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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 24, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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thanksgiving to you, thank you for watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that does it for us, we hope you have a good and happy experience. thank you for watching, during us again friday and next week. have a good one. ♪♪ kennedy: hello and welcome to a special day night addition of kennedy. i team put together a bunch of your favorite games, every night is game night. we jammed them into a terrific fantastic super historic show. kick back, relax and get ready to laugh we've got biden time, fake news or florida and lifestyles of the rich and shameless, all in one show. let's kick it off with one of my all-time favorites, kennedys
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courts. the court is now in session. here we go. ♪♪ [laughter] kennedy: authorized for kennedys court. here's how it works. crazy but true halloween crime headline, spooky stuff you hear coming out of places like transylvania or tallahassee mike chase will play friends attorney and get munis off the hook. doug will act as jury and decide if the suspect is guilty or not. as judge, i will deliver the final verdict. case number one. kentucky restaurant manager charged with causing false police report after faking his own death for a halloween prank. [laughter] joe watkins in kentucky, he pretended to be dead in a pool of fake blood is a halloween prank on one of his workers.
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they ran out screaming, called police leading to his arrest for the false report. how do you defend him? >> so my client is facedown laying in a pool of blood and she runs out screaming and called police and says he's dead and my client is charged with the false report? i don't think so. the only reason she make the false report is because she didn't do the decent thing and check to see if he had a pulse or if he's okay when you work in food service, you got to get used to seeing dead bodies on the floor. kennedy: that's absolutely right. i know is, how do you rule on this? >> not guilty and if necessary by jury nullification based on how they are dismissed halloween pranks. kennedy: very good. doug. >> not guilty. it's clear mr. watkins has no criminal intent and it was recklessness, it was the woman
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who went out screaming he was dead. kennedy: weisbrod, they just -- all right. not guilty. good job you won your first case. case number two. man charged with inciting a breach of the peace for threatening his neighbors with fake halloween tombstones. jeffrey arguing with his neighbors over an rv park in the driveway. they called it and i sort and push to have it removed. jeffrey retaliated and put up tombstones in his yard and halloween decorations with his neighbors names and police removed the tombstones, judging them to be a breach of the peace. mike, how do you defend him? >> this is why i advise my clients if you harass your neighbors with fake tombstones, he should say they died of natural causes, that's like fake tombstones 101. he's charged with breach of peace, all of these tombstones
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said rest in peace, they can't establish any attempt to breach the peace, not guilty. kennedy: he was aiming for peace the whole time. >> i agree, he's adding to the amount of peace in the neighborhood not guilty. kennedy: doug. >> the famous role black letter law, exemption or tombstones on halloween that make him guilty -- not guilty as a matter of law. kennedy: not guilty. that's all you had to say. we got a rational panel here on my. i feel like been fighting an uphill battle. half naked mother of three. [laughter] i only have to that i know of. arrested for chasing from chasing cars in makeup and no shirt. she made several calls to 9112
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prospectus parsers. she was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication and making not emergency 911 calls. sometimes you add a little bourbon to the pumpkin spice latte. >> i'm a little offended because i think this is the one 80th or 181st installment of kennedys court and now you bring my wife into it? this is crazy. [laughter] i have a conflict of interest, i can't defend the case. [laughter] this is motherhood during a pandemic. not guilty because this is motherhood during a pandemic. kennedy: it doesn't even have to be halloween. what say you? >> i say guilty because if you film parents gone wild, cute got to do it not in public. kennedy: but she was in crime makeup. doug? >> i think the clown makeup excuses pulse phony 911 call so i am going to say guilty as
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charged. kennedy: you know what? ninety-one what is a tool of the government and sometimes we need to be skeptical and celebratory in equal measure and push back. i say not guilty. sorry, friends. >> anti- crime bias. i moved to strike. [laughter] all out of order. kennedy: i moved to high-five her. i'll make the rules here, son. staten island woman charged with larceny for stealing buckets of candy from her family's front porch. 33-year-old was caught on video stealing an extra bucket of candy left out for children to help themselves out in good faith. the buckets had signs on them saying save some for others. she helped herself to everything in the bucket and charged with penny larceny. >> i make up plea for jury nullification on the count of the fact that i hate the bucket people. if you give out andy and halloween, you need to be out there handing it to the kids,
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you take what you get if you are a bucket people. she's going to go down on being 33 and trick-or-treating but not guilty on the bucket to going to disneyland without kids, they are so weird. >> not guilty, the proper way to deal with it is to write her name on a tombstone outside of your house. kennedy: good call back. >> in this case, guilty of extreme greed and frankly foolishness knowing there are video cameras everywhere. kennedy: yeah but i mean, she's hungry. >> i would be dubbed the bucket person. kennedy: halloween treats are delicious. i agree with mike, if you pass out halloween candy and you want to ration it, you have to do it one trick-or-treat are out of time. the honor system. i'm so amazed someone took to
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books from the library in front of my house. not guilty. i'm going to go to the dollar store and buy her more candy and spend $10 but i loved everything about this. thank you for being here. court is adjourned. congratulations. that's why i was never picked on the supreme court. in my judgment, it's the best game night ever so let's keep it going with a round of fighting time ever micro president biden's critics say he's too old to be present like when he forgets the prime minister of f australia name or falls asleep while speaking to the prime minister of israel so how old is the be joe? here we decided to find out our favorite games from biding time. what's's older, joe biden or a particular product? invention or historicalla event? whoever wins, the cost of murder
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she wrote. are you ready to play? yes, okay. gary, this one isy for you. what came first? joe biden or the fire hydrant? >> oh wow. i go with the fire hydrant but back in my day one pop called a corn fire plug. kennedy: that's right. the fire hydrant was in 1801 in philadelphia so you are right. you've got one. what came first, joe biden or general south chicken? >> joe biden. kennedy: you are absolutelyf y right. it was invented in 1952 by a chef who named it after hero from a general term. >> i had a dopamine just now. kennedy: let's see if jesse can
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make it three. what came first, joe biden or the escalator? >> joe biden. kennedy: no. escalator.>> i hardly know her. earliest escalator was in 18196 and arrived at coney island the themepark here in new york. sorry. we can write it later, it will be fun. this one is for gary.. joe biden or the bikini? >> the bikini by far. kennedy: yes, introduced by a french designer in 1940 -- no that's not true. joe biden was introduced in 1942, bikini in 1946. joe biden is old. sorry. okay, here we go.
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joe biden or fish sticks? >> this is hard, i say fish sticks. kennedy: i am a little disappointed. >> no, that was my i shot that hurt. kennedy: fish sticks invented in the early 50s. >> fish sticks were more of ann institution than that. kennedy: pay are for the boomers and whatnot. which came first? you can slide into a tie. joe biden or minigolf? >> i knew the fire hydrant and the fish sticks. >> easy to say now. >> joe biden? in 1927. in georgia. you did not get c back to you ae still tied. here we go. this one is worth two points
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each two and two. gary, which came first, joe biden or the smoke detector? >> smoke detector. kennedy: joe biden came first. smoke guard 700 made in 19655 -- >> i've never felt this much pressure in my entire career. kennedy: you could win the game with us. joe biden or the for fortune cookie? >> this is so hard. i don't know. i do not know. it's like 50/50. okay, joe biden. kennedy: for fortune cookie came first. chinese immigrant -- i'm going to pray for you. >> i don't know enough about the bible. [laughter] kennedy: joe biden or the crockpot? >> the crockpot. kennedy: it was invented in 1942
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years before joe biden was bornn jessica is applauding for her triplets. >> in the hallway after this? >> do we get extra credit for knowing the exact date of joe biden's breath? >> i'm going to come back and when. kennedy: she has. thank you so much. you are amazing and thank you for being here. so much coming up. fake news in florida. a story of sham or did this really happen in the sunshine state? play along with the panel cuckoo in-laws, everyone is coming for dinner. ♪♪
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>> let's do this. kennedy: headline number one for jimmy, florida man called 911 during a police chase think i need help, a police officer is chasing me. fake news or florida? [laughter] >> sounds real but i say it's fake news. kennedy: eric fienberg by police during a traffic stop, called 911. he asked to speak with president donald trump promote the real president. [laughter] he made a deal with them. [laughter] >> that never works. i've tried that like three times, it never works. kennedy: third times a charm. he still in prison. florida woman arrested after
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walking the aisle of a greyhound bus a drunk and cutting people's belts with a giant pair of scissors. take news or florida? >> sounds like eileen so i think it is true. kennedy: that is fake news. sexy boyfriend brad. you believe here. here is your first headline, drunk florida woman arrested for having a 14-year-old boy drive her to a waffle house late at night because she was too drunk. fake news or florida? >> sounds churros. kennedy: that it is. brad is on the board. that's why he blows my skirt up. >> can we just acknowledge are responsible my wife is on vacation? [laughter] >> i need you to blink.
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kennedy: we are a little worried. owner cited for stealing $3000 worth of napkins and straws from 12 different starbucks and giving them to customers with -- fake news or florida? >> you know how much $3000 worth of napkins is? i know your old assistance does because he used to bring your extra napkins after every order. he was a legend, he led in napkins every year. i'm going to say fake news. kennedy: you are on the board. that is phony baloney. kevin, florida man arrested for selling alligator eggs in a pet store parking lot which police say, regular eggs he bought at the supermarket. fake news or florida? >> i think it could be florida, i hope. kennedy: no.
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>> this game. kennedy: you are losing. brad, your next headline, florida man subsequent thousand dollars cash into his rectum to hide from police after being pulled over for speeding. fake news or florida? >> florida, that's true. [laughter] kennedy: true. 26-year-old pulled over for speeding, they found meth, cocaine and heroin in his vehicle along with a drug scale and later county jail observed 20-dollar bills up in his botox. the research revealed $1100 hidden up his butt. >> did you really have to say a deeper search? kennedy: some were falling out and others -- [laughter] >> i'm sorry. you have the floor. kennedy: thank you.
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tied it to his boat and floated away. >> florida. kennedy: yeah, not a win yet. we've got to see how kevin or brad deal. a drunk man found drunk enough floating tiki hut that had gone missing from a key west bar. this was in key west, shocking. kevin, here's your last one. i'll make it worth two points for you. shortness of breath, gets picked up by an ambulance where he's stripped naked and pleasures himself on the way to the hospital. fake news or florida? >> fake news? kennedy: no, that was florida. he was charged with exposure of sexual accident after abusing himself in the back of an ambulance. [laughter] what's his name again? terry majors. call me guys. this one is for you, florida man named crystal meth men arrested
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for crystal meth. fake news or florida? >> that sounds real. florida? kennedy: brad, you are the bigger winner. reported to police sitting in a parked car along the side of the highway. they found crystal meth into her 15th drug charge. hey sister, way to telegraph your intentions to the police with a clever name change. i want to congratulate all of you but especially you brad, i knew you could do it. >> way to go, brad. kennedy: well done, man panel. >> stop a steel. kennedy: your president is waiting coming up in a time for whose headline is anyway? i would give you a wacky headline if you have to guess which of the mainstream media client wrote it. stay here, you're going to love it.
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hey there, we are back with more of our game night special.
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i haven't had this much fun since i skipped school. it was in a parade. no? let's keep the good times rolling with whose headline is anyway? ♪♪ hi, that is me. i'm talking. this is so exciting are not in a studio because our monitors broke. we got special parts with stickers on them. america's favorite new game, we say every week because it's true. whose headline is it anyway? they never stop cranking out quick bait. we found some of the weirdest articles. next in with a few we made up ourselves. lunatics who wrote them, carol, ethan, anthony. are you ready? >> indeed, yes. kennedy: oh yeah. what do it. headline number one, after all,
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reckoning with communism in their community. is it teen vogue, daily new york times are a fake headline? >> new york times. kennedy: it was teen vogue from may of this year. >> real tough. kennedy: you think, let's see if you can get this right. the headline, your grandmother is trans public. no, you cannot forgive her. is not the daily beast, vanity fair or a fake headline? >> is a tough one. i will say fake headline. kennedy: you are right about your grandmother is trans phobic. none of hours are. anthony, you can tie with ethan or be in last place with carol. 2020 is the summer of road trips
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unless you are black. his npr, new york times for a fake headline? >> i will say npr. kennedy: you would be incorrect. even if still inn the lead after jround one, it was new york's line from june 26, 2020. sad for both of you carol, your next headline, women have always been part of white supremacy. fun for them. is that better homes & gardens? that would be great. teen vogue or fake headline? >> i have to go with teen vogue. kennedy: you would be right. they've always been part ofue te white supremacy patriarchy. even the oness without regina's. ethan. how strong lgbtq storytelling and help prevent heart disease?
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[laughter] there's nothing that clears my pipes to hear about fellows in the actual shower. [laughter] is it cnn, times are fake headline? that's what they said. >> let's go with time. kennedy: at the fake headline, we made it up. it's great though. anthony. carol and ethan have one from let's see if you can get on the board. climate scientist explains why it's still okay to have is it npr or fake headline? >> i was i thought. kennedy: you would be correct. april of this year. still okay to have kids. super gross and they are really needy and just who. carol, her next headline, i stopped going to the gym because ofru trump.
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now i can't open jars. [laughter] guardian, mother jones or fake headline? >> sappy, i think i know it's not a fake headline. i remember this one but guardian. kennedy: the guardian is right. shriveled gnarled little nancy pelosi hands can't get there smith on pickles. running under hot water. the hand. >> no the jar. the dark. kennedy: ethan -- friends is quite problematic in the f reunn is a platform to admit the problems. his at the indian express, us weekly or fake headline? >> us weekly. kennedy: that is the indian express may 27th of this year. oh darn it.
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those solving the climate crisis require antiracist feminist leadership? is it from ford, daily new york times or fake headline? >> new york times. kennedy: it's forbes. dang it. last round, to appease. carol. the great outdoors was made for white people. new york magazine, the nation for a fake headline? >> new york magazine. kennedy: you know, from the nation. okay, that's okay. >> i knew it was real. kennedy: you get two points for this, ethan, brave woman says she doesn't like underwear, is that new york magazine's slate
7:34 pm
or fake headline? >> fake headline. kennedy: no, new york magazine. you can win it all with your final headline, thete rugrats we always we are icons. is it, variety or fake headline? >> mike. kennedy: that is right and last minute, i walked off home. anthony fischer with the whole thing. another in the trashcan. party panel, thank you so much, that was great. competitive until the end. thank you all. coming up, a favorite new game, the rich and famous, the panel is wealthy back up with something crazy they bought or have done, you can play along, next. ♪♪
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welcome back to our biggest usually game night special, totally brought to you. we are having more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
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commercial break we've taken shot from a barrel of whiskey speaking the people totally loaded time to find out what you know about the upper crust of high society. here's host of which and shameless. ♪♪ ♪♪ welcome to television challenge authority on depravity and debauchery pretty lifestyles of the rich and shameless. the new game where we learn how stars of show business and big business live their lives and waste their fortune. i will read true stories from the lives of the rich and shameless panelist caps on talking about. whoever gets the most right wins a golden lamborghini filled with caviar. dive, brad, are you ready to play? >> yes be to question number one.
7:40 pm
which of these which and shameless felt their dog two-story private manchin with air conditioning, chandelier and a balcony? paris hilton, betty white cameron diaz? >> i'm going to guess paris hilton. kennedy: you would be right. on the board with one. more valuable than yours. jesse, your first question. which of these rich and shameless has a home with a r man-made beach? stop with sand imported from the caribbean, is itca bill gates, david hoff or luna, who to chris? >> i'm going to go ludacris. kennedy: you are wrong. my former neighbor, bill gates. there he is imported from the caribbean, beautiful sand. >> that shocks s me. kennedy: yes, it's disgusting.
7:41 pm
i'm writing him a letter. hey bill, what are you doing? thank you. brad, which of these rich and shameless -- this is great. asas for nipples? jelly for tone, harry styles for liz zero? >> i feel like i know any of these answers will get me in trouble. i'll go with harry styles. kennedy: brad is also on the board. harry styles, difficult to play thune inlt tokyo with. tuning tokyo, here we go. good job. guide, which of these rich and shameless spent over $40 million to build a 500-foot tall i clock inside a mountain that takes just one figure times once a millennium? bill gates, jeff bezos or doctor evil? >> doctor evil. kennedy: yes and no. it's actually jeff bezos. he does not technically have a
7:42 pm
phd but is good at packages. this one is for you, jesse. which has a bathtub in the exact shape of their -- elon musk or michel moore? >> it feels like elon musk -- i would say oprah. kennedy: i will give t jessica that, it is oprah. >> she gets to guess is? kennedy: yeah -- she was working to write, it's okay. you can work through it.t. which of these rich and shameless worked as a? was a dr. dre -- or james lipton? dre.. kennedy: racist. it was actually james.
7:43 pm
[laughter] you are all tied with one so let's go to our next round, sneaky week. which of these rich and shameless once thought of 1500 first-class plane ticket for his hat so i could meet him in italy? is it david bowie for dj kalitta? >> and i see each of the names until it dings? that's what jessica basically did. [laughter] >> no. >> i will say david bowie or maybe -- no, david bowie. kennedy: that's incorrect. there is bono's hat. the on his head because it's still on the plane. still all tied with one. which one of these rich and shameless lost part of their middle finger in a car door? matthew perry, rob schneider or mark anthony?
7:44 pm
jessica, that's you. >> rob schneider? kennedy: wrong answer matthew perry. now he can't flip anyone off is having dental work. right. brad, which of these rich and shameless once confessed to $ spending $10000 a month on drinking water? lady gaga, paris hilton moderna? >> lady gaga. kennedy: no. this is the final round, are all tied with one. two points. which of these rich and shameless was once a lion tamer? nikki, don or christopher walking. >> nikki. kennedy: note. i for lamborghini with the other two dingbats or you lose. jessica, which of these rich and shameless brought their 6-year-old daughter play house for christmas complete with
7:45 pm
running water and electricity? cardi b, daisy or katie holmes? >> jay-z. kennedy: no. brad, this could be yours. kennedy: she married a famous scientologist who we know that name. which of these author 1-year-old daughter and 80000 diamond encrusted barbie doll? >> courtney kardashian. kennedy: you guys are not good at this game. it was fiancé. >> they don't care about these people. kennedy: i am so into the issues. not rich and famous people. all right, you can split a trip, i am keeping it for myself. i would like to thank my gay boyfriend, thank you all.
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coming up, press your luck. we will present how much our panel knows about past president. one panelist says he's been sandbagged. i want you to play along next. ♪♪
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we are back with hurricane night bonanza so we spend more time
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forcing carnival. hope you are feeling lucky because this game, you're going to need it. piper press your luck. watch. ♪♪ there they are from time to play press your luck. america's commanders in chief from a party panel earn points by adding trivia, each contestant will have a chance question of their choosing. i think it on, let's get to it, gary and of yet, are you ready to play the rig out. you might have beginners luck. press number one for gary, which of the president serve as a high school cheerleader george w. bush, jim or george washington?
7:51 pm
>> man brave enough to use his middle initial george w. bush. kennedy: that's right. gary is on the board -- that's right. george w. bush he got it right the recall this is for you, which of these presidents worked as aak fashion model prior to taking office? jim carter, chauvin coolidge, gerald ford ord joe biden? >> you gave me this before. i knew it then and got it right then, i'll get right now. gerald ford. kennedy: that is correct. recycling a question unless you've beency looking in our database which is possible. it was featured on the cover of cosmo april 1942. i love a man in uniform.
7:52 pm
all right. olivia, which of these wild animals once kept in the white house as a presidential pet alligator, giraffe, or a koala bear? >> honestly, i have no idea but i will have to guess a koala bear. kennedy: it happened in australia in the u.s., john quincy adams gifted to him by lafayette. good job. gary, question number two, which of these presidents fought for the british army? abraham lincoln, george washington, thomas jefferson or mary poppins? [laughter] >> how about thomas jefferson? kennedy: nope, he paid a key role my 1755 to 58 and then he thought the whigs were
7:53 pm
conflating so he switched to the revolutionary. here we go, which of these president and alcohol, cardplaying and dancing in the white house during his morning dump presidency? jane polk, ronald reagan, william henry h harrison or gandhi? [laughter] >> i would have liked you better if you set mary poppins. kennedy: my god is a presbyterian and he played a lot of cards. olivia, which of these presidents famous liquid right in greek with one hand and button in the other? at the same time. arthur, benjamin harrison or spider-man?
7:54 pm
>> let me go with garfield. kennedy: you are on the board. well done. at any time if you feel comfortablest, give me the question first, you can decide to press your luck. you will double points if you get it right, you lose all of them. which of these presidents had a morning ritual of having somebody rub vaseline on his head while he ate breakfast? was at chauvin coolidge, joe biden or barack obama? >> i would have to go with hazing. kennedy: no, unfortunately that is incorrect. you should have known this one four it was chauvin coolidge. >> what? i named my son after the rapper, cap the president. kennedy: i don't believe your,
7:55 pm
for a second. you might want to press your luck on this, which of these presidents has two grammys? l clinton, jim carter, barackk obama or mariah carey? you want to press your luck? >> i know mariah has more than two. [laughter] who has two grammys? kennedy: you want to press your luck? >> what the heck, i'll give up the car and press my luck. i'm going to say bill clinton. kennedy: she's got four. gary, you and other you have one. even if you get this right, you're still only halfway home. which of these presidents regularly consulted with an astrologer before making the decision? harry s truman, john quincy adams, ronald reagan or ms. m
7:56 pm
cleo? >> i will have to go with john quincy adams. kennedy: you'd be wrong. ronald reagan. allpr conferences, most of the state of the union dresses takeoff and landing at air force one pretty good job, everyone. congrats to you for looking up the questions in the rundown getting them right. [laughter] gary and olivia, welcome to the show. >> thank you so much. kennedy: thank you. cards don't lie. so fun. ♪♪
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