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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 26, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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lamb, thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our country, it's good to have you on. i am elizabeth mcdonald, he been watching for evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching, we hope you have a good evening join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: how far would you go to fight for other people's freedom products sports activism is a mixed bag in this country and running the gamut from visionary. great people like jackie robinson and muhammad ali to attention horsefly colin kaepernick. his cancer has consistently taken upon himself to speak truth to power, not just against native turkish tyrant but also against china for their mere of human rights abuse starting with the best. last wednesday each week this
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video. >> my message for the chinese government -- i'm here to add my voice and speak out about what's happening under the chinese government rules from dictator of china, xi jinping. have a message for you. kennedy: well said. he wasn't done, custom high top painted by chinese artists and his words and shoes melted the chinese internet. video streaming property and began broadcast trying to describe cancer and celtics to silence turkish. did that stop him? no. next stop -- >> the chinese government along
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with other muslim groups in concentration camps were simply believing in anything that does not align with the chinese communist party. it's so disappointing that the government and leaders of muslim majority countries are thing silent while my pleasant brothers and sisters are getting killed, raped and tortured. kennedy: giant like nike and be a pretending like such atrocities aren't happening in china everyday. if their bottom line is too big to fail but if he's in china, is the only way to enter the dragon but shaming president xi jinping went on us so it's persistent. >> nike remains silent. you do not address police brutality in china. you do not speak against lgbtq communities. you do not say who are worried
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about oppression in china. who makes it in china? do you even know? there are so many forced labor factories in china and monastery slavery. kennedy: take that, mikey. he decided to shoot his shop and he is not backing down. one more shot today tweeted this, the owner of nike, so nice to get we could try to visit these slave labor camps and you can see it with your own eyes. twenty-three, you're welcome to come, to an forced labor. the cancer is risking his career, livelihood, reputation and freedom so others may one day enjoy ferris. conflict billionaires to make a different, to take a stand and fight for what's right. hey, mikey. let's do it. that's the memo.
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in his entire tenure and be a career, almost every game burn injury and the average 20 minutes again. this season in four games, he's only taken in one game, for five minutes. that's so weird, what an odd coincidence. so does china have so much influence on the nba they will effectively bench one of the best players to play? get into it with tonight party panel. radio host, jimmy save operative democrat and fox news jupiter and georgia libertarian gubernatorial candidate and host of the radical podcast shame hazel is here. hi, everyone. great to talk to your. i know everyone on the panel is a big sports fan. jimmy, i will start with you. he knew what he was risking when he started making these videos he's been doing this to present
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and his native turkey for a long time but finally he's taking china, he knows he's a solo act here. when is he going to get the entire orchestra together and get enough nba players to reach critical mass to make a difference? >> i don't know but it will but if anybody at home is looking for a job, he's he hiring a food taster if anybody wants to get on the bandwagon back. i applaud him because he is actually putting his money where his mouth is and taking real risks when you talk about the people he's going after. good for him coming after lebron because what is lebron? is a knockoff canal street version of muhammad ali where he wants all of the praise for standing for social justice where he gets the right objects because he tweaked the right message but is not actually investing anything to deliver a better outcome and this is not
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the knockoff canal street, if you love the coach back then you will love assistant coach but when it comes to making a difference in the world, you can't get by with counterfeit, need the general article so i applaud him but i don't see it ending good for him or the celtics although i will say celtics are off tv and china. as a fan, i wish they were off tv in my country. kennedy: unfortunately explained the celtics, their home opener and unfortunately, it was scrubbed from the chinese broadcast so where do we go from here? nike picked this up? jessica, do lebron james and michael jordan get involved and add their voices? we all pretend there's nothing to see here? >> yes to most of the things except lebron james and michael jordan putting their voices to this in a public manner. i think especially after the nba and the commissioner when the
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turkish government was going after his family who still remains in turkey, they allied themselves for him and way it's going to come back and bite them in the butt because it's okay, all of my politics or find their but now i'm going after china which bankrolls your week, it's a big problem. so i think these are the things that you father people like lebron james who are not comfortable calling a bootleg version of anything so i appreciate talk but i think -- i don't think we even need to -- he has done a lot. it doesn't matter. >> but when it comes to this . kennedy: silencing people in the nba -- >> i'm sure he has reached out
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to nike to say we need to talk about how we are going to address this in a unified front, particularly the wake of the black lives matter protest and social activism participated in that this is going to be a real problem. kennedy: shane, how long before the celtics cut kanter? >> i don't think he killed himself either just like jeffrey epstein but i'll tell you, i think this is probably going to bring home quick, the nba is pretty much owned by china and this is what happened, this guy has a huge set of basketballs, an amazing hero. almost every major company in america these days will stand when it's popular to stand and they won't when it's not. we seen this across the board so many times and then you've got companies being slaves to the falling dollar instead of what we get paraded with nonsensical
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ethical training and everything instead of their customers and the people who work for them so i think he's a hero here and he's calling out other guys to help him and have star power, the claim to want to go to do good things in the community, quit on him. kennedy: he knows what he's doing and what he's up against which makes it that much more courageous. this isn't after his career and i don't think nike is going to put him in a typical commercial anytime soon, they should. that would be fantastic. kanter stands for justice but do you know who doesn't? progressive squad omar. minnesota congresswoman mimi crimes like not on criminals pulling triggers and hurting people but on the police force she's been trying to defund. of course, here she is. >> to not build back and provide public safety they are owed in
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the department and the police department. kennedy: minneapolis it's down nearly 300 cops since last year. crime is on the rise, homicides report of the up 114% 2019. gunshot victims, their numbers have soared by want to get% so is it time to abolish crops and sending social workers instead of having meaningful criminal justice reform? is blaming the police, there's not enough of them and therefore we are seeing crime spikes, she should be thrilled. >> you could call police force racist set the precinct on fire in the get out there and it
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wouldn't affect their job performance. this is insane and i see this everyday, america doesn't have a prime problem, it has a stupid problem. cops can fight crime from of the numbers aren't reflected affect because stupid people got elected and convinced other stupid people but the cops pose a bigger threat to the community than the criminal and now we are seeing it pouring out that they were wildly wrong as we predicted in real time what happened but shame on her because she's not really abandoning any of those principles so destructive to her constituents. this is when you look at her aircraft specifically, they are being affected by her policies in a way she's not. i'm happy, i'm not wishing her ill well, i just wish she would get her head out of her but. kennedy: she has a great business model, she raises a bunch of money and gives it to her husband was also someone who does her campaign consulting. this is fantastic textbook money laundering. she may not be a smart woman, jessica but she knows what crime is. >> sorry, i was trying to
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formulate a joke about how i have a money laundering thing going on in my house but i don't even have regular laundrie or anything happening or anything. [laughter] kennedy: you can launder your own money in your own apartment, that's good. >> so she's running up against what i think a lot of democrats or at least the ones who are vocal advocates for defunding police and this is not the majority in the leadership but certainly was members of the squad are not getting called out on it and having to deal with backlash in their home cities and communities it's going to be interesting to see how they each tackle this problem where you place the blame because there's a lot of research done in the community's of color most affected by rising crime rates. more police and we have seen that even in major cities, people added to the force versus being subtracted. going into the midterm in these kinds of things are terrible.
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kennedy: minneapolis, new york, portland, oakland, they all took money from the police department and they all put it right back in because crime spikes, it turned out people don't want to pay high taxes when they don't get a say. shame, taxation is theft. >> taxation is theft and she could be right for the wrong reason. when we look at what's going on, the initiative this decentralizing localizing the look i was going on different levels of government, we've got to be honest. we can agree on basics, police should be covering murders, rapes, kidnappers, coercion, assault, vandalism and things like that. what we need to start doing is ending for fight immunity from
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off the drug war, nonprofit crime altogether, for it is a crime from a cash bail and no knock raids and get back to having some type of community review board so we are more in sync for community at the local level. kennedy: but you have to acknowledge that those things are bad. bonnie also is bad, murdering people is bad. shooting people is bad. social workers aren't necessarily going to fix those things. sometimes you do need cops to do it. libertarians for a long time have had back very list of rational demand of police department across the country and they have been running the conversation from the beginning before horrific cases we've seen around the country. i think you would see the country in much better shape. coming up, for thanksgiving shaping up to be the most expensive ever. you won't be able to afford a thing but you will be so skinny. next, breaking it all down. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: i'm just steps in the gray and it's so hard not to just run out onto the street break out into song. last night mouth trumpet monday song in the winter was andrew. well, i hope it was fun while it lasted. last year's thanksgiving meal was cheap because no one was eating. thanksgiving shaping up to be the most expensive in american history. poultry prices up more than 6%, the cost of 815-pound turkey, that will be mine, that's up 27%. major spikes in just about everything else on the table. coffee, cranberries, holiday travel will break the bank and hotel prices are through the roof. renting a car, a little scooter. why is everything farming out of control all at once?
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what and if anything kenda biden administration to about any of it? professor of business and economic here in manhattan fox news particular, brian, this is brian. people are really going to be hurting for thanksgiving. i think it's push within the administration to force off meat and animal products and i resist. >> i've got the kids on the streets in new york. [laughter] is good eating and its abundant. this is crazy and here's what's happening, you will notice -- they are going to the stores earlier if they see anything that looks like it's going to go up in price, they by mouth which empties the shelves if somebody else comes in and says i can't get anything, panic, that's the business cycle and it goes back to having no trust. kennedy: they don't trust the
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government, chronic capitalist, giant stores who didn't help them out during the pandemic when they need to hear out and for the paper, we were all trying to make our own puerile. that didn't work. >> i want to know what you used. >> i used demo clear. it didn't go with anything. >> what the heck, right? [laughter] kennedy: my grandma didn't watch. she's dead. god rest her soul. work in the biden administration duplex obviously it is a supply-chain issue but when the vice president comes out in september and says by your christmas present now, there's not going to be anything, don't you think that compounds the hoarding problem? >> it's basically saying yeah, you think it's bad, it's worse than what you are thinking. grandma was looking at now i've got to move it ahead that much? the problem is, they have to repudiate everything they do.
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they have to stop the spending plan. they have to tell people we're not going to check trillions more into the economy so people say maybe it will get better in 2022. effect came out and said we expect inflation to be high through 2022, everyone says that really means 2024. kennedy: j powell has been lying through his teeth. >> it's been awful so that got to stop the spending. i think they've got to get rid of the mandate. you got to free up labor markets and get people back to work, cut through the supply problem. you can open port 24/7 all thank but unless you do something about people filling 10 million jobs, you're not going to solve this problem. kennedy: but then there are some people who have an issue with immigration in this country but you're going to need migrant labor at some time to help with these jobs going unfilled. >> so let's try to do something honest on immigration, what are they doing instead?
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trying to cram into this reconciliation bill. nobody's talking about, if you want to do something, immigration has to be an open debate. right now it's complete sleight-of-hand which is why nobody trusts the conversation. kennedy: nobody trusts anything they are doing because there is such capacity here and when something does go wrong, people are smart enough that the president or jen psaki can come out and say get it, it sucks right now, we've got a lot of stuff going on in this is how we are going to tackle things instead of denying it and then blaming innocent people from guys on horseback. >> with inflation, messaging matters. it's an economic problem but fueled by people be afraid. if somebody can tell them the truth and they believe them, big help towards solving up but if the president walked up and asked, the one thing you said, no idea. kennedy: people in the white
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house pulling their hair out because they are terrified what he's going to say. one time someone said to harry truman, give him hell. i've got to give them the truth. >> that's the way to go. kennedy: right here on the daily show. fantastic. coming up, senators bernie sanders and joe manchin from two of the most important lawmakers involved in this spending debate but how on earth are these guys still considered to be on the same team? what he said about allegiance to the democrat party. he's up next. ♪♪
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president biden nancy pelosi, 1.7 -- 3.5 sperling dollar spending bill is pretty much a done deal but to the most
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influential left-wingers are still miles apart. west virginia senator joe manchin in vermont senator bernie sanders haggling over things like medicare expansion climate change spending. bernie seems desperate to bankrupt, he doesn't even care. i'm going to die soon, at least in five years before the planet does. now manchin says life would be much easier if he flipped parties different goals, typically young on the same team? senior editor fox news computer of the brand-new, democrat sees our election. good to see you, molly. >> great to be here. kennedy: how are bernie sanders and joe manchin still in the same party? >> i think it's funny we are supposed to think they are so far apart when they are both in
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favor of this massive spending package. it wasn't that long ago people freaked out over $700 billion in troubled asset expenditure to fail bank and even low estimates like the joe manchin moderate is still two to three times what was so they are both seeming extreme relative to bernie sanders, anybody might look moderate on the spending. kennedy: bernie sanders has to be upset because -- and he set this out loud in front of cameras that he thought 6 trillion was a good start. about 1.75 would be an appropriate ceiling and for what bernie sanders wants to do, and about is going to get done. one of the biggest sticking points, bernie wanted medicare for all and in this bill, there would be some medicare expansion but the reason manchin is so powerful here is he's not going to allow a program that's going
7:32 pm
to insolvency in five years be expanded further to cover things and already can't afford. >> it's amazing how much manchin has held the line on, it's not just medicare expansion, it's about energy issues, various tax proposals but even again, even if it isn't as bad as bernie sanders wants, but if it is about the amount of money but part of it is just reshaping our entirely relationship with the federal government and there are 70 things acting here that re- define the relationship with the government and greatly expand federal control including also obamacare, subsidizing insurers even under manchin's revised proposals so it's a lot. kennedy: it is and the democrat party needs to deliver a win for president biden because he's under so much pressure right now from so many different
7:33 pm
directions. do you remember seeing the president having this part of the time on foreign policy, immigration, inflation, of the supply chain, gas prices and education, everything else stacked against him, do you remember -- i'm sure other past administrations saying they went through much worse. >> i think jimmy carter had problems across multiple areas including energy and foreign policy but there is a consistency to incompetence we are dealing with status a sight to behold. it's becoming this talking.but if this is passed, it will help joe biden. i think the problem for biden is his job as being president, he's bad is it in casting this type of bill won't save him because none of these policies are particularly attractive to people and where people are really upset is with inflation, worries about stagflation and the bill was due so much for the
7:34 pm
cause problems for average americans so i don't see it actually helping him as much as he think that will. kennedy: you are right, if this does pass, short and long-term ramifications will be so dire not only for his legacy, who cares about his legacy, that's in the present, we don't even have to consider generational theft he'll be committing who is or setback job from joe biden or kamala harris? [laughter] >> that's a tough one, i appreciate how kamala harris signals, she laughs when she's uncomfortable, it's a very nice little easy tell she's just telling everybody i'm in over my head repeatedly with multiple things and we are quick to watch and kind of cringe. kennedy: they are both cringing for different reasons. mollie hemingway, thank you so much. meanwhile, president biden about to speak at a rally in virginia. democrat gubernatorial
7:35 pm
candidate, terry mcauliffe, establishment democrat, this is a live look at the rally as the crowd awaits the president, they just can't wait. is that vice president tim kaine? republican young can before election day, seems like democrats are pulling out all the big guns. former president obama campaigned in virginia over the weekend. virginia has but if he loses, it doesn't look good for the 2022 midterms for republican's looking to flip the house and the senate, will biden campaign, for his campaign deny help or hurt his chances or doesn't it make any bit of difference? party panel is back. what you expect from the president tonight, jimmy? >> obviously inflation is a concern so he'll probably women on the current occupant of the oval office, ronald reagan. how desperate terry mcauliffe that he's bringing in someone as
7:36 pm
unpopular as joe biden? work brian laundries parents busy tonight? this is pathetic. i am mildly amused by his biden as campaigning for him because he didn't campaign for himself but this is dumb and who would have bought mcauliffe's strategy of telling parents to shut up with back fire at the polls? kennedy: the suburban moms usually love them in place by a white man. [laughter] jessica, who is a better campaigner for terry mcauliffe? former president obama or current president joe mick ? [laughter] >> president obama is just the best campaigner, except maybe bill clinton who in his prime, that if fantastic job and even through the obama years and was the one who had good advice for the hillary campaign in 2016 nobody's decided to listen to him, there's something for those
7:37 pm
of us who this is our political persuasion, i believe on the only one on the panel that has that kind of fetish but there's something quote so company about listening to president obama talk when he's in his comfortable style, he's just like come on, man. you can't pretend -- you are the average police wearing dad when your rallies look this way and i think was a good get out" situation for democrats which is what this book come down to, i think the latest polling was off by like .4% so biden will be interesting what he does and what he talks about and doesn't. kennedy: talk about setting poles on fire, it's actually what he wants to do, he wants to throw them in the fireplace every time someone presents them with new polling data, he's not doing well.
7:38 pm
shane, what the big take away issue from this commonwealth that could be applied to the rest of the country? >> look for somebody outside the republican and democratic party. if you call in joe biden or you've got i don't know, mass killer and work criminal barack obama that's soothing the crowds with his i don't know deep harmonic voice, your kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel it is fallen empire. it's no doubt they are tied because most people think they are awful, democrat and republican parties are both suffering and their numbers are falling trump being a new york democrat was the best thing for the republican party so i don't know, maybe princess, maybe she's got something. kennedy: libertarian running for governor in virginia, she has 1% of the vote right now which shane, you know how exciting this is, enough to spoil the
7:39 pm
ranks so where -- where does she take the vote from? >> i think she's pulling most of the democrats so it could be a bit of an upset to as long as school choice remains a big part of the conversation, that's all i need. timmy, jessica, shane, you are all really nice people and all of you are my friends. [laughter] i know why i said that but you are. okay, love you guys. i like being offered on tv. universe one of our greatest mysteries, advanced civilization created the whole thing in a lab. one of my very favorites, theoretical business -- next. ♪♪
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the ultimate topical question, where did he come from? a simulation or maybe were created in a lab by super intelligent extraterrestrials. demi lovato said that's rude. creators could be civilization creating baby universe and a little tiny one in the laboratory so how could this work? does this mean you're not as smart as meat flopped on the cosmic block? here with me professor of science and galileo project chairman, welcome back. good to have you. so how do you know who were created in a lab? >> we don't know for sure but one thing we know is there was a big bank when things started. the question is, what was there before?
7:45 pm
who don't really know because we don't have a theory that unifies peelers of science. one of mechanics and gravity. if we were smart enough, sufficiently advanced scientifically, we figure out unification of quantum mechanics and gravity and could create a baby universe in our laboratory. it's possible here able to do that and that's how the big bang was created. i tell students in my class on the first day, have of you are below the median and they get upset because they come to harvard think they are all of the top 5% and here i tell them half of them are below the median but that's a physical fact. so it's possible our civilization is not the smartest kid on the block. kennedy: but we could be a baby in a jar the giant aliens with hot dark fingers is shaking our universe jar so how to get out
7:46 pm
of it? can we create universes in our own jars with our own hot dark fingers? >> if we figure out how to unify gravity, we could potentially do it in a laboratory if you think about it, just like chicken gives rise to eggs and chicks. kennedy: we all know that's not true. we all know eggs came first in preproduction and proceeded chickens by hundreds of millions of years. we all know that. [laughter] >> you could have many generations, and infinite series of universes and it nich, you have a civilization advanced enough to create a baby universe you would have -- that would explain what there was before. there was another universe in which there was a laboratory. kennedy: einstein try to
7:47 pm
overcome problem with gravity saying it's like a bowling ball on a mattress which is somewhat sufficient and string theories will provide the ultimate unifying equation between the very large and very small. you think during theory will get us out of the alien jar? >> we don't know yet because string theory have no predictions, we don't know if it's correct. kennedy: will have that many dimensions, we just don't. we have four. >> if we have a recipe book for how to unify gravity, we could design an experiment and make a baby universe in our laboratory and that would be amazing. kennedy: sound like spring break. >> it means science doesn't conflict with religion.
7:48 pm
we might be unified. kennedy: i'm glad you said that and we have to talk more about this, maybe we could have another podcast because you are so great on the last one. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: beautiful. topical storm is next. i'll put you in a jar. k by. ♪♪
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hillary clinton turned 74 today. but i say she doesn't look a day over 666. just in time for halloween. this is topical storm, topic number one. check basis pulling a space station for business tourist because why should don johnny depp be the only one getting high at work? blue origin orbital reef scheduled to deploy between 202t kamala harris. it will be habitable up to ten people and unmixed business part. you thought things got wild in the courtyard. the station could offer a way to conduct experiment in space. arnie caught the eye of doctor fauci who said he's dying to know what it's like to kill by starlight. space station will provide an ideal location for shooting movies with zero gravity but if you really want to see a movie with zero gravity, i recommend king ralph start john equipment.
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too soon. topic number two. a woman in china decided to test generosity of a male shooter, who reportedly bringing 23 family members with her on a blind date. that's when he tried to pull a meghan markle and bring her mom to the salad bar, it's great. you guys will love it. running to local news, the date set up by the man's mom who were so concerned about social life. in other words, not the only account. to pay for the date paid for advance from them they found out the entire extended family attended the governor. $130 bill, they skipped out on the check and flood the restaurant. a movie known in china as the walk of shame. thank you very much. topic number three. california man claims he paid off student loans and bought a house by eating nearly every
7:54 pm
meal at a six flags theme park seven years straight. at 33-year-old engineer named dillon says he pays 150-dollar annual past to the park where he gets to three meals a day, he spent the last two years eating food bringing his grocery bills virtually down to zero. wait until he finds he could have saved even more eating tiger kings dumpster meat. sounds delicious. he says food options zero rough in the beginning with his diet mostly of burger, peas and fries but six flags expanded the menu to offer vegan options like a black bean burger and meatless meatballs, dillon turned to the park bathroom into his own personal fright fest. topic number four. good news for o.j. simpson, he's no longer the worst oj out there. thanks to this, new orange juice
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toothpaste, just brush and feel that clean feeling pretty tropicana created it in response to a survey, 80% of people said brushing their teeth ruins the flavor of orange juice. the other 20% are from portland haven't had teeth since they were kids. you take toothpaste without sodium sulfate which is what causes the bitter with drinking orange juice after brushing. the result? toothpaste that doesn't ruin the taste of orange juice but probably ruin every relationship and job opportunity for the rest of your life. limited addition toothpaste available as a giveaway item on the tropicana instagram page all the personally i think that page is just a giant first trap. we will recall, tonight to call me tuesday, yes the punchline on twitter, tickle me tuesday. don't look at upper left don't
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cheat. why did the singer go to the autopsy? ♪♪
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[laughter] kennedy: time for tickle me tuesday. here is the tickle you've been waiting for. why did the singer go to the autopsy? it was open mic night.
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[laughter] oh, kennedy. kennedy: that's my friend, brett there. nobody got it. you're all fired. thank you for watching. tomorrow night on this show, emily compound up. and mike tyson. tweet me photos of your dogs and how they when costumes. kenne-dog. good night. f or if you're in the mood to get up close and personal with some wildlife stop by the gulf breeze zoo and feed a giraffe a little lunch. if you're craving a test of the city hop across the bay and cruise pensacola. enjoy the opera, the symphony and the museum of art.


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