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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 31, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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dagen: thank you for being here all morning, always a pleasure. "varney and company" is up next. you have a special guest coming up. stuart: 40 or 50 seconds for now. good morning to everyone. just before midnight major general christopher donaghy with the 80 second airborne became the last soldier out of afghanistan. minutes after the last c-17 took off from kabul the taliban celebrated with fireworks and gunshots. anthony blinken says fewer than 200 americans have been left behind, fox has been talking to some of them. here at home there is mounting
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fury. 90 former generals and admirals of signed a letter demanding the resignation of defense secretary boyd austen and the chair of the joint chiefs mark millie. republicans are sharply critical of the president's leadership, senator tom cotten said biden could promises to the taliban but not americans. democrats and their allies in the media are putting out a positive spin. the headlines mention the end of america's longest war. the president makes a statement at some point this afternoon. we don't know if he will take questions. moments from now donald trump joins us to answer any and all questions. stocks powering to record highs. the pace of new delta infections continues to slow, it has hit another high monday, it is almost doubled since
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donald trump became president in 2016, the s&p hit its umpteenth monday up twee 7 months in a row. it open slightly lower. and not this morning but certainly the last couple days, apple is worth $2.5 trillion. it is august 30 first 2021. "varney and company" is about to begin. let's get right to it. joining me on the phone donald trump. welcome to the program. >> good morning. stuart: the media is spinning this as a positive. all the headline say end
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america's longest war. how do you see it? >> it should have been a positive and it was a massive negative by anybody that has a brain and reads 95% of even the media that you talk about. the platter was set, we were said to have a victory in terms of getting out and getting out with dignity and you could even say with victory and it was all lined up. the taliban and was petrified of us. they were staying away and all he had to do was take what we didn't finish it up and take all the equipment out. i said every nail, every screw, i do everything out and the people you start with the people and the equipment and you blow up what you want to blow up and keep maybe bagram, we were planning on keeping bagram because of its relation to china. this is a $10 billion base they built over years and it is
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there and built and it is in perfect territory for us to have as an outpost and what they've done, many people are there, many left behind. you will find out it is many hundreds of people and others and to leave that i looked at your list, looked at it again tonight and the list is growing on the amount of machine guns and planes and helicopters and apaches and the finest you can get a were flying them yesterday and celebrating with people hanging up. i don't know if they were friends hanging off or torturing people but people hanging off of pat apache's -- billions of equipment behind us insane. stuart: president biden blames you. >> interestingly he doesn't because if you look at what he
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is said not one soldier was killed since i signed the deal. we signed a deal that was conditions based. everything was condition. they didn't fulfill those conditions at we bombed the hell out of them and they called and said they were doing everything for us, they would have take a look at when they started moving and taking over afghanistan, and biden made a statement, 3 days ago, from the day that agreement was signed we lost no soldiers and that was no soldiers, no americans injured shot at killed, and and he said it, and he said because -- i was waiting for something else to come after that, and so actually no, he didn't, he actually said something that was true, he said no people
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were killed, no americans were killed which is true whatsoever since the signing of that agreement and that was one aspect of it. we would have left with victory, $83 million worth of equipment. it is inconceivable that agreement is going to be coming at us for many years, for many many years. stuart: you said you want the taliban or afghanistan to pay for the woman left behind. how are you going to make them do that? >> there is no bigger person to getting out of the middle east than me. i've spoken to you many times about it. it is quicksand. the single worst decision made in our country's history for us to go to the middle east and i am talking about overall. i defeated the isis caliphate 100% in iraq and syria. i defeated it and it was a mess when i got in, i defeated it. we could have had a very good
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victory here but i was absolutely get out with great dignity and victory and with the equipment when i heard they left the equipment i am a person that wanted to get out but i am also a person that says the damn equipment and bombed the hell out of it and do one thing or another but that equipment wasn't they didn't decompose it or do anything with it and the helicopters look like a blade was missing that could easily be fixed by russia and china. i was saying that equipment should be it should be absolutely broken up and it should be bonds and we can't let we cannot let them have that equipment. that is the finest equipment made. that is better than what the american soldiers have and they are walking all over the streets with it. that was a horrible -- the people and equipment, both of them should have been brought
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out and they weren't and under no circumstances and literally i use the expression i every nail and every screw brought out. stuart: this morning, 90 former generals and admirals demand the resignation of the defense secretary of the chair of the joint chiefs. do you agree with that? >> i think that is absolutely correct. i can imagine how generals feel. everyone has been humiliated. our country has been humiliated by the way they got out. the withdrawal was a disaster and looked like they would not look like they told us to get out, they gave us the data that was it. the withdrawal was an absolute humiliation of the united states of america and the admirals and generals are right and more than that should resign. stuart: president biden will make a statement this afternoon. we don't know if he will answer questions or not.
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and he always or almost always speaks from the teleprompter. someone is writing his scripts. who do you think is calling the shots here? >> he does something i've never seen before, call somebody who asks a question and reads the answer from the teleprompter. they didn't give me that option. stuart: that does raise the question, who is writing the scripts? >> i have my opinions who is calling the shots. i think it is a group of people that i have a strong opinion as to who but i would rather not say at this moment but they are calling the shots. it is a funny thing and there's nothing funny about it. it is something that is rather incredible. they do horrible things, vicious things, they cheat, they steal, they lie but they can't do a simple withdrawal from the country we never should have gotten into in the
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first place. they can't do a simple withdrawal. we should have hit that country years ago and hit them really hard and let it rot but we should have never done what we did. that was a bad bad decision but someone is calling shots or group of people are calling shots. i have my own strong opinions on it. we will talk about it later. stuart: you got to tell us. the president of the united states -- >> let's see if it is right but i will say this. normally doesn't take questions, he turned his back on the american public, this is a time you have to take questions, normally he doesn't take questions but when he reads the answer to a question and he always pick certain people but when he reads the answer they give him a question and then he starts reading the answer off a teleprompter, that shows you how dishonest the press is, the media is unbelievably dishonest, one
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thing i brought out is the dishonesty of the media because their approval rating is almost as low as congress which is a wonderful i'm glad people get it but when they give him a question and he reads the answer off a teleprompter that means he knew the questions. nobody ever told me the questions, this is donna brazile all over again, a member of fox for a short time, that is not good for fox. stuart: what are you expecting from the president this afternoon. will he admit to any mistakes? or look on the bright side and say i ended the longest war? >> ali will do is say we are out. they don't talk about the people killed, the sacrifices made by thousands of our soldiers killed, hundreds of thousands of people killed on both sides and very importantly we have been humiliated as a
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major player. our allies aren't going to look at is the same. our allies took advantage of us for years and i let people know it and let them know it and they took advantage, trading partners tremendous advantage, european nation, european union was worse, the european union was as bad as china in terms of us with trade and we protected the militarily with nato which is largely the same group of nations. they lost tremendous respect for the united states of america and when i was president they had unbelievable respect for us but they have lost tremendous respect for our country beyond anything imaginable. stuart: angela merkel, the chancellor of germany, is talking about continuing an operation to get people out. they are continuing to get
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people out. are we, should we? >> we should. we can't leave americans behind. stuart: how do we do it? >> i spoke. i spoke with abdul, the leader of the taliban, on a number of locations and it was a tough conversation and i said we know where you live, we know about your top people, and they let both berg donald --bergdahl. i had a tough conversation with him. they weren't going to do anything until biden came in. once biden came and it was different. it was different with iran. it was different with china.
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it was different with many nations. it was different with afghanistan and the way they treated us it was like day and night, like day and night. they literally would have done anything. they didn't want to be bombed and we were bombing the hell out of them and we made a great deal where, in the first place, i made a deal where we would have withdrawn with our people, with our equipment, in no rush, no hurry, get it all out and they didn't follow that scenario. they caved to the taliban and. if you look at the map the taliban wasn't gaining. they gained that ground. i saw your map where you put up a map where it starts off with some red. look at that map and look what happened after i left. they took over the country and
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there was no fear of america anymore. our soldiers are great. we have great generals but they are not the television generals, not the guys you see on television who made fools of themselves and out of our country. the generals we have representing us on television have made. the country but i don't with generals, and infighting isis, we knocked them out, it was an amazing thing, they were real generals and some there would give you their names too but they would rather remain anonymous but they knocked the hell out of them. stuart: 123,000 people were evacuated from afghanistan. not all of them are properly vetted. what reception should be give them when they come to america.
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stuart: find out who they were. >> the terrorists, there are many terrorists in the lot. they found a couple of criminal rapists that came in, you read that story this morning but many of those people they were just running onto the planes, there was no vetting. it is hard to that when a country is in the condition, there was no vetting and maybe worst of all is we gave them a list of all the americans in afghanistan and i guarantee you they have far more than the 250 they talk about. we gave them a list of americans and they told me the list have a lot of afghans that helped us on it also. those people are in serious trouble. can you imagine giving them a list, a list of everybody -- stuart: is this a mass hostage situation? >> it could be.
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they have a list of all americans and afghans and it was given to them under the pretense of we would like these people to be allowed to come onto the plane like incredible but they got a list of many people who are still there and those people are in serious trouble. serious trouble. the level of incompetence on this withdrawal is even far greater than the level of incompetence at the southern border. i had the tightest what we ever had overhead and that included for drugs, for people, for terrorists, for everybody. i had the tightest border and within four months we had the worst border and it is millions of people are coming into the country through the southern border. what has happened to our country in the last eight month is a disgrace. stuart: what should president biden say to the american
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people what he might say or what he should say. >> he should say i am sorry, he owes an apology and what he kept looking at his watch yesterday. when he kept looking at his watch at dover with the parents and spouses of people who were killed, marines and the navy, the sale or, looking at his watch like get me out of here, i want to go home, get me out, how many times did he look at his watch when he did that yesterday it was a disgrace. the best thing he can do to apologize and we have a lot of help in afghanistan and we left and everybody had to leave with us but the whole world deserves an apology, handed them the
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country, the best armed countries anywhere, better than our soldiers have he handed them a country on a silver platter. excuse the language into thinking what he did was good. we should have withdrawn but we should have withdrawn in a totally different way with great dignity. it would have been a tremendous win for us. stuart: i would like to move on and talk about covid and vaccinations. britain had freedom day july 19th, removed all restrictions and they are now doing rather well. florida has removed all restrictions and they are catching hell. how do you feel about opening up, having a freedom day like britain. >> we got to open up our country. our country is artificially
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induced if you look at the money being poured into our country through different things including the fed, including deals that are being made in congress where they have a majority so they are able to pass things like the infrastructure deal and that is not real infrastructure a lot of it and you go $1.2 trillion, they want $3.5 trillion and someday that will come to a crashing end as very bad but open up our country, it is interesting that states that have been more open have done better than those that are close in terms of covid itself and we did a great job on covid including the fact that i got a vaccine done in less than nine months which would have taken 9 years but we did a great job and the decide to open up and i see what they're doing in europe and what they are doing elsewhere. we have to follow suit. stuart: soon to go to work or travel in america you will need
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a vaccination passport or proof of vaccination. do you approve of that? >> know i don't. people have to have a choice. i believe in the vaccine. i'm the one they got them to get it done. without me you wouldn't have it for 5 years and you would have had millions of people throughout the world dead. you would have lost millions and millions of people but i'll bet that i recommend people take it but you can't take away their freedoms. stuart: last one about the markets, open up the wall street in about nine minutes and open to close time record highs. dow industrials of double, since november of 2016. are you invested in the market? >> i'm not too much. i was never a stock market person but i did for a period of time and it was good but it goes right way it's good if it goes wrong way it's not good but i built a foundation that
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was so strong all the things including the tax cuts, they don't get rid of the tax cuts because if they do you will see companies leaving our country again. many companies came into the country after i got elected because of the tax cuts and because of the fact that they could bring we took in trillions of dollars of money that couldn't be taken in and they used it within the country because i made it possible to bring that money back in before it was impossible but we have created we created a foundation that was so strong that we had the best economy in history and then we had the pandemic and we built it a second time and we handed over the foundations of something great and i hope they don't blow it. stuart: do you ever dabble in bitcoin or cryptos? >> i don't. i like the currency of the united states. i think the others are
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potentially a disaster waiting to happen. i don't know. i feel you united states currency. we should strengthen, we should be invested in our currency, not in they may be fake. but they certainly currencies are suddenly something the people don't know much about so i have not been, i have not been i have not been a big fan. stuart: will you tell us your role in the elections in 2022, and 2024? >> i'm endorsing good people and people can't get a nomination unless they have my endorsement. over a short period, and the whole movement there's never been a movement like we have, whether you go in america first, make america great again that's what we need right now
9:24 am
after this disaster in afghanistan but i see a lot of people running for office and taking recommendations and endorsements and when i do we had a big victory in ohio, texas, tried to claim different, and we had a great congressional candidate come out of that one but we had many many victories as you know. you cover it very well including heads of the republican party in some states and important states so we will be choosing a candidate to run against liz cheney and some others and i think you will find them to be great candidates. about america first about as i said make america great again and the people i'm looking for. stuart: thank you for joining us, always a pleasure. do we have pete hegseth?
9:25 am
i hope we do. i know he has been listening and something to say about the withdrawal from kabul and what donald trump just said to us. >> great interview. my main take away and the way so many vets feel, it would have been handled entirely differently under a donald trump and he demonstrated that time and again during his administration. iran on it. was to get out of afghanistan, the mission had been accomplished and been adrift for years, he listens to generals who gave him great advice and then he synthesized it to say now is not the time. how many troops, at what moment, make sure the underlying conditions are correct, make sure it is conditions based so he waited in that context instead of
9:26 am
setting a date certain and i think words like honor, words like leaving the man behind and strength, no doubt the taliban would have known, on that would have been a donald trump presidency during this withdrew. and and >> >> 80 second airborne, has been in afghanistan for some years, commander there. that last been out of kabul airport, what went through your mind? >> the first thing i thought was relief because of thousands of troops we had on the ground
9:27 am
in the precarious situation we were in. you can talk about the macro in the p trailing the weakness and all the mistakes that were made. relief that our troops were out. there were sitting ducks on the airport. they were at the behest of the taliban at this point. the utility there has lived out his life. now -- how do we mess this up into the behold accountable? stuart: mister trump wanted to go back into afghanistan, blow up the equipment we left behind, retake bagram and get our people out. that might be wildly impractical but that's where he is coming from and where other missouri people are coming from. >> he's not the only one. how many military people talk
9:28 am
about bagram in that context, rather than allow it to fall using afghan special forces and the taliban and made that offer as well. using that initiative keeps you more secure. doesn't merely occupy or in charge of securing everything. and we know donald trump would have taken, that would include every black hawk and every other sophisticated piece of equipment. stuart: what he is saying about his deal with the taliban, role that tape. >> not one soldier was killed, we signed a deal that was
9:29 am
conditions based, everything was condition but they didn't fulfill some of those condition and we bomb the hell out of them and they called and said we will do this. they were doing everything for us. stuart: that is donald trump's deal with the taliban, that was firm stuff. >> he understands that strength is the only language islamicists understand that this is not taliban and 2.oh or 3.oh, the garbage the administration is spinning, al qaeda, in bed withhawqani, donald trump understood that. he understood you have to kill islamicists in real-time to deter future action. not to paint them as a group that will care about the
9:30 am
international consensus, that doesn't work. that is why there weren't attacks during that time period. stuart: great to have you with us until our audience to check out your new special called modern warriors afghan extraction available only on fox nation. thank you very much. 12 seconds to go and we will be opening this market. you can hear the bell ringing, expecting minor losses for the dow industrials. 9:30 eastern. we are down 30 points the dow industrials. look at that level, 35,371, the dow has almost doubled since the day donald trump was elected in november of 2016. that is a rally. a tiny fraction down a point at 4527 and the nasdaq down the
9:31 am
same amount, 0.04%. dead flat and ever slightly lower this morning. big tech has been making the running recently. here is where it is after a few seconds worth of business. google is up again, microsoft up again, small losses for facebook and apple. they hit record $1 billion worth of revenue and a quarter. look at them go down. good morning, lauren simonetti. neil: businesses are spending less money connecting workers remotely. they have competition from microsoft, so many brokerages cutting price targets today who are the most bearish. stuart: that is an interesting
9:32 am
economic indicator, slowing down. the economy is not going gangbusters. it is slowing down. stuart: lauren: workers are back in the office meaning we are getting back to normal. stuart: six of one, half a dozen of the other. show me robin hood. this has something, not that way down. it has something to do with regulation. lauren: gary gendler is behind a broker rousing the customer orders a high-speed trading firm for execution and gets paid. if it is 80% of robin hood's revenue you trade for free on robin hood because you don't pay them. it could represent a conflict of interest and has not set up customers you harmed, it is down 3%. game stop shares in january weren't able to buy their
9:33 am
shares, no reaction to that was robin hood was lower -- stuart: the order flow is what it is, google and apple open for business. apple is down a fraction, google is up. to curb their payment dominance. >> not because of the amount of money but potential precedent that it sets. according to south korea, if you are a software developer you don't have to use apple google or pay them commissions. why is it bad for apple and google although stocks aren't losing much but cuts off some revenue, it sets precedent for the eu or the us to make corrections and if they don't comply there's a fine of 3%.
9:34 am
total revenue in south korea is $1 billion so it's not about the money. that is nothing for them but it is what the us and europe could do. stuart: a precedent. if it happens there and america they have a real problem. we talked about this yesterday. looks like the newest meme stock. neil: started the year at $2 badly. stuart: there 1500% this year. lauren: they were the new target, 20 million retail brokerage accounts, that is a lot of people and a lot of interest pushing meme stocks. stuart: never heard of them and then they are all over the place. how about tesla? they are making progress in india. how many models have been approved? lauren: four.
9:35 am
this is a tough sell in india where they are one%, you don't have charging stations are financing and the importance of it, if you lawn musk can work with the india government and get those duties down he can build a factory there, why not, you can see to the model 3s in india. we've been on the area from 9:00 to 9:34 and so far we have not and bitcoin. we better do it. >> you asked donald trump about it. how could you forget. lauren: he called it a disaster. stuart: he doesn't touch cryptos. he's worried about what can happen in the future. we are down to 47,$800 on bitcoin. ethereum is up and donald trump calls the cryptos a disaster. lauren: he think dollars stronger. why but against america. some of the -- doge coin is up,
9:36 am
can't hold 48,000. stuart: coin base, they sent out a message telling them their security settings had to be checked. imagine you get that message, change your security settings. neil: you can't get anybody on the phone because when you deal with this electronic stuff it is cryptic. there is no customer service. you've got to chat with someone with your fingertips so coin base is the exchange so people thought that was a hack. coin base said this was a mistake in your account was not hacked but some people sold their holdings so they wouldn't get stolen and can't get anybody on the phone so this is a major pr blunder. stuart: stock barely moves,
9:37 am
down $0.30. lauren: the risk is expected with crypto. stuart: we are six minutes into this trading session with a list of dow winners, top winner is boeing, back $220 a share. jpmorgan, goldman is on that list, s&p 500 winners headed by occidental petroleum, quite a few oil companies and the best performer list these days. the nasdaq winners, i'm looking for big tech to be on the list. it hasn't been there even though big tech had a wonderful rally. micron at the top with a gain of one.3%. we have reached president biden's deadline and as many predicted many americans are still trapped within the taliban and lines. remember when jen psaki snapped at this suggestion. >> most of the criticism is not
9:38 am
of leaving afghanistan but the way he has ordered it to happen by pooling the troops before getting americans were now stranded. >> it is irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. stuart: they are not she said. 100 to 200 americans were left behind. i call that stranded. larry kudlow will be here to give his take on afghanistan and reaction to my interview with donald trump. we will be back.
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>> i really am not too much. i was never a stock market person but i did for a period of time and it is good. because the right weight is good if it goes the wrong weight is not good. i built a foundation that is so strong with all of the things including the tax cuts. i hope they don't get rid of the tax cuts. stuart: that was donald trump moments ago.
9:43 am
we are actually still living in trump's economy. biden hasn't changed the fundamentals that much. >> that is a really good point. we are still playing by trump rules and trump policies certainly on the low taxes which i thought was the most brilliant part of the policy. the regulatory advice is still minimal but the bidens have gone after a bunch of issues particularly energy, starting to clip away on some other issues, they completely bungled the southern border integration and of course the tragedy in afghanistan which they completely bungled it was a catastrophe. it is still the trump economy. i have said this for many many months.
9:44 am
if it ain't broke don't fix it. what you are going to get now with this budget resolution, budget reconciliation, infrastructure, you are going to make a shambles of the economy. it is a tax attack on successful people, corporations, small businesses, capital gains investors. if it ain't broke don't fix it. this is going to do great damage to the middle class as numbers have shown that maybe it can be beat. stuart: we've talked about who is calling the shots in the white house because president biden rarely answers questions and almost always speaks from a script probably written largely by someone else. i asked donald trump about this and he said there's a group calling the shots but wouldn't say who was in that group. you have a lot of experience working in the white house, inside the administration. who do you think is calling the
9:45 am
shots to president biden? >> a couple things on this. president biden is a very -- he has catered to the progressive left so the buck stops here. i never bought into this business he has cognitive difficulties that he doesn't know what he's doing. he knows enough to know what is going on. he is the final arbiter. presidents make the final decision on all key policies as commander-in-chief with respect to foreign military policy. as top domestic economists. you have the national economic council i directed under donald trump, the domestic policy council and the national security council by foreign
9:46 am
affairs. those councils bring together all of the cabinet agencies and other stakeholders to express their opinions, both pro and con and if there are disagreements like immigration issue or tax issue or energy policy issue, those disagreements are summarized in a brief paper and there will be a meeting in the oval office where the president will make a final decision so president biden is not a puppet. i want to erase the notion. his cognitive facilities whatever they are, i'm not making a judgment on that. but he is the guy making the decisions, bringing the democratic party to the woke progressive left. he is under pressure but it is
9:47 am
his decision. he has chosen to go far left. has advises will advise him and there are debate internally but the process is there and he's the final decision-maker. is the commander-in-chief, military and economic. stuart: stuart: $5 trillion of extra spending, probably won't get it all but what happens to the economy, what happens to the economy then? >> $3 trillion is a big number. if you score properly without the time to make that will be $5 trillion and a big part of the answer is taxes. from what i see the spending
9:48 am
will put an excess demand and deficits put pressure on the fed to keep monetizing the debt and i think jay powell has to step up on that but taxes will wreck the economy and take away the incentives the trump tax cuts put in place, they damage corporate profits and salaries. a clever op-ed in the journal today which i really like, bernie sanders is running out of billionaires. they calculated, sanders wants to spend $4 trillion and the sum of billionaires in america, running out of people to hate. stuart: it was a great headline. we are going to be watching you this afternoon as well as your special edition of kudlow labor
9:49 am
in america, tomorrow at 4:00 pm eastern on foxbusiness. check those markets. we headed south for the dow industrials, down 90 points. tens of thousands of afghan refugees have arrived in this country. how they been that? massively 7 underway after ida ripped to the gulf coast, more than 1 million without power and residents may be in the dark for weeks. we have a report from the ground in louisiana next. retirement income is complicated. as your broker, i've solved it. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool...
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heck yeah eargo 5 is here. our latest device that allows you to personalize your hearing experience. get yours today. and if you're an active or retired federal employee you may qualify to get eargo at no cost to you. stuart: some read on your screen, the market heading south, 100 for the dow and 37 on the nasdaq. it is below 130, big tech likes that. the price of gold, $1,816 per ounce and 47-9 as we speak. the price of oil $68 a barrel. the price of gas, national
9:54 am
average free dollars and $0.16 but in california you lucky people will pay $4.40 per gallon on average for regular. accuweather says the damage from ida could reach $80 billion. grady symbol in louisiana, the latest please. >> reporter: 80 people in this area rescued and we are at the staging area for more search and rescue missions with jefferson parish sheriff's office and what you see behind me the line of people who live back there. the sheriff's office is keeping them out because the floodwaters are still back there. we were talking earlier, you did get back there on your boat. tell me what you saw. >> it is coming down. a lot of roof damage. >> reporter: what happened to
9:55 am
homes? the water was so high? >> a couple homes got picked up and moved a couple feet. get back in. you've got your boat here, but you can't quite. >> everybody is trying to help and they have been here for hours. >> reporter: in terms of help for people watching all over the country what can people do? what do people like you need with flooded homes and a community that is a mess? >> shovels, bleach is a big thing, mud everywhere come pressure watchers -- anything you got. >> reporter: the power outages and floodings are a huge
9:56 am
concern but another issue is looting. the mayor of new orleans has that the looters lock them up, there will be no tolerance for that was they have a looting task force, so far looting has not been widespread but is something they are watching for as much of the city is without power. stuart: see you later. still at on this program bill mcgurn, brian kilmeade, nigel farage, second hour of varney is next. isn't just about time, you know. it means experience. i mean, put it this way. . . .
9:57 am
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10:00 am
>> everybody in our military has been humiliated. our country has been humiliated the way they got out. the withdrawal was a disaster. not look like, they told us to get out. they gave us a date. that was it that withdrawal was an absolute humiliation of the united states of america, the admirals and generals are right. more should resign. stuart: what should president biden say to the american people this afternoon? not what you think he might say but what should he say? >> he should say i'm sorry. he owes an apology. the best thing he can do to apologize to the american people and apologize to the world. we had a lot of help in afghanistan. we left and everybody had to leave with us. the whole world deserves an apology. stuart: bill mcgurn, from "the wall street journal" joins us now.
10:01 am
bill, president biden will deliver remarks this afternoon. president truck thinks he should apologize. what say you? >> i agree. i think he is likely to brag. you know, someone pointed out that bragging about the airlift is bragging about the rescue boats for the titanic. this was a disasterous decision. you know, vice president, or when he was vice president biden was pushing for the similar policies. the real mistake are the last few months since he announced his hasty pullout just so he could deliver a speech on 9/11 and claim to be the president that got us out of our forever war. so i do think he should apologize. make up for his mistakes which i don't think he will. stuart: your op-ed today says, joe biden bets on cynicism. you talk about the
10:02 am
photo-opportunity by getting out of afghanistan on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. is that what you mean by cynicism? >> that was part of it. this was all done as a vanity project for the speech on 9/11 which is why we ended up evacuating during the middle of fighting season. but i would go further. i think his bet now is that the american people, weary of a long war, a media with a short attention span, is going to soon forget about this. he is hoping that the american people are as callous and indifferent to the consequences for afghanistan as he is. stuart: do you think the american people are as callous as that? >> i do not think that. i think, you know, great presidents have always in difficult times appealed to the better angels of the american people's nature. they have always done that. you know, i was with george w. bush when he announced
10:03 am
the surge. no one wanted to hear it but he had confidence that the american people would do the right thing. i think joe biden is again, he is hoping, he is appealing to our worst instincts. let's wash our hands of this mess and walk away. i hope he is wrong. i think he will be wrong. i don't think the american people, they might want to be out, they don't like to be humiliated, they don't like to betray our friends and certainly don't like to leave americans behind. stuart: 90 former generals and admirals have today written a letter demanding the resignation of the defense secretary and also the chair of the joint chiefs. do you think that is going to happen? >> i don't think it will happen. i mean part of me -- i think the time to resign might have been when the president was pushing this policy and if they said we think this is going to be a disaster. it all comes back to this though. i think it is very clear
10:04 am
joe biden made this decision. it is joe biden. he overroad some of the advice from his military advisors. it is all on him. do we really want him to resign and there is kamala harris and she goes through nancy pelosi. we don't have a lot of good choices. it would be nice. stuart: i think what you're getting at, stuart, someone take a principled stand. the only one that marine who risked his career. he was rightly disciplined, you can't have that i think his points were we'll taken. stuart: he had to go to a mental health review to get out. that happened. >> no, i didn't know that. stuart: unfortunately he did. bill mcgurn. thank you. minor league loss for stock prices this morning. down 50 on the dow, down 40 on the nasdaq. 10-year treasury yield still below the 1.30 level. moving a bit south, 1.27%.
10:05 am
would i expect big tech react favorably to that. mixed picture for cryptos. bitcoin dipping, it is at 48,000 bucks. ethereum moving higher. 3458. in case you missed it. we had former president trump saying he wouldn't touch cryptos. doesn't like them. down trust them. somebody is going to get hurt. that is what he said about a half hour ago. 10:04. we have the latest read on consumer confidence. this could be important for the market. what do we have. lauren: 113.8. that was the consumer confidence number. that is disappointment. august number was the leest since february. this is not moving the market much to the downside i think because we got a warning sign last week when we got a decade low for the university of michigan survey. the reason we're not confident, delta variant and inflation. spending intention for homes,
10:06 am
cars, major appliance, that cooled. consumers intending to take a vacation in the next six months continued to climb. i think we're confused about how we feel about things. stuart: when you go to the grocery store, pay your bill, you know you're seeing inflation. when you go to the gas station to fill up at the pump, you know you're feeling inflation. that is visible form of inflation to many people. makes them pull back a little. lauren: spend on the vacation. stuart: let's flash on that. consumer confidence is down. that's the headline. no impact on the market at this point. go back to the market. luke lloyd with us this tuesday morning. luke, we're seeing a series of record highs. in my opinion it is because of that wall of money that keeps hitting the market, and what looks like the end at some point soon of the delta surge. what am i missing? >> i heard you just talking about inflation. i said it before, i will say it again, there is a thing called tina. there is no alternative to
10:07 am
stocks against a hedge for inflation. bonds paying you 1.3%. specifically u.s. stocks is a hedge against inflation. i traveled internationally. things are still shut down. there are still regulations, restrictions, mask requirements. everybody is flocking to u.s. stocks which increases valuations, right? in the short term past couple days we heard the fed talk on friday on jackson hole. the fed was pretty dovish. rates are low. borrowing will be cheap. looking to taper at end of this year from $120 billion of bond purchases to $90 billion. they're still purchasing $90 billion of bonds. that is absolutely insane. the federal reserve is your friend. they're not your enemy. more people are bullish than bearish. you know what happens when that is the case? stuart: what happens when that is the case? >> melts up when everyone is bearish. stuart: it does. you're quite right there. you're telling investors to stay away from robinhood. you don't like it. what is the problem?
10:08 am
>> there is no competitive advantage anymore of robinhood. they were one the first movers in the space for no commission trading. any company can trade a app to trade stocks that is commission free. paypal is moving into the space. they own venmo. do you know who uses venmo? millenials, gen z's, they made investor mad. the people that use large amount of money that use td ameritrade and. they're struggling to attract new and the pros. sec coming on top, might make payment for order flow illegal. that is 80% of revenue for robinhood. you're a more older seasoned investor. would you use robinhood? stuart: i consider it a videogame? >> they made eight video game for everybody which has got more
10:09 am
people involved in the market. that is good but not necessarily when you have the gambling mentality in the market. stuart: that is it precisely. that is gambling mentality. some are basically gambling chips. you won't touch it. neither will i. luke lloyd, everyone. lauren, come in please. looking at movers. that is not moving much, wynn resorts. lauren: las vegas sands. they're leading s&p 500. this is hopes on china and covid recovery. i told you that people still plan to take vacations in next six months. hotels and casinos would benefit. stuart: they would. that is not much of a move. how about designer brands. lauren: that is big move. stuart: don't know much about them. lauren: sw, the shoe people. stuart: okay. lauren: down 8%. they saw a 6% rise in quarterly sales because of in-store traffic. shares have doubled this year as
10:10 am
leisure is hot, kids shoes are hot. i will figure out why the stock is down 8%. stuart: that is a big drop. that is really moving. we don't know why after a report like that tell you what, go to walgreens, raising wages? lauren: they are $15 for new hires starts in october. stuart: the stock goes up. lauren: well you know, people rely on their pharmacy. pharmacies for flu shots, covid vacs nations. stuart: you have to keep your staff. lauren: you have to keep the staff, keep them safe which costs you more money. stuart: how many times i've been to a store either something not on the shelf. you can't get served in time. can't ask a question because they're is no staff. lauren: appointment of going to the store. i leave i'm sorry, i say this i will order this on amazon. stuart: exactly. lauren: i feel bad doing it but i'm here. you're not. stuart: zoom, you got to cover that one. how far down is it now? 16%. lauren: keeps stumbling. the report card wasn't a problem. revenue hit a billion dollars
10:11 am
for the first time. they see slowing growth ahead because offices are back open. classrooms are back open. that is the issue they're facing. so revenue grew 454% in the quarter. when -- 54%. when you compare that to 355% in the quarter last year. that is slower growth. they see that continuing to slow. stuart: now let's check microsoft. why don't we. i have to stay this, full disclosure i own ad tiny sliver of the stock, owned it more many years. there is news on the stock. lauren: new high for you, stuart. first upgrade to the windows operating system in six years which is a long time. windows 11 is available on october 5th. they are testing it. it is more modern. it will confuse me. new operating system confuses me. that is not where it is supposed to be where it has been for the last six years. stuart: i hate change. lauren: i hate ching too. it is more revenue coming in for microsoft.
10:12 am
stuart: $303 a share. my goodness me. i am astounded. lauren: you're bragging. stuart: i'm not bragging. much. lauren: one of reasons zoom is not doing so well, team is popular. they get a big customer. then zoom doesn't get as many. stuart: don't argue with microsoft. they're my guys. next case, elizabeth holmes heading to court, her criminal trial, founder of theranos. the trial starts today. we have a live report for you. tens of thousands of afghans in our country. some officials warn they don't have proper vetting. watch this. >> we've seen the debacle in afghanistan, seems the biden administration will double down on it by bringing people unvetted into our country. stuart: what will former homeland security secretary chad wolf say about that? we'll find out when he is on the show.
10:13 am
secretary blinken says now it is a diplomatic mission in afghanistan. what about the americans left behind, what about the students left behind? they're still trapped. >> we're living a nightmare right now, there is no hope for the future. >> future is no longer bright for us. everyone is leaving the country. stuart: what does a lip low mat tick mission mean for actually getting americans out? i will ask christian whiton after this. you know what he should get? advil. pain says you can't, advil says you can.
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10:18 am
"the new york times" estimating estimates that taliban fighters control 6400 humvees, 650,000 machine guns and all of those blackhawks. that obtained by afghan security forces given to them by the united states. not just american goods left behind. the state department says more than 100 americans are still in the country trying to escape.
10:19 am
there is no clear path right now for diplomacy to prevail. we've seen videos of people fleeing on foot. neighboring iran is taking upwards of 1000 refugees each day. there is one pocket of resistance in in the panjshir valley. they will appear launch an offensive to that group and in the coming weeks take over that little pocket. stuart: thank you, trey yingst. thank you for being here. secretary of state antony blinken said we ended the longest war and new diplomatic mission has begun in afghanistan. christian whiton joins us now. what is a diplomatic mission when it comes to getting americans out? let me go further, does it mean we have to pay the taliban to let them loose? >> almost certainly. they are not going to say it in that explicit of terms, hopefully wouldn't be a suitcase of cash per person that gets out
10:20 am
but the idea we will refrain from freezing afghanistan's assets in banks held in the u.s. or elsewhere around the world, we'll refrain from financial sanctions we applied to iran during the trump administration, that would be some sort of payola. the state department is pretty terrible for exfiltrations. cia does it for high value people. for average american citizens it may come toutorganized private groups trying to sneak them out. stuart: essentially is this a hostage situation, a mass hostage situation, is that accurate? >> unless the taliban continue to do something very uncharacteristic. it is interesting if they're still tied down in a civil war with the non-taliban that trey mentioned in the panjshir valley, that would create a little bit of chaos and distraction. if they have the whole country
10:21 am
and consolidation, revolutions get more open press serves. not just pushing us out of the airport as they came into kabul, hey, we really don't want american citizens here but very regrettable we have to hope and depend on the goodwill. stuart: you have a understanding of international relations and diplomacy. go around the world for us. how do people, how do governments in europe think about us? how do the russians think about us? how do the chinese think about us? the indians, japanese what is their response to our hurried, chaotic exit from afghanistan? go around the world for us. >> it's a big collapse in american credibility. this didn't occur in a vacuum. it was prefaced by weakness. president biden repeatedly threatening russia and putin of cyberattacks in the u.s., never following through on the threats. weak diplomacy with china, begging iran to join the nuclear
10:22 am
deal. six sessions we begged in vienna. they said no, we're holding out for a better deal. if you're vladmir putin and xi xinping you think this is a very opportune time. this is we have unpopular president, a weakened president, you can do what you want. this is dangerous for japan and taiwan and allies in europe. we had good deal we protect their security in return for not a great deal. we have to wonder what the other secondary impacts will be. stuart: i hear the europeans, the british in particular are just simply saying, look we're not going to do military cooperation with biden, simple as that, that's what they're saying. >> yeah. i don't, they may very well say that i don't see a huge downside from that personally. nato actually had the afghan mission for a while and essentially failed, it is first big excursion outside of europe. so you know europe has somism
10:23 am
press sieve military hardware -- impressive military hardware. the ability to move it elsewhere if you remove the brits from the picture is dubious. stuart: got it. christian whiton. thank you for being here. see you soon. that is politics and afghanistan. let's get back to the markets. you still have a stock market at or very close to record all-time highs. a great deal of money has been made, the total value of all stocks in america is now $47 trillion. first time past the milestone. next case "the squad," members thereof are urging president biden to replace jerome powell as fed chair. lauren, what's their problem with him? lauren: he doesn't care enough about climate change. stuart: that's it? lauren: that's it. at least he doesn't care enough to make it the center of central bank policy and monetary goals. jay powell is focused on employment. thank god you have a job,
10:24 am
stuart. can the central bank fight climate change? absolutely. what can they do? throttle lending to carbon producers for instance. if you do that you could kill job. i'm not sure the fed would want to do that. they also think, they're critical of powell because he pulled back some of those postrecession goals where the banks had to hold higher liquidity and capital requirements. they just, they say that the economy need that. but if you want to grow the economy banks need to lend. you have to pull back some of the restrictions especially when you're healthy enough you doesn't need them. stuart: to put climate change at the very center, world's largest, best central bank policy is frankly ridiculous. that would be my opinion. need an editorial on that. lauren: what helps climate change is a strong economy. so companies have enough money to focus on climate change. stuart: for innovation. stop it. coming up -- get away. talk about a divided vacation destination?
10:25 am
turns out vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers are going to different caribbean islands. how about that? tens of thousand of afghans in our country. who are they? what was their vetting process? ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. that building you're trying to sell, - you should ten-x it. - ten-x it?
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10:29 am
>> these people are not being vetted thoroughly. what should happen, they should go to a safe, third country, like qatar, someplace like that and be vetted there. if they get through the vetting they should be able to come in. there has to be a thorough vetting process. the biden administration is second quarter couple vetting it. stuart: that was a congressman critical for lack of vetting for refugees coming into army bases in europe. they are allowed to come and go as they please. chad world, former dhs acting secretary. is this a serious terror threat? >> obviously it is. the screening we have the special immigrant visas and others coming from afghanistan. it is intensive process. core choreographed process between dod and state department. it takes months or years to go
10:30 am
through the process. they're doing hundreds of thousands of individuals in a matter of days. anytime you do that type of volume, you're bound to cut some corners. so i think there is some legitimate concern about the nature and the thoroughness of the screening and vetting that is going on today. stuart: who decides, once they get to america, who decides where they go? and do the states which receive them have any choice in the matter? >> usually the states don't have a choice. usually the federal government will tell individual governors they are housing refugees in certain states. then there is certainly a consultation that goes on there but again, this is a process that is handled mainly between the department of homeland security and the department of defense. we know that vast majority of these refugees or individuals coming in to the united states are being housed on military bases. i think important thing norfolks to remember is, that the visa
10:31 am
process, vast majority of all these cases is not completed. so what the department is doing, they're paroling these individuals, much like they're paroling individuals that are coming in on the southwest border into the states so they can remain here while that vetting goes through. that is the concern, you could have individuals paroled in, a perhaps a name check on a watch list, that is about all. when they go through the heavier, more scrutinized vetting, something will kick out, it will be a concern, they will be here in the united states. stuart: here you have thousands of people who really gone through hello to get out of kabul, they come to america, they may be facing a hostile reception? do you think they will face hostility? >> well i hope not at the end of the day. i think it is important we balance our compassion to help those that helped us with the security of the american people. so the screening and vetting that needs to occur should occur before arrive here to the u.s.
10:32 am
i agree with the congressman you had on earlier. that should be done before they arrive in the u.s. at a safe third country overseas and the american people would get comfort that those security checks are being done before they come to the homeland. stuart: did you know that the security checks across the southern border? >> we had evidence of that, very, very small numbers. what we call known or suspected terrorists, ksts. we saw very, very small numbers in 18 and 19 when we had the crisis. what we saw from intelligence and others the criminal organizations, even terrorists or known or suspected terrorists like to use the flow, the high number of individuals coming across that border to try to embed themselves in that. as we look at the crisis we're seeing today on the southwest border, you can bet there are criminals and bad individuals embedded in that flow that we're
10:33 am
seeing today. stuart: terrorists that we worry about. chad, thanks for joining us, we'll see you again soon, sir, many thanks. >> thank you. stuart: always go back to the market. the market is setting pace for wealth creation. it is down a little bit today. this has been extraordinary rally, the dow, s&p, nasdaq are still very close to all-time record highs. show me vaccine makers please. we're asking for this. we have a new study. it shows just how many antibodies moderna's jab creates. tell me the number and tell me if it is good news or not. lauren: good news if you got moderna. a belgian study, the hospital workers found the moderna jab gave you the double of number antibodies as pfizer. moderna up, pfizer down. it is one study, not peer reviewed. go ahead. stuart: more antibodies you got, more better protected you are, is that the story? lauren: they're trying to figure out why, why did this happen?
10:34 am
two easy answers, you have to wait longer between the shots of moderna, four weeks instead of three weeks. you get more active ingredient in the moderna shot. that could explain it. do people care? you might shop around for which vaccine you want. j&j one dose. what are the negative headlines around other vaccine makers. stuart: moderna gives you more antibodies. lauren: i got the moderna shot. i got very sick afterwards but you got more of the active ingredient. stuart: one more story for you. i find this fascinating. travelers choosing chair caribbean destination, based on vaccine requirements. >> i want to go everywhere. those. there are seven destinations, mandatory vaccinations travelers, and people like it because tourists are showing interests in traveling to the
10:35 am
countries based on search results less interest heading to countries that prioritize testing over vaccination, dominican republic, jamaica, bahamas, virgin islands. stuart: it is a pain to get the testing. lauren: and you have to quarantine. mandatory test vaccination, you get a nice vacation. stuart: thank you, lauren. elizabeth homes heading to court, the criminal trial. founder of theranos. she gets underway today. we'll take you there live. america's longest war over. the media spinning this as a success even though americans are still trapped behind enemy lines. brent bozell reports on the media after this
10:36 am
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10:39 am
stuart: the media is spinning
10:40 am
the botched afghan withdrawal in a very positive way. look at the headlines. they're highlighting how president biden ended america's longest war. brent bozell media watcher is with us this morning. do you think americans are actually buying that spin? >> no, they're not and you know, they're not, that spin is there but there is also very much a negative spin going on from biden from some reporters, stuart, just can't avoid what is going on. look, when the media, which are biden's strongest level of support, when the media crack in their support, then you know there is something serious and there are serious reporters that have seriously broken from this administration. this administration's political wheels have come off as a result. when richard engle of nbc calls it the worst capitulation of western values ever, you know
10:41 am
there is something wrong. but stuart, here is something else. i think this story is far from over. it is not just the fact that they have evacuated and therefore the you know, it's a humiliating capitulation. no, we've got hundreds of americans that are left there and each one is going to become a story, the taliban will make sure. each one is a story. then, the government accountability office, i saw this number, i don't know if you saw this, stuart. they project that we have left thousands of trucks and humvees there, we have left 368,000 weapons in the hands of the taliban. you think they will put them in a garage or are they going to have some offensive capability now? this one is far from over. this problem for bide is far from over. many in the media will try but fail ultimately. stuart: you're right. the problem is, for president biden and his leadership. i just saw a banner on cnn.
10:42 am
it was a cnn headline. it describes the messy retreat from afghanistan, that is their word, messy. but raising questions about biden's leadership. that is cnn. that surprised me, the story that keeps running here is the president's confidence. that is not going to go away. >> that's right. two points on that. one there are few emotions are as powerful as humiliation. america feels humiliated, this should never have happened. so the american people can listen to all the spin in the world. they're not going to buy it. secondly, look at the problem biden has now. whenever a president has a huge political problems, you and i know this, stuart, the solution is always going overseas to do an overseas trip. that is the last place joe biden can go now. they can put him in the basement like they did before. this time events will take place
10:43 am
that they are not going to be able control with all the weaponry. they're hostages now. we now have hostages in afghanistan because the taliban will do whatever they want. stuart: do you think president biden will take questions when he addresses the nation at 2:45 this afternoon? i don't know address the nation. it's a statement. do you think he takes questions? >> if he does, here we go again. this should outrage every reporter for him to say that he has been instructed, and he calls on people in advance, every reporter who is interested in a free and fair exchange between journalists and political figures should be outraged and how controlled this is. if he takes questions. it will be just that way. i suspect he will do what he is doing, walk offstage. stuart: we'll be watching. very important day. bret, see you real soon. the trial of elizabeth homes begins today. founder and former ceo of
10:44 am
theranos. lydia hu at the courthouse in california. lydia, the selection process takes a couple days. what is in the court filing, do you know? reporter: stuart, we're learning from the court filings elizabeth homes may be preparing to take the stand with her own defense, with bombshell allegations against former significant partner sonny bawani. that she was engaged in decades long abusive relationship, sexual, emotional in the hands of mr. bomani. blaming him for his alleged conduct. he denies the allegations of abuse also in court documents. as you say, stuart, jury selection gets started today. opening argue scheduled to start next week. this is scheduled to last through september. one dozen jurors selected with five alternates. usually two or three alternates
10:45 am
selected for a case like this. the court wants to make sure they have enough people to hear the trial all the way through. it is quite long. we're dealing with covid. they want to make sure they have enough to swap people out if needed. miss holmes faces up to 20 years in prison plus fines and restitution. she is charged with a dozen counts of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. accused of bilging bilking investors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. false claims about the blood testing technology. jurors could hear from actual patients regular people who relied on the blood test. some were reportedly told misleading information, inaccurate information, telling them they were at risk much developing prostate cancer when in fact those results were not true, stuart. a lot to look out for in the weeks and months to come. stuart: lydia, thank you very much indeed. let's get back to the market, see a little bit of red. not that much. the dow is down 13 points. nasdaq down 30.
10:46 am
that is not a whole lot of red ink now, is it? facebook, have a look. it is $380 a share. lauren, see if i understand this. since i don't use facebook. they are lowering the number. volume of political posts on your facebook feed? lauren: "axios" is reporting out facebook is rolling out changes that de-emphasize politics and de-emphasize current events. you see less of it, a nicer calmer platform as a result. why would this be a negative, for news pub accomplishers put out a lot of politics, less attention, less traffic to the site. could be bad for facebook. why do you go on facebook, for your blood to boil, fight politics. that is how you're engaged. this could hurt them at the end. stuart: tired of trying to direct my intellectual life. lauren: love/hate relationship. stuart: coming up, more than a million people still without power in louisiana. there is a new problem.
10:47 am
looting. we have a report on that. secretary blinken taking a page from biden's book. answering no questions yesterday. what is going at thethe sk brianrian kil aadfteer aft at is is
10:48 am
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10:51 am
stuart: we've gone positive on the dow. we're up all over six points. nasdaq down 42. we're close to 10:51. we'll bring in brian kilmeade. i want to show you what former president trump said about biden dodging reporter questions. roll tape. >> normally he doesn't take questions. he turns his back on the american public. this is a time you have to take questions. normally he doesn't take questions but when he reads the answer to a question, and he always picks certain people but when he reads the answer, they give him a question, he starts reading the answer off a teleprompter, that shows how dishonest the president is. stuart: brian kilmeade is with us now. we know the president will speak this afternoon at 2:45 eastern. president trump in my interview earlier said, biden should apologize. what say you?
10:52 am
>> where do you begin? to apologize for what? for setting that arbitrary date. for not thinking it through. for blaming military for giving up bagram airbase. saying i went with what my advisors said. i want to get out and get to zero. this is one plan he can't blow up that donald trump put out. everything else he tore up. remember the 36 or maybe even more executive orders on day one of the office? he left the inauguration. took his mask off and started signing booklets? that was undoing the trump agenda. one thing about president trump, i did not agree with it, i did not want to go down to zero in afghanistan. i know that went against the grain with a lot of people. i thought the counter terror effort was well worth it, should been explained, the way i understand it, people closest to the president. i understand the six pages the president signed off on, ambassador sign the off on and
10:53 am
president ever sold, taliban violating agreement, moving on kabul, steam rolling the provinces, everything in the plan they were not supposed to do, he would have stopped it. if nothing else, if the greatest enemy of donald trump knows he has a bit of an ego. if you think his ego would allowed kabul to fall to the taliban on his watch? stuart: fair point. fair point. you reported this, brian, 90 generals and admirals signed a letter saying the defense secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs, they have got to resign. that is from 90 generals and admirals, former generals and admirals. they want those two to resign. who else? how about antony blinken? what do you say? >> he is terrible, absolutely awful. he got blistered in alaska by the chinese. he is supposed to be rallying people at the g7. nothing happened. they were supposed to put out missives and statements saying the predatory practices of china
10:54 am
with military and economic prowess, circumventing western allies. barely got anything into writing. we know what happened to the middle east. making all-out effort to rekindle the iranian program. tell me, you watched him lock over to the side after camera, give a stilted statement about the end of the afghanistan war and mentioned we left 100 or 200 people behind. how does that guy keep his job? secretary of defense awe austin looked out of his depth day one. i don't think he wants the job. general milley who had no problem giving out statements when trump was in office whether it was walk to the church afterwards but for some reason seems to be very quiet and compliant when it comes to getting blamed for the afghanistan dispoint? where is the statement there? where is the i recommended 4,000 troops. he wanted zero. my job is to work for him. therefore i will do his policy.
10:55 am
he is getting blamed. show some pride or go for the door. stuart: my bet this afternoon when the president speaks we're told at 2:45 this afternoon he will play this positive, he will spin it i ended america's longest war. we're out. good-bye. i don't think he answers questions, either. what say you? >> both. blinken didn't answer any questions yesterday. inexcusable. the answers are not good. number two. that is the way he spins it. you know what he is counting on stuart? he counting on it a news cycle away, two news cycles away, then get the spending plan we can't afford. free everything, 3.5 trillion, which you educated me more like 5.2 trillion along with the 1.2 trillion we can't afford. economy was recovering on its own. we're not in pakistan in middle of 2008 or in middle of pandemic. like the economy is standing up on its own, needs more help,
10:56 am
that is the narrative he wants. american people care about their international rep pages. they will hammer him. you can't talk about january 6th if you're cnn. can't talk on nbc, reconciliation package when the america's prestige is down for generations. stuart: 2:45 we're watching. >> he will be late. he will be late. stuart: brian, thank you very much. we'll see you next week. we do have a big hour coming up for you, ric grenell, nigel farage, rob smith. i've been covering market since 1975, i'm old. i never seen a stock price surge like the one we're in right now. we all benefit from it. that's next in "my take".
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> it should have been a positive. it was a massive negative. many people are there. many people are left behind. it is not 100 people. you will find out it is many hundreds of people. there's no bigger person for getting out of the middle east than me. you know that. i've spoken to you many times about it. get the hell out. go back and get the damn equipment. go back and bomb the hell -- we cannot let them have that equipment. they don't talk about the people killed. they don't talk about the sacrifices made by so many. we have been humiliated as a major player. our allies aren't going to look at us the same.
11:01 am
we gave them a list of all the americans in afghanistan. those people are in serious trouble. i think the best thing he can do is apologize to the american people and apologize to the world. we should have withdrawn, but we should have withdrawn in a totally different way, with great dignity. it would have been a tremendous win for us. >> stuart: yes, 11:00 eastern time here in new york city. it is tuesday, august 31st. you just heard from president trump on the show earlier today. got it. check those markets. a mixed picture. the dow is up 11 points. the nasdaq is down 32 points as we speak. now this, i've been covering the markets since 1975. i've seen crashes. i've seen rallies. but i have never seen a stock price surge like the one we're in right now. it is a real stunner. the night donald trump was elected in 2016, the dow was at 18,000. in less than five years, it's
11:02 am
almost doubled. that is a rally and a half. trump cut taxes, got the ball rolling. covid choked the economy, but congress spent a couple trillion dollars. the fed printed a few trillion more. it was a wall of money that kept on coming and kept on boosting stocks. there's more money still to come, and stocks are still setting record highs. if you're new to the financial world, you may be surprised. the professionals are surprised too. after all, the news background is pretty grim. your tv screen is littered with images of chaos and suffering in afghanistan. your facebook feed lists the delta surge, mask and vaccine mandates. that's not exactly positive. your grocery bill tells you inflation is real. and so does your gas bill. there are plenty of negatives, and yet, and yet, the market goes up. wall street doesn't make many headlines, but it really should. we all benefit from the surge in wealth creation. investing is no longer just for
11:03 am
the elites. it's been democrat ra tized. seems like everyone is getting into the financial action and everyone worries they are going to lose it all. that's part of investing. there's always risk. let me close with this. the dow, the s&p, and the nasdaq are at or very close to record highs. the total value of all stocks is now 47 trillion dollars. and you are a part of that. the third hour of varney just getting started. earlier i asked president trump -- he was on the show. i asked him about the economy. roll tape. >> that we had the best economy in history, and then we had the pandemic, and then we built it a second time, and we handed over
11:04 am
the foundations of something great, and i just hope they don't blow it. >> stuart: i just hope they don't blow it, so said former president trump. let's bring mike murphy market watcher of this tuesday morning. tell me what do you think could actually stop this rally in its tracks and reverse it? do you see anything out there? >> good morning, stuart. the one thing that's out there that could really impact the markets is the fed. you know, if the fed were to do something that spooked investors and we had a paper tantrum, that would be bad for the market. however, i think the fed has done a good job. they've kind of given us the play book and they're following that play book, so i don't see that out there. you know, that, and then obviously a geopolitical event, some sort of an attack or a war, terrorist attack would be bad. but you can't plan for those things, stuart. throughout history, whenever something like that has happened, and it's created a pullback in the markets, it's been a great buying opportunity because as you point out, so
11:05 am
eloquently, we're sitting right at all-time highs in the markets right now. >> stuart: not exactly eloquent, mike. let's not get carried away here, lad, you know. look, you've been right -- i think you have been on this show for seven, eight, maybe nine years. you have been on for a long time. you have always said this market is going up. and you've been right. we had a nasty dip last march, when the pandemic hit us hard, but we bounced right back. you've been right consistently. are you still saying we go higher, even from here? >> yes, stuart. i'm saying we go higher from here. you and i have talked about this. when i started in this industry, it was big news that the dow had just crossed 4,000. now, here we are at 35 and change, but what's happening, you have technological advances. you have companies that can make more money by spending less. you have technology changing the way you buy things, the way you bank, the way you do everything
11:06 am
in your life, so there are companies out there that are being created, that are coming to the markets, that can make money for less, can be more profitable, and that's why you see stock prices moving higher. so i would argue that we're not cheap right now, but we're not overly expensive either, stuart. when you look at the big tech names that have really carried this market, they continue to innovate. they continue to grow. they continue to put up strong earnings. so as long as that story is intact, you keep on the market. >> stuart: have you ever seen wealth creation like this before? the total value of all stocks is 47 trillion dollars. real estate values have gone straight up. this is enormous wealth creation. that has to be a solid rock for our society going forward; right? >> it is, stuart. and you hope that it's really going -- reaching more of the american public. you hope that it is not just the very -- the already very wealthy people who are seeing more wealth creation, and i think
11:07 am
again you point out, i think more and more people, with your smart phones, more people can invest through 401(k)s, through ira's, and they are watching people like you and seeing an opportunity to go out and invest, so again, we talk about it a lot, stuart, but the market has never gone down and stayed down. there's an opportunity for people, especially when you have a ten-year at 1.2 or 1.3 percent, if people can start investing in the market and not panic when things like the pandemic pop up, but if people can start investing and continue to invest, they are going to do better than they would anywhere else, so it's a great wealth creation tool and the more people who invest in the market, the better. >> stuart: okay, got it, mike murphy, always a pleasure. see you again real soon. >> thanks. >> stuart: we keep telling everybody this, but we did have former president trump on the show earlier. i want you to listen to what he said about our afghanistan withdrawal. roll tape. >> well, it should have been a positive, and it was a massive negative.
11:08 am
all he had to do is take what we did and finish it up and take all the equipment out. they don't talk about the people killed. they don't talk about the sacrifice made by so many. we have been humiliated, as a major player. >> stuart: i want to bring in rob smith. he is a veteran and a fine one at that. okay, who do you think is most responsible for this -- i will call it a mess in afghanistan? >> it is the biden administration is responsible for this mess that's happened in afghanistan. i want to be clear, you know, former president trump was right, now one thing that the right and the left agreed on was the fact that it was time to end this war in afghanistan. we wanted to get out of a forever war. it is the how, the execution of this has been so weak, so incompetent. it is almost like it was done on purpose. it is definitely the biden administration's fault. i want to make it clear, as somebody that served, as somebody that is a combat veteran. i served in iraq. i did not serve in afghanistan,
11:09 am
though i know people who have. when you are on the ground as a soldier overseas in a wartime situation, one of the thing that gives you confidence is the fact that you're operating with american military equipment. this is the best equipment that money can buy. we are the most well-equipped military in the world, and now we have left 85 billion dollars worth of military equipment over there to be used by taliban terrorists. we are talking 64,000 machine guns. we're talking 358,000 assault rifles. we are talking tanks. we are talking humvees. we are talking helicopters. that is a very very bad situation. it leaves it open to arm sales to other terrorists, if we have to go back in, it leaves our soldiers in a disadvantage. i cannot overstate what an absolute mess this is, and sorry if i'm getting a little emotional -- >> stuart: not at all. >> it is infuriating. >> stuart: i want to know what you expect to hear or what you want to hear from the president this afternoon. >> what i want to hear from the president this afternoon is we
11:10 am
messed this up, for him to own this situation. i don't want to hear spin. i don't want to hear about the fact that oh it was such a successful withdrawal of the, you know, tens of thousands of americans that we had to get out there, when we still have an untold amount of americans there. we will not get that. what we will get is we will get spin. we will get how great it is this war is finally over. we will get a mission accomplished kind of speech from biden. they will stop -- they will hope it exits the news cycle just like kilmeade said earlier and they want to move on to the next thing which is more socialist policies, and they want to go back into the identity politics that they put into the news cycle before. i think that's what is going to happen with biden today. >> stuart: rob, i do understand your motion. -- your emotion. i really do. thanks for sharing it with us on our program today. please come back. >> absolutely. thank you for having me. >> stuart: jackie deangelis is
11:11 am
joining us. good morning. >> good morning. >> stuart: show us the movers. >> movers and shakers here. let's start with zoom. this was the ultimate pandemic play. everybody was zooming, doing their meetings, working from home. zoom is still doing really well. the company reported yesterday, and the numbers were great, but the growth isn't what we saw at the peak of the pandemic. over 300% revenue growth at that time has shrunk now to 54%. wall street looks at this and a little bit concerned about it, even though the ceo was laughing and saying on the conference call with analysts yesterday do you know that charlie munger, 97 years old, he's a big zoom user. >> stuart: he's 97? warren buffett's right-hand man? >> exactly. he uses zoom. it is still a good play, just not as explosive in the growth as it once was. >> stuart: down 16%. what else do you have? >> this is really interesting. this is an on-line gaming company; right? and the national press and publication administration in china is now saying that it
11:12 am
wants to limit the time that minors can be on on-line games to a couple of hours a week. this is, number one, why china and their kids do better than we do here academically i think. it also shows you they could see a little bit of a problem, although the stock is up 5%. children are the low single digits of who is using it. there are a lot of people that play on-line games. >> stuart: novavax. >> it has a vaccine that hasn't gotten the emergency use authorization from the fda just yet. they are doing their trials. getting close to that step. what they are finding is that just two weeks, according to the cdc, after you get the second shot, you are fully vaccinated, so as we enter this time, where we're trying to get more people to be vaccinated, maybe another entrance into the market here, and that is, you know, high immunity or antibody action, if you will, in just two weeks' time after the second shot. >> stuart: it is an addition to the vaccine arsenal. >> exactly. >> stuart: stock is up 4%. i got it, thanks.
11:13 am
let's show you drone video, looters breaking into an atm. this is an aftermath of hurricane ida. anti-looting patrols are being deployed. we got a report for you. for a long time, the u.s. and britain have had a special relationship, but will the brits trust president biden after the botched withdrawal from afghanistan? i will ask no less than nigel farage. the u.s. must now vet thousands of afghan refugees. ashley webster is in germany finding out how the vetting process actually works. he's got our report after this. advil dual action fights pain 2 ways. it's the first and only fda approved combination of advil plus acetaminophen. advil targets pain. acetaminophen blocks it. advil dual action. fast pain relief that lasts 8 hours. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward...
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11:19 am
not only for the evacuees themselves, but also for germany and of course for the united states. take a listen. >> these individuals are vetted from the very start, from the time they land here, they are going through multiple screening, security screenings, customs border protection biometric data. >> well, there you have it. they are doing everything they can, they say. i asked whether there are many individuals have no identification at all. that major told me no not so far, but that's a concern certainly. we also followed a group of some of those evacuees right on to a military plane, a c-17. they have been on base for five to six days, and they got on board and were headed for philadelphia today, and one of the evacuees told me he's just happy to be away from the taliban. take a listen. >> i'm away from the taliban because they are in charge in
11:20 am
afghanistan. [inaudible]. >> do you think you will ever go back? >> no, i don't. >> that was a no, i don't think so. by the way, 12 flights leaving today for the united states, stu. they tell me that they have outgoing flights scheduled all the way through september 10th. there's still 13,000 evacuees on the base just here in germany. it's a real mammoth task. as for vetting, they say they have it. we will see. >> stuart: got it, ashley, thank you very much indeed. president trump also said the u.s. has been humiliated on the world stage. watch this. >> we have been humiliated as a major player. our allies respect going to look at us the -- our allies aren't going to look at us the same. they have lost tremendous respect for our country. we left and everyone else had to leave with us. you know, the whole world deserves an apology. >> stuart: the whole world deserves an apology, so said
11:21 am
president trump on this show this morning. nigel farage joins us now. do the brits trust president biden after afghanistan? >> no, and the worry is it isn't just president biden. it is america. that's the problem, isn't it? he is the head of not just the united states. he's the leader of the free world, and let's face it, you know, nato can't exist, can't function without america. it's as simple as that. i know president trump fought hard to make other members pay their way and rightly so. but what has happened here is that joe biden has not just disrespected nato. he's disrespected the u.k. with whom? on almost every major conflict, we have been side by side, and with no reference, no consultation with the brits, he makes this decision to unilaterally withdrawal. when boris johnson, the british
11:22 am
pm desperately puts in a phone call to him, at the height of the crisis, that phone call is not returned for 40 hours. so i cannot imagine if there was a fresh military engagement or venture that the americans proposed, the british people wouldn't do it. the british parliament wouldn't support it. i tell you what, stuart, it hurts me to say this because as you know i'm one of the most pro american people on this side of the pond but right now the special relationship is broken. >> stuart: i do know -- nigel, i do know that a lot of english people, a lot of brits disliked president trump. my question ask, how do they feel now about biden? >> well, they disliked president trump's personality. they saw him as being this brash new yorker, which, you know, in some ways he is. i mean he is what he is. he's a product of where he's
11:23 am
from. but the one thing, even though they didn't like him, they liked his respect for the queen, his genuine like of the u.k. and his constituent parts. what they see with biden is a man who is contemptuous towards his allies. and frankly when it comes to human suffering indifferent to the point of being callous. president biden, what about those two bodies that fell from the plane? man, that was four days ago. given it was four days ago, it doesn't matter. i think people were quite shocked about that sheer callousness. >> stuart: nigel, thank you for being here, as always. i know we will see you soon. this is a very important photograph. this is the last u.s. servicemember to depart the kabul airport. who was that, jackie?
11:24 am
>> army major general chris donahue, commander of the 82nd airborne division. these are the final moments they are catching him in night-vision goggles as he's stepping on to the aircraft to leave hamid karzai international airport. what will be so interesting, history will look back at this at the end of a 20-year war, there are still americans on the ground there. it wasn't this soldier's choice to specifically leave on this date and leave people behind, but this administration, the united states will certainly be judged for that, and he will be a part of it because of that visual. >> stuart: it was an iconic photograph. it will live. jackie, thank you. next case, new concerns of hurricane ida could worsen the covid crisis in louisiana. one doctor calls it, quote, a pandemic tinderbox. we have the story. remember when jen psaki said this. roll tape. >> i think it is irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. we are committed to bringing americans who want to come home home. >> stuart: our troops are out,
11:25 am
and americans are still stuck. dare i say, stranded in afghanistan. sure looks like a developing hostage situation to me. today, things can be pretty unexpected. but your customers, they still expect things to be simple. and they want it all personalized. with ibm, you can do both. businesses like insurers can automate it processes across clouds. so agents can spend more time on customer needs. and whatever comes your way, you've got it covered. saving time and improving customer service, that's why so many businesses work, with ibm.
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11:28 am
11:29 am
>> stuart: we've still got a mixed market. up 18 for the dow. down 21 for the nasdaq. take a look at apple, please. the stock price at the moment is down about a buck. it's a 151 and wait for it. we have got news on the apple car. what do you have, jackie? >> this is interesting. what they are doing is filing if ar patent to keep -- filing for a patent to put led screens on the outside of the car so i can communicate to you from the outside of my car, and you're looking at my screens. i think it is very confusing and actually sounds very dangerous. they are also working on self-driving technology. to me some of the photos i have seen, it looks like it is kind of like a ufo flying spaceship. it is going to be flashing outside. there are reports out that this car would be unveiled later this year. there's also some apple news about bringing satellite capabilities to your iphone, when you're in the car, to help you communicate, you know, when you're in areas where you don't have signals and things like that. >> stuart: but an apple car would be the next huge
11:30 am
development. >> it is a lot to take. >> stuart: big deal. maybe that's why the stock is at 151. we will see. only time will tell. do you remember when president biden said we would not leave any americans behind? roll tape. >> are you committed to making sure that the troops stay until every american who wants to be out is out? >> yes, if there's american citizens left, we will stay till we get them all out. >> we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. >> stuart: a counterterrorism expert is joining me now. nathan, i know you're saying that the return of americans is non-negotiable. i understand that. but i have to tell you, that's exactly what is happening right now. we are negotiating with the taliban. are we going to have to pay these people to get our guys out? >> well, stuart, it's appalling that we find ourselves in the position, where this is even an open question. i think yesterday was a really dark day for america.
11:31 am
the president's withdrawal has left hundreds of american citizens stranded behind enemy lines, and with all due respect to the white house, stranded is exactly the right word for the situation. and also, we're going to be in a situation where we don't have the military tools in the country to take our terrorist enemies off the battlefield now that this withdrawal is complete. and i want to be clear about who is responsible for this situation that our country finds itself in. it's not the soldiers. it is not the diplomats who are there on the front lines or were serving on the front lines processing this evacuation honorably, in very difficult circumstances. this is on the white house. this is on the president. and it was only two weeks ago when the president said we're going to stay until we get everyone out. unfortunately, as we now know, that's not the case. >> stuart: nathan, according to a washington post report, the taliban gave the u.s. a chance to secure kabul, but our senior leaders turned it down. why would they do that?
11:32 am
>> it's a great question, stuart. i think it may have been simply too difficult to secure a city of 5 million people with the troops we had. to do it properly, you're probably going to have to bring in another tens of thousands of american troops. but what this does suggest is that the taliban may well have been willing to play ball with us, if we had told them we're going to need more time, and we're going to need more troops on the ground in order to secure the airport perimeter, rather than leaving it up to taliban terrorists to try and protect our troops. or maybe we could have pushed the taliban for the ability for american operators to leave the compound, go out into the city, and collect americans who were at risk and who are still now stranded behind enemy lines. unfortunately, we will never know how that played out because the administration refused to budge from the arbitrary deadline and parameters set by the white house. >> stuart: in your opinion, do you think that president biden is up to the job?
11:33 am
>> not if the past two weeks are any indication. i think what we need to hear from the president today, when he speaks to the nation, is contrition for the way this withdrawal has been so badly managed, and again, it's on him. it is not on our troops. it is not on our diplomats. i think what we need to hear from him is a plan for getting american citizens out. simply trusting to the goodwill of the taliban is not going to do the job. bribing them with piles of cash is simply unacceptable. what's the plan for bringing our american citizens home safely, mr. president? >> stuart: do you think he's calling the shots? he rarely takes questions. he almost always speaks from a teleprompter. who is calling the shots? >> i think the president's fingerprints are all over this bungled withdrawal and hasty and poorly-planned execution. according to newspapers, his top military advisors and his top intelligence officials warned him that if you pull out, the government's going to collapse,
11:34 am
and we're going to be stuck in a very very difficult situation. he stubbornly refused to listen to that advice, so i don't think there's a puppet master pulling the strings. i think this is the president's bad decision that he himself owns. >> stuart: nathan, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> stuart: we appreciate it, sir. thank you. the head of the central plan -- that would be a general -- is praising the taliban. watch this. >> they were actually very helpful and useful to us as we closed down operations. >> stuart: we will have more on that from rick grinnell. first, though, louisiana still reeling from hurricane ida, and now they're dealing with looters. we'll deal with that next.
11:35 am
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>> it progressively got worse,
11:39 am
ankles, knees, almost chest level, so we just put the dogs on the counter, and then we climbed into the attic. >> i think the damage is catastrophic. it is the worst i have seen in the 20 years i have been here. significant property damage. far worse than we expected. >> stuart: can you imagine climbing into the attic to get away from the water? good lord. more than a million people are still without power in louisiana and mississippi. great troubles there. residents could now be facing, what, a fuel shortage on top of all of this? >> absolutely, stuart. in the new orleans there, there's no fuel to be found. more on that in a minute. we have been talking about the floodwaters. we have finally been able to get to an area where you can see how bad the flooding is and they have cell service so we can broadcast from here. this is an area that's just covered in water. this house right here, this tree, it came up from its roots.
11:40 am
you can see on the roof of the house, a lot of the shingles are just gone. that shows you how ferocious the winds were as the storm moved through here. remember, this was two days ago that ida moved through here. the floodwaters still remain. we saw people who rode out the storm in this neighborhood. they were walking up out of the floodwater finally making it to higher ground where emergency responders are, for the first time today. here's how they described the last few days. listen. >> very windy. very windy. it felt like 120 miles-an-hour winds coming through here. laying down trees, snapping poles, telephone poles, everything. >> now, on those fuel shortages, for those who are finally able to make it to higher ground here, their cars aren't even starting, so fuel is the least of their worries because their cars and trucks got flooded the other day when the storm waters were even higher, but all throughout new orleans, gas is
11:41 am
extremely hard to come by, and for the gas stations that do have it, there are long lines of people trying to get it for their vehicles, for their generators, and part of the reason for some issues outside of louisiana, you might see gas prices go up, and that's because almost all oil and gas production was shut down because of the storm in advance of it, and then about 75% of the state's refining capacity is also shut down right now, so they are not able to refine the oil. gas buddy estimates prices across the country could increase anywhere between 5 to 15 cents a gallon. so stuart, some problems at the pump, not just here in louisiana, but all over the country because of this ferocious storm. >> stuart: grady, watch out for what's in that water. i saw you look down. i thought maybe you got a snake -- >> yeah, i felt something. i thought so too. [laughter] >> stuart: get out of the water, son. okay? we will talk to you later. now, look, parts of louisiana
11:42 am
are also dealing with looting. all right, jackie, where is this occurring? >> well, it is happening in new orleans. that's where it is being reported right now. what we know, for example, is in that markets that have been destroyed, people are going after the atm machines, for example. the mayor there is saying we will not tolerate this. lock them up. he's got a whole task force of anti-looting officers working on it. but of course, you know, look at the pictures, what's happening on the ground. the looting is the last thing that they need to worry about right now. >> stuart: well, the shelters, they remain very crowded in louisiana, where vaccination rates are actually quite low. so are they worried about a covid surge there? >> they absolutely are. they should worry about it because it is a state with a low vaccination rate, so that's one issue, and number two, you are having people all together in these crammed spaces. hospital spaces are tough to come by as well. so they are worried about, you know, as the numbers go up, where they are going to put sick people if they need medical care as well. remember, only about -- in louisiana about a third of the
11:43 am
population is vaccinated, and we're seeing cases right now at all-time highs. >> stuart: got it, jackie, thank you very much indeed. by the way, the cdc says nearly 1 million covid booster shots have been administered in the united states. more than 61% of people 12 and older here in america are now fully vaccinated. that adds up to a total of 173 million people, vaccinated. back to the markets because we've got some green showing through. that's a look at the dow 30, gives you a state of play for the overall markets. more ups than downs. let's put it like that. the dow is up 41 points, 35,441. for the first time in nearly 20 years, no american troops in afghanistan, as of today, but americans are still there, so what now? what's next? i will ask rick grinnell after this. that building you're trying to buy, you should ten-x it.
11:44 am
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11:47 am
>> we gave them a list of all of the americans, and somebody told me that the list had a lot of afghans that helped us on it also. those people are in serious trouble. >> stuart: that was our president, president trump who was on the show earlier,
11:48 am
criticizing the exit from afghanistan. meanwhile, the head of central command offering what i would call words of appreciation for the taliban. listen to this. >> they established a firm perimeter outside of the airfield to prevent people from coming on the airfield during our departure. they were actually very helpful and useful to us as we closed down operations. >> stuart: all right. rick grinnell joins me now. great to have you on the show, rick. we need your expertise. are the taliban our friends, partners, or flat out enemys? >> flat out enemies. there should be no hesitation here. this is ridiculous. i mean, the state department spokesman is talking about how the taliban should act like a member of the international community? are you kidding? we're going to ask them to participate at the u.n. under women's programs, or start a pride flag movement? i mean, this is crazy.
11:49 am
this is what washington is completely gone mad with, trying to figure out how to cover for joe biden. let's be very clear, stuart. the national security advisor jake sullivan had a white paper, and they forgot to check with people on the ground for how this academic white paper would unfold. they ignored every information piece on the ground. i can tell you that general miller, who was in charge of bagram airbase, did not -- let me repeat, he did not approve closing bagram before you got out state department employees. i would like to know why wendy sherman, the deputy secretary of state, and anthony blinken, the secretary of state, sat silently when they knew that 2500 american troops and 5,000 nato troops would leave before
11:50 am
foreign service officers and direct hires from the american government would leave the kabul embassy, the american embassy in afghanistan. how could they sit there and allow this to happen? we had many people trapped. still other americans are there. no one buys that they want to stay in afghanistan in a war zone. that's ludicrous. anthony blinken, our secretary of state, should resign in disgrace, and he should take wendy sherman with him, and where is our senators? why are they not demanding that we have hearings immediately? this is such an outrage and embarrassment. let me just finish by saying, every single man and woman who served in afghanistan did the right thing. they served honorably. they protected us. some gave their lives and limbs for us. do you know who messed it up? the politicians in washington who absolutely didn't take donald trump's plan, where the taliban was scared to death of the u.s. government, when joe
11:51 am
biden got in, guess what happened? the taliban was no longer afraid of the u.s. government. they inched their way city by city until they took over the whole country, and joe biden sat there. >> stuart: i'm going to put out this iconic photo back on the screen, came out early this morning. this is the last american soldier out of kabul. that is christopher donahue. my question is, there are all these people left behind, americans and our allies, thousands of them, how are we going to get them out? we say we're going to get them out. how are we going to do that without putting boots back on the ground? >> look, you know, this is a washington thing to have this iconic photo of the last person leaving. we have americans there. he's not the last american leaving. he's not. and this whole idea that we have to package the story with a bow on the top of it, for a washington politician to pretend like everything is going well is ridiculous. my en -- i mean, look, stuart,
11:52 am
they left dogs behind. they left dogs in cages at the airport. how is that? where is our national media? our d.c. media? do they even own dogs in the white house press corps? are they sensitive to what dogs do and how incredibly helpful they've been to americans? we had planes that were leaving that were empty. you can't put dogs in the crates? they're already in crates. put them on the plane. this was a disaster. and i don't understand why people in washington are acting like iconic photos are going to wrap up this whole thing, and we're going to feel good about it. there should be hearings, and people need to be dismissed. you don't get to do this in the rest of the united states. you only do this in washington, d.c. it is sick. >> stuart: is the president, president biden, is he up to the job? >> no. everybody knows this. he's not up to the job. look, president trump handed joe
11:53 am
biden a stable afghanistan and a working embassy in kabul. he messed it up. he completely messed it up. because they have this white paper, they have academics that are there, and let's be honest. i disagreed with your guest earlier. susan rice is running this whole shop. i mean, who believes that susan rice is running domestic policy? she's working on medicare, medicaid policy? nobody believes that. her two deputies, remember, stuart, remember when she was the national security advisor. do you know who were two deputies were? one who is running our intelligence programs and the second is secretary of state blinken. they are her deputies. she hand-picked them to run these ageagencies. she's in charge. she's given us benghazi, syria, libya. it is a disaster. she keeps failing and we keep allowing it. >> stuart: i wish we had you on
11:54 am
your show earlier, rick, because that is valuable information and valuable input to our coverage. rick, we thank you. we hope we see you soon. >> thanks, stuart. >> stuart: i promise, more varney after this. k quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now, he's really on his game. once-weekly trulicity lowers your a1c by helping your body release the insulin it's already making. most people reached an a1c under 7%.
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11:58 am
not look like, they told us to get out, they gave us a date and that was it that withdrawal was an absolute humiliation of the united states of america and the admirals and generals are right and more than that should resign. stuart: what should president biden say to the american people this afternoon, not what do you think he might say but what he should say. >> he should say i am sorry, he owes an apology, the best thing he can do is apologize to the american people and apologize to the world, we had a lot of help in afghanistan and we left and everybody else had to leave with us but the whole world deserves an apology. stuart: that was president trump on our show earlier we will find out today to 45:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon if president biden will apologize he addresses the nation at that time will he apologized, what will he do, before we close the
11:59 am
show i want to add information which we just received from ric grenell, he's the former acting director of national intelligence, he knows what he's talking about. we were talking about who is calling the shots for president biden, who writes his scripts, who is calling the levers of power, his answer was susan rice. susan rice benghazi fame who went out on the network for four different networks and lied about who is responsible for benghazi, lied about benghazi and the death of ambassador there, her assistance has been before the administration took power admiral haynes was susan rice assistant, admiral haynes is now the director of national intelligence. another assistance to susan rice was anthony blinken who is now the secretary of state, when you ask who is calling the shots the
12:00 pm
answer from ric grenell was susan rice through admiral haynes and anthony blinken, that is quite a revelation, if we want to see some resignations who is going to resign after all of this. it is been quite a show we've had president trump in a market rally and my time is up, neil it is now yours. neil: does anyone think it's president biden, i don't know, whatever, thank you very much we are following all the developments post leaving afghanistan, we have you covered from every angle jennifer griffin at the pentagon and edward lawrence at the white house and in germany ashley webster were a good many of those planes make their first stop as they go through a pretty involved vetting process, let's go to jennifer griffin at the pentagon were loading the number of americans who are still


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