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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  August 31, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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larry: so it is a bad day, even taliban, 20 tweeted not trump, dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, august 31st. your top stories, 6:00 a.m. eastern. promises broken, the white house keeps up its mixed messaging on how many americans and afghan allies have been left behind in afghanistan as all u.s. troops leave that country after 20 years. we're following the latest. ida causing chaos as a tropical depression and the gulf region gets a full scope of just how bad the damage is. the impact on the oil markets,
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ahead. futures meantime to the upside, we have gains across the board on the dow, s&p and nasdaq 100 futures, follows a mixed day on wall street. s&p 500 and nasdaq closeing in record territory for the second day in a row. european markets are mixed, wrapping up the month of august. we have a loss in england but gains in france and germ any. in asia overnight, green across the board. "mornings with maria" is live right now. gunfire ringing out in kabul overnight as the taliban celebrates the last u.s. troops leaving afghanistan, this as hundreds of americans and afghan allies remain trapped behind enemy lines. ashley webster joins us live from germany this morning with more. good morning, ashley. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, dagen. yes, the final withdrawal being announced as a surprise, many
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hours earlier than expected. in fact, there's a very poignant picture the military put out, a picture of major general chris donohue, the last u.s. soldier to leave afghan soil, you can see as he gets on the last military transport plane out. as that happened, it wasn't long after that the taliban, their leaders and followers came onto the airport and then began firing off their guns into the air in celebration, calling it independence day, not only of the airport but across the city. in the meantime, how many people are left behind, to your point, dagen. the state department believes 100 to 200 citizens still in kabul and the allies, how are they going to get out. secretary of state antony blinken said they will not be forgotten and if they want to get out the u.s. is committed to helping them do it. take a listen. >> many are dual citizen
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americans with deep roots and extended families in afghanistan who have resided there for many years, for many it's a painful choice. our commitment to them and to all americans in afghanistan and everywhere in the world continues. >> reporter: so with that said, the effort here in germany continues to process the thousands of refugees who did make it out of kabul. in fact, the last five flights out of kabul yesterday contained no u.s. citizens. many are being brought here to ramstein air base for processing. it goes on, at last count there were 14,000 or so refugees. they're being turned around quickly. they're given medical aid, nooned shelter. the aim is to have them moved on within three days. the most difficult part is the vetting, the security background. a number of the refugees, maybe one in five, have absolutely no
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identification at all. so the security background, the security check is, well, essentially impossible. but that goes on at the base. we're going to be on the base later today to see how that process is going. back to you. dagen: ashley, thank you so much for that, ashley webster in germany. joining me now, fox news senior strategic analyst, retired fewer star general, general jack keane. general, you were listening to ashley webster. i want to get your reaction to what you witnessed yesterday but also what you heard out of the biden administration. >> well, frankly, what we have just seen with major general donohue getting on that airplane certainly is an end -- a tragic ending for the united states. it's one of the most serious foreign policy and national security blunders i've seen frankly in my lifetime. what we -- what really happened here is president biden turned afghanistan over to a terrorist
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organization that helped enable 9/11 and going with that, the al-qaida immediately has regained their safe haven. that's not a doubt. al-qaida is in 15 provinces. they can operate freely now in afghanistan, shielded certainly by the taliban who is running the country. there's nobody on the ground trying to run them down day in and day out which has been the previous experience. isis-k which already conducted 77 attacks this year alone will be able to expand and grow with the prisoners who have been released which are isis, same thing with al-qaida. and who knows how many terrorists will come to afghanistan because the taliban is the premier jihadist organization in the world and they want to get close to it. afghanistan is a land-locked country, it's more difficult to get to. the second thing is, is that the world's become a more dangerous place as a result of this
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decision. our adversaries, china, russia and certainly iran are thrilled that we closed our seven bases and multiple cia bases in afghanistan. we're out of the region. and they are going to gain influence as a result of it. our allies are so frustrated with us, frustrated over the decision to withdraw and they were our partners inside of afghanistan and frustrated over this arbitrary date we set for the withdrawal which was ill-conceived and led to an emergency retreat and then on top of all of that, we willingly leave afghanistan knowing we have hundreds of american citizens and afghan partners by the tens of thousands by a conservative estimate and we have consigned their fate to the taliban. that is shameful. it's a betrayal and there's no denying it, that word has to be used and it's a stain on our national honor. it's a sad day for the united
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states in terms of where we are and what has taken place. dagen: and president biden said that, well, he wouldn't do what he just did, going back on his previous vow, promise, whatever you want to call it, to get all americans out of afghanistan. general, just listen to this and i'll get your reaction. >> are you committed to making sure that the troops stay until every american who wants to be out -- >> yes, if there's american citizens left year going to stay until we get them all out. >> there's a lot of heart break associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. i think if we stayed another 10 days we wouldn't have gotten everybody out that we wanted to get out and there still would have been people disappointed with that. dagen: that was general mckenzie, by the way, the head of sat com. your reaction to joe biden's going back on his word? >> well, that's what's so shameful about it. i mean, american president committed himself as any
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president would do in an emergency like this, commit themself to safeguarding americans and getting them away from a terrorist organization which clearly has been all of these 20 years using hostage taking to make money and that's a fact. this is the kind of organization it is. so just to consciously consign them to that fate is very shameful and i think it's something that will last and have consequences for a long time with president biden in terms of his place in american history as a result of it. and what general mckenzie said, i know him well, i think he's done a commendable job despite handships and handicaps he was given by this administration. i disagree with him, 10 more days, we would have saved a lot of lives if we had 10 more days and i think we would have gotten most everybody out that certainly wanted to come out but
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we never had a plan, dagen, to get people who were trapped outside of kabul because the taliban owned those arteries. we should have put a plan in place either with taliban support or without it to go get those american citizens and those afghan partners that are stranded out there. and we never dealt with that issue whatsoever. dagen: jennifer griffin last night was reading from a text she received from someone trapped in afghanistan along with eight green cards and four passports, those are green card and passport holders, quote, completely abandoned after multiple attempts to get into the kabul airport, this included a 2-year-old american child with lupus and a 12-year-old with diabetes. >> yeah, those stories are so tragic. i was dealing with some of them
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myself two nights ago when just trier to the gates shutting down completely we were told by the people inside, don't send anybody except people with passports. so the group had to break everybody down and what a separation that must have been, emotional one. they were immediately right there leaving them behind. even the ones that were american citizens, they were intimidated, harassed, shot at over their vehicle heads by the taliban and they couldn't get to the gate. i mean, it was absolutely tragic. that's why i know there are hundreds of american citizens there and tens of thousands of afghan partners who we have left stranded and the fact that we're in diplomatic negotiations with the taliban, giving them political legitimacy and some how, some way that we're going to trust them to get the rest of our citizens out, that we're outsourcing the evacuation of our own people to this terrorist organization is absolutely
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stunning to see this unfold before our eyes. dagen: one more thing, general, before we go. yesterday we got a written statement from the president of the united states. a written statement. now, he will speak later today but the day that americans were abandoned in afghanistan by choice by his choice, we got a written statement and to quote jennifer griffin, a speech from tony blinken, the secretary of state that looked like a hostage video. final word from you on that? >> well, we're just beginning to unfold what this is going to mean to the region with a terrorist organization running afghanistan and the fact that we're walking away and not being able to see day in and day out the growth and expansion of al-qaida and isis. all the eyes and ears that we
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had with the afghan people, the afghan security forces, our multiple cia bases and the seven military bases we had, all gone. we have lost that intelligence value and it's not replaceable by the so-called over-the-horizon. that is technology flying around trying to look at something that's happening. what's going on on the ground is human interaction. it's human intelligence that was the most critical and valuable piece of intelligence information that we had and that's why we had to have the presence. that's not going to be adequately replaced by over-the-horizon. so that's what makes this such a decisive decision in terms of the threat and potential danger to the united states. dagen: general jack keane, thank you so much for being here this morning and just breaking it all down. we value you in every way, your service your insight into the days and weeks and months ahead
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and years for this country. thank you, sir. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: we're just getting started this morning, coming up, house veterans ready to meet on afghanistan, texas congressman and air force veteran august pfluger with a look at what's next for our troops and allies. then, arizona congressman andy biggs adds to the growing calls for president biden and his top advisors to resign over the botched afghanistan withdrawal. then ida's impact, two people are confirmed dead with the death toll expected to rise as the gulf region looks to clean up from one of the worst storms in over a decade. you don't want to miss a moment of it. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. in 2016, i was working at the amazon warehouse when my brother passed away. and a couple of years later, my mother passed away. after taking care of them, i knew that i really wanted to become a nurse. amazon helped me with training and tuition.
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dagen: futures are in the green this morning, we have gains across the board, tech stocks driving major market gauges yesterday, the s&p 500 and nasdaq hitting all-time highs for the second trading day in a he row, the s&p 500 notching its third record close. joining me now, chief equity market strategist, phil orlando. joining the conversation all morning long, payne capital management process and podcast host, ryan payne and one of my favorite people on the planet, forbes media chairman and former republican presidential candidate steve forbes. let's -- [laughter] dagen: let's start it off, what do you make, phil, of the markets here, give us your insight. >> well, as you just pointed out, we've hit another record high, i think that's 52 record highs this year. stocks are up 20% year-to-date. they're up 107% since the bottom of the market last march. we've got a lot of potential
6:18 am
headwinds here in the near term, so while we still have a very constructive longer term view, we've got a 4800 forecast on the s&p 500, we couldn't discount a little bit of an air pocket here over the next couple months, something in the 5 to 10% neighborhood. so we're a little nervous, cautiously optimistic, if you will, and if we do get a pullback, we use that i think as a buying opportunity to get into some of the more attractive sectors like domestic value and small cap and international. dagen: why are you nervous? what makes you nervous? >> well, you've got a lot of cross current in washington. you look at the jackson hole meeting on friday. i think jay powell did a masterful job of threading the needle in terms of making the case for why tapering should happen before the end of this year but we're probably not
6:19 am
going to see rate increases until calendar '23. we're fine with that. but when you look over at the fiscal policy side of the equation, the beginning of the show you started talking about what's going on in afghanistan and i think to a significant degree the erosion of political capital based upon this ongoing humanitarian crisis could have some impact on debt ceiling discussions or this five and-a-half trillion dollar social spending bill or even this $1.2 trillion infrastructure package and i'm not sure the market has priced in any potential instability with any of those discussions. dagen: so in other words, steve forbes, the investors expect the money to keep coming on the fiscal side and monetary stimulus in part because, again, from the federal reserve that we heard on friday, there's really -- the fed's not going to shrink
6:20 am
its balance sheet. it's still going to be super accomodative, to use the wall street journal editorial's words. jump in here. steve: i'm wondering from phil, the federal reserve has been very, very accomodative but they've already sort of begun the tapering. in the last few months, overnight repurchase agreements, repo as they call them, now number over $1.1 trillion, sort of taking that money out of the banking system. how long can the fed do these gimmicks to keep potential monetary inflation in check, especially if they pass any of these bills, that's going to really goose up the base money supply. >> well, there's no question in our view, steve, that both the federal reserve and the biden administration have sort of misgauged the trajectory of inflation. i mean, they've been ensuring us all along that once the procedural base effects, for
6:21 am
example, rolled off, this spike in inflation that we saw earlier this year would calm down. well, i've got news for them. the procedural base effect rolled off in may and we're still seeing higher inflation. the core pce we just learned on friday for both june and july sitting at 3.6%. that's a 30-year high and well above the fed's 2% target. i think to some degree that forced jay powell's hand in terms of the speech he gave at jackson hole to acknowledge that inflation has been running hotter than the fed had expected and that it's completely appropriate for the fed to begin to walk back accommodation by starting to taper we think at that november 2nd and 3rd meeting. another point i'd make is that the fed has already announced that it's going to start to pull back and eliminate its corporate
6:22 am
debt by the end of the year. so the fed has been doling out these little bread crumbs if you will over the course of the last couple of months to i guess get the market mentally prepared for the fact that taper is coming and that eventually a lift-off in interest rates, because the reality is that inflation is running hotter than they expected and the fed's got to withdraw this accommodation before it gets out of hand. dagen: phil, thank you for the insight, always. phil orlando. we will see you soon. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: coming up rescue missions underway after ida tears through the southeast leaving millions without power. we're live on the ground next with a look at just how bad that damage is. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa.
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6:26 am
fuel, food and clean water. grady tremble has the very latest from lefete, louisiana. >> reporter: good morning, dagen. the total number of lives claimed in this storm now stands at five, two here in louisiana and three more in mississippi. fortunately, though, many more have been rescued. we're at the search and rescue headquarters for the jefferson parish sheriff's office. lefete's mayor said 80 people were rescued yesterday in the parish of st. john the baptist. there is limited cell service for those trying to get ahold of loved ones. more than 800 people were rescued from the floodwaters in that area. the national guard is helping with rescues, along with volunteers, the cajun navy are here as well. another concern is the availability of fuel, water and other supplies. if you go to gas stations in the new orleans area, most of the ones we've been to are without
6:27 am
fuel and any that do have it, there are long lines of people trying to get it. the white house says they're monitoring that fuel shortage and will take steps necessary to mitigate it. fema is also bringing in 200 generators with more than a million people without power right now. and they're bringing in other critical supplies as well. finally, another major concern is the looting. the new orleans police department has an anti-looting team, they are monitoring the streets in new orleans and they have already made some arrests. one final note, as i mentioned, million people -- a million customers in louisiana still without power. no estimate when they might get it back, although some estimates are that it could be weeks. accue weather estimates total damage and economic loss between 70 and $80 billion. the search and rescue operations here in jefferson parish resume in about an hour's time, dagen.
6:28 am
dagen: grady, thank you for that report. be safe, my friend. grady tremble in louisiana for us. coming up, the last of our troops out of afghanistan, texas congressman and air force veteran, august pfluger, on what's next for the americans and our allies left behind. plus, china's crackdown on video games, the communist party's new rules for kids and online gaming. that's next. stay with us.
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you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean- not spreadsheets. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, august 31st. a look at markets at the bottom of the hour. we have gains across the board at 6:30 a.m. eastern. futures looking to start the day with gains as we wrap up the month of august. this follows a mixed day on wall street, the s&p 500 and nasdaq did close at new all-time highs.
6:32 am
european markets are mixed this day, you have losses in england, but gains in france and germany and in asia overnight it was green across the board. in south korea, hong kong, japan and shanghai. five republican-run states now under a federal investigation for banning mask mandates in schools. not banning masks, banning mask mandates. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl. cheryl: you think this is a little political, you would be correct. the states are targeted in the probe, education secretary miguel cardonas said the ban could be a threat to students who are vulnerable. iowa's governor said president biden and his team decided to pick a political fight with a handful of governors to distract
6:33 am
from his own failures. well, the caldor fire in northern california raging on as thousands are racing to escape the south lake tahoe area, as the fire is closing in on the popular tourist destination. 22,000 people were ordered to evacuate. the caldor fire being fueled by triple digit temperatures. it's 15% contained and burned 245 square miles, that's an area larger than the city of chicago. well, zoom hitting a big milestone, the video conferencing service surpassing 1 billion in quarterly revenue for the first time in its history. but the need for zoom could slow down. small businesses are spending less on their service. this as more people return to in-person work and are ready to be social again. zoom is lower by 12%, almost 12% in the premarket. then there is this, china taking extreme measures to curb video
6:34 am
game addiction. the country banning minors from online gaming monday through thursday, limiting them to one hour per day on saturday, sunday, and holidays. all video games are required to connect to an anti-addiction system operated by the chinese government and requires users to register using their names and government ids. the rules take effect on wednesday. those are your headlines. dagen: thank you so much. cheryl. the last of u.s. troops leaving afghanistan, house minority leader kevin mccarthy and a group of gop lawmakers are back in d.c., demanding a action and accountability from congress and the biden administration. americans and our allies abandoned by biden and company. joining me now is congressman august pfluger, he's a member of the house foreign affairs and homeland security committees, also an air force veteran and a decorated fighter pilot.
6:35 am
congressman pfluger, you're back in d.c., calling on congress to act. what do you want to see them do? >> well, we are. and actually, we've heard bipartisan outcry about the 31st, the deadline that was so arbitrary. i'm wondering where our democratic colleagues are and what a shame, waking up this morning, it's like a nightmare to know that we've left americans behind when biden said he would get them all out, now we have the secretary of state saying don't worry, we can trust us. guess what? we don't trust you. there are americans stranded right now who were trying to get out the last couple days who have been completely abandoned by this president. dagen: in a country now run by terrorists that we're hearing from tony blinken one of the things that he had to say was the taliban has promised to provide a haven, not to provide a haven to islamic terrorist groups and now we're dependent on this terrorist group, the
6:36 am
taliban running this country, to essentially broker with them getting americans out of the country. it's just unfathomable what this administration has done. >> it's a complete disgrace. it's humiliating, as somebody who served and i think i can speak for a lot of veterans who really feel humiliated by the actions of this administration. it takes so much work to gain influence around the world, to be respected. i served in nato, served in multiple countries, fought alongside other countries, and now i think that's in question. our allies right now are going to question our resolve. if we can't even stay there to get every american out, then what do you think our allies think about us having their backs. i mean, it's at a position where you're right, it is unfathomable to wake up this morning and know that we've left americans behind. dagen: i want to get your reaction to this. i know a lot of afghanistan vette rains were very --
6:37 am
veterans were very upset to hear the language of general mckenzie used in praising the taliban from the pentagon. listen to this, congressman. >> i will tell you, the taliban have been very pragmatic and very business-like as we have approached this withdrawal. they were actually very helpful and useful to us as we closed down operations. they established a firm perimeter outside of the airfield to prevent people from coming on the airfield during our departure. dagen: this was the terror group that american soldiers, american service members were fighting for 20 years. this is the terror group that killed americans in service. this is the terror group that wounded thousands upon thousands of our u.s. service members. and for people who were wounded in action who managed to survive
6:38 am
that war, they had to listen to that yesterday and they were outraged. >> well, you're right. why are we cozying up to a terror group? why are we using them for our own security needs? why do they now have $85 billion worth of weapons? this is why we're back in d.c. we're back in d.c. because we want accountability, because the american public deserves accountability. the gold star families, the 13 new gold star families whose loved ones gave everything, the ultimate sacrifice for this country and deserve those answers. if you look at it, we as a country and under president biden's leadership, he led us into a crisis that was completely predictable. we've been mentioning this for months, warning the administration not to have an arbitrary deadline, to make sure they asserted their dominance, make sure they had the situation under control. it's clear we did not when we rely on a terror group for security needs. dagen: steve forbes, please jump in.
6:39 am
>> congressman, i'm wondering since this is a bipartisan reaction, what are the possibilities of using amendments in the house and senate to forcibly increase the anemic defense budget on this administration which as you know in real terms is declining, showing even as the white house has folded, there are elements in the political system that say no, we have to rebuild what we destroyed in afghanistan, starting by increasing the defense budget in real-time. >> you're right. i think that we're going to see a lot of amendments this week in in the nda markup. i think when you look at the biden administration's priorities, they told us they don't prioritize security, that they don't value homeland security, border security. we've got a flat defense budget. hopefully under mike rogers' leadership we can get some of those amendments in. it is certain that we will be talking about afghanistan, that that will be a subject of terrorism for me on homeland security, i'm introducing
6:40 am
legislation today to look at the 5 to 8,000 prisoners that were released in afghanistan last week and to understand where they came from, what the numbers are and what kind of threat they pose due to affiliations with terror groups. all these things will be introduced as part of the defense budget and i hope we'll make some real gains. dagen: the democrats just want this to go away. they want everybody to stop talking about this horrific failure on behalf of joe biden and the entire administration. it's not just how the withdrawal was handled but the fact that, again, americans and our allies have been abandoned and now you we're supposed to pursue a diplomatic mission, to quote tony blinken, the secretary of state, with the taliban. we have recreated a terrorist haven in afghanistan which is what led to the 9/11 terror attacks almost 20 years ago. >> well, they do.
6:41 am
they think they're going to turn the page, the chapter's going to be over and after a couple news cycles it will be done. unfortunately, the impacts, we're going to feel these impacts, i said these multiple times but china and russia, our enemies are watching and looking at the lack of resolve that we v it's not going to go away. for years, people can disagree and if they don't agree with our policy they can disagree with it but what they always know that is the american resolve is there. that is in question right now. that's the thing that is going to be most harmful to our foreign policy and our own security. dagen: congressman, thank you so much for being here this morning. we'll see you again soon. congressman august pfluger. >> thank you. dagen: coming up, squad versus the fed, how alexandria ocasio-cortez is urging president biden to reimagine the federal reserve. you must hear steve forbes' he reaction to that, ahead. usaa is made for the safe pilots. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble.
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dagen: oil and gasoline prices on the move after ida made landfall, the storm causing major shutdowns of u.s. oil production and refining operations in the gulf of mexico. energy companies working on resuming operations just days before the labor day weekend.
6:46 am
joining me now is the global head of energy analysis at opus, tom kloza. what are you watching? what do you make of the shutdown? >> well, i'm watching the electric utilities right now. it seems as though we've lost most of the folks that supply power to the refineries there and we've got about 2 million barrels a day or about 14% of u.s. refining down. so that was the reason behind a little bit of a rally yesterday. it may cause a spur here in one of the biggest driving weeks on the year. on the crude oil side, not as big of a he deal. almost 2 million barrels a day have been offshore or cutoff in the offshore gulf of mexico but they can get that back up very, very quickly. so not a disaster, could have been worse. but probably a little bit bullish for gasoline, a little bit negative short-term for crude oil. dagen: labor day holiday is
6:47 am
days away as many americans look to take to the roads, one last summer get-away. what should americans be expecting in terms of pump prices this weekend and moving into the fall? >> i think you'll see a delineation between the west and the east. the national price probably between 315 and 320 which is as high as it's been since 2014 when we were 345. but there will be a lot lower prices in inland parts of the country, east of the rockies. now, the oddity is i think the hurricane will send prices up a little higher from mississippi, alabama, louisiana, up the east coast. but prices in the west are too high, even if you take into account california which has a lot of carbon charges, those prices are going to come down. i don't think we're going to see a big drop like we've seen in some autumns, but i do think
6:48 am
inflation and oil is a little bit transitory. we're going to see prices calm down ultimately, but maybe in the next 50 to 150 days as opposed to the next 50 days. dagen: you use the word transitory, i'd zap you if we were in the same studio. ryan payne, get in here. ryan: it's -- >> it's a perfect world for oil, people are pushing the super cycle of 80 to 100-dollar oil, i'm not a believer in the super cycle. i think the super freak will come back before the super cycle. ryan: the super freak, i like that, tom. but if we look at -- >> i want to get the gerri curls going. ryan: i love rick james. if you look at the longer terms projections on oil, we look at like peak gold demand is not for another decade, 109 barrels a day. the biden administration has banned extraction from federal land. we know most oil companies are dialing back on their production to focus on return on equity. so you look at those dynamics,
6:49 am
why don't you see oil prices rising a lot over the course of the next couple years? >> let me take the second part of that too, because you're absolutely right. you talk about getting balance sheets straightened out before they start looking for more shale oil. when the prices are above $60, that discipline is going to break down and there's also a lot of new places in the world like giana where we're going to be tapping it for a lot of oil. you're absolutely right we haven't seen peak oil demand in the world but i do think we've seen it in north america. i think we're not going to see everybody driving evs or whatever but we're probably past the peak oil demand numbers we saw from 2016 to 2019. some of it's covid related. the commutes, the number of commuters is down very, very, very sharply. i think that will change but
6:50 am
peak oil demand in the world, we're going to add a billion people in the next 14 years according to the investment banks and the demographic -- demographers. those people are going to ultimately demand some fuel that is practical and in many cases it will be liquid fuels. dagen: tom, good to see you this morning. tom kloza. hope to see you again. >> thank you. go, giant. dagen: as long as dallas loses imperfectly happy with that. thank you so much, tom. coming up, the squad versus jay powell, why congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez says it's time for the fed chief to go. we're on it, next. stay with us.
6:51 am
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dagen: the squad taking aim at the federal reserve, urging president biden to replace jay powell after his term ends in february. democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib and area that saya pressly say they want president biden to reimagine a federal reserve focused on eliminating climate risk and advancing racial and economic justice, they say powell's successor should be more aggressive on financial regulation and climate change. steve, that's changing the fed's mandate, isn't it? steve: it really is. we've already seen what biden's reimagining did in afghanistan. i think people are kind of fed up with this kind of government overreach. what they want the federal reserve to do is in effect tell companies, tell banks and who tell companies what they can and cannot do. it's a socialist overreach. also they're oblivious to the real threat of monetary
6:55 am
inflation. the fed has gone through this gimmick that hasn't got much publicity of removing bank money overnight to prevent another big outbreak of inflation next year. how long can they go with these gimmicks, with this kind of money printing, you're going to get a big problem in 2022 and 2023. these people don't realize. you can't create resources out of thin air. dagen: they believe in modern monetary theory, assuming alexandria ocasio-cortez really knows what that is, because remember, she said that the unemployment rate was low because people were working two jobs. well, that's not how the unemployment rate is calculated. that's a different -- another story for another day. but steve, she wants the federal reserve to print money to buy up the debt, basically monetize our debt so left wing liberals can keep on spending into the wild blue yonder. steve: well, that's right. and they think you can -- the
6:56 am
government -- she's written -- stephanie colton is the high priest on this modern monetary theory said you can print all the money you want and if there's inflation they know how to dial it back, like it's a light bulb or water tap. it's real weird stuff. but they think they can print resources out of thin air and a you're already starting to see prices rising but that's just going to be a delicacy compared to the disaster coming if they get their way, passing all those bills, trashing the economy with taxes, massive amount of money. one reason the fed is buying short-term funds if the banks is the banks are overloaded with money right now and if you get loan demand picking up and the government pours out trillions of dollars, that's going to create what we had in the 1970s. stagnant economy, rising prices and a weak dollar.
6:57 am
they want to weaken the dollar. that's not a good thing ever. dagen: inflation screws the very same hard-working people who of can't afford it. real wages this year, inflation adjusted wages, have fallen seven months in a row. the entire time that joe biden has been in office. ryan, we'll get you in next block. still ahead, ida's impact on oil and afghanistan. stay with us. all the time in the world. it's just a saying. but today, for women living with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. more time is possible with verzenio. proven to help you live significantly longer when taken with fulvestrant. verzenio + fulvestrant is for hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer that has progressed after hormone therapy. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor, start and antidiarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infection that can lead to death.
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7:00 am
dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo. it's tuesday, august 31st. your top stories 7:00 a.m. eastern. americans and allies left behind, as the last troops leave afghanistan. the fallout from the biden add administrations broken promises. we take a look at future this morning, losing some steam, mixed markets at the moment. the s&p 500 and nasdaq futures and dow all lower at the moment, this follows a mixed day on wall street. it was a record day for the s&p
7:01 am
and nasdaq. european markets also mixed this tuesday, the final trading day of august. not mixed anymore, losses across the board there. in asia overnight, it was green in south korea, hong kong, japan and shanghai. "mornings with maria" is live right now. some of the top stories we're watching this morning, gunfire ringing out in kabul overnight as the taliban celebrates the last u.s. troops leaving afghanistan. cheryl casone has more. cheryl. cheryl: that is right, dagen. america's longest war coming to an end, this night vision image shows the last u.s. soldier boarding the military cargo plane in kabul last night. military leaders admitting they didn't get everyone out in time. still, secretary of state antony blinken says they will help americans still left to leave, as many as 200 americans and tens of thousands of afghan allies remain trapped behind enemy lines.
7:02 am
>> look, there's a lot of heart break associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. i think if we stayed another 10 days we wouldn't have gotten everybody out that we wanted to get out and there still would have been people disappointed with that. cheryl: hundreds of pieces of military equipment including humvees and aircraft were also left behind. the military insists it made sure they can never be used again. well, back here at home, hurricane ida leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake, more than 1 million customers are without electricity in louisiana after the storm and utilities continue to assess the damage there. energy companies are surveying the health of the infrastructure and scrambling to resume operations. about 8% of the country's refining capacity was shut down ahead of the storm. total damage and economic loss from the storm likely going to fall between 70 billion and $80 billion. and then tragedy in mississippi after two people were killed and
7:03 am
10 injured as a highway collapsed likely due to heavy rain from ida. seven vehicles fell into the hole which measured 50 feet in length and 20 feet deep. he moderna's covid-19 vaccine is shown to create twice as many antibody as pfizer's shot according to a study conducted on 2500 workers at a major belgium hospital. found those not infected with the virus before the two shots averaged higher protection than pfizer. there are the two stocks in the premarket. pfizer lower by half a percent. those are some of your headlines. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. time for the word on wall street, top investors watching your money. joining me now, payne capital management president and podcast host, ryan payne. finally getting used to that. chairman of the university of akron's investment fund, dennis
7:04 am
gartman. great to see you. dennis, let me start with you, futures are off the earlier highs, slight losses on the s&p and nasdaq 100 futures at the moment, tech stocks driving the major market gauges yesterday. the nasdaq and s&p hitting all-time highs. and the s&p 500 notching its 53rd record close of just this year. what do you make of these markets right here, right now? >> it continues to be a market driven by the monetary expansion policies from the federal reserve bank, not just the fed, it's the bank of canada, the bank of england, the ecb, they're all being expansionary. going to continue to be expansionary. mr. powell's comments on friday were manna to the markets. the economy is strong. the fact that we have the public as aggressively long in the market as they have been usually is a sign of market tops. nonetheless, every time you try to take the other side, try to go short on the market, reduce
7:05 am
the size of your long position, you're wrong. it's still a bull market. it stuns me it's been as strong as it has been. every time you take the other side it's been a disastrous decision. it's going to continue until it stops. that's the best i learned after 50 years of being in the market. it will continue until it stops. dagen: and certainly jay powell is campaigning for another term as the fed chief. i think that was on display. so again, he's not going to -- this is my -- me editorializing, jay powell is not going to say anything that might jeopardize that between now and the beginning of next year, i would think. >> you're absolutely right. he's going to make sure he is reappointed. almost certainly, i give it a 90% probability that he will be reappointed to his position with the secretary of the treasury, the former fed chairman acknowledging that fact, it's almost a lock. he's going to do what he needs to do. he's going to do what he's been doing. he's going to consistently say the same things, he's going to be expansionary as he has been.
7:06 am
it will be a while before rates go higher. dagen: robinhood tanking after it was said that banning payment for order flow is a possibility as pay pal is exploring ways to let users trade individual stocks. what does this mean for retail trading? this is a great source of revenue for robinhood, correct? >> it's like all the revenue basically, dagen. and you and talked about this back when they had their ipo it was going to be n issue they have. the fcc is looking at this and they've been hinting towards this for a long time. i think this is a huge problem given the fact they're so reliant on the fact that order flow is pretty much where they're getting their revenue. interestingly enough, pay pal getting in the game of potentially also giving brokered services to trade on their platform, i think it's absolutely brilliant here. because you think about it, what are they doing? they're just bringing the shovel to the gold rush. they give you the ability to
7:07 am
trade cryptocurrencies so now they're looking to get into the same game as robinhood on being able to trade stocks. they hired this guy who was the brokerage head at trade king. i think it's interesting, you see everybody trying to get into the game here, providing the trading facilities for all these new young traders. so i think what's interesting right now is how long is this party going to last. it has a lot to do with what we're talking about this morning, there's so much money out there. the government has created so much money. i think this has become a big casino with a lot of these operations. dagen: george, let's turn to -- speaking of casinos, turn to crypto. hedge fund billionaire john paulson who shorted the housing bubble back in 2008 says he thinks cryptocurrencies will eventually become worthless. he has been a big loser for his own investors in the last decade. he's calling this a bubble. what do you say, george paul?
7:08 am
>> cryptocurrency for better or for worse is here to stay. now, there are probably two reasons for it. one is the big fundamental reason which is high spending taxes that won't go up that much are apt to debase, to devalue the dollar so the old school fundamentalists like me are looking for a storehouse of value that is not the u.s. dollar. second is the punch bowl that somebody referred to is no longer a punch bowl. it's really a bowl full of thc-laced gummies and the younger generation of investors are very drawn to the cryptocurrencies, they can understand it. there's a technology play to it. and there's nothing fundamentally wrong with crypto as being an alternative to government-backed dollar. with all due respect to john paulson who is a brilliant man, he is flat-ass wrong this time,
7:09 am
i think. dagen: i would like for you to recreate the same name when george paul referenced a bowl of thc-laced gummies. [laughter] >> yeah, talk about a whole other level with a slight drug reference there. i have to disagree. there's no commercial use for bitcoin. it's not a good store value of money. i think if we do see final crash in bitcoin we need to have a crypto must die party or something like that. i don't see where it's economically viable in any situation, in any situation where this is a currency. i know dennis agrees. >> i agree with mr. paulson, i think eventually it goes to worthlessness. dagen: gentlemen, great discussion. thank you so much, gentlemen. much more ahead this morning. coming up, arizona congressman andy biggs adds to the growing calls for president biden and his top advisors to resign over the botched afghanistan withdrawal. he is next.
7:10 am
plus, retired army captain sam brown is here on the biden administration's broken promises. we left americans and allies behind in the hands of a terrorist organization. what happens to them? captain brown will weigh in. then elizabeth holmes facing justice, that's a question mark, we're previewing the jury selection in her criminal case to deceive investors. that's ahead. ryan payne and steve forbes are here. you don't want to miss any of what these gentlemen have to say. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... hey, graduation selfie! well done! and voya stays by our side, keeping us on track for retirement... us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. you ready for your first day on the job? i was born ready. go get 'em, kev.
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7:14 am
afghanistan, leaving hundreds of americans still stranded in the hands of a terrorist organization. going back on biden's original promise. >> and are you committed to making sure that the troops stay until every american who wants to be out is out. >> yes. if there's american citizens left we're going to stay until we get them all out. dagen: joining me now, arizona congressman and house judiciary member, andy biggs. congressman, tell us about your efforts to hold the biden administration accountable and you can just look at all of the -- of your fellow lawmakers who are calling for resignation. >> yeah, you know, dagen, this whole thing for many of us, watching this unfold, has been just excruciating and nothing is more poignant than to watch president biden hunkering over a notebook at a press conference because he can't either handle
7:15 am
the questions and he certainly can't handle the leadership of this country. we've had american lives killed, lost, we have americans still trapped in afghanistan. we have the state department facilitating, giving a list of americans and allies still in afghanistan. we have had a broken promise to get every american out. and then they started changing to every american who wants to get out and now the state department again admits we have americans who wanted to get out and now they can't get out and we're going to supposedly do this diplomatically when we couldn't do it when we had leverage and strength in country. so they made america less safe. we've given material and weaponry to the taliban, our enemies, and basically we don't even have an embassy left when we were told we were going to keep an embassy in afghanistan and basically they have made us unsafe in every way and so we want to impeach secretary
7:16 am
blinken and we called for the resignation immediately of president biden, secretary austin and general mille. dagen: steve forbes, it's unthinkable but biden and company are relying on the -- as the wall street journal editorial board writes today, the mercy of the taliban to get those who remain -- those remaining americans out. they're talking about a diplomatic mission. steve: yes, and that will work about as well as it did in the carter years of getting the hostages out of iran, it was only when ronald reagan was elected, they realized somebody was coming in who would take direct action, would follow through and make sure the job got done instead of abandoning it. no one is going to take comfort from that. one of the other things we have to now start to think about is the knock-on effects. what is this going to do to russia vis-a-vis ukraine, the country of taiwan, how you do we try to keep those from
7:17 am
explodeing in a big crisis, i wonder congressman, can congress do anything on that or push something to do more for high juan, hasten weapons deliveries to taiwan? >> if we had the will, steve, we could actually -- we could actually speed up weapon delivery and sales to taiwan. we could pass the resolutions necessary to shore up our concerns with russia and ukraine, as you said. but don't forget north korea also started to up its nuclear facility testing again. so you actually have all of this happening because of a weak, very weak foreign policy on the part of this administration and that's one of the reasons that joe biden needs to resign is he has made us less safe. he's made our allies less safe. but we are incredible anymore to the -- in-credible anymore to the international stage. all of these guys i mentioned,
7:18 am
they're in the woke generation. the rest of the world deals in power politics and realism. we're talking about oh, well let's just talk to them and let's just -- we can convince them to be nice people. that's not going to happen. we have to realistically face this and they refuse to do so. dagen: this is the biden administration, just bear with me for a second, the state department spokesman, ned price, has tweeted out an opinion piece by jennifer rubin at the washington post, one of the biggest hacks in journalism, calling for the state department deserving more credit for its effort to evacuate americans from afghanistan. so he is literally tweeting out a call from opinion writer to shower him and the people in the state department with praise for
7:19 am
what they did and i said this before. this -- joe biden and his entire administration will be judged based on the number of americans and allies and friends left behind, not the people who were evacuated. to quote david harsani, the editorial writer at the national review, he said that's like being the captain of the titanic and wanting credit for the large life boat rescue. >> yeah, you know, dagen, it's absolutely absurd that secretary blinken and his team are wanting accolades here. they should be hunkering down in embarrassment. i mean, the presentation that the secretary gave, talking about this becoming a diplomatic mission now, when in reality we don't even have a diplomat in afghanistan. i mean, it is an embarrassment
7:20 am
and they are going to make more lives, more american lives, put more american lives into jeopardy because of this failed, failed policy and failed administration. i cannot even believe that they would be saying, yes, we should be showered with praise, look at what we did. yeah, look at what you did. you've left hundreds -- excuse me, billions of dollars worth of material in the hands of our enemy. you've had 13 american military killed. you've got women throwing babies over to our great marines and our soldiers over there, trying to save their lives, all because of this ridiculous policy. it's not ridiculous, it's absolutely abhospitaller. abhorrent.dagen: we should acke the troops, all the u.s. service members who did their level best to evacuate as many americans and afghan allies and friends as they possibly could, facing an arbitrary deadline and a president who was just more concerned about the number of
7:21 am
troops on the ground in planning for some great big victory speech he was going to give on 9/11, on the 20th anniversary of that horrific terror attack and if the president couldn't, congressman, stand up and speak to the american people last night on the day that our troops left and abandoned and the day that the president abandoned those americans and allies in afghanistan, if he couldn't speak last night, i know he's going to speak later today, who in this country wants to hear from him on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 when he's created the very environment that led to that terror attack in the first place 20 years ago. >> yeah, you're exactly right. that's why we went in 20 years ago, we brought it quickly under control and took out osama bin laden and guess what? this is exacerbated because we have the border wide open and you have literally hundreds of thousands of people pouring into our country every month so. you're bringing in 104,000
7:22 am
afghan refugees, you're bringing in hundreds of thousands of other people from other nations that we don't even fully vet, and this all adds up to potential for a huge terrorist attack in the united states on our homeland again and it is the policies under the architecture of president biden, secretary mayorkas of homeland security, all of these upper echelon people have put america in danger. dagen: congressman andy biggs, thank you so much for being here this morning. we will see you again soon. >> thank you. dagen: we'll be right back.
7:23 am
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you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit dagen: the last u.s. troops have left afghanistan, americans are left behind as the taliban celebrates, biden is set to address the end of the afghanistan war today. peter doocy is at the white
7:26 am
house covering this story. >> reporter: good morning. a few weeks ago the president said if there is american citizens left, we're going to stay until we get them all out. but that didn't happen. >> look, there's a lot of heart break associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. i think if we stayed another 10 days we wouldn't have gotten everybody out that we wanted to get out and there's still people that would have been disappointed with that. >> reporter: this is what it look likes in kabul now. the state department claims they will work with other international partners to help americans, the military left behind, something republicans and some democrats are furious about. >> a big criticism i have, we should have gotten the civilians out sooner. >> it's a disaster for american credibility and it's a disaster for counter terrorism as we head into the 20th anniversary of 9/11, we're far less safe. >> reporter: celebratory
7:27 am
gunshots rang out in the dark of night near the international airport as taliban leaders claim with america gone they have gained full independence of afghanistan. even though there have been reports of taliban led vie viole and human rights abuses, the secretary of state is open to eventually giving them a seat at the table. >> the taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. our message is any legitimacy and any support will have to be earned. >> reporter: president biden is going to speak later on today, the white house just advised us of these remarks last night. they're probably going to put it on the schedule in january because it seems like no matter what was going on on the ground in kabul, this pullout was going to happen on the president's schedule. dagen. dagen: right on the president's schedule, leaving those americans and our afghan allies behind. peter doocy thank you so much for the incredible work. we'll see you soon. coming up, broken promises in afghanistan, retired army captain sam brown is here on what is next for the troops,
7:28 am
americans, this country's future as the last of our heroes leaves that country.
7:29 am
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7:31 am
we've got next. cheryl: welcome back. i'm cheryl casone e here are top stories we're watching right now. attorney general merrick garland is urging the entire legal community to help block evictions after the supreme court tossed out the biden administration's efforts to extend the eviction moratorium. >> people are needed to provide legal counseling or representation to tenants as they apply for rental assistance, mediate disputes with landlords, or litigate eviction filings in court. cheryl: he says eviction filings will spike with more than 6 million households behind on rental payments. he cited census data. it's important to point out that mom and pop businesses own four out of the ten rental units across the country and 46 billion for aid to landlords
7:32 am
available, just over 3 billion reached them. hate crimes in the u.s. up more than 6% in 2020, the largest spike in over a decade according to the fbi, there were 7,759 hate crimes last year, increase reportedly fueled by anti-asian, anti-black and anti-white crimes. well, former new york governor andrew cuomo's legal troubles seem far from over. a former aide, she said he groped her at the governor's mansion, she met with criminal investigators for several hours yesterday, the investigators issuing several subpoenas related to her allegations. cuomo stepped down from office last week after reports found he sexually harassed several women. ikea is launching a buyback and resale pilot program. customers can return gently used furniture, get an in-store credit, the furniture will be resold in its as-is section, the
7:33 am
pilot program part of the company's goal to transition to a more climate positive business model by 2030. dagen, those are some of your headlines from here. dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. the last of the u.s. troops have left afghanistan and president biden breaking his vow to get all americans out of the country. here's the president earlier this month. >> and are you committed to making sure that the troops stay until every american who wants to be out is out. >> yes. if there's american citizens left we're going to stay until we get them all out. dagen: yesterday, military leaders admitting they did not get everyone out in time with as many as 200 americans and thousands of afghan allies remaining in afghanistan. listen. >> look, there's a lot of heart break associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out but i think if we stayed another 10 days we wouldn't have gotten everybody out that we wanted to get out and there still would
7:34 am
have been people who would have been disappointed with that. dagen: joining me now purple heart recipient, senatorial candidate, captain sam brown. captain, so good to see you this morning. just your reaction to what you saw and heard yesterday. >> you know, i think the heart break is here in america as we realize that this is what new american leadership looks like. politicians and bureaucrats leading efforts like the withdrawal of american citizens and our most trusted allies out of afghanistan lead to a clear and obvious disaster and what this signal sends across the world about this new american leadership that will strand americans knowingly, out literally 24 hours before a deadline that was imposed on us by the taliban is appalling, not just on the international stage, on a stage in which the whole world is watching us and the way
7:35 am
that we lead, but it should be appalling to americans and what we mean and how our politicians and bureaucrats, this political class value us. dagen: have you been in contact with fellow veterans, just what their feeling is about what has happened. i know that yesterday hearing general mckenzie head of set-com talking about the taliban using words like pragmatic, helpful and businesslike was especially appalling given that was the enemy, the terrorist enemy that you were fighting for 20 years. >> right. it's heart-wrenching. many veterans i talked to have tried to tune out this news. these updates are a serious gut punch to the sacrifice that many
7:36 am
of us made including leaving fellow brothers and sisters fallen on the field and seeing them sent home in the same coffins draped with american flags that we saw just this past week. this is -- this is terrifying and something that i think we will see a negative effect in recruitment of those who love their country enough to put their life on the line, to raise their right hand, to wear the uniform, to do and go and be where the military and our political leaders ask us to be, those people are going to be thinking long and hard now about whether or not this country values the same things that they value. the american values are changing and if our political leaders, if the bureaucrats, if people like these -- the secretary of state officials who are asking for
7:37 am
accolades, don't get in alignment with american values, we're going to see a real problem in our ability to staff our military with people who care about it. dagen: captain brown, dozens of retired military officers, to your point, are calling on defense secretary lloyd austin and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mark mille to resign, following the botched afghanistan withdrawal. the group saying that austin and mille should have recommended against the hasty withdrawl, they should resign as, quote, a matter of conscious and public statement. your thoughts on that? >> i would agree with that. and i think based off some of the statements that they've made in the last week or so, we know that the intelligence assessments were there, that stated this would be a disaster. even those assessments weren't there because some intelligence analyst failed, people who have
7:38 am
been on the ground knew this was inevitable. there's not been a lack of human intelligence to know that this was going to happen. and so for them to hold this line publicly that this was some sort of surprise until we're seeing the reality of the taliban now flying black hawk helicopters over kabul, hanging their enemy, it's a lie. it's a shame. they should resign. they have allowed themselves to become a political apparatus of an administration that is incompetent and i think the american people need to not only be asking joe biden what he was thinking, why he made these decisions, there's a very real chance that kamala harris could be leading this country one day and i think americans deserve to hear from her. what is kamala harris' stance right now? what does kamala harris think about what's happening in afghanistan? what does kamala harris think about this new american leadership?
7:39 am
we deserve answers. dagen: to your point, this all does fall on president biden, though. that he was the one who insisted on a rapid withdrawal because, seriously, for public relations purposes, because he wanted to make a bill show on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. he insisted on the rapid departure, ignored recommendations from advisors to leave a residual force there. he insisted to shut down bagram, we pulled the rug out from under the afghan army by pulling the contractors that needed to keep the afghan air force flying, mistake after mistake. so the president not yesterday but this afternoon will stand up in front of the american people and speak. what can he say? what should he say? , sam? >> president biden ought to take this opportunity to do the one thing i think would begin to
7:40 am
heal this situation and that is to recount the mistakes that he made, the lack in judgment, the dismissal of proper and good analysis. he should take ownership of that and let the american people know that the job of being the president of the united states, a commander in chief of our military forces, is beyond his ability to do competently and he ought to resign today. dagen: captain sam brown, how are you doing on a personal level? >> on a personal level, i'm torn up. this is -- actually, i'm less than a week away from 13 years since i was blown up in kandahar, afghanistan. ten years ago this next month i was retired from the military, something that i had grown up wanting to do since i was in middle school. i thought i was going to be a career military man. and that was cut short. i was retired after five years because of my wounds.
7:41 am
and so this is something that on a personal level i was totally invested in serving my country and the military. i had dreams of my children one day growing up and being in the military and i have no pleasure in saying this, but if our military and our political leadership cannot get things straight, cannot represent the american people and our values and take care of americans when they're behind enemy lines, i cannot in good conscious encourage my children to do something that my father encouraged me to do and that is a sad indictment on where we're at. dagen: sam, you are the -- you represent the best of america. and thank you for your sacrifice, your leadership, your words, everything. thank you, sam. captain sam brown. you take care. and please come back. >> thanks, dagen. will do. thank you. dagen: we'll be right back.
7:42 am
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dagen: the cdc considering whether a covid-19 booster short is necessary for all americans. one scientist says there's not enough day to green light the extra dose for the general public, as a new study shows moderna creates twice as many antibodies as the pfizer vaccine. joining me now, senior scholar dr. amesh adalja.
7:46 am
thank you for being here. what do you make of these new reports about the booster and the efficacy of the moderna versus pfizer? >> so when it comes to booster vaccinations, i think there may be a point down the line when we need boosters but right now at the six month or eight month interval there's no evidence that the vaccines are eroding the ability to prevent what matters, protection against serious disease, hospitalization or death. when you go to the hospital, it is unvaccinated people that are being hospitalized. that's always been the goal of the the vaccines. there 345eu be a time when we -- may be a time when we need to do this. it's important to study and be proactive. i don't think the six month and eight month trigger for the general public has enough data to support it. the difference between moderna and pfizer vaccines probably have to do with doses. the pfizer is a lower dose than moderna. both vaccines are holding up
7:47 am
really well. there's no evidence that the pfizer vaccine, that we're seeing any difference in the outcome that matters and that's hospitalizations. and that's what i think is really important to remember that that's the goal. we're not trying to eliminate or eradicate, we're trying to tame it, make it more like other respiratory virus, all three vaccines available in the u.s. are doing a great job of that. dagen: steve forbes, jump in here. steve: doctor, closely related to this is a topic you're an expert on and that is bioterrorism. do you think -- what's your assessment of that looking out ahead now that we've seen what laboratories can do. >> i think that we always have to be vigilant against the threat of biological weapons. we know the former soviet union had a very extensive program. we know countries like north korea possibly china and others have the ability to develop biological weapons and that's really part of pandemic preparedness, to make sure we think about these threats, have
7:48 am
counter measures for certain agents that could be used as biological agents and we have to remain always vigilant against it. we have a biological weapons convention, many countries signed onto that but we know the soviet union developed biological weapons in defiance. that is something we have to continue to fund and think about and it should be integrated and melded with pandemic preparedness. dagen: al-qaida still in afghanistan actually has bioweapons labs, bioweapons in development, 20 years ago. so there's that. i eye dress. digress. dr. tony fauci said he backs the idea of covid vaccine mandates for school children, for kids to attend school. there's -- we're still waiting for approval of use of these vaccines in kids under 12. public school district in culver city, california, has gone
7:49 am
through with this, mandating shots for staff and students for those eligible. what about vaccines for kids under 12, dr. adalja, and are they going to be necessary? >> so we haven't seen the data yet from the clinical trials but i expect they're going to show that those vaccines to be safe and efficacious in the age group of 5-11. the readout on the data is probably coming in the next two months or so, hopefully by late fall we'll have enough information about whether or not an emergency use authorization can be put into place. i suspect it will be. i think when it comes to schools, the priority of has to be in-person schooling and we do have very high levels of community spread of the delta variant and no children are spared from severe consequences of disease, they're not going to be spared from people trying to put them back into virtual learning. one way to make the school more resilient, not pushed to go to virtual, would be to have as high vaccination rate among the staff, teachers and employees as well as students that are able
7:50 am
to be vaccinated and i think that schools times turn to mandates, and i think that's likely to be what you see going around, happening around the country. maybe with more emphasis on extracurricular activities. that's where we've seen school spread occur, not necessarily sitting in classrooms. but all of the other things that people do in schools. but i think the goal has to be to keep schools open and i think that's what you're seeing school administrators react to, making sure they don't have to go virtual in the midst of a lot of cases in the community and low vaccination rates amongst the adult population in many parts of the country. dagen: dr. adalja, thank you for being here this morning. we will see you soon. coming up, getting a break, what companies are doing to make sure their workers are well rested. making a buzz this morning. we'll tell you about it, next. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪
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dagen: time for the morning buzz. summer vacation might last a bit longer this year. nike and bojangles are giving employees extra time off to rest and refresh. bojangles giving two days off, nike an entire week, an effort to show appreciation for their workers. ryan, i would rather have cash in hand, personally. but what do you think? ryan: i think this speaks to we're actually going to go into a labor shortage, right, the fact that companies are being so accommodating just gives you an idea what the picture is out there right now. we're so desperate for workers and keeping workers happy. the number that blows my mind, when you go to the end of the year here, and we're finally off the unemployment benefits, we've got over 10 million job openings and we have 9 million people on
7:55 am
unemployment. how does that work? so i think there's more of this coming and i think that if you're an employer and i'm an employer right now, you have to keep more in terms of keeping your employees happy as opposed to really looking at it from the standpoints of what i want. so i think that change is here to stay and i think it will get worse as we get to the end of the year. dagen: steve, what do you make of this extra time off from nike and bojangles? steve: i think that's a good point about having an environment that people like. we've traditionally given people a week off between christmas and new year's, not much happens anyway so you always shut the office with full pay and in addition to your normal vacation, you get this extra week between christmas and new year's. so, yes, people do like down time without the worry of the office. [laughter] dagen: i agree with that. still ahead -- thank you, steve and ryan. still ahead, promises made,
7:56 am
promises broken. the biden administration's failure to safely withdraw our troops in afghanistan causing -- and leaving behind americans. where do we go from here? in terms of our future, our relationship with our allies. we're following it next hour on "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
7:57 am
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. dagen: i am dagen mcdowell tuesday, august 31, top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern. >> americans allies left behind. as our last troops leave afghanistan. >> the fallout from the biden administration broken promising, devastation in south death toll from ida rising as storm -- in have mississippi and tennessee futures losing steam pointing to a lower opening, this
8:00 am
follows mixed day on wall street, but a record day for the s&p 500 and nasdaq, for the second day in a row. will european markets are in the red, the tuesday wrapping up the month of august with some red, losses in england france and germany, in asia overnight, different story it was green across the board. >> "mornings with maria" live right now. dagen: after more than 20 years united states is no longer in afghanistan, complying with taliban august 31 as it deadline stranding american citizens in afghan allies in the country in the process. you lookance joins from us pentagon. last train departed from kabul airport 3:29 pm or an yesterday one minuted before midnight local president biden and taliban august 31 deadline
8:01 am
the top general admitted some americans were left behind that there is a left heartbreaker associated with this departure did not get eefb out we wanted if we stayed another 10 was wouldn't have gotten everybody out we wanted to get out still would have been people disappointed with that. >> major general commanding jen raft leaves after more than 20 years, donohue working another pentagon 9/11, led a squadron head of special operations forces a year ago last night secret blinken explained why some american citizens were left behind. >> -- residents in you afghanistan have american passports trying to determine whether or not they wanted to leave. many are still citizen americans with deep roots extended families in afghanistan, are who resideed there many years for many.
8:02 am
it is a painful choice. >> outside airport in kabul this morning as soon as he of hasty withdrawal afghans desperate to escape taliban rule leaving suitcases everything they hone behind taliban wasting no time marching at airport, blinken says he is open to working with them. taliban seeks international legitimacy it is important any legitimacy support will have to be earned. 20 years ago u.s. military defeated taliban today, taliban rules the country again dagen. dagen: lucas didn't biden administration give taliban legitimacy all right recollecting it de facto government elevating it, trusting it now we are relying on taliban terrorist organization our troops were fighting last 20 years, to help get any afghan allies and
8:03 am
americans still there, out. am i wrong? >> no you are not dagen, these are just facts ten took over the country, u.s. military left some call it a retreat others call it withdrawal, the taliban are firmerly in control in any negotiations with the leaders of the country have to be with taliban because they rule the country once again. dagen: lucas, also, tony blinken state department acting as if all americans who were still there, that was by their choice he o you heard we told them they needed to get out and trying to lay blame on them, but your colleagues my colleague as well jennifer griffin last night was quoting from a text that there were people trapped in afghanistan, with 8 green cards four passports, after multiple attempts to get into the kabul airport, one was a child a two-year-old american with lupus another 12-year-old with
8:04 am
diabetes,. students at american university of kabul particularly tragedy when you think of young people never knew taliban rule desperate to oet out some like mentioned green cared holders passport holders to balance out after 13 killed 11 marines corp soldier killed, military focused on evacuating i don't think many advisers have a problem with that to goal to get out too dangerous you think about risky operations the dealt force cia ground branch personnel undertook on helicopters to pull people out nobody wanted another "black hawk down" situation people did not want to lose more, dagen. dagen: at issue i think are the decisions, made by president biden and campaign. no question. dagen: that put americans. >> no question allies and our military led to deaths of 13 service members. >> president told militarily
8:05 am
go to zero they wanted to keep bagram air face 2500 troops ac-130 gunships if americans would still be there might still have afghan might even a president and country to defend. lucas tomlinson thank you for all your work lucas i am honored to call you a colleague. futures off earlier highs pointing to lower open to wrap up this month in the market, this is after we saw record highs to the nasdaq, s&p yesterday, joining me now,ler and associates lie navellier with ryan payne steve forbes with us all morning long you say the stock market is in a washing machine please explain. >> sure. so, stocks like utilities, health care have been, ab normally strong a a lot of the people chasing dividend yields a lot of stocks yield more than treasurys, growth stocks
8:06 am
resurge since option expiration overextended now probably rest money doesn't leave the market it moves from one side to the other that is healthy. dagen: is this going on as long as there is -- money printing from federal reserve, this -- even more expected coming from federal government? just keeps -- you know, like hot potato if you will. >> absolutely the money supply is up over 40% in the past year so that money has to go somewhere, so, obviously, went to a lot of he residential real financial markets cloebl iblz sloshing around good for market goldilocks low rates strong earnings another good quarter earnings coming up ron payne, jump in. -- kind of like golden era right we have profits that continue to come in better and better, what was interesting going back to your washing
8:07 am
machine analogy we did see wind of what i call relocation, back into the cyclical stocks value stocks growth beginning of the year growth did really well now kind of rerotating back i won if you look at growth stocks he specifically vajsr valuations high if not as transitory as we think might be might not be good for growth stocks very good for cyclical stocks starting to move again. . >> i think wall street just wants earnings period, okay? it doesn't care where it comes from. so, obviously, we have a lot of shipping stocks because of the problem, expedieders, tell container whether on ship train or truck, and, are but -- you know as long as you can crank out earnings you have very favorable year-over-year comparisons we are going to be fine what amazed mebredth and power of the market expand
8:08 am
normally as we go higher it gets narrow the rotation builds a base for a bigger launch i think market will heat up in second half september, what we call quarter, window dressing. dagen: keep talking about shipping logistics stocks expeindicters international washington. a nightmare to get products now, it is global, in fact showing up in europe they have really bad inflation numbers right now. so it is going to be interesting to -- see what ecb does if they change policy yeah, it is just a logistics anymore i think we have 44 container ships off port of long beach right now that is pretty bad of course hurricane didn't help. i read that article in the "wall street journal" steve forbes trying to explain assembly of one hot tub by
8:09 am
american company fascinating steve get in. steve: you paint a very nice picture. do you have any worries he longer term about inflation? monetary inflation fed, for example, has been removing 1.1 trillion dollars a night from banking system because there is so much money sloshing around congress may pass these gazillion dollar spending bill new entitlements isn't that some point going to lead to resurgence kind of inflation we saw in 70s or not? >> absolutely, i know you have a very he very good point there, first of all a left inflation service related, okay? we don't expect that to drop, so inflation looks more and more permanent now we do expect you know crude oil things like that to drop as fall approaches demand drops
8:10 am
the main thing joe manship people of the senate -- block tax increases in we can't tax our way out of this mess if they tax us one hundred percent we still have 8 trillion-dollar deficit, finally, my final comment is the -- we're doing the theory like europe does, looks like we are headed down that path, and looks like we will be have a per pet i'll money printing machine forever. dagen: good to see you, always, coming up ida through mississippi tennessee the latest on the storm, and the path of destruction. it is leaving behind. president biden's o broken promising new york congressman john katko here on administration botched afghanistan withdrawal why they were looking for a pr move instead, plus is justice finally coming for theranos
8:11 am
jury selection begins for liz holmes criminal trial we have a preview stay with us you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. .
8:12 am
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8:14 am
dagen: president biden broken promising said he will get ail mornings out of afghanistan, that did not happen. >> the commander in chief refusing to push back deadline ahead of the 20th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks botching withdrawal of u.s. troops, and americans, and our allies, leaving hundreds of americans you thousands of those allies stranded in afghanistan ruled by taliban the terrorist organization that we were fighting for 20 years, joining me now new york congressman homeland security committee ranking member, john katko
8:15 am
congressman great to see you this morning, in the "the wall street journal" editorial today, last flight from you kabul day will live in infamy as thousands are left behind biden and aides repeating like a mantra there will be time for receiving a responsibility what went wrong and why after the evacuation ends. well, that needs to start today. how do we get from accountability and analysis of responsibility for this disaster? >> well first and foremost i think obviously, president biden is promising american people assured us going to stay as long as it today is to get all americans out, they didn't do that unbelievable, and anybody to america, also that thousands of people helped us kept us safe 20 years -- reprisals for taliban
8:16 am
few hours after we left going forward, no stone unturned, and examine everything possibly can about how this colossal failure happened who is responsible for it with respect to the to the president i want to know if reports are true did he really ignore the advice of top advisers and -- to pull out, the way they did a complete calamity. seemed like congressman, just focused on troop numbers so he could have pr display on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 just wanted troops out it was troops first, rather than americans citizens first, in terms of withdrawal. and then, the -- afghanistan army collapsed you know, and then they had to send troops back in. but seemed to be this laser
8:17 am
like focus just on the number of troops i want to bring steve forbes in here too congressman. steve: congressman, two things, one do you think we are going to see a step-up of terrorist attacks in the u.s. now? and, two, in terms of cyberattacks, now that we've shown ourselves to be -- a incidentally toothless tiger do you think there are more in the future as well given what we did in afghanistan? >> well steve, you hit the nail on the head my the biggest concern afghanistan has always been, a ground for terrorists if we don't have presence don't have ability to have intelligence who is on the ground we don't have that anymore, absolutely, the terrorists are already there isis already killed our soldiers isis came there, al-qaida is there they are in prognosticators the known intel security issues like i do very worried about homeland attacks coming in near future compound by the fact we have open border, then look at
8:18 am
security issues, china, doing -- cyberattacks -- emanating from russia gone -- unchecked i by this administration this two main things i am working on every day with hole landed security that is for sure. dagen: congressman just one thing, i will add i talked to andy mccarthy federal prosecutor against -- related to attacks planned attacks attempted attack on world trade center in 90s said so you are homeland protecting are so much better than they were 20 years ago, just in terms of coordination, between local law enforcement authorities, police fbi and intelligence community, they communicate better, what you saw after al-qaida again we have -- once again, afghanistan is a haven for al-qaida, you know, in 15 pro
8:19 am
vinces according yiebtdz nations attacks-competent in east africa uss cole attacks 9/11 tactics andy mccarthy saying in terms of vulnerability it will be at u.s. embassies potentially oversees asia, you are a our allies so were upset biden ignoring them and their pleas for a more orderly withdrawal or even the ability to keep some troops in afghanistan for counterintelligence purposes. you are absolutely right, one thing andy -- i am seeing every day, is southern border white open completely this
8:20 am
administration policy, walk across the border we know from -- talk together border patrol chief that no known supposed terrorists seized unprecedented levels to use his words we have a backdoor wide open didn't have before you have intelligence -- but don't the boots on the ground anymore in afghanistan, afghanistan has become will continue to be a world headquarters for terrorism again that does note bode well for state and security of the homeland going forward something i am working on every day in my committee for sure. congressman that open border by choice and join from biden administration,. that is right, exactly right that is something we got to fix. dagen: congressman john katko thank you for being here this morning we will see you soon coming up reading writing awriting arithmetic some
8:21 am
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8:24 am
. . dagen: the effect of coronavirus pandemic on children, get this. the head of the los angeles teachers union says learning law is a myth german forced to virtually are doing fine here is what was said in interview with los angeles magazine, quote, our kids didn't lose anything it is okay. that our babies may not have learned all their times tables, they learned resilience, they learned survival they learned critical thinking stills know difference between a riot and protest they know the words insurrection and coup. steve, uh -- your reaction to this? i -- i would just quote charles cook, who is one of the editors at "national
8:25 am
review" said strange in the last couple years teachers unions repeatedly explained the education they provide actually isn't that important. steve: that is what it is and you have to ask the question how much are our kids learning with these kinds of people in charge of the schools. effectively running them too many areas today? they ignored what is happening to kids in terms of not just loss of learning but in terms of depression, stress in the family things like that. and this -- to teach propaganda doesn't matter if you can't function as long as you can spout the party line, that is what they want, but the one good thing out of this dagen is that it has got parents awake to what woke up you might say to what is happening in the schools really pushing for education savings accounts having parents control the schools, and more and more states you are seeing movement that direction some very bold
8:26 am
virginia arkansas yeah people won't teach parents going to make sure kids are taking the money goes to them not to fakers. >> there has been mental psychological educational developmental loss and stress in damage done to these children, and this is the response from the head of the major teachers union i referred to the teachers unions as woke averse, power-hungry science deniers that hate children i think a pretty good illustration of that. pretty graphic what are kids doing sitting home probably playing video games nothing productive i think there is no the substitute for human interaction doing this panel, not same as hanging with you,
8:27 am
and steve forbes on set conversation around wart cooler between segments you mich that zbashgs i think kids miss that huge way over the course of the last year get back to human interaction it is huge. >> indeed thank you so much coming up facing ida's wrath the latest on the deadly storm path of destruction through the south plus the optics on united states heritage on how allies are reacting to biden's botched afghanistan withdrawal you don't want to miss it. stay with us. . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime.
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an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. xrush . dagen: i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo, tuesday, august 3 1. a look at your markets, one hour before the opening bell, futures to the downside losing steam pointing to a lower open, european markets also in the red, losses in england,
8:31 am
france and germany in asia overnight different story there was green across the board. ida leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake cheryl casone has details cheryl. cheryl: that is right, dagen more than one million customers without electricity in louisiana, after this storm, utility providers doing their best to assess damage, energy companies surveying health of lines, oil rigs infrastructure scramble to resume operations 8% refineries shut down head of storm economic loss, going to fall between 70 billion and 80 billion dollars according to accuweather estimates at this point. tragedy in mississippi two people killed 10 injured as highway collapsed likely due to heavy rains from eyeda 7 vehicles into a hole 50 feet length 20 feet deep, five
8:32 am
republican-run states under federal investigation for banning mask mandates, in schools iowa south korea south carolina targeted in this probe a civil rights violation for students more vulnerable to covid-19 biden administration threatening to cut funding if state refuses to correct possible violations iowa governor says president biden and teamed died to take a political fight with handful of governors from his own flowers. south korea parliament passing first in world bill to ban major operators like google apple requiring to use their payment system to process a sale the policies require develops pay commission as high as 30% for every transaction, the president expected to sign this bill
8:33 am
the masked corporate exodus from california continues since 2018 get this 265 dependency fled the golden state according to hoover institute, 74 of those businesses left first six months of this year the reason, finances, get this dagen california's too competitive too regular ladies heavily taxed, those are headlines back to you. dagen: thank you so much cheryl, the last u.s. soldier to leave afghanistan. as america's longest ever military conflict comes to a close after 20 years, as plane takes off, the taliban celebrates calling it quote a enjoyable moment of victory celebratory gunfire joining me now nile gardiner heeded of margaret thatcher center for freedom foreign policy adviser
8:34 am
under prime minister margaret thatcher where does this leave us the fact not only did we turn backs on them but turned our backs on americans afghan allies in left behind in afghanistan. >> good morning, everybody. dagen thank you for putting me on the show today without a doubt we are witnesses humiliation of a superpower allies across the world questioning now america's credibility and america's standing in the world, and there has been one combination cross the free world of the biden administration disasterous afghan withdrawal a few days ago, and view in uk from senior british politicians the biden presidency itself is a money cue mental disaster they this thrown u.s. allies under the
8:35 am
bus abandoned people of afghanistan, the biden administration kowtowed to taliban the taliban dictating the terms here. and this is embarrassment for united states questioning leadership on national sustainable looking beyond biden president hoping in a few years time we will have a president in place able to lead the free world, instead of kneeling on the international stage. so i have to say, that, you know, the biden administration, has dragged the reputation of the united states through the mud. and this is an incredibly low moment i think for america, on the world stage. dagen: certainly joe biden was told by -- you know cooperative big media here in the united states, agency he was going to -- once again raise the standing of america
8:36 am
on the world stage, and that he would lock articles with foreign partners and the like. did the leaders in the -- in officials in say britain, did they buy that given the fact bob gates former secretary of defense joe biden was on the wrongly side of ever foreign policy decision in his career. are they getting something they didn't expect? or is it just worse than what they are expectations were? >> i think mixed actually i think many secure politicians suspicious of biden nay when he became president biden has strong antibrexit record not own as friend of united kingdom so already serious doubts in place in london, there were however some politicians willing to give biden the benefit of the doubt but i think the afghanistan debacle seen a wake-up call
8:37 am
not om for britain but whole of the free world joe biden was the man promised to restore america's standing the reality is that the founding united states has fallen dramatically not only in uk and europe, that there is the ub harsher condemnation of president biden it is across the board if you look at german government been saying about biden, it has been extremely critical and whole idea that biden is -- you know, standing with allies -- you restoring the position of the america on international stage is complete utter nonsense. i do think that biden has become, just a -- you know a huge embarrassment for the united states. the fact in many british senior political circles biden revered to as sleepy joe a very dismissive view of biden
8:38 am
wouldn't he has tate to throw america allies under the bus that includes great britain america's close friend and partner wouldn't take phone calls from boris johnson after the fall of kabul a slap in the face for british people i think biden has been stroll disdisrespectful, abouted and team clueless when it will comes to foreign policy i can't think of a president worst onstage than joe biden, black obama had an failing record actually in terms of what he called leading from behind, so, you know, the biden presidency is -- an absolute internationally i don't think biden has a close friend at all on the international stage at this
8:39 am
time. steve forbes please get in. steve: what what can do you have think this is having afghan debacle on up coming german elections germany's relationship with u.s. kind of fraying in rent years what do you think is the fallout of afghanistan and our relations with germany. that is a very good question steve it is significant very strong condemnation of biden across the board. in germany i think there is a real concern in germany about the future of the nato alliance, the significantly when president trump was president germans increased their defense spending, major defense spending increased pledges, but with joe biden, undermining the nato alliance i think -- a lot of german
8:40 am
politicians saying europe cannot in any way rely upon are you states the consequences from biden actions here i think the bottom line cross europe america allies feel they can no longer trust the u.s. president. and that is going to have major implications in the future a dangerous development we are seeing weakening of nato weakening of transatlantic alliance under joe biden only record i believe once biden exits, the presidency. dagen: this is what happens when you saw voters here in the united states chose personality over policy. and form over substance the form being someone who was hiding from view, for much of the presidential campaign last year. but, again, this is before we go, nile to quote general jack keane from earlier in the show
8:41 am
world has become a much moyer dangerous place because of decision to get out of afghanistan the way we did leaving americans, and our allies, behind. in the hands of -- a terrorist group the taliban. so it leaves our allies britain, france, germany to name three, worried about the asendance footed just activist organizationslicalal could attack embassies in capitals around the world but also russia, china and the like, those who will do anything to gain power by any means necessary, on the world stage. absolutely, dagen i think that you know this is abdication of leadership on international stage our enemies are emboldened mark zuckerberg ret thatcher would have been absolutely horrified would have stronglyly condemned actions of the biden administration as you say i
8:42 am
think the world is a far more dangerous place thanks to spectacular failures of by the's presidency here, and across the board, from beijing to moscow, the enemies of the free world enemies of the united states are celebrating, so these are very, very dangerous times. and way need to see thank you restoration of american leadership that is not going to happen with this absolutely clueless weak-kneed biden presidency allies understand that going to be looking beyond biden i think. nile gardiner thank you so much great to see you this morning. >> thank you very much. . >> coming up, she was silicon valley's do recalling now theranos founder elizabeth homes faces her fraud trial you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . out the market and want to make the right moves fast... get decision tech. for insights on when to buy and sell.
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dagen: jury selection begins today in the trial of elizabeth holmes remember her founder former ceo of the blood testing company theranos accused of defrauding servers and patients if con convicted faces 20 years in prison what can we expect from jury selection as it gets underway? >> dagen elizabeth holmes convinced one jury of her investors, now has to convince
8:47 am
a jury in the courtroom i believe her side will be looking for a jury that is similar to those investors, people who are maybe have wealth a lot of men not people of minorities the types of people she has already persuaded will be looking for jurors similar to people that elizabeth has persuaded in another way so defense on the other side will be looking for jurors that are quite the opposite both have to also look into how much do potential jurors know about this case and elizabeth herself. dagen: last week holmes alleged in newly filed court papers she endured abusive relationship with the former theranos chief operating officer for 10 years, this is interesting avenue that she is going down, because he is being tried next year on similar charges. and two of them if you read the book by jane cariou worked
8:48 am
hand in hand she is on truly by herself going to try to use as part of her defense? >> she is, a very interesting development, and if going to win this case there is so much evidence against her dagen this might be her only shot to say she was a not doing this because she wanted to, but because he was abusing her because he was forcing her to, it is going to be a difficult argument to make but the only argument she has remember, prosecutors 2018 successful in cases they brought to trial 83% of the time after add to overwhelming evidence she thinks -- going to be fascinating she is really going to need to show that she was abused. >> ryan get in here a black turtle neck thing by design trying to emulate the look of steve jobs one thing if you i
8:49 am
listened to podcasts about elizabeth holmes in addition to reading the book talks with this voice like this, that was fake. that that wasn't her real speaking voice but she was a shake shift putting on act spoke like this, whole idea of her getting on the stand would be comical if -- but continue, jump in. yeah, i agree a good question what voice does she use in the trial? and i guess that is my question if she is convicted what is worst-case scenario. up to 20 years but i think first issue dagen bring up good point tone of voice i would have -- one of the cools as advocates tone of voice her tone of voice is going to matter presentation is going to -- it is -- and put on a show for her investors i think
8:50 am
she will testify, absolutely. and she will put on a show for this jury will it be the same show? i don't think so but going to be fascinating to see how this plays out she does face up to 20 years in prison. >> she certainly had a very ferocious legal team when she was running theranos they notoriously went after any critic of the company in the most vicious way. and there was one person worked at the company ultimately committed suicide there is a lot to cover in this trial thank you for being here, i hope we see you throughout the duration of elizabeth holmes' trial the biden administration and crosshairs of criticism, the president and his advisers slammed for response or lack thereof to the botched afghanistan withdrawals we're
8:51 am
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a new samsung phone or upgrade your existing phone. learn more at your local xfinity store today. dagen: white house slammed for appalling conduct on the last day of afghanistan withdrawal president biden releasing a statement you can printing out put it on your refrigerator for what it is worth leaving mckenzie and blinken to address the public jennifer griffin likens blinken message positive hostage video kept looking to side not directly at camera the end of his address walked away from o he reporter questions common trend from people in the administration starting with the president. steve what do you make of this? again, the fact that president biden deniability i know going to speak today, but yesterday,
8:55 am
was the last day for troops on the ground in afghanistan, and he didn't have the energy, or -- the care to speak directly to american people. steve: whole way this than any was done is one of the most infamous acts in american history, leaving americans behind leaving afghan partners behind leaving stooindz behind even loving dogs behind the way it was done a disgrace the military couple commander general mckency said 10 more days wouldn't have made a difference it would have made a difference in getting people out you the his command general himself with that statement, this is agent you have the hideous on all levels, and we're going to pay a severe price not only afghans but the free world is going to pay a severe price night seems like we don't see president very much, the only real in certain occasions apparently going to announce information day but i am with steve on that we want to hear
8:56 am
from president when something like this happens right away best comment i saw second blinken didn't take questions someone said because rushing to get the back to the hamptons. dagen: he was in the hamptons, when -- when this -- catastrophe was unfolding president biden's withdrawal of from afghanistan and the way it was done created a much more dangerous world. we've now handed the -- afghanistan back over to the terrorist organization the taliban but, also, to al-qaida, in 15 provinces there the very foundation that led to the terror twkz 20 years ago ago that possibly could joe biden say to american people on that 20th anniversary? is we created root of which a
8:57 am
caused the terrorist attack in the first place it is just disgusting more "mornings with maria" live on fox business right after this. . he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%. plus, trulicity can lower your risk of cardiovascular events. it can also help you lose up to 10 pounds. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. it's not approved for use in children. don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction, a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration, and may worsen kidney problems.
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dagen: thank you for being here all morning, always a pleasure. "varney and company" is up next. you have a special guest coming up. stuart: 40 or 50 seconds for now. good morning to everyone. just before midnight major general christopher donaghy with the 80 second airborne became the last soldier out of afghanistan. minutes after the last c-17 took off from kabul the taliban celebrated with fireworks and gunshots. anthony blinken says fewer than 200 americans have been left behind, fox has been talking to some of them. here at


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