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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 10, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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get 5 hundred purchase allowance on 20-21 buick suv models. larry: senator manchin is right, it's time for a tax and spend pause. and secondly, tomorrow night jim glassman, kevin has set and the famous dow senator manchester@freight tax-and-spend pause. secondly, tomorrow night jim glassman, kevin and the famous dow 36000 but you do not want to miss this, i am "kudlow" we will see you tomorrow ♪ ♪. kennedy: here come the vaccine mandates. there go your personal freedom. i warned you. president biden announcing sweeping new requirements. they are not mandates that could affect as many as 100 million americans as one third of the publishing here in the united states but according to president if you do not like it too bad jack. according to the president's plan, every company with more than 100 employees must either require those employees to get vaccinated or test them once a week. since the testing ain't cheap
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and vaccines are free the boss is a government squeeze on workers. most federal employees get vaccinated as well as contractor who works with the federal government with no testing option. today, the president claimed is the only way to stop the pandemic. >> we are in the tough stretch and it could last for a while. highly contagious delta variant i began to warn america about back in july, spread late-summer like it did and others before us. vaccines provide strong perfection for the vaccinated the read about and hear about them and we see the stories of hospitalized people. people on their deathbeds, among the unvaccinated over the past few weeks. this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. kennedy: they know they're dealing with the present also criticize those have not gotten a shot, get the shot.
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remember that? watch this. >> many of us are frustrated the nearly 80 million americans who are still not vaccinated. even though the vaccine is safe, effective and free. kennedy: then he played the freedom carpet. >> this is not about freedom or personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you the people you work with, the people you care about the people you love. my job as president is to protect all americans. >> it's like the patriot act in the syringe. after the president called out governors for not doing more, they started pushing back including arizona governor doug deutsche who tweeted quote, this is exactly the big government overreach we have tried so hard to prevent an arizona mall the biden/harris administration is hammering down private businesses and individual preet freedom in an unprecedented way preet this
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will never stand up in court. will the president's speech change the minds of any unvaccinated americans? let's get into it for one for each band panel from the beauty of pollen because he's the host inspected usa contribute batteries got a fantastic article out there right now, all about fauci and he's not wearing a mask for it is going to go to prison, stephen l. miller is here. along with pulse or author of the end of democracy, doug shown. and 2020 libertarian vice presidential candidate, he has got his eyes on the white house possibly in 2024 spike cohen is back welcome everyone for. >> thank you candy happy birthday big. >> thank you it was yesterday. i am so not celebrating ever again. so steven, let us discuss some of these mandates for the president is saying it is a six prong approach.
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i say six prongs right at the keister where no one wants it. could this backfire? >> it is going to backfire hugely. joe biden cannot fail he can only be filled that is the message today. is everyone else's fault except the guy he said is when to shut the virus down. before we think this is anything to do the unvaccinated or science, "washington post" reporter came back and said the postal service workers, the usps which is about 650,000 federal employees, the largest workforce will not be mandated to take the vaccine. this has nothing to do with vaccinations for this is kind of like floated the eviction moratorium to see if he could do it heading into midterms associate is shutting down businesses and good luck with that one. >> he race a really good point. some of the public unions they do not want to be dictated to. there's a 40% vaccination
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rate. they are very skeptical of it. doug schoen arty announced they're going to sue. the ice there'll be a lot more lawsuits from a lot of other players including big government organizations. they will file legal briefs as well. >> i think this is perfect storm against the biden administration. i think we have both seen his approval numbers are dropping precipitously. particularly in spring and trent swing states, swing districts and the president is trying to come up with something to address the pandemic which he said was going to and around the july 4 weekend. at a historic potential loss of seats and the house and senate's, potentially control of both bodies. this is a long by the biden
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administration. it is very much uncertain to me that it will produce the desired result. >> doug that's a great point and spike always have the democrats have lost, doug schoen they have lost everything. >> exactly. >> they have also lost the what are some of the larger issues here? the president said this is not about freedom. whenever a politician or the politician in charge of the entire free world says something like that, i automatically assume in its absolutely about freedom, your thoughts but. >> it is always about freedom for the reality is not about covid producing a down turn of the recent surge for this no reason to think that will continue. this is not about covid anymore than the patriot act was about al qaeda. the government asserting more control of your lives, your rights, your property in this case or bodily economy but it's not going to work. with other companies with that
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much higher rate their sync record surges of colored because that is what viruses do. and when this failed is there a single person watching as he biden will take a step back and say do you know what? this is not right for this vaccine mandate did not work, we were wrong or do you think you will double, triple, quadruple down on bad and on successful policy? this is the problem with government. the reality is there's going one way to fight back against this it is mask noncompliance. government makes up less than 1% the population for even five or 10% of americans refuse to especially during the labor shortage government has to take a step back and rose they cannot run roughshod over the american people. >> compliance has become my least favorite word. i've seen i hope people follow the #. spike i think you're absolutely right. they've undertaken the
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collective good always backfire. you are also right politicians never admit when they fail. look at the afghanistan withdrawal. this has been horrific yet this administration has sprained its elbow patting itself on the back for mission accomplished guys, job well done. meanwhile another federal failure dr. fauci could be thrown in prison that the wording to rand paul who says fauci it should be locked up for lying to congress about funding gain of function research at the wuhan lambert found she said it never happened. it nearly leaked documents found it did infected. rand paul is pissed. >> it is very dangerous to public officials we need to have trust in coming and lying to us. he has lied dozens of times but usually it tells us it's for our own good. but yes he there are other nicer words he's definitely lied to the american public
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pretty should be held responsible. not just that, the judgment we should continue to fund this lab, when the virus in all likelihood came from the lab is such incredible poor judgment should be immediately removed. >> so, should fauci get a one-way ticket to the graybar hotel? what have you found? >> he said unequivocably this research was not happening and it was. i'm going to throw cold water on the spree's not going to go to prison they're not going to lock him up. going to have to come up with a little bit of a higher power. fauci is a true believer in the word. the way to corner him on this is to essentially say you're right i ordered the code red. to get him to admit he loves again of function research is all for it is work.
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he talked about dual use purpose which the state department splicing viruses. he is actually proud of this stuff. when you approach him with it when rand paul approaches with it he gets defensive about it. he does not want to be seen the deaths of 50 million people that's adjusted now upwards from a report and that uk. i want fauci to admit he believes in gain of function and he's not a creepy gremlin like doctor frankenstein. science can only be used for good and nothing bad will ever come of this. quoting jon stewart week for those splitting the atom. instead of using it for electricity wizard to bomb people. that's essentially what's happening here. fauci it needs to be made to defend this work. think that is how you get him. before he has to start doing that by being honest about it because he had been incredibly dishonest about his role in the nih role in funding this
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and being the one to approve the funding for the various grants that went around the world and assuming with no oversight every scientist that was accepting the grant money was going to act in the best interest but that did not happen for. >> that does not matter if it's a noble lie. for lying to you for your own benefit whether it's masks or vaccines or quarantine or anything previous anyone's personal doctor would have dumped him by now. >> i've been saying this all along. there plenty of smart people out of their 20 people who worked in the federal government and studied viruses and i want a second opinion. >> i think that makes good sense, kennedy. especially in light of the documents have now reported. we are still a government of laws. let's have an independent investigation whether be a u.s. attorney, committees of
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the congress, we need to get to the bottom of this. i do not want to throw away the key until we do that. it is surely suggestive of a serious problem about dr. fauci has said. i would very much like to get additional opinions involved on the whole promulgation of federal policy on vaccination on the covid-19 problem because we are in a point now where we honestly have to admit our best position is we just don't know other than vaccines do appear to help. >> that is a good point maybe we do not know definitively. we got big tech, big government and big immediate working together where the narrative is more important than the truth, spike you are never going to find the answer.
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>> we have big government, big tech and big corporations working together you of what mussolini called the link of fascism that is what we are expressing right now. as to whether i think anthony fauci could be a member of the press would not get five days for especially the rest of the surviving oppressive member started vilifying the victim for hurting anthony fauci's feelings or whatever. that is increasingly plausible this was a government problem. government funded gain a function research that ultimately led to a regrettable lad and trend lab leak that killed millions of people. it will take foia request like what we've seen from the intercept and others, to investigate the government if they did anything wrong. that never works. we are going to need the people to engage in an age old american tradition of simply
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saying no, i am not going to comply. now what are you going to do about it? >> what i am going to do is talk about the least transparent president and modern history. again taking no questions today after announcing some of the biggest challenges to personal freedom. as he presents a pattern of avoiding questions his own decision? or someone else controlling him? >> i'm not supposed to take any questions but go ahead with. >> mr. president. >> ladies and gentlemen they gave me a list to the first person i was supposed to call on was kelly o'donnell of nbc i'll take your questions and as usual folks they gave me a list jonathan associated press. >> you guys are bad i'm not supposed be answering all these questions i'm supposed to leave but i cannot resist your questions. now i am supposed to stop and
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walk out of the room here. i am going to stop. with your permission going to walk into the room, thank you. >> what a hero. so brave. who is this that they that are telling the president of the united states what to do? why is the president listening to them? is it possible our president really is not in charge? if so who is. who is the puppetmaster, steven? >> there is a great story in politico about staffers the by demonstration turning off the tv when he speaks because they have anxiety his eyeballs are going to pop out of his head. if i was a reporter, any reporter worth their weight and reputation should ask him who is telling you not to take our questions? is there in the room behind us with a sledgehammer it's going to take you out and we never hear from you from five days?
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we are being told to ignore something by allies, the media at the democrats this is normal when it's really not. we are being told hey guys you need to not worry about this. it's either this or trump going off for three hours and spring everyone with bs. i think there is a happy medium here. we are being told there's nothing going on here i want to know is this a cry for help? do we need the know the signs for elderly abuse? our visiting angels this is a cry for help i'm not supposed to do these things are going to hurt me again for. >> what happens if he does not comply? the chief of staff is almost certainly making these kind of decisions people to refer to
12:17 am
him as the prime minister. it's disconcerting going he had in trouble if i do this. and how do we know they have their best interest at heart? >> i think what we are witnessing to someone who does not like the fact is not given more autonomy while he's imposing a mandate on the rest of us. we are seeing him being frustrated at the fact he's been told by people who are probably a third of his age or half of his age which he can and cannot speak too. and again that can be frustrating welcome to what americans have been experiencing for the centuries actually. going back to who is in charge here, i think this is a reality of something we have been watching for quite some time but it soared like a new version of the emperors who
12:18 am
watch slowly decline in front of us watching evolved into senility but we all have to pretend this is a new age of civility what a brilliant president we have. we were watching him whether that's the white house or really just the system that joe biden has spent the last 40 plus years creating what should be a fairly ironic and itself. we are overruled by overlords worked tirelessly to improve the image of golden americans. joe biden is just dismantling that day by day. he thanks that we cannot call them tornadoes anymore, steven. [laughter] >> i don't what they call them anymore, texas worldly birds
12:19 am
think that illinois wetlands or something. i don't know, donald trump walk funny down a ramp and suddenly everyone to a neurologist to say something was wrong here were supposed to pretend this is all normal? kennedy: know he lists a train of thought in the middle of the sentence for is like grandpappy, he needs to nab communist unbutton his pants after lunch, he needs to lay down on the davenport, all that is fine that we should do in your golden years. you should not be running the country, told us of the main panel sticking around for coming up saturday marks 20 years since the 911 terror attacks. for many it feels like yesterday put in going to talk with a first responder who is at ground zero. firefighters to this date. firefighters to this date. stick around. thanks for coming. now when it comes to a financial plan
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for many directly affected by the horrors of that day the wounds have yet to heal pretty special first responders like my next guest is eddie still struggling to recover after two decades. join me tonight former police officer, chaplin and firefighter founder of in-vest usa ground first responder welcome to the show. >> it is always an honor to be here with you tonight, candy. thank you so much. kennedy: take me back to the say you were in south carolina one of the few people who knew what firefighters and others were going there. how did you make your way to new york city to help with ground zero? >> i think what happened is that every american experience we saw the tragic images that were coming forth and being projected and portrayed. we knew those officers and first responders would need help to manage their responsibility situation. that's what america does best rows behind its people. we immediately began to put
12:25 am
together a program to provide assistance and head up that way. air transportation was canceled. everything had to be driven. so we made preparations, got there a few days and hit the ground running. kennedy: for a lot of people comment since then, since being exposed to the asbestos, the chemicals and the carcinogens, they did not survive these two decades. are you having health issues yourself in the 20 years since? >> i am having health issues but i don't like to admit them, i am a tough old bird. >> you are you also taken the opportunity of the last 20 years to really help. there were a couple things you really serve some dangerous gaps in the system. one
12:26 am
12:27 am
is that police were not always fitted with bullet proof vests. and in-vest usa i am assuming is helping with that. also the lack of communication between first responders, between cops and firefighters is still an issue.
12:28 am
>> it is a big issue you'll see that in the 9/11 commission report. one of the things we have to change in this country if we are going to be successful, if we are going to continue to prosper, have freed in and just as this we have to change the perspective on our first responders. there's a movement to defund of movement cannot give them equipment. we lost a number of first responders at 911 because they did not get the message to be back with the building. they were on different systems. after 20 years you would think congress would address that point. infrastructure bill there's no money to address. those have to change this country for going to be successful. now with what is going on in afghanistan, déjà vu once again are we going to be the next terrorist target as a pour across the border? the people to defend them is that thin blue line which is crumbling print we need all of americans helped a short but thin blue line again. but we have a very different view of society of police of did 20 years ago. do still talk with nypd and fdny firefighters and cops? >> we have some great camaraderie with her brothers and sisters, yes we still do. what's interesting is the spirit that makes america great. it's not just among our first responders. there are tremendous american there are tremendous american heroeses let's go walter! after you. walter, twelve o' clock. get em boy! [cows mooing] that is incredible. it's the multi-flex tailgate. it can be a step, it can even become a workspace. i meant the cat. what's so great about him? he doesn't have a workspace. the chevy silverado with the available multi-flex tailgate.
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incomparable design makes it beautiful. state of the art technology makes it brilliant. the lexus nx. experience the crossover in its most visionary form. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. can our panel of contestants
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tell the difference between the real deal and her phony baloney? it's time to take america's game show fake news or florida big man panels back are you ready to play steven, doug, and spike ozment. >> yes absently. >> yes it sure beats before i'm going to look over here, just k, taking. florida man stopped by police for running naked on a highway then steals the responding officer's car and drives it into the woods. is that fake news or florida, steven? >> that is florida. kennedy: you are damn right it is. >> anything to do with the naked men running anywhere in florida. >> just you wait the night is young. you've got a point good job little buddy. this one is for doug. 22-year-old joshua which sounds like a venereal sort was seen running along interstate naked, laying down on the road.
12:34 am
officers went to arrest and they did three sets of handcuffs, one for his ankles, one for his wrist and drove a police car and crash it. that is so sad he's so handsome. >> he did nothing wrong. >> i thought this was america but. >> this is america. >> it doug here's your first headline. lord it woman arrested after using a sharpie to write celine dion song lyric on a strangers a dog that was tied up outside of a store. is that fake news or florida? >> that is florida. kennedy: that is a fake news, doug. no woman would use a sharpie to write on a dog. she would use her own blood. kennedy: that is okay. despite, this what is for you. spike is always very confident in his gameplay on thursday nights. let's see if he can best three out of four. kennedy: is all he does win, win, win. spike this is for you florida
12:35 am
men arrested for putting a for lease sign with this phone number on an empty storefront and meeting with four different business owners and attempt to scan them and lease it out for is that fake news or florida? >> that is both florida news and sovereign citizen news but. >> that is actually fake news, steven in the lead after round one. he has got a point. steven here schneck's headline. florida man steals and alligator from a golf course and swingset by its tail in attempts to fling it to the top of the building. is that fake news or florida? >> that is florida. kennedy: that is indeed florida. 32-year-old william hodge, there he is, hello. he stole the alligator from a miniature golf course, try to launch into the air. he was charged with animal cruelty, burglary and criminal mischief.
12:36 am
quite a handsome devil but. >> if you have a better idea how to get rid of and alligator i am listening. here we go, it cannot swing a dead gator without hitting a guy that looks like that. florida teenager stole delivery man's car so she could drive to her boyfriend's house fake news or florida, doug? what happened in all 50 states. i think it is real. kennedy: is in fact real. doug you are only one point behind steven good job. we've got a real barn burner let's see if we can separate the florida man poses as a tennis pro for two months so we can use the shower at a high-end country club. fake news or florida? [laughter] >> i'm going to go with
12:37 am
florida. i'm going to go with florida plates before you should go with fake news. i have to say we are getting so good at making these up that i wish that was true. i am sad it is not true but you are not on the board, steven still on the lead with one point over doug. steven here is your next headline. florida men accused of selling bleach as miracle covid-19 cure, fake news or florida? >> considering that is not chris cuomo that is going as jim koster it's a fake news. kennedy: you are wrong. i was really 62-year-old man his three sons and marketed a bleach chemical as it miracle mineral solution through their forwarded church of health and healing. he sold $120,000 worth of it in march of 2020. despite a court order to not sell it. two of the sons were arrested break data and the others caught and arrested after fleeing to columbia.
12:38 am
>> maybe chris cuomo's wife was a customer after all? >> issue is hallelujah. you can catch up here, florida want woman busted selling coffee out of the starbucks container in the parking lot of a starbucks telling us the coffee shop and moved operations outside due to covid-19. fake news or florida, doug? >> i am sure that happens. kennedy: that did not happen that is in fact fake news. this is your last question for this is worth two points. if you get this right you will tie with stephen l. miller and that is exciting. >> lame. kennedy: this is so lame. he goes spike florida men said to his ex-wife's house on fire then it writes about in his girlfriends diary to frame her for the crime, fake news or florida? >> i'm going to keep saying florida one of these is bound to be true. kennedy: this is not true.
12:39 am
spike you got this many rights, steven l millet you are the big winner how does it feel? >> it feels great i'm undefeated in both this game and in life. so humble. thus accurate steven, doug and spike well done that is real good news you guys are the best bird coming up wait until the highly invasive tactics the bite administration is planning to used to get your tax money? jonas ferris is here to explain how you can protect your own. that is (vo) this is more than glass and steel... and stone. it's awe. beauty. the measure of progress. it's where people meet people. where cultures and bonds are made between us. where we create things together. open each other's minds. raise each other's ambitions. and do together, what we can't do apart. this is space for dreams.
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kennedy: welcome back. president biden's got it dirty trick up his sleeve to fund is a bloated and >> infrastructure plan. he wants to stick as a bony little right into your bank account. then he wants to sniff you. the plan would require blanks
12:44 am
to report every transaction, every transaction to the irs. a pal, crypto exchanges by the white house at the goal is to fight tax evasion. analyst said the money recovered would bring over $4,060,000,000,000 over the next decade read that sought a lot of money we're talking is going through naturally and more. isn't this going too far and how would you feel about "big brother" keeping tabs on everything you buy or sell. joining me too discuss fox news contributor jonas max ferris. the time i give the irs another $80 billion to really ramp up. the banks hate this. they say is going to cost way too much money to comply with new regulations for the government to spy on every transaction their customers make. >> i am actually four in irs budget to be high enough to bring in money. but it is diminishing returns. not going to pay for a bill of this size just by going after people are cheating on their
12:45 am
taxes. that should be a part of all government operations. they made tax illegal and is not going to raise enough money to say you're paying for something when you cannot actually pass the tax increase. that is really what you would need to do to pay for the past spending and the current plan to spend a great that's for the keep falling apart and the tax details come up. there is a magic box of tax avoidance, republicans do this too. were just going to cut fraud, it does not add up, they do not go up to them hard enough to add it to the kind of numbers to pay for these plans. we've worked tax cuts do grow the economy, so does cutting spending but neither party wants to do both. neither party wants to cut spending. republicans are no better than democrats here. democrats are really in a pickle because they do not have a way of passing this. you have progressives that they can $3.5 trillion is way too little party of nancy pelosi saying we may be able
12:46 am
to solve $8 trillion and pass this. so what are they going to do? >> is not going to pass. they did not win enough seats to past anything significant. they cannot pass it. even if they had more seats they are not going to get together on the kind of tax increases. this whole bernie sanders, soak the rich is not raise enough money to pay for the sort of social agenda you get in europe. on average working people by the corporate tax rate if it goes back to where it was as a little over 100 billion extra a year for it's not going to pay off the covid debt. it's not going to pay for a new plan. in the state make it to raise taxes on people as well there's no way to pass anything anymore paid the budget cannot handle it they like to pretend it's not going to do with the gray shakedown billionaires and corporations for that can be a part of it but it's not enough of it to cover this kind of plan. it would not pay for the
12:47 am
deficit spending of the last few years including tax cuts that were not paid for partially by spending cuts. kennedy: their modern theory, my favorite part about all this i hate these spending the big redundant spending packages. but what makes me laugh is bernie sanders is out there with his pitchfork. but medicare for all, green new deal never going to get to it. they're never going to to bernie's spending, we have ten seconds literally ten seconds go-ahead requests were not to get to it. you cannot raises spending with dental and all they want to add that require higher medical tax. that is not pay for the current benefits, it's not going to pay for more benefits that is the reality of it. >> it's not going to pay for enhancement and booby-traps which you could maybe sell that not anymore. tropical storm is nextt
12:48 am
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12:52 am
smoking gun, this is a tropical storm. topic number one, here we go. mercedes has availed the new futuristic car they claim cannot read driver's minds for a course like all mercedes drivers there's mostly thinking look at me you guys, look at me. this is they mercedes benz aversion a vtr. a new sports car at the subtlety of a face set tattoo. it's a cross between a porsche 911 and a jellyfish. it's called the car of the future, not your future of course but maybe mark zuckerberg. the car's computer system can be activated with voice control spacing phrases like pain mercedes. there's also a special san francisco voice that activates when you say hey stop peeing on my mercedes. the craziest features the mind control system. the car comes with a headset paid mercedes said leads the drivers brain waves and makes the adjustments to sound and airwaves according to your thoughts but also for some
12:53 am
reason keeps ejecting's men's wives from the car, that it's weird. [laughter] we all know there are much easier ways to read people's minds, for one they can just ask. if they think is for humans or horses you pretty much know everything they think they've got that answer. topic number two. it is been 18 years since the last matrix movie and about six years since we all found out we were actually living inside of the matrix. how depressing for the series is back, like the tile but with the fourth installment called matrix resurrection. the new film portrays a dark utopia taken over the planet installed puppet leaders and forced mankind to adopt cyber passports have mandatory injections. wait, that's not a movie, that is our life. my mistake made the movie was
12:54 am
about something far less scary. a system control put in place by machine. the most chilling part is most are unaware of that manipulation mindlessly repeating what the system tells them. trust in the artificial narrative even more than their family and friends. never mind was thinking of a real life. my mistake. this movie a group of heroes pushing back against the system fighting for their evil overlord for the freedom of mankind. that i was definitely not thinking of real-life, topic number three. are you desperate to live like a cartoon? don't have a cow, to mark the opening at the springfield mall in pennsylvania a real live version from the simpsons. it's a perfect place to unwind after a long get the nuclear power plant for the new barber look just like the cartoon version will serve a variety of simpson themed food and drink like homer's chicken tenders. and mozzarella sticks. after that if you're still
12:55 am
hungry you can eat my shorts. customers are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite simpsons character if you do not have a costume, you can just drink until your liver quits on you and you turn yellow. food and drink packages start at 32 in range to $89 per person. so be prepared to spend a lot of dough. you better act fast the tavern's book tons of reservations for people like alcoholic, ip freely. [laughter] topic number four. speaking of alcoholics is time to give her most loyal fans. this is fewer mail. you guys love me so much. michelle picks it off with you are making a fool of yourself for and watched you tonight for the first and last. you yell when you talk. you know what michelle rhymes with? it rhymes with you. amy writes kennedy, people like you are to stock up to
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listen to all the time know the times latimer tweets at kennedy nation that sound so un-american. get a grip sister. passing through channels at kennedy nation was talking about hillary. this kennedy gal sounded like a cackling witch. i am serious. you think she does correct? growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work. over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort.
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