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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  November 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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safe as you celebrate tomorrow. that will do it for oust on "fox business tonight." "the evening edit" starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: tonight the u.s. justice system put to the test. there is hope. first we have this, justice served. all three men charged in the killing of ahmaud arbery guilty of murder in a case that sparked national outrage. and this, the first charges brought in the smash-and-grab mass looting in california. also to this, christmas parade attack, new details you may have not heard before. joining us tonight, congressman greg stuebe and jeff van drew, former congressman doug collins, brandon arnold of the national taxpayer's union, retired
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lieutenant-general keith kellogg, federalist senior editor chris bedford. former top dhs official, he is mike howell. d.a.s and politicians going i have a on public safety where their self-regard matters more than the lives of u.s. citizens. we'll break it down in the christmas parade attack. is this operation clean-up after the white house? oil pros slamming president biden for tapping the strategic oil reserves. it is meant for national emergencies to lower gas prices, not to stop biden's plunging poll numbers. we have a withering takedown on all of this from senator john kennedy. we have got the story. plus we found a deeper problem digging into the democrat plan to ramp up irs firepower to get more money out of you to pay for their massive spending. it would give way more power to individual irs agents to go rogue. also, this potential nightmare
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scenario, is the white house ready to deal with two, possibly two geopolitical crises at once? russia could invade or attack ukraine. china could invade or attack taiwan at the same time. we've got the story. to this, major media ignoring "the new york times" story on hunter biden selling access to his father and more on hunter biden's controversial deal-making with china. in both oil and green energy. and a texas voter gives democrat gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke a major talking to on the campaign trail. we've got the story. plus the white house is still worried biden's border crisis is crashing his poll numbers. reports coming in that the white house is backing off plans to pay illegals separated at the border. this breaking news. the president will restart trump's remain in mexico policy. we've got all of that and more tonight. i'm elizabeth macdonald.
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"the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪. elizabeth: okay, we've got new developments in this story. the smash-and-grab looting in california as christmas season begins. now this, the embattled district attorney for san francisco, buodin, is accused of inviting chaos with his weak soft on crime approach. he is facing a recall from voters but he is finally bringing felony charges in this crime spree. nine people charged for allegedly looting and ransacking stores in san francisco last friday night. jonathan hunt in los angeles with more. reporter: liz, these robberies seem to be part of a spate of organized attacks, spreading from northern california all the way down here to l.a., where the high-end shopping mall, the grove, is now installing what they call custom fabricated
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barriers to prevent the kind of robbery they experienced monday night when around 20 people smashed a window at the nordstrom store and stole clothing. nordstrom was also the target for perhaps the largest of these recent organized robberies. it happened in walnut creek about 25 miles in san francisco on saturday. dozens of people drove up to the store, running in, smashing display cases, grabbing goods, running out taking off in their vehicles. it was a wild weaken that began with a smash and grab attack at the louis vuitton store in san francisco's union square. police were on the scene quickly, pulling suspects from their cars as they tried to get away. nine suspects will now fist criminal charges. >> we all know they are here because of crimes that occurred in union square a couple days ago. crimes that are outrageous that are offensive, unacceptable.
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we cannot, we will not and we do not tolerate that kind of behavior in our city. reporter: some criminal justice experts the robberies might be the result of a kind of perfect storm in california. a recent move to raise to $950 the threshold to categorize theft as a felony. combined with many stores fearing liability issues, telling employees not to chase, or in some cases anyone stealing from those stores. liz? elizabeth: jonathan hunt, thank you for your reporting. okay, let's show where mobs are ransacking and looting stores in california. it is quite a map. you will see it. you will see it in los angeles. look what is going on around san francisco. there is that story. we're going to now move on to this, joining us now, congressman greg stuebe from house judiciary and former georgia congressman doug collins. congressman stuebe, let's move to this. the insanity behind the crazy weak laws that let the christmas
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a paid at akhter free on $1000 bail after he allegedly ran over the mother of his child. weigh in on this, judges in wisconsin, cannot consider defendant's danger to the community setting a bail, even with a guy with 22 year criminal record in three states? they can't consider that. >> they should be considering that. you don't see things like that happening in republican-run states, republican run cities. this person should absolutely not have been on the streets. he was being charged with a crime. he never should have been let out on. that is what happens when you have george soros and other democrats funding elections for left-wing socialist type d.a.s trying to let people go. see it happening in california. you see it happening with the gun crimes in chicago. when you lift around you don't punish people for the crimes they're committing, of course they will continue to commit crimes. it us basic common sense to most americans but apparently it is not common sense to them. elizabeth: mr. doug collins, take on this milwaukee d.a., john chisholm even admitting
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letting violent out of jails would cause people to die. he is saying equity matters more when he took office in 2007. quote, you bet it is guaranteed to happen that an individual put into a drug treatment program could leave and kill somebody but it does not invalidate the overall approach. so what is the greater civil rights violation that causing someone else's death? so the deaths of grandmother and little children are worse less than his vanity, his egoism, worth less than 1000-dollar bail brooks got? what do you say to this? >> this is a d.a. actually clueless, any d.a. said that, what he actually did made a statement that is hurtful. it goes against myself, greg stuebe, who tried to work on real criminal justice reform and punish the crime to help people get back into society. when you have a d.a. in california, you have a d.a. whose own office let this person back out there is criminal
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culpability, to my mind on their hands because this should have never happened even under their own standards should have never happened. for him to say that, like making a statement one day it is going to rain but the way you say it and how you say it is very important. right now we're seeing results of his liberalism and callousness towards enforcing the law. not sure you want to be a d.a. if you don't want to enforce the law. elizabeth: weigh in on the ahmaud arbery case. there was problem with the prosecution and justice has been served. what happened with such blatant ratism in this case, doug collins. what do you say? >> yeah i think we saw justice done down there. for the american people it is time to see that our justice system works. we saw it in two very graphic cases this week. once with the kyle rittenhouse case where the defense was self-defense was shown to be true and then the claim of self-defense against ahmaud arbery was shown not to be true and in both cases they got it right. that is why our system does work. for the left to keep harping on
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race and everything else, they can't keep doing this. our justice system needs to workfarely, why it is blind so it can hear the facts an rule on. elizabeth: get back to the christmas parade, attack, congressman stuebe. show the victims, they include 8-year-old jackson sparks. jackson's older brother tucker is in intensive care reportedly with a fractured skull. these images are heartbreaking. how does a d.a. prosecution deferral on brooks? what are the points, what math is he using to keep releasing somebody with a 22 year criminal record? then we have this result, what do you say? >> well i say it's a tragic loss of life that could been completely utterly prevented if the d.a. was doing his job. this individual, facts of this case, he had 20 something felonies he was charged of or convicted of or pled to. he had a whole entire rap sheet five or six pages long.
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he has another crime pending. why would you let somebody like that out on bail pending trial when he was a criminal rap sheet that is five-pages long? common sense again would dictate this is not the type of person that should be out. this is not the type of person should be out walking around to commit more crimes which is exactly what happened. doug is right there should be culpability on decisions are made. gloss over the fact of his criminal history and goes out and kills six people, 40 people are injured, still in the hospital? it's a tragic loss of life that could have been utterly prevented if the d.a. was doing his job. elizabeth: to the congressman's point, mr. collins, d.a. chisholm stuck to his position equity matters more than dead citizens even after his office was releasing criminals who went on to commit homicide. he supports deferrals for misdemeanors and low level felonies to cut down on incarceration. he is letting go violent criminals. he is taking credit for a new
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wave of prosecutors doing what he is doing in places like san francisco, philadelphia and san francisco. they're moving on the same reforms. what do you say? >> i say is this. he got it wrong. he doesn't understand true criminal justice reform takes those coming into the system. accurately charging and prosecuting as they need to. they're looking for ways to actually receive that justice that he talks about. but simply turning a blind eye, saying we're not -- elizabeth: okay, his, looks like we're having some technical difficulties with mr. doug collins. greg stuebe, pick up on what mr. collins was just saying. >> well, i think one of the frustrating things as a member of congress how the left-wing media portrayed this all racial. with the kyle rittenhouse case, it was all racial, despite the fact he didn't murder, he didn't shoot and defend himself to two african-american individuals. now you have a situation where you have an african-american with a huge rap sheet who has
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killed caucasian individuals no talk whatsoever. we need to hear the facts. that is what biden says, all these people say. race shouldn't have anything to do with it, if you committed a crime in this country, you should be held accountable, right to a jury. right to the prosecution to present evidence and you have the defense ability to defend yourself. let the jury decide. unfortunately we shouldn't have any discussion about race in this country. it should be about the facts and evidence before these cases and it should be found out and we saw this case happen in two of these cases, one in georgia, one in wisconsin. that individual never with the cases he had presented before him should never been out. should have been behind bars. never should have have gotten bond and those lives would be there if that didn't happen. elizabeth: congressman greg student, doug collins, good to see you. you will come back soon. we found a bigger problem digging into the democrat plan to ramp up irs firepower to get more money out of you to fund
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their massive spending t would give way more individual power for irs agents to go rogue. jeff van drew, will this be operation clean up after the white house? the empty is getting slammed tapping the strategic oil reserve, it is for national emergencies, not to stop the president's plummeting poll numbers. withering takedown on all of this with senator john kennedy. you're watching "the evening edit" on fox business. ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event.
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elizabeth: okay. this is a story that really could hurt president biden if he seeks re-election. he is in a final four-week stretch to turn around his plunging poll numbers before the midterm political season begins. his release of 50 million barrels out of the strategic reserves, oil pros say this is ineffective. it is a temporary fix. opec can just lower production any way to keep prices high. real relief comes from biden backing off slamming u.s. oil production. edward lawrence has more on the story. good to see you. reporter: liz, yes we're all paying more for thanksgiving dinner, paying more to get to the thanksgiving dinner. traders are saying that releasing 50 million barrels from the strategic petroleum
6:18 pm
reserve will not make a huge impact. president joe biden lowering expectations for americans when prices decrease in the same breath telling the economy is booming. >> it is important to maintain perspective where our economy stands today. the fact is america has a lot to be proud of. we're experiencing the strongest economic recovery in the world. even after accounting for inflation port pot the inflation measure the federal reserve watches closely called pce inflation out today at 5% over the past 12 months. that is the highest level in 31 years. the u.s. will buy back 32 million barrels of the 50 million barrels it pushed out. senator ted cruz in a tweet saying this is meant to distract from a self-made crisis. he is adding that he killed keystone pipeline, slowed oil and gas leases, ignored trade violations and increased regulations on fossil fuels. now senator lindsey graham in a statement calling the release an abuse of the reserve adding the program is designed to deal with
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national emergencies, not correct bad policy. the release of 50 million barrels is a bandaid because the root cause is the democratic war on fossil fuel production in america. the president after making his event has no public events on his calendar. he is now in nantucket at a billionaire's friend home at the thanksgiving holiday. back to you. elizabeth: edward lawrence thank you so much. welcome back to the show congressman jeff van drew of new jersey. congressman, good to see you. top democrat senator joe manchin taking on biden, saying stop depending on opec to bring down gas prices. bring back the keystone pipeline. this is the first thing biden did. he killed 11,000 jobs. even after the obama state department said okay, it will not add to emissions. keep the key stone. what is going on with manchin going after biden? >> partly survival. i'm sure somewhat what he believes. any american has to feel this is
6:20 pm
wrong. i would almost appeal to president biden to resurrect any feel of americanism or patriotism that he has because he is destroying our country slowly but surely. it isn't slow but it is fast. what he has done as an energy policy is unbelievably destructive. less than a year ago we were number one, on top of the world and we still could be but he is actually tried to stop the leases and is think about closing another pipeline and probably will. and of course stop the keystone pipeline. so what do you think will happen? his answer to his own self-created problem, his own self-created disaster is then to create another problem by actually going into the reserves and lowering them. they're meant for extreme weather situations that happen, a war, or some national emergency. he shouldn't be using it for this. and it is a shame and it was
6:21 pm
overtly political. i found quite disgusting, to be honest, imbecile lick. elizabeth: opec can cut production that would raise prices anyway to offset the drawdown. >> yeah. >> also this is high sulfur sour crude. phil flynn saying oil pros probably could get exported to india and china anyway. listen to the energy secretary, jennifer granholm. she was criticized for not knowing basic facts about u.s. oil consumption. let's watch senator john kennedy with his withering takedown about all of this. watch. >> various figures about this i'm interested if you know how many barrels of oil does the u.s. consume per day. >> i don't have the number in from the time of me. >> some suggest it is about 18 million which would suggest you're releasing less than three days worth of supplies in the petroleum reserve y is -- why is that enough. >> i think one of the
6:22 pm
differences between people and dogs is that dogs would never allow the weakest or the dumbest to lead the pack. president biden's energy policy is both weak and dumb. he and his woker friends have eliminated, terminated, ended america's hard fought energy independence. elizabeth: what do you say, congressman? >> oh he is right on the money. i love his analogy. he is so colorful but don't doubt the wisdom what he says. he is right on point. that is what i'm trying to press myself, it is so bad what they're doing, it's hard to believe they're actually thinking about the good of america. it is incomprehensible. elizabeth: you know, by the way, the drawdown is going to take place not all at once but over a four-month period in dribs and drabs.
6:23 pm
also this, congressman, president biden is about to raise prices mess up the supply chain crisis even more critics are saying. they put another new vaccine mandate on quote, essential travelers crossing the border, port workers or truckers but not illegals. this could take effect january 22nd. this could keep prices high as well and chaos going. what do you say? >> another bizarre example. i sit in the transportation and infrastructure committee. we had testimony from the truckers, the head of their association. up to 37% say if this mandate is put on them and forced upon them, they won't drive. do you realize what kind of crisis will be in america? this will not be minor crises or major crises occurred already. this will really be a huge problem. again he makes decisions with no regard. elizabeth: congressman jeff van drew. good to see you. happy thanksgiving to you. still to come this hour, major media, critics here are saying
6:24 pm
why are theying moring "the new york times" story on hunter biden helping china profit off climate change? we have more on hunter biden's controversy he'll -- controversial deal-making. brandon arnold, national taxpayers union, backlash on democrat irs plan and audits to pay spending all in. giving irs agents potentially more power to go rogue. keep it here on "the evening edit". [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced and luxurious pick-up in its class. ♪
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♪. elizabeth: there are a lot of reasons critics say for why president biden's poll numbers are the worst ever any president, majority of presidents since world war ii. his approval rating stands around average of 41% but a number of polls it is dropping to 38% or 36. now here's why. welcome back to the show, brandon arnold of the national taxpayers union. the white house and democrats believe in their big government spending so much they, they want big government to bully everyone into paying for it. good to see you, brandon. they want more irs firepower for audits to go after all levels of income classes? what do you say? >> what they're looking to do, put $80 billion with a b into the irs to hire 87,000 new agents to start to do 1.2 million new audits every
6:29 pm
year. and these audits are not going after jeff bezos and bill gates and the wealthiest americans. of course there will be some wealthy people that are targeted but nearly half of these audits, nearly half of the 1.2 million audits will target people making $75,000 or less according to the ways and means republican staff. so you're talking about hundreds of thousands of people that would be affected. that will see their lives thrown into disarray with the irs coming after them if the takes into big effect. elizabeth: digging into the plan, brandon, democrats want to empower irs agents to go rogue. irs agents would get the power to pen loads anyone they want without supervisor approval? is that true? >> not only could they do that, so it is retroactive. they're looking to peel back the safeguard, a very important safeguard. all it says if an irs agent wants to assess a penalty, before they do so they have to
6:30 pm
get sign-off of a supervisor. they don't want to do this retroactively 20 years. they would get slapped on paperwork not to fight the irs back. elizabeth: it is scary. could go back 20 years as you point out. sit down with this question. i want the viewer to see what happened with the obama biden era of targeting conservative nonprofits for extra scrutiny. turns out it was 466 groups that were targeted. they picked up some progressive groups, lawyers say give them cover not to appear biased. it was triple the amount of scrutiny for the conservative northern profits. to have the irs check under couch cushions for every person in america, pay for more than five trillion in spending. that is more than obama did in
6:31 pm
eight years. they want potentially irs data gathering, data mining of everyone's bank, loan, investment accounts. can you explain that one? >> this provision, talk about terrifying provisions. this will require banks and other financial institutions to turn over personal information, financial information from anyone that has more than $10,000 in their bank account, over the course of a year, not any given moment during a year, but over the course of the year. if you have just a rent or mortgage payment a little over 800 bucks, you will be ensnared in this irs dragnet, have that information turned over to the irs so they can pour over it and determine whether or not they want to come after you with an audit. like i said before, they will have 87,000 new irs agents. they will be ready and willing to go if they see anything suspicious in somebody's financial records. elizabeth: it feels like we're bringing back the illegal quota systems into the irs that was outlawed decades ago. this is bad stuff. we'll stay on the story for you with brandon arnold.
6:32 pm
good to see you, brandon. come back soon. coming out of the bottom of the hour. you're watching the fox business network. still to come, a texas voter gives democrat gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke a major talking to on the campaign trail. we've got it. find out what he had to say. plus the white house so worried about biden's border crisis crashing his poll numbers, reports that the white house backing off plans to pay illegals separated at the border $450,000 each. major report from axios, trump will restart trump's remain in mexico policy. retired lieutenant-general keith kellogg. this potential nightmare scenario, is the white house up for this if it happens at the same time? fears grow of russia invading ukraine and china invading taiwan at the same time. the story next.
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♪. elizabeth: look who is back with us now, former national security advisor to former president mike pence, retired lieutenant-general keith kellogg. put it right to you. you're a straight-shooter. we love talking to you. is the white house ready for two geopolitical crises happening at once in rapid succession, china invades taiwan, russia invades ukraine. both are allies, there is lot of sabre-rattling coming out of both. what do you say? >> liz, thank you for having me. the answer directly is no. why i say no, it can be but to parse both of them. ukraine and russia, that is a european union problem. this is not a united states problem. they're not a member of nato. they're not part of the european union. this is europe's backyard but not our backyard. tony blinken is trying to due us into this. we should stay away as much as we can. i don't think putin wants to go
6:38 pm
into ukraine right now. he doesn't have the troops attach to it. he only has 100,000 troops on border. that could only invade crimea. when you invade a country, you have to have 3 or 400,000. he is playing inside of biden's head. the real focus is on china. china is a real adversary. their a multidimensional threat. they're a cultural threat. they're a geographic threat. we should focus on that and tell the europeans, you own ukraine, that is your problem. not our problem. we'll take the pacific. if we focus in on one issue i think we'll be okay but if you try to do both in a crisis situation you diffuse your efforts and it doesn't generally work well. elizabeth: what if they both act at the same time? china, russia are now more bellicose. china's hypersonic missiles, five times faster than the speed of sound. they can go all the way around the world and drop missiles
6:39 pm
anywhere. how do you defend against that the? you have basically taiwan is saying listen it's a fact. this is an issue. we are concerned there could be possibly action earlier next year when in what china could do, just seize control or invade an outlying island off the coast of taiwan to ramp it up. >> yeah. elizabeth: you've got ukraine's top military intelligence official russia is ready to invade at some point before the end of january. basically u.s. intelligence is debriefing european counterparts on this. this looks like it is coming up? >> i don't agree with the european, that is european problem again. keep forcing it back to them. they know don't have the number of troops right now unless a limited incursion on eastern portion. i want to focus on china that is the real threat, emerging threat i see well into the future out there. you're right about the hypersonic missiles. we don't even have defense for that. during the trump administration, we went to japan, change your
6:40 pm
constitution, change article iv, that you have a good military, not self-defense force. china, maybe we ought to go back to the two china policy, not the one china policy, or better yet, why don't we recognize taiwan as independent nation. we move into the south and look at our friend in vietnam and part carrier battle group in the triangle, somewhere down there. we need to push back on the chinese. tell europeans, this isn't your backyard. 50% of russia's economy is based out of europe, european union. they have huge leverage. instead what do they do? they sign agreements to get 80% of their power, natural gas from russia. that is their problem. china should be our problem. recommend to the national security team, focus on china. tell the europeans you own ukraine. elizabeth: taiwan is pushing back on henry kissinger. henry kissinger says china will not invade or attack taiwan
6:41 pm
foreign minister says it is a fact. it's a reality. we're worried about it. china could take out a offshore island off the coast of taiwan and start small that way. even australia is saying, yes, this is a looming crisis. your final word, sir. >> yeah, you, we need to be very aggressive with china and we haven't been out there. in a way joe biden is compromised but we need to be verbally very aggressive with him and military verying a agressive with him. here is what i would do. call the seventh fleet, fifth carrier battle group led by the uss ronald reagan, park in taiwan straits until they stop flying overflights into the air defense identification zone in taiwan. we have to take strong actions and we haven't. elizabeth: lieutenant-general keith kellogging, have a happy thanksgiving. thank you for your service and thank you to all the military
6:42 pm
veterans out there, what done foreour country, happy thanksgiving to you. still to come texas, a voter there giving gubernatorial candidate beto o'rourke a major talking to on the campaign trail. we've got it. plus the white house so wore remembered about biden's border crisis crashing his poll numbers, reports that the white house is backing off plans to pay illegals separated at the border $450,000 each after a major backlash. also this. "axios" reporting biden will restart trump's remain in mexico policy. we'll take it on later in the show. federalist senior editor chris bedford. major media ignoring "the new york times" story on hunter biden selling access to his father around helping china profit off of climate change. we have more on hunter biden's controversial deal-making with china on both oil and green energy. keep it here on "the evening edit"
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a ♪. elizabeth: join being us now
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senior editor at "the federalist," look who is back, chris bedford. chris, we miss you, we love having you on. okay, media critics are asking why the zero coverage from abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, msnbc about the new york times story about hunter biden investment firm helping a chinese company corner the market on cobalt which is needed for electric car batteries around the world? what do you think? >> i think it is a straight up corruption, liz. this is exactly what hunter biden has been accused of for a very long time. it is coming out over the years. it is exactly what has been suppressed by a lot of their friends in corporate media ever since the stories started to break. they have been running a palace guard position, flanking position for the biden family this entire time, whether claiming everything was okay, refusing to look under the hood, attacking any of his critics, literally censoring critics we saw with the "new york post" and those with original stories. it doesn't shock me anymore here.
6:48 pm
this is dangerous. this kind of corruption, selling out aspects of the united states, things that we need, things we need here in this country. it is dangerous. the money goes back to the biden family. it might even go to the president himself although he has never been accused of any crime. this is blanket stuff we've been dealing with from the beginning. i expect it to continue. elizabeth: that is green energy, right? there is this story, we had you on the show to talk about this, hunter biden was doing liquid natural gas deals out of louisiana with his china partner cefc, that energy conglomerate that has since gone defunct. top officials have bonn missing. this was happening in 2017. to your point, the white house and hunter biden never disavowed veracity of emails and text messages reportedly coming out of his laptop that other media are reporting. we go from green energy to oil
6:49 pm
and gas. he is doing both sides of it. what do you say? >> that is exactly right. the white house has not denied them because they know a number of people in the press will refuse to cover it or hear about that story. there are whole networks, whole cable channels you can read right now without any idea of accusations or corruption. this is not a entrepreneurial son doing on his own outside of his father's shadow. this son is dealing with china having ties to the military or intelligence complexes of china or bank of china which is one and the same. these are shady companies working against american national interests. it is not covered, he is making money, given access to it by his father when he was vice president. that is how he made the money, access to power. elizabeth: there has been a senate investigation into this too. also reports joe biden for years had no money. he was in debt as recently as 2009. president biden, actually vice president his net worth was
6:50 pm
less than 30,000. he made more than 13 million and back sales and speaking fees. even higher than that. emails from hunter biden and text messages complaining he was responsible for the family expenses. he once told his daughter he had to pay for everything for the entire family. i hope you all can do what i did pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. that was a 2019 text found on his laptop. he said quote it is really hard. don't worry, unlike pop, meaning joe biden i won't make you give me half your salary. they haven't disavowed the text messages. your final word. >> always hard to parse through the private text messages of someone who has a drug addiction, alcohol addiction problem. sometimes they lash out at their family in ways this is worth noting, the rich former president is totally modern thing. ronald reagan didn't get rich after presidency. started with bill clinton. joe biden left the white house
6:51 pm
with $30,000. had 13 million quickly. that is form of corruption. elizabeth: that is book deals and speaking fees. we're not sure where the corruption is on that end of it. good to see you. former top dhs official mike howell own a texas voter telling beto o'rourke we don't want you here. the story next. ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪feel like throwing my worries away♪♪ ♪♪as an old native-born californian would say♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual sky♪♪ ♪♪not a sign of a cloud passing by♪♪ ♪♪if my heart won't behave in the usual way♪♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. what makes salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? experience the power of sanctuary salonpas contains the most prescribed
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speak oversight council, mike howell, texas guy told texas gubernatorial candidate, beto o'rourke, but shall what he said, he said get out, we don't want you here. no means no. he lost twice. he's looking to unseat texas governor greg abbott. look at that. what you say? >> i think he was nicer than i would have been. texas is not an open borders guy trying to run for governor. it's going on in texas, the biden border crisis, they are dealing with too much and this is a guy who's promised a job by the biden administration and didn't get one so needs to remain relevant and keep his name out there. it's a lot of money to be made.
6:56 pm
it will be like the last couple of times in texas, they want a secure border and he's not that kind of guy you are axios has a breaking news, the white house is bringing back, restart remain in mexico policy as the border crisis worsens and they are seeing hispanic voters don't like what biden is doing at the border, poll numbers are not good here. you think they are going to bring back trumps remain in mexico? >> is a court order they have to remain in mexico requires cooperation the reason is because trump strength and with tariffs time waiting to see what mexico does. the administration is pushing mexico part because they can fall back and say have to because they want so whatever ends up happening from scaled-back version of this they would do the least amount they can get away with while they try to undo it in a legal way which
6:57 pm
the judge found they did not do in the first place. liz: the associated press reported the white house is not going to go forward a plan to play illegal border crossers separated under trump $4,150,000 each after backlash. what you say to this? >> there a lot of settlements and negotiations going on right now. the documents of the white house put out, they are engaging in multiple settlement agreements to i don't know if it will hold true and it's a terrible idea. for $50000 to illegal aliens who broke into our country should never have in the first place. they need to be let go and not let anyone near immigration policy at all. when people illegally cross our borders, they pay cartels and human smugglers engaged shooting and killing border patrol and making them rich, killing hundreds of thousands of
6:58 pm
americans. it's not a victimless crime, it should be shut down and they need to go back, they have to go back. no reason we should pay anyone for hundred $50000 to break in and rewarding the cartel. they are doing so much damage to our country. liz: the biden's d.o.j. home and security and hhs are working to settle border crossers represented by the aclu, their side is saying children were separated from their parents and border patrol says some of these were fake families, this is what happens when you break the law the payouts to reach 1 billion, angel families, 9/11 families didn't see 450,000 each. what you say? >> it's ridiculous and people need to understand what happened. aclu in collusion with the biden administration. getting money to aclu lawyers that can be shared with families in this operation. this is not the aclu we remember
6:59 pm
from before. they were suing for hippies right to free speech for a protest. they figure out the system and how to get cash out of the federal treasury. it's terrible they used victims to do so especially when americans are suffering on a grand scale rising inflation supply chain crisis and thanksgiving cost through the roof while the president is in nantucket enjoy lobster. liz: two thirds of americans told cbs news posters, angel families are saying this, what does the government owe the families who were victimized by illegal aliens forever? often forever. they have to live with this, they will not see any payouts, for final word? >> they won't have their loved ones at the dinner table, they lost preventable crimes and illegal aliens coming in and killing their loved ones so that's who we should focus our efforts on. liz: happy thanksgiving happy
7:00 pm
thanksgiving to you, thank you for watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that does it for us, we hope you have a good and happy experience. thank you for watching, during us again friday and next week. have a good one. ♪♪ kennedy: hello and welcome to a special day night addition of kennedy. i team put together a bunch of your favorite games, every night is game night. we jammed them into a terrific fantastic super historic show. kick back, relax and get ready to laugh we've got biden time, fake news or florida and lifestyles of the rich and shameless, all in one show. let's kick it off with one of my all-timeav


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