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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 11, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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wear a bodysuit like that, wow. dagen: i suspect she was maybe not wearing her skins under that but probably not a corset giving her the way her body is. i have some skins and they put everything in the right places. maria will be here three hours from the border tomorrow. ashley webster taken away. ashley: that's a tough fact to follow. thank you very much degen. good morning, no corsets on the show i am ashley webster in for stuart varney. jen psaki played with the president stopping approval ratings on unvaccinated americans. the administration says it will terminate all border wall contracts and areas of texas that saved the highest number of migrant crossings, meanwhile bp harris was put in charge of the
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border skips in order security meeting instead she was in new jersey to sell the president failing agenda on that trip a visit to a new jersey bakery i do not you cannot make it up. chances are if you were booked on southwest over this holiday weekend you were grounded thousands of flights were canceled and the problems are ongoing we will have the very latest on that story meanwhile stock starting off the week and the red as we know the tenure had topped 1.6% and here's what we look at the futures board the dow essentially flat, the s&p is slightly lower in the big tech stocks down half 8% in premarket by the way big banks kickoff on wednesday we will talk about that as well, meantime take a look at bitcoin money going in there hitting a five-month high bitcoin over $57000. meanwhile 19-year-old william shatner captain kirk will have to wait another day to head into
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space high winds lou origin to launch the shepherd craft until wednesday. by the way a double whammy for christmas not only reports completely backlogged it is causing the surgeon prices and california's governor newsom makes it mandatory for large retailers in his state to have gender-neutral toy aisles, we will get into that as well, we have a jampacked show, the governor of nebraska pete ricketts, dan crenshaw, kt mcfarland, joe concha just to name a few, it is monday october the 11th and "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ ♪.
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ashley: jump right in on this monday morning as we take a look at the empire state building on a cloudy morning in new york city, the third-quarter earnings season gets underway this week, good morning, everybody and that spring in lauren simonetti, good morning to you. lauren: jp work under bargain chains is wednesday, of course you have goldman sachs on friday, added delta, united some of the major names report, here are the expectations 29.6% year-over-year growth in earnings for the s&p 500 companies, that is down from over 96% growth in the second quarter, for the banks especially the third-quarter is typically seasonally slow and it should be this year as well the issue for all these companies is profit margin how much of a hit will they take because of the supply chain disruption in the related cost of that.
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ashley: that's going to be a big issue, let's check the futures and brigand jason katz it looks like slightly lower opening to the session, let's talk about the third-quarter earnings are you expecting a strong season? >> i think we are expecting a less great season, lauren pointed out it is highly unusual to have lower sequential growth in spite of having an economic system and suspension we are and by the way, what we should key on on his guidance with respect to supply chain issues. the numbers will be great 20 some out% is eye-popping but what will the guidance be as excuses and good excuses as far as energy inflation in traditional inflation.
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ashley: i'm glad you said that i want to talk about energy inflation is a huge issue and does not seemed like it's going to go anywhere soon. it could be a long cold winter the current spike in prices what is not doing too the consumer and economy overall? >> we had this perfect storm as far as pushing fossil fuel process enterprises to more onto multiyear highs. whether issues, worker shortages, panic buying, what is really happened is a renewable transition has translated into a disproportionate amount of money not going to traditional energy spending. what is happening, companies and governments are now reassessing the short and long-term renewable plan what is happening to consumers is effectively they now have an additional tax on top of the forthcoming tax increases around the corner, it is going to get trepidation as far as forecast evidence by gold introduction this morning. ashley: i was going to say a part of the reason they cut the economic outlook because it's lower than expected recovery in consumer spending, any spending
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will be on the big energy prices which ultimately hit them directly in the pocketbook. >> that is right but i know that we sound both your coding and interview and i'm sure we will have more volatility ahead of us but i would remain long as an investor but i would continue to rotate out of the highflying multiple stocks and focus on high-quality growth stocks but more importantly you can still and should have cyclical exposure i talked about energy and lauren has talked about all of these financial companies reporting this week, yield curve is deepening, get long financials, remain long cyclicals. ashley: remain calm and carry on, jason katz, as always thank you very much we appreciate it. let's take a look at southwest airlines let's bring lauren back in they canceled more flights this weekend, how many people
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got left stranded? lauren: i don't think you can keep calm and carry out is not a clock eastern 347 southwest flights have been canceled that is 9% of the flights this far, over the weekend were then 1800 canceled that was a third of flights yesterday. what did southwest blame the weather particular in florida and air traffic control issues, okay but their rivals are much lower cancellation rates, what is the deal a major issue southwest does not have an agreement with another carrier to rebook its passengers, those are left completely stranded some of the crews were left stranded as well and then there was talk because of the vaccine mandate some of the pilots and flight attendants called out sick but the airlines and unions say that was not the case. ashley: oh dear i already feel
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my anger rising i was not booked on a southwest flight. exactly, also weather delays has hit william shatner's trip to space. lauren: their delay because of the weather expected wednesday morning now the race to space has to keep getting the public's attention that is one of the reasons the actor in the oldest astronaut were getting on board william shatner will be on cavuto "coast to coast" and i want to know is he scared to go up to space because he recently said i am captain kirk and i'm terrified going to space. we will see, i would be terrified and excited at the same time. ashley: exactly that's very understandable, jen psaki goes on the defensive when asked about the president plummeting poll numbers, listen to who she's pinning the blame on, take a listen. >> what do you make of these
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terrible. >> because of the rise in the variant and even though it was a vaccine approved under a republican administration even though we have full fda approval and even though it's widely available across the country we have a court of a country, less than that, 20% of the country who had decided not to get vaccinated, no question that is having an impact. ashley: really? it's a good time to bring in jason chaffetz, what is your reaction to that. >> let's go back to kamala harris before she was a vice president of the united states. she's the one that said donald trump was involved and she was hesitated in doing that they were doing the country no favors by casting the development of this vaccine, she summarily dismisses the idea of the lack of law enforcement and what's going on at the border the true inflation and she talked about early in the show foreign
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affairs is not also. all of those things biden and harris are poor communicators, we don't see them out there and when they do talk a whole lot of confidence there is a lot to be said as to why joe biden's numbers are in record low territory and kamala harris is giving numbers as low as any vice president in the history of our nation. ashley: we have to hear from celebrities on this into respect to what they say, george clooney weighing in to the pool numbers, listen to this. >> is like taking a battered child and everything will be okay and his first day in school. there is a lot of things that have to be repaired there is a lot of healing that will have to happen and it's going to take time.
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>> healing? i don't know exactly what he's talking about in terms of need to have healing going on but he's a great actor i admire his acting but i don't really know what he's talking about usually a president get the honeymoon that's what they get the get a honeymoon at the beginning. lauren: is lauren simonetti thank you for being on with us, let's check the features this monday columbus day it is up 16 points, the s&p down seven but the selling today is happening in the nasdaq down a half of 1% coming of the mainstream media is add it again comparing republicans playing hardball on raising the debt ceiling to poisoning america's water supply. >> it's not normal negotiation is an outright threat to the welfare of the country in an extreme example would be we will dump anthrax in the water supply unless you do ask wires he. lauren: joe concha is here to take that on next hour.
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first stopping the surge my next guest has a ten-point plan for president biden to end the crisis at our southern border nebraska governor pete ricketts is here to break it down right after this. ♪ i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so... ...glad we did this. [kid plays drums] life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones that building you're trying to buy, i- you should ten-x it.. - ten-x it? ten-x is the world's largest online commercial real estate exchange. you see it. you want it. you ten-x it. it's that fast. if i could, i'd ten-x everything.
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ashley: now this panama is sounding the alarm more than 60000 migrants are passing through on their way to our border and guess what chris jenkins is in panama right now, good morning to you, what is the latest, good morning we are in
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southern panama, it is near the southern border it is much larger than what we see on the u.s. mexican border the foreign minister to panama erica has been sounding that alarm telling anybody who will listen that 60000 haitian migrants are in the pipeline making their way north towards the u.s. border 20000 are stuck in columbia trying to get across the dangerous wild jungle area, let me show you a map what were talking about you can see on the map in the center a little town were trying to get to the military is blocking or access at the moment and we hope that will change their thousands of migrants there trying to make their way north but as you can see the pipeline stretching from south america through columbia across the jungle into panama into central america from mexico and ultimately what we saw two
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weeks ago in del rio with 15000 haitians if you look at footage north of where i am you can see the grades that they are digging, somebody migrants many haitians dying trying to walk through weeks on end with the dense jungle polluted with traffickers as well as the natural disasters because there are no roads to the area what is really interesting this pipeline is profitable to the cartels, a lawyer in columbia talking about residents getting thrown out of their houses to make room for haitians. listen. [speaking in native tongue] >> what we are doing, we are trying to get the military behind us to allow us to go into that area where these migrants
9:19 am
are coming out of the foreign minister encouraged us to come see it we have to speak with her at some point but the bottom line a migration official told me they had more than 500 haitians sitting in the area denied access because they will put them on buses at some point this morning and drive them to the costa rican border hours from where we are hundreds of miles and turn them loose and will continue their journey it's been happening every single day for months on end. ashley: what a humanitarian crisis it is, griff jenkinson panama, thank you very much. let's bring in governor pete ricketts republican from nebraska, good morning to you, you were one of ten republicans to visit the border last week and you are putting forward a ten-point plan to address this horrible crisis at the border, instead of going through all ten points which were gonna put onto
9:20 am
the screen right now, what is the key message you are trying to make. >> the key message, the biden administration is allowing a humanitarian and security prices by undoing a trump policy that got the border under control and were calling on the biden administration to reimplement the trump era policies and the key that really is we have to stop catch and release anybody coming to our country needs to be made in mexico and it's vitally important to get people to come here and feel like they're going to get released into our country, they know that they're going to be stopped on the other side of the border that has cut it down when i was talking to border officials they said when the protocols were in place we felt to a 45 year low as far as migrant crossings, this is really the key stopping the incentives for people coming to this country getting released
9:21 am
and it's a million person backlog and it takes two years these people can get the court date and they disappear and we never find them again. ashley: when i listen to secretary mayorkas of homeland security telling congress that our southern border is secure, that is a boldface lie, is it not? >> absolutely if you look at your august customer border patrol has had 1.3 million contacts of people trying to cross illegally compared to 273,000 last year it's up almost five times, this border is not secure is not an illegal immigration problem is a mass migration problem. ashley: i just want to mention vp harris is supposed to be the so-called borders are, have you had any contact with the vice president? >> no my colleagues and i half of the governance in this country sent a letter to the white house asking for a meeting
9:22 am
to talk about the border policies, this impacts all of our states not just the border states, neither the president or the vice president has responded back to the letter now is been close to three weeks, this is really an administration trying to ignore this problem and hope it goes away. ashley: i have news for them, it is not it is getting worse. governor pete ricketts of nebraska thank you for taking your time this morning we appreciated. time to move on, lauren come back in the administration has canceled border wall contracts on top of all of this, what is their plan? lauren: the wall within the radio and rio grande has been canceled dhs says they will use the unspent cash congress allocated for environmental planning instead i was not sure what that was so i quote these activities include additional biological cultural and natural resource surveys for project
9:23 am
areas where no data has been previously collected. if you can make sense of that, i give you credit, essentially the putting environment over national security, and 400,000 apprehension that the border that could happen this month alone. ashley: that makes absolutely no sense, instead of a border wall we will have a survey. thank you very much. let's get a check of the markets, yes indeed you do. let's take a look at the markets heading towards opening bell coming up next it looks like the dow essentially flat in the nasdaq and s&p slightly lower we'll be right back with the bell. ♪
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let's start with the earnings season that kicks off this week with the big banks, what are you expecting, i am finally glad to get back to her needs number one time expected to have a good week especially in the likes of j.p. morgan companies put strong numbers on the tables and i think they will do it again it's important visibility how the money is actually moving. ashley: you are apparently watching amc a much talked about stock, why amc? >> i do not own i'm not smart enough to trade it but i do think it tells us volumes about how the society is coming if we had big numbers with james bond that will tell me people are engaging in more normal behavior, i think amc is not just a new stock it's a very important barometer at that. ashley: how concerned are you with energy inflation that is not going away the cost of oil is going up and up, it is a direct to consumer's
9:29 am
pocketbooks, is that a concern to you for the economy overall, it is for two reasons, the fed has been wrong since day one and nobody is asking why it's wrong there except in the numbers at face value, high oil tells me there's still supply chain problems and higher cost to work their way through the system and that concerns me, i'll watch it at very carefully because the impacts the christmas retail season especially. ashley: what are you thinking on facebook with all the negative headlines it's been dealing with. >> i won't touch that with a 10-foot pole, probably not a 20-foot pole i think mr. zuckerberg is under severe pressure, these allegations are halfway true then there is a lot more to come in a lot worse to come anybody playing with that stock is playing with fire. ashley: according to the futures market, were seen money coming out of the big tech going into the energy sector into
9:30 am
financials, is that what we are expecting today? >> for today, probably but if you look at microsoft and apple i think these are some of the biggest bargains of wall street right now and of course energy stocks as well. ashley: bite on the dip says keith fitz-gerald we can see them clapping away on this monday morning, by the way the bond market is closed today the regular markets as you can see up and running as we speak and they are, that's what we do this time we will take a look at the big board, the dow 30 stocks, they will make up the dow however, you want to put it we have merck at the top as they're getting approval for oil treatment pill for covid-19, on the downside apple and disney are say money is coming out of apple, microsoft, the big tech and going into energy and financials, that is the trend right now let's take a look at the s&p, that index down a tenth of 8%, down about four points
9:31 am
let's take a look at the nasdaq, big tech, again a little more selling by modestly so, down a third% down 44 points. let's take a look at the big tech numbers microsoft, apple, alphabet/koebel enter google,, all living lower facebook the biggest blue interludes are down 1% let's take a look at goldman they cut their growth for the u.s. soothingly, good morning. lauren: they are saying gdp is only going to be 5.6% and 4% next year historically that is down great but down slightly from the gdp forecast and goldman says they're expecting a delayed recovered when it comes to consumer spending in a global trip shortage will not improve until the back half of next year, 5.6% look at that we would take that any get many that were not recovering as quickly.
9:32 am
ashley: exactly right we can't do a show without talking about tesla, people comparing teslas output to that chinese rival, how quickly did they surpass the 100,000 vehicle mark. susan: it only took them six years to get to 100,000 cars, they took seven years and tesla is much, much bigger and they're ramping very quickly as well, they are crossing and they have crossed 1 million card mark more than a year ago and there on track for a record number deliveries about a hundred thousand, by the way tesla is run by the rockstar ceo of the moment elon musk making an appearance at his factory over the weekend, a lot of fans there, i think it was electronic music concert as well i think he is probably the embodiment of rockstar ceo if he is one. ashley: hopefully no dancing, that's another issue.
9:33 am
susan: he's got some moves. ashley: yes, he has moves but i don't know what to call them. let's look at china tech stocks they had been surging despite the fact that they have been fined. what were they fine for? susan: they were fine for data usage and consumer data but you might be thinking a 500 million-dollar fine and that rallies the entire sector, yes markets love certainty and if that's the worst that beijing has in store monetary fines, that is great, could be a a lot worse with a breakup or a government takeover and that's why were on track for the biggest rebound for chinese stock since august and bullish news biden will be with chinese president xi may be some were made between the two powers and increasing the baba state, charlie munger who is an icon and invest these is willing to
9:34 am
buy and, maybe it makes sense. ashley: may be, the chinese tech stocks doing very well let's take a look at jeff king's made a pretty bullish call, why. susan: is a buy with $66 that is good 40% upside because draftkings early footholds now pay off in the years ahead and they're expecting 3 million daily active users in two years by 2023, those are fantastic metrics as more states legalize online betting. ashley: it is only going up and up let take a look at starbucks there up, for what their pumpkin spice? susan: i've not had one yet the season and maybe early for me, maybe november or december is more like pumpkin season for me but deutsche bank says by the dip ahead of the earnings worth $127 and they say this might be the best chance to buy starbucks, china might be on it a lag.
9:35 am
ashley: what about exxon what's going on with this company. susan: i'm surprised there's differing views on exxon we know oil prices cost $82 a barrel the first time since his time seven years ago but there are bullish calls and negative calls on exxon goldman says dump phillips and by exxon because as a better deal in terms of value and then they said cell exxon because it drawn up so much in his and underperform in their view worth only $60 i think if it wasn't for these viewpoints on exxon the stock might be higher with oil at its priciest in seven years. ashley: a little bit confusing messaging. thank you very much, great analysis let's take a look at the dow winners with the market open with over five minutes home depot doing fine up three quarters of 8% and there is merck, dow, procter & gamble all
9:36 am
moving higher, s&p 500 winners and a big surprise a lot of energy place here, you can read the rest of the board, although stocks doing very well, as for the nasdaq starbucks, we just talked about starbucks up 1%, tesla of nearly 1%, lam research, all doing very well, applied materials, amax also moving higher those are the stocks moving higher on the nasdaq. a quick check of the big board, down 16 points of the dow, a very muted opening on this monday we know the bond market is closed but it closed at 1.61% so you have the tenure, let's check gold up a dollar 301758 for gold. take a look at bitcoin topping 57000, up another $2100, 5,701,335 to be precise.
9:37 am
take a look at oil topping $82 a barrel earlier, that happened for the first time in seven years still up 2% at 8109 for a barrel of crude, coming up in california requiring large retailers to add gender-neutral toy aisles to their stores, what the heck we will have that story, where in the world is vice president kamala harris, she skipped the board meeting in mexico to push for president biden spending plan in new jersey, i came to not it could be a cold winter as the price of natural gas rises and skyrocketing in europe, could happen here i'm going to ask next.
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ashley: now this prices for natural gas are at the highest level in seven years they jumped 180% in the past year, jeff flock is in pennsylvania, good morning to you heading into the winter time very soon does this mean our heating bill is about to jump? >> i don't think there's any way around it i think were gonna see higher costs for natural gas this year most people use natural gas to heat their homes and it's a big chunk of energy, generation this is a natural gas well i want to give you an up close and personal this is a well being drilled in pennsylvania by chesapeake energy multiple wells drilled on the site this is the current one being drilled maybe you see some of the activity they have tanks where the natural gas that comes from them here in pennsylvania into those tanks, then they go
9:44 am
on gathering pipelines to a processing facility, here is the problem the problem is not production this shale deposit it is rich with natural gas, the problem is getting it from here to the places where people use it, that takes pipelines. if you take a look at maps that we put together there are multiple pipelines that have been canceled in the past several years that were designed to get, for example the pin east designed to get gas harvested to their homes and businesses in new jersey, canceled, one is to take natural gas into upstate new york, canceled his environmental concerns and climate problems, then making that were getting, the problem is getting it to where it needs to go, quantic went prices as you point out 180% in the last
9:45 am
year, 119% in just this year alone, what does that mean if the cost of gas is double what it was last year, do your math figure out how much you spent last year this is not a rate increase is the pass along of the cost of the natural gas, as you know there is shortages and crunches all around the world in the u.s. is a big export of natural gas because we have such wonderful supply, the problem getting it where it needs to go, that cost money. >> europe is in a dire situation into your point jeff flock in pennsylvania great stuff, as always thank you that spring again patrick, we just heard from jeff while saying we can get to the gas but transporting is another issue do you see these high prices continuing for
9:46 am
natural gas? >> i think so and i think most of the story is across the pond in europe indonesia, of course europe has seen natural gas injections far behind the nord stream issues, russia slowing down injections into europe and of course asia and china limiting energy consumption in hopes that it'll save off whatever local and natural gas inventories in all of this having a ripple effect overseas, the u.s. is relatively inflated, natural gas abound for present, injections are only slightly behind, we are spared the worst but it certainly going to be a challenging year overseas in europe and asia. ashley: let's pray for a mild winter for those folks, patrick, gas prices as we talked about the highest in seven years energy secretary jennifer granholm considering releasing
9:47 am
our emergency oil reserves, do you think that is a good move. >> i think it's almost a little bit too late for that given the fact that global demand is so much higher than supply or seemingly with the latest energy crunch as we mentioned to the uk, europe and asia, i really don't know a release of the strategic petroleum reserve would do much in the price of oil which is $81 a barrel unless we talk about a large release, it is more a little bit too late, i don't know the gas prices can really be derailed as oil prices continue to go well. >> that is not good news for all the motorist, thank you very much we appreciate your time. coming up the slowest pickup trucks, our car guy gary is here to show us to new pickups that
9:48 am
are already sold out. that is impressive with supply chain issues and worker shortages it could be a christmas crisis for retailers performer toys "r" us retailer says this holiday season will be one for the record books. why is he so optimistic i will ask him, he is here after this. ♪ (judith) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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ashley: it's only early october experts are warning shoppers to get going on the christmas list now thanks to worker shortages and shipping delays pushing prices higher, grady trimble is an electronic store in illinois, how much more are we going to pay for electronics. >> it depends on the product, if you look at tvs, probably about 10% more than you did last year, let me show you the numbers not just traditional electronics like television it's appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, pretty much anything that has a computer chip in it, john is one of the
9:53 am
owners in glenville illinois we know this is larger because of the chip shortage in the labor shortage in people are likely going to pay higher prices since christmas. certain products we are seeing increases in prices in many categories. >> you get this from the manufacture, you're not deciding to do this they might have a specific product if you're looking for. >> people need to be flexible you need to come in and maybe you will not get the exact one that you want you may need to step up and step sideways and look at different brands it really depends on availability. what are the manufacturers doing i know a lot of the lower and lower price point products are hard to come by. >> that is very true i think a lot of manufacturers are focusing on products whether making money, higher end products, more popular products as well.
9:54 am
>> you might have to spend a little bit more money not just because prices are going up but because what you are looking for is not the lower price point that is this message is holiday season shop early and be flexible. ashley: very good advice, thank you very much, we appreciate it, gerald is with me, good morning to you you say despite all the concerns nothing is going to stop the consumer momentum heading into the holiday season, make your case. >> that is absolutely right these issues are real, labor shortages, supply chain issues, inflation, so real, consumer momentum is overwhelmingly positive right now consumers are flush with cash a lot of it due to the government regardless of the source they are spending, if you compare sales over the last several months to 2019, the last pre-pandemic youth are up 20% in just two years that has
9:55 am
continued on a relatively continue basis and many months i expected to continue all the way through the holidays i've seen nothing that's going to stop it meanwhile people want to have christmas for gosh sakes after everything we've been through that will drive to even higher a lot of these are driven by unbelievable consumer demand that his underlying cause of all of this people have money and they are spending it if you take 20%, these will be up double digits is christmas alone. ashley: you are not concerned that prices are up anywhere from seven, ten, 11, 13% on the consumer items and at the same time repaying a whole lot more for the energy bills, you're not worried about consumers being squeezed? >> many of these trends have been ongoing and keep in mind while inflation is going 5% on an annual basis, it's been raising and increasing about the same amount, the consumer is not again but also not a loss they have all the savings and all
9:56 am
this desire to spend and pinup demand that's going to happen, i do not agree that goldman sachs has been driven its way and i think anything we will see an acceleration the one wildcard is if kobe takes a big jump in the winter in the northeast from the delta variant, it will still be up, maybe just not as much. >> gerald the optimism, thank you so much for joining us this morning i feel better already, texas congressman dan crenshaw, kt mcfarland, charlie hurt and the mayor of austin, texas, they are all going to be here in the 10:00 a.m. hour of "varney and company" that is next. ♪
9:57 am
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♪. ashley: freedom. the late great, george michael. as you look at the empire state bidding, new york city, cloudy morning on this monday. good morning, everyone. i'm ashley webster in today for stuart varney. it is 10:00 eastern time. let's get straight to your money. take a look at the markets. we were drifting again. now we're picking up a little
10:01 am
upward momentum. same story for the s&p and the nasdaq. up .4 of a percent. look at big tech. turned around a little bit. there was a lot of money coming out of big tech early on. seeing positive moves, apple, alphabet, microsoft, amazon, all moving modestly higher. facebook down .2 of an inch, of an inch, .2 of a percent. crude oil touched 82 bucks a barrel, which hasn't happened in seven years. still up more than 2 1/2% at 81.3. that is a big story, cost of energy inplace. now this, homeland security secretary mayorkas, is canceling more border wall contracts. congressman dan crenshaw republican from texas joins me to talk about this. congressman you say mayorkas should be i will -- impeached over this move. >> i do. thanks for having me. the title mayorkas holds is the
10:02 am
secretary of homeland security, which indicates and implies his job is to protect the homeland yet every action he takes is the exact opposite. one of the main issues the department of homeland security has to deal with is of course border security. they're in charge of our border patrol, in charge of our customs. every action mayorkas takes is meant to increase illegal immigration. at the least you could call a flagrant deliberate dereliction ever constitutional duty to enforce our laws. this recent canceling of border wall contracts is a gadd example of that. it waste as lost a lot of money. we've spent a lot of money on the contracts. it makes it difficult for the border patrol to enforce our laws. the walls create choke points. to allow sources in other locations. that is not all.
10:03 am
mayorkas refused to reinstate the stay in mexico policy. this was used to defend the falls claim of coming across the border. they're not enforcing title 42 is the covid protocols. during a pandemic we do not have to be taking across our border. we can immediately deport them. they're refusing to even do that. they're allowing hundreds of thousands of people n they won't give us the exact numbers for that. these people are not showing up for their court dates. not showing up for the asylum claims because they're not real asylum claims. we all know that. it is an unmitigated disaster. they canceled the border wall contracts in places like rio grande valley, which has seen half a million crossings just this year. ashley: i i want to get to this issue, congressman, vice president harris script ad border security meeting in mexico city. instead she pushed biden's agenda during a new jersey trip. she is supposed to be the border czar. why wasn't she at the meetings?
10:04 am
>> because she doesn't care about border security. she doesn't care about illegal immigration. they want this to happen. i hope nobody else is pretending otherwise. we shouldn't pretend why this is incompetence. they throw out weird reasons illegal immigration surged. first it was trump's fault. a hurricane. people are sad, civil war or a president got killed. they make up reason after reason, after reason. it is seasonal surge. they're full of it. the truth they want more of this. they listen to these immigration activist groups that help people kind of disappear into society. they work with governors from places like california, new york, so they are no federal law enforcement there whatsoever. they won't cooperate with federal officials. they do this on purpose, right? on the back end they implement, they want to implement legislation would give everybody amnesty. they believe there is a voter
10:05 am
bloc coming here the they took a strong stand against cubans coming across. why? because cubans tend to vote republican. this is very political for them. ashley: i want to get this issue in before we run out of time. you say parents should keep protesting critical race theory in the classroom. the justice department can't do anything about it. they're just trying to intimidate parents, explain. >> yeah. that is exactly right. keep doing what you're doing. look, the doj sent out this awful letter saying they're going to work with local law enforcement to look into the claims of domestic terrorism. this came from this absurd letter from national school board association that claims that this was akin to domestic terrorism. here are some examples. they're writing letters calling us marxists. these are literally some of the examples. they're being mean to us. they're yelling at us. they're disrupting meetings. they are public meetings. this is democracy. this is not domestic terrorism.
10:06 am
the democrats in the congress, the media they claim there is no crt. they claim they are being led by right-wing facebook post. that is not true. the parents are seeing curriculum kids are learning. infused with the teaching of crt under the guise of nice sounding things, diversity. it is teaching kids to hate each other and it is wrong. parents, keep it up, congressman, crenshaw, thank you very much. we appreciate it. treasury secretary janet yellen is confident that congress will pass the 15% global corporate tax rate. take a listen. >> i am confident that we need to come into compliance with the minimum tax, would be included in a reconciliation package. i hope that, that it will be passed and we will be able to
10:07 am
reassure the world that the united states will do its part. ashley: let's bring in our good friend john lonski. john what about this global corporate tax rate? is it good idea we have a level playing field or should countries be allowed to set whatever rate they want? >> i think countries should be allowed to set their corporate income tax rate independent of a international body, however it should be noted this 15% rate, the minimum rate they're talking about is well under the u.s.'s current rate of 21%. this may not have much of an impact on where u.s. corporations locate. now the worry would be, however, if this proposal, of the biden administration to increase the corporate income tax rate to something above 25% were enacted as law, in that case we might
10:08 am
see an outflow of capital spending and jobs from the united states. ashley: i want to ask you, john, about the president's massive spending plan. do you think this will get across the finish line and will we see the upper end of this number, close to five trillion or will there be at least some compromise to bring the price down, what do you think? >> i think the good news is that the biden administration is not going to the if the full five trillion dollar fiscal stimulus package. quite frankly, if we look at what's going on in the u.s. economy, the u.s. labor market, we do not need it. i mean businesses are complaining not about a lack of demand, weak sales. they're complaining about a lack of qualified workers, qualified labor. now we're to go heed and add the stimulus a economy growing by
10:09 am
nearly 6% annually, expected to grow by 4% annually without the stimulus, what we're going to end up with is a much higher rate of inflation. in the 1970s, make it clear every time rapid inflation lingers for too long we end up with a recession. so pass the fiscal stimulus program, that would put inflationary pressures i see a recession 2023, 2024. ashley: yikes! a cautionary tale, john lonski, appreciate it very much. let's bring in lauren if we can. lauren you have movers on the market. goldman sachs and chevron. lauren: these dow stocks were leading the blue-chips. energy, financial stocks rise on inflation expectations with oil topping 82. the 10-year hit 1.6 sixers last
10:10 am
week. european rates are up. aspen tech, shares are absolutely surging. up 9%. m&a monday. aspen tech provides industrial software. they agreed to a deal with emerson electric for $11 billion. this is about automating work flow from sectors from mining to automotive. looking for labor? you use automation instead when you can. southwest airlines, one of the biggest losers on the s&p 500, more cancellations over the weekend bleeding into this morning. some passengers are not buying the weather as their excuse. they say the weather in florida was not bad this weekend. the faa said don't blame air traffic either. this is another major black eye fo we ey orneororre lren, many m ui binuigsldings weerdstand ncisraconcisncis a sretill sllme the ques hmp atyror lk la thehe vacan vcyacanacanat r s
10:11 am
at thehef septe smbep. i is uply aut abo4%4% san frsan ar companipa,par, airb y salesalesce, theyy have all a a aerousou remot re r pollpos. upoo 45% o o theheobsnhe bayay re eligi e for work at that is 1.8 million people. ashley: wow, that is a lot. lauren: sales force says we don't expect everyone back in the office. we don't want them to be. this is what is going on. ashley: interesting. also, lauren, i want to talk about the labor shortage. we're being told it could change the fast-food industry as we know it. how? lauren: could be drive-through forever for many chains. the drive-through model is official because you don't need as many workers to staff the dining room or to clean everything. some chains are paying $19 an hour for a fast-food worker.
10:12 am
they still can't fill the positions a lot of reasons. people who are literally scared to go to work because of their health. they want perfect hours. they don't want a late shift or early morning shift. they are fine. stimulus, child tax credits, the food programs, this is why the industry shed almost a million workers since february of 2020. when i go shopping at food store, stop by the local wendy's, always seeing signs we're hiring. i see the rate starting at, i say, wow, they still can't fill these jobs. ashley: they can't. it is a problem across the country. lauren, thank you very much. how about this? vaccinated and already have covid? you already had it? if so you may not need to get a booster shot. interesting. dr. marc siegel will be here to explain why. former president trump hinting at 2024 run in iowa this weekend.
10:13 am
roll tape. >> the biden plan will build up china and the republican party we want to build up america. we're going to make america great again. ashley: make america great again? seems like he wants to run but not all republicans apparently are on board. charlie hurt will take that on in the 11:00 hour. the taliban says they won't work with the u.s. to stop extremist groups in afghanistan. i know kt mcfarland isn't surprised. she responds next. ♪.
10:14 am
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♪. ashley: it is a beautiful morning in o-town, orlando, how about 80 degrees? still summer in florida. look at the markets if we can. we've seen a slight movement higher that continues. the dow up half a percent. s&p same story. nasdaq also up half a percent. half a percent gain across the board. quick check of bitcoin if we can. it was above 57,000, 57,296. that is bitcoin. all right. now this story. u.s. officials met with tale ban leaders this weekend. the state department called the talks, candid and professional. all while the taliban says they will not work with the u.s. to contain the islamic state. kt mcfarland joins me now.
10:19 am
kt, good morning, why are we continuing to work with the taliban? >> i can't, i don't get it. i guess the biden administration has lulled themselves into thinking that the taliban are to be trusted. they are good guys. they will have a relationship. there is a saying in afghanistan actually. every time i went to afghanistan i heard it again and again. me against my brother. me and my brother against my cousin. me, my brother, my cousin against the tribe in the next mountain valley. they fight each other for thousands of years. so right now what you're seeing is the beginnings of a multisided civil war in afghanistan thanks to american weaponry. i come out of this as the following, if they're so busy fighting each other i don't think that is such a bad thing because they're a bit preoccupied. they won't really have time to come after us at least for a while. ashley: because of the bungled withdrawal we still have american citizens would like safe passage to get them out.
10:20 am
i think that is part of the negotiations. but can we trust the taliban to give them that safe passage? >> no. and i think the great tragedy of this americans were left behind. while they were left behind we gave up all the leverage we have. the american officials are hat in hand and begging the afghan taliban, oh, please release our citizens. afghans say we would like aid from america. their pals in pakistan, america you should unfreeze assets of the afghan government. basically we'll have to pay to get our people out. we'll have to bribe the afghan government to get our people out. far better to gotten them out in the first place or far better to send in special forces to get them out now. ashley: but we didn't do that. also, kt, the taliban saying that the government, our government, has agreed to provide humanitarian aid to afghanistan. as with all of these types of situations how do you know it
10:21 am
ends up in the right hands? >> ashley, you're guaranteed it doesn't end up in the right hands. this is not how that country works. we spent hundreds of billions of dollars building up afghanistan in the last 20 years, making schools, making roads, making power plants, giving them aid, all sorts of aspects of modern society. none of it has stuck. the thought we'll borrow money in america, we have a deficit, right? we will borrow money to give aid to afghans which will never reach the afghan people. it's crazy. ashley: very quickly, kt, how should we be dealing with the taliban or should we not be dealing with them at all? >> i think we shouldn't be dealing with them at all. if the extent they're willing to give american citizens back, fine we'll have that negotiation, maybe that will be a separate negotiation, there is nothing else to get from them what we want. let them fight it out. ashley: that is a food good
10:22 am
place to end it. as always, terrific stuff, kt. thank you very much. we appreciate it. the deadline for active duty military to get vaccinated is quickly approaching. lauren, come back in. do we know how many already have gotten the jab? lauren: matters which branch you look at. if you look at the navy, more than 90% are vaccinated. their deadline is november 28th. for the air force, some 60,000 are not fully vaccinated. their deadline is the earliest here. it is november 2nd. so the clock is ticking. it is very likely that servicemembers wait until the very last minute to roll up their sleeves and meet the deadline and the mandate requirement. ashley: also, lauren, overseas iraqis voting for the first parliamentary election since mass protests erupted in 2019. do you know how the turnout was? lauren: record low, ashley, 41%. yesterday's vote was in response to the protests back in 2019 some iraqis were demanding a
10:23 am
better life but militias came in, killed some of the protesters. others have no trust right now. they boycotted the election. they boycotted the voting. they said the process is just corrupt. ashley: all right. lauren, thank you very much. i want to make a quick programing note if i can, fox new business prime show, "american built" is tonight. a bold plan in chaotic time. >> a general who wouldn't take know for an answer. >> he could spot red tape before it even turned pink. >> his crews had to adapt and overcome. >> they were work in this hellhole basically. >> despite all of that they kept pushing and pushing. >> to build the symbol of american power. the largest office building in the world is more famous for its shape than its size. the pentagon.
10:24 am
ashley: the pentagon with stuart varney. you can watch "american built" every monday by the way at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox business. great stuff. okay, now this, the art gallery representing hunter biden's artwork is cashing in on covid funds. this is after president biden was elected. we've got a report on that. meantime kim kardashian making her hosting debut on "saturday night live." roll the tape. >> ew, this is so cringe. guilty. >> who is guilty, me, mom or kiley. >> i don't care. you pay. ashley: question was, was she a hit. i will ask media guy concha. he is next.
10:25 am
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10:29 am
let's begin with hasbro. the. susan: the barbie maker says the ceo will take a leave of absence for medical care. didn't specify what the medical condition was. he was treated for prostate cancer in 2014. the stock is down on that news. fubotv reaching a distribution deal with a broadcaster of the utah jazz, vegas golden knights and colorado rockies. they signed a deal with at&t sports net rocky mountain. don't forget fubotv last week signed a long-term deal with the cleveland cavaliers. now robinhood is down today after an sec commission filing details the risk, possible risk of increased regulation of cryptocurrency trading and new rules for payment of order flow. that is how robinhood make as bulge bulk ever their money sending them to citadel securities. that is problem for robinhood. kkr, the leadership change at
10:30 am
the iconic equity firm. after 40 years, kravi and robert the one of thes are, handing the reins over. i'm not sure if you read the famous "barbarians at the gate." i did. one of my favorite business books during the finance courses. i'm sure people know kkr. ashley: eye chronic initials down to k. susan, thank you very much. now this, the art gallery that housed hunter biden's artwork received an increase in covid relief loans after president biden was elected. okay. eric shawn is with us now. eric, good morning to you. give us the story. reporter: good morning, ashley, george berges is an international art dealer and showcase as work by hunter biden. critics are faults his government relief payments. he told fox news he did nothing wrong. a federal covid-19 went to
10:31 am
george berges gallery in trendy soho that is the center of the chic and tony art world. after the first $150,000 was scheller out, the small business administration upped the payouts including 80,000 in ppp loans. berges received over half a million in pandemic loans in total. all that money must be repaid with interest. critics questioning the timing of the assistance considering berges helped hunter in his artistic career, held a showing in los angeles 10 days ago, and plan ad new york debut this month where hunter's paintings can etch fetch up to a half a million dollars a piece. they said it is conflict of interest. biden administration put restrictions in place, keeping buyer's identities anonymous. >> we spoke to the arrangement to the gallery and hunter biden's that the biden
10:32 am
administration provided suggestions for. i refer to the gallerrist for the event. reporter: i asked him if there was any influence securing payments from the bidens. he said in a payment, quote, not unlike many galleries and businesses beyond if a simple research done this can be easily discovered. we are grateful to president donald trump for creating this program that allowed countless businesses like mine to survive during this once in a lifetime pandemic. berges is really an internationally known. he runs galleries both here in new york and in berlin. the hunter biden exhibit by the way was supposed to debut this month but it has been postponed until spring. ashley, no reason given for that postponement. ashley: very interesting indeed. good stuff, eric, thank you very much. we appreciate that. i want to you take a look now at this headline. it says, the biden-harris train wreck may have its savior, 2024 gop nominee donald trump. there is a headline.
10:33 am
the author of that piece is joe concha. he joins me now. good morning to you, joe. you say trump will be the democrats savior come 2024. you have to make your case. >> yes. because he can motivate the democratic base more than anybody on the planet. so even if, this is what i point out in the column, even if you don't think joe biden is doing a very good job and quinnepiac had a poll last week showed 38% of americans overall approve of his job performance, 32% of independents approve of his job performance. he is in the 20s on things like the border and afghanistan, even if you think that is all bad, perhaps you have anna must towards donald trump personally and make you sit out and voight for joe biden and hold your nose. i don't think ron desantis would bring out that sort of turnout for democrats or any other possible gop candidate. donald trump what he would do ultimately from a media
10:34 am
perspective, ashley, take all the focus off of inflation at a 30-year high and economy sputtering ahonk, economy not where it should be, skyrocketing crime, aforementioned border or afghanistan t would be focused on donald trump the person, instead of issues people care about. that is why i think perhaps if donald trump were to run, that gets biden and harris off the hook for their performance this point which has been as the headline says, a train wreck. ashley: all right. very good. i know you're itching to get in on this issue. >> yeah. ashley: it is kim kardashian's debut on "saturday night live." roll the tape and then i will get your thoughts. >> i know we're divided as a country but i love america to come together. which is why i'm here to announce that i'm running for, i'm just kidding. [laughter]. i'm not running for president. we can't have three failed politicians in one family.
10:35 am
ashley: not bad, she boosted ratings by 23% after the season's worst watched opener. how did she do? >> lowest rated of all time, season premier on saturday that is 47-year history. but yeah, kim and i can call her kimmy, she appeared to approve on number. she used to walk by my apartment in hoboken because she was married to a new jersey net years ago. that is kardashian. she is kimmy to me now. this? basically struggle of what you see on msnbc or cnn. it is part of against trump or conservatives and for got the thing it did so well under murphy, good comedy, it was nice to have kardashian there, it was self-deprecating, didn't want to
10:36 am
hear about donald trump watching a show. maybe i want a little escapism. ashley: there you go. gave it a thumb's up. last one for you, joe. california's governor newsom mandating again every neutral oy toy aisles for large retailers. what do you make of that? >> gender neutral toil aisles, colors pink and blue are banned. even pongyang, you don't have to look too far here, do you think? simple penalties ashley, $250 for the first violation. 500 for any subsequent violation. i have two kids, boys, six, i am certain they don't look at the world for gender or neutral or racial presence but that is what our leaders push in the classrooms and now in toy aisles, ashley. ashley: insanity. it is just california. joe concha, great stuff on this monday, really appreciate it, joe. >> good to see you, man. ashley: hopefully you weren't on a southwest airlines flight this
10:37 am
weekend. the airline canceling hundreds of flights today for a third day in a row. texas senator ted cruz blaming president biden for the travel chaos. we'll explain that in the next hour. if you already had covid you may have stronger immunity to the virus than the vaccine itself. that is what a new study is claiming. dr. siegel will be back to break it all down for us next. ♪.
10:38 am
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10:42 am
are fully vaccinated there is no need to rush to get a booster shot. interesting. dr. marc siegel joins me now. good morning, doc, what do you think? >> ashley i got to tell you in both europe and israel are ahead of us in terms of recognizing natural immunity. multiple studies show if you had covid you get one shot of an mrna vaccine, either pfizer or moderna you have substantial immunity with 10 times the amount of antibodies from having had covid. this is like a super immunity. in the european digital pass, england's green pass, stack up covid as literally one of the shots. if you had covid six months when you say you don't actually need a shot to get the green pass. that is something the united states has been very slow to recognize and it's wrong. ashley: that is interesting, i mean some people may not know that they have had covid because the symptoms were so mild so,
10:43 am
you know, they may be getting a jab for no reason at all? >> you know, ashley the fda just approved a test, serological test for this exact purpose but it doesn't prove the amount of immunity you have, that is the rub. how long does the immunity last, how substantial is it? it varies from person-to-person but it is definitely a player in the game here. ashley: you have a new op-ed out, doctor, says rapid testing and anti-viral drugs may offer a way out of the covid pandemic. there is a headline in "usa today." what was the main point you're making in this? >> well it is pretty logical and common sense. look at it this way, you got the vaccine. okay, you're worried about a breakthrough infection but chances of getting very sick are low. now i want a rapid test kit in every home that the government provides, another "operation warp speed," so before you go to your business, or about before you go to school you can get tested a couple of times a week.
10:44 am
the third piece of the puzzle, we have the new anti-viral drugs coming out. we've been talking about one called multivir that merck and ridge back have. that pill, one like it for a breakthrough infection. you have the vaccine, rapid testing which is cheap or free, a pill if you need it like tamiflu. that is the way out of the pandemic. ashley: do we have covid-19 clearly in the rear view mirror now, doctor? is it only going to get better from here? i know we can see the variants crop up but are we over the hump, kind of moving forward now? >> ashley i'm optimistic because i think the delta variant is the most widespreading of all them i think it is starting to recede dramatically around the country. if people get vaccinated do things i said we're seeing this in the rear view mirror. we'll see covid not in the ferocious waves we've seen. that is my prediction. we can get there, we can get
10:45 am
there over this winter if we're careful. it will be something that will reoccur but nothing like we've been seeing. ashley: all right, good news indeed, we'll leave it there, dr. siegel as always, thank you very much. i want to move on. >> thank you, ashley. ashley: thank you, doctor. merck is asking the fda to authorize its antiviral covid pill for emergency use. let's bring back lauren. lauren, when could this reach americans? lauren: within weeks. it's a pill. you take eight pills for five days. this is a game-changer because it treats people with covid in their house and since it halves the rates of hospitalization and death it really makes covid quite manageable. that has an unintended consequence. it might push people unvaccinated to say why do we have to get vaccinated if there is a bill like this available to us? the question is, if a lot of people say that do we have enough pills for them? by the end of this year merck plans to make 10 million courses available. i think for 2021 the answer is
10:46 am
no. ashley: no. all right. interesting, good stuff, lauren. thank you. we told you to get a head start on your holiday shipping because of the shipping delays but that wouldn't be your only problem. turns out some of the most popular gifts will cost you a whole lot more this year. that is great news. we'll explain. how about a new truck with a low price tag? that sounds good. look no further, our car guy, gary gastelu is here. he will show us one of the hottest small pickups around after this. ♪. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:47 am
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ashley: thank you. all right, let's take a look at these markets. starting off a new week and yes we're up across the board close to half a percent on the dow, nasdaq, s&p after a mixed early going. now this, experts are warning americans to get their holiday shopping done earlier this year. we're hearing that more and more. worker shortages, chip shortages, backlogs at ports all causing concerns and oh, yes, raising prices.
10:51 am
grady trimble at an electronics store in illinois. grady, how much have prices gone up there? reporter: tvs, somewhere around 10% depending what you're looking for. we're now in the smaller kitchen appliance section. some of these products have gone up 5%, 10%, even 20% in some extreme cases. and john, one of the copresidents here at apt electronics will tell us this is the time of year we expect to see markdowns of prices for holiday sales. that is not happening as much this year. >> not as much. they will get promotional come november but, right now we're seeing pretty steady, steady prices right now. reporter: we've been talking about the price increases. this is usually something that brands might have to do once a year, right? >> typically once a year we'll see a price increase, cost of goods, everything. this year in certain categories we're seeing multiple price increases.
10:52 am
reporter: two or three times within the last year or so? >> yes, with certain brands, sure. reporter: ashley, you saw it first-hand at the ports. it starts before the ports with raw materials. these are not electronic products. they don't have chip in them, foosball tables, pool tables but lumber, plastic everything is more expensive. >> this all used to be special order product. we brought in containers of it now because we don't know if we'll be able to get them for the holidays. we're fully loaded on so of this stuff. reporter: leave you with this, ash, old school atari game, didn't have as many computer chips in it back in the day, but now loaded with computer chips and impacted by the short anns as well. ashley: a classics asteroids. i love that, "space invaders" were my games of choice way back in the day, pong of course. grady, thank you very much. small trucks trending for
10:53 am
consumers looking for more of a fordable trucks. gary gastelu, geir -- gary g on fox square with one of the small pickup trucks, the hyundai cruz. what is different about this one? >> ashley, america loves pickups. it has been a long time since you got a actual compact pickup. the ford maverick hitting dealers now. this on sale a couple months, the hyundai santa cruz. this is not a truck in traditional sense. it is hyundai tucson crossover suv put a bed on. you get car like driving with a little bit of utility. that is not very big. you can get with the roll top cover. it has this pretty clever trunk underneath the floor. don't get that on full-size truck. get it on a couple models starting at $25,000. they run into 40 when you load them up with all-wheel drive and
10:54 am
turbocharged engine in this one. we're in a market, not sure how it works out. this isn't for construction workers, or farmers, for hobby evidents, something that can add a little more dirt than an suv now. this is the hottest selling vehicle in america. during august, took eight days to turn this off their lots that is the quicker than the chevrolet corvette. ford has 100,000 reservations for the maverick already. hyundai hasn't said how many reservations or how many it will build. it is just about sold out for the entire first year. they seem to be off to a pretty good start. we'll see how it works out hitting market against larger models. ashley: have you driven it, gary? >> spent a couple of days with. this put a couple hundred miles. went to soccer tournament did the family car. drives exactly like a hyundai tucson. doesn't feel like a truck but has added utility if that is
10:55 am
something you're looking for. ashley: looks kind of cool. good stuff. gary, thank you very much. thank you. now this, michigan's governor gretchen whitaker under fire afford announced it will not open electric vehicle plants in her state. come in lauren, the question is where are they going and why? lauren: this is a $11.4 billion investment and 11,000 jobs and it is not happening in michigan. it is in tennessee and kentucky. these are the new jobs of the future. michigan is losing out. on the record the companies will all say the reasons are incentives. tennessee and kentucky gave and there is not enough land available for what we needed in michigan. but then you look, well, what could really be happening? this is michigan. this is auto territory. governor whitmer signed an eo, executive order mandating government contractors pay competitive wages. there is all sorts of restrictions against covid. you can make the case that maybe
10:56 am
ford's executives didn't trust her to keep their costs down and work with her to make it manageable for them to spend all this money in her state. so you know, i think that is highlighted by the fact that both sides really agreed that michigan really wasn't in the discussion here for the site. ashley: no. no. they give all these incentives in other states. low-taxed tennessee is a popular destination for sure. lauren, thank you very much, appreciate it. still ahead, charlie hurt, christian whiton, the mayor of austin, steve adler. elon musk is moving tesla's headquarters from california to austin, texas. we'll ask the mayor what this move means for his city next. ♪.
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this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan that covers everything that's important to you. this is what it's like to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. making sure you have the right balance of risk and reward. and helping you plan for future generations. this is the planning effect from fidelity. >> the biden administration is allowing this humanitarian security crisis by undoing the trump policy, this border is not secure. it's not an illegal immigration problem it's a mass migration problem. >> they cancel this border wall contracts in places like rio grande value chi has seen half a million crossings just this year >> high oil tells me there's still supply chain problems, still tells me there's higher cost to work their way through the system and that concerns me. >> i really don't to that a relief in the strategic patrol and reserve would do much, and now in price of oil which at last check was $81 a barrel i
11:01 am
don't know that gas prices can really be derailed for now. >> i would remain long as an investor but i would continue to rotate out of some of these high-flying multiple stocks to get long financials, remain long cyclical. >> ♪ ashley: good morning, everybody it's 11 a.m. on the east coast on this monday, october 11 i'm ashley webster in today for stuary varney, and let's get straight to the market, that began kind of weaker without direction again picking up on our friday but we have picked up a little upward momentum, the dow, the s&p and nasal modestly higher anywhere from a third to a half of a percent. let's take a look at big tech. we did see some earlier rotation out of big tech into energy, and financials, and it's a bit of a mixed picture, apple, microsoft, alphabet on the upside, buffets book turning negative and amazon
11:02 am
now down close to half a percent let's bring in susan li. susan, you're watching apple. reporter: well, when the world's biggest company starts rallying that lifts most of the major benchmarks when you have that kind of influence that apple does at its side of 2.2 trillion so you have a barrons report saying wait times for the iphone 13 are at the longest in years and that might indicate there's better than anticipated demand for the new smartphone, also apple filing for a delay in the epic games ruling over the weekend where they have to allow apps to include a link for users to pay outside of the app store, so they are delaying that. also tesla, want to show you this turnaround in elon musk's stock up 1.5%, he was in berlin over the weekend celebrating the gigafactory open in the german capitol where the first tesla cars will roll off the production line starting in november and then some deliveries, starting in december there. in fact i want to talk about is cloud flare. we don't talk about it enough but it's an incredible stock,
11:03 am
tripling the past year, downgraded this morning by piper worth $141 still, but it's shaking it it all off and we're seeing gains of 1.5% and high oil prices and that means there's more demand for those go green stocks including the higher hydrogen cell maker oil hitting $82 a barrel the highest uncertain years so if you're paying that much at the pump you might as well invest more in going green. ashley: that's true, yeah, energy inflation, a big story. susan thank you very much. let's bring in dennis gratman, dennis, good morning. you say the bull market has ended and the bear market has begun. make your case. >> well these things, it's a process. it takes time for the markets to roll over and turn down. it's not something that happens overnight. bottoms are usually made in the spike. tops are made in a process over months and months and months, and i think it's important to understand that the russel index , for example, made its
11:04 am
high back in the spring of this year. it looks like the dow, the narrow industries, the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq made their highs late in august, early september. a lot of the moving averages are turning down, and perhaps the most important thing that bothers me is that on rallies we're seeing volume in the markets decline, and volume comes in on the downside. that's how bear markets act. that's not how bull markets act. now the economy is strong, it's going to continue to be strong, the feds going to continue to push money into the system until mid-year next year, but that's already been discounted in the market, and as i said this is a process. it takes time, it takes months to build a top and i think that's the process we're going through so as the chairman of the university of akron endowment actually in the spring of this year we moved about 3% of our equities out and moved into 3% gold, that's been a decent trade, we're up a couple of percentage points nothing dramatic yet but we'll see if that continues but again this is a process that takes months not something that happens overnight watch the volume.
11:05 am
volume is supposed to follow the trend and thus far the volumes coming in on the downside, not on the upside. ashley: all right, well last week, you said crypto was coming out of the dark, and into its primetime. we're seeing bitcoin surge by the way now above 57,000 nearly 57, 500, are you going to buy more, dennis? >> no, bitcoin can go up without me. it's something that i quite honestly, ashley, i do not understand bitcoin. i shall never understand bitcoin it has made very little sense to me. it's something without any value and now they are what, 7,000 cryptocurrencies, it's not as if there's a finite number. there is something to be said for bitcoin itself which has a finite number of bitcoin but there's an infinite number of cryptos out there. if bitcoin and the rest of the markets want to go to $500,000 some number that is so bizarre it's beyond me it'll do so without me. i'd much rather own exxon, much rather own conoco phillips or
11:06 am
ibm and get paid dividends on something that i, an old guy in the market, can understand. ashley: have to put dennis down as a no on crypto. >> [laughter] ashley: dennis thank you so much appreciate your input this morning, thank you, dennis. now this. former president trump, thank you, he teased a 2024 run in iowa this weekend take a quick listen. >> the biden plan will build up china and the republican party, we want to build up america. we're going to make america great again. ashley: make america great again , um, sure sounds like he could be thinking about running at the very least but according to an article in the hill, most senate republicans think that's a bad idea. charlie hurt is with us now, on this monday morning. charlie, hello to you. what do you think? should trump run again, and will he really split the republicans?
11:07 am
>> well, i think that first of all, i think that the big reason that republicans in the senate would rather he not run again is because he is to put it mildly, for politicians he's complicated , and there's nothing that politicians hate less than complicating their futures, which is probably what's wrong with washington in the first place, and the whole reason that donald trump got elected in the first place but it's interesting. i actually believe, and he sort of hinted at this before, that he's not ready to make his decision that i think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is, you know, fairly old for making a decision like this , and for him, it's about his health, but whether he's going to run again, or not, it's a decision he doesn't have to make right now, because everything that he needs to do right now, it's the same, whether he's going to run again or not, he's a very powerful force inside the republican party. he's got a lot that he has to
11:08 am
offer, both in fact even this year, in virginia and new jersey where you have, you know, these off-year elections but really, in 2022 he has an enormous amount to offer in terms of helping candidates he wants to see successful, but it's really important, because it's not just helping individual candidates. it's helping define the issues, and i would argue, ashley, that the greatest contribution that president trump made was defining those issues that both parties have ignored for so long and look at this , even a year in the year that he's been out of office we're still talking about those issues whether it's america first, or you're talking about energy policies or most importantly, you're talking about immigration, and donald trump and donald trump alone was the one that made those issues the center piece of the republican party. ashley: well you know, it's interesting joe concha was on the show earlier, charlie, and he says that a trump presidential run would give cover to biden-harris because
11:09 am
associated with the trump campaign will overshadow the shortcomings of this current administration. do you think you got a point? >> i think that there's, yeah, you do have, i mean, i think he has a minor point there, but i think that in terms of defining differences between what biden has done and what the republican party as it is today stands for , there is no greater, you know, difference there, and i think that, and president trump has proved that there's nobody better at prosecuting that case, and so the safe bet would be to try to find a non-trump person who believes in trump policies but you know, show me that person whose as good as trump is , at prosecuting the trump agenda. i haven't seen that person. ashley: yeah, he has an amazing knack of getting to the core of everything very quickly. charlie stay right there. i want to talk about the debt ceiling deal, under the senate's short-term agreement it will
11:10 am
cost roughly 240 billion a month , basically to keep america 's lights on, hillary vaughn is on capitol hill. hillary? the house will vote on the bill tomorrow, and i guess the big question is, is it going to pass reporter: ashley it's going to be close. speaker pelosi can only lose three votes from her caucus, and any house republicans that were thinking about helping out democrats to raise the debt ceiling, as it heads over to the house, maybe having second thoughts after majority leader chuck schumer's senate floor speech last week, when he gloate d that he essentially got them to cooperate and raise the debt limit to avoid a crisis , but while that is working out, there is, we're going to find ourselves in this same situation in december, because this is just a temporary fix. the debt limit be raised just 480 billion, about enough to keep america afloat until about january. the u.s. government needs about 240 billion a month to pay its bills, a big chunk of that going
11:11 am
to social security, medicare and medicaid, paying interest in public debt, veterans benefits and federal salaries. the rest of the money goes towards military pay, medicare drug costs, housing nutrition and education programs, and also , the affordable care act marketplace, but while the treasury coffers are safe from running out of cash for the next month a crisis is tell looming on the horizon. congress will be in this situation in december and minority leader mitch mcconnell wrote a letter to president biden saying, don't ask for my help for any debt limit increase in december, and democrats need to figure out how to do it and raise it to reconciliation over these next few months but of course, ashley, democrats said they refuse to raise the debt ceiling through reconciliation, so we're going to be back basically at square one just two months from now. ashley? ashley: yes, groundhog day, in two months, all right, hillary thank you very much. charlie come back in if you can very quickly. what do you make of all of this? >> yeah, the democrats are the dog that caught the car here
11:12 am
you know, they own every bit of this , if they are unhappy with the way this turning out is 100% their fault and it's a tricky situation because even if republican leaders in the house and senate want to sort of punt this issue until december, which i think mitch month would like to see happen, there's a difference between leadership wanting to do it and convincing a lot of republicans to go along with it. if i were a republican in the house right now, i wouldn't vote for this. show me any reason to help democrats out of the horrible situation they've put themselves in. ashley: yeah, very good point. all right, we're out of time, charlie hurt as always, great stuff. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: good to see you. now this , 60,000 migrants are headed to the southern border as we speak, so why did the white house just cancel a bunch of border wall contracts in texas? we'll have that report, southwest airlines canceling hundreds of flights for a third day in the row. texas senator ted cruz thinks he knows what's causing the travel
11:13 am
nightmare, we'll explain that, and elon musk is moving tesla's headquarters from california to austin, texas. the mayor of austin joins me next, with what the big move means for the city. we'll be right back. >> ♪ if you're gonna play in texas, you gotta have a fiddle in the band, that lead guitar is hot ♪
11:14 am
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ashley: all right you're taking a look at san francisco, beautiful morning in the bay
11:18 am
area, 54 degrees just a little chilly, but what a great picture , we're showing you california because no surprise has just been named the most expensive state to run a business. according to the cloud software platform,, california has some of the highest utility prices, taxes, and wages, in the country new jersey and vermont as you can see round out the top three most expensive states to run a business, so, what are the least expensive states? there they are, texas, oklahoma, and kentucky. elon musk, by the way, is taking advantage of those low costs, and moving tesla's headquarters to austin, texas, and guess what the mayor of that city, steve ad ler joins me now, good morning to you, mayor. what does tesla's big move mean for your city? >> good morning, ashley. you know, i think that it's an affirmation of all the things that are going right right now in austin. it's a pretty magical place.
11:19 am
it's an affirmation that the quality of life here is such that the people that tesla wants to have working for them want to live in a city like austin, texas. ashley: it's interesting, because austin has always been kind of characterized as this little island of liberalism among a giant ocean of conservatism, and that is texas, you have these companies getting out of regulation-heavy, tax-heavy california and they end up in austin. >> well, you know, it's certainly true that austin is a progressive city in a pretty conservative state. obviously, the state tax code is something that applies statewide , but i really think that the reason people come to austin right now is because it's a welcoming city, very entrepreneurial creative, innovative city and it has the workforce, a trained workforce. it has the education levels, it
11:20 am
has a lot of things that are attractive, and that's why there's so many people moving here. ashley: well you've landed tesla , which is a big one. any other big companies on the horizon that you can talk about? >> not that i could talk about, but certainly this is a desirable place. in fact that also comes, ashley, as you know with its challenges. some of the reasons why tesla left california, elon musk said, was because housing costs are so high. well, housing costs are rising in austin. our hope is is that players like tesla are going to help us bring in the housing, as part of their movement into the city, and i think that if we use the power we have right now to attract the kind of companies that are coming in that also gives us the potential and hope to be able to better deal with the challenges that we have.
11:21 am
ashley: yeah, the california money can really push up housing costs certainly the house prices go up, but the next one, next issue for you, mayor and a new study shows a large portion of bitcoin miners live in texas, and the city of miami just launched its own crypto coin. would you consider doing something like that in austin? >> i think it's certainly something to consider. austin is a city of early adopto rs, it's a city that really does want to look and be part of, and help develop, and create the newest trends in the country, in the world, and the bitcoin technology and its uses and its applications, i think, have only just begun, and my hope is that texas and austin , in particular, has a significant role to play. ashley: i'm interested just before we go, mayor, did you get a chance to meet personally
11:22 am
with elon musk and what was that like? >> i have met with him. real friendly and cordial guy, pretty task-focused on what it is that he wants to try and get done. ashley: very good. interesting. all right, mayor steve adler, the mayor of austin, texas, congratulations on the growth of your city it's very impressive. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. ashley: let's take a look at southwest, if we can. the airline they've canceled thousands of flights this weekend, the stock down nearly 2%. thousands of flights canceled, hundreds more today let's bring in susan. susan, texas senator ted cruz has a theory about the cancellations. what's he saying? reporter: he's blaming the company's vaccine mandate, resulting in less pilots and workers, now the pilots union at southwest did ask a court to block the company's vaccine mandate, which will go into effect on december 8, so that means if you're not
11:23 am
vaccinated, or have asked and applied for exemption, you will be fired from southwest. southwest though says that the 1,800 flights that were canceled were because of weather and air traffic control issues, and not because of the vaccine mandates but we know when it comes to airlines it's not just southwest. american, alaska, jet blue, allteling their staff last week they also need to be vaccinated. united was the first airline to imply and put in a vaccine mandate, but i wonder how ted cruz, senator cruz, felt about this portray all on saturday night live this weekend. it was pretty funny. ashley: [laughter] also, susan speaking of traveling singapore airlines website apparently crashed after the country opened up. tell me more. reporter: yeah, so after 18 months-plus, singapore finally opening up to more countries, and singapore airlines says they will start quarantine-free travel with more countries as early as next week, and yes that includes the u.s. and the uk. now, that, as you can imagine,
11:24 am
resulted in a five-time jump in increase on the travel websites to singapore and the lion city, october 19 travelers from the u.s. , uk, all allowed to travel to singapore without having to quarantine and we know singapore is a major financial hub for a lot of business travelers around the world. ashley: it is indeed. susan, thank you very much. let's take a look at the dow 30 stocks if we can. see how we're doing there we're up about what a third of a percent or thereabouts. a lot more green than red, home depot salesforce leading the way , verizon, visa, nike, on the tail end of the dow 30 but the dow is up 133 points, continuing to gain more upward momentum. now, this. william shatner will need to wait one more day before getting beamed up to space, blue origin just put its space flight on hold. he says he's scared to death but excited to take that trip.
11:25 am
the new james bond film, "no time to die" just hit the theaters. roll tape. >> we all have our secrets. we just didn't get to yours yet. ashley: we all have our secrets. after 18 months of pandemic delays did the movie hit its target? we'll have that, next. >> ♪ private eyes, they're watching you, they see your every move ♪ flexshares are carefully constructed.
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>> ♪ ashley: the sun is shining, shake your groove thing, remember them? miami, florida, 82 degrees. a beautiful picture of miami. let's take a look at the markets and bring back in susan li. the crypto plays. reporter: yeah that's right the crypto plays so what's shaking? bitcoin prices the highest now
11:30 am
since may, up 30% in october, and that's lifting the crypto play, coinbase, a grey scale trust, marathon digital like the other crypto miners, higher inflation, we saw oil prices as we know, nat gas at the highest in 13 years and that has investors buying digital gold, s ofi being initiated as overweight in morgan stanley and they say student loan refinancing will accelerate, and might get a bank charter license, and that's why the stock is worth $25 in their view, and finally i want to show you cleveland cliff's steel and iron producer and they are buying the iron scrap processor ferrous processing for roughly around $775 million and that's bullish for the stock. ashley: yeah, up more than 5% all right, susan now the biggest story of the day. the new james bond movie, "no time to die" made its u.s. box office debut this weekend, how did it do? reporter: you've got to do it just once, ashley, you know what i'm asking for. ashley: bond, james bond.
11:31 am
reporter: the shaken not stirred martini. ashley: absolutely. reporter: well not bad here. ashley: anyway you want to give it to me. reporter: not the best in opening weekend so 5 # million dollars in north america, internationally fairing a lot better $313 million, well okay so here's the caveat so fans were a bit older is what the experts say than say the venom 2 crowd which we know went to almost a record haul of 90 million in their opening box office weekend last weekend, did you know nearly 60% of bond fans who turned up to see the film over the weekend were over 35 years old and 36% of ticket buyers were over 45 so this is the last one for daniel craig but how do they reboots the franchise to make it more appealing to the younger crowd? ashley: it's still young to me, susan, to some of us that is still a young crowd but anyway, we shall move on. but yeah there's been talk of
11:32 am
that. daniel craig said no, but he's leaves so what does he know. thank you very much. last week, we spoke to a movie theatre owner whose offering unlimited snacks to get people in the door. watch this. >> it's really about just, you know, it's about frequency really in our business, getting off your couch and going to the movies and how do you get people to come more frequently so if i take a little less money in but you come three or four more times a year, then we think we're going to end up ahead. ashley: that's interesting let's bring in jeff cica, good morning to you, jeff you're a movie producer so what do you make of that idea? do people need gimmicks to get back to the movies? >> well you know, i think, the fact that they're considering the older demographic to be over 35, i guess we do need gimmicks whatever it is that you could give old people to come back to the theaters, which is a little bit, you know, a little bit skewed but yeah, i mean, as you
11:33 am
were saying before, ashley, the movie theatre companies, hollywood in general, needs to get the older demographic off their couches, back into the theaters, and whatever they need to do, they have to do it, because if they don't, you're just going to have a bunch of people waiting around for blockbusters. this film was the james bond film to end all james bond films that's why, as well as it did, and i did think it did very well , it is very much an outlier keep in mind, ashley, that this one we were expecting they kept delaying it and delaying it , so bond fanatics like myself , couldn't wait to go see it. unfortunately, i didn't see it this weekend, but i will, and for hollywood to make it, they have to get all of their films focused on this one demographic
11:34 am
to attract people. ashley: yeah, the question is, how do you do that? are we turning a corner though, jeff? more people are out, more people want to get back to normal. a movie theatre is one, it's a step that people have to take, and then feel confident about it are you getting the sense that we're getting whatever normal is , we're getting closer to that >> yeah, ashley, definitely. especially when i turn on college football and professional football and i see full stadiums of people, me being a movie producer, i see full stadiums of people, and i envision in my mind, full theaters of people and i envision in my mind, people waiting on line and also what we love is people waiting online for sold out movies, that is what we're so eagerly anticipat ing. ashley: what does this mean for the streamers? we're telling everyone to get off the couch and go out. i mean, what's the implications for the people, for those stream
11:35 am
ing services, who basically want you to stay home and binge watch. >> well i think all of us are tired of our couches. we have dents in our couches and recliners so i think i love streaming, it's definitely a venue that i want to use for my movies, but one thing i'll say is that the industry needs theatrical releases. it needs people to go to the movies. there's a certain romance and enticement and echosystem at the movies which makes hollywood what it is. ashley: i absolutely agree. it kind of creates that excitement too, and it's glamorous and we all love a bit of that. we're out of time, jeff, but thank you so much, great stuff. thank you. >> thank you, ashley. ashley: now this , thank you. now this , disney is hitting roadblocks when it comes to releasing new movies in china. all right, susan what's the problem. reporter: political controversy from the movie plot, the movie
11:36 am
stars or even the director, despite the fact that these are, talking about diverse casts and storylines and also big box office hits, one example the first asian marvel super hero number one film in north america for four straight weeks but china has banned it because of what they call anti-china comments made by the star, and also some of the they say that there are some racist undertones to some of the characters involved and the same thing for the upcoming marvel eternal movie directed by the oscar winner who also in the past made negative comments about china but that's the problem, black widow has not been shown in china, and that's the problem when china is the biggest movie market and when you upset the c cp, that cuts down on sales and revenue. ashley: you criticize you get censored. susan, now take a look at this. jeff bezos just shared this article from 1999, it
11:37 am
predicted amazon would fail. boy they got that wrong. elon musk even had something to say about that, and we've said this before. better start christmas shopping now, not only are the backlog ports causing supply issues but also causing a surge in prices. we'll have that property, next. >> ♪ oh, i'm getting nothing for christmas, mommy and daddy are mad ♪
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>> these issues are all real, labor shortages, supply chain issues, inflation, consumers are simply flushed with cash. a lot of it's due to all of this government stimulus regardless of the source, they are spending. ashley: that was former toys "r" us chairman, ceo, gerald storch, he's optimistic as you can see about this holiday shopping
11:42 am
season, despite major supply chain problems he says consumers are flush with cash, and they are probably going to need it. grady trimble is in an electronics store in the chicago suburbs. grady how much more will i pay for a tv this holiday season compared to last? reporter: they're going to need it, ash, because tv's are about 10% more than last year, other types of traditional electronics are also up quite a bit from last year and it's not just video game consoles and bluetooth speakers but also appliances. a lot of newer, higher end appliances have a lot of computer chips in them. they also have of course stainless steel, raw materials like that, that are suffering from the shortages of supplies, and so, they're getting hit as well. shirley hood is one of the appliance specialists here at app electronics so tell me, shirley. in terms of customers coming in and it's not just prices but it's also availability of products. >> absolutely availability is a huge, huge issue here. i mean, i'm dealing with it
11:43 am
myself i have a high end hood, i ordered it in march, it still isn't here, it's supposed to be here the end of this month. i'm still waiting. we're just asking people to be patient, and understand that we are doing everything that we can to make this easier. reporter: be patient, ash, we've been saying it over and over again, but you heard it there. the person who sells the appliances can't get their products, then you and i probably can't either. ashley: [laughter] exactly right. they are all stuck inside containers at ports across the country. grady thank you very much really bringing home what all of this means. all right now show me amazon if you can and lets bring in susan. tell me more about this ongoing feud between jeff bezos and elon musk. reporter: neither of them can get a hood, nobody on the planet can, right? yeah, so these two, yeah, we know that they've been doing back and forth trash talking, mostly musk doing the trash talking on twitter so we had jeff bezos tweeting out this
11:44 am
1999 cover, which predicted amazon would bomb and crash. now of course that didn't happen , and celebrating, he says , jeff bezos does in his tweet saying that today, amazon is one of the world's most successful companies so guess who he responded and replied, elon musk, and what did he respond with? a silver medal emoji meaning second for bezos maybe as the world's second richest man when it cops to the space race as musk and spacex have beaten out blue origin and government contracts and also spacex is the first private space company to fly people on board the space station and of course we know they also battle over electric tesla versus the amazon rivian, really it's endless between the two but shouldn't they celebrate how rich they are and spend time doing that instead? ashley: well you'd think but how much is never enough isn't it but the tiny emoji with number two written on it, pretty darn clever because it says it all.
11:45 am
reporter: it's cutting. ashley: it is cutting it is, interesting and speaking of space, susan coming up in just a few minutes, neil cavuto, will be speaking with actor william shatner, how great is that? ahead of his blue origin's delay ed space flight. we'll get into that. he has said he's a little nervous. little terrified of going up into space, should be a great interview don't miss it. also don't forget to watch stu's new show, "american built" tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern and by the way here's a quick preview. >> the airlines saw the writing in the skies and it said, you're going to need some bigger planes it began as a double decker dare >> we'll build it if you buy it >> turned into deadline impossible. >> they call them the incredibles. >> a story of raw guts. >> they volunteered to find out how fast this plane will fly before it falls apart. >> how a team corps of engineers built the largest airplane in the world.
11:46 am
the boeing 747. ashley: that is great stuff. how about someone flying an airplane until it starts to fall apart? that's great stuff, that's stu "varney" tonight at 9:00 p.m., " american built" here on fox business. now this , all remaining border wall contracts in south texas have officially been canceled. it comes, of course as thousands of migrants are inching closer to the u.s.. we've got that report from the southern border, next. >> ♪
11:47 am
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ashley: as we've been telling you federal border wall contracts in south texas has officially been canceled, bill mallugan is in the texas border town of la joya. what are the border agents saying about these cancel contracts? >> good morning to you they are incredibly frustrated because these need these border walls to help act as a forced multiplier to be in spots where they can't be all the time and we knew the amount didn't want the border walls but now we're
11:51 am
able to show you what it physically looks like to not build the border wall. take a look at the drone video we shot yesterday this is in texas and what you're looking at are massive piles of steel that have been sitting in a location since january going completely unused since the biden administration announced that they were no longer going to build the border wall looking at about 10,000 of those panels worth about $50 million or so, and again, this has all been paid for already by u.s. taxpayers. the administration has just decided they no longer want to build the wall but it is remarkable to see that footage to see how much metal has just been sitting out there, completely going to waste, and former i.c.e. director tom homan says it's just in sane to make this decision during this current border surge when agents out here really need this wall. take a listen. >> the secretary's decision into let's take another tool away from the border patrol, to make your job harder, so there's even more got-aways. look at where the crisis in del
11:52 am
rio and rio grande valley are right now. where are the tens of thousands of people coming across? where there isn't a wall. it doesn't take a border expert to understand walls work. reporter: and then take a look at this video we embedded with texas dps and because there isn't a whole lot of wall people are able to get through the border easily including human smugglers and state troopers pulling over and arresting human smugglers. this happens every hour every night here in the rio grande valley this is encino, texas and troopers are on the lookout for what they call " load vehicles" when people with being smuggled and what they keep an eye out for is when the frame of the vehicle is riding lower to the ground showing there's more weight in the vehicle potentially for that human cargo and what the migrants do is once they cross illegally they get picked up by these human smugglers and they get taken further inland into the country like to transportation hubs like houston , that sort of a thing and if these troopers weren't on the highway stopping them it would basically be a free for all but back here live you
11:53 am
can see part of the border wall in texas over my shoulder this is only a half mile stretch that started getting built back in january. construction halted immediately once joe biden took over. we've seen time after time over the past several months migrants walk or run around this wall because it's not connected to anything and border agents here in credibly frustrated because this is one of the biggest hotspots along the entire border send it back to you. ashley: i think frustrated is one term you could use. plenty of others, bill, thank you very much for really bringing home what this means and let's bring in now christian whiton, former state department official. christian, what do you make of the white house's decision to stop building parts of the border wall, it's yet another attempt to tie the hands of the border patrol agents. >> yeah, it's one of the most 10 years and stupid things i've seen in a lot of white houses considering how much this is in the news, right now. considering everything that's going on at the border, and that this is actually contribute to joe biden's plummeting poll
11:54 am
numbers obviously there are a lot of thicks that have gone wrong recently but to get to 38% , is pretty bad and i think it also just goes to show how much ideology is driving this administration. more so than the obama-biden administration which was elected with the progressive mandate this one which barely squeeked by, canceling the keystone pipeline on the first day of the administration, rejoining the paris climate accord without seeking any peoples, ideology is simply trumping politics and sort of smart policy. ashley: and yet, homeland security secretary mayorkas continues to tell congress, when he's asked oh, yes, the southern border is secure. it be funny if it wasn't true. i mean, he's lying to congress, and we can see , thanks to bull and others reporting from the border, it's just a free for all. >> it is, and the word has gotten out, obviously the word has gotten out through central america, and even far away
11:55 am
islands like haiti because those people are streaming into mexico and then across the border, but the word is getting out i think among the american people, congress also very ideological very focused on its tax hike and spending right now is not bringing attention but once congress appropriates funds for a program the executive branch is supposed to spend it. trump didn't get his full wall or from a republican congress or democratic congress, unfortunately, but he did get some funds and for dhs just to say no we're not going to spend it that's actually an illegal endowment of funds. ashley: yeah, you're absolutely right. you know what? the more i talk about this , the more my blood pressure goes up so i'll have to take a deep breath and try and find some calm christian, we're out of time but as always thank you very much great stuff. deep breath. all right it's now time for monday's trivia question. here it is. where was the country's first public school established, the answer, in just a few moment s.
11:56 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ashley: we just asked you where was the country's first public school established? there are the four possibilities. and the answer is, boston, on april 23rd 1635 the boston latin school was established t has changed locations throughout the years, believe it or not it is still in operation today. i got it wrong. i said philadelphia.
12:00 pm
which i guess was too obvious. quick check of the markets. we've been up modestly, about a two thirds of a percent. very quickly bitcoin crossed over the 5thousand mark. by the way 58,000 mark. very excited that captain kirk and neil cavuto are coming up in the next show. neil cavuto, take it away. captain kirk one of my all time favorites. neil: absolutely. i'm with you. we'll indeed hearing from captain kirk, william william shatner. i thought he was in space, that was not in actuality because it was tv show. william shatner looks forward to go up in space. they pushed forward back for wednesday. he is ready for a trip of a


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