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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 16, 2021 6:00am-9:00am EST

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so much more than flavoring food alone. that's one fact the workers at united will never take with a grain of salt. because they, and their product, are an indelible part of how america works. maria: good tuesday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, november 16th. your top stories right now, 6:0. no mention of the origins of covid-19, president biden walking away with no concrete resolutions on anything, after meeting with chinese president xi jinping, where the president once again did not ask the chinese dictator why he is stopping an investigation into the origins of covid in china. the subject was not brought up. xi also calling biden, quote, my old friend despite insistence
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from the white house their rea layings ship is strictly business and not a friendship. we're on i'll all morning long. markets are mixed, the take a look. futures are edging lower, dow industrials down 10, s&p lower by 5 and nasdaq currently lower by 22 and three quarters. investors are standing by for big news this morning. we've got the october retail sales p numbers out at 8:30 a.m. eastern and major he retail earnings coming up. this after stocks slipped to start the week yesterday, brought down by declines in big tech and growth names. the dow industrials were down 12, nasdaq down 7 and s&p down a fraction, fractional moves on the session. home depot is reporting its earnings right now on the tape. european markets this morning are little changed. take a look at the eurozone. the ft 100 is similar to wall wallstreet premarket, up fractionally. in asia overnight, the hong
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kong,. -- the hong kong the bestperfor. "mornings with maria" is live right now. ♪ it's all right and it's coming on. ♪ we've got to t he get right back to where we started from. ♪ love is good. ♪ love can be strong. ♪ we've got to get right back to where we started from. maria: and your morning movers right now, first up, cryptocurrency, bitcoin takes a hit hovering around $60,000 after touching a record high last week. ethereum in the red this morning, fractional pressure on crypto. analysts say the regulatory chatter at home as well as beijing's energy concerns over crypto mining could help drive down the price of bitcoin. tesla, take a look, the stock is down again this morning, dipping below $1,000 share. ceo elon musk keeping his promise yesterday, unloading
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934,000 shares, valued at $930 million. musk has sold more than 7 million shares, pressuring the stock to crater 17% since that selling spree began. jp morgan is announcing $162 million suit against tesla, alleging it breached its contract over stock warrants this year. the stock this morning down 1 and two-thirds percent. now some of the top stories we're watching this morning. president biden officially signed the infrastructure bill into law yesterday but it is hitting more roadblocks this morning because of the run-away spending. the congressional budget office is expected to release its final assessment of the cost on the nearly $2 trillion social spending package by this friday. there is expectation it is not paid for as the committee for a responsible federal budget recently reported it is adding $200 billion to the deficit in year one. house speaker nancy pelosi wants to full steam ahead, pushing for a vote this week despite divided
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opinion in her own party and unlikely passage in the senate. five moderate house democrats are vowing to wait for the cbo's evaluation before making a decision, the committee for a responsible budget latest analysis says biden's plan would cost closer to $5 trillion instead of the 1.75 trillion the democrats are advertising. well, the trial of kyle rittenhouse now the hands of the jury as deliberations begin hours from now. the state says rittenhouse brought chaos to kenosha, wisconsin last year, forfeiting his right to self-defense. the defense arguing rittenhouse was defending himself, arguing they are trying to create a political villain. protesters are gathering in kenosha ahead of the verdict as national guard troops remain on high alert. and the crisis at the southern border persisting. new numbers this morning from the customs and border patrol sew there were more than 164,000 migrant arrests in october, that's up 128% from a year ago
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the same time. rio grande valley region remains the epicenter for migrant crossings with 45,000 migrants encountered in that sector along with hundreds of thousands of so-called got-aways this year, this as homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas heads to capitol hill today. he will testify in front of the senate judiciary committee. inflation nation, the price of meat is about to get more expensive. tyson foods announcing plans for price increases. the company says chicken prices are up 19% during the last quarter, while beef and pork rose more than 30%. tyson produces roughly one of every five pounds of chicken, beef and a pork in the united states and prices are continuing higher. president biden and chinese president xi jinping holding a virtual summit last night. the big story this morning is what did not come up during the sit-down. the virtual visit. there was no discussion of the
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origins of covid-19 or the upcoming winter olympics in beijing. this comes as republican lawmakers have been pushing biden to press china over the wuhan lab coverup. the leaders not making headway on either issue, including human rights abuses, trade or taiwan. here's joe biden from last night. >> it seems to me our responsibility as leaders of china and the united states is to ensure that the competition between our countries does not veer into conflict, whether intended or unintended, just simple, straightforward competition. maria: joining me right now isx news senior strategic analyst, general jack keane. it's always a pleasure. thanks very much for being here this morning. >> yeah, great to be here, maria. maria: so once again we hear president biden talking about this competition with china. we have spoken about this before. he refuses to call china an adversary which is of course what the ccp is, having said
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multiple times it wants to overtake the united states as the number one super power and has been stealing intellectual property and having this bad behavior across the world. what is your reaction to the summit last night? >> well, as you suggested, i mean, there were no breakthroughs, but no one thought there would be. i mean, this was a meeting had that was organized at the initiative of the united states, president biden specifically, and the reason is is a recognition by the administration a that the relationship between the united states and china for the last year or so has been in a downward spiral and the administration wants to see if they can dial that back somewhat, manage the differences that we have a little bit better, and also avoid the unintended consequences that could lead to confrontation and conflict. so having the meeting certainly a good thing. not much has come out of that and as expected, what takes place at these meetings as we have seen in the past is each
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leader lays out their basic grievances, tries to manage the differences but there's no plan to manage those differences. that would have had to have been done by staff prior to this meeting so that there would be some agreement in terms of what the pathway forward is. we'll see what the results of the meeting are. will there with be a he reduction in tension over taiwan is really the issue that's precipitating the downward spiral in the relationship and certain lip as you mentioned covid-19. both of these presidents have stumbled on the international stage rather dramatically. certainly president xi in hiding the origins of covid-19 and also internationally spreading it which in my mind makes him an international criminal, and president biden's fiasco in afghanistan and certainly economically they both have headwinds had that they're facing as well. but president xi i think the tensions will naturally go down
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and i say that for this reason, maria. because the olympics are coming in february in china and certainly china doesn't want anything to mar what will be a huge international platform for them and they want to posture themselves as a responsible, competent international community that's adhering to norms of behavior out there. they get a huge propaganda victory out of it. and the second thing is, in the fall of the year, the national party congress will likely enshrine president xi for a third term with the implication he will rule indefinitely. so i think naturally these tensions should go down anyway, despite the meeting that's taken place. maria: but general, i mean, look, nobody wants conflict but isn't it true that it's beijing that keeps opening the door to conflict with its behavior on the world stage, whether it be bullying its neighbors in the south china sea or continuing to
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steal intellectual property, going into hong kong, throwing freedom fighters in jail, 25 years too soon invading india and then of course there's covid. i mean, look, the president called for a major investigation into the origins of covid-19. those investigators came back and said we have to say it's inconclusive because china will not help us. china will not allow any investigators into china to actually do a fair and full investigation of covid-19. you're talking about 600,000 people, americans dead from covid, 5 million plus dead across the world. why won't president biden bring up the origins of covid-19 to xi jinping and what is he hiding? why not just allow investigators into china to do a fair and free investigation into what took place here so we don't have another pandemic hit us down the
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road? >> well, certainly it is china's aggression that's driving this, the frustration and the tension in the world. china looks at the united states as a declining power. they're a rising superupupoweror ey'rthey'r see seekieeatioinatif milimiry bryancefartyfar t t r far fafa the t tndo- indcifi i on.gion. on outneun andunut-m ne ere er wveveuch moror o r turtancealanal of mritarility. h forrdy bilipa ipa t t tio t andn a i veve saiosi pdesii, xi,i, ase reononhyhy havingin to forward ild itar calinttytyegioiosss becafbe yr y aggiontheth china i n,n, think allno the the reason why president xi doesn't want the independent investigation, because he knows full well it originated in the wuhan lab that spread throughout his country and he internationally spread it to the
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world so that the world would have an economic setback which he predicted he would have. and certainly he's not going to admit to that and he's not going to have a full and independent investigation. it is certainly shameful that this administration refuses to call him out for the deception and the lying that's taken place and that should be done on a rather persistent basis. but it's china's aggression that is driving the relationship to deteriorate, not the united states. if anything, the appeasement policy under president obama for a number of years, certainly permitted president xi's aggressiveness in the south china sea which he said he would not militaryize. he also said he would curb his cyber warfare. he doubled down on it. i didn't hear any mention of cyber warfare but certainly what china is doing is using cyber warfare as an instrument of national power to undermine
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american society and to steal technology is one of the most massive technological interferences in a country that's ever taken place and the most significant transfer of capital has taken place as a result of that. and clearly that should be put at his doorstep. maria: and by the way, president xi opened up the meeting referring to biden as an old friend. president biden and white house press secretary jen psaki have previously insisted that they are just counterparts and they're not friends. i mean, this is obviously one other indication of these conflicts of interest that exist. listen to this. >> get something straight, we know each other well, we're not old friends. >> he still does not consider him an old friend. that remains consistent. >> it is not as good as a face-to-face meeting, i'm very happy to see my old friend. maria: my old friend, general. real quick, your reaction?
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>> i don't think it's a big deal, maria, how they characterize this relationship. maria: yeah, okay. >> what's really important is the policy differences we have and what are we doing about those differences in terms of our own national interest and that of our allies. maria: yes, i agree with you, general. it's great to see you this morning, sir. thanks very much for all that you have done and your wonderful anil a sis. -- analysis. general jack keane. quick break and we'll be right back. home depot is lower, despite a beat on earnings and revenue. stay with us. (vo) singing, or speaking. reason, or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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will have a negative impact on inflation. and actually, what it will help do is it will help increase economic productivity. maria: yeah, that's actually incorrect. that was white house press secretary jen psaki yesterday, spinning. she is trying to spin the reality of the economic situation. of course, that is not what we are seeing on inflation. even democrats are speaking out. former obama economic advisor larry sommers has been writing about this consistently. he says we're going to see inflation of the kind we have not seen in 30 years. the headline from the most recent op-ed in the washington post reads on inflation, it's past time for team transitory to stand down, writes larry sommers in november. yesterday. joining me right now is former wisconsin congressman and fox news contributor sean duffy and chief investment officer nancy y tengler. than circumstance i want to kick things off -- nancy, i want to
6:19 am
kick things off with. larry sommers says, look, when the facts change, i change my mind. after years of advocating for expansionary policy, i altered my view this past winter and i believe the biden administration and federal reserve need to further adjust their thinking on inflation today. your thoughts on what we're hearing and seeing? >> yeah, maria, good morning. so present company of sean duffy clouded, i fear -- excluded, i fear these folks live in an echo chamber. this is ridiculous on its face. every american knows had this. our old friend milton freedman declared that inflation is monetary phenomenon. we poured so much liquidity into this market and this inflation you is going to be with us for a while. to say that on the face is absolutely absurd. these are the same people that said the build back better bill will cost zero, cost nothing. so i don't think anyone buys
6:20 am
this and i think americans are pretty upset about inflation. i drove up to tahoe from arizona yesterday and gas was $6 a gallon. $6. so i don't think anyone's buying the story. maria: no, i don't think so either. the consumer price index, sean, was up 6.2% on the month. when you look at that and you annualize that, up 9/10 of a percent, rather, you an lies that, talking about 11.9% for the annualized look at inflation with the september move of up 9/10 of a percent that we just saw. you look at everyday items. everything is more expensive. your thoughts on how long this lasts. >> which is why you can't have jen psaki out there saying, listen, don't believe your lying eyes, american consumers, your prices are going up and it's not really happening or that economists across the spectrum
6:21 am
aren't saying we're going to see long-term inflation. here's the problem and where we sit politically. jen psaki and democrats want us to pass this massive build back better socialist plan. they can't do that if the american voter thinks there's going to be long-term inflation because every american understands that you spend more money or if you print more money and devalue our dollar, you're going to see more inflation. they understand that fundamentally. so they can't let those two things happen, that we believe there's long-term inflation and that they can pass this massive bill so they have to deny it and frankly i agree with larry sommers, this is a long-term problem that we have. maria, i mean, we have increased the money supply by 30% over the last two years, it's insanity and it's going to have an impact on, again, where i come from in wisconsin, many people are on fixed incomes. it impacts real people that live across the country that don't make more money when inflation happens. maria: yeah.
6:22 am
i mean, it's just all incorrect information coming out of this white house. first they claim that price increases were just a few sectors. then they said that it was transitory. then they said that, you know, it was just used cars and durable goods. but you're talking about across the board household items, furnishings up in the double digits and no signs of abatement. we are just, what, nine or 10 days away from thanksgiving and it's going to be one of the most expensive thanksgivings we've ever seen with the price hikes that we're looking at across america. stay with us. we've got more on this. we'll be right back. i've spent centuries evolving with the world. some changes made me stronger. others, weaker. that's the nature of being the economy. i've observed investors navigating the unexpected, choosing assets to balance risk and reward.
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you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. maria: welcome back ment markets are little changed this morning, the consumer is in focus, take a look. dow industrials down 8 points, s&p 500 down 3 and-a-half, nasdaq lower by 15 and a quarter
6:26 am
right now. home depot reported earnings moments ago, it beat on the earnings and revenue level, same store sales also came in above expectations but the stock is down a third of a percent at 369, 80. it is a busy week this week. we are expecting earnings from walmart in the next hour. plus we will hear from target, macy's and bj's among the big names reporting quarterly earnings this week. we're waiting on retail sales out in about two hours' time. joining me now is wealth advisors president and founder, mark avalon. thank you for joining the conversation. what's your take on the consumer right now? >> the consumer's strong and they're spending and american consumers spend, that's what we do. and with debt levels low, the debt service ratio for households is low, household wealth is at an all-time high and with a strong job market where people can at this point get raises, have some pricing power in their demand and
6:27 am
request for higher compensation, the confidence is going to be high. now, whether or not inflation is going to take away the cash flow we can discuss but right now they're flush with cash and they'll spend. the home depot numbers were very interesting. everything you mentioned is positive, same store sales, revenue, earnings, average basket size was up but transactions were down. and that tells me these higher oil prices will have an impact at some point. people in the suburbs, rural areas, they load up their car or truck. it costs them money to go to the stores. they're savvy. that's the warning sign i have for consumers. if oil price get out of control they may reduce trips to shop. maria: yeah. and that's what i think is behind this decline in home depot shares today. look, you're right, americans spend money and we are flush with cash after a year and-a-half of covid. we've been saving money. but the consumer economic data out this morning is going to give us a sense of whether or
6:28 am
not all of these price spikes, whether it's gasoline or the price of food and energy is going to cut into our ability and willingness to spend. we've got retail sales and the import/export prices report out at 8:30 a.m. this morning, mark. do you think markets are going to start reacting to this possibility that inflation is zapping our disposable income? >> inflation is real. it's also a little bit invisible. it's little by little, it's incremental. and i don't think that's going to stop this massive train. what the fed has done with massive amounts of liquidity, the confidence investors have, the momentum in the markets, i think it's a big force. i don't expect it to change on a day. but when you look at the impacts of inflation, we're going to have more regulation. we continue to have more regulation. we have more tax talk. if we get tax hikes and if we get anything from the fed that begins to tighten a little bit
6:29 am
or accelerate the rate of the taper, i think a cocktail of those events could be what derails the market. for now it's really liquidity and an accomodative fed. maria: sounds like you want to keep buying stocks here. >> well, it's really hard not to. they're still the tina trade. bonds have negative real yield. i do think people need to presbyterian. out and diversify. but i think that to look for cash returns in this inflationary environment and negligence of testify bond yields doesn't make a a lot of sense. maria: all right. tina trade, there is no alternative. mark, it's great to see you this morning. thanks very much. we'll take a break and come right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, november 16th. take a look at markets this half hour. we have a big agenda this morning. dow industrials up 15 points
6:33 am
right now, home depot just reported earnings. the s&p 500 down a quarter point and the nasdaq is up a half a point. but we are standing by for some important news on retail. we'll get the october retail sales number out in about two hours' time, 8:30 a.m. eastern. that may very well set the tone for markets after stocks slipped to start the week yesterday. we had declines in growth and tech stocks. it was minimal moves yesterday. the nasdaq was down 7, s&p 500 was flat. this morning european markets are little changed. the fawn is up 10, cac is up 27 and dax index is up 80 points, one half of 1%. in asia overnight, more of a mixed story, hong kong was the best performer, hang seng up nearly 1 and a third percent on the session. meanwhile, back in the u.s., a drive-by shooting injuries six teenagers in colorado. lauren simonetti on headline
6:34 am
right glow the shooting at a park right near a high school. it triggered a modified lockdown for the students there. the six victims are between the ages of 14 and 18, all are expected to survive. police saying they found rounds from multiple caliber guns at the scene and it is possible there was also a shooter on foot. they're asking for the public's help in solving this case. let's take a look at la shares. they're -- at tesla shares. they're set to open lower for the fourth day, if they hit around $980 and close at that level, yes, this stock would be in bear market territory, meaning a retreat of 20% from a recent high. tesla at 1,000 this morning. all this as ceo elon musk continues selling shares, unloading $930 million worth yesterday alone. he sold around 7.3 million shares worth $7.8 billion in the last week after saying he would offload as much as 10% of his stock holdings according to that
6:35 am
twitter poll and, you know, to kind of give it to lawmakers who want to tax him. california now settling a dispute with amazon over how it handled covid in the workplace. the settlement requires amazon to alert employees of covid cases in their workplace within one day and also to alert the state within two days, among other penalties and fines. a similar case in new york is ongoing. and ladies, it might be time to turn to the dark side. maria, we have this covered. we've got dark hair. gen z declared blonde hair outdated and being an expensive brunette is the only way to go. we're going to show you pictures. you see a-listers, they both embraced darker locks in recent weeks. so i guess -- well, that's not -- who is that. that's ariana grande, right. one stylist says it's a desire
6:36 am
for low maintenance styles post-pandemic. apparently being blonde khuggey. do you know what that is? i'll help you. it means untrendy. so you're not stylish anymore. side parts are out, air pods are out, you know. you want to show the wires and have the middle part. you're totally not khuggey if that's the case. i think i got it right. maria: thanks so much, lauren. appreciate it. we're looking at president biden signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill yesterday and now house speaker nancy pelosi is working to push forward with her spending agenda, despite more pushback from moderate democrats. she wants a vote in the house asap. the congressional budget office has yet to release the full cost estimate of the build back better act. we're expecting that this friday. joining me now is florida congresswoman and house
6:37 am
agriculture committee member, kat cammack. it's great to see you this morning. thanks very much for being here. we've got this new report from the new york times saying the white house is bracing lawmakers for a disappointing score from the cbo. it's likely to show the spending bill is not paid for which is what of course we are fully expecting. what are your thoughts on the cbo score and what that does for the eventual t vote that the democrats are pushing for? >> well, good morning, maria. i guess that report we just heard, apparently i'm not a trendy blonde anymore. that's not a style. but there's going to be a lot of disappointment on cap l toll cal this week especially for the white house and the democrats. nancy pelosi pushing forward with a vote despite not having the cbo score in hand which will come out probably this friday, that just points to the fact that they've been lying this entire time. how many times have we heard from this administration that this costs zero. we know that's a lie.
6:38 am
and they continue to take things out of it but you can remove pretty much every provision in this bill and it's still crap because we know bad data in gibbs bad data out and this whole bill is just garbage. and i think the american people are waking up to the fact that, listen, when i go to the grocery store, when i go to the gas station, everything is costing more. this bill will only amplify the problems that we have at home. people are not stupid. they know the more than government spends, the less money that we, the everyday working class americans, get to keep in our pocket. and so i hope that nancy pelosi and all of her colleagues are bracing for a very disappointing week because not only is that cbo score going to prove what republicans have been saying all along that we cannot afford this bill, but they are going to be denied the votes once again. americans are calling their representatives, demanding no votes on this and we will once again deny nancy pelosi the votes on this bill. maria: so congresswoman, here's the committee for a responsible budget, saying that the gross
6:39 am
cost of this bill would be more than double what's advertised. they are calling the cost $4.9 trillion. and that is because it is the true cost which includes the length of these programs because they say that the bill relies on a number of sunsets and expirations to keep the official cost down. so again, it's more misinformation from the democrats. let me ask you about this $1.2 trillion infrastructure that package that the president signed into law yesterday. what part of this is actual infrastructure and are there higher taxes hidden in this? >> yeah, you know, that's the thing is biden has said all along that the infrastructure bill with the reconciliation build back better, aka build back broke, that the two bills are tied together, that they go as one so efforts to dismantle it and break it into two bills, one, that's not accurate.
6:40 am
two, i've heard estimates in this bill because, again, you never really know what's in nancy pelosi's bills, you've got to pass them to see what's in them as she says, you never know. i heard that less than 6% of this bill, the infrastructure bill, so-called infrastructure, is actual roads, bridges, airports, broadband, et cetera, things that everyday americans expect and that's why you saw overwhelming numbers of republicans opposing it. i don't think anyone in washington is opposed to real infrastructure. but what we want is actual infrastructure, not social government spending programs and certainly not the green new deal which the infrastructure bill teed up for the democrats and you know as well as i do that once you have a government program on the books, that is going to be on there for a very long time if not forever. i think ronald reagan said it best. maria: and we should point out that it's an infrastructure bill that doesn't have any money toward any border wall or any, you know, homeland security infrastructure. let's look at this new data from customs and border patrol.
6:41 am
it shows 164 you thousand 164,0l migrants apprehended in the month of october. the number of migrants encountered at the southern border up 128% from a year ago. what is it going to take to get this administration to take the border seriously. we're hearing stories of ms-13 and terrorists apa preparedded -- apprehended as well. your reaction. >> if you look at the statistics, one in 25 people in this country here today are here illegally. let me let that sink in. one in 25. that is a staggering statistic. we know that bidens has not been to the border as president. we know had that he believes that there is no crisis but what we know is that every town in america is a border town. and every single town in america is impacted by the drugs and the illegal activity that is a direct result of the open border policy that this administration has. it doesn't matter if you're in jacksonville, florida or dayton,
6:42 am
ohio or la, you are being impacted and americans are paying for this in social programs, in all of the children that are now being put into our schools, into our system, all the social programs that are supporting these people that have been apprehended and then released. we know over $90 million has gone to buy plane tickets and bus tickets for these people and they continue to come. because within this reconciliation bill is an amnesty provision. all the more reason why we as republicans have to absolutely tank, bury and get rid of this reconciliation bill. it's all tied together because the ultimate agenda is dependency and control. social welfare programs that make people dependent on government which keeps democrats in control. and that is why the southwest border needs to be closed immediately. we need that force multiplier in the wall, we need to support border patrol agents and need to make sure the reconciliation bill never sees the light of day, that's for sure. maria: yeah, i don't think that's going to happen in terms of this administration taking
6:43 am
the border situation seriously. they've pretty much shown their cards. congresswoman, good to see you this morning. we'll be watching all of that. congresswoman kat cammack joining us this morning in d.c. thank you so much. quick break and then bring the doctor to your door butt breaking the bank -- without breaking the bank. we look at one company that's looking to transform healthcare. tune into fox business prime tonight, american dream home begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern followed by mansion global at 9:00. you're watching "mornings with maria" live on fox business.
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introducing the all-electric eqs. happy holidays from mercedes-benz. maria: medicine on the move, how one company is bringing high quality healthcare right to you without the massive price tag. we will introduce you in two minutes' time. stay with us.
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6:47 am
maria: welcome back. the future of healthcare coming right to your doorstep. mobile health services provider dot go going public last week via a spac, the company raised $158 million. anthony capone is the president and he joins me right now. it's great to have you. congratulations to you. >> thank you, maria. real pleasure to be here. maria: look, our audience knows i love this subject. i think this is so important and is a real growth story. tell me about dot go and what kind of runway you see for this company. >> doc go brings healthcare where it's needed and when it's needed. whether that be in the home
6:48 am
we're bringing the healthcare or whether that's on a cruise ship or whether that's in a long-term care facility or a correction alphas it. we bring -- correctional facility. we bring healthcare where it's needed with the appropriate level of clinical care and clinician. the ability for us to deploy our almost 4,000 clinicians around the country in they that mobile setting gives us a lot of runway because there's a lot of healthcare needs in this country. maria: well, tell me about that. i mean, how are you finding your clinicians? are these doctors as well? or clinicians? tell me how you monetize this and how you're able to find the proper medical help to travel to various places, to heal customers. >> yeah. i mean, great question, given the labor shortage for sure. mostly in healthcare it is people who are extremely overly trained doing services which are way below that level of training.
6:49 am
we do the opposite. we take individuals who might have initially a lower level of training, let's say a paramedic and we take them and up-train them for a specific program, let's say maybe some sort of copd chronic care management program. because of that, our labor force we can pull from is much, much larger. there -- they're always acting on behalf of a physician so they're always doing it through telemedicine where the paramedic is performing that medical intervention on behalf of and supervised by that physician but that allows us to scale much easier because we're using a much more accessible labor force and leveraging telemedicine so that we can have fewer physicians per number of field labor paramedics and emts. maria: i love the fact that you have had to double your workforce just in the last year to keep up with demand. we know that it's been tough to find qualified people amid this great resignation.
6:50 am
let me bring nancy tengler in here. >> hi, anthony. i've got a quick question for you. this harkens back to the days marcus wellbw coming to your house. who pays for the service? are you partnering with insurance companies or is this individuals paying out of pocket because it's a fabulous service. >> appreciate that. it's a lot of different payers but insurance companies are the predominant one but in cases where we're serving underserved communities which is a large part of what we do, it's oftentimes funded by a municipal service. but when we're dealing with somebody in the home going into somebody's home of it's going to be an insurer that is usually paying or maybe somebody who is elderly it will be medicare or medicaid. we have the ability to bill and we have in our system almost 400
6:51 am
different insurance payers. be. maria: all right. love it. anthony, good to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thank you for having me, maria. maria: all right. we'll be watching, anthony capone joining us this morning. quick break and then kamala harris snubbed at the white house. the moment you have to see that some people on social media are comparing to the hit show veep. it's making a buzz this morning. we'll have it, next. dad, we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. we got this. yay! we got this. we got this! life is for living. we got this! let's partner for all of it. edward jones
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz. the deepening riff between the white house and vice president kamala harris on full display yesterday during the infrastructure bill signing when the announcer appears to skip over kamala's introduction. watch this. .[cheers and applause]
6:55 am
>> please welcome he heather kirkenback. >> in a moment. [laughter] maria: yeah, it did not stop there. the vice president then iced out by her fellow lawmakers as well, fighting to get to the front before president biden signed the bill. look at that. sean duffy, your thoughts on what's going on here? >> yeah, listen, this is embarrassing, right, that you have this backdrop of internal conflict within the white house between her office and joe biden's office, then you have all these tasks that joe biden has given her that she hasn't been successful with, case in point, the southern border or root causes of immigration. this all shows a lack of respect for kamala harris. and it's not gender. it's not race. this is just a lack of performance. someone who has not been able to do the job and be a power player in washington alongside the president.
6:56 am
maria: yeah. i mean, look, you could argue that joe biden gave her the most important job of all, right? i mean, he made her border czar where we've got a massive crisis underway which has only gotten worse on her watch but she didn't do anything about it, sean. >> 100%. so again, she had a great opportunity to make a huge difference, show her chops at getting things done, right? you want the hard tasks and you want to do the hard tasks well. that would set her up to be the next democrat candidate for president but when you get the hard task and you can't do it, why does america say we want to give you the really, really hard task of being the president of the united states? maria: yeah. and nancy, you know, that introduction just there, i guess one question was why wouldn't the vice president be the one to introduce president biden, instead he's got the union leader introducing him and blowing off kamala. >> well, she's the last one in
6:57 am
the room, maria. yeah, i see a saturday night live skit brewing. it's painful to watch, as sean mentioned. i think it's indicative of her lack of contribution in any way. i mean, i'm not sure she wants to do anything about the border. so i think she's going to be isolated for the rest of the administration. maria: all right. we've got the word on wall street on the other side of this. retail earnings and elon musk selling stock spree. bitcoin selling off as well, next. kevin! kevin? kevin. oh nice. kevin, where are you? kevin?!?!? hey, what's going on?
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maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning, thank you very much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, tuesday november 16th, your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. today the consumer squeeze spiking inflation cutting into americans' disposable income. we are awaiting retail numbers
7:01 am
after two major retails report quarterly earnings, wal-mart and home depot. joe biden tick toeing around xi jinping coming to a close with no mentions of origin 19 and president biden walking away with no concrete collusion on everything adding further to insult, xi called biden, quote, my old friend despite the white house insisting the relationship is strictly business. the fallout all morning long this morning. markets this morning are picking up some speed. we have a gain in the dow industrials right now after edging, this after stocks were little change yesterday kicking off new week where we are looking at retail host of catalyst. nasdaq down 1, s&p 500 flat at
7:02 am
4:00 o'clock on wall street. similar story in europe. european markets are little change but they are trading higher. ftse 100 up 13, the cac up 31 rand dax index higher by 82. euro zone gdp at 2.2% in the third quarter. and in asia overnight, mixed story, hong kong was the best performer. hang seng index up more than one and a third percent. mornings with maria live right now. now some of the top stories that we are watching this morning. president biden officially signing the infrastructure bill into law yesterday but it is continuing to hit more road blocks so because of the run away spending the congressional budget office is expected to release its final assessment on the cost of spending package this upcoming friday. there's expectation that it is not paid for as the committee who is responsible for budget recently reported it's adding $200 billion in deficit of year one and costs close to $5 trillion. house speaker nancy pelosi wants
7:03 am
to go full speed ahead anyway pushing for vote despite divided opinion in her own party and unlikely passage in the senate. 5 moderate house democrats are vowing to wait for cbo's evaluation before making a decision. as i said, that is coming on friday. committee for responsible budget latest analysis as biden's plan would actually cost closer to $5 trillion instead of the $1.75 trillion the democrats are advertising. mean while the trial of kyle rittenhouse in the hands of the jury as deliberations begin just hours from now. the state says rittenhouse brought chaos to kenosha, wisconsin last year forfeiting right to self-defense. the defense arguing that rittenhouse was defending himself rebuking the case. protestors aregated and gathering in kenosha right now ahead of the verdict as national guard troops are on high alert there. new numbers this morning from customs border patrol.
7:04 am
they show more than 114,000 migrant arrests in the month of october that is up 128% from a year ago. and the rio grande valley remaining the epicenter, 45,000 migrants encounter in that section alone with hundreds of thousands s year. as alejandro mayorkas will head to capitol hill to testify in front of judiciary committee. wal-mart earnings are out and time for word on wall street. top investors watching your money. joining me right now garthman letter editor, endowment fund chairman and north carolina state endowment committee member denise garthman, payne capital management president and the host of payne points of wealth ryan payne and investment chief investment officer whose equity income strategy is 5 morning star rated. nancy tengler. great to see everybody, nancy, kicking it off with you with wal-mart earnings, we have got a beat right now with the numbers
7:05 am
coming across the tape as we speak. we've got the earnings and revenue above estimates. same-store sales 9.2%. home depot reporting earnings last hour. your reaction to what we are seeing? >> yeah, maria, beth companies just turned in stiller reports. we own both in our 12 best ideas pert pollio. home depot in particular, they beat on renew, same-store comps beat and though there were fewer transactions the ticket -- average ticket price or sales was up 13% and sales per square foot is 6.2%. they are doing a lot more with less and i think that's important despite all of the supply chain disruption. stock is up 40% this year so i don't think you need to jump in
7:06 am
with both but housing is still hot and you want to just buy it and put it away for the long term. on any weakness i would encourage investors to take a look. and then wal-mart, i'm surprised i do like weekly store checks, the shelves have been very empty, the e-commerce experience has been somewhat disappointing but those are stiller numbers and so i think what they are telling us is despite the supply chain disruption, they will continue to take share in grocery and continue to grow the stores, that's important, the stocks have done nothing all year so i think this may be a time where you want to take a look and they are raising guidance which is remarkable. maria: well, you're right. wal-mart is raising guidance this morning. revenue, nancy, $140.5 billion in revenue in a 3-month period better than the estimate which was 135 billion, you know, what about the supply
7:07 am
shortages, nancy, what about inflation zapping some of our disposable income and why do you think wal-mart is trading up almost 2% right now and yet home depot is flat even though home depot had a pretty good quarter as well? >> well, i think, maria, part of it is home depot has run pretty hard this year, up over 40% and wal-mart is up 1.9%, so i'm surprised it's not up more on the sales and earnings beat. they did announce that their inventory is up 11 and a half percent ahead of the holidays. that goes well for shoppers. they are a power house purchaser and clearly they've anticipated and loaded up. so i do worry about inflation as it affects the individual, you know, you have 4.9% in wage or 4% but inflation is up over 5 so negative real wage gain and that also should benefit wal-mart
7:08 am
because shoppers are more inclipped to go there for the holidays. i do think that these are really good reports and the consular is in pretty decent shape, the last job's report was pretty positive, so i think this is good in retail sales as we move into 2022. maria: yeah, it's a great point. let's talk tesla for a second, denise near bear market territory. tesla reacting to elon musk wave obsessed for selling. yesterday he unloaded 934,000 shares. that was valued at $930 million, denise. your thoughts on what's behind elon musk's selling all of this stock and what it means if you're holding the stock? >> first of all, he has more to sell. he still owns a full of tesla shares and will do b doing for the next several weeks and certainly next several months
7:09 am
and he has the tax problems he has to resolve. no question about that. he using sales to resolve those circumstances. so he has still more to do. i'm stunned by tesla's price even at a thousand $7 a share. we are down 18 or 19%. we still may go lower, however, if you're just looking at it from a purely technical circumstance, if you did not neglect what the stock was, if you looked at the chart of the stock for the first time i'd actually be tempt today buy it knowing that if it's traded under a thousand dollars today i'd probably be gone but this is the first time i've had any inclination merely from a technical circumstance to take a shot on the upside. will i buy from my own account, no, i will not. could i understand why others might want to take a shot at it after calling 18, 19% from its highest, i can understand that. nonetheless, the fact that we are still selling at more than the valuation of 13 or 14
7:10 am
automobile companies in the world makes no sense to me in the long run, so god bless those people who have done good job owning tesla. they can do it without me. >> it's created a lot of value so far and so has bitcoin, ryan. [laughter] maria: ryan, we have a new bank of america survey and finds that bitcoin is the second most crowded trade right now. it comes as crypto is now hoovering around $60,000. it was at record high. and regulatory concerns i'm hearing more about, senator ted cruz this weekend told me there's a provision in the build back better plan that regulates crypto to the extent that anybody holding crypto will get hurt. he's trying to take this out with an amendment of his own. regulatory backdrop and also
7:11 am
china perhaps dragging on bitcoin as well with regulatory form work, what does this mean for crypto? ryan: yeah, i think it's all coming. you can see the writing on the wall. if the brokerage firms that actually are the ones actually essentially trading to bitcoin and they have to start to tell you what the transactions are to the government, report that to the government and some of the crypto participants actually have to start paying capital gains. i think that's just the beginning of the end. you are more regulation and china obviously they are doing a big job to crack down on this mining. you're looking to put more punitive damage and they are doing bitcoin mining. i think at the end of the day as the money gets bigger and bigger around under $3 trillion which is just remarkable. insane number how many people are participating in this market now.
7:12 am
invariably that's what happens. look, there's still no commercial use for bitcoin. it's very small. again, it uses so much energy, this just seems like the mother of all bubbles and i think a cold day in hell before denise garthman buys any tesla or bitcoin. if he does, then you know the world is going to end. other than that speaks to down the line, the bubble is going to burst and regulation is a big part of that and i'd still be very worried even if it goes up higher here in the short-term. at the end to have day, look at the tech companies back in late '99, 2000 that became worthless and you have the same dynamic going on right now, maria. maria: a lot of them became worthless but some of them became google and some of them became amazon. denise, you have a comment about that? >> it's a cold day in virginia
7:13 am
but not a cold day in hell yet. maria: great to see everybody this morning. denise garthman, ryan payne nancy tension her. the china threat. we will break down president biden's call with xi jinping last night. nothing came out of it. wait till you hear what didn't come up. dc advisory ceo steven yates along with wisconsin senator ron johnson to talk about what was not discussed and plus the cost of rising crime taking a toll. why cities are spending more than ever in law enforcement in refund the police movement. plus the great resignation. we will tell you how leaving the traditional labor market could actually be helping you land your dream job, we will get into it, joining the conversation all morning long, nancy tengler and sean duff any, we will get back to the fantastic panel. you're watching mornings with maria live on fox business.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
maria: welcome back. another long-time texas democrat leaving the party. state representative ryan gillen is changing his party affiliation from democrat to republican. watch this. >> many of us are waking up to the fact that the values of those in washington, d.c. are not our values. the ideology of defunding the police, of destroying the oil and gas industry and the chaos at our border is disastrous for those of us who live here in south texas. maria: yeah, the push to defund the police not sitting well in denver either. city now spending more than ever on law w enforcement amid surge in violence. some city council members supported defunding the police last year only to see the numbers skyrocket in terms of
7:18 am
crime. sean duff any, your reaction? sean: first, representative in texas leaving the democrat party, the policies of democrats today are coastal liberal elites. it's global warming, it's defund the police, they are dealing with climate change and doesn't sit well with middle americans. you go to texas and we make our money with oil and gas and you want to kill it. what's interesting is politicians are very close, you're close to the people that you represent and you know where they're at. he's not leaving the party because he wants to leave the democrat. he wants to leave the democrat party because the constituents have left the democrat party. he's trying to save himself and become a republican like his constituents. so by the way on defund the police, when you destroy police departments, it takes a lot more money to rebuild them. that's why denver is spending that much more money because they have to recreate what they had before the defund the police
7:19 am
movement. maria: that's a great point, sean. nancy. >> this feels like a wave, beginning of a wave. we turned a corner and i think politicians as sean mentioned are getting a lot of pressure from their constituents. you know, it was the great ronald reagan who said i didn't lever the democrat party, the democratic party left me. that feels a lot like what the representative is saying. i'm heartened to see this and i hope that we continue to see politicians do their job which first and foremost is to protect american citizens and with that latest drive-by shooting, you can see what happens when there's a lack of officers and police on the job, so kudos. maria: absolutely. absolutely. we will slip in a short break and then come back with the democrats' priorities, the focus on going green not addressing
7:20 am
sky-high inflation, lawmakers are set to ask about incorporating clean energy into the supply chain. then slamming canceled culture. how one actress is responding to big-screen backlash, it's the hot buzz of the morning. next on mornings with maria.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
maria: welcome back, lawmakers holding a supply chain hearing on capitol hill today but instead of headlining the hearing about the supply chain, they are focused on finding solutions instead of finding solutions for delays. witnesses are going to be pressed on how to incorporate more clean energy into the supply chain. this falls in line with the biden administration's goal to eliminate carbon emissions and john kerry says america will stop burning coal by 2030. that's some time within the next nine years and, of course, joe
7:24 am
biden's nominee says she wants coal and oil companies to go bankrupt. joining me right now is kentucky congressman oversight committee ranking member james comer, congressman, thank you very much for being here. tell me about the hearing that we are expected today. you say shutting down coal will put people out of work and raise electricity prices? >> absolutely. everyone knows that except the liberal democrats in charge of washington right now. every committee hearing they've had ends up being a committee hearing about some type of green project, the green new deal, green nuclear, green jobs, anything except the green that is costing american taxpayers. the latest proposal build back better will increase taxes on 20 to 30% of -- of every americans about 20 to 30%, it's also going to increase inflation. we've got all of the problems with the supply chain right now mainly because of overregulation and -- and a labor shortage due to democrats policies paying
7:25 am
people not to work but they want to talk about green supply chain solutions. it makes no sense and anyone that's watching this is going to realize that democrats don't have any real solutions to the problems. maria: yeah, it's interesting because voters just, you know, voted in the last two weeks. the democrats almost lost new jersey. they lost virginia, so it's a clear wake-up call, you would think that voters are rejecting this massive push of this agenda. the committee for responsible budget reports that the gross cost of the spending bill, this build back better bill is $4.9 trillion. we are waiting on the cbo, congressional budget office expect today release final assessment on the cost this friday, but committee for responsible budget says it's almost $5 trillion. what are your thoughts about what is taking place in the house? i know that nancy pelosi is pushing for a vote as soon as possible. is that even doable before
7:26 am
thanksgiving? i know the senate is a whole other story but what are your thoughts because 5 of your colleagues, 5 moderate house democrats say they are going the wait for the cbo to score to make any decision on this? >> that's right. but anything is possible with nancy pelosi. you're exactly right about the message that the american voters sent to the democrats at the election a couple of weeks ago, virginia, new jersey and many other states. i thought that's good, the democrats members of congress will get the message and pull back on excessive spending and ridiculous regulatory pursuits but instead they just shifted in gears and nancy pelosi somehow indoctrinated into the democrat members of congress and the reason they-election is because they hadn't spent enough money and hadn't passed new hampshire green deal legislation. now you have democrats in overdrive here but with respect to the cbo score, parts are coming to come out as you
7:27 am
correctly stated, maria, 5 moderate democrats wouldn't vote on it until the cbo come out. they did the cbo score last night, the irs portion, the part where nancy pelosi want to hire 787,000 new irs workers, they said that that would add 400 billion to the coffers, it's only going to add 120 billion. so it gives proof that democrats are pulling numbers out of their high end to make it stick to say somehow the budget balances but it doesn't balance. it's a huge tax increase and increase inflation and it's not going to do anything but make the economy worse. maria: thank you jonman james comer. quick look at the state of the consumer, import. port data out at 8:30's. the dow industrials up 57. we are watching your wallet and my next guest is telling us how
7:28 am
you can minimize your tax this upcoming season. don't miss mornings with maria.
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7:31 am
maria: welcome back. good tuesday morning. thank you very much for joining. i'm maria bartiromo and it is tuesday november 16th, take a look at marks this half an hour. we are waiting for important consumer data this morning. dow industrials up 60 points going into retail sales numbers. nasdaq up 3 quarters of 1 point. we did get strong results from wal-mart as well as home depot that. is lifting sentiment this morning. we will get the next check on the consumer in one hour's time when we get the october retail sales numbers out at 8:30 a.m. eastern. we are looking for a gain of 1.2% for the month. check global market this is morning. european markets are moving higher slightly across cross the board. ftse 100 up 10 points and the cac is up 33 and dax is higher by 74. in asia overnight, mixed story, hong kong was the best
7:32 am
performer, hang seng end exup one and a third percent on the session overnight. back in the u.s., ohio is suing facebook's parent company meta, lauren simonetti with the details now. lauren. lauren: ohio attorney general dave filing the lawsuit on behalf of meta investors and the ohio public employees retirement system. it alleges from april 29th to october 21st, facebook and its executives violated federal securities law by purposely misleading the public about the negative effects its products have on teenagers. it's seeking $100 billion in damages. this follows allegations from the former employee that internal research showed facebook knew it was harmful. a meta spokesperson saying the suit is without merit and they will defend themselves vigorously. well, the fda is expected to expand eligibility for the vaccine booster to all adults regardless of age or which
7:33 am
vaccine they previously had. it's reported that the fda will make their decision without consult from an advisory board and has data that pfizer submitted last week all this in an effort to push ahead with the authorization on its own. i know it gets confusing back in september fda advisory panel agreed to only give boosters to older americans and the immunocompromised and you have 4 states, arkansas, california, and new mexico plus new york city not waiting for federal decision, they are allowing for all. beto o'rourke is running for texas governor, the former congressman is coming unsuccessful attempt to oust ted cruz and failed presidential run in 2020 that arguably makes him a weaker candidate in a harder race. he also made some comments on defunding the police and calling for stricter gun laws that might be unpopular for some. well, current texas governor greg abbott who is running for a
7:34 am
third term responded on twitter telling o'rourke to, quote, bring it and here we have it. more pain at the pump in california, gas prices, yeah, they hit another record high overnight. the average price per gallon for regular unloaded now 4.69 a gallon. this is the third straight day the price of gasoline has set an all-time high. the national average by the way it's more than a dollar than it was last year. 3.41. maria. back to you. maria: really expensive, lauren, thank you so much. all right, president biden and chinese leader xi jinping meeting virtually last night and the issue of covid-19 origins never came up. biden fails to bring up several important issues, in fact, the pandemic was mentioned briefly but not the origin and the china cover-up. this despite china's culpability in the death of 5 million people across the world since biden took office he has not once addressed the origins of covid
7:35 am
and china's cover-up with the chinese dictator. two leaders did talk taiwan, do you mean heights. stephen yates, former national security to vice president dick cheney and the former radio free asia president. also hudson institute senior fellow rebecca heindricks. his investigators came back and said, well, we can't come up with any conclusive solution even though we know that all of the circumstantial evidence points to a leak out of the wuhan lab, but still they said, we can't really be conclusive because china will not let us in to do a proper investigation. so why is it that this question
7:36 am
of why you're not allowing a true investigation was pose today xi jinping in why tiptoe around it? >> i think the answer lies in basically president biden engaging in conventional that could have taken place in the bush administration 20 years ago or the obama administration ten years ago. he completely ignores the significant, strategic and correct change in tone and substance that happened during the trump years especially folks on trade and how it can completely walk past the impact of covid which also took trillions of dollars out of the global economy and no accountability by china. but fundamentally this is just an approach that the chinese love where you come together, you say we have to cooperate and we will raise issues but nothing ever really happens. and the chinese leader just smiles and keeps doing what he has been doing. maria: well, i mean, rebecca, we have seen some serious bullying
7:37 am
under way from the ccp, they are threatening australia because australia wants to know the origins of covid-19 now that more than 5 million people are dead. china bought out the italian military drone maker without authorities knowledge and they have the military drone maker and there are reports and i believe that it is true that the united states is buying drones from china which is absolutely absurd. your thoughts on that call last night? >> you know, most of what happens at the summits is just exchange, the purpose to make sure leaders are having conversation. i'm not opposed to open conversation. i was trying to pay attention to what the visuals were going to be like coming out of the virtual summit but the chinese are now playing internally, domestically is a very serious looking xi jinping and very
7:38 am
toothy, goofy joe biden and so that's the other part of it that we need to pay attention, so much of this has to do with visuals and how each country is going to play it. so i think it's probably negative for the united states here. there's no breakthrough on issues as you mentioned they didn't discuss harsh issues. the winter olympics wasn't brought up neither hostage diplomacy which china has engaged in meanwhile the biden administration has encouraged increased trade with the chinese. none of that should be going on until we figure out, until we get to some clarity about the consequences of the chinese hostage diplomacy. we don't want our businessmen being captured by the chinese communist party. there's plenty of things that were not discussed. covid-19 origins, i'm more concerned about the chinese communist party behaved in the wake of covid leak because that's what caused all of the deaths and that has a deliberate, you know, why did they behave that way and they need to be held accountable, so overall no big breakthroughs and
7:39 am
net negative just this terms of the propaganda effect. maria: i mean, there's so much propaganda out there, right, rebecca, and now you have certain groups that lobby for the ccp because they are getting paid? wall street is getting honey pots, getting this opportunity to operate their firms 100% owned, you have academia that is also getting money from china in many areas, hollywood, they're funding movies and now you've got according to reuters china and the chinese embassy has been lobbying executives and business groups just in the last few weeks against china-related bills, so we only have 20 legislative days left in this year for lawmakers to come up with four major bills that they've got to get to. one of them is china policy. there are china-related bills in the u.s. congress and four sources are apparently dealing reuters that in letters and meetings the chinese embassy has
7:40 am
been lobbying these groups. so how do you stop that when you have groups like academia, hollywood, wall street all making money on china, why that you would they push to make sure to hold the ccp to account? >> or the two biggest lobbyists, john kerry and secretary of commerce who are allegedly going to congress fighting against bill that is would ban goods that have something to be made with the genocide camps in china. it's john kerry that's is the one to make sure that doesn't happen and secretary of commerce who doesn't want certain companies that the trump administration had banned because of their connection to the chinese military to remove those from the ban list. dji drones, communist party drone that they use for genocide camps that the u.s. government has removed from the list and
7:41 am
that companies can still, then u.s. companies can't even compete because you have the behemoth of drone company that is used for surveillance and spying. it's a major problem and it gets to the core of the biden administration really having this schizophrenic policy towards china. they want us to think that they are being tough on china and yet their mum on things that they should be speaking on and taking a much tougher approach towards as a matter of policy. maria: yeah, they are not tough on them at all, stephen. even this idea that biden made changes to what his team described it is a legally flawed treasury list enforcing these companies to, you know, abide by the auditing rules that we have in order to be listed on the exchange. they also have these companies, the so-called vie's that are not on the list so there's a ton of companies that are getting away with whatever they want. they don't have to abide by u.s.
7:42 am
rules. your thoughts on that and by the way, what about this 2022 winter olympics, are we supposed to just ignore the bad behavior from the ccp and they'll make believe that we are all celebrating the winter olympics in beijing this february? >> pretty much, the biden administration is all about lowering expectations so we shouldn't expect any of the china bills to pass, we shouldn't expect any changes to the approach, the olympics. of course, i say that as analytical matter because that's what they have been actually saying with their own spokes people, but the truth of the matter is, of course, there should be reconsideration of these things. it's jut rankingous just as a business matter the virus that came out of china that china leadership manipulated the global dialogue about and affected supply chains maliciously took a lot of profits out of japan's olympics. we could easily have moved the winter olympics to japan and
7:43 am
have them host them instead and avoid all of the problems that have to do going to china for the olympics, but i do i expect our current leadership to do that, no, i don't. there's a huge, huge problem about treating china as if it's a kid with a bike with training wheels and that's been going on for 50 years for the most part. president trump adjusted that somewhat to treat them more like a normal nation but we continue to let china get away with things that we never let russians to get away with and we are harder on own neighbors and allies. that has to change. maria: i'm trying to understand why, rebecca, is this a conflict of interest because there was a period of time when we thought, well, maybe if we open up our markets to china, maybe, you know, they will open up their markets to ours and obviously that hasn't happened, xi jinping is modeling himself and much more than any other leader and yet here we have a situation
7:44 am
where biden keeps rolling over for the ccp. is he conflicting? we all remember the laptop from hell from hunter biden where there was one e-mail that says, i get 10% and then there's 10% held by for the big guy. are they making money on china, is that the problem? >> i think that it's money, money and many officials are still living in 1990's, they haven't adapted policy and they don't see what the gutting of the american manufacturing base has been the result of the policy towards china that has hurt the working middle class and rather than china opening up an liberalizing, it's the united states who has been weakened and international institutions while the chinese communist party can push ideology and censor the things they don't want talked anthony: don't want discussed and now you have reports biden administration officials i would assume because of china's demand wanting to curtail malign
7:45 am
influence in documents. you have the u.s. government not influencing the chinese communist party to become more free but for them to censor us and curve our values. maria: so disturbing especially with all of the chinese propaganda that's mouthpieces for the ccp. stephen yate seasoned and rebecca heinrics. thank you so much. we will be right back.
7:46 am
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barks it's under the couch. it's always under the couch and you can always count on healthmarkets to find a health plan fit for you. don't wait. save time. find the plan that fits you. call this number now or visit maria: welcome back, we are watching your wallet here on mornings with maria. so thanksgiving is nine days
7:49 am
away. christmas is 39 days away. that means you should also start your tax planning. joining me right now certified public accountant gene marks. great to see you this morning. thank you very much for being here r. there items that we need to be aware of going to year end for our tax savings? >> yeah, maria. let me share with you just four bits of advice for your viewers running businesses and on their own. number 1 if you're running a business, please take advantage of the work opportunity tax credit, maria, if you are hiring anybody that's been unemployed for more than 6 months, you can get a 9,600-dollar credit, use it to pay a hiring bonus for employees. that's number 1. number 2, you want to give to charities both personally and from your business. there was an extra charitable deduction above the standard deduction this year for individuals and for businesses you can deduct up to 25% of your income only to this year for giving to a charity.
7:50 am
so that's a great deduction plus if you're involved in charity that's way to raise money. two other things if you want to through 2025 help your employees out with student loans. we have an entire generation that's buried under student debt and thanks to one of the stimulus bills we can now pay $5,250 towards our employee student loans and we get a deduction for it and they don't get taxed for it and finally, finally, hire your kids, maria, you can bring your kids into the office, you want to -- you don't want to put your 6-year-old behind the phones but a reasonable age. the standard deduction takes care of that other than payroll taxes. maria: very interesting. gene, we are talking about the great resignation, 4.4 million people have dropped out of the workforce, what are you seeing in terms of people are doing, freelancing, side hustles?
7:51 am
>> we have seen an explosion in new start-up applications this year, maria. >> there's a few big reasons. people need money. a lot of people needed the extra income. household wealth is really high. that's given a lot of opportunities for people to start up businesses but it's exciting for entrepreneurs. maria: all right, we will leave it there, gene, great to get your advice. stay with us, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back. time for the hot topic buzz, canceling canceled culture, playwright and producer lynn manuel miranda giving stance on criticism he received saying it's not cancellation but instead, quote, having opinions, acknowledging he cannot please anybody. miranda ran into loads of criticism over in the heights movie. many says that there wasn't enough representation. sean, it's good to hear this pushback within the liberal party on cancel culture? sean: you know, it's good to hear the pushback. he's a left-wing ideology. he's part of the problem and concerned about cancel culture only when it's coming for him, maria. he hasn't spoken about anyone who has been canceled and this cancel culture mob, it's a monster that eats everything and
7:56 am
it'll eat all of the liberals that eventually feed it because it destroys everything in the path and the liberals don't see that and everybody will be subject to the wrath of the mob. thank goodness hi stood up for himself but wouldn't it be great if he spoke up to others and we can have great american debate and dialogue that doesn't get impact bid cancel culture? maria: you're right, and it's really ugly. i mean, nancy, comen. give me a break. they followed, you know, christian sinema into the ladies' room. enough because you don't agree with somebody's opinion. >> yeah, maria i'm probably the only person who saw hamilton and probably because i like ron, biography of hamilton but
7:57 am
hamilton wrote about faction and spent a great deal of time in that and it's important for us as a nation to return to this watch word. it's having opinion. we need to teach our students how to think, not what to think and i'm hopeful that even though he may, in fact, be part of the problem, that he begins to speak up as others are doing as well. maria: it's a great point. quick break and then is your phone driving you crazy? notification overload, next. kevin! kevin? kevin.
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8:01 am
spiking inflation cutting into americans disposable income we are awaiting retail sales number 30 minutes' time after better-than-expected results from home depot and walmart, walmart raising full year guidance home depot beating same-store sales exoneration, poised to add roughly 40 points on dow jones industrial average, then joe biden, tiptoes around xi jinping. the virtual summit to close no mention of the origins of covid-19 president biden walking away no concrete o resolutions on anything in fact including why chinese dictator stopping an investigation into the origin of this pandemic fallout all morning markets on the rise boosteded by home depot walmart dow industrials showing gain 60 points, s&p 500 up one nasdaq negative, down one and a half right now, european markets this morning fractionally higher, take a
8:02 am
look, iny zone ft 100 right now hire, just turned negative, down almost 1 point the cac quarante in paris up 24. the dax index up 74 we did get economic data out of you you're zone gdp coming in 2 1/4% in the third quarter in asia overnight mixed story hong kong was best performer hang seng up one and a third percent "mornings with maria" is live right now. . your morning movers, climbing in premarket take a look up almost 5% electricity maker better-than-expected third quarter says command reservations increasing on track to hit production target next year aurt maker taking steps to mitigate fly chain crisis of including less expensive miles. >> coinbase broad decline this cryptocurrency down coin bays down better than 4% bitcoin
8:03 am
briefly below 59,000 this morning the lowest he level, this month, after hitting record highs just last week, on bitcoin. >> now some top stories that we are watching this morning, president biden officially signed infrastructure bill into law yesterday, but it is hitting more roadblocks with runaway spending numbers, congressional budget office expected to reefs final assessment on cost this friday, and there is an expectation that it is not paid for the committee for responsible federal budget recently reported it is adding 200 billion dollars to the deficit in year one, costs upwards of 4 1/2 trillion dollars, house speaker nancy pelosi wants to go full speed ahead pushing for votes as soon as possible despite divided bn in our partly unlikely passage in the senate five moderate house democrats vowing to wait for valuation before a decisions the committee for responsible federal budget, analyze says
8:04 am
this plan costs closer to five trillion dollars in an 1.75 trillion that is being advertised. >> the trial of kyle rittenhouse in hands of the jury as deliberations begin in two hours' time the state saying rittenhouse brought chaos to kenosha, wisconsin last year forfeiting right to system defense arcing rittenhouse was defending himself, arguing their trying to create a political villain protesters gathering in kenosha ahead of verdict as national guard troops remain on high alert, crisis at southern border persisting new numbers from customs and border protection showing more than 154,000 migrant arrests in october up 128% from the same time, a year ago rio grande valley region epicenter for migrant crossings so narrow there, very easy to cross, 45,000 migrants encountered in that sector say lone hundreds of thousands others so-called getaways, that have gotten away in this
8:05 am
country so far. i am told up to 400,000 got awaiting this year president biden chinese leader xi jinping met vichl failed to debris up several important issues no mention whatsoever of the origins of covid-19 de expedite dpets of 5 million people across the world evidence that showed virus leaked from plan in wuhan biden has not once addressed the origins of the coronavirus china koch with xi jinping two leaders did discuss, taiwan briefly, human rights briefly, and afghanistan, answered mostly climate change, joining me right now wisconsin senator ron johnson member of the homeland security foreign relations committee all morning long sean duffy nancy tengler thank you for joining the conversation. >> good morning, maria. . >> your reaction to the call between biden, and xi jinping.
8:06 am
>> well, wasn't expecting much, i don't think we got much. but you know bottom line actions speak much louder than words unfortunately what president biden has been doing is been demonstrating weakness xi jinping, mill troois south china sea islands threatens taiwan with over flights, represses his own people uighurs, we are actually -- concerned more about wokeness in military as opposed to military readiness, xi jinping understands that, bobulinski warned us grieves he is compromised the vast -- web of foreign financial entanglements millions dollars different wire transfierce that we don't really know exactly what happened there but i can tell you chinese intelligence does. so again we have very weak president, he is just
8:07 am
emanating weakness his actions are weak. and weak invites aggression you achieve peace through strength this administration is doing everything -- the wrong way in terms of making america stronger, to really achieve type of peace stability we need in the world. maria: so you this i the reason that he tiptoes around xi jinping is because he is compromised? i mean we know that the last -- brought many emails one said hunter biden getting one percentage of a business in china, then, there was the 10% helded by h. for the big guy we never confirmed the big guy is joe biden but you think it is. >> he concern why would he allow nord stream 2 pipeline to continue with when we had that stopped through strong sanctions, russia knows what
8:08 am
entanglements biden has china knows iran knows north korea probable knows chuck grasso and i tried to warn america the media shrugged it off covered for this president got him elected never admit they were wrong they continue to cover for him the reporting i am hearing is that you have the great meeting cordial -- it accomplished nothing, and china i am sure just -- smiling, that they are now dealing with a very weak american administration. maria: senator i've got to ask you about the nomination process, for some of joe biden's picks. first of all, i got a reported in past many sources have told me that it is likely, that joe biden will not reappoint jay powell for the chairman of the federal reserve the progressives want lael brianard she is a favorite of elizabeth warren, that is one, the impact of having
8:09 am
progressive at the chairman of the federal reserve, then, of course, there is the top banking regulatory position, job's pick for the top position in treasury last week said that the video was released she wants oil and coal companies to go bankrupt what is going on in terms of the nomination isn't it so what can you tell us, whether or not she will get approved? have approval? >> well you called them progressives i would call them radical left-hand leftists we are seeing radical will have the it's after radical leftists views outside of mainstream the mainstream press not covering this only in conservative outlets shows like yours that talk about how radical their views are a tree spieshg environmental radically gets nominated -- this is the problem with a
8:10 am
radical left administration. i am hoping america is paying attention america needs to awaken to urgz of the issue here we need to understand what democrat governments looks like i said in the past it is true so many people in the biden administration is incompetent that is too kind these are their policies open border, out of control deficit spending weakness, from from foreign policy embarrassing dangerous surrender in you afghanistan, rising oil prices, gas prices. this is what they are policies were designed to create. maria: yeah. look at some inflation numbers we're talking about you mentioned the open border, the number of migrants a apprehended in have october, surged 128%. year-over-year most of the migrants from guatemala, honduras el salvador senator but we know that they are coming from all you know all
8:11 am
places across the world, and depending honor how much the mexican cartels want to charge, that is a difference if you are from china much more expensive than if from your guatemala. why won't this administration acknowledge this wide-open border and why are they pushing through this massive spending package, when you've got things like bacon up 20%, must have ips biscuits up 5%, brek fast cereals whole milk up 6% most expensive thanksgiving in decades, and -- thank you know, textbook definition of nation is too many dollars chasing too few goods yet they want this more dollars chasing too few goods with this spending package. >> because they are open berried radical leftists socialists marxists who this administration is populated with starts from the top, again, this is what they want, you know, remember every democrat presidential
8:12 am
candidate vowed not to deport people provide free health care they are always talking about creating more government programs more entitlements we can't afforded the entitlements we have they add more entitlements, rather than honestly scoring what i have been calling bernie's budget now maybe pelosi's budget not acknowledging once a government program is created you never end it scoring over full 10 years when 3 1/2 trembling one group scored over 5 1/2 trillion he supposed score 1.75 i heard just on your program here that scoring closer to have to 4 1/2 trillion dollars, those are the accurate numbers, but they believe those kind of -- gimmick budget scores will pull wool over american people's eyes get
8:13 am
away with it. maria: where is it going american families getting impacted by all above. the most we can do blow when whistle own i will human entitlement programs the way we are paying people not to work one of the reasons we have severe labor crisis in this country, why we have, supply shortages, with combining with the out of control deficit spending that is why we have inflation. inflation is increasing, to businesspeople price increases not only expected they are being accepted that is a very bad place for economy to be when we basically have inflation endemic at the same time we have a he slowing economy that is called stagflation i have been concerned about it for months, i think we are witnessing it. want. maria: senator good to see you this morning thanks very much we will keep watching all that senator ron johnson in d.c. thank you, sir. . >> much more ahead coming up former national security advisory hr mcmasters here
8:14 am
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maria: welcome back, consumer in focus on wall street october retail sales out less than 15 minutes we will have numbers for you going into it the dow industrials up, up 55, nasdaq, s&p up fractionally we are also expecting, sales to rise 1.2% fueled by higher gas prices early holiday shopping, we did get good numbers on earnings this morning comes on heels of walmart, home depot,
8:18 am
both reporting better-than-expected earnings and revenue for the quarter, the stocks are higher as you can see by fractions joining me getty montgomery scott chief investment strategist mark luh luschini the price spikes across the board what is your take on impact of spending how do you look at the macro story right now? >> i still think that for the macro story very favorable, i think the consumer overall is in terrific shape record level of indebtedness -- consumers -- lowest level since 2000, debt service comforts amount of debt, is lowest in more than 40 years, we know that excess savings in the magnitude of 2 1/2 trillion
8:19 am
dollars consumer pocketbooks collectively the consumer is in gave great shape relative, to -- fuel economic activity, so, very -- to see numbers you reported, particularly walmart i think a terrific zbal on income cohort strongest propensity to spend into economy well endowed same-store sales, strong setup for holiday sales. maria: you are right people have gotten a warning and certainly did start their shopping early. does any of this bullish case is change when federal reserve sarts raising interest rates that taper really does begin we are expecting i am eminently as well as possibly potential more spending. >> well, i think collectively
8:20 am
it to some degree i think tapering pretty well baked in at this juncture the reality is that is going to lead to raising interest rates at some point the question when and then how swiftly they are increased on top of that is the infrastructure, spending the "build back better" program could drive a lot of fiscal spending when already running at a very high rate, right now atlanta federal reserve gdp, showing fourth quarter annualized growth over 8% very strong acceleration after that we had in third quarter this year not to mention you talked about here earlier in the program, that we have inflation, mostly running 1-year high 6.2% annualized, so -- it is a collective problem i worry about consumer just talked about so well endowed going to feel impact very strong wage
8:21 am
growth real wages for many particularly lowest income cohorts are negative, and that could impact spending as we go for instance 2022 so collectively, going to create a little more un ease markets responded terrific year-to-date returns. >> have you changed allocation new ideas for 2022. >> not yet quite bullish, knowing number of things inflation, china, detaent or lack thereof with iran probably come to head later there are many things can unsettle bullish case that we have right now, more than 5,000 on s&p 500, a lot of people target, some time perhaps early 2022 having said that, things setting up for in
8:22 am
2022 probably far more returns, in stock market than we saw this year, and probably eventual see this from cyclical sectors benefiting from reflation to one that perhaps slowing economic activity in the back half of the year may transition to more defensive growth policy but for time being long with cyclicals that are economically sensitive, materials industrials financials energy we believe strength not only he domestic economic conditions but resumption uptick in activity gloefrl. >> mark luschini joining us this morning. .
8:23 am
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at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will help you create a comprehensive wealth plan for your full financial picture. with the right balance of risk and reward. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect. . maria: welcome back soaring inflation affecting more than groceries price at a the pump
8:26 am
studied nearly 44% americans, to get rid of streaming or cable service next six months main reason higher expenses sean your thoughts. >>. >> so a going to make sense over pandemic a lot of people at home kids at home they couldn't go to the park they couldn't go to the beach, i am going to watch tv loaded up on all streaming services now america starting to move again people out of the house, more activity, there is less couch time but on top of that there is rising prices not only paying more for gas in car, as you mentioned bacon sugar everything else, something has to give, rising cost of streaming services make people say i don't need them all going to cut back, and pick the ones that work for me the ones i don't use so much on cutting move i am going to save a few dollars every month. maria: that is exactly right, something has to give quick break the inflation numbers,
8:27 am
as well as october retail sales, right after this break. . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. today, you have to deal with a lot of moving parts. you want everything to be on autopilot. and to be prepared if anything changes. with ibm, you can do both. your business can bring data together across your clouds, from suppliers to shippers, to the factory floor. so whatever comes your way, the wheels keep moving. seamlessly modernizing your operations, that's why so many businesses work with ibm.
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paid for by the u.s. department of health & human services consumer price index ii . maria: welcome back good tuesday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is tuesday, november 16 we are standing by for october retail sales and o import-export prices markets ahead of number dow industrials up 60 s&p up 2 1/2, nasdaq higher by 6 points, the estimate right now, up 1.2% for retail sales fort month october get right to lauren on the numbers right now and reaction. laurenp. lauren: month of october stronger than expected i don't think people are surprised rose 1.7% because a big push to go to the store buy holiday presents early because of supply chain issues also price
8:31 am
of gasoline very expensive retail sales stronger than expected 1.7% in october from september. also one of the earlier pieces of information, that gets put into the fourth quarter gdp, so that could help shape, how much of a rebound, we get. the end of the year, let me get to the o o import-export prices for october, o i am port up 1.2% more than expected more than the month of september, back to you. >> o all right that was much better-than-expected number, you also had gasoline sales up as well, 3.9% we have a market that is mixed, though thank you very much lauren simonetti nancy tengler with us what do you think of numbers. nancy: i think after you just a for inflation we are kind of back being to pre-pandemic levels. inflation is in numbers for sure, i thought interesting looking interesting that
8:32 am
retail sales x auto strong, 1.7, so, once you take out 1.4, food all inflationary talking about all morning it is having an impact but, as you know, we saw great results from walmart and home depot i think target is poised to report a good report tomorrow. so overall i think this is positive. and you know bullish for the u.s. consumer and for christmas. maria: do you own retail right now do you want to be owning these stocks? >> we do we're all stocks i just mentioned, we own a lot of consumer discretionary names, the goods -- retailers and services retailers restaurants as well. we think you know, people are dying to get out, and we'd see it in, i think the stores are packed the malls backed are we
8:33 am
pulling forward demand from 2022 that is what i am worried about long term. maria: that is great analysis, you are right, because people wanted to get ahead of supply chain shortages, that is what we saw in the walmart numbers of as well, stocks up this morning, and bordered market is mixed, with dow industrials up 59 nasdaq down 5 1/4 nancy thanks for that analysis spot-on, meanwhile, president biden walking away with no secretes resolutions on anything after meeting with chinese president xi jinping last night in that a virtual summit you want president did not ask xi jinping anything about the origins of covid-19 why xi is stopping investigation into origins in china subject did not come up five plus million people dead subject did not come up leaders not making headway on other issues including human rights abuses a mill uighurs locked up in
8:34 am
xinjiang right now genocide, trade no issues taiwan no real solutions, here is joe biden from last night. >> seems to be our responsibility, as leaders of china and united states, to ensure that a competition between our countries, does not go into conflict intended or unintended a simply straightforward competition. >> competition? but it is also an adversary, he continues to call china a competitor even though they are very clear that this ccp want to overtake united states as number one superpower senior fellow at hoover institution author of new book "battleground fight to did he have the free world" general great to see you this morning thanks for being with me. >> thanks for having me. great to see you. maria: so what was your take
8:35 am
on that conversation between xi jinping, and joe biden last night? >> well, i think what is missing is a sense of that we need to win in this competition, maria. because when we see the xi jinping doing, as you already mentioned right he is extending tightening exclusive grip on pour internally through genocide campaign against uighurs in xinjiang also production of technologically enabled orwellian police state extending repression into hong kong tied to external threats now in south china sea, if he succeeds accomplish largest landgrab in history one third of the world service trade flows, threat against taiwan you mentioned forcing covid-19 on world o how about also subverting international organizations o like world health organization then we've seen really unprecedented
8:36 am
campaign economic coercion against australia, for having -- maybe we should have investigations to origins of covid-19 this isn't just low stakes competition if fortune, once, again, in this competition the world will be less free less prosperous less safe. maria: that is exactly right, well said. and that is why the subject has been paramount for this program now you have the ccp, slowly but surely getting a foothold in afghanistan. i said a few times, that taiwan is the global center in many ways for semiconductor chips no wonder china wants to own that for that and other reasons, afghanistan, has an incredible rich portfolio of rare earth i minerals china wants that as well you said the u.s. is withdrawal that botched withdrawal from gz you
8:37 am
afghanistan comes with consequences we strength taliban weakened 56 gan government on the way out biden foreign policyholders is putting our country in danger tell me about this what is the china threat in you go afghanistan? >> well maria this was self defeat in afghanistan so heartbreaking about it as you mentioned, if we were going to leave why didn't we leave we empowered the taliban on the way out a fundamental misunderstanding about the taliban, right it is actually self-delusion on the part of biden administration plain false hootdz they said conspirator from jihadist we are enter tinied, the movement showed up, how did they regenerated by pakistan, pakistan essentially client state of china, and enjoy great deal of international support from donations that came from prosecute our gulf
8:38 am
states, as well as support from china, and iran. this idea maria that we have to -- we have to disengage from middle east or south air base to compete more effectively with china, those geographic regions are actual competition with china, every time we profess hey we're leaving now really, really leaving middle east we give up our long-term influence we have very small presence and we have very small presence in afghanistan that is a commitmentlawing afghans to bear brunt of the fight against loss of lives of people we talked ourselves into defeat it is heartbreaking but only beginning in geostrategy applications, a political catastrophic in connection with viability to get mad about donald trump mean tweets about european
8:39 am
allies, you know what? he didn't leave citizens behind under taliban rule in ready-made hostage situation. maria: you make a great point, general, and what i want to know is what all of this means for us at home given wide open borders he terrorists beguning afghanistan negotiating with them trying to get them a seat at u.n. table, terrorists -- what does this maintain in terms of homegrown in terms of copy cat moves terrorism in america today. >> what we need is a combination of very good obviously, law enforcement when we have think goodness in this country, to uncover, these groups as they come in dismantle networks protect american people mainly through law enforcement, and, we need
8:40 am
to integrate intelligence law enforcement capability we have done that organizationally we needed to remain engaged abroad can only be dealt with once they reach our shores the lesson of 9/11, also the lesson of isis we ended that president biden called president obama said thank you for love youing me to end this -- away, of course, three years later the most you destructive in history we had to go back sustained engagement abroad but also to idea of -- our i think xi jinping thinks he is winning i think he thinks we are weak i think this adds to the danger in the coming years especially maybe his belief that he has a fleeting window you have opportunity, after the communist party congress about this time next year, to really subsume taiwan maybe by force or coercion, so we are in a
8:41 am
race i think to he deter china more important than fair competition we need to focus on prevailing remember ronald reagan was asked vision for cold war? he said we win, they lose. and i think it is important to recognize that the party is a threat to the whole world. will. maria: so i mean, i recognize it, i mean, many others recognize it, and, you know, why doesn't recognize it he keeps calling china competitor isn't it more correct to say adversary wanting to overtake us why is he not defending the free world? >> well, i actually it is a mixed record so far, i think we are it has been more continuity than change in the shift towards approach to
8:42 am
china we should call them a rival a strategic rival might be right term i think we have to be really tough knowsed nosed about it the positive aspects is effort to get japan and european union large economies to come with us that is what we have to do because china could take a dividing conquer approach take the approach of what what i would say, coption, skrooement, could opt access to market chinese investment once you are no coerce to you support policies, business practices. >> a great way to put it as giving honeypots to financial service industry coercing them to come into china please come back soon congrats on the book we will talk soon general hr
8:43 am
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. maria: welcome back, americans across the country struggling to keep up with rising prices, everything, as
8:47 am
inflation surges, those in midwest rural areas getting hit hardest grady trimble live in saint charles missouri to tell us more good morning to you. >> good morning, maria, as you know the national inflation rate is at 6.2% it is even higher in st. louis area 7 1/2% this area known as gate away to the west but also the gateway to the states being hit hardest by inflation, take a look at this map where you can see midwest is disproportionately impacted by rising prices evident in auto insurance, where nationally up about 6% since last year here in st. louis gone up about 9% same true for rent gas, food at restaurants at the same time, wages have not veefd at same rate as they have nationally people in this sear say folks on coast in
8:48 am
particularly in washing ton d.c. don't understand what they are going through in heartland. >> everybody i know campaignering with hi prices in grocery store to gas pump -- just -- restaurants, a lot of decisions that are being made by big cities, small towns mentality -- we -- hope can raise -- >> in reality that we are, they don't have to deal with last things we do. and, so, it doesn't affect them so they don't care as much about what happens to our prices. >> a new report by republicans an joint economic committee found that lower income smernz disproportionately hit by inflation they spend a largely pj of income of on things like food and gas have gone up drastically the last year. >> they sure have thanks very much grady trimble this morning in missouri.
8:49 am
sean duffy nancy with us. >> poor americans haveless disposable income to deal with rising cost of all goods donald trump saw when you forget middle america they will come out if you support them vote for you this is catastrophic for democrats losing all kinds of voters, because of this inflation. maria: well -- i mean look nancy, we talked about a lot of crises out of this administration, from afghanistan to wide-open border when you look at crises economic in nature inflation hitting firsthand kitchen table issues. nancy: getting their attention, isn't it i grew up in 70s, so we have raging inflation, slow growth, i am not advocating this is
8:50 am
stagflation period but close, energy loan so this is administration needs to wake up washington as well one last thing we have a client a manufacturer in st. louis in fact, furniture had to raise prices three times this year yes, raised wages, but the precise increases are going to stick. >> higher wages, are eaten up by pricing, and the gasoline prices there in st. louis, double digits we will take a break when we come back notification why it you may be good to mute your phone to save sanity big buzz of the morning next. . . >> a beautiful people ♪♪ ♪♪ thanks for coming. now when it comes to a financial plan ♪ people ♪♪ . . uh carl, are there different planning options in here? options? plans we can build on our own,
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maria: welcome back, let's look tomorrow on "mornings with maria" retail earnings we will hear from others target lowe's, all set to report ahead of on tomorrow morning all the numbers for you, taking a closer look at consumer, of course, the rising threat of inflation. also former new jersey governor chris christie will weigh in on 2022 midterm elections with republicans looking to take back control plus big buzz of the day joining us tomorrow morning 6 to 9 a.m. eastern on "mornings with maria" quick break then we've got final thoughts. stay with us. ♪♪ ♪♪ he
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maria: time for the big buzz of morning. are your phone notifications becoming overwhelming? you are not alone. researchers say too much phone checking coming to mental exhaustion. people switch screens on average 560 times a day. makes you feel like somebody is constantly waiting on you, even for a little bit. it is hard. we get addicted to this stuff. >> spending too much time on the phone. what i didn't calculate was the amount of time my apple watch buzzes me especially when typing, takes the serenity out of hiking in the forest and i will figure out how to turn notifications off on my apple watch as well.
8:59 am
maria: the apple watch is constantly buzzing on your wrist. >> it is a jerk like it stops and i am done. the deck is to measure your health and instead - maria: there you go. great point. >> we are inundated with buzzes and what happens to us, you want to concentrate on an article you're reading a book you are reading and when this thing goes off all the time you lose the concentration and can't focus. this will all be here, the notifications to pick up and look at when we are done, things are important like our spouses and i'm all in on turn off notifications and engage in real life which is important to us. maria: i am excited to read all
9:00 am
american christmas out this week. >> you get the great stories from your youth when you were growing up in the family restaurant and you see how rachel and i do christmas. so many fox favorites. maria: great to see you both. have a fantastic day, a rally underway. stuart: good morning, everyone. the virtual meeting went on for three hours. president biden and china's xi jinping. they agreed to manage their differences, biden docked trade, xi talk about supporting taiwan, no breakthrough but one thing stood out. biden did not press for answers on the origins of covid. we are expecting an announcement imminently on who will chair the federal


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