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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 18, 2021 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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little he people coming across luggage and literally just told where to go. there's no criminal sanction or economic sanction. liz: thanks for joining us, good to see her. i'm elizabeth mcdonald, you been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching. we hope you have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: are right, city on edge as we await one of the most high-profile verdicts in years. as the jury continues to deliberate the fate of kyle rittenhouse my sideshow and kenosha keeps getting weirder. protesters and demonstrators continued to gather outside the courthouse. some say how is innocent and others say he's clearly guilty. >> i believe he should be found guilty. the first one was justified but the second shot was not that's when he became a murderer.
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>> it seems like her clear-cut case of self-defense to me. kennedy: clear-cut, i don't know about that. cops made several arrests in the last two days. yesterday there was fighting on the steps of the courthouse. the judge today kicking msnbc right out of court after freelance producer followed the jury's best trying to take pictures. msnbc claims to be investigating and will have more but are party panel in a bit now back to the jury. they once again retired for the night, they've been deliberating roughly 24 hours, legal experts say is a good sign for rittenhouse because a quick verdict often means guilty in a way, the defense is pushing for a mistrial after prosecutors failed to share key video evidence so where do we stand with that? joining me live from kenosha, garrett tenney is with me. how are things there?
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>> it's important to note we now have to request for a mistrial from kyle rittenhouse defendants. the judge said he wants to wait until after the jury reached a verdict to issue his ruling on the request for a mistrial. the one notable thing from today's deliberation is the fact that the jury for the first time deliberations didn't make any request or ask questions of the court so they do appear to go deep in deliberations over five charges kyle rittenhouse is facing. one charge is directly tied to the man whose only been known in court as jump kick man. fox news confirmed he's 39-year-old maurice freeman. freeland who prosecutors described as hero, rap sheet longer than cbs. forty-five offenses over the past two decades with charges ranging from domestic abuse, identity theft and property damage to drunk driving and been a fugitive after escaping
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arrest. we learned from a source that he reached out to prosecutors and offered to testify in the trial in exchange for immunity for several outstanding charges he's facing. prosecutors rejected the offer and defense opted not to call on him to testify either so so far neither side is commenting why they are considering first-degree reckless endangerment charge for allegedly endangering revenge. the jury is expected to pick up deliberations turning pay for my money. kenosha continues to brace for this verdict. kennedy: what is the mood outside the courthouse during the day and where you are at night? are there still people there? are they getting in fights? are they protesting or is it getting heated? >> today we were in the 20 degrees, a little snow coming down and a couple of dozen folks outside the courthouse the entire day the jury was going through deliberation soon as the jury goes home, the crowd goes
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home as well so they said they are out here to send the jury a message which way they want the case to go in terms of the verdict saying we want kyle rittenhouse convicted. there have been everyday, a handful of folks saying they want to show their support for kyle rittenhouse and things have been testy between the two groups at times. today there's a man yesterday was walking around with an assault rifle from a process asked him to leave and he came back again, a little back-and-forth with the crowd and he ultimately took off so ultimately one arrest today after to arrest yesterday is an improvement. kennedy: there was a guy with chicago bulls hat on snacking people including daily male photographer, did he get arrested today? he also has a long rap sheet. reporter: yesterday afternoon, he and another woman got into it with the individual there supporting kyle rittenhouse, a
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fight broke out cops swooped in quick and picked him up and took him away. kennedy: as for msnbc reporter who ran a red light, there are crops and everywhere, anyone does anything anywhere, that city is on edge, they don't want trouble or nonsense so if they don't reach a verdict tomorrow, have you heard anything about deliberating on saturday? reporter: no word on their plans going forward over the weekend. last week the judge said he was leaning towards not having the jury to anything over the weekend if they didn't want to he's done that throughout the trial and left it up to the jury. if the jury wants to keep deliberating, it's likely to allow them to if they want to go home for the weekend, he's likely to do that as well do i know you are be by you fan, who do you think has a chance in the game?
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>> they are undefeated against pac 12 the season, we played usc in a couple of food so i'm hoping usc went. kennedy: it will be fine, i am never having you on the show again, that was the wrong answer. i am wearing gold here. gold and turquoise for the whole show, i don't know if you can see that but yeah, we want usc to lose and lose this week and because it's the worst school in america. [laughter] reporter: we can agree on that. kennedy: stay safe out there and keep us informed. >> you got it. kennedy: the jury has been deliberated for three days. the fence pushing for mistrial, the judge has not ruled on those requests but where would you put your money right now? conviction from acquittal or a hung jury? criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, he's been on both sides of the courtroom.
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mark is here. welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: what are you seeing with this jury taking their time? is a good sign for kyle rittenhouse or is he and deep yogurt? >> no one knows. everybody is speculating. i've tried 150 jury trials, you have no idea what's going through their head. i can tell you with certainty though, he's got a get out of jail free card because as certain as i am with the jurors are going to do, i am certain, 98% that this judge will grant them mr. trial if convicted of anything. kennedy: what does a mistrial mean? they should for a mistrial with prejudice and mistrial without prejudice so how would that affect kyle rittenhouse if either of those were granted? >> with prejudice, i've done that before the prosecutor
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intentionally or is reckless that it necessary mistrial and the judge says you can't retry him, you screwed up, he walks free. that's with prejudice without prejudice, you screwed up but i'm not buying that was so intentional that i bar you from retry him, i'll give you another bite, you're doing it over and that's it. kennedy: do you think they deliberately screwed up so they can in fact retry him? or were they just that bad? >> i'll tell you, i've been practicing for 30 years, i'm telling you what he did, you know you're not supposed to go. you know you're not supposed to, on right to remain science silent and rented judge rules the trial, evidence cannot come in, you don't just view that out because you think the defendant opened up the door, you sidebar
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and say judge, i'd like you to reconsider your ruling because i think you opened up the door. you don't just lay it out there unless you're really reckless you think the ship is going down and you don't care what happens, that's what i think happened. kennedy: was this a strategy or was he just a really bad prosecutor? maybe got the when, who knows. >> i will call him a bad prosecutor, he does a lot of good things of event gel his hair, i'm suggesting is ego is not his amigo and i thought was solid, honest prosecutors would never go near, i think he just felt he wanted to win the trial and would just get that out there and let the chips fall where they may. kennedy: so what do you think the chips are going to fall based on what you've seen? >> you make me do this? kennedy: ideal. anything goes.
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>> with the caveat we are speculating, don't bet money on this i will tell you i believe the jurors have already thought about the following. that is, we do not believe he should have owned the weapon, we do not believe he should have showed up, we don't believe he should have been there. that said, we are not willing to take away his protections under the law once he got there, he reasonably feared death, i believe they will acquit him. kennedy: on all counts? think some accounts particularly intentional homicide will be downgraded? he gets full acquittal with this much time? >> i don't even think they should have offered, he either acted in self-defense or he didn't. if he did, it doesn't matter what they put out there, it doesn't matter what the charge is. if he didn't than okay, now you're talking, what is he guilty us? i think it's rising to the level where he reasonably feared death
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or bodily harm if anybody questions that, put yourself in question in your (in that position -- if they were stripped of their liberty. kennedy: that -- if your child was attacked with a skateboard and repeatedly hit in the head, would you not say that the deadly weapon? thank you so much. thank you. as i mentioned earlier, msnbc ban from the courtroom. judge schroeder announced that this morning after freelance producer allegedly followed a bus with the jurors inside as it left the courthouse last night. in a statement, msnbc said freelancer received traffic citation, the traffic violation took near the jury them. they've never contacted the jurors during deliberation. never photographed are intended to photograph them. we regret the incident and will fully cooperate with authorities on any investigation. could sideshows like this derail
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the trial? get in it with the party panel. fox news contribute, charlie hurt is here plus democrat strategist and former biden campaign surrogate, sunshine of my sky. and here we have 2020 libertarian vice presidential candidate betting the liberty world on fire, one campfire at a time. it is spike cohen. wonderful, wonderful. charlie, i will start with you. what was the msnbc doing? when i first heard about this, i think to myself, he's trying to get there likenesses and give them joy to read and she will shame them and anyone in the future on a high profile jury try to get out of it or they will vote a certain way to not be shamed by someone.
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>> whatever is intentional, that's going to be the result of tracking them down and even if he didn't manage to get their picture, there is intimidation that goes with tracking them down and following them. gangsters have gone away to prison for the rest of their lives for doing this sort of thing, as they should. i would argue from the beginning the media especially left-wing crazy kook media like msnbc, they are the ones who whipped up the rights in the first place. they are the ones who whipped up the prosecution to make the crazy charges. now they are trying to get the product they want out of this through intimidation. it is appalling and thank god the judge stepped in and said something about. kennedy: if you are not on the
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jury about a family member, you are worried about stuff like this. now you think there are people targeting my family member and it's terrifying and you call your daughter or your sister and warn them about what's going on and all of a sudden the jury knows it can affect the outcome, that's not how we should be doing things in this country. >> we are in total agreement and fully support the investigation into the freelance journalist working for msnbc trailing this with that intention. i think charlie is right figuring out who these people are. we need to be since has he realized this as we can to see fair justice is carried out. whatever the jury decides, i think it's five men and seven women well beside kyles fate. they should do with integrity and respect and respect for the process and when any media outlet sensationalize this this or threatens the livelihoods, it
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is a dangerous thing. kennedy: joy read said they are white man tears so that makes a difference. is this a cut and dry case to you, spike? >> cut and dry regarding msnbc, i really don't know. kennedy: no, the self -- >> i think so. i came into this thinking it was not a good idea for kyle to go there but once he was there, i hadn't seen evidence trespassed or threatened anyone, he was judicious in his use of his rifle, other people attack him he did not shoot, the only people he did shoot were someone who chased him into a corner, someone who hit him in the head with a skateboard and someone who pointed a pistol at him, the only three people he shot at after watching the evidence just from the prosecution, that was enough to realize that was the case. when it comes to this other stuff was msnbc then, whether it was intentional or not, it had
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the possibility of trying to frighten or intimidate the jury. i think the only way you end up is if the jury is scared not to convict. kennedy: yeah it's a fascinating case. charlie, i have to say it's been a great example of why we need cameras and see the process because the filtration system used to be able to trust journalists in this country, they have a narrative they are trying to sell and it's not necessarily always the truth. on msnbc, they didn't show defense closing arguments. >> you make some great. my default position with courts is much like c-span cameras and congress him a very counterproductive because you wind up with oars who want to position for the cameras and behave for the cameras and they do it differently than if they are trying to just do their job
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but the best argument, we can no longer trust the media so of course you need cameras. by that matter, we ought to have cameras in classrooms. kennedy: but not restrooms, that's the bridge too far. >> well, i'm not at liberty to speak right now. [laughter] kennedy: i love a good old-fashioned restraining order. all right, man panel. stick around. i've got more. coming up, it game night. we got a brand-new one, word on the street. you don't want to miss it. you will want to play along plus white house and panic mode, a top staffer for vp harris, is out. can it get worse? it can always get worse. it's going to get better with sean and rachel. in a moment. ♪♪
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resident biden my speaking of, whole numbers are dropping lower than the limbo stick. apple shows biden's rating at 36%. by far the lowest place of his presidency. how is the administration going to dig out of this mess? is already too late? fox news contributors, sean duffy and rachel duffy, the duffy's. welcome. >> hi, kennedy. kennedy: you are so cute. let us discuss because sean, you are in washington for a long time from congressman from the great state of wisconsin, you know what it's like to have a political struggle up help climb ahead of you with the vice president ever reached the summit is her political career already doomed? >> 28% for kamala harris, that is horrible, it doesn't get much worse than that and i don't know
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how she comes back. like the last, she has traits that are so annoying. a powerful position, she hasn't done anything the power of the vice presidency. the path given to her, she's failed on like the border so i think she has done independent don't like her or joe but i think democrats don't like her as well and if joe is going to go to the curb and not run again from do they think kamala harris can deliver for the next election? ives say they look for somebody else. kennedy: i think you're right. rachel, when will he seek the shift? after next year's midterms? vice president told george stephanopoulos this morning on "good morning america", they haven't even talked about 2024 which i find shocking is everyone is talking about 2024 so what did they do if biden doesn't run? >> first of all, it's interesting her director will was let go.
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not inept and totally incompetent and annoying vice president and there's only so much a director can do, you can ask anthony's director, you can't ever problem for her but a bad candidate doing bad things and made her case, it's pure ineptitude. i don't know, i think sean is right, she's on like even within her own party. there's probably a lot of democrats chomping at the bit to push her aside and i think she's going to have competition, no question about it because she has that unlikable. kennedy: so who runs in her place if joe steps aside, she can't be the person just because she's number two right now because step in number two. >> the list will be long, the primary where dirty. ivo who was jumping but it will be rocky. it's interesting, these congressional numbers, joe biden
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and kamala harris if they run together again, they are up in three years but in one year about the house is up for reelection democrats are down by ten points in the generic ballot. i have never seen anything close to numbers not good for republicans. >> not even during the wave you came in? >> 2010 tea party wave that i wanted, these are better numbers for republicans than that, that's how bad their policies are. they could change course, joe biden could go back to old senator joe biden from scranton and the more moderate and i think you would do well but he's not going to rectify the course. the aoc's and bernie sanders and big spenders though he's stuck i think continuing in these numbers and they are going to democrats to be destroyed november next year. >> part of the reason why it up kamala on the democrats i, are
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obsessed with race and gender he picked somebody based on that. they were way better candidates and polling showed that but they needed to fulfill the spots so who do you think it's going to be? it's going to be somebody but not necessarily the best person for the job or even the best person to win. kennedy: biden's poll numbers are dropping like the temperatures this holiday season, it very cold in wisconsin, what better way to get ready for thanksgiving and christmas and with the duffy's brand-new book all-american christmas. it is available everywhere not, you have a big beautiful family kids of all ages, what are some of your favorite family traditions? >> rachel? >> i would say tradition from my childhood i finally have brought back the pandemic, my parents moved in with me so they helped me bring it back, i grew up with a giant nativity scene, the
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whole town of bethlehem mountains and rivers the gate with the shepherds. my mother gifted it to me when i married sean by cap having babies and was nursing and every year i would say i'm going to do it next year. during the pandemic, my parents stayed with us over the holiday for several months and it was awesome so that christmas, my mom took it out after 20 years, me holding onto this beautiful tradition she passed on set it up so i'm not going to let that go. kennedy: i can't wait to see it. >> i will bring pictures. kennedy: you have a change, sean? >> of course. take it down into kids have hot chocolate, that's my favorite. i have beef with you, i e-mailed you to get on the show, you never respond.
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kennedy: i would have written so many things met book it's worth the price of admission. >> that is worth the price of admission. the book is number one on amazon. it is. we got a little competition from the 1619 project so please, america, make this number one and not that be to use that book to line your cats litter box, by the duffy's book. hallelujah. >> a great christmas present. kennedy: absolutely. >> made in america, it will come to your door, it won't be held up. kennedy: no supply chain issues with the all-american equipment. thank you both so much, great to see you. >> by. kennedy: love you, too. both of you. a brand-new name for all of you boomers. can you translate gen z lingo or
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are you older than a fifth grader? word on the street is next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the most important night and all of cable news. [laughter] we all know kids say the darndest things but you know what it means? tonight we will separate jen c geniuses okay boomers with our newest game, word on the street. here's how it works. i will read that since modern-day slang expression and they will score points if they can define it however, if whoever scores the most points wins a space tattoo of post- malone. on my garden. are you ready? >> let's do it, you're going down.
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kennedy: here are going down to chinatown. all right, charlie, is your first word. define cap. >> like a baseball cap? >> b2 i'm going to give you a sentence. no caps, i'm telling you the truth. no, cap. i'm telling you the truth. >> can we talk about the ball gown you are wearing? i love the ball gown. before you showed us -- see what i mean? as far more interesting. kennedy: you get zero points for that. the definite -- the definition is you are lying. that is a cap. you think i look like a rustic shovel you told our producer. that's fine. kevin, your first word.
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what is the definition for but? >> bet? kennedy: yes. >> a but for gen z? something -- is there a sentence? kennedy: yes. person one, you want to come over and watch kennedy tonight? person two, but. kennedy: what does it mean? >> i am game, i want to watch kennedy. kennedy: i will give you half for that. it means sounds good. >> all right you're on the board. decimals here. spike. your word is drift. would you like to hear in a sentence? >> no, first, i would like to address from the previous panel, i am strongly against putting
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cameras in bathrooms, i don't care without offense, i'm willing to take on that. it's bling, showing off you have lots of jewelry and you are wealthy. kennedy: yep, you get some points for that. >> called it bling bling. kennedy: alecto, is not who you are speaking of? charlie, here is your next word. flop. would you like to hear in a sentence? >> please. kennedy: great song, it totally slept. what does that mean? >> it makes you boogie? kennedy: it means to be excellent or amazing. [laughter] >> what a boomer. kennedy: kevin, you should get this one. my daughters uses all the time.
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you want to hear in a sentence? >> i mean, i am extra. it's over the top, too much. a gay man on kennedy. kennedy: i will give you a.and a half for that. gay man on kennedy, that's my dream. my dream, gamy on kennedy. thank you for making my dreams come true. spike, your word is assess. >> it means suspect. kennedy: you are right, one for that. kevin and spike, you are tied. you can catch up with us. i still don't know what this means and they've defined it for me. would you like to hear this in a sentence? >> i know this one. i really do but put in a sentence.
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kennedy: okay, you get half off if i do, i just made that up. >> i'm going for negative points here so that's fine but put it in a sentence because i do know this one. kennedy: buys jewelry and expensive shoes and she says they are just friends. he's a total -- [laughter] from on. >> i still want get it is a drift? kennedy: no. do not use another word on the street to find a word. >> i am very excessive about this. [laughter] kennedy: your next word is lit. >> oh yeah, that's like off the chain, late. it's happening, it's great. kennedy: yes, that's right. i didn't have to explain that. your word is --
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>> my wife says this. it's like rumors, what is the gossip? kennedy: absolutely right. you just pulled ahead. that's it. spike, you one. you get post- malone, you are the coolest person. >> finally. [laughter] kennedy: charlie, would you like to say anything for yourself? you got one. actually, i did the math wrong, i did the math wrong. kevin and spike, you guys tied to you get to where address for one night a week for the next month. >> that is very extra. [laughter] gentlemen, thank you for playing our new game well done. i hurt you all. coming up, how you get a usc grad off your porch?
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i'll ask as we get ready for the uci usc football showdown this saturday. stay right here. ♪♪
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i seen this in my sleep and neighborhoods going through. >> i just thought lost my lunch. >> if you watch the show you know i love to gamble. i'm up against college football game of the season. this week my beloved, use the aprons go head-to-head with the ugliest and smelliest team,
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ncaa, a team so queasy, they are named after condoms. usc trojans. here to discuss get a booty hand up to her, usc fox nation host -- >> ucla doesn't have a website. i hear it's because i can't stream 3w's together. [laughter] kennedy: why do people choose usc over ucla? it's the year to spell. [laughter] how to get the report -- how do you get them off your porch? you pay them for the pizza. [laughter] >> all right all right. what does a ucla fan say after he wins against usc? kennedy: watch? >> must turn off my playstation three. [laughter] kennedy: why does usc -- >> where you getting all of these? kennedy: natural turf.
7:46 pm
[laughter] cheerleaders have something after the game. [laughter] >> i'm out of them. kennedy: you don't get to look at your notes. kennedy: what did a usc graduate get on their sats? rule. [laughter] >> let's get rolling, i only came prepared with one because i care for you. [laughter] i set myself up for that. i picked the better school right off the bat. i didn't even look at ucla what are they both have in common? [laughter] how did you choose usc?
7:47 pm
>> ucla didn't want me. [laughter] i'm just kidding. usc, i played sand volleyball there, i played volleyball and i thought why not? my little brother went to usc and my oldest brother went to notre dame so you and i have this rivalry but we have the notre dame rivalry as well in my family. kennedy: i feel like every school has a notre dame rivalry. >> the history and tradition people love to go against tradition. kennedy: keep talking, i have to get something. nnedy: i've got to get something for you. llama, llama lala lala mama. have to wear this on instagram if ucla wins. >> i will not -- when usc wins, you have to eat what we call a
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victory dog. it's what they sell on the side of the street when you are walking from wherever you are, your dorm sorority or fraternity to the stadium, pretty much like a hot dog made in canola oil and sodium phosphate, a ton of onions, ketchup and mustard, sautéed peppers sautéed in smog from l.a. you have to eat that when usc wins. you are favored by three and a half usc our records four and five in the next three games are extremely important because we are two wins away from full eligibility. kennedy: weird, ucla is already and by the way, i've eaten more hot dogs on the sidewalk than the entire usc. [laughter] wait, not that kind. i can't wait for you to have us on the ground. you are such a good sport so we will make good on monday.
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>> i will come with more ammo next time. kennedy: here we go. topical storm is next. thank you. ♪♪
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speaking of things banned from school grounds, let's hear from our audience. this is your mail, bobby starts with kennedy nation. dumb dumb. oh, a new memphis. connie tweets making fun of biden speaking, look in the mirror. i love ice cream. still funny. at kennedy nation, you were much cooler in the 70s. i am 65 years old, broken down from overweight and can no longer afford my handsome lessons and riddled with cancer. what was up with your hair? [laughter] i love it. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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