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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 1, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> bad news especially when we got a lot of things to deal with. always appreciate your perspective, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, have a great day. >> i'm in for elizabeth mcdonnell, you're watching the evening edit on foxbusiness. that does it for us tonight, thanks for watching, have a good evening. ♪♪ kennedy: is here, omicron. it is now the united states, sergey says americans have to be prepared for the worst. problem is, he has this much credibility a half the country hates him and he kills puppies so why on earth is he still running the show here? for months, he's been accused of being drunk on power, republicans say he's nothing more than a partisan hack and he never seems to give a straight answer or he just flat out lies especially when he's got a tough question like today from our own
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peter doocy, take it away. >> as you advised the president about the possibility of testing requirements, people coming into this country, does not include everybody max. >> the answer is yes. >> what about people who don't take a plane and border crossers are coming in in huge numbers? >> is a different issue. kennedy: is that it different virus? does it transmit differently, doesn't latch onto different people based on their country of origin? good board. now, colleagues are badmouthing him including comes covid testing. brett. >> i think the ego is expanding beyond what i saw. tony was a good colleague when i worked with him but he's become more political and it's a fact the nih institute funded gain of function research, that is a fact is not a rumor, he needs to stick to the area where he is
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most knowledgeable about vaccine development. he's not knowledgeable about liberty and rights or public health measures. kennedy: the gain of function stuff is really coming back to bite him in the keister and of course he lied about on capitol hill and let's not forget about fauci killing people puppies. vice president of public policy for the right coast coat project. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. kennedy: you and this is your life's work exposing government, corruption, what is the most troubling asset of lord fauci's deal? >> whether it's gain of function research in china or below gate turning out to be one of the biggest scandals in his career tracing back to taxpayer advocates funding on his watch for years that's potentially killed five many people and taken lives of countless dogs.
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kennedy: let's talk about it because people need to know about this and when people stand up and defend anthony fauci because they think they are supposed to, depending on what political party they depend to, which is utter nonsense. you are talking about a guy whose agency sent hunters of thousands of dollars, perhaps millions to tunisia and people puppies were starved, putting mesh had cages, starved, sand flies were put into the mesh cages and eight the beagles alive. how did you find out about this? >> to the freedom of information act they exposed a pattern of puppy abuse by factories agency. on top of the experiment, we've exposed fauci funding experiments where puppies are used literally as heartworm factories infected with parasites and the puppies are killed in heartworm's are used in other experiments using iver
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elected and nicotine. if you have experiments where they are force-fed for drugs, vocal cords are cut so they can't bark at the lab or cry out in the lab than being killed and all of this is happening even though nih agency says nine out of ten drugs that pass fail and humans because they don't work or are dangerous so is another example of anthony fauci being out of step of science. kennedy: there are several animal organizations including national veteran veterinarian who have condemned this research brief the turn on investment is so minute but the torture is so vast. are you surprised this isn't a bigger story? you think anthony fauci is being protected by the media? >> i think not only protected by the media but protected by higher ups at the nih, francis collins boss recently said spreading misinformation which he included dog tests as
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misinformation even though they are true should be brought to justice. if you have the washington post saying reporters at the posting attacks on fauci for dog testing are right wing hate and other post columnist calling the campaign dog testing this information so he is surrounded by people both at his agency and the media who will defend him at any cost. kennedy: characterizing things in a certain way because you don't like them or they are inconvenient truths, caps on reputation. that in no way goes to give evidence he was doing something to the contrary and it's indefensible if you look at society that values and clubs dogs. it's essentially a good society, the kind of place you want to live in and what you want to be part of and when people hear about this, they are very angry and should be just as angry, if not more about gain of function
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research is agency funded and how and francis collins and others lied about it to not only cover their own high knees but amassed more power so they can scare people into continued employment. >> that is right and i think contrary to what the narrative we've been getting of mainstream media, counties volleys are condemned by the left and right alike. pulling we do shows a majority of americans oppose the dog testing from a post- gain of function research and want it cut off but if you reopen the washington post and new york times, you will not see that. kennedy: no, you're not. you will only see that here. thank you so much. speaking of pent-up anger, present biden heckled again, poor guy. his supporters say hecklers need to learn some manners but has he forgotten how badly they treated the last president? by now we all know about the last go brandon chance, brandon
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is a popular fella. protesters held up signs saying f jv and you saw. you know, words of endearment. remember this? there he is, trump haters here and abroad. used to fly 40 fives from a big orange baby with a diaper. did bidens snowflakes missed the double standard? didn't they get the memo this is how you treat the most powerful man in the world now? let's meet tonight's party panel and learn pop manners of our own. fox news contributor katie pavlich is here along with comedian and host on the part of the problem podcast, dave smith. former state department deputy spokesperson fox news contributor, she's on a political safari, marie is here. sorry about your guy, is a devastating watching that game? tell me everything.
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>> i mean, they were going to win eventually. we won the last eight, we will give them this one. basketball team beat duke, take that to the bank. kennedy: ucla, duke, ohio state the, all is right in the world but is not really because there are being mean to joe biden and i for one, won't stand for it. your thoughts? >> well first, i'm grateful we live in a country where people are allowed to protest the most powerful person in the world without worrying about going to prison unlike places like china for example but there's the biggest russian about why people of minnesota are protesting joe biden and using let's go brandon as a substitute for a more vast term because in minnesota goods are up 7.3% compared to last year, that's more than the average, 6.2% across the country and it got really dang cold in
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minnesota and you need natural gas to heat your homes in the price of natural gas because of bidens wind energy and pain policy agenda when it comes to energy, gas is up 80% in the state. sixty below zero, i think people are probably going to get pretty grumpy about that. kennedy: and having to pay for that, they won't be able to afford it so does this say something about the state of politics and people heckling authority or were joe biden and donald trump heckled for different reasons? >> i think for different reasons but there are underlying issues that are similar where people recognize the system is not working for regular people and they are looking for someone to blame. i agree with katie inflation is right at the core of this. if someone told you you are going to take a 10% pay
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decrease, people would go crazy but when inflation goes up by 10% whether they tell you or not, it is the same thing in effect. people are starting to feel that now but to be fair to joe biden, who i am no fan us and certainly has energy policy has a lot to do with higher energy costs but this inflation was coming one way or another and under donald trump, i'm not even blaming him, it's the federal reserve's, monetary inflation that leads to price inflation and if you think we could print trillions of dollars, we won't feel pain from shutting the economy down for a year end a half, no, i'm sorry, you're going to deal with rising prices and this would happen no matter who the president was, joe biden's policies have certainly made it worse but between that and the fact that joe biden's promise was to get covid under control, donald trump is a crime but when serious adult us in here, who will really have it under control and nothing has changed. we are still dealing with
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restrictions, ask passports and i don't see any way out of this. kennedy: you think the administration is doing enough to acknowledge the frustration? that's an important aspect of leading and something that does frustrate people not only when they are paying but they are told you're lucky the economy is great, these are rich people problems quote so could the administration to a little more in that regard? >> i think joe biden has increasingly talked about inflation and the steps they are taking to corbett, i think it's a longer-term problem but joe biden known for that and he tried to put on display more the past few weeks, it's clear that the real problem but i think this is a bigger issue. you asked if this was a problem with our politics and we have the first amendment and can say whatever we want almost, about people in power. kennedy: can i stop you first?
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you can't threaten people but can i just say -- i will let you finish, this is just a side effect. i was flying to lax and alexander mayorkas and i am alejandro mayorkas. i sent that guy is in a whole. somebody said who did that? i said i don't know but i was a bit much, i thought it was a rude and i looked around -- [laughter] the tsa said who said that? like they were going to arrest me so anyway. the political fight. [laughter] you can finish. >> i would have paid to see that. look at what's happening on capitol hill, a member calling a democratic member terraced and two republican gop women calling each other trash, our politics are nasty and mean from little kids screaming let's go brandon which is so offensive. people said bad things about trump, to i just think we are
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out of place in politics that are so dangerous because -- >> they called trump a russian spy. >> well, -- death threats against so many people, this isn't funny anymore, i think it's pretty serious and dangerous. kennedy: we had death threats from johnny depp, robert de niro, moderna, you're right, no place for politics and i agree from others away of voicing your opinion without being a total idiot that i do wish my kids what chant let's go brandon. not there yet. sticking around, president biden shifting the blame for his supply chain issues once again. this time fictional characters false. later, black lives matter calling for another boycott. this one is a doozy. will they ever learn to get out of their own way? come on man. ♪♪
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we are on the corner of 48 and sixth avenue, avenue of the american, this is a real tree, freedom tree. a tree of patriots. you can see we officially the tree. they record every year end it's stupid and expensive and you can't get close to it and i think everyone has covid allegedly. [laughter] don't believe your eyes are while i, biden says s you .mble m this ternaf presideiden he h hayol strheas shape l mr. mr. burhape s man aulten'sidltt',s,s,' pro pry e let g every every gif gif antey want w w time santa san s can see thatthmise the there arems ev er bac bk sell sel re hard taro find. of you you ys y d
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mayma rembe cabba cabat cab the 80s w0ser ieien the 90she orthoyst havun , when there was no supply chain problem. kennedy: in the '90s we ran out of sticks. that's all we want to. oh god. nothing makes you sound with it like a cabbage patch kids reference. why is biden so bad at this? what do we do to fix a very real supply chain backup here with me, cofounder and fox news contributor, jonah smacks, take me to the max, ferris. >> i always do. surprised he didn't mention the rock shortage, i think thousand that 70s, for his scene at time. here's a government the 70s and should have recalled the inflation and how it didn't go away and it caused two recessions to clear it so you would think
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you'd be more concerned about up but the reality is, he doesn't want to take action to slow the economy so he's going to hope it goes away. it might go away so it's a theoretically good policy but he needs to take action. he will have them eventually raise rates probably early next year before the election and it probably is going to cause a slide in the stock market which might already be happening in real estate and other things which is why it would be better if they spent less money this year. this is a strong economy you're running deficits of last year with a serious shutdown in the economy and we are basically borrowing the money to spend and you can't in a good economy without causing inflation, we should be taxing to spend and they don't want to, they want to do it with you spending on top of the spending we are already doing. kennedy: and that's something we talk about a lot, cutting taxes, cutting spending. if you want meaningful economic growth but it seems like a ploy to get more
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votes, a ploy to get people to like you because you give them free stuff but the problem is, this was pointed out in the last segment we did, when you print money and devalue our currency printing too much, of course prices are going to go up as people make a run on cheaper money. what happens if it doesn't work? happens of the spending doesn't work if raising rates doesn't work and we go into a blistering recession? is there anything the fat and president can do? >> basically you lose control of inflation, you have to cause a deep recession and sometimes to which was the experience in the 70s to get out because it becomes the expectations prices go up they do contracts expecting prices to go up and wages go up. my personal feelings are,
7:22 pm
once they close the deficit, it will go away rapidly but no one wants to close the deficit because they want to give people things and they keep giving people things and get the president is not popular so that's not working very well. a tremendous amount of gifts going on, you still have to pay student loans back until next year, getting perks of the covid shutdown now this late in turn economy with strong job market. it's not all the white house and federal reserve playing along keeping rates too low, people think they are rich from bitcoin spending and quitting their jobs like that housing bubble came up coming a realtor and everybody became a day trader, there are other factors going on but he should at least tell people to slow down spending on some level, take a break from the consumerism, that's one reason there is apply shortage and we are buying more stuff than last year comes on ships because people are doing expenses because we are still in a
7:23 pm
semi- shutdown world with the money of a boom economy. kennedy: you are one of the first people i spoke to who pointed that out and i worry because whenever you talk about the future, it not like bright and rosie, it's like cold and gray and we are all eating musty petito's and that makes me quite sad. always happy to have you here though, you are a smart young man. >> thank you very much. kennedy: thank you for being here and for ruining my night. >> we can still be aside. kennedy: i think we will be fine because joe biden is not going to last a full term, you don't have to worry about him running in 2024 he just does the running for his toilet in the middle of the night. thank you. coming up, homicides in chicago are at a record high. that's fun. was to blame for this mess? finally something glorious we all love, a brand-new
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kennedog. here is a peak at a separate #kennedog, tell me about your beautiful best friend. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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the unfortunate poster child for failed liberal policies city has not met a republican mayor since the 20s. once again the product is in illinois surpassing 1000 murders this year. that's the most 1994, that number includes 777 in chicago alone. democrat mayor lori is in washington d.c. discussing covid and the biden infrastructure bill so how has chicago gone so far off the rails? right is the city voting for democrats to keep make it
7:29 pm
worse? katie pavlich, marie and dave smith. katie, these are shocking and sad numbers but are they surprising? >> not surprising but worse than usual. the number one cause of death for young black men under the age of 40 is homicide and much is out of chicago. the mayor has been obvious she's not interested in committing to solving this crisis or at least trying to make the numbers go down. the department of justice under joe biden with a lot of people who claim they cared about black lives doesn't seem to be really doing anything to stop this from happening. they launched a program dedicated to firearms tracking earlier this year, clearly that is not working. they have not made a priority your question about why chicago continues to vote for democrats, democrats have a lock on every single institution in
7:30 pm
chicago. it's a machine and why you can't get a republican to take back their political seats. kennedy: what about a libertarian? >> well, it is a tragedy, kids are growing up in these high crime neighborhoods, it's awful. the criminals are responsible for the crimes they commit but you know, for over 50 years we've subsidized unemployment not working and single motherhood, we've subsidized the worst type of behavior and sometimes breaking up family on top of that we for a war on drugs that's created enormous black market where gangs thrive. on top of that, hyper regulate low job and trade markets with licensing laws making it out of for people to escape poverty. on top of that, they have abominations or of public schools meet or you would
7:31 pm
die before we would let our children be educated in these environments. you have gun-control laws that essentially sure only criminals have guns. on top of that on top of that on top of that, 1 million policies in a culture that glorifies the gangster lifestyle in this is the recipe that's resulted in this and it's nothing good. kennedy: marie must those are three solutions, you could just take three separate things they've said and you don't have to be a member of the libertarian party to know people have the right to defend themselves and when they don't have a gun at home, they have to call the police and went police move their funding from they can't show up quickly so the neighborhoods with the most crimes of them most underserved. and the drug war. drug transactions in the black market which has allowed this activity to thrive, dave hit on a big one, school choice. democrat led cities keep showing over and over again matter how much money for
7:32 pm
public schools, they don't necessarily educate kids. >> i agree we need to end the drug war and agreed with you on that for a long time and we do have a gun problem in this country, a gun problem on the south side of chicago and in our schools like we saw yesterday in michigan were again american teenagers were gunned down at school so we have a gun problem. one of the problems in chicago, homicides are up in cities across the country have cut police funding and their up in cities that have increased police funding so that one issue isn't in itself exclamatory for why we are seeing an increase in homicides. there are a lot of factors, we've hit on some of them tonight but the idea is an easy fix, it's a difficult problem eating worse over many years, it's just not out there but mayors need to do better. washington d.c. is an example of that as well. we've seen violence go up let us right concerning
7:33 pm
also. kennedy: i don't disagree with you and i think part of the problem is there are no easy solutions but there are bold solutions and not a lot of politicians brave enough to do what has to be done. they all talk a good game but when they get in office, all they want to do is be elected it's business as usual and beholden to these and they are beholden to these unions especially in places like los angeles and seattle and portland in minneapolis and chicago. even though the results in tragedy, no one really wants to tackle big structural problems that brought us here so i hope at some time if it's not a libertarian party, it's a libertarian at heart really takes government problems and pushes them aside and allows for these solutions by letting parents and market dictate some of the things that will preserve these
7:34 pm
lives. the black lives matter movement is calling for a month-long boycott of companies. in a statement, they wrote white supremacist capitalism invented policing initially as a slavery era patty roller to protect its interest in put targets on the backs of black people. it challenges us to shake off the chains of consumerism and step fully into our own collective power to build new traditions and run offense as well as defense. if blm leaders wanted to and white supremacist capitalism, what they get rid of their iphones and cars or how about $1.4 million home in a predominantly white neighborhood blm executives thought in los angeles. fantastic to support black-owned businesses particularly black-owned businesses owned by women, incredible creativity beats all the odds to bring people what they want and need but can we disagree, this is not
7:35 pm
the way to do it, katie? >> first of all, i don't know how things boycott white businesses is not racist in itself but their statement is on brand with their own self determined marxism, they are trying trained marxists, but i am laughing at the corporations that gave black lives matter length of dollars from they put out statements of virtue signaling about black lives matter and here they are getting boycott by the same group that extorted billions of dollars from them in the saying that they should be torn down and fine for taking their money. they should be torn down and boycotted based on the color of the skin of the person, maybe the ceo or who owns the company. kennedy: so let me ask you, what's a better system of transaction? is it capitalism that lists
7:36 pm
lifts billions of people out of extreme policy or is it socialism that economically inflate people for generation? >> even their initial problem is with the police, enforcement agency of the state, to blame the market for the state, set real socialist logic but if black lives matter would have picked one policy that would make a difference in got all behind fact, ending qualified immunity holding killer cops accountable ending the war on drugs or demilitarized the police, any number and go down the libertarian platform but instead it becomes c organization or movement, the focus on racism or white supremacy which they basically apply to everything so what ends up happening for this huge black lives matter movement, what reform has actually
7:37 pm
been passed that made the lives of black people better? i know we got rid of aunt jemima and that's a big deal but all of these other policies still exist just about everywhere and it's silly. i don't know, the idea of shopping out of business based on the race or gender of who runs the business doesn't run the business, just rewards merit chemical to the business that provides the service or good best for you. kennedy: i was thinking about that the other night, i miss a good old-fashioned meritocracy. it's incredibly negative and divisive. help me find the right side. [laughter] >> this organization called black lives matter doesn't represent the whole movement, the whole quest for racial justice and i think this boycott is stupid but the silver lining here is what you said, this holiday season, but shop small and take on the supply chain issue in our
7:38 pm
neighborhoods. support the businesses in shop in our neighborhoods and give money back to our communities and maybe let's take that lesson from this that will help all of us get more gifts under our christmas or hanukkah menorah's and help with supply chain issues and may be back be the positive message. this idea looking forward. kennedy: absolutely, it is utterly impossible and negate any momentum we might have in terms of moving into a better direction being able to talk about things regardless of racial or ethnic background as a country, as individuals but i like where your head is that and as individuals, we are free to make wonderful choices and support small businesses give so much to the communities. thank you so much our smart person show, i don't think they will let me host again.
7:39 pm
you guys are awesome. coming up, what's the worst thing you've ever done after a breakup? if the next accusation is true, one woman has a beat by a mile. that's going to be broken down and share her own story next. ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ kennedy: i'm fine. [laughter] space agency threatening criminal charges against an american astronaut. william shatner, what have you done now? the accused is nasa astronaut international space station crewmember,
7:44 pm
serena chancellor. risk is say they sabotage one of their spacecrafts while docked at the international space station her motive according to the russians was to force the mission to enter early after getting into a fight with her boyfriend was also a space station crewmember. as a claims russians made up a story to cover their own incompetence and if it's true, it's the most epic breakup revenge story and history. here with me tonight to discuss that felt -- you think she did it? she's married. >> is it cheating if it's not on earth? kennedy: it's not. >> i don't know. you are using space condoms, not cheating. no herpes in space. everybody knows that. [laughter] everybody knows sex tourism in space is a big thing.
7:45 pm
you heard it here folks. assess had even with holes in the ship, there's no way anybody could have suffocated so it's not like she was being dramatic, she wasn't being back dramatic, and sometimes when you're in a fight with your boyfriend whether you have a husband or not in a fight with your boyfriend you don't feel you are being vehicle. kennedy: you don't hear me? can you hear this? >> exactly. kennedy: you hear that? i hope you're happy. >> i'm not saying i am on her side necessarily, i am just saying i think the idea of being a bad person often
7:46 pm
get too confused with being simply one who's passionate and this wasn't maybe an act of passion. after breakups, you can do crazy things, i've gone crazy things. most of them i think have been self-destructive only. they've been self-destructive only, yeah we do without going into detail. >> yeah. kennedy: a funny excuse when someone found something you wish they hadn't. >> i did. they found it, if anyone else would have thought they were busted doing something they weren't supposed to and i came up with a lie for the greater good of course. that was so unbelievable, i should have thrown him out for believing it but he did stay for a few more months. kennedy: rent-free. [laughter]
7:47 pm
>> if you are watching, i was lying. [laughter] it was exactly what was. kennedy: wasn't water boys? [laughter] >> it's exactly what it was and i am not sorry. new year's eve, i think it was new year's eve 2019. i am a changed woman now, a married woman. i make be responsible for covid for my behavior when i was single but now i am a changed married woman. kennedy: i never say this thank your husband for his service. >> thank you for your service. [laughter] i forgot i did that. i was ruthless. [laughter] kennedy: you work. stay with me. [laughter] ♪♪
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good man charlie brown. classic characters like lucy, sally, linus and charlie sadly they had to eat for thanksgiving due to rising turkey cost. snoopy is back with all new holiday as usual, he doesn't talk. only this year is because doctor fauci ripped out his vocal cords. also instead of classic football kicking, who seek tricks probably over and over, if he just gets another booster shot. [laughter] topic number two. cardi b released a new line of vodka infused whipped cream. they claimed be the perfect combination of bougie and boozy which is why the original spokesperson was nancy pelosi. where's my whipped cream? .2 rub it all over. new shot described just like party be. they might make you pass out
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so someone can steal your watch. there available in caramel and vanilla flavors, each one 10% alcohol by volume just like cardi b. the company recommends pouring the new vodka infused whipped cream onto your favorite syrup or eating it out of the camp. coincidentally, eating out of the can is also the name of cardi b's next assignment, so exciting. i can't wait to play it for my church group topic number three. barcelona they biotech company creating meatless bacon. ironically, if it sounds good to you, you're probably not a fun guy. it was unveiled to investors and tasting earlier this week from a who will find out what they thought of it when they got out of the hospital. the company says they used a precise fermentation process to transform the fungus into meet, basically the opposite of what happened to taco bell beef beef over the
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course of each day. it's expected to be popular amongst people who've lost their taste from covid-19 and already drunk on the cardi b equipped shot. former military private is the first person to fly in-and-out of an active volcano using a wing suit. i can't imagine why nobody's ever done that before. 36-year-old sebastian alvarez jumping out of the helicopter above the volcano in chile. you have to give me a lot of vodka and infused whipped cream to try that. prepare for this, smoke homes, air pressure which may or may not be code for take a giant thong hit. now to explain why he got was a good idea after dipping about 30 feet inside the volcano, he shot out at 110 miles an hour, submit to
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his parachute and landed on the ground, the people of chile will have to drop a different person into the volcano to appease their angry god. i'll be right back with kenne-dog. okay, bye. ♪♪em
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welcome back, we've reached our peak of the week, you are amazing and beautiful
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