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tv   WSJ at Large With Gerry Baker  FOX Business  September 24, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm EDT

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strategic analyst general jack keane. don't miss the show live over fox news sunday morning futures is at 10-ampere plastering a business foxbusiness start smart every six -- 9:00 a.m. eastern for mornings with maria on foxbusiness. we hope you'll start every weekday with us. that will do it for us for this weekend, thank you so muoining me. have a great rest of the weekend everybody. i will see you again next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. gerry: . gerry: this week on the balsa journal at large the poll numbers assange, joe biden is under assault. this time the flak is coming from democrats, international allies and even a usually adoring media. from the continuing crisis at the border to trouble over his domestic tax and spending agenda to an ugly fight with
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america's oldest ally. we will take a closer look this week at the president mounting political woes. and yet there is more evidence that the real collusion that undermined american democracy in the last few years has an indictment of further news about that hunter biden laptop shows it was democrats, big tech, and their friends who collaborated to rig not one, but perhaps to presidential elections. i'll be joined by two leading commentators to talk about the big news this week. and also some thoughts on what may come next. but first, you know things are not going well for democratic president went in the corporate media is attacking him. joe biden faces chaos at the border, humiliation in afghanistan, confusion over covid, worries about a fragile economy, alarm about rising crime and the very real risk the centerpiece of his domestic political agenda is in jeopardy and congress. even his friends are starting to air their alarm. >> i think he has got a pretty
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big credibility crisis on his hand. >> i am so disappointed, so disappointed in the biden ministration today. so very disappointed. >> what is the reticence to call something that is so clearly a crisis, a crisis? >> president biden ran on a promise to use government to help people. and they'll be able to wield the powers of government effectively. we've seen on a range of issues the government's not being good enough. gerry: surely they have some pictures of him eating an ice cream cone to take their minds off the misery of it all. pulling this week underscores the president trump spread gallup poll shows the approval rating slumping to the lowest approval yet, 43%. former president trump would beat biden by a wide margin in 2024 if they both run again and he would beat vice president coppola harassed by an even larger margin. now, of course much of the
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media, but items a problem if you can actually believe it he is just not progressive enough. the cause of much of the whaling this week in particular is the crisis of the southern border where we watched as border patrol agent struggled to deal with thousands of patients who camped out under a bridge in texas. biden's critics are unhappy that instead of laying these so-called asylum-seekers into the country he is setting them back to haiti. this by the way is a false premise. many of those people left haiti sometimes ago and were living in mexico or central america but do not truly seeking asylum from the ravaged country because of already received asylum and another one for they want to come to the united states, like so many people do, because they don't treat them better gives them better opportunities. but we've got a full-scale progressive meltdown this week when pictures are circulated of a border patrol agent on horseback roughly trying to corral a couple of migrants. democrats, including the president himself on friday, rushed to denounce the
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agents. as the union leaders for these overstretched stations pointed out the real reason for the disarray that led to these kinds of scenes is that lack of preparedness by the administration to deal with the surge in. that is the crisis at their own open border policies have produced. a much bigger scandal at the border in fact is welcome claimants of imported mostly haitians it seems the administration is quietly allowing many to enter the country. the associate press reported this week large numbers have been released into the u.s. under the ludicrous catch and release scheme by which they're expected to check in with one enforcement inside the country and of course they never do. so while many democrats oppressed for open borders, much of the country looks on in horror. joe biden seems caught between the two. let's take all this up now with our panel joining mayor fox news contributor and conservative radio host tammy bruce and fox news contributor host of a richard fallow show, richard fowler, thank you both for joining me. >> great to be here.
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gerry: let's start with you tammy. let's listen to something joe biden said on friday talking about the images we saw at the border this week. >> it was horrible what you saw. to see people treated like they did, horses running over people being strapped is outrageous. i promise you those people will pay. there will be in investigation and there will be consequences. gerry: he's blaming the federal agents they are in pretty stark language, what do you think? >> it has been this kind of rhetoric. we note the south and central american leadership has agreed to this. this kind of a rhetoric coming out of the biden administration is the reason why last month we had over 200,000 encounters with people trying to cross and crossing the border. this is unprecedented. the most in a generation over
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20 years. there is a rhetorical invitation that a lot of people have heard. keep in mind to a lot of these people came from costa rica. they've been there since the first earthquake something like four years ago per they're not coming directly from haiti. they decided now is the time, this was the invitation. i would also say it's interesting comment from joe biden that apparently it is all right when we murdered seven children, three aid workers in afghanistan because he needs to look strong and save face after the debacle of afghanistan. but federal offices protecting their horses, doing their job, trying to keep people out of the united states as some kind of human rights abuse that requires action and punishment. i think at the height of hypocrisy shows you the disconnect between what they allow themselves to do and what they do with the customs and border patrol agents being. >> it does look like the president trying to distract him a crisis of his own making.
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>> a couple things here. i think we've got to take politics out of what's happened to the haitian migrants and put history into it. first the first earthquake happened about ten years ago. they were pretty protective temporary status are granted to many individuals but a lot of the 10,000 patient migrants from some of my reporting reporting of others, they got there because they went to brazil and walked from brazil to the united states expecting to qualify under america's asylum law and a protective temporary status. by the time they got there that was rescinded by donald trump. and now it's left for the biden ministration to answer is their horrible treatment of these individuals that if they had a chance to see an immigration judge and plead their case, would likely qualify for asylum under american law. we got to take a quick break there when we come back we'll
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>> job items at the united nations this week. less than a month after the humiliating retreat from afghanistan which left america's allies feeling abandoned and betrayed. the president was, believe it or not promising to lead a new era of diplomacy. >> as we close this period of relentless war, or opening a new era of diplomacy for. >> all of this after france generally described itself most serious fight the biden
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administration agreed with united kingdom. present was soon back in washington battling with other allies. this time members of his own party who continued to do get out of the scale of their massive spending plan. moderate to the house and senate are refusing to back a $3.5 trillion plan while progressives are refusing to support a bipartisan infrastructure deal unless they get the whole spending package done first. meanwhile the government set to run out of money next week. soon after that hit the legal ceiling on its borrowing capacity. here one of the biden headmistress relook at and debt crisis. let's take this up with our panel. richard let me come to you. are the democrats going to go to break this impasse of their spending plan? >> hi open the segment is a good a sort of summarization of the biden ministration is. it's crisis on top of crisis on top of crisis. foreign policy being the most among them.
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with the resignation of envoy, the president was going to have a hard case to make diplomacy work. your career diplomats are resigning right here in the backyard in the western hemisphere. >> on this congressional impasse the left is saying it will not affect the bipartisan bill senders like joe manson christian sinema said no they're not going to support anything like 3.5 trillion. while coming up with the government running out of money and a debt ceiling. how it's going to play out as joe biden going bill to hold the party together? >> i think it's clear he hasn't. the party is as much in shambles as everything else that he is the leader of. here's the problem there is no leadership. that's why you're seeing a lack of cohesion. there's no center of gravity
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from joe biden in the white house at all. you got competing factions as a result with no heavy hand keeping them together. there's always been factions of both parties. it's a matter of if there's leadership rounding up cats. you've got to have an idea about how to do it but there is no idea. what you're hearing is the far left proposal economically which will destroy the country. it's not infrastructure deal. it's the new green deal. this is certainly what a lot of democrats realize is going to hurt them next year. it's one thing to have a spending bill, this is unprecedented. this is nuts. a lot of individuals know this. joe biden is the front of it but there are too many factions coming to me chefs in the kitchen. for finding out exactly how you do not get anything done that way. >> richard you said it yourself crisis on top of
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crisis is the biden ministration sink in? >> i don't they're sinking at all. they have to find their ceilings here. where i disagree tammy is not necessarily wrangling cap it's more how they figure what proposal works with the majority of their caucus. some of these initiate tax cuts to middle-class families of working families which is overwhelmingly popular. biden has to figure out how to get aoc and joe manchin on the same page. i think the answer lies in our their programs, are they policy initiatives the both of these individuals agree with? some include early childhood education with joe biden and his wife are big champions as well as the squad is a big champion. how do you get them on the same page and how did the turn into legislative language to pass the house and the scent prior to the debt ceiling or the government shutting down? gerry: >> , quickly? gerry: very quickly tammy. >> we have an example of what
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made the strongest economy in the world, go back to the donald trump policy. they're trying to remake the wheel. we know what works prior everybody knew what they were getting back to its proven as opposed to take a hatchet to it, shameful. gerry: richard. >> i want to push back on that. even donald trump's daughter, ivanka trump, talked about how to fix early childhood education for the trump administration did not get that done. now hopefully we can get the republicans to join us. [inaudible] >> do a single bill on that. do a single bill on that. [inaudible] gerry: plenty more time but we have -- with got to tickle her quick break. we come back big tech and that media bias over the hunter biden laptop story that was resurfacing this week. one news organization confirm the authenticity of the
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this week we got fresh confirmation potentially damning material found on hunter biden's laptop and initially published in the "new york post" in october, lester was in fact accurate. political reporter largely confirm the original post, those were the ones that were blocked by social media companies, willfully ignored by most news organization and announced as a scam by intelligence experts. that meant a potentially important story alleging influence peddling by the son of the presidential candidate was suppressed days before the election. where's the real collusion tammy? clearly whichever party would have been with. you are looking at the media's role the american people session of this size speak
10:22 pm
truth to power and ask questions of everyone who has power. in this case not only did they not do it by omission, they were actively suppressing understanding its importance. if it didn't matter why would they suppress it but they did. their suppression itself new there's going to be a problem and they decided their role was to protect one element of this election. if that is not collusion and interference in election i do not know what is. >> and did look like the democrats who are up to dirty tricks both in 2016 and maybe 2022. >> i would not go that far. you ask about how reporting is done, right? most reporters want to make sure they get the story right. they're going to take as much time is a need to make sure they get the story right. if you do not have the story
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prior to the 2020 election you do not release the story. once have your facts and evidence together as politico did they release it and put out to the public. that's the duty as journalists. we have to have accountability and transparency we have to make sure of the facts right. you don't want is a false story has its own 216 said there more e-mails out there only scan them this e-mails already covered and investigated. gerry: that sort was shut down by facebook, by twitter, the mainstream media refused to cover. it could have been very important. as a very disturbing episode wasn't in terms of information americans are entitled to? >> days before the election bombshell stories law enforcement agency figured out
10:24 pm
who is based on accuracy. what journalists are saying. >> amuses to make a point. when journalism about is about transparency and accountability. you do not want to put a star at the you know is not true and you don't have all the facts on it. >> mag? gerry: briefly. >> you got to admire richard first advocacy there for the fact is that i grew thin the journals that the "new york post" did that job for the clearly now, it's clear they knew it they were doing. they have the story, they invented it, it was true, it was correct so they did it. those who had an agenda decided to suppress that effective legitimate work by other journalists because they did not like it. let's not pretend here about what the agenda was. >> you have the agenda?
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overwhelmingly popular even though they don't know what is. is he on another? >> will project what they think is there based on what your commentary is they give you the benefit of the doubt. i think there's a reason we don't know exactly everything in there because they don't want you to know. it's like obamacare, you need to vote for the bill before you see it and i would say about the poor, it wasn't a drone that made it clear what the image is, they continue to keep images clear reporting away from the kids in cages tens of thousands coming over every week and this is evident registration that's restricting the press and they should become as aggressive on the border and in the stories as they are in the white house because all of us deserve to see what's going on because it's an administration that hides things and lie and mislead in del rio was the first breakthrough the equipment control and this is
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what happened. >> wish we had more time but you've been lively getting her foster cross. thank you for joining me as a for us, i'll be back next week with more here on wall street journal. thank you for joining us. ♪♪ welcome to parents roundtable paris prepare you for the week ahead. i am jack. coming up, the collapse of chinese property worse than the brothers. later, hot investment opportunities in healthcare, cutting edge companies you ought to know about we begin the three most important things investors are to be thinking about right


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