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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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little bit of a unsettled note. we'll see how we close the week. that will do it for "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. elizabeth: whoa, did you check out the fireworks on capitol hill? senator rand paul demanding dr. fauci resign for dodging accountability on funding fatal superviruses created in laboratories that could ignite an even worse pandemic this as president biden delays the vaccine mandate until after the holidays after a major backlash against that. this gives even more time for lawsuits to stop this as unconstitutional overreach. and will taxpayers have to cover the fines for unvaccinated
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government workers at places like the cdc? we're digging in tonight. joining us congressman ronny jackson, rick crawford, rob whitman, brian mast, gop strategist ford o'connell and former top i.c.e. official tom homan. a new bombshell, a russian national arrested by the fbi. he was top source for the dossier paid for hillary clinton and democrats. special council john durham latest indictment reveals democrat corruption deeper than realized a top democrat operative active in moscow was deployed as a planted source for the debunked anti-trump dossier. the democrats used themselves as sources and also russian disinformation. divided democrats in chaos. fingerpointing president biden who blames trump for historic
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losses on his watch. they say stop lecturing everybody, stop the incompetent governance. james carville says woke democrats take a wake-up call. we have winsome sears. she is firing back as the far left, "the squad" hypocriteally stay silent on her victory. tonight, china making fun of joe biden ahead of their virtual summit, calling the president hypocritical for his quote, massive gas-guzzling entourage to the u.n. climate junket. democrat al gore, he is now threatening that he and climate activists are ready to deploy artificial intelligence, hundreds and thousands of satellites an and sensors to talk you, anyone in the planet. will he go after himself, john kerry, joe biden, bernie sanders, or barack obama flying airplanes and much, much more? voters nationwide reject defund the police.
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virginia democrat abigail spanberger on an election call warn democrats don't ever use those words again. now the white house walking back president biden saying no to payouts to illegal aliens after the aclu hit the ceiling. those payouts potentially still in the works. elizabeth macdonald, "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: thank you so much for joining us. you're watching the fox business network. we've got fireworks again on capitol hill. we have senator rand paul saying dr. fauci, resign. you're misleading america. you're taking no accountability. you're making up definitions on your own ad hoc on the fly. what is gain of function supervirus research? dodging accountability for funding this lethal work. now dr. fauci denied that again today. let's go to david spunt. he has more on dr. fauci on the hot seat today. david, good to see you.
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reporter: good ening earlier today doctors anthony fauci and rochelle walensky briefed republican and democratic senators about information to vaccinate children ages five to 11. shots began going into arms earlier this week. there are talks younger children may be up next. research is still underway. we may be some time out before children six months to five years are able to actually get vaccinated. also at the hearing things quickly became tense between kentucky senator rand paul and dr. fauci. listen. >> that is much more likely, even though we leave open all possibilities, it is much more likely that this was a natural occurrence. i have a great deal of respect for this body of senate and it makes me v. uncomfortable to say something he is egg again justly incorrect what he says. >> history will figure that out. reporter: classified intelligence published over the weekend confirmed it is
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plausible that the pandemic did indeed originate in a lab despite public health officials originally scoffing at the idea. today dr. fauci was specifically pressed on gain of function research and an intentional manipulation of a virus for research purposes. >> what we are saying is that this was risky type of research, gain of function research t was risky to share this with the chinese and that covid may have been created by a not yet revealed virus. reporter: vaccine mandate for companies with 100 companies goes into effect january 4th. administration officials are expecting a barrage of lawsuits. back to you. elizabeth: thank you, david spunt. joining us for his reaction former white house doctor, congressman ronny jackson. your thoughts on all of this, sir. good to see you. >> liz, i appreciate you having me. i think it is unbelievable dr. fauci continues not only lied to the american people and he has lied to members of congress now.
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dr. paul, senator paul really called him out today. the american people can see right through this. we can see this was actually research at this particular point that came from the wuhan lab. we have evidence to support the fact it was funded in part by nih. that dr. fauci over saw this. we have enough evidence right now to, that i think dr. fauci should be under investigation right now. he should not be the nation's leading authority out there in the front, one medical professional we're supposed to be taking advice from, supposed to be providing reassurance what is going on in this country. the vast majority of people in this country do not trust him at this point. the administration needs to rehim immediately. he needs to resign. i put him on notice. he is getting away because of the set-up right now. a year from now next november we'll take the house back, republicans will, he will be held accountable at that point. we will find out what happened. elizabeth: we're digging into government documents. there is zero transparency what
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the nih is funding when it comes to supervirus research to create vaccines, dr. jackson. they're talking about making ebola airborne in order to get a vaccine, you know what i mean? why don't the taxpayers get to see that information, frankenstein supervirus research going on behind the scenes we're paying for? >> that is a big part of the problem. that is one thing the virus uncovered for us at nih. nih has done a blot lot of great things for us over the years but dr. fauci trying to cover this up is doing great damage to the mission of nih. they need some oversight, they need leadership and get rid of dr. fauci. he does not need to be part of that leadership team. we need congressional oversight at nih. what kind of research they're funding because this is dangerous stuff. elizabeth: now you have the white house delaying the biden vaccine mandate until after the holidays. defense workers, defense contractor works, lockheed martin, raytheon, boeing, were up against it.
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so were struggling companies in the supply chain. they're totally opposed to this. dozens of senators moving to nullify the biden vaccine mandate. rnc, florida is basically moving with lawsuit as unconstitutional overreach. the feeling is we have front line workers, first-responders, small businesses, they stood up when democrats shut down. now the biden vaccine mandate would say you have got to fire them or employers will have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in penalties if there are repeat unvaccinations. what do you say to all this. >> it is ridiculous. i out here in front of the capitol with first-responders and firefighters from d.c. these people put their lives on the line before we knew anything about this virus. that was back when we were thinking this virus was the pandemic that would wipe out the half the population of the earth. these people disregarded that. they went to work every day. they responded. they worked in hospitals and picked people up when sick. the biden administration is
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creating a culture that wants to villainize these people. saying they're unpatriotic and don't care about anybody. elizabeth: fire government workers if they're not vaccinated. texas will have to pay the fines for government workers that don't get vaccinated. the other thing too, doctor, there is testimony senator ron johnson took with a panel with an army brigade surgeon talking about what happens with vaccine injuries, people, military pilots injured by the vaccine. watch this. >> with respect to aviation safety risk communication is critical. i saw five patients in clinic, two of which presented with chest pain, days to weeks after vaccination and subsequently diagnosed with perry card diet is. the third pilot was vaccinated, felt he was drunk, chronically fatigue 24 hours after
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vaccination. after i reported to my command concerns, one morning i had to ground three out of three pilots due to vaccine injuries. next day my patients were canceled. my charts were pulled for review and i was told i would not be seeing acute patients anymore. just healthy pilots there for their flight physical. elizabeth: really? we're censoring and we're threatening a woman who laid down her life for our country? who is standing up with the truth and our military has the nerve to go after this brigade surgeon, this lieutenant colonel? this is an outrage, sir. we've got to stop this kind of blackout behavior. the american people deserve to hear the truth. this is chilling stuff and it has got -- people have to knock it off! >> i agree with you 100%. this is unbelievable this is going on. our military has become so politicized right now, they're participating in what is happening right now. this needs to be a personal
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decision between you and your doctor and the government needs to stay the hell out of it. that is the absolute truth right now. this is the problem, liz, we don't know the long-term consequences of vaccine. i think it is safe but we don't know. elizabeth: i can't stand bureaucratic bullying. congressman ronny jackson. i can't stand bullying of any type. good to have you. >> up. >> next, house intelligence ranking member rick crawford on the new bombshell rocking hillary clinton and the dnc. a russian national arrested today for lying to the fbi. he is the top source for the anti-trump steele dossier paid for and funded by democrats and hillary campaign this is deeper corruption than realized. a top operative active in moscow was the planted source for the steele file. we're digging in next. stay right there. we got this. we got this. life is for living.
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elizabeth: joining us now ranking member of house intelligence, he is congressman rick crawford. congressman, always good to have you on. there is this new bombshell in the special counsel john durham. igor danchenko was arrested for lying to the fbi. he was the top source for the anti-trump steele dossier funded by democrats and hillary clinton
6:16 pm
campaign. sit tight. this is the durham bombshell. reveals latest democrat corruption, a democrat operative active in moscow was the source for danchenko who was a source for steele to go after trump and his campaign. what do you say to that? >> this guy danchenko is russian born. he lived in the united states a long time. i don't know a heck of a lot about him. as much as anybody knows based on the indictment. it was interesting he wasn't in russia at the time information was fed to him ultimately to steele. we have a lot of questions to be asked and answered. this is an important piece of the puzzle and durham is going n m idind heasasssionediodiy. anet jen tnlintonli by teyolr.iriyndi iz abelh:ohha d ashe has his bef besef. th d dtpeveepepd,loyed,ye
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actiac iosco moscoos he h weeorr airchfr o o n oio nna oemoc dt poli tica oron atior adiccng ngtotourmurha i he ked fordoror bl clto a a stata c was an an ais t hil gn. meut hutasascte is workedrked witedit tan rl, miny of foreign affairs. he was at the moscow hotel where the conference was being held that he was overseeing this individual and he toured the presidential suite that trump stayed in which is the same suite where that dubious debunked sex tape story came out of showed up in the steele dossier. we don't know if this democrat operative planted the idea or theory. the durham indictment doesn't say that. the point is the fbi used the steele dossier for fisa wiretaps to go after carter page and spy on the trump campaign. those wiretaps are meant for terrorists. what do i say to this? >> sure. you can look at this a couple different ways.
6:18 pm
number one, the fbi was duped. that indicates they poorly performed on this issue and they were fooled. that raises questions of and or they were a part of it which is more of a problem. key players, bill priestap, lisa struck, bill mccabe, and others, we're working at bottom of this, or durham is working at the very bottom of this building the case, putting the pieces of the puzzle together here. i believe there will be a lot more come out as time goes on. elizabeth: did democrats use russian disinformation that made its way into the steele dossier that the fbi used to spy on trump? is that plausible? >> appears that way. we'll have to defer to special counsel durham to make that determination ultimately but it appears that way and it looks like one of the things i observed in my time here in washington is that if the democrats are accusing
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republicans of doing something generally speaking that means they're doing it themselves. so as they were accusing the trump campaign and trump himself of russia collusion it appears they in fact were the ones colluding with russians and feeding information to the fbi through steele. that means that the law firm he was associated with and others are probably going to need to find a pretty good lawyer at this point. elizabeth: this again, durham's indictment is a speaking indictment. it is laying out potential future charges. the fact that the democrats used a democrat party operative as a source for the steele dossier shows how circular it was and shows how false and debunked the claims that were you know, basically the doj-ig, the watchdog said, steele's own sources said you can't believe steele, you can't believe this file. it is taken with a grain of salt. it is embellishment. speculation over beers. your final word on this? where does it go? >> steele had already been
6:20 pm
discredited beforehand. he should never have been a credible source of information. ultimately you see more indictments from durham. this will be interesting. it's a long way from over. elizabeth: congressman rick crawford, good to see you. come back soon. the white house walks back biden to say no to payouts to illegal aliens, the aclu hit the ceiling biden being unaware of his own doj negotiating payments. republicans moving to block this. the white house still in talks for payouts for people who broke the law. rob whitman, divided democrats in chaos. pointing out president biden to who flames trump for losses on his watch. they say stop lecturing us. fix the country. far left "squad" silent on rise of black conservative winsome sears. her historic victory in virginia. we have sound from sears. stay right there. back in two.
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6:26 pm
glenn youngkin connected with folks across the commonwealth. he connected with issues on education, on the economy, on public safety. he wanted to empower people, not government. that is the opposite what democrats want to government. democrats want to grow government. they want to do more in the overreach area that people jugs don't want. with we saw a clear message in not just virginia, new jersey, minnesota, washington. people said no to the democrat agenda and said we want to take back our government. elizabeth: hispanics voted for glen youngkin by a nine point margin. the media is claiming that youngkin is racist when minorities voted for youngkin. the far left squad is silent on the rise of black conservative winsome sears for her historic victory in virginia as lieutenant governor. she is making this essential point, americans are trying to get through to a tone deaf media
6:27 pm
for months. we're not a racist country. focus on kitchen table issues. watch new lieutenant governor winsome sears. watch. >> what i want to say to black people, asian people, whatever, minorities, latinos, whatever, don't allow political parties to divide us. don't allow political parties to use whatever grievances that have been historically against you to force you to look at them as the savior so that they can swoop in and think they're saving you when all they're doing is pitting one race against the other, one race against the other. you know. so the democrats, they really don't have the solutions and so when you look at the democrat-run cities, the democrat-ran counties, states, they're losing. the neighborhoods are the worst. the schools are the worst. everything, it is the worst.
6:28 pm
so you know, what i want for us as black people, just leave us alone. if you want to vote democrat, then do so. you want to vote libertarian do so. whatever you want to be, be it. this is america. this is freedom. who died and left you in charge of all of us as black people so that we can be corralled into doing what you want us to do? i thought you said you were the tolerant folks. if you're tolerant, that means you allow other ideas to percolate. you don't want just ideas that you agree with because then you see, we wouldn't be living in america. we would be living in a totally different country. nobody wants that. elizabeth: congressman whitman, what do you saw -- say to that? >> i think think i she is spot on. i had conversations to speak wither during the camped pain. she is about empowering people. looking past differences with
6:29 pm
people, finding common ground for solutions to people that that need every day. uplifting mine authority communities, empowering people, have economic freedom and school choice of. those things we all know that will make life better. not pigeon holing them, hey, one place these individuals need to be addressed through, that we need to be addressing everyone and addressing them based upon the issues that are important to them and their families. i think winsom has it spot on. elizabeth: msnbc and cnn pundits say this was a racist white supremacist election. then you have winsome sears, right? what is the hyperbole on those networks? they're claiming crt is misinformation. it is documented. it's a real thing. they can go into school board archives nationwide and see the documents there. we've seen them. what is with the coverage of this? >> reality it is an historical day in virginia. the first black female elected to statewide office.
6:30 pm
the first latino elected to statewide office. not a word by the squad or folks on the democrat side congratulating them. elizabeth: yeah. >> the media then calls this racist. it is not racist at all. it is really too, about issues that are important to all sectors of our community and making sure that we do things that are to the benefit of everyone. from the suburb abouts to the cities, to the country side. those are things that winsom and jason ran on. elizabeth: the federal government stepping into local issues, education. jfk, carter opened the door into that. buried in the biden plan is a push to nationalize now preschool programs, put preschoolchildren under the direction of the education department in d.c. do we really want preschoolers under the purview of washington? your final word? >> no. education decisions are made best at the local level between parents and school systems.
6:31 pm
making sure too that school boards are reaching out to parents. you saw the backlash when school boards don't do that. parents have gone from not knowing the school board members to running for the school board. that is what i issue was in virginia. i think across the nation. elizabeth: congressman rob whitman, it is great to have you on. come back soon. we're just now coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come this hour, voters nationwide reject defund police. seattle has a new republican city attorney! look at this. we have got reports that virginia democrat abigail spanberger on a call with democrats today, no one should ever again use words defund the police. congressman brian mast of house foreign affairs. al gore warning, he is threatening that he and climate activists are ready to use artificial intelligence to stalk you, using thousands of satellites and sensors to hunt down anyone anywhere on the planet who is polluting. will he stalk himself?
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♪. elizabeth: joining us now congressman brian mast of house foreign affairs. it is good to see you again sir. al gore threatened today on msnbc that he and climate activists are ready to deplore artificial intelligence, stalking people, using thousands of satellite and sensors to hunt down anyone anywhere on the planet who is polluting, refineries, businesses. that mean he will stalk himself or joe biden or john kerry and bernie sanders and barack obama's use of airplanes and their carbon footprint? you know what i mean? this sounded like a pretty serious threat. >> the president biden motorcade, your lawn mower and leave blower, any other home a appliance you're using.
6:37 pm
any other energy around the house. did you not buy a energy star rated washer and dryer. that list will go on and on this. is typical do as i say not as i do policy we see on every front. elizabeth: china's state run newspaper, the global times, they ridiculed joe biden for apologizing for america, not joining the paris accords, saying that was hypocritical apology. you're bringing your infighting, democrat infighting with trump on to the global stage when you took a massive gas buzz link guzzling entourage to glascow, scotland. they teleconferenced in. >> the biden administration, previously when he was under obama, they got into the paris climate deal understand china was getting away with doing nothing as it related to paris. the u.s. would pay the brunt of everything related to paris. of course they're laughing about that as well. when you look at the situation and biden stepping up on the
6:38 pm
stage, apologizing for america, this is why people are cheering for brandon. who asked you to go out to apologize for us or who we are or us not wanting to pick up the tab for the rest of the globe. elizabeth: by the way russia, china, you know, are not in on cutting gses. india is pushing it out i think to 2040, their cutting back on gses. biden blaming election woes on trump and not his own agenda and bad policies. let's watch this. >> and do you think that terry mcauliffe would have won if your agenda had passed before election day? >> well, i think we should have, should have passed before election day but i'm not sure that i would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out and in the red districts who were trump voters but maybe. maybe. >> you won by 10 points, mr. president.
6:39 pm
>> i know we did. i was running against donald trump. >> you mentioned trump 24 times. do you still think the voters wanted to hear you talking about trump more than the issues affecting them every day? >> well the reason i mentioned trump, if i didn't count the times is because the issues he supports are affecting their lives every day and negative impact on their lives. thank you all. elizabeth: how are trump issues affecting peoples lives every day negatively right now? >> they're not. if anything people are saying i my god, i wish i had trump policies again. i wish i had freedom. i wish i had america first. then i wouldn't have gas prices so high, grocery prices so high. weakness on the foreign affairs stage in afghanistan. this kind of withdrawal. you name it, the list goes on and on. the fact of the matter probably on every college campus now they're thinking about making a drinking game every time biden says trump. elizabeth: the issues they face today, high gas prices, rising
6:40 pm
inflation we haven't seen at this level and growth rate in about 30 years. we're seeing cargo ships still stranded off the coast of california when florida and texas are saying come to us, we can unload the cargo without california's onerous regulations on truckers. we're seeing thieves stealing goods off the cargo ships, what is at the dock there. when you look at the biden policies and the biden agenda, they were supposed to vote on infrastructure tonight. again that has been delayed because of progressive pushback. where do you see this headed? >> yeah. here's the question that you asked yourself. compare, you talked about florida and us being able to move goods there. not in california, not in the port of long beach, not other places. you name the list. that is the choice right there. which policies do you want to have? do you want efficient policies, productive policies, have high productivity like what we have in florida? or do you want the opposite of that to have california policies running the country. that is the choice.
6:41 pm
that is why people, businesses, goods are flocking to florida. elizabeth: congressman brian mast, good to see you. still to to come this hour, the biden white house walks back saying no to paying illegal aliens and aclu are slamming that his own doj. white house still in talks for people breaking the law. gop strategist, ford o'connell. voters nationwide rejected defund the police. we have new reports that virginia democrat abigail spanberger on a postelection call, don't ever use the words again, defund the police. keep it here. back in two.
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♪. elizabeth: back with us now, gop strategist, ford o'connell. ford, voters nationwide from
6:46 pm
new york to california to washington state, to minneapolis, they rejected defunding police and bail reform. i got to ask you this, where is the media coverage of the carnage of defund the police? where is the academic analysis of how many families were destroyed, how many murders happened, how many homicides, how many robberies, how many businesses were destroyed after the push by democrats to defund the police nationwide? >> most of the media is in the back pocket of the democrats and when they put out bad policies, terrible policies like defund the police they don't want to cover it, and you're absolutely right, emac, tuesday's elections were a victory for working class, parents rights and a great day for law and order. voters vigorously rejected the defund the police policy from new york to the west coast and many places in between around this country. elizabeth: 56% of voters in minneapolis rejected getting rid of their police department.
6:47 pm
four city council members who supported defund the police were voted out. murders are at a 25-year high in minneapolis. the crime exploded. the city lost a third of its officers. did you see what happened in seattle? seattle basically voted in a republican city attorney who said you know what? enough with the mayhem from rioting like antifa. i'm about public safety. that is according to ann davidson. we have reports that virginia democrat abigail spanberger telling democrats on a postelection call don't ever again use the words, defund the police. >> well, i will take you one step further, emac. actually the mayor-elect in cleveland called defund the police the worst label in american political history. so yes, virginia rep spanberger is absolutely right. it took the democrats two election cycles to realize this. i will say this, what happened the difference between the slogan and reality.
6:48 pm
in minneapolis, a city 70% democrat for this to go down by 13 points, reality of the constituents between a slogan and needing a cop. elizabeth: the democrats didn't mention it at the convention. the president didn't mention it in the joint session to congress. didn't mention it in the inaugural address. nothing about the crime wave that is slamming the country because of fallout of defund the police. everybody understands stop police brutality, when you have retail theft at sky-high levels. children being shot in chicago or new york. drug gangs are pouring in over the border into our cities, with lethal fentanyl. you have to say what the are the democrats doing what are they thinking? listen to former police chief of seattle, carmen best. watch this. >> the vote showed last night, many people partisanship was not the issue. many people really want to have
6:49 pm
efficient public safety and put police in that regard. that was across the nation last night. elizabeth: you know what? carmen best got hammered trying to be police chief in seattle. antifa went after her. they stalked her in her neighborhood. talked officials at their homes. why was this allowed? how do you stop the movement so, such a blight in the democrat party? >> well let me say this as a staunch defender of those who wear the blue, policing is not perfect but the alternative is chaos and death and there is a reason right now nationally according to nbc news republicans are favored by 22 points on crime because the democrats and media came out with a catchy slogan they thought would fire up their base and their own constituents the past 18 months paid the price of a loan he boneheaded policy. not everyone is because proposition a was defeated defen
6:50 pm
boston. elizabeth: when you have a cop shot and injured, mayhem like that, they have attacks on firemen and firehouses. they house the emergency ambulance vehicles, when you have mayhem like that, the firehouses get hit. you lose the emergency medical vehicles. communities suffer. minorities get slammed. those neighborhoods, immigrant communities, minorities are the first victims of the crimes from defund the police. your final word? >> there is no question about it, defund the police hurts minority communities more than anybody else but as this continues to spread thank god voters stopped it because it was going to affect everyone. democrats are starting to come to their senses. unfortunately not coming to their senses everywhere. elizabeth: dozens people who were murdered, dozens of people who lost family members because of this, so disturbing and shocking. waiting for the academic research on that. ford o'connell.
6:51 pm
come back soon. up next, top i.c.e. official tom homan, on the white house walking back president biden. he said no, we'll not do payouts to illegal aliens at the border. the aclu, the aclu hit the ceiling, slammed biden for being unaware what his own doj is negotiating the payouts. republicans looking to block people getting money for breaking the law. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. es, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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dozens of senate and house lawmakers moving to block the white house from pay illegal immigrants after backtracking on t biden saying no to these payoffs after the aclu ceiling saying we are working on this. what is your thought on that? >> i think negotiations are ongoing and they're talking about. the border is secure.
6:56 pm
[inaudible] i think there are negotiations. liz: excuse me, immigrant families, migrant families separated from the children of the border in the white house talking about payment for that, is that what happened, migrant families are separated from their children of the border? >> some are because they are prosecuted. zero-tolerance is trying to save lives. women sexually assaulted, children dying trying to smoke numbers down trying to save lives so it's a crime, they are prosecuted. the child can't go to the parent, last time aoc went at it, when i was a cop in new york, i separated families from
6:57 pm
domestic violence, i would separate the family. if i asked arrested somebody with a dui, i separated the family. the family is separated every day thousands of times across the country. what if i get? to they get half a million dollars? no. these people chose to break the laws voluntarily man bring her prosecuted. it's this concept, they must prosecute. liz: how many families at the border? >> that's another reason, pilot dna testing in a couple of different sectors as high as 30% weren't even families through dna analysis so many of the children are trafficked so that's why zero-tolerance should be put in place. as to save lives. i'll say it again, enter this country illegally is a crime
6:58 pm
with prosecuted people for that so of course are separated u.s. citizens are separated every day. liz: we have families with a lot of human traffickers, trafficking children, that's a dangerous and why there is separation. let's listen to the president. >> if you keep some of the garbage out, yeah but it's not true. for $50000 a person, that's not going to happen. liz: but they said it has been happening. there's a lot of confusion, what is happening? >> i know there's negotiations between the government and aclu and families so the president said, one thing he said was right, for 50000 for each individual so the father was prosecuting, to children separating from your talking for
6:59 pm
50000 times three. liz: why were the amounts that high? >> i have no idea. those families get 100,000. the line of duty get 100,000. by their laws, foreign a half times that? doesn't make sense. liz: will lead to a boom drug cartel? is it going to worsen the problem? >> i'm glad you said that. exactly right. what message does it send to the people who want to come into the country? him to the country and commit a crime and you will be separated and you will get half a million dollars. if you want to come across the border with no, just have a child with you and we want prosecute you or separate you. it's another message sent to the population to come across the border, you're going to be okay. the same way congress talks
7:00 pm
about the reconciliation package. his administration stirring out more enticements. liz: thanks for your service to our country, we'll have you back in. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, cuban watching the evening edit on foxbusiness, thank you for watching, have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: more breaking news, we are going to need superglue. nancy pelosi claims that would be about tonight on the democrats massive $1.75 trillion social spending bill which could closer to 4 trillion but things are reportedly -- everything might get delayed another week or so, and other potentially giant democrat fail never ending


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