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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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>> is completely driven by retail and your ratings are going to go a high. >> he said right there and he said that i hope something is going on the background because you have marketmakers out there in the voting that they were the only one to provide liquidity when things got nuts and how is that good. right now the fed just came out and was saying the retail, financial stability of the system and retail, a videogame selling companies brought the system to its knees, where is the resilience there and all of a sudden, is improving the house of cards, they are saying is leavitt blame 70 else for this pretty. >> they blow it and they copped out in the friends in the media leg in the form so can we get a round of applause. [applause] so really they have absolutely been phenomenal, keep it up guys
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at all right so if you thought the new investor revolution was about the so-called beanstalk, think again until you can news transformational change and finances of technology in your portfolio over the noon, we will be right back. [applause]
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[applause] so my next guest is coming out with a strong name for herself with the investors, and she said that her goal is to democratize the wall street insight to the masses and she joins us now and you know, first of all welcome to the show. and, bitcoin, keep bringing up new highs and he tweeted something is pretty cool, he reminded them that before now, they blow it and the reason that i like that as i followed you and you came up with but you also speak the language of new investors in learning how to rewrite the rules and you understand how the game is changing and how did you make the transition so you were sort of solid per se and now you have
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this newsletter and again the language that you use reaches people who you might've otherwise intimidated. >> one of the support folio manager and work on the inside of the wall street starting in canada, 20 page research is that they did, i was reading them they needed to be a change in social media, you've got 32nd tiktok sand 30 word 20s and this is the new language this is how people want to be spoken to and learn about investments. >> so they looked on the nose and they say who will learn about an tiktok video and belittles the whole thing. >> every pretty smart and quick to pass that much information into a tweet but there's actually a lot that goes into getting a point across. >> let's get into some question because there is a lot that i want to talk to you about incentives the audience in first one is from wendy. >> high, especially want to thank you for having us on today.
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and thank you for your unstoppable prosperity because my husband brian and i have been in bed since the beginning of covid-19 and we've learned so much we done better than anybody is ever done for us so thank you so much. so my question is, do you advise making a crypto currency such as image tr, the 19 and it mining companies and mara and the volatility. [inaudible]. >> will this is your area of expertise and i will tell you how i will real quick because i don't understand crypto like she does but i have been training and those on my training service. we do own riot right now, but they have been training names for me as i tried to learn it because i'm at the point that the typical technical analysis i don't know about big point after
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it hit in the pull back in soto i will buy at probably three times higher. >> i'm a little bit different, i'm on for dear life type of person, do not trade and i don't think that way so when you're really asking, ways to get exposed to crypto, so this best way would you can open them of all it and you would on the bitcoin order all coins directly in your name and you hold it to order you alluded to another thing that you can buy in your broker's account if they're work on the both of these a lot of people do not want to go through the hassle of opening of an apology would owners and it out it is not actually hold crypto but of the kind of old, future contracts pretty actually hold the physical because that god allowed it yet. >> you prefer only the physical and only in the coins rather than digital coins printed. >> you and a lot of people actually hold an etf and up in
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canada i should say, we had etf that hold the physical going find it easier to hold it so this what ideal and the other question you're asking about his how we've created crypto companies and bitcoin minors but they are very volatile they can move to the upside three or four or five times the price of the coin and then they convert on the downside of thinking crash aggressively so i would stay away from that pretty. >> the number one things and anybody wants to invest i would suspect is that you believe in it so i would think that you have to believe that in order to indoor some of these crazy while the volatility spends predict. >> and a crypto market is hitting an all-time high today and very celebrating abundance kind of a 3 trillion-dollar asset class and i still believe that he has warned that he can go up 210 times and i compared to gold and has a very different characteristic funds alternative class and gold is potentially
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lower market. >> a lot of people tell me as to excessive at $200 a share, and giving one of these little ones. >> do you want squinted. [laughter] >> and you want to go to something that's a penny or goes up to $20 and a lot of people talk about that pretty. >> and pick your poison. >> a video question in north carolina. >> hi, i have a question printed the question is what is the easiest way to start investing it in bitcoin if you can afford a huge amount per shared and entered as a beginner developed to navigate in the crypto currency world, and a couple of tips on where to begin and how to get started it and thank you so much. >> so again it is back to the intimidation factor and opened
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the account today and i don't know, most of the banks wiring the money over and you know, circuits are buying and trading it probably tomorrow morning or tonight in sakai predict the crypto never stops trading so i could go to midnight but is not intimidating process and perfectly when you get to these different numbers of the volatility. >> is on the numbers amount, 70000 by bitcoin and corn -based for as little as $2 new local currency so that is not intimidating factor, opening up the wallet predict that this is changing, record amount of volume traded on bitcoin in october and the first week so me people are getting into it is a record amount of new wall is being opened up but what i would say to people is just by a little bit had to get and try it out and steal as he had try to add more overtime as you get more comfortable but i would not recommend holding more than 20 percent of your assets and crypto currencies, there's still extremely volatile and risky.
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>> what you want room for other things because you do more with crypto that brings me to our next question, or a hotspot is obviously these electric vehicle stocks, is a question from leanne, tech stocks with regards to electric cars, the charge and chips and certain products needed for these automobiles revolutionizing our economy the next decade and what are your thoughts investing in these companies and i have been hearing to start investing in these companies because they are going to take off rated. >> well they've already taken off. [laughter] and there'd all-time high in market cap and tesla's bigger than all of the other automakers but more than that - >> is it too late rated. >> it is not too late would you want to be careful what, i mean, by that is don't be a stock figure for this, by an etf again exposure diversify exposures because you're not going to get yourself into a trap we are buying at an all-time high. , i own roadblocks in the meta-
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verse, they made an incredible quarter and i think that's about as well for conduct in general because on roadblocks, a gaming platform, they use a digital currency called roadblocks is now the games are played on now enters his crazy stat like 75 percent of kids in america hi - 12 played roadblocks in the last year and some people like there's no utility to crypto currency while look at roadblocks, people are using the digital currency like crazy pretty. >> my nine -year-old granddaughter, give me about two years ago all right well fantastic absolutely and will get a round of applause please read. [applause] and newsletters are going through the roof so as the way we trade in this exchange we just heard about that, so does our appetite for risk and huge gain so how can you keep that on the screen and put in your wallet and as well as a market handed to you really do it on your own. we will be right back.
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as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage.
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[applause] welcome back toward ten welcome the new investor revolution and for years investors accepted the notion that this should be
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thrilled with digital annual returns even though they want to stocks and companies they knew, but they really spotted them, somehow the financial advisors that were making millions and they were making crumbs and i can tell you right now that is changing big time and investors are now in fact according to news surveys expected 17 and a half percent a year and a partly their advisors keep telling them a few more presents his market, wall street would never and i may never accept single digit returns with their own trading money effect got this headline from a year ago in october, wall street said for the first 100 billion-dollar trading here in a decade, if wall street let me tell you if any wall street bank only made a single digit to buy trading in a come on talking three month period, the stock would be absolutely hammered so people are asking for more risk and they think they're going to make more money and avoid bring in a cio investor. nancy, as in there's no secret you're one of my favorites on wall street in part because your
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straight shooter you've encouraged investors over the years to get involved and what you think that people are now looking for bigger gains for themselves because they see who has the yachts is always the person telling them these meager gains pretty. >> yes, thank you so much charles for having me and this is so much fun, you guys are really generating a lot of enthusiasm and yes, i think that was so exciting for me right now is investing has become more accessible and you know i read a book for women on investing in my purpose behind that was to open up investing two women who excused himself from the conversation by the way, the millennial's are excusing themselves in a greater rate than my generation, the baby boomers so keep doing what you are doing. and that language and the lingo has been offputting and so i think what you're doing and what
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it's hard to do is open up the whole process because anybody with fifth grade education math can invest. >> absolutely so let's get to some questions nancy, i want to start with doug from florida. >> good afternoon charles, on from florida. i've been retired for nine years, the last five years, i have been doing in my own portfolio. i'm averaging about 24 - 28 for the investment of my question is, is this about an average or than average and should ask for help or should i continue doing what i am doing. and i seem to enjoy working with my own portfolio and it does not seem to bother me that much and so is looking for your advice and thank you very much and have a wonderful day. charles: thank you for your service and secondly i would like to give me your resume and i'll get it out to wall street, you might get a job before the day is over rated.
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[laughter] , five years then a bad, that's good stuff and what you say nancy predict. >> i would say two things, one thing that you said we just live in opening in the scottsdale predict and secondly did his mother say it was awful like to brag on public television, that's an incredible return and he's enjoying it, i say keep doing what you're doing just make sure to some extent, about 12 stocks is optimal do it, and yes braided. charles: i've had my own research room for 30 years and one thing that i've learned is a lot of times people do not know was a good return and sometimes you can be good or bad and i've seen people of 50 percent in the stock in six months and then they think they want to give our and it is hard to gauge it your
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levels and your risk level and make adjustments to those talents of 24 percent in any average year, is really good so i saluted doug. i always get a lot of questions from retired folks need to be careful with money obviously so here's a follow-up to last on 57 -year-old, retarded with $3500.821000 and represent a stable income fund is, 55 percent large-cap on, should be more conservative and now that i'm retarded predict we do a lot and sandy showed that 6040 retirement thing, remember though this is 57 -year-old person, probably progressing wants to live an active life. >> and into my client said that retirement is 20 years of unemployment and 30 if you're lucky so i think she's conservatively invested in with a pension, that provides her with stable income on its own so i would recommend that she
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become more aggressive allocation to the equities. there is a great study done in 1998, they interviewed, a few people and each particular portfolio and janet quinn was the most aggressive and she had her portfolio any percent equity at retirement she has the best returns. you know, socko go down but we know that two thirds of the years they go up so i would encourage her to put more money into the stocks. charles: again about what i'd disagree with almost everything in there but this is a question that applies to sony out there and diana asked, when do i open a roth ira and contribute to 401k and i have a savings account my savings is a good balance for now, 49 years old and this is right in your house pretty. >> i would say company yesterday and the biggest expense of the retirees have is not taxes, not
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healthcare, it is taxes so if you don't money out in a roth ira for emergency need you will be way ahead of everyone else and she should get maximum and invest aggressively and she has plenty of time she jumped predict that would be my recommendation braided. >> you might even be able to hide out predict and let's cross our fingers that never happens but nancy, one more and this is from rebecca and she sinema stay in a moment of always been interested in the stocks and would love to try a small investment to see if it generally generates financial growth and you have any recommendations on out to get started as a beginner investor. >> absolutely, so much easier now that it was when i was younger mother rated and open an account at any of the brokers with zero balance and contribute as little as $50 per month or even less and you can buy fractional shares in stock so i
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would encourage her to get started right now. i used to sit around the dinner table and i got ideas for my kids and we went shopping and we talked about socks overtime this great for her to teacher kids economics and there are so many examples of people and very little means in terms of income became multi- millionaires. it just takes time and it just takes staying in the marketed but i encourage her predict. >> and orion reminds me of a guy in rhode island, will the best way but he worked at a gas station if and ronald was his first name i forgot his last name and he was frugal predict that he drove an old car and he never parked at meters and in a way died, he donated 3 billion to a library to get into a hospital and most of the stucco the procter & gamble's of the world and this what he was a beloved investing and is very frugal.
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but i tell people all the times is good for the audiences welcome if you're waiting and waiting, people to mail the time of not in the market that wife want to get in. you are in the market if you put a pair of nike today, you are in the market if you log into a laptop, you are in the market and you're making other people rich so consider maybe making yourself rich braided love you nancy, thank you so much predict season and we heard from her team of experts and as i turn to answer your question directly. were going to talk about lots of stuff, we are going to cover it all, we will be right back. ♪♪ it starts with a mother's determination to treat her baby's eczema. and grows into a family business that helps thousands more. it starts with an army vet's dream of studying the stars.
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welcome back to all the new investment revolution, now i have a chance to answer your question directly in fact, let's go straight to tony and wisconsin, is asking, i'd be interested in determining the most effective fundamental to look at when trying to identify stocks and investing it and technicals are so confusing it
2:46 pm
to say the least read if you don't understand how to evaluate and you're complaining two separate things, fundamentals for me is like a report card, how will management is going up and the potential and it tells me with the stocks i want to own it and technicals on the other hand, that is sort of a history of the movement of the stock. and when paper hand its maker example when they may sell this where you want to buy so that tells me when i want to buy in for the mentals, but i want to buy, technicals when i want to pull the trigger. i have another fundamental question. >> charles can you talk about the ratio and how it should be used to sort the company and i know it is a common statistic that is often misunderstood as a lot of variables that the investors should understand pretty thank you pretty what i'm not sure how they got to be so popular and honestly i'm not
2:47 pm
really tubing was that the money mostly here and to be picture dividing pricing earnings in a kind of like that ratio to give a gauge for wall street thanks imago with respect earnings but neither one of those we have eight making decision of her life solar held so moreover i don't see any bacon ever in the long term grand slam winner and think about this, how often have you seen hoss wasn't to be as if he will say, i don't like you because of the pe ratio is high pretty and it went from $10 - $200 a share so you will never be in a great stock if you just focus on that ratio. like anything else, i'm not right that high in the decision-making process. priscilla pretty. >> you know, a 15 -year-old grandson and i've been talking about making investments so he saw the commercial and i told
2:48 pm
him that was good for him. but i spoke to a couple of the workers myself and i was not very comfortable with them and had a you get comfortable giving money to somebody that you do not really know and has not made you feel that they have earned your trust predict. >> i know what your document and i started out as a broker on wall street and i had a desk phone pretty and i was on the other end of that said this is charles and hello, and they would be slamming up the phone on me. and i read the script and he said you know what, you read well but what do you want and ripped up the script after that i just spoke from the heart here's what i will say, don't play golf with these people. honestly, the just give you the whole sales pitch and i think that you need to find 70 paying attention to you rated so you
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have the first conversation and you may sprinkle some things in there that are important to you in the second conversation, if they don't pick up on those things, that is sort of just fall on the script is important that you feel, with the person that you are giving your money to read and if you say you want to buy this within their telling you that this is better, that might be a red flag so takes a moment to get comfortable but we did talk about do not let that hold you back so plaintively are credible with and if you want to go with a full live person are tried online if you want to go yourself. time now for a few more questions in davidson st. charles, your crystal ball out and i want to set my one -year-old son up in a custodial account and hope it could cover college tuition from 17 years from now on what should be looking at it braided. >> other people want to get that one stock to start can often is amazing when i first started in
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the business, it is all about disney because even back in the day, you can get it certificate for ms. disney, and of the characters on it when you show it to because they like okay and i love it, it became a collector item. they don't do that anymore we just talked about roadblocks, i would start the kids off of that would because when it happens when the kids are playing the game, you say you are part owner of this and as they get older they feel more emboldened and my son growing up gave me more stock than anybody else i know i want to go back to the studio audience and of course chris. >> first of all thank you for having us just to reiterate with my neighbor sam, fantastic book and really changed the way it handles my money and for years i give it to a big company and a fee and was underwhelming. thank you for what you do for the little investor my question is this, if you are in your 70s or 80s and you are retarded and you don't have a huge pension yet, your social security, what is a new goal of
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the bonds for banks a little and what he recommended for the 20 - 30 percent pretty. charles: honestly, right now, bitcoin is proving to be a good one against inflation and not multi century just like gold but this first major test runs from yourself and that is something to consider. i always believe in owning something even with a high yield that can go up so i am looking for guilds over 4 percent but also the stock where has a chance to go up because right now even though the yields on the s&p is about 1.3 percent, if you had in inflation are losing money which is a so funny how yield stock also doesn't necessarily have to be one per se but with the company also has upside potential pretty. >> and you have time to talk about my bonus braided see what don't know, let me get back to
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you. i'm going to go to brian. >> so my question is, with inflation and flourishing, and the government debt in relationship to pgp, thing is an all-time high with the exception of maybe last year. will the fence be able to increase while they have this massive debt pretty. >> by the way folks, the federal reserve right now is in a real interesting position, the guy in charge of it jerome powell maybe not be in charge and maybe a victim of politics by the progressive certainly not going to get what they want in a spinning bill may be that the federal reserve and it would be an unmitigated disaster. wall street is loosing and looking for two - three great hikes lecture to listen to the
2:53 pm
market to come is going on hard, is freefalling into year is going up and that suggest a much softer economy next year hosea the federal do this in fact i wouldn't be surprised if they could even finish this tapering and ultimately to your point we paid $600 billion a year in interest on the debt that we help imagine when the yields go up can we afford 1 trillion or 1.5 trillion or $2 trillion just on interest out with you, don't think they do but if they do wouldn't be a one and done and that's just my opinion. hunter from new york is a great question to help us round out the show. .industry do you think will be prominent in the next five yrsea od think thi sceourism will beeonrmtesu aisublai maike mke m pttoi tng e m min m mom s spentnt $3 trillioriin thetrnd atr and a nd tndnk t abohi w ut a a thehe clo cededed
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itll and ahe wil w b asro m ain t at waarwaoioio t bout ventuallyuang lozationzatio y are are gng to go lot lot l moree tenen that omhris, im nev n nuyuyne o o to, whatdho i do woh woh $3000 prey willll be billed all of your emergencies to cover, have a blast with i really would, i know that's counterintuitive but you can play but if maybe want to do some daytrading, continue right now, you and your grandchildren will have a much better relationship, they're going to think you are superduper have it.when infected 50 percent dros in the market, small investors sought out the market so here's the thing. when it comes to losses i always
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say stop and think about why you bought it, to buy and hold it because you believe the long-term underlining fundamentals in holland lesser story changes and if you buy it for a trade, and you want to try to thin that's really pretty simple people always ask about it when they are going down that's when you ask yourself the question, his when you buy the stock and why you bought it that will inform how you hold it and how you. >> cash and my intention is to write out bidens disaster do not sell anything i do not want to give him any of my my arlington life am i being too political about my investment strategy and at my answer is yes, get this all of the president trump was in office, liberals didn't make any money, on bidens in office, no a lot of conservatives who have gotten out talking about investing in great companies. in the present can hurt with
2:56 pm
more taxes more regulations that could hurt you short-term but long-term, you want to own these great companies particular the great american companies that are changing the world to be very very careful and also follow the politician, might miss on the great stocks. i wish i never had to have their opinions when they started to do that i think they ruined it for a lot of people now i want to say before we wrap up, first and foremost in an amazing audience and everybody in this room and millions of people taking control their finances, they are heroes is not easy but is so rewarding in fact reminded of a song by the late great curtis mayfield, there's a part of it i want to share with you, i'm so glad that it got my, so glad that i can see, my life's natural hi, the men can't put nothing on me. there's something kind of funny, and amend taking care money and such a way that you will never see braided is a terrible thing
2:57 pm
aside, when your natural hi has died in never ever let your natural hi die and never give up and thank you very much we will see you back here for making money. weekdays at 2:00 p.m. eastern and have a great day and god bless and thank you very much, really appreciate it. ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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