacks on airplanes with evacuees inside like the one on an italian military plane. that plane safely saided rockets -- evadeed rockets. joining me now, darrell issa and dan hoffman. congress month, are we going to get our americans out? the white house is now saying there's no guarantee that will happen. >> we're going to get the vast majority of americans out. if they're in kabul, we'll get 'em out. we're working on both u.s. and
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non-u.s. citizens that are outside of kabul their a ability to move in the country now is extremely difficult. so there will probably be some that a do not get out initially. and that's unavoidable. the important thing is, of course, that every day that goes by the risk to the 5,000 marines and other military personnel grows. the attack we saw will only be repeated if we stay there much longer. elizabeth: you know, dan, the president last night said a forceful response to isis and the terrorists who did the suicide bombings, do you believe that? because, you know, the mistakes are pretty numerous. biden, for example, said the military advised him surrendering bagram air base was the right thing to do, but it shows out of the pentagon it shows biden did not want to send in extra troops to secure bagram air base and the embassy.
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this is a long list of mistakes here. is he going to do a forceful response like he promised? >> i don't see how we could. you're right about the mistakes, we should have held on to bagram air base. that's a far more secure location than the airport. look, when you have threats like this from isis and they are acute, persistent, clear threats, the first thing you want to do if possible is get off the x. that's not possible. we're stuck at the airport. the next thing you want to do is extend your perimeter. well, relying on the taliban for security outside the wire. they're not security professionals and they, for sure, don't have our best interests at heart. the third thing you want to do take the fight to the enemy, and the way you do that with intelligence and with the military kinetic strike as appropriate. where's the over the horizon capability right now to strike those targets before they target us? i don't think it's there there. it's not going to be there, and that's the problem we're going to face in the region and beyond once we leave.
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elizabeth: you know, congressman, to dan's point, you know, the pentagon can't rule out taliban involvement. the taliban has never renounced al-qaeda. so, you know, the taliban field jihadis, thousands of -- freed jihad i thinks, thousands of them, from prison. so how do you go forward with that footing? >> well, i think you have to assume that there'll be no goodwill by either of these groups. the taliban are going to be haphazard at best as to our priorities. and after the 31st, there's no question that they have an incentive to encourage us to be attacked. so getting things done before the 31st, being wheels up by that time and then making the decisions about whether or not we can force the president to keep his promise and to continue extricating americans that have been left behind that want to get out and that will be most,
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if not all americans. but you don't understand, there's a bigger problem. there's 37 million people that are being abandoned. there are two provinces that are still fighting for their freedom in the northern alliance x that's also going to after the 31st be a bone of contention for all of to us who have served in the military and who know that you win a war and the politicians give it away, you then have to fight another war somewhere. i don't want our troops fighting a war in israel,ing in lebanon, i don't want them fighting a war in ukraine, i don't want them fighting a war over taiwan. but that is all real in light of this kind of a debacle. this is not a war the that we lost, this is a peace that was lost by the abandonment of bagram, by the abandonment of the military that expected us to give them air support, and we stopped doing it. elizabeth: you know, to the congressman's' point, dan, this isn't over. it's sort of like the
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administration defenses that relieve afghanistan and then it's done. it's not over. this is ongoing. and the president was criticized a last night for leaving his press answer for after just one tough question from fox news' peter doocy. he was asked, you know, you said the buck stops with you, do you accept responsibility. the president said he does, but then he blamed trump for the taliban. he's the commander in chief. the door shut long ago on blaming trump. where in trump's plan did it say to surrenderer bagram air face in the bed of night and not -- dead of night and not tell anyone in. >> i've encouraged people to leave the past administration out of this. this administration swivelled in a new direction when it came to the iran nuclear deal and the paris climate accord and a host of other things. it's on the current administration to deal with these challenges. what i would emphasize in the near term, isis wants to own the narrative. that's why they're targeting us. they want to make it appear that they were the ones that forced us out of afghanistan because of these terrorist attacks.
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going forward, for sure, we are at great risk, and i think it's the irony of ironies right now that on the eve of september 11th, the 20th anniversary, afghanistan represents more of a clear and present danger to our country and our allies than ever before. elizabeth: yeah, we hear you. and, by the way, the president has been in d.c. since the nixon administration. he was on senate foreign relations, and he was vice president for 8 of the 20 years we were in afghanistan. congressman, the pentagon cannot rule out taliban involvement yesterday. should we trust the taliban? >> no, we shouldn't. and the reality is we have to expect additional attacks. you know, our men and women who are going in harm's way are well aware that it is not if, but when this will be another one of these type of attacks. if we're lucky, we'll thwart it. if we're lucky, we'll be able to stop them before he killeds one or more -- a vest, and we'll be
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able to stop him. if we're unlucky, it'll be a truck bomb, and it'll take a massive amount of people. every minute we're there that risk comets. and as dan -- continues. and as dan said, there are certain things you do to reduce that threat. we're not doing any of those things right now. we are, by definition, sitting ducks. all we are doing is trying the move our people out. and every minute that goes by isis-k is, in fact, plotting additional attacks of this sort in order to truly humiliate america on its way out. elizabeth: to the congressman's point, the taliban's new chief of security and also its deputy leader were designatedded terrorists by the u.s. government subject to multimillion dollar rewards. so relying on talibanists who gave safe hard -- harbor to 9/11 attackers and will do anything to injure americans and have spent years killing americans, they're going to screen out jihadis who want to kill americans at the airport?
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what do you say? >> i mean, that's the last thing they're going to do. i think the taliban's more interested in afghan interpreters and others who have helped us, hunting them down and preventing them from getting to the airport. i'm sure that they're allowing isis to case, to surveil our, the airport and determine weak points where they can target us. you're right, the head of security for kabul is the head of the haqqani network, notorious for allowing al-qaeda to homestead on their territory and conducting ruthless suicide attacks against coalition fors and innocent civilians in afghanistan. and the taliban minister of defense was a gitmo detainee. so that's what we're dealing with, and bewest not outsource -- we best not outsource our security to the taliban. i've served three years of my life side by side u.s. military,
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intelligence community. all we ever asked from any administration was they give us the force and the equipment we immediate to execute the mission and protect ourselves as much as possible. we know we're at risk, but just give with us what we need to do the best we can, and that's no what's happening right now, and that is the tragedy of all of this. elizabeth: you know, and to dan's point, congressman if, nato, the u.k., allies also saying the same thing, congressman. they're really ramping up criticism of the president saying he botched it by telegraphing and broadcasting a unilateral withdrawal on a set date, then rushing the withdrawal. remember the late senator john mccain warned that secretary of state anthony if blinken was the wrong guy to be involved here because blinken wrongfully focused on a date-driven withdrawal versus a conditions-based withdrawal. it seems like we've surrendered a lot of leverage here. what do you say? >> we not only surrendered, but we did it in a way that was particularly reprehensible. we pulled our troops out and
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then asked the turks to leave 1,000 troops in which they decided not to do and began pulling their people out. but they, you know, they basically said why would we be the last ones out especially under the conditions that we, they didn't have the air support. so the plan was at best embarrassing, and at worst it was deliberately designed to lead to this outcome. probably not at the speed it happened, but it certainly happened at a speed that shows that the plan was doomed from the first day. but it didn't have to be. if bagram were open and there were even a few hundred troops there to guard it and the air assets, we would not be dealing with the disaster we're dealing with. just the opposite. the afghan military would not have collapsed if they'd had the kind of support they were used to in the field. but when they didn't have it, they surrendered, and that's where we are today. elizabeth: all right.
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congressman darrell issa, dan of match, thanks for joining us today. it's good to see you both. up next, former national security council chief of staff, fred fleitz, he's going to talk to us about the growing fury from lawmakers and officials overseas that the white house, according to politico, gave the taliban a list of offal names of allies. you're watching " " before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ♪ ♪ it's a wishlist on wheels. a choice that requires no explanation. it's where safe and daring seamlessly intersect. it's understated, yet over-delivers. it is truly the mercedes-benz of sports sedans.
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muck. elizabeth: joining us now, former national security council chief of staff and former cia intelligence officer, he's fred fleitz. great to have you back on. >> good to be here. elizabeth: it's good to see you. politico reporting9 that the white house gave the taliban a list of names of american citizens, green cardholders and afghan allies. the taliban has never renounced al-qaeda. you know, lawmakers, defense officials saying this is not a kill list. what do you say? >> well, there were reports early in the week that the white house and the state department did not initially deny, the president did not deny that we were sharing information on security issues to try to get people into the kabul airport, also information on american citizens, green cardholders and and afghans who would help the
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u.s. government to help them get to the airport. i'm sorry, liz, that did amount to a kill list. and i know today the state department spokesman tried to say that it wasn't. look, this was simply a denial, i think, to beat back bad press. i have a feeling we did share this afghanistan. i'll say as a former intelligence officer the government often shares intelligence with our adversaries under certain circumstances, usually to stop a terrorist attack or some type of natural disaster, so i can think of circumstances where we might share intelligence with the taliban for a security reason. but to give them the names of gavins who worked with us -- afghans who worked with us, if we did that, people should be fired. elizabeth: fred, to your point, the taliban has a history of having gone door to door to take people out and execute them if they worked with our allies, so we we hear you loud and clear that there's a controversy about this, about, you know, what happened here. there's also the president's press conference last night which we covered here. it, too, was controversial.
6:20 am
he made a statement last night, i don't know if you caught it, he said he is communicating via letters in the mail with his generals. let's watch this. >> i've instructed the military whatever they ed need, if they need additional force, i will grant it. but the military from the chairman of the joint chiefs, the joint chiefs, the commanders in the field have all contacted me one way or another, usually by letter. elizabeth: usually by letter? if critics are asking, is he waiting by the mail a box? >> liz, this is the sign of an administration that's really in disarray. people should be resigning over what happened recently, but we also know from a variety e of press reports that people in this administration are afraid to register dissent with this president. an administration that operates like that is trying to get the senior officials to put their
6:21 am
opinions in writing. it shows biden does not trust his people, he wants to control them, he doesn't want dissent. liz, this is a time for dissent, and this is a time for people to stand on principle and say, i'm leaving, mr. president, if you make this terrible decision in afghanistan. elizabeth: you know, the washington reporter josh row began said -- row again -- josh rogan said -- he wasn't in office then, let me back up. biden told him, quote, i will not unilaterally pull everyone out and announce it ahead of time. but that's what he did. so the messaging here has been all over the map, fred. finish. >> well, bob gates wrote that joe biden has been wrong about every national security question for 40 years, and gates wrote that in 2010. ten years hater, and i hate -- later, and i hate to see this, we can see that joe biden is suffering from mental decline.
6:22 am
bring in men and women of consequence and gravitas; senator chris coon, jane harman, people like that who i think would give him better advice and resign if he tried to do something that,'s frankly, bonkers. elizabeth: you know, the president also was downplaying the presence of al-qaeda to abc news saying there will not be a chaotic pullout of afghanistan. and now senator tom cotton is pointing out that the biden team is now saying americans are choosing to stay stranded in afghanistan, that they didn't want to leave, they wanted to stay there. you heard that from secretary of state antony blinken and the acting u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. there seems to be a new messaging push. >> first, i don't know how joe biden could not know al-qaeda is still in afghanistan. everybody who gets intelligence briefings knows that. but the reality is that biden is leaving no matter what anyone says, no matter what our
6:23 am
european allies say on on the 31st of august, and he knows he's going to leave americans behind. so we're now seeing this irresponsible spinning to try to pretend that the people who are staying behind wanted to stay behind. elizabeth: all right. fred fleitz if, it's good to see you. come back soon. >> good to be here. elizabeth: okay. up next, former u.s. army tactical intelligence officer, he is dr. phil brant, on the sering, indelible media images of the terror attacks in kabul, now set to endure in the minds of voters for a very long time. this is the bad news story president biden cannot downplay, spin or walk away from. keep it here on "the evening edit." >> we had it all planned out, and then then they decided to move the military out and let's not follow the plan. it's like the only thing is, it's like the border wall. nobody could handle it worse. we had the greatest, we had the
6:24 am
greatest protection that we've ever had on our southern border, and now we have the worst, and it was the worst night a mare to watch it. that look -- nightmare. that looks good by comparison to what's happening in afghanistan. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build ♪ ♪ and one we explore one that's been paved and one that's forever wild but freedom means you don't have to choose just one adventure ♪ ♪ you get both. introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutualnd cherokee l knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum,
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6:28 am
post, others are saying we're seeing defining images, right, coming out of what's happening including this one going viral on social media. the photo of the president bowing his head after one tough question from fox news' peter doocy. hest just simply asked, you said the buck stops with you, does it? and when you see this, critics are saying this is an optics disaster. he walked out of the press conference just light after that one tough question. what do you say to this? >> you know, it's really, really disappointing. and as someone who was there in 2012, i remember being frustrated having plenty of these kinds of moments. what's happened, unfortunately, it's not a surprise to a lot of us who have been there. but what i want to talk about is the impact images like that are having on our veterans, because they're grieving right now. not just because of the pain and the suffering and the wounds that they still bear with them on a day-to-day basis and thinking about the lives that they lost are, but they're also grieving because they feel a
6:29 am
sense of shame is. that's unacceptable. on behalf of those who served, we have got to give up cynicism and selfishness, and is we need to lift up our veterans especially right now. they exhibit a set of virtues -- discipline, loyalty, courage, trust, self-sacrifice -- and we have got to tell our veterans what they did in afghanistan for 20 years was good. period. whether we win, whether we lose, what they did was good. and then we need to demand that you are to leaders exhibit these kinds of virtues that our veterans have been doing. elizabeth: you know, we hear you. you know, a lot of people we we talk to say we need a september 12th, right, a time when the country came together, right, as one. but now you see these images of the botched withdrawal now seared into the9 public memory. they're appalling. desperate if afghans clinging to u.s. military planes on the runway, some falling off and diagnose at takeoff, and infants being hoisted over razor wire and the carnage of thursday's
6:30 am
attack. so the networks of -- in terms of what we need to have for our soldiers, how do you move forward from those images? >> america's at a crossroads, and we've seen that over the last year with all of the domestic problems that america has experienced, and now we've got this international debacle. and you've mentioned it, how do we come back together as one. again, i want to return to those vir i chews of the veterans -- virtues of the veterans. what can the average citizen do, what can the average veteran do when he looks at this and thinks his sacrifices were in vain? every citizen can order their own soul. you know the number one thing i learned in afghanistan? the number one thing i learned was i can't control all the problems of the policymakers, but what i can do is i can do my job and every veteran knows that deeply. and i think every citizen's got to exhibit that. we we need to be royal to our neighbors, we need to speak the truth. we need to have discipline and courage in our everyday life. we need to abandon things like
6:31 am
cancel culture. you have cancel culture on the battlefield, you don't come home. they know that. and these are the kinds of things that make strong republics and allow us to recover. elizabeth: you know, to recover, i mean, so here's the thing, senator tom cotton, the senator said that afghanistan won't be a bad news story that the president can just walk away from. it's an ongoing issue, and he can't treat it like just a mistake on the campaign trail and think they can grit it out and turn the page by putting the president out there making public statements and public remarks when he's been flip-flopping all over the map. al-qaeda is not a threat, it's not going to be a chaotic withdrawal, god forgive me if i'm wrong, but no one's being killed right now. the secretary of state saying we're not going to see it collapse from monday to friday, americans chose not to leave. you know what i mean? >> i do. and you know what? i'm a veteran turned college history professor, and my students are looking at me, and
6:32 am
they're asking me is this what leadership is supposed to look like? shouldn't we be demanding more in how do we cope with this failure and? i think there's a message of hope that comes out of this, not from the administration. there's going to be a reckoning in two years and another one in four years, but there is hope for our young people. and what we need to do is talk about the kinds of things that bind us together as a society. and by doing that, we can overcome this national embarrassment. and it's not by focusing on the policy foibles of our political leaders, but instead it's by returning to the principles of every republic that makes its strong, that allows it to survive and get past this. even republican history -- breath elizabeth -- elizabeth: right. but people would say the white house needs to hear your message and what you're saying. it just doesn't seem to be happening like that. they're on the back foot and reactive instead of thinking what i think you would suggest.
6:33 am
dr. steele brand, thank you so much for joining us. up next, fox business contributor sean duffy. the white house handed another supreme court loss are, the second in just one week's time. could there be more supreme court losses and battles ahead in we've got the list. keep it here on "the evening edit." ♪ muck go on... put yourselves through all that pain. don't be silly ... nothing's tougher on pain than advil. nothing. pain says you can't, advil says you can. [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪
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♪ elizabeth: joining us now, fox news contributor sean duffy. hey, sean, the second supreme court loss in just two weeks? all right, it's good to see you. so the supreme court ruling, it was unconstitutional and against the law are for the white house to do a national moratorium on evictions that is up to congress to legislate, not the cdc. there's going to be more supreme court fights likely coming. what do you say about this? >> first off, 100%. you have liberals who say they want the courts to do what they can't to do in congress, and as
6:38 am
a former legislator myself, i think the congress has to take more responsibility for passing laws and not looking to the administration to actually do what they can't do themselves. i mean, with regard to the eviction ban, the cdc was using a decades-old law in regard to pest control and fumigation to i say they were going to ban payments, or ban eviction, and the flipside was that you have landlords that weren't getting payments from tenants, and they can't pay their mortgages and are losing their properties and couldn't sell them for the value they were worth because they didn't have tenants in place who would pay their rent. looking forward, i don't think we can really tell what the court is going to do. we've had a conservative quote, again, juriests who actually interpret the law as opposed to liberal jurists who want the make the law. but if you look back, conservative courts have upheld gay marriage if, upheld obamacare, they upheld daca. so now liberals are concerned about the remain in mexico policy saying, listen, the biden
6:39 am
administration has to continue with that a trump policy and, yes, they've overturned the i have vixx ban. -- eviction ban, but i think it's hard to tell what the court is going to do. hay take these one at a time and will apply the law because you have a majority, not make the law, and i think one guess is as good as the other what the court will do. elizabeth: you've got five dozen democrats on the house saying to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, take up legislation about evictions. you know, you'd have millions potentially being thrown out on the street. people get that, they understand the pain and the heart ache there. they don't want to make people homeless, but it's also unconstitutional to violate property rights. i mean, that's a big step. and just a week ago, sean, the court ruled the white house must if are reinstate trump's remain in mexico policy. let's show the viewer the other supreme court battles that could be coming. it's over unionizing, over oil and and gas leases on federal lands. we're also seeing fights coming up about the border wall,
6:40 am
federal funds to build the border wall and forcing nonprofits to disclose to the irk rs the names and addresses -- irs the names and addresses of their big, major contributors. that one, sean, is a big one. that's coming out of a california court fight. that's about, basically, docking and targeting people -- doxxing and targeting people. what do you say? >> this is individuals who want to get into an issue, not a candidate. if you give to a political candidate, you have to disclose that giving, but there's a lot of people that want to give to a cause or an issue that can do it confidentially, and now the irs wants to say, no, no, you have to give us the names of those giving you money, and you're right, liz, for the purpose of exposing them so that liberals and progressives can harass and harangue them and get them to stop giving to those causes. i think this is probably a case that the court will find in favor of the privacy of donors who want to give to political -- to issue causes as opposed to
6:41 am
political causes. but listen, i think it's a fascinating time. again, you have liberals who are losing their mind over the court, and they have to take a step back and go the courts has actually been pretty balanced. even though you have five known conservatives, six conservatives on the court, they've actually been pretty balanced on the decisions. sometimes they make conservatives angry, and the the last two weeks they've made liberals angry. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but that's the job they sign signed up for. elizabeth: sean duffy, good to see you. the afghan crisis hitting the credibility of speaker pelosi. why is house speaker pelosi keeping the house out of washington when we have suicide bombings and americans still trapped in afghanistan? the gop demanding pelosi call lawmakers back into session to hold a vote the delay the withdrawal in afghanistan to get those americans out.
6:42 am
will pelosi do it? you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. >> not only are are we less safe there, we're less safe in america today. as you've reported, he has opened our border. long before this collapse in afghanistan, we have been catching people on the terrorist watch list coming across our border. ♪ ♪ (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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♪ elizabeth: let's welcome to the show texas republican g congresswoman beth van duyne. it's great to have you back on. why is speaker pelosi keeping the house out of washington when we have suicide bombings and americans still trapped in afghanistan? >> you know, that's a great question. that's a great question. it's a question that i know leader kevin mccarthy has asked and i know a number of the gop congress members have been asking why are we on recess when we've got americans stranded, when you are facing five days until a deadline when we are pulling out after a country -- of a country where we till have
6:47 am
is americans stuck, troops stuck, $85 billion of war equipment over there. it's a great question. we are fighting to get back into congress. i today signed a letter along with a number of my colleagues asking that we have legislation that would prevent american withdrawal until we have every single american that wants to if the out of that country out of that country. we need to be able to go back to d.c., debate these issues and treat congress as if it's actually a law making body, and that's why we need to get back. elizabeth: congresswoman, the republicans are accusing nancy pelosi of spending yesterday, a day when we lost 13 soldiers, trying to change the media narrative to focus on vote reform. the vice president talking about climate change and also the speaker pelosi talking about the democrats' spending agenda when it's about getting americans home from afghanistan. >> they want to talk about anything that they can other than reality and what's actually
6:48 am
going on in the world. they don't want to talk about our southern border, they don't want to talk about the hundreds of thousands of people coming over illegally, about the drugs that are coming over illegally, they definitely don't want the talk about what a travesty is happening in afghanistan especially after their cabinet was warned that this would happen. you know, if you pull out without a plan, you are going to see the takeover, quick takeover of that country. you're going to see the death of americans and u.s. troops. exactly what we've seen. and they want to talk about the trillions of dollars of spending, they want to talk about, you know, their voter rights act which is, basically, nothing more than a takeover of state rights at the federal government level. t nothing more than -- it's nothing more than taking away individual rights, states' rights, and making everyone dependent on the federal government. they definitely don't want to show what a weak administration this has been for not just the country, but the rest of the world. elizabeth: so it means lawmakers
6:49 am
are kept in the dark without briefings, it's difficult to brief members unless they can get to a secure location and that the information coming to lawmakers is fragmentary. you know, d.c. insiders, the media, the economist magazines has already said the real back story of what's happening too is pelosi's destruction of the democrat party, that for years pelosi has hollowed out and demoll earnedded the moderate -- demolished the moderate wing of party, threatening them with cutting off their election campaign funds if they go against her. so that's what's the real true story of the democrat party, the centrist moderates are gone. you don't see the dick gephardts or the bill bradleys, and now you see the dramatic plunge in the president's approval ratings. george will hasn't senior this, fastest drop since -- hasn't seen this, fastest drop since herbert hoover, so we're in historic moments right now. what do you say? >> i say that she's definitely
6:50 am
setting them up for that. when you've got extremists running your party and not pragmatists, completely unwilling to work with the other side of the aisle or other members of their party. i mean, on monday and tuesday as we saw everything unwrapping and developing in afghanistan, instead of being focused on that, you not only had nancy pelosi, but you had the president of the united states who were trying to whip their votes to spend trillions and trillions of dollars domestically on a budget that stood no chance of passing at that point instead of being focused on getting americans out. they were more focused on spending dollars at home. elizabeth: yeah. >> and, yeah, is that setting them up for a 2022 failure in the house? if absolutely. but the fact is that you have extremists in the party. elizabeth: okay. yeah, certainly. and, you know, "the new york times" revealing what it's all about, this big tax and spend. quote: funding dozens of programs for democrats and the president to campaign on. that was quite a reveal from
6:51 am
"the new york times". good to have you on, congresswoman. come back soon, okay in good to talk to you. >> you too. elizabeth: up next, we're going to take you to what is happening now at the border. we've got some court action, a court fight against texas over its push to secure the border. national border patrol council official art del cueto, he's going to break it down. the story's next. ♪ >> this is extremely dangerous for our national security. there are going to be people coming to this country who haven't is been properly vetted. and the advocates are going to be looking for release and not be detained. this is a very dangerous situation with the unite right now, and the biden administration is not paying attention. ♪ usaa is made for the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore. who leaves room for her room.
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elizabeth: look who's here national border patrol council vice president art del cueto. this is another weird story, border patrol found 16 illegal immigrants and real cards covered in white powdery substance that alarm mortgage patrol goodness gracious thing goodness it turned out it was clay, what you make of the story? >> that just shows how desperate a lot of these individuals are who bring people into the country and many times when you
6:56 am
see things like that it turns out to be possibly some type of distraction so we can send more agents and discern areas while all the time the cartels are being able to see other areas exposed and bring in real product for stagers into the country. anything that they can they try, in order to move from one area to another and have a more heightened security in one spot than the other. it's a game that they play they have been doing it for a long time, it's a dangerous game unfortunately under the current administration it is a game that they are winning all too often. elizabeth: let's move on to the story a federal judge in el paso, texas kathleen cardone issued an injunction on governor greg abbott of texas' executive order whose authorized border authority to stop and eat vehicle authority and regional transition of transporting illegal immigrants via human smuggling that the troopers can reroute the vehicles back to the
6:57 am
point of origin or impound them, why block this rule? >> i don't understand it, we have people in leadership positions that won't tell the truth and we are people in leadership positions that are putting the right policies in place to defend the american public. now more so than anything. i saw the press conference early this morning with the pentagon saying they released thousands of vices prisoners when you start looking at that happening throughout the world and then you start seeing how unprotected our nation's borders are, it is very scary and when you see individuals trying to make a difference and protect the american public and baffles me too have other individuals put roadblocks and not allow them to protect american lives. it is very scary. i hate to say it but we are going to pay the price in the future. elizabeth: this sounds like another supreme court battle coming our way, this is a constitutional fight the judge
6:58 am
ruled that the governor's order violates the constitution supremacy clause in favor of the federal government dictating government operations and when it comes to cross-border dealings with other countries but the states have the right to protect their own citizens and the supreme court ruled last century if there's a pandemic the state can enact laws and rules that were protect their people to stop the spread of covid-19. this is going to be a heck of a court fight. >> it is but at the same time yet to realize when those individuals get apprehended then what what are they going to do are they going to have the authority to send these people back to their country of origin, are they going to detain them before they send them to their country of origin, is going to be a serious legal fight and there's a lot of other factors that are involved at the same time. elizabeth: when you saw what was going on in afghanistan and you been out the border, where is the border the weakest.
6:59 am
>> i would say the southern border many times because of three see a lot of operation but at the same time you start remembering their moving individuals from one area to another canada where they allow people into the country with a passport that they have and i think were going to start having to ramp up both sides of the border the northern border in the southern border a lot of these organizations they are going to see and they move around in their well-connected and will see what areas are worse than others so they can bring people in and drugs and anything else and we need to start taking it serious and, this administration has to start taking care of american lives first and foremost. elizabeth: you're worried about tereus coming in, right? >> i'm worried about everything coming in i'm worried about the future for our children to be honest and i'm worried that we have an administration that is
7:00 am
not doing the right thing and not putting the right policies in place, we can now more agents and more drones and more of everything but unless you have the right policies in place to remove individuals that are here and best individuals that are trying to come here we don't have enough. elizabeth: thank you so much. thank you for joining us i'm elizabeth macdonald, you're watching "the evening edit" and fox night. ♪♪ jackie: an ongoing threat in afghanistan, our troops still in danger while president biden has been add vised that another terror attack is likely, all just one day after 13 u.s. service members were killed by a suicide bomber at the airport gate in kabul. it was the deadliest day for u.s. troops in a decade. we are going to talk to retired navy commander peter brook and rebecca grant, pardon me, in just moments. plus, colonel chris costa, he's going to sound off on


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