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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  November 4, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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never have to go in there myself we'll talk to you again real soon. >> me too. charles: its been an interesting one hour right here. markets mostly sideways but have you seen the nasdaq? where all of these growth names particularly the big tech names they are absolutely on fire, conversely though, the russel keeps having these hiccups and liz claman, the russel was breaking out two days ago and here we are stalled again. liz: i know, i know, but i mean, it's still the best performer year-over-year of the majors, so long term investors you're in if you've done well there. charles no fed day hangover for the markets? as the s&p and the nasdaq aim for six straight day of record highs, the feds taper plans plus rates still at zero good news for tech and growth stocks, not so for financials. they are keeping the dow in negative territory, the dow los ing 151 points, but lingering effects of the coronavirus
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pandemic still hurting many restaurants, and chains and their subsequent stocks, but not the parent of applebee's and i hop, the ceo here live to reveal recipe for success even as food prices rise. workers, mia, the supply chain is still snarled. he's good. he's pulling up to the bar, and going to be talking to you guys about what he sees ahead. right a scooter to your house, snuggle up on the couch and fire up nerd wallet on your laptop all three going public today during this wild week of ipo's but only one of them is jumping, and when i say jumping more than 50% in its debut, fintech and education website nerd wallet ceo is here on his strategy to keep shareholders wallets stuff ed with gains beyond this first day of trade. and just 72 hours after the latest shiny object in crypto world collapsed, the squid game token already rising from the pile of dead
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scam? should anyone trust the developers of the coin who disappeared with millions of dollars after a price spike of 45,000%, fox business exclusive, we are about to reveal responses to the brand new investo survey that answers the question, which crypto is the riskiest but first let's start with this fox business alert. look at the nasdaq, as charles said, that nasdaq, up 122 points right now, and now, it is within 70 points less than 70 points from reaching the 16,000 level as tech emerges as the winners so far this quarter. so the nasdaq is up 10% quarter to date compared to the s&p's 8% and the dow 6% gain. the world's thirst for all things electronic keeping the bull blaze raging here in this final hour, two chip names leading the charts let's start with qualcomm the best performer on the nasdaq 100 after the semiconductor maker forecast better-than-expected profit and revenue for its current quarter. what did they cite? soaring demand for chips used in
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smartphones, cars, and internet- connected devices qualcomm seeing a jump of 11.6%. look at nvidia, right behind qualcomm the computer chipmaker zooming higher by 13.7%, that, by the way, looks like it's on track for a record close, nvidia riding a metaverse wave because its chips are crucial to developing the infrastructure and plumbing of this promised virtual world. wells fargo boosted its price target on nvidia to $320, based on that potential, and by the way do a little math here at a $724 billion market cap, nvidia is now the 7th largest u.s. company by market capitalization, that surpasses warren buffett's $648 billion behemoth berkshire hathaway. parents, i remind you of more than 70 huge companies with five of them would make the fortune 500 if they were broken out,
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including geiko, insurance, dairy queen and the entire railroad he owns, burlington northern. so now nvidia is higher than that. is the technology sector getting an assist from the federal reserve keeping borrowing rates near zero? to our floor show t 282 billion in assets under management, eric friedman is chief investment officer at u.s. bank wealth management and sarge guilfoyle away from his screens for a few moments to find out what he's doing on this thursday, final hour. eric so much for the rotation out tech and into value, which side are you saying is best for your investors right now? >> liz, we think that technology is the place where you want to be. that's the spot that we have as a permanent place in our client portfolio, as we do think that for the next let's call it three to four months, it's cyclical value will do well. we've used a one-two horizon framework with customers, more horizon one is this reopening trade as we see more mobility as
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we see a shift in attitudes about covid more toward the inde mic vs. pandemic, you'll see more travel and activity you want to be involved in those types of names. we do think that overtime, cfo's have to spend money on technology, they will keep buying tech and you should as well. liz: okay but we say caltech it's very much a gigantic sector with a lot of sub sectors. can i ask you, eric, are you going into, is it i.t., the chip s, is it the big hardware makers? >> yeah, liz the places we prioritize be chips, the internet of things we think that's a great theme, cybersecurity is a very invest able theme and we think that software as a service continues to be a place where clients will make money, so, we really prioritized those areas. there are other parts of the echosystem that we think are more competitively in danger if you will so we'd ex fasize those four. liz: i want to emphasize that sarge has been trading all day so he takes a break for us. you've gotta listen to what he's
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been doing and where you've seen real opportunity here, whether it's to buy or to sell, sarge. >> actually, i just put on a spread in nvidia even with one of my larger holdings, because i believe that this run is just in credible today. i think, i'm thinking it expires tomorrow, so i'll know if i'm right or wrong by tomorrow, and i only had to pay less than $5 for it, so i more than made up for it on the equity side today. i think one, semiconductors nothing in tech runs without semiconductors so they're number one. we're seeing a little bit of a collapse in yield spreads today the three-month, 10 year, the two year, 10 year, that has to do with the u.s. treasury tapering actually faster than the fed is tapering so everyone thinks oh, no the fed is tapering but the actual supply is contracting in dollar terms even greater than the demand from the fed is decreasing, as long as congress doesn't go and pass these big fiscal spending packages so that's where you're getting this jolt of energy from today. liz: eric let's go back to the fed because yesterday powell was
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saying we'll leave rates and not even talk about rates at the moment of when we start to see them begin to lift off, so to speak, but yeah, the tapering was widely telegraphed. the market does not seem to be about that, whatever, yeah, so, talk to me about how you look at the economy at the moment. we are supposed to get the october jobs report tomorrow, the expectation is to see a gain of 540,000 jobs. if that is the case then the ad p number came in as a beat as well yesterday, that's the case, why do we need emergency rates and as you look at the grand landscape, where do you look at opportunity for your investors beyond tech? >> yeah, liz, the fed is stuck in the middle right now. i think they look around the long corner of the street and say we've got productivity challenges, we've got demographic challenges so we can't raise rates too high but if they look even closer, they see inflation picking up its head, so i don't envy chair
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powell's position right now. we do think the fed has done a decent job of telegraphing what they want to do as much as they can telegraph what they want to do. we do think the fed will likely over the next couple of weeks walk back some of those rate hike expectations that seem to be kicking off in june. we think that's probably premature for the fed to start there, so we do think that ultimately this big glass half full environment, we are believers that earnings will return, we're only at $205 of earnings so far this year. we think we'll get up to 220-230 for the s&p next year, liz so that tells us that we think there's economic momentum and the fed, i think, recognizes that long term they can't raise interest rates too high, but near term they have to walk better than they have, so we are certainly glass half full but we're paying close attention to those expectations because borrowing costs have to remain low for equity prices and for real estate prices to remain this high. liz: sarge we were just showing the nasdaq laggards here, and
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among them, two really stellar names. paypal and netflix. on a day like this , do you go in there and say well this is cheap, because you're looking at nvidia, it's doing so well, you went a tiny bit bearish there. would you go bullish on names like this? >> good question, because i actually bought pay pal today. liz: i read your mind. >> the answer is yes and i was buying some more and i've never liked netflix really. i think netflix is over valued here and the competition for netflix is probably too strong, i thought that for a while so maybe i'm incorrect folks at home but i do believe that disney and paramount and comcast and apple and amazon are all going to end up being a little too strong for netflix and get into video games and that's a whole different ballgame. i don't think that saves them from the competition they face. liz: sarge and eric wonderful to have you both and again, it is the nasdaq that takes center stage right now, what a day, we shall see how it ends, but it is looking very strong at the moment. revenge of the nerd wallet the
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fintech is giving an ipo performance worthy of the cool kids politico. wait until you see how shares are exploding on this first day of trade and the guidance started it all on a borrowed couch with just $800 in savings. he's here next on how that idea has grown into the go-to site for financial education. closing bell ringing in 51 minutes, the dow is struggling, yes, down 142 but yes it is that nasdaq we're watching, getting kind of close to nasdaq 16,000, stay with us. i'm so glad we did this. i'm so glad we did this.
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liz: okay, ipo's spike all the time on their first day of trade but you don't see this too often. priced at $18 a share, fintech site nerd wallet vaulted nearly 90% when it opened around 11:30 a.m. eastern time and promptly triggered not one, not two, but three trading halts on the nasdaq, due to volatility. now, at $28.45 at the moment, the first halt occurred right after the first minutes of trade , but each time that transactions were allowed to
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resume, volatility inner was so hot that activity was forced to halt again. we have seen a huge week so far for ipo's among the 13 names debuting sustainable shoe brand went public yesterday closing up 91% from its ipo price of $15 trimming those gains of day two, down about 10.25%, today, similar name, different company, bird global, the scooter giant, began trading struggling to fly at this hour down 9.7%, but getting back to nerd wallet it's really in a class by itself founded in 2009 with $800 and a dream to democratize financial advice, it is now, the millennial one stop shop for financial tools and guides on credit cards, investments, insurance, loans, banking travel and much more. let's get to the guy who started it all, nerd wallet founder and ceo tim chan. tim, my friend, trading halted three times today since it opened? were you going through major heart palatations?
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>> yeah, no, actually i was trying to not pay attention. today is a huge milestone, thanks for having me on the show by the way. it's a point in time for us, what's really important is focusing on the long term and executing against our mission. liz: okay, so, do the underwriters tell you to say that? tune out what's happening in a single day, because the first day is always rather noisy? i'd love to know, what you were sort of not coached but explain as part of the ipo process today? >> yeah, no, i mean, i think it's really just one of the principles i have, focus on the input metrics not the output metrics focus on the long term. i think that's super important for all nerds as we become a public company to not pay attention to the volatility. liz: let's talk about the company and where it goes from here. it is a website in an area very hot at the moment financial technology, fintech as it's known. what is a five-year plan because i've known you, we have spoken, you've been on my podcast, i
3:17 pm
encourage everybody to check out my talk with tim, it was a while ago, but everyone talks to liz. you were great in explaining that you would come up with this idea simply because you were trying to figure out the best pricing, the best interest rate for credit cards and you just couldn't find a place that explained that to you >> yeah that's right. the founding story is my sister asked me for help finding a credit card and i said sure, kim , let me google that for you, and i found a bunch of spam and nothing resembling anything helpful, so i built her a spreadsheet and you know that same problem applied not just to credit cards but learning and shopping for many different financial products, so we expanded into many areas and then into offering the ability to see all your accounts in one place, and so that's where we are today. liz: much of it is free, obviously, tim and that's how you really gleaned so many people to jump on to the site but you do get payment and talk about that, because an investor wants to know, where's the revenue coming from? >> yeah that's right.
3:18 pm
we are matchmakers, so when we help a consumer or small business find a financial product that's a great fit for them, we get paid a match making fee, and that started in credit cards and expanded into many other areas. we as a company are also thinking about an evolution here , so we're getting deeper in areas of financial guidance like loan brokering or insurance brokering so that's another place where we're investing, and look forward to growing there as well. liz: i know that it's not an exact comparison but there's square, there's sofi, there's a firm, there are so many areas, lending tree, mint, how do you really kind of establish yourself as the place to go? >> yeah, you know, for us, that differentiation has always been being that trusted consumer- first one stop shop for everything, and we haven't wavered from that from the start so that's really been ex tens ible for us and allowed us to go from just credit cards
3:19 pm
into many many different areas, all organically, and eventually being able to accelerate that with acquisitions and national brand campaign, so its been a journey for us predicated on trust. liz: do you envision, tim, offer ing products of your own with the nerd wallet branding? >> yeah, we really think about independence as being one of our critical differentiators, most fintech companies are customers, not our competitors, right? and it's because we're independent and don't offer our own loans and insurance products so i think that's important to our independence. liz: i see that, but you also get a fee, certainly, if business goes to one of these organizations that manages to get business. how do you maintain that clear wall that keeps you pristine when it comes to trust? >> yeah, for us, we have a sharp divide between editorial and our business team, so our editorial team doesn't know how much we're compensated for various products.
3:20 pm
they come up with all the reviews all the rubrics for the star ratings, they do the star ratings, they pick the best of award winners in each category, and that's really important and core to our brand. liz: they're not afraid to hammer a company that is giving you guys a lot of money. just want to be clear on that. >> i may have gotten a few angry e-mails over the years but that's exactly right. liz: like a news division, tim c hen, congratulations, we are looking at nerd wallet up 60 % right now, first day of trade. priced at $18 it's at 28.87 right now. thank you. >> thanks. thank you, liz. liz: as i mentioned tim has been a guest on my everyone talks to liz podcast this week we talked to the founder of the reddit site wall street bets, jamie rog ozinski. okay this guy is in the sweet spot right now. you gotta hear what he thinks about developing the platform that sparked the retail rebellion known as the apes, yes, the meme stock craze. you can catch it on my podcast
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on apple, google, spotify, fox news a covid winter crumbling under the pressure of supply chain and driver shortage, that and more straight ahead, in today's pop stocks closing bell 40 minutes away, folks we do see this dow continuing to struggle it's still above 36,000 though even with the loss of 128 points, the nasdaq up 127. don't go away.
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to fill portfolio gaps and target specific goals. strengthening client confidence in you. before investing consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. go to for a prospectus containing this information. read it carefully. liz: fox business alert, the biotech at the forefront of the vaccine revolution one of the biggest laggards on the s&p and nasdaq right now, look at moderna plunging 19% in this final 35 minutes of trade, after a triple earnings wammy, based on both the top and bottom line and cut its 2021 covid-19 vaccine sales forecast. the company now saying that
3:26 pm
sales of $15 billion to $18 billion will happen versus the prior forecast of $20 billion. moderna blaming the reduction on the priorization of deliveries, to low income countries and the difficulty in delivering those doses to remote areas of those developing countries. before today's losses, moderna shares were enjoying a 230% year-to-date gain, right now, still up 168% year-to-date, but down 27% for the quarter. other covid-19 vaccine developer s falling in sympathy we do have red on the screen for pfizer, biontech with the biggest hit down about 8%. maverick stock picker cathie wood, this is really interesting flipping zillow shares faster than the real estate platform is able to flip homes. how fast? tuesday, her flagship eft arc innovation fund bought nearly 290,000 shares, it can't
3:27 pm
find enough workers and it's not profitable with all kinds of issues, yesterday all the funds in wood's portfolio collectively sold 3.9 million zillow shares. maybe she should have held on the stock is up 3 1/3% right now after rising at the open on news mgm resorts posted a surprise quarterly profit oh, and by the way it's putting its mirage casino up for sale, shares are down nearly 3% no word on potential buyers for the mirage and meanwhile, hotel disruptor airbnb set to announce third quarter results half an hour from now, the company is in prime position as the u.s. gets ready to welcome international visitors starting monday, the shares up 3 1/3% it has been a fine year up 21% year-over-year for airbnb. ceo brian chesky joins the "clayman countdown" live. he's with us tomorrow to talk earnings and travel outlook as we enter the holiday season.
3:28 pm
skyrocketing food prices, labor shortages, increase in wages all taking a toll on restaurants but one company is serving up profits in the post-covid economy up next, we tackle all those issues with the ceo of dine brands, oh, you know them as the parent company of applebe e's and ihop. closing bell ringing in 32 minutes the s&p up 11, nasdaq up 124, so we are just over 60 points away from nasdaq 16,000. we're coming right back.
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liz: breaking news, the united nations food and agriculture organization saying today that world food prices are the highest they've been in more than 10 years. take a look at this. wheat prices growing to their
3:34 pm
highest level in years, currently up 22% over the past one year, oats are insane, i mean, oats are up 158% year-over-year, coffee also speaking up 85% as the persistent western drought and supply chain issues pile on to already disastrous conditions for farmers and restaurant suppliers. you'd think that a company like dine brands global, parent of applebee's and ihop, using that wheat in their pancakes be slammed but the stock is jumping, 7.5% after the company reported it had doubled its net income, beating on earnings per share and revenue expectations for the third quarter, but do more signs of growing inflation bode poorly for the rebound of retaliatories across the u.s.? well let us go straight to an applebee's where john payton is joining us now with i believe a juicy hamburger in front of you right? tell us what you're experiencing
3:35 pm
with the price of food rising here. >> i will. that's our bacon onion ring cheeseburger and i have an oreo chocolate shake next to me and i'm around the corner from you liz at the world's largest apple bee's in times square. liz: yeah, i can see that shiny, yummy burger, oh, my gosh. the onions right in there but talk about how you've been able to wrap your arms around these rising commodities prices. when i see that wheat is up 22% we know that coffee and sugar, oats are really speaking as well talk to me about how you're managing to do this. are you raising prices and if not, are you going to be forced to? >> so commodities prices for our two brands, applebee's and ihop, are up about 6% this year and that's our forecast for the full year is 6% but that happens to accelerate and in the third quarter it was 10%, so to your point, we are
3:36 pm
seeing this increase in commodity prices and we handle that through our scale and through our partnership with our franchisee, and let me tell you what that means. we have a co-op owned and that purchasing on behalf of both brands about $2 billion of goods and services for the rests throughout the year, so we've got a pretty influential footprint in the market and we can't offset all of the scarcity issues and we can't offset all of the pricing issues but when it cops to the things that are either scarce or the pricing is driving up like chicken, beef, and pork product, paper products for our take-out and delivery we're doing the best we can because of our scale to address those issues. liz: well, john i think you just made a really important point that you were able to, because you can buy at such scale, you can keep the prices down. one thing that i'm quite sure your franchisees are dealing with though that they can't
3:37 pm
figure out at the moment is this worker shortage. we know that there are so many restaurants that have the help wanted sign out. tell me how you're helping your franchisees deal with the fact that a, wages are going up and b , if they're going to come work for you they demand that wait you have to pay me more. >> it is such an issue and the availability of labor honestly is the number one issue to keep me up at night, because it's so hard to deal with on so many levels if you think about it, it causes our servers to work extra shifts or extra hours, it directly affects the revenue and profit of our franchisees if they can't be open at late night which is one of the hours that are so hard to staff, so i'll give you the data point which is that nationwide for both brands, we're at about 85% of full staffing, and that's the same as last quarter, and so we're doing two things. we're looking short-term, very realistically, to work with our
3:38 pm
franchisees to help them not only with recruiting, because national hiring days that we organized on behalf of both of our franchises, we're also focused on retention, because once you get the new team member , they'll move next door for $0.50 for $1 more an hour so culture and learning and training and advancing them through their career is more important than ever but even more important and interesting question, liz, is is this the new normal and will this labor shortage be with us for years to come, and we're beginning to think we should at least be planning for that to be the case, and we're already researching and testing robotics to make our kitchens more efficient, ai to help with delivery and takeout, handhelds for servers we've already gotten 500 like this one, all to combat the potential long term labor shortages. liz: again, it's the technology future that a lot of people have
3:39 pm
said warned, i don't know, that they will replace these jobs. if you had the ear of the administration, the commerce department, what would you say to them, to help illuminate them as to exactly what's happening, and whether this is a problem that can be solved. >> what we've said to our representatives in congress and to our elected officials is more broadly and what we think is important is for them to understand the importance of franchising in america and that franchising is an entrepreneurial growth engine liz: it is. >> for people who have started literally ourihop franchisee 30 years ago started out as a dishwasher and today he owns three to support him and his family and that's what i'd like the administration and our elected officials to understand is these are small businesses, owned by americans who are working really hard and they're not high margin businesses, as
3:40 pm
you know, and so anything they can do to help us is helping small businesses in america. liz: i have seen these chains of sort of artisinal pizza jump up and i love them whether it's blaze pizza or skinny pizza, and do you put your eye as dine global ceo on something like that, a new chain to acquire? >> well first i'll tell you i'm a pizza purities, it's either cheese or pepperoni and that's it. liz: no calliflower crust. i love that. >> exactly my wife and i can't order the same pizza because we're literally opposites but the important thing is when it comes to an acquisition of a new brand for dine, whether it's pizza or some other concept, the first thing that we're focused on is making sure we have the infrastructure, the scalable infrastructure in place to plug in a third brand and that's what we're building to support us today so we've got a common technology of architecture for
3:41 pm
back-of-the-house, front of house and guest-facing technology, we have common learning platforms and as i mentioned before, a common purchasing co-op, so having all of that in place is again a great example of how we leverage our scale and how we be ready to plug in the third brand if and when we find the right brand at the right time. liz: okay well do me a favor, save one of the onion rings for me, just one. i'm not asking for a lot, john, my gosh. >> and the oreo shake. liz: [laughter] good to see you for our investor audience the shares have been doing really well up 53% year-to-date. john peyton, of dine global thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. liz: house speaker nancy pelosi hoping to drag president biden's build back better agenda across that finish line. when will we see votes on the $1.75 trillion spending bill in the bipartisan infrastructure bill. we're going to take you live to capitol hill for the very latest and see which stocks are on the move. closing bell 19 minutes away,
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liz: breaking news, house speaker nancy pelosi is hoping to hold votes on the $1.75 trillion social spending bill and then the trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill as early as tonight. the joint committee on taxation saying today, that the 1.48 trillion of the social spending bill will be paid for , but do the democrats have the vote? let's get to hillary vaughn, for the up to the minute assessment of this d.c. parlor game live from capitol hill. hillary? reporter: liz, that's the big question for speaker pelosi right now.
3:47 pm
earlier today, she signaled that she did want to try to make it happened to, to have a vote on president biden's big social spending climate spending package. she even had the top vote counter, house majority whip james clyburn seeing if they have enough democrats on board. pelosi can only lose three democrats to get this bill through, through the reconciliation process, but the bottom line is, she expressed major disappointment and regret among her own members today, for not acting on the infrastructure bill by the deadline that she asked for , which was essentially halloween. >> i really was very unhappy because we had an october 31 deadline, and i thought that that was eloquent, but not enough, i guess, so now we're going to pass both bills but in order to do so, we have to have votes for both bills, and that's where we are.
3:48 pm
reporter: and where they are just this afternoon, liz, we got a chance to talk with the problem solvers caucus co- chair, democratic congressman josh gotheimer, and he says that the bill is not final in fact that social spending package is still being written and one thing that they are looking for is to make sure that the math adds up that the cbo score, the jct analysis adds up to make sure all of this is paid for at the end of the day. >> we want to make sure that the revenues match of course all outlays but we don't have the final yet so as soon as we do we'll be able to go through a final read. >> you have to bet on the fact these programs are not going to be renewed they aren't going to be put in place permanently for it to actually make the case that it is fully paid for. does that concern you? >> well i disagree with your assessment there. reporter: but, liz, that's not my assessment that's coming from the pen watteron budget model that says these programs do extend and are made permanent the real cost of all of this is
3:49 pm
not 1.75 trillion but it's closer to $4 trillion. liz? liz: yeah, you know, both sides do this , oh, it l all be paid for in the end, we're waiting. hillary thank you very much. hillary vaughn, live from capitol hill. new york city mayor-elect eric adams will take his first three mayoral paychecks in bitcoin, but as he risks his pay on crypto, the squid game scam highlighting the riskiness of investing in cryptos and today's countdown closer is here with exclusive results, unveiled only right here, first to you guys of a brand new survey, which crypto is the number one riskiest? investo-pedia editor in chief with the answer which may not be as shocking as which names came in as high as number three riskiest. closing bell 11 minutes away, dow is now down just double-digits, lower by 98 points, see what happens here, stay tuned we're coming right back.
3:50 pm
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♪. liz: by scam standards this is a really quick one and for many investors a painful one. even quicker the fact that the cryptocurrency at the center of the drama that left investors holding the bag is already back and on the move trading? coin telegraph says investors are still able to buy squid tokens which at last check trades nine cents a piece. play to earn token from the wildly popular netflix show the quid "squid game." it jumped promptly soared $2800. then props to a website, ben zinga whose reporters went sniffing around. wait a minute. the so-called founders who claim
3:54 pm
they held high-profile jobs at amazon and netflix have no internet footprint at all. a lot of their claims can't be verified. this past weekend after squid hit the high dollars. the price plummeted. investors found their accounts locked so they couldn't even sell. by early and, squid plummeted and the developers went away with something like $30 million. the squid token issue really illustrates the downside in early stages of the cryptocurrency world. let's bring in invest, releasing its survey among other things which crypto readers think is the risky evident. we have the editor-in-chief to unveil the results of the survey. let's hold off until the end which is the risky evident, caleb but what helped you bring
3:55 pm
together questions to ask your investors? i'm guessing because they showed real interest in crypto? >> absolutely. the traffic around crypto related terms on invest owe media are through the roof. been that way for the last few months. it is about trust as you say, liz. trust, credibility and the notion you may get ripped off if you invest this market. that is why we surveyed our readers. 57% trust the stock market more than they trust the cryptocurrency market. 23% say they trust the two equally. 13% say they trust the crypto market more. 7%, liz, they don't trust either one of them but still invested in equities and cryptocurrencies. liz: 57% trust the stock market more. i get that because obviously crypto is a new thing but people who got in early with crypto are in the money. you know, don't trust either. you got to figure there is some people who just say i'm sticking my money under the mattress.
3:56 pm
then your next question is will you buy a crypto etf? let's be clear on something, two etfs have track crypto futures have been approved but no crypto etfs are available. 39% say they would likely buy into it. 24% somewhat likely. what is going on here? >> yeah. they're very clear just about what is inside of these bitcoin related etfs. some of the biggest questions, the top traffic questions on our site are very much about that. what is a bitcoin futures etf. what is a bitcoin etf itself. what does it hold? how do i access. 24% somewhat likely. more than close to 60% say they're somewhat interested. there is mass market appeal, retail appeal. bitcoin futures etfs are out there.
3:57 pm
brought in a lot of money out of the gate. they're not trading much higher than the issue price. we'll see what happens next. a lot of these are on the runway coming to market very soon. the retail investor appetite seems to be large. liz: i know, it really feels like it should be allowed, if there are all kinds of other derivatives and crazy etfs out there implode on their own. i get that regulators want to take this slow. especially when you get the squid drama out there. a lot of people lost money as they piled in. so there goes the trust comes with some people who might be ready to dip a toe, wait, look what happened? your question that really gives an interesting answer, which crypto is riskiest and then thee ranked. reveal it right here. >> investors said where takes the cake, shiba. a lot of risky returns but super
3:58 pm
volatile along with the rest of them. following that, you have dogecoin, you have bitcoin following that. then you get down to the light coins and ethers of the world. but those new coins. we didn't have squid in there, because it came out of nowhere. but sheba inu they find the risky evident. that has all the attention because of those crazy gains and volatility. they know there is risk there. what is interesting enough, the readers said the biggest risk to crypto prices are regulation. they think the market itself is risky. quite a paradox for crypto investors who read investopedia. liz: you have bitcoin in the number three position. xrp has a lawsuit against it by the securities & exchange commission, the big regulator. what is the heart of the thinking that bitcoin is more risky than xrp? >> i think people hear stories and hear stories from anecdotes
3:59 pm
from friends and friends, my uncle bought it, lost all his money, couldn't find the password. they think it is risky inherently. let's be clear, these are risky coins, risky tokessens not backed by much. i get that. bitcoin in third position, still only 9%, people find it vary kiss after returns in the past three years, past 10 years, very interesting and they're afraid of more regulation. they feel like they may need it, the industry might need it to make it safer for real investors to participate. what a paradox. what an interesting time for this new asset class. liz: may we live in interesting times. may we invest in interesting times. buyer beware, do your due diligence. caleb silver of investopedia thank you for the new survey for our "claman countdown" viewers. we appreciate it. >> thank you. liz: nasdaq we'll have to wait
4:00 pm
another day, about 80 points. s&p, new all-time high. the dow pared all of its losses down just 30 points. i remind you tomorrow morning the october jobs report. [closing bell rings] the expectation, a gain of 540,000 jobs created for the month. what will happen in the final hour of trade for the week. you have to stay tuned. i'm counting on you. see you on "the claman countdown" tomorrow. ♪. larry: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. we are live from palm beach atlantic university. we're down here for a number of conferences. it's a great pleasure to be here. i thank the university for their hospitality. now to begin our show, look i have been in and out of


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