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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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david: we have an alert much the president announcing he will talk about the withdrawal from present announcing he'll talk about their withdrawal from afghanistan tomorrow. he says for now i will report it was a unanimous recommendation of the joint chiefs and commanders in the ground to enter airlift mission as planned. there he was ending military mission was the best way toes protect the lives of our troops and secure the prospects and civilians ofro proctors in the hands of the telegram. ♪♪ >> breaking news about the last plane carrying u.s. troops left afghanistan after 20 years. heartbreak though theug pentagon is now saying they could not accommodate hundreds of americans who wanted to leave but could not get out. now the withdrawal is over americans still remain there. the administers and said they did everything they could to get them out. there is debate and controversy over that. this is a real and octave and high set of terrorism around the
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kabul airport. five rockets fired at the airport. u.s. military intercepted one. three missed their target, one inside the airport. none caused any damage or fatalities. the administration rapidly losing diplomatic leverage with the telegram. hundreds of american pentagon saint still stranded, they couldn't get them out.ll also o thousands of afghan allis stated, too. thousands of isis and al qaeda terrorist three free roaming the country. ashley is live with the latest in germany outside the u.s. air force base where evacuation flights are arriving. good to see you. reporter: good to see her. it's now just after midnight, local time. we are continuing to hear planes flying above us as they come in-and-oute of the air force be here in germany. no u.s. citizens wrong the last five militaryy flights out of
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kabul. the main temperament thousands of refugees continued to be processed here in germany. 1,403,400 evacuees in total. thousands coming in, thousands leaving on separate commercial flights to the united states. as you mentioned, general frank mckenzie talking earlier today saying talking about the disappointment of not being able to get all u.s. citizens out of afghanistan. >> there's a lot of heartbreak associated with his departure. we didn't get everybody out we wanted out but another ten days, we would not have gone everybody out and there still would be people disappointed with thousands of evacuees here, another issue is how do you vent these refugees ask as many as 20% have no documentation, nothing at all. difficult to do security backgrounds on those individuals and that is continuing at the
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airbase here in germany. tomorrow will be on the base to see how the process done before the refugees are sent to american and different places around the country. liz: good to see you, thank you for your terrific journalism. heartbreak, they could not get out, hundreds of americans wanted to leave. growing calls from democrats ano republicans demanding the president delay the withdrawal until all americans safely evacuate. the pentagon saying it's not doable. mccarthy trying to go over the heads of democrat leaders, a big fight in congress with a longshot move to get it done the bill, it needs to 18 posts. a serious tragedy unfolding us. the house on services and former state department official, paul, a navy national security affairs expert. first you, congressman. they wanted hundreds of
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americans out who couldn't get out, they wanted to leave. thousands of afghan allies, too. what youll say? >> i say president biden lied to the american people. he said get everybody out and he didn't. just this morning i was having a back-and-forth with two american citizens outside the gate@kabul international with their children and couldn't get in. american citizens left behind. thankfully congressional offices, nonprofits, veterans groups have stepped up in this vacuum of leadership from this administration and we are trying to smuggle them out but this notion we can trust the taliban, they tell held an american hostagehe for the last year. his name is mark, a navy veteran. they haven't let him go because they are demanding concessions and they want things from us. we've handed them several hundred moreta hostages and evey
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time they want international recognition, foreign currency, economic aid, they can walk down the street and take another one. this is the biggest disaster of this generation and i am grief stricken, heartbroken and mad. it didn't have to be this way. liz: we've never seen anything like this. breaking news, antony blinken will be speaking this hour, the president will address the nation tomorrow, what's your reaction to the pentagon saying this is heartbreak, but couldn't get americans out who wanted out. we got news coming in, senator ron johnson, the subcommittee on investigation, hundreds of americansun on a bus tried to gt into kabul airport but diverted away. what do you say to that? >> terrible failure. the first obligation of government is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. also unable to guarantee the security of afghan partners in the past ten years.
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it's a moral failure and strategic ramifications. our partners and friends and also our enemies need to understand we are competent andt credible and friends he to trust us and enemies need to fear us. this really shakes that trust. liz: congressman, where is the fire moment for nancy pelosi? why isn't she calling the house back in? every government agency working on afghanistan is now in d.c. but not the house. growing number of republicans, one in ten house republicans, four republican senators going for biden to resign or be impeached. protests at the white house saying don't trust the cow bad. secretary of state says will be looking to do pharmacy with the taliban to get americans out after the deadline, why could we give that power to the taliban? >> where is nancy pelosi?
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the british parliament came in from the german parliament, british parliament condemned biden for putting them in this t position as an ally but at the end of the day going to hear in the next few n days that narrate that there is good terrorists and bad terrorists. they've made us assurances and promises, i don't trust the taliban as far as i can throw them. this administration believes they have economic leverage. but going to get clicked on its head, what the taliban has are hostages and a long history of doing this but this is the same team around biden that was around obama, gandhi, the birds all trade, yank us out of iraq and tax around the world, the iran deal, they believe they can just appease their way and concede theirl. way out of this the terrorists are going to take
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advantage after advantage after advantage and by the way, what a happened in afghanistan doesn't stay in afghanistan. that terrorism will follow us home and america is much less safe in future american soldiers will have to go back to deal with this. liz: polls show americans do not like the biden administration is trying to normalize relations with the taliban. the taliban killed hundreds of americans, just overthrew the government a duly elected government. we have a new g abc pokémon more than eight and ten say keep the troops there until every american is back home safe both. would you keep the troops there? say it's not doable. what you say? >> i think the troops needed to stay longer to guarantee as many evacuations as i could possibly get out.
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if you have any doubt about the politics taliban, look at kabul, this network is one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations and afghanistan and probably around the world so there's no question that relationship between the taliban and terrorism remains. afghanistan is more likely to be springboard or international terrorist attack more likely to be a conduit or radicalizingit ideology likely to destabilize . liz: here's the thing, what paul is talking about, jen psaki is the white house press secretary trying to downplay and claim no one anticipated afghanistan would fall as rapidly as it did when embassy workers inside afghanistan warned last month it's going to collapse.
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the cia last year was saying it would collapse if the troops pull out the list is long. what other mistakes do you see they made? >> that's a bunch of spin and garbage and she should be ashamed of herself. republicans and democrats members of congress started back in aprilng as soon as biden made this decision and sent press conferences, make calls and said this is not going to hold, you have to begin evacuation right now. you're handing these people a death sentence if you leave them behind. they didn't send up an inner agency task force within their own theocracy until june. you are right, intelligence was clear and any veteran who worked rethere knew if you yank the air support logistics court intelligence courtte and maintenance of horribly from the afghan army all at once, they were likely to fail so it's absolutely predictable, preventable, avoidable and this
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blood is going to be on this administration's hand. nott just now but for future attacks and the home and in american soldiers have to go back to deal with it. liz: but congressman, the pentagon spokesman is saying it's not important to get into the liberation of why the evacuation were delayed, how important when hundreds of americans are stranded. also the uk nato said they make a mistake by telegraphing and broadcasting to the world and artificialal set deadline set in stone when it's ay recipe for chaos. we had president biden with the first lady paying respect to the 13 troops killed in last week's terrorist attack. tweeting a photo of the pieces capture gone but never gone. average age 21. dulles was 31. they died for one more but they were born 20 years ago, a deeply emotional type of the president
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criticized for appearing to look at his watch during a ceremony, what is your reaction. >> you have a whole team around a president, none of them have ever served. their academics, political scientists, they don't have a in middles, m east dirt under their fingernails. that's what you are seeing unfold. just like the list of other calamities we saw unfold from the gandhi to the rise of isis. it's the same team and they continue to make the same mistakes. if we are nice enough to adversaries, they will call back, america is the biggest part of the problem in the world and to pull pat back. we are not year end of his administration and look at these disasters. they are not going to leave, congress will and will continue to fight this get our people home. liz: thank you so much for joining us.
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the current reporting from none of the hundreds of t americans o wanted to leave were able to get out. we will stay on this. also, later in the show, house speaker nancy pelosi rapidly losing leverage from a vulnerable democrat barking because of the afghanistan pullout botched. there on the fence about what schumer and pelosi want. the massive tax and spending plan is in jeopardy. the far left want that. speaker pelosi trying to talk about everything but afghanistan. also, the latest on hurricane ida knocking out power in the gulf coast, rec user are on the way. stay with us on the evening edit. >> it was loud, we could hear the wind, we could hear things hitting the house and the vehicles, heard a lot of crashing outside of hurricane. ♪♪
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americans wanted to get out, it's heartbreak, they can be accommodated and that's the an update on this story about hurricane ida also. lasting onshore, for most powerful ever do thet u.s. happening right on the anniversary of hurricane katrina, hitting in the same region of the country. grady is live with more. reporter: ida left a wake of destruction in its path. it's been a day of assessing damage, cleanup and most critically my search and rescue mission. we got word from the governor's office at about 190 people were rescued and three parishes surrounding the new orleans area. that's been critical the last several hours. about 3:00 a.m. is when it was finally safe enough for the rescue crews to get even the people have been calling for them throughout the night, it was too dangerous for them to go outside so as soon as they could
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and as soon as the sun came up this morning, they went out started with rescues and searches. there are around 5000 national guard members from the state of louisiana. there are more coming from other states to help out as well. power outages are another huge story, more than 1 million people are without power right now, that's about half of the state of louisiana, all of the southeastern portion of the state is without power in there are 25000 power crews here trying to help restore that. they have come from all over the country to assist in this so if there's any silver lining in all of us, the governor said it not of the levees breached, he mentioned hurricane katrina, that was a huge problem last time. that was not the case this time but there are reports of two people who died in this hurricane and potentially more to come.
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liz: we will m come back to you from we will stay on that story, too. thank you for your reporting. g bring in energy analyst, bill flynn. he heard the news about this destructive hurricane, cousins power, this without means looting. >> it does. it's a scary situation, let's just hope we get people there to protect as many people as we can because could be a major issue with power outages the city could go crazy. we look at it from an energy fuel from a country and its impact on the economy but the human toll is very important because a lot of fear right now. i've heard reports people can't get cell phone services, they can't call 911. all of these things are happening. liz: talk to us about the importance of the u.s. energy sector in light of these
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hurricanes. the numbers are pretty insignificant but hurricane ida connolly the u.s. gas forces and equipment toki what mexico puts out. ask prices could go y up five to 10 cents a gallon talk to us about that in light of what's going on in the middle east. >> when you look at what's going on here, the importance of the u.s. energy sector and right now storm hit a low in the heart of it in new orleans where there is a terrible hit where we launch offshore operations we are talking about millions of barrels of crude production everyday, refining capacity for millions of barrels and gasoline we are getting some good news across the wires right now. i think this is going to be a long time before we get back to normal. one set of normalcy today we
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heard the colonial pipeline, people remember that pipeline was taken over by hackers, becker be back on tonight but some of these refiners could be off for weeks and the longer they are off, the higher you pay at the pump. liz: got it. love having you on, come back soon. this breaking on news, pentagon sank now the 20 year war in afghanistan is over. the final troops left afghanistan. heartbreak, pentagon saying they could not accommodate hundreds of americans who wanted to leave. next, kevin brady will give his reaction on that story and also this, house speaker pelosi losing leverage by the day vulnerable cats swing districts in open result over the botched afghanistan pullout putting the democrats plans in jeopardy. speaker pelosi trying to talk about everything but afghanistan. you're watching the evening edit
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of foxbusiness. >> now we have a crisisve in the middle east and the president is asking questions two days before we are a leaving a test i will t answer actions about afghanistan. how many americans and where did we ever think that american president would make the decision, knowingly leaving americans behind? it is disgusting. ♪♪
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we are sitting on breaking news,
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the president that is going to speak tomorrow about why the u.s. pulled out did not delay the president's withdrawal out of afghanistan as many as congress wanted. the pentagon now is saying heartbreak, hundreds of americans who wanted to leave could not be accommodated. also this, every government agency involved in the afghanistan withdrawal, they've called government workers back into d.c. but not house speaker nancy pelosi when it comes to the house. joining us in our, texas congressman publican kevin brady. it's great to welcome you to the show. your reaction to these headlines coming in? >> i will tell you, i know the white house is spinning and so is secretary of state, it's a big victory for american and a remarkable evacuation but no one i know is i find this. president biden surrendered afghanistan to the taliban.
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it now a terrorist state nation. he betrayed our allies and left americans behind. my neighbor's my constituents believe this one of the most shameful episodes in american modern history and best president simply is in denial that americans see it this way. liz: kevin mccarthy has said you guys have constitutional responsibility to hold people accountable for afghanistan but media research center is reporting it to pelosi is giving a speech about empowering women from i didn't want mentioned the women suffering in taliban control and afghanistan. what can congress do about oversight here? >> the short answer is we aren't focused right now on pushing this white house toll get the americans and allies out of their safely. that's job one, two and ten
10:29 pm
right now. democrats in the house need to step forward who privately are telling how god awful big evacuation is and how damaging it is, they need to step forward and challenge the speaker. drink with us, let's go back to congress as leader mccarthy said, let us force the white house to stay there and get our americans and allies out. i think that's our best avenue right now. liz: senator ron johnson on the subcommittee an investigation is saying he is demanding the administration turn over internal documents, e-mails, texts about why a bus with an estimated 400 americans returned away from kabul airport. on the house side, will you be sending off request like that to the administration? >> the short answer is yes, during an earlier request from a few days ago from publican leaders both in the house in our
10:30 pm
committees, directing this administration to keep the documents, preserve the documents about this whole evacuation and decision-making. we are going to get to the bottom of this, i don't know democrats were trying us now but when we take back the house we will so it's important. can this story get any worse? everyday and president has betrayed this country in a way many of us never thought we wouldld see. liz: it's unexpected. let's recap the breaking news, antony blinken is supposed to speak this hour, it's apparently calculated. questions arise whether he will take questions from the pentagon reporting none of the hundreds of americans who wanted to leave made it to the kabul airport, not able to evacuate americans who f wanted to leave. we got that and also the spending bill is in jeopardy.
10:31 pm
we've got democrat on the fence. swing democrat saint it's a disaster what's going on, they don't want to be associated with but the spending bill is about and the far left is going to fight over infrastructure this may not happen either. what is your forecast on that? >> i think two things are going on right now. democrats in the house are appealing their oats. speaker pelosi announced few moderate democrats who stood up the challenge her and i think there's a lot of fighting going on right now. the other thing i think the house democrat see is this ersurrender in afghanistan, the last thing we need right now is an economic surrender to china and the rest of the world. these tax hikes will land on small businesses, the middle class and no question will drive u.s. jobs overseas. democrats are starting to understand that. liz: it was an honor to have you
10:32 pm
on the show. come back soon, there coming out of the bottom of the hour, you're watching the foxbusiness network. the pentagon saying hundreds of americans who wanted to leave, they could notd. be accommodate. heartbreak here. the president is going to speak tomorrow about, secretary of state is supposed to speak this hour, we are waiting for that. we've got this story from we are going to take you now to what's going on with this bombshell out of the washington post, it doesn't look good for doctor fauci. stonewalling and attacking senator rand paul. washington post did a deep dive and found doctor fauci and the nih did approve tens of billions of dollars for dangerous gain of function super virus research. doctor fauci denied that in congress. also washington post reported they weakened oversight and control of legal research. doctor fauci and nih directing denying it.
10:33 pm
we are taking it on here on the evening edit. ♪♪
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front welcome to michelle, texas congressman brian, good to have you on. we got news coming in the president will speak tomorrow afternoon about why he did not delay the withdrawal out of afghanistan as hundreds of americans are still there and tens of thousands of our allies are still there. the president is going to count to 122,000 evacuated over the last two weeks. the white house saying it could not get americans out but they did the best they could trying to get americans out. the pentagon is saying this as heartbreak but if they could not accommodate americans who wanted to get out. that's a quote. what does that mean could not accommodate. >> that means they are inept. incapable. what is sickening is when her
10:38 pm
own secretary of defense that we did not have the capabilities to export american citizens through the taliban around the airport and yet we didn't have those capabilities. why does the united kingdom and france have those capabilities? from the get go, why did they allow an arbitrary date of august 31 by the telegram an enemy, terrorist group in charge most of the country. harking back to 20 years ago which gave us 9/11 and why in the world that this inept biden a ministration allow the air base will be given away easily defendable to runway, 10000 feet long run given a i did they leave $85 of equipment weaponry therefore our enemies to get?
10:39 pm
why on earth with a fee given lists of american citizens still there, green card holders afghan allies? frankly, it is inexcusable to be americans there and afghanistan credibility crisis if there's another crisis erupting over the story, it doesn't look good for doctor fauci. his stonewalling and attacking senator rand paul, the washington post did a deep dive and found doctor fauci and the nih did approve nearly $50 million for 18 dangerous gain of function super virus research since 2012. doctor fauci denies that. this is super virus research, genetically engineering viruses to create vaccines and s treatmt but sucked the center of what
10:40 pm
could have caused the pandemic. let me give you this, nih director and doctor fauci weakened oversight of a committee, a board to do controls of this research, they avoided accountability by making up their own definition of what is and is not gain of function research and they basically undercut that committee to fast-track virus research by giving themselves veto power so this is directly what senator rand paul what's going on but doctor fauci denied it. now the doctor fauci saint yes, senator rand paul was reporting is correct, what you say? >> i knew senator paul was correct to begin with. doctor fauci has been consistently inconsistent, he's lied to congress, he's like to the american people. he's taken up every single leftist position and tried to protect this administration and been at thehe same time with a
10:41 pm
wave of hisam hand saying we are not going to worry about covid positive individuals coming across by the thousands across the southern border released into our country. he's been caught with his pants down, this is inexcusable, he really needs to go. i don't know how the man m can sleep at night. we'vee got 637,000 dead americas families want answers. we've got four and a half million dead people around the world because of us. every bit of evidence points that the wuhan institute of virology is where this originated, it didn't come from a wet market from of that zoonotic quitter. this is either an accidental or released on purpose and now he's given a worldwide pandemic that killed many people. it inexcusable for things he's said and done. liz: thank you for handling both those stories, good to havee yu on, sir.
10:42 pm
>> good to be with you. liz: same here. we are staying on the breaking news about the final flight of u.s. troops leaving afghanistan, take onwill join us to the media, abc, thell new york times, cnn, fox news calling out biden's team attempts to spin the disaster in afghanistan. anwe've got that and much more. stay there. ♪♪
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week introducing the all-new 3-row jeep grand cherokee l jeep. there's only one. joining us now, fox news conservator mike dineen we are staying on breaking news, the pentagon saying it could not accommodate hundreds of americans now stranded in afghanistan who wanted to give out get out, now they can't get out. they are roaming the country, it should be pointed out the
10:47 pm
president told abc news august 19 of americans citizens are left, we are g going to stay but now the opposite is happening. your reaction? >> it's nothing but lies from president biden and his administration. these are sad times. we have fellow americans stranded in afghanistan behind and realize lines. all we have are lies from this administration. haven't help those stuck there. we don't even know how many americans are left behind. what kind of government doesn't know how many citizens are behind enemy lines? biden's poll numbers are taking. you mentioned earlier on on in your show. with the media, i know we were going to talk about the media, i can't tell you how upset i am
10:48 pm
about all off this, it is heartbreaking but the media is part of the problem because they allowed this man to campaign in his basement and there is a reason why because we are seeing the chaos unfolding under his lack of leadership whether it the border or afghanistan or and everything in between. america is a much more dangerous place so is the world. this is outrageous. i hope people are paying attention. liz: we are still waiting for the secretary of state who supposed to start speaking earlier in thehe hour, he has yt to take to the podium. he will speakis and address the nation tomorrow over his decision not to extend the withdrawal and pull out of afghanistan. earlier than that that's fine. he's -- we are getting word he's getting success over evacuating once 22000 out of the country over the last two weeks but the pentagon says heartbreak,
10:49 pm
hundreds of americans stranded beat behind terrorist lines in afghanistan, they could not be accommodated. senator ron johnson reporting internalis documents on why a busload of hundreds of americans were stopped and not allowed into the kabul airport. the senator is ripping into the secretary of state for saying it disgusting from that's the senator's comments the white house relies on the telegram to doma diplomacy to try to get out the remaining americans. what you say to senator been tasked? >> it outrageous. what government will give a list of americans and allies to terrorists? they are supposed to be doing security at these checkpoints. you cannot make this stuff up. it's reckless endangerment under biden and his administration. has a going to roll and how come biden isn't on tv right now?
10:50 pm
he should be preempting me telling americans how he failed the country, how he'sld failed e world from the g-7 to afghan allies, are poor military men and women who lost their lives last week because of his recklessness. whereas biden? all we see is the back of his head. we don't hear from him, he doesn't take questions, it is fundamentally outrageous. liz: the question is, will he take questions tomorrow? senator sasse is saying things like abandoning and surrendering, this will be read about in american textbooks for years to come. i think we got to wrap it there, thank you so much for joining us, good to have you on. we are staying on this story. the pentagon saying theyol could not accommodate hundreds of
10:51 pm
americans who wanted to leave but couldn't leave. we'll stay on this with chad wolf, dhs secretary former next. ♪♪n
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10:55 pm
latest to the kabul airport. they wanted to leave but they were not able to evacuate americans who wanted to leave. they are saying is heartbreaking. your reaction? >> i would say the withdrawal we've seen is disastrous for americans there and kabul as well as others who need to get out. what we know as the t taliban wl control more territory in money and more weaponry than they did on 9/11 and that's a concern for the moment as you look at terrorists direct to the homan, how they can strike in their ability to reach americans here in the u.s. so very concerned about what's going on over there today. liz: the president told abc news august 19 if americans other, we will stay but now he's not staying. he's going to talk tomorrow about why he did not delay thel. withdrawal, how does he get aroundnd this?
10:56 pm
>> i don't know that he doesn't i think that's right the vast majority of americans don't trust this administration when it comes to national security issues whether it overseas on afghanistan or our southwest border so the president has to be upfront what the american people and explain to him how the war is over in afghanistan get thousands -- or hundreds, potentially thousands of americans are still left there and i think the vast majority of americans will not agree with that propositions that the war is over in afghanistan until we bring every american home and that's just duty as commander-in-chief to fulfill that promise. liz: the white house and state department are saying they tried the best they could sending out hundreds of texts trying to find americans, trying to get americans out, now they are doing product efforts with the telegram to try to get them out when the taliban basically has been killings of hundreds of u.s. troops over the years basically overtook duly elected government and overthrow it so
10:57 pm
there's that and a lot of action about what's going on with the fear ofoi terrorism hitting our shores. can you give an update on that story? >> absolutely. again what we know is afghanistan will now likely be a safe haven for terrorism in the taliban or isis k or other terrorist groups that are going to reconstitute themselves there and eventually reached the united states and conduct potentially conduct terrorist attacks here, i think that is the concern. honestly that was a concern 9/11 and that's what we've been battling for over 20 years making sure that doesn't happen, these individuals remain overseas and not attacking home land. since we don't have assets state department, we don't have u.s. assets there in afghanistan, that is the concern from not having the intel for understanding what's going on in afghanistan as the terrorist groups reconstituteit themselves and potentially are a directlv
10:58 pm
threat here in the homeland. liz: for texas state legislature is taking matters into hiswn own hands, the texas house -- texas is basically approving billings of dollars for its own state border security including $1 billion for texas to build its own border wall. that means the other state of california, new mexico and arizona will have to step up their game if they want to do things like spend money on a border wall, do you think they will? >> i hope they do an unfortunate we go from one national investment in afghanistan to another on the southwest border that was created in large part by the policies this administration so you see state like texas trying to do all they can to secure their border and protect texans in their constituents in the state of texas and arizona and others
10:59 pm
will have to follow suit because we see the biden ministration not implement immigration and border security law. instead, they are advertising is okay to come to the border and continue to let hundreds of thousands of folks across the border and illegally stay in the rest month after month after month. i set it a month ago that this has been a national security crisis that continues to be into a national embarrassment. .liz: lawsuit still making their way over from her president terms remain in mexico policy, have to reinstate remain in mexico where asylum seekers have mexico while court cases make their way through the justice system. we got asylum-seekers final word from central america going to mexico saying you got to help us get asylum. final word on thatom? >> we know 90% of these individuals will never qualify for asylum, only about 10% so you need to make sure you root t out the fraud which is exactly
11:00 pm
what the migrant production protocols remain in mexico land was designed to do. it worked, the court acknowledged it was and i hope the administration instituted. liz: we will see what mexico does, too. thanks for joiningnt us, you've been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that doesn't for us, thank you for watching and hope you have a good evening. once more we pray that the 200 or so who are injured in that battle, will recover we pra


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