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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 23, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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handed out in the hands of the cartel. everything happening on the border. liz: thank you for joining us and thank you for your service to our country. i am elizabeth mcdonald, you been watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. thank you for watching, have a good evening and join us again tomorrow night. ♪♪ kennedy: he said it was quote guaranteed somebody would get killed six people are dead. what if the county district attorney continue to push his progressive criminal reform agenda? the same agenda cap at the waukesha parade version back on the street days before the tragedy. earlier this evening, brooks was in for the first time for his first arraignment currently charged with five counts of intentional homicide with more charges are pending because
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another child died today. today's after cops say he drove an suv to the sunday holiday parade killing six, injuring dozens including at least 18 children. the previous friday he was freed on just $1000 bail after running over his girlfriend earlier this month. the d.a. now says the bail was inappropriately low for a crime essentially attempted murder. that's funny because he's working working to eliminate cash bail for years. in 2007, a reporter asked about his progressive priorities. he said his are going to be an individual? either for or put a treatment program is going to go out and kill somebody, you back. guaranteed. guaranteed to happen. it does not invalidate the overall approach. except when it does. it happened sunday just as predicted. now a community shattered days before thanksgiving. there's no question we need
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criminal justice reform in the country. can we agree the das plan is not the way to do it? former trump advisory board member, jason is here along with host of the richard fowler shall fox news contributor about the richard fowler and director of the libertarian institute act by popular demand, scott horton is with us. come, everyone. >> we conceal, candidate. kennedy: the pendulum is swinging in the wrong and worst possible way. >> the tragedy that unfolded is a direct result of these progressive reforms. he take this aspect, 39-year-old man just released out of jail not even a week ago on $1000 cash bond, he was discharged with domestic abuse, resisting an officer, second degree recklessly endangering safety,
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disorderly conduct and he bail jumped so to let him out of jail on $1000 cash bond is ludicrous. he entered 40 people, 18 of which were children. there are six critical situations. it is a travesty that could have been avoided. we need to start treating habitual criminals brooks as a threat to society and remove them from society, not release them on $1000 cash bond. his crime record goes back to 1999 when he was only 17 years old so the person who is not learned from his mistakes, from his crimes and he should be removed, not allowed to run free in the society. kennedy: are we doing it wrong, richard? are we letting wrong people out and keeping the wrong people in? >> i think we are, look at this case and see what happened in missouri today, individuals in for 40 euros for not committing
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a crime and being falsely accused and exonerated so we have this conversation around why we should get rid of bail, i think we have to make clear delineation, first they have to make it between those folks who have a long rap sheet and also between crimes of declaration versus heinous criminals. if you are going into a grocery store steel groceries because you cannot eat tonight, but the crime of desperation and does not deserve a 25000 or $35000 cash bail. you deserve a bag of groceries. with that being said, if you're like this individual who decided he wanted to ram through accrual for parade goers, you shouldn't even have had a car to begin with an eye think that us up for debate. my heart goes out in my prayers and thoughts to the families and the community. kennedy: absolutely. i don't even know how they make
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sense of this and scott, i do my best to try to reach out to progressive's we have some cross over libertarians but i guess i have the same question for you i did for richard, are we doing it wrong? obviously libertarians have been talking about criminal justice reform in specific ways for a long, long time. this is not it. >> i have to tell you i've never heard anyone, liberal, progressive or libertarian or anyone say what we need is too lower bail requirements for multiple violent felons. that was never on anyone's list and leave it to the liberals to get half right at best. screw their priorities up like this but we absolutely need serious criminal justice reform in this country and completely abolish all drug prohibition. it's long overdue. we have to abolish all s.w.a.t.
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raids on civilian homes especially nitrates. this isn't afghanistan with the navy seals, who got deputy sheriffs running around like they are military soldiers in our neighborhoods and we have if you did a review, there's probably 50 million miles on the books in this country and various state and federally that should never have been passed and should be completely repealed where people especially the poor are find fees and have to spend all of our time and core and missed work and pay off the taxes and registration stickers, it is impossible for people to get ahead. if you know anyone who's been involved in the criminal justice system in any way, it's a nightmare. it's not like an episode of matlock, it's like the worst day at the dmv and people go to prison for decades based on sloppy work to say the least. kennedy: i feel the same about the criminal justice system that i do about the criminal immigration system. good people rotting in prison
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who entered into the system because of the very things you are talking about that was the ferguson affect in the same way you got good people who want to get into the country but our government is really bad at separating the good people from the bad people and they need to find a better way to do that because people who have a long history of violent crimes like you pointed out, this shouldn't be free to go slaughter children, that's not how it's supposed to work and not how it should work in a civil society. speaking of uncivil and unintelligent people, the squat doubling down on their version criminal justice reform even after the tragedy in waukesha. aoc criticizing bail for prisoners in new york city, congresswoman rashida, where you begin? >> last night on hbo from confronted a bill she endorsed last year, with leave everyone
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from federal prisons over the course of ten years. >> have you wrestled with any potential downsides of releasing into society every single person who is currently in a federal prison? >> i think everyone is like we are going to everybody. >> but did you see how many people are emotionally ill and prison right now? >> release everyone -- >> think about it, who will -- >> there are human traffickers and child sex -- you mean you don't actually support that? >> no, no. kennedy: she was in the sun after one question. yeah, i know. you know? let's start with the serial killers and sex offenders. when will the squad realized the progressive agenda will never work in the real world and they don't have any actual practical ideas?
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>> what is mind blowing is the squad is pushing progressive bail reform and emptying federal prisons into society just a day after a career criminal with a mile long rap sheet most gun children singing christmas carols in wisconsin. this is a party who defense, dissolves and dismantles police departments while they want to make self-defense illegal, see the rittenhouse case. they are disarming america so they are dangerous the fact that these are elected officials and the things they are pushing day after this happens, it is atrocious. kennedy: they are going to push too hard, they are going to go too far and you will have law and order joe biden and kamala harris clean up the democrat party like she did in california and biden didn't in the early 90s, it's not going to be good it's all going to be for not.
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all the democrats are going to try to prove how hard-core they really are. watch, mark my words. >> a couple of things here. one, two, three or four members of the democratic party does not make about a majority after 218 members. kennedy: it does when you have that slim of a majority in the house you've only got in the house, they actually do. >> let's be clear about this bill without past. let's move on to greener pastures, to think this is the democratic party on the party platform or democratic parties believed what i stand for, let me let you know this bill will not pass, one member in the bill offered does not mean it's going to pass it will probably die in committee. with that, but scott said previously, i think he's right. we are going to have a long-term conversation about criminal justice reform, we have to talk about the laws in the book and
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what's working in the system but also not working in the system and that requires one, making sure we sent money to police reform where they needed but also ensuring as we sent money there, we ask for more accountability, more transparency and bad practices that have caused mistrust currently in the system. kennedy: they are not doing any of that because they overshot their hands and that is the problem -- okay -- scott means i want to talk to scott now. so scott, when you have places like minneapolis and portland which are sending more money to the police department than they had before it means you are not going to get anything done but if they release the federal prisoners, the white-collar criminals progressive's paid so much, they will be free to meet off everyone in their orbit. >> i am with the leftists on this one, i'm sure he never read
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the constitution but i have the only people who should be in federal prison should be counterfeiters or wall street bankers or criminals or a narrow subset of people. all the rest of felons in america should be prosecuted by the state and now the transition of current people in federal prison who are dangerous the transition to turning them over to state custody or something like that i am not sure on but the fbi and justice department are the single most corrupt organizations in this country. these are the people who framed our last president for treason with decrement about things so you think rittenhouse got railroaded or almost railroaded, federal prosecutors and fbi do nothing but railroad innocent people all day everyday. federal prisons are full of drunk businessmen and gun-control victims irs victims, it is disgusting like this country got taken over by the communist but did it to
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ourselves. kennedy: they are still not smart enough to figure out stay should be released or who should have gone in the first place. i don't think -- >> if they were good on things, they would be libertarian. kennedy: absolutely right. it is interesting because they must be thrilled because now the fbi are going after parents labeling them domestic terrorists and they will be the next group rounded up sent to federal prison the good job, squad. party panel, man panel coming up. prices at the pump skyrocket, present biden shrugging off all blame the white house seek responsibility. jonathan is here to take the air out of inflation. he is next. ♪♪
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president biden has a new message. don't worry, everything's fine if it cannot, i think not my fault. i don't even know if i'm president. i got my colonoscopy, they said i could have ice cream. kennedy: he's working on fixing the supply chain bottleneck and we should have everything we
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need as long as all we need is on ice cream and sleep. good night. direct quote. americans are still feeling the pinch of the pump, the national average for gas prices up over a buck and 30 this year. so much more expensive than that. just go to california try to getzlaf your corvette. as biden said today, it's not his problem, is the oil companies, you guys. >> price of gasoline the market has fallen by about 10% over the last few weeks. the price at the pump hasn't budged a penny. in other words, gas supply companies are paying less and making a lot more. instead, companies are pocketing the difference as profit. that is unacceptable. kennedy: bargaining. who's really to blame for the skyrocketing gas prices? twenty me to discuss, hedge fund
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manager and fox news contribute a, the one and only jonathan, welcome back to the shop. >> great to be with you this is my friction before it's all said and done, politicians like biden will be blaming you for companies, not just oil and gas companies but all big companies for rising prices across the board. the evil greedy as obs, the other one started now but inflation affects the economy at large not the price the pump so with all of these politicians going after reading businessmen despite the fact that politicians like joe biden causing prices at the pump to go up and prices across the economy at large. kennedy: but talk about inflation because this is something the democrats have been really bad of explaining because what they want to say is first of all, the sign of a healthy economy so that is great. second, there's so much disposable income, you could afford it. third, you did nothing during
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the pandemic or spend any money so now you're sitting on a giant bloomsburg plenty of money, stop complaining but inflation is a money supply issue, the more money you pump into an economy, the more you devalue it and it becomes problematic long-term. >> is a con game and they are perpetuating a. biden here, honestly it's straight out of the 1930s era fdr, more money in people's pockets from more money to buy things, it's a broken window fallacy we've heard over and over. money is not wealth, there's a lot of money in soviet russia, there's a difference -- money -- these are just people is a paper with money printed on it in the whole thing is people are paying more money but the money is buying them less and less and less the last year biden talking about wages being up after
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inflation, the wages are actually down by about a percent and a half. an obvious example, the dollar store, the dollar tree store is raising their prices to a dollar and 25. the affect of inflation and money printing is not just happening, they are doing more with $1.25 trillion spending bill. kennedy: asked how inflation is going in venezuela, $1000, it must taste delicious. it's not an people are feeling it and to blame consumers is so politically shortsighted so what's the worst case scenario? this is an on economy like when we've seen, it's not the stagflation of the 80s can you become like that in the future if we stay spending this much and pumping this much money into the economy? >> yet oftentimes people say as long as there's not rioting in
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the streets it's not worst case but oftentimes that's the deal with inflation, slow methodical lessening of quality of life and look back to historical presidents, the 1970s unemployment was not below 8% from basically 73 almost 1980 that entire time of high inflation. this past year, tpi the most obvious example of inflation is up by about 5.5%. did you get a 5.5% raise in your income the past year? probably not so inflation hurts everyone's quality of life except government, they are the ones able to be the big leader leasing the strategic regime reserve to get oil prices down supposedly. every study says it has no effect whatsoever inflation is not only caused by government but they blame everyone else for the masses they are causing. kennedy: so if you want to
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increase the supply, increase the supply and stop shutting down pipelines. it seems really stupid until we are completely off well, we are not there yet. they keep giving us arbitrary deadlines for one will be carbon neutral. until then, the spigot open. come on, man. happy thanksgiving, thank you so much we lack be well. kennedy: coming up, scientists still stumped on the covid origin story. did it come from our lab? backed? a fantastic new book. matt, one of the co-authors joins me next. ♪♪
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kennedy: 5 million people are dead after 20 months and we still don't know exactly where covid came from. scientists are going back and forth on whether the pandemic started in wet market or leaked
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from a lab. china has been useless. stonewalling investigations refusing to admit anything what actually happened? fantastic new book that dives into several fascinating theories including one involving a mysterious copper mine in china in 2012. matt ridley, co-author of viral, the search for the origin of covid-19. co-author with matt, welcome to the show, nice to see you. >> good evening, i suits you, to. kennedy: this is a fascinating book partly because you wrote it like a mystery not like a science textbook so not boring to read at all, is a page turner but take me to the mining 2012 were six minors clearing up felt sick with symptoms antivirus nearly similar to covid. >> well, we don't know exactly what they were suffering but all the doctors who treated them at
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the time thought they had a backbone coronavirus and would have been the first case of people directly catching buyers from a patent so no wonder they were interested. the wuhan institute eating institute researchers for bad viruses in the world and does most research on them, since seven expeditions, possibly more, to collect tax and samples from baths and bring them back to the lab. one of the samples well, kind of them turned out to be the closest relatives of the virus when the pandemic broke out in the beginning of 2020 yet they changed it name, they which bege
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question, what experiments were done? wasn't relevant to the origin of covid-19? if not, let's look at the data and see whether it's possible. >> i'll be enough one of the scientists, researchers involved in trying to study the original virus was that woman whose but not exactly an open book in terms of her 20162018 research and publications and they mysteriously, like you pointed out, changed the designation of the original virus tried to say we didn't realize until 2020 there is any association at all but they knew in 2018 that was what was. >> it was called ra 491 and they
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called it that right up to 2019. when they announced the genome of sars covid to they said by the way, there's another virus in the freezer that is similar called ra pg-13. i spent the whole day trying to figure out what it is, what is a come from? where did you find it and when did you find it? nothing about it anywhere. it was renamed so it's this kind of thing that requires us to ask hard questions whether or not there's more information in their databases which have gone off-line the pandemic and have never come back online, that could be helpful in determining the origin of the covid pandemic. kennedy: peter from equal health alliance, we heard about that organization quite a bit getting funding from doctor anthony factories institute, he was running interference saying they
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renamed this but then you have china essentially closing the minds, investigative teams from nbc and various other organizations, the bbc trying to go to the original mine and the copper mine, they couldn't get in because there were police officers, military personnel blocking entrance so no one could investigate but it was with the help of people like the seeker on twitter who had been doing some of the footwork here because any government-funded institution has been pretty opaque. >> rights. we found with honorable exceptions, mainstream journalists and politicians and scientists have not been good at looking into this very where's the number of open-source analysts working on the internet
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and how to look at obscure corners of the chinese internet and find feces and dramatic databases assemble record offender everything known about the viruses in their first relatives were providing with magnificent amounts of information, the seeker in india spain and russia, these are the people who are the heroes of powerbook because some of them are amateurs, some are scientists and some began work because of my co-author who started questioning some of this stuff, she is a brilliant young scientist so we are not getting help from the mainstream here. kennedy: they are really shutting you down even some of the reviews to last question, we only have a couple of seconds, is covid the result of an accidental lab leak in your estimation based on your research. >> we don't know but we mean
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toward that explanation which we didn't in the beginning, we've moved in that direction. kennedy: great book, go get it. a wonderful holiday read. thanks again. speaking of which, how are you handling covid this thanksgiving? the turkey of your surgical mask or throw caution to the wind. wine bottles with perfect strangers. week. most americans say they plan to feed people outside their homes. only 17% of democrats will dine with the unvaccinated you heathens compared to 41% republicans. how do you strike a balance between fear and family? between safety and staffing? are we loud to resent each other for being too covid cautious or too covid cavalier? jason, richard and scott horton. scott, one of the appropriate ways to celebrate thanksgiving?
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check everyone's temperatures and vaccination cards? scott -- >> oh, sorry, the producer was talking and didn't hear my name. i was wondering who it was who was supposed to be talking. of course it was me. listen, go to thanksgiving unless you feel sick, he should stay home but the reality us, i have an epidemiologist friend who told me back when this first broke out eventually we are all going to get it one way or another. i've already had it so take your vitamin d and get sunshine, get fit and stay in shape if you feel sick, stay home but if not, by all means, see our family and hug them and share turkey with them if you can afford it. kennedy: turkey is so expensive now, people are forced to eat their own children. your thoughts? [laughter] >> turkey is expensive and so is the cost of bacon.
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i spend it with my family and sister and family. we are all vaccinated but i do plan to make sure i took my temperature and don't have any flulike symptoms before i do go spend this holiday about gratitude with my family members. kennedy: jason, do you think people are slimmer and fatter this year because we are supposed to work out and take vitamin d? >> i know i am, i have been peloton inc. circuit you know that turkey but most americans have come to realize covid is not going away and we need to learn how to live with it. the vast majority of us don't want to slowly decay indoors like an obese neurotic caged animal rubbing hand sanitizer all over our bodies though i'm sure doctor fauci would love us to do so but i think the bigger issue this thanksgiving is the fact that we have biden's inflation and the only thing . kennedy: rubbing puerile on my
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booty. >> and our guests can't even afford gas to drive to our homes but that's okay because we are reducing our carbon footprint which is exactly what building back better is all about. kennedy: i guess so. i don't know, man. i say drill, baby drill. and i'm not talking about oil #gentlemen, whatever you do this thanksgiving, i hope you do it to the very best of your abilities and help your families are as succulent as your turkeys and i hope you have a great time and tell some really offensive jokes to make at least one person in your family uncomfortable and then you will know have one thanksgiving. jason, richard and scott. may freedom prevail for all of you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. kennedy: you are the best.
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thanksgiving travel is about to hit a record high. rain could screw it all up. we are going to be sleeping in our cars eating chick-fil-a. here to break it down. ♪♪
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shows like this matter
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♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: more than 53 million americans are expected to hit the road catch a flight for thanksgiving this year. the cold front is coming in equipment stop your trip in its tracks. it depends on where and when you are traveling. pay attention to what you're about to hear and see and don't get distracted by the dance moves in the studios.
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box whether meteorologist and tik tok dancing weatherman, nick. >> your 70 cameras in here, i don't know where to look. kennedy: do, do, do flying around in a plane. made coast, sir. what are we doing here? >> i don't know. i'm trying to keep up with you. kennedy: live television in five -- good job. >> visio, always a pleasure to come by. kennedy: there's a lot of airplanes from this is from flight now that. listen -- kennedy, come back over here. we are doing whether. listen, missus where my . kennedy: walking in lubes.
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>> for real? nice. i am impressed can get your leg up that high, it gets harder and harder, doesn't it? kennedy: speak for yourself, grandma. [laughter] >> listen, air travel stats are looking pretty good, so is the robot. 7800 flights in route right now. kennedy: only 6800 flights canceled right now. are they a sponsor? >> i don't know. we need all we can get. i love you. kennedy: we live just sitting around the airport. no need to fly. >> you know what? let's just go here. we've got moderate delays. kennedy: -here, i've been here, i've been here, here, here, here. i've never been there. there, here, there, i've been here and there a bunch.
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>> you've successfully -- yeah. nicely done. you've successfully touched all the green buttons there so there you have it. you would be great at lacrimal. yeah? close. matson airport. kennedy: a little snow here? they are all smoking weed in denver and they don't even care. like no way man. montana is kind of boring. >> listen, i forgot how awesome this show is because this is cable and you can say what you want. can i say something like -- okay, i'm supposed to be a lovable weatherman so i'm going to get as edgy as i can. [laughter] kennedy: all right, slow down there, hotshot. [laughter] >> hold on, i'm having a moment there. be nice out there and don't act like a dingell barry. kennedy: oh my god.
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please pray for him. [laughter] he is talking about a poop nugget hanging from a sheep's fungus and he's supposed to be talking about the weather. we didn't write forth that so what are we looking at here? there is dandruff in boston. >> watch out, purple out there. basically the weather looks pretty darn good. kennedy: fat and asleep, no one cares. >> when you wake up on saturday, looks pretty good. more green one area yellow . kennedy: defined police, how about i don't fly into your airport. >> sunday i think we are going to. kennedy: a lot of green. >> i know, it's green everywhere. we are making it rain. it's our slogan on fox whether. kennedy: are you having the best time of your life? it's fantastic, i love your
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technology. you have fantastic personalities and you all get along and make the weather exceptional. >> kennedy. if it wasn't for covid, i would give you a hug. kennedy: if it wasn't for my ocd, i would let you. >> fair enough. travel weather is fine, i want to rewind. kennedy: everything you need from box whether, this man has it. let's dance, nick. >> i sent over some music to play. are you ready? kennedy: yeah. ♪♪ >> not jay baldwin but whatever. here we go. ♪♪ kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪♪
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commonsense. this is topical storm, topic number one. university professor morning a ring of garbage forming around the earth so outside will
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measure our insight doctor if this image from nasa shows the amount of space junk surrounding our planet and that's not even including the occasional euro trash like richard branson. university professor said the trash could gravitate together to form a ring around the earth like the ones around saturn or jupiter but the most junk i've ever seen is surrounding uranus. junk in the trunk, what, what. deb satellites and rockets. chinese restaurant menus left on space shuttle. earth's orbit was gone so crowded space agencies need to plan around giant swirls of garbage. basically like driving across new jersey. gross. topic number two. the company created a way to transform tesla cyber truck into a mobile home because by the
7:53 pm
time you're done paying for your tesla, you will have nowhere else to live. that is sweet. this is a cyber amanda, they extension including this engine sink, a sleeping space and a full shower, it's so comfortable and sleek, you wonder why you ever lived in room more than two and a half feet wide. the company recommends using it as a base camp for hiking or luxurious way to go hunting and fishing because there's nothing more luxurious than sitting under toilet and getting up the upper if the company recommends cyber amanda for urban living allowing you to park and live on a city street that way you won't be the only one using the car as a toilet. that's wonderful. topic number three. an analyst will try and determine the most popular thanksgiving side dishes in each state, mashed petito's take the top spot and favorite dish including california, colorado and arizona finally taking the same side. new hampshire and they love
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stuffing. referring to the ballot box in idaho and new mexico in the middle of the night thinking in with her because of sweet petito's. remember, no matter what state you start in, we were all finishing the same what. zero intoxication if we do it right. topic number four. they've opened an account on only fans were you can get an exclusive look at their hot juicy buns. the white castle only fans paid offering thanksgiving stuffing recipe made with their famous sliders so now you know why your husband spent thousands of dollars last month, who's just getting ready for the holiday,
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babe. subscribers can get the recipe for a new taken jalapeno stuffing with extra spicy poblano peppers so now you know why your husband was sweaty after spending all that time on only fans. live right now, spicy stuffing is what you crave, log on to white castle page and get it while it's hot don't use the word stuffing on only fans, you will end up with a wildly different type of content. trust me. i've made that mistake 40 or 50 times now. before we go, tonight tickle me tuesday joke. get the punchline on twitter, tickle me tuesday, do not look it up. ready? one of the best four years of the usc trojans life? ♪♪
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time for tickle me tuesday. here is a tickle you've been waiting for. one of the best four years of the usc trojans life? third grade. [laughter] nation on
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