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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 28, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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on this subject. this is something we will be following, it's not going to go away without new caravan company. i am in for elizabeth mcdonald, you're watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that doesn't for us, thank you for watching have a very good evening today. thank you. ♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: it's about that can make or break joe biden's entire presidency. the democrats massive spending bill because mark division in a high school math class. if it passes, the president has momentum. if it doesn't, you could probably stick a fork in him, good luck on the mentor, it's all moving very fast. buckle up, buttercup. the president pushing signature $3.5 trillion social spending bill. what's that, larry kudlow?
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i would make the most expensive piece of legislation in american history by far. but it's caused civil war amongst democrats, progressives, they don't think it goes far enough. extreme, moderates are like whoa, slow the spending, grandpa. right now it looks like the bill will have a price tag of $1.7 trillion so it's still superexpensive and that number is alive. the president claimed today it won't cost you a penny. >> please plans are fiscally responsible, they are fully paid for. they don't add a single penny to the deficit. they don't raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year. kennedy: factor come back to bite them like it did with bush 41 because it's obviously very complicated and confusing even for us and we are geniuses. we still have to deal with the infrastructure plan so that us learn together, are they going
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to get any of us on? who better to break a dartmouth senior congressional correspondent, chad programs. hi, how are we? how my? rate. we lost chad but that's okay because i'm ready tigress were to happen. we do have a lot of momentum on capitol hill right now so what's going on until chad gets here, i will tell you exactly what's going on, you have the progressives from rational progressive progress and they are at odds with the fact that these two bills might at some time because become distant rent, i don't even know if that's a word but they don't want to vote on anything separately so they are going to grandpa two things together like a reese's peanut butter cup which is luscious to socialist or poisonous to the rest of us. chad, take it. >> the president came to the capitol for the second time in a
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month and failed to close the deal. the statecraft of a presidential visit failed to win over members of his own party. in fact, i can't even get progressives to support the bipartisan infra structure bill. there were a final agreement on the social spending bill first before they agree to back the infrastructure plan. >> it has not changed, i've held steady with what we talked about, at least some of the progressive profits happened her mouth. we don't have that right now. also, this was not right that was coming today. >> the house on the infrastructure bill until at least next week. democrat can't pass the bill if liberals back the votes. progressive's don't trust democrat kyrsten sinema and joe mentioned. >> so many changes in this process for most of the people yes, no, during the hokey pokey, 1 foot in, and put out.
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>> it doesn't have to be just later, it could be enough of a framework, an of handshakes and those assurances? >> i think we need something a little more than an envelope. >> during the heating, some aides came down the hall with a large pump and from others at the house could not burn the book, the bill itself would turn into a pumpkin. canada, here we are. kennedy: chat for you, i am wearing a pumpkin orange dress. [laughter] >> a personal perfect. kennedy: a little bit of text of the bill today but the bill is still not final, how is that? >> it's kind of pre-agreement, democrats must update the bill to court the boat to liberals. family leave is not in the bill, beefed up medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing, that's not in the bill so those
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changes could be coming. kennedy: there are a number of things in their on the progressive must-have list but obviously you cannot get moderate to vote for some of us stuff and nancy it appears got enrolled for the second time in a month because she promised there would be a vote on this, what happened? >> nancy pelosi is a very good counter, she does not put bills on the floor and loose. she would have lost tonight on the infrastructure built so for progressives caps on they are willing to undercut president biden and they hold the boats, not him or the speaker. kennedy: the progressive progress is too big and too loud, they still have not figured out how to solve that rubik's cube. thank you so much. >> think it. kennedy: now is not more breaking news, shocking new poll shows a huge turn in the virginia gubernatorial election and it likely has a lot to do
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with the democrat while the progressive agenda. fox news a poll shows republican candidate glenn duncan pulling ahead of terry mcauliffe. his up by eight points, that's a huge jump from two weeks ago in the same pole mcauliffe was up by five, they were tied earlier in the week. that's not all, of a poll shows jumping up among parents by 14 points. he's now at 56%, mcauliffe at 42%. but parents who would be voting now. that's a big swing from two weeks ago training mcauliffe 43 -- 53. remember when mcauliffe said teachers shouldn't have a say in the kids education? this might be a referendum on the progressive agenda. at least that part of it and what will that mean if mcauliffe get destroyed on tuesday? let's talk to tonight's hardy panel, attorney and author of how to become criminal, mike chase along with independent women's voice senior policy and contributor at the.
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in a statement. author of america unite or die, doug shown. doug, i'll start with you since you are a poster and understand how the questions are asked and how these things go. democrat party might die in the midterms because of an issue like education, how important is the virginia governor's race and how important is education to that race? >> both are critical, kennedy. this race is in a state joe biden one by about ten points youngkin's wing by even two or three points, it would be a huge turnaround fox news poll showed a wide margin that would suggest joe biden and his agenda are in deep trouble and what you are saying about education is important, it get to people's values. in particular the parent do not want to hear or believe an
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elected official or prospective elected official saying they have no say in the kids education and their upbringing. kennedy, this is a bill from my party, the democrats and it suggests potentially new jersey is much closer than that eight to ten points margin the polls have been showing for income but governor phil murphy. kennedy: it's fascinating, it's a massive shift and we been watching for weeks now. mike, when will the democrats distance themselves from best? they have doubled down on it and stood behind the teachers unions, alienating parent and the funny thing is, it's the parents who go out and vote. >> they will distance themselves when they feel about the polls, i think it may be too late to get adequate distance. should be a poisonous third rail to say we are going to parents
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of parental rights. mcauliffe is running against the law of his own state, there's a statue in virginia but enshrined and codified law parents have a right to govern and guide the education and upbringing of their children, for should be the fundamental understanding that democrat hitched their wagon to this notion but maybe your kids aren't yours, maybe your kids are ours, that was a huge miscalculation beyond just being crazy. kennedy: there are aspects to socialism that are sellable to the voting public. there are a lot of people who believe muted college should be free, they should be paid family leave but that is not necessarily the case when it comes to disconnect between parents and schools. they have stepped on a live wire here and i don't know how they walked it back. i am very curious to see because
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i think are asthmatic democrats and independents as repugnant want to have greater say in their kids education. >> i think we are testing the balance. kennedy: i like your -- not. >> absolutely true this is a terrible issue democrat and frankly, it's a rebuke to what's been conventional wisdom in the republican party for far too long which is education is not an important issue in election issues divide people. you had obama just missing these issues, they are trumped up by the right. the reality is as you say, out of the republican party platform points, their messaging on education and pushing things like critical race theory gender ideology obstacles, instituting school twice making sure schools are open and remain open without too many restrictions after the pandemic, these are issues for
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we do bring moderates to the conservative side. moderates who might think healthcare should be more controlled by the government or are not concerned about massive spending congress but on these issues there with their right, the exact opposite what we've been told for years which is stay away from cultural issues, those are scary, only talk about dollars and cents, best strategy didn't work then but it certainly doesn't work now. kennedy: it really appears to be backfiring in this race with the swing so fast, anything could happen next week and we are going to keep talking about it. the virginia governor's race is too thick. the party panel will stick around, much more coming up including details in the alec baldwin movie shooting, wait until you hear what the sheriff said today. could baldwin face criminal charges? speaking of criminals, andrew cuomo today charged with misdemeanor for allegedly rubbing his former aide, is this
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the end of the line? is he going to the graybar hotel? that's coming up.
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's .
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get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. accident according to the santa
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fe county sheriff investigating alec baldwin and death of the cinematographer on the movie rest, watch. >> be careful using the word accident, this is obviously a tragedy and was avoidable so right now it's a criminal investigation. kennedy: that's not good, but share also said they are focusing on how live ammunition ended up on the set which contradicts the armor is has there was never any. alec baldwin seems to push the focus away from himself by retreating an article that stated assistant director dave hall's admitted he should have inspected the gun so who's to blame here? should alec baldwin have checked the revival himself before firing it? mike chase doug shown. mike, i will start with you, what most problematic here in this case? >> the fact is that somebody is dead and they are dead because of somebody's action targets
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that live nonstudent magically materialize, somebody professional or the detective here is talking about when they say no accident or id cautious about using the term accident, clear talk about criminal like negligence, that's your first question, should alec baldwin have checked the gun before he fired it? anybody ever, ever ever handling a gun should do that and where this is bumping up against his hollywood sort of imaginary world and disconnect with truth, they can throw stones epic on owners in america for having basic covetous with weapons of mass case probably would have saved her life so he should have checked the gun. kennedy: while any of these rules clearly follow from this horrific death? for they change the movie industry for the better in that? >> that's honestly way too soon to tell. honestly it looks like there
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were multiple points along this process were somebody should have checked to make sure there weren't any live rounds. honestly i don't have the heart to make larger points or political.about this, it's an incredible tragedy. this reminds me of accidents where somebody is at the wheel with her family in the car and makes a mistake or is careless and they end up being the sole survivor. i don't have anything to add to that kind of tragedy other than i have confidence in law enforcement if there is criminal negligence, they will bring the charges but honestly i think everyone involved in this will suffer terrible punishment whether charges are brought or not. kennedy: i hope there's some charges, some accountability, doug. this isn't the kind of thing you just want to with her because no one is focusing on this new
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cycle any longer, this is an absolute tragedy and totally unavoidable. >> i agree. in the distant life from our like to talk about this but i did go to law school and passed the bar from i have on occasion practiced grandmothers strikes me as a case either criminally negligent homicide or reckless endangerment or both. alec baldwin from the first has tried to deflect attention from his own actions but goodness gracious, it's pretty hard to see him as anything other having been reckless and irresponsible in the extreme for the criminal charges are due, we will see shortly i believe. kennedy: do you think it's a bad idea for him to be re- tweeting some of the stories that take the attention away from him and placed it on the armor and assistant director? >> lawyers in these cases tell
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those who are prospective defendants not to say anything or do anything. my own advice to alec baldwin would be to stand down, give evidence were necessary and appropriate but stop public communications, stop trying to deflect attention. kennedy: mike, in your estimation, whose most likely to face criminal charges here? >> who knows what the evidence will show, i think alec baldwin put justifiably relied on a professional licensed trained armor, how competent is this armor? i think it was the armor's responsibility for this gun for safe so points are public or to start likely from the sources of this. kennedy: $50000 after he died riding motorcycles after they had been drinking?
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>> tragedy upon tragedy, i'm not sure one points to another but this one is certainly terrible. kennedy: bad judgment on her part because her boyfriend didn't want to drive his car, breathalyzer attached to his car. not easy to get, it turns out. mark breaking news, a crazy night former new york governor andrew romo facing criminal charges for allegedly groping a former aide. rumor has it become a could be arrested next week for the crime of misdemeanor forcible touching from a maximum sentence of up to one year in prison if convicted. but the former governor libby looking at time behind bars? d- >> it's hard to say, there were 11 women who came up with some kind of story or accusation against the governor, this is the first one alleging an act that would be criminal, groping
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somebody but again, i hate these kinds of cases because these allegations are used behind the scenes political battles, ag running governor it all political to me, i despise as i despised it during the kavanaugh hearings, investigator criminally for anything it should be hope for his nursing home decisions, all of this rounding accusations while after this is serious enough, there will be a full investigation and apparently at trial potentially and potential jail time but i want the same due process as i want anyone else even though i see that politically but i think a lot of us political, i think
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it does a real disservice to the underlying issues of sexual harassment. kennedy: with the attorney general here in new york state, she's running for governor, she's going to challenge the governor now took over for andrew romo when he resigned in disgrace so how does she extricate herself from this without making it look as she was on a political mission? >> let's put it this way, by her announcing in the next week or so making that clear in the last day, day and a half, it is political. andrew romo has adamantly through his lawyer, denied fees charges and denied them specifically. one 100% with what she was saying, he's entitled to his day in court and to offer a robust defense and i'm sure he will. that being said, there's too
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much politics in this and too much of what i would say might end up being he said she said for us to draw any conclusions not. kennedy: so is he going to do any time? >> it's a misdemeanor charge but i wouldn't read too much into that because it only has a one year maximum. certainly they could supersede or add charges later, i don't think that will happen here. this one has already stumbled at the start, prosecutors are already saying we didn't need to file so soon, we didn't have an agreement with the main witness here, the victim to go forward with this so i think we will see more wrangling. he may charge this down to something like disorderly conduct or battery or something along those lines, i would put much stock into the fact that andrew romo face meaningful ramification. kennedy: i agree, i would like to see him really face the music
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from the nursing home deaths. not to diminish what the victims have been through but people die needlessly because of his horrible edict that nursing homes had to take covid positive patients with no liability mike. >> i think i will continue to bother people, his behavior in office more than this. kennedy: they may feel like is been charged, there's been some accountability here, therefore we don't have anything to worry about, we don't have to press the issue anymore because his reputation, it is a matter when he's no longer governor. the victim's family deserve more justice than that fine, due process but let's not stop the investigation. coming up, it's thursday, game night. some of the craziest crime stories and the best attorney in the land.
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kennedys were in session, next. ♪♪ ♪♪
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in [laughter] kennedy: tonight sufficient of kennedys court, crazy but true halloween crime headline, spooky stuff you hear coming out of places like transylvania or maybe tallahassee. mike chase is going to play defense attorney and try to get these loonies off the hook. then doug will act as a jury and decided the suspect is guilty or not guilty. as judge, i will have the final third verdict. case number one. kentucky restaurant manager charged with causing false police report after faking his own best for a halloween prank.
7:32 pm
joe watkins of kentucky, chicken ranch pretended to be dead in a pool of fake blood of the halloween prank on one of his workers, the employee who found him ran up remit, leading to joe's arrest. false report, how do you defend him? >> my client is facedown laying in a pool of blood and she runs out screaming and called police and says he's dead and my client is charged with false report, i think she made the false report. the only reason she did is because she didn't do the decent thing and check to see if he had a pulse or check to see if he's okay. when you work in food service, you got to get used to seeing dead bodies in the fourth. [laughter] kennedy: that's absolutely right. the points are taken. how do you rule on this? >> not guilty if necessary, jury nullification based on how they are a sense of how he went
7:33 pm
prank. kennedy: very good. doug? >> to me, not guilty. it's clear mr. watkins had no criminal intent and it was recklessness, it was the woman who went out screaming he was dead. kennedy: fees brought, they jus. not guilty. good job, mike. you wonder first case. case number two, man charged with inciting a breach of the peace for threatening his neighbors with fake halloween tombstones. jeffrey porter arguing over an rv parked in the driveway, they called it an eyesore, push for ordinance to have it removed. jeffrey retaliated and put tombstones in his yard and halloween decorations with his neighbors names at the top. police removed the tombstones judging them to be a breach of the peace. mike, how do you defend him? >> this is why i advise my clients, if you harass your
7:34 pm
neighbors, he did say fake died of natural causes on the tombstone, thoughts like fake tombstones one at once. but look, he's charged with breach of peace, all of these tombstones says rest in peace, but can't establish to breach the priest, not guilty. kennedy: he was aiming for peace the whole time. >> i think he's adding to the amount of peace in the neighborhood so -- not guilty. kennedy: doug. >> black letter law, exemption for tombstones on halloween that make him guilty as -- not guilty as a matter of law. kennedy: not guilty. that's all you had to say. finally we got a rational panel here. mike chase, i feel like you've been fighting an uphill battle. case number three. half naked mother of three. [laughter] i only have two that i know of. arrested for chasing cars and clown makeup, bridal spotted
7:35 pm
chasing cars and no shirt. she made several cars calls to 9112 cars at dispatchers, charged with disorderly conduct from public intoxication in making not emergency 911 calls. sometimes you add brother into the pumpkin spice latte. who? >> i'm a little offended because i think this is like the one 80th 181st installment of kennedys court now you bring my wife into it? this is crazy. [laughter] conflict of interest, i can't defend this case. no, this is motherhood during a pandemic. not guilty because this is motherhood during a pandemic. kennedy: it doesn't even have to be halloween. >> i'm going to say guilty because if you film parents gone wild, you got to do it not in public. kennedy: but she was in clown makeup.
7:36 pm
doug. >> i don't think the make up excuses false phony 911 calls so i'm going to say guilty as charged. kennedy: 911 is a pull of the government and sometimes we need to be skeptical and celebratory and you could push back, i'm going to say not guilty, sorry friends. anti- crime bias. i moved to strike. [laughter] kennedy: i moved to high-five her. i'll make the rules here. helical case, a woman charged with candy from her family's front porch for 3-year-old config a bucket of candy left out for children to help themselves in good faith, the buckets had notes saint say from some for others. charged with petty larceny. >> i'm going to make a plea for
7:37 pm
jury nullification on the count that i hate these bucket people. if you give out candy on halloween, be out there handing it to the kids and you take what you get if you are one of those bucket people. i think she's going to go down on being 33 and trick-or-treating felt but not guilty on the bucket. kennedy: it's like disneyland without kids, so weird. >> not guilty, the proper way to deal with it is to write her name on a tombstone and put it outside her house. kennedy: well said, good call back. >> in this case, guilty of extreme green greed and foolishness knowing there are video cameras everywhere. kennedy: yeah i mean, she's hungry. >> i would be dubbed the bucket person. kennedy: halloween treats are delicious, i have to agree with mike. if you pass out halloween candy and you want to ration it, you have to do it one trick-or-treat
7:38 pm
are out of time. it's like the honor system, i am so amazed someone took to from the fake library in front of my house. not guilty. i'm going to go to the dollar store spend $10 but i would love everything about this. thank you for being here. court is adjourned. congratulations. >> thank you so much. kennedy: i don't know how many times you bank the gavel. i don't know. tired of wild weather catching you off guard? the weatherman nick -- academy meteorologist, next. ♪♪
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get it, get. kennedy: it's gone. seems like a wild new weather story almost every day. climate change from hurricanes to blizzard shark made a, impossible to keep track of it also we here at fox watched brand-new fox weather app keep you safe and dry so you don't cry. when you're whether sucks worse than a peak on piper if download box after box gamma code you see on the screen right now. do it. twenty-two breakdown barometers, whether meteorologist tik tok dancing weatherman, nick kosher. [cheering]
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serious whether things. >> first of all, i want to say i'm excited to be here, a pair of kennedy readers here. what you think? kennedy: all my god, they are a major he like chuck schumer? [laughter] legislation will not pass. >> i'm trying to get you on track here. i'm here to teach you the weather. right? okay. we are loose, you got the hips going, i like to start with the wrist stretch for the rest pointing you have to do to the map. there you go. to be a couple of arm circles, right? now we are ready to forecast. what you are looking at here is a tight gradient. kennedy: what does that mean? >> there's a lot of wind. kennedy: that's my least favorite. >> i'm's glad i started with that, right first impression. it's a good thing we are here because the wind right now in
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texas and oklahoma. kennedy: pr by the h part, correct? we are the wind. >> the wind is by the public stuff. kennedy: why like the purplish pink, great states. barbecue states. thank you for including that pallet. >> i got you, we are on the same page here. so there is low pressure, high pressure, this is what i teach the youngsters whenever i go as i would say. high pressure, age, equals happy whether. kennedy: that's so good, i remember that. >> l, low-pressure, lousy weather. we to all, lousy. >> that's what three years of meteorology school taught me. i'm in student loan debt because of that's what i learned so that us number one. kennedy: number two, electric
7:46 pm
boogaloo. >> you can see what i'm doing here, there is the h, chopping with your alligator hands. what did we learn before? eight equals? kennedy: hot. >> no, come on. we would just what over this. kennedy: hobby? >> for a second, i almost forgot. a brief warm up. kennedy: will dry all the manholes, this is great. it's going to be so dry. it's about massachusetts. >> i've been on the wrong show my whole life, this is amazing. all right, there you have it. kennedy: where's the next one? kennedy: >> that's a big colorful one. kennedy: look at that. that's going to be lousy. hurricane season. >> in order to be a meteorologist for mike you have to learn three words you say all
7:47 pm
the time. probably, possibly, maybe. all right let's look at this map, now you know what to do and what it means, give a little forecast for us. kennedy: this is lousy, oliver here, florida, governor jeff santos wants to kill people with the weather and there's nothing we can do about it. maura lago, john. tampa, strippers, you dance for your last nichols. [laughter] and scene. let's dance. >> all right, okay let's do it. here we go, i liked what we are doing earlier but yeah. i can teach you some moves if you want. ♪♪ here we go. this is a good song. can you do this? one, two -- get it, girl. there you go. you can't always walk back to the signs up. kennedy: you can. this is like rocket stuff.
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[laughter] >> then you can just -- there you go. hey, now. kennedy: i left it. >> was this -- that went well. kennedy: is is the best day of your life? >> you manage to work these words into your forecast. [laughter] kennedy: have you never seen the show? [laughter] >> no. [laughter] ♪♪ ♪♪
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living elective, once again it not elizabeth warren. let's full of both and tropical storm, where is the powwow? topic number one that wasn't me. incredible video of u.s. army parachute team, called mike feeding in the national skydiving competition and they are off. talk about a video celebrating the fall.
7:53 pm
as you can see, they begin routine with best impression of joe biden's approval rating. spends from a they may not win this that i competition for the team always brings the house down as pattycake championship believe it or not, the team has the same choreographer cds. they are not even competing right now, they are distracting for the next on spirit airlines. this is the competition and called mike's finished in third place. as usual, the competition was one by hunter biden and russian spies but not eric's while wells girlfriend. topic number two. mark zuckerberg today, he's changing facebook name focusing on building block calls the meta- verse. virtual world where congress finally can't subpoena him. let's take a look. >> this is the defining quality of the meta- verse.
7:54 pm
you're going to really feel you are there with other people, facial. kennedy: a place where you can work out with virtual trainers and meet up with virtual friends. function zuckerberg addict to explain to him what friends are. zuckerberg said the future, almost all conversation will take place in the meta- verse which his wife democrats are working on a way to pass mask mandate there, it will require extensive virtual reality set to join, luckily you can get there by taking a boat load in costa rica. don't mind if i do. topic number three. one of the most extravagant having house decorations of the year, first check out this singing house in riverside california. ♪♪ kennedy: one of the going to do when they come for you next i wish i could get my song to sing the same song. my house keeps singing? go brandon.
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[cheering] is and that we are? best decorated paths this year were a man covid his home and skeleton bones from alvin perkins used real roofing supplies to make it look like skeletons were breaking through his home. inspired by the house in washington d.c. where another skeleton is for decades. he's also coming with spiderwebs dead bodies. what the real world will look like when we are all living in the zuckerberg meta- verse pretty speaking to people who don't live in the real world, time to hear from our audience, you are male, taking it off with kennedy nation, do you think god is pleased with you? immensely. [laughter] janet tweets, did you want to be a journalist when you are little? you missed about. kennedy: i dreamed of being goats and here i am.
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i changed the channel with lady k on. he changes the to foxbusiness network and thank you, hank. what greater cysts can be person in? i do moisturize. i'll be right back. ♪♪
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