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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 30, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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so he could be close to the action. and that's where you'd find him till the end of his days. i'm jamie colby. thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. dagen: good morning. i met dagen mcdowell in four maria bartiromo. monday, august the 30th with your top stories, tracking ida, the hurricane downgraded to a trouble storm after making landfall as a category four with at least one person killed and the city of new orleans without power. the latest all morning long. a tribute to our heroes, the 13 fallen service members received a dignified transfer after last week's bombing at the kabul airport, this is the biden administration targets
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isis-k members as joe biden again refuses to take questions on afghanistan. we have the latest. a look at markets with futures moving in the plaza side to start this week, after gains. s&p 500 and nasdaq meeting all-time highs friday. jay powell jackson hole speech using fears over the feds tapering. european markets are in the greenness monday with gains in england, france and germany. in asia, it was also great across the board. at "mornings with maria" leiva right now. to the crisis in afghanistan. u.s. intercepting five rockets targeting kabul's airport overnight. a cheryl has more. cheryl: good morning here today were intercepted by the u.s. missile defense system, it's unclear who is behind the missile attack as of now so far no casualties have been reported , but the car the rockets were fired from a was a
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scene engulfed in flames. this hours after the u.s. launched a second-round strike on a vehicle with at least one site-- suicide bomber inside. this morning, at least 250 americans are still trapped behind evan-- enemy lines and president biden's withdrawal deadline is ours a lie, still the u.s. insists the taliban will not block them from leaving afghanistan. >> all countries have made clear it's their expectation that the taliban will permit freedom to travel going past august 31. we have a very significant leverage to incentivize the taliban to make good on its commitments. cheryl: a somber moment at dover air force base as president biden and first lady joe biden receiving the remains of 11 of the 13 u.s. service members killed in kabul last week with the remains of the other two service members transferred out of public view at the request of
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it their families and that's the latest on the situation there. dagen: a thank you. futures are trading steadiness morning. you have a green on the dow jones, s&p and nasdaq 100 futures with oil slightly lower as tropical storm ida halted at many production rigs in the gulf of mexico and the federal reserve share jay powell addressing the jackson hole symposium fingering the bonded tapering the $120 billion in bond buying happening every month by the fed, a pullback could begin later in the year end the central bank will likely hold enough in raising interest rates and joining me now julian britton and joining the conversation all morning long former u.s. to part of education press secretary angela moore vito and a fox news contributor liz peake. great to see you. julie, what you make of the market's reaction to the jay powell speech,
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friday? >> good morning. i think it's predictable, i mean, as you pointed out, he created this sort of divergence between tapering and rate hikes and i think the market took that as a bullish tone and i think we saw risks rise with the dollar come off, rates move a little bit, but the reality of the situation is it will be highly dependent-- data dependent and we think it will tapering october, november and the actual more important to equity markets then rate hikes. rate hikes are a long way away and we failed in the past to get through that tapering to successfully. they in themselves can do a lot of damage it to risk. dagen: i would call it a market to freak out when it begins. and you think that is still possible that once it starts happening-- >> i don't think we will see a taper tantrum, i really don't.
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typically, i think more important is that equity markets. bond markets are pretty well behaved at the moment and we are expecting big moves. i think it rates real-- will rise at the front into the middle of the curve but the equity market is much more highly leveraged than it was in the previous two attempts to taper and i think that creates some risk as we move into let's say the fourth quarter beginning of next year. dagen: "wall street journal" this morning highlighting some of the hottest stocks on wall street are pointing to a potential economic cool down with healthcare and utility stocks among some of the best performers. the journal notes stocks typically see investors piling to them when they anticipate a darker outlook. your thoughts on the performance of these defensive stocks? >> as i said, i think we have seen an awful lot of money pumped into the market. some of the survey data
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that's gone through is truly breathtaking. how much money has piled in since the vaccinations appeared on the scene, so there is no question that if you are playing a game you are coming to one of the last inning and the fed is beginning to taper so i think this defensive stance while i'm not bearish with the exception of a couple sectors, i think the defensive stance is justified, run your risk more tighter then you would at the start of a bull run. dagen: liz peake, jumping. >> good morning. i was reading a research note this morning that suggested the utility stocks were discounting about a 1.66%, 10% yield , but basically investors are focused so much on the treasury 10 year yield. it do you think they are wrong, that that's particular is-- instrument is more swayed by what the fed is doing by more than inflation expectation?
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dagen: julian? >> look, i mean, the long indeed is very, very influenced by what the fed has been doing and also by this treasury drain. we have seen the treasury runoff an enormous amount of money over a trillion dollars in reserves essentially that they had, which means we have not had to issue the data and that's coming out to a certain extent, but we are, i think, in one of those phases of the market where if you are focused on the front end of the curve or the middle of the curve in other words focused on will the fed to raise rates, typically at that point along and tends to sit back. it generally doesn't rise and sometimes you that shields can fall, so i'm really not that focused on the long end of the curve. i know the market loves it, but they need to actually bear in mind at this point in in the
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cycle that's not how it it occurs, they occur in the front end of the market. dagen: julian, thank you for being here. terrific discussion is always. we are just getting started and coming up afghanistan withdraw deadline hours away a tear to-- pennsylvania congressman is here on why he's pushing to extend it and form naval intelligence officer dawna bremer is here on the risk americans face in afghanistan amid threats more attacks are coming plus tracking tropical storm ida, the powerful storm knocking out power to all new orleans and what you need to know ahead. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness [relaxed summer themed music playing] ♪ ♪
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but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. dagen: president biden still standing firm on august 31, afghanistan evacuation date.
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at least 250 americans remain trapped in afghanistan. running out of time as the deadline is only a few hours away. the u.s. insisting that taliban will not block them from leaving the country and joining me now pennsylvania congressman foreign affairs committee member and small business committee member dan meuser. thank you for being here. you are trying to get the data pushed back. can you tell us more about that effort on your part? >> sure thing. nice to be with you. august 31, date was set by the taliban and it seems everyone in america, most of the military numbers of congress, republicans and democrats are aware of that and it's a arbitrary date, very unhelpful. it's caused massive problems as we have seen , all kinds of russian at the airport, our screening process is certainly suspect, the number of equipment and helicopters and airplanes and weapons we have left behind is
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unbelievable. but, we have hundreds of americans still there and they gain, top of that i've been working quite a bit, veterans, combat veterans, interpreters and others, allies who are stuck over there with their families and this cutting back on assets to the airport is very, very troubling to say the least along with some religious groups that are still there that have not gotten out, so this thing must be extended and biden, president biden needs to inform the taliban, not asked, tell them that it needs to be extended. dagen: what about those individuals, afghan allies, do they face a certain death once our troops are gone from the taliban? >> may tell us they do they tell us they do. they said it has already happened, they meaning the taliban, they have been knocking on doors imprisoning people. of course, you heard of
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the unbelievably rational nonsensical decision that we gave the taliban, a list of americans so they are continues to be very bad decision-making, but yes, they inform us they are in fear for their lives and have minimal access to the airports. dagen: yesterday maria spoke with house minority leader kevin mccarthy on sunday morning futures about the august 31, evacuation deadline. listen to this and i will get your reaction. >> there are hundreds and could be thousands of americans that will be left behind in afghanistan. the state department has made a decision that the 31st, is the deadline. they are allowing taliban to dictate our foreign policy and what's happened hear from watching americans being left behind by the administration knowingly making a decision tear there is no excuse why the deadline has now been extended. of the speaker has got
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to call us back-- has got called us back. dagen: your reaction? >> leader mccarthy yesterday got a couple of text from him during the day and he's a certainly working hard and being demanding as we can be while we are in the minority. yesterday, on maria's show i wish every american saw michael watts as well as brian matz talk about precisely this that this date is unacceptable and we are leaving americans behind, that we are leaving allies behind. it's a mark of dishonor. america's honor does matter. we see what's happening with china and other adversaries because of this ridiculous date being set again by the taliban and we are leaving americans behind, so we are looking to-- i signed on with leader mccarthy onto a bill prohibiting the military to leave until all americans are evacuated as well we look to file a petition
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this week pushing that date off. speaker pelosi runs the house. speaker pelosi is now called us back, which i think is an outrage, so we need accountability here, but foremost we need to get americans out very dearly-- deservingly so because once again, secretary billington is talking about having leverage after this through sanctions. they have leverage, they have our americans there appear to they have all the leverage they need to avoid any such sanctions and continue to run the show. dagen: i will just point out that with americans left behind, they are essentially hostages, call it what it is and also it was the doing of the biden administration that put the how connie network and the head of that network in as overseeing security in kabul, so the taliban military chief
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overseeing the security in kabul in the city is a designated this terrorist-- terrorist wanted for questioning in the connection with a 2008 attack in kabul that killed six people including an american citizen. there is essentially a reward for information on this individual, and that is who is running security in kabul-- kabul. it's unthinkable. >> worst-case scenario has been-- yes, you are speaking the truth we need americans to know the truth. of the ineptitude of this white house is boundless, but we need to start being american, and correct the situation. it's one thing after another, not to mention the fact that our southern border is so porous. all of these terribly liberal, weak, will give you will decisions are weakening us into net--
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internationally, militarily and economically. >> thank you, congressman, dan meuser, liz, we will get to you shortly. nice to seeing you, congressman. president biden again shutting down reporters, refusing to answer questions about afghanistan. we are on it next plus tropical storm ida at that destruction with new orleans completely in the dark, out of power as the storm gets downgraded with a live report next voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision.
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dagen: ida a tropical storm after making landfall as a category four hurricane with more than 1 million people without power in louisiana and mississippi. fox whether it is in mississippi. reporter: we are waiting for first lighted to reveal the extent of damage not only in coastal mississippi and further inland but the incredible scenes we will see at a louisiana.
6:22 am
there is an unreal path of destruction that will be unveiled with daylight as you mention, hundreds of thousands without electricity and flooding concerns. even though the storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm, that doesn't mean the rain is a ceasing and certainly not the wind. keep in mind i am here next to the gulfport and we have been dealing with this relentless window for about 14 hours now and even though we have had incredible upgrades to the infrastructure here in this area 14 hours of conditions like this with 60 and 80 miles an error when it can do damage to even the best reinforced buildings. amazingly, here in the area we are, we have kept power most of the time which is a testament to the incredible work they've been doing trying to reinforce this and have it prepared for storms like this. the power has been on for most of this storm, but again as you push
6:23 am
closer to louisiana where they had died the storm in the center pass through, it's an entirely different story with flooding at the mena story here throughout the morning as we have had this line of water that will continue and if you look at the storm and radar we are in the top right quadrant which continues to see relentless circulation in rain and flooding will continue to be a big story even as the wind dies down the. dagen: will, thank you for being with us and we-- for reporting on the back-- ground. you be safe. turning his back to questions, president biden blows off a reporter's question on afghanistan again. listen. >> i'm not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead. >> afghanistan. >> i'm not going to answer on afghanistan. dagen: liz, i'm without words or i have words, i just cannot use them on television. and not get fired, but
6:24 am
continued. >> i share your anger, and i think all americans do. i think 80% of americans want us to stay in afghanistan until every last american is out to safely and also, that on the tens of thousands of american allies also brought to safety. at this is an outrageous humiliation of the united states of america. we are a great nation. joe biden is leading us down this path of shame, in my view, and words fail me in terms of his inability to address the american people. who's telling him he's not allowed to talk to americans? are those his handlers that now he is incapable? if that is true, he needs to resign today. dagen: angela, watching that speech, especially when he took questions last thursday after those 13 service members were killed, i just felt like any american i now could have gotten up there and ad lib. the a talk
6:25 am
an address to the nation heartfelt and coherent and meaningful than what the president of the united states it did and over and over again, i know he was at fema, i know he was dealing with what was then a hurricane, but why couldn't he address afghanistan? does he not have the facts? >> he has nothing to say in his own defense ended that right there tells you everything you need to know about the ongoing catastrophe in afghanistan. it's pathetic that the president of the united states cannot answer the most simple and basic questions about our foreign policy. look, i was a press secretary and the tramp administration and part of the job is that you have to have people at the highest level of government who are able to answer questions about what they did and why they did it and if the president is not trusted by the people
6:26 am
closest to him to answer the questions, there is no reason he should be trusted to make life altering decisions. dagen: thank you both, liz and angela and kevin at the ongoing terror threat in kabul as five rockets were headed to the airport and intercepted by the u.s. as the deadline to pull out his hours away. we are back in a few minutes. , carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. (vo) at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs. being first on the scene,
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we innovate to outpace cyberthreats. so you can embrace technology with confidence and make the next day safer than the one before. we've got next. dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo to. at monday, august the 30th with a look at markets at the bottom of the hour, futures are moving to the plus side with gains on the three major market gauges with futures there, this after gains last week as the s&p 500 and nasdaq is hitting all times highs friday as the fed chief jay powell, his jackson hole's speech eased fears over tapering, european markets in the green to start this week as well with gains in england, france and germany and same story in asia overnight with gains across the board.
6:30 am
north korea may be restarting its nuclear program. cheryl has details a. cheryl: that is right, images that show hermit kingdom appearing to restart its main nuclear reactor again according to a report from the united nations atomic agency. reactor appeared to have been inactive since december, 2018, but starting last month there were indicators the discharge of cooling water. un agency was kicked out of north korea in 2009 and said it's quote deeply troubling and u.s. officials agree. the european union said to recommend a halt for all nonessential travel from the united states. of the decision expected later today and it comes amid a surge of covid 19 cases in the u.s. eu travel list reviewed every two weeks, it's not binding and some countries may decide to keep permitting u.s. tourists if they provide vaccination proved. a recommendation comes
6:31 am
with the tourism season set to slow down. back at home many hospitals are scrambling as many have left their staff positions during a pandemic for positions as travel nurses which pay a lot more. according to data, traveling nurses made an average of $3500 a week last year and that pay is rising again as the delta variant takes hold. hospitals are trying to compete to find a staff positions to fill with some offering signing boatswain-- bonuses to nurses about $40,000 and then there is this as a tesla driver using the car's partially automated driving it slams into a police car saturday. of the officer pulled over on an interstate to assist a disabled vehicle, the tesla hit the police car barely missing the officer and he need to hit the disabled vehicle, only minor injuries were reported but this comes amid a investigation into tesla as there were several accidents related to the automated driving system here
6:32 am
those are your headlines. dagen: thank you. we will see at the top of the hour. five rockets fired at the kabul airport this morning intercepted by u.s. missile defense systems, this is the president and defense officials warn of ongoing terrorist threats after the width-- as the withdrawal deadline nears and yesterday u.s. drone strike blew up a vehicle carrying a suicide bomber potentially who were reportedly targeting airport. following this morning's rocket attack president biden has reconfirmed his weekend order that commanders prioritize protecting u.s. troops on the ground peered joining me now naval intelligence officer and braemar group chairman, don bramer. what you make of the situation that unfolded with the death of 13 service members and our rush to get out based on what the taliban is dictating to the united states, essentially? >> good morning. since past thursday's
6:33 am
attack, the intelligence information that's been coming in has claimed we have an acute persistent warnings of imminent danger coming towards our base and our troops, so the last 24, 48 hours are extremely critical. $83 billion a u.s. military inventory was left to the taliban and that now possibly going to the highest bidder, so all you see is danger, danger, danger across the board and since saturday the military aircraft has been deploying as they take off to avoid these activities. dagen: again, if americans get left behind and there was this kind of messaging coming out of the white house, we told them to get out, we sent warnings as if it-- like poor decision-making out of the white house and the biden administration that it had nothing to do with the fault of americans, can we call those
6:34 am
americans hostage is essentially they are left behind when all of our troops are gone? >> you can call them hostages, but first called them and abandoned as this administration continues to pass the buck leaving americans into the latest word that came out last night to tell americans to stay in place and maybe in a month that things will quiet down is absolutely ridiculous. dagen: it's the idea that also that this kind of goes to the greater conversation about the withdrawal, don, but how do we fight terrorism, islamic radical terrorism without having eyes and ears in afghanistan? we have a banded nose people as well. they are in hiding. and now you talk about the weapons, but which he asked keep talking about this over the horizon capability and i know those drone strikes use that, but we are expected to as a nation protect our country and
6:35 am
our resources abroad using drones flying from the persian gulf and not having cia operations within afghanistan, without having actual resources on the ground and we are talking about isis, al qaeda which has continued to have a relationship with the taliban, it's still in afghanistan. what is coming for the united states in terms of terrorist attacks and did we foment that by leaving afghanistan and leaving it the way we did? >> there's a lot of conversation in the first thing i will say is that when you take all of your intelligence assets out of an area, you have a limited your ability to verify and confirm actual intelligence, so even if you have the drones in this capability you have limited your confirmation ability. this is the second time we have turned our back on afghan he people, first in the late 70s, early '80s and now
6:36 am
today. how do we expect these people or anyone else across the globe to trust americans at their word? you are correct, the threat of terrorism is extremely high and should be high moving forward because of what we have done is unleashed or allow the taliban to unleash these prisoners, these terrorists from the al qaeda who said they will not turn their back on al qaeda or the taliban to come together in a breeding ground of terrorist activities. dagen: and i want to point out, i was talking to someone who prosecuted terrorists in the '90s and is said i am seeing a replay of what happened in the '90s that gave rise to al qaeda, that the taliban provided sanctuary to al qaeda and first they hit indices in east africa. they hit the u.s. coal and then again as if we need a reminder we are coming up on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 terror attacks and we are essentially repeating that over
6:37 am
again. >> keep in mind in its heyday, the al qaeda pay the taliban $20 million a year just for safe harbor in the country. and now they are coming together and you are right here we are weeks away from the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the taliban is a stronger than it ever was. it's better armed, it's better classified than it was then. this is disheartening to me. dagen: lee is a, jump in. >> good morning, there have been calls from some in congress to extend the deadline. do you think that would require sending in thousands more u.s. troops or how could we possibly move that deadline back in order to get out more americans? >> in order to extend the deadline we would have to sending more troops because at this point as of saturday the uk had taken its last remaining troops out of afghanistan and all of our other nato allies have left afghanistan. we are the last man standing there now and
6:38 am
almost defenseless at this point. dagen: before we go, what you see in the months ahead for this administration? coming up on the -- and i repeat myself, but coming up on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack, it's going to be very difficult pill for many americans to swallow to listen to president biden talk on that anniversary given what's happened in afghanistan as we still mourn these 13 service members who were killed just last week. >> it was a tragic day for us to lose americans in that way and as we move towards the anniversary of 9/11, and we listen to the speeches and the commemorations, it's going to be hard for americans to actually think that this administration is truly sincere in his words. as you mentioned earlier in the program, the speech the president gave last thursday did not come across heartfelt so i think americans will have a
6:39 am
hard pill to swallow, but what i also think we need to consider as congress needs to come back to washington. we need to ask questions and call for hearings as soon as we can to look into the oversight of how this evacuation took place and where they failed. dagen: we know and there has been much discussion about president biden throwing his military commanders under the bus about the withdraw from just abandonment of bagram air base and it was clear in what mark millie the chairman of the joint chiefs of steff said a week and half ago or so that when he was saying that we were given a certain troop level and it didn't really have a choice, so that is just part of what's going on, but also the "washington post" has reporting yesterday that it was very clear about what happened with the taliban taking over and just before we go, "washington post" yesterday reported that taliban offered to stay out of kabul and
6:40 am
let u.s. forces secure the city and then we told them we only need therefore. we could control the airport in the city and evacuated everyone, but we chose not to. that was in the "washington post" yesterday. >> i think if you look at the situation in bagram air base and couple-- kabul is a clear case of cut and run, wanted to get out of afghanistan as fast as they can and for some cases for sake first taken any responses from the taliban in leaving americans and our allies add to the. dagen: don bramer, thank you for being here this morning. coming up, a shot in a booth, the new guidelines that allow you to get a flu shot at the same time measure covid vaccine booster, a medical perspective next to. you are watching "mornings with maria" live on foxbusiness
6:41 am
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dagen: you no longer need to wait 14 days between vaccinations, the cdc now says that people can get covid 19 vaccine and a flu shot at the same time. joining me now, fox news medical contributor physician doctor jeanette, what do you make of this guidance clinic good morning.
6:45 am
i think this is great. you can knock out both shots, get your safety up to par in one trip. we are coming up on flu season and we didn't see a lot of flu last year because we were all wearing masks and we got our vaccines. same thing they sure that we want to see with a low level of flu cases and a low level of covid cases and we can protect ourselves by getting both shots. of the good thing is that moderna is working on a combination flu covid shot so you can get one shot versus two shots like for example we can go to the pharmacy and get the booster covid shot in the left arm and a flu shot in the right arm but imagine get about the shots at once simultaneously and we may see that in the future with moderna, which i'm looking forward to. dagen: how long you have to wait from your final vaccination to get a booster? how many months? >> in some parts of the country they are saying get your booster now like for example in israel and the united
6:46 am
kingdom but in the united states they are saying wait eight months, but if you have underlying medical conditions or a weakened immune system you will likely be able to get that now. i don't know of any doctor or pharmacy that will deny that. dagen: my dad already got one. >> great. dagen: i was like who gave it to you and he found someone. i assume it was a medical professional. >> yes. he will get up to 10 fold antibody protection because of that so i'm happy to hear that. dagen: he is 85 and had heart surgery a year ago, but i digress. study showed people who have had covid 19 are at lower risk of contracting the delta variant than those that got two doses of the pfizer vaccine and this has been this issue all along with kind of the bifurcation of either you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. just the world in which we live doesn't take into account people who had covid and have
6:47 am
natural immunity like myself. now i'm also vaccinated, but what you make of this? >> yeah, it's important that we acknowledge natural immunity from previous infections, but let's keep in mind, if you have had three pfizer or three moderna vaccines, you might still have more protection than if you-- it then someone else that has covid in the past that had no symptoms or very, very mild symptoms, so i do believe if you had covid and you were hospitalized and you had a severe case of covid then yeah it's possible you will have more protection or just as much protection as someone who has had three doses of vaccine. the good news is, we have been told to combat this virus and we know what to do, it's a matter of getting the booster shot. dagen: but, we are still getting wonky advice from doctor tony-- doctor dr. anthony fauci aziz that mandating vaccines for
6:48 am
schoolchildren in the u.s. there's a school district in san diego requiring masks for children even outside and at the bus stop. doctor, to be clear, the vaccine is not yet recommended for children under 12; correct? >> correct. we might have emergency use authorization by the end of this year, but right now it is 12 years old and not. a vaccines essay lives they can prevent infections, but right now just a 12 and up and as far as wearing a mask outdoors in the blistering heat, i think that isn't necessary with the risk of transmission extremely low especially when it's extremely hot outside. you can come into trouble having children wearing masks outdoors. i don't think that is necessary unless you are literally neck and neck close to other people who potentially have been contaminated with covid. dagen: what i am talking about because again, anthony fauci has
6:49 am
been in favor of a masking as well. it just-- i don't even know how you enforce keeping masks on little kids if they are having recess outside. again, the educators are there to educate and that's where i think a lot of parents are lost. >> absolutely. i think we need to focus on the older population, adults that are unvaccinated, they are the ones that need to be protecting themselves so we don't transfer the virus to children for we saw a teacher in marion county unvaccinated, unmasks and she spread covid to her entire classroom so let's not put the burden of protection on our children, they should not have to wear a mask outdoors while playing at recess. that's just not reasonable. dagen: right. i have heard stories of educators not vaccinated , just personal stories who kind of people they work with were surprised when
6:50 am
they found out that that's how they contracted covid because they had not gotten vaccine appeared these are people working in a school with young children, so again when i was talking about anthony fauci, that's his opinion, but vaccines aren't available yet to young kids and let's focus on the people, the older children, teenagers end of the and educators if you are talking about vaccine mandates. doctor, thank you for being here. >> thank you. dagen: coming up, censoring discussion, twitter banning journalists alex berenson for questioning the covid vaccine effectiveness. we take a look next
6:51 am
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6:53 am
dagen: being tech strikes again
6:54 am
with twitter permanently suspending former "new york times" writer and author alex berenson for questioning the effectiveness of the covid-19 vaccine. berenson is saying this and then that twit that set them off: it doesn't stop infection or transmission, don't think of it as a vaccine, think of it at best as a therapeutic with a limited window of efficacy and terrible side effect profile that must be dosed in advance of illness. and we went to mandated insanity, liz, your thoughts? again, the taliban is fine but alex berenson is not allowed to treat something and then have them open it up for discussion or reputation by other people on the platform appeared taliban okay, former "new york times" reporter is not. >> a look, i think it's pretty offensive when big tech tells us who can say what when. i really rail against it i disagree with alex berenson. i'm not a medical
6:55 am
person, but neither is he. i have been vaccinated and i think most people should be vaccinated, but you also have the right in this country to question the authorities. this is what scares me. we have now authority in d.c. which suddenly has magic power. they can tell people you don't have to pay your rent. you can tell people they have to do this or that. i think it's an outrage into your point, twitter obviously doesn't care about terrorists, but they care about someone's questioning ac/dc that has proved to be fallible, so i think it is really wrong. again, i disagree with alex berenson, but i think he has a right to ask questions. dagen: angela, what do you say? >> alex is wrong and what he is saying on the internet, but free speech means you are allowed to say things that are wrong. for twitter to pretend that telling the truth is a standard to be on
6:56 am
their platform is absurd because not only is the taliban tweeting, but he had the ayatollah of iran, the chinese state media, you have twitter accounts that are dedicated solely to spreading harmful lines and myth-- misinformation so to pretend it's just this one person, he was going to cross the line, absolutely not true and twitter needs to have consistency in enforcing what they say are their own rules. dagen: i just always go back to the censorship, liz, and the "new york post" and the factual story of hunter biden ahead of the presidential election, the fact that they were shut out for days and days on twitter. again, they are politically motivated. >> well, i think that is really the most troublesome thing here. it's not truth versus untruth, its truth in the behest of the democratic party and as you point out their behavior last year when
6:57 am
joe biden was running for president and suppressing any story, not just the hunter biden story but any story unfavorable about joe biden, that was unconscionable. somehow the importance and the power of a big tech has got to be reined in. i don't know how it happens, but it has to happen. dagen: thank you liz and angela and still ahead tropical storm ida impact on oil markets and our southern coast, stay with us . . . and reinvent the wheel. with a hybrid, you can do both. that's why manufacturers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud factories can use ai to automate the little things so they can focus on the next big thing.
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7:00 am
dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, august 30th. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. eastern. tracking ida, the hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm after making landfall as a category 4. at least one person killed, the city of new orleans without power, the latest all morning long. and the kabul airport under fire, u.s. defenses intercepting five rockets headed towards forces on the ground, as the
7:01 am
biden administration targets isis cave members an president biden refuses to take questions on afghanistan. we have the very latest. a look at markets, futures are moving to the plus side this monday morning after gains last week. the s&p 500 and nasdaq hitting all-time highs on friday. as fed chief jay powell's jackson hole speech eases fears over tapering. gains in england, france and germany, same in asia overnight with all four major markets there to the plus side. "mornings with maria" is live right now. the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan now just hours away. fox news' lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon for us. good morning, lucas. >> reporter: good morning, dagen. u.s. forces continue to come under attack at the airport in kabul, five rockets intercepting overnight, one day before president biden's august 31st deadline. the blame about who lost
7:02 am
afghanistan has begun, here's jake sullivan blaming the generals for closing bagram airbase. .jaime jake sullivan, said it ws the generals who decided to close bagram airbase, the airbase an hour and-a-half drive north of kabul. kabul airport is an airport if the middle of a crowded city of four and-a-half million, trying to hold an evacuation out of new york from laguardia airport. officials say jake sullivan when saying the generals want to close bagram. suicide bombers were left than two miles from the front gate of the airport where u.s. troops stand guard. yesterday president biden honored the 13 americans killed at the kabul airport attack on thursday, 11 marines, a navy medic and a soldier. another u.s. drone flying from the united arab emirates killed two isis planners.
7:03 am
>> these individuals are no longer walking on the face of the earth, that's a good thing. it's a good thing for the people of afghanistan. it's a good thing for our troops and forces at the airfield. >> reporter: by wednesday, there will be no american troops in afghanistan for the first time in nearly 20 years. dana. dagen: lucas, real quick, before we go, the bagram issue, it's very clear just based on the comments publicly from general mille, chairman of joint chiefs of staff, is they were not given, the military, the resources. they were given a certain troop level from the white house from joe biden and they had no choice but to pull out of bagram, and bagram could have potentially been retaken if biden had sent in enough troops to do that and provide for a safe evacuation. there's a lot of back and forth on this. >> reporter: there's a lot of back and forth. expect that to continue when the evacuation is complete on
7:04 am
wednesday, of course an evacuation of u.s. troops from afghanistan, a lot of vulnerable afghans and afghans who helped the united states will be left behind and you're right, bagram air base has two runways, an hour and-a-half north of kabul, a rural area, unlike the kabul airport which is in the middle of a crowded city of four and-a-half million. officials i've spoken with said this evacuation would have been easier if it had taken place in bagram. it's easier to defend. you wouldn't have had thousands of people outside of the gates of bagram like you have in kabul. it is notable that president biden's team is blaming the generals for the decision to close bagram. i'm told they wanted to leave it open. the order was to go to zero. remember, the u.s. military had pulled out of afghanistan. they were going to leave 650 troops to guard the u.s. embassy in kabul and today that $800 million u.s. embassy is abandoned and i'm sure the taliban will be taking it over as soon as u.s. forces leave. dagen: to just be clear, there are no more rescue flights of
7:05 am
american civilians or afghan allies, friends of america, those flights are -- the evacuations are over, except for the actual troops on the ground, correct? >> reporter: those flights are grounding to a halt. there might be a few left. but this whole mission is coming to a close as the last of the u.s. forces leave afghanistan. again, this will be the first time in nearly 20 years that there will be no americans on the ground in afghanistan. dagen. dagen: lucas tomlinson, thank you for your reporting throughout all of this and to jennifer griffin as well. we'll see you soon. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me price futures group senior market analyst, phil flynn, michael lee strategy founder, michael lee and analyst ross mayfield. phil, let me kick it off with you. we're watching the oil market after gulf production essentially shut down due to ida. this is the gulf of mexico i'm
7:06 am
talking about. as opec plus is likely to keep its output policy unchanged continuing it's planned production increase ahead of their meeting on wednesday. phil, your thoughts on oil right now? >> you know, i think right now we're seeing oil come down because a lot of concern that our refineries might not be able to get up online. i mean, if you look at the market impact, when the market opened last night and gasoline prices, we shot up over 10-cents a gallon, we pulled back, we're up about three or four cents a gallon but crude going down now because these refineries might not get back up very quickly. it's going to take a few days to figure out how bad this is going to be and how it's going to impact us as the pump. right now, the market looks very optimistic because of the track record of these refineries coming back online. i don't know if i'm that optimistic right now. i think i want more information on how bad the damage is. you know, when you look at the power of the storm, the
7:07 am
flooding, the power outages, you put it together, it could be weeks if not months before we get some of these refineries back up and running. if that's the case, that's mean we see gasoline prices continue to edge up over the next couple weeks. dagen: let's talk equities, markets looking to extend their record run after fed chair's jay powell's doveish speech on friday. ross, your take? >> i think that's just it. first and foremost, chair powell didn't surprise the market, 2013 you saw a bit of a taper tantrum because markets were caught offguard because of the faux announcement of tapering. jay powell didn't break new ground. it was a little doveish. he called out global inflationary forces, continued to hammer the point that they believe inflation is tans tori and he -- is transitory. and he hinted that rate hikes could be further out than the market expected.
7:08 am
chair powell hinted that he moved to severe the tide. we'll be watching employment data this week and going forward. i do think a doveish tilt and no surprises, the equity market is going to like that. dagen: let's turn to crypto. john paul who famously shorted the housing bubble in 2008, he said cryptocurrencies will eventually become worthless. he's calling it a bubble. what say you? >> with crypto you're in a binary situation where either paulson is right or he's wrong. if he's wrong, the value of crypto is based on central bank continued money printing and the theory behind all of this money printing is the bicycle theory, meaning if you just keep pedaling the wheels or printing the money, the wheels don't come off.
7:09 am
i would say hank paulson is a gold bug, how has gold done for the last decade. he hasn't returned capital to outside investors, i'd say that's more performance related. he's basically destroyed investor capital for the last decade in one of the greatest bull markets in history. he may be calling the black swan. i tend to be in the camp that crypto's here and here to stay. point 72, more successful hedge funds are knee-deep into crypto so i tend to think the best days of crypto are ahead of us. i don't see money printing stopping any time soon. dagen: paulson is remembered for this multibillion dollar winning bet against the housing market, mike, but what actual investments did he lose so much money on in the last few years? >> well, -- dagen: he was on the wrong side of gains, essentially.
7:10 am
>> he lost a massive gold fund when gold was at $2,000 an ounce a decade ago. where is gold now, 1800 bucks. compare that to multi-strategy hedge funds, they've been producing returns for a decade when he's down. a lot of his -- he's like norel ravine, you call the financial crisis and you're bearish on everything forever, meanwhile we've gone on one of the best bull runs in history. you cling onto the dooms day prediction that made him money in 2008. here we are now, the s&p is up six-fold, ten-fold from the lows of 2008. so i mean, look, he returned outside investor capital a year ago and those that invested in his funds post financial crisis just did horrific compared to the s&p 500. that doesn't mean he's not
7:11 am
eventually going to be right with crypto. i tend to think he's wrong. we're in a binary position here, either crypto is real or it's not. if it's real, i think it's going much higher. dagen: michael lee, thank you, sir. phil flynn and ross mayfield thank you all so much this morning. word on wall street. much more ahead this morning. coming up, 24 hours to go, some military experts say americans won't get out of afghanistan by the deadline. we are on the fallout all morning. plus, new orleans in the dark, ida leaving a path of destruction in its wake. how the storm is affecting oil production and what it means for already rising gas prices. and joining the conversation all morning long, angela morabito and liz peek. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind.
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dagen: five rockets fired at the kabul airport overnight intercepted by the u.s., this with time rapidly running out to evacuate those who are left behind in afghanistan. joining me now, retired two star marine corps general and national defense industrial association chairman, general arnold pinaro. he's also the author of the book, the ever-shrinking fighting force. is it possible to get everyone out of afghanistan by the deadline that -- maybe there are one or two flights left to get americans, our friends, our allies out of the country. >> well, dagen, it's a privilege to be back with you and i would say the only bright light in what will be a very dark chapter in u.s. history is the bravery, professionalism and the ultimate sacrifice of our military at karzai airport where they're saving the lives of u.s. citizens and afghans who supported us and they believed our word that we would get them
7:16 am
out and the answer to your question unfortunately, sadly, it's clear we won't get everyone out by tomorrow and this goes against the ethos of everyone in uniform today, all that served in uniform previously. you're taught from your first day in boot camp, you never leave your dead or wounded on the battlefield. as a commander in voted name, i had union -- vietnam, i had young 18-year-olds die in my arm. there was a young marine corporal who had two weeks left on his tour in vietnam rushed out of a safe position to help me and he died doing it. we could have gotten out quickly, no one in my platoon, we fought a day long intense fire fight up a mountain to get all our dead and wounded out. it's basically a black stain on the united states of america that we are not going to get all of the americans and the afghans that served with us out by
7:17 am
tomorrow's deadline. dagen: general, i did write this. i said joe biden and his -- he will be judged by the americans, our allies and our friends who are left behind. not judged on how many people were gotten out of that country. that his cronies in the democratic party are trying to spin this as some admirable air lift. it is admirable but that's not what we will be judged by. and also, just his handling of and the way he's talked to the american people after those 13 service members were killed last week. he was supposed to be president of empathy and i said this earlier, i felt like any american i know could have gotten up there and given a more heart-felt speech to all of americans than the president did last week. and answer questions more
7:18 am
frankly. >> well, i would say, dagen, our military and our citizens and the afghans that were put in this very dangerous and chaotic situation at the airport was based on poor prior decision by civilian political leaders, this and previous administrations. this is not a retrograde as they're calling it, it is a retreat. the evacuations should have started months earlier. everyone knew from day one that president biden would bring our troops home. like in vietnam, the state department waited too long. military experts and the pentagon were telling our contractors supporting the afghan military get out now, the country's going to collapse quicker than the rosy scenario announced. the military went out of bagram air in the middle of -- airport in the middle of the night. we allowed ourselves to get in a circumstance where we depend on the support of the sworn enemies, the taliban.
7:19 am
no matter what anyone says, the taliban is going to take afghanistan back to the stone age. we need to shoot straight with the american people. without question, the first thing president biden should do now is immediately send an assignment to the intelligence committee and congress, authorizing a covert program run by the cia with the support of military special operations forces using title 50 so we can get american citizens and afghan allies out, whether the taliban cooperate or not. dagen: you were talking about your service in vietnam. one of my father's best friends flew helicopters in vietnam with the first calvary air mobile even in his first mission was in the idring valley. all he could say was over and over again is we do not leave people behind, we do not leave people behind, echoing what you were saying. where does america go from here? you have president biden
7:20 am
operating from a position of weakness almost in every way. what about -- you were talking about to get our people out, but what about the ongoing terror threat to the united states? our embassies abroad, you have isis, al-qaida, taliban, you name it. but what about -- how do we fight terrorism long-haul here? >> well, i would say, dagen, there are two things we need to be doing on a simultaneous basis. let me talk about the second one first which is the credibility that we lost in the world. right now the chinese are telling the taiwanese, you better get with us, you better come our way, you better cut a deal now and the taiwanese are asking themselves is america really going to be good on their word and their commitment to us if we get in an extreme situation with china. and i would say you know, they're very skeptical about that answer based on what we did. we have to restore our cred ill credibility and make sure people understand when we give our word we'll keep our word.
7:21 am
in terms of dealing with terrorism, we've got to make sure that we deal with it overseas and when we see it building whether it's in africa or the middle east, whether it's going to be back in afghanistan, which is going to happen, just like former secretary of defense leon pineta said, we'll have to go back in there and take out terrorist cells. some we can do from a distance like we did with a drone strike the other day. some of it you learn throughout history that you have to have boots on the ground to take it out. so we have to understand that because of the way we've gone out of afghanistan, we have given the terrorists an opening that they didn't have before. i think we've got to be more diligent in terms of both homeland defense as well as our defenses overseas. dagen: general, great to see you. thank you so much for being here this morning, general. >> you're quite welcome. dagen: coming up, the wrath of tropical storm ida hitting the
7:22 am
oil industry and your wallet. we take you live to louisiana next with a look at the destruction. ♪ (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the first ever at4 lineup. premium and capable. that's professional grade from gmc.
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7:25 am
we've got next. dagen: tropical storm ida wreaking havoc on the gulf coast, leaving more than one million people in louisiana alone without power, grady tremble is in new orleans. grady, what's the latest. >> reporter: dagen, well, take a look at the damage here in downtown new orleans this morning, as of yesterday morning this building was still standing. today, reduced to rubble. that gives you an idea of how powerful the storm was when it made landfall as a category 4 storm here in louisiana. as of this morning, just about the entire city of new orleans is without power, there's also limited sewage in most parts of the city where people have no water provided to them and at&t cell service is down so if you're trying to reach loved ones in new orleans, they might not be able to respond just yet
7:26 am
even if they are doing okay this morning. you mentioned it -- dagen: grady, did we lose you? i think we lost -- we lost grady's audio. grady, we'll try to get you back. i know that there -- that they're without power in new orleans. these are some of the shots coming in. as the sun comes up or daylight breaks, we're going to start to get a lot of footage of the damage done down on the gulf coast. particularly you get drone footage potentially coming from that area of the country. we'll try to get grady back up. coming up, democrats divided over how to pass president biden's economic agenda, american action forum president dug aiken is -- doug aiken is here next with a look at the spending spree. plus, cvs wants to be your therapist, how it's making it easier for you to get counseling at your neighborhood store.
7:27 am
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7:30 am
cheryl: welcome back, i'm cheryl casone. some of the top stories we're following this morning, lake tahoe is under threat from california's latest wildfire. officials ordering more evacuations sunday night around the tahoe basin, an area usually packed ahead of the labor day weekend. the fire is said to be, quote, more aggressive than anticipated. so far the blaze has burned over 168,000 acres and is 13% contained. well, stock story this morning, a firm holdings, the stock is soaring in the premarket, there is it, up almost 40%. the company announcing on friday that it's going to bring its flexible payment service which is buy now, pay later, to amazon's online shopping platform. affirm says they're currently testing the service. they expect to roll it out to all customers in the next few months. we'll take a look at amazon stock in the premarket, the stock is fractionally higher.
7:31 am
well, cvs experimenting with a new concept where you can receive care for your mental health while making your necessary pharmacy purchases. earlier this year the company launched a pilot program in 13 locations around philadelphia, tampa and how ton. it provides on site in person behavioral therapists for customers that want to get mental health. they saw very high return rate during the test phase and as a result cvs is going to expand the entire mental health service program. and then finally there is this. hollywood legend ed asner has died, his children breaking the news on twitter yesterday. the actor best known as the grum grumpy boss lou grant on mary tyler moore. he won seven emmys for his work, including more than 300 acting
7:32 am
credits. ed asner was 91 years old, dagen. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. tropical storm ida, we go back to the gulf coast again. a million people in louisiana without power. we've got grady tremble back, he's standing by. take it away, grady. >> reporter: as i was mentioning the cell service is out for at&t customers here, we lost our signal which broadcasts with cell service. that could have been what is to blame as people are waking up and dealing with all those power outages, lack of running water in their homes and no cell service. but the biggest mission today is going to be saving lives. crews have been standing by for search and rescue mission as the sun is just about to come up here in louisiana. they had to stay inside yesterday, law enforcement officials, the national guard, because it got too dangerous for them to go out into the storm. so as sun comes up this morning, they'll be responding to all of the hundreds, if not thousands of people who are stuck in their
7:33 am
homes, surrounded by floodwaters this morning. that is going to be something to keep an eye on today and for the upcoming days as the entire state, especially the southeastern part, dealt with flash flooding as well as that storm surge as the storm moved in as a category 4 hurricane with wind speeds of 150 miles per hour here in the state of louisiana. one final note, in advance of the storm, about 95% of oil and gas production in the gulf of mexico was halted because of the storm's approach. they had to get people off of the rigs out in the gulf of mexico. they also had to get refineries ready in case the storm impacted them. there could be flooding and damage to them as well. so you could see gas prices at the pump all across the country increase. gas buddy estimates the increase could be anywhere between 3 and 8-cents per gallon, a noticeable amount no matter where you are in the country. dagen, i'll leave you with that. but of course, as the sun comes
7:34 am
up this morning, priority number one, saving lives because there are people still stuck among the floodwaters. dagen: grady, thank you so much for that reporting. be safe. grady tremble in new orleans. president biden's economic agenda splitting the democratic party, some moderate dems say they do not agree with the high price tag. this as the house adopting a budget plan with a $3.5 trillion price tag, we know it's not that low. committees hoping to advance their positions with the bill by september 15th and a vote on the entire measure without reconciliation before october 1st. joining me now, american action forum president, former cvo director, douglas acheen. what do -- aiken. what do you think about the spending, where does it go from here? it's got to go through the senate too. >> they're going to try to get it through the senate on a party line vote using special procedures known as reconciliation but it's an enormous amount of spending.
7:35 am
if you look at the biden administration budget, spending is a fraction of our economy at the highest average over 10 of 0 years in the history of the country, that includes world war ii. the ambitions are enormous, to expand the scope of what the government does and the scale of how much money goes into it and one of the reasons democrats are delighted is there is no real principle behind this. there's no vision for what they're trying to accomplish. it's let's just do good things we like. that means everyone wants their thing in the bill. there's no good way to settle those diets disputes. we're seeing that right now. dagen: it's the assumption that people in government elected officials, politicians, lawmakers, bureaucrats make better decisions with my money, with your money, than you do. and i've always said that, just the vast expansion of new entitlement. for example, the additional child tax credit runs through the end of the year, that's in
7:36 am
there. universal pre-k, i could go on. but these programs, one, they're a drain on the private sector resources. but two, they will be much more costly down the road than anybody will tell you to your face. >> well, there's a real problem here in the financing. that's for sure. i mean, there's a big price tag on this. but the taxes that are raised to cover that, that price tag, are permanent and the programs are temporary. they go on for six years, eight years, then they sunset. what that tells you, if they add up over the next 10 years, they don't add up over the long term. if they make the spending permanent, there's not enough taxes to pay for it. they're building a bigger hole in the already troubled federal budget and doing it without existing we have existing social safety net programs that are in dire financial shape and will need to have some reform.
7:37 am
so this is i think an extremely risky budgetary move. we're in trouble to begin with. the safety net needs work around they're expanding instead of fixing, that's the problem. dagen: that's what i keep saying. i feel like i talk about this until i'm blue in the face but the medicare hospital trust fund runs out of money in it's roughly four years. so i think it's 2026. and -- >> one of the troubling things, dagen, we don't know that. the trust report is supposed to be out in april. they haven't released the report to this day. we don't know the condition of medicare. we don't know the condition of social security. and i think it's a very troubling thing to essentially hide those reports while this debate goes on. people have the right to know the state of federal finances. dagen: i'm citing the last report from the year prior which came out in the spring of 2020 and based on that we know that the trust fund runs out of money and it will be able to pay
7:38 am
90-cents on the dollar of benefits. that's a huge cut in benefits and nobody in washington will take a step and even try to fix it but they want more of these entitlements. liz peek wants to jump in. liz. liz: good morning, doug. i keep hoping that biden's syncing approval rating -- sinking approval rating which are pretty drastic right now and the fact he won't be a cheerleader for this program will make it easier for pod rest democrats to turn -- moderate democrats to turn thumbs down on this. i'm hoping it doesn't get approved or at least get significantly smaller. what do you think, is the president's popularity here an issue or not. >> the president's popularity is always an issue. i don't think the white house has been particularly vocal and a particularly supportive of the reconciliation bill. it's the infrastructure bill passed out of the senate which the house democrats are holding hostage to the reconciliation
7:39 am
effort. so there's a bit of a log jam there and the president of the united states has the authority to really weigh in and if he's popular and he weighs in he'll likely get what he wants. i think a crucial thing to watch over the next month is when does the white house say, hey, this comes first, we need to get this done. we haven't seen that so far. dagen: right now, biden looks like a toxic albatross to the democrats, doesn't he? >> i think that's a bit strong. he's had a terrible week. no president controls the world around him or her. foreign policy issues always crop up to interfere with the domestic agenda. they're dealing with that now. i think they've done a pretty poor job of dealing with the inflation issue which is really troubling people and which they have finally acknowledged in their most recent economic projections that inflation is higher, it's going to be in their projections 5% this year but they're trying to say oh, don't worry it will go away. there's no strong case to be made on that.
7:40 am
the jury is still out. so they have trouble on both the home front and internationally and it's a rough period for the white house at this point. dagen: doug, you mentioned -- that estimate on inflation, the white house, it was double from the prior one, so this is double. >> yeah, it went from 2.1 to 4.8% and that's simply acknowledging reality. the claim is that it's all temporary, it's supply chain difficulties. maybe. if you're looking at sort of core spending by households, that's food, energy and shelter, that's 50% of the household budget, that's gone up by 9% in the first half of the year, that's a very big number and those are not necessarily going to go away as quickly as the white house thinks. the numbers i think are especially troubling. dagen: from a political perspective, though, i said this last week, the democrats backed themselves into a corner. nancy pelosi and her ilk can
7:41 am
crow and brag about the add additional spending but you're taking responsibility for fueling inflation even more potentially. >> yes, there are elements of this reconciliation, especially the monthly checks to parents of children, that are just a repeat of the american rescue plan. we sent checks to all millions of americans. what did we get for it? we got higher inflation. did growth pick up after the first quarter? no, we got the same growth in the second quarter pass we had in the first quarter. there's no evidence you can defeat the supply chain problems by sending checks to people. all it does is fuel inflation. they're voting to continue that pattern. dagen: great to see you, always. thank you, doug. >> thank you. dagen: coming up an exclusive interview with a covid vaccine manufacturer on the company's plans for growth. that's next.
7:42 am
7:43 am
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dagen: our next guest is ceo of a company manufacturing covid vaccines for moderna, j&j and astrazeneca, catalitte of one in track to produce 1 billion vaccine doses this year. you are reporting better than expected quarterly earnings, guidance came in above estimates. tell us about it. >> first of all, if you just give me a minute, i'd love to really thank the 17,000 team
7:46 am
members of catalin who did an extraordinary job during the pandemic delivering vaccine dose as well as critical covid therapies while also delivering all of the other essential medicines we make. i wanted to give a shout-out to the team members of catalin. with regard to performance, we have had a record year this year, we delivered 26% revenue growth on the top line. i'm sorry, 29% growth on the top line, 26% for our fourth quarter. really had some extraordinary results. but really this is because of what we've been doing over the last five years in terms of building capacity and capability for the company. so when covid hit, we really became the go-to company for covid vaccines and therapies. dagen: is the manufacturer of the vaccines getting easier for you? >> well, you know, what i would say is it's really been nothing
7:47 am
short of the manhattan project for catalin, our suppliers and our customers over the last year, partnering, working closely with operation warp speed. clearly, things are moving along better now. it was really a challenge last year from a supply chain standpoint and in catalin alone we had to stand up a factory in nine months. we brought in 30 tons of under-isolater filling equipment from germany and had it installed and got it up and running in april. so i would say the early days it was quite an effort but things are getting better now and we're prepared to sustainably supply vaccines on a go-forward basis along with booster shots. dagen: liz peek has a question, john. liz: good morning, i was going to ask about the booster shots. that must give you a lot more visibility into what your company will be producing next
7:48 am
year. are you going to be adding even more capacity to cover that requirement or not? >> well, the first thing i would say is that we're seeing that there's going to be a much longer tail here for the vaccines going into 2022 and 2023 and obviously we're going to have the booster shots. we have to remember that only 15% of the world has been vaccinated. from a catalin perspective, we've been out in front, adding capacity as quickly as we can so we'll continue to add capacity as necessary to be able to meet the needs of our customers for vaccines and boosters. dagen: you also announced you're acquiring supplement maker batera, i hope i pronounced that right, for $1 billion. >> you did. dagen: the deal adds high growth gummy vitamins and supplements to your portfolio. >> right. dagen: you can just -- saying the word gummy, i get excited. tell me about it. >> let me tell you a little bit
7:49 am
about catalin first, we're a critical supplier for biopharmaceutical companies and consumer health companies. we already have a large consumer health business where we supply over-the-counter products, otc and also supply vms products and we've been looking to get into the space literally for five years. the growth of the gummy category has been nothing short of astounding, it's had about a 20% cager over the last four -- cagr over the last four years. there's 30 billion doses of gummies being delivered every year and what catalin does is we acquire great franchises and then we scale them to meet the needs of the space. so we really like this deal. it's about $150 million worth of revenue. it's growing at 20%. it's got very attractive margins and, again, it's something that fits very well in the catalin portfolio that's well diversified from our gene and
7:50 am
cell therapies, biologics all the way through consumer health products where we have franchises that you would recognize in the store if you go into a cvs, you'll see liquid gels, that is actually a catalin trademark. dagen: i know them well. you have an american flag in a frame behind you. what's that? and you've got an american flag on the vest that you're wearing. what's that flag behind you? >> so this was a flag that my team gave me that was flown over iraq. so i'm a -- i'm a champion for what is called our serve erg. so this is for veterans, family members, active military, so i'm the champion and they honored me with two of these flags, one that is in our headquarters here in somerset for the catalin company and one also for me. so i'm extremely proud of america, i'm proud of the united states and i wear the flag pin
7:51 am
every day. dagen: and we're certainly so grateful for the service of those 13 service members who died trying to safely get people out of afghanistan. i know that you will think about them every day as we all will. john, thank you so much. >> thank you very much. dagen: go ahead. you can finish. what's your final thought. >> i was going to say it was a very tough weekend for a lot of us as we thought about the families of those 13 service members so our hearts are heavy, prayers go out to them and it was just a terrible tragedy. dagen: it was. and we will keep those families, those grieving families in our prayers and send them strength and blessings. john, thank you so much. we'll see you soon. coming up. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: comparing anti-maskers to suicide bombers, president obama's former education secretary under fire, we get into it, next.
7:52 am
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dagen: a former obama cabinet member saying those who oppose masks are just like suicide bombers. the suicide bombers who kill 13 u.s. service members in kabul last week? here's what former education secretary arne duncan tweeted. have you noticed how strikingly similar the mindsets and auctions are between the suicide bombers at kabul's airport and the anti-mask and anti-vaxx people here. they both blow themselves up, inflict harm on those around them and are convinced they are fighting for freedom. angela, if i tried i couldn't come up with something more vile
7:56 am
than that. angela: arty duncan displayed his absolute disdain for the american public. those are really harsh and evil words for the teacher whose doctor has told her to wait for the vaccine, cruel words for a mom whose child has a disability that makes it physically impossible for him to make a mask. i'm not surprised that the guy behind common core would push a one size fits all misguided policy. we hear from students who believe they have the right to make their own medical decisions. and that was something about individual rights and freedoms that secretary devos understood, that students are unique individuals and students and students should have the final say how education works. dagen: real quick on this.
7:57 am
liz: i think it's horrible particularly in light of what happened to the 13 members of our services. shame on arnei duncan. dagen: it's still up. 18,000 comments, 1500 likes on that tweet. who liked it? still ahead, the white house more than doubling its inflation forecast. mark zande is up next to discuss. stay with us. growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged:
7:58 am
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that can lead to death. life-threatening lung inflammation can occur. tell your doctor about any new or worsening trouble breathing, cough, or chest pain. serious liver problems can happen. symptoms include fatigue, appetite loss, stomach pain, and bleeding or bruising. blood clots that can lead to death have occurred. tell your doctor if you have pain or swelling in your arms or legs, shortness of breath, chest pain and rapid breathing or heart rate, or if you are nursing, pregnant, or plan to be. more time is possible. ask your doctor about verzenio. dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is monday, august 30 top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> tracking ida the hurricane downgraded to a a tropical storm after making landfall you as category four at least one person killed new orleans without without power the countdown to withdrawal from afghanistan, u.s. official saying the final departure from you kabul airport is
8:01 am
underway, overnight u.s. defenses intercepting five rockets headed towards forces on the ground. we have the very latest, a look at markets, futures are moving to the plus side, this monday, after gains last week. the s&p 500 and nasdaq hitting new all-time highs friday as fed chief jay powell jackson hole speech eased fears over irregular tapering. gains england france germany same in asia overnight gains in south korea hong kong, japan, shanghai, "mornings with maria" live right now. . dagen: biden administration more than doubling inflation forecasts in a new update last week now expects inflation will run 4.8% for the year, joining the conversation, all morning long angela more abido liz peek you watched markets,
8:02 am
and economy for many decades as i have. and what do you make of kind of the inflation that is being created by this white house and by the runaway spending, by the democrats in control of congress? >> well first of all dagen i am totally dismissed the idea this is transitory or gone by the end of the year i think every indication is now that inflation persistent not transitory a couple things lead to that conclusion one is housing house prices have gone through the roof translating higher rent people aware that their rents are up 8, 9, 10% in most places in america. and that is 30% of the consumer price index going to be a big number going forward. secondly latest indication on wages and income up 12% annualized rate. that is a nominal number but what we are seeing that is
8:03 am
what has been worrying me for the last three months, that is what creates kind of this vicious issue circle wages goes up companies raise prices to cover costs on it goes that is what we've seen before i am not surprised the white house has to double the number don't want to talk about it don't want people to connect the dots. the giant spending program, and those rising prices for every do a goods there is undoubtedly awareness and voters showing up in polls saying stop the spending, we know this is hurting us, this is the tax increase on middle class americans joe biden promised he would not put through. dagen: joining me on the phone moody's analytics chief economist mark zabbedi i don't know what you heard that white house was doubled forecast there is a plan to move ahead with trillions of dollars
8:04 am
additional spending will that again add more fuel to inflation? >> hi, dagen good morning. i am not worried about inflation i think this inflation we are seeing moving down wards related to the pandemic, you know the economy reopened quickly demand surged the supply-side hasn't been able to keep up. but it will he pandemic winds down global supply chains, people get back in seats, by this time next year inflation will be back close to where fed wants to be that is what jay powell said on friday, he his legislation taking about now, in congress, that is not about spending it is really about 2023 or 2024, totally different. >> but spending will cause national i mean will increase deficits will it not? again, the "wall street
8:05 am
journal" kind of wrote about jay powell's speech called it political he wants a second term but also kind of it was a wink and a nod, to the white house, because the federal reserve has been monetizing the first 14 months pandemic monetizing a majority of the debt if you will. so isn't it i mean fed has to kind play of all about don't they with the spending? the deficit spending coming out of congress. no i think that is really unfair, i mean i think powell is telling us like it is how he you know what is coming, an economist, not only his view, it is a broad sense of economists that inflation will moderate get back down to something close to what fed wants a year or so down the road so no, i don't think that is the case. i mean, right, the as
8:06 am
currently laid out, in terms of plan discussed in congress it does add to the deficit you know, over 10-year budget horizon, but for the day i make sure that, you know, at least over the 10, 15-year horizon that deficits are closed and paid for. so we will see, you know we will see how this plays out in discussion i wouldn't be surprised at the end of the day a package smaller than asked for, won't add to deficit long run, but, you know, that is obviously, something to be determined. dagen: mark how small do you think it could be potentially? do you think we get the infrastructure passed through the house, already passed through senate do we get a combination of the trillion-dollar infrastructure, and then something else? how big do you think it could be? or small? depending how you look at the
8:07 am
exactly the bipartisan, i suspect that the get through i thy high probability the sovpt infrastructure big package probably 2 1/2 trillion over 10 years from housing health care, child care, paid leave climate change range of issues my sense is that that also will be paid for with tax increases on corporations, well to do individuals probably not 10-year budget horizon all numbers, just the way government does accounting but probably over 15-year period because tax increases ultimately pay for it. dagen: kro i am going to call you out on something you called it social from your kind of political-speak, it is the messaging from the democrats. >> well -- i kind of think of it that way i mean, you know
8:08 am
it is about long-term economic growth the infrastructure, making businesses more competitive, and allowing them to be more productive, i think the other social programs that is about lifting long-term growth by improving labor force participation, and getting people to work particularly lower income, households particularly women very low participation rates in country compared to others in economy i think part of that goes to the fact doesn't pay to go to work child carry expensive housing, prohibitively you are right some unrelated to that, things that democrats want always wanted but i think broadly speaking, you know it is about trying to work long-term economic -- in that i think social infrastructure taxes -- what it is all about. >> mark zabbedi good to talk to you today.
8:09 am
>> be well, ida down graded to tropical storm a path death strucks in wake we are joined live from new orleans where entire city is out of power good morning jeff. good morning, dagen sun is just starting to come out here in new orleans, but the city is still very much in the dark we have more than a million people throughout louisiana, without electricity this morning, and crews say it could be days if not weeks until power is fully you restored part of the reason as you probably can imagine with a powerful storm downed trees power lines disagree you have right here french quarter normally would be hopping with people that is a roof of a building that was torn off of a building nearby crashed down on a balcony the tranching signal in french quarter that is what sort of dealing with part of the reason why they
8:10 am
won't be out you know just yet, to clear the roads because you know it has been dark for much of the evening as the storm moved through really can't see what they are doing what lies ahead, we know that, of course, a million people without power we are also hearing about first deaths involved with hurricane ida authorities ethicaling as you man died after a tree fell on his house outside a suburb of baton refuge to keep an eye on especially as sun starts to come out more reports of any injuries hopefully no more deaths involving this hurricane. the other thing that we need to keep an eye out for us some request of the low-lying areas we had a lot of rain we had a lot of flooding but that storm surge really impacted low-lying areas south louisiana coast to where homes just don't have protection as that hurricane came through they took the brunt of the you know tropical storm force winds, all that rain, you see
8:11 am
videos feet of we are the from the storm surge, i know city like new orleans has pumps levees being no on good held back water more rural communities are the ones taking the hardest hits from this hurricane. dagen: thank you so much for that report be safe much more ahead this morning coming up, holding president biden accountable the scramble to get out of kabul is withdrawal deadline fast approaches the fallout next, plus, fighting for political survival, how hollywood is rallying behind california governor gavin newsom amid the recall election, you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . [relaxed summer themed music playing]
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acts hoping republicans agree to hike many say that is not going to happen, joining me now missouri congressman budget committee ranking member jason smith, congressman smith your authorities on this do you think we are he headed to government shutdown? >> -- great to be with you dagen let's look at it, the debt limit expires 30 days ago democrats have done zero in trying to respond to that we actually sent a letter to the house and senate leadership back in the middle of july from the house republicans and budget committee asking for conversations talks communications regarding the debt ceiling we heard cricket. rartsdz to shiftdown nine legislative days from a government shutdown all they are focused on is spending a different 3 1/2 trillion dollars to reward political
8:16 am
friends allies donors, nothing in regards to funding the operations of government dagen: angela jump in. angela: congressman interesting take on what impact of government shutdown would be on multiple crisis this country is facing from nation from southern border to what is unfolding in afghanistan how would those be affected. would it be a disaster would effect men and women in the military think about this. every policy that nancy pelosi chuck schumer and this administration have been pushing starting with budget resolution they called us back last week to pass, that cut a blue print spending 68 trillion dollars, everything they've been pushing forward only makes all the create assees worse inflation, biden
8:17 am
border crisis energy crisis, they are not doing anything to help fix crises created making the worse by 3 1/2 trillion-dollar reconciliation. dagen: five rockets fired at the kabul airport intercepted by u.s., congressman your reaction i will point to one headline, that the final u.s. departure from kabul airport is underway, corps diplomatic staff the dpaurtdz according to one u.s. official what we leave behind congressman and who we leave behind potentially americans, certainly our allies, friends, in the country. >> biden administration has been completely reckless, in how to exit afghanistan the facts that no one from the
8:18 am
state department, no one from the defense department has either been fired or resigned is unacceptable, biden needs to address this, biden has been reckless the fact that 85 billion dollars worth of equipment has been left for the taliban is completely unacceptable over 200 planes over 500,000 different types of guns, and -- and weapons, this shows exactly how reckless the administration is and people need to be held accountable. dagen: what about hearings on the hill? congressman? >> we have to look into this we need to do more than hearings we need to hold people's feet to the fire people needed to be fired people need to be resigned if this with trump administration would have never happened the fact biden doesn't know how to turn on the lights in the white house tells you he
8:19 am
doesn't know how to leave the country. >> i think the person who lost his job was marine spoke out on social media about the foul up by this administration, he was removed from his command i believe he did resign from his job in the militarily congressman, thank you so much jason smith congressman be well. thank you. dagen: coming up final stage as of afghanistan evacuation u.s. up against the clock with tomorrow's withdrawal deadline fast approaching we take you live to ramstein air base in germany refugees wait to be processed. . that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat.
8:20 am
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you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit departure underway seeking
8:23 am
refuge at ramstein air base in germany before being processed relocated to other countries ashley webster on the ground in germany tell us what you know what you are seeing. >> well a remarkable effort dagen i can tell you that is probably one of the biggest airlift missions in history to give you an idea we've seen 15,000 afghan refugees come here to ramstein in southwest germany this has become a central hub for that evacuation process. this is normally headquarters for u.s. forces in europe now the a refugee camp thank you like trying to get refugees in medical aid food shelter and then move them on, 15,000 have come through here to give you a sense of how fluid the situation is from 8,000 have already left gone to the united states 38 flights, 1700 more wonder 4 hours, 2000 to leave next 12 hours as you can
8:24 am
see it really is a mammoth task for refugees probably very bewildered happy is appears to be out of kabul many say they couldn't believe how this hoped how they would if they stayed been forced to live under taliban rule take a listen. -- i think, the country is going in the wrong way. like, should not be the same as it was -- >> certainly difficult situation where these refugees go taken to a number of different bases in the united states. meantime they do have to be vetted and there are reports that a number of these refugees as high may be 20% have no documentation at all kind of leaves to question how can you vet refugees so that is something base is dealing with in the meantime an agreement between. s and german governments means refugees can be here up to 10 days, the i am a to get them
8:25 am
in, get them processed, security checked and moved off within 3 days. sometimes that is not ease to do you can imagine as you mentioned dagen deadline for evacuation out of afghanistan tick down timeline coming tomorrow trog to see how many are brought in before the deadline comes and goes. dagen: ashley thank you so much for that ashley webster in germany for us liz reaction to this. liz: well, i think a lot of people in america are wondering who are these people who are coming to our country. i am certainly sympathetic and i want to help the people move allies to united states but in fog of war who knows who some of these people are i have grave concerns about our ability to vet them all, that is not their fault i imagine they left homes offices in a rush couldn't get all papers
8:26 am
together,etsets, i hope the state department takes time to process the people frankly, in germany doesn't seem a lot of time i hope they take more time once they get in the united states to make sure these are friendly people, we know, that there have been terrorists coming across southern border this year, i am sure this is something that a terror organizations will take advantage of i think we needed feedback incredibly cautious. president biden refusing to take questions on afghanistan, again, as withdrawal deadline is quickly approaching, "fox & friends" weekend co-host afghanistan war veteran pete hegseth weighs in next. . nexpected,
8:27 am
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8:30 am
hour, one hour, ahead have had opening bell futures edging higher gains across the board in u.s. similar story in europe, the markets there to the plus side, positive markets in england france, germany same in asia overnight green across the board european union reportedly ready to halt all nonessential channel from united states. cheryl: that is right. good morning again afiable decision could come as soon as day "the wall street journal" reporting the eu has been considering the move for about a month now, covid-19 cases on the rise cross the united states. many europe only reopened doors to american visits in july with many traveling spain portugal countries, some may remain open we shall see. tesla driver using partial automated driving features slammed into police car officer pulled over to assist
8:31 am
a disabled vehicle barely missed the officer action from federal probe into tesla after string of accidents related to driving system the stock premarket up more than a quarter of one percent. is to finally americans waking up to troubling headlines, simply say all hills a to the bean justin beaver most streamed on averaging 83.3 million listeners monthly most of any artist, the latest album justice, and song, rangersed as most of the summer i am sure you are a big fan but that is the news. dagen: given the headlines of the day i will -- about that, thank you, cheryl casone.
8:32 am
u.s. evacuation flights out of afghanistan are winding down, ahead of tomorrow's withdrawal deadline americans who want to leave country remain there potential for more terrorist attacks remains high decorated iraq afghanistan war veteran "fox & friends" weekend co-host pete hegseth as this withdrawal winds down, what do you have to say monday morning? >> what do i have to say? we all know not a withdrawal it is a retreat. and ultimately, this disgraceful considering everything we sacrificed in this country we want to brief not this way the challenges seven game series plan out sweating out through oftentimes all you remember is that last shot the last 30 seconds. and that is what the world is going to take away, this inglorious moment if we put
8:33 am
lives of our boys in hands of the taliban in the hands of the taliban, network al-qaida haqqani, as we retreated right now not bringing in more u.s. citizens i've got reports from on the ground last night america waiving passports at gate trying to coordinate gates closed everyone leaving we will leave americans behind who will turn into i hate to say this it won't be every case but there will be american hostages think about isis iraq was bad wait until images videos come out of americans left behind in afghanistan because we don't have ground power good to see able to shoot down did rockets but humiliating perception international world islamic world we left in retreat what it looks like as of yet no one willing to step up to podium and take responsibility for a all failed decisions not to mention what led to 13 dead
8:34 am
troops outside that gate. dagen: do you expect there to be anybody taking responsibility or resigning in this administration you talked about terrorism. jvr griff jennifer griffin talked about this we created a vacuum at afghanistan led to -- again having al-qaida led to al-qaida provided ass sanctuary haven in afghanistan in the 90s embassy impacts, 9/11 attacks similar situation now we also have, isis, al-qaida is allied with taliban, here in what 15 provinces more than a disease what about fighting terrorism now trying to do it from the persian gulf? essentially? . going to be a lot more difficult because what we have now is a legitimized terror state number two in taliban is a leader of the haqqani
8:35 am
network the haqqani network is in the charge one of buhl, haqqani founded that network was one of osama bin laden's closest mentors al-qaida haqqani one and same haqqani completely you yint graitsdz into taliban to massage that make it look different the fight of foolishness of this administration believing them, being at behest never going in have offense to put them on heels now once all of our troops are gone having gin um bagram air base all our equipment reedu isis-k fighters released legitimized meps of state department willing to consider whether to recognize taliban? years ago recognizing trumper organization certainly haqqani legitimized have equipment
8:36 am
believe they defeated americans like o soviets we are relying on over horizon approach militarily frankly for most evacuation we have relied on ad hoc groups of veterans, another's the state trying to do their best by afghan allies as american government he effectively turned back. biden and company recognized taliban making it if de facto government elevating trusting it negotiating with it, one otherening you were talking about, the head of the haqqani network -- he is -- the stated department if you go to fbi web site there is a seeking information notice on this terrorist. with the state department offering five million dollars for information on this individual, who not only has a past relationship cozy one with al-qaida, but he oversees
8:37 am
the security in kabul. he is a isolated terrorist at our state department offering five million bucks for information on that is upside down insanity that we're seeing out of biden and company. >> apparently doesn't matter anymore apparently our designations in fact past no longer matter because the shameful retreat in which biden left afghanistan these are the same organizations we haves designated for a reason when you show videos we showed videos americans at the gates with passports how long before those americans are in the hostage videos, attempting to export biden administration by the way, why wouldn't they believe biden mvgs administration of bow this tome give them what they want he mentionedable credibility we are not seeing any, in coming days if no
8:38 am
accountability from dod state security from high level commanders then consequences don't matt guys like me, would have been relieved of command never should have blooefbd accountability existed in military system failures at highest level ignored undermine faith in that system future allies why look at us believe americans will be there with them? there is no evidence of that, based on this. dagen: i want your reaction to president biden again refusing to answer questions, about afghanistan, again yesterday, just listen to this. >> i am not supposed to take any questions but go ahead. -- afghanistan? >> i am not going to -- now. okay. >> i can't say anything on air, that -- >> why would he what answers would he have doesn't have answers checking watch during a transfer ultimately
8:39 am
completely cut out of the loop of decision making generals others who pushed solutions willing to hide behind him not getting an answer ultimately to a invested the way things are going knows how terrible it is, it is shameful the lack of transparency from the white house on this prefaceing briefing doesn't mean telling truth when given a list of people to ask on the only person asking tough question is peter doocy thankfully he does he bows his head as if he shouldn't have to ask those questions. that president -- 13 service members deed bowing his head and not in prayer? that was my takeaway i am like that -- that is a you laughing image, quick pete does this u.s. marine relieved of command for criticizing sue
8:40 am
per yorz for bottom offed command officially resigned lt. col. stewart scheller posted this said asking for accountability following attack that killed 13 service members forfeiting potentially seven figurative lifetime pension what do you make what have happened with lt. col.. >> first of all that lt. col. was speaking for lots and lots of people. he resonates with the voice of the work who says a double standard no accountability as referred to god bless him for willingness to speak out having immediately relieved can have command ultimately resigned commission, vowing to continue to speak out and continue to demand accountability. i think there are moments where people who you didn't expect to see coming, speak truth at moments, and may be fired for it, but this is not the last we've heard we will hear from him he is one of
8:41 am
those -- he said rank on table with bagram air bases was to even be closed nobody did i am willing to throw my hat on table to speak of marines others ones we lost to demand accountability there has to be a sense in white house halls of pentagon state department this fiasco cannot be tolerated so many won has to be. of of the for people admire the courage -- has shown. dagen: god bless those who serve and did serve particularly ultimate sacrifice with 13 u.s. sr., members who died last week do you talk to attack in fox news special available on fox nation, pete tell us a little bit about it, before we go.
8:42 am
>> dagen, on fox nation a candid conversation with four americans who dead kaitsdz lives last 10 days not their job not paid for it gone to informal networks breaking protocol without sleep, to guide americans afghan allies to taliban checkpoints get them into gates when defense department state department won't let them in it has been a herculean effort, of patriots shouldn't have to be in this position saying i am in flip-flops in arizona coordinating movements on the ground in kabul along taliban checkpoints beging people get in deaths committed to the idea we will leave no one behind even,000 a couple hundred american citizens waiving passports can't get in guys are not going to stop fascinating insight check it on on fox nation. a "the wall street journal" has an editorial today about americans who gave lives in service to this nation last
8:43 am
week they wrote this, and i -- i thought you would love it, their service is also reassuring for showing millions young americans are still willing to sacrifice to defend their country and preps we wager they didn't wait in lockr room when national anthem was played they represent the best of america. >> amen i couldn't say it better myself what a cultural gulf we are in right now wilderness a country believing whether we are good or not,s no 13 faces represent the goodness the heroism, the courage, are the selflessness in a selfish society that is so we or do devoid of we still make them that way they joined marine corp say we won't reef you behind even in a vulnerable security situation, we got to honor them keep flags at half-staff so we don't forget what they've done for us. pete thank you so much. always. for your service and
8:44 am
everything you do today, pete hegseth. likewise. >> we'll be right back. . moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do. aw, grandpas are the best! well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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. dagen: hollywood bank rolling to prevent recall next month netflix topping donors three-million-dollar contribution the top polling challenger larry elder joined
8:48 am
us listen to larry. to the extent there are still mass mandates vaccine mandates for state workers going to be repealed pushing choice in education before pooend 75% black boys could not read state level proficiency, third graders could not denied a year of in person education. one of my big agendas is to fulfill the promise that black and brown parents want to make sure they can get a quality education. dagen: joining me now former senior adviser spokesman to recall gavin 2020, randy what do you make of the celebrities who larry elders impassioned plea, also trying to raise money for gavin newsom because he is so beloved in [laughter] >> first of all, gavin newsom
8:49 am
is not beloved, second of all, i you know is that very crazy campaign, and we knew was going to be insane raft two weeks, here we are. i think with mr. elders, entrance into race added a lot of a lot of attention. and both good and bad. there is a lot of people love larry a lot of people who you know, don't know where larry is coming from i think as far as gavin is contenders gav ip is addicted to gavin has a problem with fame celebrity thinks highly of himself that is how he we got in the problem we are in california today we have a governor that is -- is, out of control, he has been out of control since the day he rose his right hand put other one on the bible doesn't have sense of direction a rudderless ship final getting to the point now that people are focused in, on on this recall election, just like i've been working on
8:50 am
recall election last 11 months into final turn final stretch. californians deserve better deserve to have the freedoms that are grand to all americans that has been i have friends and family live out there has been incredibly difficult to the point they've had to send children out of state, to go back to school i kid you not. -- gavin and children out of state too you know, he lives in his own world, doesn't live in real world lives in gavin's world recently sold house don't know where residing within a couple weeks after election is over maybe moving to texas or some other place like that all i do know is that, i would not want to be gavin newsom right now with angry electorate the people have had it we are standing up to him once and for all finally having an election.
8:51 am
thank you so much for being here today we will see how it goes. >> see you soon see you soon afghan withdrawal deadline hours away what a majority of americans think should happen back in a minute. . 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision.
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8:54 am
. dagen: clock ticking on afghanistan withdrawal of hours away an abc news poll found more than 8 out of 10 americans want troops to stay in afghanistan until all americans are evacuated seven out of 10 want them until all -- afghans who helped united states are withdrawn too late?
8:55 am
>> biden campaigned to unity this country did watching the debacle unfolds in afghanistan right now in real time voters starting to abandon him one colleague sent out to college students proud you voted for biden the answer painfully lukewarm voters banning him the way heing abandoned our military afghan allies abandoned 19 million women and girls in afghanistan who just loss all their rights. liz? liz: i think angela is right the entire country, 87% of republicans and 86% democrats think we need to stay to get all americans out. dagen we are not going to stay till all americans are out. jake sullivan telling us, all americans are going to be allowed to leave no, they will not be allowed to leave, all of us know that this is a
8:56 am
tragedy in early innings i hope this doesn't happen but by levin over united states unbelievable debacle right horrifying dangerous thing biden administration has done this is not administration this is joe biden disregarded advice from everybody went ahead got this horrible situation ongoing, so, i mean, honestly it is impossible -- you were loss for words earlier i am too i cannot think of words more horrible. dagen: it will be a stain on him the duration of presidency again he was doing it for a political win to make a big speech on 9/11. a be a great president right dagen wants to be a great president my guess is that ship has sailed. dagen: well said liz, more
8:57 am
"mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. . tailor made or one size fits all? made to order or ready to go? with a hybrid, you don't have to choose. that's why insurers are going hybrid with ibm. with watson on a hybrid cloud they can use ai to help predict client needs and get the data they need to quickly design coverage for each one. businesses that want personalization and speed are going with a smarter hybrid cloud using the technology and expertise of ibm. nice bumping into you.
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9:00 am
>> thank you so much, great to see you both this morning, that doesn't press, "varney & company" is up right now, stewart taken away it's all yours. stuart: thank you very much indeed, good morning, everyone, your heart really goes out to the people of louisiana, ida hit on the anniversary of katrina, this time the levy is protecting the wall has held all the parts of the city are flooded and more water to come and there is no power. ida made landfall early sunday afternoon with winds of 153 miles per hour it's now moved inland to mississippi and will progress more than east from there, next up tennessee which last week suffered through historic


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