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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 29, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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thanks for watching, that kudlow. have a great weekend. ♪♪ >> it didn't have to be this way, we could have gotten out of afghanistan into safer work dignified fashion but instead we're doing it in a hurry and risk abandoning americans and allies but according to present biden, sticking to the august 31 deadline is more important than american lives. watch. >> we agree we will continue close cooperations to get people out as efficiently and safely as possible. we are currently on pace to finish august 31. the sooner we finish the better.
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each day of operations brings added risk to our troops the completion by august 31 depends upon the taliban continue to corporate about ascus to the airport. kennedy: the military and our angry allies? apparently he trusts the taliban. >> we agreed the legitimacy of any future government depends on the approach it now takes to uphold international obligations including to prevent afghanistan from being used as the base for terrorism and we agree not of us are going to take the telegrams word for it. we'll judge them by their actions and stay in close coordination on any steps we take moving forward in response to the cap event behavior. kennedy: they are a bunch of boy scouts. republicans, they don't mind what the president is saying north democrat.
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>> a stain on this presidency and particularly the decision made today and what we heard today, he will have blood on his hands. our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. >> everything about the situation we're in now is joe biden's fault. it's reckless for our country the disaster is taking place, his responsibility. >> this is not politics. nobody wants to stand up in front of you talking about this. this is a failure. kennedy: politics aside, the most important thing here, there are americans dropped trapped in afghanistan as well as the afghans who helped the u.s. for 20 years. the white house pushed back hard on the idea any u.s. citizens are stranded but this morning on fox, one american woman shared her very different and very terrifying take. >> we are stranded home, we can get to the airport. when we tried to get to the
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airport, we would be beaten up are afraid for our lives. i don't know how things are going to go but i really need our president to really consider this serious. we are in danger, mr. president. please help us. [sobbing] kennedy: unfortunately there will be a lot more of that in the future, the white house is dismissive of those claims. >> i think it's for internet what i said yesterday in the fall context of my answer which i put out today was that we are committed to bringing americans home who want to leave and that's the president's commitment. if any of you hear from american citizens who can't reach us, give me their contact information and we will get in contact with them. >> problem says i am stranded, is there a better work for somebody who can't leave the house and get to the airport because jake sullivan said isis is outside the airport? >> i would welcome to provide
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their phone number and we will reach out to them today. kennedy: hot malarkey that's disingenuous. is this evacuation running smoothly or one of the biggest foreign policy blunders in u.s. history? let's get into it with tonight panel. he's the dark secret founder, a fantastic show. you must subscribe to dark secret place, it's awesome. political analyst and former house press secretary, ritchie and the author of liberal invasion, christian, welcome everyone. i'm going to start with you because the white house is still trying to spend this as some sort of success, what is really going on here? >> i would say unfolding disaster products both about an iron and corners are tucked in. it's impending disaster it's going to get worse, it's about
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to. they are lying about the number of americans out of the country, it's around 5000, it's not 10000. there are five figure americans, many thousands of americans afraid to even come to the airport. this could be resolved by simply telling the taliban, look out when rico. just like you, we can't read a calendar either, we got when we got when the last american is on the last plane, then we go. you want us to go, we want to go, don't give us an artificial deadline but to make it fit, today the president and then psaki live out the number of americans coming out. there's a pentagon asset on the ground of the international airport, cnn caught them on camera, they are working 24 hours a day to take out two and three of americans hold up in their apartment because they see
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what i -- show the gate at the airport is so it will get worse because it can't not get worse because they are already line about the number of americans manifested in a seat, taken to carter, that's that. that's the truth right now. the biden administration and face that right now insight we can't count. new deal with the taliban, keep bribing them and say we are going to go when we go. kennedy: they've got to do something because you got 15, 20000 americans, they don't have the number. that's why they won't give us the number but what happens after that august 31 deadline is they are in parts of the country accessible, not right outside the kabul airport, what happens then? it could get worse. he could get really catastrophic. >> it absolutely can and i'm one of those people i look at what right is right and wrong is
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wrong. this is a complete debacle. this has been sloppy and chaotic and dangerous. when i think about the fact that if we had not seen these images that came out of the plane taking off and bodies possibly falling from that plane, i'm not sure we would be as involved right now were as upset as we are. there was an opportunity for this administration to prepare for our troops and for americans to leave. i feel sort of sad, i know we have a veteran on this panel, i feel bad for our troops because they did fight alongside the afghan people and i can only sense they feel some feeling of guilt that they are leaving them behind a sense. i think this is a complete mess, a stain on his presidency but if he is able to do this successfully, i wonder how much of a stain it will be on the democratic party, 2024. >> i think it's going to be
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hugely problematic for the democrats especially next year midterms. what's happening right now isn't just a political disaster, it is so tragic and sad. not only halfway been humiliated but we have the taliban dictating terms to president joe biden as thousands of americans are held hostage while using american weapons to do it. i'm a libertarian, i don't want to release the world, i think the policy of putting troops in every single country in the world disastrous, embraced by publicans and democrats in the past basically funding the military industrial complex but the way that joe biden has done this is atrocious. why weren't the americans and our allies evacuated before they removed the troops? here is how this is probably going to end, the americans still in afghanistan after the 31st, we are probably going to have to pay the taliban taxpayer money for them to allow us to go
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in. kennedy: that's what we are going to have to pay, a ransom from a $1 billion, just wait. the panel will stick around from we have much more. president biden announced saying we have evacuated 70000 people from afghanistan august 14, only 4000 evacuees are american the president has not said how many americans are still there. i don't think they know and they are so disorganized, there is no way for them to find out. taliban spokesperson came into the foreign nationals hunter, they will be blocked for afghans. at least someone is in these talks putting americans first. you trust president biden to evacuate our people before the august 31 deadline what will it mean for them if he fails? here to discuss, former operations army ranger and founder ceo of combat
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flip-flops, made in afghanistan. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me, good to be back. kennedy: let's talk about this, brian was alluding to the fact that so much has gone wrong, look at they do differently and how much has been avoidable? >> virtually all of it has been avoidable and there's nothing anybody said, we should have gotten americans out and followed by the p1 p2 and then we should allow anyone who wants to leave to leave. they fought for the country but not everybody is a fighter, people are doctors and lawyers administrators and teachers and of the have the ability to leave because they fear for their life, they should have the ability to do that but they are not allowed to. >> you've been telling people essentially to scrub their social media, correct? >> you just don't want to put
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names and faces because you're trying to raise money if you think you can buy them, you can pay for ground transport or anything, just don't put their face or name out there, you can trust me, i have somebody wino can get out and i can pay a coyote, go ahead and do that but don't give the taliban a target. they are smart with their operations, look at twitter an instagram, they are watching and looking at everything. he put somebody's face out there, that puts them in danger. kennedy: they are tik tok terrorists. they figured out the game over the last 20 years and you have this incredible company based in afghanistan where proceeds from the flip-flops go school. what happens to your company now? >> one problem at time. we've spent ten years with fantastic americans to create jobs, 40 men and our factories,
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13 schools in afghanistan, 1000 girls in school for a year end now it's gone. we are still to be determined at this time and our hope is the taliban has to establish a legitimacy by allowing people to go back to work and go to the shoe store and get their food because they need them to survive, a functional society and right now it's happening, whether tracking anybody because they can't run their own government. they can't run their own city so they need to trap afghans to do it and that's the problem. kennedy: so what happens if it gets worse? when it gets worse? is something brian alluded to, what happens if the august 31 deadline comes and goes and there still american and allies traffic there? result to do? >> i foresee them from previous
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speakers that, they are going to hold a ransom and use them information operations campaign against the u.s. they are going to rub it in on this show how we left american citizens behind. if american can't trust our government, how can the rest of the world? test going to work, take our money and rub it to help. kennedy: that's with the communist chinese are exploiting as we week. thank you for your time, we'll check in with you again. coming up, president biden continues to run away from reporters. the president canan as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot.
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kevin mccarthy said part of a larger pattern of avoidance by the president. >> we watched every crisis in this new administration, he ran for, first the border, he couldn't product prices and then pushed it off to the vp. he watched ransomware come in. what you think the taliban thought when they watched weakness? what you think china and russia believe? kennedy: they think are the actor from seventh of the lamb. turning his back on america until the afghan prices goes away. the main panel has returned because i commended them. jim, how hard is it to answer question? is the president of the united states. that's what you signed up for. >> of course but the truth is, for him it is hard. i'm poor because i do know how
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this looks on the world stage to not stand down reporters but at the same time it was 5:00 p.m. in heaven forbid he starts telling people he's batman, we don't look any better on the world stage either but it was gutless and brazing with little thought i got out there and opened with infrastructure plans, stupid spending bill knowing full well everyone there tuned in to get an update on afghanistan. imagine one minute before the oj verdict, he starts reading parking tickets, it was no basis on being on the room, they are more concerned with the perception and the reality and that's why he got out of the but the perception didn't get any better by him doing. kennedy: he's making money on it, a lot. [laughter] >> got to hear your say -- >> i thought i was the only subscriber. [laughter] kennedy: i love 90 so brad and nancy pelosi comes up she's backing him, universally
8:20 pm
condemned any one regardless of the political party or whether not they are in congress, they are like this is the worst thing and most affordable thing ever and nancy is like this is right, joe biden is such a hero. [laughter] >> i guess i have to give the devil his due a little bit because part of me does think joe biden deserves credit for doing something other president said they would do were too afraid of ending the war in afghanistan. the problem is joe has proven he can't do a good thing competently and that's what nancy pelosi is getting wrong, it's long overdue we leave afghanistan. we spent decades in a failed effort to prop up a government that collapsed in a day. we lost american lives, we lost billions of dollars so i applaud the president for ending it. yes, trillions but he did it in
8:21 pm
a very incompetent way. i don't know how you won't get american citizens and allies outbursts so when joe is doing the right thing, he can't actually do it confidently so maybe we should stop collecting 80 -year-olds to the presidency. kennedy: of arkansas wrong, kevin. we are hearing more about al qaeda research and isis k. isis kate is back. i don't mean to sound like one of those reefer madness songs, ipods will kill you but this is like defund the police movement. people when you defund police and crime goes up, you have to refund police and have more police and no criminal justice reform, same thing in afghanistan. next week we will have 100,000 troops. >> first, joe biden is 79, not 80 as a correction factor. [laughter] >> a spring chicken. >> you got him a year. kennedy: he has like four, not a young 79. >> he's a surprised 79. [laughter] kennedy: no he's not.
8:22 pm
[laughter] >> but anyway. kennedy: i don't think it means what you think it means. >> i think obviously we have talked about this situation is ever changing, right now toward the airport, that's obviously a serious concern for the military they have americans shelter in place, it's important to say isis is the enemy of the taliban this is even more radical, many are breakaway telegram from a level set on destroying this calculation process so we are seeing some support from the taliban, putting the efforts down and the remaining afghan military forces in place around the airport to try to stop potential attacks but this is a crisis upper round unfolding of a time we are six days out from this and it's a whole of government approach and you have the president, i think for speeches he's made since sunday, he's taking questions of some of
8:23 pm
them but he's answer questions tuesday, monday. kennedy: if your dignity calling. [laughter] 's answering questions, how are you, joe? you're supposed to be an oklahoma. [laughter] kennedy: new york government enter formal finally getting out after resigning amid sexual after resigning amid sexual harassment allegations. yeah, i mean the thing is, people like geico because it's just easy. bundling for example. you've got car insurance here. and home insurance here. why not... schuuuuzp.. put them together. save even more. some things are just better together, aren't they? like tea and crumpets. but you wouldn't bundle just anything. like, say... a porcupine in a balloon factory. no. that'd be a mess. i mean for starters, porcupines are famously no good in a team setting. geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance.
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kennedy: blowhard seem to be former new york state governor andrew cuomo is finally vacating the governor's manchin in about three hours in his necessary departure couldn't come to enough. preparing a throw endemic report that cooperated 11 women's stories as they were groped and harassed my narcissistic jack --
8:28 pm
despite investigations, and easily met the threshold for due process, governor found reasons to put them on today's exit seats. >> when government politicize us allegations and the headlines condemned without facts, you undermine the justice system that doesn't serve women and it doesn't serve men or society. of course everyone has a right to come forward and we applaud their bravery and courage in doing so allegations must still be scrutinized and verified whether made by a woman or a man, that is our basic justice system. facts still matter. kennedy: the fact is, these women didn't matter to the governor and he applaud the fact that he was forced to resign in shame don't let the door hit you with the lord split you. what a whiny baby assembly members in albany, your work is
8:29 pm
not done. killing family members no longer here to rejoice in the first trickle of justice to his agent up victims from the nursing home casualty to the sufferers chemical after his loyalties that lined his pockets in the back of government workers talent was misused, spinning inspection. the only people who should see a dime of the disposable new yorkers died alone and voiceless. shame on him proclaiming his italian heritage for his sexual deviance you. i and a lot of italians, they don't go around abusively having thoughts and booms because of their ethnicity. double shame on the monster abandoning his dog because he was too lazy and self absorption to properly train and left him. we know you strained attempt because you no longer serve a political purpose so oil help us security and shove your enemy to rest where the sun don't shine
8:30 pm
and your immoral and powerless honey hole that's a memo. tonight at midnight, new york state getting a new cover for the clock strikes 12, kathy hopeful will take the oath of office kick formal out of albany. he faces a hot mess in probes, scandals and meanwhile she's promised to end new york's legacy in this but will she hold almost seat to the firefox that's what needs to happen. joining me now, gubernatorial candidate, welcome back to the shop. >> great to be with you. kennedy: so he's gone, she sucks, he still needs to be held accountable for a lot and you are running for his job. it doesn't seemed like a very attractive position, a lot of problems here in new york. >> absolutely, you nailed it on so many different levels just now and he should have resigned for nothing else, the nursing
8:31 pm
home corrupt. $5.1 billion self-congratulatory deal in the fact with the tone and message of his resignation, he's not resigning in order to be partisan processed to hold himself accountable, he was doing it to stir accountability and responsibly and there still a lot of victims while happy the governor will leave and a few hours, they don't have closure, they have some progress but they still want answers, transparency and true accountability including investigations by different levels of government for what amounted to criminal activity in different respects. while it's great he's leaving from others a lot more to do, your monologue could not have been more spot on. kennedy: you should do that in your campaign ad. that's not endorsement, i'm a little book rotarian. if someone told you you had a political consultant whose came to you and said congressman, who
8:32 pm
go against while at the entire time, he will absolutely be elected so it's going after this guy and not talking about your own accomplishments and ideas, would you do that, go dirty and fight against formal way biden continues to fight against former president trump? remark the real issue is the new yorker breaking points for millions of new yorkers from all corners of the state, all walks of life. you hear from people right now talking about rising crime in the neighborhood and democrats who want to support law enforcement, more not less a year ago going along with the narrative of the protests in blm movement and say wait a second, we should be repealing cashless fail and keep qualified immunity. i'm hearing a lot of that. for education, parents believe son and daughters should be getting into school for quality education, not indoctrination or brainwashing so we shouldn't have critical race theory, lift
8:33 pm
tax credits for school choice. he can go down the list of issues related to an individual's breaking points but the tuesday morning when he announced his resignation, that life didn't get any better next day as far as what's forcing them into this decision whether or not to stay or flee. that should be the campaigns are decided on. kennedy: if new york is one of the state losing citizens to places like florida other state where governors have decided to sign legislation that allows a parent to take their tax money and have tax money follow the student and not necessarily fund schools, would you be in favor of something like that? >> absolutely. also i think there's a new appreciation on top of for individual liberty and personal responsibly. people thought we were only talking about guns the entire time and after watching the lockdowns and mandates, if
8:34 pm
implemented a new mandate out of new york city governor hopeful, when she takes office in a few hours, i'm expecting her to come down with mandates quickly it is going to be enacting those restrictions on civil liberties so there's a lot of issues to talk about but i agree with you on education and keeping advanced academics, there is a push if your son or daughter is reading harder reading level or higher baklava, we should get rid of the counterforce is because it's not fair to the person not reading or doing math at that same level so there's a lot on the education front among public safety, economic but let's not discount this push toward protecting freedom and liberty. kennedy: absolutely, give people their money back. if you are elected, hope you work with the assembly to lower taxes, the taxes are too high. good luck and thank you so much. meanwhile in california, the
8:35 pm
other damaged book and in the of the country, it's like the governor is trying to lose. gavin newsom will be joined on the trail by kamala harris in the next few weeks for california's recall election. recent polls show him dangerously close to losing his job. it's getting worse every day. it's unlikely kamala house was holding consuming, plus the cackling. she give gavin much-needed boost or will she act as this? lawrence jones and doug. stephen, go ahead take it away, i know that you have lived in california and follow california politics which oftentimes becomes national politics, is it a good idea for the vice president to campaign for gavin newsom? which one is hurting the other more? >> it seems like democrat are
8:36 pm
sending her to places where words are people are trying to get out of, she's breaking out, she's going to break out the wonderful cackle which led to her dropping out of iowa before a single presidential vote was cast. i don't know if elder will pull this out but he's making it close for them to be nervous if they bring in harris and pelosi coming in fresh off her auction from out napa, if they are bringing in harris or pelosi and he's making them nervous enough to make this post so they could be looking at another schwarzenegger duration your. kennedy: schwarzenegger was a horrible governor. i wish tom mcclintock won that election, he's not running now. if the election is good. caitlyn jenner, she's running. >> good for her. kennedy: anything can happen in california, i don't believe the
8:37 pm
polls are as close as it is because i think a lot of these posters are making it look like it's better for the governor. >> i don't know where it's going to go, i know i've done a lot of reporting in california, the people are tired, they don't like kamala harris either. tired of people being able to go into stores and take what they want as long as it's under $1000 they can get away with it, tired of lockdowns and restrictions, the rules for them but not for me, i don't think kamala harris support is going to help him in this. has he seen her approval rating? she's not doing it herself but i guess that is the best has right now. kennedy: he's going to need a job when he gets kicked out of office. maybe with her great connection she can help out. >> u.s. ambassador to kabul. [laughter]
8:38 pm
kennedy: they need it right now. dana was telling me today there's no, a kabul of day guys at the kabul airport and they are hoping for the best. california democrat are the worst politicians in the country. >> they have only two assets. one of them is larry elder who's had pretty serious allegations against him in the last week or so. pulling a loaded gun on a fianée is a pretty serious allegations to deal with -- >> for the democrats. >> you can call it, i love larry elder who i like and has always had a good report to address a, he's not debating, that's another challenge.
8:39 pm
he shuts up his campaign. i would take gavin newsom's best asset may wealthy larry elder. kennedy: what about kevin? he's been on the show, i like him a lot. >> i understand, i think the republicans don't have their front bench in this race, schwarzenegger or not, he was the front bench when great davis was weaker approval ratings than gavin newsom. kennedy: and maybe tom mcclintock had run, it would be a little different from larry elder. he loves his state, he knows the issues, he's connected with californians for a long time. anything can happen, is a tight race because gavin newsom screwed up. thank you for making my week. great job. thank you. situation and afghanistan by the situation and afghanistan by the hour, how are the evacuations
8:40 pm
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violence and afghanistan as evacuation efforts continue. the white house reporting 11000 people evacuated from afghanistan the last 24 hours with over 30,000 evacuated since august 14. but how many americans remain in country? the white house and pentagon have not been clear about it at all so is the evacuation enough to get every american and u.s. ally out before the telemann trigger-happy? the latest on the emergency there. >> tonight evacuations from afghanistan continue. this week and we got a firsthand look as more than 100 afghans flexed the country c-17 fires players as a part from the airport in kabul. the purpose? counter any possible antiaircraft missile targeting the plane. with just eight days until
8:45 pm
american troops are scheduled to withdraw from afghanistan, evacuations of vulnerable people are ramping up as are security threats against the u.s. and allies. outside the walls of the airport, a shootout erupted this morning. americans, nato and afghan troops fired back at the gunman who killed one afghan soldier. officials said the province could ramp up as chauvin said to take it won't agree to an american withdrawal deadline extension beyond august 31. something president biden recently mentioned could happen. >> we are clear about this but that is how we watched this unfold. all among the president has been clear that the united states was not going to enter a third decade of american military deployment the middle of another country civil war. >> this week and 16000 people evacuated from afghanistan amid the chaos. plans of civilians who waited on the tarmac for hours to flee the taliban. >> there are thousands of afghans and americans trying to get to safety, many having
8:46 pm
immense difficulty but you see the faces of these women and children, a feeling of relief, how do you feel making their way out of afghanistan? >> i feel it's so good, i am so happy not. >> for many days to flee the country. taliban checkpoints, roadblocks and chaos amid the made the journey nearly impossible. a special immigrant visa holder heading to the u.s. he arrived at the airport with his family days ago but couldn't make it inside. >> i get it was very hard to come over here. need to go back. >> there are reports key nato allies are concerned with the u.s. and president biden over the push to withdraw u.s. troops by august 31, concerns a quick evacuation could be a dangerous one. kennedy: thank you very much, stay safe and we will check in with you later in the week.
8:47 pm
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side, at least they made it to san francisco safely. yearning to breathe free and visit is a tropical storm. topic number one -- california felon was found passed out in a 711 parking lot inside a car filled with drugs, loaded gun, bus drivers licenses, and $300 for the california governor recall election. police had to let him go because all of us items can be purchased legally at any california 711. here are mail-in ballots among side annexed bills in the convicted felons car. oh my goodness, larry elder supporters would do anything. i can just picture him now smoking meth, popping pills writing about expanding school choice. the suspects name not released but it's possibly rhymes with loving newsom.
8:52 pm
they will receive new ballots in the mail in accordance with california law. drugs collected will be distributed to the public on a first-come first-served basis. topic number two. sad news tonight in music, insane clown posse retiring. finally going to but clowning around, the announcement made at the juggalos this weekend with the world largest meet up with people who have been found passed out in cars filled with ballots, violent j announced hippie joining shaggy for a final farewell before kicking back focus on his health. ironically most americans agree that rather trust clown named violent j with her health and doctor anthony fauci. despite retiring, they will continue to make music. [laughter] their fans replied, is that what
8:53 pm
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8:54 pm
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announcer 1: as they head toward the finish, warren has built a substantial lead and headed for her fourth gold medal! announcer 2: she's ahead of the world record pace by at least half a second and she - oh wait, wait... what's she doing? announcer 1: i think she's doing a headstand. why would she do that? announcer 2: she's stopping. she just, she stopped. announcer 1: i've never seen anything like this. announcer 2: she was so close to the finish, and she stopped. announcer 1: i don't know what she's thinking! announcer 2: this is unbelievable. i've never -
8:58 pm
it is time for this week's incredible kenne-dog or dogs, my thoughts. # kenne-dog for the chance to make your food famous. let's get to it, kicking it off, there is valor.
8:59 pm
first shoot sent in by rebecca, valor topic for arizona for rescue and he is golden arizona, love you, valor. this is jack. right here in new york city, get a rope. hey, fella. a good category. loving frenchy, olive, you know i love frenchy's. i love you so much. so fat. dana sent in these two cuties. rescued from a roomba and not in new jersey. so cute, i'm dying. this is a can adopt who loves a snack, a good. they are sending her dog, a much snuggling his hedgehog. [laughter] so cute. say hello to rex, a true lover
9:00 pm
of life. erin said this in an we love you, you look like you know how to party. reporting for duty, hello, boys. lastly, luna tuna hi patrick, i scary row when outside but she's a sweetheart. a good girl. televised. ♪ ♪ >> companies like ours must speak out, allies to the black lives matter movement. >> you didn't post the right black square at the right time of the year, your boss is screaming at you. >> the corporations are paying for riots, ceo of cisco announced his company is donating 5 million to the black lives matter, airbnb half a million and drop box. >> open borders another staple of radical democratic party is their love of mixing politics


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