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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 30, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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those of the to 90% of the issues are in those two issues alone. coming up in 2022, ford, great to see you. thank you for being here, appreciate it. i'm in for elizabeth mcdonald, you're watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that does it for us, thank you for watching. have a wonderful week -- evening and week. [laughter] ♪♪ kennedy: breaking news tonight chris cuomo is officially on ice. moments ago cnn and definitely suspending the primetime anchor and now he's got to go for good. they want to hold onto whatever is left of their credibility and here's what happened. a damning new report from the new york state ag, this week showing chris cuomo snooping around for his brother, andrew went with sexually harassing subordinates and that's something a so-called journalist would never deal.
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in august, the new york governor was under pressure to resign, his younger brother told viewers this. >> i tried to be there for my brother. i am not an advisor. i am a brother. i wasn't in control of anything. my position has never changed. i never misled anyone about the information i was delivering or not delivering on this program. i never attacked nor encouraged anyone to attack any woman who came forward. i never make called to the press about my brother situation. kennedy: never? i don't think that word means what you think it does. problem is, i was hogwash. documents show chris wasn't got involved in his brother's case, trying to dig up dirt on the accusers. in exchange for the governor senior aide, kissing partner omarosa said rumor going around from politico one to two more
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people coming out tomorrow, can you check your sources? chris replied, on it. no one has had that yet. he says i have a lead on the wedding girl. the wedding girl was his accuser, an aide who claims the government wrapped her by the face and tried to kiss her. a cnn spokesperson tonight said documents show a greater level of involvement in his brother's efforts we previously knew. as a result, we've suspended chris indefinitely pending further evaluation. governor cuomo resigned in disgrace in august. should his brother to the same? there are many people who feel like the punishment went out so far is enough for either of these men. andrew cuomo has yet. he forced into nursing homes with covid positive patients,
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resigning bringing justice to the families who will never have their loved ones back for any holiday chris cuomo saying i never, protesting as he did, never rose obviously a false statement, he was doing a lot more than anyone knew especially cnn and now pays the price with his career as well. joining me to discuss, senior editor, robbie, welcome back to the shop. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: is this what you expected today given the information that came out from the attorney general in new york? >> i was expecting this. it's long overdue but i think what we learned in the last 24 hours or however long it's been it for cnn's hand, i don't know how they could a face without suspending him given that is so clear in the reporting he misled viewers when he said it was a
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lapse in judgment, was passively listening and offering encouragement to his brothers, he shouldn't have done that but all it was. now we know it went beyond that, he's texting derosa saying i have a potential knowledge about his accuser and here's what we can maybe say, ulterior motives, one at the wedding and that kind of thing, that goes beyond what he said he had done which is not a crime, he could be in his brother's corner if he wants to be but he can't be in this brother's corner in the strong growth and pretend he's some neutral journalistic figure reporting fax to his audience. kennedy: and his protests that he never helped dig up dirt on any of these women, he never helped his brother combat this, he was just acting as a brother. that's not how brothers are supposed to act when they are in
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the news business, their international news organization is supposed to be covering a massive story like this and he is behind the scenes getting information on what and when he's going to publish and on whom and eating that directly back his brothers most senior advisor whilst being sitting governor of new york. there could be potential water if not for chris brummel because i don't think he's going to, i don't think they can have him back based on the reaction you see from the liberal media not to mention women who work at the network. >> there is no way, he says the transcripts were able to read our is not doing research, opposition research, it's funny he use those words because that's what it is, exactly what he's doing. a very precise term, he was engaged in that. the network was in a weird
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position when they put themselves in by elevating him to this position but having such an important national political figure in andrew cuomo an important tv anchor be his brother -- there's no good way to handle this situation but you could have handled it better than it was, you could have handled it better than having interviews with the other in this ongoing scandal and the are abundantly clear, the nursing home staff and covering up of that is worse than the sexual harassment stuff. always remind viewers about because sexual harassment stuff might be what fell andrew cuomo in the end but lying about his role getting lots of people killed was worse. kennedy: absolutely. lying about his role in digging up dirt on women who accused his brother of horrible things, that's awful and uncomfortable especially given the climate we are in and how chris cuomo has
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covid it so hyperbole, hypocrisy. triple h, thank you so much reaction to cuomo's texts were swift damning, journalists advocacy groups to anderson accusers themselves, calling on chris to resign or else be fired by cnn, accuser of charlotte bennet, cnn must act now. anything short of firing chris brummel reflects a network lacking morals and a backbone. even the view has turned on the anchor but his suspension definitely enough? we got conservative strategist and public relations vice president, it is chris. hello. former aide to senator chuck schumer, aggressive progressive podcast host chris hahn and 2020
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libertarian presidential candidate or 2024 rotarian president. spike comment deserves that. hey, everybody. to see you, crazy night. chris, i will start with you, your thoughts on what chris cuomo said today on his xm show, he said the reason his brother resigned was because democrats turned on him, the gop and the press never liked him. is that really the reason andrew cuomo resigned? >> he served as propaganda network for andrew cuomo. he wrote this book, declared he was the best of all the leaders during covid despite the fact they killed all of these old people, the amazing thing to me is i would have thought the folks at cnn would have welcomed this opportunity to unload and overpaid, underperforming talent.
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nobody watches chris while most show, they pay him a ton of money to have ratings in the tank. i can't believe at the first sign of smoke they didn't say you're out of here. instead, they literally waited until they had the smoking gun before they set i guess it is too much, we've got to let him go. kennedy: some of the hot takes here were funny, the reporter steve morris said chris brummel "issue is" hard. on one hand, he took a direct role in steering victims of serial sexual misconduct. on the other hand, he is journalist living embodiment of the worst of for-profit cable news posturing troop defenders. your thoughts, chris? >> cnn should never have had him on with his brother ever, it was a major miscalculation. kennedy: so fund during a pandemic.
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>> my brother died a couple of years ago he was alive, i would defend him no matter how bad he was. that's what brothers do start to have him in a journalistic capacity put in that situation was horrible for cnn so making the right move now, i would hate to be in that department, they've had a rough year but it is what it is. whoever is in that spot will be the same numbers, it is the real estate. kennedy: the real estate is now vacant. poor anderson cooper has to do two hours of heavy lifting tonight over at one of our competitors but chris cuomo didn't just defend his brother, that is the issue. if you are just someone saying hey man, i believe in you, ride out, don't let the turkeys get you down, i would understand that but trying to find things in people's past who recuse your brother of horrible acts is beyond the pale and chris cuomo has been of bit of a pothead.
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breath? >> that is the problem. it's not just his brothers brother that he was vocally supporting him or whatever, it was when he crossed the line to actually providing information to andrew cuomo's political team to use against accusers but even that is somewhat expected, it's the fact that there weren't controls in place as cnn to recognize he was doing this and stop him from doing it. honestly the reason this went on as long as it this, the fluffy interviews to his brother while his brother is killing thousands of covid patients in nursing homes and everything happening, probably similar to the same reason it took until now to suspend him and not even fire him, they are probably scared he's going to throw them down a flight of stairs. [laughter] kennedy: i don't think he's as strong as he makes himself out to be. i am chris cuomo -- andrew cuomo
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and chris cuomo is afraid of. that's why they call him freda because he he's the one who screwed everything up so i don't go back for him a second. >> i never asked, not once. [laughter] kennedy: agree to disagree. panel, stick around. coming up next, a day of testimony in jeffrey epstein's alleged accomplice with maxwell. doesn't look good for the defense at this time. emily is here to break it down and why elaine is super gross. that's next. ♪♪ when i heard about the science behind the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair i was super excited about it. it shows that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth.
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maxwell trial, she's accused of trafficking young girls for sex, accused pedophile every epstein, he's facing 70 years of prison if she is convicted on all counts. for accusers stand today telling jurors epstein began sexually abusing her when she was 14 years old and maxwell often joined them in orgies. epstein's longtime pilot
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testified crawling maxwell number two like a poop. operations naming high-profile people, the private plane including but not limited to bill clinton, prince andrew, kevin spacey and donald trump among others. none of the men are accused of any wrongdoing and the pilot admitted he never witnessed sexual abuse on his flights. epstein's alleged. outnumbered cohost of the compound you. what did you make of day one? >> you pointed out discussing and it revealed an additional level of detail weeping hearing through media reports and we heard it from the mouth of the pilot in the accusers and what stuck out to me in addition, the charges originally stand 1994 -- 97 and this year they were expanded to cover through 2004,
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that is a big deal that covers a lot. partly were covers almost 2000 lights the pilot took but what stood out to me was the fact that one of the accusers was testifying, it reminded all of us elaine was most often in the room when she was subjected to physical abuse by jeffrey epstein, a 14-year-old girl she said elaine maxwell participated physically in the abuse she suffered in addition to the grooming and during. i can't wrap my brain around us there's a particular level of health likely for women who participate in sadistic abuse because that's who we are supposed to feel safe with and find in a mall but she was luring them in and participating. kennedy: that is some great points among the false notion that women can't be abusers but you look at this and her brother said she is the scapegoat, she's not the scapegoat. if the allegations are true, she
7:19 pm
herself is a pedophile, a sexual abuser and she deserves to rot in a jail cell so what are the more serious charges she's facing? >> to parts of trafficking charges, the duration they span all of those years and there was testimony she was unequivocally number two in the operations so deflection of she didn't know what she was doing or played a minor role is false if you believe this testimony and take it as credible, which it is but that's the most damning and what we have seen is all indications the pilot? how to keep withstand cross-examination? >> he reported a lot of the negative if that makes sense, i
7:20 pm
never saw a used condom or children on the flight without their care. kennedy: it didn't happen. the jury is smart enough to know that. >> exactly. he emerged occasionally from the cockpit to use the restroom. i saw quentin and prince edward but frankly, i think it was more of a cooperative testimony to the extent -- what if i say? >> edward. [laughter] >> centuries ago. [laughter] kennedy: but andrew is the one accused -- >> exactly. who is edward? kennedy: edward is his younger brother. [laughter] >> you know everything because you know the crowd. so forgive me for that. i lost were i was at but basically a lot of cooperative details in terms of logistics and who was present although he took a position of you are nothing, say nothing, see nothing and i think he was doing
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it to be safe because he was gifted extended amounts, 4 acres behind the ranch in new mexico, private school tuition for his children, numerous cars and the like so he benefited from that terrible scheme all through the years so i think you us. kennedy: is that part of the grooming process, keeping people silent? we saw that in the michael jackson documentary leaving neverland, a lot of the parents didn't defend their children but they were given all of these things, they were given access and trinkets and trips and things that were hard to say no to self is that what powerful rich child abusers who do, silence everyone else with stuff too good to give up? >> there might be a fine line between knowledge, sedating everyone with large brushed gifts, that's why a parent might be like it's not right she's over at his house but he's a generous man, you just don't
7:22 pm
question. that also goes into the vulnerable girls because a lot of them didn't have parental figures and that's why they were particularly susceptible to the ways of elaine and fall into that horrible web because they were at risk to begin with the didn't have people looking out for them. cut to this figure emerges, to promise them the world to deliver but with a horrible side of abuse. kennedy: keep us updated. poor edward. he never had fun. [laughter] coming up, a new study claims social distancing rules a load of baloney. 6-foot slab of baloney like other ridiculous covid rules. how much longer will we have to deal with hygiene theater? my memo is next. we will do it live. ♪♪
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who came up with the 6-foot distancing rule? so many of the worthless pandemic rules at the beginning of covid are still in play and slightly researchers are getting around to debunking many, if not most of them. sixty? arbitrary i said. it sounds like a great number people with wrap their heads around. how far apart should we tell people to stand i don't know, 6 feet? i am 6 feet tall, i wouldn't want to stand next to me. it's pretty much the logic we've had it hasn't made any safer. university of cambridge did a study that reveals the 6-foot stupidity. the physics of fluid, explained by fluid mechanics especially shows there is no one amount or distance of droplets of cough when expelled from a sick
7:28 pm
person. there is virology of the emitter, the study of someone who's actually coughing virology of the receiver, the pastor who gets an unexpected baseball of sputum. if the coffer is the quarterback, he can choose to hand off the virus in larger droplets to land on services or help chuck into a wide receiver who will come in contact with a smaller droplet vapor and get sick a week later. obviously there are a lot of options here and i guess when someone appears like they're going to cost with throat clearing monster but instead they stifle it and splatter the close by so what did they find? no magical 6-foot cut off when someone absolutely in public someone someone launches their lungs, you are not safe of any distance. they do say masks are good defensive line on like the seattle seahawks. how long will we be stuck with
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hygiene theater? how long was 9/11? are you still taking off your shoes at airports and bringing only little tiny bottles on board? oh yes. tsa misses 95% of rocket launchers that goes through the x-rays. got it. being overly demonstrative, fear mongers, governors destroyed businesses and lives in california but that's cap were equal to fully open water 40000 businesses were closed in the whiplash lockdown. half of those shutter for good. in new york, bars were forced to sell food by then governor cuomo all for the greater good thousands of older new yorkers were essentially murdered from the same hand pervert forced working nursing homes forced to take sick patients. people don't know what to think or who to believe now but since they been subjected to so much
7:30 pm
big government sorcery, they are more likely to find their own information that rely on shady magic man. looking at you, fauci. looks like rational thinking and skepticism are back in business, boys. that's nothing to sneeze at. the memo. we made progress on covid from once again, packing football stadiums to stuffing our faces indoors. common sense is trying to make a comeback, too. i hope it will disappearing to wash it all away? will be all be standing 6 feet apart forever? here to discuss infectious disease specialist in johns hopkins center for health security senior scholar, doctor amos, welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: you study these things every single day, a lot of people are freaking out because there are so many unknowns here but what do we know and should we be scared? >> we have to take the omicron
7:31 pm
married seriously but i don't think there's any weak reason to panic because there's a lot of open questions and some of the data we are seeing is reassuring so what we know is is a variant of the virus with a lot of mutations, more than other fairies. some of the mutations have been associated with decreased response of the vaccine, it's about us and increased transmissibility but it is important to remember is even if it can get around, some of the protection vaccine can get you, it will erase everything a vaccine dose. vaccines are still likely to protect you against what matters. hospitalization and death. who got to run it down and burn about, i don't think it's something you need to panic and travel bands will make any difference if there's overreactions this variant. kennedy: their learning, they are tracking. pfizer says their anti- covid pill will be very effective against variance so are they going to get it to market in time to save lives?
7:32 pm
>> i do think the pfizer pill and we had good news from the merck pill as well going to be important because when it comes to where the mutations are, they are in the spike protein of the virus which is how the virus finds the cell and what maxine's target but the drugs work on different parts of the virus and that's likely to be something the virus mutates away from so they will have a critical role especially if the antibodies are not useful against the omicron. kennedy: when you would you take the pill from you take after you get sick? >> after you get sick and you got this window where you have to get it may be within 48 hours to five days. the benefit erases, you need it early on when the virus is high in your blood so it's going to be important to get tested quickly. we got to have infrastructure for people to get tested so they can be linked to the pills they can be game changing. the data we've seen on the
7:33 pm
pfizer pill is remarkable. kennedy: you are you unsurprised physics for rule was arbitrary? >> not particularly because it's always a spectrum and six but was a number decided on -- we've always used a 3-foot rule, i think what ends up happening public health authorities take what they think is the minimum kind of doublet so 3 feet is what we were using in hospitals for a long time and you had to wear a mask if you had droplet precautions, somebody with influenza for example but we knew people could get infected and further and shorter distances. they would try to come up with the best measure people confused to have a gauge to understand the risk and we know transmission is going to be more likely when people are closer together and further apart and there will be outliers but that's how that rule came about but is probably something that has blurry borders. kennedy: a last question and i think this is the most important
7:34 pm
one, how do you treat a minor hip flexor injury? heating pad, what you do? >> probably both. heating pad may help, sometimes ice and ibuprofen and leave would work as well, sometimes physical therapy if it's not getting better fast. kennedy: you ever prescribed cannabis? i am asking for a friend. i wouldn't. >> i've never prescribed medical marijuana, i've prescribed increased appetite pills but never cannabis. kennedy: the night is young. thank you so much. meantime, good news for 2020, president trump, travel bands aren't racist anymore. calling the original covid-19 travel ban on china xena phobic, president biden is imposing one of his own on a handful of afghan countries and critics agree a test for the new variance. most experts agree omicron has
7:35 pm
already spread to europe and is probably in the u.s. is this just another restriction for the psaki of restricting things? the man panel is back. spike cohen, spike, i will start with you. i still can't understand this, why would u.s. citizens and lawful residents not have the virus and they are allowed to come back in the u.s. but people from zimbabwe, malawi, south africa, they can't come in? >> because it's stupid, that's why. this is a common thing we see with government policy and apply it to the various, because of a new variance we've already known using dozens of countries around the world and almost assuredly already here, we have to stop travel to or from the first few countries originated because they were the poor fools who notified everyone about it which incentivizes countries in the future to be the first to notify
7:36 pm
about it. snitches get travel bands apparently but now we're going to close the barn case long after this is far out. i hate we keep going back to whether or not the travel ban was racist because this is that republican democrat good cop bad cop routine nonsense. it was stupid what trump wanted to do and it's stupid now. it's a respiratory illness travel ban is not right to stop especially when it's already here but this is how government policy works, it's crucial they show they are doing something about it not because they think it's actually going to work, they know it's not in they anticipate an opportunity to grandstand in your suffering to push more control. they are doing it to show you that you need them. it doesn't work. it never works emphasis one of the examples of how government manages everything poorly. kennedy: very poorly.
7:37 pm
would you like to rebut your future president there? [laughter] >> i agree with most of what he said, to be honest. i think the travel bands are stupid, stupid when trump data and stupid now that biden is doing that. vaccine mandate forever but coming in whether they came in on a plane or walked across the southern border, we need to get serious about traveling into the country. kennedy: tell kamala that. [laughter] so you are telling me, are you going to call the vice president insight everyone coming over, 100,000 people a month from a they've got to be vaccinated and show proof with a little white card? are you going to tell her that? >> i'm sure she's watching, if she's not, she follows me on twitter and i will tell her. kennedy: all right. >> first, travel bands want racist when trump data and they are not now but as people set
7:38 pm
them up they don't work and by the way, it's not just travel bands that don't work, you have social distancing, the masks don't work, wearing a mask while walking to your table in a restaurant but not wearing while sitting down doesn't work, none of these things have worked. all has been theater by government attempting to look like they are doing something to help. meanwhile, we've seen them do things to stop things that do help. early treatment of covid now that big pharma is on board, pfizer got a bill, that must be great. anything else that is junk science we can't even think about. we got to shut down jim's even though we know one thing people can do to protect themselves is work out and be healthy. the fact is, nothing the governments have done during the pandemic have made any sense whatsoever. it's all theater. kennedy: and that's why spike is going to be president than vaccine mandate, a mandate for a vaccine that doesn't stop you from getting or spreading the virus, it likely keeps you out
7:39 pm
of the hospital or makes you less likely to end up in the hospital so it's a good idea for an good number of people but if it doesn't stop you from getting or spreading, why would you tell a healthcare worker they are fired and can help people if they don't get a vaccine that doesn't stop them from spreading it anyway? vaccine mandates are another good example of that . kennedy: i wish we could go on -- so does not being morbidly obese and being diabetic but alas, we can't force those things on other people either. chris's and spike, thank you, man panel. you saved my night. >> stretch. kennedy: i'm not going to stretch, you have problems? thanksgiving in the rearview mirror, it's officially time to crank up for christmas. we got a new song to add to your party playlist with foxbusiness john rich and mike prime time. next. ♪♪
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♪♪ kennedy: molly was the winner, if you like hearing christmas music blasting from the mouths of foxbusiness host, it's beginning to look like your luckiest day of the year. two of our fox family favorites have teamed up to create a new christmas song celebrating the hardest working man in snow business. here is a sneak peek. ♪♪ santa claus ♪ ♪ a dirty job ♪ ♪ ♪♪ santa claus got a dirty job ♪ ♪. kennedy: that was like an hour ago. how great is that? with me now, hit record santos
7:45 pm
got a dirty job, host of the pursuit with john rich on the foxbusiness network. also on the foxbusiness network, welcome, gentlemen. >> snow business? really? [laughter] kennedy: no business like snow business like row business i know. [laughter] gentlemen, welcome. i love the song, i adore you both. how did this come about? please tell me there was whiskey in your personal music studio involved. [laughter] >> a little whiskey involved, absolutely. i have mr. dirty jobs himself sitting down for an interview my show on foxbusiness here, the pursuit and we were telling his story about his hard-working success story and i told mike, you know, there's somebody has a dirty job i bet you never considered he said who's that? i said santa claus and he
7:46 pm
started laughing and says you are right, he has a dirty job and i said he used to be an opera singer? he said i did. i said we should record a christmas song at some time and he said it's a great i guess i got and had to go to the restroom, take a little time out and i was in the bathroom and chorus hits my mind, santa claus got a dirty job and i went holy cow, i think that's it so of course you have your iphone in the bathroom, everybody does. i walked out and say mike, i think i just wrote our porous. kennedy: i hope like mailbox money and he's right, now that john mentions it, santa has a tough job getting chased by big dogs and buttock in the face from reindeer. >> anything can happen when you are santa claus this was inevitable. you have to put your self in my place. trying to be a good scout, he goes to the bathroom, records the song while he's doing
7:47 pm
whatever he's doing the bathroom and comes out and plays it for me so i didn't feel like i had any choice but to join him in the recording studio. as it turns out, he's got a great whiskey named after his grannie and i'm doing a bourbon name doctor my granddad and he's got a foundation and i have a foundation and we are like what is going on here? why don't we just record this and give money to the charities? he said all right and that's what we are doing. kennedy: john, you have a fantastic venue bar, barbecue redneck riviera in nashville, i've been there. i've sat at the bar myself, by myself and it was wonderful. this is fantastic because not only is a great collaboration, the baritone especially whose talent you got to tap into but this is also doing phenomenal service aren't giving to that.
7:48 pm
can people give on giving tuesday to both your charities? >> they can. if you download the song from one 100% is but between honor and micro works foundation. the oak ridge boys when you hear that baseline coming and thought santa has a dirty job, the oak ridge boys stepped in on this and today kennedy, i am pleased to announce, i am shocked as any, fans got a dirty job is the number one most downloaded song across all genres of music, we knocked adele out of the first five today when it went out. middle america, let's go. kennedy: absolutely right. that's where the passion is and where the spirit is. thank you both so much. please come in studio and visit me soon. ♪♪ >> see you next week. ♪♪ kennedy: topical storm is next. ♪♪
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daredevil could face criminal charges in germany after a 39 story skyscraper, he's changed stories almost as much as jussie smollett. this is urban climber elaine romer also known as french spider-man. of course i still call him the frieder spider-man. healing performed this ring signature cowboy boots making him the highest man skin. french spider-man that he performed climate change. ridiculous. everyone knows fighting climate change is to apply private jets to switzerland. elaine says secret to achieving climate goals is having no fear of falling although french spider-man almost lost his grip on the building when his arch enemy showed up.
7:54 pm
topic number two. eight people arrested after a giant brawl erupted at a cemetery between two separate funeral parties or is the irish call it, grieving. this happened at the secretary and theater were two families were feuding and ended by attacking each other with weapons. in the end, five men and two women were taken to the hospital with non- life-threatening injuries. others hit with a wooden cross ripped out of a stranger's grave, another man was put in a police car and taken to jail which was the original meaning of the term irish goodbye. topic number three. former british colony officially a republican after cutting ties with queen elizabeth. how dare you. this entire nation has been
7:55 pm
inspired by meghan and harry. the caribbean country independent, 55 years ago but the british monarchy in a ceremonial way. queen elizabeth on their coins. [laughter] nice. week fireworks and dancing with the british queen and to celebrate they invited rihanna. she gave a beautiful speech to her fellow country men and women celebrating there were no longer under the colonial umbrella ella ella ella. hey, hey, hey. a national hero. the national anthem there to her classic rude boy. congratulations, you are a true republic now which means just like us, you are ruled by no one except pfizer, madera, doctor fauci, cia, embassies -- china.
7:56 pm
for we go, here's tonight to call me tuesday joke. twitter hashtag tickle me tuesday, do not look it up. here we go. ♪♪ why can't you give elsa a balloon? elsa. ♪♪
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kennedy: tickle me tuesday. it's what you've been waiting for. why can't you give elsa a balloon? because she will let it go. [laughter] kennedy: i liked it. all right they all got it right. thank you for watching the best hour of your day. ♪♪ the warm, shallow waters, or just sit on the pier and watch the sunset over the gulf of mexico, and during summer nights, you can stay up late, enjoy the warm breeze, a relaxing dinner, and maybe watch a few baby sea turtles hatching in their natural habitat. ty and shelly discovered the magic of the keys on vacation, and they loved it so much they decided to make it their new home. but because the island is so small, the demand for real estate is huge, an obstacle that ty and shelly will have to navigate


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