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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  August 31, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. larry: so it is a bad day, even taliban, 20 tweeted not trump, ir free and independent now you know of folks, america will have the last word. word. kennedy: well, after 20 long and bloodied years the war in afghanistan is kind of over? is it? it is still very much a mess could soon become a terrorist safe haven once again. some americans are still trapped there. what on earth do we do now? this is a video out of the airport the last flight before that deadline early this afternoon, commander explained how the war came to an end.
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>> i'm here to announce the completion of our withdrawal from afghanistan and the end of the military mission to evacuate american citizens, third country natural and nationals the last c-17 lifted off on august 30, this afternoon, at 3:29 p.m. east coast time. the last manned aircraft is now clearing the airspace above afghanistan. >> the general said he was one 100% certain every u.s. service member was out for the same cannot be said for u.s. citizens. the general address that too. >> your message to american and afghan allies were left behind? >> the military phase of this operation has ended. the diplomatic sequel to that will now begin. and i believe our department of state is going to work very hard to allow any american citizens that are left, we think citizens that were not brought out or in the very low hundreds.
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i believe we are going to double get those people out. we are also going to negotiate very hard and very aggressively to get her other afghan partners out. kennedy: this is now a diplomatic mission for a few hours ago secretary of state anthony blinked into the hold the taliban accountable if they get out of line. >> we will stay focused on counterterrorism. the taliban is made a commitment to prevent terrorist groups from leaving afghanistan for external operations to threaten the united states are allies including al qaeda and the taliban's sworn enemy, isis k. here too, will hold them accountable to that commitment. kennedy: that should be interesting during counterterrorism of the former enemy, fun. now the wheels are up the taliban has declared complete independence of what is happening on the ground and how do we prevent the spread of terrorism? what does it mean when america's longest wars over? retired u.s. navy seal officer
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founder and ceo and the host of the jaco podcast. jaco will link is here for a. >> you for having me on. how are you feeling today about the statements the wars over? >> it is very similar to me pulled out of iraq and we said the war was i over in iraq and what happened as the embers that were still burning their turn into isis and it thousands more people were killed and it was not good. i cannot imagine this is going to go any different. >> anthony blink and says we do not have to worry about isis k because we are working with the taliban and they are sworn enemies. but it seems as though, i want you to speak to this based on your personal experience, it seems as though the boundaries in different terror organizations are murky at best and pretty fluid.
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you could move from one to the other pretty easily. should we trust the bad blood somehow protects us? >> the bad blood, the worst of the blood will rise to the surface in these organizations. the people who are the most extreme rise to the surface they are willing to do the most heinous things to get into power. there might be a fight to be just like isa starting to rise to power in iraq i think we'll see similar to the same thing here. look, the taliban wanted us gone. i think that is why they kind of protected the door, held the door open for us on our way out. that's like the guards leaving the asylum to the inmates. as soon as we are gone, it's going to be some kind of brutal form, abuse, torture, rape, torture. think that is why they held the door open for us. i think it's going to get even uglier now that we are gone. kennedy: you are absolutely rights. i do not know how the administration thought that. and also with this a military
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campaign for two decades per the secretary of state is saying now diplomacy begins. can't you have a military mission and diplomacy happening simultaneously? >> you absolutely can. look, we stayed in countries before we have 40 military bases in germany today, 23 military bases in japan, 15 and south korea. these are not forever wars we fought in those places, those bases actually are the prevention of war and we could have done something very similar there as well. kennedy: i trust the germans just as little as you do. still i think we get close some of those bases pretty safely. the thing that worries me, jocko i'm curious what you have heard about this from some of your fellow navy seals, some who are retired, people who are going over there to rescue americans, are there former special
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operatives taking matters into their own hands to free stranded americans with the federal government is turn their back? >> yes, there've been several different groups out there doing them. we have definitely been getting reports from the ground or i have been hearing from people on the ground there that it is not as pretty and not as organized as it seemed in the media. i think they're going to be stories that come out later on how rough it has been. kennedy: how upset were you when the u.s. decided to close the air base for do you believe the president when he said as a unanimous decision do you believe there is no dissent from generals and commanders on the ground who had a better understanding of the afghan context? >> no, i do not really believe that. any private or lance corporal in the marine corps or army would said hey at the minimum we need a secondary extract points. that is something you learn in
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basic training. i would have to say it was most certainly some dissent against that decision. kennedy: what happens now to those americans? how did they get out? >> i am not sure. i think the taliban will do their best to protect these individuals. i don't know if they will necessarily be able to do that. like i said the taliban just wants us out of there so that way they can live the way they want to live and do it without our presence. and so i think that is what they are going to do. i think we, as a country are now going to have to get ready to go on a different type of offense. we are going to be out of the country for it we are going to have to strike missions against these terror groups inside of afghanistan. they are going to be harder to find they're going to be harder to fix a harder finish because they have a safe haven for planning and training that is why think what we need to do is refocus and get ready to go on the offense from other
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locations common to keep that terrorist rise is limited as we can. kennedy: are you surprised at the amount of weapons we left behind? it's like hundreds of thousands of guns, and entire air force tank, night vision goggles the inventory list is stunning are you surprised by that and what happens to it? >> surprise, yes, more like second that. seeing those weapons knowing those weapons are going to be turned on americans and on forces of freedom around the world for decades to come, giving up the advantage we have had over the last 20 years of owning that night. we are not going to own the night anymore that the enemy has night vision. seeing the beautiful weapons at a been left behind for these terrorist to use is absolutely sickening. what ever they cannot understand or don't know how to use, they will turn it over to the chinese, to the russians so they can dissect our technology and figure how to counter it too. it is absolutely disgusting to
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see what is been left behind it afghanistan bites before it is unbelievable especially in this country they are trying to disarm law-abiding americans. >> quite ironic to say the least. kennedy: all right jocko willink thank you so much for. >> tanks candidate you've got to go to bed you've got to get up at 3:30 more to work out. just just a few weeks ago president biden made this a promise on abc news. >> are you committed to making sure the troops stay until every american who wants to be out is out? >> yes, yes. kennedy: that aged like a milkmaid that is not what is happening now obviously american troops are gone. a few hundred americans still remain in country. the administration said some do not want to leave. but i've been blaming the people who are stranded there. is there still aware way out? republican congressman who is helped rescue six families stranded in afghanistan. darrell issa is back.
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welcome back sir. what are your office doing helping these people the freedom? >> right now we are trying to speak to and to call him as best we can three separate families that we are tracking. two of them i will be more specific about. two of them were in this zone had gotten through the first taliban checkpoint and were waiting, and waiting as we sent information back and forth and no one came out to get them for that was at the southgate and it during a they said they were extracting. kennedy, the best way to put this is they were entitled to get out. they did what they were told. they were in the great city, at the right gate, vent a little bit like an airplane that leaves at half an hour before it is supposed too and you show up, you are frustrated. these people had 22 hours at left, left early and left people behind who had been
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beaten, who had been harassed, and by the way these are american citizens. it's not even the other groups he sometimes talk about for these are u.s. citizens who wanted to get out, some very elderly. kennedy: the u.s. government has abandoned them, what do they do now? >> there are two ways to get out now. wait and hope diplomacy or what i would call tribute from this administration, literally the secretary has already talked a few hours ago about continued aid to afghanistan. if that is tribute to provide aid to a country that is now run by people who want to take us back to the sixth century. but that is what they are talking about. i'm assuming that type of tribute will have some effect. the other witness, as the last person mentioned there are some groups that we have been in contact with that are having some success still getting people out. but it is a lot harder now you've got to get them into a
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third country by land or very small airport. those kind of operations are difficult and they are tenuous. but that is the only way out right now. each of the people we are working with have to make a decision. state shelter and hope for the future or make a run with a group that's trying to get them out with the chartered aircraft. kennedy: those who are sheltering in place how are they stating themselves? are there grocery stores open, are there able to get food, medicine and all the things you need to stay alive? >> this is not a country you would recognize when you say food and medicine. basically nobody has had covid shots it's a very different environment. but, right now this is a country that turned over without a war. it is not as bad as it might be. once we are very concerned about. the first it's very possible the new government will turn off the 21st century
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equipment we have left them with. they will turn off the cell phones, they will turn off all of the internet. at that point our ability to speak and work with these people to coordinate could be really reduced. >> if that something no one is talking about that's very much in charge of the way people communicate with each other and how they have been up until this point. we are pulling for all of the constituents all of the americans who are stranded in afghanistan. the brazen way which they turned their backs on these people are unforgivable. they want a pat on their backs in the war is over look at this massive airlift. this is a damage they have because it's going to take years and years to clean it up. >> kennedy i completely agree with your comment earlier. we do not need 23 bases in germany. we need a few strategic bases a few airbases that allow us
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the luxury of not having to fly for eight or ten hours in order to even look at a potential hotspots. so, keep championing the fact we need to work smarter which we are not and we have not been for a long time. kennedy: absolutely right, congressman thank you so much free. >> thank you. kennedy: president biden say no to questions on afghanistan over the weekend for it's time for him to take responsibility for the chaos. when will president biden welcome to allstate. (phone notification) where we've just lowered our auto rates. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and savings like that will have you jumping for joy. now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less.
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in other words, it's the most energy-building, wellness-boosting, parent-powering, proven quality night's sleep we've ever made. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 36 months and free premium delivery. ends labor day. kennedy: you might say prison biden has been a bit dodgy when it comes to answering questions about america's longest war. he has been doing a lot of this lately. not to questions but go ahead? one answer that now. kennedy: yes you should you are the president. it is a real crisis. the political pressure on the president continues to mount with 23 republican congressman a handful of senators calling for him to resign for the way he has handled the end of the war. now the white house has biden will talk about afghanistan in a speech tomorrow afternoon. but with a teleprompter in
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front of him and oppress exchanges carefully orchestrated will he actually answer real questions? let's find out with her monday night man the panama former cia officer group chairman ceo mike baker is here along with fox news political analyst juan williams libertarian institute director author it is time to end the war in afghanistan, scott horton is back, welcome everyone. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: mike, he's going to have a bunch of preselected questions. is not just people in the press event preselected to ask questions right you know they have been vetted that means he's not really going to be challenged. if you could ask him anything and get the answer to what would it be? >> i would like to know if there's going to be any accountability for what turned out to be a clown show up in execution of a decision to
12:20 am
leave. as a part of a number people say we support the idea to leave. it was made by the previous administration, okay fine everybody was on board the previous administration they did the heavy lifting putting it on the table saying it's time to go. but the problem is the execution of the decision is awful. this is a logistical operation the movement of personnel and material. while for administration's own , this administration owns the execution of that to move out. i would like to know if there's going to be any accountability. i know the answer i just want the question answered it is washington d.c. there will be no accountability for. >> president obama said he was going to close gitmo. there will not be accountability i did not vote for president trump either time, i voted for gary johnson when i had the choice against president trump. that is neither here nor there. the one thing i like about
12:21 am
trump he took unscripted questions from the press. seventy-five minute slugfest with members of the media, they all yelled questions at him, he yelled back. he was the one speaking his own mind. when the president of the united states stands in from the press corps during a multitude of crises says i am not supposed to take any questions, who the hell is in charge? >> i think you're taking a cheap shot, candy, the guy was in the midst of a fema dealing with a hurricane which is itself. he is in the midst of afghanistan. i think he spoke every day last week on afghanistan and over the weekend. you are picking one spot where he was dealing with the hurricane and that was the agenda in front of him. support not just one it's not just he would not answer questions on afghanistan particularly after meeting those flag draped coffins in
12:22 am
dover. he needs to be accountable per. >> he's going to answer questions for. >> i'm not supposed to take any questions according to whom? who's telling him not to take questions. say i am the president of the gd united states of america and i will take your questions. >> go ahead per. >> what if he decided it was not the right place or time to speak about dead american heroes in the midst of dealing with a hurricane? super what about american citizens? >> i think there is a big issue about finally saying, this forever war is over. i'm thinking it is time for us to move on. this is not 2001 when 911 happened, osama bin laden is dead. we've got warring tribes and afghan versus caliban versus isis going on. we do not need our soldiers in
12:23 am
the midst of that chaos and civil war. >> let's botch the withdrawal to make sure americans and afghan civilians died. scott your thoughts. >> we should blame the taliban, you should blame the afghan government for folding like a cheap tent. kennedy: the tent was not cheap. the tents cost $85 billion with the afghan security and to join for the word let's it's got talk. >> took the words right on my mouth there. look, biden made a terrible decision, a political decision to kick the can down the road. we talked about it two weeks ago here we had a deal to withdraw on may 1. by kicking the can down the road they tell men didn't. i worked a lot easier than they thought it would be. there is very little fighting it was pretty much a political win across the country. but by kicking the can down the road and refusing to tell the american people the truth
12:24 am
this entire afghan government and its military or just a village. they cornered themselves. the correct answer should have been biden should have said on january 21, general we are sticking with the deadline. i want all the civilians out first i want to destroy all the weapons are limited in afghan national army. think about how badly they would have been attacked for undermining the army and undermine the government. but the truth is, without doing that they all fell anyway. now the talent then got of the weapons you have americans stuck and not able to get to the airport. i had a source, and paratrooper officer who told me on july 14 they were preparing to go back withdraw up paratroopers and receives the air base arctic turned over to the national army in order to use that for the fall of saigon a moment. they knew it was coming. they had that plan, they put
12:25 am
it off and put it off until the ana turned it over to the taliban. by then it was far too late to use it. this whole war has been from the beginning it would be a miracle somehow the withdrawal went off without a hitch. they made really bad decisions. kennedy: i hope people do not forget about that. i hope there's a gigantic postmortem you can see how badly you can screw something like this up. and pennell stick around a adamic new report reveals the murky past of doctor fauci and that sketchy gain of function research. did that kind of research because coveted team to leak out of the wuhan laboratory? a former obama official is comparing an masters to suicide bombers, hey what? the man pennell will be back the man pennell will be back the man pennell will be back the man pennell will be back ♪ ♪ ♪ the man pennell will be back ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. kennedy: dodger stadium welcome back, covid-19 origin is murky as a cup of moldy gruel. murky is the work of the show. new intelligence report came back inconclusive. now the "washington post" claims doctor anthony fauci and nih director watered down oversight on controversial gain of function research. that is her scientist essentially crank up a virus transmissibility making it more dangerous in order to figure out how to cure it. they said their safeguards in place. but could this help explain were covered came from and who is to blame here qwest mccurdy discussed john hopkins school of medicine professor fox news contributor, doctor marty makary, welcome back to the show.
12:31 am
>> thanks kennedy. kennedy: note h1n1 that was made deadlier and then given to ferrets. then the nih stepped in, take me from there. >> a lot of people were really worried about this research when it was published they basically juiced up a virus made it more transmissible air ran through a bunch of ferrets. because of that, so many people were worried about the possibility of a juiced up gain of function virus getting out that the government set up a committee to oversee this and make sure the moratorium on gain of function research was held. kennedy: who was in charge of that committee? >> collins and fallacy began to dismantle it and their power to block research. they made an advisory committee. they also redefined gain of function research so it can be bypassed. none of the work and the committee has come out, the
12:32 am
agenda, the meetings, the members, all of which have not been transparent despite a lot of calls for transparency by them. kennedy: but the "washington post" noted there are several institutions in several projects that went before the committee, looking for the stamp of approval to go ahead and do this kind of research. then there were the people researching corona viruses. they were worried that if these were manipulated they could be used by terrorists or if they got out by a researcher who was infected that could cause a global pandemic. that felt he and collins did not feel that did that? >> it's an article i would encourage everyone to read. signs in the shadows. it describes how collins and felt she had many private secret meetings. meetings that were not documented and there were no minutes. usually this is unheard of in government everything is
12:33 am
public. they dismantle this committee a lot of researchers not just a couple a large group of researchers said this is a major pandemic risk to allow this kind of research should go on. it is amazing to me and research should be done. it should never happen with mother nature should be condemned and abolished altogether. >> we cannot want this work to be published or were they reducing the ferrets this is a blueprint to kill 4 billion people because that virus had a 60% mortality rate. it was without tea and collins the entire tom who were very, very liberal with allowing gain of research function to continue. and some of the relationships
12:34 am
they had ever funding these projects and countries where they do not have great oversight. because they are run by a bunch of commies. when things go horribly awry and kill millions of people around the planet, they clamped shut. there is no accountability. >> they still have not told the summit grants were given for gain of function research. the only way with them to parse it together is look at the publications of the gain of function research. in one case they made a virus but the lethality of look, all of us in science note lab leaks happen. they had an outbreak of sars in a lab worker after sars was gone. this happens all the time let's grant one thing, no more gain of function research forever. >> the cdc sent a tupperware full of smallpox to a chicken farm in the midwest. what the hell is wrong with
12:35 am
you people? stop screwing around. that really happened it's all in the article dr. marty makary reference for. >> thanks so much. kennedy: meanwhile another hype profiled democrat getting heats. former secretary of education under president obama duncan who is a human billboard for abolishing department of education now comparing american who are opposed to covid manage to suicide bombers but he tweets heaviness has strikingly similar both the mind to action between the suicide bombers at couples airport and the anti- mask, anti- vax of people here? they both blow themselves up it, inflict harm on others around them and are convinced of fighting for freedom. how long until the psychos culvert drone strikes on the unvaccinated? the man pinellas back, mike baker, juan williams and scott horton. what you think of that, mike? >> it is impressive.
12:36 am
it is obnoxiously self-righteous, arrogant piece of a blow. his only excuse is if he was drunk which then would just make him a drunkard duchenne. [laughter] what i would like to do is use the remaining time i have on the debate stage to read our previous discussion what do we hope to see out of this mess of a withdrawal in terms of accountability. i don't believe again, if anyone is waiting for senior military or government officials to step down all the talk about resignation and impeachment it's damon ship in washington d.c. what i do think will be important, each element. the intel community, state department will be doing their own internal heart wash of this whole situation. i know it from very well inside that's what they will be doing, internal assessments. what i think of the really important for the american people often times these things do not get done because they are classified.
12:37 am
i think they need to think that very carefully. the name to release their internal assessments as to decisions that were made, assessments that were ignored and put that out there. i think that would be the best result we are going to get from the situation. kennedy: juan, as ernie duncan a duchenne or do you agree with him that suicide bombers and people skeptical of vaccines have the same mindset? >> that is what is picture said sorry. [laughter] i love you candidate. look, i think he is right. i think people who refuse to get the vaccine, you look at the governors of florida, texas to look at the raging numbers of covid outbreaks taking us all the way back, sacrificing all of the progress we have made, allowing the variants make a foothold. that is damaging to the whole country people people say it's my right. sue for that's not like a
12:38 am
suicide bomb. if you are one's buildings january 6 is like 911 you're out of your mind i'm sorry, i feel bad for you. kennedy: >> if you refuse to get vaccinated in the middle of the pandemic you are trying to kill yourself. kennedy: it not whether you have natural immunity? scott horton your thoughts? kennedy: juan thank you for that i disagree with the respectfully never going let scott have a chance. go ahead scott. what's i thought you're talking to me. kennedy: notes on the scott go ahead scott. >> it's me now? the democrats keep enclosing the underwriting the basic norms of democracy and all these kinds of things, invoking january 6 and that kind of thing. yet they continually demonize the entire political right of this country. when she says people are reluctant to wear max or get vaccine she's only sorry he
12:39 am
the democrats are only referring to the right wing. although that is certainly not who all are denying this. look up tom woods great quiz where, the science seems to report in limited circumstances mask seems to help. tom woods has this quiz you see which is city and what states apply mask minutes at which times and you try to guess based on the number of hospitalizations which mask mandate went unglued and spoil it for you, you cannot tell. the mask mandates make no difference whatsoever. it's a system of control to no great effect. kennedy: why let me ask you this. 70% of africans in new york city have not got a vaccine of a suicide bombing terrace? >> yes i think you're crazy. that's what i just told you. i think people who refuse to get this vaccine are ignoring reality. they are deciding that for
12:40 am
some reason, and the black community there's all this talk the governments never looking out. again it's nowhere near the case when you have at this point proven because if the 2% of americans 70% of had one shot. we can see how this was played out. at this point you are not dealing with reality you're buying into crazy conspiracy theories simply acting out of defiance and rage. i don't think there's any sense to it. kennedy: at the same thing as a murderous is blowing up women and babies, that moral equivalent, you've totally changed my mind. i want to drink your rational. >> can you have kids or not vaccinated. those people put your kids at risk.
12:41 am
kennedy: my kids are vaccinated, they are smart young people do not talk crazy nonsense. man, take you all, mike, juan, scott thank you all for coming back for. >> coming up more than a million people without power. rescue efforts have started for hundreds trapped in their homes, on the ground in new orleans after came into shore to hit ♪ why do you build me up ♪ ♪ build me up ♪ ♪ buttercup baby just to let me down ♪ ♪ and mess me around and then ♪ ♪ worst of all ♪ ♪ you never call ♪ baby daydreaming again? but i love you still you know i'm driving, right? i do. ♪ buttercup baby just to let me down ♪ if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> hurricane ida has moved inland has been downgraded to a tropical storm were just beginning to see the damage in louisiana and mississippi. ida made landfall as a category four her give the winds going up to 150 miles per hour. now search and rescue efforts are underway already being
12:46 am
blamed on the storm. mike tobin on the ground in new orleans. confirmed a second fatality the hardest hit by this relatively low number of casualties as they get back to those hard-hit areas and find more people the low-lying town one of the first hit with a full force of the storm. what i what we are seeing their see all around the rest of the state a levy over top and a bridge that was rexford that resulted in flash flooding and a lot of people with nowhere to go. the mayor says 27 people were in imminent danger another 80 who were stranded were also picked up and transported out of there. governor john bel edwards said the low number of casualties
12:47 am
the new levee system with a 14 billion-dollar investment worked with its first test. he also said this is just the start of the recovery. >> we are here less than 24 hours after the hurricane passed through our state we are still in a certain rescue mode? responding in trying to save lives. >> boats were out as volunteers. one resident to home was damage that this is just part of living on the water. >> is an already stressful life. but we love it down there. we will rebuild. >> now the power entergy said the eight main transmission lines that suffered catastrophic damage during the storm but even one spanned the mississippi river 2 million people without power.
12:48 am
25000 linemen on the ground with the power couple he said that got 4500 personnel on the ground. still however, no estimate for when the lights will turn back on. kennedy: unreal. what are you doing for lights? here you are mike. >> i have glow sticks in my room and you walk around your phone. kennedy: that you do that anywhere you go it does not have to be at hurricane in new orleans to use glow success will be lovely. mike tobin keeping it real stay safe my friend. and john bel edwards city have a baby with his videographer? tropical storm is next what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed
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12:53 am
judge. >> i like to get another chapter, it is a beautiful story of the french. kennedy: that is is really prime minister pretending not to notice if the sleepy joe had become sleeping joe and the president's defense had just been up all night ordering drone strikes on afghan children and thank goodness he's not losing sleep over it. to be honest i do not blame him for sleeping i've not been this bored by his and braley since the wonder woman movie. the immediate rest of the president's defense, or bottle because he clearly was not sleeping from time to time his fingers move. as of sleeping on the job was giving us the finger enough. it looks like the presidents of fingers moving that could also be the rigor mortis. [laughter] old people take 100 micro naps a day. aim of the grandparent nose.
12:54 am
topic of number two it is a mug shot monday. tonight we meet the new face of tommy girl. this is 23-year-old for bryant johnson of florida. she is accused of conspiring with two friends to still hundreds of dollars in tommy hilfiger merchandise but she's in trouble with the real and the fashion police. tommy hilfiger employee said she gathered armfuls of clothing and ran out of the store into a getaway car. police and found her to our sliders with bags full of the clothing she was even wearing eight tommy shirt with the price tag still on it. millennial's forget they will not even take a mug shot photo without tagging themselves under police questioning she confessed to the staff and said she was paid to do which is also the only acceptable reason to be wearing tommy hilfiger in 2021. topic number three, a murder
12:55 am
hornet nest has been found and destroyed in washington state while the murder hornet's themselves have been moved to portland where murder is legal. here's of the washington state of agricultural division to eradicate the insects this is also how triple vaccinated liberals dressed to go to the grocery store. you can see the workers using net and a vacuum to catch and exterminate the species. this is to give murder hornet 's the kill list of our afghan allies. there's a look at the nest you can see the unborn murder hornet squirming in their eggs. by the way you haven't lived until you try to bake it at a hornet eggs i like my poached. in various stages of development, let that haunt your dreams. think of they're all dead now according to cnn their last words were i should have gotten vaccinated i'll be
12:56 am
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