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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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qualified for this role and lifetime work on financial regulation including in the private sector, in government and as a leading academic in the field. the white house continues to strongly support her historic nomination despite her disdain for capitalism. "fox business tonight." we love capitalism. see you back here tomorrow. >> now three crises engulfing the white house it either created or worsened, afghanistan, the bored, now inflation rocketing higher. another new controversy, climate sar john kerry push at all costs for a climate deal with china. kerry has a whopping conflict of interest, much like hunter biden has. this time involving investments via chinese fund in blacklisted chinese companies making things like solar panels with prison slave labor in china. kerry at the u.n. climate conference brushed that off. so is it time for the
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white house to come clean? joining us tonight, congressman darrell issa, david bahnsen, former va secretary robert wilkie, liz peek, former income police commissioner howard safer and tom homan. democrats are accused using shell games to hide the true cost of the biden agenda. it could be twice as high as democrats say. inflation undercutting the president's message that he made life better for americans. even biden admits the inflationary tiff is wrong. he blames it on covid stimulus checks his white house gave out and people buying more stuff. ron klain says what will fix government spending more government agents. remember reagan, are you better off now than you were four years ago? this is haunting biden.
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clinton operative ready to flip to the feds. house intelligence led by adam schiff loudly touted the clinton steele dossier? they are now silent. black lives matter official warns incoming mayor eric adams there will be more riots if he brings back the city's anti-crime unit. pushback against biden border chaos with a new plan to stop it. we've got the story. today is veterans day. we big into the debate brought up by "the washington post." is his tore cloy low number of military veterans in congress an issue for america? elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪.
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elizabeth: welcome to the show. you're watching the fox business network. we bring back to the show, look who is here, house foreign affairs congressman darrell issa, and david bahnsen author of the book there is no free lunch. 250 economic truths. congressman, thank you for your service on this veterans day. what do you make of climate czar john kerry's conflict of interest? >> it is just that. his wife is more than wealthy enough. the family has more than enough money and we even have a special ability for them to have a tax-free event if they would invest themselves of their conflicted holdings. there is no excuse at all except that they simply don't care about human rights. they don't care about slave labor. they only care about returns in spite of him, when he was in congress being one of the richest senators because of his wife's incredible wealth. elizabeth: so the chinese fund he invested one million dollars in, david, it backs chinese companies using slave labor to
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make solar panels that has been an issue right now for the climate agenda, right? >> yeah. in fact i thought it was almost amusing today supposedly this joint announcement from the u.s. and china sort of promising they will super-duper mean it this time. that they will work on global warming reduction. we're formulating a entire national climate program around an alleged cooperation with china and this is something that has never played out. we're punishing american economic activity. china has a free pass. elizabeth: we hear you loud and clear on that. to david's point, congressman, republican senator marco rubio and representative chris smith wrote a letter to president biden about kerry's conflict of interest earlier in the week. as david was talking about, john kerry is okay wiping out more than 11 million american jobs in the u.s. oil and gas, coal industries but congressman like
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your reaction to john kerry caught on camera at the u.n. climate summit brushing aside a question about all of his conflicts of interest. >> how in your several months of meetings behind the scenes with china did you bring up some of those very contentious issues, such as use of forced labor in shinzhen for building solar panels? how did you address it? how did you overcome that reaching -- >> we're honest, we're honest about the differences. we certainly know what they are and we've a lick articulated them that is not my lane here. my job is to be the climate guy. elizabeth: congressman, he keeps using the same line, it is not my lane. he used it in testimony before congress in may when he was asked about china's oppression of the muslim uyghurs and using their slave labor to make green products. that is not my lane? while he is lobbying congress to stop any, block of any block of
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any chinese products coming in including things like solar panels made with prison camp labor? >> the important thing it wasn't his lane apparently when he was the secretary either. he has a terrible history on any kind of talking tough or being tough with countries that have huge human rights violations. china being first among them. but let's understand, in the lane that he says he has he is failing. coal production, coal use, burning of coal in china is going up tramatically this year. so at a time when they flipped us off as far as actually doing anything about climate he is talking like he is talking tough in his lane. he is not talking tough in his lane. china will increase their carbon footprint dramatically this year, much of it from coal while he is trying to shut down natural gas, one of our cleanest fuels, one that was the reason the united states was lowering its carbon footprint. so he is wrong in his lane, not
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just on those items that are quote, out his lane. elizabeth: congressman, ask you of this too and also to david bahnsen, should john kerry testify before congress, say here is what i'm doing, here is what i strike in the deals at the climate conference, here is my conflicts of interest? we have a pentagon spokesman saying climate change is equally as important as china, david. john kerry lobbying in the halls of congress, saying congress don't block, don't do anything affecting china, we need a climate deal. what do you say david? >> i would like him to come before congress to have the right people ask him how much natural gas did you get china to agree to buy from u.s. exports? how much natural gas production have you got the white house agreed to increase? okay, because apart from the talk of conflicts, scandal, those things, just down to base policy, liz, we have and the congressman said it a moment ago, we have the cleanest
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emitting fuel right here in the united states that we can produce here and use here and generate lick tryst here and we can export it and get them to buy it and a significant profit to us and at a great deal to them, so it kills two birds with one stone. if someone called me the climate czar that is only thing i would be working on. elizabeth: we hear you. i want to stay on the conflict of interest, this investment fund, congressman, john kerry invests in, invested in surveillance technology of facial recognition of minorities china is oy pressing. seizing imports from chinese company that kerry's fund reportedly backs, products made with slave labor is blacklisted. he is lobbying against product bans from china. senator ben sasse he is against all of what john kerry is doing, he wants us to have a moral backbone as week as a souffle.
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what do you say? >> this is from an administration nobody airplane pooled going to scotland. the fact is they want to have a whole bunch of rules they don't play by. one of the most essential ones for member of cabinet or equivalent including these czars, to divest conflicts of interest. he has chosen not to do that. when they say it is more than a million it could be a lot more than a million in this fund alone. so it is substantial, it is certainly an example of his saying to do one thing while doing another. at the end of the day if we're going to be buying from human rights violations, actually slave labor, then we're counterproductive and oh, by the way, india and china, both have basically told us they're going to use more coal because they can't afford to buy natural gas. the fact is they don't want to use our natural gas and they really don't care about climate change. they just want us to drive up the cost of our energy if they can, because that makes them
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more competitive. it is true of china. it is true of india. the difference is india is a democracy and china is a dictatorship that enslaves its own people. elizabeth: congressman darrell issa, thank you again for your service to our country. david bahnsen, you're a great writer. still to come this hour, the hot debate, is the clinton oprah tiff behind russia, a lot of stories there, is ready to flip on other democrats in the durham probe? will clinton campaign staffers be in the line of fire? did russia disinformation end up in fbi fisa warrants against the frum campaign. up next we sal lou the veterans with former va secretary robert wilkie. this hot debate raised by the washington post. is the historically number of veterans in congress an issue for america? keep it here on "the evening edit".
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♪. elizabeth: welcome back. it is veterans day, 100 years ago america launched the tomb of the unknown soldier first laid to rest in november of 1921. it's awe-inspiring. it is inspirational. the tremendous debt we owe to our servicemen and women. this is about heroism, valor, all things good, real, right and
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true. today as we honor our country's veterans we have a story of two former marines still imprisoned in russia. benjamin hall is at the state department with more. benjamin. good to see you tort. reporter: good to see you, liz. families of paul that their loved ones are being held by the russian state. trevor reed, former marine, former member of the presidential guard. he was accused of assaulting a police officer in russia, sentenced to nine years last year. his trial was considered a sham. he is held in solitary confinement in a gulag. his family says they know why. >> he was a presidential security guard marine and leverage for him to get some people back they want from the united states. like a bargaining chip. reporter: paul whelan is former marine in moscow and sentenced to 16 years in a labor camp that
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a espionage charge that his brother says was entrapment. he discussed this with president putin in geneva said he would not walk away from them. the families say little has happened. >> i think we're a little bit weary of waiting to see what the state department and other agencies in the u.s. government will do to help paul. >> just don't understand why it is taking so long to get our loved ones back home to us. reporter: reed's mother says this is young man who was in his career willing to stand up to take a bullet for the president. she is asking the president do the same and stand up for him. elizabeth: benjamin hall, great journalism there. great to see you my friend. we have former va head colonel robert wilkie. he was in the air force reserve and served in the u.s. navy reserve with joint forces intelligence command. colonel wilkie, thanks for joining us. your thoughts on benjamin hall's
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story there. how do we get the two marines out of russia? >> the tragedy, is, putin is playing three dimensional chess and biden is playing checkers. look at ukraine. they provided ukraine with meals ready to eat to confront his tanks and planes. president trump sent missiles to take out the tanks and planes. when president biden got into office he reversed back to giving meals ready to eat. putin doesn't feel any pressure from this administration and the hardened kgb colonel he is is he has the measure of this president and the white house. elizabeth: meanwhile the families are heartbroken and their loved ones are not at home. they served our country and this is not happening. i would like to move on to this, sir. "the washington post" are talking about the historically low veterans in congress. 1/5 of congress, versus 3/4 a
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century ago. michael waltzth is the reason for function in congress. interest is lack of commonalty of service. what do you say. >> that is absolutely right. we lost the post-world war ii consensus the congressman was talking about, where people on the each side of the aisle had shared experiences in europe and asia. the post didn't go far enough. the post didn't go out you see in fact same greater lack of military service in the upper echelonses of the white house. that is why we had the debacle in afghanistan because people in charge overruling the military. people who had no logistical, no operational experience. think of soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines as pins on a map, not flesh and blood americans. elizabeth: that is an important point. it segues into this, you know, so many people out there love our country. they want to do more for our country. we have also a record, we asked so much of so few who serve our
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country. do we need a more robust system of national service, national service, commissioned maybe? how do you get more people who want to do good for our country? do we need to change that whole scenario around? >> well, national service is, should be the highest calling for anyone but we have to do a much better job of reaching into the schools and the communities and say the military life is worthwhile bullet is much bigger than that, liz. it also involves what's happened with our education. growing up in the '70s and early '80s military service was celebrated in the schools as was american history. you certainly not seeing that now. and you see this, this trend in secondary and primary education that puts america in the class of oppressors. by the time children get to the age when they can start thinking about a military career they have been told from day one that the country is not worthy to
6:20 pm
defend. that is a tragedy. it is a crisis that we need to confront. i think you saw what happened in virginia and with school boards across the country. people are waking up to that. but when that trend turns i would hope the focus on military, the military as a career or even a brief calling would change. elizabeth: yeah. so it seems a lot of people out there are seeing the messaging, you know, that america is bad. you know there is a reason not to like america. we have the constitution. we have the bill of rights. there is so much good about america and so much to love around the fear is that feel something not being appreciated or respected. >> absolutely. i will quote the late general powell who always said and said it with great -- a platoon of united states marines has done more for world peace than all the u.n. agencies and all the rock concerts combined. we're the only nation in the history of the world to offer a helping hand to all the peoples of the world including our enemies and it is those soldiers, sailors, airmen and
6:21 pm
marines who helped keep this country great and served so many millions for the last 100 years. elizabeth: i got to say this, my mother never knew her father. he died in world war i. we have family members who fought for our country going back to the civil war. they fought on the union side. through world war i, world war ii, the vietnam war, the korean war. my grandfather was best friends with khan sy hooper a commander in the harlem hellfighters. >> sure. elizabeth: they met at fordham university. the harlem hellfighters, those guys they are heroes. there is so much good to talk about here, i hate bringing up my own family. my family will be mad about that but i just want the viewer and you to know we connect with our military. our family connects with that service and love for our country. colonel robert wilkie in honor of veterans day we honor you. we have this story. fox business teamed up with u.s. vets to make camo your cause campaign. go to the u.s. vets shop to
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purchase camo merchandise and donate, drive awareness of u.s. vets and their mission. you can show that you think too that veterans deserve every opportunity to live with dignity and independence. thanks so much for listening to that. still to come this hour, at least three crises engulfing the white house it either created or worsened, afghanistan, the southern border and now inflation rocketing higher undercutting the president's messages that he has made life better for americans. he blames americans buying more stuff, blames covid stimulus checks his white house cave out. up next gop strategist ford o'connell on this hot debate the durham indictment raising new questions. is the clinton operative behind trump russia ready to flip for the feds, maybe on clinton campaign staffers? we take it on next. stay right there.
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♪. elizabeth: joining me now, gop strategist ford o'connell on this hot debate. ford, good to see you. jim trusty was with us last night. he brought this up. the indictment of igor danchenko. looks like long time operative behind trump russia, charles dolan is talking to the fbi. it reads all through the latest indictment. it looks like he might be ready to flip on other democrats. this is speculation. could that happen? what do you think? >> i think jump trusty is
6:28 pm
absolutely right, that charles dolan is talking to the fbi. we just don't know what capacity or what leverage they may have on him. if he is fully cooperating with the fbi i expect a heck of a lot more indictments but what is made clear from the danchenko indictment and the two before it, that the trump russia hoax was coordinated and orchestrated by the clinton campaign at the knowledge and bee hetz of one hillary clinton. elizabeth: we hear you on that. where is the accountability? the indictment of igor danchenko that clinton campaign was paying, using their own people that trump was asset of russia to the fbi and media, using information they originated of the using classified intelligence to attack political opponents. that is unhealthy for a democratic republic. robert mueller didn't find collusion, james clapper, sally yates, peter strzok said they didn't find any evidence of trump being a agent for russia
6:29 pm
or trump-russia collusion. what do you say to that. >> the clinton campaign needs to be held accountable, emac. half of america doesn't understand what exactly happened. a lot of other networks are covering this up. democrats are clamming up on capitol hill. they need to understand that the clinton campaign used the steele dossier to poison the electorate and went off their political opponent. after they lost the election they used it to sabotage a presidency. we have to make sure this never happens again. that will only occur if durham holds them accountable. elizabeth: and if the media doesn't use topspin to cover up for bad reporting in the past. admit your own mistakes, protect your credibility. you only demean yourself when you do things like that. fbi officials tried to defend the credibility of the steele dossier even a year after igor danchenko said yeah, this steele
6:30 pm
dossier is filled with jest and rumors and gossip said over beers, right? we even have a doj deputy council telling the fisa court, rosemary collier, you can still use the information we're giving you out of the steele dossier to approve fbi fisa warrants to spy on the trump campaign. >> let me be clear, there is a media narrative out there, that the fbi was duped during all of this. the fbi was not duped. there were certain bad elements in the fbi and law enforcement that were willing accomplices to the trump russia hoax, that played politics and undermined democracy because they put their finger on the scale and they didn't do their job as law enfortsment and we need to get to the bottom of who that is because basically when it comes to law enforcement, that cannot enter the political arena if we're going to stay a democracy. to me that was the biggest threat to democracy in terms of the trump russia hoax. elizabeth: we hear you on that.
6:31 pm
the fbi, we don't know if they accidentally used russian disinformation in the steele dossier to get the fisa wiretaps to spy on the trump campaign. we're seeing it is up to the level of assistant attorney generals defending the steele dossier in the fisa court. i mean so that is an issue, right? we have peter strzok clearly biased with lisa page in his text messages about trump. so you know, you're right, in terms of cleaning this all out, right? we cannot have terror wiretaps meant to go after al qaeda used on political opponents. final word, ford. >> we don't know absolutely for sure they used russian disinformation but "the washington examiner" makes the case when it comes to carter page that the steele dossier was a substantial factor in his surveillance. in that case they did. i want to say one more thing, happy veterans day to all those who sacrifice and serve to make this the greatest country on earth, emac. elizabeth: same to you. here here, ford o'connell. come back soon.
6:32 pm
still to comical important prosecutors joining in the growing pushback against biden's border chaos. they're for the first time looking to hit drug dealers with murder charges. this is next level stuff. there are reports that the border officials in the del rio, texas, so distracted by migrant caravans they can't seize hard drugs crossing the border. economic expert liz peek, three crises hitting the white house that they created or worsened. we're talking afghanistan, the southern border and now inflation rocketing higher, wiping out wages, undercutting biden's message that he made life better for americans. biden downplaying it. he is saying the white house nair sieve is wrong but blames it on white house covid stimulus checks his white house gave out. the story is next.
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and columnist, liz peek is here. liz, you know we wanted to have you on because we love to hear your reaction to both the u.s. chamber of commerce and democrat senator joe manchin saying democrats are using gimmicks and shell games, and that the biden agenda may cost double what democrats are saying. what do you say to that? >> i think they're totally right, liz. we've seen scoring and modeling from other groups that basically say what democrats have done on the spending side, programs, they're pretending they will only last a year, maybe two years at most, like the enhanced child tax credit, instead of a four year duration. now they're saying it is only an extra year. we know that is not true. we know they're expecting all the programs such as increased subsidies for the affordable care act and so forth, will go on indefinitely. so what they're doing is pretending only a year of that, a year of the child tax credits. if you make those programs
6:38 pm
indefinitely, indefinite, what they hope to do, the cost of the billion goes to $4 trillion instead of 1.75. elizabeth: wow. our state taxes could go up to cover the cost of this if some of this expires. now the white house has bonn from claiming inflation is transitory, saying they can fix inflation with more spending to inflation is a good thing. now we have biden blaming it on things like people buying more stuff and covid stimulus checks that he, his white house handed out. liz i would like your reaction to what is happening here and what the democrats are saying, watch. >> that these inflation rises will be transitory. that they will come back down next year. >> that it will settle down. >> transitory? >> trans fore. >> that inflation will come down next year. >> this will be easy inflation. ease inflationary pressures. >> it will ease longer-term inflation nary pressures.
6:39 pm
>> this bill will ease inflationary pressures. >> everything from a loaf of bread or gallon of gas going up more. have you paid this move for a gallon of gas? elizabeth: you hear that, liz? reaction. >> that is sort of amusing. they're plea pretending it has nothing to do with their policies. the price of gasoline is not a supply chain issue at all. that had to do with biden making it unattractive to produce and drill for oil in the united states and his incredibly boneheaded aggragation of saudi leader mohammad bin saloman he did immediately taking office. he insulted mbs. he makes oil policy. opec is not helping out joe biden and the united states right now. also rents, the the cost of sher was a big factor in the 6.2%
6:40 pm
increase in plain anything in october. that has nothing to do with supply chains. elizabeth: inflation -- >> without a doubt. elizabeth: carter lost to a landslide for reagan. whatever the pent-up demand, supply chain, the fact excess money will keep the prices higher. too much money chasing too few goods. reagan said are you better off than you were four years ago? the thing is, when you have wholesale prices moving up in tandem with the headline number, so the underlying whole say number going up and the headline number going up, that means inflation is now embedded an companies are raising prices in lockstep with other companies, what do you say? final word. >> that is exactly right. we're seeing surveys of all business groups are saying they have never raised prices soing a agressively and right now they can get away with it. the question is how long will
6:41 pm
that last? we'll see companies having margin problems and earnings problems down the road. elizabeth: interesting. liz peek, great to have you on. come back soon. still to come this hour, california prosecutors joining in the pushback against biden's border chaos, moving the first time to hit drug dealers with murder charges. this as there are new reports coming in, border officials in the del rio sector of texas so distracted by migrant caravans they're not seizing any hard drugs crossing the border. up next, former new york city police commissioner haw ward howard safir. a blm official warning of bloodshed if the new mayor eric adams brings back the anti-crime unit. for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. with voltaren arthritis pain gel.
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use the plan finder at to compare medicare health and prescription plans. comparing plans really pays. paid for by the u.s. department of health & human services ♪. elizabeth: let's welcome back to the show former new york city police commissioner. he is howard safir. he is marine corps veteran. i want to thank you for your service to our country. your reaction when head of
6:46 pm
black lives matter greater new york warning incoming mayor eric adams there will be bloodshed and rioting if the city brings back their anti-crime unit? >> i have advice for bmm. new york city is not seattle or portland. eric adams is a ex-cop. the street crime unit is the most effective way to get drugs and guns off the street. if they riot, break the law in front of city hall, if there will be any blood, it will not be police officers it will be theirs if they break the law. they better step back because they will get a big surprise. elizabeth: why do you say that? what manufacturing do you have? >> i have manufacturing that the tactics that were used by black lives matter in seattle an portland were tolerated. they will not be tolerated in new york city. if they break the law they will be arrested. if they resist the police, the police will use whatever force necessary to put them under
6:47 pm
arrest. i think they're making a huge miscalculation how new york city and eric adams will respond to the unlawfulness in this city. elizabeth: they don't have a first amendment constitutional right for rioting. only to protest peacefully. adams says as you know is a former police captain. he, the meeting with the black lives matter leader turned into a shouting match. eric adams is also, has spoken critically about police brutality. he experienced that as age 15. he said he was beaten by police officers when he was arrested for trespassing. he rejected defund the police. let's listen to hawk newsom, the leader of black lives matter on this. watch. >> if they think that they're going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we're going to take to the streets again. there will be riots. there will be fires. and there will be bloodshed. elizabeth: how much of new york
6:48 pm
city crime and crime in other city is hitting minority communities? >> well the majority of victims of crime in major cities and in new york as well are people of color who live in underserved neighborhoods. the fact is that newsom's in the shock of his life if he thinks he will get away with that under eric adams. eric adams worked for me when i was police commissioner. he is a good cop. he knows what he to do. so does the nypd. they will not tolerate law lesness or burning down stores or looting. they will do what has to be done and eric adams will back them up unlike the current mayor of new york who basically did not have the police department's back. elizabeth: former seattle police chief carmen best has been talking about this issue as well. i like to get your reaction to former chief of police of seattle carmen best.
6:49 pm
>> i think the pendulum is swinging more to a moderate, centrist position. number of places, you don't hear as much defunding the police department because people want safety. they want to be able, doesn't matter what race they are, want to call 911 if they are a victim of a crime, someone will show up to try to resolve it. elizabeth: carmen best, should be pointed out, she was stalked by activists in her own neighborhood. cops in seattle were hit with hammers, rocks, poll tiff cocktails, blinded by lasers, so the antifa rioting destroyed massive sections of that city and similar in portland. your reaction to what carmen best is saying? >> she is right. the pendulum is starting to swing back. what happened in minneapolis, the city where george floyd was murdered rejected a public safety organization.
6:50 pm
the fact when somebody is hitting you, harming you, robbing you, when you call 911 you don't want a social worker responding. you want a trained police officer to take the right action to protect you and your family. elizabeth: howard safir -- >> did 76 town halls when i was police commissioner. i never heard much about brutality. i heard these communities wanting more police officers to protect them. >> howard safir, thanks for joining us, good to see you. come back soon. elizabeth: up next former i.c.e. official tom homan on california prosecutors joining in the pushback against biden's border chaos, now moving for the first time to hit drug dealers with murder charges. also we have this new report. border officials in the del rio sector of texas so distracted by migrant caravans they're not seizing hard drugs crossing the border. if they are, it is minimal amounts. keep it here on "the evening edit".
6:51 pm
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whok with us, forming former acting director, tom homan from our dependency on veterans day for your service to our country. now is not ron desantis texas governor pushing back hard against the white house over the border crisis the white house checked out. got a new push prosecutors in california including orange
6:55 pm
county d.a., they want to stop the border chaos and hit drug dealers murder charges but lawyers in california say it's overreach. what do you say? >> i don't think it's overreach. we had 92000 overdose deaths in this country from young people, they are dying. i don't think there is any reach at all, they need to go further. california is a sanctuary state so illegal alien or resident alien arrested for a drug offense, ice should get them from now they're getting none of them because of sanctuary loss of prosecutors go further and get rid of the sanctuary laws to protect the many, many drug dealers in california. >> the murder charge for selling things like opioids laced with deadly load of fentanyl, you are an expert in this, 100 times more powerful than morphine orange county ca says is equivalent to dealers essentially handing a loaded gun
6:56 pm
to an unsuspecting victim that they will probably die. effectively, your hearing from prosecutors the white house doesn't care about that fentanyl, how easy it is to get an fastest killing people for no idea they were even taking it. >> i've talked to a lot of moms and dads who lost their children to overdoses and 99% of the time they had no idea there taking. not realizing it was placed with functional and they are right about biden and about 30 ones here high inflation, historic high in immigration from historic high in fentanyl across the border because the border crisis, the cartel take it for granted and move the drugs across to get more drugs across its killing young americans so
6:57 pm
or policy are failing american people and killing our children. a couple weeks ago 95% of the functional killing young americans across the southwest border and attending the southwest really hard. you see it through california for the quarter and we are hearing report out of the dell real sector of texas that border patrol is so swamped with migrant caravans and other mayhem that they are easy virtually no heart narcotics across the border meaning fentanyl, cocaine, heroin and crystal meth. what you say? >> exactly what i was saying they are tied up in the family unit changing diapers and making hospital runs from fair going around the line. during the recent dell real prices and the secretary seized people in del rio, 224 miles of southern for in del rio, 224 miles of border unguarded from
6:58 pm
224 files. you don't see the cartel dealing with that from democratic congress think more money in the port of entry that's for the comforter. they don't have any idea and most of the drums get ceased on the port of entry because they stop every vehicle. most of the drugs coming in through the ports of entry, or virtual half staffed. >> via vehicles and coyotes and human smugglers migrants into human smugglers? >> is a big part of it. they use drones to drop fentanyl across the border. the cartel are stopped, every means at their disposal you are right about the prices dropping some of the search fentanyl across the border supply outpaces the demand which drives prices down means even more children will be able to.
6:59 pm
it the result of biden's failed policies. it's about public health public safety and national security crisis. liz: ice magazine reports heroin users can't even find heroin anymore, it's all about fentanyl and lapd is advising city residents to cooperate and comply when being robbed, oftentimes by drug gangs, their follow-up to their homes or place of business, that's how bad it's gotten in los angeles throughout the area. final word. >> lapd series about, they will cooperate with ice. sanctuary city cooperate with ice soap drug dealers walk out of jail every day, they should be deported from the country so take it further and give immunities assistance but work with other law enforcement to identify posts removed from the country and protect our
7:00 pm
communities. liz: thanks again, you are terrific. we appreciate all you have done for the country, good to have you on. thank you so much for watching on this happy veterans day. i am elizabeth mcdonald from what you've been walking the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching and we hope you have a good evening. ♪♪ be to us by ms. phony, he won't even end up to actual slavery. you have been through his eyes, you are worse than hitler. how does he still have a job in washington this coming monday present biden subject virtual summit with chinese president xi jinping who hasn't on china for two years. i wonder why. he didn't want to die. six are obviously high, china is the biggest rival and yet to explain their role in the public pandemic because they caused it.


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