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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 2, 2021 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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why? because the reddit crowd is all over it and buying it, pumping it up. it is a meme stoke. tesla way down, 3% lower. elon musk says they haven't actually signed the contract with hertz foredelivery of 300 vehicles. time is up for me. neil, it is yours. neil: thank you very much, stuart. we're following all the anomalies. big, big campaigns going on throughout the country today. certainly focusing what is happening in virginia and in new york and of course new york city. mayoral race. don't forget about new jersey. we're focusing as well on very big guests, we'll weigh in on what is at stake today, including former secretary of state henry kissinger, why what the president is doing halfway around the world committing all countries to spend a lot of money. he has his doubts whether that
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can be realized, getting the results the world wants. harold ham, fossil fuel billionaire kingpin, what he makes of the message that all these leaders are send about fossil fuels and likely higher prices for you. meantime, go to to with the alexandria hoff with the youngkin campaign. reporter: he made a stop in western fairfax county to meet with voters. when he got into this he had 2% name idea. neil, he is one of the top trending topics on twitter that surely sends something. stopped in western fairfax, spoke with people. played a little bit of basketball. we caught up with him there. >> i felt a great surge of
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momentum the last six or eight weeks. when you get to travel around the amazing state and meet, we met between 25 and 50,000 virginians in the last 10 days, seeing everybody coming together. we've seen independents actually support us by double digits. folks run across the aisle. reporter: there is this clear sense of optimism within this campaign and within youngkin's message that was pretty clear at last night's parents matter rally he held in loudon county. hundreds of enthusiastic supporters were in attendance for a very full circle moment from the candidate t was this idea that parents should have found his footing in this race. >> do a lot. especially for our schools. i'm a pediatric nurse. i'm a mother and what is going on in our schools right now is not acceptable. reporter: the former private equity executive and political newcomer made it a point to run this as a grassroots style campaign. his bus tour hit 38 counties.
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it didn't include any big name party members, quite in opposition how his opponent has run his campaign. youngkin pulls this off, which he believes he will, he will be the first republican to be elected statewide in 12 years in virginia. youngkin is confident he is going to do that. neil? >> kneel is having issues, technical issues right now. send it over to rich edson who is over in mcclain, virginia, with the mcauliffe campaign. rich? reporter: good afternoon, gerri. it has been a quiet today at least publicly for terry mcauliffe. we haven't quite seen him here in northern virginia. he spent the last several days trying to turn out the vote, some of the democratic areas of the state. he ended up here in northern virginia, mcclain, virginia. this is right across from washington, d.c., and this is the democratic strong mold of the commonwealth of virginia.
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with the campaign rally beer garden last night and election returns watch tonight nearby here in mcclain. mcauliffe's campaign against glenn youngkin finished with more aggressive attacks on the republican. he denied to us this weekend he was trying to make former president donald trump an issue in this election, mcauliffe mentions trump at just about every campaign stop he makes. >> glenn youngkin is closing his event with donald trump here in virginia. we're going to put an end to donald trump's future plans right here in virginia! [cheering] i have beaten trump twice in virginia. tomorrow, we go 3-0. reporter: there is no joint appearance tonight between the former president and glenn youngkin. mcauliffe has enlisted his party's heavy political hitters over the past few weeks. president joe biden, vice president kamala harris, congressional democrats like south carolina representative
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jim clyburn. a clyburn aide tells us the congressman campaigning here because he knows theut as much s possible. now mcauliffe is back home here in northern virginia. we won't see him voting today. that is because he voted in person about a month ago. there was early in-person voting already in the state. mcauliffe's campaign says they're optimistic because of the early voting numbers. more than 1/5 of the electorate has cast their ballots. there have been a lot of balloting returns from the northern parts of the state and from virginia beach. those are typically areas that trend democratic but again, still a lot of votes left to be counted today. and the polling numbers that shifted in this race from the beginning when the voting started in middle of september all the way through the weekend. neil, back to you. neil: rich, thank you very much. we apologize for some audio issues we've been having. feel badly about that.
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don't feel badly throwing over to lydia hu in new jersey. a big battle with the entire new jersey legislature. she has more from east rutherford. hey, lydia. reporter: neil, we are closely following the governor's race because the issues that are percolating taking from the time and center are a lot of issues playing out on the national stage. covid recovery, the economy and also things like taxes are really front of mind for voters that we are speaking to here. now that is partly why this governor's race is considered to be a bellwether of what is possibly to come for the midterm elections. governor murphy has been campaigning on increased minimum wage and paid sick leave policies. gop candidate jack ciattarelli is attacking murphy on his covid response and tax policy calling the mandates too expensive and pointing out new jersey is one of the highest taxed states for residents. another issue sun employment. here in new jersey the state
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rate is 7.1%, among the highest in the country. new jersey lacks momentum in regaining jobs lost during the pandemic. while it had some of the strictest lockdown measures. still, many voters we speak to here say they trust murphy with another term. others tell us that it is time for a change. >> mandates for children, young children, what is being taught, the curriculum. >> i really impressed with murphy how he is taking care of the covid pandemic. >> i'm afraid governor murphy will not let unvaccinated people into restaurants and bars. i don't think the people of new jersey will take kindly to that. reporter: now governor murphy had a sizable double-digit lead over gop candidate ciattarelli in the month leading up to today's election but in the final weeks, ciattarelli really closed in, narrowing the margin and pollsters say that is significant because here in the
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state of new jersey there are one million more registered democrats than there are republicans. so even if governor murphy is reelected, if ciattarelli is able to narrow that margin, they say that is a loud message from voters here in this very blue state. neil. neil: lydia, thank you very much for that. lydia hu. one common theme you're seeing in the reports getting out of virginia, certainly reports out of new jersey is tying whoever the democratic opponent is to right now donald trump. in other words each democratic candidate is using donald trump as a wedge for the republican challenger to say it worked successfully in california in gavin newsom's recall election where he pinned almost donald trump as if he was running against him than any republican. is that going to be disrupted here? is that going to be one of the things they talk about later after all of the results are in?
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tom bevan with "real clear politics," the cofounder. tom, it worked for gavin newsom. it remains to be seen whether it will work in virginia or certainly new jersey where it is more of an uphill battle but what do you make of howe that strategy is working? >> well i don't think it is working. part of the reason it is not working whereas in california with larry elder you had a republican candidate, he was a talk show host. he was known as a bomb thrower and sort of a more controversial figure that could be more easily tied to donald trump. glenn youngkin is not like donald trump at all. in fact he was the least trumppy republican candidate in the primary. he promised voters he would win back people in the suburbs and also turn out trump's vote. he seems to be doing that. but despite, but he has done that while keeping trump at a distance. mcauliffe has been at every turn, in fact making up this idea there was going to be a joint rally between glenn
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youngkin and donald trump. it is not true. it's a total and complete lie. so you know, mcauliffe used that as often as he could, as he has been able to but it hasn't got him any traction. i don't think it is working. certainly not in virginia. not so much in new jersey either. neil: you know, tom, i'm curious if it works for youngkin this, sort of not exactly hands off, hands distance from donald trump, not engaging him but not needing him to be a full throttle campaigner on his behalf, could that prove a way of having your cake as a candidate and eat it too in this you know, trump era? >> sure. i mean, listen donald trump is not on the ballot. he is not on the ballot today. he will not be on the ballot next november. in that sense you know, that is one of the things that motivated democrats to turn out all around the country in 2018 and 2020. they don't have that working for them right now. if trump is on the ballot in 2024, different story.
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but in the meantime republicans will have opportunities, we've seen already with glenn youngkin he won back suburban white women on issues of education and crime and obviously the economic piece of it as well. so the republican party has been able to make up ground where they had had lost it in the previous few cycles. they have will continue to do that unless, until democrats are able to address those issues that those voters care most about. neil: i'm wondering the fact that the democrats failed to get the infrastructure package, the real one and the human one through and there is a good deal of public bickering, how is that back and forth, you know, affecting voters you think in these two states and other states where there are big but less really gubernatorial big issues going on? >> well, look, certainly it has depressed democrats to see the progressive wing of the party and the moderates at odds, unable to get on the same page and pass something. so i think that has depressed
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democrats as they watched that play out. on the other hand the biden administration and even mcauliffe to a certain degree they had come up with a strategy they believe that passing these two massive spending packages will somehow be a cure-all for the party and suddenly their fortunes will rebound if that happens. the data doesn't support that, neil. fox poll came out said 2/3 of voters, thought the packages if they were passed not do anything, not affect the economy or make it worse. so the country is fairly divided exactly what these packages might do. i just don't think the democrats you know, they need to address the issues that voter care about, education, inflation, you know the stuff that they sit around and talk about at their kitchen tables. passing these packages doesn't automatically cure everything that is hurting them right now. neil: all right. thank you, my friend. tom bevan, following all of these developments. we should let you know as well that the president wrapping
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things up in scotland with a clarion call for clean energy, to address climate change ills, dead on target for anything possible fuel related. the irony comes as we're learning from bp, it says oil demand is back over 100 million barrels a day. there is a good deal of oil available but a devil of your time getting your hands on it if you want to get your hands on it. the oil industry giant harold hamm is with us on that after this. ♪. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward.
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neil: well you knew that major global western leaders were going to come out swinging against fossil fuels but very few were prepared for this all-out assault they put the finishing touches on today in scotland. get the latest right now from edward lawrence in edinburgh with more. edward. reporter: in fact right now president joe biden is finishing up a meeting about advancing technologies behind the initiatives for clean energy but earlier today he made two big
12:18 pm
announcements. one of emthat you're referencing there, that was specifically the president directing the epa and department of transportation, regulation on natural gas, oil and gas industry under his presidency. the epa will require companies to cap methane leaks in oil and gas industry a industry seeing a sharp rise in price. >> this isn't something we have to do to protect the environment in the future this is enormous opportunity, enormous opportunity, for all of our nations to create jobs and meeting climate goals a core part of our economic recovery as well. reporter: now republicans are critizing the president for one, that move, specifically, senator capito from west virginia, but also being here in scotland when he could pick any crisis at home including inflation. >> really comes to what the policy of this administration has done and now we, we're on
12:19 pm
the brink of being energy independent but with the biden administration shutting down american jobs but letting putin have a new pipeline and asking opec to produce more but not america? when our energy production, even on our natural gas is 42% cleaner than russia's? this is just backwards. reporter: president based has been in four meetings so far already. this is his busiest day at the climate conference. he will hold a news conference in about 3 1/2 hours. back to you, neil. neil: edward lawrence thank you very, very much. let's go to harold hamm now, fascinating figure, when you think about how he made his billions betting, seeing the potential of oil and then later on shale and going against those who doubted him and bet against him. i think it is fair to say they're a lot poorer than he is today. harold hamm, continental resources founder, executive chairman, kind enough to join us now. very good to have you, harold.
12:20 pm
>> thanks, neil. good to be with you. neil: done a great deal in your career but now you have a global assault on everything you hold near and dear if you think about it. just thinking at the communique put out by these leaders, put tougher curbs on methane gas, they agree to deforestation, put an end to it by 2030. they say the world's commitment to fossil and traditional fuels must stop in light of the burgeoning process of new energy almost if they have you set in your sights. do you feel a little bit like custer? >> we could for sure if we let it bother us. we don't could that. we keep doing the job we have to do. this administration doesn't understand economics 101. if you want to put your neck, put your foot on the neck of the
12:21 pm
industry that basically lowered our co2 emissions in this country by 25%, we have the cleanest air in america, of any place on the globe. so we've done our job and we're exporting clean burning natural gas around the world when everybody thought we would be importing it. so we have done a wonderful job with the shale renaissance and creating a renaissance in america it has given us energy security. so anytime you pile on additional regulations and taxes basically you get back into an era of scarcity and that's what they have done. they backed us into an era of scarcity instead of one with abundance. it stops investments as you well know, neil. neil: i wonder what you make, british petroleum, bp, better known, that demand is building up to 100 million barrels a day, yet here we are stymied in our
12:22 pm
own country to tap it and we have lots to tap. what do you think of that? >> well, you know, the thing about that is, demand is back and 100 million barrels a day, it is over that. and certainly with natural gas, you know we doubled, you know, how much natural gas we're producing. and consuming. so, it is a thing to be doing. it is so much cleaner than the alternatives and natural gas is certainly done everything we intended to do in america. so it is amazing what's happened, and like i say, the administration has this all backyards. it is like this last thing on methane. i mean we put every molecule down the line that we can put down the line. so you know, let none it escape. here he is taking something that really doesn't matter and trying to make a big deal on over there in scotland.
12:23 pm
look at scotland. what is going on over there? you have got the two biggest, worst polluters, they're not even there and that is china and russia. they haven't even showed up over there. and here we are over there apologizing to the rest of the world what the u.s. has done. i think it is inappropriate. neil: now in the meantime energy, what started as energy prices spiking has now spread far and wide to a host of other commodities and goods and services spiking as well. this is apparently a lot more than just a transitory problem. do you think this lingers for a while? >> i think it does. like i say, we backed up into an era of scarcity again and instead of abundance. anytime you stop you know, progressing with investments in the world you know, that is what you get. so i don't see it turning around very quickly. i mean, look at, look what they did.
12:24 pm
they took, put any of the federal lands off limits. this is federal lands have been leased for 15, 20 years, that people have all their money in it and they won't give you a drilling permit on it. and then they stop any other federalissing that you may need to put units spacing units together. sew so that is about 26% of the land mass out there. he is calling opec for more oil? they're calling russia for more gas. what is wrong with that picture? as i said the other day all they need to do is making local calls instead of long distance instead of trying -- neil: could save a lot. they could save a lot on those transatlantic calls. let me step back, harold, to take a look at these races going on today, particularly in virginia and new jersey, particularly gubernatorial battles, but the virginia one is interesting where glenn youngkin
12:25 pm
the republican candidate seems to found the perfect sweet spot to address donald trump. don't say anything bad about him, come into your state, campaign on your behalf. keep arms distance but don't alienate him. what do you think about that approach? >> i think the approach is great. i mean, you know, he is saying all the right things and certainly he is, he is a very good candidate, a very strong candidate. you know i think the american people relate to that. and i certainly think those two states are think about that. we'll seen the numbers go towards those two candidates. so you know, it would be a strong statement in virginia to see that happen and i think it very well might. neil: do you, candidates seek you out for your support and financial support at that. have you looked to 2024?
12:26 pm
anyone intrigue you, the former president? >> yeah. there is a lot of good candidates. you know, that i see that very well could lead this country forward and do very good job. you just saw one on a minute ago responding to biden there, and certainly you know, that wouldn't be a good choice. i don't want to throw a lot of names here but there are several that could do a very, very good job. neil: the reason why i ask you, haired, of course you can be a king-maker sometimes in the republican party for these positions and we've already learned that it is very likely chris christie, maybe the former secretary of state mike pompeo would run for president, regardless what donald trump's intentions are. what do you think of that? what do you think of those who are considering running whether
12:27 pm
he does or not? >> i think that will certainly happen without a doubt. until -- the two you just mentioned are strong. kevin mccarthy, he is strong. there are several people out there that can do an awfully good job. neil: now in the meantime you're not just, you know, looking at republicans. i know you have been directly or indirectly you know, providing funding for joe manchin. lately he has got, earned a little aggressive back and forth with progressives in his party over these dragged on talks. do you think this push that some of those progressives have that he should leave the democratic party should push him out of the democratic party? >> well certainly, my hat off to joe manchin and krysten sinema. they held the line against these crazy things going on, and you
12:28 pm
know, we can't afford a half a trillion dollars you know for the green new deal. that is just a huge burden on american taxpayers that we don't need right now. it is totally unnecessary. we need to get to i.q. versus eq on climate. and that has been the whole push. and certainly they get it. they know the difference between throwing more money on something that just doesn't work. and so it has to be a global effort and i can't deal with china. i can't deal with russia. it takes the government to deal with them but certainly going to have to get them in the mix. when you have china, we'll not do anything until 2060, india says we'll not do anything until 2070. that is 50 years, folks. none of us will be around for
12:29 pm
any of that. we have to get to i.q. versus eq. this is not emotional territory. this is intelligence we need to be talking about. my hat peace off to joe manchin. he is seeing the click, click of inflation taking place and he is standing up there against the tide and he has done a wonderful job and i'm very proud of him. neil: harold real quickly i would be remiss, since you're a pretty savvy investor in your own right. looking at markets right now, all three major market averages are into record territory again. nasdaq it is like six days running. are these markets toppy to you or are they justified, these areas where the territory, that it is all justified? >> no, i think they are justified. i think there was a lot of pent-up demand earlier during the trump administration. that proved to be true and i think that demand is still there. as long as it isn't squelched. what we're seeing right now is a
12:30 pm
lot of things going on that squelching demand and making the a lot of investors uneasy, when you get, you know, talking about the type of taxes that this administration is talking about and then the kind of spending that they have done. i have don't know about but, oklahoma, do we need a huge infrastructure bill? i don't think so. you know the problem on our roads is road construction. you can't go any direction hardly without being shut down because of the road is tore up because they're reconstructing for the last three years. neil: you're right about that. it goes on and on and on. harold hamm, a real pleasure talking to you again. be well. have a wonderful holiday season. harold hamm, continental resources founder, executive chairman. a lot more after this, including
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neil: i don't know if the gloves were ever off when it came to deciding exactly how joe manchin felt about progressives and progressives about him, he thinks there should be a vote on the infrastructure only plan to move forward, then decide what to do with the far pricier, more controversial spending plan they're thinking of. this is a open gaping wound in the party. get the latest from chad pergram where things stand now. hey, chad. reporter: good afternoon, neil, it is joe manchin in the middle once once again. his last minute play could in
12:36 pm
fact jeopardize passage of the social spending bill. >> we're clear through the week and weekend went up to the house visit with him and all that. we'll get this back on track. they need to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill that shows good faith. reporter: liberals wanted senate to sign off on the social spending bill before passing the infrastructure measure. manchin wants to boomerang about that own the left. manchin says he needs final tax and price tag from the congressional budget office in two weeks but some like rales weren't worried. >> it is not like we don't know what these things cost and likes we don't know what the taxes generate. we have cbo scores for many parts of it. i believe that will be enough. reporter: democrat cori bush called manchin's reservations quote, anti-black and anti-immigrant. but other progressives tempered their language. >> i know senator manchin. i don't think he has a racist
12:37 pm
bone in his body. i certainly think he is entitled to having his views and i wouldn't characterize him as racist in any way. reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi still believes the house can approve the social spending bill this week but it is likely they will then have to change it in the united states senate to placate manchin and then back, bounce it back to the house of representatives. that probably means this process takes until thanksgiving if not christmas, neil. back to you. neil: chad pergram, thank you very much. so the racist charge is that fair to make of one joe manchin. to democratic congressman emanuel cleaver, state of missouri, sits on the house financial services committee. always good to have you. your progressives colleagues calling joe manchin racist. what do you think of that? >> that is unfortunate, i'm making up a word now, cleaver
12:38 pm
rism, destingfy. we use it over and over and it doesn't fit. in this case i don't think there is anything that i know about senator manchin that would cause me to see him as anti-black or racist or any of that. he has a different position. good people can be on the other side. decent people can disagree with me and not be satanic. so, you know, we've got to, we've got to, i think be a little careful. i know you know people's feelings are being worn thin or and in this very difficult time but at the same time i think we have to be very, very careful. neil: you know some of your progressive colleagues have gone
12:39 pm
so far as to say joe manchin by extension, krysten sinema of arizona, they're really not emdemocrats anyway and they're not helping out on this crucial matter when it comes to delivering one pour the party because the party and the president both need this. what do you say? >> i agree we do need to and i think that the nation needs it. i am very, very concerned about our environment. i have a 6-year-old grandson, a little granddaughter. they are already talking about the environment and i think that we have to do something about the environment but i don't think that joe manchin or krysten sinema with intentionality are trying to destroy the environment. i do think that we are in a situation right now where we, you know, we are, you know, acting like gang bangers with our environment with just
12:40 pm
slamming our environment and i think most thoughtful people would like to do something about it. some would like to do more n this package we're spending, you know, a significant, it will be the largest investment we ever spent trying to deal with the environment and it gives us some authority to speak strongly to china and russia. china being the worst of all of the polluters on the planet chose not to attend the glascow summit, which i will attend assuming that things are voting on here but, you know, i think you know, we have bragged about, we being democrats about being a big tent party. so why would we -- [no audio] neil: we've lost your audio, congressman.
12:41 pm
i apologize for that. bring you up to date on other matters, shortages of turkeys, unless you have your turkey pretty soon you will be in danger not having one at all. is it that bad? we have the butterball president and ceo on that after
12:42 pm
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high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different. neil: into turkey, i have distressing news. butterball, smaller size turkeys all the rage could be in short supply for thanksgiving. we have the butterball president and ceo. say it isn't so. what is going on here? >> well we don't expect they're to be a shortage overall but we see there will be fewer small turkeys this year. so our advice to consumers go out to the stores, get them as early as you can. in fact we have heard from many of our retailers who are ordering additional turkeys now because sales have been brisk a
12:46 pm
little earlier than usual. so we do expect a pretty significant sell-through this season. neil: i'm just wondering if the rush of demand has led to a run-up in prices though and even if you land the turkey you want maybe pay dearly for isn't. >> we have seen food prices increase over all. that is something we all experienced here recently. while we don't set the prices for our retailers it is reasonable to expect that there will be some increased cost this year. still looking at a pretty tremendous value when you look at the whole bird purchase for thanksgiving. it is still a very economical protein for you to buy. neil: let me ask you a little bit about how you market it though. you sort of zig while others in your field sort of zag. you have been particularly fond of tiktok to get the word out. how does that go? >> we, for a long time have been associated with the consumer
12:47 pm
through our tiktok line. we provide support for people to figure out how to cook their turkey, what size turkey to buy, et cetera. we made a shift this year. one of the opportunities we really saw coming out of covid last year, there were more first-time hosts of the holiday and those are primarily millenials. of course we know where millenials get the information. tiktok is a big resource for us. we pivoted considerably how we approach the marketing who we're trying to reach. we're certainly not abandoning the customers who have been there years and years. a lot of people are entering the market, preparing the holing day meal for the first time. we want to address their needs and reach out to them as well. neil: all right, now, the biggest, i think problem a lot of people have with turkey is not overcooking it or drawing it out. butterball features this exclusively, butter is shot into it but you still have people, even with a butterball i dried
12:48 pm
it out. this isn't tiktok, this is your chance to address an audience that must know, how can i avoid a dried out turkey and angry relatives? >> right. first of all, just to set the record straight, we don't inject the butter into the turkey. that is simply the name of the product. neil: how is it so moist? how is it so moist? >> that is the special way we do it. center is juicy, that is pretty foolproof product. if someone is nervous, they can reach out to us at 1-800-butterball, or get online to to get tips. the way we do that to make the turkey as foolproof as possible. neil: we need to know it. it happened to me more than a number of types. thank you, jay, very, very much. butterball president, ceo, so his point, again and again, a lot of favorite poultry items best to get them now, to wait
12:49 pm
later, maybe not have them at all. we have a lot more coming up including the federal reserve kicking off a two-day meeting. not they're expected to raise interest rates at this meeting, they might signal this time tomorrow roughly they are poised to take a certain punchbowl away. we'll explain after this. dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. life is for living. we got this. let's partner for all of it. edward jones (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, let's partner for all of it. or fun. daring, or thoughtful.
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♪. neil: all right. the federal reserve kicked off a two-day meeting at which by the end tomorrow we're going to probably get an idea what it wants to do about tapering, all the $120 billion worth of treasury note, related buying it has been doing for years. how that factors out and exactly the gameplan, let's go to carol roth, former investment banker, the war on small business, noted author there as well. carol, what do you expect to hear tomorrow from jerome powell? >> neil, i do think that we're going to get a taper, which is long overdue, which basically means the proverbial punch bowl sitting at this size, $120 billion a month, is going
12:54 pm
to get smaller and smaller each successive month and the number we're hearing is about $15 billion a month. so if that continues on a linear trajectory that means you would be finished probably with one cup of punch left maybe late second quarter next year, but you have to remember, that is still ingesting about $420 billion of additional liquidity into the system. so. >> >> taper is not shrinking the balance sheet or raising rates. it is moving toward what looks like normalcy. neil: like the butterball turkey, they are injecting what they say they are not injecting. when all said and done, tapering down to zero purchases of secures, still looking at trillions of dollars worth of a balance sheet. when do they unload and how do they do that?
12:55 pm
>> that is the nine trillion dollar question. we have 6.8 trillion on the balance sheet today, with additional amount. i'm not sure that is the way they are going to do it. they could shrink the balance sheet and raise the rates. in the past when they have been in this scenario they have tried a little bit of both. i think what the market is currently anticipating, they seem to be more pack aggressive than even some of the fed officials is that they're seeing the, just raising of the fed funds rate and not necessarily any shrink of the balance sheet and so you know, as we saw coming out of the great recession it tapered down a little bit but then it started going back up. you know this may be something that is sitting around for quite some time. neil: real quickly, do you think powell will be reappointed? >> the market certainly thinks so. they haven't had a fit yet. given he is an enabler of the
12:56 pm
greatest transfer of wealth from main street to wall street in history, i think if they believed he was going to be replaced we would be seeing a lot of disruption in the market but he has got some overhang in terms of you know, warren doesn't want him reelected. fed officials, quote, insider trading scandals and progressive values they want to put in there. this administration could do anything but so far the market is not betting on that. neil: all right. great catching up with you, carol, carol roth on that. remember regardless with whether the president reappoints or not he has to be approved in the senate. there are number of progress serves to carol's point who are no big fans. all of that is being sorted out on this election day. sort of an off year election but very, very much on a lot of people's minds, particularly virginia, new york city, new jersey, key battles going on in minnesota and elsewhere. we have you covered after this.
12:57 pm
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♪ ♪. neil: you did not hear this from a but a couple of big contest contest going on in virginia. and new jersey, all other things that a host of other states we will spell those out later,
1:01 pm
right now the virginia for governor is getting a good deal of attention because it was supposed to be a layout, that was a couple of months ago, maybe not that way right now is go to call mcshane a manchester virginia with mark. >> a layup is a good basketball analogy as glenn youngkin played at rice university and he pulled off a major upset this is the type of area suburbs of richmond that could decide a race like this, president biden one in this area but he won by much, glenn youngkin is building momentum with suburban voters in the last few weeks driven largely by the staff on education he has been promising to give parents a more of a say of how the children learn, the closing date of the campaign, a lot of energy around youngkin he was grading voters in northern
1:02 pm
virginia and he reflected on how far his campaign has come. >> my people never endorsed republicans before it is so humbling to watch all this happened when we started all of this ten months ago our first internal pole i did 2% with a 3% margin of error and to be in this position it feels really good to watch it happen. >> we saw voters getting out in person before we travel down to richmond area, the pulled opening up at 6:00 a.m. people getting their boats in, closing tonight at seven. over 20% of the registered voters return the ballot early you have a lot of votes already in the and terry mcauliffe has been relatively quiet in his campaign appearance of last few days have been relatively quiet at least compared to youngkin smaller crowds, you try to get his old job back. youngkin may have the momentum but this is a blue state especially in recent years
1:03 pm
president biden one by ten points and a high turnout election, it would be a big deal if glenn youngkin could pull off the upset become the first republican to win statewide in 12 years. the last thing, the weather, something of an issue, it is raining today just enough to be annoying if you're a reporter covering the race. not much in terms of an impact on the turnout. >> thank you very much, let's go to new jersey the other big battle going on, you might not recognize, democratic governors have a time getting reelected, the last one was reelected, but brendan byrne in 1977 under the carter administration, lydia hu out of the garden state in new jersey. >> that's one of the reasons because governor phil murphy could possibly make history today if he is reelected for the
1:04 pm
very reasons that you say there, up until election day murphy has been leading in the polls he had a sizable double-digit leave until lead jack ciattarelli of former assembly men with the state of new jersey. in the recent weeks, jack ciattarelli has been chipping away at the margin steadily, significantly narrowing murphy lead. the issue driving the go but into real race in new jersey closely will reflect issues and national politics around taxes and the covid response with vaccine mandates, and the economy attacking murphy's covid response to restrictive and tax policies as too expensive. that's why this race is attracting a lot of national attention, what happens here could be a foreshadowing for the midterm election. >> new jersey is really what's going on at the base, the
1:05 pm
democrats versus republicans, that what our starting point is in the 2022, congressional midterms. >> democrats in new jersey have a 16-point voter registration advantage because they have 1 million registered democrats even if we see murphy secured reelection if his margin flips in to the low single digits, that is considered to be allowed message from voters in the blue state that could be interpreted as a rejection of the democratic policies on the recovery and economic policies and covid mandates. neil: thank you very much, read from republican and a read from democrat what's at stake. chris wilson the campaign poster joining us. as well author democratic
1:06 pm
strategist, welcome too book w you hear a lot about the national mood that is turned sour on democrats particularly the president, that is going to hurt the democratic candidates today. governors election in virginia to move to republican hands and cut it close, maybe an upset and new jersey, what do you make of that? >> i would emphasize the term may be it's nice to be with you again today. democratic americans aren't necessarily sour as you said around their party but more specifically towards individuals like manchin or sinema. neil: half of it what a different presidential nominee they don't want joe biden. >> depending on what pull you decide to read. i would say today is going to be
1:07 pm
interesting but i think what you see specifically in the suburbs of new jersey are predominately wealthy community, the suburbs trump was focused on the presidential and the traditional vote focused on protecting finances, it is definitely up for grabs in my hypothesis and choose the direction of the democratic party over fiscal conservatism. neil: we don't know will find out later tonight. one of the issues going out of washington now the failure of democrats to rally around these two infrastructure packages, the big wide isn't just infrastructure, i'm wondering the failure interval on this election day helps or hurts? >> it certainly does not help, i
1:08 pm
don't know how much it hurts because new jersey in virginia decided on state issues. in glenn youngkin's pulling, the pulling that he talked about showed that he was at 3%, i can confirm that is accurate it's been remarkable to watch. i want to figure this from a data perspective, if you look at special election, republicans turned out a three-point edge over what they didn't 2020 and democrats if you look at early vote so far in virginia, i'm to speak about virginia. mind donald trump lost virginia by ten points but when election day if you extrapolate, and democrats as you point out are being given nothing by their party and the president and haven't been given any achievements, if there are achievements they weighed the democrats down, i do think you're looking at what could be not just a historic night
1:09 pm
tonight but a wave moving into 2022, if those margins maintain, not only do you see republicans pick up historic margins and the house of representatives but you look at where they want by .4% georgia or .37% nevada or in pennsylvania not only do they pick up those seats but seems like colorado in new hampshire and others in play, you're really looking at a massive realignment potentially and politics in 2022 because of the performance in the far leftward movement and the democratic party. neil: do these translate the year is such a long time. >> i don't think it's fair to make any predictions at this point, i just want to remind all of us that per chris's comments, down ballot in the 2020 presidential election, most republican voters still stay committed to their party, they
1:10 pm
just didn't want that particular president, the 45th president to be in the oval office anymore, it's not like there was a massive swing down ballot in some of the states. >> another was a split. >> that exactly right. >> what about the truck phenomenon. >> they might've found the right way. don't do anything agitated and campaigning. on the flipside yet terry mcauliffe about donald trump and that the overall point, terry mcauliffe who mentioned donald trump so many times that he actually broke the odds of las vegas in a debate has had 0
1:11 pm
success being able to translate that, you are seen mcauliffe, republicans rack up record numbers in 2020 with african-americans and hispanics in the realignment of the parties because of the opposition that the democratic party, terry mcauliffe to parents in an educational debate, that is going to move into 2022 election where you will see a complete coalition that will elect republicans. neil: we will watch very, very closely. the polls are open and they will remain so we will be handicapping all of this and second-guessing what you party done. it's really up to you to decide in all of the states, in the meantime you have a wagon circling going on around crypto currency, promising more regulation, and yet you have a frequency soaring today, is the market saying we don't think this is serious after this.
1:12 pm
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that was easy. i know, right? and even save with special offers just for movers. really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at neil: a lot of the crypto
1:16 pm
currency has been rocketing, and some of the common sense with the government circling the wagons on some form of regulation, is coming out of the white house, maybe having people second-guess the inevitability preacher gas read with more on this. >> i think crypto regulation is probably inevitable but might not come and or lifetime that's one of the problems that you have with the government it's one of the reasons why the sec chief is out there doing regulation through enforcement. it's hard to set rules when you have 50/50 congress, a lot of republicans that don't want to regulate crypto they think it should be handled like the internet which is lightly regulated. there you go you status quo. there is no better example than the stable coin report, stable coins are a subset of crypto they are a type of crypto backed up by a dollar something and it
1:17 pm
has some backing, the u.s. government used to be backed by gold, is along those lines they are very controversial if it's not a dollar backing them up, it's often not gold it is liquid security and a lot of time commercial paper, you have this industry which could be right and there's a lot of reports on this, tether is backed up by stuff that is pretty liquid, tether denies that but it's been out there there one of the leading stable coins, divided administration is obviously worried that something could happen in this market. if the investors made a run in the stable coins, it would be a problem in the commercial paper and a problem for everybody, commercial papers financed, we will get paid if there's commercial paper market. company use commercial paper for the short-term operations with salaries and wages. divided administration is having it both ways.
1:18 pm
at one point there putting out a report which lays out what i said. on the other hand they recognize the political reality that this is not happening, republicans are not going to give him this, they can he be getting infrastructure bill they will not be relighting the ball so they can make a crypto. that is why you see the markets up. it's pretty amazing, what are we at with bitcoin, about 60000, significantly above. neil: and all the players along with the ride. thank you very much, in the meantime different stories regarding the purchases of 100,000 vehicles supposedly made, when elon musk came forward they said they haven't formally signed a contract and hers came back and said we don't have a contract, were getting them, in this we have gerri willis weighing in. what is the story tesla stock,
1:19 pm
record-setting run-up on the notion that maybe the steel was not on. >> that's exactly what happened, i've never seen a public tesla like this between two big companies, only days after hertz announced as i did deal to buy 100,000 teslas, the electric vehicle maker ceo is saying nothing has been finalized, on twitter, elon musk readiness i would like to emphasize that no contract has been signed yet, tesla has farmer demanded production, we will only sell card to hertz for the same margin as to consumers, even so hurt spokeswoman told fox the company was standing by its earlier statement saying this in part deliveries have already started and we seem very strong really demands to the rental fleet which reflect market demand for tesla vehicles. the deal pushed tesla's shares higher topping 1 trillion of
1:20 pm
market value in lifting the personal net worth about 300 billion, the stock is currently down close to 4% as you can see right here there is no clear answer to your question that you started being with, how is this going to get resolved, not clear, the complete the at odds, it's not clear if the deal will continue or if it won't continue, maybe there's not a lot of communication between executives. i guess we will have to wait and see. >> it might not be in writing, thank you very much, news on china i want to pass along it's growing with a number of companies, working to make a number of companies like linkedin, things are tense but a little bit more than 50 years ago when richard nixon went to china the sky possibility is endless. the man who made the trip
1:21 pm
possible and awoke the world henry kinzinger is next. ♪ wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. principal. for all it's worth.
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neil: china, all in the same time, you know about 50 years ago it wasn't thought of that way, great mysterious empire, richard nixon put on the map by visiting, it was unprecedented, very unusual, the man who orchestrated that trip, 50 years ago next year joins us right now the former secretary of state
1:26 pm
multiple best-selling author, another one out right now, the a.i. in a human future, henry kinzinger. very good to have you. >> any heroes now, it is neil. >> i can hear you now, yes. it's hard to believe it's been 50 years and to open the door and pave the way to visit china by richard nixon the world hasn't been the same sense could you ever envision that china then would be the china that it is now? china could become not technological competitive with the united states in a
1:27 pm
developing country with the evolutionary idea and not a competitor in a technical sense. >> did you have any sense then when you and richard nixon were planning this trip, i was supposed to triangulate. >> china is the bigger threat and today china has become
1:28 pm
economically to odds and some people think and technologically, one has to understand the significance of what it means, that is a challenge today. neil: china has been very provocative with not only taiwan airspace but the threatening moves as well, a lot of people are very surprised by the hardline it's taken with taiwan even in the face of u.s. threats, are you worried about what's going on? >> the evolution of the taiwan issue has been couple katie.
1:29 pm
in it was at one time an issue of taiwan and it is now becoming more accurate again. part of it is also the diplomacy so insistent on the issues which we thought leads for a while.
1:30 pm
neil: when you say some issues, what are you talking about? >> this is an understanding with china and the united states, and the nixon. that china would not insist and we would not talk about it to china's negotiation. so a large of china can develop. as it has over 50 years when china has become in taiwan has become a democratic state and a
1:31 pm
large almost able to complete in the internal foreign affairs so it would be whether we can come up on both sides with a solution that gives us another long. of tranquility within which other things can change. neil: a lot of people say it's inevitable the hostile relations between our countries now that something could go wrong and we could go to work, can you fear that? >> i don't believe that it'll lead to a confrontation to military confrontation and if it
1:32 pm
does it will be extremely serious for the whole world of china and the united states with the technology that they have achieved to confront each other when they should have. i still hope for a diplomatic solution relieves outstanding problems can be found. i have the impression that the administration is given a dialogue to china which might lead to that speed when we can only help, doctor kinzinger it was a good chance to get into this issue of artificial intelligence of a.i. in our human future. i was thinking of china and how much it is taking artificial intelligence to the next level and that extends to the weaponry
1:33 pm
and military capabilities that are apparently far far more sophisticated than we thought. i guess what i'm asking, do you think that the future of artificial intelligence, which scares people beyond just the machine that can be a chessmaster at his own game, to even the friends human beings and the pursuit of every day tasks that china has a significant head here? >> with intelligence because it's a technology that is developing in some respect, it is emerging and learned from its
1:34 pm
own activities, we have never been in a situation in which upticks to develop not only an identity but develop an objective and it might differ from our perception and how to bring this into relationships with each other within our own planning and to ready a big challenge. and then to bring into some relationship with the major country like china is another one. and right now there is almost no dialogue going on in which to come to terms.
1:35 pm
this particular artificial intelligence will wind up transforming not just in the national relations but the nature of the national relations and also the nature of our societies in our human perception of reality as we see it and were at the very beginning of this. it is not fully evident but is something very similar to the transformation that occurred in the enlightenment. that suddenly we moved from a perception of religion to the
1:36 pm
increasing and we have the evolution. neil: a lot of people look and seemed to replace humans over many, many decades whether automobile assembly shops and the like but you point out in this book. go ahead. >> machines have been replacing humans as instruments of labor and productivity. machines have not been able in capability so they can develop their own concept and also they can accumulate knowledge with
1:37 pm
speed and executing far superior to what the human being can do. neil: we are getting close when you talk about a.i. power jets that are defeating human pilots and simulated dog fights, that's a step above. >> is a very good example, they tried to see whether computers could learn and they gave this and came into play one computer being white and the other being black, they came up with the entirely new concept that no human being had practice among,
1:38 pm
a number of examples and to some extent the autonomy we have to construct their society. innovate the human being to keep control and decades head would become a major major concern of societies and of course our society which is develop to a dominant but not permanently
1:39 pm
dominant, china is catching up and in some categories ahead. it's a new experience for america and for the world. neil: i think when you're talking to the grand master derek, a machine was being removed simply because the machine was doing things a human cannot concede. i'm wondering a larger extent if that is the kind of thing we should worry about that this is happening so fast that it could enable a country or not even a country, a terrorist to take this to the next level? >> i'm not into technology, i got involved in this because it was raising some of these issues and it occurred to me that
1:40 pm
somebody had experience of strategy it's making via partner, it becomes a partner by the same objective the machine may come to a different conclusion and then it has to be on mis for what was intended to
1:41 pm
do. we have to learn how to do that. and equally to learn how to become aware of it. what we try to do is say is a set of problems, we know they're going to happen, we don't know exactly how they're going to happen, we have to deal with them until the national and international while there still an informative stage and while we can be conscience of the tremendous opportunities, those are the grave dangers that it presents. neil: do you think that joe biden is up for that challenge as president. >> no president is up to the
1:42 pm
challenge from its own knowledge today. i think the president is certainly capable in the group of leaders in various fields and the implications in their field and made a judgment, it requires a perception that were dealing with in the future that is inevitable, this is not just an idea to develop new technology, so many collecting data in the
1:43 pm
field of biology of medicine from a number of implications and what were doing in this book is through issues and we are suggesting that whoever is president will create that enables them to understand what the choices are and the technologies were working on machines and probabilities, they are aware that they have implications for mankind and not only about the technological
1:44 pm
part but the impact on human life and foreknowledge he that is nothing systematically, it's not being done at all. that is nothing for president biden, it wasn't possible before. neil: it is remarkable to your .1 that is promising and enlightening and something that can bring people together in one
1:45 pm
that is terrifying and destroy everything that we hold fear. i fascinating book and great to catch up with you. you look great. you're always on top of things. stay that way we need you. >> thank you. neil: former secretary of state who is ahead of so many, many global developments. now that something that is intergalactic, we should be aware. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
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1:49 pm
neil: henry kinzinger, 98 years young when he helped organize for richard nixon to china, the dow was in and out of 1000 a, another footnote on an optimist that henry kinzinger loves and obviously from that interview remains. he famously once told richard nixon who was worried about the impact of his visit, what if it
1:50 pm
doesn't go right, kinzinger said then you fail, the worst has happened to leaders, great leaders, all over the world, it's worth the risk, nixon took the trip history tells us that was, we will have more after this. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this. life is for living. let's partner for all of it. i'm so glad we did this. edward jones this isn't just freight. i'm so glad we did this. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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>> looking at the numbers, almost 500 cancellations yesterday, 700 delays, that on top of what was to enhance thousand cancellations over the halloween holiday, really tough.
1:55 pm
, it brings back 1800 flight attendants that have been furloughed hiring 600 went by december 1 and 4000 additional pilots, ground folks and maintenance workers to head this off. if you miss halloween, you miss thanksgiving and christmas, those are fighting words. neil: how did he get so bad? >> america did a much better job at laying people after the pandemic they were very aggressive about it, now coming back very difficult, they just don't have the staff and it is showing. neil: how many times have you done these stories when they were up to the challenge, stranded passengers everywhere don't forget that stuff.
1:56 pm
neil: don't go on twitter with american #, they will crucify you. neil: jeff flock following all of those development. ♪ (man) still asleep. (woman vo) so, where to next? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi. at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we
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is that a photo of tepechitlan? yeah! the gift of ancestry®, is a walk through your history. do you remember who this is? it's a gift that surprises you, moves you, and bonds you. ...papa? i can see the nose and everything. she was the original strong woman. i know. this holiday, give the gift of family. give the gift of ancestry®. ♪ ♪. neil: all right. we're viewing all the market averages, they are racing to new highs including what is happening with the dow right now. they all hit records yesterday.
2:00 pm
obviously any bain will add to that. for the dow it could be the first time it closes over 36,000. i said when we had henry kissinger mere for a while, this was a guy scoring all these triumphs, foreign policy triumphs when the dow was in and out of 1000. 36 times that right now. amazing time. benefit of patience with stocks. that is the clarion call of my buddy charles payne. he is now. charles: neil, great interview, great, great interview. good to see you as well. neil: interesting guy. charles: good afternoon, i'm charles payne. this is "making money." breaking right now, stop me if you heard this before, i will said it over and over, i will repeat it again, one of wall street's greatest axioms, new highs beget new highs. powered by record amount of cash pouring into the market. amazing earning. get this, stocks are getting cheaper. i will explain later in the show. all you have to do, grab a pen and a pad, let's make


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