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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  October 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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demise of which, you got to remember, it was the world's most famous group has ranged from artistic differences and legal disputes to lennon's marriage to yoko ono. i like to hear what yoko says about all of this. that does it for "fox business tonight." have a wonderful columbus day. "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: well i guess you could call fly the unfriendly skies. southwest airlines canceled thousands of flights stranding air travelers around the country. blaming the weather but not it's vaccine mandates when other airlines have not canceled routes. d.c. poll watchers say what is the hottest debate, how the far left broke the democrat party. it is holding hostage infrastructure spending as ports pile up and supply chain breaks. the president again pleads for
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peace but now this. alienating bullying far left even put out a press release saying they plan to again harass democrat senator krysten sinema. this time as she runs the boston marathon. why? because she doesn't agree with them. joining us tonight, house budget ranking member jason smith. missouri attorney general eric schmidt, arizona attorney general mark brnovich, former nypd lieutenant darren porcher, federalist's and joe concha. will the white house do a dishonorable discharge a court-martial of tens of thousands of u.s. soldiers not getting vaccinated as that deadline approaches. now this, seattle threatens to fire nearly half its cops over vaccine mandates. the cops already there. l.a. county sheriff will not forstmann dates. he says he needs his cops. more defund the police cities admitting they were wrong.
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we'll give cops even more money. guess what? no riots over that. the new d.c. firestorm over the president saying on camera he did call a hospital to cut the line for his friend's wife, putting pressure on the hospital. the art gallery selling hunter biden's paintings, reportedly got massive covid relief money even though it has a really small staff of just to workers. tonight it is called life-styles of the rich and elected. now we've got democrat maxine waters claiming democrats like senator joe manchin who she does not agree with, she says, well, they are quote, well-off. we'll show you how her friends like bernie sanders and nancy pelosi live like millionaires because they are. the border now losing national guard troops and their help from six states, just as 60,000 migrants are potentially heading here. now this debate, what are the white house's standards and data points here? how many u.s. citizens is it okay to subject to violent ms-13
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and drug gangs and lethal narcotics? snakes for -- thanks for joining us. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thanks for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. first up a meltdown in our nation's airports. airports across the country. thousands of travelers stranded. southwest airlines canceled thousands of flights. air traffic controllers and others taking sick days to deal with vaccinations and mandates. the airlines says it is not saying that is the reason. they canceled flights and blamed weather when other airlines were flying the same routes. the southwest airlines pilots union recently fired a lawsuit against the airline's vaccine mandate. lydia hu has more on the story. good to see you, lydia. reporter: liz, the southwest cancellations wrecking holiday travel plans for thousands. more than 1800 flights canceled
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over the weekends and those cancellations continuing today. 10% of southwest airlines flights are canceled as of now. southwest blamed the cancellations on disruptive weather and air traffic control issues but the faa responded, pushing back saying there have been no air traffic staffing shortages reported since friday. notably, no other airline seemed to be experiencing this level of disruption. now the cancellations come after the union representing southwest pilots filed a request with a court to temporarily block the airline's vaccine mandate. that is causing some to wonder whether the mandate is causing the cancellation of flights but the pilots union and southwest airlines insist that the pilots are not staging a sick-out or any similar type of demonstration. instead the union is blaming the airline's management. liz, southwest said in a statement to fox business that
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quote, out of place aircraft and continued strain on our crew resources created additional cancellations. seeming to acknowledge there that staffing shortages are part of the problem for them. analysts also adding that the airline's packed schedule complicates schedule, suggesting that they are scheduling more flights than they have crewsre o .a n ttt ter t t rte a a of of this thik. w encourancan ra to to to to t rugthrohethir e toou. you h: et etyd lnk, younk y foryour jmalit ally applyre acippt.e it. hahthaoingng on, o t?righ te'll t yakou . reesi pdere is plead pinle witg. ing u budgetge r rngng mbermemeemee congressmgres jas j smith. rest,ht, noweave pessiveseakibrea theea r insiders arear saying ws this cli of 15 activistsut organizations putting out a
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press release saying they will quote, bird dog senator sinema as she runs the boston marathon after they stalked her and harassed her at an airport and a bathroom? she doesn't like the government blowout in spending. what is so progressive involved about that? >> liz, let's be honest, last four years, the progressives are so intolerant protesting everything donald trump did because they disagreed with his ideas. you're seeing the same progressive intolerance of their own members of their own democrat party. the progressives believe in diversity of everything but ideas because if you don't agree with them, they're going to be intolerant and that is what they're doing to senator sinema, senator manchin. it is such a joke. elizabeth: what are democrats in congress, moderates, blue dogs, telling you? are they worried about this? do they not like this?
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how come they are not stepping up to knock it off? the president says it is part of the process, happens to everybody. what are the democrats privately telling you about bullying, stalking, endangering lawmakers? >> i can tell you the moderates of the democrat party, there are very few, because the majority are progressives now in washington, they're quite concerned with the direction their party is going. that is why you see such disarray within the democrat party right now. that is why they couldn't pass the infrastructure bill september 27th, when nancy pelosi said they were going to take a vote on september 27th, couldn't do it because the progressives hijacked the party because they have basically held the infrastructure bill hostage for this $4.3 trillion reconciliation package that rewards all their socialist, political dreams. elizabeth: listen to bill maher of hbo on this. watch this. >> i keep reading about the build back better bill. they want, we don't have enough
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workers even if we passed it tomorrow and because of all these supply chain problems, we don't have building supplies. so how are we going to build back better if you have no workers and no supplies? elizabeth: you wonder where the transportation secretary buttigieg beauty is on that? listen to former president trump. watch. >> not only is this largest spending bill of all time, the largest tax hike of all time, this monstrosity so dangerous for our country and so bad for children and grandchildren to come this monstrosity is a bill to end america as we know it. it is so bad. and the republicans have to stay strong. their bill includes giant new taxes and fees on american oil. and especially on american gas production that will kill countless oil and gas jobs, devastating workers in pennsylvania, ohio, texas,
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oklahoma, north dakota and many, many other states. gas prices and inflation have already skyrocket. elizabeth: you know, just let me point this out quickly, goldman sachs just cut its growth forecast for the third month in a row. consumer confidence, consumer spending is going back, is going back down, is going down, rather. if you have energy prices going up, consumer spending goes towards that and not buying things, not buying things for the house, spending money on restaurants. "the cook political report" says the democrats are being hit with a double-whammy. infrastructure is going down. biden approval ratings are tanking. you have two new crises, supply chain and energy crisis. what do you say? >> what i will say the democrats are creating everyone of these crises. joe biden, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer created the border crisis, they created the inflation crisis and created the afghanistan crises and the
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energy crisis. this reconciliation bill they're trying to force down the throats of working class americans only make all of those crises even worse. folks are having to pay too much right now to put food on their table, clothes on their backs and gas in their car. this legislation will only make it worse. why are they doing this? why are they trying to bankrupt our economy? it is because they're trying to give benefits to wealthy environmentalists at the expense of working class americans. it has to stop. elizabeth: telling you, looking at the tax details they will raise taxes on lower income brackets. joint committee on taxation saying that. you see energy prices in the cpi index going up 25% versus last year. wow, it didn't think it would come to this. congressman jason smith, thanks for breaking it down. up next, missouri attorney general eric schmidt with his take on vaccine mandates hitting airlines. they say they are not.
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guys behind the scene saying it is that. local law enforcement and health care getting had hit with it. now the military. will the white house sign off on a dishonorable discharge, not a honorable discharge that is court-martial for thousands of u.s. soldiers not getting vaccinated. how vaccine mandates hitting seattle police force. l.a. county police force says we'll not do it. defund the police cities are you know what? we're wrong. we'll give money to the cops. guess what you're not seeing? not seeing any riots on that. keep it here on "the evening edit". financia, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. vanguard. some days, you just don't have it. not my uncle, though. he's taking trulicity for his type 2 diabetes and now,
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elizabeth: welcome to the show missouri attorney general eric schmidt. great to have you on, sir. good to see you. so merck is applying for emergency use authorization for its fda, from the fda for its anti-covid-19, it is an oral pill. we have that, right? then you have the fight over vaccine mandates and now the administration, is it really going to dishonorably discharge for not getting vaccinated, threaten hundreds of thousands of u.s. troops without pay? it is not an honorable discharge. it is dishonorable discharge, which is court-martial used for
6:16 pm
things like murder. what do you say? >> i think it would be ridiculous. joe biden already betrayed the american sold other in afghanistan that would be another stain on his record. hopefully that doesn't happen. what you're sighing across the country, southwest airlines, health care workers, men and women of law enforcement are saying enough is enough. shame on joe biden. i think what he is doing, he hasn't issued that executive order yet on the forced vaccination of 100 million americans. the moment he does, missouri, we'll be filing a lawsuit to stop it. we'll take it to the supreme court and win like we did with the remain in mexico policy got reinstated so successful under president trump. he is using the lead time before the actual issuance of the executive order to get some companies to move forward. i think you're seeing men and women across the country stand up, look, we can make these decisions. we don't need the mandates. these are our health care decisions. it is very important. this is debate who we are as a country, who we'll be. we've been the freest country in the history of the world.
6:17 pm
i people don't want to lose that i don't. elizabeth: say a soldier is fighting side by side with one soldier and the soldier is vaccinated doesn't want to fight with the soldier not vaccinated, you know what i mean, may be uncomfortable with another person not vaccinated because they don't want to get sick what would you say to that soldier? >> people are making decisions. military context is obviously little bit different than the private sector or government mandates from private businesses like joe biden. we're at a place in it country where people are able to make the decisions. we should respect that. people can make the decisions. what we know thankfully, especially folks in the military, generally relatively healthy. if you're relat this healthy, you have one in 19 million chance of dying for covid-19. context matters. the left that is inconvenient about discussion about command-and-control. that is what the debate is about, mask mandates, vaccine
6:18 pm
mandates, with the left it is about control. elizabeth: you're with two dozen state ags fighting for this lawsuit, we get it. the right to do an honorable discharge, not what they're talking about which is a dishonorable discharge which is black stain on the soldier's record for life, loss of pension, loss of benefits. why not let them go? this is a tough thing. the soldiers are stepping up for our country, laying down their lives for us. for them to be throwing out over a vaccine taking live fire, it feels like a tough thing to do. it is not fair to the soldiers. by the way, even if they have antibodies and they're not vaccinated they still face dishonorable discharge. so that is where the fight is. what grounds do you have for your lawsuit? what are the grounds for it? >> well, number one it would be unconstitutional. nothing in the constitution that would allow by way of separation of powers, allow the president of the united states one person, with the stroke of a pen to source vaccination of
6:19 pm
100 million americans. there is nothing in the constitution to authorize it there is no statutory authority for it either. this is something he wants to do but just like when he reversed president trump's remain in mexico policy that was an executive action. they didn't do it the correct way. there was no authorization under law. unconstitutional. violated separation of powers. missouri and texas took joe biden to court and we won. we'll continue to sue on the unauthorized executive actions. they are antithetical to the republic. founders said to disperse powerful so no branch could get too powerful, to protect individual. elizabeth: supreme court ruled in 1905, the power lies in the states, not centralized with the federal government with vaccine mandates. people say get vaccinated that is how you get rid of the disease. the thing is, osha will enforce the president's vax mandate which hasn't been written yet. they have 800 inspectors to
6:20 pm
handle thousands of businesses nationwide. i don't know how osha will do that. when it comes down to. this is a tough thing for the nation's soldiers to have to deal with this. if if he feel like everybody else should get vaccinated hard for soldiers to get vaccinated. yeah i don't want to endanger my family. for soldiers not vaccinated with antibodies we feel we're safe. we saw this, sir, in 2001 with the anthrax vaccine. the gao said they lost one out of seven navy pilots and crews because they don't want to take the vaccine in gulf war one. we've been here before. >> in the broader context, science and facts don't seem to matter to democrats in charge. this is about power. they never will let it bottom. they got a taste at local level, federal level about a year ago. they don't want to let it go. that is why we have to keep fighting back. elizabeth: attorney general eric schmidt. we'll have you back on. that was a great conversation. good to see you.
6:21 pm
come back soon. still to come this hour the border is about to lose national guard troops from six states. they were helping out. they will see the troops go back home. 60,000 migrants potentially headed here. this debate, what are the data points that the white house uses that tells them they are doing a good job for the country? how many u.s. citizens is it okay to subject to violent illegal alien crime, dangerous drug gangs and narcotics? up next former nypd lieutenant darren porcher how seattle could fire 40% of its cops over vaccine mandates as crime is rising. defund the police cities, saying you know what? we're admitting we're wrong. we need our cops now. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business.
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elizabeth: we've got yaiching news. texas governor greg abbott issued executive order banning vaccine mandates for any entity operates inside the state of texas. vaccinations are important to stop the disease but saying it should be voluntary. it should not be enforced from the centralized federal government. welcome to the show, former nypd lieutenant darren porcher. great to see you, lieutenant. that means for texas law enforcement as well.
6:27 pm
what do you say about this? >> i understand the fact that you don't want to implement vaccine mandates, more specific to policing, police departments have lost tremendous numbers of people, in essence a tidal wave since the death of george floyd. there is state of acrimony with police officers. a tremendous numbers of officers left, the attrition rate is going through the roof, penalize the police departments in the office not getting the vaccines, counterproductive for society because it impacts public safety. elizabeth: you make an important point. seattle, which already seen the police force depleted, says it could fire 40% of its cops. that is the 400 police who could be let go over vaccine mandates. you have the l.a. sheriff saying you know what? i can't do that. i need my cops. i'm not going to enforce a vaccine mandate. can you square the different takes on this issue by these two different police officers?
6:28 pm
>> you can be part of the problem or you can be part of the solution. part of the solution is brokering an agreement as to what works best to the population as you serve as a police officer. if you're part of the problem, you don't care what the results are based on this rigid vaccination process that is being implemented in seattle. there has been a very cantankerous relationship between the elected officials in seattle, and seattle police department. as a result of that the citizens are suffering. we need to hunker down and come up with a plausable solution in seattle to insure that population is safe and they haven't gotten it. elizabeth: what is interesting, lieutenant, actor morgan freeman he is also saying know to defunding the police. he is saying cops are doing their job. he was out promoting his new movie about an elderly black veteran who was killed by police. watch this. watch. >> i'm not in the least bit for defunding the police.
6:29 pm
police work is aside from all the negativity around it, it is very necessary for us to have them and most of them are guys that are doing their job. they're going about their day-to-day jobs. elizabeth: you know, sir, a year after defund the police more and more cities are now admitting we were wrong. we need our cops. talking new york city is saying give more money to cops. seeing that happening in polices like los angeles and dallas and austin, baltimore, they're turning it around. you don't see any protests about that, right? after a year of violent crime an homicides and murders hitting minority communities, we don't see anymore riots giving cops more money. what do you say? >> crime is the a disease and police are the antidote. we need to apply the antidote to the disease which is crime. the antidote is police. so when we look at defunding
6:30 pm
police or removing police budgets it ultimately hurts the population and mostly specific to the minority communities, so i really salute morgan freeman coming out, coming out speaking against defunding the police. common sense we need more resources in policing to insure the population is served accordingly, when we have woke democrats in places like new york city, such as mayor de blasio, be careful what you wish for because you may get it. de blasio pushed for defunding the police. he defunded the nypd by one billion dollars. now unfortunately the crime reached meteoric proportions and something needs to be done. they're looking to introduce more funds as opposed to less funds to policing. elizabeth: lieutenant, darren porcher, thanks for service to our country. we'll see you. come back soon. watching the fox business network. still to come this hour life-styles of the rich and
6:31 pm
elected. democrat maxine waters claiming democrats like joe manchin who she does not agree with, saying he is well off, out of touch. we'll snow you how maxine waters friend the like bernie sanders and nancy pelosi live like millionaires because they are millionaires. up next we've got "the federalist"'s chris bedford, the new white house firestorm, president biden saying on camera he did telephone call a hospital to cut the line for his friend's wife. also this, the art gallery selling hunter biden's paintings reportedly got a massive 580,000, 5, 8, 0, thousand dollars in government relief help and has just two workers. the story next. >> the problem here is that no one who has a brain can deny that this is whole art show is a hunter biden influence operation. ♪.
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elizabeth: welcome back to the show "the federalist" senior editor chris bedford. great to have you back on. white house press secretary jen psaki is trying to claim president biden was not trying to help a friend's wife cut to the front the of the line when the president said on camera he personally telephone called pennsylvania hospital to ask why she was waiting long in the emergency room. it was swamped with covid-19. this can't be a new normal where presidents pressure hospitals for their friends. >> this get bass tock what you were talking about with the lieutenant in the last segment. difficult to be angry about, abuse of power, trying to help out a friend in pain and suffering in the emergency room but there is real issue for the administration. a lot of hospitals in new york and pennsylvania, we don't know which specific hospital this was have been losing staff because of these vaccine mandates, because of federal policies. you look at lines backing up
6:37 pm
because of people who are sick, people who are in need. you wonder if this is really an emergency, then why are we risking losing staff? just like with the real public health crisis -- >> point is why is the president making a phone call? by the way, chris, we hear your point. woe understand exactly what you're saying if you listen to this. watch the president. watch the press secretary. watch this. >> how often did president biden call and trying to help his friend cut the line. >> that was certainly not his intention. he was not trying to do that. he was checking in on a friend. >> got her to the hospital but the waiting room was so crowded, things were so backed up, they couldn't even get her to be seen initially. so because of i knew this person i called, i called the desk, receiving nurse and asked what the situation was. to make a long story short, it took a while because all of the,
6:38 pm
not all, the vast majority of the emergency rooms and docs were occupied taking care of covid patients. elizabeth: okay. then what was his intention? he was randomly making a phone call to this one hospital to do fact-finding? seriously? if you get a phone call from the president, the president says my friend's wife is in here, they're not going to jump to it, really? how can this be normal? how can this be okay? if trump did this, god heads would roll. >> heads would roll. this is not normal. i doesn't that you have, i certainly haven't ever called the emergency room to get a friend ahead of the line because i know that wouldn't work. you no one wouldn't listen to me. the president would certainly in this case called because he realized his word would work, his friend would be pushed to the front of the line. that does fit with a pattern you're seeing from the administration across the board helping their friends. fits pattern from corporate media not trying to hold this person accountable. elizabeth: stay on that for a second because there is now this. "the new york times" reporting
6:39 pm
art gallery selling hunter biden paintings reportedly got $580,000 in covid relief money when it only has two workers. federal covid loan more than doweled after president biden took office. also paycheck protection money. another initial 150,000-dollar loan. the gallery owner issued a statement. we'll put it up here. last year they got 150,000. additional 350,000 this summer before they took on the sale of hunter biden paintings. how can this salary, by the way watchdog groups are getting way more money, way more money than other galleries in the city and other areas, how could this go on government cash went to this gallery. we don't know if it went to market hunter biden's artwork at all? now the gallery is, is this a new low in politics, where the president's son gets his artwork basically helped out an subsidized with pandemic money? is that where we're at? >> it is.
6:40 pm
this is whole new low what is already a new low chapter. companies across the board early on during this covid relief fund, a lot of employees, not a lot of other costs lobbied successfully to have a lot of bailouts linked to the number of employees. a couple of my friends went out of business went out of that. none of my friends, who i know, got reevaluation this year. sorry we drove you out of business to near bankruptcy. we'll give you more money. maybe the reason for that because none of my friends never ended up hosting the president's son, the president's son connected over and over again for shady deals. the only reason he gets any money or energy or art because he is the president's son that is seriously questionable activity. >> paintings are going for half a million. you may like the paintings, by the way going to anonymous sellers. we don't know what the transparency problems are here. we'll stay on the story. chris bedford. great to have you on. come back soon. we're staying on this story as well. the border is about to lose national garth troops from half
6:41 pm
a dozen states. 60,000 migrants potentially headed here. the debate, what are the exactly the data points and standards that the administration is using that tell them they are doing a good job, that this is good for the country? how many u.s. citizens, is it okay to subject to violent crime and dangerous gangs and drugs and more? up next, the hill media columnist joe concha. democrat maxine waters claims democrats like senator joe manchin who she does not agree with, are quote, well off. we're showing you how well-off maxine waters friends are. talking joe biden, bernie sanders and nancy pelosi. they're living like millionaires. guess what, because they are. the story next. >> clearly what the democrats want to do drive country further into spending, raise taxes at a period of time when families see impacts of raising prices.
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elizabeth: look who is back, "the hill" media columnist fox news contributor joe concha. good to see you. maxine waters went after joe manchin and krysten sinema out of touch. listen to this. they say they are well off. watch. >> these people are well off. >> right. >> they little very well. they maybe don't have empathy or any real concerns for those who are less fortunate and so, whether we're talking about poor people or middle class people who work everyday but can't afford the housing that is safe and secure for their families, i don't know, maybe, they just don't get it. maybe they just don't want to get it yet. elizabeth: a heck of a charge, that is a big thing to say. just because you're well off, you have no empathy, really? how did she know? is she a psychiatrist? is she a psychologist? does she have a degree? what do you say? >> isn't she well off,
6:47 pm
elizabeth? bernie madoff in his prime mocking people for saying he is well off. you can have empathy if you're well-off. some of the richest people in the world are active in charities worth millions, billions of dollars. to go after manchin and sinema is very interesting. i think the house speaker, basically maxine waters' boss, she is one of the most well-off anybody in all of washington, d.c. so i wonder why she is only bringing up people that oppose in this case, the $3.5 trillion spending bill but isn't bringing up other folks in her own chamber who are very, very well off. elizabeth: we're showing you now. nancy pelosi, 2.42 net worth. was 41 million, 17 years ago. assets in 350 million. fox news jesse watters reporting on this multiple homes. joe biden and bernie sanders got multiple homes. questions over nancy pelosi and bernie sanders, how do they own
6:48 pm
multimillion dollars homes own government property? nancy pelosi's husband is a venture capitalist, invested in commercial real estate but bernie sanders family run numerous non-profits. the money is hard to track. little to no oversight. what do you say, joe? >> i say bernie sanders has more houses than i do, that's for sure. not bad for a socialist. you know who is 100% accurate on this whole situation? going to shock you here, elizabeth. rem alexandria ocasio-cortez, democrat in new york. she said it should be illegal to buy and sell stocks if you're a member of congress. she is exactly right. it would be like professional athletes gambling on their own sport for which they would actually help decide the outcome, right? pelosi for example, wealth increase from 41 million about 17% ago to more than 100 million in 2020. that is according to open secrets. close to 75% of pelosi's stock trading over last two years involved big tech companies,
6:49 pm
alphabet, amazon and apple, right? it is going very well for this power couple. have you seen nancy's freezer? could feed a small country for about a week. my apartment in hoboken is not as big as that. she is talking to apple at the same time, tim cooks of the world, hey, what do you think about the legislation we're punting around as far as regulating the industry? there is a clear conflict of interest here. you don't hear the mainstream media talking about it very much, well it is nancy pelosi. she is protected. elizabeth: important point you make. there is like a turnstile, right, between the lobbyists and the congressional offices and then the dog whistles. yeah you can adhere to the stock act, about transparency. make all the ethical disclosures. you're giving a head fake, nod of the head on legislation coming as antitrust has been for the big tech and nancy pelosi's district covers these powerful tech titans, that is the question. pelosi's husband got caught, not
6:50 pm
caught, making stock trades with call options on google stock. a democrat said everybody should put their money and their spouse's money in a blind trust. only 15 sponsors for that. nobody wants it. you make a good point about athletes and congress. you make a good point. nobody will go along with it in congress. >> particularly as long as democrats are in power. when you think about it, big tech serves as party's most impactful super-pac. no reason to break them up, hinder them in any way. you saw all the help, facebook, twitter, amazon all these companies gave to the joe biden campaign pushing him over the finish line. particularly facebook's and twitter cases, censoring stories, suppressing stories on hunter biden as an example. ain't nothing going to happen to these companies as long as democrats benefiting from them in myriad of ways. i think we have to go, elizabeth. elizabeth: joe concha, have you back on to finish that thought. good to see you.
6:51 pm
up next arizona attorney general mark brnovich on the border. it will lose national guard troops from six states just as 60,000 migrants potentially headed here. the debate, what are the data points the white house uses that tells them they're doing what they're doing is good for the country? how many u.s. citizens is it okay to subject to violent illegal alien crime, dangerous drug gangs and narcotics? the story next.
6:52 pm
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back with us now, arizona attorney general, good to see you. what's the state of the border right now? half a dozen states we are hearing their going to take back their national guard and law enforcement helping out at the border. ohio, south dakota, arkansas, nebraska, iowa and florida. 60000 migrants potentially had appear, 90000 already in south america moving through central america. what you say? >> it's a dangerous situation in the biden administration is essentially ceding control of our southern border cartel in the mainstream media shame on them, literally people are dying as a result of joe biden's
6:56 pm
policies and enablers in washington d.c. the second largest county in arizona, fentanyl and opioids are the highest deaths among teenagers. homicides are up 60% in places like tucson arizona so this is affecting us in ways we can never recover from and it's not only impacting arizona but it will impact the entire united states of america, shame on the biden administration and schumer, shame on cartel kelly for allowing this to happen to the u.s. >> one of the data.the white house uses details on what they are doing is a good job and good for the country? >> i'm not sure, we know by any objective of a measure, it's a massive failure, there's a record amount of people illegally being apprehended, to billing people across the southern border. we know the number of getaways, thousands a day now, peter got a ways, folks who don't want to be apprehended so millions of
6:57 pm
people are coming across illegally who essentially biden decriminalized and incentivized coming here i meant thousands of people every week coming over who don't want to be caught. amongst the people being apprehended, one in five have criminal records so literally rapists, arsonists, people who have committed heinous crimes coming into our country, people apprehended from 1.2 million people deportation orders being deported and that's why me, colleagues have sued the biden a ministration trying to force them to build a wall deport people who have deportation orders. it crazy, anarchy and it's going to affect the country not just today, not just tomorrow but for decades to come. liz: equipment reporting since the summer you and i talked about months and months ago the cartel were firing gunshots from across the border at our guys again last week. migrants flood in texas national guard have seen cartel gunfights
6:58 pm
increase near the border recently and mexican soldiers have been taunted in recent days by cartel members armed while across the rio grande river. there have been multiple and growing instances of this happening, too so when you see tens of thousands of migrant coming to the border and what not being understood and you and i have talked about this, the drug cartel want to drag the migrants to the coyotes to deliver drugs across the border. your word on back? >> absolutely. we are seeing this measured in ways we can't even count so the cartel make money, they are making billions of dollars, we've seen a surge an explosion of drugs coming in, we know the price of functional is falling into places like arizona because there's more supply so that will have an effect on overdose deaths and inner-city violence from chicago to take st. louis and all over the country and we
6:59 pm
know the cartel are becoming more brazen and embolden because the biden administration so i know you and i have talked about this, i worry in the future mexico is on the brink of becoming a failed state because the biden administration is incentivizing people to come illegally, monetize it and now the cartel make so much money and so much power that will spill over into violence. i think in mexico as well. liz: are you going to build your own wall for your state? texas is moving on that, the white house canceled multiple projects for the border wall, $109 in supplies sitting abandoned by the wall but texas is moving on its own wall and the drone shop there, those are portable supplies not being used right now. what are you going to do for your state? >> we have a lawsuit against the biden administration, they have to build a wall and completed. we have to secure our border, for security and national security.
7:00 pm
liz: maybe you will build a wall, who knows? will have you back on, sorry we ran out of time. i am elizabeth mcdonald, even watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: parents unite. they can bully us into conformity but they are deadlocked. don't poke mama bear, we are a terrorist and calls for change will only grow louder. where they listen? for weeks now, meeting across the country have been the focal points for free speech and pushback against radical agendas. parents voicing their opinions on mask mandate, critical race theory and a host of other things including failure of teachers


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