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tv   The Claman Countdown  FOX Business  November 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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we have not gotten any clear idea about where were gonna stand with china and the trade worse obviously there's a lot of misinformation. jamie dimon said a lot of things this year that he rolled back. charles: let's leave it there. have a great thanksgiving, folks at home have a great thanksgiving. now over the liz claman. liz: are you a pumpkin pie or apple pie. charles: i am a apple pie every day except thanksgiving. liz: happy thanksgiving. the bull is making a last-minute charge on the final trainee day of the holiday week. the nasdaq in positive territory after real chalk turned negative with the federal reserve minutes from the most recent meeting says the som c members think i
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inflation could last longer than they originally thought. they need to listen to "the claman countdown". markets fighting back at the moment we still have the dow jones industrial down 52 points. black friday two days away and retailers who can figure out the supply chain or the power to raise prices are already getting punished by investors. overstock ceo is in full-blown press mode ahead of the big shopping day but is going to jump in front of our cameras to reveal the strategy that is showing significant success. how is he doing it america's clean water report card not one to bring home to mom and dad. the ceo of one company working to fix the h2 infrastructure is here and a fox business exclusive. is water the new goal way into using stock performance. getaway day look at the traffic jam. can you guess which highway this
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is. throughout the hour we will check the roads, reels and airports to see how the travel brushes playing out as millions of americans had out over the river and through the woods. we will tell you where that is if you try to guess. fox business alert the fed released investors saw and sold. there actually buying after the release from the f moc meeting the markets tripped and fell thought on their face. intraday that is the doubt, he dipped on a 2:00 p.m. eastern the lows, the dow is on 222 pointed down 62 right now. the s&p intraday dipped into the red but right now it is moving higher, it is up three points in the nasdaq just after the release gap down but it's back into positive territory up 28 points. what was said that because the freak out during the november meeting federal reserve expressed the concern about inflation and get around longer
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than expected, here is the money part, more than a few it appears are willing to tighten interest-rate policy if prices continue to run hot. here's the wording officials would be willing to hike interest rates sooner than participants currently anticipated. all of this as fed president mary daly said she would completely support an accelerated pace of tapering the stimulative bond purchases. let's look at the ten year treasury yield hitting around 1.693% right before the minutes came out were at 1.644, feds preferred inflation gate the consumption expenditures price index. it did rise at the fastest pace since december of 1990 but it met expectations. it was not higher than expected. the markets are pretty calm about that, that was not the
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only day we got today. so much of these were frontloaded due to the thanksgiving holiday. it's all playing into our floor show. teddy weisberg is with us right now. let me guess you're thankful this year that you're in the bahamas? >> i'm thankful i'm just here. liz: every day were above ground versus below. let's stop being dark and look at the markets at the moment. was anything said in the federal reserve open market committee meeting notes that give you pause. there was one point that the fed does not see a wage price spiral. to me i do. i see wages are rising, the worker has the upper hand at the moment, look at the deer contract and you see that's would be hard to reverse. >> the fed speaks and unfortunately it's become more
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political than independent. the bottom line is i see what you see and i think most investors see what we both see. certainly consumers see what we both see. inflation is everywhere i think the message is quite clear they can capture it anyway they want but they're in a tightening mode. how soon and how fast, that remains to be seen but i think for sure there no longer accommodative mode matter what they say, they have shifted gears and it's how they want to engineer things, not to pull the rug out from underneath the markets, et cetera but clearly tightening is in the cars, higher interest rates are in the cards and i don't think anybody should be surprised by that. >> atop economist on the phone hugh johnson advisors, do you agree what he saying right now,
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forget it we are in a rate tightening mode going forward? >> i not only agree, i would never disagree with my good friend teddy weisberg. he's a too good of a friend to disagree with. i read the notes and it's fairly clear a lot of the members were saying that they want to hurry up with tapering. he gets a tapering done by june of 2022 which they opened it up for increasing interest rates. i think were talking somewhere along the line quite frankly we could've talked about a month ago, a couple of weeks ago and come the second half of 2022 you will see one increase in the federal funds rate of one increase in their target and 23 and 24.
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that is going to be a difficult period for stock prices unless we get really big earnings numbers to offset. things are good to get more challenging in this equity market it's not going to be an easy road like the last couple of years. liz: try the last nine years. what is good as we look ahead in the inflationary environment and perhaps a rate tightening environment. >> clearly the biggest beneficiaries are sensitive to higher rates and that would bring you back to the financials, the banks, insurance companies and inflationary. it's going to be companies that have pricing power in the ability to pass along price increases to the public and certainly there are other areas. those of the two that come to mind perhaps energy what we saw
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with energy you have the white house release which didn't come as a big surprise, the fact is it didn't amount to anything it's three days worth of energy the energy rally to most 2% when they announce the release of the reserves. i would not be surprised to see oil work a lot higher i'm not a energy specialist but it's quite clear energy is going a lot higher i would keep exposure to the energy sector. liz: in the aftermarket crude is lower, heating oil and gasoline lower the only thing higher is natural gas. considering were getting a more chilly on the east coast. can you give me a sense of how technology will do and what appears to be a shifting interest-rate environment.
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>> teddy set it right things that will be economically sensitive and inflationary environment when inflation and interest rates are rising you want to buy economically sensitive issues so everybody has gotten hysterical about technology and the declines over the last couple of days but it's still a very good performer. i would put technology on the list in addition i would put in consumer services, communication services i would put companies, tough to say but none nevertheless but also but and i would go to the consumer discretionary side which is in agreement with what ted is saying and look at home depot and lows and a company called magna automobile parts. there's a lot of things you can do with finance will be due really good and arising interest-rate were you see the yield curve steeping. i got everything on the right
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side with teddy except all have to disagree on that one. liz: i am thankful for both of you i hope you have a lovely and safe thanksgiving. liz: he wasn't talking about me, thanks teddy. look at adele just down 25 points fox business alert tesla ceo elon musk stock selling spree. that is interesting musk sold another 934,091 shares of tesla yesterday worth more than a billion dollars bringing his month to date sales to 9.9 billion tesla shares are up 2%. what is interesting he began cashing out after the twitter followers responded to his november 6 pull asking whether he should sell 10% of his holdings to pay more in taxes.
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they all said yes at the moment he started to sell tesla stock dropped 12% but today investors not batting in either buying. ev maker hitting a record low it is down three and a quarter% at $6.36 after a nasdaq notice saying is noncompliance with the listing role. last week it said it was delaying the third-quarter results due to the board reviewing allegations of inaccurate disclosures. fellow ev loser group may be down today but it's up. it just flipped back atop a quarter of 8% right now but almost up 100% quarter to date, lucid air model motor trend car of the year award and motor trend says the car jumps off the auto mod of forest floor like a rainbow eucalyptus advancing like crazy while making a colorful splash. speaking of advancing like crazy look at the gaming company engine media they are jumping 17
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and a third% investors gain their ticker signal engine announce fourth-quarter revenue jumped 67% year-over-year beating estimates. the social aspects are making a favorite with younger demographics. metaphors gaming favorite roadblocks another move this time up 8% bringing again to 46%. we were mentioning dear a few seconds ago is near the top of the s&p right now. surging on strong earnings. solid demand for the tractors and combines pushing the impact of a worker strike where employees demanded and got better wages. dear gaining 5% right now. stock stock don't tell some of america's biggest retailers that the problem of the poor is easy what the gap in nordstrom have to say about the supply chain
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crisis. how does that affect a company like overstock which gets its goods when other companies give up trying to sell them. we have jonathan johnson ahead of the black friday rush next. closing bell ringing and 38 minutes the dow down 27. as we head to a break the miami international airport getting crowded with holiday travelers. our holiday headaches developing. we'll catch you on the ground it up in the air travel situation across the nation straight ahead
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liz: it's not looking like christmas were two major retailers ahead of black friday the crucial shopping time the gap crumbling like a christmas cookie, down 24% after the company set is unable to meet the holiday demand due to the supply chain backlog in nordstrom's tumbling down blaming the brakes and then chain and labor cost to meet the holiday demand, noise from down 29%. overstock in the green at this
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hour. right now up a half 8%. the had a very strong run over the past several months ahead of the biggest retail day of the year to be facing similar challenges in the days leading up to christmas, if not what are they doing right let's bring in overstock ceo jonathan johnson. i know you're preparing for black friday but tell me how things are going, what is happening on your floors and explain the picture at the moment. >> is always busy right before black friday. >> the good news, we have more inventory this year than last year. we've been working with our suppliers to make sure they're able to get product through the port and just about everything for sale on our site is in our warehouse and ready to ship. customers don't have any worries today from getting products from overstock by the holidays.
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liz: how did you do with the gap in nordstrom in a bunch of the other retailers cannot pull off. you have more inventory ready to go the last year? >> we do i think it's because we have a large distributed supplier network. if one supplier is out of a crucial black leather sofa, another one at the very like product in place. while inventory is not pre-pandemic levels, it is better than last year and if it's listed on the site, it's ready to ship when you buy it. liz: a lot of retailers are getting punished because they cannot manage their supply chain but they also don't feel there in the position to raise prices. anytime during an earnings report, retailers says we are not going to raise prices, investors go crazy and they turn tail and they leave. they want to know the prices can
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rise and people will still come by, where you stand at overstock first run goods but it really solid prices. >> that's going to past several quarters on average dollars have gone up on each order. largely because of a makeshift as we lean more into the home furnishing and furniture space the average over sizes bigger, like everybody we do feel pressure from suppliers. there is inflation this far we've been able to balance that. we take some even our suppliers have taken some increase cost and we pass as little as possible on tour customers. part of the average is a makeshift into different categories, home and home furnishings. liz: i wanted all about your
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wages the federal reserve came out from the minutes and said that they don't really see a wage price spiral but we know that wages are spiking. they're not exactly spiking as high as quickly as inflation is jumping but we know inflation is moving higher, have you seen that happen at your company, are you raising wages to attract more workers? >> all levels of compensation, sometimes it's wages, sometimes it's benefits, sometimes it's equity. we are being aggressive to play in that space, keep our best people and attracting retain people all around. liz: i want to ask about share buybacks, you announced a $100 million share buyback. that tends to be very popular with investors, however, we have a plan that the democrats have put forth to pay for build back better and that is where they want to impose a 1% tax on companies that do their share
3:22 pm
buybacks how would that affect your repurchase plan, would you do less of it? >> you have to factor it in and what prices we would buy. we would increase the cost to us as a company. personally i am not a fan of any taxes and tax on buyback. i think buybacks are good way to increase enterprise volume and companies which affects all shareholders including iras and pension funds and elsewhere. not a big fan of the cost. liz: i did not expect you to be but i was certainly interested in asking. you would look at that and say for got imposed we would have to rethink our share repurchase plan. >> is a factor into the cost i don't think we would stop the plan for a couple of years and we can exercise as we choose but it would be a factor of what
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prices. it increases the cost of the company of a repurchase. liz: thank you for taking time out ahead of black friday we know how crazy is going to be, let us know how it's going to go. >> have a great thanksgiving. liz: planes, trains, automobiles the metaverse, everybody has a mad rush on where they need to be to celebrate thanksgiving tomorrow will take you like to liberty international airport in new jersey where madison is going to show you how the airlines are handling the holiday crush. with the closing bell ringing at 37 minutes did i tell you the dow was making a run for the flatline, now it's down seven points after having been lowered by 222. we'll see if we could go to the green. stay with us we're coming right back. ♪ [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪
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liz: happy thanksgiving, it is getaway day, aaa estimates 48.3 million americans will travel more than 50 miles to share thanksgiving dinner with family and friends, compare that to last year's 44 and half million who made the journey, the higher numbers mean clogged roadways in the mystery highway we showed you at the top of our. let me show you again that is video of the 405 freeway which spans southern california north to south, citizens of los angeles tried to get a jumpstart on the holiday crush. unclear if that was a good idea. judging from the traffic on the 405 during last night's commute sky fox capturing the dramatic pictures of the completely gm did -- it still home to me. i would choose that over 38th street on manhattan.
3:29 pm
that takes you straight to lax, take a look at how packed the airport was earlier today. the number of air travelers this week expected to exceed pre-pandemic levels. madison is in terminal b at liberty international airport in newark new jersey on how travelers are fearing before thanksgiving and how the airlines are doing. >> were here at newark and so far so good read unfortunately this airport on average holds the record for the most delays but today travelers coming in and out of the airport are fearing pretty well. across the u.s. and across every airline industry this is a test. like you mentioned were coming back to near prepare endemic levels. it's going to be a test on the system to see how they fare considering we had all the cancellations in the fall and continue to have staff shortages across multiple different airline companies.
3:30 pm
let's take a look right now at the current delays and cancellations that we've been seen. when we look back to the start of this week when people started to travel, there was 4000 delays on monday and then on tuesday we had 3000 delays. moving in the right direction, hopefully they'll stay lowered, the day before thanksgiving. i want to give you look at the sky. you should be seen a live look at all the active flights ahead of the big thanksgiving meal. ahead of this week, there were concerns because of the hundreds of cancellations that we saw this fall due to a variety of issues like staff shortages. some of the airlines made an adjustment to prevent problems this week. southwest slimmed down their options to make sure the ones on their schedule actually took off the ground and american airlines is doing stuff like offering bonuses to staff that work for the holiday season but travelers that we spoke to today are still being cautious and are still expressing some problems. >> we got here two and half
3:31 pm
hours early because we wanted to make sure that we didn't miss our flight. >> our original flight was supposed to be direct to new orleans but it got canceled. >> this time became a couple hours, two and half, we have little ones. >> even though this is a really busy day, the busiest travel day is expected to be sunday because people can travel any day leading up to thanksgiving but most people travel home on sunday. we are expecting that to be a record-breaking day. the most travelers since the pandemic started in march of 2019. this means i'm really grateful that i'm celebrating in new jersey with my family this year. it's just cars for me. liz: thank goodness for new jersey. madison we want to show you madison i don't know if you have a monitor, this is oakland california, life picture. you can see right there the bay bridge, look at that whether.
3:32 pm
again i would be fine stuck in that traffic because weather is so good. did you have the estimation that aaa says a total of 53.4 million thanksgiving travelers will be hitting the roads in the skies the season. we hope all of you are safe, happy and healthy as you do so. we live in america, the largest and most developed economy in the world but did you know the united states has a water system more in line with third world nations. clean drinking water not as common as you think. one company working with the water infrastructure and the stock is up 73% year to date. with the closing bell ringing in 28 minutes. we are going to tell you who it is when we return we have the ceo and what they plan as the money comes from the effort structure plan to help with her water system. ♪ [gaming sounds]
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liz: a recent passage of 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill brought green energy. we should be paying way more attention to the importance of water infrastructure. this morning san francisco declared a water shortage emergency brought on by the persistent drought in the american west. that plus water quality is a very weak spot in american infrastructure for years. the american society of several engineers gave it a c- on drinking water infrastructure. yells environmental performance ranked at 26 on the 2020 global sanitation and drinking water list. behind greece, malta.
3:38 pm
38,000,000,048,000,000,000 to upgrade our water system to remedy the current water system in the u.s. if so what is the trait the mystery stock that we mentioned before the break is at the forefront of the issue. water technologies has its reason within 76% year to date. let's bring in ron keating joining us on a fox business exclusive trade war 26 on the list that is pretty shameful, what should the $48 billion go to first and how does it fit into the picture. >> thank you for having me, it's great to be here. the spending bill is going to be $55 billion dedicated to water ten around emerging contaminants in the other 45 billion around upgrading the system to more modernization and replacing lead line drinking pipes. it is time for the distribution to be upgraded as well as upgrade the treatment system to
3:39 pm
the modern age frankly. liz: i don't want to scare people but i want to scare people. they need to know how bad the situation is, what is the worst part of our water infrastructure right now? >> ultimately it's the distribution lines. this distribution that comes from aged treatment trains as well. the treatment trains need to be upgraded so the center section and the distribution lines have to be upgraded. over the past year the united states lost 1.7 trillion gallons of drinking water from breaks in lines. if you add in storm water and wastewater we lost 6 trillion gallons of water. ultimately it is time for an upgrade in time to do something about it. water is a precious resource but they have been working to provide reliable safe drinking water as well as water for industry and recreation for years. liz: we have more than 2.2
3:40 pm
million miles on average. there 45 - 47 years old. what would it take to upgrade that and how do you even begin when it comes to that. >> is going to take years of spending. when you look at its years of spending over the next 20 plus years that we have to do through 2050. ultimately the opportunity is start now and the best time was to start yesterday and if you didn't today is about time. it's great to see the government committing to the investment center going to make. as we go forward and upgrade the infrastructure witchery emerging contaminants such as p fast that everyone is concerned about and we ultimately treat the distribution lines that are out there so we don't have brakes and the water loss that we do today. liz: let's talk about what's in the modern and why we see calcification in many of the pipes and how easily or difficult is it going to be to
3:41 pm
mitigate the problem? >> ultimately its age and neglect on spending and is not upgrading the system. that happens over time and over the years. the ways to do it, you could do it with pipe replacement but i think the biggest thing that has to happen is ultimately have to make sure you modernization in the system as a whole and start with the treatment train in the central trains administer polities where there treating the water itself and then we can also focus on making sure the distribution. liz: the company is evoqua and you've done very nicely over the year end year to date more than 70%. good luck with the job, it is a big one. >> thank you, great to see you. liz: happy thanksgiving. there is a saying in banking, never offend your customer. j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie
3:42 pm
dimon apologizing to anna entire country what he said and why he rushed to say i'm so sorry. whether it's banking clichés, the financial website the go to dictionary for all things market is expanded like wildfire as investors hunt to be self educated for explanation from crypto to derivative to esg and more in this week's edition that guy. editor-in-chief caleb silver he went from hitchhiking around south america and filming wire life environmental groups to pivoting in the business news. how did he go from chasing bears the following bull markets in the business encyclopedia website world. listen to the story of taking the road less traveled to success apple, google, spotify wherever you get your podcast. the closing bell is 18 minutes away. the dow is still trailing the day before thanksgiving to give one big juicy apple pie to the
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liz: jamie dimon backpedaling, yesterday while speaking at the boston college of it, celebrating his firm century mark made a comparison between the bank and china's communist party which is also in the 100 fear. jamie dimon i'll make a bet we last longer. he then joked that he could not make that remark in china which is known for freedom of speech. when you're in a hole and digging stop digging. someone must've reminded him that the bank is trying to increase the business in china
3:48 pm
and a week ago he was granted an exemption by the hong kong government to visit the financial hub without needing to quarantine. today he issued an apology saying he regretted the comments and she had never had done that the people. the first owner of the securities brokerage in china. >> is a cultural trait, he did the first one and someone must've told him. he did it again, i'm really, really sorry. the other stuff, this is classic jamie. that's why love him, he shouldn't be correcting himself but i need a little backdrop of what's going on. liz: you can't say anything anymore. >> the chinese lovett, literally
3:49 pm
in the morning they came out and everybody was like oh my god, what did he do. they came back and issued again because the chinese love to reflect a lot. as part of the thing. liz: especially when they throw you in prison for writing a book that is critical. >> on the fax jamie dimon was right he said the united states does not know how to put out the underwear. he said the fact that he doesn't agree with policies that we have to leave china because we disagree with the government like trump was going to do. because if he disagreed with the policies of the u.s., j.p. morgan would have to leave the u.s. and come back and forth like a million times. then he prays donald trump, he basically said he was crazy but i agree with him. they needed to be held accountable.
3:50 pm
what i liked about it, it was so honest and so real and all of a sudden someone called him up and said were trying to get business, what you doing. just so you know when i talk to people close to jamie dimon they do this once or twice a year, the last time he said something about trump that is a better politician he would kick his rear end. he said something like that was hysterical then he had to backtrack i didn't need to say that but this comes out of his mouth a lot. again what they're worried about internally that he basically punched the entire country that they're trying to do business with and they would take it out on them. from what i understand they put the genie back in the bottle particularly with the second apology. effusive nests is what they like. was this a talk on wall street i wasn't going to say who i was
3:51 pm
hanging with. >> when it comes to former president trump he said he's smarter than donald trump. if trump decides to run again, come on. >> i think this is proof why he is not going to run. everybody says what is jamie dimon going to do when he leaves j.p. morgan, he's not going to leave for a while they extended his contract and got through health issues. when i talk to people j.p. morgan like senior people that are friends with him they point to stuff like this, look what he said about trump he is so politically incorrect and says these things. here's was really horrible about this. major american businesses and j.p. morgan is a great business. has to kiss china's rear end. the communist chinese rear end who were imprisoning people, who are torturing people who are
3:52 pm
cracking down on ethnic minorities and religious minorities and just to do business with them they can't say the truth. >> is saudi arabia as bad as china, they killed a journalist. liz: let's chop somebody's hand off. >> i don't think anybody is at the extent of china china is really out there on the fringe of cramping down on free speech. i'm not looking to move to saudi arabia anytime soon. but china takes it to another level. i'm just saying if you own american businesses part of me is saying i understand what jamie is doing he wants to make money, come on you are financing. when you do business you do business that created and brought back the operating gulags in torturing people and taking livers out of people and selling to black market, they do
3:53 pm
stuff with their political prisoners. they take their organs out after the execute them. it is horrible stuff xi jinping is online one. >> i'm not going to china anytime soon. maybe taiwan. liz: they're getting ready and they're getting the floats ready for tomorrow's macy's day thanksgiving parade. today's countdown closer has three etf investors might be thankful to get into. the closing bell ringing in seven minutes. the dow is down 13 points. can it do it, the s&p and the nasdaq are in the green, stay tuned. we're coming right back. care. it has the power to change the way we see things. ♪♪ it inspires us to go further. ♪♪ it has our back. . .
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3:57 pm
obviously completely jammed. typical, right? and outside of our new york studios on the right that is six of this avenue where of course we are awaying all of the crowds not just for the thanksgiving day parade and rock center christmas tree lighting coming soon. the dow for a second turned positive. did i tell you, right? it is down a fraction of a point right now as we wrap up the last full trading day of the year. up 11 points, the s&p just needs 13 points of a gain for a brand new record. nasdaq is up 68 points, session highs. baby yoda, stop the presses, right? baby yoda makes a appearance at thanksgiving day macy's parade. balloons are not only inflation we're seeing. another gauge shows prices soaring at the fastest pace in 31 years. there is always a trade though. bring in etf trends ceo, tom
3:58 pm
lyden. what is this trade, tom? >> hi, liz. a lot of people are scared, not just about the valuations on the equity side, what inflation can do there, most importantly on the fixed income side, the barclays aggregate index is down year-to-date. people are going to short term, looking at tips, treasury inflation protect bonds had $7 billion come in the last four weeks. so the i-shares, tips, bond etf, ticker symbol tip. keeps up with inflation. that is something to consider. a lot of money going into cash. $7 trillion goes into money market funds as well. people are looking for alternative strategies outside of fixed income. dividends, areas like options overlay strategies with equities. and they're looking at commodities as well because you have got to keep up with
3:59 pm
inflation that the big commodities area is the invesco optum yield commodities etf, pebc, up 45% year-to-date. gold has been the big stinger of all commodities index. it is down year to date. it tends to be a second half player if we have extended period of inflation. liz: tom, why bother, i'm saying this on behalf of our investors going into a money market fund? instead you could get a much better yield i'm hearing you say correct, with some of these products? >> if you go into inflation protection, yes. but you know the barclays aggregate index has been the benchmark for 30 years which has done really well when we have declining interest rates. right now if you stick with that on an extended period of time when we go through, two, three, four years, of rising interest rates, not only going to get a minimal yield but lose principal.
4:00 pm
a lot of people with 60/40 balance, moving some of that 40 over into the 60. liz: great to see you, tom lyden of etf trends. viewers, thanks so much for sticking with the claman "countdown" year after year. [closing bell rings] wish you a happy, healthy thanksgiving. i'm thankful for my wonderful "claman countdown" team. have a great holiday. "kudlow" is next ♪. larry: hello, everyone, welcome to "kudlow," i'm larry kudlow. good evening, let me shout out happy thanksgiving right at the top of the show. it is a great american holiday. we're going to discuss later in the show why we must not let the woke progressives demean or destroy both the holiday and the meaning of this great holiday. so much of it should be about gratitude and abundance for we have been endowed by our creator with the greatest country in the histy


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