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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  November 18, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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track record and i think you'll be right on this too. it's taking a little longer let's hope at least congress gets it right we'll talk to you again real soon, my friend. >> you got it thanks. charles: so folks we're getting a little bit of traction here, you know, liz claman? the s&p up, the nasdaq is up, and the dow, the needle moved a little bit on the apple news so we can have an exciting last hour of trading. liz: charles i am looking right now at apple's market cap closer to a $3 trillion market cap than ever before, the stock hit a record on wispers the tech giants up and gunned the engine on a long-rumored product we're getting you the breaking news. president biden meeting with the mexican president at any moment now, he's hosting the leaders of canada and mexico in the first north american leader summit in five years. the president already face to face with canadian prime minister justin trudeau in the oval office and by all accounts two of the so-called three amigos are not thrilled
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with one amigo, u.s. trade and its policy there. it's progressing post-usmca, former u.s. trade rep carla hill in a fox business exclusive on what she says the most pressing issues are for the nations, she was the one who originally was at the table for the first nafta the fast-growing ev auto industry is definitely one of the sore spots at least with canada. it's a major topic of conversation as the u.s. pushes the ev production envelope. we're going to take you live to the la auto show to see some of the hottest new rides, love that blue color, as the all-electric revenue rides on and all three indices were in the red but reverse course on news on vote of the president's $2 trillion social spending bill is close, in fact how close? the house could take it up at any moment, the dow which had been down by more than 275 points is now down just 36, s&p within the red it's now up 14, and the nasdaq same thing, was
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down now up 43. we're going to take you south of mexico's border to check in on how the rollout of bitcoin as currency is going in el salvador so rocket fuel blockchain ceo is there helping small businesses setup their crypto payment processing systems during what they call bitcoin week. this is a fox business exclusive and there is crypto news breaking out of india as well. but let's get to this apple news , apple shares to the moon at this hour, the stock hitting a record on a bloomberg report that hit the tape this afternoon , indicating apple 's electric car, yes, that one that everybody has been talking about for so long, could launch as soon as 2025. the stock right now up 2.8% or $4.34 to $157.83 and let me just tell you the market cap, $2.589 trillion right now. the effort known is apparently
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as project titans and sent wedbush dan ives straight to his computer to knockout a note saying apple car chatter is a matter of when, not if, an apple car hits and this is just a day after the same tech analyst cold "clayman countdown" viewers apple is a must-own name. so you say own it, going into 2022. >> it's a green light to own it i view it as $3 trillion market cap. any sell-off in apple were buyer s. liz: and it's not just apple hitting new all-time highs, nvidia shares are dancing to the ceiling. look at this after beating on both the top and bottom line for the third quarter the stock is jumping 8.3% not even as high as it was you guys it blasted to a record $327 a share, right now it's pulled back still as i said up 8%, to about $317, it is firmly perched atop the nasdaq and the s&p, even as the federal trade commission expresses concerns about nvidia's acquisition of chip architecture leader arm but the semiconductor shortage is still a thing, okay?
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and has become so brutal that ford is breaking news saying that it's taking matters into its own hands. ford is planning to increase its short and long term chip supply through a new partnership with global foundries which, yes, just went public last month. global foundries makes integrat ed circuits that power electronic devices including cars, ford is down slightly by 1.8% global foundries up 2%. the company's declined to discuss financial details of the agreement or how much the chipmaker will increase supplies specifically to ford in the mid-term, but with the stock , i'm talking ford, up 122% year-to-date, this is clearly not your father's ford. the chip partnership comes after ford took another gutsy leap back in 2019 by investing in ev darling rivian. a high-flier since its ipo last week the stock is retreating this hour by about 15%. that's on top of a 15% loss yesterday.
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rivian under a bit of pressure here right now in part from that report on apple's autonomous car project, so we've got lots of headlines, earnings news, let's bring in our floor show traders sarge guilfoyle and phil flynn. sarge, the big stories here emerging are apple and nvidia. which one, which side do you take here? >> you're asking to choose between like my children. liz: [laughter] >> these are all stocks on bot sides i love. apple, you never want to trade apple. apple is a stock you want to own i have a target price of 190 on apple probably the best stock to own through 2025. nvidia is probably the best stock to own for the rest of your life. the omniverse, i don't know if you read the comments overnight, i mean, this , this is going to be the ultimate deflationary force on the economy once it gets rolling and he's talking within five years getting it out there a little bit. this will replace, now it sounds awful if you're a human being who needs a job, but this is
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going to replace labor at a lot of levels of the economy, where it's going to cost a subscriptions in nvidia to actually replace repetitive-type jobs where maybe i don't want to say, i guess unskilled labor is what it's going to replace and that's where we're going. liz: i get it and again, this apple news is certainly something that is juicing the market along with nvidia's great numbers, phil flynn. they put the target according to bloomberg's report of 2025 where they come out with this car. that, we recall is what mary bar a of general motors told her shareholders saying we're getting out that $30,000 ev maybe multiple ones of those by 2025, so i'm finding this all really interesting. it feels like american manufacturing is back in this sort of competitive game particularly the auto industry. what are you seeing here? >> i think in the electric car
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why wouldn't they be because the government will pay for a lot of this , right? giving a lot of money from government to get into the ev game, and so i think we know a lot of electric companies are coming, i think ford is very smart to make this partnership, but the biggest question i'm going to have is liz claman going to trade in her tesla for an apple? you know? i mean, that's the big question. listen, the electric vehicle thing they are throwing a lot of money at this , i think actually , that even though the futures coming, self-driving vehicles, technology is coming, i wouldn't give up on the internal combustion engine just yet. i still think they are a big part of our future in the mid-term. liz: and we're looking at crude oil up just a bit but still below $79 a barrel in the after market here is at 78.91. sarge give me other names you're looking at here we've had real winners when it comes to, you know, the retail names, some of them are really threading the needle with oh, we're not
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going to raise prices we'll find other ways and others are saying yeah we got pricing power and i'm thinking tj maxx yesterday said yes, we are going to have no problem with our pricing power and their stock was not punished. it was promoted certainly. >> it's real fun trading the retailers. i made a little money in kohl's overnight, that was just a rental, i've been adding to my position on walmart on weakness because walmart and target i think both are doing the right thing and catering to the public they aren't raising prices, absorbing the cost which is hurting the stock price but probably wise going forward. you brought up ford. ford is one of my favorite stock s, and i really love how jim farley's aggression rattled general motors cage, you saw general motors immediate reach out to taiwan semiconductor so qualcomm and i think they blindsided general motors a little bit. liz: you don't just pick-up the phone and call three different chip leaders in asia when they're asleep, gm has been
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on the case but i agree with you , i'm so excited about the all electric 150 ford f-150 but go on i really think that again, this is all great for u.s. automakers, right? >> oh, yeah and lucid. lucid is my favorite ev pick. i was in that for the ride up here this week. i got out of about half of my shares on monday because i was trying to take up my principal and get down to money but i love this , i love the way that company is and that is actually the technology leader ahead of tesla in terms of battery and making the car lightweight and they are catering to the high end so not competing with tesla for the same customers because tesla is competing for the high end and medium-to-high end where this is strictly high end stuff with lucid. liz: lucid is down 14% today but already, you know, phil you're looking at some of these names that lucid is up 349% year-to-date, but a quick mention on gasoline prices, phil
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we're still watching that we're watching the oil. >> i demand an investigation, right? you know, first blame opec, that didn't work, now let's blame the oil companies, you know? listen, the biden energy policies a mess right now. we are getting a little bit of a break because of this threat of a release. if it happens it'll only be a short-term blip and then it's going to be goodbye but panasonic put that on the list in the battery technology, i wanted to slip that in that might be a sleeper in the expensive one. liz: i'm glad you mentioned that batteries are the new oil is the new water, right? we'll see. >> that's right. liz: sarge, phil, lovely to have you, okay check the dow, down just 31 points now fox business alert victoria's secret enjoying quite the run-up at this hour after the lingerie maker exceed ed estimates in the third quarter. sales miss though and during the conference call the company said supply chain pressures will significantly impact fourth quarter results, but stock is not getting hurt on that news, it's up 15.6%.
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victoria's secret by the way completed its separation from bath & body works back in august that stock not looking too shabby either coming in second after nvidia at the top of the s&p. the company formerly known as l brands also reported a third quarter earnings beat, so bbwi up 5.8%. check out sweet green. sweet green in the green. it opened at $52 a share, it just literally debuted on the new york stock exchange in the last hour, and it's up 81%, the salad chain priced its shares at $28 giving it pretty much a valuation of a near $3 billion sweet green currently owns and operates 140 restaurant s in 13 states and washington d.c. chinese e-commerce behemoth's alibaba is on pace for its largest percentage decrease since december of last year after it slashed growth expectations for the fiscal year getting clipped by 11.7% chinese consumers reportedly spending
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less in an increasingly competitive market. alibaba also said profits fell in the recent quarter. interestingly though, rival jd .com moving in the opposite direction it too reported earnings, merchants are entering jd's platform lured by its self-operating logistics network, so it's up 5.4%, bidu are both down. blackstone completing its acquisition of that majority stake in shapewear company spanx, and it brought in new investors for it including oprah, reese witherspoon, and bumble founder whitney wolf. the deal values spanx at $1.2 billion, blackstone is getting a bump of about 1.2%. president biden meeting with the leaders of canada and mexico at the white house, cars, pipelines and dairy farmers all hot topics. former u.s. trade rep ambassador carla hill wrote the rules in the original nafta agreement.
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comcast business. powering possibilities. liz: breaking news, president biden in an oval office meeting with mexican president lopez-obr adour for the first north american leader summit in five years this summit comes as tensions are, you know, bubbling up among the u.s. mexico and canada countries over president biden's domestic policy agenda push which includes tax credits for u.s.-based ev manufactures. autos are the most-traded and manufactured commodities between the three nations so canada and mexico are looking to level the ev playing field during these meetings, ambassador carla hill served as president george h. w. bush's u.s. trade representative and chief u.s. negotiator for the 1992 north american free-trade agreement, carla hill is joining us now, live in a fox
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business exclusive. ambassador how much is riding on this summit with the so-called three amigos? >> i think it's incredibly important, as you mentioned, the leaders haven't met for five years. most americans don't appreciate that mexico and canada are not only our neighbors, but they are our two largest export markets. one-third of our total global trade goes to our neighbors, and it may account for 13 million u.s. jobs. we have a unique relationship with them, because it isn't just that we trade with them. we build things together with them. 40% of what we import from mexico is u.s. content, and it's 25% of what we import from canada is u.s. content. compare that with 4% from japan and 2% from china.
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so this three amigos meeting, that's what they called it at the beginning, really needs to focus on the things that we can do together and it's a very long and important list. liz: well, at the top, or at least among the top issues, appears to be this ev push that president biden is doing and juicing here in the u.s. market, and prime minister trudeau does not love it, and specifically he is warned that the plan would have a real negative impact and the plan we're talking about are president biden's tax credit proposals for union-made electric vehicles. it's obviously a big incentive here, and now, we're hearing this just breaking, because my producers are telling me, jen psaki, the white house press secretary, says we do not see the ev tax credit as a violation of the u.s. canada mexico trade agreement. is it or how do you view it? is it such a crime to give a tax credit for ev's at this point? >> well, we are going to have
3:20 pm
our bilateral differences, we have our differences with canada and we certainly have our differences with mexico. i mean, as they try to have government take over the energy sector, but you point out correctly that by providing $7,500 for an electric vehicle to be manufactured in the united states, not in north america, and $4,500 if it's done with union labor, and that will be a point of contention, probably litigation, and because it'll be argued that it is violating our u.s. mexico canada agreement. the usmca. so, but even though we have differences, there are important areas of collaboration. if we work together, we could
3:21 pm
get a compatible, digital trade. we could, which most nations haven't been able to develop, and we could make more modern our traffic for goods and people to save time and to, in fact, save money. liz: i'm glad you're bringing that up, if i can just jump in the supply chain issue, many of the snafoos and a lot of the breakages are happening because of this inability to get goods from asia, unloaded at u.s. ports, china obviously has its own issues. i'm wondering, couldn't there be real collaboration between these three nations to kind of eliminate china as a problem when it comes to supply chain? >> well, look. i don't want to cast the issue as being anti-china. i used to play a lot of tennis, and a good tennis player on the
3:22 pm
opposite side of the matt makes me play better tennis so we can compete, but, you know, its just been announced that the canada pacific and kansas city southern came to an agreement to combine the first single line rail network linking u.s. , mexico, and canada. we need more of that. we don't need to stand in line and waste gas and create climate problems because of the problems at the border. liz: carla hills, thank you very much. you know, you're a person with great historical knowledge, having sat at the table across from the two nations back in 1992 for the first nafta. thank you very much. >> pleasure to join you. liz: at the three nations grapple over autos, the ev evolution and revolution zooms on. the ev suv and the crossovers are the stars of this year's la
3:23 pm
auto show. we're about to take you there live for a look upfront and close up at the auto world hottest new offerings that's one of them closing bell ringing in 38 minutes we're coming right back. as an independent financial advisor, i stand by these promises: i promise to be a careful steward of the things that matter to you most. i promise to bring you advice that fits your values. i promise our relationship will be one of trust and transparency. as a fiduciary, i promise to put your interests first, always. charles schwab is proud to support the independent financial advisors who are passionately dedicated to helping people achieve their financial goals. visit
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liz: it's hard to outshine all the stars in los angeles but the la auto show is doing a pretty fine job of it. the show is back for the first time in two years, and the atmosphere is literally electric. top automakers from audi, dodge, ford, jeep, toyota and more are speeding to showcase their new zero emission vehicles. kelly o'grady is live at the la auto show and kelly, before you show us what's there, this report that apple is accelerating its creation of fully autonomous apple car has apple stock shooting higher and the markets, the chatter here. reporter: i know, you know, i was just asking a couple folks
3:28 pm
in there because i saw that report as well and it hasn't hit the la auto show floor i can tell you that. there's not a ton of chatter but that be very very interesting taking a run at tesla, taking a run at these traditional automakers a lot of new entrants into the field. i did want to show you this kia behind me, i got a little surprise for you, they did break a record but let's start with the features, this guy goes 300 miles a range and the pricing it's not an economy option okay, it's $58 , 500 before tax credits of course but i just want to show you a couple things. look at this sleek trimming, dual curve screens, pretty sharp , lots of room here, now there's range anxiety liz i've heard a lot of people talking about okay how long am i going to have to stop and charge my car that's why i don't want an electric vehicle. the ev 6 does a lot for that charging time. >> it means i don't have to worry about how long it's going to take to charge my car, it
3:29 pm
won't take four or five hours, actually the ev 6 takes 18 minutes to go from a 10% charge to an 80% charge on a super charger. reporter: and i mentioned that the price, so they actually broke tesla's charging record for the new york city to los angeles route that's been a lot of the buzz previously with 12 hours 48 minutes, kia's ev 6 did it in seven hours and 10 minutes and before i leave you i showed you with the present and i want to leave you with the future this is their ev 9 concept so it's not an apple car but maybe we'll see them in the future. liz: kia, rocking it, range anxiety, this has been my experience, kelly. once you get one of these cars you just learn to adjust and make sure that you're fully charged if you're going on these long trips but i get it, and now it just looks like it's going to be a crowded market with apple possibly on the way too. kelly o'grady live from the la auto show thanks.
3:30 pm
its been just over two months since el salvador became the first country to use bitcoin as legal tender. we're headed straight to the central american nation live which is holding bitcoin week right now. how is the adoption process coming along, rocket fuel blockchain ceo is there and joining us in a fox business exclusive. they are sort of the shopify for merchants guest getting up and running, s&p at 17 and the nasdaq up 63, both of those are records, if we can stay there, we'll see another page in the history books written, stay tuned.
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liz: bitcoin week is underway in el salvador, crypto company leaders, digital money experts are gathering for a week-long
3:35 pm
conference called the bitcoin lightning conference and it's aimed at scaling up bitcoin use since the country began accepting it as legal tender on september 7. the event has featured educational track, demos and hands-on workshops for consumers on how to use bitcoin for every day use. the conference is also provided an inside look at how the country's small businesses from barber shops to dentists have rolled out the use of bitcoin. this as breaking news out of reuters says india maybe about to do the complete opposite. the prime minister saying today, "all democratic nations must work together to ensure cryptocurrency does not end up in the wrong hands which can spoil our use." reuters reports modi maybe about to deter ownership of crypto by only allowing coins pre-verified by the government. let's take it live to el salvador where rocket fuel blockchain ceo peter jensen joins us in a fox business
3:36 pm
exclusive outside the conference you've gotta tell me first your thoughts on what modi is saying here doing the complete opposite down in el salvador. >> yeah this is what we see all over the world where some governments they want to regulate and stifle innovation and i just don't believe that's the best way forward. it is really liberating to see the initiative down here in el salvador where three months ago the government says no, we're going to back this with bitcoin as a legal tender, and just the economic development and growth and energy and hope for especially third world countries it's amazing to see , so i really hope that we don't have too much regulation around this , because then we don't, we won't have technical advancements. liz: well yeah and bitcoin is hitting a three-week low here, 57, 933 but talk to us we've got
3:37 pm
video that you sent us of the actual event how crowded is it? what are people talking about? are they curious, are they learning? >> yeah, so what happened is that as el salvador announced this it was a group of people who said let's have the next bitcoin conference, and it just grew and grew and grew and they had to add rooms and people came from all around the world from europe, from the u.s. , from latin america and it's just amazing to have all these brains around it. it's like the early days of the internet, when very small group could see the potential and we are so hopeful because now, we will have a showcase to the entire world about the benefits for both businesses and consumers and what we can expect when an entire country and the government is behind it and we'll see the economic growth. i heard the other day that el salvador's gdp is up 9%. i don't know if it's all because of this but it helps, at least
3:38 pm
the restaurant and the hotels are full here. liz: let's talk about the president he announced earlier this month that the country is going to build a school and they be building actually 20 new schools with the profits made from people buying bitcoin, and i'll tell you something he made this announcement at a groundbreaking ceremony. what do you foresee here at some point can the infrastructure of an entire nation be built upon by cryptocurrency? >> well, i mean, cryptocurrency is a technology and they have chosen bitcoin. they could have chosen something else. what i am excited about and most people roanne sones the efficiencies of having digital money and if i may just give you one example a real life example of how it impacts people el salvador is a cash country. 70% of people do not have bank accounts. 20% of their gdp comes from money sent from abroad. let me give you an example of what it means.
3:39 pm
if you do not have a bank account there are 1.8 million who have bank accounts. if you do not have a bank account, if you want to pay your electricity bill, they told the story, the father of the family, he gets on a bus, travels for one hour into the city, stands in line for two hours, pays his bill in cash and goes home, this is daily life for millions, billions of people around the world. not what they did hear if i can just continue that one, they gave a digital wallet, because all these people have mobile phones but they don't have bank accounts. they gave them a mobile wallet and now they could load bitcoin on that and because the electricity company accepts bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency, they can now pay , they do not have to get on that bus. just one little example. liz: peter, you know, what you guys do at rocketfuel, you enable merchants to with one click start taking bitcoin. we've just been showing video of dentists, hair dressers, it feels like, i don't know, a
3:40 pm
cross between square and shopify for crypto when it cops to these payments that you are now enabling people to take. what's the adoption, because we're hearing that less than 12% of people have been even trying to use bitcoin in el salvador. >> yeah, obviously, after three months, i don't expect the entire world to change but i go down into mcdonald's and i pay with bitcoin, down here on the corner so there were some of the vendors that were on stage this week and they have worked frantically with some of the larger companies, but also local companies, like the utility company, so you're right. we all, all of us vendors are working with these merchants to help them accept the cryptocurrencies that the residents have here in this country and in the u.s.. we work with partners like aci worldwide, there's a whole group of companies that are coming together and we're building it here and in the u.s. liz: and people are getting free bitcoin jesus loves bitcoin
3:41 pm
t-shirts, i want one. great to see you. >> i'll send you one, this is the most popular thing we gave away here was we had brochures and everything people just wanted our t-shirt. liz: it is certainly in the early stages, el salvador of all nations, right out there out front, peter thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. liz: president biden controller of the currency facing a senate banking committee today, if confirmed, saule omarova would play a big part in the regulation of the growing crypto market. is that good or bad for digital currency? charlie gasparino is on the story next and the real story behind the shoe that's a favorite of celebs in silicon valley titans. how did founders tim brown and joey go from designing an all- sustainable shoe on joey 's mother-in-law's kitchen table to a nearly $3 billion market cap player in the footwear industry? you got to hear everyone talks
3:42 pm
to liz podcast, the stock ipo'd last week, download it, listen to your commute or free moment that you have it's a fascinating story on youred politico cast wherever you get them, spotify, apple, google, fox news podcast, dow is down 59 closing bell is ringing in 19 minute, don't go away, charlie breaks it next.
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liz: well, fox business alert. we've gotta check cisco because the supply chain snafoo has struck again drawing blood from cisco shares as we kickoff the final half hour, 15 minutes of trade the networking equipment giant is getting punished down 6%, slightly off the lows of the session, the dow component beat on earnings per share and barely missed on revenue, but admitted that the
3:47 pm
global supply chain problem is hitting it hard and so they had to give a weaker outlook. now when you compare cisco percentage loss to the worst performers on the dow right now cisco sticks out like a sore thumb, intel comes the closest down just about 1.8% with cisco down as i said 6%. this has still got to be particularly frustrating for cisco because the company noted the demand is off the charts for its switchers routers and data center products just struggling really hard to deliver while orders jumped 33% year-over-year, cisco said its backlog is the highest its ever been due to the logistics mess, delaying chip deliveries, something upon which cisco heavily depends. all right president biden's pick to become the government's top banking regulator faced a fiery hearing this morning on capitol hill where republican senators grilled saule omarova on her ties to russia. listen. you used to be a member of a group called the young communist
3:48 pm
>> i'm not exactly sure which group you are referring to. >> answer the question. >> she renounced her soviet citizenship. >> well i understand that but you're not the witness she is. liz: i'm sorry, senator joe mccarthy, senator toomey. charlie: don't go there. liz: i'm half russian, back off. wait a minute, challenged ms. omarova on her view of cryptocurrency. charlie gasparino, now with all due respect? charlie: let's put senator kennedy's comments in context. this is not a joe mccarthy moment. clearly not. liz: okay. charlie: senator kennedy was raising legitimate issues about her background. she went to moscow state university, yes she's a former soviet citizen, whose not a soviet citizen now but even as she renounced that citizenship, you should hear some of the crazy stuff that's coming out of her mouth. this is not someone i know plenty of people from the old soviet union that hate come
3:49 pm
communism, think that the communist system is horrible this is not what we have here, because her more contemporaneous comments suggest she is a socialist wants to put companies out of business for collectiveness efforts, she said that, i mean, it's widely documented, so while that snip- it in that very narrow context sounds like he's being too tough on her as a kid, you know, when she was in the young communist, her post soviet union when she's in the u.s. and contemporary remarks are pretty scary for a top banking regulator and that's what the control of the currency is. amid all of that, there's going to be an impact if she gets the job because she is a collective, i can't tell you if she's a communist or socialist but if you listen to her comments she's talking about putting companies out of business that need to be collective and run by, where there's more federal regulation
3:50 pm
involved, smaller companies going out of business is the price we pay. she said that. i'm paraphrasing but not much. liz: not a capitalist then? charlie: she doesn't seem like one and that's why i think it's a legitimate question to ask her the other thing is i will say is she's going to have at least according to republicans a really bad impact on crypto. she thinks it's the worst thing in the world and that's not so bad, because janet yellen has said bad things about it as well , and she's not quite a communist. not even quite socialist. she's a liberal, i get it. it's a huge difference, maybe progressive, but a lot of people believe based on her private comments and senator toomey is one of those people who believe this , that she will try to force banks not to transact, not to do private crypto transactions, maybe she's in favor of a u.s. crypto which a lot of people are talking about letting the federal government doing its own crypto coin but these other cryptos that are different, that are ethererum, bitcoin, xrp, many of the others
3:51 pm
, litecoin, that these other things need to be reigned in is what people believe based on her prior statements that she believes and maybe, even eliminated. she is worried about crypto being such an alternative to the dollar that government can't control it, and let me tell you something, they all think that in the back of their heads. liz: that's why it was created in the first place. at an alternative. charlie: they all think that in the back of their heads she's come out pretty explicitly so i'm just saying there's a lot to criticize, yes, there's a lot to criticize her on in terms of her viewpoints on the capitalist system where senator kennedy did not step over the line i believe now let's get to gensler because what's fascinating is that he released his public calendar finally. liz: are we on it? charlie: no we're not. for some reason, i can't get a return, i can't even get a call back from there, just so you
3:52 pm
know forget about getting to see gary. the pr people at the sec, i think they might have picked up elle's call once and said thank you, but anyway, we looked at his public calendar for september the latest when it's available, october isn't available as you know we're at the end of november a little delay for some reason, maybe wants to hide his meetings with elizabeth warren, i can't tell you but in any events, he met with two interesting players in september. he met with robinhood and he met with virtu financial which is a huge market maker, and operator of i guess firm that engages in payment for order flow. that some people would say it's a controversial practice, that robinhood sells its orders to vi rtu that pays for it and that allows robinhood to offer free-trading but it's interesting he met with them in the weeks prior to his meme stock report that he put out,
3:53 pm
and obviously, they're doing an investigation, so you know, broadly, they are still looking at this whole controversy so the industry is -- liz: he should meet. charlie: yes, yes, but i wonder if they convinced him. my guess is no. big no. now, please return our calls, sec. liz: yeah, or if you don't want to talk to charlie, gary? charlie: she will go easy on you , gary. [laughter] liz: it's the king kong of dividend payers today's countdown closer is going high-tech, that's it. charlie: amc? liz: no believe it or not it's the king kong of tech dividend players. tech dividend players. we are coming right back, closing bell ringing in seven minutes.
3:54 pm
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♪. liz: closing bell 3 1/2 men's away. the s&p and nasdaq both on track for record closes. the s&p is really close though. it needs 13 points. it is up 16 right now. nasdaq needs 60 as a gain. it is up 75. asset manage mare janet henderson, third quarter payouts rose by 10% in the u.s. honorable mention, microsoft. today the company will pay out its quarterly dividend to share holders of record after jacking it up 11% to 62 cents per share back in september. chad oviatt, huntington private bank is joining us now. you love mike soft. it is sort of the tech king kong of dividend payers, is it not? >> it is. how surprising is that? tech company that is in our dividend portfolio. microsoft is a consistent name
3:58 pm
across all three equity strategies at huntington. like it for the dividend, like it for the growth potential. liz: talk about the growth potential for microsoft. it has been on an incredible run. i remember it couldn't break out of 3dollars a share. it is 341 right now. it has done really incredibly well. is it getting too frothy here? would you wait for a pullback? >> we would say that about a couple of names in the portfolio. we're looking opportunistically times to trim highly appreciated names or add to positions. microsoft is one we're looking to add. even though it is at a higher level here, with when we see pullback we would be adding to the position at this point. liz: i want to just bring up another tech company, a bigwig that obviously pays a dividend not nearly as high as microsoft, making huge news right now. that is apple. apple at the moment is $2.59 trillion market cap on the bloomberg report that the apple
3:59 pm
car is coming in 2025. given the choice you're still the microsoft pick, right? >> still like microsoft. we do own apple in some of our portfolios. the challenge with both of those names are relative weights to the index. for us we have risk controls. we're not going enat index weights for either of those but we hold both in other portfolios. liz: j&j, caterpillar, crown castle. we have just under 40 seconds left here. we're about to see new records again. how long does this bull market continue? >> it has been really impressive. lots of things helping to do that. negative real rates. you have really positive earnings reports coming out this quarter. big wall of cash on the sidelines. looks like we'll still be in a accommodative position from a monetary standpoint. fiscal looks like kicking in additional dollars. could have support for the market head into next year. liz: you're making money for your clients.
4:00 pm
24 billion in assets under management. thanks a lot. folks, i will say too close to call for the s&p. nasdaq will close at an all time record high at the moment. we're so glad you joined us today. [closing bell rings] tomorrow is friday. that does it for "the claman countdown." the dow losing 62, no thanks to cisco. see you later. "kudlow" is next. larry: hello, everyone, welcome do "kudlow." i'm larry kudlow. so, folks, i don't want to step on hillary vaughn's reporting and senator pat toomey's analysis of the madam omarova hearings today which were hilarious or tragic depending on your point of view. there is no way she is going to get confirmed with her far left socialist, ussr views, and by the way her personal problems of shoplifting so i will leave that aside for the moment. we'll get back to it. the great hillary vaughn will be


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