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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 21, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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let's get the heck outta here. - [narrator] where a single mistake could be their last. (clanging) - john, let's not do that. is there a... holy [bleep]. (ominous music) maria: good thursday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining u i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, october 21 sst. your top stories right now, 6:0. president biden's approval ratings are tanking, brand-new fox news polls highlighting the impact of the supply chain crisis, the inflation threat, afghanistan, the border, we are breaking down the numbers this morning. markets this morning are down, take a look. we've got pressure underway on wall street this morning with the dow jones industrial average down 85 points, s&p 5 p hundred down 9 and a quarter and the nasdaq lower by 18 and-a-half.
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this after the dow and s&p 500 closed very close to record highs yesterday. the nasdaq finished slightly lower, brought down by weakness in technology. the dow industrials up 152 points yesterday at the close at 35,609. the s&p 500 higher by 16 and-a-half at 4536. european markets this morning are under selling pressure, take a look at the eurozone. we see moves across the board in the negative column, ft 100 down 24, cac down 14, dax index lower by 5 and-a-half. in asia overnight, markets finished mostly lower, japan was the worst performer, nikkei average overnight down almost 2%. "mornings with maria" is live right now. ♪ maria: now some of the top
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stories that we are watching this morning. president biden spending agenda on the brink of disaster as he desperately tries to sell the build back better plan to the american people. yesterday in pennsylvania, he once again claimed that this multitrillion dollar package will cost nothing. >> the cost of the build back better bill in terms of adding to the deficit is zero. zero. zero. and it does not increase the debt. when you talk about the number, we shouldn't even talk about the numbers, because it's all paid for. in addition to that, half of it is a tax cut. it's not spending money. it's a tax cut for working class people. maria: oh, okay. zero. nothing. don't talk about the numbers. democrats are scrambling to come up with the alternative ways to pay for the plan as senator kyrsten sinema tells lobbyists she will not support any proposed increases in tax rates
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on corporations and high income earners. she says it will impact the economy, losing higher tax rates would punch a significant hole in the democrats' plan as they cannot afford to lose any senate votes if they want to pass this plan without any republican support, currently there is no support on the republican side. the cdc will consult an expert panel today before finalizing official recommendations on who should receive vaccine booster shots. it follows the fda authorizing an extra dose to those who got the moderna and johnson & johnson shots. they said that americans will be able to mix and match vaccines, allowing you to get a booster of any of the three authorized shots regardless of which initial vaccine you took. meanwhile, the white house releasing plans to vaccinate 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11, shots could soon be offered not only in doctor's offices but pharmacies, but in schools too. the plan is still pending fda
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and cdc authorization. it's expected in the coming weeks. and president trump is headed back to social media with his own platform called truth social. it hopes to, quote, stand unto the tyranny of big tech. trump media and technology group will combine with a spac to take the company public. starting next month, a nationwide rollout is expected next year. oil prices jumping once again, yesterday up about s 1.1%, hitting the highest price since october 2014 as exxon's board of directors is debating dropping oil and gas projects as investors are pushing for more cost conscious and green energy friendly easers from ex -- efforts from exxon. joining me now is procane capital president, david towel. joining the conversation all morning long this morning is fox
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business's dagen mcdowell and former chrysler and home depot ceo bob nardelli. welcome to the program. david, it's a pleasure to have you back given the fact that you were on this program a few months back when oil was in the 50s, 60s, you said oil is going to $100 a barrel. here we are right below, 85. what are your thoughts now in terms of the move in oil. are you still expecting 100? >> i still am expecting 100, maria. i don't like being correct with these types of predictions for purposes of certainly people's pockets but on the other hand, for purposes of investment, certainly this has been a good trade. and i continue to be bullish on 100. i think once we hit 100, that number in and of itself is a sticker shock to lots of governments around the world and we will see a call to arms immediately when we get even close to that number in order to go ahead and bring that price down to the extent it's
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possible. maria: yeah. david, tell me what's behind this move. i mean, obviously joe biden came in on day one, canceled the xl pipeline, made it very clear that he wants to fundamentally change this economy, less on fossil fuels. is that part of this? is it something else? i know you've got activists on the large oil companieses including exxon. what's your take on what's behind this move and what do you think the impact will be on the broader economy? >> okay. so maria, this started before joe biden simply because the wheels were put into motion. there was a lot of pent-up environmental concern, both from, like you said, shareholders, but other types of stakeholders, sovereigns around the world want to move away, especially in the western hemisphere, western europe all want to move away from carbon emissions. that of move, however, those pledges for zero emissions, carbon neutral and so forth, are
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incredibly aggressive. at the same time, during covid we went through an incredibly low point on the price of oil where the majors around the world rethought at that point for financial reasons their drilling programs. so the two things combined went ad head and really dropped the drilling intentions of the majors. however, as we've seen with most things out of covid, the demand has picked up massively. and so, therefore, you couple the low supply with the higher demand and an inflationary environment generally, and you now have a recipe for disaster. and russia and china and most importantly opec know it. the biden administration has already called on opec three times so far to go ahead and get pricing under control. it's been met with deaf ears and, frankly, they know that they have the u.s. and other governments in the palm of their hands.
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maria: yeah, it's a great point. it's a demand and a supply story. i love that you walked through both areas. bob nardelli is on the panel this morning, david. and bob, you've been in transportation businesses almost your entire career. when somebody is paying more for gasoline, somebody is paying more for heating their home, that takes away the disposable income to spend elsewhere. do you see an impact on the economy from the price of oil right now? jump in here, bob. >> thank you, maria. and good morning. thank you for having me on the show. i couldn't agree more with david. as you said, having spent a big portion of my life in power and gas and oil, it just -- it challenges common sense. we had attained energy independence and we threw it away with a stroke of a opinion and now we're out tin-cupping, as david said, begging opec to provide oil and they got us.
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our personal experience, week over week, last saturday, 10-cent increase per gallon every week, ten, ten, ten. you could say that the lower wage people are not going to be taxed. they're being killed, maria. they're being killed at the gas pump. they're being killed in the retail, when going to the grocery store. so this thing is totally crazy and some of the verbiage coming out of this administration it call ons common -- challenges common sense and the individual consumer out there. it's a false story that's being portrayed out there. this is going to impact every part of our business. we're seeing fuel charge in the companies i've got, i'm having to pass on fuel charge to my customers and of course then they're passing it on to the end customer so this thing is still going out of control, maria. maria: well, that's the cycle. and you know, david, later on in the program we're going to report on what the atlanta
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federal reserve is saying and their growth numbers for the broad economy have come way down. from an investment standpoint, though, david, you want to buy oil socks? what's your take there. i want to get your take on bitcoin. it's a record high of 66,000 following the launch of the u.s. bitcoin futures etf. your thoughts on bitcoin as well as oil? >> okay. so he let's talk about oil. let's get down to practical investing, thoughts. my thoughts are as follows: buy oil futures. i think the price of oil is going higher. do not buy oil stocks. they are incredibly complex right now and, frankly, their largests investors which are institutional -- massive institutional investors around the world, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds are walking away from carbon-emitting investments and so therefore they are dumping stock so no matter what retail
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does, i don't think they are going to have the capacity -- retail investors are not going to have the capacity to lift up those stocks even if on a cash flowing basis those investments are very much under-valued. of it's just a matter of supply and demand, frankly, when it comes to the shares themselves. and as you reported earlier, exxon mobil is abandoning projects. you think that that's going to weigh well on the markets? it's good from an environmental perspective and from a policy perspective, but frankly, for exxon he mobile, certainly it shows that they are willing to abandon very healthy cash flow positive stories in exchange for longer term environmental zero emission goals. that's first. so that's with oil. secondly, with respect to bitcoin, it is incredible. frankly, it's a revolution. we could talk for a little while about it and i would love to but i think that investors, frankly,
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ignore cryptocurrency at their peril. we are getting to a digitized asset world. we will be there more and more as the days go on and therefore currencies based on the block chain will rise. maria: i mean, you're talking about an all-time high on bitcoin right you now. real quick, would you buy it at this level? >> i would wait a day or two to see if the momentum slows down because clearly we've been a very strong momentum environment for the last 48 to 72 hours. there are more bitcoin etfs coming out over the next few days so that may continue the momentum. maria: yes, there are. >> so i would leg in slowly at this point, certainly people are rightfully watching closely as the momentum continues to the upside. frankly, without looking back. maria: all right. great stuff, david. we so appreciate you joining me
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this morning. please come back soon and by the way, for our viewers on the bottom band of our ticker we are now showing the price of bitcoin and ethereum. so if you want to check out where it is, just got to turn on fox business and it's right there on the ticker. david, we'll see you soon. we so appreciate you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, maria. maria: david towel joining us. here's your morning mover, ibm shares down nearly 5% this morning in the premarket. the company reported a revenue mix in the third care, weighed down by the cloud business and some clients pausing on spending. this is a big deal. we'll see if the this reverberates throughout the industry in terms of cloud related companies. ibm down 4 and three quarters percent and one of the reasons the dow industrials are down 100 right now. we are just getting started. we'll take a break. when we come back, president biden's economic poll sis taking a toll on his approval rating. we are breaking down the numbers. the supply chain crisis leaving
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store shelves bare, the household staples that are hardest to find right now and where you might be able to get them, what its means for you as we head into the holidays. we're going to check out the border, border arrests hitting the highest level in 35 years. texts as congressman jody errington is here, saying border states can not handle another three years of chaos. he'll join me next. don't miss a moment of it. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs... being first on the scene when every second counts... or teaching biology without a lab.
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about the border and the crisis continuing to happen there. as only 35% of voters approve of joe biden's performance on border security, 34% approve on immigration, his approval ratings continue to tank. joining me now is texas congressman, jody errington. he's a member of the house ways and means committee. it's good to see you today. thanks very much for being with me. where is this going? we know what's taking place. we've got increasing numbers of these migrants being let into the country. many are not being tested for covid. they're dropping children off secretly on private airports on private planes across the country. is there any end if in sight? >> i don't believe this administration is going to relent. they want an open border. it's clear. they have signaled in every way, come one, come all, that there will not be security, there will not be enforcement.
6:19 am
we continue to give social socil services complements of of the taxpayer to folks who are here illegally, most recently a stimulus check in the so-called covid relief and democrats are talking about amnesty and citizenship as part of the reconciliation. nobody should be surprised about the record numbers. there should be a concern that we're not even through the first year of a four-year administration. maria, i continue to maintain the position that this is a constitutional crisis above all else and states have to flex their sovereign right and constitutional power to take charge, to detain, to he deport, the enforce the law, to prosecute the bad guys because our federal government has failed, has abdi kateed, our commander in chief has not faithfully executed the laws which is his sacred oath and hits up to our states and state
6:20 am
leaders to defend the border and a protect our citizens. texas is doing that increasingly. but we're going to need even stronger leadership among the border states. maria: yeah, we were at the border a couple of weeks ago and we went to see some of the walls that are unfinished, the joe biden administration has canceled all remaining border construction wall contracts. there's is an enormous amount of illegal illicit drugs coming into the p country and of course there is hundreds of thousands of got-aways, those people who are not apprehended and we don't know what their intentions are and yet the conversation right now in washington has nothing to do with stopping any of this. democrats are scrambling to finalize biden's agenda. the spending agenda. nancy pelosi keeps saying we're going to have some kind of a solution by the end of the week. senator kyrsten sinema throwing another wrench in their plan, saying, look, she is opposed to raising high taxes because of the impact on the economy. we spoke with cornerstone macro
6:21 am
analyst andy lipare yesterday to talked about some of the gimmicks in this plan. listen to what he said. >> and what the white house said yesterday, it's more like 4 trillion stuffed into 2 trillion. is joe manchin going to go for that? he expressed concerns about the debt and deficits. this would create either larger structural deficits or the need for more revenue down the road. so i think this is -- i think they're going to end up having to scale back actual programs, not just the price tag. maria: congressman, that's what they keep saying, that they're cutting the price tag but they're jaming in $4 trillion of programs into something they're calling $2 trillion, it's more gimmicks. we understand and so do the viewers know that when you say a child care program is going to go away in a year, no one believes that. it's not going to go away. so it's not really the cost savings that he's talking about.
6:22 am
by the way, why is 2 trillion costing nothing? how does joe biden get away with continuing to say this plan costs nothing? >> well, he continues to take the american people for fools. had they aren't. there will be a day of accountability in the future but today we have to reveal the facts around the reconciliation. it's actually more like 5 trillion, maria, and their gamesman ship and slight of hand will be to try to protract or to truncate, rather, the duration of these policies. but no matter how short the duration, the policies are, they will be extended. they will be made permanent. and they will be expanded like every other mandatory spending and entitlement program that has ever showed up on the balance sheet of our government. it's like milton freedman said, there is nothing more permanent
6:23 am
than a temporary government program. whether it's 2 trillion or 5, it's 5, we will eat it all and it will bankrupt the country. no doubt about it. maria: wow. these are harsh charges. congressman, thanks very much for weighing in this morning. great op-ed in the joint venture nail this morning i think -- journal this morning i think says it all, the $2 trillion is also a phony number. congressman jody errington. we'll talk soon. thank you sir. we'll be right back. >> god bless. (sfx: video game vehicle noises, horns beeping,) (engines revving, cars hitting one another.) (sfx: continued vehicle calamity.) just think, he'll be driving for real soon.
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recommended by the nei to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. i have amd, it is my vision, so my plan includes preservision. maria: welcome back. president biden's poll numbers are plummeting to new lows. americans are concerned about the economy and it slowing down. they are faced with high inflation, a supply chain crisis. they are wondering if taxes are going to go up with this reconciliation plan. they're worried about the border. they're worried about afghanistan. many crises. according to a new fox news poll, 73% of voters are feeling negative about the economy. that's the highest level since
6:27 am
may of 2020. joe biden's job performance on the handling of the economy also sinking, only 39% of voters say they approve of joe biden's handling of the economy. it comes as the atlanta federal reserve's third quarter gdp is declining to just half of 1%. remember two months ago, we were talking about the atlanta fed's expectation that the economy would grow 6% for the quarter versus now a new estimate of half of 1%. dagen, things are getting worse by the second and i know you tweeted about this yesterday. dagen: i did, because that kind of -- looking at that chart it really sums up what's going on in the country and if you laid it on top of joe biden's poll numbers, they both go down, like a perfect overlay, if you will. americans are furious and they know when joe biden's stands up there and says we need to spend trillions of dollars more money and it's going to cost zero,
6:28 am
that that's a lie. this is joe biden's problem from top to bottom. whether it's inflation and energy crisis, supply chain crunch, whether it's because of policies or whether it's because of his inaction, this is all on him. and this is -- talk about a supply report that i got last night from my father in rural virginia, he went to a local dollar store and the manager told him that -- he said you see what's in this store right now? this is all that i've got in terms of inventory until after christmas. i've got to make it through the holidays and keep the lights on with what's in stock right now. no toys. and so you want to talk about when people get crunched, it's always rural americans. that's where the supples evaporate first because, quite frankly, the government doesn't care about them. maria: jason furman just told us it's a high class problem.
6:29 am
look at the numbers, fuel up 43%. you've got electricity, used cars, double digit gains. yet you had ron klain as well as jason furman, white house advisors telling us these are high class problems. dagen: i understand what jason furman was trying to say, that 10% unemployment is worse. is a worse problem in his opinion. that deflation is worse than inflation. but this is -- but it shows a complete disconnect and disregard for hard-working americans who have to make ends meet and make their dollar try to go as far as they can when they're shopping for groceries or filling up their doggone cars a. maria: look at the feeling the pain at the pump, bob. a startling 844%, 84 -- 84% of voters say rising gas prices is
6:30 am
a problem for the family. look, it just feels like they're out of touch with these comments, that this is a high class problem. >> yes, maria. i couldn't agree more with your opening comments and dagen's. i mean, it's just absurd. there's more than a dozen initiatives. we talk about two of them this morning already that have us in a death had spiral relative to our economy and crushing the overall average citizen in this country. i think it is of their making. i'm glad to see that we have a society that is waking up and starting to push back. but we need to do it much more aggressively than we have done it. i can tell you that the business community and the companies i'm personally involved in are getting crushed. just i'll take an example here. savannah port, eight weeks to get a vessel unloaded, used to be two to three. owl of that -- all of that
6:31 am
inventory to dagen's point is sitting there, a lot of it will be out of season by the time it gets unloaded. a lot of us lived through '07, '08, '09, here we go again. maria: a lot of companies will come out and blame the issue in the coming weeks in the third quarter earnings season. this is not going away any time soon. we'll take a short break and take a look at the markets when we come right back. down 110 on the dow right now. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back. the parkland school shooter pleading guilty to to all charges in the 2018 valentine's day massacre. cheryl casone is back. she has the details. cheryl: good morning to you. nikolas cruz blaming his heinous actions on marijuana as he apologized to the families'
6:35 am
victims in court. >> i am sorry for what i did. i have to live with it every day. if i had a second chance i would do everything in my power to help others. cheryl: 14 students and three staff members were killed during the six minutes of terror at marjory stoneman douglas high school. 17 people were also shot. well, wework is set to go public via spac. the subpoena is set to trade publicly today, two years after its failed attempt to launch a tradition fall ipo. .the shares are going to start trading later today. the ticker will be we. well, spanks is now worth $1.2 billion after inking a deal with flag stone. the private equity firm taking a majority stake in the women's
6:36 am
shapewear brand. and then there is this, alphabet's delivery business taking off, announcing that walgreens will use drones to make deliveries from a store in the dallas, fort worth area, this is the first time that drones will be used in a major u.s. metro area. wing has been conducting tests in the area since june. walgreens employees will process and loan the deliveries onto the drone. those are some of your headlines, maria. back over to you. maria: cheryl, thanks so much. new fox news polling today shows that inflation is now the biggest worry for registered voters. 87% of voters say they are either extremely or very concerned about inflation and higher prices at the cash register. take a look at some of those numbers. the supply chain issues are starting to become more visible as well.
6:37 am
71% of voters say they've noticed products out of stock in the last month. 55% noticing slower delivery times. joining me right now is former deputy assistant treasury secretary, former white house council of economic add vieders, trade economist and senior fellow, christine mcdaniel. great to have you. thanks very much for being here. obviously these issues are front and center for voters because these are pocketbook issues of things that we buy every day. what do you think is the impact of all of this? >> well, the impact is i guess what your previous speaker was talking about, people are starting to get nervous. these are supply and demand frictions. these stressors on the supply chain i think were happening before covid even hit. they started with the tariffs, tariffs coming in on -- placed on our imports, tariffs on our exports, and then with some companies moving, relocating from china to other countries
6:38 am
like vietnam, malaysia, thailand, that all -- the supply chain could live with it but there was a little rumbling going on there. when covid hit and people stayed home, demand dropped way down and then demand rebounded but more for goods than for services. and that put a lot of stresses on the supply chain and now we have huge demand, supply's trying to open keep up. the -- trying to keep up. the supply chain is under stress and we're seeing it in the stores. maria: you know, i guess i don't understand why it's taken so long to be less reliant on overseas supply chains, christine. i mean, under the trump administration and during the early days of covid we recognized that relying on china for prescription drugs is not going to work and that 90% of the active ingredients in our prescription drugs, things like the chemicals to make advil and
6:39 am
alleve made in china is not smart for the country so how some we're not seeing more supply chain movement? what's the problem? it's been several years now that we've talked about the fact that we rely on china to make all of the products. >> so, right. these are private sector companies, right. they make their own decisions. they're profit maximizing companies that report to their shareholders. it's just still very profitable for them to be in china for many of them. it's not so easy just to set up shop in a different location overnight. some of these things can take years to figure out. so -- maria: right and it's been years. that's what i'm saying. i know that this doesn't happen overnight but we've been talking about it now for years. so when are these companies going to get the dollar signs out of their eyes to try to do things as cheaply as possible and recognize that this is becoming national security, the
6:40 am
supply crunch is not just hitting brick and mortar retailers. we've got a new report out of adobe that says online out-of-stock warnings has jumped 102%. clothing is seeing the most widespread online outages, christine. assess what we're looking at going into the holiday season with the out-of-stock situation. >> well, once it begins to be more costly to stay in china than to get out, that's when you will see companies get out. in terms of what we're probably up against for the holiday season, probably what we've been seeing right now, just exacerbated. i'm seeing it in my own life. i know a lot of people are seeing it in their as well. these are just supply and demand frictions. for so long we've gotten p used to everything just in time, you order something, it shows up the next two days. you go to the store completely stocked, right. this has been a bit of a -- maybe it's been a bit of a luxury for us. we've just gotten really overly
6:41 am
overly-reliant on everything being there when we want. the supply chain is going through stressors, not to mention the china geopolitical issues. we're probably going to be in for a rough ride and unfortunately it comes just as the holidays are hitting us. maria: yeah. it does feel that way. christine, thanks very much for weighing in this morning. we so appreciate it. christine mcdaniel joining us there. we'll take a look at the impact on retail, we have a look coming up of the winners and losers in the sector that you'll want to know about. stay with us for that and then your chance to travel around the world if you don't mind spending nine months on a cruise ship. the ultimate cruise makes buzz this morning. we'll tell you all about i you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
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6:46 am
bj's wholesale club and national fuel gas which supplies the retailers and the common denominator, maria, had they all provide essential services for food, for home, for heating and for transportation. maria: but they still have the issues that everybody else has, right, in ems the of disruption -- in terms of disruption. >> they still have the issues but they have more enlightened management because they're practitioners. the dynamic team at lowe's going into covid instead of buying back their stock like the rest of the retailers, the invested working capital and extra inventory, the only retailers i saw in u.s. and canada that took covid emergency supplies that were $25 and gave the consumers $5 back. so they had the working capital. they had the inventory. they buy the ships. most importantly, they own their own warehouses, they control trucking fleets, control their stores, control their inventory
6:47 am
and have great leadership from stores to corporate for diversity and inclusion and environmentally for solar and as well as using natural gas very efficiently and effectively. maria: very interesting. let's go on to the losers. who do you think -- where do you think the big impact is from all of these issues? >> maria, to your insightful interview about fox business, 87% of consumers are concerned about inflation. mcdonald's and the mcfish. over $12 last night before covid it would have been $4. mcdonald's and the fast food restaurants are making their numbers by inflating prices. american families can not afford for a l family of four to spend 50 of dollars at the drive-in window when it would only cost $10 to get the same product at safeway or stop and shop. to american consumers during covid have savedded $80 billion at the grocery store and those trends are going up.
6:48 am
to your great insightful interview a minute ago. and people are -- whether people are poor or not, had they need a bargain and they have to have a bargain and the bargain isn't at fast food. the other losers, mcdonald's and qsr have great ceos, great people, but they're on the wrong side of inflation. carrying is also an issue because of luxury and nordstrom's an issue forcing too much product, most notably shoes where the clientele loves shoes and it's 30% of their business, so nordstrom has taken a tumble too. maria: it's interesting because even with all of these issues online holiday sales are projected to reach a record. $207 billion this year, revenue expected as we head into the winter. but you say the consumer's going to get crushed. let me bring in bob nardelli on
6:49 am
that note. go ahead, bob. bob: good morning, burt. listen, i couldn't agree more about marvin he'll son, he worked with -- ellison, he worked with me at home depot. they're doing a great job. my he question is on the supply chain. it's going to catch all of the retailers. i look at home depot, you look at costco, you look at target, have all about vessels to get the containers over here. the containers are $21,000 versus $1,000. they're sitting in the port seven to eight weeks. so the administration solution is buy early for christmas. the person that has the money and time to do it and the rest of the country is going to be shut out. what do we do? i mean, we keep talking about these dozens of initiatives that are putting us in the ditch. what can we do on supply chain more proactively, stop talking and a start doing, burt? what would you recommend. >> i'm broadcasting live from
6:50 am
cornell university and people should talk to margaret frye the dean of program for fashion and fiber innovation to make the product here on-shore and do what underarmor and asic s s and others are doing, have plants headquartered in the u.s., completely solar powered and on-shore as much as possible and you provided the strategic solution, bob, is preorder, control your own destiny in terms of supply chain and on-shore as much as possible. and that's why foot locker's the loser because -- not because it's a bad company but because nike can't supply the shoes. maria: great to get your insights as always. >> final word, maria, prayers to neil cavuto and eric spanato internally, late great director and he producer. maria: thank you very much.
6:51 am
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maria: welcome back. time for the morning buzz. royal caribbean offering the trip of a lifetime. the cruise company announcing its ultimate world cruise. it will last nine months and visit 150 destinations in 65 countries on all seven continents. the price tag, $61,000 for an interior state room. bob, will you be shipping off? bob: well, maria, i took one cruise in my career and lifetime so far, it was a business cruise. and this is a wonderful idea.
6:55 am
talk about captive customers. you get them on that ship and you don't let them off for 274 days. that's -- they're not going to make any decision, should i go, not go. probably not something that i would do. now, listen, these ships are amazing relative to the entertainment and variety of programs that you can participate in from my experience. but it would be someone that really has a lot of available time, maria, and probably not in my agenda. maria: i love it. next, how about this, dagen, one hotel in london giving your furry friend the five star treatment. it's the kimton hotel, lets pets stay for free and offers room service menu for the pet and a dedicated director of pet relations to make sure rooms are set up for pets with snack boxes
6:56 am
on arrival. dagen: if you tell a hotel the you have a pet with you, they may charge extra money. a lot of hotels set up the room with a dog bed and water and food bowls and the like. the only issue is i think that there's pretty severe restrictions on traveling to england with a dog, if you come from the united states. i think the dog has to be quarantined for a couple of weeks. so this is really set up for people who are not flying in from the u.s. i'll correct myself later if i'm wrong. but i'm pretty sure about that. maria: all right. we will take a break. when we come back, we zero in on inflation, the impact at the grocery store. plus, bitcoin at an all-time new high this morning. wait until you check this out. it's all on the word on wall street coming up on the other side of this break. it starts next hour right here. "mornings with maria" is live on fox business.
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thank you very much for joining u. i'm maria bartiromo and it is thursday october 21st. president biden's approval rating under water again dropping party. fox news poll shows issues are most important to americans, reeling over inflation and the economy on top of all the other issues, what you need to know coming up. markets are lower as oil prices circle 90 bucks a barrel. dow joneses down 109. s&p down 12 and 3 quarters and nasdaq lower by 33 after record
7:01 am
close yesterday. nasdaq brought by weakness in tech but the dow industrials up 152 and the nasdaq not too far from its own record as well at 4:00 o'clock on wall street yesterday. european markets this morning are lower. take a look at declines we are seeing in the euro zone right now. pretty much across the board. cac down 27, dax index weaker by 13. in asia overnight, markets finished mostly lower there as well. japan was the worst performer. almost down 2%. mornings with maria live right now. some of the top stories that we are watching this morning. president biden's spending agenda on the brink of disaster as he tries to sell the build back better people. yesterday in pennsylvania he once again claimed that the multitrillion dollar package is actually free. >> the cost of the build back better plan is zero, it's zero
7:02 am
and it does not increase the debt. when you tuck about the number, we shouldn't even talk about the numbers because it's all paid for. in addition to that, half of it is a tax cut. tax cut to the american people. maria: they don't have the money to pay for it, kyrsten sinema telling lobbyists she will not support increase in corporations and high-income earners and losing losing higher tax rates will make a hole in plan. they cannot afford any senate votes without republican support and there's none at this point. cdc will consult expert panel today before finalizing
7:03 am
recommendations on who should receive vaccine booster shots and this follows fda authorizing extra dosage those who got moderna and johnson & johnson shots. americans will be able to miss x and match vaccines. pfizer announced booster shot is more than 95% effective. the company adding the time between second and third shot was about 11 months. exxon mobile's board of directors debating dropping oil and gas projects as investors push for more cost conscious and green friendlier efforts. the board expressing concern of 30 million-dollar gas development in africa, one of the most important in exxon as well as multimillion dollar project in vietnam. they don't want them to do the projects. these mega projects could take several years to produce additional supplies and even
7:04 am
more years to produce a return on investment. it comes as the board with new activists on the board get ready to vote on the 5-year spending plan at the end of the month. they don't the company to spend on oil production. time for the word on wall street. top investors watching your money. joining me chief investment strategist brent, capital wealth planning chief investment kevin simpson and corey. gentlemen, thank you very much for being here this morning. second week of third quarter earnings, last night we saw tesla record record number. revenue hitting $14 billion for the quarter. even with the ongoing supply chain crisis this morning we are hearing from companies such as southwest airlines, american airlines, black stone group and at&t, reported better than expected numbers. the stocks are higher in the premarket. your reaction to what we've seen and what you're expecting from
7:05 am
the third-quarter reporting season, kevin. >> yeah, maria, the word on wall street today is earnings. what a difference a month makes. it was just a few weeks ago we were on here talking about doom and gloom and predicting a pull back of 5 to 10% and we got it barely. we saw 5% pullback and investors flooded into buy the dip and here we are today in the peak of this amazing earning season and i'm calling for higher market into year end and it's weird becausing in that we talked about a few weeks has changed and you've done amazing job all morning talking about the debt ceiling, higher interest rates and the supply chain, inflation, delta variant and china, all the things are still here and nothing has changed but the third-quarter numbers are so powerful and the u.s. consumer is so strong that i'm expecting stocks to continue to grind higher. maria: that's great news even though we are talking about inflation hitting the supermarket shelves.
7:06 am
brent, what's your take on all of this, consumer are paying higher prices for goods coming out of the pandemic, would this be an issue from your standpoint? >> yeah, i don't think so. companies have tremendous pricing power and the consumer as kevin mentioned is in fantastic shape. no matter how they got it but the consumer get to equity 1910's when the income side the cost of debt is as we can measure it. that with earning season that will be strong and economy that stays strong we do think the market moves higher. inflation to me is still transitory. now, i don't define transitory as just by time, i define it by underlying cost and you mentioned two big underlying causes covid and unemployment benefits and i'm hoping to see workers back in the labor force and you see the ports reopen and spending for goods and services
7:07 am
and as you move towards the end of the nation, inflation rolls over. certainly a worry in the future and the fed is going to do nothing about it. >> okay. but troy, you're seeing investors go off on the risk curve, look at bitcoin, record high of $66,000 following the launch of u.s.-bitcoin bitcoin etf and now there are a couple of them to choose from, your thoughts on what's going on with bitcoin? >> yeah, well, look, we definitely agree that in the near term markets should be stronger but the point we are making to clients and discussed at length is as they move through the fourth quarter into the first quarter, you know, the combination of potentially tighter fed money and stationery inflation and moving away from the extreme risk that people have been taking since the pandemic bottom and focusing on things that are alternative
7:08 am
investment that is can provide alternative sources of income and return that aren't as tied to just directional risk from ramp it money supply growth. it's hit an all-time high, the on-chain or technicals look very strong and would be surprising if it doesn't continue. the potential for correction is always there and just like every other asset on the planet as the fed moves away from monetary policy that something that looks looser or typical loosens, that means there's more downside and less upside than we have certainly seen since having point last night. maria: all right, we will leave it there. troy, would you buy bitcoin at this level right here? >> you know, if you're holding and putting marginal capital to work, just understand that you're buying the all-time high
7:09 am
and typically after all-time high you can have significant pullbacks. maria: great to see you, gentlemen, thank you very much for the word on wall street. slip in a short break and coming up, good to see you all. president trump big return to social media. we are taking a look at trump's plan newly announced last night to launch his own social media form and then ohio congressman jim jordan is here on what he plans to ask merrick garland today as he goes in front of the house oversight committee. critical race theory, voting rights, the border crisis all on the agenda. october is breast cancer awareness month, a member of the fox business family sharing her story later this hour. joining the conversation dagen mcdowell and bob nardelli. we will be back mornings with maria live on fox business
7:10 am
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maria: welcome back, dozen of republican lawmakers sounding the alarm from a proposed rule on the republican administration saying it's unconstitutional and would fulfill the president's open border campaign policy. allow citizenship and immigration officials at the border to decide asylum claims. 68 republicans writing in a public comment this rule is a continuation of biden's failed border policies and it will serve as yet another massive pull factor designed to encourage more illegal immigration. joining me right now is arizona
7:14 am
congressman, member of the house judiciary committee andy biggs, always a pleasure to see you. thank you very much for being here. you're helping to lead this effort. tell us about this most recent rule coming out of the administration and its impacts. >> yeah, so what they want to do is they want to basically allow an immediate determination that someone is going to be determined to stay in the country and pursue an asylum claim. that's contrary to law. they want to do that by rule and what that's going to do is a couple of things, number 1, you're going to have -- it's basically putting the catch and release program that we are seeing right now on steroids and violates parole limitations of title 8 and detention provisions of title 8 and entice more people to come and that's kind of like the last thing he needs to do because biden, the biden policies continue to entice people to come and when you know that you're going to be turned
7:15 am
and released into the country immediately, people -- there's no reason to stay home and so the cartels are advertising all over the central and south america right now and that's why you're seeing so many people continue to pour into our country illegally and be distributed throughout the country. maria: you know, we took the show to the border two weeks ago and on that program we broke the news of the border crisis expanding well outside of texas. arizona seeing a surge of illegal immigrants in the border town of yuma. our sources told us that they made more than 5,000 arrests in one week in yuma. what's going on with regard to illegal migration into arizona? >> well, it's just flooding. i mean, right now yuma is kind of at the heart of where that's going and this new caravan of 95,000 starting up in southern
7:16 am
mexico this sunday, we think it's going to head the yuma and what happened, maria, typically about a year ago you might get 25 apprehensions in a day and now you're getting 6, 700 or more in a day and the facilities are just overwhelmed as are the agents and we have broad holes in the fencing there and it's just overwhelming what you're seeing and the local community is going to have to deal with it and then these people are being dispersed throughout the country again. maria: andy, will you please connect the dots and explain to our viewers why this impact matters, why the overwhelming number of people is going to be a pressure on our system because the truth is that america has been the most generous country and the most welcoming country in the world. we issues million green cards every year so there's not a
7:17 am
negative feeling or sentiment here about immigration at all, but this illegal immigration, people cutting the line and jamming the way in, hundreds of thousands got aways where we don't know their intentions obviously is another story, so explain why this is an issue to the congress at all. >> well, first of all, you're right. we respect and welcome legal immigration. as you say a million green cards and somewhere in the neighborhood of 750 to 800,000 new citizens every year into this country but what's happening now is you have 1.7 million people apprehended, probably another half a million who we don't know who they are. they're not vetted, there's -- there's human trafficking going on, drug trafficking going on that's impacting virtually every community in this country. there are national security threats. we had last year something like 4, 5 times more than we had ever
7:18 am
had of people on the terrorist watch list apprehended and we still don't know how many of them are so it becomes a national security issue. we've had -- what the biden administration is releasing, violent -- people with violent criminal history into our country. this changes the very nature of our country and the other aspect of it too, maria, that gets to the national security issue as well is that the cartels control the border. so, for instance, we released 122 children, we flew them out from southern arizona to location in california. 63 of them have covid. we didn't quarantine. we didn't treat, we just put those 63 unaccompanied minors on the plane and if you and i put our child in the care of ruthless gang member and said, you know, get my child up to detroit so we can be reunited, i would be arrested or you'd be
7:19 am
arrested for child abuse. that isn't what happens here. the folks are putting the kids in the hands of the cartels, the coyotes and they have no regard for human life and then we are reuniting, so there's a lot going on with this. it's complicated but very dangerous to this country. maria: one thing that you didn't mention is the cost because congressman, when you have enormous number of increases in people in america there's also the cost of benefits given to them or, you know, police, we spoke with the attorney general of texas and he said that texas alone is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in terms of caring for, holding many new people. so there's a cost to it as well, right? >> absolutely right. so the estimate is literally in the hundreds of billions of dollars a year that this cost us to -- to just deliver the benefits and that means whether
7:20 am
it's incarceration for criminal violent, whether it's education, whether it's other social benefits and so it's just huge. it's a huge cost. maria: yeah, all right. we should point out that the secret flight that is the administration put all of the migrants on and dropped them off secretly at private airports taxpayers paid for the flights obviously. congressman, thank you very much for being here. we appreciate your time, congressman andy biggs, we will take a break. president trump is ready to take on social media. he will take social media by storm with his own new platform. we will bring you the details and how much would you pay for a good parking spot. the price tag on the london spot makes a buzz this morning. stay with us.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
maria: welcome back, president donald trump returning to social media with his own platform. platform called truth social is pledging to, quote, stand up to
7:24 am
the tyranny of big tech. the trump media and technology group will combine with a spac special purpose acquisition company to take the company public valuing this venture at $875 million according to press release. invited users will be able to use the network next month and set for a in addition wide rollout early next year. the platform also helping to create a subscription video on demand service as well. this announcement comes as facebook is reportedly considering a rebranding with a name change. dagen mcdowell your thoughts on donald trump's new social media company? dagen: in terms of social media forms the more the better. i do think that the future of social media is smaller companies with more targeted audiences that it's not this you kind of like twitter as exploding septic tank and it just -- it's hard to actually get information that you need on such a social media form so more
7:25 am
targeted. it'll be interesting to see how many eyeballs this platform attracts. maria: well, i want to say i hope that there's no hate there because twitter is all about hate. you put something out on twitter, somebody doesn't agree with you, they come at you like the mobs we've all experienced it, so hopefully this new donald trump social media company will not have the hate that is all over twitter, bob. bob: yeah. maria, i agree. this is this has been rumor for some time that former president trump was going to do this. i'm glad to see that it finally is coming into fruition as dagen said. i hope it sticks to the facts and it sticks to communicating the message of where we are, again, in this terrible situation. almost every initiative coming out of this administration
7:26 am
spiraling downward and in the ditch and we are talking about it. i just hope that president trump convey a message of what we can do in a very effective way to start to bend the curve in the other direction. it's really deplorable, maria. hope it's successful. maria: well, you're right. and the current social media companies have given president trump an enormous opening because of all of this censorship, really. this is today america, censorship of free speech, vaccine mandates, surveillance bank accounts, really, totalitarianism at its best. we will take a break. when we come back, america's biggest concerns, fox news poll shows americans are losing faith on president biden and particularly handling on economic issues on top of the foreign policy disasters. we will tell you about it. the holiday shopping season is
7:27 am
upon us. why online sales tend to hit new records? will the products be there, though? back in a minute.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody. thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is thursday october 21st, look at markets this half an hour where we are looking at selling pressure underway this morning. stocks are down, oil prices are down, dow down 106 and nasdaq low -- by 41. this after record setter or near record setter yesterday. the dow and s&p 500 closed near all-time highs. nasdaq finished slightly lower. we had weakness in big tech. look at dow industrials, up 152 yesterday at 35,609.
7:31 am
the s&p up 16 and a half at level of 4536. european markets this morning also with negative tone, along with wall street this morning, take a look at euro zone where we see the ftse 100 down 36, the cac down 28 and the dax index down just a fraction 7 points lower. asian markets overnight mostly lower. japan was the worst performer overnight nikkei average count almost 2% on the session. back in the u.s. investigators are finding what appears to be human remains in search of brian laundrie, cheryl casone with the breaking details now, cheryl. cheryl: that is right, maria. the laundrie attorney says the remains found in florida park are likely those of ryan laundrie, backpack and notebook belonging to him discovered at the scene. this comes on the same day that laundrie's showed up to search for fugitive son. fox news contained exclusive with them with investigators at
7:32 am
the scene. law enforcement officials have been searching the florida park for laundrie for over a month. he remain it is person of interest in the murder of finacee 22-year-old gabby pattito. the cdc has traced one source of the infection to onions reported from chihuahua, mexico. 37 -- topping 4 billion purchase. that was back in 2019.
7:33 am
take a look at paypal in the premarket. pinterest is slightly lower. well, retailers are gearing up for what could be a record-breaking holiday season, adobe predicting sales, quite the supply chain crisis. i guess they will spend and get their stuff. projection showing 10% increase over last year. on cybermonday alone, analysts are projecting consumers will spend $36 billion on online goods, maria, experts are saying across the board, you want to get what you need for christmas, start shopping right now. maria: cheryl, thanks so much. we have more bad news for president biden to report. in a fox news poll out yesterday, biden's ratings continue to plummet. now this is lacking specifically at the economy taking a sharp decline only 39% of voters approve of his performance around the economy. that is an 11-point decline just
7:34 am
from september. overall performance, not much better, 46% of voters approve after the botched withdrawal in afghanistan, the wide-open border. that number is even lower for congress, though, nearly 6 out of every 10 voters disapprove of democrats and republicans in congress. joining me right now former senior adviser to the clintons mike penn. mark, great see you. we also talked about plummeted ratings for president biden, your reaction. >> seems like the president seems to be pouring gasoline on his own fire here because the ratings keep going down and no progress on major issues and the most important thing in the fox poll is the economy which is the number 2 issue after the virus, really the president has taken a
7:35 am
huge slide here and 9 out of ten are concerned about inflation and particularly, you know, gas prices. the kinds of things that really serve as a tax on everyone when they go up. these are serious problems in these numbers and there seems to be no abatement in the decline. maria: well, part of it is all of the lying that we keep hearing about. president biden giving out mistruths from everything from the wide open border to using an id to vote, jim crow situation to economic issues as well. he traveled to pennsylvania yesterday to try to sell this massive spending plan. $5 trillion and they are trying to get it to $2 trillion and he continues to make the puzzling claims. listen to this. >> the cost of build back better in terms of adding to the deficit is zero, zero. zero because they are going to
7:36 am
pay for it all and in addition to that, half of it is a tax cut. it's not spending money, it's a tax cut for working-class people. when you talk about the number, we shouldn't talk about the numbers because it's all paid for, written in the same piece of legislation. maria: so let's be clear, half of this plan is not a tax cut at all. in fact, taxes are going higher. they are going to overturn the trump tax cuts. kyrsten sinema is pushing back saying that she's opposing raising taxes on the corporations and because she's pushing back apparently she's styming the democrats' plan on high-n earners, they have to get her on board and they have to get joe manchin on board and they have to get warner on board. your thoughts? >> i think the democrats may eventually get everyone on
7:37 am
board. i think now they are talking about 2 trillion, manchin is at 1.75 trillion, the voters frankly and polls are closer to 1 trillion. i don't think comments like president biden that it's not going to cost anything are particularly productive to his viewpoint. i don't think they never held the kind of hearings or take an issue here like child care and pass a child care bill that might have gotten public approval. i think the public sees this as enormous taxing and spending and i think this bill adds as i said more gasoline to the fire on issues of immigration, crime, inflation, economy, deficit and foreign policy. that's why the ratings are well under water and president biden's favorable ratings needs to be his chief asset. well, you know, i really like him, i may not agree with everything that he says. those have fallen 50% in most polls that i see as well and
7:38 am
particularly in swing districts and that's a problem. he's lost that personal likability edge and instead he doesn't really answer many questions and the administration puts out statements that are never questioned so they don't get the human interaction with him that i think is very important for presidential image. maria: yeah, and the lies are just beyond, you know, about vaccine mandates is another one. i'm not going to have a mandate. we have mandates. andy who joined us yesterday saying that they are trying to cram $4 trillion into a 2 trillion-dollar package with more gimmicks pretty much basically saying that some of these programs, huge programs by the way will sunset after only a short period of time and we know that they will not sunset, dagen mcdowell, jump in here, once you have a major federal program in place like child tax credit, it's hard to take it away. dagen: mark, doesn't this administration understand that
7:39 am
they are trying to push trillions of dollars in additional spending? that's new century entitlements as i call them at a time, one, when inflation is surging. you don't spend more money and try to calm the american people into thinking that it's good for inflation to spend all of that. they know better. number 1, number 2, social security and medicare are going bankrupt. the medicare hospital trust fund runs out of money in 5 years. benefits get cut immediately by 9% and don't the people in the white house understand that you cannot sell trillions of dollars of new spending at a time when inflation is crushing hard-working americans. >> well, obviously if the white house understood the political dynamics of what they were doing they would have changed course a long time ago.
7:40 am
i mean, they should have passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill. they had 70 to 80% support in the polls. people want fiscal infrastructure and and waited a little bit if inflation subsides before trying to do enormous trillions of dollars of additional tax and spend. the white house strategy obviously so far has not been successful. when you looked at the president's numbers have plunged from having 60% approval now to in this poll 46 and many other polls even below 40. maria: all right, we will leave it there, mark, and you make a really great point on all of that. we so appreciate it. mark, do you think this plummeting situation impacts the midterm elections in 2022 before we go real quick? >> absolutely. i mean, if the president is not, you know, having successful ratings on key issues like the economy and things fundamental
7:41 am
like gasoline prices and good prices, then have enormous effect. right now unless the administration changes course here or in a lot of the things it's doing, it's headed for a pretty gruesome midterms and i think they know it. maria: all right, mark, thanks very much, mike penn joining us. when we come back, october is breast cancer awareness month. a member of our fox business family shares her emotional journey in battling the disease. jackie deangelis will join us with her story. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ you founded your kayak company because you love the ocean- not spreadsheets. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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maria: welcome back, so the month of october is breast cancer awareness month. breast cancer is a disease that kills about 42,000 women every year. one of our fox business family members jackie deangelis diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. we spoke to jackie about her emotional journey and the day neglect will never forget. >> june 17th was the day that my radiologist call today tell me i was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. it was the middle of the afternoon, not much going on that day and it just kind of blindsided me and the first call that i made was to my mother. >> no mom wants to hear that
7:46 am
their child has cancer. >> and she and i sprung into action. we had already done our research. option one was mastectomy that would come with radiation and chemotherapy and constant surveillance after. option two, not for everybody but it was to perform mastectomy at this point. we are going to do one. i really think that we should do two and in three weeks time was going to be the day. i would say that probably was the most difficult three weeks of my life. it was terrifying. i've never felt such fear in my life. surgery went well. it was faster than expected so they asked me if i wanted to get off of the gurney and get into bed and nobody could believe it and several hours later i did lapse around the floor, i wanted to be mobile and i kept trying
7:47 am
to push myself because i thought if it's not that bad, then i know i'm going to be okay. >> we always make it as a team. >> yes, we do. maria: oh, god, jackie deangelis. sorry to hear this. how are you feeling? >> good morning, maria, i'm feeling great. i'm happy to be here report to you that i'm 100% cancer free and early detection i think saved my life so i think that's part of the messaging that goes around breast cancer awareness especially in october as we are focused on this and i appreciate you shining a light on it because i went in for my screening when my doctor told me i should and we found this at stage 1 instead of finding about it later. maria: tell me about your journey and what you went through, what was the worst part of it, was it physical or the emotional? >> it was definitely emotional.
7:48 am
it was the fear leading into the surgery. once i got through the surgery hump i was actually okay. i'm a pretty tough girl and got on my feet quickly. it's the fear and anticipation and it's not knowing and it was that time in my life that i just needed everybody around me to rally my family, my friends, my fox family, i needed help, i needed support and i needed to be lifted and i just thank god that i had that. i was very lucky to have it. maria: oh, my god. i know that you're still going under reconstruction with your next appointment a few days away, how has that process been? >> well, i will start by saying -- dagen is here. i will start by saying this, maria, my doctor gave me two optionsment one option was doing lumpectomy and doing double mastectomy was difficult, harder surgery but i was able to avoid
7:49 am
the follow-up treatments which i thought were really important. the reconstruction is a piece of it. they put tissue expanders in the breast. they want fresh skin to grow and expand it and make room for the reconstruction so it's been painful. it hasn't really been pleasant. it feels like i have coke cans in my chest right now and i'm looking forward to getting them out on monday but this has been a journey and there was so much to speak to that fear that i didn't know and that's why i'm here this morning because i think there's a lot out there that other women don't know. i want to say this, early detection, the advances that we have made on breast cancer, early detections is an option, it's there are for people, the screenings are super important and the other thing that i would say for me has been retooling my life a little bit, trying to be healthier, trying to think about some of the choices that i've made, some of the products that i used and things that i put on my skin and food that i ingest
7:50 am
to just try to be a little bit healthier, a little bit more proactive about it and, you know, to make the future sort of pave that pathway forward for the future. maria: go ahead, dagen. dagen: jackie and i were actually -- i cheered because -- it sounds so weird but i talked at length about her journey and her diagnosis was just in june. wasn't that long ago and jackie and i were talking in the break that the more you share, jackie, about what you have been through, you get support back in ways that you couldn't imagine. >> yeah. interesting to me because, you know, before the surgery i was so fearful i couldn't -- i really didn't make it sort of share it wide but i'm able to talk about it because i believe that my outcome was good and the more i talk about it the more support i get if people that i wouldn't expect to get support from and that has been such a tremendous, you know, blessing for me. it's really lifted me up and sitting here today, i sat on
7:51 am
sunday with my colleagues kayleigh mcenany who were pillars of support for me as well and we want to get the message out there. we all had different stories and it's not a new story but there's something that people can learn here and i want them to learn from my journey that number 1, the fear is there, of course, but this is not a death sentence anymore and you can overcome it because i did. number 2, one in eight women will get breast cancer. i never thought it could be me. i didn't think i had health problems or a reason to worry but it happened and it could be random and it could happen to you. so that's the other thing and also because of covid, maria, mammograms went down roughly 87% in the beginning so i urge people if they have been putting this off, go in there, get the screening. it's important. maria: absolutely. jackie, thanks very much for sharing your story and also for your courage. jackie deangelis we are thanking god that you are able to sit
7:52 am
there and tell us all about it and educate others. we will be speaking more on the advances made on brother and lead specialsurgeons. jackie, thank you. jackie: thank you or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, okay, it is time for the morning buzz. we have gotten things together here. a pricey parking space more expensive than most houses. the spot is under luxury apartment building in london and the seller is only accepting offers over $1 million for the 29 and a half foot long garage. technically it is a double parking space for two contact
7:56 am
cars or truck and mini car, wow, what a price tag. bob, is it worth a million bucks? >> well, certainly if they're familiar with that area. it could -- it certainly could raise that amount of money, maria. the one situation that i've seen similar to this is a fundraiser at the lower school where a number of the mothers were -- were bidding on a prime parking spot to be able to drop their children off. that wasn't a million dollars but it got significantly high for one parking spot at a lawer middle school. so, you know, it is -- it is possible, it is possible. maria: i know that some parking spots in new york are pretty penny, dagen, but i haven't seen one for a million bucks. dagen: some apartments now will come with their own parking garage like it's a parking elevator, if you will, because the rich have gotten super rich
7:57 am
because all the central bank stimulus. to pay to park it's about in my neighborhood it's about $900 a month for a parking space where attendants will then walk on your car when they park it. it's great living in new york. maria: all right, we will take a break. when we come back ohio congressman jim jordan is here. attorney general merrick garland on the hot seat, we have a look at what to expect from today's hearing with house judiciary member jim jordan. he's coming up. it all start next hour right here on mornings with maria live on fox business. ♪ ♪ ♪ nuplazid is the only approved medicine prescribed to significantly reduce hallucinations and delusions related to parkinson's.
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an official message from medicare. did you try it yet? comparing plans? oh yeah. they sure can change year to year. i found lower premiums and lower prescription costs. that'll save you money. so uh, mark? on now. open enrollment ends december 7th use the plan finder at to compare medicare health and prescription plans. comparing plans really pays. paid for by the u.s. department of health & human services . . good thursday morning welcome back thank you so much for joining with us i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, october 21 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast growing concerns about the economy, taking a toll on president biden's approval ratings yet again, brand-new fox news poll highlighting impact of supply chain crisis
8:01 am
threat of inflation, on americans causing biden approval to plummet markets are under selling pressure take a look, we are waiting on jobless claims this morning, as well as the philadelphia fed economic data dow industrials down 104 s&p 500 down 13, 3/4 nasdaq down 62 1/2 jobless claims out in 30 minutes' time, the dow s&p closed near record highs yesterday meanwhile, take a look, pretty good do a for those two averages yesterday nasdaq slightly lower brought down by weakness in if big tech still close to all-time high dow industrials, up yesterday 152, s&p 500 up yesterday by 16 1/2. >> european markets a decline pressure there as well this morning ft 100 down 36 cac quarante down 27 dax index lower by 10 in asia overnight market finished mostly lower japan worst performer nikkei average, overnight down about 2%, "mornings with maria" is
8:02 am
live right now. . top story this morning the supply chain crisis and inflation threat cohesive got team coverage this morning highlighting issues coast-to-coast, let's get to kerry live at port of los angeles this morning where there are a record number of container ships off the coast some 100 right now justify flock has a look at foreign gasoline prices impact on americans' bottom line kelly let's start with you. the. >> maria, as ports of los angeles long beach operating 4-7 crunch isn't going away two ports account for 40% of the shipping containers entering u.s., as you said, a record high, as of last night, 108 ships waiting offshore, to unload, now the covid shutdown subsequent backlog a perfect storm of factors i want to highlight the experts predicted this going back to
8:03 am
2015 before the pandemic consumers -- the rise of e-commerce expect purchases to get there immediately, right? so, are authorities see a need to change permanently. >> we need to have amazon state of mind what does that mean amazon changed everything, amazon 24-7 a 21st century mindset authorities have to do, to continue to be competitive. >> i with an to health trucking industry that is important part of this even if ports operate 4-7 can't unloaded without trucks and more importantly truck drivers have to transport goods 72% cargo leaves port by truck, and pre-pandemic was a shortage of 60,000 workers that is only gotten worse the good news maria told me not consensus that they need to move that supply chain towards amazon state of mind this isn't going away, there is
8:04 am
going to be more supply chain crunch in will we get to that point. maria. maria: really incredible site to see all those ships in water there kelly thanks very much want aa to take a look at one impact the prices at pump, jeff flock is live this morning in in pennsylvania with that angle good morning to you 37. >> good morning to you maria sun rising another gas price increase what can you say? it happens every day i guess you could say old-fashioned gas station here if philadelphia suburbs one of the gas stations you can see -- no matter where you get gas the numbers are bad take a look, at latest from trimel a, 3.37 average gal regular 2.16 one year ago, 56% increase, you reported on fox news poll,
8:05 am
posters asked folks about gas prices how big a problem it is, major problems, so well over half of the nation a half the nation saying a major problem for them alone, not very many say it is no tt a problem andy one of our gurus when it comes to oil says this isn't going away anytime soon. listen. >> unfortunately, i see that continuing to rise, another couple of cents a gallon until we get relief in crude oil markets from more oil supply returning, unfortunately, this is going to be bad news for the consumer through the balance of 2021. >> numbers on the board up there maria maybe you see 3.53 for average, i leave you with other number not a good piece of news either. how much does this cost us? because we pay more for gas pump. >> 35 billion dollars, is the estimate, and we one of the to
8:06 am
spend on christmas presents this year because we are spending it on gas. maria. >> jeff thanks very much jeff flock in pennsylvania joining me right to you to analyze mark zandi joining the conversation all morning long dagen mcdowell, and bob nardelli thanks for being here joining the conversation, mark, good to have you your thoughts on all this supply shortages as well as spike in prices that is impacting all americans. >> that is a problem maria by my calculation acceleration in inflation consumer price inflation has added about 175 bucks a month to the cost of living a year ago today you spent 175 bucks more a month an elect bill for most americans cable bill or cell phone bill so it is a problem. i think all goes back to the
8:07 am
pandemic. if you are in the global pandemic, particularly delta variant has done a lot of damage to global supply chains particularly asia specifically in southeast air base where all supply chains begin people not sick factories shut down ports got disrupted illness fewer exacerbated things my sense that as winds down if my diagnosis is correct pandemic winds down feel direction it is headed these things will die themselves out the reporters reported irdon't think solved next week next month next quarter probably a long process. maria: mark even -- isn't it true even as thiendz wind down we would expect to this end, bad policy is working against us seeing a record number of
8:08 am
job options right now, employers struggling to find help. when we talk with employers they say that employees don't want to go back to work they feel making in terms of making more money, not working because they were getting government checks. so the question has to be, why are we talking about more stimulus on top of all the free money from the federal reserve, free money from government and, yet, the congress is now negotiating even more spending, more wouldn't more dollars chasing too few goods mean more inflation? >> -- the diagnosis of the problem do i think dependent the sken i guess bureau conduct a survey very large a lot of americans get a sense what is going on, and the number one reason why people aren't working is they are sick give a number. pre-- the delta in may conducted survey a little less than two million people were
8:09 am
not working because they were sick. as of last month, in september, when delta peaked there was over five million so you know that doesn't count for big increase in people home taking care of people people are fearful going back to work being i think that is the number one problem, you know if that is the right diagnosis now that delta is winding down people are going to get back to help not worried about getting sick will get back to work. we will see o who is priet pretty son here october 34r0i789 data november,december employment data i expect bigger job gains around the bend here, to your point about support what we're debating now is in congress is about support that will come into the economy a year from now, in mid decade so not going to affect our current conditions, or what is going on with inflation today that
8:10 am
is completely independent of the legislation before congress, that is down the road about long term, not stimulus delay. maria: i don't know if you can really separate it mark. we spoke with many employers and they say that they can't get employees back in the job because they don't want to leave the situation where they were getting free money, now we are talking about child benefits, other benefits in this massive package but to be clear are you saying that people not going back to work had nothing to do with additional money coming from government from 1.9 trillion-dollar package in march is that your position? >> one thing i think there is a long list of reasons why closer numbers, open job positions i say that reason that government support you know the unemployment insurance, the stimulus checks those kinds of things, at the bottom of the list of things if -- worry about i also offer up, think about the action
8:11 am
what the world would have looked like without that help. i mean, you know i think unemployment would be measurably higher, economy measurably weaker we would o be much more difficult spot that support was very helpful supporting the economy to navigate through pandemic as well as it navigated one piece of evidence -- half in country stopped supplemental unemployment insurance big part what you are talking about early in june, july. half states did not, you can't tell a difference in terms of the job growth in two different groups of states if you thought that unemployment insurance other support was big deal weighing on job market you expect to see in that data but we didn't -- >> all right mark thanks very much for weighing in this morning mark zandi joining us on the economy, and the jobless claims out this morning in 15 minutes' time we will get latest numbers for
8:12 am
the last week, much more ahead this morning coming up ohio congressman jim jordan here are with what is on docket ahead of the hearing with attorney general merrick garland later today we get into that plus thoughts on president trump new social media platform, then suzanne somers joining us showing her aging secrets weighing in on possible return to television staying gorgeous in golden years you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. . r financial plan. bill, mary? hey... it's our former broker carl. carl, say hi to nina, our schwab financial consultant. hm... i know how difficult these calls can be. not with schwab. nina made it easier to set up our financial plan. we can check in on it anytime. it changes when our goals change. planning can't be that easy. actually, it can be, carl. look forward to planning with schwab. schwab! ♪♪
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>> welcome back, president biden spending agenda hanging on by a thread, desperately tries to sell american people his buildback better plan yesterday claiming this massive trillion-dollar plus package was free and paid for the, watch.
8:16 am
>> the cost of the bill back better in terms of adding deficit is zero, zero, zero because we are going to pay for it all in addition to that half is a tax cut not spending money it is a tax cut for working consider whats people when you talk about numbers we shouldn't even talk about numbers paid for written in same piece of legislation, so you pass the spending you also are passing, the tax cuts and passing the tax increase -- >> i don't know what he is talking about no tax cuts in this plan senator kyrsten sinema in fact is pushing back saying that she is not going to agree to tax increases, the increased tax on corporations high income earners senator says wrong move for the economy right now the former director of the omb also
8:17 am
management and budget american restoration president ross great to see you this morning. thanks very much reaction to what you just heard from president biden. >> thank for having me maria, i mean the president continues to be economically illiterate on one hand not recognizing, that his plan has major costs on american people, on american business and making it uncompetitive on the other hand not aware, that the senators -- his own party are pushing back on the so-called pay-fors in plan would allow him to have some justification to say from accounting perspective it all adds up right now going through charade one of the oldest in book washington, d.c., trying to jamb 4 trillion dollars into 2 trillion dollars when they judge in washington over 10 we are horizon now trying to do you artificial sunsets expiration dates to jam same program and plan into a cheaper straitjacket. maria: yeah, that is exactly what cornerstone macro head of
8:18 am
u.s. policy research andy laperriere told me yesterday, on the gimmicks in this plan listen to what he said when he joined me yesterday. >> and what white house outlined yesterday congressional democrats, is more like four trillion stuffed into two trillion the question is joe manchin going for that? he expressed concerns about the debt and deficits this would create large structural deficits or need for more revenue down the road i think going to end up to having scale back -- actual programs, not just the price tag. maria: so russ there pretty much getting to a two trillion-dollar number, because they are saying that the child tax credit will go away after one year other other major federal programs will go away after two years. what are your thoughts on whether or not those programs would go away? >> they won't, that is the problem, that is what makes
8:19 am
them artificial as a sunset and as there is no short-term spending in washington d.c. once you create a benefit you create interest group a push on the political class each and every year, to continue that spending. and so they are talking about pilot program for dental care medicare, maker going broke in five years what is going to happen that pilot program is going to be expand very, very quickly, even thoez are reasons artificial scorekeeping in washington, d.c., so is broken because unlike businesses and families, there is never an accurate accounting of the real world impact of what spending and taxes will both do, in the real world but, also, judging just in terms of what is outside the four corners of paper you are looking at. maria: real quick. give me your reaction to the interview i just had with mark
8:20 am
zandi because i questioned why we are negotiating talking about more money thrown at the economy in this two, four are or five trillion-dollar package whatever you come down on it while we have surging issue of inflation. he said it is not a problem -- that is not the reason. >> my reaction was is that it is madness that this notion that you are going to have inflation that is transitory and that you are going to add four trillion dollars in the future, and then immediate spend heing from this making the situation worse we have the reality that -- that the increases in home pricing will be something that will take effect in the next years cpi and there is a lot of things that are driving to making inflation worse over the next six months to 8 months, that this adds to. maria: i mean, you do you think that one of the reasons employers could not find
8:21 am
people to put back in the jobs was because people were doing fine at home with government checks and they didn't want to return to work because they were getting free money? >> categorically level of spending between unemployment all benefits federal, state and local governments give have made it far too easy for people not to get back into the workforce to be able to -- to assure they can put food on the table for families. >> great to have you this morning thanks very much we will keep watching with all of that, former head lnbiden netflix facing protesters over dave chappelle's latest special. we will get into it. stay with us. . where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln?
8:22 am
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8:25 am
protesting over dave chappelle comedy special the closure making jokes at expense every transgender people many found offensive, walking back repeated defense admitting he quote screwed up. dagen your take on this. dagen: what is he doing,everybody upset about this i would argue has probably not watched the chapel standup, from start to finish, i washed the previous one, are sticks and stones included watched this one more than once, you know what? in comedy nothing is off limits. period. number one. number two, it is never what activists say his comedy is, also, i would argue some people surely don't work at netflix because somebody in that crowd wearing a tax the rich t-shirt you think if they work at netflix words are not
8:26 am
weapons, words don't hurt the way that guns do, this is something people have been taught left wing colleges, you know what? of you the right to protest, and he has the right to say what he wants's. netflix gave him a platform which is the right decision. ted needs to put his big boy britches on and move up. >> bob what do you think? >> always hard to stop dagen that is what i think. >> [laughter] >> there is a lot -- solid points there, it is unfortunate that we've raided the level of sensitivity that people cannot you know, be their natural? performing so you can -- ensure more sensitive shouldn't have done it but he is doing what he has done for
8:27 am
years, and raised -- sensitivity condoned level of forcing not only here but censorship is unfortunately. dagen: vile hatred on social media when caitlan jenner appeared i sediment used wrong pro founded i apologized for repeatedly but social media left wing actors actresses got ahold of void one person said they need to reopen auschwitz to gas and incinerate me. in terms of words being hurtful -- that is i think that is pretty disgusting. maria: it is disgusting, why
8:28 am
i say twitter is the home of hate. we will take a break when we come backhoe congressman jim jordan will weigh in what aahead when he grill attorney general merrick garland today we want to get inside jordan's head to find out what he is going to ask the ag what he thinks about president trump's return to social media with the new company announced last night. stay with us. .
8:29 am
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. maria: welcome back, initial jobless claims hitting the tape cheryl casone. cheryl: new pandemic low 290,000 initial claims for week of october 16 maria estimate was 300,000 so coming in better than expectations, by 10,000 jobs now continuing claims 2.481 million, that is also better than expectation of 2.55 million. and that is for the week ending october 9 better than previous number as well. also we got philly fed this is
8:32 am
interesting looking for 25, came in 23.8 maria. key business conditions, manufacturing activity number fed looks at this, as you know, when 30.7 in september now down to 23.8 that slowdown you could argue due to labor shortage we have talked a lot about supply crunch dealing with, 29 o,000 not where we were pre-pandemic but new pandemic initial claims i send back to you one thought this is more than 10 million open jobs why not back around 200,000 level for initial claims we had before covid don't know that is for another day i guess but those are the numbers maria, back to you. maria: great point cheryl, thank you so much on opening number of jobs right now in washington attorney general merrick garland will take if hot seat today he will face lawmakers in the house where he is expected to you encounter some intense questioning on his school board memo among other crises
8:33 am
joining me ohio congressman jim jordan the ranking member you have the judiciary committee member of oversight committee new book "do what you said would you do" is is out 23rd thanks very much for being here. >> thank you, maria, book available for preorder in our barnes & noble and amazon thanks for having me on. maria: good for you i want to talk about this questioning of the ag later today, and school board memo, that he put out, pretty much sicking the fbi on parents who have nerve to demand that they wanted to know more about what kids are being taught and questioned why being taught that they were systemically racist. >> how dare a parent say that they don't want a racist anti-america hate america curriculum taught to kids key
8:34 am
thing look at turnaround september 29 national school board association wrote to president of the united states asking specifically, for the federal government fbi to get involved in local school board matters five days later five days later attorney general of the united states issues a memo that does exactly what this political organization asked for if that is not going to have a chilling impact on speech i don't know what is, so this is frightening frankly i think going to see a lot of questions from republicans to the attorney general on this subject. maria: a what about conflicts potential conflicts around this a health from washington examiner editorial merrick garland should really resign but the least he can do is recuse himself goes into how his son-in-law found produces a company that produces -- surveys, for entire school
8:35 am
districts pretty much curbed critical race theory theory should ag be sicking the fbi on parents when his son-in-law is being paid for surveys around critical race theory in schools? >> of course not. this is i think curriculum panorama company -- yeah son-in-law has interest in this, so, are there is that issue but also the fundamental issue what is the fbi doing involving themselves in local school board matters that is local law enforcement issue, if there is a concern, if some kind of threat as local school board meeting that is something local law enforcement can handle frankly has been handling but instead we have a memo specifically talks about open line of communication, that o open line of communication for threat reporting, on parents, they switched line on parents is what this memo is about, again if that isn't something else going to i think chill first amendment are free speech of parents moms and
8:36 am
dads at school board meetings demanding to know what is going on with kids curriculum, kids education i don't know what is i think this is a critical issue maybe something i think that has become a catalyst for more people to get divorced push back against socialist movement we see from biden administration. >> our viewers are very concerned it goes beyond socialism it hits on totalitarianism you are talking about vaccine mandates swaerns of bank ats as i mentioned censorship of free speech with a are we doing about it. >> keep going what you are doing they want in our bank act any transaction over 600 dollars every liberty under first assessment assaulted last year you are right to practice your faith to assemble to petition government freedom of press, of course, freedom of speech what we've been talking about we have to continue to talk
8:37 am
about it then we went back to house next year i think going to happen joe biden approval rating down you to 37%. i think republicans going to win back house then we can do the investigations that frankly need to happen, but in the end to really holding accountable the justice department we know justice department -- joe biden, democrats merrick garland attorney general they are not inclined to get rid of double standard and go after things we think they need to do if fact they are going the wrong thing as evidenced by this memo about parents at school board meetings. >> i think you hit on something that is so important something that has been so disappointing for the public and that is the politicization of our important institutions we know fbi was politicized, going along with that hillary clinton made up lie about russia collusion the cia also politicized we know in irs was politicized under obama now they want to give irs more
8:38 am
power so they can weaponize that politicization at
8:39 am
8:40 am
to have you tough to get passed until president in white house republicans have full control of the yu he states congress. >> the quick, in terms of where we are, on this package,
8:41 am
joe biden yesterday said not going to cost anything, it is from he. but we shouldn't even be talking about the numbers right now, because, it is free, paid for. your thoughts on where this goes why does he get away with saying that it is free? >> a because freedom press lovers him 5 trillion dollars spending free oh, by the way, border secure mayorkas told us, with straight face things ballot blatantly fall, lock down economy spend like creates a pie people not to work everything working going to spend five trillion dollars raise your taxes such a deal americans get it again there is a reason joe biden got 37% he has not done one thing right this is worst administration we've had certainly in our lifetime maybe in the history of the country i have never seen anything go so wrong so fast they can say what they want the american people see it for what it is. maria: congressman good to
8:42 am
have you this morning thanks so much we are watching you, grill ag merrick garland we will catch up soon congressman jim jordan break if you are feeling sluggish how about a pint sized, entrepreneur suzanne summers here on how she is saying so beautiful as she ages you are watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business. .
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. maria: welcome back, morning he movers crocs soaring this morning, almost 12% strong third quarter results raised full each and every outlook, croc stock 152.11, nearly 3 months this morning, then airlines mixed after reporting third quarter results american airlines picking up beating expectations ceo still says fourth quarter will continue to be a challenge, then stock o a double beat down a fraction, after saying higher expenses will affect the bottom line. airline says holiday travel bookings in line with prepandemic levels american airlines off 1%, coming up a pint sized two-year-old has words of once to get you ready for the morning the big buzz
8:47 am
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maria: welcome back. suzanne somers one of america's most successful and most loved sitcom star, known for roll like cristy, in "three is company" and in step-by-step now might be returning to the small screen for a new reality television show, joining me right now is actress suzanne somers thank you so much for being here, one thing that i didn't mention, in the intro how much you have focused on wellness over the years, had written so many books, about aging
8:51 am
beautifully let me start there how have you done it? >> you know sometimes the worst things in your life are -- i got cancer 20 years ago i thought what have i done in my life to play host to this disease realized wasn't taking food seriously sleep seriously, so i decided to change my life, i only eat organic foods got interested in hormone placement nobody knew about it, i think i am pretty much responsible for starting the bio-- hormones movement affected millions of women's lives allowed to us have quality of life so i eat right i think right i love my work, i -- replace all things
8:52 am
with national substances it works late book "a new way to age" what it is saying aging is about worn out parts listen to body, the language of the body, and it will tell you what you need, in that book. we've got a weird connection. maria: thank you for -- thank you for sharing that, cancer diagnosis, that is a catalyst to get you to rethink the way you are living, it is great advice, you just celebrated a big birthday suzanne, 75. i know probably -- go there but look at this incredible picture you still got it showing off those legs, in your -- tell me more about your secrets here. >> a previous to grow older
8:53 am
what is the alternative? i started with 75 would be old chronologically old but i am not old -- you know i call seven words of menopause itchy, bitchy, part of the language if you have itches unexplained usually means hormones not right that is your communication system fascinated with human body recently, a lecture, teaching hormones, i thought, when i chose arena focused in on it, and i know why they are asking me to teach them. . that is incredible i did listen to a little of that i saw that and i -- clicked on it was fantastic watching
8:54 am
watching you on instagram i know you are doing this friday nights with wonderful partner, and now we see that you are just keeping on and keeping on, your looking at possibility of a return to television, what can you tell us about that? >> you know a long series of company over last several years i have not had interest to doing daily grind series but reality show appeal to me i could do it mostly from home that is where i am coming from these days, pandemic taught us a lot, that we could work from home and be very, very productive, i work -- we will see what happens i am dragging feet a little bit because, the idea of people following me around with a camera, is -- daunting to say the at least but maybe we can find a way to make it work. maria: suzanne what kind of exercise are you doing what do
8:55 am
you do in terms of -- you know, compatible examiner for great living organic eating. >> i have done yoga every other day for 19 years. i learned from my cat the cat morning first thing they do is stretch made acceptance first thing do you in yoga is stretch, do free weights not fanatical at all i think if you eat right, and i have written nine books about diet if you at right you have emergency to do necessary exercise for your body to maintain fulfill shape i don't know. i am happy. >> that is another important secret happy in life happy with partner also, is part of it all suzanne great to catch up with you thanks very much for sharing.
8:56 am
>> and to you -- >> best wishes to you suzanne somers joining us this morning. we will be right back. . ♪♪ we've been waiting for you ♪♪ ♪ .. as your broker, i've solved it. that's great, carl. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air.
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maria: time for the big buzz, a positive talk from a 2-year-old is taking over instagram. >> you ready? maria: the toddler's affirmation inspiration came from ashley graham who do it her own on tick-tock after seeing the video. nice affirmation.
9:00 am
dagen: i have seen other children do this, their parents taught them to repeat the same affirmations over and over again and it is just magical. maria: it is. i did to leave you with the final word on the program, bob nardelli, thank you, have a great day. "varney and company" begins right now. take it away. stuart: president biden is in deep political trouble at a time he needs maximum support to push through socialist plans, support is evaporating was the latest poll shows biden is way underwater on his performance on the economy. 39% approve and that is down 11 points in just a few weeks. his big problem is inflation, voters biggest concern. 87% are extremely or very concerned about rising prices.


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